General Hospital Daily Recaps for the week of May 31, 2010

Sam was disappointed that she and Jason couldn't enjoy conjugal visits, so she suggested that they get married. Jason wasn't thrilled to discover that Spinelli and Carly were in cahoots. Brook and Carly continued to plot against Dante and Lulu. Kristina had a disturbing dream about Kiefer. Sonny agreed to attend a therapy session with Kristina, but things didn't go well. Sonny asked Carly if he had ever abused her. Elizabeth worried that she wouldn't be able to provide for her children the way that Nikolas could, so she considered investing in a pharmaceutical company. Robin decided to go to Africa for three weeks to open an AIDS clinic. Patrick was hurt that his wife hadn't consulted him about her plans. Luke was worried as Tracy's health steadily deteriorated while they remained imprisoned in Helena's dungeon. Lucky suspected that Helena was behind Tracy and Luke's sudden disappearance.
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Sonny agreed to attend a therapy session with Kristina
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Monday, May 31, 2010

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, ABC aired a special encore presentation of an episode of General Hospital from May 5, 2010. The episode involved Michael's confession in open court that he killed Claudia.

This programming change will not result in any lost episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, June 1 and pick up where the Friday, May 28 episode concluded.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On the street, Lulu suggested that a singer like Brook would be great for Carly's business. Carly feigned confusion over why Brook would want a job when she had access to the Quartermaine fortune and didn't intend to stick around Port Charles. Lulu explained that Brook wanted to work; she also thought it would be nice, after everything that happened with Michael, if Edward had Brook around. Lulu realized almost immediately how insensitive that had sounded. Carly accepted Lulu's apology and then agreed to talk to Brook.

At the loft, Dante admitted that cooking with Brook made him homesick for Bensonhurst. Brook smiled and then guided the conversation to Lulu and Carly's strained relationship. Dante hoped that the Metro Court gig would help patch up things between the cousins. Dante acknowledged that he wasn't popular with Carly, or the people in Port Charles, so he hoped that Brook stayed in town. He joked that she would join an exclusive list of people who liked him: Olivia and Lulu.

Lulu arrived shortly after Dante and Brook sat down to eat. Lulu admitted that the aroma from the dinner was amazing. Dante explained that they would have waited for Lulu, but the pasta had finished cooking sooner than they had expected. Dante poured Lulu a glass of wine as she sat down to join them for the meal. Lulu announced that she had managed to persuade Carly to give Brook an interview. Brook thanked Lulu as Dante filled Lulu's plate with pasta.

Lulu was awed by how delicious the meal was; she had no idea that Brook was such a wonderful cook. Brook admitted that Dante had helped. Dante and Brook engaged in some good-natured ribbing as they debated whose family the recipe had belonged to. Lulu chuckled along with them; she confessed that she enjoyed having a man wait on her. Dante leaned over to kiss Lulu while Brook looked on.

Later, Dante and Lulu sat on the sofa, lost in their own world. Brook observed them for several moments and then headed to the elevator. Lulu turned when she heard the elevator start up. Lulu and Dante tried to get Brook to stay, but Brook insisted that she needed to get some rest if she hoped to impress Carly. After Brook left, Lulu confessed that she was delighted that she had been able to set up an interview for Brook.

Lulu once again gushed about Brook's cooking. Dante revealed that Brook was like his mother and all of the other Falconeri and Cerullo women; cooking was like breathing to them. Lulu smiled as she jokingly wondered if the boys had learned how to wait on the women. Dante chuckled as he leaned forward to kiss Lulu and then make love to her.

At Greystone Manor, Olivia threatened to turn Sonny over to the cops before she would allow him to kill Johnny. Claire announced that she liked the sound of Olivia's words of warning. Sonny and Olivia were startled to see Claire standing in the doorway. Sonny insisted that Olivia had just been blowing off steam. Claire didn't buy Sonny's excuse; she made it clear that Sonny didn't have a "get out of jail free" card to murder Johnny, which was how it had sounded to Claire. Claire turned to Olivia for confirmation.

Olivia backpedaled a bit by suggesting that Sonny had merely been shooting off his mouth. However, Olivia was careful to add that the incident on the street corner involving Johnny, Max, and Milo had just been a misunderstanding. After Olivia left, Claire angrily confronted Sonny about harassing Johnny on the street. Claire was adamant that she refused to turn a blind eye to murder. Sonny claimed that he had just been trying to provoke Johnny into going after him, so that Claire could arrest Johnny.

Claire didn't believe Sonny. She pointed out that the police hadn't been nearby when the incident had occurred. Sonny suggested another means of forcing Johnny into breaking the law, but Claire wasn't interested. She refused to allow Sonny to use her as an all-purpose enabler to be manipulated into finessing Johnny's murder. Sonny insisted that he should have a right to defend himself.

Claire reminded Sonny that Olivia feared that Sonny was trying to kill Johnny. Sonny argued that Olivia was irrational because she was desperate to protect her boyfriend. Claire was baffled by how Sonny managed to keep everything straight when he had so many kids with so many different women. Sonny offered to answer personal questions over dinner. Carly cleared her throat from where she stood in the doorway.

Carly coldly informed Sonny that she had news from Pentonville. She made it clear that she would not share any of it in front of Claire. Claire warned Sonny not to double-cross her and then left. Carly didn't hide her disgust with Sonny for trying to "nail" the woman who had put their son behind bars. Sonny didn't want to argue with Carly. Carly changed the subject as she angrily demanded to know why Sonny hadn't told her that Michael had been hurt.

Sonny admitted that he hadn't wanted to upset her; he knew that Jason would make certain that nothing else happened to Michael. Sonny insisted that they needed to focus on getting Michael released. Carly was curious if Sonny had been doing that with Claire. "Absolutely," Sonny answered. Carly made it clear that she didn't care if Sonny slept with Claire. All she wanted was for Michael to be released from jail.

In Pentonville, Sam was disappointed that she couldn't have conjugal visits with Jason because they weren't married. Sam was curious if Jason were interested in marrying her. Jason seemed surprised, but flattered, by the proposal. He agreed to marry her; however, he wanted Sam to be certain that it was what she truly wanted. Sam realized that it was an "over-the-top" request, even for her. She appreciated that Jason would marry her, but she decided to drop the matter.

