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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 15, 2010 on GH
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Monday, March 15, 2010

On the Haunted Star, Sam laid into Ethan because she believed he had caused the bruises on Kristina's arm. She told him in no uncertain terms that if he hurt Kristina, he would answer to her.

Ethan explained that Kristina had hit on him, and he had tried to set her straight, but Sam did not believe him. When Luke tried to support Ethan, Sam accused both men of lying about Kristina and believing she had gotten what she deserved.

Kiefer was furious with Kristina and beat her severely. When he finished pummeling her, Kristina was supine on the floor, and her face was swollen and bleeding. Both she and Kiefer were crying. Before running away from the lake house, he accused her of forcing him to hurt her.

Helen confronted the General Hospital lab tech that was conducting the paternity test for Liz's unborn child. He told her the results would be ready in an hour. Steve stepped off the elevator and sent the tech back to work. When Steve told Helena not to interfere with the staff, she threw the weight of her family's money around. When Steve was not intimidated, she intimated that she knew secrets about Steve that would cause the board to rescind his job at GH.

Liz called Lucky to Shadybrook, where she asked him to be honest with her. She wanted to know if he wanted her unborn child to be his. Lucky tried to hedge but eventually told her that he did not want the child to be his. He told her that he did not want to be a couple with her and that it was time for both of them to move on. Liz was tearful when he left.

Sonny almost divulged to Dante that Michael had killed Claudia, but Jason entered Sonny's living room and interrupted their conversation. Dante continued to believe that Michael had witnessed Sonny beat Claudia to death. He urged Sonny to let Michael tell the truth.

Sonny was torn, but Jason was able to get Dante to leave before Sonny told him the truth. After Dante was gone, Jason insisted that Dante could not be trusted to do what was right for Michael. He urged Sonny to continue to keep the secret that Michael had actually killed Claudia. He told Sonny not to sacrifice Michael for Dante. Despite his reluctance to have Dante view him as a man who could hurt women, Sonny agreed to keep quiet. After Jason left, Sonny called Michael.

Kate and Lulu rushed Maxie to General Hospital, where Epiphany and Robin chastised her for checking herself out. Kate was appalled to realize that her selfish demands had caused Maxie's actions. When she learned of Maxie's heart condition, she told Lulu to take the night off and stay with Maxie then spend some time with Dante.

Spinelli was very upset when he wheeled himself into Maxie's room. He became agitated and started blaming himself, but Monica stopped him and told him that his frantic behavior was not helping Maxie.

After having words with Luke, Ethan stormed out of the Haunted Star, determined to confront Kristina. When he arrived at the lake house, he found her unconscious on the floor. When he tried to rouse her, she accidentally scratched his face. He picked her up and rushed her to the hospital.

Molly and Alexis shared ice cream at Kelly's and talked about what a good time they were having on their night out together. When Dante arrived, Molly invited him to join them. Both Alexis and Dante were reluctant to talk about the case against Sonny, but Molly questioned Dante about his feelings. He admitted he was glad to find he had brothers and sisters.

When Lucky arrived at Kelly's, Dante left the ladies and joined Lucky at another table. Dante told Lucky that Sonny had almost told him everything, but Jason arrived and stopped him. Dante said he was convinced that Michael had seen Sonny kill Claudia. He said he could understand why Sonny would use Michael to save his own skin, but he did not understand why Carly would sacrifice Michael for Sonny.

Lulu arrived, and Lucky was called away on an assault case. Lulu and Dante flirted, but when Dante mentioned his suspicions about what Michael had seen, Lulu told him that if Michael had seen Sonny murder Claudia, Michael would be sent out of the country and not return until after the trial.

Dante told her she was right. He said he kept hoping to see a good person underneath Sonny's outer demeanor, but he knew that Sonny was ruthless and would sacrifice anyone to protect himself and his empire.

Tracy caught up with Luke on the Haunted Star. He told her about Ethan's trouble with Kristina. He was frustrated and did not want to interfere, especially since he was leaving to conduct business in Las Vegas the following day.

Patrick noticed that Robin seemed worried. When he asked, she told him about her fears for Maxie. He tried to comfort her, but they were interrupted when Ethan rushed in carrying Kristina.

Jason found Spinelli, who was wringing his hands and blaming himself for Maxie's condition. Spinelli said that he intended to walk away from Maxie for her own good, just as Jason had walked away from his son, Jake, for a similar reason.

Robin and Monica listened as Mac railed against Spinelli and blamed him for Maxie's condition. Maxie said she would be fine and demanded to see Spinelli. When she tried to get out of bed, Monica made her lie back down and told her she had pneumonia, and it was putting a serious strain on her heart.

While Patrick called Sonny to tell him what had happened to Kristina, Epiphany made a similar call to Alexis. Meanwhile, Steve told Lucky that it would be some time before Kristina could tell him what had happened.

Lucky saw Ethan in the lobby. Ethan told Lucky he had taken Kristina to the hospital after finding her at the lake house. Lucky noticed the scratch on Ethan's face, but Ethan said he did not want to talk about it and left the hospital.

Nikolas met with Liz, who told him Lucky preferred not to be the baby's father. She acknowledged that their relationship was over. Nikolas said he was sorry then told her he had used his influence to get the paternity test results immediately.

Helena was gleeful as she prepared to see the paternity results that had been delivered to her by the GH lab tech she had paid off to give her an advanced look at the results.

Back on the Haunted Star, Tracy noticed the scratch on Ethan's face. When she asked him what had happened, he said he'd had a nasty little run-in with reality. Before he swallowed his drink, he lifted the glass to her and said, "Lesson learned."

Alexis and Sonny raced into Kristina's treatment bay and were appalled by her bloody, swollen face. Patrick and Steve assured them that the damage was superficial. Lucky looked on. When Sonny and Alexis asked who had hurt her, Kristina hesitated before naming Ethan as her attacker.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

At General Hospital, Helena held the results of the paternity test while she questioned the lab technician about any possibility of error. The lab tech assured Helena that the results were more than 99% accurate. Helena opened the envelope and smiled with delight. The lab tech was surprised that Helena was happy that Lucky was the baby's father.

Helena had hoped the baby would be a Spencer. She ordered the tech to change the lab results to show that Nikolas was the baby's father. Helena intended to raise the baby as a Cassadine and teach it to hate all things Spencer. Helena anticipated Luke's family being undone by one of their own.

Nikolas went to Shadybrook to visit Liz while they waited for the paternity test results. Liz confessed that she was afraid. Nikolas suspected that Liz hoped the baby would be Lucky's. Liz insisted that she would love her baby no matter who the father was. Nikolas wanted Liz to be honest about whom she hoped was the father of her unborn baby. Liz clarified that it didn't matter, since she intended to raise the baby on her own.

