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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 22, 2010 on GH
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Monday, February 22, 2010

At Sonny's home, Olivia and Sonny had a heated argument. He implored her to intercede with Dante so that Sonny could get to know his son. Olivia refused. She told Sonny that Dante had grown up to be a fine man and would not have done so had Dante been influenced by Sonny and his underworld connections.

Olivia stood by her decision to keep Dante's parentage secret, despite Sonny's obvious rage. He was almost tearful when he begged Olivia to help him get to know his son, but Olivia refused his request before grabbing her coat and storming out of the mansion.

Jason confronted Dante on the roof of General Hospital. At first, Dante thought that Jason meant to toss him over the side, but soon learned that Sonny refused to let anyone hurt Dante. Dante said that he had respect for Sonny before Sonny had tried to shoot him in cold blood. He wanted to know if Jason would have pulled the trigger under the same circumstances.

Lulu intruded and wanted answers also. She said very unkind things about Sonny, but Jason defended Sonny. He said that he was the one who had been supposed to kill Dante and that he would have done it. He told Lulu and Dante that Sonny was fighting for more than his business; he was fighting for his survival.

Jason told Dante and Lulu that from his point of view, Dante was a liar and a betrayer, who had pretended loyalty to Sonny and Jason, then stabbed them in the back. Before leaving Dante and Lulu on the roof, he told Dante that, like it or not, Sonny was his father and would not give up on Dante.

Dante and Lulu went back to his room. Lulu apologized for being so fierce with Jason on his behalf. She told him to take care of himself and told him that no matter what he decided to do about Sonny, she would stand beside him. Dante looked her in the eyes and told her he was telling the truth when he said that he would testify against Sonny, and if Sonny got convicted, that was what he deserved.

At Shadybrook, Nikolas vowed his love for Liz and she vowed hers for Lucky. Liz told Nikolas that Lucky was helping her through this tough patch and that he was the only one she needed. Nikolas said that not facing the truth was what had put her in Shadybrook and that she needed all the help she could get.

Nikolas told her that the paternity of the child would make all the difference and he wanted to do an early test. Liz responded that he already had one child that he pretty much ignored, so she wondered why he cared about this one unless he thought that a baby might bring them together. Nikolas told Liz that no matter who the father was, the baby was a blessing. He also assured Liz that he would make sure that she was safe from Helena while she stayed at Shadybrook.

Ethan went to the docks to meet Luke's Cuban cigar contact. Instead, he interrupted a gun battle between Max, Milo, and a hidden assailant, Johnny, who managed to escape while Ethan talked to Max and Milo.

Maxie and Lucky ran each other off the road, but neither was seriously injured. Lucky had a slight injury to the head, but refused to go to the hospital. He did agree to go to Maxie's apartment so that she could care for him.

Once Maxie got Lucky to her apartment, he admitted that he was no longer drinking and was not doing drugs. Because of their shared past, when Maxie had been stealing drugs to feed Lucky's habit and keep their affair going, Lucky was able to unburden himself to her. He admitted that he had not forgiven Liz. He said that every time he looked at Liz, he saw her copulating with Nikolas.

Lucky said that he did not know if he loved Liz, because hate and love felt the same to him. Maxie told him that he needed to be honest. She advised him to find another way to help Liz, because giving her false hope was not the answer. Maxie said that if he continued being untruthful with Liz, they would both end up in pain. Lucky left after getting a call from headquarters that sent him to Pier 52.

Ethan arrived back at the Haunted Star to find Tracy and Luke engaged in vigorous conversation regarding Lulu and Dante. Johnny boarded the Haunted Star and wanted to play blackjack with Ethan. He proceeded to lose a large sum of money and left a substantial tip. He told Ethan that he was repaying him for saving Johnny's life on the docks.

Tracy was adamant that Luke force Lulu to break up with Dante. Luke told her that while he did not like the fact that Dante was a cop, it could be worse. Tracy said that being Sonny's son was reason enough to put a stop to the relationship because the apple did not fall far from the tree, and then nodded in Ethan's direction.

After both Johnny and Tracy were gone, Ethan told Luke about the money he had gotten from Johnny. He seemed exhilarated by both the money and the danger.

At Sonny's mansion, Jason told Sonny about his confrontation with Dante. Jason assured Sonny that Dante knew he was under Sonny's protection. Jason said that Dante told him that it did not matter, that he intended to see Sonny in prison, and then he intended to take Jason down also. Sonny remained firm in his vow that no harm should ever again come to Dante.

Olivia responded to frantic knocking on her apartment door. A very jubilant Johnny grabbed her and started kissing her. He told her that he loved her and would never lie to her again. He asked her if she had any more secrets. When she said that she did not, he started kissing her again as they fell on the couch and started undressing each other.

After Lulu left, Dante was not pleased when Sonny visited. Sonny tried to bond with Dante. He told Dante that they were blood and that they could build on it so that something good came of their relationship. Dante was incredulous when Sonny said that they were alike. He told Sonny that they were nothing alike and that he would never allow Sonny in his life. When Sonny left Dante's hospital room, he had a slight smile on his face. As he left, Sonny said to Dante, "That anger, that refusal to forgive, just like me!"

When Lucky arrived at pier 52, Jason was already there looking for clues. Lucky told Jason about Liz's pregnancy. He also told Jason that he had stopped drinking and was attending meetings again. Jason was glad to hear that Lucky was taking his responsibilities to Cameron and Jake seriously.

After asking Jason the obligatory cop question as to why he was on the pier and receiving a lackluster reply, Lucky was shocked when Jason replied in the affirmative to Lucky's suggestion that they work together to find out what had happened on the pier.

Lulu and Maxie talked in their apartment. Lulu worried that she had been too adamant in her defense of Dante to Jason. Maxie comforted her when Lulu said that she knew that a part of Dante wanted a relationship with his father. Lulu told Maxie that her biggest worry was that Dante would never forgive himself if he compromised himself to save Sonny.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maxie entered Dante's hospital room to talk to him about Lulu. Maxie wanted Dante's assurance that he wasn't a player like Sonny. Dante promised that he loved Lulu. Maxie didn't believe him. Dante was curious why Maxie was certain that he was lying to her. Maxie confessed that she was worried that Dante was like Sonny. Dante's temper flared; he resented being compared to Sonny. Dante reminded Maxie that Sonny had nothing to do with Dante's upbringing.