Jason felt bad for Sam. He realized that she hadn't signed up to be with him while he spent time in jail. Sam clarified that she didn't have any regrets and that she would wait for him, no matter how long it took. Jason appreciated her unwavering support. He shifted gears to inquire after Spinelli. Sam admitted that Spinelli was having a difficult time. According to Sam, Spinelli had locked himself in the penthouse and had become addicted to video games.

Jason wondered if Sam could help Spinelli. Sam decided that she could give Spinelli the task of figuring out a way around the rule for conjugal visits. Jason grinned and then leaned forward to kiss Sam. A guard entered seconds later to escort Jason back to his cell. Michael was reading a letter from Morgan when Jason returned.

Michael wasn't surprised to learn that Carly had asked to see Jason. Jason confessed that Carly thought too highly of his ability to protect Michael. Jason argued that if he were near as good as Carly believed then nothing would have happened to Michael. Michael insisted that he, not Jason, was responsible for killing Claudia. Jason insisted that Michael should never have been in that situation.

Michael was frustrated; he wished that Jason would stop treating him like a kid. Michael also wanted Jason to stop feeling guilty about what had happened. However, Michael was grateful that Jason was there to protect him. Jason decided to give Michael another lesson in self-defense. Jason was impressed when Michael quickly managed to gain the upper hand.

Maxie went to the penthouse to check on Spinelli. Spinelli remained in a funk over Jason's incarceration. Maxie tried to gain Spinelli's attention, but his attention was riveted to a cyber video game. Maxie finally resorted to slamming the laptop shut. Spinelli turned sullen as Maxie explained that she needed him. Spinelli doubted it; she had her health and her freedom, so he couldn't imagine what else could be of utmost importance to her. "My job," Maxie supplied.

Maxie wanted Spinelli to attend an art gallery opening with her. Spinelli didn't think that it sounded urgent. Maxie warned him that she would find someone else to go with if Spinelli declined. "Is that a threat?" Spinelli demanded to know. He suggested that if he were that unimportant to her then there was nothing that he could do to stop her.

After Maxie left, Carly stopped by to see Spinelli. Spinelli was curious if Carly had gone to Pentonville. Carly revealed that their fears about Michael had been well-founded; Michael had been attacked before Jason had arrived in jail. Carly assured Spinelli that Jason was exactly where he should be. Carly clarified that she remained determined to make Dante pay for what Michael and Jason had to endure.

Spinelli was surprised to learn that Brook had agreed to help Carly. Carly was careful to make it appear that she was eager to get Lulu away from Dante before Dante broke Lulu's heart. She was confident that Dante would find it difficult to resist someone as beautiful as Brook.

At the hospital, Matt was irritated that some scans hadn't been delivered. He started to berate Maya for not being on top of things until he caught a glimpse Maxie out of the corner of his eye. Matt's tone and demeanor immediately changed. Maya played along with Matt as Maxie approached.

After Maya started to walk away to check on the scans, Maxie tried to strike up a conversation with Matt. Matt walked away from Maxie without acknowledging her. He offered Maya the opportunity to sit in on a surgery. Maya happily accepted, but she made it clear that she didn't want to be used to make his "girlfriend" jealous. Maxie yelled to Maya's retreating back that she wasn't Matt's girlfriend. However, she was curious if Matt had been trying to make her jealous.

"That's your game with Spinelli," Matt replied. Matt's attitude annoyed Maxie, especially since she had been considering going out on a real date with him. Matt argued that he was busy, but Maxie didn't believe him. The two quarreled until Matt ended up agreeing to buy Maxie drinks at Jake's.

After work, May a was taken aback when she spotted Lucky punching the side of a building. Lucky cradled his injured hand while he explained that he had just had a run-in with his brother. Maya assumed he meant Ethan, but Lucky clarified that he had been talking about his other half-brother. "The one who screwed me over," Lucky added. Maya suggested that the next time Lucky try punching his brother rather than a wall.

Maya checked Lucky's hand and then tore off the lid of her cup to dip his hand inside. Lucky winced at how cold, and sticky, the contents of the cup were. Maya explained that he could wash his hand when he got home, but the cold would help keep the swelling down. Lucky thanked her and then wondered what kind of music she liked. Maya confessed that she enjoyed everything.

Lucky smiled as he recognized a kindred spirit. He suggested that they had both inherited their love for music from Luke and Mary Mae. Lucky admitted that he had an extensive LP collection at home and a record player. He invited Maya to drop by to listen to his records whenever she would like. "You're on," Maya promised.

At Jake's, Kate complained about work, so Coleman decided to kiss Kate to make her feel better.

Nearby, Diane joined Max at his table. Max was down because Michael was in jail. He confessed that he saw himself as an uncle figure to Michael. Diane was surprised when Max confided that Michael had wanted Max to hire a hooker for Michael's eighteenth birthday. Michael felt as if he had missed out on an important milestone while he had been in a coma. Max explained that Michael had been grounded on his birthday, so Max had decided against hiring an escort.

Max regretted that decision because Michael had gone to jail without ever experiencing what it was like to be with a woman. Diane pointed out that Michael could have the experience after jail, but Max didn't think that it would be the same. Max felt like a failure as an uncle. Diane offered to cheer up Max, but Max admitted that he wasn't "feeling it." Diane grumbled that Max hadn't been feeling it since Michael had been sentenced. She was stunned when Max confessed that he had decided to stay celibate until Michael was released from jail.

Olivia met Johnny at Jake's. She urged Johnny to give up his vendetta against Sonny because she feared that it would end badly for Johnny. Johnny refused to consider it. Olivia warned Johnny that she would not stand by while he got himself killed. After Olivia stormed off, Brook strolled up to Johnny's table. Brook sat down as she confessed that Olivia was hot for a woman her age.

Johnny raised an eyebrow at the comment. Brook was curious why Olivia had been upset. Johnny explained that Olivia wasn't happy with his current business situation. He clarified that he had a target on his back. "Really? Sounds interesting," Brook admitted.

Things remained tense between Matt and Maxie when they entered Jake's. Matt pretended to be immune to Maxie's charms, but she didn't believe him. Maxie decided to prove Matt wrong by locking lips with him in a passionate kiss.

