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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 30, 2010 on GH
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Lisa overheard Patrick call Robin to ask for a ride. She hid until Robin approached, and then hurled herself in front of the car. Lisa was taken to GH. Police on the scene determined that Robin was not drunk and had not been speeding. When they asked what had happened, Robin said that Lisa had deliberately thrown herself in front of the car.

The police wanted to know why Lisa would do such a thing. Robin said that Lisa was crazy and a liar. The cops said they would get Lisa's version. After they were gone, Robin commented to Patrick that Lisa was obviously nuts and that it was too bad that they did not know that before Patrick slept with her.

When Robin and Patrick got to the hospital, Steve told them that Lisa's injuries were not serious. He told Robin that Lisa had filed a complaint against her and that the meltdown that Robin had in front of the staff did made Robin look bad. Robin said that Lisa was obviously trying to set her up.

From her hospital bed, Lisa told Mac that she wanted another investigator because he was too emotionally involved and it would be hard for him to hear the truth. Mac said he would hear her story first and would call in another investigator if warranted.

Lisa lied to Mac. She said that Robin had deliberately tried to run her down. She said that Robin had been falling apart after finding out that Lisa had slept with Patrick.

Robin and Patrick heard Lisa's accusations. Patrick defended Robin against Lisa's accusations, but acknowledged to Mac that he had slept with Lisa. Mac immediately went into protector mode and told Patrick that Robin and Emma would live with him and have no further contact with Patrick. Lisa reiterated that she wanted another investigator.

In the hospital lobby, Robin told Mac that Lisa was the one falling apart. Robin and Patrick said that Lisa had been in their house twice, stolen Robin's HIV medications, and taken Emma from their home. Mac told Robin that he believed her, but said that he had to investigate because Lisa was doing a very good job of making Robin look like the one who was disturbed and dangerous.

Dante and Lulu were also at the hospital. Dante was checking on Johnny's condition. Dante told Lulu that he believed Sonny and needed to prove his innocence, even though he knew that Lulu did not like Sonny; Dante was torn about what to do. Lulu asked Dante what he would do if Sonny were not his father. Dante said he would go with his gut.

Lulu asked Dante what his gut was telling him. Dante said that he believed Sonny's version of events. Lulu told Dante that he should investigate and that she supported him in his decision.

Brook Lynn and Carly had a meeting in the Metro Court. Brook told Carly that she had successfully caused Lulu and Dante to break up. Carly wanted proof. Brook said that she had heard a loud argument between them. Carly wanted to know why Brook had not recorded it on her cell phone and delivered the evidence

Carly said that Brook had not succeeded. Carly said that Brook just wanted to take the money and run without delivering on their deal. Brook admitted that she had not finished the job. She told Carly that she had done her part but Dante was too in Love with Lulu. Brook said that she wanted her money and if she did not get it, she would tell Lulu and Dante the truth. Carly called her bluff.

Brenda and Murphy celebrated their engagement with a trip to Lake Como, Italy. They had to cut their visit short when Murphy's agent called him back to the movie set in Rome.

Once back in Rome, Murphy told Brenda that he wanted to get her an engagement ring. Brenda told him that she wanted to keep the engagement private so they could avoid the media circus that would ensue if she started sporting a ring. Murphy agreed to wait on the ring. He left Brenda in her hotel room and went to the movie set.

Suzanne dropped in to discuss security for Brenda's Africa trip. Brenda was not happy to need so many guards, but Suzanne convinced Brenda that it was the only way to keep her safe from the Russian mob.

Brenda told Suzanne that she and Murphy were engaged. Suzanne wanted to know if Sonny was out of Brenda's life. She also asked if Brenda loved Murphy. Brenda said that she was over Sonny. She said that the highs would not be as high with Murphy, but the lows would not be as low either. She said that both she and Murphy thought that was a good thing.

Brenda told Suzanne that she and Murphy wanted to build a good, stable life together. Suzanne smiled and told Brenda that she hoped it all worked out and congratulated her on the engagement.

In the Port Charles Police Department interrogation room, Sonny and Bernie made plans for Sonny's escape to Rome, because neither believed that Sonny would get a fair trial. Bernie wanted Sonny to go to South America where it would be harder for the police to find and extradite him, but Sonny insisted on going to Rome.

Sonny told Bernie to give Jason a message. He said that he was trusting Jason to care for and protect all his kids, including Dante. Sonny asked that Jason explain to his children why he was running away. Sonny said that he had four children to protect and he was doing it the only way he knew how.

After Bernie left, Olivia visited Sonny. She wanted to know if Johnny had been unarmed when Sonny shot him. Sonny told his story to Olivia and swore to her that Johnny had been carrying a gun. He said that in the past he had let Johnny provoke him, but all that had changed when Michael had nearly been shot in a drive-by meant for Johnny.

Sonny said that he'd wanted to call a truce but he did not get a chance because Johnny had pulled a gun. Olivia told Sonny that she believed him. Olivia blamed the shooting on the mob. She said that both Johnny and Sonny were better men, but they had been sucked into the business and its violent nature.

Dante entered the room and said that he also believed Sonny. After Olivia left, Sonny said that he did not want Dante to suffer because of his belief in Sonny. Dante said that Lulu supported Dante in getting at the truth. Sonny said that even though Lulu had stopped liking him after he shot Dante, she was still a good woman and Sonny was glad that Dante had found her.

Sonny said he hoped that Dante never had to give Lulu up to protect her the way Sonny had been forced to give up Brenda. Dante asked about Brenda, but Michael showed up before Sonny answered. Sonny wanted to send Michael away, but when Dante tried, Michael convinced Dante to let him talk to Sonny for a few minutes. Alone with Sonny, Michael told Sonny to run. Michael said that Sonny could not risk a conviction because he would be sent to Pentonville and eventually killed.

Sonny was touched by Michel's concern. He told Michael to tell his brothers and sister how much Sonny loved them, even if they did not believe him. He told Michael that he was very proud of the young man. He said that Michael was the greatest gift of his life. As he left, Michael said that he loved Sonny and was proud to be his son.

Diane arrived and informed Sonny that his arraignment was taking place in 15 minutes and that he might not get bail.

Brook went to Dante's apartment and told Lulu that Carly had been behind the scheme to break up Lulu and Dante. Lulu did not believe her and called Carly over to the apartment. When Carly arrived, Lulu asked Carly to look her in the eyes and say that Brook Lynn was lying. Instead, Carly proudly admitted what she had done.

