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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 15, 2010 on GH
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Jax walked into to Sonny's home as Sonny and Carly exchanged a friendly hug. He immediately accused Carly of having sex with Sonny. Carly got hot under the collar and accused Jax of destroying their family. Jax justified his behavior on the basis that he was protecting their family.

Jax wanted to know why Carly was protecting Sonny when he had tried to kill his own son. Sonny responded that he would not have shot Dante if he had known that Dante was his son. Sonny delighted in pointing out that Jax knew, but had kept silent.

Before storming out, Jax told Carly that their family meant as little to her as her marriage vows to him. Carly stayed behind with Sonny, who told her that he hoped everything worked out for her. She accused him of gloating because he hated Jax, but Sonny merely responded that in the end, Carly would do what she wanted to do, just like always.

Mac offered Dante a job with the Port Charles Police Department. Dante wanted to know if Mac was offering the job because Dante was Sonny's son. Mac said no, that it was because Dante was a good cop.

Mac told Dante about Michael's confession and that he had sent Michael home; he told Dante that he believed that Michael was confessing so that he could protect Sonny. Dante agreed that Michael would do everything he could to keep Sonny out of prison. After Mac told Dante that he was not trying to persecute Sonny, that he just wanted Sonny to pay for his crimes, Dante agreed to take the job with the PCPD.

Lulu stopped by her apartment and found that Maxie had decorated for a romantic Valentine's night with Spinelli, which Lulu dubbed a geek prom on Saturn. Maxie did not take offense and tried to give Lulu some condoms to use with Dante. Lulu refused and said it was much too soon after surgery for them to have their first time together.

Maxie said that men always had sex on the brain and accused Lulu of being afraid to sleep with Dante for fear that she would lose him once she did. Lulu said that was not true and started to leave. Maxie wanted a hug and when Lulu hugged her, Maxie slipped the condoms into one of Lulu's bags.

Lucky found Liz passed out from hypothermia in the old church where they had first made their vows many years before. He rushed her to General Hospital, where Nikolas just happened to be conducting business. As the emergency room staff worked on Liz, Nikolas chastised Lucky for being so cruel and dispassionate with Liz. He told Lucky that what had just happened did not alter or wipe out all the good memories that had gone before. He asked Lucky if he was happy and if Liz had suffered enough.

Sam was with Jason at the police station and was waiting for Mac to interview her about Claudia's death. The cops made Jason wait outside, where he called Diane. When Diane arrived, she was irate because she had been taken away from Max, with whom she had been sharing a sensual Valentine's Day.

When Jason offered to pay triple, she flashed the lingerie that Max had given her. Diane then stormed into the interrogation room and accused Mac of harassment. He said he was only doing his job, but she accused him of being jealous because he was alone on Valentine's Day. After Mac let Sam go, Diane asked him if Alexis had rejected him.

Dante was very pleased when Lulu, wearing a sexy red dress, arrived with flowers. As she opened her various shopping bags, he was impressed with the candles and Valentine paraphernalia that she had assembled. When he found the glow-in-the-dark condoms that Maxie had slipped in Lulu's bag, Dante was ecstatic and wanted to make love to Lulu.

Lulu worried about his gunshot wound and that their first time together would be in a hospital bed. Dante said he did not care where they made love the first time. He was happy to be alive and to know that they would have a first time. Dante and Lulu started kissing. As the kissing heated up, so did Dante's monitors, which started beeping loudly and often. Both Dante and Lulu started laughing.

In his office, Jax and Olivia discussed hotel business, and then he told her about finding Carly with Sonny. Olivia defended Carly. She said that she could understand that Sonny would take what he wanted, but she did not believe that Carly would be so foolish or that she desired to jump into bed with Sonny.

Outside the interrogation room, Jason and Sam talked about Max and Diane's relationship and how they accepted each other for who they were. Sam said that she and Jason did too. She said that was what made their relationship strong.

Spinelli was very impressed when he got to Maxie's apartment and saw her outer space Valentine's decoration. At first Maxie though that he was still upset because she had slept with Franco, but he said that he was overwhelmed by the effort she had made to make the day special for him. Maxie and Spinelli laughed as they chased each other around the apartment with fake ray guns, then fell on the couch and started kissing intently.

Carly walked into Jax's office as he finished a call to a divorce lawyer. She demanded to know why he had removed Josslyn from their home. He told her that he was moving on. He told her that she could subject her children to the violence of Sonny's life, but he would not allow her to expose his daughter to that danger.

Lucky went to Liz's room. She was unconscious, but he apologized to her anyway. He told her that he had wanted to hurt her the way that she had hurt him, but he had not intended that she end up in the hospital with her life at risk. He told her that what had happened did not erase the good in their lives and did not erase what they had meant to each other.

Liz woke up and turned to Lucky as Nikolas and Dr. Lee walked in. Dr. Lee told them that Liz was recovering nicely from the hypothermia. Then she dropped the bombshell: Liz was pregnant.

Sonny and Olivia met up in the hospital. She told him that Dante was still mad at her. Sonny was also upset with her. He told her that Dante would have had a different life and would never have been shot if she had just told the truth in the beginning.

Sam was surprised by all the Valentine's decorations in Jason's apartment and told him that it did not look like his style. He laughed and said he might have given Kristina and Molly a little too much money to shop with. Sam was very pleased by the effort that he had made for her. They exchanged words of love and started kissing with great passion.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

At the hospital, Lulu and Dante laughed when they realized that their heated kiss had set off the alarms on the monitors that were hooked up to Dante. As Lulu tried to turn them off, Steve, Olivia, and Sonny ran into the room. Steve quickly reset the monitors and then demanded to know what had happened. Lulu and Dante stammered out enough of an explanation for Steve to figure out what had triggered the alarms. Steve reminded Dante that they had to crack open Dante's chest, in order to save Dante's life.

Steve insisted that Dante needed time to heal, so until then, "no sex." Steve threatened to ban Lulu from Dante's room, if Lulu didn't behave herself. As Steve left the room, Dante suggested that Sonny and Olivia could also leave. Dante didn't want Olivia and Sonny to sit vigil at his bedside, as if they were a real family. Olivia explained that she and Sonny had been concerned when they had heard the alarms. Dante didn't care; he suspected that Sonny was using Olivia to get close to Dante.

Lulu jumped to Dante's assistance when Olivia and Sonny appeared ready to argue with Dante. Lulu warned Dante's parents to back off and then reminded them that Dante needed to rest. After Olivia and Sonny left, Dante confessed that he had been impressed by Lulu's defense of him; however, Dante remained concerned that Olivia would allow herself to be drawn in by Sonny.

Lulu didn't think that Olivia would be quick to forgive Sonny for shooting Dante. Dante remained doubtful; according to Dante, Olivia had made some questionable choices. Lulu wondered, "Who doesn't?" Dante smiled as he admitted, "Me." Dante thought that Lulu was a perfect example of Dante's ability to make smart decisions. Lulu was flattered.

