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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 22, 2010 on GH
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Monday, March 22, 2010

At the penthouse, Jason shared his suspicions with Carly when he told her that he suspected that Kristina was not telling the truth about Ethan. When Carly learned that Kristina's story about the beating had inconsistencies, she told Jason that he had to get to the truth.

Jason told her that Sonny wanted Ethan dead and would not listen to reason. Carly told him that both Luke and Sonny were stubborn men and that if Jason killed Ethan and then learned later that Ethan was innocent, Luke and Sonny would never forgive each other. Carly was insistent that Kristina had a history of lying and she told Jason that before he took any action that he had to be absolutely sure that Ethan was guilty, otherwise the person who had actually hurt Kristina would get away without punishment.

Ethan ignored the restraining order that Alexis had filed against him when he confronted Kristina at the Lake House. He wanted to know why she had lied about him. Even though Ethan apologized for his behavior on the Haunted Star, Kristina would not admit the truth.

Sam burst in and told Ethan to leave Kristina alone. She immediately called the police. Ethan tried to explain himself, but Sam would not listen. Ethan lost patience and left with Sam screaming after him that he was a coward. Kristina was crying as she asked Sam to cancel her call to the police, but Sam was determined that Ethan would pay and refused. As Kristina bawled, Sam repeatedly told her that what had happened was not her fault and that Ethan would pay for hurting her.

Lulu and Dante were getting passionate on Dante's bed in his new loft apartment, when Dante realized that he did not have any condoms. A frantic search through his unpacked boxes revealed the missing prophylactics. Just as they were furiously kissing and starting to undress, Dante's phone rang. It was the bailiff in Sonny's trial calling him to court.

Sonny's trial opened and Diane gave her opening statement. She admitted that Sonny killed Claudia, but said it was in self-defense as she painted a picture of Claudia as a deeply disturbed woman.

Claire called the mayor to the stand as her first witness. Questioning confirmed that the mayor and all the guests present at the party on the night of Claudia's death had heard Sonny threaten her. After the mayor's testimony, the judge called a brief recess to see both counsel for the defense and the prosecution in his chambers to discuss their unsanctioned behavior.

While waiting for the trial to resume, jury members Alice, Coleman, and Lisa discussed the case. Coleman was ready to vote not guilty, Alice was ready to vote guilty, and Lisa withheld judgment until all the testimony was in.

Sonny ran into Dante and Lulu while taking a break from the courtroom. Dante told Sonny that he did not care anything about his father. He also told Sonny that he would testify and make sure that Sonny paid for his crimes.

Lucky visited Liz in Shadybrook at her request. When she told him the result of the paternity test, he told her that he was outside the door when Epiphany gave her the results. Lucky reiterated that there was no chance of them getting back together, but he told Liz that he would always be there to help her with Cam and Jake.

After Lucky was gone, Nikolas took Spencer to Shadybrook to visit. Liz explained about the new baby. When Spencer asked if Liz and the baby would live at Wyndemere, Liz told him that she would continue to live in her house with Cam and Jake, but that Spencer was welcome to visit and that his new brother or sister would visit Wyndemere and have a room there.

Lucky found Ethan at the Haunted Star. Before arresting Ethan, Lucky chastised him for violating the restraining order. He told Ethan that he did not know if Ethan was guilty of hurting Kristina or just guilty of being stupid.

At GH, Monica told Maxie, along with Mac, Robin, Patrick, and Spinelli, that Maxie's pneumonia was getting worse. She told Maxie and the others that it was necessary for her to remain calm. Mac understood that meant he had to be nice to Spinelli, who excused himself to get a present for Maxie.

In the hall, Robin shared her fears with Patrick, who understood the difficulties in coping with a chronic condition such as being HIV positive or having a transplanted heart. In Maxie's room, Mac told her how much she meant to him and how much he loved her. Mac left when Spinelli arrived with his computer.

Spinelli told Maxie that he had a present for her that he had intended to give her on the anniversary of their non-wedding, but he had decided to give her an advanced peek. He opened his computer, pressed a button and a slide show of their life together was revealed on the screen. Maxie was very pleased and drifted off to sleep with Spinelli watching over her. While she slept, Maxie had a dream about receiving an award and thanking Spinelli for loving her and having faith in her.

Tracy met Sam and Alexis at the PCPD. Sam and Alexis were both livid that Ethan had gone to see Kristina. When Lucky arrived with Ethan, Alexis castigated Ethan and told him that he would remain in lockup until his trial. Lucky placed Ethan in the interrogation room and left him there.

Tracy was very angry when she spoke to Ethan and wanted to know why he had gone to Kristina. He tried to explain, but she told him that his actions made him look even guiltier that he already did. She was disgusted with him and told him that if her faith in him had been misplaced, he would live to regret it.

Carly went to visit Kristina with a basket of goodies. Kristina was happy to see Carly and explained how much she had originally liked Ethan. Kristina listened intently as Carly told about the relationship she had experienced with an older man when she was 16. Carly told how much it had hurt her and those around her.

Kristina got agitated when Carly shared how much her own lies had hurt others and how Carly had learned the hard way that telling the truth was the only way to make things right. Before Kristina could respond, Alexis arrived and demanded to know what Carly was doing in her home.

Lucky went to the penthouse in response to a call from Jason. Lucky told Jason that Nikolas was the father of Liz's baby. He also said that he would continue to care for Cam and Jake. Lucky said that he would not abandon the boys.

Jason said that he trusted Lucky with his child, but that he had called about another matter. He told Lucky that there were inconsistencies in Kristina's story, and that he was not convinced that she was telling the truth. Jason told Lucky that despite what Sam and Kristina said, he believed that Ethan was telling the truth and the real perpetrator was still at large.

Ethan angrily kicked over a chair in the interrogation room, as Luke entered the room. Luke made a joke about the furniture being crap, and then said that he had heard that Ethan had gotten himself into a jam.

In the courtroom, Claire called Dante to the stand to testify against Sonny, who looked very grim.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

At the police station, Ethan advised Luke not to bother sticking around for the trial since it appeared that the case against Ethan was "open and shut." Luke didn't think that Ethan would make it to trial because Sonny would get to Ethan first. Ethan was curious why Luke didn't question if Ethan was guilty or not. Luke confessed that he was uncertain how to help Ethan if the accusations were true. Ethan was disappointed by Luke's answer.

