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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 21, 2010 on GH
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Monday, June 21, 2010

At Jason's penthouse, Spinelli told Sam that Michael had been released from prison. He was still in a funk when he told her that Jason had not been so lucky. Spinelli bemoaned the failure of the justice system and decided to help Sam get in to see Jason. Sam told him not to do anything that would jeopardize Michael's release, and he assured her that he would not.

Maxie was waiting in the Pentonville prison visitor's room when Jason was shown in. She had a death picture sent by Franco. Jason told her to take it directly to the prosecutor, Claire. Maxie freaked out when she heard that Michael had been released, and accused Jason of being selfish.

Maxie told Jason that Spinelli was in freefall and a serial killer was stalking her. She accused Jason of being selfish because Michael was gone, and Jason was still in prison when all his friends needed him.

Brook and Lulu discussed Michael's release at Dante's loft. Brook insinuated that because of Michael, Lulu and Dante would have less time together. Lulu said that she was proud of Dante and that they would both do whatever it took to get Michael back on his feet.

Lulu and Brook were interrupted by Olivia, who had just left Johnny's and told them what she believed to be true about Johnny's relationship with Kristina. She told Lulu that Johnny was self-destructive and begged Lulu to intercede. Olivia said that Johnny had provided no explanation and refused to deny that he was involved with Kristina.

Olivia said that someone had to tell Johnny that it was not okay. Lulu said that she and Johnny were over, and it was not her place to tell him what to do. She also said that Sonny deserved every bad thing that happened to him because he had tried to kill Dante. Lulu said that if Johnny could drive Sonny crazy, then more power to him.

Carly, Jax, Morgan, Kristina, Molly, and Josslyn were all waiting to welcome Michael home. Carly was not overjoyed to learn that Michael would have to live with Dante, but she swallowed her comments and smiled.

Michael took Kristina aside and tried to get her to forgive Sonny, but she would not. She told Michael that she was dating Johnny and that Sonny deserved what he got.

Once the family was in the same room again, Morgan told Michael that Jax was adopting him and that he was happy about that because Jax seemed like his real dad anyway. Michael showed off his ankle monitor and defined the terms of his release.

Dante went to see Sonny at the restaurant office. He told Sonny that Michael had been released into his custody with certain conditions, including an ankle monitor, community service, and counseling. Sonny wanted to go to Michael immediately, but Dante said that Judge Carroll considered Sonny a bad influence and that his contact with Michael had to be minimal.

Sonny did not like hearing that and protested that he was being punished. Dante told Sonny that he was being selfish. He told Sonny to stop dragging his kids down with him. Dante told Sonny that he was responsible for putting Michael in prison.

When Sonny tried to thank Dante for getting Michael out, Dante told Sonny that he did not want his gratitude; he wanted Sonny to acknowledge that he was bad for his kids. Sonny did not see it that way. Sonny felt he was being punished for loving his kids. Dante left after telling Sonny to do the right thing and stay away from Michael.

Patrick was in the park with Emma when Steve and Lisa sat down with them. The doctors played with Emma while Patrick told them that Robin had been delayed in Africa. Steve recalled that his parents had started working on a similar project and had never returned home again except for short visits.

After Steve and Lisa left, Patrick assured Emma that Robin loved them and would be home as soon as she could.

Tracy boarded the Haunted Star in a wheelchair. She had her attorney along when she served Luke with papers that showed that she had controlling interest in the Haunted Star. Luke tried to get his things out of the office, but Tracy was angry and would not let him leave with anything. While she was not looking, Luke ripped several pages out of an accounting ledger.

Luke wanted to remarry Tracy as soon as possible and even proposed. She told him that their nightmare of a pretend marriage was over. She stomped on his foot and then had him tossed off the Haunted Star by the security guards that she had hired.

Maxie went to Spinelli's and showed him the picture she had received from Franco. Spinelli blew his top when he found out that she had gone to Jason first. He assumed it was because she thought that, even locked up, Jason could protect her better than he could.

She said that was not the case. She said that she went to Jason because she did not want to remind Spinelli that she had been deluded into sleeping with Franco. Spinelli was only slightly mollified and told Maxie to go to the prosecutor as Jason had advised.

Jason was surprised when a guard told him that he was getting a conjugal visit from his "wife," Brenda. He was even more surprised when the "wife" turned out to be Sam. They kissed and made love. Afterwards, Sam told Jason that Spinelli had found his old marriage certificate to Brenda and had altered it to make it appear that Sam was Brenda.

Sam was happy to see that much of the stress was visibly gone from Jason since Michael's release. They agreed that even with Michael's release, he had done the right thing by getting himself admitted to prison so he could protect Michael. Sam told Jason that they could make it through the next two years as long as they could keep their conjugal visits. They fell in bed laughing.

Alexis went to see Sonny, who was stewing abut not being able to see Michael. He told her that he would not let anyone keep him from his kids. The conversation then turned to Kristina.

Alexis told him that Kristina would not agree to stop seeing Johnny. Sonny was livid. Alexis told him that the situation had to be handled without violence. She told him that Kristina was stubborn and that the more they tried to stop her, the more she would continue to see Johnny.

When Dante arrived to pick up Michael, Jax thanked him. Carly also thanked him, but the gratitude did not reach her eyes. Dante told the family about the conditions for Michael's release, and they agreed to abide by them.

Brook went to see Johnny and told him that Olivia had gone to Lulu. She told him that news of his relationship with Kristina was spreading like wildfire, and it was bound to blow up in his face. She told him that for a long time, she had thought that Kristina was her sister, and she did not want anything bad to happen to Kristina. Johnny agreed that Kristina had been through a lot, and he did not want to see her hurt either.

Lulu greeted Michael enthusiastically when he arrived at the loft with Dante. She showed him where he would sleep. When Dante put a hand on Michael's shoulder, he reacted instinctively and threw a punch, which did not connect.

Dante let the incident pass. When Michael asked for a beer, Dante defined the conditions of release, which included no alcohol, mandatory counseling, community service, and an ankle monitor. Michael said he did not care, he was just glad to be out.

Dante told Michael if he even made one tiny misstep, he would be right back in prison. Dante told Michael that if he screwed up, there would be nothing that Dante could do to keep him on the outside.

The loft elevator opened. Sonny stepped out and told Michael that he was there to welcome his son home.

Johnny was on the phone when Alexis knocked on his door. She wanted him to define his relationship with Kristina. Before he could speak, she told him that she understood that he wanted someone to pay for Claudia, but she added that that someone would not be her daughter. She told him that using Kristina was not justified. The she ask him if he was so vengeful that he was willing to cause more pain to a 17-year-old girl.

