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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 28, 2010 on GH
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Sonny called Luke to his restaurant office to tell him that he was planning to kill Johnny with a car bomb. Sonny warned Luke to keep Ethan away from Johnny, especially on Friday night.

Luke reminded Sonny about similarities to the car bombing that had been planned for Sonny by his rival, Luis Rivera but had killed Sonny's wife and Luis' daughter Lily, instead. Sonny acknowledged the similarities, but persisted with his vendetta against Johnny. He assured Luke that he would keep Kristina safe and that the crime would not be traced back to Sonny.

Luke also feared that Anthony Zacchara would retaliate against either Michael or Morgan, but Sonny was convinced that his children would be safe because there would be no evidence that he was behind the bombing.

Johnny and Olivia were just about to make love in his penthouse when Kristina burst in and interrupted them. Kristina tried to make Olivia think that she was also sleeping with Johnny, but Olivia did not believe her. Olivia told Kristina that she needed to stop tormenting Sonny before Sonny took steps to hurt Johnny. Kristina retaliated by accusing Olivia of sleeping with Johnny to save Sonny. Then Kristina told Johnny to choose between her and Olivia.

Johnny asked Kristina to leave. She did, but told him she would be back. After Kristina was gone, Johnny wanted to know if Kristina had been right about Olivia's feelings for Sonny. Olivia was saddened. She wanted to know what had happened to the trust that they used to have between them.

Johnny told Olivia that he knew that Dante would always be first with her, but he did not like being third after Sonny. Johnny told Olivia that he had always come first with Claudia and he had promised himself and Claudia that she would have justice.

Olivia was in tears when she told Johnny that of all the choices that he could make, he was making the one that would hurt him the most. Olivia told Johnny that she could not watch him destroy himself. She was devastated when she left his apartment.

Dante went to Pentonville to tell Jason that he was being released into Dante's custody to act as bait to catch Franco. Jason wanted a gun, but Dante said that it would make it too easy for Jason to run. Dante said he was not willing to risk being put in prison if Jason got away. Jason told him, "No gun, no deal."

Lulu overheard Brook encouraging Michael to act as a go-between for Dante and Sonny. She interrupted and chastised Brook severely for encouraging a relationship between Michael and Sonny because it was against the rules of Michael's probation.

Brook said she meant after Michael was off probation. She told Lulu that not everyone agreed with Lulu's assessment of Sonny and that, like it or not, Sonny was Dante's father and Sonny loved all his children. Michael agreed with Brook. They were both calm, but Lulu was visibly upset.

After Brook left, Lulu told Michael not to let Brook talk him into anything. She was also worried about what would happen to Dante if Jason ran while in Dante's custody. She was sure that Jason would try to get away just so Dante would be sent to prison.

Michael turned the tables and told Lulu that she was upset because she was afraid that Dante would turn out like Sonny. He accused her of being jealous and told her that Sonny loved Dante and he did not see that changing, ever. Lulu was thoughtful, and then said she had to run an errand and left.

Steve and Lisa were discussing a case at the nurses' station, when Patrick arrived for treatment of a minor hand injury. Because his suspension was still in effect, he was petulant about giving information that would help Steve with a patient. Lisa kidded Patrick, and he helped Steve out.

Steve took Patrick away to treat him. When they returned, Lisa noticed that Patrick had a very large bandage on his hand. Steve gave Patrick instructions and sent him off. Steve and Lisa laughed and she correctly guessed that the bandage was much bigger and more restrictive than necessary for the minor injury that Patrick had sustained when the lid of Emma's toy chest had slammed down on his hand.

Claire went to see Jason and told him that he absolutely could not have a gun because it would kill her career if he escaped. Jason said he had no desire to run. He wanted to serve his sentence and be released back to his home and his life. He told Claire that he did not stand a chance again Franco and that if he were not able to defend himself, he would end up dead. Claire did not budge. She told Jason that they would protect him and that Franco would not get near him.

Lulu went to Sonny and told him about the plan to use Jason as bait. She shared her fears that Jason would escape and Dante would be sent to prison in his place. She begged Sonny to make sure that Jason did not run. Sonny told her that in the past, he would have complied with her request because of his long-standing friendship with her father.

However, because of her resent outbursts against him, he wanted something back. Sonny told Lulu that his price was that she quit talking him down to his kids, and that included Dante. Lulu swallowed her pride and agreed.

Patrick was still smarting when he arrived at Jake's and asked Coleman to get him a beer. Lisa showed up a few minutes later. Patrick told Lisa that she wouldn't be happy with Steve because he was not her type. Lisa retorted, "Who is, you?"

Patrick followed Lisa to the pool table. He suggested that the loser buy the winner a beer. Lisa said that if Patrick lost, he would owe her a dance and implied that he would lose on purpose. Patrick laughed and said that he did not have to lose to get a dance with her. Lisa got angry and left the bar suddenly. Patrick followed her out.

Patrick caught up with Lisa at her apartment. He accused her of coming on to him. He told her that she had been trying to get his attention for months. She said that she missed the old Patrick and that she just wanted to have some fun. She said that she could not imagine that Patrick would become a tame housebroken husband.

When Lisa continued to make Patrick's life with Robin and Emma sound boring and pointless, Patrick told her to shut up. When Lisa continued to talk, Patrick grabbed her and kissed her. He backed her into the apartment and closed the door.

Lulu returned to Dante's place with groceries so that she could make dinner. Michael figured out that she had been to Sonny's. Dante arrived and wanted to know why she had gone to Sonny's. Dante let Lulu know that he was not happy that she had interceded. Lulu told Dante that she had gone to Sonny because if Dante threw his life away, he threw hers away too. She was angry when she left the apartment.

Brook dropped into Jake's for a beer. She and Coleman started talking, and she got the lowdown on Johnny from him. When Johnny walked in and went to the pool table, she followed him and challenged him to a game, which he accepted.

Lulu ran into Olivia on the docks. They discussed the fight between Dante and Lulu. Olivia shared a childhood story that illustrated Dante's stubbornness and single-mindedness. She told Lulu that Dante was a lot like Sonny. Lulu refrained from saying anything negative about Sonny. Olivia told Lulu that she had learned to pick her battles, and Lulu should do the same. Lulu was thoughtful.

Sonny visited Jason at Pentonville and asked Jason to promise that he would not run when he was released. Jason told Sonny that he hated Dante and that he would like to see Dante in prison. Jason said that it seemed that Sonny was making everything and everyone secondary to Dante, even Michael.

Sonny told Jason to calm down and think about what would happen to Michael if Dante were sent to prison. Sonny said that if Dante were incarcerated, it was likely that Michael would be sent back to prison also.

