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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 9, 2010 on GH
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Monday, August 9, 2010

In Astoria, Oregon, Lucky managed to get inside Karen's house. He showed his badge and told her that Pablo was actually his kidnapped son, Aiden. Lucky told Karen the story of his relationship to Liz, including the affair with Nikolas, except that in Lucky's version, he, not Nikolas was Aiden's father. He stressed the heartache that Aiden's real mother was feeling when he asked Karen to put herself in Liz's place.

At first, Karen was reluctant to believe Lucky, but he was so sincere and non-threatening, that Karen relinquished the baby. On the plane back to Port Charles, Lucky bonded with Aiden. He told the boy that he had claimed to be Aiden's father so that he could get an immediate reaction from Karen.

When Lucky did not correct a flight attendant's mistaken impression that he was Aiden's father, Lucky told Aiden that it did not matter what strangers thought. He went on to warn Aiden about the scary Cassadines, particularly Helena. He told Aiden that the Spencer side balanced them out. Lucky told Aiden that although he had been through an unusual few days, he was loved and things would settle down once he was home with his loving family.

Lucky told Aiden that he could have been the baby's father. He told the baby that he had spent a lot of years trying to create a life with Liz. Lucky told Aiden that deep down, he would probably always wish the he, not Nikolas was Aiden's father.

Shirley's hostile daughter, Marny found Liz at the hospital and inquired about Shirley's things. Liz said that Shirley's jewelry was being held for her. Marny disparaged Shirley's efforts at jewelry making.

Marny was still angry because Shirley had left her husband and children years earlier to lead a life of adventure with another. At first, she refused to take the jewelry that Shirley had left behind.

Liz told Marny how helpful Shirley had been to her and how she would always be grateful for the time she had spent with Shirley and the wise counsel that Shirley had given her in a time of crisis.

Liz said that Shirley had regrets but that she had made the best decision she could in the circumstances when the alternative was to make them all miserable. Liz told Marny that Shirley had talked about her with great love and pride. After listening to Liz, Marny's attitude was changed when she left with Epiphany to collect Shirley's belongings.

Nikolas joined Liz and they agreed that it was time to tell the boys that Aiden was missing.

At the Metro Court, Carly demanded that Brook get Dante into bed. Brook said that she had tried, but that when Dante was not working, he was with Lulu. Carly said that she would get Lulu out of the picture but expected Brook to get Dante in bed and take lots of pictures.

Olivia overheard the part about pictures and wanted to know what pictures. Carly said she was talking to Brook about publicity photos. Olivia thought that the conversation had been too heated for that. Carly diverted the conversation to Johnny's arrest. Olivia was immediately distracted and raced off to the police station.

Sonny was getting air on the docks when he saw someone who made him call out "Brenda." When the woman turned, it was Claire. Sonny noted that Claire was dressed more casually that usual. Claire said she did not always have to dress so formally. Sonny invited Claire to his home for a glass of wine. Claire accepted

Dante questioned Johnny at the Port Charles Police Station. Johnny claimed that Sonny had framed him. When Dante asked for proof, Johnny refused to give it and said that Dante had been sucked so far up the "Sonny vortex" that no amount of proof would be enough to convince him.

Dante told Johnny to call when he was willing to supply proof of his innocence. Dante was thoughtful as he closed the door on the interrogation room.

Dante went home to Lulu. She was on her way out to have dinner with Carly and Michael. She told Dante that Carly had been insistent on a family dinner. Lulu noticed that Dante had something on his mind. When she persisted, he told her what Johnny had said about being framed and about Dante's blind spot with Sonny.

Lulu said that she believed that Sonny was capable of framing Johnny. She said she also agreed with Johnny that Dante was conflicted about Sonny. She said that where she differed from Johnny was that she believed that once Dante had taken everything into account, he would always land on the right side of the line.

Dante and Lulu shared several kisses before she left on the elevator.

Olivia visited Johnny at the police station. When she asked for an explanation Johnny said that Sonny had framed him in such a way, that if the police did not find enough evidence to convict him, then Santos, the brother of the man he had allegedly killed, would be after him.

Olivia believed Johnny when he said that Sonny had framed him, but blamed Johnny for making it easy. She told him that his erratic, hotheaded behavior made Sonny's frame believable to anyone who did not know Johnny as well as she did.

When Johnny asked Olivia not to lecture him about his behavior and to concentrate on something more pleasant, she rushed out in tears. She brushed past Judge Carroll who noticed Johnny in the interrogation room and wanted to know what he was doing there.

Johnny told his story to the judge. Judge Carroll's interest was piqued when Johnny told him how chummy Claire and Sonny had become.

Sonny and Claire drank wine and flirted at his place. He wanted some romance, but she wanted to know about Brenda. He told Claire that Brenda was beautiful, volatile, passionate, and impulsive and that he had left her at the altar. He said that she had never forgiven him for marrying Lily, his first wife. He said that he and Brenda had parted several years before.