This episode featured "You Came Around," by Charity Chapman, and "Just You and Me," by Jayson Belt.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In Greece, Luke and Tracy remained locked in Helena's dungeon. Luke tried to find a way out, but Tracy warned him that he was wasting his time. Luke refused to sit around waiting for Helena to make her next move. "Really?" Tracy wondered. She thought that was how Luke and Helena defined each other. Luke insisted that a psychotic woman had fed Tracy a bunch of "crap" and that Tracy had lapped it up like a dry martini.

Tracy angrily blamed Luke for their predicament because Luke hadn't killed Helena when he had the chance. Luke tried to change the subject by revealing that he had a plan. However, when Tracy demanded to hear what it was, Luke was forced to admit that he was still thinking. A short time later, Luke anxiously called for the guard because Tracy was ill.

Tracy huddled on the cot and looked miserable. The guard dismissed the possibility that Tracy might be ill; he had been warned to expect a stunt like that. After the guard walked away, Luke sat down next to his wife. He let her know that she could drop the act, although it had been convincing. Tracy realized that Luke lived for that kind of drama. Luke agreed that it was entertaining.

Tracy dropped her head into her hands and then complained that she had a headache. Luke tested Tracy's forehead. He grew concerned when he realized that Tracy was running a fever.

Robin was busy working on her laptop as Patrick prepared to leave for work. Patrick suggested that they meet for lunch, but Robin declined because she had a meeting with the head of the World AIDS Crisis Center on behalf of the Stone Cates Wing. Patrick was annoyed that Robin was too busy immortalizing her dead boyfriend to spend time with him.

After Patrick stormed out of the house, Maxie stopped by to talk to Robin about Spinelli spending his days sitting around in his pajamas and playing online video games. Maxie reminded Robin of her plan to make Spinelli jealous by flirting with Matt. Maxie confessed that Matt had turned out to be a surprisingly good kisser and that she couldn't stop thinking about him. Robin was confident that Maxie didn't want to sabotage her relationship with Spinelli, but Maxie argued that she felt lonely and abandoned. Robin urged Maxie to stay away from Matt and to focus on loving and supporting Spinelli through a difficult period in his life.

Robin cut the visit short because she had to get ready for her meeting. Maxie was impressed when Robin shared the details about her work for the AIDS wing. Robin confessed that she had recently had a wake-up call that had renewed her commitment to helping AIDS patients. Maxie was proud of her cousin; she imagined that Patrick was too. Robin confided that Patrick was too busy sulking; however, Robin refused to allow that to stop her from doing important work. Maxie seemed a little surprised by Robin's attitude, so she advised Robin to figure out if her work was more important than her marriage.

Patrick remained in a foul mood when he arrived at the hospital. Patrick's attitude didn't improve when he spotted Matt flirting with one of the nurses. Patrick snidely pointed out that it was a hospital, not a dating service. "Spoken like a true old geezer who had a fight with his wife," Matt shot back. Patrick started to tell Matt about his argument with Robin, but Matt's silly grin distracted him. "What's with the stupid face?" Patrick wondered. Matt was initially evasive, but Patrick quickly figured out that it was about a woman.

"Maxie," Matt confirmed. Patrick suggested that Matt was delusional to think that Maxie was interested in anything with Matt. Matt revealed that Maxie had been using him to make Spinelli jealous, but that things hadn't gone according to plan. Matt admitted that he was having a blast spending time with Maxie and that she felt the same about him, but she wasn't ready to admit it.

Steve approached Lisa at the nurses' station to find out if she had bought anything from Shirley. Lisa confessed that she had purchased a bracelet. Steve glanced down, but didn't see the bracelet. Lisa whispered that Shirley's jewelry was "God-awful," but she couldn't resist buying it. Steve chuckled as he accused Lisa of being a softie. Lisa realized that she wasn't the only person with a soft heart when she discovered that Steve had also purchased some jewelry from Shirley. Steve and Lisa were smiling at each other when Patrick walked up.

"It's the team that rocks the universe," Patrick commented as he passed Steve and Lisa. Patrick sarcastically asked Lisa if she and Steve had performed any miracles that day. She quickly guessed that Patrick and Robin had an argument. Patrick resented how smug Lisa seemed about it. Lisa grinned when she realized that she had been right. Before Patrick could respond, his phone rang. It was Robin. Robin wanted Patrick to meet her at home for lunch.

Later, Patrick arrived home with a bag of food from a Thai restaurant. He also revealed that he had taken the rest of the day off. Robin admitted that the food smelled delicious; however, she only had time for lunch because she had a lot to do before she left. Patrick was curious where Robin was going. Robin confessed that she had been given the opportunity to go to Africa to open a new AIDS clinic. She assured him that she would be back in time for Father's Day on June nineteenth. Patrick was furious that Robin had made the decision without discussing it with him.

Liz noticed some handmade signs around the hospital that eventually led her to Shirley's hospital room, where she found Shirley trying to persuade Nikolas to buy a piece of jewelry. Nikolas confessed that he didn't have anyone to buy jewelry for. Shirley glanced up to see Liz standing in the room; she suggested that Nikolas buy something for the mother of his child. Nikolas turned around to find Liz scowling at him. Liz made it clear that she didn't appreciate Nikolas using Shirley to make inroads with her.

"Will you get over yourself for a minute," Nikolas snapped. He explained that he had been on his way to a meeting when he had spotted Shirley's unique signs. Shirley made it clear that she wasn't picky about whom she sold her jewelry to. To Shirley, a customer was a customer. Nikolas bought one of Shirley's pieces for his cousin and then left. Shirley remarked that it had dropped twenty degrees when Liz had entered the room.

Liz apologized for her outburst, but she didn't trust Nikolas. Shirley didn't understand why Liz was so resistant to Nikolas. Shirley admitted that if the father of her child were a hunky rich prince who thought that the sun rose and set on her, then she'd at least give him a chance. Liz needed Shirley to respect her wishes. Liz explained that things were messy with Nikolas, so it didn't help when someone tried to push them together.

