General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 19, 2010 on GH

Shirley passed away. Robin questioned Lisa's constant implications that there was more than friendship between Lisa and Patrick. Liz and Nikolas named their son. Franco left Jason a revealing DVD about Michael and Carter.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 19, 2010 on GH
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Monday, July 19, 2010

At General Hospital, an unseen Lucky looked on from outside the labor room as Dr. Lee and Nikolas helped Liz deliver her baby. Maxie caught up to Lucky and told him that she knew he could not stay away from Liz, which was why she had gone to the police station earlier to tell him that Liz was in labor. Lucky got defensive. He told Maxie that it was none of her business, as he escorted her to the elevator. She said he made it her business when he asked her out to a concert. As he watched the elevator doors close on Maxie, Lucky angrily told her that anything was better than self-destructing with her. Liz pushed one last time and delivered a healthy baby boy. After Dr. Lee left them alone, Liz held the baby and Nikolas sat on the bed next to her with his arm around her shoulder. Companionably, they discussed their beautiful baby. Nikolas wanted to know what Liz intended to name the baby. She asked Nikolas what he thought and apologized for trying to shut Nikolas out of the baby's life. Nikolas said that Spencer had suggested Buzz Lightyear. They both laughed when Liz said that Cameron and Jake would like that name also. Liz said that she wanted something more traditional. Nikolas suggested that they name the child after Liz's father, but she did not think that "Jeff Cassadine" sounded right, and she also said that she and her dad were not that close. Liz said she was partial to the name "Aiden." When Nikolas added "Alexi Nikolosovich." Both agreed that "Aiden Alexi Nikolosovich Cassadine" was the perfect name. Liz giggled when she said that they boys would probably nickname him "Buzz" Liz gave Nikolas a lesson on holding an infant. He was delighted with his son. They were both cooing over the baby when a nurse wheeled Shirley into the room. They were glad to see her. She held the baby and gave him a good luck charm that she had made for him. Liz was holding Aiden while Nikolas and Shirley talked about the baby's future. Dr. Lee entered and got the numbers off Liz and Aiden's hospital tags. Alexis, Molly, Kristina, and Sonny were outside at the country club when Warren confronted them. He told Alexis that the civil action case he was pursuing against her over Kiefer's death had been moved up. He told Kristina that he intended to keep her on the stand until she told the truth. Sonny defended Kristina. He told Warren to back off and accused him of abusing Kiefer. Warren continued to bluster and threaten but Sonny remained calm and told Warren that he recognized the signs of an abuser because he had lived with one. Sonny accused Warren of beating Kiefer. Sonny looked over at Kristina when he said that he almost felt sorry for Kiefer and understood him better after meeting Warren. When Sonny told Warren to leave Alexis and Kristina alone, Warren asked if Sonny was making a threat. Sonny leaned closer and whispered that it might be time for Warren to have an accident. Warren made a hasty departure. Sonny turned back to the table, and a visibly upset Kristina got up and said she had to leave. Molly followed her. Alexis got a phone call from Diane telling her that the trial date had been moved up due to Warren's influence. Sonny wanted to solve the problem his way, but Alexis said that Kristina would be strong enough to go through the deposition process without out intervention by Sonny. Kristina returned to the table and told Alexis that Molly wanted her. When Kristina was alone with Sonny, she asked him if he had meant it when he said that he understood Kiefer and felt sorry for him. Sonny said yes, that he understood Kiefer better and that if Kiefer were alive, he would try to get him help. Kristina told Sonny that she appreciated what he had said. She told Sonny that Kiefer had done awful things, but that he was not an awful person. Sonny looked at her and said, "Neither am I." At the penthouse, Spinelli did not believe Dante and Lulu when they told him that Dante was not responsible for having Jason sent back to Pentonville. When Claire arrived, Dante told her what had happened and was adamant that he still needed Jason's help to catch Franco. Claire was not very sympathetic on hearing that Jason had been carrying a gun when Ronnie searched him. Dante defended Jason and said that they could not go up against Franco unarmed. Claire was not optimistic about her chances of getting Jason released again. At the prison, the very large guard who took Jason to his cell was extremely hostile to Jason. When Jason found a picture from Franco among the items on his bed, he tried to get an appointment with the warden, but the guard told Jason that the warden was away and that he was the only authority that would hear Jason's appeals. When Jason asked to make a phone call, the guard refused. Franco watched a video that he had made of himself and Jason after Franco had kidnapped Lulu and Sam. Franco laughed as he watched a frustrated Jason manhandle him and demand Sam and Lulu's location. Claire went to see Jason in prison. He showed her Franco's latest picture and told her that he thought Franco was heading for L.A. Claire thanked Jason and said that she did not need him anymore, since he had told all he knew. When Jason protested that Franco would not show himself if Jason did not appear, Claire asked why Jason had not overpowered Ronnie and escaped when he had the chance. Jason told Claire that he had not run because Franco was still out there killing people and that he would not do anything that would jeopardize capturing Franco. Claire liked his answer and called for the guard to release Jason. Back at the loft, Dante started packing for a trip to Los Angeles to look for Franco. Lulu did not want him to go without Jason, but Dante doubted that Claire would get Jason out of prison. He told Lulu that catching Franco was his job and he had to go after him, even if Jason was not at his side. Dante held Lulu and told her how much he loved her. They shared a slow tender kiss. Jax and Carly seemed very close after their excursion with their children on Jax's sailboat. They were making plans to meet on the hotel roof to watch the sunset when Skye interrupted them to asked for Jax's help. She said that she had run into a stumbling block when she tried to access Alcazar's accounts in Spain. Jax said he would help later because he had immediate plans with Carly, but Carly told him to take care of Skye and walked away in a downcast mood. At the penthouse, Spinelli told Sam about his visitors. He was convinced that Dante was responsible for Jason being sent back to Pentonville, despite what Dante and Lulu had told him. Spinelli was still bent on revenge and told Sam as much, obliquely in Spinelli-speak. Sam told Spinelli that she understood his anger, but she worried because she had never seen him so dark. Spinelli said that he accepted that he and Maxie would be friends not lovers. Spinelli told Sam that Lulu would soon learn the depths of Dante's betrayal. He was about to tell his revenge plot when Claire and Jason walked in, followed shortly by Lulu and Dante. When Jason told Spinelli to locate the place where Franco's photo had been taken. Claire encouraged him. She said the sooner he did, the sooner Franco would be caught and Jason could be returned to Pentonville for good. Dante declared it a "win-win" situation. Jax followed Carly to the docks and wanted to know what had changed her mood so abruptly. Carly said that she could not go on pretending that nothing had happened. She said that they had a wonderful day and it seemed like old times -- until she looked over and noticed Michael's ankle monitor. Carly said that seeing the monitor made all the horrible events of the recent past come rushing back. Carly told Jax that she no longer blamed him because there was plenty of blame to go around. When Jax asked her what she wanted, Carly said she wanted more days like the one they just had. She said that she needed time to think about how to go about getting what she needed and getting their family back together. Before she walked away, Carly told Jax that she thought he needed time to think about the future also. Maxie was home on the couch eating ice cream and reading a fashion magazine when Lucky knocked on the door. She told him to go away, but Lucky said that he had a peace offering. Once inside, he told Maxie that she had been right about what she said. Lucky told Maxie that even though logically he was glad that the baby was not his, his heart wanted it to be. While Maxie ate the cookies that Lucky had given her as a peace offering, he said that he wanted to be friends, but he thought that they both knew that they were not in a place where they could become involved with each other. Skye caught up to Jax, who told her that Carly had forgiven him about Michael. Skye seemed glad for him, then told him that someone in Barcelona was keeping her from getting to Alcazar's money. Jax said that Carly still needed a little time to think things through, so he was free to help Skye get her money. Jax told Skye that if necessary they could take his jet and go to Spain. With his cameraman looking on, Franco viewed scenes of Jason that had been shot in Franco's Port Charles loft. The cameraman said the footage they were watching was all he had been able to record before Jason knocked the camera away. Franco said it would be fine for his purposes and would get his point across. Jason and Dante got on a plane to L.A. Dante accused Jason of milking the situation to stay out of Pentonville. Jason said that going to prison had been worth it to keep Michael safe. Dante said that he wanted to apprehend Franco as soon as they got to L.A. Jason told Dante that Franco would not like it if Dante interfered in the game that Franco had planned for Jason. Dante said he was clear on the subject and understood that neither Franco nor Jason would think twice about killing him.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At the nurses' station, Steve tried to talk to Robin about a situation, which he admittedly was uncomfortable discussing with her. Patrick panicked when he overheard Steve's comment. Patrick stepped forward to stop Steve from saying anything else, but Robin insisted on hearing what Steve had to say. Steve explained that he had seen that one of Robin's HIV positive patients, Rachel Barnes, had been bumped to the head of the line for several test procedures. Steve didn't want to give the impression that Robin's patients were getting preferential treatment.