Out in the woods, one of the Lopez thugs broke in the cabin and Sam shot him. Jason almost shot the next intruder, who turned out to be Lucky. Lucky explained that he had been following the Lopez gang and had been about to call for backup when he was spotted and had to run. He had dropped his cell phone, but had fortunately spotted the cabin before the gang caught up with him.

Sam and Jason explained that their adventure had begun when Sam had tried to get evidence against the Lopez gang so that she could clear Jason of Ronnie's false charges. Lucky was glad to hear she had evidence but sorry it had been lost when Lopez had smashed her cell phone. Jason had rescued Sam, but in doing so had ended up destroying the Lopez gang's van and getting trapped in the cabin after Sam sprained an ankle.

Since Lucky's car was nearby, Jason suggested that Sam and Lucky make a run for it while he held off the Lopez thugs. Both Sam and Lucky refused that plan because it meant that Jason would have to hold off five or six armed men. Lucky suggested that they wait. He said that if he did not check in soon, the PCPD would start looking for him.

Before the threesome made a decision, the thugs tossed burning bottle of gasoline through a window and the cabin caught fire.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

At the courthouse, Sonny demanded to know how Claire had managed to arrange for a bail hearing so quickly and at night. Diane explained that the federal prosecutor was using her position to "stack the deck in her favor." Diane was certain that Claire hoped to catch Diane unprepared. Diane also suspected that Claire didn't want to run the risk that Johnny would wake up and corroborate Sonny's story. Sonny wondered what his chances were of being released on bail.

Diane feared that the judge would be reluctant to give Sonny the opportunity to run. Dante entered the courtroom moments later. Diane warned Dante not to cause trouble, but Dante assured her that he didn't have any intention of making things worse for Sonny. After the judge took her seat, the hearing started.

Sonny quickly pleaded not guilty. Afterwards, Diane explained that Sonny had strong ties to his family and the community, so he was eager to clear his name. Claire argued that Sonny didn't have any respect for the law, so she wanted him to remain in custody until the trial. Diane accused Claire of "malicious prosecution" because Sonny had spurned Claire's advances. According to Diane, Claire had pursued an inappropriate relationship with Sonny, but he had rejected Claire's romantic overtures.

Claire insisted that Sonny had initiated all of her contact with him. Claire claimed that her sole purpose in communicating with Sonny had been to gain information, which she had never made any attempt to hide. Claire assured the judge that the tapes would verify everything. Diane argued that Sonny had simply told Claire what Claire had wanted to hear, so the tapes were nothing more than "pillow talk." Diane announced that she wanted to call Dante to the stand to testify.

Claire objected, but the judge overruled her. Dante took the stand to assure the judge that Sonny wasn't a flight risk. Dante promised the judge that Sonny would never leave his children behind. Claire only had one question for Dante: she wanted to know what Dante's relationship with Sonny was. Dante admitted that Sonny was his father. Claire smugly announced that she didn't have any further questions and then sat down.

Claire was outraged when the judge decided to set Sonny's bail at three million dollars. Claire promised Diane that she would make certain that Sonny was sent away for life. Meanwhile, Sonny turned to thank Dante for his help. Dante explained that he had done it for Michael; Michael had assured Dante that Sonny never lied to his children. After Dante left, Sonny faced Claire.

"Free again," Claire commented as the bailiff removed the handcuffs from Sonny. Sonny imagined that Claire hated seeing Sonny released from custody. Claire wondered if it mattered to him how she felt. "Not anymore, "Sonny answered as he walked away. Claire recalled when Sonny had kissed her and she had confessed that she didn't trust herself around him.

Claire confronted Dante for his role in helping Sonny. Dante explained that he wanted Sonny to pay for the life of crime that Sonny had led. However, Dante didn't want Sonny to go to jail for a crime that Sonny had not committed. Claire reminded Dante that she had a tape of Sonny promising to kill Johnny in self-defense. She admitted that she had been warned numerous times not to trust Sonny because it would backfire on her, so she suggested that Dante heed the same advice.

Later, Dante went to Greystone Manor to see Sonny. Dante quickly realized that Sonny had fled the country when Diane informed him that Sonny wasn't at home. Dante was livid as he called the police station to order an APB on Sonny.

At the loft, Lulu confronted Carly about Brook's claim that Carly had hired Brook to seduce Dante. Carly admitted that it was true, but Carly claimed that she had done it out of love and concern for Lulu. Carly insisted that she had been worried that Dante was just like Sonny. Brook refused to let Carly twist things around to paint Brook as the villain. Brook urged Lulu to remember that Carly was a vengeful person who didn't forgive easily.

Lulu reminded Brook that Brook had accepted money to have sex with someone, so Brook didn't have any credibility. Carly seized the opportunity to capitalize on the headway that she had made with Lulu by admitting that she had been wrong about Dante. Carly apologized for doubting Dante's commitment to Lulu and then expressed regret for dragging Brook into their lives.

Carly ordered Brook to move out of the loft and to return to Bensonhurst. Brook realized that Lulu believed Carly, so she left. Alone with Lulu, Carly once again expressed remorse for hurting her cousin. Lulu accepted the apology. As the two talked, Lulu mentioned that Sonny had been arrested.

Carly was furious that Sonny would put his kids through another trial by shooting Johnny. Carly's phone rang as she ranted about Sonny. Carly wasn't surprised when she glanced at her phone to see that Sonny was calling her. Carly ignored the call, but Sonny simply called back. When Carly finally answered the phone, she demanded to know where Sonny was. Sonny explained that Diane had something from him to give to Carly, so he wanted to know where Diane could meet Carly.

Lulu was sipping a glass of wine when Dante arrived home. Dante quickly kissed Lulu and then explained, "I needed that." Lulu admitted that she had needed the kiss too. Dante was curious what had happened to upset Lulu. "Carly," Lulu revealed and then promised to fill him in later. She wanted to know what had happened with Sonny. Dante confessed that he had stood up for Sonny in court, but that Sonny had later skipped town.

On a private jet, Sonny thought about Brenda. He recalled a time when Brenda had tried to persuade Sonny to leave town to protect himself. Sonny insisted that he had three high-priced lawyers to make certain that he stayed out of jail. Brenda feared for Sonny anyway; all she wanted was for him to be safe. Sonny pulled Brenda close for a passionate kiss. As the memory faded, Sonny instructed the pilot to fly to Rome because there was someone that Sonny needed to see.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly met with Diane. Diane handed an envelope to Carly. Carly realized that Sonny had left town, so she tried to find out where he had gone. Diane insisted that she couldn't comment. Carly explained that she might need to get in touch with Sonny. Diane was curious why Carly cared so much when Carly had made it clear that she had blamed Sonny for Michael's arrest. Diane suggested that Carly just let Sonny go.