Claire asked why he had started thinking about Brenda. Sonny told her that he had seen an email to a mutual friend. Claire said that pining away for a lost love was a side of Sonny she had not seen before.

Claire's phone rang and she stepped away to take an urgent call. Sonny walked to the window and looked out. He flashed back to a very happy time with Brenda. They were both laughing and smiling as they declared their love for each other.

At the Metro Court, Carly pretended to have a good time with Lulu and Michael. After inviting Lulu to a family picnic on the weekend and agreeing that Dante could attend with her, Carly left to check on Josslyn. Michael also excused himself to make a quick trip to Dante's, which left a puzzled Lulu alone at the table.

Holding her robe, Brook knocked on Dante's door and asked to take a shower. She said that her hot water was out. After the shower, Brook, in a short robe, asked for a glass of wine. Dante told her to help herself.

Nikolas and Liz were struggling to tell Cameron, Jake, and Spencer what had happened to Aiden but were saved when Lucky walked in with the baby. Both Liz and Nikolas were overjoyed. Nikolas told Lucky that he would always be grateful that Lucky had found and returned Aiden to his parents.

Liz, holding Aiden, sat on the couch next to the boys. Nikolas sat next to her and put his arm around her shoulders. As Lucky opened the door, he was overcome by the sweet family tableau that they made.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Due to a special presentation of "Brenda Barrett's Men," a new installment of General Hospital did not air today. This scheduling change was planned for, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the change.

Regular programming will resume on Wednesday, August 11 and pick up where Monday, August 9's episode concluded.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In Italy, a man was irritated because a mystery woman had not arrived. His companion explained that she was late because her flight had been delayed. The first man was frustrated because they always had to wait for the lady in question. Moments later, the mystery woman sailed passed them and then entered a dressing room. In the dressing room, a stylist showed the mystery lady a selection of gowns.

Later, the mystery lady, flanked by guards, was about to step onto a stage when a knife-wielding man charged at her. Several guards quickly subdued the potential killer and then wrenched the knife away from him. Meanwhile, other guards herded the lady to a corner before she was harmed. Seconds later, an announcer introduced the goodwill ambassador of the Alliance to Save Exploited Children. Brenda Barrett fought back tears as she glanced at the would-be assassin and then walked out onto the stage to present a humanitarian award.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny wondered why Claire refused to admit that she was attracted to him. Claire insisted that she just wanted a baby from Sonny. Sonny argued that she was saying that, in order to push him away because she knew that he didn't want to have any more children. Claire was certain that Sonny wanted to compromise her to avoid prosecution. Sonny insisted that he wanted to get to know her as a woman, not as a lawyer who was looking for the big win.

Sonny assured Claire that he thought that she was a beautiful woman. He would have been attracted to her no matter what she did for a living. Claire was curious if Sonny had ever truly given his heart to someone. She wondered whom Sonny had loved more: Carly or Brenda. Sonny refused to answer the question, so he deftly changed the subject by suggesting that Claire could prosecute other gangsters. Claire was surprised when he offered to help her build a case against the Lopez brothers.

Claire declined; she thought that sleeping with Sonny would be bad for her career. Claire laughed when Sonny confessed that he was baffled as to how their affair could hurt her. He thought that they could sneak around, so no one would know. Claire wondered if he were prepared to father her child, but Sonny wanted her to put the thought out of her head. Claire confessed that she was tempted to. She kissed him to prove her point. However, after the kiss, Claire walked out. In the foyer, Claire stopped to smile to herself before she opened the door and then left.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly returned to the table to discover that Michael had left. Carly immediately called Michael on the phone, but the call went to his voicemail. Lulu explained that Michael didn't want Carly to worry. Carly acknowledged that she should be grateful that Michael was free to walk around, unlike Jason who was back in Pentonville. Lulu was sorry about how things had worked out.

Carly was concerned about how Michael was dealing with Jason's incarceration because Jason had always been there for Michael. Carly wondered if Michael had said anything about it. Lulu insisted that Michael had been doing very well living at Dante's, so she was confident that Michael was getting back to normal. Carly bit her tongue as Lulu proceeded to sing Dante's praises. Carly imagined that it couldn't be easy for Michael to sleep on a couch and not have his own room, but Lulu promised Carly that Michael didn't mind.

Lulu insisted that the important thing was that Michael had a positive role model like Dante. She suggested that Carly should be grateful for that. Carly's mind wandered as she imagined reaching across the table to grab Lulu's hair in a fierce grip. In the fantasy, Carly blasted Lulu for failing to see that Michael was far from fine; Carly was certain that something inside Michael was broken because of the time that he had spent in Pentonville. Carly vowed to make Lulu and Dante pay for sending Michael to jail.

