General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 19, 2010 on GH

Morgan unwittingly gave Dante a lead on Michael. Michael told Dante about the night of Claudia's death. Kiefer's father accused Alexis of murder. Skye reached out to Luke for help tracking down Alcazar's hidden fortune.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 19, 2010 on GH
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Monday, April 19, 2010

At the lake house, Alexis comforted Kristina after the girl had viewed the distorted version of the facts that Kiefer's father, Warren, had posted on the Internet. Kristina feared that everyone would believe Warren's lies instead of the truth. Alexis hugged Kristina and said that she would do whatever she had to do to keep their family safe.

Molly and Morgan also viewed the video at Morgan's house. Molly worried about what would happen to her and Kristina if Alexis went to prison. Morgan told her not to worry because he knew how to take care of Kiefer's father.

Dante went to Jason at Sonny's restaurant office and told him that Ronnie was on the island, searching for Michael. Jason blasted Dante for his betrayal of Sonny. When Dante said he was trying to protect his brothers, Jason told him that he could not protect his brothers by putting Sonny in prison. When Dante left in disgust, Jason phoned the island.

Ronnie was searching for Michael on the island. He managed to get into Michael's suite, but Jax stopped him before he found Michael. Jax told Ronnie to leave Michael alone. Ronnie did not understand Jax's attitude. Ronnie told Jax that he thought that they were on the same side, and he did not understand why Jax did not want Michael to testify.

Jax said that Michael had not been at the cabin and did not know anything about what had happened to Claudia. Jax told Ronnie that Michael was not on the island, and the only reason that Jax was there was to check out the real estate in anticipation of buying it after Sonny went to prison. Ronnie was not ready to give up, but Max arrived and physically forced Ronnie to leave on the next plane off the island.

At Sonny's trial, Claire objected when Carly was called to the stand, and she took Josslyn with her. Carly let the jury know that Josslyn would not be there if Sonny had not prevented Claudia from stealing her. The judge called a recess and told Carly to find a nanny for Josslyn before returning to the stand.

During the recess, Sonny chastised Carly for taking Josslyn to court, but Carly said that what she had done had gained sympathy from the jury. Once Carly was back on the stand, she told the story of how Claudia had died. The only changes from the truth were that Sam, not Claudia, had delivered Josslyn and that Sonny, not Michael, had killed Claudia.

Claire tried to shake Carly's story and make her admit that Sonny had killed Claudia in cold blood, but Carly remained firm in her testimony, and Claire was unsuccessful in shaking her. When Diane asked Carly if she believed that she and Josslyn would be alive if Sonny had not stopped Claudia, Carly looked the jury in the eyes and said, "No," very firmly. After Carly's testimony, the defense rested its case.

Warren was at the Port Charles Police Station, berating Mac for not putting Alexis in jail when she arrived to talk to Mac. Warren continued to upbraid Mac and accused him of showing favoritism to Alexis because he was sleeping with her. Despite Alexis' denial, Warren continued to insist that they were.

Alexis asked to speak to Warren alone and tried to explain what had happened. He did not listen and refused to accept that Kiefer had beaten Kristina. He continued to spread the lie that Ethan had beaten Kristina, and she had lied to protect Alexis from punishment for the hit-and-run on Kiefer.

At the lake house, Kristina cried and looked at pictures of Kiefer. Sam checked in on her. As Sam tried to give her comfort, Kristina professed her love for Kiefer. Kristina worried about how upset Warren was and wanted to mitigate his pain.

Sam tried to get Kristina to be more realistic about the abuse she had taken from Kiefer and pointed out that Warren was following the same pattern as Kiefer by first verbally abusing her and then apologizing with a gift. Kristina did not seem to get that what had happened was not her fault.

After Sam left, Kristina continued to cry, look at pictures of Kiefer, and blame herself for the beatings that she had received at Kiefer's hands.

Sam went to the police station to support Alexis, who was getting an earful from a vengeful Warren. He told her that she was guilty of murder and should be in prison for what she had done. He would not accept that Kiefer had beaten Kristina and continued to blame Ethan for it because Kristina had named him first. He did not accept Alexis' explanation that Kristina had named Ethan to spare Kiefer from Sonny's wrath.

Sam listened in the background until Warren called Kristina a "slut." When he did that, she hit him in the face with her fist. Warren held his nose while several officers restrained Sam.

Morgan worried about Molly and called Dante for help. Dante explained the law and said that anything that he did would be considered a conflict of interest. He told Molly that she could call him anytime, but that there was nothing that he could do. He advised the children to let the law take its course.

After Dante left, Jason called Max and Michael on the island. After finding out that Ronnie had been close to finding Michael, he told Max to move Michael to a different location. When Jason spoke to Michael, he said that the trial was almost over but that he did not want to take a chance that Michael would be found.

Michael told Jason about his talk with Jax and said that he understood that his testimony would not help Sonny. Michael agreed to lay low until the trial was over. Jason warned him to only let those close to him know where he was going.

Molly went to the restaurant to see Jason. She met Conan, whom she advised not to call her "sweetie." She told Jason what Warren was doing to her family and shared her fear that Alexis might go to prison. She asked Jason to make the problem go away. Jason wanted to know if Molly was asking him to kill Kiefer's father.

Michael called Morgan to let him know that he had changed locations. Morgan repeated back the name of Michael's new accommodations.

A recess was called at court just before closing arguments were to be made by both Claire and Diane. Diane told Sonny that Carly's testimony had been very convincing and that they had a chance at winning.

Outside in the hall, Sonny was very grateful to Carly and gave her a big smooch. Both Claire and Dante were looking on. Claire told Dante that if the prosecution did not find Michael and put him on the stand, Sonny would walk.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At the police station, Lucky entered the squad room just as one of the officer's held Sam back from attacking Warren again. Warren noted that violence appeared to run in Alexis' family. Lucky tried to defuse the situation, but Warren accused Lucky, Sam, and Alexis of obstructing justice. According to Warren, Lucky had taken steps to frame Kiefer, in order to cover up that Ethan had assaulted Kristina. Warren refused to allow Kiefer to be a scapegoat.

