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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 8, 2010 on GH
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Lucky was drinking steadily at Jake's when Liz walked in. She approached him and tried to talk to him. Lucky was very sarcastic with her. He accused Liz of using him as a babysitter so she could tryst with Nikolas. Snidely, Lucky asked her if she had used protection with Nikolas.

Despite Lucky's attempts to humiliate her, Liz persisted in her attempts to reconcile. She expressed her regrets as well as her deep-felt love for Lucky. She told him that Luke had forgiven her and had told her that the bad that happened should not erase all the good. She asked Lucky if there was any chance that they could fix their problems.

Lucky scoffed and said they had already tried couple's counseling. Lucky said that he was not feeling the love and that he did not have any faith in their relationship. He advised Liz to find out who she was and what she wanted, but to do it without him.

When Liz mentioned the boys, Lucky was angry and told her not to use the boys to manipulate him , but Liz was genuine when she said that the boys were asking for him and she did not know what to say.

Lucky told Liz to tell the boys that he loved them and would see them soon. When Liz wanted to know if he would call to arrange a time, he told her that his lawyer would make arrangements. Lucky told Liz that the less they saw of each other, the better, because he could barely stand to look at her. Liz was crushed as she turned and left Jake's.

At the penthouse, Carly explained to Jason and Sam why she had shown up unexpectedly with Josslyn and Morgan. She told them that Jax had known about Dante all along. She said that Jax had helped Dante build a case against Sonny for Claudia's murder even though he knew that Sonny was not guilty of the crime.

Carly said that she knew that Jax believed that he had been acting in the best interest of his family and that he did not see the harm that would be done to Michael if Sonny went to prison for Claudia's murder, because Michael would always carry the guilt. Jason agreed with her.

Carly told Jason that the worst part for her was knowing that Jax loved her and she loved Jax, despite his duplicity. Carly was eager to take action, but Jason told her that nothing could be accomplished that evening. He urged her to get some rest, then make decisions.

Olivia and Lulu had words in the hospital corridor. Lulu was steaming because Sonny was not in jail for his attempt on Dante's life. Olivia told Lulu that Sonny was paying in his own way, but Lulu was not mollified as she stabbed angrily at the elevator button.

Jax tried to convince Michael that he had acted in the family's best interest. Jax said that the adults in Michael's life had caused the problems Michael was experiencing, and Jax urged Michael to let the adults fix it. Jax told Michael that he did not agree with Sonny often, but they did agree on two things: that they both wanted Michael to have a life away from Sonny's violent business and neither of the men wanted Michael to pay for Claudia's death.

Jax told Michael that he could live with the destruction of his family if it meant that neither Morgan nor Josslyn would ever be at risk like Michael was. Michael agreed that he would not want to put his brother or sister at risk, but he did not agree that putting Sonny in jail was best.

Sonny tried to apologize to Dante, but he was rebuffed. From his hospital bed, Dante spoke harsh words when he told Sonny that the fact that Sonny was his father meant nothing. Dante told Sonny that he had bought into his "honor crap," but that was before Sonny had shot him in cold blood.

Sonny tried to explain that he had shot him before he knew that Dante was his son. Dante said that biology would not change his feelings. He told Sonny that Sonny was not fit to be anyone's father. Sonny tried to say that being father and son did make a difference, but Dante said it did not.

Dante said that he despised people like Sonny. Dante said that he was a cop and Sonny was a criminal. Sonny tried to point out all the times that they had bonded and grown close. When Sonny said that he had felt something for Dante, Dante retorted maybe so, but Sonny had pulled the trigger anyway.

Sonny further tried to justify his behavior by saying that he had tried to save Dante, and that he had not left the country so that he could stay near Dante. Lulu arrived at the room and started screaming at Sonny to get out. She told him that he was scum, not fit to have a son and that it did not matter that Sonny would not have shot Dante if he had know he was his son.

She said that what defined Sonny was that he had been willing to shoot an unarmed man who had put himself in harm's way to save Sonny and Morgan's lives. Lulu quoted Tracy when she called Sonny a bottom-feeding thug who was worse than garbage.

Sonny listened to Lulu's tirade then left quietly after telling Dante that he cared about him and wanted to have a relationship. Lulu was livid when Dante told her that Sonny wanted forgiveness and had said that he and Dante were alike. Lulu said that they were nothing alike.

Dante said that like it or not, Sonny was his father and was part of him. Lulu said not the part that she loved. Lulu and Dante were cuddling on the bed when Maxie arrived with fresh clothes for Lulu and mild encouragement for Lulu to go take a shower.

While Lulu used the shower, Maxie wanted to know if Dante really cared about Lulu or had just been pretending so that Lulu would not reveal that he was an undercover cop.

Johnny delivered coffee and cannoli to the hospital for Olivia, but flew away in a rage when he learned that both Olivia and Dante had let Sonny off the hook. He asked Olivia if she had considered what would happen to him when Jason and Sonny learned that he had known that Dante was undercover and had not told.

Sam was holding baby Josslyn and playing with her while she and Jason talked. When Carly came downstairs, she complimented Sam on her skills with the baby. Carly asked Jason and Sam to babysit while she went to GH to find Sonny and tell him about Jax. Jason said he needed to go to GH to wrap up some loose ends. Sam agreed to stay home with Josslyn and Morgan.

Lucky continued to drink at Jake's. When Coleman tried to cut him off, Lucky threatened to shut him down. Lucky insisted that Coleman tell him about the times that Nikolas had been in the bar with Liz. Coleman refused to gossip, but he did tell Lucky that they had never used one of the upstairs rooms.

Coleman told Lucky that if a person picked at a sore long enough, it would fester and get ugly. Lucky told him it was already ugly. Coleman said that eventually booze would no longer numb the pain. He said when that happened, people got stupid and thought that they had nothing to lose. As he pushed another shot across the bar to Lucky, Coleman told him not to let it become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Sam and Morgan were conversing when Jax, who was looking for Carly, knocked on the penthouse door. Morgan told him that Carly had gone to the hospital to see Sonny.

At the hospital, Carly realized that Jason had business with Dante. She advised him to be careful and warned him that if he hurt Dante, Sonny would never forgive him.

Sonny approached Olivia in the chapel. He felt hurt and betrayed because Olivia had kept the knowledge that Dante was his son away from him. He told her that he never would have shot Dante if he had known that Dante was his son.

Olivia told Sonny that she detested his business and thanked God every day that she had raised Dante without him. She told Sonny that she could live with the outcome of her decision, but she wondered if he could live with the dishonor of shooting an unarmed man who had saved his life.

Johnny went to Jake's and got tanked. When he noticed Lucky, he started making cracks and taunting Lucky about the mob kingpin who had once again slipped through police fingers. He offered to bet $1,000 that his sister's murder would go unsolved and unpunished. Lucky did not respond or show any emotion until Johnny said that the police were either paid off or brain-damaged. Lucky moved quickly and put a gun to Johnny's head.