As the daydream faded, Carly apologized for not being more grateful; she explained that she was just concerned about her son. Unaware of Carly's true thoughts, Lulu assured Carly that Michael was fine. Carly explained that she wanted to call Sonny to see if Michael had gone to see his father. In reality Carly took the opportunity to text message Brook to tell Brook to stop the seduction. Brook replied, "Too late." Carly hid her annoyance and then looked up to explain that Sonny hadn't answered. Lulu didn't think that Michael would risk incurring the judge's wrath by going to see Sonny.

Carly changed the subject as she suggested that it must be hard for Lulu and Dante to have Michael underfoot. Lulu insisted that it wasn't a problem, but Carly sensed that Lulu was hiding something. Lulu admitted that she was trying to find a balance between keeping her own identity and loving Dante. Carly understood Lulu's concerns because Carly had lost herself in her relationship with Sonny. As Carly talked about Sonny, she seized the opportunity to subtly suggest that Dante might not remain faithful.

At Dante's loft, Brook and Dante reminisced about their days in Bensonhurst. Dante acknowledged that if he had ever laid a hand on Brook, her grandfather, Carmine, would have hurt him. Brook admitted that she had seen Dante through different eyes when she had first performed at Jake's. Dante joined her on the sofa as they joked and flirted back-and-forth. Brook reached over to kiss Dante, but Dante gently pushed her away and then stood up.

Dante immediately apologized for giving her the wrong impression. He conceded that he might have inadvertently sent her the mixed signals, but he insisted that he was in love with Lulu. Brook assured Dante that it was okay; she understood that he didn't return her feelings. Brook was teary-eyed as she tried to blame the kiss on the wine and then asked Dante not to tell anyone about what had happened. They were startled when Michael entered the loft.

Michael immediately sensed that he had walked in on something, so he offered to leave. Dante insisted that Michael stay and then explained that Brook had to use the shower after she had been caught in the rain. Meanwhile, Brook's cell phone rang, so she scrambled to find it. Once she located it, she collected her things and then left. Dante admitted that the situation had looked bad, but he assured Michael that nothing had happened with Brook. Dante reminded Michael that Dante and Brook had known each other a long time, but they were just friends.

Michael admitted that he didn't recall Brook looking so hot before. Dante agreed that Brook was beautiful and then told Michael about the kiss. However, Dante was clear that it had been one-sided. Dante explained that Brook had been embarrassed about the entire incident, so she didn't want anyone to know. Moments later, Lulu arrived home. Dante happily greeted Lulu, but he didn't mention the incident with Brook. Meanwhile, Lulu let Michael know that Carly had been trying to reach him. Michael decided to leave, but Lulu assured him that he didn't have to go anywhere. Michael appreciated it, but he opted to give Dante and Lulu some space.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Brook met Carly to update her on what had happened at Dante's loft. Carly made it clear that she didn't want Michael involved, but Brook reminded Carly that Michael lived at the loft, so it wasn't something that could be avoided. Carly conceded that everything would have been perfect if Michael hadn't walked in on Brook and Dante. Brook wasn't happy about what had happened, but Carly didn't care. Carly was happy to know that Dante was more like Sonny than she had thought.

At the lake house, Alexis prepared to go to the hospital to see Mac, but she hesitated leaving Kristina alone. Kristina explained that Taylor was on his way over to study, so she would be fine. Alexis noted that Kristina had been hanging out quite a bit with Taylor. Kristina was surprised; she thought that Alexis liked Taylor. Alexis assured Kristina that she did, but she had also thought highly of Kiefer.

Kristina clarified that she and Taylor were not involved and that Taylor was nothing like Kiefer. Kristina also reminded her mother that she had been working hard on getting past what had happened with Kiefer by going to therapy. Alexis assured Kristina that she had complete faith in her daughter and loved her deeply. Moments later, Taylor arrived. Taylor greeted Alexis and then sat next to Kristina to start studying. Alexis announced that she had changed her mind about leaving, but Kristina objected.

Kristina pointed out that Mac had saved her life, so she wanted Alexis to visit Mac in the hospital. After Alexis left, Kristina and Taylor resumed their studying. Taylor scooted closer to Kristina, but Kristina flinched and then put some distance between them. She immediately apologized for overreacting when she realized what she had done. Taylor took full responsibility for startling Kristina. He assured Kristina that he thought highly of her. According to Taylor, she was amazing, brave, and smart. He was glad that they were study partners.

Maxie found Lucky standing on the piers in the rain. She shared her umbrella with him as she led him to Jake's, so that they could dry off. After they sat down, Maxie questioned why Lucky had been standing in the rain. Lucky revealed that he had found Aiden and then returned the infant to Liz and Nikolas. Maxie was happy to hear that the baby had been found safe and sound, but she was shocked to learn that Franco's mother had the baby.