Another knock on the door proved to be Kristina. When Kristina saw Alexis, she said that if Alexis' purpose there was to order Johnny to stop seeing Kristina, then Alexis had made a wasted trip.

At General Hospital, Patrick was on the phone about a difficult case. He told Lisa to scrub for immediate surgery, but Steven stopped them and said that he needed to make repairs on the patient before Patrick and Lisa took over. Patrick did not look pleased.

Jax, Carly, and Morgan were happy after Michael's homecoming. Jax said that maybe things would get back to normal, since Michael was home. Carly admitted that she did not know what normal was.

After Morgan and Jax took Josslyn away for a nap, Brook knocked on the door. Brook told Carly to write her a check for $10,000 and they could call it even.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

At the hospital, Patrick and Steve argued about a patient. Lisa tried to intervene, but the men ignored her. The heated exchange escalated to a physical altercation when Patrick took a swing at Steve. Lisa rushed to Steve's side as he stumbled backwards. Steve quickly recovered from the punch and then suspended Patrick. Patrick was outraged; he accused Steve of compromising the health of Patrick's patients, in order to feed Steve's power trip.

Lisa suggested that Patrick calm down because he was embarrassing himself. Patrick turned to Nikolas for support, but Nikolas sided with Steve. Nikolas suggested that Patrick go home to cool off. After Patrick stormed off, Steve thanked Nikolas for backing Patrick's suspension. Nikolas agreed that it was the right thing to do because Patrick had been completely out of line.

Nikolas took the opportunity to broach the subject of Liz's decision to invest all of her money, in the hopes of securing her financial independence. Nikolas claimed that he was concerned for Liz, but Steve suggested that they wanted different things for her. Steve refused to intervene because he understood his sister's need to stop Nikolas from using money to pressure her. Nikolas argued that he just wanted to be able to provide for his child.

Patrick entered Jake's, ordered a shot of tequila, and then handed his keys over to Coleman. Patrick was complaining about Steve when Lisa approached the bar. Patrick remained in a surly mood. He asked her why she wasn't at the hospital with her boyfriend. Lisa admitted that she was sleeping with Steve, but she didn't see what that had to do with Patrick's childish temper tantrum.

Patrick knocked back a shot of tequila and then admitted that he found it amusing that she always used babies and minivans to make personal digs at him. He realized that it really pissed her off that he had settled down. Lisa suggested that Patrick was upset because of her relationship with Steve. Patrick assured Lisa that his fight with Steve had nothing to do with her and everything to do with the welfare of his patient. Lisa informed Patrick that Mr. Williams, the patient that Patrick and Steve had argued about, was stable.

Lisa went on to reveal that they had all heard about Patrick's father, the great Noah Drake, whose career had been ruined by his pride, temper, and drinking. Lisa glanced at Patrick's drink as she suggested that Patrick appeared to be following in Noah's footsteps. After Lisa left the bar, Coleman poured Patrick another shot of tequila. Coleman confessed that he had thought that Patrick and Steve had gotten along.

"That was before he stole my patients and ex-girlfriend," Patrick groused. Coleman chuckled; he admitted that he had seen sparks between Patrick and Lisa. Patrick quickly clarified that he was happily married to Robin. "Who's off on some other continent," Coleman observed. They looked up when Luke entered the bar and then ordered a bottle of scotch.

Coleman was happy to see the competition drinking in his establishment, so he fetched a bottle of scotch for Luke. Luke revealed that he might be around more often because Tracy might object to his presence on the Haunted Star. Patrick realized that he wasn't the only person trying to drown his sorrows. Luke raised his glass to toast Patrick.

As Patrick, Luke, and Coleman continued to drink, Patrick confessed that he was furious that Lisa hadn't spoken up for him. It annoyed Patrick that Lisa was sleeping with the boss, but she had followed Patrick to the bar. Luke was stunned. "That's just diabolical. A bar is supposed to be a sanctuary," Luke insisted. Patrick was curious why Luke was at Jake's.

Luke confessed that his marriage to Tracy had been a sham and that the preacher who had married Luke and Tracy had been an out-of-work actor whom Luke had hired. Coleman was impressed because he knew that Tracy wasn't fooled easily. Luke insisted that he loved Tracy and would always go crawling back to her. Patrick admitted that he felt the same way about Robin; she was his one and only and the woman that he loved with all of his heart. "Yeah, it's just too bad that there's more to men than their hearts," Coleman added.

Patrick wondered when he had gone from being a confirmed bachelor to someone who was considered a good guy. Coleman equated that to being boring. Coleman confessed that the "sweet deal" that he had with Kate was as close to happily ever after as Coleman would ever get. Luke decided to give Patrick some advice; he suggested that Patrick indulge his wild side. Luke insisted that it was important to let loose otherwise it would build up. Patrick admitted that he had once wondered why he and Emma weren't enough for Robin; however, he realized that he probably should have asked that question about Robin.

Maxie hobbled into the police station on crutches. Lucky was curious how she had injured her leg. Maxie confessed that she had tripped on a street curb because she hadn't been paying attention. Maxie then shifted gears to let Lucky know that she was there to see Claire, per Jason's request. Lucky was surprised when she presented him with a picture that Franco had sent to her.

Lucky didn't understand why Franco would contact her. Maxie didn't have an answer, but she made it clear that she was eager to give Claire the picture and then leave. Lucky speculated that perhaps the photo was Franco's way of reminding them that he was still out there. Maxie complained that the timing couldn't be worse because things were falling apart between her and Spinelli.

Lucky lent a sympathetic ear as Maxie poured her heart out to him about her troubles with Spinelli. She apologized for giving Lucky grief about Liz when she was doing exactly what she had urged Lucky not to do. Lucky argued that it was clear that Maxie loved Spinelli, so he advised her not to give up. Claire entered the squad room moments later. Claire revealed that she had planned to go shopping to celebrate Michael's release from prison when she had received Maxie's cryptic phone call. Maxie apologized for dragging Claire away from the mall.

Maxie handed the crime scene picture to Claire. That snagged Claire's attention. Claire wondered if the picture meant anything to Maxie. "Yes," Maxie admitted. According to Maxie it confirmed that Franco was a psychopath who needed to be locked up. Claire was curious if Maxie and Franco had any other contact, but Maxie clarified that she and Franco weren't exactly pen pals.