Liz prepared the boys for an overnight at Gram's house. When Cameron asked about Lucky, she told him that she had ruined everything and that Lucky was very mad at her and did not want to see her. She assured him that Lucky still loved him and wanted to see him, but without Liz.

Alone in the chapel, Sonny had a talk with God. He talked about his terrible life choices and the hope that he had found redemption through his children. He prayed for forgiveness for shooting Dante. He said that Dante was alive because of God's grace. He said that Dante was a brave, smart man who almost died before Sonny had the chance to love him. Carly opened the chapel door and heard Sonny say that Dante was his son and he did not want to give up on Dante.

In the hospital shower, Lulu cracked from the stress. She sank sobbing to the floor.

Jason interrupted Maxie and Dante. He told Maxie to go, and she did. Dante was nervous as he said that he was a cop who knew too much. He wanted to know if Jason was going to put a pillow over his face and make it appear that Dante survived the surgery but died in ICU. Jason did not respond.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

At Jake's, the argument between Lucky and Johnny escalated when Lucky pulled out a gun. Everyone froze until Lucky slowly lowered the gun. Lucky immediately apologized to Johnny. Johnny resumed his seat while Coleman offered everyone a round of drinks on the house. Ethan entered Jake's in time to hear Coleman's announcement. Lucky appeared shaken as he staggered to the bar. Ethan was shocked when Lucky confessed to nearly shooting Johnny.

Johnny suggested that Lucky shouldn't worry about it. Johnny was certain that Jason would soon hunt Johnny down. Lucky wandered to a table, and demanded something stronger than a beer to drink. Ethan followed his brother to suggest that perhaps drinking wasn't the solution. Lucky glared at his brother.

Ethan worried that Lucky was about to cross a line that Lucky couldn't turn back from. Ethan advised Lucky to pull himself together before it was too late. Lucky appeared shell-shocked as he confessed that he finally realized how someone could snap. Lucky never thought he'd be the guy who could lose all restraint. Lucky no longer recognized himself.

Carly found Sonny sitting in the hospital's chapel. As Carly sat down next to Sonny, she admitted that she resented how easily Jax had lied to her face, in order to cut Sonny out of her life. Sonny was certain that the shooting could have been avoided if Jax and Olivia had told the truth. Sonny was furious that he had believed Olivia's lies about Dante's paternity. Carly urged Sonny not to torture himself for not recognizing that Dante was his son.

Sonny conceded that Dante had done a great job drawing Sonny in. Sonny had been ready to turn over his organization to Dante until Michael had revealed that Dante was an undercover cop. Sonny had ordered Jason to check into it. After it was confirmed that Dante was a police officer, Sonny felt that he had to take action. Sonny confided that he would always be haunted by the sight Dante bleeding on the ground while Olivia accused Sonny of shooting his own son.

Sonny was driven by the need to make things right with Dante. He was certain that he and Dante had shared a special connection before everything had gone wrong. Carly reminded Sonny that Dante was a police officer. She warned Sonny that Dante was likely to press charges. Sonny revealed that Dante had told the police that the shooting had been an accident. Sonny was certain that Dante had lied to protect his father.

At the penthouse, Sam suggested that Jax leave, but Jax refused to go anywhere until he had an opportunity to speak to Carly. Jax was upset because Carly had moved the kids directly into the path of danger. Sam didn't think that Carly was interested in talking to Jax. Jax insisted that Carly made terrible decisions when she was angry. Sam pointed out that Carly had every right to be furious because Jax had put Sonny in jail. Morgan overheard Sam's comment. As Morgan entered the living room, he demanded to know, "Is that true?"

Jax admitted that he had helped Dante. Morgan wanted to know why. Jax explained that he loved Morgan and Michael as much as he loved Josslyn. For that reason, Jax was desperate to protect all three children. Jax recalled sitting at Michael's bedside while Michael had been in a coma. Jax never wanted to repeat the experience; he was sick of Sonny's broken promises. Morgan understood that Jax had meant well. Morgan loved Jax and Dante, but he also loved Sonny.

A short time later, Carly returned to the penthouse. She ordered Jax to leave when she noticed Jax standing in the shadows. Jax refused to budge until Carly had heard him out. Jax objected to Carly's decision to move the children in with a mobster. She made it clear that she trusted Jason. Jax urged Carly to put her anger aside, so that she could think about the children. Carly laughed at the idea of Jax expressing concern for the children. She accused Jax of hurting Morgan and Michael by trying to put their father in prison.

Jax reminded Carly that Sonny's lifestyle had put Michael in a coma, resulted in Carly's kidnapping, nearly cost Josslyn her life, made Michael live with the burden of killing someone, and had led Sonny to shoot a cop, who turned out to be Sonny's son. Carly informed Jax that Dante's shooting had been an accident. According to Dante, he had shot himself.

Jax was frustrated that Dante had lied; he was certain that the police would see through Dante's attempt to protect Sonny. "When you lie, it's moral and commendable, right? For the greater good?" Carly observed. Jax responded, "Yeah, that's right. I'm stunned that you can't see that." Carly shook her head at Jax's response. Meanwhile, Jax forged ahead. He suggested that Carly shouldn't put the kids in danger just to punish him.

Jax wanted Carly to move out of Jason's penthouse, but Carly refused to consider it. Jax offered a compromise; he would move out of the house, if Carly agreed to return home with the kids.

At the hospital, Lulu checked her hair in the mirror. Maxie stood nearby with a satisfied smile because she was happy to see that Lulu was all nice and clean. Lulu flopped down on a bench as Maxie took over the mirror. Lulu was certain that Dante was going to continue going after organized crime despite learning that Sonny was his father. Maxie warned Lulu that Dante might want to have a relationship with Sonny. Lulu vehemently disagreed; she was confident that Dante would never forgive or forget the man who had shot him.

Maxie claimed that Robin had spotted Sonny hanging around Dante's room. Lulu reluctantly confided that Dante had told the police that the shooting had been accidental. However, Lulu didn't think that Sonny should read too much into what Dante had done. Lulu explained that Dante had decided that charging Sonny with the shooting wouldn't serve any purpose since Sonny was already facing murder charges. Maxie suggested that Dante was trying to avoid admitting that he had lied to protect Sonny. Maxie advised Lulu to be there for Dante, no matter how things turned out.

In Dante's hospital room, Jason demanded to know why Dante had lied about the shooting. Dante clarified that he hadn't done it for Sonny's sake. Dante had every intention of making certain that Sonny was prosecuted for Claudia's murder. Jason noticed that Dante had avoided answering his question.