In Italy, Brenda had a flashback of the attack on her moments before she had been scheduled to present a humanitarian award. A knock on the door startled her. The person quickly identified himself as an Interpol agent. Agent Bates wanted to discuss the attack on Brenda during the awards ceremony. Brenda was surprised to learn that she had become a target of a very dangerous individual.

According to Agent Bates, "The Balkan" was the head of a crime syndicate, but very little was known about the man including what he looked like. The agent warned Brenda to take the threat seriously, but Brenda insisted that she refused to go into hiding because someone had decided to target her. Agent Bates wondered if Brenda had any idea why the Balkan would be after her. Brenda suggested that perhaps the Balkan objected to her charity work because he exploited children. Agent Bates warned Brenda that the Balkan was not to be trifled with, so he urged her to contact Interpol if there were any problems.

Brenda was confident that she was safe under Cartullo's care. Agent Bates appeared to have his doubts, but he realized that Brenda wouldn't cooperate with his efforts to protect her. Shortly after Agent Bates left, Brenda decided to do an Internet search on the Balkan, to no avail. Suzanne dropped by later. Suzanne had spoken to Agent Bates, so she was eager to get Brenda to safety. Suzanne suggested that Brenda spend some time with Murphy in London, but Brenda refused to consider it. Brenda insisted that there was nothing to be concerned about.

In the woods, Lucky, Sam, and Jason weighed their options when they realized that the cabin that they were hiding in had been set on fire. They realized that if they ran out of the front door then Lopez's men would open fire on them. Lucky decided that their best hope of escaping the inferno was if Lucky created a diversion at the front of the cabin, so that Jason and Sam could slip out the back door. The plan was put into motion. Moments later, Jason and Sam made it to safety.

Jason and Sam breathed a sigh of relief when Lucky caught up to them minutes later. Unfortunately for them, the danger had not passed. Lopez's men continued to fire at them. Jason decided that it was his turn to draw the men away, so that Sam and Lucky could escape. Jason raced through the woods, firing his gun. A short time later, Lopez's men had scattered or were dead. Lucky was annoyed when he finally heard the sound of police sirens, so Lucky instructed Jason and Sam to let him do all of the talking when the police arrived.

At the hospital, Mac explained to Robin and Patrick that Lisa had been correct when she had accused Mac of being biased. Mac insisted that it was imperative that they get hard evidence to back up Robin's claims about Lisa. Robin was frustrated when Mac pointed out that they didn't have any proof that Lisa had been causing problems because Robin had never reported a single incident. On the other hand, Lisa had carefully documented her allegations against Robin.

Mac thought that it might be best if they ruled it an accident, but Robin refused to consider it. Robin insisted that Lisa had thrown herself in front of Robin's car. Robin warned Mac that Lisa was unbalanced, so it was important for Robin to make sure that everyone knew the truth. Mac warned Robin that Lisa would likely try to air all of Robin's dirty laundry, but Robin couldn't let Lisa get away with what she had done. Mac cautioned Robin that things would get ugly, but he agreed to keep the investigation open.

After Mac left, Patrick tried to apologize to Robin. Robin didn't want to hear it. She told Patrick that she hated him and everything that had happened. Robin insisted that she couldn't deal with him, so she walked away.

Matt entered Lisa's hospital room. Lisa seemed hurt when he admitted that he had been tempted to ignore her request to see him. She thought that they were friends. Matt pointed out that lines were being drawn in the sand, but Lisa quickly clarified that she didn't have a problem with Patrick; it was Robin who was "unspooling." Matt reminded Lisa that Robin was his sister-in-law.

Lisa realized that she had hurt Robin by sleeping with Patrick, but Matt didn't want to hear about it. He was curious why Lisa had wanted to see him. Lisa admitted that she wondered how Patrick was dealing with Robin, since Robin had "flipped out." Matt couldn't believe that Lisa was serious. Lisa claimed that she had been standing on a well-lit street and that Robin had aimed her car directly at Lisa.

Matt refused to believe that Robin had intentionally run Lisa over with a car. Lisa reminded Matt that Robin had suffered from postpartum depression, but he thought that it was ludicrous to suggest that the postpartum depression had anything to do with the accident. Lisa insisted that Robin was dangerous.

Later, Matt found Patrick by the elevator. Patrick was surprised when Matt admitted that he had talked to Lisa. Patrick was curious what new lies Lisa had told. Matt suggested that perhaps Lisa hadn't been lying. Patrick reminded Matt that Lisa had broken into his home and kidnapped Emma. Matt pointed out that no one had been with Robin when she had discovered that her locker had been vandalized, so it was possible that Robin was the one who was losing her mind.

Robin walked into Lisa's hospital room to confront Lisa about the accident. Lisa calmly informed Robin that Robin shouldn't be in the room and then suggested that Robin needed help. Robin accused Lisa of being a psychopath. Robin informed Lisa that Patrick thought that Lisa was sick and twisted and that they were determined to make certain that everyone knew it. Robin also suggested that Lisa had made a critical error by taking Emma because it had made Patrick realize how dangerous Lisa was.

Lisa feigned concern as she confessed that Robin's delusions of paranoia could be a sign of a psychotic break. She advised Robin to get some help, or else Patrick and Emma would be better off without Robin in their lives. Robin vowed that that would never happen. Patrick entered the room in time to hear Robin shout that Lisa was a "sick bitch." As Patrick led Robin out of the room, Lisa urged him to get Robin some help before Robin ended up in a straitjacket.

In the hallway, Patrick warned Robin not to add fuel to the fire. Robin realized that Patrick was right. Patrick warned Robin that Lisa was good at pushing buttons. He pleaded with Robin to stay away from Lisa. Robin demanded to know why. Patrick admitted that he was scared of what Lisa would do to their family.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

At Kelly's, Alexis wondered if Kristina had heard from any of the girls at school. Kristina's silence spoke volumes; Alexis realized that Kristina's friends had been gossiping about Kristina. Alexis assured Kristina that the girls would eventually lose interest and then the vicious gossip would stop. Alexis encouraged Kristina to rise above it. Carly entered the diner moments later.

Alexis and Kristina were surprised to learn that Sonny had left town. Carly saw the hurt on Kristina's face, so she assured Kristina that Sonny loved his daughter. Kristina pointed out that Sonny would have said goodbye if he had cared. Carly explained that the police would have questioned Kristina, if they had known that Sonny had spoken to her, so Sonny had tried to protect his daughter. After Carly left, Kristina wondered how Alexis felt about Sonny's decision to leave. "Sad," Alexis answered honestly. However, a part of Alexis was also a bit relieved.