Dante and Michael talked about Lulu. Dante realized that he had overreacted about Lulu's conversation with Sonny. Michael validated Lulu's fears that Jason could run if given the opportunity. Michael told Dante that Jason did not forgive or forget. Michael said that in Jason's eyes, Dante would always be the guy who got Michael sent to Pentonville.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lisa and Patrick were passionately kissing on her sofa when Patrick suddenly pulled away and then reminded her that he was a married man. Lisa was furious by Patrick's implication that she had asked for the kiss. Patrick warned Lisa not to act like the kiss had been unexpected. He accused her of flirting with him for months, in front of Robin, arranging for him to find her half-naked in the locker room, and continually reminiscing about their past. Lisa suggested that he was trying to put it on her because he didn't want to admit that he was unhappy in his marriage.

Patrick insisted that he loved Robin, but Lisa didn't believe him. She wondered why Patrick's head had practically exploded when he had discovered that she was seeing Steve. Patrick ignored the question as he suggested that Lisa had intentionally tried to make him jealous. Lisa claimed that she enjoyed spending time with Steve because Steve was fun. She ordered Patrick to leave and sober up.

On the piers, Lulu worried that Dante might lose his freedom -- or worse -- in order to lure Franco out of hiding. Olivia reminded Lulu that Dante had a good head on his shoulders, so Lulu had a choice: she could trust Dante or fight him on his decision to go after Franco. Lulu hated that Dante had put himself in a position where he had to trust Jason. Olivia didn't think that they could fault Dante for wanting to protect Lulu from Franco. Lulu was frustrated; she wondered why it wasn't okay for her to want to protect Dante.

At the loft, Dante clarified that Jason was being released to help catch Franco, not kill him. Michael was concerned that Jason might be tempted to run, which would ultimately lead to Michael being sent back to Pentonville. Dante believed that Michael would be fine as long as Michael stuck to the conditions of his release by staying away from Sonny. Michael remained concerned; he pointed out that Jason might want Dante to have a taste of what it was like to be locked up in jail. Dante reminded Michael that Jason was eager to catch Franco, so he doubted that Jason would take off before Franco was apprehended.

Dante insisted that Michael had an opportunity for a fresh start, even if Sonny didn't appreciate that. It bothered Dante that Sonny seemed to view himself as the world's best dad. Michael admitted that, despite what Dante thought, it wasn't difficult to love Sonny. Lulu's arrival interrupted their talk. Michael quickly excused himself and then left. Lulu immediately apologized to Dante for walking out on him. According to Lulu, she had been a fool not to trust his judgment.

Dante assured Lulu that he respected her for speaking her mind. Lulu relaxed as Dante kissed her and then made love to her. As they basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking, Lulu asked Dante to be careful with Jason. Dante promised not to do anything that would mess up what they had.

Kristina was delighted when she spotted Michael on the piers. She was thrilled that he could meet her. Michael explained that he had to get out of the loft for a while to give Dante and Lulu time to make up after an argument. Kristina imagined that it must be weird having to stay with Dante. She thought that she and Michael should be able to do as they pleased instead of having everyone control their lives. Michael cut her off when Kristina began to rant about Sonny.

Michael was certain that, deep down inside, Kristina loved Sonny. Kristina understood that Michael adored their father, but she claimed that she had seen who the real Sonny was. According to Kristina, Sonny was a bully who abused anyone, like Claudia, who got in his way. Michael argued that Claudia had been a "nutcase" who had tried to kidnap Josslyn. Kristina insisted that Sonny had driven Claudia to do it. She also tried to blame Sonny for Claudia's fate, but Michael took full responsibility for killing Claudia.

Kristina continued to blame Sonny for everything. She reminded Michael that he had been shot while standing next to Sonny and then had lingered in a coma for a year. Kristina insisted that Michael wouldn't have gone to Pentonville if it hadn't been for the cover-up that Sonny had orchestrated. She believed that Sonny had been the one who had deserved to be locked up with "those freaks." "It's over," Michael argued; he didn't want to dwell on his time in prison. Kristina argued that it wasn't over for Johnny because he had lost his sister.

Michael wondered if Kristina had learned anything from the numerous schemes that Carly had cooked up, which had backfired on her. Kristina contended that her plan was working and that she intended to take it to the next level by spending the night with Johnny on Friday. Kristina was certain that it would drive Sonny to have a meltdown of "nuclear proportions." She smiled with relish at the thought of Sonny completely losing his mind.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny was surprised to see Lucky waiting for him. Sonny was curious if he needed to call his attorney. Lucky assured Sonny that he wasn't there as a cop. Sonny led the way to his office as Lucky explained that he had dropped by because he was worried about Michael. Sonny suspected that Dante had put Lucky up to it, but Lucky pointed out that Michael was his cousin.

Sonny complained that Michael shouldn't have been sent to prison, which he blamed on a flawed judicial system. Lucky conceded that the system wasn't perfect, but neither was Sonny's brand of justice. Lucky acknowledged that Michael had endured more than anyone should have, so he urged Sonny to stop ignoring the conditions of Michael's release by continually fighting to see Michael. Sonny wondered what Lucky would do if their roles were reversed. "The same thing," Sonny suspected.

Lucky talked about the sacrifice that Jason had made by giving up Jake. Sonny argued that Jake had been a baby, but Michael was eighteen. Lucky changed tactics by giving Sonny some insight into what it had been like for Lucky to grow up in Luke's shadow. Lucky insisted that Michael's entire life had been defined by the choices that Sonny had made. He urged Sonny to help Michael find a new path by giving Michael some space. Lucky was certain that Sonny's heart was in the right place, so he asked Sonny to think it over.

After Lucky left, Sonny called Luke to let him know that Lucky had stopped by. Luke assured Sonny that he hadn't told Lucky about Sonny's plans for Johnny. Sonny believed him, but he warned Luke to make certain that Ethan stayed away from Johnny on Friday. Alexis arrived shortly after Sonny ended the call.

Alexis insisted that they couldn't forbid Kristina from seeing Johnny because it would just alienate her further. Sonny agreed, so he proposed that Alexis host a family dinner to show Kristina a united front. Sonny suggested that Alexis invite Sam and Michael to join them. Alexis immediately suspected that Sonny wanted to use the dinner as an excuse to see Michael, despite the court order. Sonny claimed that he hoped Michael's presence would have a positive influence on Kristina. Alexis agreed, so she agreed to make the necessary arrangements.

In the restaurant, Max confided to Milo that Sonny had taken steps to secure an alibi, so everything was set for Friday. Milo had reservations about planting a bomb in Johnny's car because he was afraid that history would repeat itself. Milo reminded Max that Sonny's first wife, Lily, had died in a car explosion that had been intended for Sonny. "What if the wrong person gets hurt?" Milo worried.