Shortly after Jason left, Ronnie entered Dante's room. Ronnie demanded to know why Dante had denied that Sonny had pulled the trigger. Dante insisted that his statement had been truthful. Ronnie was certain that Dante had lied to protect Sonny from additional criminal charges. Ronnie didn't understand why Dante wanted to protect a killer. Ronnie's frustration mounted when Dante continued to claim that the shooting had been accidental. Ronnie reminded Dante that Sonny had put the hit on Lieutenant Poletti.

Dante argued that Sonny would pay for Claudia's murder. Ronnie pointed out that Sonny had the best attorneys; he wondered what would happen if Sonny wasn't convicted of killing Claudia. Dante was confident that the case against Sonny was airtight, but Ronnie wasn't persuaded. Ronnie urged Dante to tell the truth about the shooting or risk losing his job. Lulu entered Dante's room moments later. She quickly ordered Ronnie to leave.

After Ronnie left, Dante wondered if Lulu would continue to love him if Dante were a garbage collector. Lulu smiled in response. Dante reflected about the moments leading up to the shooting. He recalled how cold Sonny's eyes had been. Dante realized that Dante saving Morgan and Sonny's lives had meant nothing to Sonny. Lulu vowed to support any decision that Dante made about his future.

Olivia bumped into Ronnie when she returned to the hospital. Ronnie implored Olivia to talk some sense into Dante; he warned her that Dante was risking his career to protect Sonny. Olivia refused to interfere. She suggested that Ronnie focus on finishing the work that Dante had started by securing a conviction against Sonny for Claudia's murder. Ronnie worried that Sonny was taking advantage of Dante.

Olivia remained unmoved, prompting Ronnie to question if Olivia's loyalty to Sonny overrode her love for Dante. Olivia was livid; she accused Ronnie of being an opportunist. According to Olivia, the only difference between Sonny's goons and Ronnie was a badge. She then threatened to tell Ronnie's wife about all of the times that Ronnie had been unfaithful while working undercover. Ronnie walked away without further comment just as Johnny exited the elevator.

Johnny and Olivia walked to a waiting area. Johnny wondered if Olivia was okay. Olivia was surprised that he was concerned about her when he was supposed to be furious. Johnny confessed that he was trying not to judge Olivia. He wanted to be there for her. Olivia was touched; she assured him that she truly did love him. Johnny admitted that he loved her too. Olivia smiled and then kissed Johnny.

Sonny returned home to find Jason waiting for him. Jason explained that they had a problem. According to Jason, there was someone in the organization who knew enough to put Sonny and Jason away. Sonny decided that the man needed to be "taken out." Jason responded, "Good, that's what I thought you'd say." Sonny wondered who the man was. "Dante," Jason replied.

Jason warned Sonny that Dante intended to destroy Sonny. Jason suggested that if it were anyone else, Sonny would eliminate the threat. Sonny pointed out that Dante wasn't just anyone; he was Sonny's son. Sonny didn't want anyone to touch Dante. Sonny was determined to make amends. Jason advised Sonny, "Don't let Dante destroy you."

Liz went to the Haunted Star to beg Luke to talk to Lucky on her behalf. Liz insisted that she loved Lucky and needed him in her life. She wanted Luke to help her make things right for Lucky. Luke was sympathetic; he realized that Liz was hurting. However, Luke believed that Liz needed to accept that her relationship with Lucky was over.

Liz's eyes filled with tears as she frantically pleaded with Luke to reconsider. Liz was adamant that her affair with Nikolas was over. Luke explained that he couldn't tell Lucky what to do. Liz promised that she could make things right. Luke wasn't persuaded. Liz seemed to grow more desperate. She implored Luke to at least try to talk to Lucky. Moments later, Lucky appeared in the doorway; he demanded to know what Liz was doing in his father's office.

Lucky refused to make eye contact as Liz approached him. She tearfully requested that Lucky hear her out. As she spoke, Liz grabbed Lucky's arm. Lucky demanded that Liz not touch him. Lucky then ordered Liz to leave. Liz's anguish turned to anger when Lucky turned his back on her. Liz demanded that Lucky not shut her out. Eventually, Luke was forced to step in. He gently, but firmly, took Liz by the arm and then escorted her out of the office.

Luke returned moments later to announce that he was happy that Lucky had stopped by. Luke revealed that he had a job in Prague that he hoped Lucky would be interested in. Luke explained that it was an art heist. Luke quickly filled Lucky in on the details as he handed Lucky a passport. Lucky admitted that he was tempted to join his father; however, Lucky couldn't leave town.

Lucky revealed that he had pulled a gun on Johnny Zacchara. The incident had rattled Lucky. Lucky had seen firsthand how quickly things could have gone wrong. Lucky confided that the same rage had filled him when Liz had grabbed him. Lucky was curious why Liz had been in Luke's office. Luke admitted that Liz had asked Luke to put in a good word for her.

Lucky confided that he had seen red when he had spotted Liz standing in the office. Lucky hadn't trusted himself. Luke was confident that Lucky would never have harmed Liz. Luke pointed out that, despite the rage, Lucky had stopped himself from pulling the trigger. Luke had complete faith that Lucky would emerge from the difficult days ahead a stronger person. Lucky appreciated Luke's support.

Liz remained despondent when she arrived home. She ran to her bedroom and then returned to the bottom step of the staircase. As she sat down, Liz slid on her engagement ring and then wept inconsolably.

This episode featured the song, "Stranger in My Skin," by Christine Dente.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Liz went to the Haunted Star to talk to Luke. She decided to leave Luke a note when she discovered that he wasn't in his office. As Liz reached for a pen, a flyer caught her attention. The flyer advertised a Valentine's Day celebration on the Haunted Star. Liz was assailed by memories of her rape, years earlier.

Ethan entered the office moments later. He called out to Liz several times before she responded. Ethan noticed how shaken Liz appeared. He asked her if she was okay, but Liz ignored the question.

Liz wondered if Ethan knew where she could find Luke. Ethan admitted that he had no idea where his father was. Liz explained that she had stopped by to apologize to Luke. Liz realized that she shouldn't have expected Luke to help clean up her mess with Lucky. Ethan wondered if Liz had anything against Valentine's Day. Liz looked down to see that she had crinkled the flyer in her tightly clutched fist.

Liz was once again assailed by memories of her rape, but she quickly collected herself to explain that she was simply trying to figure out how to get through the day without Lucky. Liz realized that her affair with Nikolas had ruined her future with Lucky as well as her past.

At Kelly's, Maxie and Spinelli talked about how perfect their evening had been. Maxie reminded Spinelli that he was welcome to move in with her. Spinelli appreciated the offer, but he insisted that he had to remain "ensconced" in his "regrettably pink room" for business reasons. However, Spinelli was more than happy to commit himself to Maxie in every other way. Maxie wondered if Spinelli had truly forgiven her for sleeping with Franco.