Lucky credited Spinelli with helping him to locate Karen and Aiden. Maxie smiled, but didn't dwell on Spinelli's role in the recovery of the kidnapped infant; she wanted to know what was going on with Lucky. Lucky confessed that he had lied to Karen by claiming that Aiden had been his son. Maxie realized that a part of Lucky had wanted to believe the lie. Lucky didn't deny it. He acknowledged that he had told himself that it was for the best that Nikolas was Aiden's father; however, he felt as if something had fit when he had held Aiden during the flight home.

Maxie admitted that she didn't have a maternal bone in her body, but she believed that there was a good reason that Lucky felt so fatherly toward Aiden. Before she could finish the thought, she spotted Matt at the jukebox, so she excused herself for a moment. Matt smiled when Maxie tapped him on the shoulder. He admitted that he had hoped to run into her. Matt wanted to apologize for being short with her at the hospital.

Maxie assured him that it was okay. She knew it hadn't been fun for him to be chewed out by Mac. However, she clarified that Matt had not taken advantage of her gratitude. Matt noticed Lucky waiting for Maxie, so he guessed that she wasn't free to have a drink with him. Maxie explained that Lucky was a friend who was having a bad night. "He's not the only one," Matt mumbled.

Matt offered to take a rain check, which surprised Maxie. She was pleased that Matt wasn't mad at her. When Maxie returned to the table, Lucky asked her to clarify what she had meant about his connection to Aiden. Maxie reminded Lucky that he was Aiden's uncle. She pointed to Mac as a perfect example of a man who had loved the children he had raised, even though they hadn't been his biological children. Lucky smiled as he confessed that there were times that Maxie was quite wise.

Olivia was in a foul mood as she stomped into Jake's and then ordered a shot of whiskey, which she instructed Coleman to keep flowing. Coleman was happy to serve a beautiful woman, but he suggested that Olivia's sour disposition wasn't good for business. Olivia suggested that Coleman go to the beach if he was looking for sunshine. Olivia knocked back a drink and then revealed that Johnny had been arrested for murder. Olivia was certain that Sonny had framed Johnny.

Olivia was tired of being worried sick over what Johnny and Sonny would do to each other. She was convinced that they would eventually kill each other. Olivia realized that she should find a decent guy to settle down with instead of sitting in a dive bar getting plastered. However, she couldn't forget Sonny or Johnny because one man was the father of her child and the other was the man that she loved. Olivia used to pride herself on not being a hypocrite, so she couldn't understand how she could want to have a relationship with Johnny when she had refused to tell Sonny about Dante.

Olivia admitted that she had allowed her son to grow up without a father because she didn't want Dante involved in the mob; however, she was deeply embroiled in mob business because of Johnny and Sonny. Coleman thought that it was a smart move to be on good terms with the mob element in Port Charles, but that didn't mean that she had to sleep with them. "Easy for you to say," Olivia replied as she downed another shot of whiskey.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In Italy, Brenda turned to the door when she heard Suzanne enter the suite. Brenda worried that Suzanne was mad at her. "Not at all," Suzanne assured Brenda before she revealed that she had been looking for Brenda's replacement. According to Suzanne, Angelina was too busy, so she was considering calling Jennifer. Brenda realized that she had been fired.

Suzanne was upset because a man had gotten close enough to Brenda to strike her face with a knife. Brenda reminded Suzanne that the man had not succeeded because the Cartullo Couture bodyguards had managed to subdue the attacker. Suzanne didn't want Brenda to be at risk, but Brenda refused to allow an isolated incident to force her into hiding because her charity work was too important. Brenda doubted that the people who had targeted her would see the error of their ways if she stepped down. Suzanne feared that their work would make Brenda a bigger target.

"Good," Brenda snapped. Suzanne was alarmed by Brenda's defiant attitude because she didn't want the Alliance to Save Exploited Children to be known as the charity that had gotten Brenda Barrett killed. Later, Brenda was introduced as the Face of Cartullo Couture during a press conference. Reporters immediately questioned Brenda about the attack, but she focused on promoting the ASEC. After the press conference, Suzanne took Brenda to a different hotel suite, where they could better protect Brenda. Suzanne then gave Brenda a jewelry box that contained a stunning diamond necklace. Brenda explained that she didn't wear diamonds because they were bad luck for her.

After Suzanne left, Brenda gazed out the window as she thought about the past. Brenda remembered Jason showing up at the bridal suite after Sonny had left her at the altar. Brenda had asked Jason to take everything that had reminded her of the wedding, including a pair of diamond bracelets that Sonny had given to her. When Brenda snapped back to the present, she walked over to the jewelry case and then snapped it closed.