Claire wondered why Maxie had turned to Jason, instead of Mac, when she had received the picture. Maxie explained that Franco was obsessed with Jason, which Lucky quickly confirmed. After Claire thanked Maxie for her cooperation, Lucky volunteered to take Maxie home. Claire placed a call explaining that she needed to discuss Franco. A short time later, Ronnie entered the squad room.

Claire showed Ronnie the pictures that Franco had sent to Dante and Maxie. She revealed that the first photo had been of an actual homicide, but the second picture was unknown. Claire understood that Franco had paid Ronnie a visit, so Claire wanted to know what Ronnie could tell her about the serial killer. Ronnie advised Claire to keep a close eye on Jason because Franco had an obsession with Sonny's enforcer. Claire was curious how Franco would go after a guy who was locked up in prison.

At Carly's house, Brook assumed that Carly had dropped her vendetta against Dante and Lulu because Michael had been released from Pentonville. Brook wanted Carly to cut her a check for ten thousand dollars, so that they could conclude their business arrangement. Carly made it clear that nothing had changed; she remained determined to destroy Dante and Lulu's relationship.

At the loft, Sonny reunited with Michael despite Dante's misgivings. Sonny promised to help Michael get back to his life. Dante decided that it was time for Sonny to leave, but Sonny was reluctant to go. Sonny suggested that Dante be a brother instead of a cop. Dante argued that Sonny shouldn't ignore a court order. Sonny and Dante argued back and forth until Lulu insisted, "That's enough."

Lulu accused Sonny of being selfish because he was more focused on trying to prove that he was a great father rather than actually being one. Lulu urged Michael not to listen to Sonny. She insisted that the judge had sentenced Michael to prison because of Sonny. Lulu then turned to Dante to remind him that, ultimately, it was between Sonny and Michael to decide what to do. She kissed Dante and then left.

Sonny didn't deny that he wanted to a father to Michael and Dante. "Prove it," Dante challenged Sonny. Dante wanted Sonny to go home. Michael agreed that Sonny should listen to Dante. Michael was glad that Sonny had stopped by to welcome him home, but Michael believed that it would be best for Sonny to stay away. However, Michael clarified that neither Dante nor the judge could order Michael to stop loving Sonny.

Sonny was disappointed because he had hoped to spend time with both of his sons. Sonny confessed that he just wanted to know how to move forward and to be a better father. Dante suggested that Sonny should stay away from his children if he truly wanted to be a good father. Sonny wondered why Dante always insisted on seeing the worst in him. Sonny loved all of his children, including Dante.

After Sonny left, Dante handed Michael a blanket and pillow, so that Michael could sleep on the sofa. Dante apologized for getting between Michael and his dad. "You mean our dad," Michael corrected Dante. Dante ignored the reminder as he explained that a person was defined by their actions. Michael recalled Sonny teaching him how to drive a speedboat and to fish.

Michael realized that Sonny hadn't given his children the best life, but not for lack of trying. Michael admitted that he had once felt threatened by Dante's relationship with Sonny, but that had changed. Michael revealed that he felt sad for them because Sonny would always love Dante, regardless how much Dante threw that back in Sonny's face. Michael suspected that, deep down inside, it also hurt Dante.

Later, Dante acknowledged that Sonny loved his children, but not enough to walk away from the mob. Michael argued that it wasn't that simple. Michael insisted that, just like everyone else, there was good and bad in Sonny.

Lulu showed up at Carly's house while Carly cleared away the decorations from Michael's homecoming party. Lulu explained that she had just left Dante's place, where Sonny was trying to spend time with Michael. Lulu feared that Michael would end up back in jail if Sonny didn't stay away. Lulu relaxed when Carly agreed to talk to Sonny. Carly admitted that she wished that Michael were home with her, but she was glad that her son had Lulu and Dante. Lulu was grateful that Carly was not mad at Dante.

Sonny bumped into Olivia on the docks. Olivia was surprised to see Sonny. He explained that he had been at Dante's loft to see Michael. Olivia was happy that Michael had been released from jail. She confessed that she was also proud that Dante had been the one to facilitate it. Sonny admitted that he had thought that it would change things, but instead he felt as if he were losing his children.

Sonny conceded that he hurt Michael the most, but Michael continued to stand by Sonny and love him no matter what. However, that wasn't true for the other children. Sonny was tormented because he didn't know what he was doing wrong. Olivia didn't have any answers for Sonny, but she hoped that he would find what he was looking for. She wanted them to see the good in Sonny that she saw in him at that moment.

At Johnny's penthouse, Kristina informed her mother that Alexis couldn't stop her from dating Johnny. Alexis tried to reason with her daughter, but when that failed, Alexis turned to Johnny for help. Kristina resented Alexis trying to cut her out of the decision. Alexis argued that Johnny was too old for Kristina. Kristina angrily reminded Alexis of the poor choices that Alexis had made with men throughout the years. Alexis suggested that Kristina should stop emulating her if she disapproved so much.

Kristina pointed out that Alexis had approved of Kiefer, so Alexis' judgment could not be trusted. Alexis agreed that she had been wrong about Kiefer, but she insisted that she was trying to do better. Johnny tried to interrupt, but Kristina insisted that she could speak for herself. Johnny assured Alexis that he had not pursued Kristina, nor did he intend to. However, Johnny made it clear that he would not push Kristina away.

Alexis recalled when Johnny had agreed that Kristina should not be involved in Sonny's lifestyle. Alexis was curious how dating Johnny was different. Alexis realized that Kristina and Johnny were trying to hurt Sonny, but she worried that Kristina would end up caught in the crossfire, as Michael had been. Kristina promised her mother that she would be fine; however, Alexis pointed out that violence didn't discriminate.

Kristina didn't want to hurt her mother. "Then you have to trust me," Alexis implored her daughter. Alexis wondered how she could make that happen. "Maybe you should start by trusting me," Kristina suggested. Shortly after Alexis and Kristina left, Brook showed up at the penthouse. Brook was sopping wet because of the rain. She explained that her car had broken down.

Johnny invited Brook to change into something dry, so that they could throw her clothes into the dryer. Meanwhile, Johnny offered to call for a tow truck. After Brook slipped into one of Johnny's dry shirts, she settled before a roaring fire. Johnny handed her a glass of wine as he admitted that he felt responsible for her dilemma because she wouldn't have been stranded there if she hadn't stopped by to warn him.