Olivia entered Dante's room shortly after Lulu left. She announced that it was her turn to have her say, since Dante had ample opportunity to express his thoughts. Dante agreed to listen. Olivia realized that she had made some mistakes. She acknowledged that she probably should have told Dante the truth about Sonny when Dante had first arrived in Port Charles. However, Olivia didn't regret having kept the secret about Dante's paternity while Dante had grown up. Olivia never wanted her son to live in Sonny's shadow as Michael had.

Olivia was proud of the man that Dante had become. She admitted that she couldn't stand it when Dante was mad at her; she missed talking to him. Dante loved Olivia, but he wasn't interested in discussing what had happened. Dante resented that Olivia had kept the truth from him, but more importantly he hated that he was being used as an excuse for Olivia to let Sonny back into her heart. Olivia quickly denied that she had romantic intentions toward Sonny.

Olivia explained that she had lied to protect Dante. Olivia didn't want Dante to be driven by the same demons, self-hatred, and regrets as Sonny had. Dante sensed that Olivia felt sorry for Sonny. Olivia freely admitted that it saddened her to know that Sonny had led such a tragic life. Olivia also felt sad for herself because of the distance between her and Dante. However, Olivia insisted that she could handle it because she was truly proud of the man that Dante was.

Sonny showed up at Lulu's apartment to ask her to help him to get to know Dante. Lulu didn't want any part of Sonny's plan. She confessed that she couldn't make an excuse or understand why Sonny had shot Dante. Sonny was sorry for what had happened, but he wanted a relationship with Dante. Lulu accused Sonny of being delusional if Sonny thought that Dante would be able to forgive him.

Sonny reminded Lulu that Dante had lied to protect Sonny. Sonny believed that it was a sign that Dante wanted to help his father. Lulu explained that Dante had lied about the shooting because Dante had been mad at himself for trusting Sonny. Sonny was certain that it was just a convenient excuse that Dante used to avoid admitting the truth. Sonny realized that the lie had cost Dante his badge. Lulu informed Sonny that Mac had offered Dante a job with the Port Charles Police Department and that Dante had accepted it. Sonny was stunned.

A short time later, Sonny returned to Dante's hospital room. Sonny admitted that he had heard that Dante had joined the PCPD. Sonny was curious if Dante would continue to go after him. Dante insisted that it didn't matter to him that Sonny was his father; Dante was dedicated to taking down Sonny. Olivia stood at Dante's bedside with an expression of shock on her face.

At the penthouse, Jason and Sam were trying to enjoy their Valentine's Day when they heard Molly and Kristina arguing about poetry in another room. Sam demanded that her sisters show themselves. Moments later, Molly and Kristina entered the living room. Molly and Kristina explained that they had intended to be gone by the time Jason and Sam had arrived. Sam was curious where Molly and Kristina had gotten the champagne. Molly confessed that they had enlisted Milo's help.

Molly pulled Jason aside to review a list of suggestions that she hoped would help Jason romance Sam. Sam and Kristina tried to hide their smiles as Molly went over the list, which included Jason reading poetry aloud to Sam.

Mac showed up at Alexis' house, and was bearing a Valentine's Day gift. Mac apologized for not calling her, but he was trying to be more spontaneous. Alexis smiled as she invited Mac inside. Alexis explained that she had been working because the girls had gone to school to work on a Valentine's Day project. Mac presented Alexis with the Valentine's Day gift that he had bought for her.

Alexis opened the present to discover that the box contained her favorite treat: chocolate espresso gold cookies. Alexis realized that Molly must have talked to Mac. Mac didn't deny it. As Alexis treated herself to one of the cookies, she offered Mac one. Mac loved the cookies. A short time later, Alexis and Mac were making out on the sofa when Jason and Sam arrived with Molly and Kristina in tow. Mac and Alexis jumped apart, but everyone was wise to what had been going on when they had entered. Molly and Kristina announced that they approved of Mac.

After Jason and Sam excused themselves, Molly grabbed Kristina's hand to drag Kristina to the bedroom. Molly invited Alexis and Mac to resume their "snogging" as she left the room.

Jason and Sam returned to the penthouse to pick up where they had left off. As they fell to the sofa in a heated kiss, Sam felt something on the cushion. It was Molly's list. Sam smiled as she informed Jason that it was time for Jason to read Sam some poetry. Jason pulled out a Firearm magazine and then started to read about the 9mm gun that he wanted to buy for Sam.

At the hotel, Carly denied that she had slept with Sonny. Carly claimed that she had only wanted Jax to believe it because she had been angry. Jax wasn't mollified. Carly assured Jax that she would take care of the kids, so that Jax could return to his playboy lifestyle. Jax was offended; he pointed out that he had never been unfaithful to Carly. Carly was hurt that Jax would throw the one night that she had slept with Sonny, out of grief, in her face. Jax was unapologetic.

Jax promised that Carly would have generous visitation with Josslyn. Carly was furious that Jax intended to demand custody of Josslyn. Jax explained that he didn't have any say about Morgan and Michael being dragged into Sonny's life, but Jax refused to have Josslyn caught in the crossfire. Besides, Jax didn't think that Carly would care. Jax reminded Carly that she had confessed that leaving Michael with Jason, when Michael was an infant, had been the best thing that she could have done.

Carly was outraged; she couldn't believe that Jax was suggesting that she had faked postpartum depression, just so that she could dump her son. Jax realized that he had gone too far; he quickly apologized for the heartless comment. Jax admitted that the real reason he was upset was because it killed him to realize that their marriage would not survive.

Carly immediately calmed down. She revealed that every instinct screamed at her not to leave without Josslyn, but Carly knew that Jax was a good father. For that reason, Carly was okay with Josslyn spending the night with Jax; however, Carly expected Jax to call her in the morning to make arrangements for Josslyn to return home.

Carly arrived home a short time later. Michael entered the living room, and was curious about where Josslyn was. Carly explained that Josslyn was spending the night with Jax at the hotel. Morgan was upset when he realized that Jax and Carly had not worked things out. Morgan resented how Carly was constantly uprooting the family. Morgan was also hurt that Jax had taken Josslyn, Jax's "real kid."

Carly quickly assured Morgan that Jax loved Morgan and Michael. She promised that she was trying to work things out with Jax. According to Carly, Jax responded to challenges. She believed that Jax would work hard to hold onto their marriage if he thought that Carly had given up. Michael observed that Carly's reasoning sounded "ass backwards." "Maybe," Carly conceded, "but it will work."

At the hotel, Jax held his daughter while he explained that he was desperate to get Carly back. Jax believed that the only way to achieve his goal was to make Carly fight for him.

At the hospital, Liz was stunned when Kelly announced that Liz was three months pregnant. Liz admitted that she had been under tremendous stress lately, so she hadn't realized that she was expecting. Kelly assured Liz that the baby was fine. While Lucky struggled to absorb the news, Nikolas asked how soon they could have a paternity test. Kelly advised Nikolas that it was best to wait until the fifth month of pregnancy, which meant the end of April or beginning of May.