Kristina suspected that Sonny's decision to leave Port Charles meant that he had been guilty of trying to murder Johnny. Alexis argued that it might mean that Sonny hadn't wanted to go through another trial. Kristina pointed out that Alexis always seemed to make excuses for Sonny. Alexis didn't deny it, but she believed that Sonny would return one day.

At the loft, Jax stopped by at Michael's request. Michael explained that school would start after Labor Day, but Michael didn't want to return to Madison. Michael felt that too much had happened to him in prison, so school wasn't the right place for him. Michael reminded Jax that the kids had teased Michael mercilessly the previous year because of Michael's brain damage, so Michael imagined that they wouldn't be any kinder after learning that Michael had spent time in jail.

Jax wanted Michael to give school a try, but Michael didn't trust himself if the kids pushed him too far. Michael was also certain that no one would want to teach or hang out with a guy who had bludgeoned his stepmother to death. Michael insisted that he didn't belong in high school. Jax argued that it was important for Michael to get his high school diploma, so Jax wanted Michael to consider being tutored.

Moments later, Carly arrived. Carly wanted to let Michael know about Sonny's decision to leave town. After Jax left, Michael admitted that he had urged Sonny to jump bail. Carly was stunned; she reminded Michael how dangerous it had been to risk seeing Sonny when the judge had forbidden any contact with Sonny. Michael argued that Sonny was his father. He assured Carly that Dante had been nearby, so there hadn't been anything to worry about.

Carly was curious what Michael had said to Sonny. Michael explained that he had warned his father that there were too many enemies waiting to kill Sonny in prison. Michael had also been worried about Sonny enduring another trial. He suggested that Carly be mad at him, not Sonny. Carly promised her son that she wasn't angry; she understood that Michael had only wanted to save his father.

Michael revealed that Sonny had asked him to assure Kristina and Morgan that Sonny loved them. Carly advised Michael not to say anything about his talk with Sonny. Carly feared that the authorities might get wind of Michael's knowledge about Sonny's plans to jump bail. Carly warned Michael not to trust Dante, either, because Dante was a cop. Michael promised to keep quiet about his visit with Sonny, but he confessed that he missed his father. Carly hugged her son and then left.

Kristina paid her brother a visit a short time later. Kristina was upset and angry about Sonny's decision to leave, but she couldn't stop wanting Sonny to love her. Michael assured Kristina that Sonny did love her, but Kristina didn't really believe her brother, so she began to talk about school. Kristina confided that the girls at school had been posting some cruel things about her online. Kristina realized that most of the kids at Madison blamed her for Kiefer's death. She conceded that some of the boys had been nice to her, but she couldn't stand for anyone to touch her. Kristina was grateful that Michael would be going to Madison with her because she didn't think that she would be able to handle school without her brother by her side.

Jax met Alexis at Kelly's. Alexis explained that Kristina was devastated that Sonny had left. Jax seemed surprised; he had been under the impression that Kristina despised Sonny. Alexis assured Jax that Kristina loved Sonny. However, Alexis couldn't forget that Jax had always warned her that Sonny was a toxic influence.

Steve spotted Nikolas as Nikolas approached the nurses' station. Steve had spoken to Liz, so he wanted Nikolas to know that she and they boys were having a blast at Sarah's. Steve also revealed that Sarah had told him that Nikolas had arranged for Liz to visit her sister. Nikolas confided that Liz had seemed unhappy at Wyndemere, so he had thought that a visit with Sarah would provide Liz with a graceful way to leave. Steve appreciated Nikolas' sensitivity.

Later, Nikolas saw Robin working at the nurses' station. Robin confessed that she regretted being so nonjudgmental when Nikolas and Liz had an affair because karma had repaid her. Nikolas was surprised when Robin revealed that Patrick had slept with Lisa while Robin had been out of town. Nikolas was sorry to hear about Robin's marital woes. Robin explained that Patrick had only told her about the affair because he had been forced to. Nikolas tried to offer Robin comfort by letting her know that just because someone cheated, it didn't mean that they don't love the person that they had betrayed.

At Crimson, Maxie noticed that Lulu had immersed herself in work, which usually only happened when something was troubling Lulu. Lulu admitted that Brook had been exposed as a "lying, manipulating slut" and that Brook was out of their lives for good. Lulu then revealed the details of Carly's plans for Brook to seduce Dante. Maxie wasn't surprised that Brook had agreed to go along with Carly's plans; however, Maxie was impressed with Carly.

According to Maxie, Carly had proved that Dante wasn't like Sonny, so it had been a brilliant plan. Lulu referred to Brook as a "skank" as she told Maxie how Brook had tried to deny being interested in Dante. Maxie confessed that she had seen through Brook from the beginning because, "it takes one to know one." Lulu objected to Maxie putting herself in the same category as Brook. Maxie reminded Lulu that Maxie had once faked a pregnancy and then a miscarriage.

Lulu insisted that the difference had been that Maxie had gone after Lucky because it had been a choice, not because someone had paid Maxie. Lulu also argued that Maxie had taken full responsibility for her actions instead of trying to blame someone else, as Brook had done.

At the Quartermaine mansion, May a entered the parlor to find Edward playing chess by himself, Monica checking the morning mail, and Tracy complaining about Alice. Edward was delighted to see his great-granddaughter, so he invited her to join him at the table. Edward explained that he was eager to discuss Maya's future. Maya explained that she had plans, so she couldn't stay. Tracy snidely suggested that Edward let Maya leave because Maya was nothing more than another suck-up who would say whatever she thought Edward would want to hear.

Edward advised Maya to ignore Tracy; he accused Tracy of being pissed because Luke was still gone. Monica thought that it would be a good idea for Maya to leave, which surprised Edward. Monica explained that she liked Maya, so she didn't think that Maya should subject herself to Tracy's verbal abuse. Edward suggested that Tracy should be the one to leave instead of Maya. Everyone's attention was diverted to the patio doors when Brook suddenly entered.

Brook explained that she needed a place to stay. Maya wondered why Brook would choose to live in the mansion. Brook revealed that she had made a mistake, but didn't elaborate. Maya wished her cousin luck and then left. Edward insisted that family was always welcome; however, Tracy was less receptive to the idea of her granddaughter moving in. Tracy demanded to know what was going on.