Brook confessed that she was more concerned about Kristina than her own predicament. She wondered what was going on. "It's complicated," Johnny answered evasively. Brook agreed; she recalled that Olivia had been "breathing fire" when she had last seen Olivia. Johnny admitted that Olivia was disappointed in him. Brook would have used a different word; however, she let him know that "us girls from Bensonhurst" bruised just as easily as the rest.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ethan was alarmed when he heard the sounds of breaking china from a nearby room. Maya, Monica, and Edward explained that Tracy had been on the warpath since she had returned home. They pleaded with Ethan to "fix it." Ethan didn't understand why Tracy was so angry. The family explained that Tracy had discovered that her marriage to Luke had been a sham. Tracy entered the parlor moments later.

Tracy wasn't interested in hearing a bunch of excuses for Luke; she claimed that she was glad that Luke wasn't her husband. Ethan questioned if it were really that easy for Tracy to write off five years of marriage. Ethan suspected that deep down inside, Tracy loved Luke, so he suggested that, for the sake of everyone, she take Luke back. "Not a chance. I'm finally free of him," Tracy declared before she walked out to the veranda. Once she was alone, Tracy's smile disappeared.

At Lucky's apartment, Lucky was surprised to find Luke sleeping on the sofa. Luke explained that Tracy had tossed him out of the mansion and off of the casino because she was upset that their marriage hadn't been legal. Luke still owned the Haunted Star, but he would need a high-powered attorney to get everything straightened out with Tracy. Luke appeared to be a bit inebriated from a night of drinking, so Lucky fixed his father a hearty breakfast to help sober him up.

As Luke dug into the food, he assured Lucky that Tracy would eventually calm down and then take Luke back. Lucky pointed out that it had been a fairly significant lie that Luke had told. He was curious what made Luke think that Tracy just needed some time. Luke was spared from having to answer the question when Ethan arrived looking for Luke.

As Ethan helped himself to some of Luke's breakfast, he mentioned that he had been at the Quartermaine mansion earlier that morning. Luke perked up as he asked, "How's my little popsicle doing?" Ethan admitted that he didn't think that Tracy wanted to see or hear from Luke ever again. Luke took the news in stride; he insisted that Tracy loved him, so she would end up begging him to return home.

Lucky and Ethan didn't doubt Tracy's love for Luke; however, they realized that Tracy was deeply hurt. Lucky was certain that Luke's old bag of tricks wouldn't work, so he urged his father to figure out a way to win Tracy back if Luke truly wanted a reconciliation. Luke assured his sons that he knew how to handle Tracy; he promised that he had it covered.

At the hospital, Lisa and Epiphany were talking about the altercation between Patrick and Steve when Patrick approached the nurses' station to start his rounds. Epiphany reminded Patrick that he had been suspended just as Steve, flanked by a security guard, walked up. Patrick appeared annoyed by Epiphany's lack of cooperation; however, he turned to officially apologize to Steve for punching him. Steve graciously accepted the apology, but he insisted that Patrick had to leave until the board decided to lift the suspension.

Patrick's temper flared; he accused Steve of being an idiot and then stormed off. Patrick didn't slow down until Lisa caught up to him on the piers. Patrick wasn't in the mood for a lecture from Lisa, but she surprised him when she revealed that she was on his side. Lisa claimed that Steve had taken things too far. She thought that Patrick should have been allowed to return to work.

Patrick suggested that Lisa was being disloyal to her new boyfriend, but she argued that she could admit when someone she cared about was wrong. She reminded him of the all the times that she had spoken up when she had disagreed with Patrick. Lisa advised Patrick to get a beer and relax. She promised to call him when she had news for him.

After Lisa returned to the hospital, Steve asked if she had caught up to Patrick. Lisa nodded and then revealed that Patrick had refused to discuss it. Lisa assured Steve that she fully supported his decision to enforce Patrick's suspension. She confessed that Patrick might be her friend and a brilliant surgeon, but he had been out of line to punch Steve. Steve was grateful that Lisa had his back.

Nikolas was holding a bouquet of colorful flowers when he entered Shirley's hospital room. Shirley was impressed with the beautiful blooms, but she didn't think that Liz was working. Nikolas wondered why Shirley assumed that the flowers were for Liz. Shirley smiled as Nikolas set the flowers in a nearby vase. He confessed that she reminded him of Emily.

Shirley thanked Nikolas for the flowers and then praised him for not giving up despite Liz's attempts to push him away. "What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment," Nikolas responded good-naturedly. Shirley and Nikolas were startled when Liz suddenly entered the room. "What are you doing here?" Liz demanded when she saw Nikolas standing at Shirley's bedside. Nikolas explained that he had dropped off some flowers for Shirley. "You really expect me to believe that?" Liz snapped.

Nikolas suggested that Liz was being rude. He informed her that he and Shirley hadn't realized that she was on duty. Liz didn't appear to believe him, but rather than argue with him, she decided to excuse herself and then left. Shirley observed that Liz remained determined not to like Nikolas and that Nikolas wasn't helping the situation. Nikolas acknowledged that she had a point. Nikolas was frustrated because he and Liz had been close friends before they became lovers, so he wanted to make things right for Liz and the baby. Shirley realized that Nikolas felt that he had to atone for all of his wrongs.

A short time later, Liz bumped into Nikolas as he approached the elevators. She immediately apologized for her earlier outburst and then confessed that she wanted to discuss something else with him. Liz admitted that Steve had revealed that Nikolas had talked to him about her decision to invest in Steve's friend's biotechnology firm. Liz requested Nikolas to stay out of it because she was doing it for herself and her children. Nikolas reminded her that not too long before, they had declared their love for each other.

Nikolas realized that she wanted to pretend that it hadn't happened because she wanted Lucky back. However, Nikolas hoped that, before the baby was born, they could learn to once again give each other the benefit of the doubt.

On the piers, Alexis admitted to Sam that something was going on between Johnny and Kristina, but she wasn't certain that they were actually sleeping together. Sam told Alexis that Johnny had once assured Sam that he would never take advantage of Kristina. "Well, he lied," Alexis insisted. Sam couldn't believe that Sonny seriously thought that Johnny and Kristina were having sex. Alexis explained that it had been Sonny's certainty that had prompted her to go to Johnny's penthouse to talk to Johnny.

Alexis confessed that things had turned ugly when Kristina had shown up. Kristina had insisted that Alexis couldn't stop her from seeing Johnny and that Johnny had informed Alexis that Kristina could make her own choices, so he wouldn't turn her away. Sam refused to believe that Johnny would sleep with Kristina, but she conceded that he would use the situation to his advantage to push Sonny's buttons. Sam suggested that Jason should talk to Johnny. Alexis accused Sam of believing that Jason was the solution for everything, but Sam argued that Jason had saved Johnny's life, so Johnny was indebted to Jason.