Luke made it clear that he would stand by Ethan no matter what. Ethan admitted that he had been furious after Kristina had left the Haunted Star, but he was adamant that he hadn't touched her. Ethan explained that he had found Kristina beaten and broken. Ethan revealed that Kristina had scratched him when he had leaned down to check her for injuries. Ethan suspected that he had startled Kristina.

Luke assured Ethan that he knew what it was like to be judged before all of the evidence was in. Ethan was relived to know that Luke was in his corner. Ethan realized that it had been a bad idea to violate the restraining order by going to the lake house to persuade Kristina to tell the truth. However, he was grateful that Luke was there to bust him out of jail. Luke wanted Ethan to stay in Port Charles to clear his name, but he promised to help Ethan go into hiding if things didn't work out.

At the penthouse, Jason told Lucky that Kristina claimed that she had been attacked by Ethan during the time that Sam had confronted Ethan on the Haunted Star. Jason suspected that Kristina was too afraid to admit that she had made a mistake by identifying Ethan as her assailant. Lucky was curious if there was any other reason to suspect that Kristina might lie.

Jason confided that Kristina had been the one to cause Claudia's car accident, not Alexis. Lucky didn't understand why Ethan would skip town if he were innocent of the assault. However, Lucky wanted to believe his brother. Jason and Lucky conceded that there was a possibility that Ethan had told the truth about the bruise on Kristina's arm, but they remained perplexed about why Kristina would lie. Lucky decided to do some checking; he promised to update Jason when he learned more.

At the lake house, Carly did her best to get Kristina to open up about the attack. Kristina appeared on the verge of confessing the truth when Alexis arrived home. Alexis demanded to know what was going on when she realized that Kristina was upset. Carly suggested that Kristina might have been mistaken about who had attacked her. Kristina immediately contradicted Carly by swearing that Ethan had assaulted her. Alexis tried to comfort her distraught daughter, to no avail.

After Kristina ran out of the room, Alexis accused Carly of trying to protect Ethan because Ethan was Carly's cousin. Carly reminded Alexis that Kristina had lied before. Alexis refused to hear it; she suggested that Carly go home to focus on her own children. After Carly left, Kristina returned to apologize to her mother. Alexis held her sobbing daughter while she reassured Kristina that Kristina hadn't done anything wrong.

Later, Jax showed up at the lake house. He apologized for Carly's interference and promised to have a talk with his wife. Alexis felt like a horrible mother because Kristina refused to confide in her. She explained that Kristina had been on birth control pills for five months before Alexis had found out. Alexis confessed that Kristina was afraid of showing Alexis her flaws for fear that Alexis would be disappointed in Kristina. Jax tried to comfort Alexis with words of encouragement.

Carly returned to Jason's penthouse to let him know that she agreed that Kristina had lied about Ethan. According to Carly, Kristina was miserable and desperate to get out from under the lie. Carly didn't think Alexis' overbearing nature helped the situation. Jason seemed annoyed that Carly had interfered. Carly explained that she was concerned that Kristina's troubles would take a toll on Sonny.

At the garage, Johnny reviewed a questionnaire that he had received from Claire. Claire had instructed Johnny to go over the questions, so that Johnny would be prepared for court. Johnny's temper flared when read the question about whether or not he had seen Sonny exhibit a "hostile attitude" toward Claudia. Olivia walked in as Johnny knocked items off of a table in a fit of rage. Johnny immediately apologized for his outburst. He explained that he had been thinking about Sonny.

Olivia understood that it was a difficult time for Johnny. Johnny didn't know how to accurately convey to the jury that Sonny had broken Claudia during the confrontation at Claudia's birthday party. Olivia wondered if Johnny believed in karma. She assured him that Sonny was suffering because of what had happened to Kristina. Johnny revealed that Ethan had denied hurting Kristina. Olivia didn't think that Ethan behaved like a man with a clear conscience. She confessed that she had overheard Jax on the phone discussing how Ethan had violated the restraining order.

Patrick went to the nurses' station to check on Robin. Robin admitted that she was concerned about Maxie. Patrick reminded Robin that it was important to stay positive. Robin appreciated the advice. Epiphany joined Patrick and Robin moments later to let them know that Maxie had finally stopped trying to run Crimson from her hospital bed.

Patrick offered to do Robin's rounds, so that Robin could visit with Maxie. Robin thanked Patrick, but turned him down. Robin explained that Maxie didn't want anyone hovering, so she had ordered Robin to have some fun. Robin confessed that it was hard to enjoy herself while Maxie was fighting for her life. Patrick had an idea about how to honor Maxie's request, but he wanted it to be a surprise.

Later, Robin overheard Patrick finalizing some plans. She was curious what Patrick was up to, but Patrick remained tightlipped except to ask Robin to meet him in at a certain time "in the park by the gazebo." Robin confessed that she was intrigued. Moments later, Lucky approached the nurses' station. Lucky wondered if Epiphany, Robin, and Patrick would answer some questions about the night of Kristina's attack.

Lucky was curious how Ethan had behaved after Kristina had been admitted. Robin had been treating Maxie, so she hadn't seen Ethan. Epiphany claimed that Ethan had been "appropriately concerned" about Kristina's welfare. Patrick disagreed; he claimed that Ethan had appeared "restless" and "agitated." Patrick revealed that Ethan hadn't bothered to stick around to see how Kristina was. Patrick believed that Ethan had beaten Kristina and then taken her to the hospital out of remorse.

A short time later, Robin confided that she was eager to hear news about Sonny's trial. Epiphany suggested that Robin check the television in the break room for any news updates. Robin was leery to follow Epiphany's advice because she didn't want Patrick to catch her checking up on Sonny. Epiphany assured Robin that Patrick wouldn't know because he had signed out for the day. Robin suddenly recalled that she had plans to meet Patrick, so she dashed off.