Edward didn't appreciate Tracy's tone. Tracy felt justified, since Brook had dropped out of college and then run wild. Monica blamed Ned and Lois for how their daughter had turned out; she suggested that if they had spent less time focusing on their careers then Brook wouldn't have felt the need to run around. Tracy argued that Brook needed more accountability.

Brook claimed that she had tried to make it on her own, but things hadn't worked out. Tracy demanded answers, so Brook confessed that she had a falling-out with Carly. Brook admitted that Carly had hired her to seduce Dante to break up Lulu and Dante, but that Brook hadn't been able to go through with it.

Edward was happy to have Brook move in. Tracy relented, but she insisted that Brook return to college full-time. Brook readily agreed; she explained that she had realized that leaving school had been a mistake. Brook was ready to make something of her life. Monica was curious about Brook's music career. Brook assured Monica that she intended to continue with it, but Brook wanted to major in business, so that she could open her own music company one day.

Edward beamed with pride, but Tracy remained skeptical. Tracy was certain that Brook was trying to scam and manipulate them. Brook was hurt that her own "granny" continued to think the worst of her. Brook accused Tracy of hating her because Brook's mother was Lois. Edward believed that Tracy was just bitter because Luke had left her. Edward, Monica, and Tracy proceeded to argue about Luke for a few minutes until Monica and Tracy stormed out of the parlor.

Edward decided to see if Brook's room was ready. Brook spotted his cell phone on the coffee table, so she quickly picked it up to arrange a money transfer into her account. Brook groaned with frustration when Tracy busted her. Tracy snatched the phone out of Brook's hand and then quickly determined that Brook had tried to steal fifty thousand dollars from Edward's account. Edward and Monica, who had returned to the parlor, were disappointed.

Edward insisted that Brook could have the money if she agreed to go to college, but Brook declined. After Brook left, she found herself stranded in the rain outside of Kelly's. Nikolas wondered what Brook was doing in the rain, so she explained that she had been hoping to rent a room. Nikolas had a better idea. Brook was surprised when he asked her to follow him.

Jason and Sam arrived at the hospital. As Epiphany went to fetch a wheelchair for Sam, Claire approached Jason to demand to know where Sonny was. Jason was stunned when Claire revealed that Sonny had skipped town after claiming that the shooting had been self-defense and then posting bail. Jason assured Claire that he had no idea where Sonny had gone, but Claire didn't believe him. Claire was certain that Sonny had called Jason to let Jason know about his plans.

Epiphany returned with the wheelchair for Sam. Steve walked up moments later to find out what had happened to Sam. Sam explained that she had twisted her ankle, but Jason clarified that Sam had torn up her ankle. Steve decided to examine Sam's ankle in a nearby examination bay, but Claire stopped Jason from following Sam. Claire insisted that she had some questions for Jason.

Jason and Claire stepped into the conference room to speak privately. Claire reminded Jason that she had arranged for his release from Pentonville, so he owed her. Jason suggested that Claire speak to Lucky because Lucky was his alibi. A short time later, Lucky confirmed that Jason and Sam had encountered Santos Lopez's men in the woods. After Claire ended the call with Lucky, she argued that Sonny could have called Jason.

Jason didn't deny it, but he explained that he had left his phone in the car. Claire was certain that Sonny had shot Johnny, but Jason doubted that Sonny would shoot an unarmed man. He was curious if Claire seriously thought that Sonny was stupid enough to open fire on someone on a public street. Claire ignored the question as she instructed Jason to call her when Sonny contacted him. Jason was noncommittal, but he doubted that Sonny would risk it.

Moments later, Steve and Sam approached Jason. Steve explained that Sam had a "soft tissue" injury, so she needed to rest her ankle for a few days. Jason promised that it wouldn't be a problem and then took Sam home. When Jason and Sam arrived at the penthouse, she made it clear that she didn't want Jason to fuss over her; however, Jason was determined to take care of Sam. Sam confessed that she desperately wanted a shower, so Jason picked up Sam and then carried her to the bathroom.

A short time later, Diane arrived to talk to Jason. Diane explained that Sonny was headed to Rome, but she couldn't figure out why Sonny would fly to Italy. Jason revealed that Brenda lived in Rome. Diane had never met Brenda, but she recognized her name and her face from various fashion magazines. Diane grumbled that Sonny should probably avoid being around such a high-profile person while he was on the run. Their talk abruptly ended when someone knocked on the door. It was Carly. Carly wanted to know where Sonny was.

At the hospital, Olivia sat at Johnny's bedside as she tearfully begged him, "Please come back to me, John." Olivia was overjoyed when Johnny slowly opened his eyes and then looked at her. Olivia quickly explained where Johnny was and what had happened to him. Johnny quietly confessed that Olivia was cute when she was scared. Later, Robin checked Johnny's vitals and determined that he was doing well.

Olivia reminded Johnny that it was important for him to rest, so that he could recover properly. Robin agreed. After Robin left, Johnny wondered how long Olivia had been at his side. She admitted that she had lost track of the time, so she didn't know. Johnny was curious how long he had been out. "A little over a week," Olivia tearfully admitted.

Johnny admitted that he had thought that Olivia was done with him. Olivia mustered up a smile as she informed him, "Well, you thought wrong." Johnny and Olivia discussed Johnny's lifesaving surgery before Olivia started to question Johnny about the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Johnny insisted that Sonny had shot him, but when Olivia probed further, Johnny became agitated.

Maya entered the room in time to calm Johnny down. Maya explained that Johnny was recovering, so it wasn't a good idea to upset him. After Maya left, Olivia decided to run home to freshen up. She promised to return as soon as she could. In the meantime, she instructed Johnny to focus on happy thoughts. After Olivia left, May a returned to check on Johnny. Maya warned Johnny to conserve his strength because there were quite a few people who wanted to know what had happened.

Johnny questioned Maya about what the police knew. Maya explained that Sonny had claimed self-defense, but the police had not found a gun on Johnny. Moments later, Claire entered the room. Claire explained that she wanted to question Johnny about the shooting, but Maya cautioned Claire to go easy on Johnny. According to Maya, Johnny remained in critical condition.

Later, Olivia returned to the hospital to learn that Claire was questioning Johnny about the shooting. As Olivia approached Johnny's room, she heard Johnny's version of events. According to Johnny, Sonny had pulled out a gun and then shot Johnny in cold blood.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

At Wyndemere, Nikolas arranged for a room to be readied for Brook and then offered his new houseguest a cup of tea. Brook was impressed with Nikolas' princely manners. Nikolas smiled and then wrapped a blanket around Brook because she was shivering and wet. Brook was curious why Nikolas was being so kind to her, but Nikolas suggested that they talk after Brook had a chance to dry off.