Dante insisted that the only thing that he shared with Sonny was DNA. According to Dante, Sonny was an egotistical jerk who mistreated women. Maxie admitted that Dante sounded convincing, but she had "serious mommy issues." Maxie revealed that even though she had tried her best not to be like Felicia, Maxie had many of Felicia's tendencies. Maxie suggested that Dante could be like Sonny, whether Dante liked it or not.

Dante confided that he had grown up with a mother who had a terrible reputation. Olivia had claimed that she hadn't known who Dante's father was because Olivia had slept with several men. Dante had learned at a young age not to treat women poorly. Maxie hoped that Dante was sincere. She warned Dante that she would make certain that he would regret it if he ever hurt Lulu.

At Pier 52, Jason secretly pocketed a bullet shell casing, while Lucky questioned Jason about the hijacked shipment. Jason claimed that he had no idea who had committed the crime. Lucky wasn't surprised by Jason's lack of cooperation. Jason suggested that Ethan might have information, since Ethan had been spotted on the piers just before the shipment had been stolen.

At the Haunted Star, Luke was worried that Ethan had been involved in the mob shootout on Pier 52. Ethan denied it, but Luke didn't appear convinced. Lulu entered the casino moments later; she wondered what Luke wanted to see her about. Tracy took responsibility for the phone call. Tracy wanted Luke to talk to Lulu about Dante. Luke made it clear that he didn't have anything to say on the matter.

Tracy decided to warn Lulu away from Dante. Tracy feared that Dante was exactly like Sonny. Lulu argued that Sonny and Dante were nothing alike. Tracy realized that Sonny hadn't raised Dante, just as Luke hadn't raised Ethan. However, Tracy suggested that Lulu take a hard look at Luke and Ethan. Lulu and Tracy watched as Luke and Ethan stood side-by-side behind the bar and simultaneously knocked back a generous shot of whiskey. Tracy insisted that it could be in Dante's DNA to break women's hearts the same way that Sonny did.

Tracy was annoyed when Luke agreed that Dante and Sonny were nothing alike; however, Luke had reservations about Dante being a police officer. Lulu reminded everyone that she didn't have any control over what Dante chose to do for a living. Lulu insisted that she was with Dante because of the way that Dante treated her. Luke hoped, for Lulu's sake, that Dante wasn't stringing Lulu along. However, Sonny had also loved many of the women that Sonny had been involved with. Lulu refused to continue the argument, so she decided to leave.

Lucky entered as Lulu headed to the door. Lulu warned Lucky that she would not be dictated to about Dante. Lucky clarified that he thought highly of Dante. Lulu hugged Lucky and then left without a backward glance to the rest of her family. Lucky approached the bar to question Ethan about the hijacked Corinthos shipment. Ethan admitted to being at Pier 52 to pick up some cigars from Luke's connection, Carlos. Ethan also acknowledged that he had seen Sonny's men, but Ethan insisted that he had no knowledge of the stolen cargo.

Lucky suspected that Ethan and Luke knew more than they were willing to admit. Luke responded, "You know the rules." Lucky nodded and then confessed, "I wouldn't have it any other way." After Lucky left, Luke wondered when Ethan had started protecting Johnny Zacchara. Ethan denied that he had covered for Johnny. Ethan claimed that he had told Lucky the truth. Tracy was disappointed when Luke took Ethan at his word. She considered it another failed opportunity for Luke to step up as a father.

Luke reminded Tracy that Ethan, Lucky, and Lulu were adults who made their own choices. Tracy was disgusted, so she stormed out. Later, Luke advised Ethan to tread carefully before becoming involved with the mob. Ethan insisted that it had been a one-time deal. Luke understood the lure of danger, but he cautioned Ethan not to jump in impulsively. Luke confided that the secret was to always gather enough information to join the winning side.

Lulu found Dante resting in his hospital room. Dante confessed that Maxie had paid him a visit earlier. Lulu was livid when Dante revealed that Maxie had questioned his intentions toward Lulu. Lulu insisted that Maxie didn't have any right to grill Dante. Lulu then confessed that she had a similar discussion with Tracy. Dante worried that Lulu feared that everyone might be right about him. Lulu reluctantly confided that she was "relationship challenged," so a part of her did question if Dante was too good to be true.

Dante offered to teach Lulu some techniques that he had learned at the police academy about how to spot someone who was being deceptive. Dante suggested that the skill might help reassure Lulu that Dante was being truthful. Lulu jokingly questioned if she could trust Dante to share the correct techniques with her. Dante smiled and then proceeded to teach her what he knew. After the lesson, Dante invited Lulu to test her skill.

Lulu fired a series of questions at him, including if he liked jelly on his toast, if he was a secret Boston Red Sox fan, and whether he was a boxer or briefs man. Dante didn't like jelly on toast, he was definitely not a secret Red Sox fan, and he didn't wear boxers or briefs. Lulu laughed and then asked if he loved her. Dante looked away and then answered, "No." Lulu immediately recognized the lie. She called him out on it before Dante pulled her close for a kiss.

At the penthouse, Spinelli and Sam discussed Sonny's impending trial. Spinelli warned Sam that she would be perjuring herself if she lied on the stand to support Sonny's new story. "Can't wait," Sam grumbled just before Jason entered. Jason ordered Spinelli to figure out who had hijacked Sonny's shipment from Pier 52. Jason had a lead, but he hoped that he was wrong.

After Jason left, Spinelli shared his findings with Sam. Surveillance footage around the piers showed Johnny speeding away shortly after the shipment had been stolen. Spinelli suspected that Johnny had wanted to be seen, since it didn't appear that Johnny had taken any precautions. Sam wondered what had been going through Johnny's mind to make such a bold move against Sonny.

Spinelli suspected that Johnny was attempting to seek retribution for what had happened to Claudia. Sam had sympathy for Johnny, but she observed that Johnny must have a death wish. A short time later, Maxie stopped by to find Spinelli alone. Maxie admitted that she was worried about Lulu's relationship with Dante. Spinelli suggested that Lulu had to make her own decisions.

In Olivia's living room, Olivia and Johnny were enjoying postcoital bliss when Johnny surprised her with a beautiful, but obviously expensive necklace. Olivia was reluctant to accept it. She explained that she didn't feel comfortable wearing something that had been bought with "Zacchara crime money." Johnny pointed out that everything the Zaccharas had owned had been purchased with crime money. Olivia accepted the gift and then fetched them some wine and snacks.