Liz appreciated that Lucky and Nikolas wanted to be a part of the baby's life, but she didn't expect either of them to help her raise the baby. Nikolas suggested that Liz's life wouldn't change if Lucky turned out to be the father. Liz acknowledged that it would be easier for everyone if Lucky were the father because Lucky was already raising Jake and Cameron.

Liz suspected that Nikolas still had hopes of sharing a life with her. Nikolas cut her off; he had promised not to pressure her about a relationship. Liz jokingly wondered if he intended to wait until she had been discharged from the sanitarium. Nikolas grinned; it had been a while since he had seen her smile. Liz was disappointed when she realized that Lucky hadn't called to check if the lab results were in. Seconds later, Nikolas' cell phone rang. It was the lab tech; he wanted Nikolas to know that the paternity test results wouldn't be ready until the following day.

After Nikolas left, Liz talked to her children on the phone. She was happy to hear that they had made green cookies for St. Patrick's Day. After she asked Cameron to save her one of the cookies, Steve got on the phone. Liz thanked her brother for helping with the children. She promised to see him the next day when she picked up the results for the paternity test.

After Liz ended the call, Helena entered the room. Liz ordered Helena to leave, but Helena ignored her. Helena claimed that she wanted to get to know Liz better, since it was likely that Nikolas was the baby's father.

At the hospital, Lucky questioned Kristina about the attack. Kristina accused Ethan of the vicious assault that had left Kristina's face and bruised and swollen. Lucky was stunned; he asked if Kristina was certain. "Yes, it was Ethan," Kristina confirmed. Lucky didn't understand why Ethan would hurt Kristina.

Sonny closed his eyes while Kristina told them she had gone to the Haunted Star to see Ethan. Lucky was curious if Ethan had invited Kristina to the casino. Kristina answered, "No, but he's been really nice and paying attention to me." Kristina told them that Ethan had been furious; he had accused her of being too young, and he had claimed that she had embarrassed him.

Kristina told them that Ethan had grabbed her and ordered her to leave. Lucky wondered if anyone had witnessed the incident. Kristina confessed that everyone in the casino, including Luke, had seen the confrontation. According to Kristina, Ethan had shown up at the lake house shortly after she had arrived home. Ethan had been enraged and out of control.

Kristina sobbed as she accused Ethan of repeatedly striking her until she had begun to fear that he would never stop. Alexis decided that Kristina needed to rest. Lucky turned to ask Sonny something, but Sonny was gone.

Later, Alexis announced that the doctors had assured her that Kristina hadn't suffered any broken bones or other serious injuries. Kristina couldn't believe the attack had happened; she imagined that Alexis was disappointed. Alexis insisted that nothing justified the abuse that Kristina had suffered. Alexis promised that they would get through it together. However, Alexis confessed that she was baffled why Kristina hadn't been with Kiefer. Kristina refused to discuss it.

At the penthouse, Sam turned to Jason for help. She explained that things had gotten ugly between Kristina and Ethan. Sam told Jason about the bruise she had seen on Kristina's arm. She explained that when she had confronted Ethan about Kristina's injury, Ethan had basically told her that Kristina had deserved it. Sam admitted that she had been tempted to kick Ethan's "ass."

Jason wished Sam had called him. Sam insisted it wasn't about her; Kristina needed their help. Sam had known that Kristina had had a crush on Ethan, but Sam hadn't realized where things had been headed. Sam blamed herself for Kristina's interest in a man like Ethan.

Sam had opened up to Kristina about some of her abusive relationships. Sam had hoped that her experiences would serve as cautionary tales. Sam knew that Kristina idolized her. Sam feared that on a subconscious level, Kristina had tried to emulate Sam's life, which had ultimately led Kristina to Ethan. Sam worried that Kristina might continue to act out because of the pressure Alexis had put on Kristina and the stress from Sonny's trial.

Jason reminded Sam that Kristina knew that Sonny had not killed Claudia. Sam's phone rang before she could respond. It was Alexis. Alexis explained that Kristina had been admitted to the hospital after Ethan had assaulted her. Sam was devastated. She told Jason about the attack then left for the hospital.

A short time later, Sam entered Kristina's hospital room. Alexis sat at Kristina's bedside. Sam apologized for leaving Kristina alone at the lake house in order to confront Ethan at the casino. Kristina was eager to know how Ethan had reacted. "He threw a lot of attitude around and didn't show much remorse," Sam explained. Sam assured her sister that Kristina hadn't done anything wrong. "This is all on Ethan," Sam insisted.

Later, Kristina had some time alone with Sam. Kristina was curious how Sam had felt after being abused. Sam confessed that it had ultimately made her a stronger person; she promised it would be the same for Kristina. Kristina suggested that it took two people. Sam quickly clarified that no man had a right to put his hands on a woman.

Kristina confided that she was glad Sam was there. Sam regretted that she hadn't noticed that things were getting out of control. Kristina also had regrets; she wished she had listened to Sam about Ethan. "Tonight wouldn't have happened," Kristina suggested.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy demanded to know what had happened between Ethan and Kristina. "Nothing," Ethan insisted. Tracy didn't believe him. She pointed out that Ethan's prickly attitude spoke volumes. Ethan admitted that Kristina had shown up at the casino earlier that evening. He'd realized that Kristina had been upset when she had left, so he had gone to see her to clear the air.

Ethan had found Kristina barely conscious and beaten, so he had picked her up and rushed her to the hospital. Tracy was curious about the scratch on Ethan's face. He explained that it had been a reflexive action when he had startled Kristina. Tracy decided to call Luke. She instructed Ethan to stay out of trouble then left. Moments later, Sonny approached Ethan from behind.

Sonny ordered Ethan to turn around. Ethan was shocked to find the barrel of Sonny's gun aimed directly at Ethan's heart. Sonny threatened to kill Ethan for attacking Kristina. Ethan proclaimed his innocence, but Sonny didn't believe him. Dante arrived in time to stop his father from killing Ethan. Sonny suggested that Dante stop being a cop long enough to be a big brother to Kristina.

Moments later, Lucky and Tracy entered the casino. Lucky urged Sonny to put the gun down. Tracy demanded to know what was going on. Lucky revealed that Kristina had accused Ethan of attacking her. Ethan was shocked; he insisted that he hadn't harmed Kristina. Ethan pointed out that he had taken Kristina to the hospital.

Sonny vowed that Ethan would pay for hurting Kristina. After Sonny stormed off, Ethan insisted he hadn't laid a hand on Kristina. Ethan didn't know why Kristina had lied. Lucky advised Ethan to stop talking because Ethan was only incriminating himself further.