Lucky offered to show Warren the witness statements, but Warren wasn't interested; he made it clear that he would not allow Alexis to get away with killing his son.

In the office at Pozzulo's, Molly asked Jason to make Warren Bauer disappear. Jason seemed shocked that Molly wanted him to kill Warren. Molly didn't care what Jason did as long as Warren was no longer a threat to her family. Jason explained that he couldn't kill Warren or force Warren to back off because it would be illegal. Molly pointed out that most of the things that Jason did were illegal.

Jason couldn't deny the accusation; however, he assured Molly that he had lived with the consequences of his actions. Molly, on the other hand, was a child, so Jason felt obligated to protect her. Jason admitted that Michael had grown up seeing things that a child shouldn't have. Jason blamed himself, which was why he was determined not to let it happen again. He pointed out that Kristina had lied to protect Kiefer from being killed, so he didn't think that Kristina would want Warren to die.

Molly confessed that she didn't want anyone to die either; she just wanted her family to be okay again. Jason understood Molly's concern. He assured her that things would work out. Jason then offered to take Molly home. As they started to leave, Molly suddenly changed the subject. She admitted that even though Jason was a criminal, it didn't mean that Jason couldn't marry Sam.

Skye went to the lake house to have a look around. She introduced herself to Kristina when Kristina opened the front door. Skye explained that the lake house had once belonged to her. Kristina recalled hearing about Skye. Skye confided that she had once taken care of Kristina when Kristina had been a baby.

Skye chatted about her history with Jax and Alexis, and then she mentioned Lila Rae. Kristina relaxed and then started talking about Kiefer. Kristina confessed that it felt as if things were getting worse, not better. Skye thought that she might have a solution to Kristina's problem.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan and Luke reviewed the casino's books. Luke didn't think that Tracy would be happy with the numbers, but he was hopeful that a good night for the casino could turn things around. Luke noticed that Ethan seemed quiet. He suggested that Ethan should cheer up, since Ethan's problems were behind him. Ethan pointed out that it wasn't over for Kristina.

Luke confessed that he had little sympathy for Kristina after her lies had nearly cost Ethan's life. Ethan clarified that he wasn't innocent after the way that he had treated Kristina when she had shown up at the casino. Luke didn't think that Ethan should be so hard on himself. According to Luke, Kristina had behaved obnoxiously. Ethan thought that Kristina was a nice kid who had made a foolish mistake because of a crush.

Luke acknowledged that Ethan had a point. Ethan revealed that he had enjoyed Kristina's company while he had taught her the finer points of poker. Ethan felt terrible that he had yelled at Kristina during a time when Kristina had needed help; he regretted that he hadn't realized that something was wrong, even though Kristina had refused to press charges. Luke suggested that it might not be too late. Ethan turned and saw Kristina and Skye standing in the doorway.

Kristina explained that she wanted to apologize to Ethan for everything that she had put him through. Luke and Skye gave Ethan and Kristina some privacy to talk. Kristina acknowledged that she had screwed up by lying, ruining Ethan's date with Jennifer, and ignoring Ethan when Ethan had made it clear that he wasn't romantically interested in Kristina. Kristina confessed that she was deeply embarrassed. Ethan assured her that he knew what it was like.

Ethan told Kristina about a crush that he'd had on his friend's twenty year-old sister. Ethan had been fourteen at the time. Ethan revealed that he had convinced himself that she was interested in him, so he had donned a leather jacket and then gone to her house. The friend's sister had smiled at Ethan when she had opened the door, so Ethan had worked up the courage to kiss her. The woman had been shocked by the unexpected display of affection. It turned out she hadn't smiled at Ethan, but at her boyfriend, who had walked up behind Ethan.

Kristina laughed as she agreed that it had been a humiliating story. Ethan chuckled along with her as he reminded her that everyone did stupid things. Ethan admired Kristina because it had taken courage for her to apologize to him. Ethan regretted that he had handled things poorly and acted like an idiot. He wanted her to know that he was truly sorry.

Shortly after Kristina left, Lucky arrived. Lucky warned Ethan and Luke that Warren Bauer had demanded a second investigation into Kristina's allegations. Lucky explained that Warren had accused Lucky and Dante of covering up the truth to protect Ethan. Ethan was outraged that he remained a suspect in Kristina's attack even though Kristina had named Kiefer as the culprit. Lucky had more bad news; the DNA evidence pointed to Ethan as Kristina's assailant, not Kiefer.

At the lake house, Alexis and Sam discovered that Molly was home alone because Kristina had left with Skye. Sam had had no idea that Kristina had even known Skye or that Skye had returned to Port Charles. Alexis assured Sam that Skye had settled down in recent years, so Alexis wasn't concerned that Kristina was with Skye. Alexis wanted to take the opportunity to find out what was going on with Molly.

Molly immediately confessed to asking Jason to kill Warren. Alexis groaned with disappointment while Sam hid a smile. Molly quickly explained that Jason had refused to carry out the hit. Molly then switched gears to tell Sam that Jason was really nice; she was happy that Sam and Jason were in love. Sam appreciated the support, but she wanted to focus on Molly's request to have Warren killed.

Molly explained that she had been afraid that Warren would ruin their family, so she had been desperate to stop him. Molly promised that she didn't want anyone to die; she realized that it had been wrong. After Molly went to her bedroom to do her homework, Sam seemed shocked that the idea for Jason to kill Warren had entered Molly's mind. Alexis didn't know why Sam was surprised; everyone Molly knew was either in the mob or related to someone in the mob.

Later, Sam joined Alexis on the front porch. Sam suggested that Warren could raise all the hell that he wanted, but Alexis had the truth on her side. Alexis pointed out that the truth was that Alexis had run over Kiefer. Sam argued that Alexis had been racing Kristina to the hospital when the accident had occurred. Sam attributed Alexis' failure to call 9-1-1 to shock. Sam also credited Alexis for confessing to the hit-and-run.