Later, Nikolas was on the phone with a business associate when Brook returned to the parlor. Nikolas ended the call, but it was clear that he was frustrated. However, he focused on Brook. He was curious why Brook had been standing in the rain. Brook admitted that it was a long story, but the short version was that Carly had screwed her over.

Brook admitted that when Carly had found her, Brook had been deep in debt and that her parents had cut her off financially. Carly had offered Brook a large sum of money and a place to stay in exchange for Brook's agreement to break up Dante and Lulu. Nikolas wondered if the deal had included Brook sleeping with Dante. Brook quickly clarified that Dante hadn't been some random guy to her.

Brook revealed that she had known Dante for a long time and that there had been a part of her that had wondered, "What if?" Brook then reminded Nikolas that Lulu, who had been known to be judgmental, had done the same thing to Georgie and Dillon. However, Brook hadn't gotten pregnant like Lulu had. Brook was clear that she had not slept with Dante. Nikolas was curious what had happened between Brook and Dante.

Brook explained that she had been in her underwear and was making out with Dante when Lulu had walked in. Brook thought that she had accomplished her goal, but Dante and Lulu had quickly worked things out. Brook was frustrated because Carly had gone back on her word and then twisted things around to keep Lulu from learning the truth about Carly's plans. Nikolas was curious why Brook hadn't gone to the Quartermaines. Brook admitted that she had, but the Quartermaines had demanded that she go to school full-time if she lived with them.

Brook was surprised when Nikolas offered her a job. He explained that he had been on the phone with a business associate who had invited him to a house party. Nikolas had been encouraged to take a date for the weekend, so he offered to pay Brook to be his escort. Brook quickly clarified that she wasn't a hooker. Nikolas reminded Brook that she had agreed to take money from Carly to sleep with Dante, but Brook quickly pointed out that she hadn't slept with Dante. Nikolas smiled as he assured Brook he just wanted a companion for the weekend.

In Rome, Brenda returned to her suite to find Suzanne waiting. Suzanne was upset because Brenda had been running around without an armed guard. Brenda dismissed Suzanne's concerns. Brenda explained that she had gone to the piazza to shop for flowers and some fresh produce, so it was unlikely that anyone would have made a move against Brenda in the crowded marketplace. Suzanne disagreed; she was concerned because a very dangerous man had targeted Brenda.

Brenda refused to hide from the Balkan because she didn't want him to win. Suzanne argued that she wasn't even certain that Brenda was safe in the suite, so she thought it might be best for Brenda to return to the United States. Brenda insisted that her life was in Europe and that she was engaged to Murphy. Suzanne appreciated the work that Brenda had done for the charity; however, it didn't sit well with the people who had been profiting from the exploitation of children. Brenda wondered if Suzanne were suggesting that Brenda quit.

Suzanne clarified that she wanted Brenda to take a break and to step out of the spotlight. Suzanne was certain that Murphy would understand. She urged Brenda to consider returning home. Brenda explained that she could never return to Port Charles. Brenda and Suzanne argued for a few minutes, until Brenda tearfully admitted that she was finally starting to feel happy in Rome.

Suzanne immediately backed down, but she insisted that Brenda promise to travel with bodyguards at all times. Brenda readily agreed. Suzanne also wanted Brenda to consider going to Port Charles if anything else happened. Brenda remained stubbornly silent, so Suzanne let the matter drop. After Suzanne left, Brenda wandered around the suite until she found a slip of paper with Sonny's name and phone number written on it.

Later, Brenda started to type an email to Sonny, but she became lost in thoughts of the past. Brenda recalled a heated argument with Sonny about Sonny's jealousy over Miguel. Brenda was hurt because Sonny didn't trust her. She also resented feeling as if she needed Sonny's permission to have friends. In her fit of anger, Brenda grabbed a pair of scissors and then began to cut her hair. The memory faded when Brenda's cell phone rang.

Brenda was delighted to hear from the person on the other end. She quickly made arrangements to meet the person in the hotel's garden and then ended the call.

Sonny was shown into a villa in Rome. A man by the name of Giorgio introduced himself and then explained that Sonny's host, Tino Coppola, had sent his regrets for not being able to welcome Sonny personally. Tino had been delayed because of business; however, Tino had instructed Giorgio to see to all of Sonny's needs. Sonny showed Giorgio a picture of Brenda in a magazine and then explained that he needed to find her.

Later, Sonny flipped through a magazine filled with Brenda's pictures as he recalled Brenda telling him that his love was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Brenda swore that she couldn't let it go even if she wanted to. Sonny remembered telling Brenda that he had known within five seconds of meeting her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Sonny promised that she would always be perfect to him, even if she were old and had lines on her face. Sonny returned to the present when Giorgio returned with news that he had found Brenda.

According to Giorgio, Brenda was staying at an upscale hotel, but she was surrounded by security. However, Giorgio confided that she had been seen slipping in and out of the entrance to the garden. Giorgio offered to send some guards with Sonny to the hotel. Giorgio explained that there was a new player on the scene who went by the name, the Balkan. The Balkan had honored the peace treaty with Tino, but Tino didn't want to take any risks with Sonny's safety.

Sonny appreciated the concern, but he assured Giorgio that it wasn't necessary. Sonny insisted that he was in Rome for personal reasons. A short time later, Sonny stood in the hotel's garden. A waiter showed Sonny to a table, took his order, and then fetched Sonny some espresso. Sonny showed the waiter a picture of Brenda and then asked if she had recently been seen in the garden.

The waiter confirmed that Brenda was in residence, but that Sonny hadn't been the first to inquire about her. Sonny smiled and then sipped his coffee. Moments later, his magazine slid off of the table. Sonny bent down to retrieve it just as Brenda stepped into the garden, looking for someone.

At the loft, Michael and Kristina talked about school. Kristina thought that she and Michael could be outcasts together. Michael started to tell her about his decision not to return to Madison when Dante arrived home. Kristina admitted that she and Michael had heard about Sonny's decision to jump bail. Dante confessed that it meant that Sonny was "guilty as sin."

Kristina grumbled about what a disappointment Sonny was as a father. Dante rushed to assure Kristina and Michael that their father loved them. Kristina acknowledged that, in his way, Sonny did love them, but it wasn't enough because Sonny always seemed to let them down. Michael insisted that Sonny had shot Johnny in self-defense. Dante wanted to believe Sonny, but the evidence suggested that Johnny hadn't been armed when Sonny had shot him. Michael implored Dante to dig further.