At the loft, Dante and Lulu lounged in bed. Dante felt guilty for making Michael feel unwelcome, but Lulu reminded Dante that he had secured Michael's release from jail. Dante agreed; however, Michael had been hanging out on the streets to make himself scarce, so that Dante and Lulu could have some privacy. Lulu admitted that it had been quite thoughtful of Michael. Dante joked that perhaps he should keep a sleeping bag on the fire escape for Michael. Lulu chuckled as she promised to figure out another way for them to be alone.

After breakfast, Lulu went to the living room to gather some papers for work. Dante felt bad that he had to go to work, but Lulu assured him that it was okay since she had to get to the office. Dante wondered if Kate knew what a conscientious worker Lulu was. Dante could tell that Lulu enjoyed her job. Lulu conceded that the work was more interesting and challenging that she had expected. Dante joined Lulu on the sofa and then kissed her.

Moments later, Olivia knocked on the door. Dante scrambled to pull on his shirt before he answered his mother's summons. Dante explained that it was a bad time, but Olivia insisted on visiting with her son. Lulu took the opportunity to gather her things and then left. Dante was frustrated because Olivia had interrupted his time with Lulu. Olivia decided that it was time to discuss where Dante's relationship with Lulu was headed.

Dante became uncomfortable when he realized his mother was referring to marriage. Dante insisted that Lulu wasn't interested in marriage, but Olivia didn't believe him. According to Olivia, every girl thought about marriage when she met the man that she loved. Olivia sensed Dante's distress, so she questioned how he felt about Lulu. Dante assured his mother that he loved Lulu; he insisted that Lulu was the only woman he wanted to be with. Olivia relaxed as she wondered if Dante had ever considered marriage.

Later, Lulu returned to the loft to pick up some files that she had left behind. She seemed relieved that Olivia was gone. Dante chuckled nervously as he asked if Lulu had to get back to work right away. "No," Lulu answered as she joined Dante on the sofa. Lulu realized that Dante had something on his mind and that Olivia was somehow behind it.

Dante hedged as he questioned what Lulu's long-term expectations were. Lulu seemed uncertain about what Dante was asking. Dante assured her that he didn't see them ever breaking up. Lulu smiled with relief, but she remained a bit confused about where their conversation was going. Dante told her that staying together should be enough for them at the moment. Lulu was stunned when he added that he wanted her to forget that he had ever mentioned marriage.

Lulu couldn't believe that he had been thinking about marriage, but Dante quickly clarified that his mother had been the one with marriage on her mind. Lulu decided to take it as a compliment that Olivia wanted Dante to marry Lulu, but she was uncomfortable with the idea that Olivia had pushed him to think about it. Dante reminded Lulu that they had only been dating for a short time, so he wasn't ready to take the next step. "Are you?" he asked nervously. Lulu gave him a strained smile and then slowly shook her head.

Michael went to Pentonville to visit Jason. As Michael made his way to the visitors' room, Carter's warning, that Pentonville was a place to survive, ran through his head. Jason was upset when he discovered Michael waiting for him. Jason didn't want Michael near Pentonville because he realized that Michael continued to struggle with what had happened in prison. Michael explained that Jason was serving a two-to-five year sentence because of him, so the least Michael could do was visit Jason.

Jason wanted Michael to have a normal life that didn't include reliving what Michael had suffered in Pentonville. Michael explained that he couldn't hide from it. However, Michael was concerned about his mother because she was clearly up to something. Jason offered to talk to Carly, but Michael had more on his mind. He told Jason about Johnny's arrest. Jason insisted that Michael stay out of it, but Michael was worried about Sonny. Jason assured Michael that Sonny could take care of himself, but Michael insisted that Jason would be able to protect Sonny if it weren't for him.

Later, Carly paid Jason a visit. She was surprised to learn that Michael had seen Jason earlier. Jason explained that Michael was concerned because he suspected that Carly was trying to seek vengeance against Dante and Lulu. Carly defended her decision to break up Dante and Lulu. Jason urged Carly to reconsider, but she refused.

Carly couldn't let it go because Lulu was always preaching to her about what a great guy Dante was and how everything had turned out for the best, even though Michael and Jason were still suffering. She blamed everything on Dante's decision to tell the judge the truth about Claudia's demise. Carly revealed that she had to nod and smile, while listening to Lulu's "sanctimonious crap." Carly vowed that she would make Dante and Lulu pay for what they had done.

After Carly left, Sam arrived to see Jason. Jason seemed unsure how to greet her. When they were alone, he confessed that he didn't know whether to call her Sam or Brenda. "Brenda," Sam insisted. She explained that it was Brenda's marriage certificate that had allowed them to have conjugal visits. Jason revealed that he might not get any conjugal visits for several more weeks, but Sam wasn't concerned. She didn't think that Jason would be in jail long enough for that to be necessary.

