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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 1, 2010 on GH
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Monday, February 1, 2010

At the church, Lulu was anxiously waiting when Johnny returned with news that he had not found Dominic. Carly was eager to hear if Sonny had arrived. Johnny shook his head. Jax insisted on proceeding with the christening. Carly agreed with her husband.

Lulu stood next to Jason at the front of the church. Lulu held Josslyn in her arms as Father Coates began the christening. Jax and Carly hovered nearby, beaming with pride as their daughter was christened Josslyn John Jacks. Everyone clapped when the ceremony concluded.

Across town, at Greystone Manor, Dominic wondered if Sonny really wanted to add, "cop killer" to his list of crimes. Sonny assured Dominic that there wouldn't be a body for anyone to find, so it was doubtful that Sonny would be charged with the crime. "Any last words?" Sonny demanded. Dominic dropped all pretense of friendliness.

Dominic informed Sonny that Sonny had been targeted because of the hit against Lieutenant Poletti, Dominic's mentor and a community leader. According to Dominic, Sonny had Poletti gunned down and then Sonny had gone about his worthless life. Dominic despised Sonny. He claimed that there wasn't anything to respect about Sonny. Sonny had no idea who Poletti was, but he assured Dominic that Poletti had deserved it, if Sonny had ordered the hit. Dominic suggested that Sonny pray that Sonny's kids never saw their father the way that Dominic had.

"Goodbye Detective, " Sonny said just before he fired a single shot at Dominic's heart. Dominic collapsed to the floor just as Olivia threw open the door. "Dante," she screamed as she ran to her son. Olivia looked up with grief-stricken eyes. "My God, Sonny. You just shot your own son!" Sonny stared down at Olivia and Dante with a mix of confusion and growing horror.

Olivia yelled at Sonny to call 9-1-1. Sonny stood rooted to the spot, "What do you mean, he's your son, Olivia?" Olivia had tears streaming down her face as she told Sonny, "His name is Dante and he's your son too." Olivia turned back to Dante to beg her son to breathe. Olivia promised Dante that she was with her son. Sonny raced to call 9-1-1. As soon as Sonny disconnected the call, Olivia sent Sonny to the kitchen for towels.

Sonny returned moments later with the requested items. As Olivia pressed a towel to Dante's gunshot wound, Sonny demanded to know why she hadn't told him about Dante. Olivia claimed that she had tried to protect their son from Sonny. Sonny couldn't believe that Olivia had allowed things to get that far. He reminded Olivia that she knew how he dealt with traitors. Olivia was furious; she pointed out that Dante was fighting for his life. Sonny knelt down to help Olivia save their son.

Sonny was livid that Olivia hadn't told him the truth. He insisted that he didn't care that his son was a cop; he would have worked something out. Sonny would never have raised a hand to his own child. Sickened by what he had done, Sonny tried to take action. He informed Olivia that he would drive Dante to the hospital if help did not arrive within three minutes. Olivia warned Sonny that he could do more damage to Dante by moving him.

Olivia heard sirens seconds later. She raced to the door to flag down the paramedics. Sonny remained with his son. Sonny apologized to Dante, but Dante remained unconscious. Sonny lifted his head when he heard the paramedics enter the room. He stepped aside as the paramedics took over. One of the paramedics asked for Dante's medical history. Olivia told the young man that Dante had suffered a concussion and a broken arm in childhood, beyond that Dante was healthy. Sonny glared at Olivia.

Dante was quickly loaded onto a gurney and then rushed to the ambulance. Olivia insisted on riding with her son. Sonny tried to follow Olivia. The paramedic objected to Sonny accompanying Dante until Sonny identified himself as Dante's father. As the ambulance pulled away from Sonny's house, Sonny questioned if Olivia had made up the story, in an effort to spare her son's life. Olivia promised that she had told Sonny the truth about Dante.

Father Coates announced that everyone was invited to the Jacks residence for a reception. The guests mingled a bit before they headed to Jax and Carly's home.

Lulu wondered if Johnny had seen or heard from Dominic. Johnny shook his head and then confessed that Olivia was also missing. Lulu sensed that something was terribly wrong. Johnny suggested that perhaps the plan had been to arrest Sonny during the christening. Lulu didn't think so; she remained uneasy.

Morgan was worried because Sonny had not arrived. Michael explained that Sonny might have been sidetracked with work; he assured Morgan that everything was fine. Morgan also wondered where Dominic was. Morgan explained that Dominic had promised that he would be at the christening. Michael angrily snapped that Dominic was not to be trusted.

Alexis pulled Jax aside to explain that she had to go to court, so she couldn't attend the reception at his house. Jax was disappointed. Nearby, Molly enlisted Morgan's help with a little project.

Luke admitted to Tracy that it was nice to have all three of his children in sight.

Carly thanked Jason for agreeing to be Josslyn's godfather. Bobbie and Michael approached Carly and Jason moments later. Carly suspected that Sonny had not attended the christening for Josslyn's sake.

Michael questioned Jax about Sonny and Dominic. Jax assured Michael that everything was fine. Michael seemed to relax. Lady Jax walked up to her son as Michael stepped away. She couldn't believe that Jax had told Michael a bald-faced lie. Jax argued that he was doing what he had to, in order to protect the children. Jax didn't want Josslyn to grow up surrounded by bodyguards as Michael and Morgan had.

Later, Sam was standing in the empty church when Jason entered. Jason explained that Morgan had asked him to meet in the church. Sam smiled as she revealed that Molly had made a similar request. Sam, certain that her little sister was hiding nearby, called out to Molly. Sam was correct. Molly and Morgan popped up from behind the pews where they had been hiding. Molly was unrepentant as she confessed that she had hoped the church would inspire Sam and Jason to get married.

Molly suggested that Jason propose to Sam. Sam informed Molly that lots of people were happy without getting married. Sam didn't have any intention of getting married any time soon. Jason gently advised Molly to drop the subject. Molly agreed, but then in the next breath asked if she could be Sam's bridesmaid.

At the Jacks residence, Carly greeted Luke and his brood. Carly announced that she had sparkling cider for Lucky and then proceeded to complain about Liz. Luke pointed out that Carly was hardly in a position to judge. Carly had her own fair share of failed marriages and relationships, which had Carly's "tire tracks across their backs." Lulu observed that the difference was that Carly had never claimed to be anyone's angel, while Liz had. Luke smiled indulgently and then turned away.

Max and Milo were concerned because they hadn't heard from Sonny. They hid their worry when Michael approached them to inquire about Sonny. Both Giambetti brothers assured Michael that Sonny was fine.