Later, Lulu entered the loft to find Dante alone. Lulu explained that she had called, but Dante hadn't answered his phone. Dante apologized; he explained that he hadn't been in the mood to talk to anyone. Lulu didn't take it personally because she suspected that it had to do with Sonny. Dante and Lulu discussed Sonny's decision to leave the country.

Dante regretted that he hadn't heeded Lulu's advice not to trust Sonny. Lulu hoped that Michael would finally see Sonny for who Sonny really was. Dante revealed that Michael wanted him to uncover the truth about Sonny. Dante didn't think that Michael would believe that Sonny had shot Johnny in cold blood unless Sonny made a full confession to Michael. Lulu didn't think Sonny would ever admit to shooting an unarmed man. Dante agreed, so he needed to find a witness to the shooting.

Lulu was curious how Dante would feel if Sonny were innocent of the crime. Dante reminded Lulu that it wouldn't change the fact that Sonny was a criminal. Lulu was curious if Dante would want to have a relationship with Sonny, but Dante insisted that the only thing that he wanted was the truth. Dante could easily imagine that Sonny had shot Johnny point-blank because Sonny had done the same to Dante.

At the penthouse, Carly demanded to know where Sonny had fled to. Diane advised Jason not to prolong the suffering. Diane thought that it was best to use the "rip off the band aid" method. Jason promised to let Carly know Sonny's destination once he had some kind of confirmation. Carly decided to plant herself on Jason's sofa to wait. Diane chuckled knowingly as she suggested that the suffering that she had referred to had been in reference to Jason, not Carly.

Diane warned Jason that Carly would find out eventually; she suggested that it might be easier on Carly if she heard the news from a friend. Jason didn't think that Diane was helping, so Diane decided to leave. Carly quickly played the Michael card to get Jason to tell her where Sonny was. Jason pleaded with Carly to remain calm. Carly promised not to get upset because she didn't think that there was anything that Jason could say that would shock her.

Jason revealed that Sonny had flown to Rome to find Brenda. "Except that," Carly responded. Carly was livid that Sonny had abandoned his four children to chase after a "spoiled little drama queen." Carly proceeded to rant about Sonny's selfishness and how bad Sonny and Brenda were for each other. Jason gently reminded Carly that it wasn't their call to make, but Carly disagreed. Carly insisted that it wouldn't be good for the kids, so they had to stop them.

Jason begged Carly to promise not to do anything. Carly assured him that she wouldn't and then left. A short time later, Sam hobbled into the living room. Jason quickly ushered Sam to the sofa and then asked if she had slept. Sam confessed that Carly's yelling had awoken her. Sam was curious what Carly had been upset about.

Jason revealed that Sonny had flown to Rome to see Brenda. Jason feared that if Sonny were apprehended then he might have to stand trial. Sam was confident that Sonny was smart enough to avoid getting caught. "Not when it's about Brenda," Jason argued. Jason thought that it had been a mistake for Sonny to search for Brenda because Sonny and Brenda always ended up hurting each other.

At Kelly's, Carly thanked Jax for meeting her. She explained that Michael was having a difficult time with Sonny's decision to leave town, but Morgan was doing better because Morgan had Jax. Jax was willing to help Michael, if Michael needed it. Carly appreciated the offer. Jax pointed out that he would have met Carly at the hotel if she had asked.

Carly explained that she thought that Kelly's was more fitting because she recalled that it had been a special place for Jax and Brenda. Jax acknowledged that it had been, but he didn't see what that had to do with their conversation. Carly revealed that Sonny had left everything behind, so he would need to find someone to fill the hole. Jax was curious if Carly were suggesting that Sonny had gone to see Brenda. Carly wondered if Jax would feel the need to save Brenda from Sonny by flying off to Rome.

In Johnny's hospital room, Claire questioned Johnny about the shooting. Olivia stood in the doorway as Johnny claimed that he hadn't been armed when Sonny had shot him. Olivia begged Johnny to tell the truth, so that the vendetta could finally end. Claire was curious why Olivia was so certain that Johnny had been armed. Olivia admitted that Sonny had assured her that it had been self-defense.

Johnny was disgusted that Olivia had believed Sonny over him. Claire decided that Olivia should leave while Claire took Johnny's statement. Olivia promised to return, but Johnny told her, "Don't bother." After Olivia left, Claire resumed questioning Johnny about the shooting. Johnny insisted that he had been walking alone, headed to his apartment, when Sonny had confronted him. Claire found it curious that Johnny would be walking around unarmed when there had been so much tension between Sonny and Johnny.

Claire was also curious why Johnny had suddenly offered a truce with Sonny when Johnny had been so vocal about Sonny's role in Claudia's death. Johnny claimed that he didn't want Sonny's children to be collateral damage. Claire noted that Johnny hadn't even paused. Claire admitted that experience had taught her that the more confident someone sounded when they gave a statement, the more likely it was that they were covering up a lie.

Johnny argued that he couldn't win with her. He insisted that he was the victim and then suggested that she was trying to prove that Sonny was innocent. After Claire left, Michael stopped by to see Johnny. Michael reminded Johnny that Johnny owed him for Michael saving his life during the drive-by shooting. Michael wanted the truth from Johnny about the shooting.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lisa returned to work after being struck by Robin's car. Steven greeted her at the nurses' station and cautioned her not to push herself. Patrick, Robin, and Emma got off the elevator, and Lisa overheard Robin say that Emma would be going to daycare. Later, in the lab, Robin told a technician on the phone that she'd go to get a sample from them. She made sure to turn the Bunsen burner off before she left.

At the nurses' station, Patrick asked another doctor to scrub in with him on a surgery. After Patrick left, Lisa told the doctor that the mother of one of his patients was threatening a lawsuit and that he needed to call her right away. She took over for him on the surgery.

Robin conferred with Steven on a couple of cases, one of which she wanted Patrick to take a look at. Steven informed her that Patrick was in surgery but that it was not with Lisa. Steven made it clear that his sympathies lay with Robin but that, as chief of staff, he had to remain neutral. Lisa eavesdropped as Robin exclaimed how unstable Lisa was.

As Patrick scrubbed in for surgery, Lisa arrived to do the same. She explained that the other doctor had a conflict. Patrick made it clear that he didn't want to work with her, but she replied that their drama couldn't be at the expense of patient care. Patrick reluctantly allowed Lisa to join him in the O.R.

Robin returned to the lab to make a disturbing discovery: Emma's favorite toy, which had been sitting on Robin's desk, was boiling in a beaker on top of the Bunsen burner that she had turned off.