Robin assured Steve that she understood his concern. She promised to take care of it and then left. Patrick was curious if Steve had intended to talk to Robin about Rachel or if Steve had planned to tell Robin about Lisa. Steve made it clear that he didn't know what had transpired between Lisa and Patrick, but he suggested that Patrick was a fool if he had cheated on Robin.

Nikolas took Aiden to Liz's hospital room for a visit. As Nikolas handed the infant to Liz, he jokingly assured her that he hadn't changed the baby's name to Ivan or anything along those lines. Liz worried that Nikolas might not like their son's name, but Nikolas assured her that he did. Liz looked down at her son and then noticed that he had Nikolas' eyes. Helena entered the room to find Nikolas and Liz smiling down at their newborn son.

Helena exclaimed with delight that the baby bore a striking resemblance to Nikolas' father. Helena gleefully suggested that Nikolas and Liz name the baby Stavros to honor the Cassadine legacy. Nikolas informed Helena that they had named the baby Aiden Alexi Nikolosovich Cassadine. Helena was horrified by the choice of names because the first name was gauche, tacky, and pretentious, while the second name honored Mikkos' illegitimate daughter, Alexis.

Liz smiled serenely as she suggested that Helena could take comfort in knowing that they would call Aiden by his nickname, Buzz. Helena was aghast. Helena argued that Buzz was a suitable name for a Spencer, but not a Cassadine. Helena was disgusted that Nikolas was trying to appease Liz by letting her choose the baby's name. Helena urged Nikolas to consider naming the baby Ivan or Yuri.

Nikolas made it clear that the baby's name would remain Aiden. Helena angrily accused Liz of wanting the baby to be Lucky's, but Liz warned Helena that her ploy wouldn't work. Liz freely admitted that there had been a time when she had hoped that Lucky would turn out to be the baby's father; however, they had worked things out. Liz refused to allow Helena to drive a wedge between Liz and Nikolas by using Liz's past mistakes.

Liz advised Helena to get used to Aiden's name because he was perfect. Liz insisted that she wouldn't change anything about her newborn son, including who his father was. Helena sputtered in outrage as Nikolas ordered Helena to leave. Helena acknowledged that Liz had played her role beautifully, but Helena vowed that it would be all the more gratifying when she put Liz in her place. Helena stormed out of the hospital room and then met up with her manservant, Thor.

Thor could tell that Helena was upset. Helena confessed that she hated seeing Nikolas fawn over Lucky's child. Thor was confused, since Helena had taken steps to make certain that everyone believed that Nikolas was the baby's father. Helena admitted that she had never considered how nauseated she would feel over the whole charade, so she decided that it might be time for a change of plans

Nikolas returned to Liz's room a short time later with Cameron and Jake in tow. Liz was curious where Spencer was. Nikolas explained that Spencer had a cold, so he had stayed at home. Nikolas introduced Cameron and Jake to the baby and then announced that the visit had to be short because he had promised to return the boys to Audrey as soon as possible. Nikolas enlisted Cameron and Jake's help to wheel Aiden's bassinet to the nursery because Liz was scheduled for a checkup with Kelly.

When Nikolas returned to Liz's room, he let her know that Audrey had agreed to keep Cameron and Jake for a few extra days, so that Liz could settle in at home with Aiden. Liz announced that Kelly had cleared her to go home, so she was ready. Nikolas offered to drive Liz home, which scored major points with Liz. She was impressed that he hadn't tried to persuade her to go to Wyndemere. Nikolas assured Liz that the offer to stay at Wyndemere would always be open. Liz appreciated Nikolas invitation, but she wanted to take things one step at a time.

After Liz changed clothes, she and Nikolas went to the nursery to collect their son. They were surprised when they discovered that his bassinet was empty. Liz checked with a nurse to find out where Aiden was, but the nurse was perplexed. Nikolas grew anxious as he asked if the nurse were suggesting that she didn't have any idea where the baby was. In another part of the hospital, Robin bumped into Helena. Robin was curious where Helena was off to in such a hurry, but Helena could only muster up a guilty expression.

On the piers, Matt met Maxie. Maxie revealed that she loved Spinelli, and always would, but they had broken up. Matt wondered if Maxie were okay. Maxie admitted that she had nearly jumped into another relationship, but she refused to elaborate. However, she confessed that she wanted to make healthy choices, so she had decided to give Matt a real chance.

Maxie was stunned when Matt turned down her offer. He wasn't interested in being her third choice. Matt admitted that he cared for Maxie, but he didn't want to be her rebound relationship. Maxie insisted that she honestly believed that they might have something that they could build on, but Matt didn't believe her. He wished her well and then left.

At the loft, Michael was in the grips of a nightmare about Carter cornering him in the jail cell. Lulu noticed that Michael was twitching and sweating as she entered the living room, so she gently shook him. Michael jolted awake and then wrapped his hands around Lulu's throat. Lulu struggled to breathe as Michael's hands remained clamped tightly around her throat. Michael was startled when he snapped out of his nightmare and then realized what he was doing. He immediately released Lulu and then apologized profusely.

Lulu slowly recovered from the near strangulation. She assured Michael that she understood that Michael had not intended to hurt her. However, she was curious what Michael had been dreaming about. Michael was vague as he answered, "prison stuff." Lulu didn't have an opportunity to probe further because Carly suddenly entered the loft. Carly explained that Jason had called her to let her know that he was headed to Los Angeles. Carly thought that Michael might want to spend the night at her home while Dante was out of town.