Alexis clarified that she hadn't told Mac about the accident until after Kiefer had died. Alexis warned Sam that Warren was a great lawyer who was well connected and determined to get "his pound of flesh." Alexis realized that she was fair game, but she refused to allow Warren to target Kristina. Sam and Alexis were startled when they looked up and discovered that Kristina had arrived home.

At the courthouse, Claire and Dante watched Sonny and Carly. Claire hated how Sonny and Carly were gloating. Claire was more certain than ever that the only way to secure a conviction against Sonny was by putting Michael on the witness stand.

In the hallway, Sonny thanked Carly for her testimony. He credited her for winning over the jury. Sonny was hopeful that he would be acquitted by midnight, which would allow Michael to return home. After Carly left, Sonny returned to the courtroom. Diane was certain that the jury wouldn't convict Sonny, which she hadn't thought would be possible at the beginning of the trial.

Claire and Dante watched as Sonny smiled smugly at them. Claire warned Dante that it was time for them to make a decision. She either had to proceed with her closing argument or make one more effort to get Michael to testify. Dante instructed Claire to request a 24-hour continuance, so that he could find Michael. Moments later, Claire asked Judge Carroll to grant her 24 hours to find Michael. Diane strongly objected, but the judge ruled in Claire's favor.

After court adjourned, Diane wanted Sonny's assurance that Michael would not be found. Sonny promised that she didn't have to worry. Diane suspected that part of the reason that Claire wanted the extra time was because Claire hoped that the impact of Carly's testimony would fade in the memories of the jurors.

Later, Sonny spotted Claire as she left the courtroom. Claire promised that she looked forward to putting Michael on the stand. Sonny assured her that it wouldn't happen. However, he couldn't resist the opportunity to remind Claire that Carly had handed Claire's ass to her. Sonny explained that Claire had made a fatal mistake by dragging Morgan out of school and then putting him on the stand because it had pissed off Carly. Sonny insisted that Carly had made Claire look like a fool.

Carly arrived at Pozzulo's to let Jason know how things had gone at court. She told him about her grand entrance with Josslyn and her compelling testimony that had left the jury eating out of her hand. Jason seemed relieved, but he warned her that they had to move Michael because Ronnie had shown up on Sonny's private island with a subpoena. Carly was surprised to learn that Jax had helped to keep Ronnie from finding Michael.

Sonny arrived a short time later. Sonny was certain that they would be able to get on with their lives soon. Jason appeared troubled when Sonny told them about Claire's request to delay closing arguments for 24 hours in the hopes of finding Michael.

Morgan was delighted when Michael called. Michael revealed that he was at Copa del Oro, at a resort that boasted all sorts of entertainment including a sports center. Morgan admitted that the resort sounded great. Michael promised that after the trial, he would try to get Sonny to take them to Copa del Oro so that Morgan could see it. Morgan wished that he could have gone with Michael instead of testifying.

Morgan confided that his testimony hadn't helped their father's case, but Michael assured his brother that everything would be okay. Later, Dante showed up to see Morgan. Dante claimed that he wanted to apologize for not being able to help with Warren Bauer. Morgan realized that, as a cop, Dante was expected to follow the rules, so he didn't hold it against Dante. Morgan confessed that he hoped that after the trial, he could go to a Yankees game with Dante, Michael, and Sonny.

Dante promised to work on it when Michael returned. Morgan didn't think that Michael would be eager to return home because he was having fun at a resort in Copa del Oro. After Dante left, Jax arrived home. He had fudge for Morgan and news about Michael. Morgan confessed that he had already spoken to Michael, so he knew that Michael had been moved to a new location. Morgan realized that Jax wanted Sonny to go to jail, but Morgan felt as if he had failed his father in court.

Jax tried to offer Morgan words of encouragement, but Morgan remained troubled. He warned Jax that Carly was still mad at Jax. Jax promised that he and Carly were just going through a rough patch; he was certain that they would be able to work things out eventually. Claire arrived a short time later. Morgan ignored Claire's greeting and then excused himself.

After Morgan left, Claire demanded to know why Jax had kept Ronnie from serving the subpoena to Michael. Jax denied that Michael had been on the island. Jax claimed that he had gone to the island to check it out because he wanted to buy it after Sonny was convicted, but Claire didn't believe him. Claire informed Jax that Dante was in the process of tracking down Michael to serve him with the subpoena. Morgan lurked nearby, eavesdropping on Jax and Claire's conversation.

Dante was on a plane headed to Copa del Oro to serve the subpoena to Michael. He was plagued with thoughts of Morgan during the flight to the island. A short time later, Dante arrived at the resort where Michael was staying. He pretended to be room service to get Michael to open the door. Dante immediately informed Michael that Michael had to return to Port Charles to testify. Michael suggested that Dante might not like what Michael had to say.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

At the Haunted Star, Lucky advised Luke to make certain that Ethan didn't leave town because Warren Bauer already had plenty of ammunition to use against Ethan. Luke suggested that Lucky could help Ethan, but it would require Lucky to forget that he was a police officer for a few hours. Lucky was under investigation, so he declined Luke's offer. However, Lucky insisted that Ethan should keep a low profile.

Moments later, Maya Ward entered Luke's office. After Lucky left, Maya asked Luke to shed some light on what Edward was like. Maya also had questions about Tracy. She resented that Tracy viewed her as a deadbeat relative looking for a handout. Maya didn't understand how a cool guy like Luke had ended up married to Tracy. Luke admitted that Tracy could be difficult.

Luke considered living with the Quartermaines a hardship, so he advised Maya to accept everything that they offered to her. Maya was curious if Edward could be trusted. "Hell no," Luke responded. He warned her that Edward was controlling and would always expect something in return.

Jason was surprised when he noticed Johnny and Olivia exiting Sonny's old penthouse. Johnny explained that he was interested in buying the place, but Jason made it clear that the penthouse would never be sold to Johnny. Olivia suggested that Johnny and Jason might actually make good neighbors. Johnny was pretty certain that Jason didn't want Johnny dropping by to borrow a cup of sugar, so Johnny decided to look elsewhere. A short time later, Johnny and Olivia entered another luxury penthouse.