Liz was too shocked to deal with any of that, so she insisted on resting. Lucky and Nikolas left Liz's room. Moments later, Steve approached Lucky and Nikolas. Steve had heard that his sister had been admitted to the hospital. Lucky explained that he had found Liz in the chapel where they had first exchanged vows as teenagers. Lucky then revealed that Liz was pregnant.

Steve immediately demanded to know if it had ever crossed Nikolas' mind to use a condom. Lucky reminded Steve that it wasn't the time to point fingers; Liz needed their help. Steve agreed. As Steve headed to Liz's room, Steve confessed that he appreciated that Lucky and Nikolas had set aside their differences. However, Steve insisted that it would be best if they allowed Steve to take the lead with Liz. Steve explained that Liz would know that Steve supported her unconditionally. Lucky and Nikolas agreed.

Steve, Lucky, and Nikolas grew concerned when they found Liz's bed empty. They quickly split up to look for Liz.

Liz wandered out onto the hospital's rooftop. She seemed unconcerned by the cold as she approached the ledge. A short time later, Lucky found Liz perched on the ledge. Liz was crying, unaware of Lucky's presence. Lucky quietly called out to Liz. Liz immediately apologized to Lucky. She realized that she had made a mess of everything. Lucky assured Liz that they could fix whatever was wrong. Liz argued that it was too late.

Steve and Nikolas arrived moments later, but they remained silent as Lucky slowly approached Liz. Lucky admitted that he had given up on the best part of himself: the way that he loved her. Lucky then reminded Liz of Cameron and Jake, who needed their mother. Lucky held out his hand to Liz as he promised her that they could work through anything. Liz hesitated for several heartbeats before she took Lucky's hand.

A short time later, Liz was settled back into bed. In the hallway, Steve and Nikolas suggested that Liz needed professional help. Steve and Nikolas thought that it would be best for Liz to be committed to Shadybrook for evaluation and treatment. Lucky agreed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In Dante's hospital room, Agent Rayner made it clear that he expected Dante to testify against Sonny. Dante confessed that one of the perks of being forced to resign was that Dante no longer had to pretend to respect Rayner. Dante revealed that he had accepted a job with the Port Charles Police Department, so he suggested that Rayner address his concerns with Commissioner Scorpio. Rayner sarcastically replied, "Well, there's a step up. Congratulations."

Rayner reminded Dante that Sonny was facing murder and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization charges. RICO charges were federal domain, so they fell under Rayner's jurisdiction. Rayner warned Dante not to fabricate another story to cover up Sonny's crimes. Dante made it clear that he was determined for Sonny to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Rayner threatened to fall on Dante "like the wrath of God" if Dante lied on the witness stand.

Rayner and Dante were unaware that Olivia had quietly entered the room until she piped up with a warning of her own. She vowed to file the biggest and messiest harassment lawsuit that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had ever seen if Rayner didn't back off. Olivia promised that when she was through with him, Rayner wouldn't be able to get a job as an assistant dog catcher. Dante was impressed; he cautioned Rayner that Olivia didn't make idle threats.

Rayner suggested that Olivia consider the consequences before she ran to the media with her accusations. Olivia's confident smile quickly disappeared when Rayner informed her that she was going to be called as a material witness for Sonny's trial. Rayner assured Olivia that they could easily make a convincing case that she had prior knowledge to Sonny's intention to kill Claudia. Rayner also suggested that her attempt to undermine the investigation against Sonny wouldn't help her cause.

Olivia claimed that she been trying to protect her son. Rayner wasn't moved; he suggested that Olivia was angry because she hadn't succeeded, so she was attempting to retaliate. Rayner strongly advised Olivia to tell the truth on the stand. Dante threatened to develop a case of amnesia if Rayner didn't leave Olivia alone. Olivia's smile returned, but Rayner didn't appear concerned as he walked out.

Lulu entered Dante's hospital room a short time later. She explained that she couldn't stay too long because Maxie was covering for her at work. Dante expressed his concern about Sonny's impending trial. He was worried that it would be hard on Olivia. Dante explained that Rayner had made it clear that he would use Olivia and Dante to destroy Sonny. Lulu decided to call Maxie to ask her to cover for Lulu a bit longer.

Dante appreciated Lulu's change of plans, but he insisted that it hadn't been necessary. Lulu smiled as she leaned in to kiss Dante. Moments later someone cleared their throat. It was Michael. Michael had stopped by to apologize for how he had treated Dante and to ask a favor. Lulu offered to leave, but Michael didn't think it was necessary. Michael realized that Dante trusted Lulu enough to let her know about Dante's investigation against Sonny. Michael admitted that he had thought that Lulu had liked Sonny.

Lulu realized that Michael felt as if he were caught in the middle. Michael quickly corrected her; he insisted that he had always been on Sonny's side. Michael insisted that Sonny wasn't a bad person or a monster. According to Michael, Sonny sometimes did the wrong thing, but for the right reasons. Michael didn't want Dante to write Sonny off or to assume that Dante knew everything about Sonny.

Michael explained that Sonny had been forced to stop Claudia because Claudia had taken Carly hostage at gunpoint. Michael insisted that Dante had time to make the right choice by saving their father. After Michael left, Dante confided that something seemed off with Michael. Lulu was surprised when Dante revealed that Michael had confessed to killing Claudia.

Lulu pointed out that Michael had lied before; she was certain that Michael had been trying to protect Sonny. Dante admitted that Mac had agreed, which was why Mac hadn't taken Michael's statement. Lulu sensed that Dante suspected that Michael had killed Claudia. She insisted that Michael couldn't have done it.

Morgan paid Dante a visit after Lulu left. Morgan revealed that Jax and Carly were splitting up. Dante was sorry to hear about the breakup. Morgan explained that he loved Jax; he also loved Sonny. Morgan didn't want Sonny to go to prison. He begged Dante to help their father.

At Greystone Manor, Diane entered the parlor as Sonny prepared to pay Dante a visit. Diane apologized for dropping by unannounced, but she wanted to discuss Sonny's case. Diane explained that Sonny was facing an uphill battle. Sonny pointed out that Claudia had been out of control and waving a gun around, which she used to take Carly hostage. "A former Mrs. Corinthos four times over," Diane argued. Diane reminded Sonny that he had destroyed evidence, which would not help his case.

Sonny's lack of concern prompted Diane to demand if Sonny expected her to "jog up Mt. Everest in a pair of sensible pumps." She reminded Sonny that Dante was expected to testify against Sonny. According to Diane, Dante's testimony would carry more weight because Dante was Sonny's son, whom Sonny had shot in the chest at point blank range. Sonny reminded her that Dante had taken responsibility for the shooting. Diane didn't think it would matter; she insisted that the jury would only see that Sonny's son was testifying against him.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy entered Luke's office. Luke was happy to see his wife until she quietly revealed that Liz was pregnant. Tracy explained that she had seen Lucky and Nikolas at the hospital. She had been curious when she had noticed that they had been civil toward each other. A quick search of hospital records revealed that Liz had been admitted to the hospital after Lucky had found her unconscious in a small church on the outskirts of town. Routine blood tests confirmed that Liz was pregnant.