Liz realized that Nikolas could be charming, but she argued that he was also domineering and manipulative when he didn't get his way. Liz suspected that Nikolas knew exactly what he had been doing during the affair. Shirley wondered if Liz were trying to rewrite history because she deeply regretted what had happened. Liz explained that Nikolas and Lucky had worked hard to break free of the "inherited animosity" between their families. She admitted that everything had been fine until she had trashed it by sleeping with Nikolas. However, Liz was clear that she was not in love with Nikolas the way that she was with Lucky.

Shirley pointed out that Lucky didn't return those feelings for Liz. Liz didn't think that should mean that she should move to Wyndemere. It had taken Liz a long time to accept that Lucky didn't love her, so she was determined to raise her baby alone. Shirley apologized for trying to push Liz and Nikolas together; however, she urged Liz to find a way to get along with Nikolas for the sake of the baby.

Liz called out to Nikolas when she spotted him waiting for an elevator. Nikolas assured Liz that he hadn't been stalking her. Liz apologized for the way that she had been treating Nikolas. She realized that she was trying to blame everyone, except herself, for the affair. Liz acknowledged that she had been unfair to Nikolas. Nikolas was surprised by the unexpected apology. Liz credited Shirley for getting through to her.

Liz promised Nikolas that she was wiling to meet him halfway as long as he respected her boundaries. Nikolas didn't want to misstep, so he asked her to clarify what they were. Liz explained that she needed to be independent, so she didn't intend to move to Wyndemere. Liz also stipulated that she didn't want Nikolas' money. She wondered if he could accept that.

Claire encountered Johnny on the street. She tried to talk to him about building a case against Sonny, but Johnny wasn't interested. Johnny pointed out that Claire had her chance to get Sonny, but she had failed.

At the lake house, Kristina had a nightmare about Kiefer. In the dream, Kiefer urged Kristina to get out of bed, so that they could go to the beach. Kristina insisted that it was just a dream because Kiefer was dead. Kiefer suggested that the junk food that Kristina had indulged in had gone to her head. He continued to order Kristina to get up, but Kristina refused to budge. She didn't want to go anywhere with Kiefer because he had abused her.

Kiefer's temper flared. He cruelly accused her of causing his death. Kristina woke up just as Kiefer leaned down to grab her. Molly entered Kristina's room a short time later. She immediately noticed that Kristina was upset. Kristina told Molly about the nightmare. Kristina confessed that Kiefer had been right; she was responsible for his death. Molly pointed out that Kristina hadn't even been conscious when Alexis had struck Kiefer with the car.

Kristina argued that she had been the one to set off Kiefer that night. Kristina was desperate to figure out what was so wrong inside of her that she had allowed Kiefer to treat her that way. Molly suggested that the purpose of therapy was to figure it out. Kristina admitted that her doctor kept questioning her about her relationship with Sonny. Kristina had the impression that the doctor believed Kristina's relationship with Kiefer was somehow tied to Sonny.

Molly wondered if Kristina thought that Sonny was an abuser. Kristina honestly didn't know, but she was certain that Molly could help her find out. Later, Molly looked up from her laptop to let Kristina know that she hadn't found any complaints against Sonny for domestic violence or abuse. Kristina didn't think that it exonerated her father, since it was possible that the women had been afraid to step forward. Molly suggested that one person could tell Kristina the truth, if Kristina were willing to hear it.

A short time later, Johnny arrived at the lake house. Kristina explained that she needed to know if his testimony had been the truth. Kristina wanted to know if Sonny had physically abused Claudia.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Diane discussed the situation regarding Johnny. Diane cautioned Sonny that it wasn't the time to make Johnny disappear because it might hurt Michael's chances for an early release. Sonny was furious that Johnny had lied on the stand about Sonny's treatment of Claudia. What angered Sonny the most was that Kristina had heard everything, so Sonny was determined to make Johnny pay. Diane was stunned when Sonny revealed that he had made a deal with Claire to send Johnny to jail.

Diane wondered if it had occurred to Sonny that Claire might be laying a trap for him. Sonny conceded that he had considered it, which was why he needed Diane to step in. "Oh goody. I was hoping I'd come in soon," Diane quipped. Sonny revealed that he wanted Diane to make certain that nothing went wrong and that Johnny was "nailed." "And how, pray tell, do I do that?" Diane demanded to know.

Sonny shrugged as he answered, "Do something legal." Diane burst out laughing. She advised Sonny to take the direct approach if he wanted to sleep with Claire. Sonny denied that he had a sexual interest in Claire, but Diane didn't believe him. She suggested that was how Sonny's particular neuroses worked; he saw Claire as a challenge because she had gone after Sonny "balls out." According to Diane, Sonny wanted to put Claire in her place by sexually conquering her.

Sonny didn't know whether or not to be flattered by Diane's keen interest in his personal life. He insisted that he would do whatever it took to get Michael out of jail and Johnny shut down for good, even if that meant he had to sleep with Claire. Shortly after Diane left, Claire entered the parlor to let Sonny know that she had spoken to Johnny. Sonny was curious why Johnny had gone out of his way to talk to Claire. Claire revealed that she had sought out Johnny to question him about what had happened with Max and Milo.

Sonny assumed that Johnny had filled Claire's head with lies, but she surprised him by admitting that Johnny had refused to talk. Claire confessed that a part of her had admired Johnny. Sonny didn't want to hear it. He accused Johnny of being a liar. Sonny demanded to know if Claire had believed Johnny's claims that Sonny had physically abused Claudia.

Claire wondered why it mattered. Sonny pointed out that she had started it by asking Johnny some leading questions during the trial. Claire confessed that Sonny was a scary person, so it was easy to believe that he was capable of anything. "Not that," Sonny insisted. He accused Johnny of being a "punk ass liar" and clarified that Claudia had not been a victim. According to Sonny, Claudia had victimized others.

Sonny pointed to Michael as proof of his claims. He reminded Claire that Claudia had been responsible for Michael's shooting, which Claudia had failed to disclose when she had married Sonny. He also revealed that Claudia had slept with his brother, Ric. Claire suggested that it couldn't have been easy growing up as a Zacchara, but Sonny was adamant that Claudia was not the person that Johnny painted her to be.

Sonny was determined to protect his daughter from Johnny's lies. He refused to have anyone around him who thought that he was capable of abusing women. Claire admitted that she wanted to believe him and then left.