Spinelli suggested that the question wasn't if he had forgiven Maxie, but if Maxie could forgive herself. Maxie confessed that she thought revenge seemed like the perfect solution for her betrayal. She had convinced herself that Spinelli hurting her the same way that she hurt him would save their relationship. Spinelli wondered why Maxie would think that their relationship needed to be saved after a night like the one that they had just shared.

Spinelli assured Maxie that he had forgiven her and that he was ready to move on. Maxie argued that she had to pay for hurting Spinelli. Spinelli agreed; he wanted Maxie to forgive herself. Maxie was touched. She kissed Spinelli and then admitted that she felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Sam was sitting at the counter in Kelly's when Liz entered the diner. As the waitress fetched Liz's pick-up order, Liz admitted to feeling awkward standing next to Sam. Liz was surprised when Sam insisted that she wasn't in any position to judge Liz; she could see how much Liz was hurting. Liz thanked Sam for her understanding. Liz imagined that Sam could empathize with Liz's situation.

Liz pointed out that Sam had slept with Ric, Sam's stepfather. According to Liz, it wasn't much different than Liz's affair with Lucky's brother. Sam seemed annoyed at the reminder. Liz quickly explained that she hadn't brought it up to hurt Sam. Liz confessed that she was in awe of Sam because Sam had managed to find a way to get Jason to forgive Sam for what she had done. Liz wanted to know how Sam had done it.

Sam acknowledged that she had made mistakes, but she didn't think it was the right time or place for them to discuss it. Liz recalled how Sam had stood by while Jake had been kidnapped and then later when Sam had hired goons to terrorize Liz and the children in the park. Liz was desperate to know how Sam had found a way to be forgiven for the unforgivable.

Sam realized that Liz was frantically searching for an answer. Sam explained that one day she decided that she no longer wanted to live with the anger, resentment, and guilt. Sam had started taking care of herself and making amends with the people that she had hurt. Eventually, Sam had learned to respect herself. It had taken time. Sam didn't think that things would have worked out with Jason if Sam hadn't gone through her journey of self-discovery. "How nice for you," Liz responded and then walked out.

At the penthouse, Jason demanded to know how Johnny could have kept quiet about Dante being an undercover cop. Johnny wasn't surprised by Jason's anger. Johnny wondered why Jason hadn't arranged to meet Johnny at the Pine Barrens to save time. Jason acknowledged that if Johnny had been anyone else, Johnny would be dead. However, Johnny had kept quiet about Michael's role in Claudia's death, so Sonny had decided that Johnny could walk away with his life.

Johnny appreciated that Jason had always been fair, so he offered to explain himself to Jason. Johnny revealed that part of the reason that he had kept quiet about Dante was because Dante was Olivia's son. The other reason was Claudia. Johnny understood that Claudia had done some terrible things, but Johnny believed that Claudia had been justified to order a hit on Sonny. Johnny reminded Jason that Sonny had threatened Johnny's life.

According to Johnny, every choice that Claudia had made had been done out of self-preservation. Johnny confided that Claudia had been devastated by the loss of her child. Johnny didn't think that his sister had deserved to be publicly humiliated by Sonny, especially since she had been reeling from the miscarriage. Johnny believed that it had driven Claudia over the edge.

Jason understood that Johnny had loved Claudia, but Jason's loyalty was to Sonny. Jason warned Johnny that if Johnny went after Sonny, then Jason would feel compelled to stop Johnny. "Well, this could get interesting," Johnny remarked.

After Johnny left, Jason called Bernie. Jason instructed Bernie to take steps to neutralize the threat that Johnny and Dante posed. Jason reminded Bernie that Johnny and Dante had sensitive inside information that could be used against Sonny. Jason was forced to end the call when someone knocked on the door. It was Kristina. She had stopped by for money and advice.

Kristina was well aware that Sonny had shot Dante; she was looking for one good reason not to hate Sonny. Jason could only speak for himself, but he insisted that Sonny was a good man. Kristina didn't agree. She was certain that the only reason Sonny was sorry for the shooting was because Dante had turned out to be Sonny's son. She wondered how Sonny could be considered a good man when Sonny was a thief who terrorized people.

Jason explained that Sonny had a difficult childhood that had led Sonny to make certain choices. Sonny didn't want his children to suffer as Sonny had. Jason claimed that Sonny was paying for all the bad choices that Sonny had made. Kristina argued that Sonny hadn't spent a year in a coma. Jason insisted that Sonny would have gladly taken Michael's place, if he could have. Jason assured Kristina that Sonny loved his children. Sonny would always be there for Kristina, even if she cut Sonny out of her life.

Sam arrived moments later. Kristina explained that she had stopped by to talk to Jason. Jason didn't think that he had helped, but Kristina disagreed. Kristina didn't know how she felt about Sonny, but she was beginning to understand her father. After Kristina left, Sam and Jason cuddled on the sofa. Jason told Sam about his talk with Kristina. Sam was impressed; she was certain that Jason would be a fantastic father.

A knock on the door heralded Maxie's arrival. Maxie was excited because her relationship with Spinelli was back on track. To celebrate, Maxie wanted to have a sauna installed in the penthouse. Jason decided to leave the planning and details to Sam, so he grabbed his jacket and then left.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas wasn't surprised to discover Luke helping himself to coffee and scones in the parlor. Nikolas had been wondering when Luke would show himself. Luke didn't waste time with pleasantries; he accused Nikolas of living up to the Cassadine name. Nikolas was curious if Luke felt better knowing that he had been right about Nikolas. Nikolas freely admitted that Luke had been wise to warn Lucky not to get too close to Nikolas because Nikolas had destroyed the one true love of Lucky's life.

Luke accused Nikolas of wasting years of trying to be the good Cassadine. According to Luke, people could not change who they were. Luke regretted that he couldn't simply write Nikolas off. "Why not?" Nikolas challenged. Luke explained that it was because Nikolas was Laura's son as well as Lucky and Lulu's brother. However, Luke made it clear that he would never again trust Nikolas or give him the benefit of the doubt. Luke warned Nikolas to stay out Luke's way; in exchange, Luke would do the same.

Shortly after Luke left, Ethan arrived. Nikolas explained that, since it was Nikolas' day to deal with vengeful Spencers, it was Ethan's turn to have his say. Ethan didn't feel sorry for Nikolas; it was clear to Ethan that Nikolas took whatever Nikolas wanted. Ethan accused Nikolas of pulling Liz into an affair and making it impossible for her to do her job, and then suspending her without pay. Nikolas clarified that he intended to cover Liz's expenses.

The offer only fueled Ethan's anger. Ethan informed Nikolas that Liz was in pain and was falling apart. Nikolas perked up when Ethan mentioned the flyer that Liz had crumpled up in Luke's office. Nikolas demanded to know what the flyer had said. Ethan told Nikolas about the Valentine's Day celebration. Ethan was stunned when Nikolas revealed that Liz had been 15 years old when she had been raped on Valentine's Day in a park after Lucky had stood her up for a dance.