Later, Tracy attempted to reach Luke, to no avail. As Tracy disconnected the phone, Alexis entered the casino and demanded to speak to Luke. Tracy explained that Luke was out of town, but she had heard about what had happened to Kristina. Alexis didn't sense any sympathy from Tracy. Tracy confessed that Ethan insisted he was innocent. "He's lying," Alexis snapped. Alexis warned Tracy that Sonny would hunt Ethan down if Ethan didn't turn himself in.

Sonny went to Jason's penthouse to discuss Kristina's situation. Sonny admitted that he had gone to the Haunted Star to kill Ethan. However, Lucky had reached Dante before Sonny had been able to carry out the deed. Jason was relieved. Sonny made it clear that he wanted Ethan dead by the end of the night. Jason cautioned Sonny against making a rash decision.

Jason reminded Sonny that Luke might retaliate. Sonny didn't care, but he hoped Luke would understand Sonny's position. Sonny was certain that Luke would be out to avenge Lulu if Dante or Michael had harmed her.

Sam spotted her mother when Alexis returned to the hospital. Sam confessed that several months back, Kristina had decided to have sex with Kiefer. Alexis wondered why Sam hadn't told her sooner. Sam admitted that she had advised Kristina to talk to Alexis, but Kristina had refused. Sam took responsibility for scheduling an appointment at a free clinic and taking Kristina to get birth control. Alexis didn't know how to respond to what Sam had told her. Sam apologized; Sam had never meant for Kristina to end up like her.

Kristina had flashbacks of the attack while she sat alone in her room. She was surprised to find Dante standing in the doorway when she looked up. Kristina realized she probably looked "hideous" because no one would give her a mirror. Dante assured Kristina that she was as gorgeous as always; he clarified that what had happened to her had been ugly.

Kristina appreciated Dante's kindness. Dante promised her that he had meant every word. He vowed that Ethan would pay for hurting Kristina. Kristina confided that she was happy Dante was her brother. "Same here," Dante confessed. Sonny entered the room shortly after Kristina fell asleep. Dante stepped away so Sonny could sit with Kristina.

Dante stopped in the doorway when he heard Sonny whisper to Kristina that she looked so much like her grandmother, Adella, after his stepfather had beaten her. Sonny softly talked about the beatings he had witnessed. He admitted that he had promised himself that his loved ones would never endure such violence. Sonny broke down in tears as he acknowledged that he had failed Kristina.

At the police station, Ronnie tried to persuade Johnny to testify that Claudia had feared for her life and had been in constant danger from Sonny. Before Johnny could respond, Lucky and Ethan entered the squad room. Ethan insisted that he hadn't done anything wrong. Lucky quickly secured Ethan to a chair in an interrogation room and asked to have a private word with Ronnie.

Johnny slipped into the interrogation room to find out what was going on. Ethan explained that he had been falsely accused of attacking Kristina, but no one believed him. Ethan warned Johnny that Sonny was out for Ethan's blood. Johnny left the interrogation room before anyone discovered him.

Lucky returned to talk to Ethan a short time later. Ethan pointed out that the person who had assaulted Kristina would have bruised hands, which Ethan didn't. Ethan wondered if Lucky had questioned any of the neighbors to see if anyone had witnessed the attack. Lucky assured Ethan that it would be looked into. Lucky advised Ethan to keep quiet until Ethan's lawyer arrived. Ethan wondered what he had to do to convince Lucky that Kristina had wrongly accused him.

Lucky confessed that it didn't look good for Ethan. Ethan insisted it wasn't in his nature to violently beat someone like that. Lucky couldn't understand why Kristina would make up such an outrageous lie. Lucky wanted to believe Ethan, but Lucky no longer trusted his own judgment. Lucky pointed to Nikolas' affair with Liz as an example. Ethan was adamant that he would never commit such a "sickening crime." If Lucky didn't believe Ethan, then Ethan wanted Lucky to leave him alone.

Jason left Spinelli a message to return the call immediately. After Jason ended the call, someone knocked on the door. It was Johnny. Johnny revealed that he had talked to Ethan. Johnny warned Jason that Ethan had not attacked Kristina. Jason was curious why Johnny seemed so certain of Ethan's innocence. Johnny confessed that he had seen it in Ethan's face when Ethan had told Johnny about the arrest.

Jason wondered why Kristina would lie. Johnny reminded Jason that Kristina had lied for weeks after she had run Claudia off the road. Johnny realized that Sonny had probably ordered a hit on Ethan. He cautioned Jason not to carry out the order until Jason had an opportunity to gather all the facts.

Kiefer went to the lake house to check on Kristina. He saw Molly sitting in the living room when he peered through the window. Seconds later, Kiefer knocked on the door. Molly held back tears as she invited Kiefer inside. Kiefer apologized for stopping by so late, but he had been concerned about Kristina after she had canceled their date. Molly tearfully explained that Kristina had been assaulted and rushed to the hospital.

Kiefer was stunned when Molly revealed that Kristina had accused Ethan of the attack.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spinelli slowly made his way by wheelchair to Maxie's hospital room. He stopped before entering when he heard Maxie confess that Johnny was a handy guy to have around. Spinelli appeared dejected as he turned his wheelchair away from the room. Moments later, Spinelli approached the nurses' station, where Robin was working.

Robin wondered how Spinelli's foot surgery had gone. He assured Robin that Dr. Niles had done an outstanding job. Robin was surprised that Spinelli wasn't with Maxie. Spinelli confessed that Maxie had company. He admitted that he wasn't in the mood to compete against Johnny. Epiphany and Robin assured Spinelli that Maxie loved Spinelli.

Spinelli returned to Maxie's room. Johnny quickly excused himself so Spinelli and Maxie could be alone. Spinelli took the opportunity to once again thank Johnny for rescuing them. Johnny was certain that Spinelli would have done the same if their situations had been reversed. After Johnny left, Maxie realized that Spinelli felt inadequate again.

Maxie promised that she loved Spinelli. She insisted that Spinelli was the only person who thought he wasn't good enough for her. Spinelli relaxed and began talking about a 3-D movie. Mac entered the room a short time later. Mac demanded to know what Spinelli was doing there; he accused Spinelli of nearly killing Maxie.

Maxie immediately jumped to Spinelli's defense. She warned Mac to leave Spinelli alone. As she yelled at Mac, Maxie was seized by a coughing fit. Mac didn't want to upset Maxie, so he decided to return for a visit when Spinelli wasn't there. After Mac left, Maxie apologized to Spinelli. Spinelli assured Maxie he had appreciated her passionate defense.

Claire was in Metro Court's lobby when she spotted Carly. Claire stopped Carly to inquire if Carly had heard from Michael. "I told you," Carly coolly informed the federal prosecutor, "he's unreachable." Claire was certain that Carly knew exactly where Michael was. Carly insisted that she wanted Michael to have a normal life, so she trusted him to take care of himself.