Lulu made numerous attempts to reach Dante on his cell phone. Maxie and Spinelli noticed that Lulu seemed upset. Lulu admitted that it didn't seem like "Dominic" to skip out on her; he knew how important the christening had been to her.

Carly gave a speech thanking her guests for celebrating Josslyn's special day with them. Carly then thanked Jax for being a wonderful husband. Everyone clapped as Carly and Jax kissed.

Moments later, Jason and Sam arrived. Carly scolded them for being late. Molly blamed it on Jason and Sam who, according to Molly, were determined to remain star-crossed lovers. Carly smiled as she asked, "Don't you hate when that happens?" Carly then invited Molly to help herself to some cake.

Lulu pulled Jason aside to question him about Dominic. Jason didn't reveal anything.

Michael confided to Kristina that Jax had "taken care" of the situation with Dominic and Sonny. Michael confessed that Jax had turned out to be a "cool guy."

Carly thanked Monica and Edward for attending the christening. After the Quartermaines left, Lady Jane decided to head to the hotel. Lady Jane advised Jax and Carly that, no matter what happened, they shouldn't forget how much they loved each other. Carly was touched, but slightly confused by Lady Jane's parting words.

Spinelli was curious if Jason had heard from Sonny. Jason shook his head. "Aren't you concerned, " Spinelli wondered. Jason was certain that Sonny would call if Sonny needed anything.

As Carly opened presents, she discovered a DVD. Carly intended to watch it at a later time, but Morgan was too intrigued by what was on the DVD. Morgan picked up the DVD and then, with Molly trailing behind him, ran into the foyer where he picked up a DVD player. Moments later, Franco's final message to Jason began to play.

Jason followed the sound of Franco's voice into the foyer.

Dante's cell phone rang, as it rested in the pocket of Dante's discarded jacket at Greystone Manor. Seconds later, Lulu entered the house, with her phone pressed to her ear. Lulu followed the sound of Dante's phone until she stood in the doorway of Sonny's parlor. Lulu's expression shifted from concern to shock as she took in the bloody aftermath of Dante's shooting.

As Dante was rushed to an examination bay, Steve questioned Sonny and Olivia about his new patient. Olivia revealed that the gunshot victim was her son, Dante Falconeri. Sonny confirmed that he was Dante's father. Epiphany stood behind Sonny; she dropped the tray in her hands when she heard Sonny's admission. Steve assured Sonny and Olivia that he would take of their son.

After Steve walked away, Sonny questioned Olivia about Dante. Sonny wondered if Olivia could be mistaken about Dante's paternity. Olivia gave Sonny a long, pointed look; it appeared to be the final confirmation that Sonny needed. Olivia insisted that she had been trying to protect Dante by not telling him about Sonny. Sonny realized that Morgan had been drawn to Dante because, on some level, Morgan had recognized Dante as family.

Steve returned a short time later to inform Olivia and Sonny that Dante had suffered massive internal injuries and that the bullet had lodged near Dante's spine. Steve explained that Dante needed to stabilize before they could operate. Olivia wondered if Dante would be paralyzed. Steve explained that it was too soon to tell.

Sonny called Robin, to ask if Robin and Patrick could meet him at the hospital. Sonny requested that Robin not tell anyone about his phone call. Robin and Patrick left Carly's reception immediately. A short time later, Steve let Sonny and Olivia know that Steve had been required to follow hospital policy by reporting Dante's shooting to the police.

Sonny was waiting when Robin and Patrick arrived at the hospital. Sonny confessed that his son, Dante Falconeri, had been shot. Patrick assured Sonny that they would do everything in their power to save Dante. Robin waited until Sonny walked away before she admitted that she was shocked to learn that Dante was Sonny's son. Robin realized that the news didn't surprise Patrick in the least. Patrick confessed that he had known the truth for some time. Robin was hurt that Patrick hadn't trusted her with something that important about one of her closest friends.

Olivia wept at Dante's bedside. She begged her son to fight. Olivia insisted that her lies were her burden to bear, not Dante's. Olivia's grief turned to anger as she spoke to Dante about Sonny. Olivia assured Dante that Dante was a better man than Sonny. To Olivia's joy, Dante opened his eyes. He weakly whispered, "Tell Lulu," and then passed out again. Olivia's eyes filled with tears as she told her son how proud and honored she felt to be his mother.

Sonny went to the chapel to light a candle for Dante. Sonny assured God that his children meant everything to him. Sonny tried his best to do right by them. As Sonny spoke, he realized that his words were a lie. Sonny recognized that he had shot a good and brave man. Sonny suspected that Dante's shooting was God's judgment on Sonny.

Sonny went to check on Dante. Olivia told Sonny that Dante had briefly opened his eyes. Steve entered the room moments later; he needed Dante's medical history. Olivia left with Steve, so Sonny sat down with his son. Sonny realized that he had shared a special connection with Dante from the start. Sonny couldn't believe that Dante was his son. As the words left Sonny's lips, Dante opened his eyes.

Sonny assured Dante that he didn't mean Dante any harm. Sonny explained that it had all been a mistake; he was Dante's father. Olivia stood in the doorway.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

At Greystone Manor, Lulu pulled Dante's ringing cell phone from the bloody jacket that she had found discarded on the floor. Lulu turned off her phone just as Max entered the parlor. She immediately demanded to know what Sonny had done to "Dominic." Max claimed that he didn't know.

At the Jacks residence, everyone gathered in the foyer as Franco's final message played. Jason ordered Morgan to turn off the DVD player and then he requested to see the package that the DVD had arrived in. Jax immediately handed it to Jason. Molly wondered why Franco had sent a DVD to Josslyn. Carly tried to send the boys to their room, but neither budged. Sam decided that she should take her sisters home.

Seconds later, Lulu marched into the living room demanding to know if Sonny had killed Dominic. Jason quietly responded, "I don't know." Lulu told Jason about the grisly scene that she had found at Sonny's house. Lulu was certain that Sonny had discovered that Dominic was an undercover cop. Lulu vowed to tell the police everything that she knew about Sonny and Jason if she learned that Sonny had killed Dominic.

After Lulu left, Carly turned to Jason for confirmation about Dominic. Jason admitted there had been some suspicions that Dominic might be a cop. Jason made a quick call to the hospital to inquire if Dominic had been admitted. Kristina was furious when Jason verified that Dominic had been rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound. It sickened Kristina that her father had shot a cop; she accused Sonny of ruining another "beautiful day." Kristina confessed that she hoped that Sonny would spend the rest of his life in jail.