Nikolas explained that Liz was likely having a difficult day because of her recent breakup with Lucky. Ethan finally understood what Liz had meant when she had told Ethan that her affair with Nikolas had destroyed her future and her past with Lucky. Nikolas seemed taken aback by the comment. Later, Nikolas returned to the parlor to find his grandmother, Helena, casually preparing a cup of tea. Helena confessed that she had heard about the trouble between Lucky and Nikolas. Helena wanted to help.

At the nurses' station, Patrick and Robin complained about their nonexistent love life. Lisa stood nearby smiling as she eavesdropped on Patrick and Robin's conversation.

Sometime later, Patrick snapped at a lab technician because some test results were not ready. As Patrick disconnected the call, Lisa innocently asked why Patrick was lashing out at the staff. Patrick confided that things were out of sync between him and Robin. Lisa jokingly suggested that Robin should take pity on the hospital personnel by remedying the situation.

Robin approached the nurses' station in time to hear Lisa's remark. "Take pity on who? What situation," she asked Patrick and Lisa. Lisa quickly explained that Patrick had been yelling at the lab techs; she suggested that the task of "soothing the savage surgeon's ego" fell on Robin. All heads turned when Liz exited the elevator.

Liz was eager to return to work. Patrick and Robin were sympathetic, but they agreed that she needed some time to pull herself together. They suggested that Liz take a vacation. Liz pointed out that she couldn't afford to take a vacation since she had been suspended without pay. Patrick and Robin offered to loan Liz some money, but Liz turned them down. Liz had hoped that Patrick and Robin could talk to the board on her behalf.

Liz was hurt when Patrick and Robin refused. Robin started to follow Liz as she walked away, but Patrick stopped Robin. Patrick thought that Liz needed to work things out for herself. Robin disagreed; Robin had needed Patrick's help when Robin had been suffering from postpartum depression.

Later, Patrick asked Lisa to cover for him and Robin. Lisa agreed. Patrick thanked Lisa and then dragged Robin off to the supply closet.

Johnny found Olivia at the hospital. Olivia claimed that Dante was recovering, but he refused to talk to her. Olivia insisted that she didn't mind as long as her son survived the gunshot wound. Johnny shared the details about his meeting with Jason. Olivia was thrilled that Johnny was finally a free man with no ties to organized crime. Johnny assured Olivia that he loved her, but he hoped that she would stand by his side.

Olivia sensed that Johnny was planning something. Johnny confirmed her suspicions, but he refused to share any details. After Johnny left the hospital, he went to visit his father in jail. Johnny announced his decision to take over the Zacchara organization. Johnny made it clear that it would be on his terms, not Anthony's.

At Kelly's, Kristina ordered a coffee just as Kiefer entered. Kiefer immediately struck up a conversation with Kristina, but she tried to brush him off. Kiefer claimed that he didn't blame Kristina for being mad, but he thought that they could spend Valentine's Day together. Kristina informed Kiefer that she wasn't interested in spending time with a guy who had hit her. Kiefer accused Kristina of being unfair.

Ethan entered the diner in time to see Kiefer grab Kristina's arm. Ethan demanded that Kiefer release Kristina. As soon as Kiefer let go, Kristina invited Ethan to join her for coffee. Kiefer seethed with fury as he watched Kristina leave with Ethan.

At Kelly's, Liz froze when she spotted two men sitting at the counter. Liz became distraught as she imagined them turning to look at her while whispering, "whore" and "slut," and suggesting that she was easy. Upset, Liz turned and then ran out of the diner just as Jason arrived.

Jason reached out for Liz when he noticed how agitated she was. Concerned, Jason asked if she was okay. Liz cried, "Okay with what? You sleeping with me? Is that why you're here? You want to talk about it?" Jason pulled Liz into his arms and then gently soothed her while she cried.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

In the visitor's room at the state penitentiary, Johnny was surprised by Anthony's lack of reaction to the news that Johnny intended to resurrect the Zacchara crime organization. Anthony claimed that he was simply appreciating the irony of the situation. Anthony would have been as happy as a "little hummingbird drinking nectar from a flower" if Johnny had made the decision a year before. However, Anthony believed that it was too late for Johnny to make a difference.

Johnny explained his level of commitment; he intended to take over the Zacchara organization, so that he could crush the Corinthos organization into oblivion. Johnny wanted the world to know what a "little bitch" Sonny was. Johnny wouldn't be content until Sonny had felt the full extent of the pain that Sonny inflicted on Claudia. Anthony acknowledged that Johnny's reasons were good and noble, although Anthony was baffled by Johnny's loyalty to Claudia.

Anthony didn't have a high opinion of his daughter; however, he was prepared to back Johnny all the way. Anthony warned Johnny that their numbers had dwindled, so Johnny would be vastly outnumbered. Johnny revealed that Sonny was about to stand trial for Claudia's murder. Johnny believed that Sonny's legal troubles could work to their advantage. Anthony cautioned Johnny not to underestimate Sonny because Sonny had "clawed his way up from nothing." Johnny realized that it wouldn't be easy, but he was determined to succeed.

Sonny paid Dante a visit in the hopes of explaining why Sonny had joined the mob. Dante didn't think it would change anything, but he invited Sonny to share his story. Sonny started by telling Dante about Adella, Sonny's Cuban immigrant mother. Sonny revealed that Adella had married Mike Corbin, but the marriage had failed because of Mike's gambling addiction. By the time Sonny was six, Mike had walked out on them.

Sonny then talked about Adella's affair with Trevor Lansing, which had produced Sonny's half-brother, Ric. Trevor had hated Sonny, so Adella had packed up Sonny and then left with him. Trevor had kept Ric. Next, Adella had met her second husband, a police officer named Timothy Deacon Woods, whom everyone had called "Deke." Deke was a violent man who abused his wife and stepson.

Deke was the reason that Sonny didn't have any respect for the police. Sonny was assailed by flashbacks of the vicious beatings that Sonny had endured at Deke's hands. Sonny confessed that Deke would lock Sonny in a closet, beat Adella, and then drag his young stepson out to whip Sonny with a belt. Sonny had spent years covering up the abuse until he had befriended the Cerullos. Shortly afterwards, Sonny had met Olivia.

According to Sonny, Olivia had been an angel and his "light." Eventually, Sonny had decided to take odd jobs with Joe Scully, in order to save up enough money to escape his abusive home. Olivia didn't want anything to do with Joe Scully's world, so had ended things with Sonny. Shortly afterwards, Sonny began dating Kate. Sonny had no idea that Olivia had been pregnant with his child; Olivia had claimed that she had slept with several men who could have fathered the baby.