Claire confessed that she looked forward to putting Carly on the stand; Carly had much to answer for. Claire advised Carly to be prepared. Carly was curious if Claire was attempting to scare her. Carly didn't have a problem telling the truth. Claire suspected that Carly wouldn't know the truth if it bit Carly. Carly looked up and saw Jax and Olivia enter the hotel.

Carly ordered Jax to "take care" of Claire then walked away. Claire was happy to see Jax and Olivia. Claire revealed that she had heard that Michael had been on the road, driving, the night Claudia had died. Claire hoped to establish that Michael had been a witness to Claudia's murder. Jax glared at Claire while Olivia informed Claire that she had nothing more to add to her statement.

Olivia excused herself and walked away. Claire wanted Jax's assurance that she could count on him in court. Jax advised Claire not to put him on the stand; he warned her that Diane and Alexis would crucify him by making certain the jury knew how much he despised Sonny. Claire didn't think Jax's testimony would be necessary if she found Michael.

Lulu went to Wyndemere at Nikolas' request. Lulu assumed that Nikolas had heard about Kristina. "Yes," Nikolas confirmed. Lulu couldn't believe that Ethan had beaten up a seventeen-year-old. Nikolas intended to help Kristina in any way that he could; however, that wasn't the reason he had asked to see Lulu. Nikolas wanted to discuss Liz.

Nikolas explained that Liz had taken a paternity test. Nikolas felt the odds were in his favor that he was the father. He was eager to do right by his child. Lulu pointed out that Nikolas barely paid attention to Spencer. She was certain that Nikolas' interest in the baby stemmed from a desire to get closer to Liz.

Lulu accused Liz of only loving herself. Nikolas wished that Lulu could find a way to make peace with Liz. Lulu doubted that Liz would be interested in listening to Lulu after Lulu had publicly humiliated Liz. Lulu confessed that she was still angry about the entire situation. She was also certain that Liz continued to manipulate Nikolas.

Nikolas insisted that he was in love with Liz. Lulu didn't believe Nikolas. She suspected that Nikolas had convinced himself of the lie to justify the affair with Liz.

At the police station, Ethan confessed that Tracy was a sight for sore eyes. Lucky suggested that Ethan might be safer behind bars rather than on the streets. Lucky explained that Kristina had been brutally assaulted and had identified Ethan as her attacker. On top of that, people had seen the confrontation between Ethan and Kristina earlier that night.

Lucky didn't blame Sonny for being furious. However, Lucky was concerned because Sonny had the capacity and resources to kill Ethan. Lucky clarified that Ethan would be safe in jail. Ethan was hurt that Lucky didn't believe Ethan's claims of innocence. Ethan decided to pass on Lucky's offer of protection.

Nikolas entered the squad room while Lucky was on the phone. Lucky ordered the lab to rush the DNA test on the scrapings taken from under Kristina's fingernails. After Lucky disconnected the call, Nikolas explained that the paternity test results were due back within the hour. Nikolas had offered to take Liz to the hospital to await the results. Nikolas thought it would be a good idea for Lucky to join them.

Lucky insisted that he was too busy. He asked Nikolas to call with the results. Nikolas was surprised that Lucky wanted Nikolas to call to let Lucky know Lucky was the father. "Call to let me know that you're the father," Lucky corrected his brother.

Nikolas arrived at Shadybrook a short time later. Liz confided that she was nervous. "Me too," Nikolas admitted. Nikolas hoped they could get along and respect each other without it being mistaken for "something more." Liz apologized to Nikolas. She realized that she had been hard on him. She knew it was unfair.

Nikolas acknowledged that they had both made mistakes. He thought it was important for them to learn from the things they had done wrong and to avoid repeating them. Nikolas handed Liz her jacket, and they left. Later, Nikolas and Liz waited in the hospital's conference room for the test results to be delivered. Epiphany fetched the results and offered to read them.

"Okay, sure," Liz responded. Epiphany reviewed the test and assured them that the baby was healthy. Next, Epiphany announced that Nikolas was the father. Lucky hovered in the hallway; he appeared stunned when he heard the results of the paternity test.

At Wyndemere, Helena instructed Alfred to prepare several rooms for occupancy in the east wing of the castle. Helena intended to move in. Helena ordered Alfred to do something with "those dreadful Gone with the Wind curtains" in the master suite. Helena also insisted on having the baby's nursery adjacent to her room. Alfred wondered if Nikolas was aware of Helena's plans.

"He'll find out soon enough," Helena responded. Helena was certain that Nikolas would need her. She claimed she had a strong suspicion the baby was a Cassadine.

On the Haunted Star, Ethan was determined to clear his name. Tracy hoped the DNA test would help. Ethan pointed out that it was likely his DNA, since Kristina had scratched him. Ethan suggested there might be a possibility that Kristina had also scratched her assailant. Tracy wondered who could have attacked Kristina.

Ethan didn't have any idea, but he intended to find out. Ethan explained that Kristina had been looking for trouble, but he had no idea what had happened after he had rejected Kristina. Tracy was discouraged because of the incriminating evidence against Ethan. Later, Lulu entered Luke's office and found Ethan counting Luke's emergency cash.

Lulu wasn't surprised that Ethan had decided to skip town. Ethan argued that everything was stacked against him. He insisted he hadn't done it, but no one believed him. Lulu thought Ethan would look guiltier if he ran.

Sam surprised Kristina with a chocolate mocha coffee then gently prepared Kristina for what to expect next. Sam warned Kristina that the police would want to know exactly what had happened before and during the attack. Kristina didn't want to think about it; she just wanted it to be over. Sam had been in a similar situation, so she could empathize with Kristina.

Sam assured Kristina that Kristina had not been responsible for the assault. Sam promised that Kristina would recover and would likely be stronger for it. Kristina wondered if her face would look like it had before the attack. Sam smiled as she confirmed that Kristina was as beautiful as ever. Kristina confessed that she wasn't ready to see anyone.

Sam vowed to keep everyone away except those who needed to talk to Kristina about the attack. Sam begged Kristina not to protect the attacker. Sam insisted that Ethan had to face the consequences of his actions. Kristina nodded then confessed that she was tired. Sam stepped out of the room so Kristina could rest.

Shortly after Sam left, Kiefer quietly entered Kristina's hospital room and closed the door. "Hi, K," Kiefer greeted her. Kristina looked up at Kiefer with an expression of fear on her face. Kiefer immediately apologized for assaulting her. Kiefer's eyes filled with tears as he confessed that he couldn't believe he had hurt her so badly.

Kristina wept as she admitted that she had been terrified that Kiefer wouldn't stop until he had killed her. Kiefer continued to express his regret over hurting Kristina. Kristina pointed out that Kiefer had said the same things the last time he had struck her. Kiefer wondered why Kristina had protected him.