Lulu quickly objected; she explained that Dante wanted Michael to stay at the loft. Carly tried to reason with Lulu, to no avail. Michael sided with Lulu because he didn't want to risk upsetting the judge. Carly respected her son's decision and then left. A short time later, Carly entered the lobby of Metro Court to find Brook waiting for her. Carly was furious because Lulu had denied Michael the opportunity to spend the night at Carly's while Dante was out of town. Carly wanted to know how fast Brook could get Dante into bed.

Carly insisted that Brook speed up the seduction, but Brook pointed out that she couldn't do anything while Dante was away. Skye's untimely arrival interrupted their conversation. Skye wanted to talk to Carly, so Brook excused herself and then walked away. Skye smiled sweetly as she confessed that she hoped Carly was okay with the amount of time that Skye and Jax had been spending together. Skye revealed that it would likely continue.

"You picked the wrong day to piss me off," Carly warned Skye. Carly accused Skye of being desperate to get Jax back. Things quickly turned nasty between the two women when Carly suggested that Skye didn't have any class. Skye shot back that Jax had always been third in Carly's life, behind Sonny and Jason. Skye insisted that, unlike Carly, she appreciated Jax for who he was, so Carly's mistake was Skye's gain. Skye added that she and Jax were in a better place and that they had a strong connection because they were both parents. Carly vowed that Skye would never be able to replace her in Jax's life.

Johnny showed up at Olivia's apartment with a box of bakery goods. Olivia was reluctant to let Johnny enter, but he managed to talk his way into her apartment. They sat down for some breakfast, but the bakery treats were quickly forgotten as Johnny reached out to kiss Olivia. Olivia initially responded, but then pulled away from Johnny. She explained that she couldn't continue seeing Johnny if he remained determined to exact revenge against Sonny.

Johnny thought that Olivia was making a mistake. He let Olivia know that he would be waiting for her if she changed her mind and then he left. Johnny ended up on the piers, where he bumped into Brook. Brook seized the opportunity to finesse an invitation to go boating with Johnny. They made plans to grab their bathing suits and then meet back at Johnny's boat. However, Johnny wanted Brook to understand that he loved Olivia and if Olivia wanted to reconcile, he would. Brook smiled as she advised Johnny to relax because it was just a boat ride, not an invitation to get married.

A short time later, Olivia spotted Johnny sitting on a bench overlooking the water. She was about to call out to Johnny when Brook arrived. Olivia ducked behind some bushes as she eavesdropped on Johnny and Brook's conversation. Olivia was hurt when she realized that Johnny had plans to go boating with Brook.

At Pozzulo's, Claire reminded Sonny that Judge Carroll didn't want Sonny near Michael, so she suggested that Sonny stay away from Michael while Dante was in Los Angeles. Sonny was surprised to learn that Dante had left town. Claire explained that Dante and Jason were on Franco's trail. Sonny was confident that Jason would take care of Franco. Claire was curious if he meant that Jason would kill Franco. She insisted that wasn't the plan; Dante was in charge of the case, so Franco would be apprehended. Sonny didn't think that it would be possible without Jason's help, but Jason would be repaid by being sent back to prison. Claire wondered if Sonny was concerned about Jason's fate because Jason was his friend or if Sonny missed having his enforcer around to kill people for Sonny.

After Claire left, Lulu stopped to see Sonny. Sonny explained that he had called her because he was curious how Michael was doing. Lulu revealed that Michael had started his first day of community service. Sonny pointed out that there were criminals on the work crew, so he wanted Lulu to let him know if anyone gave Michael any trouble. Lulu informed Sonny that Michael could deal with any problems on his own or he could talk to Dante, so he didn't need Sonny.

Lulu reminded Sonny that the judge didn't want him to have any contact with Michael. Sonny argued that the judge couldn't stop Sonny from trying to protect Michael. Lulu warned Sonny that his continued interference would only make things more difficult for Michael and Dante. Sonny explained that it was hard for a parent to accept that their child didn't want anything to do with them, so he wasn't going to stop trying.

Michael showed up at the hospital with an injured hand. Maya was filled with concern as she asked Michael what had happened. Michael confessed that someone on the road crew had harassed him throughout the day. Michael snapped when the guy had called Michael a bitch. During the altercation that followed, Michael had stumbled back. He had burned his hand on a hot piece of equipment as he tried to break his fall. Robin walked up and then examined the injury. Robin wondered if Michael had called his parents. Michael revealed that he had left a message for Carly, but he didn't want anyone to make a big deal out of it.

Carly arrived at the hospital looking for Michael. Robin assured Carly that Michael's injury had been treated and that he was fine. Carly insisted that Patrick give Michael a full workup because she was concerned that Michael might have injured his head during the fight in Pentonville and then again during the fight with the guy on the work crew. Robin didn't think it was necessary; she suggested that perhaps Carly's hovering was Carly's way of trying to make up for all the mistakes that Carly had made when Michael was a child.

Sonny approached the nurses' station to talk to Steve about Michael. Sonny wondered if Michael could serve out his community service at the hospital. Steve explained that he didn't have any positions available. Sonny revealed that he had some connections, so he hoped that Steve would sign off on any paperwork that Michael's probation officer might send over. Steve had nothing but compassion for Michael's situation; however, Michael clearly seemed determined to follow the terms of his release, so Steve advised Sonny to do the same. After Steve walked away, Sonny was surprised to see Michael.

Patrick was changing in the locker room when Lisa strolled in. Lisa immediately started teasing Patrick about their night together and then confessed that the sex had been amazing. Patrick insisted that it was over, so there was no need to discuss it. Lisa tried to rub Patrick's shoulders, but he jerked away from her touch. He demanded to know what she was doing. Lisa didn't see why their affair shouldn't continue. Patrick was stunned; he insisted that he loved Robin and that what had happened between him and Lisa had been a mistake.

Lisa was unfazed; she suspected that Patrick was merely frustrated because he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Neither Lisa nor Patrick noticed that Carly had walked into the locker room looking for Patrick. Carly smiled when she realized that Patrick had slept with Lisa while Robin had been in Africa.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

After an exhilarating boat ride, Johnny and Brook found a stretch of beach on which to relax in the sun and enjoy their picnic. Brook chatted about her love of music and living in Bensonhurst. She confessed that she used to sneak up to the rooftop during block parties to drink beer. Johnny chuckled and told her about a time when he and Claudia had stolen a car to go joyriding. Brook could see how much Johnny had loved his sister. Johnny assured her that Claudia hadn't been the "beast" that Sonny had made her out to be.

Johnny conceded that he hadn't agreed with many of Claudia's choices, but she had loved him and would have done anything for him. Johnny never had anyone like that in his life. Brook noted that his love for Olivia hadn't kept him away from Kristina. She suggested that Johnny put up a tough front because he was lonely. Things quickly heated up when Brooke leaned forward to kiss Johnny.

At the hospital, Sonny was upset when he realized that Michael had been hurt during an altercation while serving out his community service. Sonny wanted to make some calls to help Michael, but Michael insisted that Sonny stay out of it. Michael explained that he had been targeted because of Sonny, so changing jobs wouldn't have made a difference. Sonny didn't want Michael to pay the price for being his son nor did he like the idea of Michael working on a road crew.