The realtor decided to give Johnny and Olivia some privacy while they looked around. Olivia thought that the penthouse was too much for Johnny. She was curious why Johnny was suddenly eager to move. Johnny confessed that he was tired of living above the garage. He also wanted to impress Olivia. Olivia made it clear that she preferred less lavish surroundings.

Johnny argued that "middle of the road" was boring; he loved the penthouse. Olivia realized why the penthouse appealed to Johnny when she glanced out the window. It was directly across the street from Jason's place. Olivia suspected that Johnny wanted Sonny to know that Johnny was watching every time Sonny paid Jason a visit. Johnny denied it; he insisted that he wanted the place so that Olivia would move in with him.

Johnny wanted to share his life with Olivia because he loved her. Johnny was stunned when Olivia made it clear that it would never happen and then walked out.

Maxie dropped by Jason's penthouse to discuss the sauna that she had arranged to be installed. Jason wasn't interested in a sauna or any of the other remodeling projects that Maxie had planned. He was curious why Maxie was so determined to make so many changes to the penthouse when she didn't even live there. Maxie claimed that she was doing it for Spinelli, but Jason pointed out that Spinelli was a simple guy who was happy with just a laptop and Maxie.

Maxie revealed that after her near-death experience, she had realized that she wanted more from life than Spinelli could give her. Maxie admitted that she wanted her life to be edgy and exciting; she needed someone who was dangerous and who could challenge her. Maxie didn't want to hurt Spinelli, so she needed a distraction to help keep her relationship on track. She believed that the remodeling projects were the perfect solution.

Spinelli arrived home moments later. Maxie jumped up to greet Spinelli and then confessed that she was eager to show him her remodeling plans. Spinelli and Maxie ended up going to Jake's to discuss her ideas. Spinelli wondered why the project was so important to Maxie. Maxie claimed that she wanted to show her appreciation because Spinelli had given her so much. Spinelli assured Maxie that he just needed her to be happy. Maxie insisted that her life wouldn't be complete without Spinelli.

Sam arrived at the penthouse shortly after Spinelli and Maxie left. She was relieved that she and Jason were alone. Jason revealed that Maxie had persuaded him to go along with the remodeling plans, which led to a discussion about Maxie's attraction to bad boys. Sam could identify with Maxie, except when the bad boys offered to go to prison. Jason realized that she was referring to his decision to accept Claire's deal.

Jason admitted that he had blindsided Sam with the decision to go to jail for Sonny. Sam confessed that it had hurt because she didn't know if their relationship had factored into his decision. She was curious if it would have been easy for him to walk away from what they had. Jason explained that it had happened so fast that all he had thought about was that Sonny wouldn't survive in jail. Jason had also been concerned about the impact that Sonny's conviction would have had on Michael, Morgan, and Kristina.

Jason argued that he didn't have children to leave behind. Sam reminded Jason that she needed him. Jason apologized if he gave Sam the wrong impression; he assured her that he needed her too. Sam chuckled as she confessed that she had made plans to break Jason out of jail. Jason was intrigued when she offered to show him some of the costumes that she had intended to use.

At the hospital, Nikolas decided to check on Liz after he finished a board meeting. He was surprised that she was working in the oncology department. Liz confessed that it had given her a new outlook on life. Nikolas and Liz reminisced about Emily, who had often volunteered in the oncology department, following her battle with breast cancer. Their somber mood lightened when they heard loud music drift into the room.

Nikolas and Liz found Shirley giving Patrick rumba lessons in the hallway. Patrick appreciated Shirley's dancing tips; he hoped to use them on Robin later that evening. After Patrick left, Liz introduced Nikolas to Shirley. Moments after Nikolas, Liz, and Shirley returned to Shirley's hospital room, Matt entered. Matt had a bright yellow feathered boa that he handed to Shirley. Shirley wrapped the boa around Matt's neck and then inquired if he was ready for another lesson.

At the Jacks residence, Morgan eavesdropped as Claire justified her decision to track down Michael. Claire was certain that Michael had witnessed Claudia's murder. Jax insisted that Michael hadn't seen anything relevant that night, but Claire didn't believe him. Jax was curious how many kids Claire intended to put through hell to get what she wanted. Claire reminded Jax that they were on the same side.

Claire insisted that Jax couldn't protect Michael and send Sonny to jail. She was confident that Michael could secure a conviction against Sonny. Jax refused to win at Michael's expense. Claire argued that testifying would free Michael from the violence that surrounded Sonny. Claire decided to leave when Carly arrived home, but Carly insisted on having a word with the prosecutor.

Carly explained that Claire had made a mistake by dragging Morgan into court. Claire accused Carly of using Josslyn, but Carly suggested that Claire was just bitter because Carly had bested Claire in court. Carly hoped that Claire would lose both the trial and her job as a prosecutor. Claire glared at Carly and then stormed out. Jax admitted that he was disappointed that Carly had lied on the stand for Sonny.

Carly clarified that she had lied to protect Michael. Jax informed her that he had also protected Michael when Ronnie had shown up on Sonny's island with a subpoena. Carly suggested that Jax had only helped Michael because Jax didn't want Michael's confession to exonerate Sonny. Jax insisted that he had helped Michael because he would always be grateful to Michael for saving Carly and Josslyn's lives.

Jax met Skye at the Metro Court Restaurant for dinner. Jax was frustrated because he had taken a risk that hadn't paid off. Jax explained that Carly's testimony had pretty much guaranteed Sonny's acquittal. Jax was plagued with doubts. He had called in favors to get Claire assigned to the case, but he had never imagined that Claire would have built her case around Michael's testimony or that she would have called Morgan to the stand.

Skye suggested that Sonny didn't have any boundaries, so it was unfair to expect Claire to have them. Jax tossed around the idea of calling in a few more favors to stop the trial before it was too late. Skye advised Jax to stay the course because Jax's reasons for going after Sonny hadn't changed.