Luke was stunned. Tracy also confided that Liz didn't know who the father of her unborn child was. Luke wondered why Tracy would assume that. Tracy explained that later that evening Liz had been found on the roof of the hospital. An orderly had seen Lucky taking Liz back to her hospital room. Luke felt sorry for Liz. Tracy added that Lucky was with her.

A short time later, Sonny entered Luke's office. Sonny wanted Luke's advice about how to connect with Dante. Luke admitted that he was in a dark mood, so he couldn't help Sonny. Sonny wondered what was wrong. Luke explained that Liz was "knocked up" and "suicidal," so she was on her way to Shadybrook. Luke was concerned that it would kill Lucky if Liz didn't recover. Sonny had some experience with mental illness, and assured Luke that Shadybrook would evaluate Liz then provide treatment. Sonny was confident that Liz would eventually be well. Luke appreciated Sonny's insight; he promised to let Lucky know.

At Greystone Manor, Olivia and Diane discussed Sonny's trial. Olivia made it clear that she didn't intend to lie on the stand, but she didn't see any reason that she should disclose her private business. Diane groaned, "Please don't tell me you're planning on taking the fifth. I might as well jog up Mt. Everest barefoot." Olivia had no idea what Diane meant. Diane explained that she just wanted Olivia to tell the truth.

Olivia revealed that she intended to testify that she had discovered that she was pregnant shortly after Sonny had started dating Connie. Olivia had been jealous, so she had decided to lie about the pregnancy. Diane wondered if Olivia expected the jury to believe that Olivia had lied to Dante all of his life because of some "teen angst." Diane warned Olivia that the prosecution would have Olivia for lunch. Sonny entered moments later.

"What are you doing here?" Sonny asked Olivia. Olivia explained that Diane had called her for an "emergency meeting." Diane admitted that Sonny's situation was dire. Sonny wasn't interested in discussing his case. Diane was frustrated by Sonny's lack of concern, but she agreed to leave. As soon as they were alone, Sonny confessed that he needed Olivia's help with their son. Sonny and Olivia briefly rehashed the past.

Olivia admitted that she would make the same choices regarding Dante. "What gives you that right? He's my son too," Sonny reminded her. Sonny pointed out that he might only have a few weeks to get to know Dante. Sonny insisted that despite Dante's anger, there might be a day when Dante would regret sending his father to jail. Olivia refused to intercede on Sonny's behalf. Sonny argued that Olivia owed him; Sonny was desperate for Dante to understand that Sonny loved him. It might be the only opportunity that Sonny had.

The tension was high between Robin and Patrick as they prepared to leave for work. Patrick was upset that Robin had left the flowers that he had ordered for her on the front porch. Robin explained that the delivery person had left them there. She hadn't known that they had been delivered until Patrick had tripped over them when he had arrived home late. As Patrick reached for his jacket, Robin noticed that it wasn't the one that she had given him for Valentine's Day. Patrick explained that the jacket hadn't fit him. Robin was certain that Patrick simply hadn't liked the gift.

Patrick suspected that Robin was upset because their Valentine's Day had been a bust. He assured her that he had bought her some jewelry, but the store hadn't been able to deliver it in time for Valentine's Day. Robin suggested that perhaps it was because Patrick had waited until the last minute to order it. Patrick announced that he was late for work, so he headed to the door. Robin informed him that she was also running late, but someone had to make arrangements for Emma. Patrick left without responding.

At the nurses' station, Lisa was in high spirits as she confessed that it was a wonderful day. Patrick grumbled about the ice and unplowed roads. Lisa wondered why Patrick was in a foul mood. Her question was answered when Robin approached Patrick to demand if he intended to follow through on his promise to consult on a patient's case. Patrick explained that he had been waiting for ten minutes; he wondered where Robin had been.

Robin revealed that she had been on the phone with the nanny who was running errands for Robin, which included returning Patrick's jacket and scraping the frozen flowers off of the front porch. Lisa realized that Patrick's sour disposition was a result of "romantic frustration." Patrick observed that it didn't seem to be a problem for Lisa. Lisa didn't deny it. As Lisa flounced off, she informed Patrick that she had her priorities straight.

Robin was curious what Lisa meant by the comment. Patrick accused Lisa of gloating because "she got laid last night." "Well, at least one of us did," Robin practically shouted as she walked away.

In Liz's hospital room, Liz confessed to Lucky that she felt stronger after a restful sleep. Liz was eager to get home, so that she could relax on the sofa with a cup of tea and then make plans for her baby. She noticed Lucky's pensive expression, so she quickly assured Lucky that he didn't need to be concerned. She was confident that everything would work out, even though the pregnancy hadn't been planned. Liz was eager to get home to her boys. At the mention of her sons, Liz realized that she would have to tell them about the baby soon.

Lucky reminded Liz that she had been in a bad place. Lucky assured Liz that she was a wonderful mother, but she desperately needed some time to recover. Liz agreed, which was why she was anxious to get home. Lucky gently broke the news that Liz's doctors had agreed that it would be best for Liz to be admitted to Shadybrook. Liz was shocked. As tears filled her eyes, Liz informed him, "No way."

In the hallway, Nikolas and Steve listened as Lucky tried to talk to Liz about Shadybrook. Steve was relieved that Nikolas and Lucky had agreed to set aside their differences, so that they could help Liz. Steve hoped that they meant it. Steve and Nikolas became concerned when they heard Liz's raised voice. It was clear that Liz was quite distraught.

Steve questioned if it had been a good idea for Lucky to talk to Liz about Shadybrook. Steve wondered if Nikolas had considered being the one to talk to Liz about it. Nikolas admitted that he had been concerned that he would just make matters worse. Steve worried that it might be a mistake for Lucky to once again take the role of Liz's "savior."

In Liz's hospital room, Liz admitted that she had been wrong to lie to Lucky. She realized that she had hurt him deeply. She begged him not to take her away from her sons. Lucky insisted that he wasn't trying to punish her. He promised that once she was stronger, they'd all be there for her. Lucky just wanted Liz to get well. Liz argued that she just wanted to go home. Lucky understood how scary it was to seek treatment; he reminded her that he had fought going to rehab, but in the end he had been grateful.

Liz pointed out that Lucky was still drinking. Lucky insisted that his drinking days were over; he intended to attend a meeting later that afternoon. If necessary, Lucky was prepared to go to Shadybrook for rehab. Liz considered rehab to be vastly different than what she was facing. Treatment to Liz meant locked wards, screaming people, and rocking chairs. Liz was confident that she could get well on her own. Nikolas entered the room to apologize for making a difficult situation worse.

Nikolas knew what it was like to grow up without a mother. One of the reasons that Nikolas admired and respected Liz was because she was a great mother. Liz demanded to know what would happen to Cam and Jake. Lucky promised that Audrey and Lucky would take care of the boys until Liz was well enough to return home. Almost defiantly, Liz agreed to go to Shadybrook, but she made it clear that she was doing it for her children.