Kiefer hoped it was because Kristina still wanted him and knew how sorry he was. Kiefer asked for Kristina's forgiveness. Kristina didn't know if it was possible, but she didn't want him to die. Kristina had seen the look on her father's face when Sonny had learned of the attack. Kristina was certain that Sonny would have killed Kiefer.

Kiefer thanked Kristina for saving his life. He thought it was a sign they could move past the incident and forget it had ever happened. Before Kristina could reply, Alexis entered the room. Alexis appreciated Kiefer's concern, but she suggested it was too soon for Kristina to have visitors. After Kiefer left, Kristina sobbed as she confessed, "I shouldn't have lied."

Alexis was startled; she wondered what Kristina had lied about. Kristina explained that she had lied to Kiefer to cancel their date. Alexis assured Kristina that Kristina hadn't done anything wrong. Kristina wondered what would happen to Ethan. Alexis promised that Ethan would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Alexis went to the penthouse to plead with Jason not to kill Ethan. Alexis realized that Sonny had most likely ordered a hit on Ethan, but she didn't want Jason to carry it out. Alexis warned Jason that Kristina would never be able to recover if Ethan was killed.

Kiefer and his parents arrived at the police station at Lucky's request. Mrs. Bauer warned Lucky that she and her husband were attorneys. Mr. Bauer accused Lucky of trying to make it a high-profile case by dragging decent people, like the Bauers, into the mess. Lucky reminded the Bauers that Kiefer's seventeen-year-old girlfriend had been beaten unconscious. Mr. Bauer suggested that "girlfriend" was a bit of an overstatement.

Lucky informed Mr. and Mrs. Bauer that he had some questions for Kiefer. Lucky offered to wait if they wanted to call a criminal attorney. Mrs. Bauer assured Lucky that Kiefer would cooperate. Lucky turned to Kiefer to question him about the party. Kiefer explained that he had planned to meet Kristina, but she had never shown up. Lucky asked Kiefer to start from the beginning.

Later, Mac spotted Alexis as she arrived at the police station. He wanted to let her know that he understood what she was going through. Alexis insisted that she wanted Ethan prosecuted by the book. Mac nodded his head and announced that the DNA test results were in. Alexis and Mac reviewed the results together.

Sam arrived at the penthouse. After a long hug from Jason, Sam admitted that she was furious. She wanted to kill Ethan, but she also blamed herself for what had happened. Jason assured Sam it wasn't her fault that Kristina had been attacked. Sam understood what it was like to be overpowered by someone. Sam feared that Kristina was trying to emulate her by making the same poor choices that Sam had made. Jason reminded Sam that Kristina was responsible for her own choices; Sam couldn't have prevented the attack.

Later, Jason went to Kristina's hospital room to talk to Kristina about the beating. Kristina didn't understand the point of going over everything, since it wouldn't change what had happened. Jason admitted that he had heard conflicting stories about the attack, so he wanted to know for himself what had really happened.

Kristina revealed that Ethan had shown up after Sam had left the lake house. Kristina claimed that Ethan had been in a rage. Jason was confused. He pointed out that Sam had gone to confront Ethan at the casino, so Ethan couldn't have been in two places at once. Jason wondered if there was a chance that Kristina had been mistaken about the identity of her assailant.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

In the conference room at General Hospital, Nikolas admitted that he wasn't surprised by the results of the paternity test; however, he could tell that Liz was disappointed. Nikolas confessed that he had ordered an independent paternity test, so Lucky could still turn out to be the father. Liz wondered why Nikolas had arranged for a second test. Nikolas admitted that precautions were necessary whenever Helena was involved. Liz refused to put her life on hold.

Liz intended to move forward with her plans to raise her children as a single mother. Nikolas wondered where he fit in with her plans. Liz confessed that she had accepted that she wouldn't share a life with Lucky after the truth about Jake had been revealed. She acknowledged that she had allowed herself to be drawn into a relationship that she and Lucky weren't ready for. She was determined not to repeat that mistake. Liz wanted to work out a shared custody agreement; in time, she hoped they could be friends again.

Later, at Shadybrook, Liz quietly wept as she lay down on her bed.

Nikolas wasn't surprised to discover that Helena was waiting for him when he returned to Wyndemere. Nikolas announced that he was the father of Liz's baby. Helena was delighted, but curious how Nikolas and Liz intended to proceed. Nikolas revealed that he would share custody of the baby. Helena was thrilled that Nikolas didn't plan to marry "that trollop." Nikolas suspected that Helena had already moved in. Helena gleefully confirmed that she would be residing in the east wing. She was eager to "rear the child as a true and proper Cassadine."

Later, Nikolas adjusted Spencer's coat before they prepared to leave. Helena hovered nearby, smiling. Nikolas confessed that he had a surprise for Spencer. "A wonderful surprise," Helena said, then added, "Grammy Hela is moving in." "True," Nikolas reluctantly admitted before he confessed that the real surprise was that Spencer would be getting a new baby brother or sister.

Spencer wondered if that meant that he was getting a mommy. "No, Spencer, I'm sorry," Nikolas told his son. Spencer was curious if the baby would have a mommy. Helena beamed with pride; she thought Spencer's question indicated a competitive streak. Nikolas explained that Liz would be the baby's mother.

Helena assured Spencer that the baby would pick up the Cassadine torch. Nikolas glared at Helena then quickly hustled Spencer out of the room. "And burn the Spencers to the ground," Helena finished with an evil smile.

Kate went to Jake's to see Coleman. After a brief but passionate kiss, Kate admitted that she had been working "too long for far too little." Kate realized she was a demanding boss, but she felt responsible for her apprentice landing in the hospital. Kate believed it was time to reevaluate her priorities. Coleman felt bad for Kate, but he required her expertise with another matter.

Coleman revealed that he had been called for jury duty. He wanted to know how he could get out of it. Coleman wasn't interested in the plight of an idiot who had been dumb enough to get caught. Kate confessed that she found it hot for a man to show up to do his civic duty. She offered to give Coleman a jury duty makeover. Coleman liked the idea of being the best-dressed juror, especially when Kate offered to personally undress him once court had been adjourned.

In the parlor of the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy left Luke an urgent voicemail message to return her call before Sonny killed Ethan. Edward lounged on the sofa with a newspaper. He admitted that he had always liked Ethan. Edward didn't think Ethan had attacked Kristina. Moments later, Alice entered the room; she happily hummed to herself while she dusted.

Monica reminded Alice that the silverware needed to be polished. Tracy piped up that the garden shed needed attention. Edward insisted that someone needed to clean the mud off the back steps. "No can do to all of you," Alice cheerfully informed them. "Excuse me?" they demanded in unison. Alice held up a letter; she had been called for jury duty.