Diane apologized as she entered the office to find Alexis working. Diane explained that she had been at a breakfast meeting with Sonny. "How is His Royal Mood?" Alexis inquired. Diane confided that Sonny was better than usual, but she was curious if Alexis had wanted to know for any particular reason. Alexis confessed that Lainey had recommended that Kristina see a specialist. Dr. Spaulding was eager to have Sonny sit in on a few sessions. Diane advised Alexis against it.

Diane understood the urge to absolve Kristina of everything that had happened to her, but Diane believed that Kristina couldn't begin to heal until she accepted what she had done wrong. Alexis argued that Kristina had lied out of fear that Sonny would respond with more violence. Alexis didn't think that she could keep Sonny out of the process. Diane warned Alexis that the issue of abuse was a trigger for Sonny. Diane explained that Sonny's temper had exploded when Johnny had testified that Sonny had abused Claudia.

Diane urged Alexis to tread carefully, but Alexis refused to coddle Sonny. Alexis argued that she and Sonny had to set their personal feelings aside to focus on helping their daughter.

Alexis arrived at Greystone Manor a short time later. She wanted Sonny to attend Kristina's therapy, so that they could figure out why their daughter had allowed a guy to mistreat her. Alexis realized that some issues might crop up, but she suggested that they deal with it for Kristina's sake. Sonny wanted to know what Alexis was trying to say. Alexis clarified that she didn't want Sonny to lose his temper because it might scare Kristina. Sonny insisted that he had never abused a woman in his life. However, he didn't think it would be a good idea for him to participate in Dr. Spaulding's therapy session.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

In the dungeon in Greece, Luke tried to give Tracy something to drink to help reduce her fever and ease her coughing. Tracy shoved the cup away and then slowly rocked back and forth. Luke shouted for a guard, but no one responded. Tracy suggested that he give up, but Luke refused to stand idly by while her health declined. Tracy wanted Luke to stop acting as if he cared.

Luke insisted that he loved Tracy. He promised that they would laugh about their adventure one day, but Tracy doubted it. Later, Tracy's cough worsened as her fever continued to rage. Tracy curled up on the cot and slept. She had a vivid dream that she was in jail for tax evasion and that Luke had paid her a visit to wish her a happy anniversary.

In the dream, Luke was dressed in an expensive suit. He was indifferent to Tracy's plight, even though she had taken the fall for him. Luke was eager to get going because Skye was waiting to jet off with him to Buenos Aires. However, he assured Tracy that he had hired the best attorney that money could buy. On cue, Alexis sauntered into the visitor's room. Tracy was livid when Luke couldn't seem to keep his hands off of Alexis. Alexis wasn't immune to Luke either.

Tracy cried out in frustration as Luke and Alexis collapsed on the table during a passionate kiss. Tracy's eyes snapped open and she warned Luke that he had cheated on her for the last time. Luke was curious why Tracy was so hostile towards him. Tracy told him about the dream. He couldn't believe that she had allowed a crazy dream to upset her. Tracy wanted reassurance that it had been a crazy dream. Luke's expression turned guilty as he confessed that he had been creative with the taxes, but he doubted that the IRS would catch it. Tracy groaned with disgust.

Steve and Lisa approached the nurses' station as they discussed a patient. Steve glanced down when his phone beeped. He chuckled when he saw that he had received a message from his college buddy, Henry. A nurse walked up moments later to let Steve know that the union representative had left. Steve complained that he had only been five minutes late. Lisa felt bad because she had asked Steve to consult on a case after Patrick had bailed on her to run home to Robin.

Patrick was furious that Robin had agreed to go to Africa without discussing it with him first. Robin accused Patrick of expecting her to minimize her HIV. He resented how Robin made him out to be some kind of bigot when in reality she refused to talk about it with him because she had decided that he couldn't understand what she was going through. Robin argued that Patrick was never open to what she had to say. Patrick sat down and then invited her to speak her mind. He insisted that he wanted to hear about all of it, including Stone.

Robin insisted that she had already told him everything, but it seemed that Patrick wouldn't, or couldn't, understand any of it. She claimed that she didn't have time to rehash it because she needed to get ready. Robin made it clear that she would go to Africa; she was sorry if that hurt him. Patrick wondered if she thought it was fair to walk out on Emma again.

Robin couldn't believe that Patrick would try to go there with her. Patrick pointed out that it wasn't the first time that Robin had walked away from them, although this time she didn't have an excuse. Robin argued that postpartum depression was not an excuse; she had been sick. If she couldn't have his compassion as a husband, then she expected him to understand as a doctor. "Don't do that," Patrick shot back. He insisted that he had stood by Robin every step of the way.

Patrick wondered why Robin had bothered to get married if she had intended to dedicate her life to her late boyfriend by trotting around the world saving people. Robin confessed that she had thought that her husband would be supportive. Patrick argued that there were plenty of people at home who needed her help, so he didn't understand why she had to go to Africa. He suggested that she, not he, was the restless one.

Patrick suspected that Robin was afraid to be happy. Robin accused Patrick of being jealous of Stone. "I guess that makes me unworthy of perfect little you," Patrick snapped. "I guess it does," Robin responded as she stormed out of the house. She returned some time later.

Robin explained that she had gone to the park, where she and Stone used to stare at the clouds in the sky and imagine the life that they would never have. Robin spotted Patrick's suitcase in the corner. He revealed that he intended to go to Africa with Robin. Patrick revealed that Anna had agreed to fly to Port Charles to take care of Emma. Robin was touched by the offer, but she admitted that she had called the head of the organization to let him know that she couldn't go to Africa because she had failed to include her husband in the plans.

Patrick appreciated that Robin had been willing to cancel the trip, but he wanted her to go. Robin warned him that there was only one spot open, so he couldn't join her. Patrick assured her that he was fine with it; he would go with her the next time.

At the hospital, Nikolas insisted that he wouldn't be a good father if he didn't provide for his child. Liz pointed out that there were other ways to be a good parent. Nikolas argued that he was wealthy, which meant that his children would be. He promised that he wasn't trying to bully her, but he didn't think it would take long for the baby to notice the differences between their homes. Nikolas suggested that Cameron and Jake might grow to resent that their sibling had more advantages than they did.