A short time later, Olivia admitted that she had missed their time together. She felt as if things were getting back to normal. Olivia suggested that they should make a pact not to lose track of their relationship again. Johnny readily agreed; he loved seeing Olivia happy and smiling. Olivia realized that her relationship with Dante wasn't perfect, but she felt good to be out from under the weight of all the lies and secrets.

Johnny and Olivia's romantic interlude abruptly ended when Jason knocked on the door. As Jason entered the apartment, Olivia reminded Jason that Johnny no longer answered to Sonny. Jason tossed Johnny the shell casing as he explained to Johnny, "You left this when you hijacked our shipment tonight." Jason left it up to Johnny whether or not to have the conversation in front of Olivia. Olivia informed Jason that Johnny didn't have anything to hide from her.

Jason understood Johnny's desire to seek revenge against Sonny; however, Jason would not allow Johnny to interfere with Jason's job. Johnny insisted that Sonny needed to pay for what Sonny had done to Claudia. "I'm sorry to hear that," Jason confessed. After Jason left, Olivia handed the necklace to Johnny. Johnny refused to take it. He explained that he had bought it for Olivia because he loved her. Olivia held onto the necklace as Johnny quickly dressed. Johnny explained that he was determined to strip Sonny of everything, so that Sonny would go to jail a broken man.

Olivia feared that Johnny would get himself killed. She refused to watch it happen. Johnny promised to return later. She could decide then whether she would open the door for him or not.

Jason and Lucky met at Pier 52. Jason let Lucky know that Johnny had been behind the shootout and the hijacked shipment. Jason explained that Johnny wanted payback for Claudia's death. Lucky realized that Jason hoped that the police would handle the situation before Jason was forced to kill Johnny.

Kiefer called the Davis residence looking for Kristina. Kristina didn't want to talk to Kiefer, so Alexis told Kiefer that Kristina had stepped out. After Alexis ended the call, Alexis asked if there was a problem between Kristina and Kiefer. "Relax mom, everything is cool," Kristina assured Alexis. Kristina explained that she was simply busy working on a project.

Diane stopped by a short time later. Diane was frustrated because her client was determined to send himself to prison for the rest of his life. Diane clammed up when she spotted Kristina working on a laptop in the living room. Kristina realized that Diane's client was Sonny, so Kristina offered to leave the room. However, Kristina made it clear that she believed that Sonny deserved to rot in jail. After Kristina went to her bedroom, Alexis revealed that Kristina was angry at Sonny. Alexis also suspected that something else was bothering Kristina, but Alexis didn't think that Kristina was ready to talk about it.

Diane was desperate to enlist Alexis to help with Sonny. Alexis clarified that she would not be joining Diane's law firm. Alexis wasn't interested in representing the worst criminals in the tri-state. Diane insisted that the law firm didn't just represent criminals. Diane lifted her foot to show Alexis a brand new pair of Cartullos pumps. Diane had successfully represented Kate against a greedy starlet, so Kate had shown her appreciation by presenting Diane with the expensive shoes. Alexis was confident that Kate would be equally appreciative to Alexis the next time that Kate needed legal representation.

Diane happily announced that Kate had hired Diane's law firm to handle all of Kate and Crimson's litigation. Diane returned to the subject of Sonny. Diane revealed that the case against Sonny was circumstantial, but Sonny's insistence to take responsibility for Claudia's death made it impossible for Diane to win the case. Diane hoped that Alexis could persuade Sonny to stick to his original statement that he had nothing to do with Claudia's death.

Alexis advised Diane to focus on Sonny's acquittal. Diane ignored the suggestion; she intended to argue that Sonny had acted in defense of Sam, Carly, and the baby when he had entered the cabin to discover Claudia waving a gun around. Alexis warned Diane not to let Carly testify. Alexis insisted that Carly was unpredictable. Diane wasn't there to debate legal strategy. Diane decided to leave, since Alexis refused to help. However, Diane made a point of showing Alexis the matching purse to go with the Cartullo shoes that Kate had given Diane.

A short time later, Kristina found Alexis working on the laptop. Kristina hugged her mother. Kristina regretted the outburst about Sonny. Alexis assured Kristina that Kristina's anger was understandable. Kristina appreciated Alexis' support; she wondered if Alexis wanted to spend the following day bonding over a shopping trip. Alexis admitted that she would love to, but Alexis had to work. Kristina seemed disappointed.

Johnny paid Anthony a visit in jail to update Anthony about the hijacked shipment. Anthony didn't think that the Escobars would shift alliances over one stolen shipment. Anthony warned Johnny that the Escobars were more likely to put a bullet in Johnny's head to impress Sonny. Johnny made it clear that Anthony's opinion didn't matter. Johnny was determined to follow through with the plans to destroy Sonny.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

At the nurses' station, Epiphany complained when Robin and Lisa dropped off some patient files. Epiphany pointed out that the doctors were perfectly capable of filing their own records. Robin wondered why Epiphany was in such a foul mood. Epiphany refused to work overtime because she had plans to pick up tickets for a Beyoncé concert. Lisa casually offered to get the tickets for Epiphany. Epiphany warned Lisa not to play around; Epiphany was serious about Beyoncé.

Steve and Patrick walked up while Epiphany threatened retribution if Lisa didn't keep her word. Epiphany promised that Lisa would find herself scheduled at the "bottom of the rotation in OR three" until hell froze over. Lisa was curious what was wrong with OR three. "It's cursed," Robin explained. Steve realized that was the reason that the surgeons kept canceling when they were scheduled for OR three.

After Lisa walked away, Robin admitted that she hoped that Lisa would succeed. Patrick bet Robin twenty dollars that Lisa would succeed. Robin accepted the bet. Later, as Epiphany's shift ended, Patrick, Robin, Steve, and Lisa returned to the nurses' station. Robin wondered if Lisa had heard anything about the tickets. Lisa suggested that Epiphany check Epiphany's email. Epiphany whooped with joy when she discovered that she had two VIP tickets to a Beyoncé concert. Lisa explained that the tickets had been courtesy of an ex-boyfriend.