Steve tracked down Robin to let her know what was going on with Liz. Steve hoped that Robin could help. They were distracted when they heard Lisa and Patrick approach. Lisa and Patrick were talking about Lisa's evening with a pit crew member of a NASCAR racing team. Robin quickly pulled Patrick aside to let him know that Liz needed their help.

Later, Robin entered Liz's room. Liz recalled advising Robin to seek in-patient treatment for postpartum depression. Liz realized that she had no idea what she had been talking about. Robin insisted that treatment had helped her. Liz didn't think that their situations were the same. Robin disagreed. Liz pointed out that Robin didn't have to wonder whose baby Robin had been carrying.

Robin and Patrick arrived home in a somber mood. Robin and Patrick apologized to each other for the things that they had said during their argument. Robin realized that she could have easily been in Liz's situation. She was grateful that Patrick had stuck by her side. Patrick assured Robin that she couldn't get rid of him that easily. A heated kiss led to a race to the bedroom.

Lucky went to the Haunted Star to talk to his father. Luke admitted that he had heard about Liz. Lucky apologized for not calling sooner. According to Lucky, after Liz had settled down for the night, Lucky had been consumed by thoughts of all the cruel things that he had said to Liz in recent weeks. Luke pointed out that Lucky had every reason to be angry. Lucky agreed, but he admitted that he had been relentless. Lucky wondered why, after all of the things that Liz had done to him, Lucky still cared about her.

Luke suggested that after Liz received treatment, there would be plenty of time for Lucky and Liz to decide about the future. Lucky believed that, no matter who had fathered the baby, Liz needed Lucky.

Steve was by Liz's side when she admitted herself to Shadybrook. Liz relaxed a bit when Steve showed her to the room where she would be staying. She admitted that it wasn't as scary as she had expected. Liz confessed that she needed to get strong, so that she could face the truth. "What truth is that?" Steve asked. Liz confided that she had slept with Nikolas repeatedly, while she had slept with Lucky only once. Liz was certain that Nikolas was the father of her baby.

Later, Helena entered Liz's room at Shadybrook. Helena congratulated Liz on her promiscuity. According to Helena, it was what Liz did best. Liz ordered Helena to leave, but Helena ignored her. Helena was delighted that Liz had checked herself in to the sanitarium. Helena claimed that Liz had done half of Helena's work for her.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Olivia argued about Olivia's decision to keep the truth about Dante from Sonny. Olivia didn't have any regrets. "Of course you don't," Sonny sourly responded. Sonny argued that he merely wanted an opportunity to get to know Dante. He felt that Olivia had cheated him out of Dante's childhood, so Sonny wanted the time that he had left to count for something. Olivia accused Sonny of trying to gain redemption through Dante.

Olivia advised Sonny to focus on the three children that he did have a relationship with. Sonny explained that he was haunted by the vision of his son lying on the floor, bleeding, because Sonny had shot him. Olivia claimed that Dante wanted to be left alone. Sonny insisted that he and Dante shared blood; he believed that it had to count for something. Olivia countered that Dante considered himself a Falconeri, which was good enough for Dante. She refused to force Dante to accept a relationship with Sonny if Dante didn't want it. To Sonny's frustration, Olivia walked out.

In Dante's hospital room, Morgan implored Dante to help Sonny stay out of jail. Dante explained that he couldn't. Dante wondered if Morgan knew what integrity was. Morgan had a vague idea, but before Dante could explain what it meant, Jason entered the room. Morgan had asked Jason to meet him. Morgan wanted to discuss a possible solution to Sonny's impending trial. Morgan suggested that Dante quit his job as a police officer, so that Dante could go to work for Sonny and Jason.

Jason insisted that it wasn't that simple. Dante gently explained that he had been working undercover; he had taken an oath to uphold the law. Morgan argued that Dante had made that decision before he had gotten to know Sonny. Morgan was desperate to make things right between Dante and Sonny. Morgan hoped to attend the Yankees Opening Day game with Dante and Sonny. After Morgan left, Dante wondered if Jason had been behind Morgan's visit. Jason denied that he had anything to do with Morgan's suggestion. Dante made it clear that he was not going to go to work for a mob boss.

Sonny was on the phone with Diane, and was instructing her not to change his plea, when Morgan entered the living room. Sonny quickly ended the call and then hugged his son. Sonny suggested taking Michael and Morgan out on the boat once the weather broke. Morgan wondered if Dante could join them. Sonny assured Morgan that Dante was welcome, but he warned Morgan not to get his hopes up.

Morgan revealed that he had an idea about how to help Sonny and Dante work things out, but he confessed that no one seemed interested. Sonny agreed to listen to Morgan's idea. Sonny was startled when Morgan suggested that Dante work for Sonny. Sonny quietly explained that it wasn't that simple. Morgan confessed that Jason had said the same thing. Sonny advised Morgan not to get involved.

Morgan wanted Sonny to at least try to make things work with Dante. Sonny insisted that he couldn't ask Dante to change. Morgan was curious why not; Sonny was Dante's father. Sonny realized that, but Dante was a grown man. Morgan confided that Dante had mentioned integrity. Sonny admitted that he was proud of Dante, even though they didn't agree on what was right. Morgan wondered what Sonny thought was right.

Sonny explained that right to him meant to have courage of your convictions, respect, and loyalty. According to Sonny, when a person gave their word, they should keep it. Sonny believed that a person should protect their family and their loved ones. That's what Sonny wanted for Morgan. Morgan wondered if that would make Sonny as proud of Morgan as Sonny was of Dante. Sonny clarified that he couldn't be more proud of Morgan than he already was.

Morgan wanted to know if he would have integrity if he protected Sonny from being sent away by Dante. Sonny explained that sometimes a person had to give people the respect to work things out on their own. Sonny just wanted Dante to stay true to himself.

Carly stopped by the penthouse to talk to Jason. Sam explained that Jason was out. Carly noticed the Valentine's Day decorations. Carly hadn't even realized that it had been Valentine's Day because she had been too worried about Sonny's impending trial. Carly insisted that she and Sam needed to get their stories straight because Sonny intended to claim that he had killed Claudia in self-defense.

Sam admitted that she was surprised that Diane had agreed to Sonny's plea. Carly confided that Diane hadn't been given much of a choice, so Sam and Carly had to claim that they had lied in their original statements. Sam didn't think it was a good idea to lie on top of another lie. Carly confessed that what they really needed was for the right person to lie.

Shortly after Carly left, Jason arrived home. Sam let him know that Carly had stopped by. Jason promised to call Carly later. Sam sensed that Jason was troubled. Jason confessed that Morgan had asked to meet him in Dante's room. Sam was curious how Dante's recovery was going. Jason assured her that Dante would be fine. However, Dante didn't want anything to do with Sonny. Meanwhile Sonny insisted that he loved Dante. Jason realized that he could be in a similar situation with Jake one day.

Jason wanted Jake to know that he had acted out of love. Then again, Jason realized that acting out of love had prompted them to cover up what Michael had done to Claudia. Sam decided to tell Jason about Sonny's plan to take responsibility for Claudia's death.