Lucky bumped into Maxie on the piers. Maxie was agitated because Franco had returned and she could no longer go to the dry cleaners without an escort. She blamed herself for the situation because she had slept with Franco. Maxie confessed that she had liked Franco before she had learned the truth about him. She realized that it had been the air of danger that had attracted her.

Maxie was certain that she was damaged because she hadn't appreciated what she had with Spinelli. Lucky suggested that they were all damaged in some way. He advised Maxie to take a breath and relax; he was confident that everything would work itself out.

Ethan dropped by Lucky's apartment to visit Luke. Luke revealed that he had a plan to win Tracy back, but he didn't elaborate. Instead, Luke invited Ethan to go with him to Monte Carlo for a couple of weeks. Luke explained that he had a lead on a mark with lots of cash, but that it was a two-man operation. Ethan declined because he had a good thing going with Johnny. According to Ethan, Johnny paid like there was no tomorrow. "Unfortunately, that may not just be a turn of phrase," Luke suggested.

Ethan didn't catch Luke's subtle hint because Ethan's cell phone rang. Ethan had a brief exchange with someone on the phone and then announced that he had to leave. "What about Monte Carlo?" Luke wondered. "Have fun," Ethan replied before he dashed off. Lucky arrived home a short time later. Luke warned Lucky that Johnny had pushed Sonny too far, so Sonny had decided to push back. Luke insisted that they needed to get Ethan away from Johnny before Friday.

Ethan entered Johnny's penthouse and then relaxed when he confirmed that Johnny wasn't home. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Maya. Maya admitted that she didn't usually invite herself over to someone's place, but she confessed that she had been thinking about Ethan. Maya realized that she and Ethan had gotten off on the wrong foot and that she had been giving Ethan a hard time about everything. Ethan assured her that he could handle it, but Maya argued that he hadn't deserved it.

Maya claimed that she wanted to give Ethan a chance. "After all, how bad could Ethan Lovett be?" she wondered. Ethan grinned as he offered to show her. Maya joined Ethan on the sofa as he poured a glass of wine for her. Maya started to open up about her college days when Johnny arrived home. Ethan informed Johnny that Johnny's timing couldn't be worse and then demanded that Johnny return the key to the penthouse.

Johnny apologized, but Maya announced that she had to leave. She insisted that she couldn't relax or enjoy the wine knowing what had paid for it. Maya was also reluctant to be with someone who could die at any moment. Johnny didn't help matters when he confessed that Ethan was the boss and therefore the windows in the penthouse were bulletproof. Johnny also assured Maya that there was a panic room upstairs.

Ethan noticed Maya's reaction, so he quickly corrected Johnny. Ethan claimed that he was a "low-level lackey" in Johnny's organization and that the penthouse belonged to Johnny. Ethan admitted that he had lied because he had hoped to impress her. "How shocking," Maya gasped. Her demeanor quickly shifted as she smugly advised Ethan to make certain that he changed the nameplate in the lobby the next time he lied about who owned the penthouse.

After Maya stormed out, Johnny ordered Ethan to return the key. Johnny then instructed Ethan to attend a meeting on Friday. Ethan wondered why he should bother when Johnny had lied to Maya. Johnny argued that it had been the truth; Ethan was visible enough in the organization to be a target. Ethan demanded that he receive hazard pay. Johnny promised that Ethan would get it, and more, because Friday's meeting would up the ante.

Epiphany approached the nurses' station as Liz showed Steve a stack of files that she had completed. Satisfied, Steve announced that Liz was officially off duty. As Liz prepared to leave, he saw her pick up a book. Liz explained that it was for Shirley; she hoped that it would inspire Shirley to make some practical pieces of jewelry. Steve sighed because he had some bad news for Liz.

Epiphany and Steve revealed that Shirley had suffered a setback; her cancer had spread to her brain. They gently reminded Liz that Shirley's condition was terminal, but Liz insisted that she needed time to process the latest news. Steve offered to be available whenever Liz was ready to talk. Liz headed to Shirley's room a short time later.

Shirley loved the gift from Liz, but she didn't want to use it as an excuse to avoid bad news. Shirley matter-of-factly informed Liz that the cancer had spread. Liz suggested that perhaps Patrick could help because he was the best neurosurgeon available. Shirley promised to consider Patrick if the doctors offered surgery as an option.

At Jake's, Kate confessed that during her flight back from Milan, she had imagined sharing a hot steamy bath with Coleman. Coleman couldn't wait to indulge her fantasy, but he insisted that they needed to wait until closing. He admitted that he couldn't afford to close early because business had been down as a result of the weak economy. Kate decided to wait it out with a bottle of tequila. Coleman chuckled as he moved down the bar to check if Patrick needed a refill.

Steve entered the bar moments later. Steve approached Patrick and then wondered if it were safe to order a drink without Patrick taking a swing at him. Patrick admitted that he had acted like "an ass" at the hospital, so he offered to buy Steve a beer. Steve accepted and then sat down next to Patrick. Olivia strolled in and then joined Patrick and Steve at the bar. Kate rolled her eyes as Olivia ordered a drink.

Kate quickly tired of Coleman and Olivia's flirtatious banter, so she stood up and then approached her cousin. "Why don't you take your boobs and your trashy, too young for you, top out of my man's face," Kate suggested to Olivia. "It's cool, baby," Coleman assured Kate, but Patrick and Steve warned him to stay out of it. Kate and Olivia ignored Coleman. Olivia warned Kate to back off because Kate's mouth was writing checks that her "ass" couldn't cash.

Things quickly turned ugly between the cousins. Olivia accused Kate of sleeping and lying her way to the top while Kate argued that Olivia had allowed Dante to grow up without a father. Kate refused to allow Olivia to throw her "hoo-has" in Coleman's face. She thought that it was pathetic how Olivia always tried to take what belonged to Kate. Kate struck a nerve when she wondered which Olivia preferred to be called: a cougar or cradle-robber.

Olivia jumped up ready to fight Kate, but Patrick and Steve managed to pull the cousins apart before either woman could throw a punch. Brook stood nearby sipping on a beer and chuckling.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lulu went to Jason's penthouse to talk to Spinelli about Jason's release. Spinelli was in high spirits as he frantically cleaned the penthouse in preparation for Jason's arrival. Lulu reminded Spinelli that Jason's release was temporary, but Spinelli didn't seem concerned about that. Lulu grew concerned, so she asked Spinelli to promise that he wouldn't help Jason if Jason decided to run. Lulu explained that Dante would lose his badge if Jason managed to escape. Spinelli didn't think it would get to that; he was certain that the authorities would have a change of heart once Jason captured Franco. "I don't think so," Lulu warned Spinelli.