Lucky showed up at the lake house to talk to Kristina about the attack. Kristina worried that Lucky was mad at her because she had accused Ethan of attacking her. Lucky assured Kristina that he admired her courage for speaking up despite the harrowing experience. However, he admitted that he had a few more questions.

Kristina insisted that she had told Lucky everything. Lucky promised that he just wanted to make certain that her attacker faced justice. He gently prodded Kristina to talk about the attack. Eventually Kristina repeated her story, but she was careful not to mention Kiefer's name. Lucky wondered, "Who would do this to you, Kristina?" Kristina turned to Lucky with tears in her eyes.

At Sonny's trial, Claire questioned Dante about the shooting in Sonny's living room. Diane objected because she claimed that the shooting wasn't relevant to Sonny's trial. The judge decided to save time by demanding to know who had shot Dante. Dante claimed that he had accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun. Claire continued to badger Dante about the shooting, until the judge ordered her to move on to something that pertained to the case.

Claire questioned Dante about the evidence that he had collected to link Sonny to Claudia's murder. Dante testified that Sonny had ordered Dante to burn down the cabin. Dante also revealed that Sonny had known details about Claudia's death before her body had been found. Finally, Dante explained that he had salvaged some clothes with Claudia's blood from Sonny's fireplace. Claire thanked Dante for his "impressive" and "convincing" testimony.

Diane objected to Claire's underhanded attempt to influence the jury. The judge warned Claire that she had stepped out of line. Claire didn't appear concerned as she asked Dante if Sonny had ever admitted to murdering Claudia with malice aforethought. "No," Dante admitted. After Claire introduced the strand of hair found in the burned-out cabin into evidence, she questioned Dante about any other possible witnesses to the crime.

Dante insisted that there wasn't any evidence to suggest that someone had seen Sonny kill Claudia. Claire accused Dante of dodging the question. The judge agreed; he asked Dante point-blank who had witnessed the murder. "Michael Corinthos III," Dante reluctantly admitted. Claire suggested that Sonny wasn't exactly a candidate for father of the year because one of his sons had suffered a gunshot wound while another had witnessed a murder. The judge immediately slapped Claire with a one thousand dollar fine; he warned Claire and Diane that he would not tolerate any more of their courtroom "theatrics."

After the judge ended the proceedings for the day, Sonny demanded to know what would happen next. Diane was confident that Claire didn't have any more tricks up her sleeve. However, Diane warned Sonny that Michael's absence was tantamount to an admission of guilt.

A short time later, Sonny arrived home. As Sonny poured himself a drink, Luke made his presence known.

Mayor Floyd approached Coleman and Alice in the hallway of the courthouse. He suggested that Coleman and Alice do the city a favor by locking up Sonny and then throwing away the key. Lisa overheard the mayor's suggestion. "Shame on you," Lisa scolded the mayor. She reminded her fellow jurors that the judge had instructed them not to discuss the case with anyone.

Lulu followed Dante out of the courtroom. Dante felt as if he had just wrecked his brother's life. Lulu tried to get Dante to leave, but he wanted to talk to Claire first. Dante promised to call Lulu later. After Lulu left, Dante approached Claire. Dante was furious because Claire had forced him to admit that Michael might have witnessed Claudia's murder.

Dante insisted that he had given Claire an airtight case. Claire claimed that there wasn't any such thing. She argued that a witness was more compelling than evidence, so Michael's testimony was crucial. Claire suggested that Dante "tacitly helping" Sonny by hiding Michael had put the focus of the trial on Michael. Dante disagreed; he believed Claire had made the case all about Michael. Claire assured him that she could sleep at night because she hadn't thrown Michael under the bus, Dante had.

Lisa was surprised to find Patrick lighting candles in the park's gazebo for a romantic dinner. Patrick explained that it was a surprise for Robin, but Robin was late. He changed the subject to ask how Lisa had fared during jury duty. Lisa grumbled that it had not gone well; she had been selected as a juror for Sonny Corinthos' trial. Patrick invited Lisa to tell him all about it; however, he warned her that he was biased.

Lisa sat down as she admitted that the judge had ordered the jury not to discuss the case. Patrick assured her that she could trust him. Lisa confided that the prosecutor was a cross between a "cheerleader and a pit bull." As they chatted, Robin walked up.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In the empty courtroom, Dante confronted Claire about her determination to force Michael to testify against Sonny. Claire insisted that Michael's testimony would secure a conviction; however, she suspected that Dante had second thoughts about sending Sonny to jail. Dante vowed that he would never forget that Sonny had been responsible for Vince Poletti's murder. Claire wasn't swayed. She couldn't shake the feeling that Dante wanted to keep Michael from testifying, in an effort to protect Sonny.

Dante questioned if Claire was the right person to prosecute Sonny. He insisted that she had everything that she needed to convict Sonny without Michael's testimony. Claire fired back that Dante was afraid to admit that his father had bludgeoned a woman to death. Dante revealed that he had pulled a dead 15-year-old prostitute from the river on his first day as a police officer, so he could accept what people were capable of. Dante didn't harbor any illusions about Sonny; he knew that Sonny was a ruthless and brutal man. Claire couldn't ignore that Dante had lied about the shooting to protect Sonny. She was certain that Dante had integrity, but it was buried deep. Claire advised Dante to find it or turn in his badge.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Lulu demanded to know why Ethan had violated the restraining order. Ethan was grateful that at least Luke had been willing to take him at his word. Lulu suggested that Luke didn't want to admit that Ethan was exactly like him. Ethan sensed that Lulu was referring to the secret that everyone tried to tiptoe around. He demanded to know what it was.

Lulu admitted that she liked Ethan, but she didn't know anything about his past. Ethan resented how Lulu assumed the worst about him because of something that Luke had done. Lulu reluctantly revealed that Luke had raped her mother. Ethan was stunned, yet certain that there was more to the story. Lulu explained that Luke had fallen in love with Laura, who had been married at the time. Luke's love for Laura had led him to rape her in the campus disco one night after work. Ethan was at a loss for words.

Lulu reminded Ethan that Luke had recognized Ethan as his son because Ethan was so much like Luke. For that reason, Lulu believed that Ethan went after Kristina. Ethan appeared sad as he watched his sister walk out.