Michael insisted that Kristina hadn't meant it, but Kristina assured Michael that she had. Sam quickly hustled her sisters out of the door. Jason decided to head to the hospital to check on Sonny. Carly focused on Morgan, who was visibly shaken over the news that Dominic had been shot. Michael quietly demanded to know what had happened to Jax's plan to help Sonny. Jax admitted that he had no idea what had gone wrong.

Morgan agreed with Kristina about Sonny; it had been wrong of Sonny to shoot Dominic. Carly reminded Morgan that they didn't have enough information about the circumstances of the shooting. Morgan didn't care; cops were good guys. Michael's temper flared; he accused Morgan of being disloyal to Sonny. Michael insisted that Sonny didn't deserve to go to jail. Carly advised both of her sons to calm down; she reminded them that Dominic might be okay.

Morgan wondered if Dominic had pretended to be Morgan's friend just to gain information about Sonny. Jax was confident that Dominic was a decent man; he was certain that Dominic had been a true friend to Morgan. Carly agreed. She assured Morgan that it was okay for Morgan to trust Dominic.

Morgan didn't understand why Sonny had shot Dominic. Morgan pointed out that Dominic had saved Sonny and Morgan's lives. Carly didn't have an answer for Morgan. She urged him to focus on wishing Dominic well. Carly promised that the power of positive thinking could help. Jax, looking very sad, sat next to his wife.

Maxie was upset because she had been dragged to the police station during Josslyn's reception. Mac explained that they needed her to make a statement about what she had witnessed outside of Sonny's mansion on the night of Claudia's disappearance. Maxie didn't understand the urgency. Mac revealed that Sonny's arrest was imminent. Maxie's eyes narrowed when Agent Rayner entered the interrogation room. She immediately recognized the FBI agent.

Ronnie Domestico entered the room soon afterwards. Ronnie was concerned because Sonny had dropped out of sight and Ronnie had not heard from Dante. Maxie confided that Sonny had skipped Josslyn's christening. An officer popped his head into the room to inform Mac that an ambulance had been dispatched to Greystone Manor after someone had placed a 9-1-1 call to report a shooting. The victim had been rushed to General Hospital.

Ronnie didn't think that Sonny would have called 9-1-1 if Dominic had been shot. Maxie's head snapped up. "Dominic? Lulu's Dominic?" Mac ignored Maxie's questions. Mac agreed that it was unlikely that Sonny would report shooting an undercover police officer. Rayner revealed that Sonny would most certainly call for help if Dante had been shot, because Dante Falconeri was Sonny's son. Everyone's jaws dropped. Mac was the first to recover. "How do you know," Mac demanded.

Rayner revealed that Olivia had threatened to go public with the truth if Rayner didn't agree to her demands. Mac suggested that Olivia might have made the story up. Ronnie was confident that Olivia would never lie about something like that; he insisted that it had to be true. Mac observed that it would truly be "biblical" if Sonny had indeed shot his own son.

Johnny entered Greystone Manor just as Max prepared to clean up the parlor. Johnny noticed the gruesome mess, so he asked, "What happened?" Max didn't know; he claimed that he had arrived moments after Lulu. According to Max, the room had been that way when he got there. Johnny inquired about Lulu. Max assured Johnny that Lulu was unharmed. Max added that the security tapes had revealed that Sonny and Olivia had climbed into the back of an ambulance and then headed to the hospital.

A short time later, Agent Rayner and Ronnie arrived at Greystone Manor. Rayner and Ronnie were livid when they found the parlor spotless. Ronnie promised Max that Sonny would pay for shooting a cop.

Lisa, Robin, and Patrick discussed Dante's operation. Patrick intended to perform the surgery. Robin and Lisa objected. Lisa wanted to be a part of the surgical team because it was her area of expertise. Robin pointed out that Patrick was a neurosurgeon and therefore not the best candidate to operate. Patrick pointed out that Sonny could face the death penalty if Dante died. Patrick wondered if Robin was prepared to put Dante and Sonny's fate in someone else's hands.

Robin remained uneasy about Patrick operating on Dante. Lisa took Patrick's side. The debate was cut short when Steve approached the trio. Steve wanted Robin to talk to Sonny before things escalated. After Robin and Steve walked away, Patrick headed to the locker room to change for surgery. Lisa accompanied Patrick, so that she could update Patrick about Dante's condition. Patrick changed into a pair of scrubs while Lisa read the medical chart. Patrick was oblivious to Lisa's hungry eyes as she covertly watched him strip.

As they made their way to the break area, Lisa questioned if Robin had been correct to accuse Patrick of wanting to operate on Dante because of the challenge. Patrick acknowledged that it was a perk; however, he was eager to save Dante's life. Later, Steve demanded to know why Patrick was scrubbing in on Dante's surgery. Patrick informed Steve that Sonny had requested that Patrick operate on Dante.

Steve overrode Sonny's request. Patrick was furious when Steve insisted on operating on Dante. Steve, a seasoned trauma surgeon, was more qualified than Patrick. Patrick stormed out. Lisa followed Patrick to the locker room. Patrick insisted that Steve had made a mistake. Patrick confessed that, since he couldn't operate, he depended on Lisa to save Dante's life.

Sonny talked to Dante while Olivia stood in the doorway. Sonny promised that he would do everything in his power to help Dante. Sonny couldn't believe that Dante was his son, but Sonny vowed to figure out a way to make things right. Olivia raced to her son's side as she ordered Sonny, "Don't do this right now." Dante's eyes fluttered closed. Olivia dragged Sonny into the hallway when Steve entered the room to check on Dante.

Olivia was livid; she insisted that it wasn't the right time to tell Dante that Sonny was his father. Sonny confided that he had felt powerless when Dante's eyes had filled with panic upon seeing Sonny. Sonny had tried to ease Dante's mind. Olivia realized that she had kept the secret, but she wanted Sonny to back off for the time being. Sonny's temper flared. He reminded Olivia that he had been deprived of knowing his son for Dante's entire life; Sonny refused to leave while Dante's life was in peril.

Sonny couldn't understand why Olivia hadn't told him about their son. Sonny thought that he and Olivia had trusted each other. Olivia argued that she had her reasons, but she didn't elaborate. She then lashed out at Sonny, and reminded him that she wasn't the one who shot people who got in the way. Sonny flinched. He wondered what had been so horrible about telling him that she was pregnant with his child. "Did you hate me that much?" Sonny asked. Sonny pointed out that Olivia had numerous opportunities to tell the truth, but she hadn't. Sonny suggested that the tragedy could have been avoided if Olivia had been honest.