A knock on the door heralded Maxie's arrival. Maxie had taken some time off from work, so that she and Spinelli could have lunch together. Spinelli explained that he had to go to the grocery store to pick up some fresh food for Jason. Spinelli was certain that Jason would appreciate a home-cooked meal after enduring prison gruel for a month. Lulu and Maxie followed Spinelli out of the penthouse and then watched as he disappeared into the elevator to run his errand. Maxie claimed that her plan to snap Spinelli out of his funk, and make him fight for her, was working, but Lulu didn't agree.

Lulu thought that Spinelli's sudden good mood was due to Jason's release from Pentonville. Maxie conceded that Jason's return home had lifted Spinelli's spirits, but she was confident that Spinelli would go head-to-head with Matt to prove his love and devotion for her. Later, Sam entered the penthouse to find it empty. She carried a bag into the living room and then pulled out some candles. Sam's mind began to drift as she imagined Jason walking through the door and then instructing her to pack some things because he planned to whisk her out of the country. Overjoyed, Sam threw herself into Jason's waiting arms as he leaned down to kiss her.

Sam's romantic fantasy abruptly ended when Spinelli arrived home with groceries. Spinelli babbled excitedly about his plans to cook Jason dinner. He assured Sam that she was welcome to join them. Sam appreciated his enthusiasm, but she wondered if he had considered that Jason might want to spend some time alone with her. "Of course," Spinelli admitted. He explained that he had invited her to dinner for that very reason. Spinelli appeared completely oblivious to Sam's exasperation.

Later, Spinelli envisioned Jason's return home. In the daydream, Spinelli armed himself with a gun moments before Jason walked through the door. Spinelli offered to toast Jason's return home with an orange soda, but Jason declined. Jason explained that he needed Spinelli's help to track down Franco. Spinelli snapped out of his fantasy when Sam entered the room to ask if Spinelli had heard from Jason. Spinelli jumped when someone knocked. Thinking that it was Jason, he raced to the door, but his joy turned to confusion when he found someone else standing on the doorstep.

On the street, Diane encountered a homeless person holding a sign that read, "Will entertain for money." The man's face was hidden in the shadows of his hooded coat. He wondered if Diane could spare some change, but she confessed that she had left her purse at home. When he asked for a cigarette, she revealed that she didn't smoke. "Just as well," the man told her, "it's a filthy habit." He offered to entertain her despite her lack of money. Diane was surprised when he opened his jack to reveal a small toy monkey with cymbals.

Diane smiled indulgently as the toy monkey performed for her. Diane admitted that it was cute, but also "very weird." The vagrant confessed that he had been thinking of getting a real monkey. "Well, with that, a couple of clowns, and an elephant you'll have yourself a circus," Diane suggested as she pulled out twenty dollars from her briefcase. She handed the man the money and a stick of cinnamon gum and then wished him "good luck." Diane chuckled as she corrected herself, "or should I say 'break a leg'?"

"Why stop there?" the man wondered. Diane smiled nervously and then walked away. The homeless man spit the gum into a dumpster and then walked over to a crate, which he spray-painted with the tag, CO77X.

At Pentonville, Jason was fitted with an ankle monitor and then handcuffed before Dante led him away. Jason was certain that Dante was enjoying Jason's discomfort. Dante didn't deny it. At the police station, Diane arrived as Claire prepared to hold a press conference. Diane took full advantage of the situation by making certain that she stood next to Claire while the prosecutor made a brief statement to the reporters.

Claire announced that Jason had been released from Pentonville on a technicality, which she vowed to resolve. Diane insisted that her client was an innocent man who had been wrongfully accused. All heads turned when Dante and Jason entered the squad room. Reporters immediately demanded to know if Dante had made a mistake. Dante denied that he had done anything wrong. Claire supported Dante's claim and then ended the press conference.

Dante, Claire, Diane, and Jason entered a nearby interrogation room for some privacy. Claire hoped that Franco watched television because she hated to think that she had gone through the painful exercise in humiliation for nothing. Diane reminded Claire and Dante that Franco's capture depended on Jason's cooperation, so Diane expected Claire to reduce Jason's sentence as a show of appreciation. Claire balked at the suggestion, but Diane ignored her. After Diane stepped out of the room, Claire warned Jason not to kill Franco.

Claire explained that she intended to prosecute the serial killer, which she couldn't do if he was dead. Dante wondered when the police had stopped using deadly force when it was necessary. Claire insisted that those were her terms and then left. Jason wanted the handcuffs removed, so that he could defend himself against Franco; he refused to risk his life for the police. Dante ignored the request, so Jason asked to speak to Diane.

As soon as Diane returned to the interrogation room, Jason asked her what would happen to Michael if Jason were to take off. Jason wanted to know if Michael would be sent back to prison. Later, Jason and Dante entered the Harbor View Towers. The vagrant that Diane had met on the street lurked outside of the high-rise building. When the doorman spotted the vagrant, he tried to shoo the man away. The homeless man refused to move along; instead, he asked some questions about Jason, but the doorman refused to reveal anything. When the vagrant looked up at Jason's penthouse, the hood of his jacket fell back to reveal Franco's face.

Jason and Dante entered the penthouse, but stopped short when they took in the scene that met their eyes. Police officers were scattered throughout the penthouse. Ronnie informed them that they were Jason's welcome committee. According to Ronnie, they were assigned to monitor Jason's every move.

On the piers, Matt approached Maxie to give her a single red rose. Maxie pretended not to be affected by the sweet gesture, but Matt didn't seem to mind. Matt offered to play along with her mind games because he was certain that she cared about him despite her denials. Maxie chuckled as she accused Matt of being his own biggest fan. Matt grinned, which led to a debate about who had pursued whom. Maxie didn't think that it mattered because it was all an act for Spinelli's benefit.

Matt was curious when Spinelli would begin to fight for Maxie. Maxie assured Matt that Spinelli was doing much better. Matt suggested that perhaps he was no longer needed, so he decided to leave. Maxie grew alarmed; she insisted that he couldn't go anywhere. Matt wondered why he shouldn't be free to find someone else if Maxie and Spinelli had worked things out. Maxie decided that she needed one more date with Matt to make certain that Spinelli didn't backslide.

At Lucky's apartment, Luke was packing when Lucky walked into the living room. Lucky was curious if Luke were moving back in with Tracy. Luke revealed that he would be leaving town for a while because he didn't want to take advantage of Lucky's hospitality. Lucky assured Luke that he didn't have to leave; Lucky had enjoyed having his father around. Luke continued packing, which prompted Lucky to ask why Luke was really leaving.

"To give Tracy a chance to miss me," Luke confessed. Lucky didn't see the logic in Luke's plan because he thought that Tracy would be more apt to forgive Luke if Luke stayed in Port Charles to show her how sorry he was. Luke explained that absence made the heart grow fonder with Tracy. Lucky suspected that there was another reason for Luke's sudden departure, but Luke was adamant that his only motive was to win back the woman that he loved.