Deke had struck Sonny for the last time when Sonny was 17. Sonny had arrived home to find Deke in a foul mood. Deke had struck Sonny, but this time Sonny's temper had exploded. Sonny had fought back like a "bat out of hell." Adella had been forced to step in. She ordered Sonny to leave. Dante was stunned that Adella would side with her abusive husband rather than her own son. Sonny explained that it had been a different time and that Deke's position as a police officer had complicated matters. Sonny had never blamed his mother.

Sonny supported himself by working for Joe Scully. One day, Sonny had learned that Adella had been hospitalized after a severe beating. Joe had instructed Sonny to go somewhere public to establish an alibi. The next morning, Deke's body had been found in an alley. Deke had been shot in the head, execution style. That was when Sonny's life became Joe's. Dante felt terrible for the abuse that Sonny and Adella had suffered, but said it didn't excuse Sonny's choice to be a criminal.

Shortly after Sonny left, Lulu entered the room. She had clean clothes for Dante. Dante told Lulu about Sonny's visit. Lulu recalled hearing that Sonny had suffered a violent childhood. Dante admitted that, as furious as he was with Olivia, his mother would never have stood by while someone had beaten her son. Dante felt sorry for the child that Sonny had been. They looked up when they heard Agent Rayner announce that it was Dante's last chance to tell the truth.

Rayner demanded to know how Dante had been shot. Dante insisted that the shooting had been accidental. Rayner explained that the New York City Police Department had authorized Rayner to decide Dante's fate. Rayner informed Dante that Dante could resign or be fired, either way Dante was off of the force.

Diane entered Greystone Manor to find Carly waiting. Carly was eager to discuss Sonny's legal problems. Diane reminded Carly that attorney/client privilege applied, so she couldn't comment about Sonny's legal situation. Carly didn't care. Carly explained that Sonny was too focused on trying to make amends with Dante to be concerned about the murder charges.

Diane agreed that Sonny wasn't thinking clearly. Diane was prepared to defend Sonny to the best of her abilities, but she conceded that the case against him was airtight. Diane confided that she would make certain that Max was on the next plane to South America if Max were in the same predicament as Sonny.

Sonny arrived home a short time later; he explained he had been with Dante. Carly guessed that Sonny had opened a vein and then bled for Dante, but that Dante had rejected Sonny. Sonny didn't deny it. Carly advised Sonny that the situation with Dante would resolve itself in time, so Sonny needed to concentrate on the upcoming trial. Diane heartily agreed. Diane announced that she had a plan.

Diane wanted Sonny to plead not guilty. Sonny flatly refused; he didn't want the police to continue investigating the case for fear that they would eventually discover that Michael had killed Claudia. Diane explained that a self-defense case would be hard to prove since Sonny had publicly threatened Claudia hours before her death. Sonny insisted on taking responsibility for what had happened to Claudia, in order to protect Michael.

At Kelly's, Molly and Morgan discussed Sonny's legal woes. Michael entered the diner moments later. Michael was curious what Molly and Morgan where up to. Molly and Morgan tried to pretend that they hadn't been doing anything noteworthy, but Michael didn't believe them. Molly and Morgan eventually revealed that they were concerned that Sonny might spend the rest of his life in prison.

Michael didn't think it was fair for his father to pay for a crime that Michael had committed. Molly and Morgan reminded Michael that Michael had acted in defense of Josslyn. Michael didn't think it mattered.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick slipped in to the supply closet with romance on their minds. Lisa lurked nearby in the hallway. As soon as the door to the supply closet closed, Lisa approached Epiphany at the nurses' station. Lisa instructed Epiphany to set up a saline I.V. drip for a patient. Epiphany went to the supply closet to fetch what she needed. Epiphany was outraged when she opened the door to find Robin and Patrick half naked and locked in a passionate embrace.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas demanded to know what Helena's agenda was. Helena smiled innocently as she revealed that she was in Port Charles to celebrate that her grandson was finally showing "the mettle of a true Cassadine." Nikolas scoffed that he had recently had similar accusations thrown at him by Luke, Lucky, and a list of other people. Helena suggested that the Spencers considered being a Cassadine a bad thing because the Spencers were "small-minded peasants" who had no understanding of what it meant to have noble blood.

Helena claimed that all of the qualities that the Spencers hated spoke to Nikolas' enormous potential. Helena wanted Nikolas to "stop slumming" because it was time for him to embrace who he was. Nikolas wondered if Helena had plans to show him the way. Helena smiled victoriously. "Exactly," she promised. Helena took Nikolas' hands in hers as she vowed that they would act "in tandem as a family."

Outside of Kelly's, Jason gently soothed Liz as she cried in his arms. Liz didn't know what was wrong with her, but she insisted that she was a bad person. Jason assured Liz that there was nothing wrong with her. Jason believed that Liz was just going through a "tough time." As Jason rocked Liz in his arms, Lucky walked up. Lucky took one look at the ex-lovers and then snidely observed, "Gotta love the timing."

Jason slowly lowered his arms as Liz took a step back. Meanwhile, Lucky accused Liz of being "quite the rebound girl." Lucky couldn't believe that it had taken Liz less than two weeks to run to Jason, a man who was supposed to be too dangerous. Lucky cruelly suggested that Cam and Jake's safety had been thrown to the wayside for Liz's "incessant need to play the victim." Jason warned Lucky that he had gone too far.

Lucky ignored Jason to continue throwing harsh accusations at Liz. Finally Jason ordered Lucky to stop. Liz stepped forward; she knew that she had hurt Lucky, but she hadn't realized just how much until that moment. Liz had seen Lucky devastated and angry before, but she had never known him to be so cruel. Liz thanked Jason for trying to help her and then walked away.

Jason agreed with Liz; the Lucky that Jason had known was slowly disappearing before Jason's eyes. Lucky had always been someone who had treated women with respect, not someone who bullied them. "The guy who yelled at and humiliated Liz is not Lucky," Jason insisted. "I don't see anyone else here, " Lucky sarcastically responded. Lucky found it ironic that a professional killer who had sneaked around with another man's wife and had lied about a child would try to lecture Lucky.

Jason accepted that he had made certain choices about his job. Jason had compromised a piece of himself every day that he had lied about Jake. Jason implored Lucky not to make the same mistake. Lucky suggested that Jason had been better off following the car accident. Back then Jason had been given a "clean slate" and he hadn't felt any emotion. Lucky would give anything not to feel.

A short time later, Jason returned to the penthouse. Sam was sitting on the sofa. She immediately sensed that Jason was troubled. Jason told Sam about his encounter with Liz and Lucky. He had seen how all of the lies and betrayals had taken their toll on Lucky. Jason realized that he couldn't fix what was broken between Lucky and Liz, but he could take better care of his own life.