Diane arrived at Greystone Manor to go over Carly and Sam's statements with Sonny. Sonny suggested that Sam's statement would be short and sweet because she had arrived after Claudia had died. Carly's statement would corroborate Sonny's version of events. Sonny promised that Carly was a convincing liar, who could easily turn on the tears if needed. Diane wasn't comfortable putting Sonny's fate in Carly's hands. Sonny pointed out that it wouldn't be the first time.

Diane reminded Sonny that Jax and Olivia had stated that Sam had called Sonny after Carly had been rescued, which would contradict Sonny's version of events. Sonny refused to change his plea. Sonny wanted Diane to find something that could make a good case for a "not guilty by reason of self-defense" plea. "Sonny, I can't let you do that," Jason warned from the doorway.

Carly entered Dante's room and then closed the door. She was happy to see that Dante was awake because she wanted to talk to him. Carly was determined to discuss Dante's siblings and how Dante had used them to take down Sonny. Carly insisted that Dante needed to make things right. Dante calmly informed Carly that, if he had to do it over again, he wouldn't have changed a thing except getting shot. Dante warned Carly that there was compelling evidence against Sonny.

Carly suggested that Dante could claim that he had manufactured the evidence, in order to secure a conviction against Sonny. Dante refused to consider it; he insisted that he didn't lie. Carly pointed out that Dante had lied to everyone for months and then again to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the shooting. "What's one more lie among family?" Carly asked.

On the Haunted Star, Lucky wondered if Luke thought that Liz was in Shadybrook because of Lucky. Luke advised Lucky not to go there because Lucky would eventually convince himself that he could somehow save Liz. Lucky felt guilty about the way that he had treated Liz since learning about the affair with Nikolas. Lucky confessed that he was tempted to tell Liz that he would be there for her and the boys, just to get her through her crisis. Luke thought that it was the worst idea that he had ever heard.

Luke insisted that Liz had a lot of work ahead of her, but she had doctors to help her. Lucky wanted to provide Liz with a "cushion." Luke admitted that it sounded like Lucky was trying to find a way to commit to Liz. Lucky was adamant that it was over between him and Liz, but he had Cam and Jake to worry about. Lucky felt that he owned it to them to help their mother. Lucky couldn't forget seeing Liz contemplating jumping from the hospital's roof.

Luke wondered what would happen if the baby that Liz carried was Nikolas'. "Aren't you tired of raising other men's children?" Luke asked. Lucky made it clear that if Nikolas was the father then it would be up to Liz and Nikolas to decide what they would do; however, Lucky had invested too much into Cam and Jake's lives to walk away. Lucky didn't think that he could tell Liz that it was over when she was in the state she was in. Luke understood, but he advised Lucky to think things through. Lucky's good intentions could make matters worse.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas explained that he had asked to see Alexis because he needed her help. Nikolas told Alexis about his affair with Liz, Liz's in-patient treatment at Shadybrook, and the pregnancy. Alexis was stunned. Nikolas wanted Alexis to draw up papers to protect his legal rights to the baby.

Later, Lucky entered while Nikolas worked. Lucky made it clear that it was the last time that he would be summoned to Wyndemere. Nikolas explained that he wanted to have their conversation face-to-face rather than on the phone. Nikolas had made arrangements for the baby in case Nikolas was the father. Lucky couldn't believe that Nikolas was thinking of taking the baby from Liz. Nikolas quickly clarified that he loved Liz and hoped to marry her after she recovered. Nikolas insisted that he wasn't like Jason; Nikolas would never walk away from his child.

After Lucky left, Luke showed up. Luke wondered if Nikolas was aware that Helena was in town. Nikolas admitted that he had seen Helena. Luke was curious if Nikolas had considered the possibility that Helena could get wind of what was going on with Liz. Nikolas assured Luke that there wasn't some big plot afoot. Luke warned Nikolas that if Helena laid "so mach as a talon" on Lucky, Lulu, Ethan, or Liz, Luke would have to take action. Luke promised that it wouldn't be pretty.

At Shadybrook, Helena confessed that she was disappointed to hear that Liz was carrying Nikolas' child. Helena had hoped for a more suitable mother for her grandchild. Helena was curious why Nikolas seemed to be drawn to "fragile, namby-pamby" women. However, Helena suspected that Liz wasn't as "mealy and pure" as Liz appeared. Helena was certain that Liz had a black heart and a cruel streak like a true Cassadine. Liz ordered Helena to leave.

Helena ignored Liz's demands; she continued to insult Liz. Liz grew increasingly agitated. Helena did congratulate Liz for accomplishing what Helena never could; Liz had caused a rift between Nikolas and Lucky. Helena hoped that the baby inherited Liz's dark side. Liz warned Helena that Helena would never get near the baby. Helena was curious who would stop Helena.

"Stay away from my baby, you bitch!" Liz screamed. Liz picked up a chair and then threw it across the room. Helena grew concerned for the welfare of the baby. She advised Liz to calm down, but Liz continued yelling at Helena to get out. Eventually, an orderly entered the room. Helena instructed him to medicate Liz, but to take care because Liz was pregnant. Helena made it clear that she did not want anything to happen to the baby. Liz vowed that Helena would never get near her baby.

After Helena left, Liz wandered to the window. As Liz stared out, she imagined herself sitting in a rocking chair in a catatonic state. In the vision, Liz saw Jason, Lucky, and Nikolas standing before her. They looked down at Liz with pity as they discussed the children.

Jason assured Nikolas and Lucky that Jake was fine with him and Sam. Jason claimed that Liz had been wrong about the danger to Jake. Lucky explained that he had decided not to let Cam visit Liz because it was bad enough that the kids teased him about his "crazy slut" mother. Nikolas insisted that the baby was too young to understand what was wrong with Liz. Lucky leaned down to look Liz in the eyes, while she continued to stare off into space. Lucky confessed that he pitied Liz, rather than hated her, because of her catatonic state.

Liz's eyes filled with tears as the vision disappeared. Liz dropped to the floor and then cried. Patrick found her there a short time later. Patrick sat down beside Liz and then admitted that he used to sit just as she was, while hoping that no one could see him. Liz admitted that she could see him. She reached out for his hand and then added that she could feel him. Liz begged him, "Please tell me you are real." Patrick promised her that he was.

Patrick assured Liz that he and Robin cared about her very much. Liz loved the way that Patrick and Robin treated each other. She warned him that lies and secrets were poisonous. Liz went on to confide that Helena had been in her room earlier, or so she had thought. Liz wasn't certain anymore what was real and what wasn't. Patrick knew that Liz was scared, but he promised her that signing herself into Shadybrook had been half the battle. Liz realized that she had to get better before the baby was born.

By the end of the visit, Liz appeared to be in a better place. As Patrick prepared to leave, Liz asked him how he would have felt if Robin had cheated on him with Matt. Patrick admitted that it would have hurt him deeply, but he would have wondered what his part in all of it had been. Liz was curious if it was possible to be imperfect yet still be a good mother. Patrick compared Liz's situation to the emergency instructions on a plane when parents are told to put on the oxygen masks first and then help their children with theirs. Patrick advised Liz to concentrate on herself.