Luke admitted that Tracy had turned his life around. Lucky agreed; Tracy had challenged Luke to move forward. Luke was confident that he knew what he was doing, so Lucky stopped trying to persuade his father to stay. Lucky confessed that he didn't know how he would have handled things with Liz if Luke hadn't been around. Luke offered Lucky some parting advice.

According to Luke, Lucky always got into trouble when he tried to do the right thing. Luke urged Lucky to trust himself because Lucky's instincts were infallible. Lucky hugged his father and then left. A short time later, Ethan arrived. Luke wanted Ethan to join him on the trip; however, Ethan declined. Luke accepted Ethan's decision, so he asked Ethan to run an important errand.

Luke handed Ethan an envelope filled with money and then explained that he wanted Ethan to deliver the money to an associate on Friday night at 10:00 pm. Ethan agreed, but Luke insisted that it was important that Ethan not let him down. Luke wanted Ethan to promise to wait, even if the contact were late. Ethan assured his father that everything would be taken care of. Lulu arrived moments later.

Lulu admitted that Luke had stuck around town longer than she had expected. Luke chuckled, pleased that Lulu knew him so well. Ethan decided to track down a bottle of Luke's favorite scotch. After Ethan left, Lulu urged Luke to remain in town long enough to work things out with Tracy. Luke appreciated her advice, but he assured her that he knew what he was doing. Luke changed the subject to find out how things were going between Lulu and Dante.

Luke realized that Dante's family drama might eventually suck her in. Lulu agreed, but she was confident that she and Dante were strong enough to get through it together. Ethan returned with the bottle of scotch, and was followed by Lucky a few minutes later. Luke let them know that his first destination was Zurich; however, he had no idea where he was headed from there. He told his children that he was proud of them and promised to return when Tracy was ready for him to make an honest woman of her.

Luke hugged his children and then asked them to occasionally check on Tracy. After Luke left, Lucky bet his siblings one hundred dollars that love wasn't the only reason that Luke had left town. As if on cue, Tracy arrived. Tracy demanded to know where Luke was; he had stolen ten million dollars from her.

At the hospital, Lisa and Steve reviewed Shirley's limited options with Liz. Liz realized that Shirley would die, but she argued that her friend could live longer. Steve insisted that brain surgery was risky and complicated. Lisa suggested that Patrick could operate if his suspension were lifted. After Lisa turned away, Liz tried to persuade her brother to change his mind about Patrick.

Lisa listened as Steve revealed that Patrick's suspension wasn't the problem. He explained that the surgery was experimental and that the insurance wouldn't cover it because Shirley was terminal. Liz suggested that perhaps Patrick could do the surgery pro bono. Steve argued that he couldn't ask the surgical team to operate for free. Steve pointed out that they didn't even know if Shirley would agree to the surgery. Liz admitted that she had discussed it with Shirley and that Shirley was open to it.

Steve wished that Liz had discussed it with him first. He explained that they didn't have the discretionary funds to cover the operation. Steve promised that he would do everything in his power to make Shirley comfortable, but that was all that he could do. Liz decided to check on Shirley. Shirley was surprised that Liz was still talking to her. "Why shouldn't I?" Liz wondered.

Shirley admitted that she didn't have the right to tell Liz to stop carrying a torch for Lucky. Liz assured Shirley that she would always welcome Shirley's honesty and advice, even if she didn't always heed it. Shirley insisted that Liz deserved to be happy. Nikolas entered the room moments later. Shirley smiled as she confessed that they had been talking about him. "Shirley," Liz scolded her friend.

Shirley was touched when Nikolas announced that he had a gift for her. Nikolas handed Shirley a jewelry box, which she opened. Shirley was flattered that a handsome man like Nikolas had thought to give her such a beautiful gift. Liz asked to speak to Nikolas in the hallway to break the news that Shirley's cancer had spread to her brain.

Nikolas wondered what he could do to help. Liz told him about the surgery and then admitted that she wasn't ready to see her friend die. She also explained that the surgery would ease Shirley's suffering and give her some dignity. Liz realized that she didn't have the right to ask anything of Nikolas. Nikolas cut her off to let her know that he would cover all of Shirley's medical expenses. Liz didn't know how to thank him. Nikolas didn't think it was necessary; it was enough for him to know that she had felt that she could turn to him for help.

Patrick arrived at the hospital a short time later. Liz, Steve, and Lisa filled Patrick in on Shirley's situation. Patrick reviewed the records and then agreed to do the surgery. Patrick invited Lisa to be part of his team and then went to Shirley's room. Shirley was pleased that Patrick would operate on her. Lisa assured Shirley that Patrick was the best, so she was in good hands.

Shirley admitted that she was impressed with Patrick's bedside manner. Patrick chuckled as he confessed that he had never been known for that. Patrick turned serious as he questioned if Shirley truly wanted to go through with the surgery. Shirley promised that she was ready. Liz stayed by Shirley's side as Shirley was prepared for surgery. Liz vowed to be waiting for her friend in recovery. Before the anesthesia took effect, Shirley handed Liz something to hold for her.

Steve thanked Nikolas for paying for Shirley's surgery. Nikolas confessed that he was fond of Shirley. He realized that he and Steve had their differences, but Nikolas respected the job that Steve did.

As Patrick and Lisa scrubbed for surgery, he asked if she had recommended him for the operation. Lisa admitted that she had. Patrick jokingly accused her of trying to do anything to get back into his good graces. They bantered back and forth for a few minutes and then turned serious as they discussed the difficult surgery ahead. Lisa was confident that they would be successful, so she suggested that Patrick buy her a burger once Shirley was resting in recovery. Patrick agreed.

Steve walked in with the latest test results on Shirley. It wasn't good; Shirley's cancer had spread. Patrick was determined to give Shirley a miracle, so he headed to the operating room. Patrick stopped short when he spotted Liz. He explained that he wanted her to leave. Liz realized that he didn't want her in the operating room because Shirley's condition was worse than they had thought. Patrick assured Liz that he was there to help Shirley.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

On the street, the Harbor View Towers doorman threatened to call the police if Franco didn't leave. After the doorman stepped away to make the call, Maxie walked up. Maxie froze when she spotted Franco's reflection in the building's window. Maxie turned around, but Franco was gone. Carly approached Maxie moments later.

Carly was thrilled that Jason was out of jail. Maxie reminded her that it was only temporary. However, Maxie confessed that she was relieved that Jason was around. Maxie admitted that she was so rattled about Franco, that she was seeing things.