Jason wanted Sam to know how much he appreciated her in his life. He credited her for keeping him grounded. Sam was touched. She confessed that she felt the same. Sam was grateful that they had been given a second chance.

The two kissed and then Sam lightened things up by mentioning the sauna. Jason confided that the idea of installing a sauna didn't really appeal to him. Sam suggested he might change his mind when he had an opportunity to enjoy the hot room, lack of windows, and minimal dress requirements. Jason swooped up Sam and then carried her to the bedroom.

Jason and Sam's romantic interlude was interrupted when Molly and Morgan showed up. The kids were worried that Michael intended to confess to killing Claudia.

Across town, Michael entered the police station to talk to Mac. Mac was surprised when Michael took responsibility for Claudia's death.

Liz arrived home with the boys in tow. As they shed their coats, the doorbell rang. Cam raced to the door, hoping that it was his "Daddy." It was Helena. Liz quickly gathered her children close as Helena casually entered her home. Liz whisked the children to their bedroom and then returned to the living room. Liz threatened to call the police if Helena didn't leave.

"No need for histrionics," Helena assured Liz. Helena explained that she had stopped by to thank Liz and to give her a token of appreciation. Helena gently set a gold box that on the side table, which unsettled Liz. Liz yelled at Helena to get out. Ethan ran into the house when he heard Liz cry out.

Ethan insisted that Helena leave. Helena reminded Liz that the Cassadines owned a pharmaceutical company. Helena offered to supply Liz with a lifetime supply of antidepressants at a discounted rate, if Liz decided to "go that route." Ethan practically shoved Helena out the door. Liz appeared shaken as she sat down on the sofa.

Helena returned to Wyndemere for high tea. Nikolas was curious what Helena had meant by "acting in tandem as a family." Helena claimed that she was quite fond of Spencer, but his bloodline had been "compromised." "Excuse me," Nikolas demanded. Helena accused Spencer's mother, Courtney, of being a stripper, and Spencer's uncle, Sonny, of being a "thug." Helena suggested that it was time that Nikolas considered conceiving a true Cassadine heir.

Lucky was drinking at Jake's when Ethan entered. Ethan promised that he wasn't stalking his brother. Ethan had merely stopped by for a drink; however, since Lucky was there, Ethan felt compelled to tell Lucky about two unsettling encounters with Liz. Ethan was certain that Liz was having some type of "conniption."

Lucky made it clear that he wasn't interested in hearing about Liz's problems. Lucky didn't wish Liz ill, but she had made her own choices. Lucky didn't give a "damn" about Liz's suffering.

At Liz's house, the front door stood wide open. The darkened house stood eerily still as snow drifted in.

Friday, February 12, 2010

At the penthouse, Jason demanded to know what had given Molly and Morgan the impression that Michael intended to confess to killing Claudia. Molly told Jason about their encounter with Michael at Kelly's. Michael had been upset over the idea that Sonny might go to jail for a crime that Michael had committed. Jason realized that Molly and Morgan had been right to be concerned. Molly urged Jason to go to the police station to stop Michael from taking responsibility for Claudia's death. Jason feared that his presence might make matters worse.

Sam volunteered to go. Sam explained that she kept parking tickets in her glove compartment, so that she would have a handy excuse to drop by the police station without arousing suspicions. Molly was impressed by Sam's resourcefulness. Molly was confident that Sam would be able to help Michael. After Sam left, Molly turned to ask Jason why Jason and Sonny had covered up what Michael had done. Molly observed, "Isn't it way more trouble to break the law than to follow it?"

At the police station, Michael began to talk about the events that had led to Claudia's death. Mac warned Michael that Michael was about to make an official statement. Michael forged ahead with the confession. Mac listened to Michael's story, but discounted it as a desperate attempt to help Sonny. Mac appreciated that Michael's instincts were to protect Sonny, but Mac cautioned Michael that making a false statement was considered obstruction of justice. Michael was stunned that Mac didn't believe him.

In the squad room, Sam approached the desk sergeant to inform him that she was there to pay a fine for a parking ticket. The desk sergeant invited Sam to take a seat, but Sam insisted that she needed to use the restroom. The desk sergeant pointed Sam in the right direction and then turned his back on her. Sam glanced in the window of the interrogation room to see Michael talking to Mac.

Mac informed Michael that there was DNA evidence linking Sonny to the crime. Michael insisted that it was impossible, since Sonny had not been there. Sam burst into the room seconds later. She demanded to know if Mac had advised Michael's parents that Michael was being interrogated. Mac pointed out that it wasn't any of Sam's business; however, Mac suggested that Sam take Michael home to teach Michael that there were penalties for lying and making false confessions.

Sam quickly hustled Michael out of the police station. Mac questioned the desk sergeant about Sam's sudden appearance. The sergeant revealed that Sam had been there to pay a fine for a parking ticket. Mac found the timing interesting.

Jason left Diane a voicemail message to return his call. As Jason disconnected the call, Sam returned to the penthouse with Michael in tow. Molly and Morgan were thrilled to see Michael. Sam quickly filled Jason in on what had happened at the police station. Jason insisted that Michael needed to respect Sonny's wishes by keeping his mouth shut.

Sam wondered if Molly would be able to keep the secret about Michael's role in Claudia's death from Alexis. Molly understood the importance of keeping quiet. Jason relaxed when Morgan also agreed to seal his lips. Michael was less cooperative. Michael resented that everyone seemed to have a say in his life, except for Michael.

Jason admitted that too many people knew that Michael had killed Claudia, so it wouldn't surprise Jason if the police eventually arrested Michael. However, until that happened, Jason wanted Michael to allow things to play out Sonny's way.

At the hospital, Dante expressed his disappointment that he couldn't do anything special for Lulu on Valentine's Day. Lulu smiled as she suggested that Dante lie back and savor the anticipation. Dante was curious what he should be anticipating. Lulu suggested that Dante use his imagination. Dante smiled knowingly and then sobered. He admitted that he couldn't blame Agent Rayner for firing him. Lulu didn't think that Dante should give up without a fight.

Later, Dante woke up to find Lulu flipping through a rival fashion magazine. Lulu explained that it was the best way for her to keep tabs on the competition. Dante wondered where Lulu had been earlier; he recalled waking up only to discover that Lulu had been gone. Lulu mysteriously teased that perhaps she had been lining up a hot Valentine's Day date. Dante's question was answered moments later when Jax entered.

Jax was curious why Lulu had requested to see him. Lulu informed Jax that they had a situation; Agent Rayner had fired Dante. Lulu insisted that Jax use his connections to reinstate Dante. Dante quickly clarified that he wasn't interested in Jax's help. Jax seemed indifferent, but he offered to make some calls if Dante changed his mind. Dante didn't think it would matter. Dante's connection to Sonny posed a problem. After Jax left, Lulu announced that she had to run an errand; however, she promised to return soon.