Liz refused to allow her children to be drawn into a Spencer/Cassadine war. Nikolas insisted that, like it or not, class warfare was part of the feud. Liz clarified that she intended to raise her children with enough love to see beyond all of that. Nikolas requested that Liz give it some honest thought before she turned down his offer to help her.

Later, Liz and Cameron approached the nurses' station after Cameron's checkup with the pediatrician. Cameron was excited when he saw a brochure of a day camp. Liz explained that she couldn't afford it, but she promised to take Cameron and Jake to the lake that weekend. Cameron decided that feeding ducks was for babies; he wanted to go to camp. After Liz dropped off Cameron, she talked to Audrey on the phone. Liz appreciated Audrey's offer to help out with camp, but she didn't want to take any more money from her grandmother. Audrey suggested that Liz talk to Nikolas, but Liz insisted that she couldn't because she was trying to show him that she could make it on her own.

Liz ended the call and then reviewed some files. Moments later, Steve and Lisa approached the nurses' station. Steve mentioned to Lisa that he had received another message from Henry. Liz overheard Steve explain that Henry had a new medication that helped rebuild tendons and cartilage. Lisa confessed that she had heard about it. She was curious if there had been any clinical trials. Steve confirmed that the clinical trials had been very promising, so anyone who invested in the medication could get very rich very quick.

At the lake house, Johnny admitted that he had never seen Sonny strike Claudia. However, he claimed that he had witnessed him manhandle her on several occasions and that he had seen bruises up and down Claudia's arms from where Sonny had grabbed her. Johnny revealed to Kristina, that Claudia would flinch at times when Sonny said something particularly cruel or hurtful. Johnny continued to paint Sonny as a very abusive monster who would constantly refer to Claudia as a whore and tell her that she was worthless.

Kristina reminded Johnny that Claudia wasn't exactly innocent because she had been responsible for Michael's shooting. Johnny agreed that Claudia had done some terrible things, but he didn't think that she had deserved to be mistreated by Sonny. Johnny freely admitted that he hated Sonny, but what he couldn't stand was how Sonny passed himself off as a nice guy, even though he had inflicted a lot of damage on many people, including Michael and Kristina.

Johnny confided that he had once been tempted to strike Claudia during an argument, but he had stopped himself. "You don't hit those you love or who love you," he declared. Johnny insisted that Claudia had loved Sonny. When she arrived home, Alexis was surprised to see Johnny sitting in the living room with Kristina. Kristina explained that she has wanted the truth about how Sonny had abused Claudia. Alexis asked to speak privately to Johnny.

Kristina thanked Johnny for his candor and then left. Alexis appreciated that Johnny was grieving for his sister, but she didn't want him to mislead Kristina. Johnny denied that he had. Alexis wondered if Johnny had told Kristina that Sonny had abused Claudia. "I did," Johnny confirmed. Johnny accused Sonny of degrading and bullying women. He insisted that Sonny would keep doing it as long as everyone kept making excuses for him.

Alexis conceded that Sonny had a temper. However, she didn't think it was helpful to discuss that with Kristina. Johnny argued that Kristina saw how Sonny was with Claudia. Alexis insisted that they each had their own perception of Sonny, but she wanted Kristina to form her own opinion of her father. Johnny warned Alexis that Kristina had seen enough of Sonny's marriage to Claudia to know that Johnny had told the truth.

After Johnny left, Alexis sat down to talk to Kristina about Sonny. Alexis was curious why Kristina had gone to Johnny for information. She cautioned Kristina that Johnny had told the truth as he saw it. Alexis acknowledged that Sonny was flawed, but he loved Kristina deeply. Alexis revealed that Sonny had agreed to attend the therapy session with Kristina. She suggested that Kristina could ask her questions directly in a safe and controlled environment.

Lulu arrived at Crimson with a bag of leftovers that Maxie admitted smelled delicious. Lulu revealed that Brook had cooked the food. Maxie sneered; she wasn't surprised that Brook could cook. Lulu wondered why Maxie disliked Brook. As Dante walked in, Maxie admitted that she simply wasn't a fan of Brook's. Dante was curious what Maxie had against Brook. Maxie insisted that Brook was trouble; she was surprised that Lulu didn't see it.

Lulu pointed out that Brook was a friend of Dante's and those were in short supply. However, more importantly, Lulu believed that people could change.

In Metro Court's lobby, Brook was on the phone with the bank. After Brook ended the call, Carly promised that soon Brook wouldn't have to worry about money. Edward entered the hotel moments later. He was delighted to see his granddaughter, but disappointed that he had to hear about Brook's arrival from Maya instead of Brook. Edward wanted Brook to move to the Quartermaine mansion, but Carly explained that she had just hired Brook and given her a place to stay until Brook found an apartment.

"Nonsense," Edward argued. He insisted that Carly had enough to deal with trying to get "that travesty of justice" overturned. Carly quickly assured Edward that Jason was watching over Michael. Edward promised that he was doing everything in his power to get his great-grandson released from prison. He then turned his attention back to Brook. Edward offered to give Brook a generous allowance until the money in her trust became available.

Brook was thrilled with the offer until Edward attached some strings to the money. He expected Brook to move to the mansion and to get a degree in business communications. Brook declined the offer. Edward accepted Brook's decision, but he made it clear that she could change her mind any time. After Edward left, Brook confessed to Carly that she'd rather be paid to sleep with Dante.

Dante showed up a short time later. He took the opportunity to brag about Brook to Carly. When Dante and Brook began to banter back and forth about Brook's mad skills in the kitchen, Carly decided to leave them to it. Dante stopped Carly to let her know that he intended to visit Michael in prison. He had picked up a travel book on Sicily because Morgan had mentioned that Michael enjoyed reading them. Brook admitted that she would like to see her cousin, but Dante didn't think that it would be a good idea. According to Dante, Michael didn't want a lot of visitors.

Carly had to look away for a moment to collect her composure. Dante seemed oblivious, but Brook noticed Carly's reaction. After Dante left, Brook asked if Carly were okay. Carly was furious that Dante was the reason that Michael was in jail. Brook offered to leave, but Carly suggested that it was the perfect opportunity for Brook to exploit Lulu's insecurities. Carly explained that Dante was a mama's boy, so the way to Dante was through Olivia.