Shortly after Patrick left, Helena returned to Liz's room. "Have you no shame?" Helena demanded, "Now you're throwing yourself at another woman's husband?" Liz insisted that Patrick was just a friend. Helena suggested that it always started that way with Liz. Helena accused Liz of being a sexual predator. She threatened to have Liz declared an unfit mother. Liz demanded that Helena get out. Helena jumped when the door flew open. Lucky stood in the doorway with his gun aimed at Helena. Lucky warned Helena to get away from Liz, or he would blow Helena's head off.

Friday, February 19, 2010

At Johnny's garage, Johnny was on the phone finalizing plans to strike against Sonny. Maxie entered the garage just as Johnny ended the call. She wanted Johnny to check a "pinging" noise in Kate's car. Maxie had taken the car to several garages, but Kate had complained that the car had continued to make the annoying sound. Johnny reminded Maxie that his garage was merely a front; he wasn't a mechanic.

Maxie sensed that Johnny was having some sort of crisis. She suggested that he shelve whatever was going on with himself long enough to pretend that he had fixed the car and then bill Kate, so that Kate would be satisfied that her car had been repaired. Johnny remained reluctant to help out Maxie, which prompted her to wonder what his problem was. Johnny admitted that he had realized that he was comfortable working as a mobster.

Maxie suspected that Johnny had a self-destructive streak that was longer than her own. She was certain that Johnny derived a sense of pleasure from feeling as if he could die at any moment. Johnny turned the conversation to Sonny. He insisted that he had been a loyal soldier to Sonny, but that changed when Sonny had tossed Claudia's body in the woods. Johnny was determined to make Sonny pay for what had happened to Claudia. Johnny wanted to destroy everything that was important to Sonny.

At Greystone Manor, Jason warned Sonny that it was a mistake to plead self-defense. Diane heartily agreed. Jason insisted that Sonny needed to stick to the cover story. Sonny refused to listen; he believed that it was best for Michael and Dante. Jason didn't think that Michael would stand by while Sonny went to jail for killing Claudia. Jason believed that Michael would feel compelled to do something desperate, in order to save Sonny. Sonny intended to vanish before he was sent to jail. Sonny planned to take responsibility for Claudia's death, so that the police wouldn't be tempted to investigate the case once Sonny disappeared. Sonny wasn't concerned if the jury convicted him, as long as the investigation was closed.

At the hospital, Dante refused to toss away his career to save Sonny. Carly suggested that Dante could find a new career. Her only concern was protecting Sonny and making certain that Michael and Morgan didn't lose their father. She pointed out that Dante had lied for months. Carly suggested that, deep down inside, Dante didn't want to send Sonny to jail. Dante quickly corrected her; he believed that Michael and Morgan would be better off without Sonny in their lives. Carly dared Dante to tell Michael and Morgan that to their faces. Carly worried that Sonny wouldn't last a month in jail because Sonny's enemies would find a way to kill him.

Olivia entered Dante's hospital room while Carly badgered Dante to go along with her plan. Olivia ordered Carly to leave Dante alone. Carly was unapologetic; she claimed that lying was the right thing for Dante to do. According to Carly, Olivia's lies had created the mess, so they needed one more lie to get out of the predicament that they were in. Olivia argued that lying wouldn't fix the problem. Carly was surprised that Olivia was willing to let Dante live with the guilt of sending his father to jail.

Dante quickly clarified that any guilt that he might feel was his business, not Olivia's. Carly appreciated Olivia's desire to protect Dante, but Carly was determined to do the same for Michael and Morgan. After Carly left, Dante conceded that Carly had been correct; Olivia expected everyone to tell the truth except herself. Olivia refused to apologize for trying to safeguard Dante. "Carly has guts," Dante observed, "she's not afraid of the truth." "And I don't?" Olivia asked. Dante pointed out that Carly had never tried to hide who Michael and Morgan's father was.

Olivia reminded Dante that Michael and Morgan never had a chance to live a normal life; they had been kidnapped and terrorized. Olivia added that Michael wasn't even Sonny's biological child. Dante countered that at least Michael knew the truth. Olivia argued that Michael hadn't known anything during the year that Michael had been in a coma. Olivia refused to apologize for keeping the truth about Dante from Sonny. Olivia insisted, "I did good." Dante was stunned. "Good?" he demanded. Dante reminded Olivia that he had grown up with a mother who had been known as the town "slut" because she had slept with so many men that she didn't know who had fathered her child. Dante finally realized that the reason that Olivia had never dated during his childhood was because Olivia had been in love with Sonny.

Olivia clarified that she had been in love with the Sonny that she had grown up with, not the man that Sonny became. Olivia insisted that she had given Dante a decent life with a wonderful family who went to church every Sunday and then enjoyed family dinners together. Olivia didn't regret that the mob was not part of Dante's life. She was proud of the way she had raised Dante. Dante suggested that Olivia had been happy that he had lied about the shooting. It seemed to Dante that Olivia would be equally happy if he tanked the case against Sonny. "I'm still your mother, and you will respect me," Olivia ordered. It didn't matter if Dante chose to lie or tell the truth, as long as he could live with himself afterwards. A short time later, Lulu entered, but the room was empty.

Olivia went to Greystone Manor. She wanted Sonny to order his people to stop harassing Dante. "What do you mean by my people?" Sonny asked. Olivia explained that Morgan, Michael, and Carly had pressured Dante not to testify against Sonny. Carly expected Dante to claim that Dante had manufactured evidence against Sonny. "Sounds like Carly," Sonny observed. Olivia reminded Sonny that Dante was recovering from a gunshot to the chest; she believed that Dante had suffered enough. Sonny agreed, but he blamed Olivia for Dante's misery. According to Sonny, Olivia had lied to Dante from the start; she needed to own that.

Sonny accused Olivia of not being bothered to tell the truth until Sonny had shot Dante. "Are you kidding?" Olivia demanded. She clarified that it hadn't been a casual decision. Sonny argued that Olivia should have told the truth when she had turned up pregnant. Olivia strongly disagreed. Sonny was furious that he had missed his son's entire life because of her lies.

Olivia reminded Sonny that they had been teenagers, Sonny had been in the mob, and Sonny had been involved with her cousin, Connie. Sonny's temper flared at Olivia's suggestion that she had kept the truth from him out of jealousy. Olivia claimed that she hadn't want Sonny's violent lifestyle to touch Dante. Olivia believed that it had been a "damn good call." "For who, you?" Sonny demanded. Sonny resented being the man that Dante hated, instead of Dante's father.

When he stepped off of the elevator, Jason wanted to know what Carly was doing at the hospital. Carly informed him that she had tried to talk some sense into Dante by urging Dante to claim that he had planted evidence against Sonny. Jason argued that she had wasted her time. Carly disagreed; she was certain that Dante didn't want to send Sonny to jail. Jason pointed out that if Sonny were acquitted of the murder, then the police would investigate Michael. Carly insisted that the police would just assume that Sonny had once again managed to escape justice. Jason reminded Carly that Sonny intended to take responsibility for killing Claudia.