Patrick celebrated his victory by grabbing Robin and then kissing her. Meanwhile, Steve and Lisa talked about their love of country music. Steve checked online to see if he could find some tickets to a concert while Lisa watched Patrick and Robin. Steve announced that he had found tickets to a Tim McGraw concert, so he invited Lisa to join him. Lisa happily accepted, prompting Patrick to look up. Patrick appeared troubled by the prospect of Steve and Lisa going out.

At the Davis residence, Alexis prepared to leave for court while Kristina worked on the laptop. Alexis urged Kristina to take a break. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Kristina picked up a bowl to take to the kitchen while Alexis went to the door. It was Kiefer. Alexis glanced at Kristina, who stood out of sight of Kiefer. Kristina indicated that she didn't want to see Kiefer, so Alexis explained that Kristina wasn't home.

After Kiefer left, Alexis wondered what was going on between Kristina and Kiefer. "Nothing," Kristina insisted. Alexis suggested that at some point Kristina would have to see Kiefer, even if it was to break up. She advised Kristina to tell Kiefer the truth as soon as possible.

Michael encountered Johnny outside of Kelly's. Johnny was curious why Michael wasn't at the courthouse for Sonny's arraignment. Michael wondered what Johnny's reaction would be if Michael told Johnny that Sonny hadn't killed Claudia. Johnny cautioned Michael not to say anything further since he and Michael were not on the same side.

Michael argued that Sonny had just learned that Claudia had been responsible for the shooting before the party, so Sonny had a right to be angry. Johnny insisted that Claudia deserved justice for what had happened to her. Michael suggested that Johnny not "get all righteous" since Johnny had endangered everyone, not just Sonny, by keeping quiet about Dante being an undercover cop. Johnny claimed that he had made certain that Dante's only target was Sonny.

Mike arrived moments later. Michael opened the door to Kelly's for his grandfather while Mike invited Johnny inside. Johnny followed Michael and Mike into the Kelly's. Mike sent Michael on an errand, so that Mike could speak to Johnny alone. Mike warned Johnny to leave Michael alone. Johnny pointed out that Michael was his own worst enemy; however, Johnny clarified that he had nothing against Michael. Johnny's wrath was reserved for Sonny alone.

Johnny explained that he had nothing but sympathy for Michael. Johnny understood what Michael's life was like. Johnny revealed that the only time that Johnny had ever found any real peace had been when Anthony had been sent to jail. Johnny hoped that Michael would have the same experience when Sonny was convicted of Claudia's murder. Mike looked sad as he watched Johnny walk away.

Jason entered the penthouse to discover Sam was asleep on the sofa. Jason woke Sam up with a kiss. She smiled and then wondered where Jason had been all night. Jason explained that he and Bernie had spent the night reorganizing the shipment network because Dante and Johnny knew too much. Sam observed that in the past, Johnny's vendetta would have resulted in a war. Jason agreed. He explained that he couldn't make a move against Johnny because Sonny was about to be tried for Claudia's murder.

Sam couldn't understand why Johnny was determined to go after Sonny when Johnny was aware that Michael had killed Claudia. Jason was concerned that Johnny might decide to reveal the truth about Michael in an effort to hurt Sonny. Sam suggested that she might be able to help.

A short time later, Johnny arrived at the penthouse. Sam was waiting for him. Sam warned Johnny that if he continued down the path he was on, he would end up dead. Johnny made it clear that he was seeking justice for what had happened to Claudia, not revenge. Sam argued that Claudia had chosen to be a part of Sonny's life. Johnny wondered if Sam thought that Claudia had deserved to be dumped in the woods, dug up, and then carted around town until eventually Claudia had ended up on a slab in the morgue. Sam didn't think that Claudia would want Johnny to risk his life to punish Sonny.

Kristina stopped by Kelly's to visit her grandfather. Mike appreciated Kristina's offer to help out at the diner, but he assured her that he could handle it. Mike suspected that Kristina hoped to busy herself to avoid thinking about Sonny's impending trial. Kristina confessed that she thought that Sonny should face the consequences of his actions. Mike admitted that Sonny had a similar view about Mike at one time. However, eventually Sonny had realized that, despite Mike's failings, Mike loved Sonny.

Kristina found Kiefer standing in the diner when she left the kitchen. Kiefer wondered if Kristina would ever forgive him. He claimed that he missed her dearly. Kristina confessed that she didn't trust Kiefer. Kiefer promised that he would never hit Kristina again. Kristina reminded Kiefer that he had said that before. Kiefer tried to downplay the abuse while insisting that he cared deeply for Kristina. Kiefer pressured Kristina to give him another chance.

Kiefer vowed to respect Kristina's boundaries, if she agreed to go to the movies with him. Eventually, Kristina agreed. Kiefer smiled and then made plans to pick her up later that day. As Kiefer left the diner, he passed Ethan. Kristina was happy to see Ethan. They sat down at a table as they discussed music. Ethan and Kristina were unaware that Kiefer lurked outside, watching them with mounting anger.

Later, Kristina and Ethan were playing poker when Sam entered Kelly's. Sam appeared startled to see her sister playing cards with Ethan.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Jax met with Federal Prosecutor, Claire Walsh. Claire greeted Jax warmly as he joined her at the table. Jax was certain that Claire could solve all of his problems. A few minutes later, Olivia boldly approached their table. Olivia quickly introduced herself to Claire and then asked who Claire was. Jax clarified that Claire was his lunch guest, but he didn't elaborate beyond that.

It was clear that Olivia assumed that Claire was more than a lunch date. Olivia began talking about Carly, and made a point of informing Claire that Jax was married and had children. Claire pretended to be surprised by the information. Jax pointedly wondered if Olivia had somewhere else to be. Olivia told Jax that she was "done with work" as well as keeping secrets. Olivia let Jax know that she was disappointed that he wasn't trying to save his marriage. Jax argued that the opposite was true.

"If you say so," Olivia said. After Olivia walked away, Claire asked, "How was I?" Jax smiled as he admitted that he had definitely picked the right woman for the job. Jax and Claire then proceeded to discuss Sonny's case. Claire was determined to convict Sonny, but first she had to remove one tiny obstacle.

Later, Claire entered the police station to talk to Everett Dawson, the prosecutor assigned to Sonny's case. Claire informed Dawson that she intended to take over the case against Sonny. Dawson refused to step down, but Claire made it clear that Dawson didn't have a choice. Claire pulled out a file, which contained evidence of Dawson's inappropriate conduct with an intern, Paula Meyer. Claire also had proof that Dawson was "ripe for corruption" because Dawson had compromised a case in the past. Claire refused to blow their one chance at convicting Sonny Corinthos by allowing Dawson to try the case.