Brook was waiting for Olivia when Olivia arrived a short time later. Brook explained that Dante and Lulu had helped her to get a job at Metro Court, so Brook wanted to repay them by preparing a special dinner for them. Olivia was happy to help out with the menu. As they discussed what to make, Brook managed to enlist Olivia's help with preparing the meal. Olivia and Brook picked up what they needed and then headed to Dante's loft.

Brook was surprised that Olivia had a key. Olivia explained that she still did Dante's laundry because his appearance was a reflection on her. Olivia changed the subject as they made their way to the kitchen. Olivia confessed that she was eager to catch up with Brook. Brook took the opportunity to apologize to Olivia about the "boy toy" comment she had made at Jake's. She hoped that Olivia hadn't taken the remark personally.

Olivia brushed it off as she assured Brook that she was fine with it. Brook was curious how serious Olivia and Johnny were. Olivia claimed that she and Johnny were taking it one day at time and then guided the discussion away from her personal life. Brook pumped Olivia for information about Lulu and Dante's relationship. Olivia bragged that Lulu was a wonderful girl, but that Lulu hated Sonny.

Brook pointed out that Sonny would always be a part of Dante's life because he was Dante's father. Olivia was glad that Dante had someone to talk to who understood that. She hoped that the next time Dante needed to vent he'd have Brook to just listen. Their heads turned when Lulu arrived. Lulu was surprised to see Olivia and Brook cooking in Dante's kitchen.

Olivia noticed that Lulu held a bag. Lulu explained that she had picked up dinner for her and Dante. Olivia hoped that it would keep, because they had made dinner. Brook assured Olivia that she had everything well in hand, so she invited Olivia and Lulu to sit down and relax. Lulu smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

Carly found Spinelli working on his laptop in the lobby of the hotel. Spinelli explained that he was there to distract Maxie, so that she didn't get wind of what Brook was doing. Carly agreed that it was a good idea to keep Maxie at bay, so she didn't run to Lulu. Spinelli worried that it would likely put a strain on his already rocky relationship with Maxie, but Carly assured Spinelli that his sacrifice was for the greater good. Carly insisted that they needed to get Lulu away from Dante before he broke her heart. She cautioned him that her plan would only work if Lulu and Dante remained in the dark about what was going on.

In the exercise yard at Pentonville, Jason and Michael practiced various self-defense techniques until Michael noticed Carter enter the yard. Michael immediately tensed up. Carter slowly made his way to another inmate, but kept his eye on Michael. Jason didn't say anything as Michael quickly collected himself and then resumed practicing. After a few minutes of watching Michael and Jason go through their lesson, Carter decided to approach the pair.

Carter sat down on bench behind Michael and then picked up a newspaper. Michael tried to ignore Carter, but Jason called a halt to the practice. Carter introduced himself to Jason and then asked if Jason were Michael's new cellmate. Jason confirmed that he was. Carter smiled, warned Jason that the wrong cellmate could be dangerous, and then walked away.

Jason demanded to know if Carter had been the one to attack Michael. Michael would only tell Jason that Carter was trouble and not to be trusted. As short time later, Jason found Michael staring with longing beyond the cell bars. He reminded Jason that life was going on without them. Michael admitted that he could never be the person that he had once been. They were interrupted when a guard announced that Michael had a visitor.

Dante was waiting for Michael when Jason entered the visitor's room. Dante demanded to know where Michael was. Jason answered, "You got me instead."

Sonny agrees to attend a therapy session with Kristina

Sonny agrees to attend a therapy session with Kristina

Friday, June 4, 2010

At Dante's apartment, as Brook and Olivia cooked in the kitchen, Lulu wished she could be of more help. Lulu showed the women the Goldenrod flowers she had gotten. Olivia and Brook informed Lulu that Dante was allergic to that flower.

Lulu returned after having gotten rid of the flowers. Brook and Olivia reminisced about their shared history with Dante. Lulu tried not to feel left out as Brook and Olivia described the first time Dante asked Brook to dance at a wedding.

Lulu asked Olivia and Brook if she could learn the recipe that Dante was so fond of, but they told Lulu that it was something that was just passed down from one generation to the next. Brook looked peeved as Olivia praised Lulu for her fierce loyalty and love of Dante.

Lulu tried to stir the risotto as Brook advised her what to do. Dante arrived and Lulu rushed to greet him. Dante and Brook shared a warm moment over Brook's great cooking skills as a jealous Lulu looked on. As Lulu and Dante settled down to dinner, Brook tried to leave. Dante insisted that Brook join them. Brook protested, but Dante wouldn't take no for an answer.

Brook and Dante bonded over a childhood memory of when Dante had poured sticky syrup all over himself. Brook had hosed him down after Dante had taken off his shirt, and everyone had thought they were being naughty. As Dante and Brook laughed, Lulu looked uncomfortable.

At the Metro Court, Spinelli and Carly agreed that after they broke Dante and Lulu up, the next phase of their plan included the complete destruction of Dante's life and career.

Spinelli and Carly decided to execute their plan slowly and in stages. Stage one was the breakup of Lulu and Dante. Stage two included a long and patient process of planting evidence to set Dante up as a corrupt cop with Lucky being the one to stumble on the evidence that would bring Dante down. Carly emboldened Spinelli's resolve by telling him that his cyber skills would bring justice for Jason and Michael.

Carly thought that the best way to set Dante up was to plant drug money Spinelli was sure that he could do the job. Carly warned Spinelli that there would be no backing out once they kicked the plan into gear. Spinelli vowed that the "Deceitful One" would pay for what he did to Michael and Jason. Olivia arrived and overheard Spinelli's words. She wondered who this "Deceitful One" could be.

Spinelli lied that the "Deceitful One" referred to an online gamer he'd encountered. Olivia was sure they'd been talking about Dante. Carly told Olivia that she didn't blame Dante for Michael being in prison, she blamed herself. Olivia assured Carly that they would all work on getting Michael out. Olivia left as Spinelli applauded Carly's acting skills. Carly vowed that she would make Dante pay.

At Pentonville, Jason refused to let Dante visit Michael. Dante insisted that he was trying to get Michael out of prison, but Jason snapped that Dante would only be able to see Michael once Dante could actually free Michael.