Sam surprised Jason by confiding that she might have found a way for him to get out of jail. Sam explained that a judge could reduce Jason's sentence to time served. Jason didn't think that they would find a judge willing to do that. Sam confessed that Spinelli had found a judge with a fondness for strip clubs. She proposed setting up the judge, so that Spinelli could snap revealing pictures of her on the judge's lap. Sam thought that they could use the scandalous photos to blackmail the judge into signing the necessary papers.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Ethan questioned Johnny about the murder charge. Johnny explained that Sonny had framed him for Tomas Lopez's murder, so that Santos would go gunning for Johnny in retaliation. Ethan admired Sonny's plan because it kept Sonny's hands clean. Johnny was confident that he could handle Santos. Ethan hoped so because he had put his long-term financial needs at risk to get Johnny out of jail.

Johnny wondered what had happened to all of the cash that he had given to Ethan. Ethan explained that he had some expenses that he had to take care of. Johnny wondered how Ethan had bailed him out of jail if Ethan had been flat broke. Ethan's evasiveness made Johnny realize that Ethan had used Johnny's money to bail him out. Ethan confirmed Johnny's suspicions when he admitted that he had moved some funds around.

Johnny was livid because he quickly surmised that Ethan had likely robbed him blind in the process. Ethan didn't deny it, but he pointed out that Johnny had walked into Sonny's trap, so Johnny didn't have the luxury of complaining. Johnny didn't think that Santos would be a problem. Johnny had let Santos know that he didn't have any intention of going after the Lopez brothers because Sonny had been responsible for the car bomb. Johnny proposed setting up another meeting with Santos to let him know that Sonny had killed Tomas. Ethan was leery; he worried that Santos would shoot first and then ask questions.

Later, Johnny was exiting his building when Michael approached him on the sidewalk. Michael warned Johnny that things were escalating. Johnny insisted that it was too late because Sonny had planted a bomb under Johnny's car. Seconds later, a car drove by as someone opened fire on Johnny and Michael. Michael pushed Johnny to the ground as a hail of bullets rained down on them.

Ethan ran into Maya at Kelly's. Ethan tried to strike up a conversation with her, but Maya insisted that she had to get back to the hospital. Ethan wondered why Maya was trying to avoid him. Maya denied it, but Ethan reminded her that he had barely spoken to her since moving into the Quartermaine mansion. Maya reluctantly admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about him; however, she couldn't forget that he had almost died because she had failed to help him. Maya fled the diner before Ethan could respond.

Matt and Maxie sat at a table outside of Kelly's. Matt was curious why Maxie hadn't married Spinelli. Maxie explained that Spinelli had realized that she only wanted to marry him out of gratitude, so he had stopped the wedding. Matt pointed out that she had slept with him because she had been grateful to him for saving Mac's life. Matt knew that she had a tendency to be emotional and act out in self-destructive ways. Maxie wondered what Matt was trying to get at.

Matt confessed that he had asked Robin and Patrick about Maxie's relationship with Lucky. Maxie revealed that Lucky had been addicted to pills and that they had both been in a downward spiral. Maxie acknowledged that she had been desperate to hold onto Lucky, but they had eventually found a way to become friends. Matt feared that Maxie didn't know what or whom she wanted, so perhaps Lucky wasn't the best person for her to hang out with. Maxie made it clear that she didn't need Matt's approval. She also didn't think that Matt had a right to ask Robin and Patrick about her past with Lucky.

Maxie conceded that her relationship with Lucky had been unconventional, twisted, and dysfunctional; however, they had seen the worst in each other and didn't judge. Maxie explained that Spinelli loved her for who she was, but she was not in love with Spinelli. Matt wondered if it were really over with Spinelli and if she had been using him to get Spinelli back. Maxie admitted that she had used Matt at first, but she realized that she would never love Spinelli the way that he deserved to be loved. Maxie thought that she and Matt could have something fabulous, but Matt was curious if she would have said that if he hadn't saved her father's life. Maxie's silence was all the answer that Matt needed.

At Kelly's, Carly and Mike discussed Michael. Mike confessed that Michael's time in jail had been tough on everyone, especially Sonny. Carly disagreed; it had been harder on Jason because Jason had gone to jail to protect Michael. Mike conceded that no one had been happy about that. "Except for your newfound grandson," Carly remarked. Mike admitted that he had hardly seen Dante since the truth about his paternity had been revealed.

Carly was certain that Sonny would take steps to remedy that. Mike sensed Carly's disapproval. Lisa entered the diner moments later to order a salad. While Mike fetched the salad, Carly noticed Patrick at the door. Patrick stopped when he spotted Lisa and then backed out before Lisa saw him. Carly quickly made small talk with Lisa to keep her distracted until Mike returned with the salad. After Lisa left, Patrick entered Kelly's.