Lulu caught up to Dante at Jake's. Coleman surprised the couple with free beer on the house. Dante suspected that Coleman hoped to improve his image, so that Coleman wouldn't face backlash when he voted to acquit Sonny. Coleman assured them that he would just do his civic duty. However, Coleman conceded, "You have to wonder how far it extends when you have a piano wire wrapped around your neck."

Lulu and Dante carried their beers to a nearby table, where Lulu told Dante about her visit with Ethan. Lulu admitted that she wanted to believe her brother, but family history led her to believe that Ethan could have been capable of hurting Kristina. Dante realized that Lulu suspected that Ethan was a "chip off of the old block." "Exactly," Lulu agreed.

Dante suggested that the same could be said about him and Sonny. Lulu disagreed; she insisted that Dante and Sonny were nothing alike. Lulu claimed that Sonny's goodness was only skin deep, while Dante's goodness went all the way through. Dante smiled. He didn't know what he'd do without Lulu.

In the park, Lisa vacated her seat when Robin approached the gazebo. Robin was surprised to learn that Lisa had been selected as a juror for Sonny's trial. Robin promptly seized the opportunity to remind Lisa that there was a different side to Sonny, which the public had never seen. Robin praised Lisa for being a "woman of integrity" who wouldn't be swayed by tabloid rumors. Patrick bristled at Robin's attempt to influence Lisa.

Robin refused to apologize; she insisted that she merely wanted Lisa to treat Sonny as a real person. Lisa decided that it would be best to leave. After Lisa walked away, Patrick admitted that he didn't want to waste another minute talking about Sonny. Patrick preferred to focus on their beautiful surroundings and the meal that he had arranged for Robin. Robin couldn't understand Patrick's change of heart; he used to like Sonny.

Patrick confessed that everything changed when Sonny shot Dante. Patrick realized that Sonny's life was filled with violence. He didn't want Robin and Emma exposed to that. Robin insisted that Sonny was important to her, but she was not in Sonny's life. Her life was with Patrick and Emma. It was exactly what Patrick had needed to hear; he leaned forward and then kissed his wife.

At the penthouse, Carly confessed that she was certain that Kristina had lied to protect Kiefer. Jason warned Carly not to jump to conclusions. Carly pointed out that Ethan had been seen in the casino by a room full of people during the time that Kristina had been attacked. Carly also confided that a few months earlier, there had been an incident at Kelly's between Kristina and Kiefer. Carly had been concerned enough to offer Kristina some advice about Kiefer.

Jason remained skeptical. Carly insisted that Kiefer was a possessive bully with an angry temper. Jason suggested that Carly's dislike of Kiefer didn't automatically make Kiefer guilty of attacking Kristina. He warned Carly to stay out of it, so that Lucky could do his job. Jason also advised Carly not to discuss her suspicions with Sonny. Jason worried that it would push Sonny over the edge.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Jax questioned Carly about her visit with Kristina. Carly noted that it hadn't taken Alexis long to run to Jax. She assured Jax that it hadn't been a big deal; she had gone to visit Kristina because there had been a discrepancy in Kristina's story. Jax was curious how any of it concerned Carly. Carly resented Jax's attitude because of his role in the criminal charges against Sonny.

Eventually Michael's name was mentioned. Jax believed that it was best for Michael to stay away from Port Charles until after the trial. Jax thought it would be a mistake to tell Michael about Kristina because Michael would want to return. Carly clarified that it was her decision to make, not Jax's.

Kiefer lurked outside of the lake house, spying on Lucky and Kristina. Inside, Lucky encouraged Kristina to talk about the attack. He wanted to know who had hurt her. "Why?" Kristina wondered. Lucky explained that he wanted to help her. Kristina suggested that it would help if the police backed off. Lucky explained that it was impossible because a violent crime had been committed.

Kristina didn't want Ethan to go to trial; she just wanted it all to go away. Lucky promised that he would help Kristina in any way that he could. "I never should have said that it was Ethan," Kristina confessed. She quickly explained that everyone would know that she had gone to extremes to pursue Ethan. She begged Lucky to help her make it go away and then implored him to talk to her parents. Lucky assured Kristina that everything would be okay.

Kiefer hid in the bushes until Lucky left. A short time later, Kiefer knocked on the door. Kristina was surprised to see him. Kiefer explained that he couldn't wait another day to see her because he had been worried about her. Kiefer admitted that he had seen Lucky earlier. Kristina appeared unsettled by the realization that Kiefer had been hanging around the house for quite some time. She didn't have time to ponder the thought because Kiefer demanded to know what Lucky had said to upset her.

Kristina admitted that she didn't have any desire to pursue legal charges against Ethan. Kiefer was outraged that she would feel sympathy towards someone who had blown her off. Kristina appeared nervous as she revealed that she didn't want to go through a trial. A knock on the door startled Kristina and Kiefer. It was Sonny. Kiefer quickly excused himself and then left.

Sonny wanted to know if there was anything that he could do for Kristina. Kristina took Sonny up on the offer; she asked that Sonny not punish Ethan for what had happened to her. Sonny admitted that he couldn't ignore what Ethan had done. Kristina's eyes filled with tears as she explained that she didn't want Ethan to die because of her. Sonny told Kristina about the abuse that his mother had endured at the hands of his stepfather, Deke. Kristina felt terrible for what her grandmother had gone through, but it didn't change how Kristina felt. Sonny held his sobbing daughter while she begged him to respect her wishes.

Sam stopped by to visit her sister after Sonny left. Sam had picked up an assortment of nail polish, so that they could paint their nails. Eventually, Sam managed to coax a smile out of Kristina. Kristina confessed that it helped to know that Sam was on her side.

At Greystone Manor, Luke admitted that what happened to Kristina had been terrible; however, Ethan had not been responsible for the crime. Luke explained that Ethan didn't have any reason to lie to him because Ethan knew that Luke would stand by his son no matter what. Sonny was livid; he argued that Kristina didn't have any reason to lie about the attack. Sonny trusted that Kristina had told him the truth.