Michael admitted that he didn't mind the manual labor or working outdoors; it was better than jail. After Michael walked away, Sonny started to leave. He stopped short when he saw Kristina limp off of the elevator. Kristina explained that she had twisted her ankle during a tennis lesson. Sonny wanted to stay with her, but Kristina promised that she was fine, so she didn't need him.

Sonny was standing on the piers when Alexis approached him. He was frustrated because Kristina hadn't wanted him to stay with her. Alexis empathized with him, but she explained that Kristina was determined to deal with the injury on her own because it was her way of gaining back some control over her life. Alexis confessed that it was nice that she and Sonny were on the same side. She also let him know that it had meant a lot to her and Kristina when he had stood up to Warren at the country club.

Sonny admitted that it had taken him awhile to realize that Warren had been abusing Kiefer. Alexis confided that Kristina had lost many of her friends because of what had happened with Kiefer. Sonny suggested that they send Kristina to the boarding school in New Hampshire that Alexis had attended. He recalled that Alexis had enjoyed the school. Alexis was impressed that he remembered, but she didn't want Kristina to leave home.

Alexis assured Sonny that Kristina wanted to show her classmates that she could persevere and flourish despite everything that she had endured. Sonny was proud that Kristina was such a tough kid. "She gets that from me," Alexis proudly admitted. Sonny's smile grew broader. As they sat down on a nearby bench, Sonny told Alexis about Michael's fight.

Alexis advised Sonny not to interfere with Michael's parole because it might make things worse for Michael. Alexis was confident that if Michael could handle Pentonville, then he could deal with working on a road crew. Sonny confessed that Michael had essentially told him the same thing. Alexis urged Sonny to let Michael figure things out for himself. "He might surprise you," she suggested. Alexis then added that Sonny had surprised her when he had stood up to Warren.

At the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Jason and Dante recognized some of Franco's exhibits. Wilhelm Von Schlegal introduced himself and then questioned why Jason and Dante were there. Dante wondered if Wilhelm realized that Franco was a serial killer. Wilhelm smiled as he explained that the speculation about Franco was an integral part of Franco's work. Wilhelm insisted that it wouldn't be inappropriate for him to comment on whether or not the rumors about Franco were true. Dante realized that Wilhelm subscribed to the philosophy that the bigger the mystery, the larger the paycheck.

Wilhelm tried to deny it, but Jason and Dante didn't believe him. Jason decided to cut to the chase by introducing himself to Wilhelm and then asking if Franco had left a message for him. Wilhelm was delighted to meet Jason. According to Wilhelm, Franco considered Jason to be a true artist. Wilhelm offered to represent Jason, but Dante didn't think that it would be a good idea. Dante cryptically explained that things could get messy if Jason and Franco were to try to outdo each other. Jason ignored Dante's comments to explain that he needed to know where the rest of Franco's exhibits had been stored.

Wilhelm readily cooperated. A short time later, Jason and Dante entered a warehouse with their guns drawn. They lowered their guns when they spotted a replica of Josslyn's crib with "CO77X" spray-painted on it. "First Franco thinks you are an artist and now he thinks you are the art," Dante remarked as they looked at the various pieces of familiar furniture scattered around the warehouse. "Franco has put my whole life on display," Jason replied as he took everything in.

In the hospital's nursery, Nikolas was in a panic over his missing son, while Liz tried desperately to remain calm. Steve checked the records, which indicated that Aiden should have been in the nursery. Nikolas was certain that Helena was behind Aiden's disappearance, but Liz pointed out that there could have been a simple mix-up and that Aiden had perhaps been taken for some tests. When Lucky showed up, Nikolas shared his concerns about Helena with his brother. Lucky instructed Steve to put the hospital on lockdown and then advised Liz to return to her room.

Liz was baffled why she should wait in her room instead of searching the hospital for her newborn son. She pointed out that she was extremely familiar with the hospital. Lucky explained that Liz needed to be questioned, so that they could rule her out as a possible suspect. Liz was stunned that Lucky would think that she had anything to do with her child's disappearance. Lucky quickly assured her that he didn't suspect her of any wrongdoing, but it was procedure to question the parents first. He promised her that it was the best way to find Aiden.

In Liz's hospital room, Liz admitted that she desperately wanted to help search for her son, but Nikolas urged her to cooperate with the police. He then confessed that he regretted yelling at Helena because he feared that it might have set her off. Liz worried that Helena would flee to Russia with Aiden just as she had done with Spencer. She hated thinking about the worst-case scenario, but she couldn't sit around doing nothing.

Helena was furious when she discovered that the hospital doors were locked. She turned to a nurse to demand that the nurse open the door, but the nurse couldn't help her. Helena quickly found an orderly, but as they approached the main doors to the lobby, Lucky suddenly appeared. Lucky didn't mince words as he demanded to know, "Where the hell is my little nephew?"

Helena was surprised by the question, but Lucky reminded her that she was a skilled liar, so he escorted her to Liz's hospital room. Nikolas and Liz ordered Helena to tell them where their son was. Helena insisted that she didn't have anything to do with Aiden's disappearance. Nikolas didn't believe his grandmother because she had always been obsessed with the Cassadine heir. "But darling," Helena patiently explained, "your poor little Aidan isn't the Cassadine heir."

Nikolas, Liz, and Lucky wore matching expressions of confusion. Nikolas demanded to know what Helena had meant by the remark. Helena calmly reminded Nikolas that Spencer was the true Cassadine heir and always had been. Helena suggested that they stop badgering her because they were just giving the real kidnapper time to get away.

Maxie slipped into Shirley's hospital room after she had been told to clear the hallway. Shirley was happy to have some company, but Maxie admitted that she had been looking for Matt Hunter. Shirley smiled as she revealed that she knew the young doctor, whom she described as a hunk. A nurse popped her head into Shirley's room to let Maxie and Shirley know that the hospital had been put on lockdown because a newborn infant had disappeared from the nursery. Shirley was concerned as she asked for the name of the missing child; however, the nurse didn't have any information beyond the reason for the lockdown.

Maxie was upset because she had to get to work. Shirley suggested that work could wait, but Maxie argued, "Not if you work for Kate Howard." Shirley had no idea who Kate was, so Maxie explained that Kate was a powerhouse in the fashion industry. Shirley invited Maxie to have a seat and then offered to talk about jewelry since Maxie was into fashion. Maxie made a few phone calls to ensure that things wouldn't fall apart at Crimson while she was stuck at the hospital.

After Maxie ended the call, she began to ramble about Spinelli and Matt. Shirley showed off her handmade jewelry, which Maxie politely referred to as interesting. Shirley chuckled and then asked what Maxie would say if Shirley weren't dying. Maxie confessed, "It's awful." The two shared a laugh and then afterwards, Shirley drifted off to sleep.

When Shirley woke up from her nap, she wondered if the hospital was still locked down. Maxie confirmed that it was; she imagined that the parents of the missing baby were freaking out. Maxie sensed that Shirley was exhausted, so she urged Shirley to get some rest. Shirley refused; she insisted that she could sleep when she was dead. Shirley surprised Maxie by telling her about the dream that she had had during her nap.