Patrick thanked Carly for helping to divert Lisa's attention from the door. Carly suggested that Patrick needed more finesse if he hoped to hide his one-night stand. Carly and Patrick sat down at a table to continue their discussion. Patrick insisted that he wasn't interested in Lisa and that he had told her that it was over. Carly reminded Patrick that he had sent Lisa mixed signals, so she might not have gotten the message.

Patrick told Carly about the disturbing pictures that Robin had found in the locker. Carly wasn't surprised to learn that Lisa had denied putting them there. Patrick hoped that it was a one-time thing, but Carly warned him that he was in denial if he expected that. She cautioned him that he could have a big problem on his hands.

At the hospital, Steve reprimanded Lisa for how she had handled a situation with one of the nurses. Lisa suggested that Steve never had a problem with her before they had slept together. Steve was shocked when Lisa threatened to file a sexual harassment suit if he continued to single her out. Lisa approached the nurses' station, where Patrick was reviewing a chart. She asked Patrick to consult on a case, which Patrick reluctantly agreed to do. After Patrick walked away, Lisa smiled with satisfaction at Steve.

Later, Steve asked Patrick when Robin would return because a doctor at Mercy Hospital had some questions about Robin's drug protocol. Patrick explained that Robin was visiting her mother, Anna, in New York, so she would be gone for a few days. Lisa overheard the exchange. After Steve and Patrick walked away, Lisa told a nurse that she had to leave early to attend to a personal matter.

Later, Steve and Maya were reviewing a patient file. Steve was impressed because Maya had caught a problem with the patient that could have proven to be serious if it had been left untreated. Maya beamed with confidence as Steve praised her. After Maya walked away, Patrick complimented Steve on how he had handled the situation. Steve confided that he believed that Maya had needed to hear it.

Steve and Patrick watched as Maya neared the bank of elevators just as Ethan arrived. Maya was surprised to see Ethan because she thought that they had said everything earlier. Ethan simply walked up to Maya and then kissed her. Patrick quietly commented on easy it seemed for Maya and Ethan because there weren't any strings attached. He was surprised to realize that Steve had heard him.

Lisa let herself into the Drake residence and then called out to see if Robin were home. When no one responded, Lisa closed the door and then casually wandered around the living room. Lisa eventually made her way to the sofa, sat down, and then glanced at the wedding photo of Patrick and Robin. Lisa gently ran her finger of the image of Patrick and then deliberately put her finger over Robin's face to block out Robin's image. Patrick arrived home a short time later. He was stunned to see Lisa sitting on his sofa with a bottle of beer in her hand. Lisa invited Patrick to grab a beer and then join her on the sofa because a NASCAR race was about to begin.

Friday, August 13, 2010

At Kelly's, Claire asked Mike if he knew anything about Sonny's past with Brenda. Sonny walked in and took a seat. Mike went back to work as Sonny harangued Claire about her not being able to keep from digging into Sonny's business. He told her that they needed to build mutual trust. Claire replied that Sonny was "slightly delusional, but in a very charming way."

Sonny proposed that Claire find a way to get Jason out of prison. He suggested that she find a technicality in the plea agreement she'd drawn up that would allow Jason to be released. Claire replied that, if she'd included any such loophole in the agreement, she wouldn't reveal it until she could use it to her advantage.

After Claire exited, Mike sat with Sonny and asked why Sonny was suddenly thinking about Brenda. Mike surmised that, because Sonny's life was in turmoil, he wanted to be the man he'd been when he was with Brenda. Sonny mused that it had all been so much simpler then. Mike went to take care of a customer, and Sonny looked longingly at the piece of paper with Brenda's contact information that Robin had given him.

Brenda sat in her hotel room, reminiscing about her past with Sonny. Suzanne arrived and reminded Brenda that Brenda needed to get dressed for the big date with the man of Brenda's dreams, movie star Murphy Sinclair. Brenda mused that she'd like to cancel. Suzanne urged Brenda to keep the date because the attention they'd garner would help her charity, the Alliance to Save Exploited Children.

Later, after Suzanne left, Murphy arrived and popped the cork on a bottle of bubbly. He told Brenda that he'd expected her to cancel, as he knew how much she hated attending premieres. He admitted he couldn't stand them either. Murphy checked in with Brenda to make sure she was all right after the recent attack on her by a knife-wielding man who'd attempted to scar her face. She assured him that she was fine, and they both took it all in stride.

Later, the couple arrived back at the hotel room after the premiere, having just eluded the paparazzi. As they poured glasses of champagne, they laughed about their adventure, but both agreed that there was something missing from their lives. The couple lamented that money, success, and fame were not all they were cracked up to be. They sat, and Murphy got serious. He told Brenda that he loved her and asked her to marry him.

Sam visited Jason in prison. Jason argued with her and told her not to blackmail the judge. He pleaded with her not to do anything that would endanger her or Spinelli but, as she left, Sam insisted that she'd do whatever it took to get Jason released. Some time after she left, Spinelli responded to Jason's summons. He proudly admitted the plan he and Sam had hatched to blackmail a judge.