Mayor Floyd caught up to Claire at the police station. Claire offered the mayor her condolences on the loss of his wife. Mayor Floyd realized that Claire had done her homework on him. Claire smiled smugly in response. Mayor Floyd offered to help Claire prosecute Sonny. He volunteered to make some phone calls and help with jury selection. Claire wondered if Mayor Floyd was on Sonny's payroll.

Mayor Floyd refused to dignify Claire's question with a response. Claire made it clear that she intended to secure a conviction against Sonny, "fair and square." Mayor Floyd warned Claire that nothing ever stuck to Sonny. He suggested that Claire would not succeed without help from the people who had been dealing with Sonny for years. Claire assured the mayor that she had one of Port Charles's finest tracking down a star witness.

Mayor Floyd thought it was rather late to be tracking down witnesses. Claire thought the timing was perfect because Sonny was busy at the hospital with Kristina. Claire hoped to use the situation to her advantage by getting a continuance. "Absolutely not," Mayor Floyd objected. He didn't want anything to delay the trial.

In the squad room, Mac and Alexis reviewed the test results of the DNA taken from under Kristina's fingernails. The report confirmed that Kristina had only scratched one person: Ethan Lovett. Alexis was horrified that Ethan had attacked her little girl. She insisted that he had to be sick and depraved. Mac reminded Alexis that the test proved Ethan had told the truth about the scratch. He also pointed out that Ethan had taken Kristina to the hospital.

Alexis acknowledged that Kristina had gone to the Haunted Star, embarrassed Ethan, and arranged to cancel his date. She argued that Ethan had been furious, so he had gone to the lake house and beaten Kristina. Mac cautioned Alexis that they needed to prove that. Alexis warned Mac that Sonny would take matters into his own hands if Ethan weren't prosecuted.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan was certain the DNA test would confirm that Kristina had scratched him. Ethan didn't think he would live long enough to go to trail. Lulu implored Ethan not to leave town before they had a chance to talk to Luke. Ethan didn't think he could afford to wait for Luke to resurface. Ethan insisted that everyone, including Lulu, believed he was guilty of attacking Kristina.

Lulu was curious why Kristina would lie. Ethan had no idea what had motivated Kristina, but he realized that he had handled the situation badly. However, he was adamant that he would never strike a woman; it simply wasn't in his nature. Lulu challenged Ethan to prove it. She wanted him to stay in town until Luke returned from Las Vegas. Ethan suspected Luke could be anywhere, so no one knew when Luke would turn up.

Lulu was certain that Sonny would hunt Ethan down if Ethan tried to leave town. Ethan didn't see the point in staying, since Sonny would kill him anyway. Lulu insisted that Ethan's best chance was to remain in town. She feared that Ethan running away would be seen an admission of guilt.

In Kristina's hospital room, Jason questioned Kristina about the attack. He wanted to know exactly when Ethan had shown up at the lake house. He refused to let up until Kristina admitted, "It could have been five minutes." Kristina became agitated as Jason pushed for more details about the attack. Sonny was furious when he entered his daughter's hospital room. Sonny immediately reassured his daughter that no one should be asking her questions about "that night."

After Kristina calmed down, Sonny and Jason stepped into the hallway. Sonny insisted that Jason should be carrying out Sonny's orders to kill Ethan, not questioning Kristina. Jason was concerned because Kristina's timeline was off. Sonny revealed that the trauma of abuse could blur a person's concept of time. Sonny demanded to know why Ethan was still breathing. Jason reminded Sonny that Ethan was Luke's son. Jason insisted that they needed to be certain before they did something they couldn't take back.

Sonny returned to Kristina's room. He assured her that she didn't have to answer any more questions. According to Sonny, Jason would do what Jason had to do. Kristina demanded to know what that meant. "Nothing, business," Sonny replied. "Dad, please don't kill Ethan," Kristina begged her father as tears filled her eyes. She didn't want anyone to be hurt because of her. Sonny insisted that she wasn't to blame for anything.

Kristina became distraught when Sonny vowed to stop Ethan from hurting another person again. "That's your answer for everything," Kristina cried. Kristina angrily accused Sonny of killing anyone who upset him then throwing their dead bodies away like trash. Alexis was stunned when she entered the room and found her daughter crying hysterically. Sonny tried to comfort Kristina as she begged her mother to make Sonny promise not to hurt Ethan.

Alexis assured her daughter that violence wasn't a solution. She promised that Ethan would be tried in a court of law. Alexis glared at Sonny to silently demand his compliance. Sonny reluctantly agreed that the law should take care of Ethan. After Sonny left, Kristina pleaded with Alexis to find Jason. Kristina wanted to make certain that Jason understood that Ethan wasn't to be touched.

Alexis caught up with Sonny in the hallway. Alexis informed him that she and Kristina had seen through his lie. Sonny didn't deny it. He argued that Kristina was like his mother when Adella had protected her abuser. Alexis refused to back down. She wanted Sonny to agree to leave Ethan alone. "No one beats one of my children and lives. End of story," Sonny stubbornly declared. "It's not about you this time," Alexis furiously shot back.

Alexis explained that it was about what Kristina needed. According to Alexis, Kristina needed Sonny to act like a "freaking father." Alexis made it clear that Sonny was not to lay a hand on Ethan. Sonny warned Alexis that Luke would arrange for Ethan to flee the country before Ethan went to trial. "Shut up," Alexis screamed at Sonny. She didn't want Kristina to see Sonny as a monster.

Alexis warned Sonny not to cause Kristina one more minute of pain. "If that's what you want," Sonny grumbled. "That's what I want, damn you," Alexis admitted. Alexis returned to Kristina's room to assure her that Ethan would be arrested. Alexis promised Kristina that Ethan would be safe in jail. Kristina shook her head; she didn't want to press charges against Ethan. Kristina just wanted it all to go away.

Alexis argued that Ethan would continue abusing women if they didn't stop him. Kristina disagreed, but Alexis sadly insisted, "Yes, they always do." Alexis wanted Kristina to testify against Ethan in court. Alexis promised that she would be with Kristina every step of the way.

Sam spotted Jason as she exited the elevator. They hugged for a long moment then Sam explained that she had picked up a smoothie for Kristina. Jason was curious how long it had taken Sam to drive from the lake house to the casino. "Twenty to thirty minutes," Sam revealed. Jason wondered if Ethan had been on the Haunted Star when Sam had arrived. "Yes," Sam responded.

"Did he have any scratches on his face?" Jason inquired. "No," Sam admitted. "Where are you going with this?" she wanted to know. Jason confided that Kristina's story didn't match up. Sam immediately defended her sister. She warned Jason not to make things worse by doubting Kristina. Sam insisted that Kristina wasn't lying about Ethan. Jason explained that Sonny was pressuring him to take care of Ethan.