Shirley revealed that she had been standing on a platform, stylishly dressed, and waiting for a train. In the dream, all of Shirley's senses had been "popping." She could smell the blooms from nearby trees, hear everything clearly, and feel the vibrations of the oncoming train. Maxie admitted that she had a similar vivid dream, but she stopped herself from revealing when they had occurred. It hadn't been necessary because Shirley realized that Maxie had the dreams when she had been on the brink of dying.

Maxie confirmed that she had been at death's door on several occasions. Shirley suspected that her dream of the train meant that she was about to leave the station permanently. Maxie argued that the dream about the train could have been about sex. Shirley burst out laughing, but then quickly sobered as she asked for Maxie's help. Shirley needed to see Liz before she died. Maxie didn't think it was a good idea because Shirley was too weak. Shirley implored Maxie to help her, so Maxie agreed to fetch someone to help Shirley out of bed.

Warren approached Epiphany to demand that she turn over Kristina's medical records. Epiphany refused to give Warren anything without a court order. Warren produced the court order and then handed it to Epiphany. Epiphany explained that all court orders had to go through the hospital's counsel. Warren was infuriated; he accused Epiphany of protecting Sonny's "lying slut" of a daughter. Olivia was disgusted by Warren's outburst when she overheard him screaming at Epiphany. Warren wondered how it was any of Olivia's business.

Olivia informed Warren that Kristina was her son's half-sister. Warren snidely offered Olivia his condolences, which further angered Olivia. Olivia reminded Warren that Kiefer had put Kristina in the hospital on two occasions. Warren was livid, so he stormed out of the room. After the confrontation with Olivia, Warren made arrangements for a court order to be delivered to the hospital's counsel. As he ended the call, Kristina entered the room. Warren quickly produced a release form and then demanded that she sign it, but Kristina refused.

Warren switched tactics by revealing that he had received a letter about Kiefer's freshman orientation. Kristina felt terrible for the Bauers. He pretended that he appreciated Kristina's understanding because she knew how hard Kiefer had worked to get accepted to Harvard. Warren then seized the opportunity to suggest that it must be difficult for Kristina to be pressured by her mother to lie about Kiefer. Warren insisted that Kristina had to tell the truth, that Kiefer had never hit her, when she testified.

Kristina argued that Kiefer had abused her and that it was clear that Warren had abused Kiefer. Warren's rage grew as Kristina suggested that Warren had been the one to send Kiefer to her house on that fateful night to force her to reinstate the charges against Ethan. Warren belligerently insisted that Ethan had been the one to abuse Kristina, not Kiefer. Warren ranted that he had many dreams for his son, but they had all been destroyed because of Kristina.

Olivia and Michael were chatting in the visitors' area while they waited for the lockdown to be lifted. Olivia was curious what Michael planned to do after his probation was over. Michael explained that he wanted to get through it first before he made plans for the future. He then admitted that he wasn't the type to plan ahead. Olivia talked about what it had been like to be fifteen and pregnant. She revealed that it had taught her to keep going and to have faith that something better would happen.

Olivia was certain that the same would hold true for Michael. Moments later, Olivia's cell phone rang. She excused herself when she realized that the call was work-related. Michael's attention was snagged when he heard raised voices. As he followed the sound, he realized that it was Warren yelling at Kristina. Michael threw open the door to the waiting lounge in time to see Warren looming over Kristina with a raised hand. "Get away from her," Michael ordered as he raced to protect his sister from Warren's impending blow.

Carly stood in the break room as she eavesdropped on Patrick and Lisa's revealing argument in the locker room. Patrick demanded to know why Lisa was "doing this." "Doing what?" Lisa innocently asked. Patrick insisted that their sexual encounter had been a mistake and that it was over. Lisa was annoyed by Patrick's attitude, but Patrick refused to continue the argument.

Robin was startled when she found Carly in the break room. Robin reminded Carly that she could have paged Patrick, but Carly insisted that finding him had been faster. Robin was surprised when she overheard Lisa order Patrick not to walk away from her followed by Patrick's response for Lisa to, "Deal with it." Patrick stopped short when he saw Carly and Robin standing in the break room. Robin wondered what Patrick and Lisa had been arguing about. Patrick explained that it had been about Shirley Smith.

Carly suggested that Patrick and Lisa should keep their voices down, but Robin informed Carly that Carly shouldn't be in the break room, especially when doctors were discussing a patient. Carly bristled; she warned Robin not to push her because Robin wouldn't like how Carly pushed back. Carly let Patrick know that she needed to talk to him about Michael and then walked out. Patrick went after Carly while Robin remained in the break room with Lisa.

Moments later, Robin and Lisa were informed that the hospital was in lockdown, so they had to remain in the break room. Robin poured herself a cup of coffee as she confessed that she hoped that the lockdown wasn't about Liz's baby. Robin revealed that she had seen Helena earlier and that Helena had been in a rush. Lisa was curious if Robin and Liz had been friends for a long time. Robin confirmed that they had been, but that she and Liz had grown closer after Emma's birth. They talked about Robin's postpartum depression for a few minutes before Robin changed the subject.

Robin was curious what Lisa and Patrick had been arguing about. Lisa confided that it hadn't been about Shirley. According to Lisa, the fight had been building up for a long time. Robin was surprised when Lisa claimed that the root of the problem was how different Lisa and Patrick's lives were. "You know, we're both seeing other people now," Lisa explained before she added that they were trying to deal with that. "You know how it is; old lovers know how to push each other's buttons." Lisa added.

Lisa admitted that she and Patrick were great in the operating room, but they seemed to always challenge each other outside of it. Robin joked that Patrick was an "equal opportunity egomaniac," so it wasn't just Lisa. Robin confessed that he challenged her, too, but they also tended to draw out the best in each other, even when they fought. Lisa suggested that would explain why Patrick had been so out of control while Robin had been in Africa. Robin wondered if something had happened that she should know about.

In another area of the hospital, Carly found herself spending time with Patrick during the lockdown. She took the opportunity to let Patrick know that she wanted Michael to have a thorough checkup because he had been in two altercations. She suspected that Michael hadn't been properly examined after the fight in Pentonville. Patrick agreed that it was a good idea. Carly was surprised; she wondered if it would have killed Robin to agree with her instead of lecturing Carly about being a bad parent.

Patrick assured Carly that Robin cared about Michael and wanted the best for him. Carly imagined that Patrick wished that Robin hadn't overheard his argument with Lisa. Patrick was curious how much of the argument Carly had heard. She smiled as she admitted that she knew that Patrick had slept with Lisa while Robin had been in Africa.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

On the beach, Johnny pulled away from Brook's kiss and then told her that they should rethink what they were doing. Brook confessed that she had enjoyed the kiss, but Johnny advised her to find a guy who wasn't in love with someone else. Brook realized that he loved Olivia, but she argued that Olivia was a mother and she was old. She wondered where Johnny saw his relationship with Olivia going. Johnny insisted that Olivia was the whole package and that he loved her maturity.

Johnny reminded Brook that had only invited her for a boat ride, nothing more. If it were up to Johnny, he would be with Olivia. Brook grumbled, "Message received." Johnny felt bad for hurting Brook, but he wanted her to know where he stood. Johnny explained that he'd be with Olivia under any condition, except for two: he wouldn't give up his vendetta against Sonny, and he wouldn't give up his line of work. "Other than that, anything goes," Johnny finished.