At Jake's, Claire noticed Patrick's frustration after he had checked his messages. She wondered if everything were okay. Patrick grumbled that he had invited his wife out for a drink, but she had decided to go home. Claire began talking about disappointments and lost causes. Patrick was curious if there was something in particular that was troubling Claire. Claire confessed that it was difficult to do the right thing; she had found herself making compromises that she had never thought possible.

Claire turned the discussion to ethics. She was curious if the end justified the means. Patrick revealed that he knew who Claire was. He explained that Robin Scorpio was his wife. Claire assumed that Patrick wasn't a fan of the woman who was prosecuting Sonny. Patrick surprised her by offering to buy Claire a drink. He acknowledged that Robin had a long history with Sonny, which Patrick believed Robin romanticized.

Patrick accused Sonny of hiding behind those that Sonny claimed to love. Claire suggested that it was a smart move on Sonny's part. Patrick believed that Claire could put Sonny away because she didn't have any emotional attachment to those close to Sonny. He assured her that she was doing the right thing.

Max and Milo found themselves behind bars in a Copa del Ora jail. Milo couldn't understand how a request for more bread had led to an arrest. Max explained that Milo's Spanish had been faulty. Max was pretty certain that Milo had asked for more "from behind," not more bread. Milo was shocked.

At Copa del Ora, Dante announced that he was there to take Michael back to Port Charles. Michael was certain that Dante had known that Michael had been on Sonny's island, so Michael was curious what had prompted Dante's sudden change of heart about Michael's testimony. Dante claimed that it wasn't up to him to determine if Michael's testimony had any relevance on the case; it was for the jury to decide. Moments later, Michael's cell phone rang. It was Morgan.

Morgan admitted that he had told Dante where Michael was staying, so Morgan wanted Michael to be on the lookout. Michael assured Morgan that everything was fine; he promised that Max and Milo would be able to keep Dante away. Morgan seemed to relax. Michael promised to call his little brother the following day and then ended the call. Dante thanked Michael for covering for him with Morgan. Michael made it clear that he had done it for Morgan because he didn't want Morgan to feel responsible for Dante finding him.

Michael warned Dante that Max and Milo wouldn't allow Michael to leave the island with Dante. Dante assured Michael that Max and Milo had been dealt with, so they wouldn't be a problem. Dante warned Michael that the prosecutor had done a very good job with placing Michael at the scene of Claudia's murder. Dante was certain that Michael had witnessed Claudia's last moments.

Michael admitted to killing Claudia, but Dante didn't believe him. Dante insisted that Michael would need proof if anyone were to believe the confession. Michael pulled out his backpack and then informed Dante that the proof was inside. When he opened the backpack, Dante found a shirt covered with dried blood. Michael revealed that the blood was Claudia's.

Michael confessed that he had found Claudia in the cabin as she had been about to kidnap Josslyn. Michael had grabbed an axe handle and had struck Claudia with it. Dante refused to believe that Michael had killed Claudia. Michael accused Dante of not wanting to hear the truth because Dante wanted Sonny to be guilty of the crime. Later, on the fight black to Port Charles, Michael was curious what would happen when they landed.

Dante explained that the shirt would be sent to forensics to determine if it was covered with Claudia's blood. Dante had no idea what to do if forensics confirmed Michael's story.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Copa del Ora, Jason and Sam discovered that Michael's room was empty. The resort manager explained that no one had seen Michael for quite some time. Sam wondered if it were possible that Michael was off somewhere with Max and Milo. The manager revealed that Max and Milo had been arrested the previous evening.

After Max and Milo were released from jail, they met up with Jason in Michael's room. Max suspected that he and Milo had been set up. The manager returned to the room with an update moments later. Michael had been spotted in the company of a man in his late twenties, with shaggy brown hair, and a muscular build. Jason realized that Dante had found Michael.

At Greystone Manor, Diane was pleased that Sonny had chosen to wear a light-colored suit to court. Sonny wanted to know if Diane was ready to make her closing argument. He was eager for the trial to be over before Claire located Michael. Diane reminded Sonny that he had assured her that Michael was in a safe location where no one could find him. She admitted that there weren't any guarantees, but she was confident that her closing statement would make everyone weep.

Sonny feared that the possibility of an acquittal had lit a fire under Dante. Sonny worried that Dante would redouble his efforts to find Michael. Diane suggested that Sonny try to relax. She didn't think that Dante would use Michael to secure a conviction against Sonny.

At the courthouse, Claire demanded to know if Jax had any news on Michael. Jax made it clear that he would not help Claire drag Michael into court. Claire warned Jax that Sonny would walk if Michael didn't testify. She suspected that Jax refused to help her because he was afraid he would lose Carly. Claire didn't understand why Jax wanted a woman who would sacrifice everything, including her marriage, for Sonny.

Carly approached moments later. Carly gloated that the favorite part of her day would be seeing the look on Claire's face when Sonny was acquitted. Claire shot back that Carly's "hot little celebration kiss" with Sonny had been a bit premature. Jax was stunned by the revelation that Carly and Sonny had shared a kiss. After Jax walked away, Carly and Claire continued to trade barbs. Carly wished that she could rip the hair out of Claire's head and then smack Claire silly.

Carly suggested that Claire was only interested in winning a high-profile case, even if it was at the expense of Carly's children. Carly vowed that Claire would fail. Claire insisted that Sonny had killed Claudia. After Claire walked away, Jax approached Carly. He wanted to know about the kiss between Carly and Sonny.

Carly explained that Sonny had kissed her out of gratitude because of her testimony. She reminded Jax that Sonny was trying to protect Michael. Carly insisted that she would lie, cheat, and steal for her kids. She didn't care if Jax approved of that or not.

Carly and Jax entered the courtroom. Carly sat behind Sonny, while Jax sat on the prosecution's side of the courtroom. Claire called Ronnie to the stand when the trial resumed. Coleman voiced his annoyance. Coleman accused Claire of wasting everyone's time by trying to stall because she knew that she had lost. Judge Carroll was furious; he dismissed Coleman as a juror and then had Coleman tossed in jail.