Olivia angrily accepted responsibility for her lies, but she demanded that Sonny unload on her another time. Olivia insisted that she needed to focus on Dante. Sonny bristled when Olivia demanded, "Get out of my face." Sonny informed Olivia that she didn't have the right bark orders at him after she had spent years lying to him. Robin quickly approached the couple to defuse the situation.

Robin and Sonny walked away while Olivia returned to Dante's room. Robin advised Sonny that arguing with Olivia wouldn't solve anything. Sonny was horrified that he had shot his own son. Robin assured Sonny that there would be plenty of time for Sonny and Dante to work things out. Sonny wondered, "What if he dies?"

Lulu stepped off the elevator and then approached Matt at the nurses' station to find out if Dominic had been admitted. Matt confirmed that Dominic had been rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Lulu spotted Sonny seconds later. Lulu screamed, "You bastard," as she marched up to Sonny. Lulu then proceeded to hurl accusations and insults at Sonny. At one point, she referred to Sonny as a "disgusting pig." Sonny held off Lulu's attack until Nikolas suddenly appeared to physically restrain Lulu. Lulu's tirade abruptly ceased when Sonny revealed that Dante was Sonny's son.

Olivia wept at Dante's beside as spoke words of love and reassurance to her son. Olivia was confident that Dante was strong enough to recover from his grave injury. She looked up when she heard Johnny enter the room. Olivia wasn't in the mood to be berated by Johnny. Johnny confessed that he was there to offer Olivia support. Olivia relaxed. A short time later, Lulu entered the room.

Lulu sat down next to Olivia. Olivia updated Lulu on Dante's condition and then revealed that Dante had asked for Lulu. Lulu wondered if Dante realized that his own father had shot him. Olivia sadly shook her head. Olivia was certain that Dante would have stepped down if he had known. Olivia admitted, "It's all on me."

In the hallway, Nikolas learned that Steve would operate on Dante. Nikolas made it clear that he expected Steve to do his best for Lulu's sake. Steve nodded his head and then entered the room to let Olivia and Lulu know that Dante's operation had been scheduled. Sonny followed Steve out to question why Patrick wasn't performing the surgery.

Steve informed Sonny that Patrick wasn't the most qualified surgeon for the procedure. Sonny threatened to harm Steve if Steve didn't save Dante's life. Steve suggested that vows of retribution didn't help. Sonny didn't care.

In the hospital room, Dante's eyes cracked open as he heard Lulu's voice. Lulu declared her love for Dante and then kissed him. Sonny stood in the doorway watching. Later, Nikolas entered Dante's room to find Lulu sitting alone. Lulu realized that she should be mad at her brother, but she was too afraid to feel anything at that moment. Lulu confessed to Nikolas that she had never felt anything like what she felt for Dante. Lulu was certain that it was true love. She regretted that she had kept Dante at arm's length for so long.

Maxie found Robin at the hospital. Robin confirmed that Dante was in critical condition. Later, Maxie bumped into Johnny. Johnny confided that he hadn't known that Sonny and Olivia had a child together. However, it didn't matter to Johnny. Johnny was disgusted that Sonny was forcing his presence on Lulu and Olivia while Dante struggled to live. Maxie invited Johnny to escort her out, so that he could calm down. Johnny declined. He wanted to be available in case Olivia needed him.

Jason found Sonny at the hospital. Sonny quickly told Jason about what had happened at Greystone Manor. Jason advised Sonny to flee the country, but Sonny refused. Sonny explained that he couldn't leave his son's side. Jason was shocked by the revelation that Sonny was Dante's father. However, Jason remained convinced that Sonny's only option was to run. Sonny wondered if Jason would be eager to leave if Jake were in Dante's place. After Sonny walked away, Jason called Diane.

Michael sought out Jason. Jason revealed that Dominic's real name was Dante Falconeri and that Sonny was Dante's father. Jason explained that Sonny refused to leave Dante's side. Michael was stunned. Jason cautioned Michael to be careful. Jason insisted that it was more important than ever for Michael to keep it together. Sonny walked up moments later. Michael hugged his father. Sonny held Michael tightly until Olivia and Johnny joined them. Olivia wanted to say a prayer for Dante.

Ronnie, accompanied by several police officers, stepped off of the elevator. Ronnie announced that Sonny was under arrest for Claudia's murder. As the officers handcuffed Sonny, Ronnie discovered a gun on Sonny. Ronnie wondered if it was the gun that Sonny had used to shoot Dante. Sonny refused to leave the hospital while Dante was in crisis. Ronnie made it clear that he didn't have any sympathy for Sonny's situation. Sonny was led away in handcuffs while everyone watched.

Dante dreamed of standing on a street corner in Bensonhurst while a younger version of himself played stickball with his friends. In the dream, a limousine pulled up. Sonny stepped out of the car moments later. Young Dante ran up to Sonny, prepared to attack. Dante called out to warn Sonny that the child was Sonny's son. Sonny didn't hear Dante. Seconds later, Sonny pulled out a gun and then shot the young boy.

On the operating table, Dante flatlined. Patrick stood in the observation room as he watched the doctors race to save Dante's life.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Diane and Jason stood in the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Department. Diane revealed that Sonny was not allowed to have any visitors. She warned Jason to be prepared for the worst. According to Diane, the FBI was eager to tack on additional charges for Dante's shooting. If Dante survived, then Sonny would be charged with attempted murder of a police officer; however, if Dante died, then Sonny would face first-degree murder charges with special circumstances.

Jason glanced out of the room's window. He noticed that a woman with long red hair had been dragged into the police station. Jason immediately realized that it was Sam in disguise. "Things just got worse," Jason warned Diane.

Officer Church asked Sam what her name was. "Taffee Ryan," Sam responded with a Southern drawl as she presented the young police officer with identification. Sam turned up the charm as she asked Officer Church why the station seemed so busy. Officer Church bragged that they had arrested Sonny Corinthos. Sam pretended to be thrilled by the news.

Sam was all innocence as she continued to subtly question Officer Church. Eventually the police officer foolishly pointed to the gun on his desk as he revealed that Sonny had been in possession of the firearm at the time of the arrest. Officer Church added that they intended to send the gun to ballistics for testing later that afternoon.

Diane joined Jason at the window to see what had snagged his attention. It took Diane a moment to recognize Sam. Jason explained that he had no idea why Sam was at the police station. Diane took in Sam's wig, sunglasses, and tawdry outfit before she concluded that Sam must have been working on a private investigation case. Diane offered to rescue Sam, but Jason didn't think that it was necessary.

Jason was concerned about the significance of the gun that the police had found on Sonny. Diane was confident that she could explain away the circumstantial evidence in Claudia's murder; however, the gun was another matter. Diane didn't think that Sonny would be able to walk away from the charges stemming from Dante's shooting.