Mac stopped by to visit Dante shortly after Lulu left. Mac offered Dante a job with the Port Charles Police Department if Dante gave his word not to compromise himself or the force, in order to protect Sonny. Dante readily agreed. Mac seemed satisfied. He informed Dante that the evidence against Sonny was mostly circumstantial. Mac insisted that they needed a witness.

Mac instructed Dante to talk to Michael. Mac was certain that Michael had been at the cabin during Claudia's murder. Mac wanted Dante to find sufficient cause to subpoena Michael. Mac intended to force Michael to testify that Sonny had killed Claudia.

Lulu stopped short when she discovered a galaxy theme had transformed her living room for Valentine's Day. Maxie called out, thinking that Spinelli had arrived. Lulu quickly spoke up, so that Maxie knew that Lulu was home. Maxie appeared moments later. Lulu was curious why the living room looked like "Planet Fetish." "Planet Love," Maxie corrected.

Lulu wondered if perhaps Maxie was overcompensating for sleeping with Franco. Maxie ignored the reminder of her folly to inform Lulu that Spinelli was expected. Maxie refused to allow Lulu to ruin the evening. Lulu confessed that she had her own plans, so she was just passing through. A short time later, Lulu emerged from the bedroom.

Lulu revealed that she intended to borrow some flowers from Crimson if Kate was still out of town. Maxie decided to donate a few leftover decorations to help Lulu out. Among the items that Maxie tossed into the bag were a large number of condoms.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny made it clear to Diane and Carly that he intended to tell the police exactly what had happened to Claudia, except Sonny would take responsibility for wielding the axe. Sonny believed that it was the only way to protect Michael. Diane argued it would be difficult to argue justifiable homicide, since Sonny had publicly threatened to kill Claudia hours before Claudia's death. Diane also suggested that blunt force trauma to the head with an axe screamed "pissed off mobster" not self-defense.

Sonny was unmoved. He was only interested in protecting Michael. Diane advised Sonny that there would be no going back once Sonny admitted to killing Claudia, so he had until the trial to think about it. Diane implored Carly to talk some sense into Sonny. Carly waited until Diane left before she admitted that she didn't want Sonny to risk going to prison to save Michael.

Carly worried that Dante's testimony against Sonny would have a powerful impact because Dante was Sonny's son. Carly feared that Sonny wouldn't survive jail, even if Sonny learned to cope with the claustrophobia. Carly feared that Sonny's enemies would find a way to get to Sonny in prison. She couldn't let that happen.

Sonny was certain that Diane wouldn't have any problem painting Claudia as a "vicious nut." Carly pointed out that Sonny wasn't a choirboy. She urged Sonny to consider another way out. Sonny understood what Carly meant; he agreed to leave town if the trial took a bad turn. Carly wasn't satisfied; she insisted that she be the one to determine when Sonny should to leave the country. Sonny reluctantly agreed to Carly's demands.

Relieved, Carly hugged Sonny. Moments later, Jax entered. "You finally lived down to my lowest expectation; throwing yourself at Sonny to get back at me," Jax accused.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas made it clear that Spencer would inherit everything. Helena insisted that Spencer was not suitable. Spencer had been acceptable when Nikolas had been in love with Emily; however, Emily's death had changed things. Nikolas was free to find a woman who appreciated Nikolas' birthright and who could give Nikolas a worthy son.

Nikolas didn't have any intention of providing Helena with a "spare" heir. Helena was disappointed. She claimed that she merely wanted to protect Spencer from a burden that Spencer was not prepared to handle. Nikolas refused to subject Spencer and another son to the kind of upbringing that Stavros and Stefan had endured. Nor did Nikolas want to create a situation where the brothers were miserable like Lucky and Nikolas were.

At Jake's, Lucky lamented about how love shriveled and died. Ethan was curious how much Lucky had to drink. Lucky admitted that it hadn't been enough to keep Lucky from wondering if things could have been different. Lucky opened up about the time that Helena had drugged Lucky, spirited him out of his apartment, planted a body in his place, set fire to the building, and then allowed everyone to believe that Lucky had perished.

Ethan was stunned at the lengths to which Helena had gone. Lucky explained that Helena was the gift that kept on giving. After a year of Helena's brainwashing, Lucky had been allowed to return to Port Charles. By then, even Liz had moved on. Lucky believed that he had been trying to recapture what he had lost since the fire, but he realized that what he wanted no longer existed.

Ethan recalled hearing that Liz had fallen in love with Sonny's brother. Lucky was surprised that Ethan knew about Liz's marriage to Ric Lansing. Lucky pointed out that Liz seemed to be drawn to dark and troubled men like Ric. Lucky then talked a bit about Cameron's father, Zander Smith. Ethan questioned why Lucky didn't seem as angry about Nikolas' role in the affair. Lucky was furious with Nikolas, but it was Liz who had kept going to Spoon Island, just as she had climbed 14 flights of stairs during a blackout to be with Jason Morgan.

Ethan suggested that perhaps it was easier to blame Liz. Lucky claimed that Liz and Nikolas were both responsible for the betrayal. It sickened Lucky that they had been attracted to each other and then acted on it without caring whom they had hurt. The most painful part for Lucky had been the lying.

Later, as Ethan and Lucky played pool, Lucky spotted a couple exchanging gifts. Lucky recalled falling in love with Liz on Valentine's Day. Ethan told Lucky about the incident on the Haunted Star when Liz had spotted the flyer. Lucky remembered finding Liz just after she had been raped. She had crawled out of the snow-covered bushes, hurt and helpless. Lucky acknowledged that Lucky and Liz had saved each other.

Lucky thought that loving Liz back to health meant that they would always trust each other. "Guess I was wrong," Lucky observed. Ethan thought that Liz might be afraid to disappoint Lucky. Lucky realized that he had never moved beyond that moment in their lives. Lucky had always seen Liz as that injured girl in the park, not the woman that she became. It didn't justify what Liz had done to Lucky, but Lucky was willing to own up to his part.

Liz entered the church where she and Lucky had first exchanged vows of love and commitment during their teenage years. As cold air blew through the empty church, Liz approached the altar to light candles. Memories of her violent rape assailed her. Liz recalled Lucky finding her in the park and then offering to call his Aunt Bobbie.

Liz admitted that she should probably ask God for forgiveness, but what she had done had been unforgivable. She couldn't ask for strength and clarity to move on to make a decent life for her children because she just wanted Lucky back in her life. Liz believed that only Lucky could make the family whole again.

Memories of falling in love with Lucky continued to haunt Liz as she sat down on one of the church pews. Liz shivered with cold as tears filled her eyes. Later, Lucky entered the church. He rushed to Liz when he noticed that she was slumping over in the pew. Lucky checked Liz for a pulse. He cried out her name and then gathered her in his arms, but Liz remained unresponsive.

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