At Greystone Manor, Diane was shocked when she saw what Sonny intended to wear to court. Sonny didn't see a problem with his tailored black suit, black shirt, and black tie. Diane insisted that Sonny's suit screamed mob boss. She demanded that Sonny change into something in a lighter shade. Sonny refused. Diane suggested that he might as well wear a neon sign that announced, "The Godfather is waiting for the jury to kiss his ring." "By the way, lose the ring," Diane instructed.

Diane reminded Sonny that the judge was highly respected and didn't like mobsters. Sonny suggested that they find another judge. Diane wished that she could, but her hands were tied because Sonny insisted on taking responsibility for Claudia's death. According to Diane, they had to pray that Sonny's dimples would work on the jury. Sonny hoped that Diane had another strategy. Diane revealed that the one thing that they had in their favor was the Federal Prosecutor assigned to the case.

Diane explained that Everett Dawson looked good, but his legal aides did all of the work. Diane was certain that they wouldn't be any surprises from Dawson. Diane intended to request that the judge delay the hearing, in the hopes of weakening the prosecution's momentum. Moments later, Jason entered. Diane quickly gathered her things and then made two requests of Jason.

Diane implored Jason not show up at the courthouse. Diane didn't want Dawson to decide to call Jason to the stand. She didn't think that a mob enforcer pleading the fifth would help Sonny's case. The second request was for Jason not to allow Sonny to leave the house dressed entirely in black. After Diane left, Sonny revealed that he had a job for Jason. Sonny wanted Jason to keep an eye on Michael. Sonny hoped that Michael wouldn't be tempted to do something foolish if Michael saw that Jason didn't seem concerned about the arraignment.

As if on cue, Michael entered. Michael was curious why Sonny had asked to see Michael. Sonny explained that the arraignment wasn't a "big deal." Sonny was confident that he would be home in time for dinner. Michael didn't think that Sonny should be punished for what Michael had done. Sonny insisted on taking responsibility for Claudia's death, since Sonny had invited Claudia into their lives.

After Sonny left, Jason tried to keep Michael occupied with a video game, but Michael refused to be distracted; he was too worried about Sonny. Jason suggested that Michael accept Sonny's decision. Michael confided that Sonny's refusal to allow Michael to confess or to join the business proved that Sonny had no faith in Michael. Michael suspected that Sonny considered Michael to be weak. Jason disagreed. Jason explained that Sonny was trying to give Michael a future with a clean slate. Jason believed that Sonny viewed the trial as an opportunity for Sonny to redeem himself as a father.

At the courthouse, Diane was surprised to discover Alexis sitting at the defense table. Diane made it clear that Alexis couldn't be a part of the defense team unless Alexis agreed to join Diane's law firm. Alexis refused to consider it. As the two ladies argued about Alexis' refusal to accept Diane's job offer, Sonny entered. Diane was thrilled to see that Sonny had taken her advice about changing shirts.

Sonny was curious why Alexis wanted to be a part of the defense team. Alexis explained that she was there for the sake of their daughter. Alexis was certain that despite Kristina's anger, Kristina would be devastated if Sonny were convicted. Diane refused to consider Alexis' offer to help unless Alexis agreed to accept the job at Diane's law firm. Alexis insisted that it was up to Sonny to decide whether or not Alexis stayed.

Sonny refused to be caught in the middle. He instructed Diane and Alexis to work it out. Diane and Alexis give an inch; Alexis quickly gathered her things. Claire approached the defense table moments later. "Claire Walsh for the government," she introduced herself. "I'm so looking forward to putting your client behind bars."

Alexis and Diane's jaws dropped. Alexis quickly advised Diane to request a continuance since a new prosecutor had been assigned to the case. The judge entered the courtroom seconds later. Alexis took a seat behind Diane and Sonny while the judge called the court to order. After Sonny pled, "Not guilty," Claire requested that Sonny's bail be revoked because Sonny was a flight risk.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mac entered Dante's room to hand Dante a government subpoena. Mac explained that Dante was expected to testify at Sonny's arraignment. Mac revealed that the new prosecutor believed that Dante could add credibility to the argument that Sonny was a flight risk because Dante knew about Sonny's offshore accounts. Lulu pointed out that Dante was still recovering from a gunshot wound. Mac conceded that a doctor would have to sign off on a medical release form before Dante could leave the hospital.

After Mac left, Lulu wondered what Dante intended to do. Dante realized that he would eventually have to testify against Sonny, so it wasn't a surprise that he had been subpoenaed. Steve entered the room a few minutes later. Steve explained that Dante would have to undergo some tests before Steve would be able to sign off on Dante's release. Lulu decided to go to Dante's apartment to pick up a suit in case Dante was given the clearance to go to court.

At the nurses' station, Patrick and Robin were discussing a patient when Steve and Lisa approached. Steve and Lisa were laughing as they talked about the Tim McGraw concert. Patrick couldn't believe that Steve and Lisa were actually going to go to the concert. Lisa wondered why Patrick was surprised; she was a huge fan of the singer. Steve suggested that Patrick sounded jealous. Robin explained, "Patrick is mad because you can see Tim McGraw from anywhere. The next concert we're going to see is the philharmonic."

Lisa and Steve joked that Patrick sounded "whipped." Patrick's expression made it clear that he wasn't amused. Seconds later, Mac approached the nurses' station. Robin was surprised to see her uncle. Mac explained that he had stopped by to drop off a subpoena. Robin was saddened when Mac told her that Dante was expected to take the stand against Sonny. Robin thought that it was too much of a burden to expect a son to testify against his father.

Robin went to Dante's room to talk to Dante about Sonny. She showed Dante a picture of her with Stone, during happy times, while she opened up about Sonny and Stone's relationship, Stone's diagnosis of AIDS, and Stone's tragic death. Robin revealed that Sonny had taken care of Stone until the end. Later, Sonny had been there for Robin as she struggled to deal with her own HIV positive diagnosis. Robin insisted that Sonny was the kindest and most generous person that she had ever met. Dante was moved by Robin's story.