Johnny was walking along the piers when he spotted Kristina sitting on a bench. Kristina smiled as she stood up to greet Johnny. Johnny suspected that Kristina had planned the encounter, but Kristina denied it. Johnny appeared doubtful, but he decided to seize the opportunity to clarify a few things. Johnny warned Kristina that the war between him and Sonny wasn't a game; it was real and it was dangerous.

Johnny didn't want Kristina to be caught in the middle. Kristina wished that everyone would stop worrying about her. She insisted that Sonny deserved what they were doing to him. Kristina trusted Johnny because she knew that he wouldn't take advantage of her. "You're wrong, I will," Johnny corrected her.

Johnny suggested that there were other ways for him to achieve the same goal without involving Kristina, so he refused to allow their farce to continue. Neither Johnny nor Kristina was aware that Sam had spotted them as she rounded a corner. Sam listened as Kristina implored Johnny to reconsider. Kristina explained that their charade was helping her. Kristina finally felt as if she had some power and was able to do something for herself. Stunned by her sister's admission, Sam demanded to know, "What is going on here?"

At Dante's loft, Claire explained that she had to ask Michael some questions about Franco. She realized that Michael viewed her as the enemy, but she assured him that she was glad that he was out of prison. Michael didn't know how he could help her, since he didn't know anything about Franco. Claire told Michael about the pictures that Dante and Maxie had received from Franco. She also told him about Carter's dying words. Claire was eager to know everything that Michael could tell her about Carter. Michael insisted that he didn't know anything, but Claire continued to hammer away at Michael until Michael yelled out that he was happy that Carter was dead because he had been a sick freak.

Later, Claire found Dante working at the police station. She apologized for pushing Michael so hard about Carter. Dante reminded her that it would take Michael some time to adjust to life outside of Pentonville. He confided that one of the reasons the judge had agreed to release Michael was because he had been concerned about the long-term effects that prison would have on someone as young as Michael.

The conversation shifted when Dante revealed that he had an idea about how to lure Franco out of hiding. He explained that Franco was all about Jason, so he thought that they should use Jason as bait. Dante was certain that if they let Jason out of jail then Franco would surface to contact Jason. Claire agreed that it was a good plan; however, it wouldn't happen. Her career had taken a serious hit when she had failed to convict Sonny, so she didn't want to risk releasing Jason from jail. "Even if it means taking down a serial killer?" Dante wondered.

Diane went to Pentonville to visit Jason and to let him know that she was working on getting him released from jail. Diane warned him that she didn't hold out much hope of succeeding, but she would try. Jason didn't regret giving up two years of his life to help Michael, even if it had only been for a month. Diane admitted that it was noble of Jason, but he was needed on the outside because things were falling apart quickly as the war between Sonny and Johnny heated up.

Later, Diane met Max on the piers. Max confessed that he felt as if everything were getting back to normal, except for Jason's incarceration. Diane promised Max that she was trying her best to get Jason released, but there were lots of powerful people who wanted Jason to remain in jail. Max had complete confidence in Diane's ability, so he invited her to his apartment to "celebrate." Diane suggested that they go to her place, so that she could model her new lingerie for him.

Carly went to see Jason to let him know how Michael was doing. She was disappointed that Jason remained locked up. Jason assured her that he didn't have any regrets. Carly had no idea how to thank Jason for everything that he had done for Michael. It infuriated her that everyone was treating Dante like a hero when Jason had been the one to make all of the sacrifices for Michael. Carly vowed that she would never forgive Dante for what he had done to Michael and Jason.

Jason decided to focus on Michael. He urged her to give Michael some time to adjust. He realized that Michael had been in jail for short time, but it had been long enough to make an impact. Jason then let Carly know that Franco had resurfaced. He wanted Carly and Jax to keep a close eye on Josslyn. Jason didn't want to give Franco another opportunity to use Josslyn to get to him.

Shortly after Carly arrived home, Michael stopped by for a visit. Carly scolded Michael for ringing the doorbell; she insisted that her home was his home, so he was welcome to walk in any time that he liked. Michael smiled, handed his mother the mail, and then sat down on the sofa. Carly was curious how he had slept his first night out of jail. She was horrified when Michael confessed that he had spent the night on the sofa. She insisted on sending a bed to the loft, but Michael declined the offer.

Carly tensed when Michael confessed that he was worried about Sonny. She reminded Michael that Sonny was a big boy and then fled the room to fetch Josslyn. When Carly returned with Josslyn, Michael began to open up about Kristina. Michael admitted that Kristina was a lot like Sonny because they both had terrible tempers and held grudges. Carly felt bad for Kristina because she had been through quite a bit. Carly hoped that Josslyn didn't follow the same path.

Michael chuckled as he warned his mother that Josslyn might turn out to be just like Carly. Carly smiled as she handed Josslyn to Michael. While Michael played with his sister, Carly bent down to pick up the mail that had been knocked off of the table. Carly's smile disappeared when she discovered a crime scene photograph from Franco in one of the envelopes.

Jason was surprised to see Alexis enter the visitors' room at Pentonville. Alexis explained that she needed his help. Jason wondered if Kiefer's parents were continuing to harass Alexis. She admitted that they were, but the Bauers weren't the problem. Alexis revealed that Kristina had decided to drive Sonny crazy by dating Johnny and that Johnny wasn't doing anything to stop it. Alexis hoped that Jason would talk to Johnny.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

At the police station, Dante tried to persuade Claire to petition to have Jason released from Pentonville, in order to lure Franco out of hiding. Claire feared that it would be the death of her career, but Dante disagreed. He insisted that apprehending and convicting a serial killer would be a tremendous boost to her reputation. Claire didn't want to risk putting a thug like Jason on the loose. Dante argued that Jason was their best hope of catching Franco, but Claire wasn't swayed. She reminded Dante that he was supposed to be building a case against Sonny; she suggested that perhaps he was using Franco as an excuse not to bust Sonny.

At Carly's house, Michael advised his baby sister to see him when she became a teen because he knew all of Carly's secrets. Michael glanced up in time to see Carly's concerned expression. "What's wrong?" Michael asked. Carly showed him the picture that Franco had sent to her. Carly collected Josslyn and then took her to the nursery.

When Carly returned, she revealed that she had offered Mercedes the opportunity to take a leave of absence because Franco had resurfaced. Michael guessed that Mercedes didn't want to leave Josslyn. "Not for a minute," Carly confirmed. Michael realized that his mother was worried, but he assured her that Franco wasn't after Josslyn. Carly agreed that the picture had been sent to get a rise out of Jason. She admitted that Jason had told her about Franco's recent activity.