Sam managed to "accidentally" tip over a cup of coffee, ruining several forms on Officer Church's desk. Officer Church dashed off to collect more forms, while Sam pretended to clean up the mess. She took the opportunity to steal the gun and then tuck it into her boot. Seconds later, Agent Rayner entered the squad room. "What the hell is going on here," Rayner demanded as he stood behind Sam. Sam froze. "Since when are perps allowed to wander around the squad room, " Rayner wanted to know.

Jason and Diane emerged from the interrogation room just as Officer Church returned to his desk. Rayner gestured toward Sam as he ordered Officer Church to "cut her loose." Jason and Diane kept Rayner distracted, while Sam slipped out of the police station undetected.

At the Jacks residence, Michael requested a ride from Jax to the police station, so that Michael could confess to Claudia's murder. Jax thought it was admirable that Michael wanted to help Sonny; however, Jax cautioned Michael that it was a mistake. Jax pointed out that Sonny and Jason had destroyed all of the evidence, including any proof that might have verified that Michael had acted in defense of Carly and Josslyn when Michael had killed Claudia. Jax insisted that Sonny was willing to sacrifice himself for Michael. Jax didn't think that Sonny would want Michael to confess.

Jason dropped by the house to talk to Carly. Carly wanted to know if Franco was a danger to Josslyn. Jason didn't think that Franco was interested in Josslyn; however, Jason assured Carly that Spinelli was working on tracking the DVD. Jason admitted that he had a favor to ask of Carly. Carly sensed that it concerned Sonny. Jason nodded; he implored Carly to persuade Sonny to leave the country as soon as Diane could secure Sonny's release from jail.

At the Davis residence, Kristina was stunned when Morgan told her that Dante was their brother. Kristina turned to Michael for confirmation. Michael admitted that it was true. Kristina was sickened by the realization that Sonny had shot both his wife and child. Michael insisted that Sonny wouldn't have shot Dante if Sonny had known the truth. Aghast, Kristina asked, "but it's okay to shoot an undercover cop?"

Michael argued that Dante had lied to all of them. Molly and Morgan suggested that Sonny should have handled things differently. Molly explained that shooting a police officer was a crime that carried a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole. Morgan was hopeful that things wouldn't be quite as bleak for Sonny if Dante survived. Kristina didn't think that it mattered because Sonny would still face charges for killing Claudia. Michael startled everyone when he blurted out that Sonny didn't kill Claudia. "I did, " Michael confessed.

Carly found Olivia in the hospital's chapel. Carly confirmed that she knew that Dante was Sonny's son. Carly admitted that she might have scratched Olivia's eyes out under different circumstances. However, Carly understood what Olivia was going through. "No mother should have to watch her child fight for his life, especially when his father is the reason, " Carly said. Olivia recalled that Michael's shooting had confirmed that Olivia had made the right choices for Dante.

Olivia confessed how terrifying it had been to discover that she was pregnant at fifteen. Olivia had been determined to keep her child safe. Sonny had been working for Joe Scully by then, so Olivia had decided to raise the baby alone. Carly reminded Olivia that Sonny had suffered a horrible childhood; he hadn't many options available to him. Olivia argued that everyone had choices.

Olivia realized that, despite her best intentions, in the end she had failed Dante. Olivia wondered what Carly would have done. Carly confessed that she had plotted to keep Michael's biological father out of Michael's life, so Carly had no room to judge. Olivia regretted that she had lied to Carly because she deeply respected Carly. Carly acknowledged that Dante was a good man who treated women well. Carly recognized that Dante had been raised "right."

Later, Olivia found Jax sitting in the chapel alone. Jax revealed that he had been praying for Dante's recovery and for everyone to get through the difficult time ahead. Jax also hoped that Carly would be able to forgive him. Olivia knew Jax well enough to understand that he was a realist. Olivia wanted Jax's honest opinion about what Jax thought would happen next. Jax suggested that Dante would likely press charges against Sonny.

Jax confessed that he had wanted Sonny gone, but not at Dante's expense. Olivia admitted that she was prepared for Dante to walk out of her life.

At the nurses' station, Robin was upset because Patrick had not told her about Sonny and Dante. Patrick explained that it hadn't been his secret to share. Lisa approached the feuding couple to ask for Dante's medical chart. Steve joined them moments later. Patrick took the opportunity to grudgingly compliment Steve for saving Dante's life after Dante had flat lined during surgery.

Later, Robin checked with Steve to see how Dante was doing. Steve was concerned because Dante should have shown some improvement; instead, Dante was holding his own. Robin assured Steve that Steve and Lisa had done an excellent job during Dante's surgery.

Patrick was annoyed when he discovered that Robin had cancelled an operation for a patient. Robin explained that she wanted to run a few more tests. Patrick suspected that Robin was still angry because he hadn't told her that Sonny was Dante's father. Robin was certain that Dante wouldn't have been shot and Sonny wouldn't be facing criminal charges if Patrick had trusted her with the information. Patrick reminded Robin that she had kept quiet about Liz and Nikolas' affair.

Patrick argued that Liz was his friend; he would have offered to help Liz. Robin didn't think that the situations were remotely similar. Patrick was curious what Robin would have done if Patrick had told her about Dante. Robin suggested that she probably would have told Sonny, just as she had told AJ about Michael. Patrick asked, "Really? And how did that work out for everybody?" Robin glared at Patrick. "You know what, " she asked, "You're a real jackass."

After Robin stormed off, Patrick approached Lisa at the nurses' station. Patrick was unaware that Lisa had overheard his argument with Robin. Patrick wondered if Lisa would like to grab a beer after work. Lisa readily agreed.

Lulu sat at Dante's beside when Luke entered the hospital room. Lulu ran to her father's open arms as she confessed, "I love him so much. I don't want him to die." Luke admitted that Nikolas had called to let Luke know what had happened. Lulu was curious what Nikolas had told Luke. Luke revealed that he had learned that Dante was Olivia's son and that Sonny had shot Dante. Lulu confessed that there was more, Dante was an undercover cop as well as Sonny's son. Luke was stunned.

Luke was curious if Dante knew about Sonny. Lulu shook her head; Olivia hadn't told anyone. Luke imagined that it must have been difficult for Sonny to realize that Sonny had shot his own son. Lulu didn't have any sympathy for Sonny's situation. She pointed out that Sonny had known that Dante was someone's son when Sonny had fired the gun. Sonny had also known that Dante was the man who had saved Sonny and Morgan's lives. Luke gently pointed out that it was the nature of Sonny's business.