Brook was curious if he honestly thought that Olivia loved him. Without hesitation, Johnny answered, "She does." Brook wondered why Olivia made being with her conditional. Brook acknowledged that it wasn't any of her business, but she felt like a total jerk for hitting on him. Johnny smiled as he confessed that he had been flattered because she was a beautiful woman. Brook returned the smile and then offered him some advice: opposites attracted, but they never lasted.

In Los Angeles, Jason and Dante made their way around the warehouse where Franco had stored various replicas of objects from his time in Port Charles. Jason recognized the dumpster, Josslyn's crib, and other items from settings of his encounters with Franco. Dante confessed that one almost had to respect a mind that was as twisted as Franco's. He wished Jason luck getting into Franco's head. "Franco thinks I'm already there," Jason revealed and then added, "Maybe he's right."

Dante concluded that perhaps it took a psycho to catch a psycho. "Should be a fun trip," Dante mumbled under his breath. As they looked around the warehouse Jason approached a tarp that had been draped over some scaffolding. Jason was unaware that Franco lurked on the other side of the tarp. Jason moved away from where Franco was hiding when Dante called out to Jason. Dante had found a desk from Franco's studio. A DVD player had been hooked up to a television, so Dante hit play.

Dante and Jason watched as an image of Carter, in the visitors' room at Pentonville, appeared on the screen. Carter and Franco were discussing what Franco wanted Carter to do to Michael. Carter admitted that Michael seemed like a nice kid, so he was curious what Michael had done to Franco. Franco explained that Michael was merely a means to an end, just like Carter. Carter shrugged and then asked if Franco had any preferences on how Michael should be dealt with. Franco chuckled as he suggested that Carter be creative.

Franco only had one stipulation: he wanted Carter to make certain to tell Jason that Franco said "Hi" when Jason confronted Carter. Jason had heard enough; he picked up the television and then threw it across the room. Afterwards, he pulled out the DVD and then snapped it in half. "You done? What the hell was that?" Dante demanded. Dante was impressed that Franco had been able to mess with Jason's head; however, he was furious that Jason had destroyed valuable evidence that could have connected Franco to Carter and opened Franco up to conspiracy charges.

Jason made it clear that no one would ever know that Franco had sicced Carter on Michael. Dante argued that Jason was only protecting Franco, not Michael. Jason grabbed Dante by his shirtfront and then shoved Dante back. Jason accused Dante of handing Franco the means to make Michael suffer. Jason wanted to kill Dante, but he didn't; he released him instead. Dante suggested that Franco wanted Jason to lose control.

Jason confessed that it was exactly what had happened the last time he had faced Franco. Dante pointed out that Franco knew that Michael was Jason's weakness. Dante was certain that Franco was eager for Jason to make a fatal error. "Are you done?" Jason demanded; he complained that they were wasting time and then walked out.

At the hotel, Dante handed a gun to Jason. As Dante slipped a gun into his waistband, he explained that the weapons had been loaned to him by the Los Angeles Police Department. Jason reminded Dante that he was a flight risk, but he accepted the gun. Dante acknowledged that he and Jason hated each other; however, they had to do whatever was necessary to take down Franco.

At the Museum of Contemporary Art, Wilhelm was relieved when he found Franco inspecting one of the pieces of art. Franco was dressed in a tuxedo and ready for the opening. Wilhelm had some questions about the outdoor exhibit, including how many players there would be. Franco answered, "Two," but he wasn't forthcoming with additional details. Franco explained that he didn't want to ruin the spontaneity of the exhibit.

Franco wondered if Wilhelm trusted him. Wilhelm readily assured Franco that he did, which made Franco laugh. Franco advised Wilhelm not to because "I'm a whack job." However, Franco promised that Wilhelm would be the toast of the art world after that evening's performance. Wilhelm was delighted.

At the hospital, an unknown person wheeled Aiden's empty crib into a vacant operating room and then left.

In Liz's hospital room, Lucky threatened to throw Helena into a holding cell until she revealed where Aiden was. Helena insisted that she had nothing to do with the disappearance of Nikolas and Liz's infant son. Nikolas didn't believe his grandmother; he argued that the kidnapping had her stamp all over it. Liz implored Helena to tell her where the baby was. Lucky, Nikolas, and Liz were surprised when Helena offered to help them find the baby.

Helena's eagerness to help made Nikolas more certain than ever that Helena was behind the kidnapping. He reminded her that just a few short hours earlier, Helena had been making threats. Lucky decided to check in with hospital security to see if there had been any new developments; he ordered Helena and Nikolas to behave and then left. Liz took a moment to call Audrey to see how Cameron and Jake were. After she ended the call, she told Nikolas that the boys were playing in the backyard.

Liz wondered what was next. Nikolas explained that they had to wait. Liz nodded in Helena's direction as she asked, "And her?" "She waits too," Nikolas answered. Helena snorted indignantly. Helena was willing to sit there as long as it took. Helena also volunteered to give the police full access to her hotel room and jet, and to turn over her cell phone, in order to prove that she had nothing to do with Aiden's disappearance. Nikolas studied his grandmother for a long moment and then told her to leave. Liz was stunned as she watched Helena walk out.

Nikolas knew his grandmother better than anyone; he could tell when she was lying. Nikolas assured Liz that Helena had nothing to do with Aiden's abduction. Liz was upset; at least Helena had been the devil that they knew. A short time later, Mac arrived to question Liz about Aiden's disappearance. He promised to do everything he could to find her baby. After he left to mobilize his men, Shirley entered Liz's room.

Liz was surprised to see her friend. Shirley's joy at seeing Liz turned to sorrow when she learned that Aiden had been taken from the nursery. Shirley realized that her urgency to see Liz had been about Liz's need to be with her friend, not Shirley's. Liz admitted that she was scared. Shirley assured Liz that she was there for her friend.

Liz didn't understand how Aiden could be gone. Shirley wondered if Liz were certain that Aiden was still in the hospital. Liz explained that ankle monitors were put on all newborns and that only special devices could remove them. If someone were to try to leave with a newborn without removing the ankle monitor then the doors would automatically lock. Liz believed that her baby was in the hospital, but she had no idea where. Shirley was confident that Aiden would be found, so she urged Liz to keep making plans for the baby.

Liz was grateful to have Shirley in her life. Shirley assured Liz that the feeling was mutual; Liz had lifted Shirley's heart. Shirley pulled a necklace out of her pocket and then handed it to Liz as she revealed that she had made it especially for Liz. Shirley wanted Liz to have something to remember her by. Liz cherished the gift; she insisted that it was the most beautiful piece she would ever own.

Liz helped Shirley back to bed and then ordered her friend to stay put. Shirley promised that she would because Liz had enough on her plate. Liz smiled as she confessed, "You know that I love you, right?" "Like my own name," Shirley assured her. Shirley revealed that Liz had been her family, which had been a gift beyond measure. Liz decided to check on the progress of the search, but she promised to return immediately afterwards.