In the penthouse, Jason warned Ronnie that Franco would kill again if the police remained a presence around Jason. Ronnie refused to give Jason the opportunity to skip out of town. Jason argued that Ronnie didn't know how Franco operated. "Actually, I do," Ronnie informed Jason. Dante had a strong incentive to keep a close eye on Jason, so he suggested that Ronnie leave it to him to guard Jason.

Jason was certain that Franco would be "pissed" if the police didn't leave. Ronnie thought perhaps Franco might get sloppy if he were upset, which would make it easy to catch him. Dante was certain that Franco had been watching, so he advised Ronnie to check the building. Carly and Maxie arrived moments later. Maxie wondered why there were so many police officers in Jason's penthouse.

Dante explained that Ronnie and the other police officers were there to make certain that Jason didn't escape. Maxie glared at Ronnie as she explained that she was a nervous wreck about Franco, so she would personally whack Jason over the head if he tried to leave town before Franco were caught. Ronnie seemed satisfied, so he led the officers out of the penthouse to run surveillance. Spinelli was impressed with Maxie's performance.

Maxie turned to Dante to demand to know why he was still there. She suggested that Jason and Sam might want to have some time alone to reconnect. Dante explained that Jason had not been released to make a "booty call." Dante also pointed out that Carly, Maxie, and Spinelli were in the penthouse, so Jason and Sam wouldn't exactly be alone. Dante invited Jason and Sam to go to Jason's room if they wanted some privacy, but he refused to leave.

Carly reminded Maxie that Dante had arranged to get Jason out of jail, so perhaps they should all cut Dante some slack. Sam hugged Jason and then let him know that she had to leave for a short time because Alexis had planned an important family dinner. Sam promised to return as soon as she could. After Sam left, Dante commented that it appeared that Sonny had found a way to spend some time with Michael. Carly didn't see why it was a problem; she reminded Dante that Michael loved his father.

Dante pointed out that the judge had ordered Michael to have limited contact with Sonny. Carly was certain that the judge would consider an occasional family dinner limited. "Especially if he never has to find out," Dante muttered. Maxie decided that she had to get back to work before Kate noticed her absence. Spinelli walked Maxie to the door. Maxie anticipated her and Spinelli getting back to where they had been when Jason was sent to jail.

Spinelli confessed that he hoped that Dr. Hunter was out of the picture. Maxie kissed Spinelli, told him that she loved him, and then left. Meanwhile, Carly stepped out onto the terrace with Jason. Jason closed the door behind him as Carly thanked Jason for all he had done, "unlike that backstabbing, two-faced pig" she added, referring to Dante. Jason advised Carly to calm down.

Jason realized that Carly blamed Dante for what had happened to Michael, but Michael was free. He suggested that she could stop her plans for revenge, but Carly refused. Jason implored her to reconsider because he needed Dante to help catch Franco. Carly disagreed; she was confident that Jason could handle it alone. However, she was curious what would happen afterwards.

Carly worried that Jason would take off with Sam. Jason wondered if she wanted him to return to Pentonville. Carly insisted that she didn't, but she wanted to have access to him. Jason didn't want her to jump ahead of herself; first they had to capture Franco. Inside, Dante saw Spinelli hovering over the laptop. Dante sensed that Spinelli was eager to hack into something. He was curious how many federal laws Spinelli broke each time he got online.

"Leave him alone," Jason ordered as he returned to the living room. After Carly left, Jason explained that Spinelli could help locate Franco. Dante decided to leave Spinelli and Jason to do their work while he dashed to the loft. After Dante left, Spinelli expressed his joy over Jason's release from prison. Jason appreciated Spinelli's enthusiasm, but he needed to know what Spinelli had found. Spinelli was confident that he knew where Franco was.

As Dante left the lobby, he spotted a familiar-looking vagrant. Dante drew his gun and then aimed it at the homeless person with orders to "Freeze."

At Lucky's apartment, Tracy demanded to know where Luke was. She intended to press charges against him for stealing ten million dollars from her account. Lucky, Ethan, and Lulu claimed that they had no idea where Luke was. They reminded Tracy that she and Luke had been down a similar road before. Tracy explained that the difference was that she and Luke were no longer married. Tracy was sick of Luke stealing her money.

Lucky insisted that Luke loved Tracy and wanted her to be in his life. Tracy remained determined to have Luke arrested, so Lulu asked to speak to Tracy alone. After Lucky and Ethan left, Lulu tried to plead her father's case. Lulu admitted that she had never thought that she would root for anyone other than her mother, Laura, but Tracy was good for Luke. Lulu confessed that Tracy was a pretty terrific person.

Tracy softened. She assured Lulu that Lulu would always be a part of her life even if Luke weren't. Lulu asked Tracy to give Luke another chance. Tracy was frustrated that Lulu continued to make excuses for Luke the same way that she made them for Dante. "Where did that come from?" Lulu wondered. Tracy wanted Lulu to remember all of the compromises that Lulu had made for Dante. Tracy was certain that there would be a day when Lulu would hear or see something that would make Lulu feel as angry, hurt, and foolish as Tracy felt at that moment because of Luke.

In the hallway, Lucky mentioned that he had to go the hospital to interview an assault victim, whom Lucky identified as one of the Lopez brothers. Lucky was curious if Ethan knew anything about the attack. Lucky wasn't surprised when Ethan denied having any knowledge about the incident. Lucky revealed that Johnny had a similar response. Lucky wondered if Ethan had any idea why Luke had been eager to get Ethan out of town. "No clue," Ethan replied. Lucky suggested that perhaps it was because Johnny was too dangerous.

Patrick and Lisa operated on Shirley. Patrick was forced to use a new technique when he encountered a problem during the delicate brain surgery. Lisa was impressed with his skill. She started to close up, but Patrick stopped her; he wanted to remove more of the cancer. Lisa advised Patrick against it because it was too dangerous, but Patrick forged ahead. Lisa decided to share in the glory, so she continued to assist him.

At the nurses' station, Steve wondered why Liz wasn't in the operating room with Shirley. Liz explained that Patrick had asked her to leave. She was certain that something was wrong with Shirley, so she demanded that Steve tell her what was going on. Steve admitted that Shirley's cancer had continued to spread. Liz wanted to be there for her friend. Steve assured Liz that she would be if Shirley made it through surgery. "When," Liz corrected her brother.

After Steve walked away, Liz wandered to the waiting area. Nikolas spotted her. He immediately sensed that something was wrong. Liz updated him on Shirley's condition and then thanked him for helping her friend. Nikolas clarified that he thought very highly of Shirley. Liz smiled as she assured Nikolas that Shirley was equally fond of him. Liz admitted that Shirley made her see things in Nikolas that Liz had been trying to ignore.

Nikolas was surprised when Liz confessed that she sometimes missed the connection that they had once shared. "So do I," Nikolas revealed. Nikolas and Liz were unaware that Lucky had rounded a corner. Lucky stopped short and then watched them for a moment before walking away. Meanwhile, Liz and Nikolas continued to talk about Shirley.