Later, on the Haunted Star Luke told Tracy and Ethan about Lulu's crisis. Tracy and Ethan were shocked to hear that Lulu was in love with an undercover police officer, who also happened to be Sonny's long-lost son. Luke added that Dante might not survive the night. Tracy confessed that getting involved with Sonny's son had been the worst thing that Lulu could have done. Ethan didn't think Lulu would appreciate Tracy's comment. Ethan turned to Luke for advice on how to help Lulu. Luke suggested that Ethan simply be available for Lulu.

After Ethan left, Luke admitted that he felt bad for Sonny. Luke knew what it was like to discover a son that he hadn't known about. Luke didn't see anything positive about Lulu relationship with Dante. Luke observed that the entire situation dripped with irony. Tracy wondered how long Lulu had known that Dante was a cop. Luke suspected that it had been awhile.

Tracy was curious if Dante reciprocated Lulu's feelings or if Dante had been using Lulu to get closer to Sonny. Luke suspected that Tracy might be on to something.

Carly entered Dante's room. She offered Lulu some tuna and coffee. Lulu claimed that she didn't have an appetite. Carly insisted that Lulu had to keep up her strength for Dante's sake. Lulu studied Dante. "He doesn't look like someone who isn't going to make it," Lulu observed. Carly assured Lulu that Dante was strong. Lulu confessed that she regretted the time that she had wasted by pushing Dante away. "If you want Dante to live, you have to give him a reason to, " Carly advised.

Carly explained that Sonny's life was complicated. According to Carly, sometimes Sonny did the wrong thing for the right reason. Lulu angrily demanded to know what the right reason was for Sonny to shoot Dante. Carly gently urged Lulu to put aside the anger, so that Lulu could focus on helping Dante. Carly insisted that Lulu had to stop feeling sorry for herself, saying goodbye to Dante, and wallowing in regrets.

Lulu confessed that she was terrified that Dante would die. Carly warned Lulu that Dante could hear her. Carly was certain that love could work miracles because Carly had seen it happen firsthand.

Later, Lulu promised if Dante woke up, she would make it worth Dante's while. Lulu vowed not to push Dante away. Ethan entered the room moments later. Lulu confided to her brother that she was doing her best to remain strong. Ethan was certain that Dante would need Lulu's strength to get through the difficult days ahead. Ethan understood what it was like to discover a father that he had never known about. It could throw a person for a loop.

Lulu's head turned when she heard Dante shift. Lulu was by Dante's side when Dante slowly opened his eyes. "It's good to see you, " Dante admitted as he weakly smiled up at Lulu. Lulu was relieved. Dante confessed that he had a strange dream of Sonny confessing that he was Dante's father.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

In the hospital's chapel, Olivia admitted that she should have told Dante the truth about Sonny the minute that Dante had revealed that he was in Port Charles to bust Sonny. Jax also had regrets about not telling Carly the truth about Dante. Olivia found it ironic that Dante had been shot despite her efforts to protect her son. Jax confided that he had intended to tell Carly about his role in Sonny's downfall after Sonny had been arrested.

Jax was reluctant to follow through with his plans because of what had happened to Dante. According to Jax, Morgan was reeling from the realization that Sonny was a criminal, while Michael was determined to save Sonny. Jax believed that the boys needed stability more than Carly needed to know the truth. Olivia warned Jax that there would never be any stability for his family if he built everything on lies.

Olivia advised Jax to tell Carly everything. She had missed her opportunity to tell Dante the truth in her own words; she didn't want Jax to have the same regrets.

At the Jacks residence, Jason implored Carly to persuade Sonny to flee the country. Carly was hesitant to agree; she didn't want to risk upsetting Jax. Jason argued that Michael and Morgan shouldn't have to see their father convicted of murder. Carly didn't think that Sonny would ever agree to abandon his children. Jason suggested that the police would be forced to close Claudia's murder case if Sonny left the country, so there would be no reason to question Michael. Jason pointed out that Michael would be able to get on with his life, while Sonny would be free to enjoy life abroad.

Sonny was taken to an interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station. Diane was waiting. Sonny immediately asked for an update on Dante. Diane thought it was a good sign that the police had not charged Sonny with first-degree murder. Diane tried focus on Sonny's legal troubles, but Sonny was too worried about Dante.

Sonny wanted Diane to secure his release from jail, so that he could visit Dante. Diane cautioned Sonny that it would be a mistake for Sonny to show up at the hospital. Diane pointed out that it would appear as if Sonny were trying to intimidate a witness. Sonny didn't care; he wanted Dante to know that he would never have intentionally hurt his own child.

A short time later, Carly entered the interrogation room. Sonny was eager to know if Carly had any news about Dante. Carly revealed that Epiphany had confirmed that Dante was awake; however, he remained in intensive care. Sonny was grateful for the news. He recalled when he had dinner with Olivia and Dante in December. Sonny confessed that he had felt a connection with Olivia and Dante that night. He realized that there had been clues that Dante was his son, but he had missed them.

Carly argued that no one could have guessed that Dante was Sonny's son, so Sonny shouldn't blame himself for not seeing it. Sonny confided that he had a chilling realization while he had watched Dante bleeding on the floor. Sonny had thought, "My kids will always pay for the terrible things that I've done."

Carly argued that hindsight was 20/20. Sonny had made the choice to shoot an undercover cop. Even if Dante were to forgive Sonny, the law never would. Carly worried that Michael might try to confess to save Sonny from being convicted of Claudia's murder. She urged Sonny to leave the country, so that the police would never question Michael.

Sonny promised to find a way to make things right for Dante and Michael. Carly reminded Sonny that they had known that Sonny's reign as a mob boss would end one day. She trusted Sonny to do the right thing. Diane entered the room moments later with the news that a judge had agreed to grant Sonny bail. Sonny was stunned when he looked at the paperwork. Diane confirmed that everything that Sonny owned had been used as collateral. Diane informed Sonny that he would lose everything if he skipped town; however, Sonny would gain his freedom.

At the Davis residence, Kristina didn't believe Michael's claim that he had killed Claudia. Kristina was certain that Michael had made the story up, in order to help their father. Morgan wasn't as quick to discount Michael's confession; he wanted to hear Michael's story.

Michael explained how he had stumbled upon Claudia's abandoned car and then the cabin in the woods. Michael insisted that he had acted on instinct when he had heard Carly cry out. Morgan, Molly, and Kristina were shaken by the grisly details. Molly suggested that Diane could argue that Michael had acted in self-defense. Kristina was confident that if Michael told the police the truth, the charges against Sonny would be dropped. Michael revealed that Jax didn't think it was a good idea for Michael to confess.