Dante didn't think Jason needed to protect Michael from Dante. Jason reminded Dante that Dante had betrayed Michael. Jason believed that Dante was only pretending to care about Michael to get close to Sonny again. Jason thought Dante still wanted to build a case against Sonny. Jason told Dante that he'd never trust Dante again.

Back in their cell, Jason informed Michael that Dante was still working on getting Michael released. Michael didn't believe that Dante actually cared about him. Jason assured the boy that Dante wouldn't visit again until Dante had the paperwork to release Michael. Michael was sure Dante was only acting nice to get closer to Sonny. Jason warned Michael that Sonny would always give Dante the benefit of the doubt.

Michael wondered if Sonny felt closer to Dante because Dante was Sonny's biological son. Jason reminded Michael that Dante was a liar, but that fathers loved their children unconditionally.

In the visitor's room, Spinelli greeted Jason. As Spinelli babbled on, Jason studied his friend with concern. Jason revealed that Sam had also voiced that she was worried for Spinelli. Spinelli assured Jason that he was engaged in meaningful missions. Jason immediately suspected that Carly had dragged Spinelli into one of her crazy schemes.

In the cell, Michael practiced some fighting moves. Carter arrived and warned Michael that his new moves wouldn't do Michael any good.

At the Haunted Star, Lucky asked Ethan if Ethan had heard from their father. Ethan replied that he hadn't. They both commiserated that the last they heard from Luke was that Luke had been worried about Tracy. Lucky wondered if Ethan was too busy helping Johnny start war with Sonny to notice that Luke had disappeared. Ethan reminded Lucky that he had no reason to like Sonny. Ethan assumed that Luke had disappeared because he was mad at Ethan for working with Johnny. Lucky said, "Well, you assumed wrong."

Lucky pointed out that while Luke might not like being the regular father figure, he'd still be concerned about his children, especially with Ethan putting himself in harm's way and Lulu dealing with the fallout of Michael's conviction. Maya entered and reported that Tracy had never gone to Fiji. Lucky was convinced Helena had something to do with Luke and Tracy's disappearances.

Ethan thought that Tracy had just run off to make Luke follow her. Lucky still insisted that Helena had something to do with Luke and Tracy being gone. Maya admitted that she believed that Lucky wanted to blame Cassadines because of his hatred of Nikolas.

Ethan and Maya tried to convince Lucky that Helena had no motive to kidnap Tracy and Luke. Lucky reminded them that they didn't know Helena like he did. Lucky got a text from Luke, which claimed that Luke and Tracy were on a vacation and wanted to be left alone. Ethan was glad to be proven right, and he left. Lucky remained skeptical, but Maya insinuated that something was wrong within Lucky's own life.

At the lake house, Sonny arrived for his first therapy session with Kristina. Sonny hoped that the therapist wouldn't blame him for Kiefer's abuse of Kristina. Alexis advised Sonny not to make Kristina's therapy session about him.

Alexis warned Sonny that Kristina was afraid of Sonny's temper, but Sonny reiterated that he'd never hit a woman. Alexis reminded Sonny that he'd called women derogatory names, but he maintained that abuse was a physical issue, not a verbal one. Kristina told her father that he didn't have to participate in the therapy session if he didn't want to, but Sonny insisted that he wanted to support his daughter. He promised to keep an open mind.

Sonny told the therapist that he wanted to understand why Kristina stayed with Kiefer and to assure Kristina that she'd never be abused again. Kristina admitted that Sonny's behavior was one of the reasons why she stayed with Kiefer. Sonny protested that he didn't understand how he was connected to Kiefer. Sonny defined abuse as purely physical like what he witnessed happen to his mother. Kristina blurted out that Sonny had abused Claudia.

Sonny tried to explain to the therapist that Johnny had lied about Sonny abusing Claudia. Kristina claimed that she heard Sonny say that Claudia got what she deserved. Sonny reminded Kristina that Claudia got Michael shot. Kristina was convinced that Sonny verbally abused Claudia.

Kristina tried to remind Sonny of how horrible he was to Claudia. She told Sonny that everyone covered for Sonny's temper, just like she'd covered for Kiefer's. Sonny blamed the therapist for making Kristina believe that it was Sonny's fault that she'd been with Kiefer. Sonny insisted that they leave.

Back at the lake house, Sonny apologized for losing his temper. Kristina assured Sonny that she didn't blame him for her decision to stay with Kiefer, but Kristina insisted that Sonny abused Claudia. Sonny claimed that they were having the same fight all over again. He decided to leave and promised to check on her later. Alone, Kristina made a call and asked the mystery person, "Is there any chance I could see you?"

Ethan arrived to see Kristina. Kristina hoped that Ethan wasn't uncomfortable with her asking him to visit. Ethan assured her that everything was okay with them. Kristina confided to Ethan about her therapy session with Sonny. Ethan told Kristina that she was brave. Kristina admitted that Ethan taught her to have respect for herself.

Sonny visited Carly at her house. Carly reminded Sonny that he couldn't be around when Morgan returned. Sonny told Carly about the therapy session with Kristina and how the session made him second-guess himself. Sonny asked Carly if he'd ever abused her. Carly warned Sonny not to ask questions he didn't want the answer to.

In the dungeon in Greece, Luke cried out for someone to help them as Tracy continued to get sicker. Tracy snapped that they had gotten kidnapped because of Luke's obsession with Helena. Tracy wondered if Luke had any bright ideas to help their situation. Luke promised he was still thinking.

Luke described the perfect vacation he'd take Tracy on when they escaped. Tracy continued to get worse as Luke shouted for help. The guard told him that Mrs. Cassadine was on her way to see them.

At the hospital, Steven described to Lisa and Liz an extraordinary new drug his friend had created, which would provide restoration of tendons and cartilage. He was eager to make an investment to increase his finances. Intrigued, Liz asked Steven to keep her informed. Lisa wondered why Liz needed to make money, since her baby's father was rich. Liz declared that she would never want to be financially dependent on Nikolas.

Steven reported to Lisa and Liz that the minimum investment was one hundred thousand dollars. As Steven and Lisa talked about the possibilities of investing, Liz declared that she didn't have that kind of money.

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