Sonny recalled seeing Kristina the first time after the attack. He assured Luke that Kristina had not hesitated to name Ethan as her assailant. "He beat her over and over," Sonny angrily declared. Luke suggested that Kristina had been mistaken. Sonny reminded Luke that there had been DNA evidence to support Kristina's story. Luke argued that the scratch on Ethan's face had been unintentional; Ethan had startled Kristina when he had tried to help her.

Sonny pointed out that Ethan was an effective conman. Luke was adamant that Ethan was innocent; he offered to help Sonny find the person responsible for what had happened to Kristina. Sonny insisted that he knew who had attacked his daughter, so it wasn't necessary. Luke cautioned Sonny not to act hastily because an innocent man could be hurt. Sonny promised that wouldn't happen. Luke understood the underlying threat to Ethan. He warned Sonny not to touch Ethan.

Jason dropped by to see Sonny a short time later. Jason was curious how the trial went. Sonny claimed that Diane thought that Dante's testimony had been helpful because Dante had seemed protective of Sonny. Jason didn't trust Dante; to him Dante would always be a traitor. Sonny understood how Jason felt because Sonny would always view Ethan as the "bastard" who had beaten Kristina. Sonny couldn't tolerate that, not even if it cost him a life-long friendship. Sonny confided that Luke was under the impression that Sonny had backed off; however, Sonny remained determined to make Ethan pay.

Lucky entered Luke's office on the Haunted Star. Lucky quickly updated his father about the paternity test. Lucky claimed to be relieved that he wasn't the baby's father. Luke was happy for Lucky. Lucky appreciated the support. The discussion then turned to Ethan. Lucky revealed that Kristina didn't want to press charges against Ethan. Luke was relieved, but he warned Lucky that Ethan had bigger problems: namely Sonny.

Luke wondered how Ethan had behaved at the hospital following the attack. Lucky admitted that he had barely spoken to Ethan. Luke questioned if it were possible that Kristina had been mistaken about the identity of her attacker. Lucky conceded that she might have wrongly accused Ethan because there was a discrepancy about the timeline.

Luke didn't doubt Ethan's innocence. "Why would you?" Lucky asked. Luke acknowledged that Ethan had been angry when Kristina had shown up at the casino and that Ethan had been a bit rough with her, but Luke insisted that Ethan had not beaten her. Lucky made it clear that he was determined to get to the bottom of things.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

On the island, Michael managed to sneak a call to Kristina. Kristina was thrilled to hear from her brother, but her tone quickly sobered. Michael demanded to know what was wrong. Kristina revealed that she had been attacked, but she assured him that she was okay. Michael wanted to race to his sister's side, but she insisted that he remain where he was.

After Michael ended the call, he marched into the living room to inform Max and Milo that their vacation was over. Michael announced that he was returning to Port Charles because his sister needed him. "I'm sorry, you can't go back," Carly told Michael. Michael was surprised to see his mother standing in the doorway. Carly quickly dismissed Max and Milo, so that she could talk to her son privately. Once they were alone, Carly told Michael about the assault.

Michael refused to believe that Ethan had hurt Kristina. According to Michael, Ethan had always been nice to Kristina. Carly explained that Kristina had developed a crush on Ethan, which had led Kristina to break a date with Kiefer, get dressed up, and then go to the Haunted Star. Michael wasn't swayed; he was certain that Kiefer had been the one to attack Kristina. Michael demanded to go home, so that he could persuade his sister to tell the truth about the attack.

Carly reminded Michael that he couldn't force Kristina to tell the truth. Michael was frustrated; he didn't understand why the wrong people paid for crimes while the guilty people went free. Carly realized that it was difficult for Michael to remain silent, but she promised him that it was the best thing that he could do. Carly explained that it was Kristina's tragedy to deal with. The truth would eventually find its way out.

At Kelly's, Lucky joined Alexis and Dante at a table. Lucky was curious what Alexis expected him to do about Luke. Alexis was certain that Luke would make an attempt to help Ethan escape from jail because Luke had an "unflappable disdain for the law." It was a trait that Alexis believed Luke had passed down to Ethan. Lucky pointed out that he was Luke's son too. Dante took exception to Alexis' theory that people had a genetic propensity for criminal behavior.

Alexis apologized; she attributed it to nerves because she was worried about Kristina. Lucky assured Alexis that, if Ethan were guilty, Lucky wanted him to go to jail. However, Lucky warned Alexis that Kristina might pose a problem because she was reluctant to testify against Ethan.

Later, Claire approached Dante at the police station. She wondered what he thought about Johnny Zacchara as a witness for the prosecution. Dante insisted that Johnny was "nuts" like the rest of the Zaccharas. He warned her that Johnny was too focused on vengeance to be reliable.

In the interrogation room, Luke handed Ethan a cup of coffee as Ethan admitted that he knew about Laura's rape. Luke realized that he owed Ethan an explanation, but Luke made it clear that it would be the last time that he discussed it. "Fair enough," Ethan agreed. Luke revealed that his father had been an abusive drunk who had beaten Luke's mother on numerous occasions until one day he had killed her. Luke had vowed that he would never be like his father, but then Luke had found himself drunk and raping the woman that he loved.

Ethan feared that he might snap as Luke had. Luke warned Ethan not to succumb to a "self-fulfilling prophecy." Luke had been responsible for his own choices. Luke had raped Laura because Luke had been drunk, miserable, selfish, and afraid that he would be killed. Luke insisted that it had nothing to do with "dear old Tim Spencer."

Diane went to Greystone Manor to review the case with Sonny before court. Sonny was more interested in knowing what the maximum sentence would be if Ethan were convicted of assaulting Kristina. Diane insisted that Sonny needed to focus on the trial, not Ethan. Diane was concerned about the impact that Johnny and Maxie's testimonies would have on the trial.

Diane was certain that Johnny would paint Sonny in a very bad light. She was also worried about Maxie's testimony because Maxie had seen Sonny in a blood-soaked shirt. Sonny was too distracted with thoughts of Ethan. He refused to allow Ethan to walk away from the assault. "Stop it," Diane shouted. She admitted that she wanted Ethan to be punished; however, her priority was to defend Sonny. Diane insisted that Sonny wouldn't do Kristina any good if Sonny ended up in prison.