Patrick remained confined to one of the hospital rooms with Carly while the hospital was locked down. Patrick apologized for anything that he might have said or done to piss off Carly, but he begged her not to tell Robin about Lisa. Carly assured him that his secret was safe with her. She admitted that she would like to wipe the sanctimonious smirk off of Robin's face, but she didn't want to hurt Patrick. Carly liked Patrick because he had always been good to her and her family.

Carly also recognized that she wasn't in any position to judge; she had cheated on all of her husbands. Patrick couldn't believe what an idiot he had been to sleep with Lisa. "I could see Lisa coming a mile away," Carly confessed. Patrick opened up about the rough patch that he and Robin had hit because of Sonny and Stone. He revealed that he had ended up at Jake's one night, where he had played darts with Lisa. "Jake's can be a dangerous place," Carly admitted.

Patrick was disgusted with himself for cheating on his wife. Carly didn't think that Patrick should be so hard on himself; everyone made mistakes. She argued that it hadn't helped the situation when Robin had gone to Africa. Carly was baffled why Robin hadn't seen what Lisa had been up to. Patrick defended his wife. He insisted that Lisa knew how to play Robin and that Robin had been too preoccupied with other things to notice.

"When you snooze, you lose," Carly concluded. Carly then announced that it was Patrick's lucky day because she was gifted in the art of lying, so she was going to help him. Patrick didn't think that he could have a big lie in the middle of his marriage. Carly warned him that if he didn't then he would lose everything. She didn't think that Robin would forgive Patrick for sleeping with Lisa. Carly was curious if Patrick intended to continue his affair with Lisa. Patrick quickly clarified that sleeping with Lisa had been the biggest mistake of his life.

In the break room, Robin offered to help ease the friction between Lisa and Patrick. Lisa suggested that it was a result of two people with similar personalities colliding. "It creates sparks," Lisa added. Lisa revealed that the sparks were what had attracted her and Patrick to each other in the first place.

According to Lisa, she and Patrick hadn't wanted to be boxed in, so they had decided to have an open relationship. However, there had been times that it had bothered Lisa to know Patrick had slept with other women. Robin was curious how the conversation about a competition between Lisa and Patrick had turned into a discussion about Patrick's cheating. Lisa assured Robin that it was all tied together.

Lisa explained that she had gone on a trip to London while she had been dating Patrick. When Lisa had returned home, Patrick had been attentive and wonderful. Lisa had thought that absence had made the heart grow fonder, but two weeks later, she discovered that Patrick had carried on an affair with her roommate while Lisa had been in London. What got to Lisa was Patrick's admission that covering up the fling had been more exciting than the sex.

Lisa insisted that information was power. Patrick had that, but Lisa hadn't. Lisa believed that cheating and competition was the same thing to Patrick. Lisa began talking about the night of Shirley's operation, when everything had been perfectly timed between her and Patrick, but Robin cut her off. "Enough already," Robin told Lisa. Robin accused Lisa of working overtime to imply that something was going on between Lisa and Patrick. If Lisa had something to say, Robin wanted her to say it.

"Wow. Paranoid much?" Lisa asked. Robin denied that she was, but she suggested that Lisa's constant little innuendos were designed to make Robin doubt Patrick. Robin suspected that Lisa's plan was to make Robin jealous, so that it drove Patrick straight into Lisa's waiting arms. Robin advised Lisa not to waste her time because Robin had complete faith in her husband's fidelity. Lisa simply smiled in response.

Warren loomed over Kristina, about to strike her, when Michael entered the room. Michael punched Warren before Warren was able to hit Kristina. After Warren recovered from the blow, he threatened to kill Michael and then attacked him. Kristina watched in horror as Michael and Warren tussled, until Michael managed to get Warren in a chokehold.

At the nurses' station, Steve instructed Maya that only essential personnel were allowed to move freely about the hospital until the lockdown was over. After Steve walked away, Ethan approached the nurses' station. Maya was surprised to see Ethan. Ethan held up his bandaged hand to show her his injury. Their heads turned when Kristina suddenly appeared in the hallway screaming for help. Lucky, Ethan, and Maya quickly followed Kristina.

Lucky and Ethan pulled Michael off of Warren. Warren immediately demanded that Michael be arrested and put back in his cage. Warren claimed that it had been an unprovoked attack. Kristina insisted that Warren was lying, but Lucky cut her off. Lucky said that he would like to help Warren, but he hadn't seen an attack. Warren was outraged as everyone in the room quickly agreed with Lucky.

Warren was infuriated that Lucky was protecting a mobster and his family. Lucky had no idea what Warren was talking about. Lucky claimed that he had seen Michael try to help Warren after Warren had tripped and then fallen. Kristina quickly agreed with Lucky. Warren threatened to call the police commissioner to get a forensics team to gather proof that Michael had attacked him.

As if on cue, Mac entered the room. Before Warren could tell his story, Lucky asked Mac about a hypothetical scenario in which Warren had bullied Kristina, Michael had taken action in defense of his sister, and all of the witnesses contradicted Warren's claims of an unprovoked attack. Mac made it clear that Warren would be arrested, which further enraged Warren.

Warren insisted that a conspiracy between the cops and the criminals had killed his son. Warren vowed that he would get justice for Kiefer if it were the last thing that he did. After Warren left, everyone filed out of the room. Maya and Ethan returned to the nurses' station, were Maya complained that she was sick of self-centered asses like Warren Bauer who thought that they could do whatever they wanted. She was also furious that someone had the audacity to waltz into a nursery to take a newborn baby. "Who does that?" she wanted to know.

Ethan didn't have an answer, but he admitted that, as much as he despised Kiefer for what he had done to Kristina, he had sympathy for him after meeting Warren. Nearby, Liz checked in with Lucky and Nikolas to see if there had been any word on Aiden. Nikolas assured her that he would let her know as soon as there were any new developments. Liz decided to stop off to see Shirley and then head to her room. After Liz walked away, Lucky confided to Nikolas that he suspected that someone familiar with the hospital had taken Aiden.

Lucky decided to check the hospital's database because it tracked the entire inventory. He hoped that they might see something that was out of place. As Lucky and Nikolas checked the computer, they noticed a crib in one of the operating rooms. Lucky and Nikolas went to check it out. A few minutes later, they confirmed that it had been Aiden's, but the infant was nowhere to be found. Lucky and Nikolas were surprised when Franco's image suddenly appeared on all of the monitors. Franco welcomed everyone to "Franco's Funhouse."

Liz entered Shirley's room to find that her friend had passed away. Liz checked Shirley's pulse to confirm her suspicions. After she turned off the machines, Liz gently lifted Shirley's hand and held it.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Warren walked through the hallways in a state of murderous rage. As he neared the nurses' station, Warren lifted a gun and then began to fire. Mac and Ethan were shot as Warren made his way to Kristina and Michael. Warren insisted that Kiefer had meant everything to him. "You killed him," Warren angrily accused before he aimed the gun at Kristina. Michael blocked his sister with his own body as Kristina screamed.