Jason told Spinelli that the plan was too dangerous but said that there was a better way Spinelli could help him. Jason asked Spinelli to keep Sam from doing anything foolish. It was obvious that she was becoming desperate and would likely make a fatal mistake. Spinelli promised to help Sam focus on something positive that wouldn't land her in prison, but he also alluded to desperate acts by Carly and Sonny, and stated that they needed Jason.

Lulu toyed with Dante at his apartment over the issue of marriage. Flustered by the thought of proposing at that moment, Dante was relieved when his phone rang. He answered the call and told Lulu that he had to investigate an attempt on Johnny's life.

Michael confronted Johnny in front of the Harbor View Towers building and told him to stop escalating his war against Sonny. Michael offered to be the go-between and help the two rivals reach a truce. Just then, a car careened by and shot at them. Michael pushed Johnny to the ground and saved his life.

Ethan showed up and verified that Michael and Johnny were uninjured. Johnny thanked Michael for saving his life. Michael assured Johnny that the men who'd shot at them were not his father's employees. Johnny agreed and said that they were Santos Lopez's men. Johnny explained that Sonny had framed him, so Santos believed that Johnny had been responsible for Tomas Lopez's murder.

Dante arrived on the scene and demanded to know why Michael was there. He worried that Michael having simply been in the presence of Johnny--especially during a shootout--could be enough to get Michael's parole revoked. Police backup showed up to take statements. Dante lied and said that Michael was not a witness.

Michael left, and Johnny and Ethan made an official statement to Dante, that it had been Ethan who pushed Johnny onto the ground when the shooting began. Maya happened by. Ethan explained what had happened, and Maya said that what Ethan had done was heroic. Ethan took Maya aside and came clean, admitting he hadn't been the one who'd save Johnny.

Patrick arrived home to find Lisa sprawled on the sofa, drinking a beer, and watching television. He angrily told her to leave. He demanded to know how she'd gotten into the house. She coyly replied that she had her ways and told him that they were past the point where he could just tell her to go away. She drunkenly stated that it would be wise for them to go back to being friends and that it would be easier to hide their affair from Robin that way.

Patrick erupted and told her that there was no affair, just a one-time mistake that he regretted. Lisa admitted that she had been in love with Patrick since college. Taken aback, Patrick sat down and apologized. He said he'd never known of her feelings. He declared that he loved Robin and that it was too late for him and Lisa to have a relationship. She asked him if he'd felt nothing during their one-night stand -- if it had been just sex. Before he had a chance to respond, Maxie rang the doorbell.

When she saw Lisa on the couch, Maxie stated that there was something wrong with the picture. Patrick invited Maxie in and explained that he and Lisa were about to watch NASCAR. Maxie made thinly veiled accusations, but Lisa played it off well. Patrick was less convincing. Lisa decided to leave and, after she was gone, Maxie laid into Patrick.

She told Patrick that it was obvious Lisa was pining for him and suggested that Robin would not be pleased that Lisa was hanging around the house. Patrick agreed and promised that he'd have a conversation with Lisa about propriety. After Maxie left, Patrick discovered that Robin's face had been cut out of a framed wedding picture of the two of them.

Claire called Ronnie into her office to let him know that there was a technicality in Jason's plea agreement and that Jason would be released by the end of the day. Ronnie became angry and frustrated. He told Claire that, since there had been a drive-by shooting attempt on Johnny that afternoon, Johnny was sure to retaliate. Adding Jason to the mix, he explained, would make things much worse.

Claire responded that Jason's release would prompt Sonny to trust her and that she could exploit that trust. She assured Ronnie that getting Sonny was, and had always been, her top goal. Ronnie declared that her plan was a bad idea and left. Claire made a call to an unknown man and told him she had to speak to him about Jason's release.

Claire returned to Kelly's to find Sonny still at the table. She shared with him the news that Jason would be released.

Dante returned home to find an anxious Michael. Dante explained that Michael hadn't done anything wrong but that it would be best if no one knew that Michael had been with Johnny before the shooting. Ronnie knocked on the door. Dante met him outside.

Ronnie shared that another witness, an old woman who lived upstairs in the building across the street from the Harbor View Towers, had seen the incident and reported that there had been another man involved--one who fit Michael's description.

At Johnny's penthouse, he and Ethan shared a glass of liquor. Johnny made a toast to Michael, for ruining Sonny's plans by saving Johnny's life. Ethan warned Johnny not to get too complacent, but Johnny replied that Sonny wouldn't be a problem much longer. Johnny suggested that he might have to kill Sonny--"in self-defense, of course."

Sonny went to see Jason at Pentonville to inform Jason that he would soon be released from prison.

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