Sonny wondered if they had grounds for a mistrial, but Diane advised against it. Ronnie took the stand moments later. Claire questioned Ronnie about why he had failed to serve Michael with a subpoena. Ronnie claimed that Carly and Sonny had hidden Michael on a private island and then surrounded Michael with bodyguards. Claire produced a picture of Michael flanked by Max and Milo. Ronnie claimed that the surveillance picture had been taken on April 15th.

Diane did her best to establish that the picture could have been taken at any time, since the island had been under surveillance a number of times. According to Diane, Claire could have had the date and time altered to support her claim about Michael. After Ronnie stepped down, Claire and Diane gave their closing arguments. Claire suggested that Carly had tried to use Josslyn to gain sympathy for Sonny. Diane countered that Sonny had acted in defense of Carly and Josslyn when he had killed Claudia.

After both attorneys sat down, the judge gave the jury instructions on the law and then sent them to deliberate the case. Carly was curious what Diane thought about Ronnie's testimony. Diane admitted that Claire had done a fine job of establishing that Michael was in hiding. Carly's phone beeped moments later. Carly noticed that she had missed a call from Jason. Sonny confessed that he had a bad feeling.

As the jury filed into a room, one of the jurors suggested that they vote to convict Sonny. Alice reminded everyone that she was the jury foreperson, so she would decide when they voted. Lisa smiled as everyone sat down.

At Dante's loft, Dante ended a call with the forensics lab and then offered Michael some breakfast. Michael and Dante turned when Lulu stepped off of the elevator and then entered the loft. Lulu was shocked to see Michael standing in Dante's living room. Michael wondered who should tell Lulu the latest development. Dante decided to do the honors, so he quickly filled Lulu in on Michael's confession.

It was clear that Dante had his doubts about Michael's story. Michael explained that Dante simply didn't want to accept that Sonny wasn't guilty. Lulu also suspected that Michael's confession was a lie. She argued that too many people would have been involved in the cover-up. Michael reminded Lulu that the Corinthos family was skilled at covering things up. Lulu believed that Michael might have confessed because Michael would get a lighter sentence than Sonny, since Michael had been a minor at the time of Claudia's murder.

Michael wasn't surprised that they both suspected that he was lying. Dante pointed out that Michael was highly motivated to make up the story because Michael was desperate to save his father. Michael grew tired of the argument, so he decided to take a shower. After Michael left the room, Dante confessed that he had regrets about finding Michael. Dante believed that it was best for Sonny to go to jail. He was certain that Michael, Morgan, and Kristina would be better off.

However, Michael's confession had changed everything. Lulu thought that it was entirely possible that Michael had made up the story, but Dante revealed that Michael had produced a shirt covered with Claudia's blood. Dante explained that he was waiting for the forensics department to confirm that it was Claudia's blood on the shirt. Dante had no idea what to do if Michael had killed Claudia. Lulu suggested doing nothing.

Dante recalled a time that Sonny had sent him to Pine Barrens to kill someone. He remembered wondering how many other men Sonny had sent to their deaths. Dante argued that even if Sonny hadn't killed Claudia, he was guilty of murder. He believed that Sonny deserved to go to jail. A short time later, Dante received the call that he had been dreading. The forensics department had confirmed that the blood on the shirt was Claudia's.

Michael returned to the living room just as Dante filled Lulu in on the DNA results. Lulu and Dante realized that Michael had told the truth. Michael was curious what Dante intended to do with the new information. Later, Jason entered Dante's loft, but no one was there.

Lulu arrived home with Michael in tow. Lulu explained that Dante needed time to think things through. Michael sensed that Lulu was disappointed. She reluctantly confirmed his suspicions. Michael realized that Lulu hated Sonny, so she wanted Sonny to go to jail.

Skye entered Luke's office. Luke took a moment to appreciate Skye's beauty. Skye smiled at the compliment and then confessed that she and Luke made a great team. She was happy that they had been able to help Kristina and Ethan resolve things. Luke was grateful that Skye had arranged for Kristina to talk to Ethan; he believed that Ethan had needed it. However, Luke was curious why Skye had mentioned them working together as a team.

Luke was curious what Skye's plans were. Before Skye could respond, Helena appeared in the doorway. Helena claimed that things were "tedious" at Wyndemere, so she had decided to boost her spirits by visiting Luke. Luke pointed out that he was busy. Helena glanced at Skye, "Oh you're the one with that unfortunate name. Apple? Blanket?" "Skye," Skye supplied with an indulgent smile. Helena chuckled as she observed that at least Luke liked to keep his dalliances in the family.

Helena made it clear that she wanted to talk to Luke alone, so Skye decided to humor Helena. After Skye left, Helena admitted that it was time to get down to business. Luke offered to fetch his garrote and chainsaw. Helena was intrigued; however, it wasn't the kind of business that she had in mind. Helena didn't think that Luke should expect her to "extricate" Liz from Lucky's life all by herself. She had hoped that Luke would appreciate her efforts to spare Lucky any additional hurt from Liz.

Luke laughed; he didn't believe that Helena was concerned about Lucky. Helena admitted that she wanted Liz's baby to be raised as a Cassadine by Cassadines. Helena believed that Liz would continue to cling to the hope for reconciliation as long as Lucky remained in the picture. Luke wondered what Helena was really up to. Helena resented Luke's laughter, so she left. Luke's smile quickly faded.

Tracy entered Luke's office a short time later. She was curious if Luke knew what Helena was up to. Luke revealed that Helena wanted to get her hands on Liz's baby. Tracy suspected that Helena's true target was Luke.

Looking for Liz, Lucky entered the chemotherapy treatment room. Shirley immediately spotted Lucky's badge and gun, so she realized that he was a cop. Shirley correctly guessed that Lucky was Liz's ex-husband. Liz was surprised to see Lucky when she entered moments later. Liz smiled when Shirley handed her a necklace to try on. Shirley shrewdly studied Lucky as she observed that jewelry didn't have to be genuine as long as the woman wearing the jewelry was.