As Sonny sat at the café downstairs from Brenda's hotel room in Rome, Brenda met Murphy on the sidewalk just outside. Brenda wanted to sit at an outdoor table there, but Murphy convinced her to order room service to avoid fans and the paparazzi. Sonny didn't see Brenda before she left with Murphy. As Sonny began to leave the café, an older Italian woman approached him and asked to dine with him. She said that they could keep each other company until the woman he was waiting for arrived. Sonny wondered how she knew he was waiting for someone. She answered that it was obvious.

He invited her to sit with him and showed her a magazine spread featuring Brenda. Sonny opened up and talked about his past with Brenda. He told her that they'd never been able to get their relationship right but that they could never quite let go of each other. Sonny talked about having helped Stone get off the streets years before, before he died of AIDS. Sonny also admitted that he was not sure if he'd changed much over the years. His circumstances were different, he shared, but he was not sure he was.

He acknowledged that he was contemplative at that moment because his life was in crisis. The woman sensed that Sonny was examining the road not taken--wondering what his life would be like if he and Brenda had stayed together. As the woman prepared to depart, she implored Sonny to see Brenda and share how he felt about her.

In an alley outside of the hotel, a man approached another man with a picture of the woman they were looking for. He handed him a publicity photo of Brenda and Murphy.

Brenda and Murphy returned to her room, and Murphy very seriously told her they needed to talk. He was concerned that Brenda had been traipsing around Rome while a madman was after her. Murphy told her that Suzanne had called him and that they were both worried about Brenda's safety. If she wasn't careful, he warned, she'd get herself killed. Brenda reacted poorly to Murphy's trepidation. She didn't want him to take care of her.

Murphy countered that he wanted Brenda to be less cavalier and to watch out for herself. He begged her to return to England with him, where she would be safer. Brenda, in an emotional outburst, told him never to treat her as a helpless girl. He responded that he was not going to take the flack for all the guys who'd preceded him. He loved her and wanted her safe.

Brenda pointed out that there were threats everywhere. She could be hit by a bus or fall off her high heels. She wondered if that meant she should never leave the house. Murphy made it clear that he wanted Brenda not to make it so easy for a would-be attacker to get to her. She blithely told him that she didn't have the luxury of yelling "cut" when things went wrong. If he didn't accept her as she was, she directed, he was free to leave. He did. Before long, however, Brenda went after him.

The men pursuing Brenda grabbed Murphy and restrained him. She emerged from the hotel lobby and heard a gunshot, which got Sonny's attention as well. Brenda looked over her shoulder, and her and Sonny's eyes met. They both smiled.

At Kelly's, Carly and Jax discussed Sonny having jumped bail. Carly wanted Jax to go find Sonny. Jax accused Carly of wanting him to get between Sonny and Brenda. Jax wondered why Carly cared. Carly replied that she didn't want to have to clean up the mess that Sonny and Brenda would make. She asked Jax if he was carrying a torch for Brenda, to which he answered a resounding "no."

Carly became more direct. She asked, "Is Brenda Barrett the standard of womanhood by which all others are judged and found lacking?" Jax responded that it was Carly who set the standard. He made it clear that he was being serious, but Carly was still upset at the thought that Jax might still have feelings for Brenda. They both agreed that they'd be honest with each other about their feelings.

Jax changed the subject to Michael, who didn't want to go to Madison Prep any more, because he didn't fit in. Carly thanked Jax for being there for Michael. She said that Michael and Morgan would need Jax more that ever before.

In his living room, Jason explained to Sam that Brenda meant nothing to him, that he'd married her because of blackmail. Sam compared the situation to his having stepped in when Sam had gotten pregnant with Sonny's child. Jason made it clear that he'd truly wanted to be there for Sam when she was in need. Sam worried that Jason still felt obligated to Brenda, but he replied that he'd never really gotten "the whole Brenda thing." He told Sam that Brenda was everything Sam was not. Brenda was nothing more than annoying to him.

Later, Dante arrived at the penthouse and demanded to know where Sonny had gone. Jason explained that he and Sonny hadn't talked before Sonny jumped bail, because Santos' and his men were ambushing Jason at the time. One thing he did know, however, was that Sonny was too smart to have shot a defenseless Johnny in public, as Johnny had claimed. Dante asked Jason to help prove it. Dante explained that he was bound by the confines of the law, but Jason had more freedom to find evidence that would prove Johnny had set Sonny up. At that moment, Carly burst through the door--and didn't see Dante--as she blabbered about Sonny having left the country. Dante asked her for details, which caught her off-guard.

Michael paid a visit to Johnny in his hospital room. Michael accused Johnny of having ambushed Sonny. Johnny claimed that he'd been unarmed when Sonny shot him. Lucky arrived as Michael demanded that Johnny recant the story he'd told the police. Lucky told Michael it was unwise for Michael to have any contact with Johnny and demanded that he leave.

After Michael left, Lucky started an audio recorder and began to question Johnny. However, Johnny offered Lucky a job instead. Johnny asked Lucky, "Wouldn't you rather laugh with the sinners rather than die with the saints?" Lucky was not amused and left.

At the country club, Kristina lounged with a friend. She complained about having to go back to school and that she couldn't stand the snobs there. Her friend called attention to a hot boy who walked by, who happened to be Michael. Michael approached and Kristina's friend went for a swim. After she left, Kristina told Michael that she wanted to transfer to Port Charles High. She was anxious about how Madison students would react to Sonny's latest crime spree and asked Michael if they'd ever see their father again.

Michael changed the subject back to her desire to quit Madison. She bemoaned that it was just wishful thinking. Her mother would never allow it. Michael shared that he was planning to drop out. Kristina begged him not to. It would only be for one more year, and they would help each other make it more bearable.

Kristina's friend emerged from the pool and tried to get Michael to join her. She playfully grabbed at his shirt, as if to undress him, which made Michael recoil.

Lucky went to Dante's loft and ran into Lulu. Lucky told her about his encounter with Johnny and that Johnny had offered him a job. Lucky admitted that a part of him almost wanted to say yes. Lulu cautioned Lucky to beware. She reminded him that he'd never been good at following rules. Lucky lamented that the bad guys had the advantage and that the good guys got "stuck, coloring inside the lines."

He said he kept hearing their father's voice inside his head asking what Lucky was thinking when he became a cop. Lulu was surprised at how disillusioned her brother had become. He assured her that he wasn't going to join a criminal organization but that he sometimes missed being an outlaw. As Lucky left, he told Lulu that he was probably just venting but that he'd let her know if he made any career decisions.

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