In Los Angeles, outside of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jason and Dante arrived at Franco's exhibit. The security guards recognized Jason, so they let Jason and Dante pass without searching them. Inside the exhibit, Jason realized that all of the scenes were recreations of his encounters with Franco. Franco's image suddenly appeared on a one of the brick walls. In a taped message, Franco said, "Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, saints and sinners, and especially you, Mr. Morgan, welcome to Francophrenia -- the blurring of lines between illusion and reality. I will be your guide to the funhouse. But remember to keep your seatbelts fastened, your hands outside of the car, and definitely talk to strangers. And what you see is most definitely not what you get. And one among us will not survive. Enjoy."

Footage of Jason's final encounter with Franco in Franco's studio began to play. Franco stood on some scaffolding, looking down at the scene. He laughed as Jason and Dante desperately searched for him.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Careful preparations were made for Franco's art opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Jason and Dante arrived at the reception's security checkpoint. They assumed that they'd have to use Dante's authority as a cop to get in but were told that they had been expected. On a giant video screen, Franco's face appeared as he announced to the crowd that, "one among us will not survive." Footage of Dante and Jason's previous interactions with Franco flashed on the screen. Franco watched from above as he chuckled to himself.

Dante left with the man who organized the event to view security footage. Franco revealed himself by grabbing a woman and holding a gun to her head. Jason confronted Franco, who asked Jason if he wanted to watch Franco take a life or help save one. The woman he held was thrilled to be part of the game. Thinking is was performance art, she and others urged Franco to shoot her. Franco egged Jason on by encouraging Jason to shoot him in the head.

Franco's hostage began to worry that it wasn't a game, after all, and told him to let her go, but he held on tighter and told her she wouldn't make it through the night. Franco taunted Jason by telling him that Carter, the man Jason killed because he'd raped Michael in prison, would live on through Franco's work. He pointed to the video monitor, which showed Carter holding up a photo of Michael.

When Jason turned to view the video, Franco pushed the woman into him and ran away. Jason gave chase but couldn't make it through the crowd in time to apprehend him. Franco met up with a videographer and spoke into the camera as a patron congratulated him on the performance. He told her to direct Jason, should she run into him. The videographer followed Franco into a stairwell where Franco strangled him to death.

Dante called Lucky, who updated him on the search for Aiden. Lucky told Dante that Jason shouldn't kill Franco because he might be the only one who knew where the baby was. Dante happened upon Lulu and demanded to know why she was there. She replied that she was there to protect him from Jason, who had it in for him. She explained that Jason wouldn't do anything to Dante if she were there because Jason wouldn't betray Carly.

Jason found his way to the stairwell, where he discovered Franco's latest victim's body. Franco called out from a flight above and apologized for not having had time to pose the body the way he'd wanted to. Jason shot at Franco, who ran up another flight. The two engaged in a shootout in between discussing Franco's obsession with Jason. Franco admitted that he'd begun to understand why Jason cared so much for Michael when he'd met Carly's daughter, Josslyn. Jason replied that Franco would never feel a connection like that.

During a performance on the main stage at the reception, Franco emerged from the stairwell onto a catwalk. He yelled at someone not to kill him and that he knew where the baby was, then he fell over the railing and onto a "Route 66" road sign painted on the stage. Jason got to the catwalk and saw Franco's body below.

As Maxie went to visit Shirley, a hospital monitor's display of Franco's speech diverted her attention. She made her way to Shirley's room and was surprised to find Liz standing over Shirley's sheet-draped body. Liz told Maxie that Shirley was gone. Maxie replied that, though they'd just met, she knew Shirley was a good woman. Liz began to leave to visit her baby, but Maxie explained that Franco had taken Aiden.

At the nurses' station, May a and Ethan chatted while Kristina and Michael sat on a sofa. Warren Bauer walked in, looking suspiciously calm. Mac noticed that Warren had a gun but, before he could take action, Warren shot him and Ethan. He approached Michael and Kristina, and told her, "Look what you made me do." Michael stood to protect his sister while she cowered next to the sofa. Warren aimed at Kristina and a shot rang out. Mac was able to squeeze off one shot before he passed out. Warren fell to the floor.

In an exam room, Carly heard gunshots and told Patrick that they might have been from the man who kidnapped Liz's baby. Patrick tried to convince Carly to stay in the room with him until the police declared the hospital safe. However, Carly was too concerned for Michael's safety to keep from finding him. Patrick agreed to accompany her.

Matt arrived and tended to Mac as Steven and Olivia showed up. Steven assessed Ethan's condition and asked Maya for assistance, but Maya was in shock, unable to move or speak. Steven asked Olivia to keep pressure on Ethan's wounds. Steven tried to coax Maya to call for backup and supplies, but she couldn't budge. Steven asked Michael to get help from the emergency room.

When Patrick and Carly walked in, Patrick gave medical attention to Warren while Carly made sure Kristina was all right. Warren looked up at Kristina and uttered, "This is all your fault," before he died. Michael arrived with Lisa and other staff. Carly led Michael and a hysterical Kristina away from the scene. Lisa helped Steven with Ethan. Patrick and Matt worked to keep Mac alive as Robin and Maxie walked in.

Carly, Michael, and Kristina went into a waiting room, and Kristina claimed responsibility for the night's events. She stated that, had she told the truth about Kiefer's abuse, no one would have been shot that night. She realized that it was the second time Ethan had almost been killed because of her lies.

Kristina explained that Warren had become enraged because she wouldn't sign a release form for him to access her medical records. She told Carly that Michael had walked in right as Warren was about to hit her. Michael added that Warren had then threatened to send Michael back to Pentonville for defending Kristina and that Mac had Lucky had ignore the man's ranting. Michael made it clear to Kristina that what Warren had done was in no way her fault.

Lucky and Nikolas watched Franco's transmission on a monitor in a hospital room. On the screen, Franco announced that everyone would have to play his game if they wanted to find the baby. Nikolas wanted to trace the feed, but Lucky said that the broadcast likely wasn't live. He explained that Franco had lured Jason and Dante to L.A. Nikolas wondered if Franco had actually sent Dante and Jason on a wild goose chase so that he could make his next move at the hospital.

On the monitor, Franco began to speak about the number "66," and Nikolas realized that Aiden's hospital I.D. bracelet ended with that number. Liz found Lucky and Nikolas as Franco announced that the next level of his strategy was called "Francophrenia." He stated that Aiden would be a big part of the plan. Lucky, Nikolas, and Liz left to search the hospital for clues.

Maxie caught up with Matt, who was on his way to prepare for Mac's surgery and begged him to do "better than your best" to save her stepfather. At the nurses' station, Patrick comforted Robin. He told her that, though he'd never admit it to his brother, Matt was a fine surgeon. Patrick promised Robin that her uncle would be in the best hands. He assured her that he'd be there as a backup in case anything went wrong and that she should focus on thinking positively.

Olivia caught up with Steven and asked about Ethan, but she nearly fainted. She assured Steven that she was just lightheaded because of the excitement. Steven accepted her explanation and left to scrub in for surgery. After he left, May a thanked Olivia for stepping in when Maya froze. Olivia asked Maya if Ethan was the first person she'd seen shot.

Robin and Maxie sat in a waiting room and reminisced about their family's past and talked about how much they loved Mac. They both admitted that they'd been so wrapped up in their own lives that they hadn't spent as much time with Mac as they should have. Both promised to make up for that lapse as long as Mac survived.

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