Lucky seemed to understand Shirley's unspoken message. He confessed that his father had always advised him never to comment on a woman's appearance except to give her a compliment. Shirley chuckled as she guessed that Lucky's father was either a player or a wise man. Lucky admitted that Luke was both. Shirley was curious what type of man Lucky was. Lucky confided that he was neither a player nor a wise man; he then turned the question on Shirley.

Shirley confessed that she was no longer a player. According to Shirley, a person became a "flipping oracle" the moment that they were diagnosed with a terminal illness. Liz pointed out that Shirley's prognosis could be wrong. Liz then followed Lucky into the hallway to find out why he had stopped by. Lucky admitted that Shirley didn't seem sick. Liz agreed; she thought that Shirley had a wonderful attitude that could lead to remission.

Lucky handed Liz a signed permission slip for Cam's field trip. Liz thanked Lucky and then asked if he could take the boys on Saturday because she had been invited to Shirley's house. Lucky readily agreed. However, he noted that he had never seen Liz connect with one of her patients the way that she had with Shirley. Liz confided that she had felt an instant bond with Shirley. Shirley was special; she had helped Liz to see things in a different light.

Later, Helena approached Liz in the hallway. Helena claimed to be concerned about Liz's health, so she didn't think it was wise for Liz to work during her pregnancy. Liz promised to do the exact opposite of what Helena advised. Helena wasn't pleased with Liz's attitude. She accused Liz of being a narcissistic slut who craved attention from men. Helena was certain that Liz would use the baby to manipulate Lucky and Nikolas.

When he walked up, Lucky warned Helena to leave Liz alone. Helena smiled as she noted that Lucky had proven her point. Helena couldn't resist taunting Lucky about the baby before she walked away.

Sonny arrived home and found Dante waiting for him. Sonny poured himself a drink as he revealed that his fate was in the hands of the jury. Dante slowly approached Sonny. Dante confessed that the trial had been a waste of time because Sonny hadn't killed Claudia; Michael had. Sonny stared intently at Dante.

Friday, April 23, 2010

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia stood behind the bar as she scheduled an appointment for a massage later that day. Olivia dropped the phone and a folder as she ended the call with the spa. Olivia bent down to pick the items up just as Carly and Jax approached the bar; they were in the middle of a heated argument. Jax didn't understand why they couldn't discuss their reconciliation, since Sonny's case was in the hands of the jury, and Michael never had to testify. Carly was furious that Michael had needed to go into hiding and that Morgan had been dragged into court.

Olivia remained crouched behind the bar while Jax insisted that he had been concerned about "our" children. Jax could never forget that Michael's coma had been a result of a stray bullet intended for Sonny. Jax didn't approve of Claire's decision to put Morgan on the stand, but he pointed out that Morgan had not been permanently damaged as a result of testifying against Sonny. Carly wondered how it felt being right all of the time. "Feels great," Jax answered sarcastically.

Carly and Jax continued to argue about Jax's decision to go after Sonny. Jax wanted Morgan to have a future without the influence of Sonny's mob lifestyle. He wished that Carly could see how much he loved her and their family. After Jax stormed off, Olivia popped up from behind the bar. Olivia warned that Carly was about to throw away the best thing that had ever happened to her. Olivia promised that she hadn't been spying on Carly and Jax, but she confessed that she had overheard everything.

Carly wasn't interested in Olivia's advice. Olivia still considered Carly a friend, so she hoped that, in time, they would be able to repair their friendship. Carly conceded that she could see it happening in the future. Olivia smiled and then admitted that Carly had every right to be angry at Jax, but she urged Carly to get past it. Olivia knew that it was difficult to forgive, but she thought it was important that Carly not lose sight of what was at stake.

Carly insisted that Jax's grudge had destroyed the life that she and Jax had built. Carly couldn't forgive Jax's lies and manipulations. Olivia suggested that it sounded like Carly should walk away. Carly confessed that she didn't know how. Carly admitted that Morgan and Jax were close, so Morgan would be deeply hurt if Carly and Jax divorced. Carly was also reluctant to raise Josslyn in a broken home.

Olivia realized that Jax had done a terrible thing, but, according to Olivia, his motives had been pure. Olivia warned Carly that Jax wouldn't be alone for very long if Carly ended their marriage.

At Lulu's apartment, Michael reminded Lulu how much Sonny loved her. Lulu confessed that she could never forgive Sonny for shooting Dante. Michael and Lulu were startled when Maxie entered the apartment. Maxie was equally stunned to see Michael standing in the living room. Maxie quickly realized that Dante must have tracked down Michael. Lulu panicked when Maxie decided to call Jason. Lulu threatened to cut off Maxie's arm if she touched the phone.

As Lulu and Maxie argued about whether or not to call Jason, Lulu realized that Maxie had known that Michael had killed Claudia. Lulu couldn't believe that Maxie hadn't said a word. Maxie explained that she had recently learned the truth, but that she hadn't been able to betray Spinelli's confidence. Lulu explained that she felt the same way about Dante, so she begged Maxie to walk away and not tell Jason about Michael's whereabouts.

Maxie agreed to walk away, but she couldn't make any promises to Lulu about not telling Jason where Michael was hiding. After Maxie left, Michael warned Lulu that Maxie would likely tell Spinelli that Michael was in the apartment. Michael was confident that Jason would turn up on Lulu's doorstep very soon. Lulu advised Michael not to underestimate the power of friendship.

Lulu explained that Maxie understood that it was important for Lulu to be the person that Dante could trust. Michael suggested that it might be equally important for Maxie to be the person that Spinelli could trust. Lulu disagreed and then changed the subject. She was curious why Michael had waited so long to confess when it was clear that Michael wanted the truth to be out.

Michael revealed that he had intended to take responsibility for Claudia's death, but everyone around him had insisted on the cover-up. However, Michael was clear that he refused to allow Sonny to go to jail for a crime that Michael had committed. Michael sensed that Lulu was keeping something from him. He wondered where Dante was. Lulu avoided the question by urging Michael to trust Dante to take the lead. Michael agreed to wait for Dante, but his patience was wearing thin.