Luke entered the living room shortly after Diane left. Sonny wondered if Luke were there to tell him that Ethan had confessed to beating up Kristina. "No," Luke responded. "Ethan didn't do it." Luke was there to appeal to Sonny as a father; he insisted that a father knew his son. Luke understood Sonny's desire to make the person who was responsible for hurting Kristina pay for what had happened. However, Luke believed that Sonny was looking in the wrong place for the culprit.

Luke implored Sonny get the truth from Kristina. Sonny took offense at Luke's suggestion that Kristina had lied. He understood that Luke didn't want to admit that Ethan was capable of such a monstrous act, but Luke had gone too far by accusing Kristina of lying. Out of respect for their friendship, Sonny asked Luke to leave. Luke honored Sonny's wishes.

Sam arrived at the penthouse after spending the night at the lake house with Kristina. Sam admitted that she and Kristina had bonded over painting their nails, watching movies, and making popcorn. She confessed that it had been nice to see Kristina laugh and giggle. However, Sam suspected that Kristina was relaxed because she was hopeful that Sam would be able to persuade Alexis to drop the charges against Ethan. Sam explained that Kristina was desperate for everything to go away.

Sam understood Kristina's reluctance to testify. She was certain that they would make "that poor innocent girl" look like a "slut" who had been stalking Ethan. As Sam talked about the impact a trial would have on Kristina, Jason realized that Sam was recalling her own experiences. Sam seemed startled by the suggestion that she had made Kristina's attack about herself. She insisted that she had every right to be angry at Ethan for attacking Kristina.

As Sam ranted, she realized that Jason was right; she had been projecting. Sam acknowledged that she had been pushing Kristina in a direction that Kristina didn't want to go in. Jason assured Sam that she hadn't done anything wrong. Sam decided that she had to talk to Alexis. She knew that persuading Alexis to drop the criminal charges against Ethan would only be half of the battle; she would still have to convince Sonny to agree to do the same.

Diane arrived at the penthouse to talk to Jason a short time later. Diane was worried about Sonny's determination to make Ethan pay for what had happened to Kristina. She immediately sensed that Jason was hiding something. Diane demanded to know what was going on for Sonny's sake. Jason admitted that there had been a discrepancy with Kristina's story. Jason explained that during the attack, Sam had confronted Ethan in a casino filled with witnesses. Diane warned Jason not to breathe a word of it to Sonny. She was certain that the news would send Sonny spiraling out of control.

Jason went to Greystone Manor to talk to Sonny about Diane's concerns. Jason pointed out that it wasn't a good idea for Sonny to wear his hatred for Ethan on his sleeve because the jury would see it. Jason didn't want Sonny to lose sight of the goal, which was to protect Michael. Sonny promised that he could keep it together as long as he knew that Ethan wouldn't walk away from the assault charges. Sonny was willing to allow the justice system to work, but he vowed that "all bets were off" if Ethan weren't convicted.

Sam found Alexis working at the lake house. Alexis explained that Kristina and Molly had gone to Kelly's. Sam revealed that she wanted to talk to Alexis about Ethan. Sam was concerned because Kristina was petrified to testify against Ethan. Alexis wondered what Sam was trying to get at. Sam was curious if Alexis could make the charges against Ethan disappear. Alexis was stunned; she thought it was unrealistic to think that the criminal case would simply go away.

Alexis believed that Kristina needed to see things through, in order to heal and then move forward. Alexis had hoped that Sam would understand. Sam assured her mother that she did, but that it wasn't about Sam or Alexis. Sam insisted that Kristina did not want to pursue the charges against Ethan. Alexis suggested that Sam should set a good example by encouraging Kristina to stand up for herself. Alexis was certain that it was the kind of support that Kristina need.

At Kelly's, Kiefer sat at the counter to eavesdrop on Kristina and Molly's conversation with two of Kristina's friends from school. The girls sat at a table discussing what Kristina should wear to the trial. One of the friends informed Kristina that "image was important." Kristina admitted that she didn't think the case would go to trial. The classmates declared that Kristina wasn't any fun, so they decided to leave.

Molly couldn't understand what Kristina had been talking about. "Of course there's going to be a trial," Molly told Kristina. "Not if I don't want one," Kristina argued. Molly decided to return to the library. She invited Kristina to join her, but Kristina declined. The moment Molly walked out, Kiefer approached Kristina. He demanded to know why she was considering dropping the charges against Ethan. Kristina reminded Kiefer that Ethan wasn't the one who had attacked her; she didn't want Ethan to pay for a crime that he didn't commit.

Kiefer was livid. He was worried that the police would end up filing charges against him, if they were dropped against Ethan. Kiefer insisted that it was unfair. "What's unfair?" Sam wanted to know as she approached the table.

At the garage, Olivia sat on Johnny's lap, and was wearing his shirt while she helped him prepare for court by reviewing the questions that Claire had sent to him. Olivia suggested that Johnny reign in his temper during his testimony. Johnny appreciated the advice. He admitted that he was finally hopeful that Sonny might be convicted. A short time later, Johnny wondered if Claudia had ever had a nice, carefree moment with Sonny.

Olivia was slightly alarmed that Johnny's mind had been on his sister while he had been kissing Olivia. Johnny apologized; he confessed that he couldn't stop thinking about how he had failed Claudia. Johnny was determined to destroy Sonny in every way possible. Olivia appeared taken aback the vehemence in Johnny's tone. She admitted that she was worried that Johnny might be dangerously close to crossing the line between seeking justice and obsessive revenge. Olivia warned Johnny that he might become the thing that he hated the most, if he weren't careful.

After Olivia left, Claire arrived to go over Johnny's testimony. Johnny answered the questions flawlessly until Claire decided to see how Johnny would do under cross-examination. Johnny's temper quickly flared when Claire suggested that Claudia had eagerly embraced Sonny's lifestyle. Johnny screamed that Claire was a "sanctimonious bitch" when she suggested that Claudia had deserved what she had gotten.