"Great, Jason, maybe that'll fix things," Sam suggested. Jason worried that Kristina had been mistaken about who had attacked her. Sam argued that Kristina had been brave enough to tell them the truth. Lulu boldly walked up and demanded to speak to Jason. Sam warned Lulu not to defend Ethan then she marched away.

Lulu realized that Sonny had ordered Jason to kill Ethan. Lulu asked Jason to reconsider because she had talked Ethan out of leaving town. She didn't want to regret it. Jason explained that he wanted to get to the truth.

Michael quickly ducked out of sight when Dante managed to slip into the bungalow. Max and Milo blocked the way to the veranda while they dealt with Dante. Dante admitted that he had found it odd that three of Sonny's top men were on the island rather than in Port Charles for Sonny's trial. Max refused to give Dante any information. Michael listened intently to the conversation from his hiding spot behind some plants on the veranda.

Dante heard Michael shift around. Max and Milo pretended that they hadn't heard anything. Dante went to check out the veranda but stopped short when a scantily clad woman suddenly appeared in the doorway. She flirted with Max as she made her way to the door. Dante wasn't fooled; he suggested they "cut the crap." Dante demanded to know where Michael was.

Dante informed the brothers that a subpoena had been issued for Michael to testify. Michael's failure to appear would make Sonny look bad. Max and Milo didn't seem concerned. They accused Dante of being a snitch. Max wondered what kind of "dirtbag" hunted down a kid to force him to testify against his own father.

Sonny arrived home and found Claire waiting in his parlor. Sonny dismissed the guard then demanded to know what Claire was doing in his home. Claire revealed that she had heard about Kristina. She wanted to offer Sonny an opportunity to postpone the trial. Sonny saw through her ploy. He knew she wanted to bide some time to continue her search for Michael. Sonny made it clear that he wanted the trial over. Claire warned Sonny that he wasn't untouchable.

Dante arrived shortly after Claire left. Sonny knew that Dante had been on the island. Sonny invited Dante to be his guest the next time, so Dante didn't have to sneak around. Dante wasn't interested in Sonny's generosity. Dante wanted to clear his brother of Sonny's mess. Dante was confident that Claire could secure a conviction without Michael's testimony.

Michael poured himself a drink, but Max demanded that Michael hand it over. Michael complained that he was eighteen, and Sonny owned the island. Max quickly changed the subject. He admitted that he had been surprised that Michael hadn't revealed himself to Dante. Michael confessed that he had been tempted, but Dante's arrogance had changed Michael's mind.

Ethan was startled when Sam barged into Luke's office. She shut the door and invited Ethan to fight someone who was willing to fight back. Ethan declined Sam's offer. Sam didn't care. She attacked Ethan with a vicious kickboxing move. Ethan stumbled but didn't make a move against Sam. Sam continued her attack until Ethan was forced to physically restrain her. Jason threw open the door and warned Ethan, "If you hit Sam, it's over."

Ethan quickly clarified that Sam had been the one to attack him, not the other way around. Jason suggested that Sam shouldn't be there. Sam explained that she had wanted to give Ethan a taste of his own medicine. "I didn't beat Kristina," Ethan insisted. "You're lying," Sam accused. Ethan admitted that he had been mad at Kristina, but he had gone to the lake house to straighten things out with her.

Ethan clarified that Kristina had already been assaulted when Ethan had arrived. Jason revealed that Ethan was safe because of Luke and because Ethan hadn't left town. Jason made it clear that Ethan's reprieve would end if Jason discovered that Ethan had hurt Kristina.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lulu arrived at Dante's new apartment with a housewarming present. It was a coffeemaker. Dante kissed her to show his appreciation. Lulu confessed that she loved his new place, but she was curious why Dante had chosen to move in on the day of Sonny's trial. Dante tried to ignore the question, but Lulu wouldn't let him.

Lulu couldn't believe that Dante wasn't curious about the trial. Dante admitted that he was more interested in knowing what Lulu looked like naked. Dante managed to lure Lulu to the sofa, where things quickly heated up. Dante was frustrated when Lulu's pager went off. Lulu explained that Maxie needed to see her about work. She promised they had all the time in the world, so there wasn't any rush for them to make love.

Olivia showed up at the loft a short time later. She handed Dante a casserole dish and thanked him for allowing her to visit. As Olivia looked around, she admitted that she liked the apartment. Dante credited Lulu for finding it. Olivia choked up with emotion at the reminder that her baby had grown up.

Dante reminded Olivia that he was still mad at her, but he wanted her to know that Kristina's situation had made him realize how awesome Olivia was. Dante wondered if Olivia had known about the abuse Sonny and Adella had suffered at Deke's hands. Olivia revealed that everyone had known, to some extent, but they had never talked about it. Dante couldn't conceive of something like that happening to him. He knew Olivia would never have stood by while a man had beaten her son. Dante was certain that Olivia would have taken a Louisville Slugger to the man's head. "Damn straight," Olivia confirmed.

In Maxie's hospital room, Spinelli watched while Maxie tried to do her job from her hospital bed. Maxie immediately started barking orders at Lulu the moment Lulu arrived. Lulu and Spinelli became concerned when Maxie suffered a coughing fit that left Maxie breathless. Spinelli insisted that Maxie needed to rest. Maxie refused to give in to her illness, but Spinelli argued that Maxie was in "dangerous denial" about how serious her condition was.

Spinelli was concerned that Maxie wasn't getting enough oxygen, so he decided to find Robin. Maxie objected; she knew Robin would want Maxie to wear an oxygen mask. Lulu didn't understand the problem, since it would help Maxie to breathe easier. Maxie had been down that road when she had been six years old. To her, an oxygen mask represented the final step over an abyss.

Lulu wondered what she could do to help Maxie. Maxie urged Lulu to leave the hospital, find Dante, and do something fun. Maxie suggested that Lulu and Dante have sex or take a walk in the park. Maxie didn't care what it was, as long as it made Lulu happy to be alive. A short time later, Robin entered Maxie's room with grim news. Maxie's vitals were "problematic," so Maxie needed to wear an oxygen mask.

Maxie was resigned to her fate. Spinelli apologized for putting Maxie in a situation that had made her so gravely sick. Maxie assured Spinelli that it wasn't his fault. She explained that if it hadn't been the storm drain, then it would have been something else. Maxie clarified that transplant recipients were susceptible to infection.

Lulu returned to Dante's loft. She was upset because she realized that Maxie could die from the pneumonia. Dante tried to comfort Lulu. Lulu regretted that she and Dante had wasted so much time. Lulu insisted that they should seize the moments they had together and remind each other often how much they loved each other. Dante declared his love for Lulu then pulled her close for a passionate kiss.