Carly assured Jason that she wouldn't have a problem providing false testimony to help Sonny. Carly was curious what would happen if Sonny were forced to flee town. Jason revealed that he would take over for Sonny. "What about Dante?" Carly wondered. Jason was confident that Dante would go after Jason. Carly wanted to know how Jason planned to stop a cop who was also Sonny's son. Jason didn't have an answer. Later, Jason found Dante standing on the hospital's roof. Dante wanted to know if Jason planned to kill him. Jason stared intently at Dante.

At Wyndemere, Luke warned Nikolas that Helena's return changed everything. Nikolas accused Luke of trying to start a Spencer/Cassadine war. Nikolas insisted Liz's pregnancy was none of Luke's business. Luke disagreed; it became his business when Helena "swooped" in. Nikolas wondered if Lucky knew that Luke was involving himself. Luke reminded Nikolas that Lucky had lost a year of his life thanks to Helena.

Nikolas suspected that Luke felt guilty because Luke had stopped looking for Lucky after the fire. Luke argued that everyone had believed that Lucky had perished in the fire because Helena had planted a body and Lucky's DNA to cover up the kidnapping. Luke shifted the focus back to Nikolas by suggesting that Lucky hadn't deserved to be betrayed by Nikolas. Luke swore to take action if the Cassadines made a move against any of the Spencers.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan realized that Lulu was unaware of Liz's situation, so he quickly filled her in on the pregnancy and Liz's stay at Shadybrook. Lulu accused Liz of taking advantage of the situation. Ethan suggested that Lulu was being a bit unfair. Lulu argued that Liz was tearing the family apart. Luke entered moments later. Ethan quickly excused himself while Lulu continued griping about Liz. Luke reminded his daughter that it was Lucky and Nikolas' business, not hers. Lulu was worried that Lucky would blame himself for Liz's situation and then try to fix it. Luke assured Lulu that Lucky was smarter than that.

At Shadybrook, Lucky aimed his gun at Helena and then threatened to shoot. Helena accused Lucky of being a small-town police officer who drank too much. Lucky warned Helena that he would do whatever he had to, in order to protect Liz and the children. Helena argued that Liz was a "tramp" who would never love Lucky as much as Lucky loved Liz. Lucky continued to threaten Helena, but Helena ignored him. Helena believed that Lucky should be relieved to be rid of Liz.

Lucky pointed out that the baby could be his. Helena agreed there was a possibility, but then she reminded Lucky that Liz and Nikolas had been "rutting like animals," so the odds were in Nikolas' favor. Helena suggested that Liz and Lucky's love was dead as far as Liz was concerned. Liz insisted that Helena was lying. Helena was certain that Lucky was sick of Liz's lies and promiscuity. Lucky made it clear that he would protect Liz no matter who the father of the baby was. Helena warned Lucky that Liz would "whore" herself out to the next man. Lucky once again ordered Helena to leave; she smiled in satisfaction as she complied.

Lucky immediately wrapped his arms around Liz as she cried. He promised Liz that Helena would never go near her again. Liz apologized; she admitted that Helena had been right about many things. Liz assured Lucky that he didn't have any obligation to the baby, regardless who the father was. Lucky refused to abandon Liz. She couldn't understand how Lucky could continue to love her after everything that she had done to him. Lucky chose his words carefully as he admitted that he had known that Liz had reservations about getting married.

Liz insisted that Lucky had not been to blame because she had been lying to him. Lucky regretted that he had shut Liz out after he had learned about the affair. Lucky had been in a similar situation when he became involved with Maxie. Liz quickly blamed it on his addiction. She, on the other hand, didn't have an excuse. Lucky suggested that Liz "self-sabotaged" her relationships. He urged her to figure out why, so that she could get well. He promised that he would never turn his back on her and that they would always be a part of each other's lives.

Liz wondered if Lucky forgave her. Lucky avoided the question as they continued to talk about what had happened between them. Lucky didn't know what the future held for them, but he assured her that everything would be fine. Cam and Jake were his boys, so they would always be a family. Liz wanted that more than anything. As Lucky rocked her in his arms, Liz again asked if he had forgiven her. Lucky quietly answered, "Yes. Yes, I forgive you." Liz was unaware that Lucky had tears in his eyes and his expression was filled with pain.

Helena entered Wyndemere to find Nikolas in a foul mood. He wondered if his grandmother had talked to Luke. Helena confessed that she hadn't, but it was clear that she intended to. Nikolas warned her that Luke was eager to reignite the Spencer/Cassadine war. Nikolas questioned why Helena had returned to Port Charles. Helena admitted that she had seen something brewing between Nikolas and Liz months before.

Helena was certain that Nikolas' Cassadine nature had driven him to steal Liz away from his brother. Helena wasn't bothered by an impending feud; she was proud that Nikolas had created an heir. Helena believed "he" was worth it. Nikolas pointed out to his grandmother that they had no way of knowing if the baby was a boy or if Nikolas was the father.

A short time later, Helena strolled into Luke's office. Luke smiled when he spotted his adversary standing in the doorway. Helena confessed that it was "lovely" to see Luke. Luke remarked that the last time that he had seen her, he had been held captive in a rat-infested cell and fed slop for three months. Helena insisted that the incident had been a "dreadful misunderstanding."

Luke and Helena continued to trade barbs until Helena announced that they had "so much" to celebrate. Luke quickly cautioned Helena to tread carefully; he wouldn't hesitate to end their cat-and-mouse game if she harmed his family or Liz. Helena suggested that once she claimed Liz's child as a Cassadine, Lucky would be free. Luke suggested he could save everyone some trouble by simply snapping Helena's neck. Helena didn't see the need for threats since she and Luke were on the same side.

Liz was in a rocking chair when Nikolas entered her room at Shadybrook. Liz gave Nikolas a frosty reception before she informed him that Helena had paid her several visits. Nikolas admitted that he had been afraid Helena would seek Liz out. He assured Liz that Helena wouldn't bother her again. Liz warned Nikolas that Helena was obsessed with the baby. Liz was curious what it would mean for everyone if the baby turned out to be Nikolas' child.

Nikolas vowed to love the baby; he refused to be sorry about it. Liz admitted that she had regrets. Nikolas confessed that he hated lying to Lucky, but his feeling for Liz hadn't changed; he was in love with her.

Max and Milo were engaged in a shootout with Johnny on Pier 52 when Ethan casually walked up. Ethan apologized to Sonny's men for interrupting their gunfight. Ethan was curious if they were shooting at his cigar connection.

Maxie was driving while talking on the phone with Kate. Maxie let Kate know that the car had been repaired and that the bill had been emailed to Kate. Kate claimed that she had not received the statement, so Maxie checked her phone to see what had happened. As Maxie tried to resend the email, she glanced up and then immediately swerved out of the path of an approaching car.

Lucky was speeding away from Shadybrook. He pressed the accelerator to the floor and then suddenly jerked the steering wheel to avoid a head-on collision with another car.

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