Carly decided to make a phone call. A short time later, Jax arrived. Carly showed Jax the crime scene photograph that Franco had sent while Michael filled Jax in on the other pictures that Dante and Maxie had received from the killer. Jax realized that Franco was back, but Carly suggested that it wasn't necessarily true. She admitted that she had found one of Franco's photographs among the pictures taken at Josslyn's christening. Jax was stunned; he demanded to know why she hadn't told him sooner.

Carly explained that she had shown the picture to Jason and that Jason had assured her that there hadn't been anything to worry about. Jax didn't want to leave their daughter's safety in Jason's hands, so he decided to do what they should have done on the night that Claudia had died. Later, Dante and Claire arrived. Jax showed them the picture that Franco had sent and then told them about the photograph that Carly had found after Josslyn's christening. Claire confessed that she had been aware of Franco's recent activity, so she had gone to see Jason at Pentonville.

Claire understood that Franco was trying to get Jason's attention. Carly was curious what Claire planned to do about it. Dante revealed that he had a plan, but they needed Claire to go along with it. Claire spoke up before Dante could elaborate; she promised to review everything with her superiors. Claire quickly thanked Jax and Carly for calling them and then left. Dante assured Carly and Jax that they had done the right thing and then followed Claire out.

Carly admitted that she was concerned, but Jax was determined to keep Carly and Josslyn safe. Carly appreciated that Jax had stepped up when she had called him. Jax was pleased that her first instinct had been to call him when she realized that she was in trouble.

At Lucky's apartment, Luke insisted that Tracy was the one for him. Luke hoped to return to Las Vegas to marry Tracy and promised to be sober when they exchanged vows. Ethan and Lucky burst out laughing. As the laughter faded, Lucky suggested that Luke could lose Tracy forever if he underestimated how deeply she was hurt. Luke assured his sons that he had a few aces up his sleeve. Lucky advised his father to be sincere.

Ethan agreed with his brother and then went a step further by suggesting that Luke surprise Tracy instead of resorting to the same old tricks. Lucky added that Luke should also consider keeping his hands off of Tracy's money until everything settled down. Luke announced his intention to visit Tracy, but Ethan warned him that it wouldn't be easy. Ethan revealed that Tracy had changed all of the locks. A knock at the door drew their attention. It was Maya.

Ethan was pleased that she had tracked him down, but Luke clarified that he had called Maya. Luke hoped that Maya would give him the security codes to the mansion, so that he could talk face-to-face with Tracy. Maya wanted to know why she should help Luke. Luke pointed out that Tracy would remain in a foul mood until she reconciled with Luke, which would require Luke to talk to her. Maya pointed out that Luke had lied to Tracy for four years.

Luke assured Maya that Tracy was the one for him. Luke admitted that he didn't think that a piece of paper was important. Maya wondered, if that were the case, why he had kept quiet about the sham wedding. Luke confessed that he knew Tracy would be upset. Maya revealed that Tracy seemed happy to be single again.

Luke pointed out that Tracy didn't behave like someone who was happy. Maya had to agree, but she didn't think that Tracy was ready to forgive Luke. Lucky stepped in to plead his father's case until Maya relented. After Luke left, Lucky thanked Maya for giving Luke the opportunity to work things out with Tracy. Lucky admitted that he didn't want Luke underfoot, so he was eager for Luke and Tracy to make up.

Maya wondered why Luke didn't move in with Ethan, who had a luxury penthouse with lots of room. Lucky raised an eyebrow, but didn't correct Maya. Ethan scrambled to explain why Luke couldn't stay with him. Eventually Lucky took pity on his brother; he revealed that Ethan's place was too close to Lulu's apartment, which she shared with Maxie, so it would cause too many problems.

Maya thought that Luke was too good for Tracy, but she hoped that things worked out for Luke. Ethan appreciated Maya's help, so he offered to repay her by buying her a drink. Maya wanted to see how her day went before she agreed. After she left, Ethan demanded to know why Lucky had allowed him to twist in the wind when Maya had mentioned Luke staying with Ethan. Lucky smiled as he admitted that it had been fun.

Ethan confessed that the lie had been a moment of inspiration when he had noticed Maya's reaction to Johnny's penthouse. Lucky warned Ethan that Maya would eventually discover the truth. Lucky was certain that she would be furious when she realized that Ethan had lied to her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy was barking orders to her assistant. Tracy expressed an interest in buying a medical supply firm; she was also eager to have Alice replaced. Tracy's assistant was curious why she wanted to fire Alice. Tracy explained that Alice was loyal to "the trash that I just put out." As if summoned, Luke entered the parlor. Luke ordered Tracy's assistant to leave, but the assistant didn't budge until Tracy gave him permission.

Once they were alone, Luke declared his love for Tracy. Tracy picked up the phone and then called the police to report an intruder. Tracy warned Luke that the police were on their way, but Luke didn't take her seriously. He got down on bended knee and then proposed marriage to Tracy. He insisted that she was the only woman in the world for him. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Luke seemed genuinely surprised when two police officers entered the parlor.

Tracy insisted that Luke be arrested. Luke tried to talk to Tracy, but she ignored him as the police led Luke away. At the police station, Lucky arrived to aid his father. Luke announced that it was time to tweak his plan to win back Tracy. Lucky warned Luke that Tracy was pressing charges. Luke admitted that he hadn't expected her to call in "the army." Luke suggested that Lucky never tell a woman that he loved that they were married when they weren't. Lucky promised to keep it in mind.

At Pentonville, Alexis admitted to Jason that Kristina would be more determined to be with Johnny if Alexis were to order her daughter to stay away from him. Alexis knew that Jason had saved Johnny's life, so Johnny owed Jason; she thought that it might be enough to persuade Johnny to back down. Alexis realized that Kristina was channeling all of her anger, guilt, and frustration over Kiefer at Sonny. Jason agreed; he acknowledged that Johnny blamed Sonny for Claudia's death, so Johnny was likely using Kristina to get to Sonny.

Alexis insisted that it was a train wreck waiting to happen. Jason wanted to help Alexis, but he didn't think that he could do anything about it, even if he weren't stuck in jail. Alexis pleaded with Jason to talk to Sonny. She feared that if things weren't resolved then Sonny would confirm every horrible thing that Kristina believed about her father. Jason insisted that Kristina was a good kid, so he advised Alexis to continue trying to talk to her.