Liz admired the way that Shirley could see the positive aspects of most situations. Nikolas agreed. They decided that they would try to look at the big picture instead of focusing on the small things, just as Steve approached. Liz turned to face her brother while Nikolas rested his hands on Liz's shoulders to offer her support. Liz was overjoyed when Steve revealed that Shirley had made it through surgery. Liz reached up to grasp one of Nikolas' hands in her elation, which didn't escape Nikolas' notice.

Patrick and Lisa were in high spirits as they washed up after surgery. Patrick made a point of thanking Lisa for her help and then reminded her that she had promised to buy him a beer. Lisa smiled as she promised to do better than that.

In Sonny's office, Sonny finalized his plans with Max and Milo to kill Johnny in a car explosion. At the same time, Johnny entered Pozzulo's to see Sonny. Conan blocked Johnny from entering Sonny's office. Conan explained that Sonny was busy, so Johnny sat down to order a dinner while he waited for Sonny. Johnny was enjoying the cuisine when Sonny, flanked by Max and Milo, stepped out of the office.

Johnny immediately tried to goad Sonny; he complimented the food and then suggested that he might buy Pozzulo's one day. Sonny smiled knowingly as he promised that Johnny would never touch anything of Sonny's again. "Are you sure about that?" Johnny asked. Johnny continued pushing Sonny's buttons, but Sonny informed him that it wasn't necessary because Sonny already wanted him dead. "What's stopping you, thirty to life?" Johnny taunted.

Johnny eventually got under Sonny's skin by talking about taking Kristina to bed. Sonny picked up the plate of food that Johnny had been eating and then dumped it on Johnny's lap. Sonny assured Johnny that the meal was "on the house." Johnny chuckled, dropped some money on the table, and then left. As he walked out, Johnny promised that it wasn't over.

Conan was left to clean up the mess. Sonny assured Conan that Johnny would not be back. Olivia entered moments later. Sonny led her to his office, where Olivia informed him that Kristina and Johnny weren't actually sleeping together; they were just pretending to, in order to make Sonny mad. Sonny didn't think it mattered because Johnny was using a teenage girl to play a twisted game. Olivia agreed that it was a terrible idea, but she insisted that Johnny wasn't hurting Kristina.

Sonny disagreed, but he had decided that he wouldn't worry about it. "And why is that?" Olivia nervously asked. Sonny assured her that everything would work out as it should. Olivia demanded to know what was going on. Sonny agreed that Kristina and Johnny were "working" him; however, Johnny was a grown man, while Kristina was a young girl.

Olivia was certain that Kristina and Johnny would lose interest in their game if Sonny didn't react. Sonny confessed that Alexis had said something similar, so he had agreed to remain calm about the situation. Sonny claimed that he wanted to show Kristina that her father would be there in the end. Olivia immediately relaxed. She suggested that the therapy session that Sonny had attended with Kristina had done him some good. Sonny smiled as he revealed that he intended to have a family dinner at Alexis' house later that evening.

Ethan was waiting in the hallway when Johnny arrived home. Johnny invited Ethan inside as he revealed that things were heating up between himself and Sonny. Johnny wanted Ethan to be his backup. Ethan informed Johnny that he had to tie up some loose ends for Luke. Johnny wondered if Ethan had developed a case of cold feet. Ethan reminded Johnny that he had agreed to work for Johnny for the "Benjamins," not the bullets. Johnny was annoyed, but accepted Ethan's decision. Ethan offered some parting advice. He suggested that Johnny keep a cool head or else Johnny would end up dead, which would make Sonny the winner.

Later, Johnny exited his car in the parking garage to find Olivia waiting. Johnny admitted that he had lost score; he didn't know if they were together or not. Olivia smiled as she suggested that they discuss it in his penthouse. As Olivia and Johnny walked away arm-in-arm, Max and another man stepped out of the shadows. Max pointed out Johnny's car. The demolition man looked at the car and then assured Max that it would be a "piece of cake."

At the lake house, Alexis persuaded a reluctant Kristina to agree to give the family dinner a chance. Kristina explained that she would be late because she had a Standard Achievement Test preparation class to attend. Alexis thought that it had been for the following week, but she agreed that Kristina couldn't miss it. However, Alexis expected Kristina to show up for dinner. After Alexis left the room, Molly advised her sister to take down the reminder about the SAT prep class that was taped to the refrigerator because it clearly showed the date and time of the class.

Kristina thanked her sister for the heads-up and then confided her real plans. Kristina intended to spend the night with Johnny. Molly warned Kristina that Sonny would have a fit when he realized that Kristina was not at the dinner. "That's the point," Kristina smiled with relish. Molly didn't think that it would be fair to put Michael in that situation, but Kristina hoped that Sonny's reaction would open Michael's eyes to Sonny's true nature. Molly feared that things would go horribly wrong.

Michael arrived a short time later. Sam was right behind him with the news that Jason was home. Michael pulled Sam aside to warn her not to let Jason return to Pentonville. Michael wanted Sam to promise that she and Jason would run away together once Franco was caught. Nearby, Molly urged Kristina to reconsider her plans for Michael's sake. Molly didn't think that Michael looked well.

Alexis stepped out of the kitchen to greet Michael and Sam and then announce that dinner was almost ready. Sonny arrived moments later. Kristina gave her father a frosty welcome. Sonny smiled as he told her that he looked forward to the evening. Kristina claimed that she did too. The tension was thick, so Alexis disappeared into the kitchen to fetch dinner.

Michael pulled Kristina aside to ask her to be nice to Sonny and to request that she make an effort to let Sonny know how she felt. Kristina promised to do just that and then excused herself to freshen up before dinner. Michael joined Sonny, Sam, and Molly, who were talking about Claire's press conference. Molly thought that it had looked as if Claire had been sucking lemons while addressing the press. As everyone chuckled, Kristina slipped out of her bedroom window and then crept away from the house.

Friday, July 2, 2010

At Alexis' home, Molly told Sam, Sonny, and Michael about her day at science camp. She said they performed a 3-D simulation of an experiment with virtual rats in a maze. Michael said that it sounded a lot like the common area at Pentonville and that there were a lot of rats there too. Sonny assured him that he'd never have to go back to prison.

Alexis entered the room, which prompted Sonny to wonder aloud whether Kristina would be leaving her room. Alexis explained that Kristina had gone to an SAT prep class. Sonny and Alexis agreed that they should wait for Kristina before serving dinner. Sam decided to run an errand before they dined. After Sam was gone, Alexis cautioned Sonny not to expect too much from Kristina at the family gathering. Sonny said he would try, and promised that he was determined to make things right with his daughter.