At Greystone Manor, Dante confronted Sonny with the truth about Michael's role in Claudia's death. Sonny stuck to his story that he had killed Claudia until Dante revealed that Michael had confessed. Sonny was stunned to learn that Michael had also given Dante a shirt covered with Claudia's blood. Sonny insisted that it had been an accident.

Sonny admitted that Michael had found Claudia in the cabin with Josslyn in her arms. Michael had taken an axe handle and had struck Claudia, but Michael hadn't intended to kill her. Dante wondered why they had covered up the crime. Dante was certain that it would have been ruled self-defense. Sonny argued that the police would have jumped at the opportunity to railroad Michael as payback for not being able to prosecute Sonny.

Sonny didn't want Michael to carry the stigma of being labeled a killer. Sonny wanted to go to jail in Michael's place; he took responsibility for the death of many men, including Lieutenant Poletti. Sonny implored Dante to allow justice to take its course. He assured Dante that even Diane was certain that Sonny would be convicted.

Jason entered Dante's loft, but no one was there. Moments later, he heard the elevator slide open. Jason ducked out of sight moments before Claire entered the loft. Claire ordered Jason to show himself. She revealed that she had followed him to the loft. Jason wondered what Claire wanted.

Claire admitted that Dante should have returned from serving Michael with a subpoena. She confided that a part of her had been concerned that Dante might have been on his way to Pine Barrens, but then she'd realized that Sonny wouldn't allow Jason to kill Dante. Claire appeared to take delight in reminding Jason that his hands were tied. Claire confessed that she was fascinated to see how everything would play out with Dante and Michael.

Jason went to the penthouse after he'd left Dante's loft. Jason explained that it was imperative for Spinelli to find Michael because they had to get Michael out of the country. Spinelli immediately went to work. A short time later, Maxie arrived. Jason snapped that Spinelli was too busy to deal with Maxie because they were desperate to find Michael. Maxie suggested that perhaps she could help, but she didn't tell them where Michael was.

Maxie was curious why they had covered up Claudia's death when it was clear that Michael wanted to confess. Jason admitted that he should have allowed Michael to tell the truth; he deeply regretted that he hadn't. Spinelli was frustrated because he couldn't find any sign of Dante or Michael. Jason realized that he would have to tell Sonny that Michael was in town, but they didn't know where Michael was. Maxie appeared concerned, but she remained silent.

After Jason left, Maxie watched Spinelli work. Spinelli was disappointed because he couldn't help Jason. Maxie admitted that she felt conflicted because it was a situation where neither Dante nor Jason seemed like the bad guy. Spinelli agreed; he recalled how he had felt when Lulu had been looking for Dante during Josslyn's christening. Spinelli had kept quiet even though he had known that Sonny and Jason had planned to kill Dante.

Maxie wondered if Spinelli ever regretted that he hadn't warned Lulu. "No," Spinelli answered. He believed that once things were set in motion, they had to run their course.

Dante found Lulu waiting for him when he arrived at his loft. Lulu explained that she had received his message. Dante looked around for Michael. Lulu assured him that Michael had promised to wait at the apartment. Dante revealed the details about his visit with Sonny. He admitted that he wasn't comfortable allowing Sonny to take responsibility for another person's crime, even if it was Sonny's choice.

A short time later, Lulu and Dante returned to her apartment. Dante was eager to move Michael to another location before Jason found him. Lulu seemed surprised that Dante didn't intend to turn Michael over to the police. Dante explained that he needed more time to decide. They were stunned when the entered the apartment and discovered that Michael was gone.

Michael called someone for a ride. He told the person that he would be waiting on Baker Street.

At Greystone Manor, Jason was surprised when Sonny revealed that Dante had Michael. Sonny explained that Dante had dropped by earlier to tell Sonny that Michael had confessed. Jason was shocked to learn that Michael had turned over a blood-stained shirt to Dante. Sonny admitted that he didn't know where Michael was, but he was certain that Dante would protect Michael. Jason thought that Sonny was fooling himself. Sonny argued that Dante wanted Sonny's conviction too much to turn Michael over to Claire.

In the jury room, Alice gave the jurors instructions on how they would decide Sonny's fate. One of the jurors resented that Alice was calling the shots. Alice reminded everyone that they had elected her to be the foreperson. The juror suggested that they re-elect a new leader. Lisa offered Alice her support and then suggested that they take a preliminary vote to see where they all stood.

Alice endorsed Lisa's idea. Lisa took the opportunity to suggest that it was a straight-forward case. According to Lisa, Sonny had killed Claudia while defending Carly and Josslyn. Lisa suspected that the police had pounced on the opportunity to prosecute Sonny because they were desperate to put him behind bars. Alice objected to Lisa trying to persuade the jury.

Lisa explained that she had merely offered her opinion. Alice pointed out that no one had asked Lisa to share her opinion. Alice then invited everyone to cast their votes.

At the Haunted Star, Luke laughed at the idea of Helena being a threat to his marriage. Tracy told Luke about her encounter with Helena at Metro Court when Helena had bragged how easily she could have Luke in her bed. Luke assured his wife that Helena couldn't seduce him even if she were accompanied by a line of chorus girls. Luke suspected that Helena had something twisted planned for Liz and the baby, not him. Tracy made it clear that she expected complete fidelity from Luke or else he would find himself selling pencils on the street.

After Tracy left, Luke called the sanitarium to find out how many times Helena had visited Liz. Skye walked in just as Luke ended the call. Skye admitted that she needed Luke's help to track Alcazar's hidden fortune because she had gone through Lila Rae's inheritance. She confessed that she hadn't realized that there had been an economic downturn until it had been too late. Skye offered to give Luke a generous bonus if he located the money. Luke readily agreed, so he decided to review Skye's banks records.

Luke immediately discovered that Skye hadn't lied; Lila Rae's inheritance was gone. Luke started his search for Alcazar's money in Hong Kong. Skye leaned over Luke's shoulder to read the computer screen as he accessed various bank files. Luke confessed that Skye smelled as wonderful as always. Skye and Luke looked up when Tracy suddenly loomed in the doorway. It was immediately clear that Tracy was not happy to see Luke and Skye together.

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