Alexis admitted that Jason had made some good points. Before she left, she confessed that she admired Jason for making such a huge sacrifice to protect Michael. However, she warned him that he hadn't been the only person who had paid a high price. Alexis let him know that Jason's incarceration had been very hard on Sam.

On the piers, Sam ordered Johnny to stay away from Kristina. Kristina resented her sister's interference. Kristina hated that Sam treated her like a kid. "I'm seventeen," Kristina argued. Kristina made it clear that it wasn't up to Sam whom Kristina dated. Sam wondered if it had ever occurred to Kristina that Johnny might get killed because of his relationship with Kristina.

Johnny refused to allow Sam to put it all on Kristina. He insisted that he wanted Sonny to go after him. Sam was curious if Kristina were paying attention to what Johnny had said. Sam explained that Johnny was not only a mobster, but an older man; that was like waving a red flag under Sonny's nose. Sam urged her sister not to make decisions based on how she thought that Sonny would react. "Don't give anyone that much power," Sam pleaded.

All heads turned when Sonny suddenly appeared. Sonny demanded that Kristina leave with him, but Kristina refused. Sonny explained that they needed to talk, so Kristina invited him to speak his mind in front of Johnny and Sam. Sam didn't appreciate Kristina's rudeness. "He's rude to me," Kristina shot back. Sam suggested that Kristina act like an adult if she wanted to be treated like one.

Sam persuaded Kristina to leave with Sonny. Once she was alone with Johnny, Sam admitted that she couldn't believe that Johnny was willing to involve Kristina in his vendetta. Johnny claimed that Kristina had a mind of her own. Sam didn't think that Johnny was being fair. She reminded Johnny that Jason had saved his life out of respect. Sam thought that Jason was a good judge of character, but she conceded that perhaps she had been wrong.

Sonny took Kristina to Pozzulo's. Kristina suggested that she and Johnny cared about each other, but Sonny accused her of trying to defy him. Kristina countered that not everything was about Sonny. Sonny put his foot down to Kristina dating Johnny, which sent Kristina into a rage. The two screamed at each other until Sonny shouted, "Enough!" Sonny informed her that she couldn't speak to him in such a disrespectful manner.

Sonny made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate Johnny putting his hands on Kristina. Kristina demanded to know what Sonny would do to stop her. "Hit me? Go ahead," she dared him. Sonny promised that he would never lay a hand on her. Alexis entered moments later. Kristina was surprised to see her mother.

Alexis explained that Sonny had called her. Sonny quickly filled Alexis in on what had happened on the pier before he asked Alexis to back him up. Alexis agreed that Kristina shouldn't continue to see Johnny. Kristina dug in her heels; she accused Sonny of being a killer and an abuser, whom she didn't have to listen to. After Kristina stormed out, Alexis let Sonny know that she resented him backing her into a corner.

Sonny pointed out that their teenaged daughter was involved with a man who was at least thirty; Sonny couldn't believe that he was the bad guy instead of Johnny. Alexis clarified that she wasn't blaming Sonny, but he should have called to discuss it with her first. Sonny explained that he didn't have the opportunity because he had encountered Kristina and Johnny together on the pier. Sonny refused to allow Johnny to destroy Kristina.

After Alexis left, Sonny called Max and Milo into his office. He instructed the Giambetti brothers to "take care" of Johnny. Sonny warned them to make certain that nothing could be traced back to him.

Johnny went to Pentonville to talk to Jason. Jason admitted that he knew about Johnny and Kristina. He let Johnny know that a lot of people were upset about the relationship. However, Jason was certain that Johnny wasn't actually sleeping with Kristina. Johnny confessed that Jason was the only person who had given him the benefit of the doubt. Jason warned Johnny that, despite Johnny's intentions, Kristina would be hurt.

Johnny explained that Kristina had a real hatred for Sonny. Jason argued that Sonny loved his children, which prompted Johnny to point out that Anthony also claimed to love his children. Jason didn't appreciate Johnny comparing Sonny to Anthony. Johnny didn't apologize; he was more than happy to facilitate Kristina getting out from under Sonny's thumb. Jason suggested that if Johnny was successful in killing Sonny then Kristina might never get over the guilt of feeling responsible for her father's death.

Johnny found Kristina weeping in the hallway when he arrived home. He invited Kristina into the penthouse as Kristina poured her heart out to him. Johnny suggested that perhaps she had needed Sonny to assure her that he loved her to quell all the anger and fear inside her. Kristina admitted that she had always longed to have a relationship with her father. Kristina explained that Alexis had kept Sonny away because she had wanted Kristina to have a normal life.

Kristina had understood her mother's reasoning, but emotionally it had felt like Sonny had rejected her because he had never fought to spend time with her. Kristina had been hopeful when Sonny had expressed regret over missing so much of her life, but then she had seen what Sonny had been like. Kristina insisted that Sonny was a violent and angry abuser, who had done terrible things, which he had never taken responsibility for.

She appreciated that Johnny was the only person who was willing to call Sonny out on "his crap." Johnny reminded her that what he was doing was dangerous. Kristina didn't care; she wanted Johnny to succeed. Nothing would make her happier than for Sonny to lose everything.

Sam was taking a bubble bath when Jason called her. Sam let Jason know that she was naked and thinking of him. Jason glanced behind him to see a line of prisoners waiting to use the phone. Sam realized that Jason wasn't alone when she heard a guard warn Jason that he only had five minutes to speak on the phone. Jason let her know that he missed her. Sam missed him too; she wanted him to promise that they would disappear together once he was released from jail. Jason readily agreed.

At the police station, Claire informed Dante that she had talked to her supervisors about how to proceed with Franco. They had agreed to release Jason into Dante's custody. Dante was pleased, but Claire warned him that there was a condition: if Jason ran then Dante would be charged with aiding and abetting as well as obstruction of justice. Claire made it clear that Dante might end up in prison if Jason wasn't returned to Pentonville after Franco's capture.

Friday, June 25, 2010

In Pentonville, Jason continued his sexy phone call with Sam as they talked about where they were planning to run off to after Jason was released from prison. Sam playfully suggested that they pretend they won the lottery and could go anywhere in the world. Jason admitted that he'd like to see the Mediterranean. As Sam dreamed about their big trip, Jason gently reminded Sam that he didn't know when he'd get out of prison. Sam told Jason he couldn't stop her from dreaming.

At Pozzuli's, Sonny ordered Max and Milo to put a clean hit on Johnny to stop. Max told Sonny that if Anthony found out that Sonny killed Johnny, Anthony would have one of Sonny's men killed.