The kids grew quiet when Alexis arrived home. Alexis immediately sensed that something was wrong. The kids claimed that they were concerned about the charges that Sonny was facing. Alexis admitted that Sonny faced an uphill battle. However, she explained that it was okay to love Sonny, while hating what he had done. Alexis promised that Sonny would gladly give up his life for each of them.

Ronnie, flanked by a couple of police officers, arrived at Jason's penthouse with a search warrant in hand. Ronnie was looking for the gun that Sonny had been arrested with, which had been stolen from the squad room earlier that day. Sam sneered when she realized that Ronnie was a cop. Ronnie identified himself as a New York City detective and then confirmed that he was Dante's partner.

Sam tried to play it cool when Ronnie questioned her about owning a red wig. Ronnie wasn't fooled by Sam's act. It was clear that Ronnie suspected that Sam had been the "hooker" who had stolen the gun from Officer Church's desk. Ronnie wondered if Sam was prepared to be arrested as an accessory to first-degree murder with special circumstances. Jason was curious if Dante had died. Ronnie admitted that Dante was alive; however, Sam and Jason could face criminal charges if they had conspired to steal the gun.

The officers returned to the living room empty-handed. Ronnie wasn't surprised that the gun hadn't been located. Ronnie dismissed the officers and then warned Jason that Sonny was a marked man. According to Ronnie, if Dante recovered from the gunshot then Dante would testify against Sonny; if Dante died, then Sonny would be charged with killing a police officer. Either way, Sonny would go to jail. "Have a nice day," Ronnie suggested as he showed himself out.

Jason didn't think that Sonny would be able to survive prison. Jason warned Sam that Ronnie might secure a search warrant for her apartment. Sam wasn't concerned; she assured Jason that the police wouldn't find anything. Jason revealed that he might have to put up his own penthouse to help Sonny raise money for bail. Jason could lose everything, including his home, if Sonny fled the country.

Sam vowed that Jason wouldn't lose her. She suggested that Jason could always go to work for her agency. Jason didn't think he'd be an effective private eye, since the police would likely keep him under 24-hour surveillance. Sam didn't seem concerned; she invited Jason to live with her if he lost his home. Jason agreed as long as Sam wore the boots that she'd worn at the police station at least once a week. Moments later, Diane called to let Jason know that she had secured Sonny's release from jail.

Mac entered Jake's to find Lucky shooting pool and drinking beer. Mac admitted that he had heard about Liz and Nikolas' affair. Mac was concerned that Lucky was drinking alcohol. Lucky clarified that he was off-duty. Mac pointed out that Lucky was a recovering addict. Lucky insisted that he was fine. Mac considered Lucky to be one of the department's finest detectives, so Mac didn't want to see Lucky backslide into addiction.

Lucky resented Mac's interference, but Mac didn't let up. Mac understood what it was like to be hurt by love; Mac had lost Felicia to Luke. Mac advised Lucky to step up, be a man, take care of himself as well as his addiction, and to be there for the people who depended on Lucky. Lucky pointed out that it wasn't as if he were popping pills.

Lucky claimed that he had merely been trying to take the edge off. Mac suggested that work could also be effective. Lucky's demeanor immediately changed when he realized that Mac had a job for him. Mac wanted Lucky to question Dante about the shooting at Greystone Manor.

At the hospital, Dante revealed that he had dreamed of Sonny confessing to be Dante's father. Lulu suggested that Dante brace himself before she confirmed that it was true. Dante was incredulous. "The man who shot me for being an undercover cop, he's my father?" Lulu was concerned that the news was too much for Dante, so she urged him to rest.

Dante tried to make light of the situation, but Lulu reminded him that it wasn't a funny matter. She offered to listen if Dante wanted to talk about it. Dante shared the details of the moments that had led up to the shooting. He revealed that Sonny had originally intended to send Dante into an ambush. Dante had realized that Sonny had figured out the truth, so Dante had tried to arrest Sonny. That was when Sonny had shot Dante.

Dante recalled hearing Olivia's voice moments after Dante had collapsed. Dante realized that Olivia had known the truth for years, but she had kept it from him. Moments later, Olivia entered the room. Lulu quickly excused herself, so that Olivia and Dante could talk.

After Lulu left, Olivia settled in a chair next to Dante's bed. Dante wondered if his mother would have told the truth if Sonny hadn't shot him. Olivia pointed out that Dante had seen firsthand what Sonny's children lived with. Olivia had never wanted that kind of life for her son. Dante was curious who knew the truth about Sonny and Dante. Olivia reluctantly told him, "Connie, Jax, and Patrick Drake."

Olivia then revealed that she had recently told Agent Rayner, in the hopes of getting Dante reassigned. Olivia resented that Rayner had misled her. Dante responded, "Well, Agent Rayner is a liar, but then so are you." Olivia looked down in shame. Dante was angry because he had been raised to believe that his mother had slept with so many different men that she couldn't be certain who had fathered her child.

Olivia reminded Dante that she had surrounded her son with many strong male role models including uncles, cousins, and a grandfather. Olivia conceded that perhaps she had kept the secret for too long, but she admitted that she wouldn't have changed anything. Olivia had wanted a better life for her son. She pointed out that Sonny had been a teenager when she had found out that she was pregnant. By then, Sonny had already been involved in organized crime. Olivia didn't want Dante dragged into that kind of lifestyle.

Dante couldn't understand why Olivia had continued to keep the secret when Dante had gotten older. Olivia confessed that she had been afraid. "That makes it better?" Dante asked. Olivia didn't think that knowing Sonny was his father changed who Dante was. Dante didn't necessarily agree. Olivia tried to brush back Dante's hair, but Dante snarled, "Don't touch me." Olivia flinched and then dropped her hand.

Ronnie was waiting in the hallway when Olivia left Dante's room. Ronnie warned Olivia that things were about to get worse. A short time later, Olivia was escorted into an interrogation room where Mac prepared to question Olivia about the events that had led to Dante's shooting. Olivia claimed that she hadn't seen anything.

Lulu returned to Dante's room. Dante was disappointed to realize that he had never really known his mother. Lucky entered the room moments later. Lucky explained that he needed Dante's statement about the shooting.

At the airport, Jason informed Sonny that arrangements had been made for Sonny to fly to Argentina. Sonny admitted that it didn't feel right.