Lucky entered the interrogation room at Ethan's request. Ethan admitted that he knew about the rape; he confessed that he had a new understanding of Lucky. Ethan imagined that it must have been difficult for Lucky to adjust after discovering that Luke wasn't the man that Lucky had thought Luke was. Lucky confided that it was probably a blessing that Ethan hadn't grown up with Luke because Ethan didn't have his "godlike" image of Luke blown apart as Lucky had. Lucky admitted that it had been hard at first, but Lucky eventually realized that it was not who Luke was. Luke was more than a sum total of that night, so he was still worthy of being loved.

Luke walked in moments later. Lucky quickly excused himself. After Lucky left, Luke revealed that he had failed to persuade Sonny to back down.

Alexis approached Lucky and Dante in the squad room. She informed them that she wanted to discuss the charges against Ethan.

Friday, March 26, 2010

At the garage, Johnny became increasingly agitated as he talked about Claudia's relationship with Sonny. According to Johnny, Sonny had killed Claudia long before he had bashed Claudia's head in. Johnny claimed that Sonny had broken Claudia down, destroyed her dignity, and made her live in fear every day of her life. Claire heard Johnny loud and clear. She decided that she wouldn't call him to testify.

Johnny demanded to know why. Claire explained that Johnny's testimony would make Sonny appear to be persecuted by a grief-stricken brother who was bent on revenge. She didn't want to risk the jury softening toward Sonny. Johnny argued that Claire was making a mistake, but Claire disagreed. She insisted that it would be difficult enough trying to make a woman who had been directly responsible for the shooting of a child appear sympathetic.

Claire considered Johnny too volatile, as Dante had warned her. Johnny was livid. He insisted that Dante couldn't be trusted because Dante was Sonny's son. He suggested that Dante was undermining everything to protect Sonny. Claire promised that she would take Johnny's warning under advisement, but she refused to allow Johnny to take the stand.

Lulu stopped by the hospital to visit Maxie. Maxie realized that her situation was grim because Lulu couldn't look Maxie in the eye. Lulu looked up and then immediately choked up with emotion. Lulu tried to act casual by talking about work, but Maxie didn't want to hear about Crimson; she wanted to know if Lulu and Dante had sex yet.

Lulu confided that Dante was a wonderful kisser, but they hadn't been able to take things further. Lulu admitted that the constant interruptions had become a running joke. Maxie cautioned Lulu not to sabotage herself. Maxie confessed that Spinelli knew that Maxie had a thing for bad boys, so he had planned the "silly mystery" with Chef Robaire. It was how Maxie ended up trapped in a storm drain overnight. Lulu and Maxie looked up when they heard a noise in the doorway. It was Spinelli.

It was clear by the expression on Spinelli's face that he had overheard Maxie's comment. He apologized for interrupting them. Lulu confided that she had just told Maxie how blessed Maxie was to have Spinelli. Spinelli argued, "Hardly." He felt as if he were the one who had been blessed. Maxie didn't know what she would do without Spinelli. Lulu excused herself, so that Spinelli and Maxie could have some privacy. As soon as they were alone, Spinelli showed Maxie a picture of a Lily of the Valley plant that was "waiting to welcome [her] home."

Lulu stopped Robin in the hallway to share her concerns about Maxie. Robin explained that Maxie had septicemia, which lowered the blood pressure and increased the likelihood of organ failure. Robin reminded Lulu that Maxie was family, so Robin would do everything in her power to save Maxie. However, there was a very real possibility that Maxie might not pull through.

At the police station, Luke and Ethan stood in the interrogation room while they watched Alexis talk to Lucky and Dante in the squad room. Luke noticed that Alexis seemed tense.

Alexis informed Lucky and Dante that she had spoken to Dan Auerback, the prosecutor. Dan had decided to drop the charges against Ethan because Kristina didn't want to testify. Alexis clarified that Ethan was free to go. Dante decided to do the honors. As Dante led Ethan away to be processed, Luke took the opportunity to thank Alexis. Alexis made it clear that she thought that Ethan was guilty. Luke was disappointed that Alexis had tried, convicted, and sentenced Ethan without a trial. Alexis wasn't interested in Luke's lecture.

Luke and Ethan went to the Haunted Star after they left the police station. Tracy was suspicious when they told her that the charges had been dropped. Ethan assured Tracy that he had not threatened Kristina when he had gone to the lake house. Luke suggested that Kristina had dropped the charges because she knew that Ethan was innocent. Tracy accused Luke of giving Ethan way too much benefit of the doubt. She didn't think that Sonny would be as generous.

Ethan regretted that he hadn't realized how messed up Kristina had been. It sickened him that someone had brutally assaulted her. Tracy remained skeptical of Ethan's innocence. Luke pointed out that Tracy was proof that no one would believe Ethan, except for Luke, until Kristina told the truth.

At Kelly's, Sam wondered why Kiefer seemed upset. Kiefer claimed that he wanted Ethan to pay for assaulting Kristina. He believed that Ethan should be locked up. Kristina flashed back to the attack as Sam explained to Kiefer that it was Kristina's choice to drop the charges against Ethan. Kristina suddenly jumped up; she demanded that everyone stop hovering. Kristina just wanted to forget that the entire incident had happened.

Sam drove Kristina to the lake house. She was happy that Kristina had gotten out for a while. Alexis entered the living room to let Kristina know that the prosecutor had dropped the charges against Ethan. Kristina was relieved; she threw herself into her mother's arms and then hugged Alexis fiercely. After Sam left, Alexis and Kristina sat down for a heart-to-heart talk. Alexis wanted Kristina to take care of herself. Alexis had dropped the charges because she respected Kristina's decision and believed in her daughter.

Later, Alexis showed up at the Haunted Star to warn Ethan to stay away from Kristina. Alexis vowed to leave it to Sonny to deal with if Ethan called, texted, or contacted Kristina in any way. Meanwhile, Luke went to the lake house to persuade Kristina to tell the truth. Luke explained that Ethan would be in danger until Sonny knew the truth.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny told Jason that the only reason that Ethan remained alive was because Sonny had made a promise to Kristina. Sonny revealed that Kristina was like his mother. Adela had always protected Deke despite the abuse. It had always bothered Sonny that Adela had never found happiness, even after Deke's death. Sonny admitted that his mother had never spoken of it, but she had always blamed herself for what had happened to Deke. Sonny didn't want Kristina's life to be poisoned like Adela's had been.