Max believed that Sonny's children would be Anthony's targets if Johnny were killed. Sonny was confident that he could protect his own. Sonny reminded Max of how Johnny was taking advantage of Kristina. Max and Milo agreed to kill Johnny. Sonny declared that he wanted Johnny dead as soon as possible.

Sonny visited Jason in Pentonville. He told Jason that he was going to kill Johnny and asked Jason to take out Anthony. Jason told Sonny that Anthony was not circulating in the general prison population. Jason also said that he'd be at risk for life imprisonment if he got caught killing Anthony. Jason cautioned Sonny to leave Johnny alone. Sonny refused and left.

Sonny tracked down Luke at Lucky's place. Sonny expressed his regret in almost killing Ethan. As a show of friendship, Sonny warned Luke that he was about to kill Johnny and warned Luke to get Ethan as far away from Johnny as possible.

Luke claimed that he heard from Alexis that she was worried that Kristina would get caught between Johnny and Sonny. Sonny refused to sit back and let Johnny be with Kristina. Luke believed that Sonny would be at the top of the police's suspect list. Sonny said that no one would be able to pin Johnny's murder on him.

At the police station, Dante absorbed the idea being Jason's watchdog if Jason were to be released from prison to bait Franco. Claire confirmed that Dante would be sent to prison if Jason ran while under his custody. Dante replied, "Screw that."

Dante refused to risk his badge and being sent to prison. He also believed that all Claire was concerned about was advancing her career by capturing Franco. Claire pointed out that it was Dante's duty to help, but Dante refused to go along with it.

Back at Dante's place, Dante opened up to Lulu about Franco resurfacing. He promised Lulu that they would catch Franco. Lulu and Dante started making out. Michael walked in on them. Lulu and Dante separated, embarrassed.

Dante and Lulu both insisted that Michael shouldn't feel bad, since Dante's apartment was Michael's home as well. Dante, Lulu, and Michael began to discuss the implications of Franco being back in their lives. As Michael expressed worry for his siblings, Dante admitted that Jason could get released conditionally to help capture Franco. Dante also said he wasn't sure that he wanted to agree to having Jason under his custody.

Dante revealed that he'd be charged as an accessory if Jason ran off, and Dante would go to prison. Lulu agreed that Jason would take off because Jason hated Dante. Dante asked for Michael's opinion. Michael admitted that Jason would do anything to take Franco down, but he could see Jason taking off to avoid going back to jail. Dante decided that he had to agree to Claire's deal.

Dante went to the police station and approached Claire. He said that he'd agree to take Jason into his custody. Claire wondered what had changed Dante's mind. Dante admitted that he couldn't live with the idea of Franco killing again.

At Pentonville, Dante revealed to Jason that Jason was being temporarily released to be bait for Franco. Dante said that Jason would be under Dante's custody, and if Jason ran, Dante would end up in Pentonville. He warned Jason that if Jason ran, he'd shoot Jason to stop him.

At Dante's place, Michael practiced some fighting moves. Brook arrived and reintroduced herself to Michael. She reminded Michael that they were cousins and that she used to babysit him. She then wondered why Michael looked sad even though he was free from prison. Michael admitted he felt at fault for Jason being in prison. Michael was also sad that he was unable to see Sonny.

Michael admitted that he understood why the judge didn't want him to see Sonny but that didn't stop him from missing his father. Brook suggested that Dante might mellow towards Sonny and advised Michael to use his time with Dante to get Sonny and Dante closer together. Lulu walked in as Brook said these words to Michael.

At Carly's house, Jax expressed gratitude to Carly for turning to him about Franco. Even though Carly was frightened of Franco, she felt confident that Jax would keep their family safe. Jax asked Carly if she hated him for the part he played in Michael's incarceration.

Carly admitted that she was still mad at Jax because he had been wrong to use Michael, but she understood why Jax wanted to get Sonny out of their lives. Carly believed they had been wrong to go through the cover-up of Claudia's death and that they were all to blame for what happened to Michael. Carly proposed that she and Jax remain united on keeping Sonny out of their lives. Jax was happy that Carly agreed with him, and they decided to leave to savor the close moment between them.

At Johnny's penthouse, Johnny empathized with Kristina having a difficult father. Johnny pointed out that Kristina was trying to get Sonny's attention, while Kristina insisted she only wanted to make her father suffer. Johnny said that if he used Kristina to get back at Sonny, he'd be no better than Sonny. Johnny told her that he wouldn't pretend to date her anymore.

Kristina tried to persuade Johnny to keep their ruse alive, and pointed out that they both wanted the same thing -- Sonny to suffer. Johnny compared Kristina's plan to how Claudia justified staying with Sonny to have a sense of power. Johnny opened the door to Ethan. Johnny begged Ethan to get through to Kristina.

Ethan thought he was the person least qualified to give anyone advice, but he agreed that he needed to talk to Kristina. Ethan led Kristina out of Johnny's apartment.

On the docks, Kristina was grateful for Ethan's friendship, but she didn't think Ethan could talk her out of her plan. Kristina confessed how powerful she felt over Sonny when she pretended to be with Johnny. Ethan wondered how Kristina would feel if someone died as a result of her ruse with Johnny.

Claire visited Johnny and told him about how her goal to get her career back on track was stalling. She offered to work with Johnny to get Sonny locked up. Claire admitted that she made a deal with Sonny to get Johnny put away. However, since Michael was released, Sonny wouldn't go through with their plan anymore. Claire wanted Johnny's help to put Sonny in prison, but Johnny wanted to get back at Sonny his own way.

On the docks, Brook saw Olivia gazing up at Johnny's penthouse. Olivia confessed that Johnny was responsible for some of the happiest moments of her life, but after Claudia was killed and Sonny was revealed to be Dante's father, Olivia believed Johnny's hatred for Sonny changed Johnny.

Olivia related to Brook how rough Johnny had it growing up with Anthony as his father. She told Brook that Johnny tried to get away from the mob, but Claudia always pulled him back in. Olivia believed she might have been wrong to blow up at Johnny about Kristina. Olivia thought that perhaps she just should have tried harder to stop Johnny from doing something he'd regret.

Olivia opened the door to Johnny's penthouse and pulled Johnny into a kiss. Johnny pulled away, wondering what had changed between them. Olivia told him to stop talking and they quickly got passionate with each other.

Johnny asked what had changed Olivia's mind. She told Johnny that she wanted to remind him of what they had and how no seventeen-year-old could compete with it. They resumed kissing as Kristina walked in.

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