Patrick stood outside of the room, eavesdropping. He was furious as he listened to Robin. Eventually, Patrick entered the room to demand to have a private word with Robin. Robin stepped into the hallway with Patrick and then informed him that she hadn't appreciated how Patrick had practically dragged her out of the room by her hair. Patrick accused Robin of trying to influence Dante not to testify against Sonny. Robin insisted that Dante needed to hear what she had to say. Patrick didn't think that it was any of Robin's business.

Lulu ran into Johnny near the elevators. She asked Johnny not to bother Dante. Lulu explained that there had been a steady stream of people who had tried to pressure Dante not to testify against Sonny. Lulu realized that Johnny wanted Dante to crucify Sonny, but she argued that Dante needed his rest. Johnny wondered what the chances were that Dante would "stick to his guns." Lulu admitted that she wanted Sonny to be put away for good, but she insisted that it was Dante's decision.

Johnny believed that Dante was lucky to have Lulu. "I know," Lulu jokingly admitted. Lulu confessed that she was concerned that Sonny might "slide" on being convicted because nothing ever seemed to stick to Sonny. Johnny confided that he had a feeling that Sonny would get exactly what Sonny deserved.

Lulu returned to the hospital a short time later with a change of clothes for Dante. Dante wondered if Lulu had ever heard of Stone. Dante revealed that Robin had paid him a visit to talk about Sonny and Stone. Lulu sensed that Dante was conflicted about his testimony. She assured Dante that she would support whatever Dante decided. Patrick entered the room to sign off on Dante's paperwork. Dante was curious why Patrick wasn't trying to stop Dante from testifying. Patrick explained that it didn't concern him. "That's a refreshing point of view," Lulu quipped.

At the nurses' station, Robin and Steve reviewed Dante's test results. Robin was disappointed that there wasn't a medical reason to isolate Dante from the prosecution, so that Dante would have more time to consider his testimony. Robin and Steve were shocked when they saw Dante slowly make his way to the elevator. Steve was livid when Dante revealed that Patrick had given Dante the go-ahead to leave. Steve turned to Patrick for confirmation.

Patrick was unrepentant; he insisted that Dante was fit to testify. Robin accused Patrick of releasing Dante, so that Robin wouldn't have another chance to talk to Dante. Patrick didn't deny it. Steve reminded Patrick that Dante wasn't Patrick's patient. Patrick had overstepped his bounds by signing off on the release form. Steve warned Patrick not to let it happen again. After Steve walked away, Robin confronted Patrick. Patrick claimed that Dante was a big boy who was capable of deciding what to do without Robin's input.

At Kelly's, Sam joined Kristina and Ethan at their table. Ethan invited Sam to play a hand of poker with them. Sam wondered if Alexis was aware of Kristina's new pastime. Kristina laughed; she admitted that Alexis would be horrified. As Ethan dealt the cards, Kristina sang Ethan's praises. It didn't escape Sam's notice that Kristina was obviously smitten with Ethan. Moments later, Kristina received a text message. Kristina explained that she had to make a phone call, so she excused herself. As soon as Kristina stepped away, Sam decided to cut to the chase.

Sam informed Ethan that Kristina clearly had a crush on him. Ethan admitted that it wasn't hard to miss. Sam demanded to know why Ethan was encouraging Kristina. Ethan seemed surprised. He explained that he was merely being nice to a "mixed-up kid with daddy issues and a jerk for a boyfriend." Sam relaxed. She agreed with Ethan's assessment, but she also pointed out that Ethan had sent Kristina mixed signals. Ethan assured Sam that it had not been intentional.

Outside, Kristina called Kiefer to let him know that she had received his text message. Kristina explained that "something came up," so she wouldn't be able to meet him later. Kristina quickly ended the call and then returned to the table. Sam excused herself, which prompted Ethan to announce that he had to get to work. Kristina was disappointed; she wondered when she could have another poker lesson. Ethan assured Kristina that she was a sweet girl, but she was a little too young for him. He apologized if he had inadvertently led her on.

After Ethan left, Kristina turned to Sam. Kristina realized that Sam had been behind Ethan's sudden departure. Sam insisted that Ethan was too old for Kristina. Kristina reminded Sam that Sam had once had a "thing" with Sonny. Kristina pointed out that the age gap between Sam and Sonny had been far greater than the age gap between Kristina and Ethan.

Sam argued that the difference was that Sam had been an adult when Sam had been involved with Sonny. Kristina, on the other hand, was a teenager. Sam made it clear that she refused to discuss her relationship with Sonny further than that. Kristina retorted that Sam wasn't her mother. Kristina didn't think that she would ever be able to forgive Sam for interfering.

At Greystone Manor, Michael demanded to know how Sonny going on trial for Michael's crime made Sonny a better father. Jason explained that Sonny was trying to make up for all of the times that Sonny had failed Michael. Michael was curious if Jason would stand idly by while Sonny took the blame for a murder that Jason had committed. Jason didn't think that the situations were similar. Jason insisted that Michael needed to let Sonny take responsibility for Claudia's death.

A short time later, Jason received a call from Sonny. Sonny ordered Jason to get to the courthouse as soon as possible. After Jason ended the call, Michael asked if everything was okay. Jason didn't know, but he instructed Michael to stay put. Jason made it clear to Max that Michael was not to leave. Max invited Michael to help Max select college basketball teams for Max's March Madness picks, but Michael wasn't interested.

Kristina entered the parlor moments later. She wanted to speak to her brother alone. After Max left the room, Michael demanded to know why Kristina wasn't at the courthouse with Sonny. Kristina suspected that Michael wanted to confess, in order to save their father. Michael believed that it was the right thing to do. "No, it's not," Kristina argued. According to Kristina, the one decent and unselfish thing that Sonny had done had been to take responsibility for Claudia's death.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Jax left a message for Claire. As he ended the call, Everett Dawson approached Jax. Dawson was furious that Claire had taken over the Corinthos case. Dawson demanded to know why Jax had gotten Dawson booted. Jax explained that Claire was the best. Jax informed Dawson that Jax's kids had gone through "hell," so failure was not an option.

Nearby, Johnny joined Olivia at the bar. As Johnny wrapped his arms around Olivia and then nuzzled her neck, Olivia reminded Johnny that she didn't want anything to do with the mob. Johnny assured her that he understood her position. Olivia was curious if Johnny was suggesting that he wasn't trying to start a mob war. Johnny moved to pour himself a shot of vodka. He wondered if there were any room for gray in Olivia's world or if everything had to be black or white.