As Kristina had still not returned home by the time Sam returned, Molly tried to cover for Kristina, but Sam saw right through her fib. Sam admitted that she'd gone to the class and that no one had been there. Alexis demanded the truth from Molly, who revealed that Kristina had gone to see Johnny. Sonny erupted and launched toward the door, and Alexis and Michael tried unsuccessfully to stop him from leaving. Alexis had stern words for Molly, who defended her actions, stating that Kristina had every right to be angry at Sonny.

Max oversaw the mechanic as he finished installing a bomb underneath Johnny's car. He reiterated to the mechanic that nothing could in any way tie Sonny to the crime. The man explained that the car would explode as soon as the keyless remote unlock button was pressed. Max called Sonny and informed him that the car had been rigged and that Johnny would die that night.

At Johnny's penthouse, Johnny poured himself and Olivia each a glass of wine and made a toast to their reconciliation. Olivia announced that she and Sonny had had a talk and that she'd convinced him that Johnny and Kristina were not sleeping together. Johnny told Olivia to stay out of it and that he'd been doing everything he could to convince Kristina to drop the charade. At that moment, Kristina rang the doorbell.

Olivia explained to Kristina that Sonny was aware of Kristina's plan to infuriate Sonny by pretending see Johnny. Kristina declared that she believed Olivia was trying to trick her into breaking up with Johnny. Johnny asked Olivia if he could speak to Kristina in private. After Olivia left, Johnny offered to give Kristina a ride home.

Kristina took the car keys and begged Johnny to wait until Molly told her family that she was spending the night with Johnny. Johnny suggested that he didn't believe that Kristina hated her father as much as she'd been saying. He thought that she simply wanted the father that she used to love. But Kristina said that the vision of her father had been a fallacy and that she'd never known who Sonny really was.

Johnny compared Kristina to Claudia, and told her that his sister used to use similar tactics to get their father's attention. "See how well that worked out for her?" he asked. Johnny then asked if Kristina trusted him, and she responded affirmatively. "Then let this be over," he demanded. She began to cry and gave him back the keys so that he could drive her home.

In the limo, Sonny hastily called Max and ordered him to disarm the bomb, but Max explained that it was too late. He explained that the only way to prevent the explosion would be to warn Johnny.

In the garage, Kristina apologized for having dragged Johnny into her vendetta against her father. Johnny joked about their "breakup," and she expressed relief that the charade was over, as well as some satisfaction in that their ploy had enraged her father. Sonny arrived just as Johnny pushed the unlock button on the car remote and the vehicle exploded.

At Jason's penthouse, Spinelli told Jason that he'd located the mother of Robert Frank, a.k.a. Franco, online. She and Franco used to live in Bensonhurst, but she'd changed her name to Karen Anderson and moved to Woodstock. Spinelli could not find that there had been any recent contact between mother and son.

He reported that the woman seemed not to be living an extravagant lifestyle. But Spinelli pointed out that Woodstock was close enough to Port Charles that Franco could have been using it as a base of operations and commuted. Jason began to rush off but Spinelli remind him that they had to share the new information with "Dante the Betrayer."

Outside the Harborview Towers, Dante attempted to question a hooded man, but the man ran. Dante followed. He caught up to the stranger and removed the hood. The man was not Franco. Dante demanded to know why the man had run. The stranger, obviously shaken, begged Dante not to hurt him.

Realizing he'd made a mistake, Dante let the man go. Dante reconnected with Ronnie, who cast doubt as to whether Jason was really working with them to nab Franco. Ronnie suggested letting Jason leave the country in the hopes that Franco would follow and they'd both kill each other. Dante derisively pointed out that it would remove any connection that Ronnie had had with Franco.

Dante joined Jason and Spinelli in the Penthouse and told them about the man he'd encountered. Spinelli checked the security footage from the camera at the front of the building. Jason informed Dante of the presence of Franco's mother in Woodstock. He declared that he was going to Woodstock to confront Karen Anderson, and Dante followed him.

Later, Dante and Jason arrived at a house, presumably belonging to Franco's mother, and Dante knocked on the door. A kindly older woman answered and politely explained that she didn't entertain solicitors. When Dante told her that they wanted to question her about her son, she replied that she didn't have a son.

Patrick and Lisa shared drinks at the Metro Court bar. Lisa toasted to Shirley's recovery, thanks to Patrick's amazing surgical talents. She defended Steven after Patrick made a dig at him. Patrick realized he was a bit drunk. The two reminisced about past drunken experiences. Lisa fondly remembered their sexual past and became embarrassed, admitting that she'd had too much to drink as well. Patrick offered to walk her home. They arrived at Lisa's home and both agreed that Patrick should leave. But Patrick kissed her and she responded.

Liz was sitting by Shirley's bedside when Nikolas walked in. Liz thanked him for paying for the surgery. She apologized for the way she'd been treating him. Nikolas replied that he was glad she still had faith in him. Liz expressed gratitude for having Shirley in her life.

Nikolas said that he was happy that he and Liz were having a friendly conversation, and took his share of the blame for the strain on their friendship. He suggested to Liz that she go home and sleep and promised to call her if Shirley woke up. Exhausted, she took him up on the offer.

At Crimson, James delivered a dozen roses to Maxie from an anonymous admirer. Maxie assumed that Matt had sent them. Lulu asked if they might have come from Spinelli. As Maxie explained all the reasons she knew the flowers weren't from Spinelli, James returned with another dozen roses. Lulu noticed that Maxie seemed pleased to think that Matt was sending her gifts, and worried that Maxie was falling for him. At that moment, Matt arrived.

When questioned, he admitted that he had not sent the flowers she'd just received. Lulu reminded them that the roses could have been from Maxie's actual boyfriend and then took her leave. Maxie accepted Matt's word that he hadn't been her mysterious fan and hoped it meant that Spinelli had emerged from his funk.

Matt acknowledged that his relationship with Maxie had been a ruse to trick Spinelli but asked whether she was sure that she didn't want more. Maxie made it very clear that she was still in love with Spinelli. Matt predicted the end of her relationship as James delivered another batch of roses. Matt left frustrated, and Maxie worried about what he'd said.

Maxie continued to work in the office alone as another delivery arrived. But this time, it wasn't James who delivered the flowers--it was Franco.

Lulu went to see Dante at Jason's, but Spinelli explained that she'd just missed him. He shared with her that Franco's mother was still alive and that Jason and Dante were on their way to Woodstock to find her.

He expressed his loathing of Dante, and Lulu told him that she wished he could see the Dante she knew. He apologized for neglecting Maxie. Lulu said that she was glad he was emerging from his depression and that Maxie had appreciated the flowers he'd sent. Spinelli expressed confusion, and Lulu quickly covered, explaining that the flowers must have been from a photographer Crimson used.

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