Carly arrived home moments before Jax walked in. Carly immediately confessed that she had convinced Sonny to jump bail. Carly had no idea how she was going to break the news to her sons. Jax admitted that he had something to share with Carly. Carly was stunned when Jax revealed that he had known that Dante was Sonny's son and an undercover cop. Jax also confessed that he had helped to secure Sonny's arrest.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Carly and Jax squared off at home after Jax confessed his involvement in the process that led to Sonny's arrest. Carly was livid and told Jax to save his breath if he was going to tell her that he had helped bring Sonny down to protect his family.

Jax made Carly admit that Sonny was in a dangerous business. The he told her that he had been motivated only to protect those he loved. Carly scoffed and told him that his motives were strictly selfish because of his longstanding rivalry with Sonny. When she asked Jax why he had chosen to tell her the truth, he said that he wanted to be honest. Carly snorted and wondered why he had not chosen to be honest when he first learned that Dante was an undercover cop. Jax said he kept silent for the good of the family.

Before storming out of the room, Carly told Jax that he had won the big war, then she asked him if it was worth sacrificing his family. Carly said that Jax knew that she had ties to Sonny when he married her and that he should have told her if he could not handle that. Carly summed it up when she said that Jax had lied to get his way then tried to justify the lies by saying he had done it for family. Carly told him that he had destroyed his family.

Jason got Sonny as far as the airport tarmac, but Sonny refused to leave Port Charles and his newfound son, Dante Falconeri. Jason tried hard to get Sonny to run, but Sonny refused to leave because of the overwhelming guilt that he felt because he had almost killed his child.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Ronnie and Mac had Olivia in the interrogation room. When asked how she had happened upon the shooting, Olivia told them that she had rushed to Sonny's because neither Dante nor Sonny had shown up at the christening and she had intuited that something was wrong.

Olivia told Mac and Ronnie that she heard a shot as she neared the front door and had rushed in and found Dante on the floor covered in blood. She told them that she had not seen the shooting and was too focused on saving Dante to notice whether or not Sonny was holding a gun. Ronnie came down hard on Olivia and accused her of lying, but she insisted that she was telling the truth and could not testify to what she had not seen.

As Lulu watched over Dante, Lucky took out his tape recorder to get Dante's official statement. He was shocked when Dante said that he had gone to arrest Sonny, but Sonny had not been there. Dante said that he was unloading the gun in Sonny's desk drawer to prevent Sonny from using it when he did arrive. Dante said that the gun jammed and then accidentally discharged and he was shot. He said Sonny walked in moments after the shot was fired.

Lucky tried to get Dante to recant, but Dante held firm. Lucky said he understood about fathers and sons, and he hoped that committing perjury for Sonny was more important to Dante than keeping his badge. Lucky left to call Mac, who had to let Olivia go, when he heard Lucky's news about Dante's statement.

When Lulu showed surprise about Dante's statement to Lucky, Dante explained that he wanted Sonny to go down because of the case he had built against him. Dante said that he wanted to keep the shooting between him and Sonny. He said he did not want Sonny to go to prison for something he had done to Dante, but for Claudia's murder, a crime Sonny had actually committed.

Morgan visited Dante to ask if Dante had befriended him only as a means to get to Sonny. Dante was emphatic when he assured Morgan that his affection for Morgan was real. He told Morgan how pleased he was to find out he had brothers and a sister. Morgan told Dante that he was happy that Dante was his brother and glad he was alive. They hugged before Morgan left.

Lulu returned with a glass of sweet tea for Dante. She told him that Olivia had told her how much he liked it when he was sick. Lulu said that Olivia had told all his secrets while they held hands and prayed for his recovery.

Outside, at the nurses' station, Epiphany and Liz were helping a mother and child, who had a mild injury. When the mother started berating herself for not paying attention to her son because she had been talking to her boyfriend, Liz flew into a rage and castigated the woman for her behavior. Epiphany tried to stop Liz's tirade, but was unsuccessful.

Nikolas happened upon the scene after exiting a board meeting and drew Liz aside. He told her that she was under stress and needed to take some time off to process. Liz continued to raise her voice to Nikolas, who finally told her that she was on administrative leave until she could calm down.

Sonny met Luke in the hospital. He told his story to Luke, who understood what it meant to find out that you had a grown son. When Luke offered to help Sonny flee the country, Sonny said that he could not leave his son. He told Luke that he had to look Dante in the eye and apologize for shooting him. Luke told Sonny that he admired him for that.

Olivia caught up with Sonny after Luke left. She told him that it looked like he would skate because Dante had claimed that the wound was accidentally self-inflicted.

Carly arrived downstairs with baby Josslyn and a suitcase. She told Jax she was leaving. Jax told her that he was not giving up on their marriage. Carly said little. Morgan arrived home and told Carly that he had seen Dominic. She ordered him to grab the suitcase. She told him she would explain in the car. As Carly left, Jax said he would call her at the hotel.

When Olivia told Lulu what she had said to the police, Lulu admitted that she was upset because Sonny would get away with shooting Dante. Olivia told Lulu that Sonny was not getting away with anything because his guilt over shooting his own son would eat him alive.

Sonny stood in the doorway and looked at Dante. Dante noticed him and said "Hey, Dad." Then he said that Sonny was a better shot than Dante thought.

Jason met Sam at the penthouse and told her that Sonny had refused to leave the country. Jason told her that he just wanted to shut out the world and be with her. As their kissing got more passionate, loud insistent knocking interrupted them. It was Carly with Morgan and Josslyn. She told a stunned Jason and Sam that she was moving in.

Lucky met Nikolas at Jake's. Lucky was sarcastic, but listened when Nikolas told him that Liz was losing it. Nikolas told Lucky that he had witnessed two meltdowns. Nikolas said that Lucky should be concerned because of his children.

Nikolas said that Liz did not want his help and that Lucky was the only one who could help her. Nikolas said that he should shoulder all the blame for his affair with Liz. Nikolas told Lucky that he had been selfish and insistent, and had given Liz no choice.

Kiefer visited Kristina at her place. She cried on his shoulder about Sonny. She told him about Dante and that he was her half-brother. Kiefer listened then started kissing her. As he became more passionate, Kristina stopped him. He told her that sex would make her feel better.

When Kristina said it would not make her feel better, Kiefer started saying mean things about Sonny. Kristina defended Sonny. Kiefer accused her of being a tease. They argued loudly, then Kiefer hit Kristina in the face.

Michael arrived at home and wanted to know where Carly was. Jax confessed his part in Sonny's arrest. Michael attacked Jax, who restrained him. As Jax held Michael in a firm grip, Michael looked him in the eye and said, "You wrecked my family."

Lucky was alone at Jake's, drinking shots, when Liz walked in. They made eye contact across the room.

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