Olivia said she nearly lost her son because Sonny had shot Dante. She insisted that she couldn't go down that road again. Olivia feared that Johnny would eventually turn out just like Sonny. Johnny denied it, but Olivia argued that Johnny was following the same path as Sonny had. Johnny made clear that he refused to give up on Olivia.

Johnny showed up at the Haunted Star a short time later, and claimed that he wanted to gamble. Ethan informed Johnny that the casino was closed. Johnny insisted on playing a private game, so Ethan fetched a bottle of vodka and two glasses. As Ethan dealt the cards, Johnny offered Ethan the opportunity to make some extra money. Ethan realized that Johnny's offer involved Sonny.

Johnny made it clear that he wouldn't be satisfied with Sonny going to jail. Johnny was determined to make certain that Sonny lost everything. Ethan wasn't interested in revenge. Johnny pointed out that Ethan didn't have to worry about that; however, it was the perfect time to strike against Sonny. Johnny pointed out that everyone was distracted with Sonny's trial.

At the courthouse, Diane reminded the judge that Sonny's bail had been set. Claire argued that things had changed because she had taken over the case. Alexis reminded the judge that the terms of Sonny's bail could not be changed mid-stride. The judge ordered Alexis to sit down and be quiet. Claire warned the judge that Sonny would flee at the first opportunity.

Diane pointed out that Sonny hadn't fled, so clearly Claire was wrong. Claire suggested that Sonny had remained in Port Charles because his son had been recovering from a gunshot wound. Diane accused Claire of attempting to try the case. Sonny demanded to have a private word with Diane. Diane approached Sonny to quietly instruct him to remain silent. Sonny refused; he threatened to walk out of the courtroom if Diane did not request a recess. Diane complied, so the judge granted a brief recess.

Alexis warned Sonny that he had not helped his case. Sonny ignored Alexis. As everyone left the courtroom, Diane blasted Sonny for not following her orders. Sonny wanted to know what the chances were of the judge revoking his bail. Diane admitted that they were excellent after the stunt that Sonny had pulled in the courtroom. Sonny made it clear that he would not go to jail. Diane didn't want to know what Sonny planned to do; she just wanted Sonny's assurance that Sonny wouldn't be his own worst enemy.

Nearby, Alexis introduced herself to Claire. Alexis was curious what had happened to Dawson. Claire explained that Dawson had been relieved of the case because Claire had been a "better fit." Alexis admitted that she found the sudden change curious. Alexis changed her mind when she spotted Jax enter the courthouse. Alexis approached Jax and then demanded, "What on earth have you done?" Jax was unapologetic as he admitted that he had pulled some strings to make certain that Claire tried the case.

Alexis wondered if Jax had considered that Sonny's incarceration might not be best for Michael, Morgan, and Kristina. Alexis begged Jax to back off for the sake of the children. Jax was certain that the kids would "get over it" with Carly and Alexis' help. Jax made it clear that he would do everything in his power to make sure Sonny was sent away for good.

Alexis sought out Claire to warn her that Claire had walked into a "hornet's nest." "What fun," Claire admitted "Nothing clouds judgment like emotion." Claire believed that she could use it to her advantage.

Diane was stunned when Jason approached Sonny. Diane ordered Jason to leave before Claire slapped Jason with a subpoena. After Diane stormed off, Sonny ordered Jason to prepare a contingency plan, in the event that Sonny's bail was revoked.

Everyone returned to the courtroom moments later. Diane argued that Sonny wouldn't leave Port Charles because Sonny had children who lived in town. Alexis advised Diane to remind the judge that Sonny was a philanthropist with ties to the community. The judge suggested that Alexis have her name added to the books as an attorney of record, until then she was to remain quiet. The judge then invited Diane to continue. Diane took Alexis' advice. Diane concluded her speech by pointing out to the judge that Sonny had already had ample opportunity to flee, but he had remained in Port Charles.

Claire addressed the court next. She referred to Sonny as a ruthless self-serving criminal who would run at the first sign that the trial was not going his way. As Dante and Lulu entered the courtroom, Claire revealed that Detective Dante Falconeri was available to take the stand to confirm that Sonny had a vast fortune available in offshore accounts.

Jason entered the penthouse and was looking for Spinelli. Sam was talking to Spinelli on the phone, so she handed the phone to Jason. Jason ordered Spinelli to drop what he was doing and return to the penthouse. After Jason disconnected the call, he filled Sam in on Sonny's situation. Sam offered to help in any way that she could. Jason decided that their best opportunity to free Sonny was when they transferred Sonny from the courthouse to the jail.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lucky broke into Johnny's garage. Lucky realized that someone was already lurking inside, so Lucky identified himself as a police officer and then ordered the person in the garage to freeze. Luke stepped out of the shadows moments later. Lucky wondered why Luke was snooping around Johnny's garage. Luke eventually revealed that Sonny's hijacked shipment had been hidden in the garage.

Lucky had already known that Johnny had been responsible for the stolen shipment. Lucky revealed that Jason had found some shell casings at Pier 52 and that Spinelli had discovered some surveillance footage of Johnny fleeing the scene. Luke was concerned that Ethan was being drawn into Johnny's vendetta. Lucky confided that Jason wanted Lucky to arrest Johnny before things went too far.

Luke changed the subject to inquire about Lucky's head injury. Lucky told Luke about the car accident that had followed Lucky's visit with Liz. Luke was surprised to hear that Lucky had assured Liz that all had been forgiven. Lucky quickly clarified that it had been a lie; the words had merely been an attempt to help Liz through a difficult period. Luke suggested that it was much too soon for Lucky to consider forgiving Liz.

Lucky was frustrated because he felt as if Liz was disappearing before his eyes. Lucky didn't know what to do. Luke suggested that they knock Ethan over the head, throw Ethan into a trunk, and then drive to Key West for a vacation. Lucky admitted that it sounded tempting, but he couldn't leave. Luke advised Lucky to consider that it might be time for Lucky to accept that Lucky's time with Liz was over.

A short time later, Lucky received a call advising him that Sonny's bail might be revoked. Luke was certain that Jason would take steps to make certain that Sonny did not go to jail. Lucky agreed. Luke warned Lucky that things were about to get ugly, so Lucky needed to be prepared. Lucky appreciated his father's advice. Lucky left moments later.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan dealt a hand of blackjack while Johnny tried to persuade Ethan to join Johnny in a raid against Sonny. Ethan pointed out that the recent theft from Pier 52 had put Sonny's men on alert. Ethan warned Johnny that Pier 21 would be heavily guarded. Johnny didn't appear concerned. Ethan realized that Johnny viewed Ethan as a form of insurance. Sonny's men wouldn't kill Ethan because of Luke.