Carly entered the room moments later. She told Sonny and Jason that Michael had managed to get his hands on a cell phone, so he knew about the attack on Kristina. Carly warned them that Michael was ready to swim back to Port Charles. Sonny was frustrated because Max, Milo, and Bernie hadn't done a better job of isolating Michael. Sonny and Carly agreed that it might help for Michael to occasionally talk to Kristina. However, they were concerned that Michael might confess the truth about Claudia's death to his sister.

Jason admitted that Kristina, Molly, and Morgan already know that Michael had killed Claudia. Carly and Sonny were stunned. They wondered why Jason hadn't told them sooner. Jason realized that he should have warned them, but he had been reluctant to add to their worries. Jason pointed out that too many people knew the truth. Sonny agreed; he hoped for an acquittal, so that Michael couldn't be touched.

After Jason left, Carly asked if Luke had been by to talk to Sonny. Sonny told Carly about his decision to allow the judicial system to deal with Ethan. However, Sonny intended to find the smallest and ugliest cell, with the biggest cellmate, for Ethan. Carly wondered who Sonny was punishing: Ethan or Deke. Sonny wished that Deke were alive, so that Sonny could subject Deke to all manner of torture for what Deke had done.

Carly suggested that Kristina might not want the same kind of justice. Sonny realized that he and Kristina had their problems, but he loved his daughter. Sonny explained that Kristina was different than Sonny because she had a father who was willing to help her. Sonny knew what it was like to feel trapped and helpless; he didn't want that for his children.

At Pozzulos, Jason asked the waiter where Mario was. The waiter jokingly confessed that he had "iced" Mario and then dumped his body in the harbor in an attempt to get behind the counter, so that he could infiltrate the organization. "You must be Conan," Jason guessed. Jason recalled that Bernie had recommended Conan. Conan appreciated the opportunity to work at the restaurant. Conan believed that Pozzulos had untapped potential. Jason made it clear that he was satisfied with the restaurant being a mob front only.

Lucky entered the restaurant a few moments later. He had dropped Jake and Cam off at daycare. Jason was curious how the boys were doing. Lucky admitted that they missed their mother. According to Lucky, the boys were attempting to wrap their heads around the idea that Uncle Nikolas was the new baby's father. Lucky conceded that it was probably for the best that he wasn't the baby's father. Jason wondered why Lucky had asked to see him.

Lucky revealed that the charges against Ethan had been dropped. Lucky suggested that Sonny should hear it from Jason. Lucky also hoped that Jason might convince Sonny not to kill Ethan. Claire entered Pozzulos minutes later. She was surprised to see Jason and Lucky together. Lucky explained that he had dropped by to discuss Ethan's situation with Jason. After Lucky left, Claire revealed that she planned to call Jason as a witness.

At Kelly's, Dante was happy to see Morgan walk in. Dante greeted Morgan and then mentioned the Yankees. Morgan confessed that it was unlikely that he would be able to attend a game any time soon, since Michael was away and Sonny was on trial. Morgan was curious how Sonny's trial was going; he complained that no one would tell him. Dante assured Morgan that Sonny had good attorneys, so he might beat the charges. Morgan wondered how Dante felt about the possibility of their father going to jail.

Dante led Morgan to a table. As the brothers sat down, Dante admitted that he trusted the law to work. Sonny entered the diner moments later. Dante didn't object when Sonny joined them. Morgan continued to question Dante about the trial, but it was Sonny who spoke up. Sonny explained that Dante had taken an oath to do a special job. Sonny didn't expect Dante to undo all of his work because Dante was related to Sonny.

Sonny was willing to accept what happened; he was proud of all of his kids, including Dante. Sonny's only regret was that he hadn't been able to help raise Dante and that Dante never had an opportunity to get to know his siblings. Morgan was confident that Sonny would be found not guilty and that Morgan, Sonny, and Dante would be able to go to a Yankees game together. Dante admitted that he thought that the Yankees would have a good year and then excused himself.

Dante arrived at the police station a short time later. He was surprised when he spotted his mother. Olivia explained that Claire had asked to meet Olivia, so that they could discuss Olivia's testimony. Olivia sensed that Dante was troubled. Dante confessed that he had just left Sonny and Morgan. Dante was plagued with second thoughts.

Olivia understood Dante's confusion because Sonny was a devoted father. However, Olivia warned Dante that Sonny was also a narcissist and a manipulator who used that love against people. Johnny stormed into the police station seconds later. Johnny loudly suggested that Dante change his name from Falconeri to Corinthos. Johnny demanded to know how far Dante would go to protect Sonny.

Lulu was visibly shaken when she entered Kelly's. Carly was concerned when she saw her cousin. Lulu admitted that she was scared because Maxie's condition was grave. Carly offered to help Lulu in any way that she could. Lulu was thankful; she admitted that she had been concerned that Sonny's trial had pulled them apart. Carly made it clear that no man would ever get between them. Lulu agreed.

Robin checked on Maxie. She advised Maxie to keep the oxygen mask on, so that Maxie's organs wouldn't have to labor so hard. After Robin left the room, Spinelli confessed that he hated himself for putting Maxie's health at risk. Maxie told Spinelli that she was thankful that Spinelli had never given up on her. Spinelli was uneasy; he felt as if Maxie were saying goodbye. Spinelli refused to allow her to give up.

Maxie fell asleep a short time later. After Spinelli left the room, Maxie opened her eyes. She was delighted to see Georgie sitting on the bed. The sisters hugged, but then Maxie's smile faded. Maxie realized that Georgie was there to help Maxie cross over. "That's up to you," Georgie told her sister.

Sonny found Jason reviewing Claire's trial questions in the office. Sonny revealed that he had spent some time with Dante and Morgan. Sonny believed that he had made some strides with Dante. Jason broke the news that the charges against Ethan had been dropped. Sonny was outraged. In his fury, Sonny trashed the office while he carried on a murderous rant. Sonny insisted that he wanted Ethan to "hang on a hook" and suffer. Afterwards, Sonny wanted Ethan dead. Claire stood in the doorway with an expression of shock.

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