At Greystone Manor, Carly found Sonny sitting in a darkened corner with a drink in his hand. It was clear that Sonny had been there all night -- his clothes were wrinkled, his hair was mussed, and a five-o'clock shadow covered his face. Sonny admitted that he had spent the night thinking about Kristina. He was filled with regret for not preventing the abuse.

Carly tried to offer Sonny words of comfort, but Sonny didn't want to hear them. He was haunted by the memories of the abuse he and his mother had suffered while living with Deke. Sonny confessed that the only thing that had gotten him through those nightmare years had been the knowledge that it would end. On the day Sonny had walked out of Deke's apartment for the final time, Sonny had vowed that his loved ones would never suffer that kind of pain.

Sonny felt like a failure because he had not been able to keep that promise. All the money and power Sonny wielded had not been enough to protect his daughter. Carly wrapped her arms around Sonny and hugged him. Sonny admitted that things had been strained between him and Kristina since his confrontation with Claudia at Claudia's birthday party.

Sonny confessed that he had lived a father's worst nightmare when he had received the call about Kristina. He had been so filled with rage when he had seen his daughter's battered face that he had gone to kill Ethan. Sonny was furious that Ethan had accused Kristina of lying. It reminded Sonny of Deke.

Carly insisted that the situations were different. Sonny and Adella had been powerless. According to Carly, Kristina had strong female role models, like Alexis and Carly. Kristina also had a support system to help her. Carly insisted that Kristina would learn from the experience and move on. Sonny's eyes filled with unshed tears as Carly urged him to get ready for court. She wanted him to be cleared of the charges so he could do some good for his daughter.

Ethan went to the penthouse to talk to Jason. Sam wondered if Ethan had a death wish. She ranted at Ethan that no one believed his claims of innocence. Ethan explained that he wanted to talk to Jason face-to-face, so Jason could determine for himself whether or not Ethan was lying. Sam didn't care; she vowed that Ethan would pay for what he had done. Jason remained silent as Sam ordered Ethan to leave.

After Jason closed the door on Ethan, Sam begged Jason to swear that he would not believe a word out of that "lying woman-beating pig." Jason realized that Sam was upset, but he couldn't promise not to believe someone if it were possible that the person was telling the truth. Sam was stunned. She felt as if Jason had suggested that Kristina had lied.

Jason explained that he believed Kristina had been so traumatized by the attack that she had become confused about who had attacked her. Sam reminded Jason of her own harrowing experiences with domestic violence. She was determined to stand by Kristina.

Shortly after Sam left, Carly arrived at the penthouse to talk to Jason about Sonny. She told him about the state she had found Sonny in. Jason didn't think Sonny could afford to have a breakdown. Carly assured Jason that Sonny had enough medication to get him through the trial. However, she conceded that Sonny was in the worst state she had seen him in for quite some time.

Carly was curious if Sonny had ordered Jason to kill Ethan. She wasn't surprised when Jason confirmed her suspicions. Carly was certain that Luke would take steps to protect Ethan, so a war would be inevitable if Sonny continued to go after Ethan. Jason confessed that Ethan might not be guilty. Carly was shocked when Jason revealed that Sam had confronted Ethan on the Haunted Star during the time that Kristina had been attacked.

Kristina suffered a flashback of the attack while she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Kiefer. Kiefer wondered if Kristina was up for company. He had a big stuffed animal as a peace offering. Kristina returned to the sofa, so Kiefer followed her. He was curious how she was feeling. Kristina looked at Kiefer with a mix of anger and disbelief. "Take a guess," she snapped at him.

Kiefer realized that she was mad at him, but he reminded her that he had apologized. He didn't know what else she wanted him to do. Kristina flinched when Kiefer stood up to join her on the sofa. Kiefer continued to apologize for hurting her. He insisted that he had been very upset, but it was not like him. Kristina began to cry. Kiefer thought Kristina was upset because of the bruises on her face. He assured her that she was still the most beautiful girl in the world.

Alexis entered the room in time to hear Kiefer's compliment. Alexis appreciated Kiefer's kind words and his support. However, Alexis felt that it was too soon for Kristina to have visitors. Alexis asked Kiefer to return in a few days when Kristina felt stronger.

After Kiefer left, Sam showed up with a bag of beauty supplies. Sam explained that she had vast experience covering up bruises. Kristina didn't think concealer would help her. She felt ugly, broken, and very stupid. Sam argued that Kristina wasn't any of those things. Sam urged Kristina to give the cosmetics a chance. A short time later, Kristina was thrilled with the results. She confessed that Sam was the best sister in the whole world.

Alexis entered Luke's office and discovered Ethan taking wads of cash from the safe. Alexis suspected that Ethan was about to skip town. She invited him to go but warned him that Sonny would send someone to hunt him down. Alexis admitted that Luke was one of her friends, so she wanted Ethan to be a man by taking responsibility for what he had done to Kristina. Ethan informed Alexis that he couldn't help her. Alexis' temper flared. She warned him that a restraining order had been issued. Alexis vowed to throw Ethan in jail if he went near Kristina.

Mayor Floyd spotted Diane organizing her files in the courtroom. He advised Diane that things were about to change -- the good guys would prevail. Diane was curious where that left Mayor Floyd.

Jax stopped Claire in the hallway as she prepared to enter the courtroom. He reminded her that everything he held dear was on the line. Claire fully intended to take Sonny off the streets, but she made it clear that she would do it for herself, not for Jax. Claire entered the courtroom moments later. Claire wondered where Diane's client was. Diane assured Claire that Sonny would be along soon.

Sonny approached Kate after Coleman entered the courtroom. He admitted that he was surprised that Kate and Coleman were involved. Kate suggested that it wasn't the right time for them to discuss their romantic choices. However, she confided that Coleman was "into" her. Sonny could understand why. Kate smiled and wished Sonny luck in court.

Sonny walked up to the defense table in time to hear Claire threaten to notify the judge that Sonny had skipped town. Sonny took delight in making his presence known. Claire shot him a hateful look and stormed off to her side of the courtroom.

The jury selection began once the judge entered the courtroom. Lisa Niles tried to claim that Sonny was a casual acquaintance, in order to be excused from jury duty. Lisa was disappointed when Diane and Claire accepted her as a juror. Next up was Coleman. Coleman made it clear that he was tolerant of the "wrongly accused" and that he had no respect for the law. Coleman was annoyed when they picked him to be a juror.

Alice took the stand after Coleman. Alice admitted that she felt honored to serve on a jury. Alice had seen the rogue element get away with way too much. Not surprisingly, Alice was also chosen as a juror. After the jurors were sworn in, Claire and Diane made their opening statements.

Ethan went to the lake house to talk to Kristina. Kristina warned Ethan that he shouldn't be there. Ethan wanted to know why Kristina had falsely accused him of attacking her.

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