Johnny insisted that Sonny didn't care about Luke. Johnny needed Ethan for backup, not insurance. Ethan claimed to have a full "dance card," so Ethan wasn't interested in joining forces with Johnny. Tracy entered the casino moments later. Tracy took one look at Johnny and then announced that they weren't interested in what Johnny was selling. Tracy considered Johnny nothing but trouble. She blamed Johnny for Lulu's breakdown. Johnny admitted that he was a bad influence. Johnny suggested that perhaps Ethan was better off not getting involved in Johnny's business.

After Johnny left, Tracy demanded to know if Ethan had bought Johnny's act. Ethan made it clear that he knew when he was getting played. However, Ethan conceded that Johnny had a point. Tracy warned Ethan that it was impossible to get out of the mob once a person was in. Tracy reminded Ethan that Luke had spent years living on the run from the mob. She begged Ethan to stay away from Johnny. Ethan was frustrated because he had suddenly grown roots and had a family who cared about him after years of living on his own. Ethan admitted that it was a bit overwhelming.

Later, Johnny was in the middle of a shootout when Ethan suddenly appeared. Ethan decided to provide Johnny with some backup. The two men ducked behind some crates as shots continued to rain down around them.

At the penthouse, Spinelli feverishly worked on his laptop while Jason and Sam devised a plan to spirit Sonny out of town if Sonny's bail was revoked. Sam wondered if Spinelli could manipulate the traffic lights to help make their escape easier. Spinelli assured Sam that it wouldn't be a problem. However, Spinelli pointed out that if Sonny ran then it would be an implied admission of guilt. Jason argued that they had to follow Sonny's orders.

Spinelli worried that Jason would land in jail for helping Sonny leave the country. Jason considered hiding out in Canada or disappearing with Sonny. Sam insisted that there had to be another way, but Jason didn't have any other ideas. Later, Spinelli and Jason were reviewing the plans on the phone. Max would attack Sam while Milo stole her purse. During the diversion, Jason would help Sonny escape.

In the courtroom, Claire argued that Sonny's bail should be revoked because Sonny was a flight risk. Claire informed the judge that Dante Falconeri could testify that Sonny had a vast fortune in offshore accounts. Alexis and Diane objected. The judge suggested that Alexis either join the defense team or sit down and be quiet. The judge gave Alexis five seconds to decide. Diane reminded Alexis of her terms. As the seconds ticked down, Alexis reluctantly agreed to join Diane's law firm.

After the matter was settled, Alexis continued her argument that Sonny had plenty of opportunity to flee the country, but he had stayed. The judge needed more information before rendering a decision. Dante was asked to take the stand. Alexis sat down next to Sonny while Dante was sworn in. Alexis and Diane briefly conferred, until the judge reminded the attorneys that they were in court.

Claire did her best to force Dante to reveal the truth about the shooting, but Dante insisted that it had been a self-inflicted accident. Eventually, Alexis and Diane accused Claire of trying to badger the witness. The judge decided that he had heard enough, so he called a brief recess, in order to deliberate. Sonny took the opportunity to thank Dante for lying on the stand. Dante made it clear that he had not done it for Sonny. Dante wanted Sonny to go to jail for killing Claudia, not because Dante had botched an arrest. Diane advised Sonny not to talk to Dante.

Jax was less than pleased with Claire's performance. Claire insisted that she had to do things her way. The judge returned minutes later with a decision about Sonny's bail.

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin argued about Sonny. Patrick didn't think that Robin should get involved in Sonny's trial. Robin pointed out that Sonny was her friend. Steve was forced to step in when things became heated. Lisa joined the group moments later. Lisa couldn't understand Robin's defense of mobsters. Lisa insisted that shooting an unarmed man was criminal behavior that deserved prosecution.

Robin reminded Lisa that Lisa didn't know Robin's history with Sonny. Robin insisted that Sonny was a kind and generous man who had donated an entire wing to the hospital. Lisa agreed that Sonny had been charming when Lisa had met him, but it didn't change what Sonny had done to Dante. Steve didn't think that Sonny's generosity should have any bearing on how they treated patients. Steve claimed that Robin had put Dante under stress by talking to him about Sonny.

Robin disagreed with Steve's assessment, but she promised not to do it again. Robin realized that she didn't have any support from Patrick or her friends. Later, Steve overheard Robin snapping at someone in the lab over the phone. Steve took the phone from Robin and then dragged her away from the nurses' station.

Steve and Robin went to Kelly's for a milkshake. They briefly discussed Liz's situation before Steve steered the conversation to why Robin felt compelled to help Sonny and Jason. Robin acknowledged that Sonny and Jason had done some bad things, but they also had done many great things. Robin explained that Sonny had taken care of her when she had needed it most. Robin had seen the compassionate, loving, and protective side of Sonny that many people had not.

Robin revealed that she had a bond with Sonny that no one could break. Steve wondered how Patrick felt about that. Robin claimed that Sonny had been wonderful to her and he had helped her after Stone had died. Robin insisted that if Patrick had a problem with that then there was nothing that she could do about it. Steve suggested that Robin might use the memories of Stone as some kind of boundary line to remind Patrick that she was HIV positive while Patrick wasn't.

Steve speculated that it was a way for Robin to tell Patrick that, no matter how much they loved each other, there were things that Patrick could never touch or understand. Robin confided that after Stone and Jason, she had been resolved to not get involved with anyone again. Robin had never imagined that she would marry; she had been content to live her life alone.

Robin didn't want to be defined by her past. Everyone thought that she was brave and amazing, but Robin didn't feel that she was. The mention of Stone reminded her of all the pain and grief that she had endured.

Lisa followed Patrick to Jake's, in an effort to sort things out. Lisa offered to buy Patrick a drink. Patrick accepted Lisa's invitation. As Patrick and Lisa sat down at a table, Lisa asked about Robin's relationship with Jason and Sonny. Patrick talked about Robin's past with Jason and Sonny. He realized that Robin was close to Jason and Sonny, but he confessed that Robin kept that part of her life separate from her life with Patrick.

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