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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 6, 2010 on GH
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Due to the Labor Day holiday, ABC did not air an original episode of General Hospital. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 7, and pick up where the Friday, September 3 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In Rome, two men who might have been pursuing Brenda and/or Murphy grabbed Murphy and restrained him. Brenda emerged from the hotel lobby and heard a gunshot, which got Sonny's attention as well. Brenda looked over her shoulder and saw Sonny. Their eyes met, and they both smiled. Two other men pretended to ask Brenda for an autograph and attempted to abduct her, but Sonny pulled his gun on them. As passersby distracted the men, Sonny and Brenda made a run for it.

They went to Sonny's hotel room, and Brenda explained that Interpol had warned her about a man named the Balkan and that he might be after her. She and Sonny took a walk down memory lane together. Sonny told Brenda that he was in Rome because he wanted to see how it would feel to run into Brenda again. He'd also tried to call her once, but the line was busy, he shared. Sonny admitted, though, that he might not have revealed himself had he not witnessed the attempted kidnapping.

Brenda confessed that she'd been tempted to contact Sonny since she'd gotten his phone number from Robin. Brenda explained that she, too, had tried to call Sonny but had gotten a busy signal. She wondered if maybe they'd serendipitously attempted to call each other at the same time. Sonny stood up, and the two of them stood very close to one another, as if they would kiss.

Later, Suzanne arrived at the hotel's sidewalk café and met Murphy, who explained that two men had attempted to abduct him, but one of their guns had gone off, and they'd let him go. Murphy reported that, immediately after, he'd seen Brenda standing hand-in-hand with a man who had his gun trained on two other men. Suzanne asked if Brenda had been struggling, but Murphy told her that Brenda had willingly run off with that man.

Murphy wanted to call Interpol, but Suzanne discouraged him, because Brenda had gotten away. She explained that Brenda would become even more resistant to security if the authorities made a big deal of the situation.

Maxie bumped into Spinelli at the nurses' station. They awkwardly made small talk. They shared with each other how important their relationship had been. Spinelli went to the elevator but, apparently, decided to tell Maxie something else. He spied Maxie and Matt laughing with one another and left instead.

Matt suggested that he and Maxie go out to dinner, but it was obvious that Maxie was distracted. She explained that she was preoccupied with her recent encounter with Spinelli. Matt asked Maxie if she wanted to go back to Spinelli, since she'd originally used Matt to make Spinelli jealous. She replied that she just felt guilty for having hurt Spinelli.

Lucky asked Maya about Johnny's condition, but she told Lucky that he should call it quits for the night, as he'd been on the go since early that morning. He replied that she'd been working as long as he had. Lucky asked why she wasn't enjoying Ethan's company. Maya made it clear that there was nothing between her and Ethan, but Lucky didn't believe her.

Robin returned to the hospital lab and found Emma's favorite toy, which had been sitting on a shelf in the daycare center, boiling in a beaker on top of a Bunsen burner. Robin immediately went to see Emma. Robin asked the caregiver if she'd seen Lisa, but the woman hadn't. Emma reviewed protocol with the woman and reminded her that only Robin or Patrick was allowed to take Emma from the center.

As Patrick scrubbed in for surgery, Lisa arrived to do the same. Patrick made it clear that he didn't want to work with her, but she replied that their drama couldn't be at the expense of patient care. Patrick reluctantly allowed Lisa to join him in the O.R., but Steven arrived to let them know that the patient's family had decided to delay the surgery. Lisa wanted to push forward, but Patrick agreed with the family's plan. Patrick also made it clear that, should the family decide that they wanted him to perform the procedure, he would not do it with Lisa.

Later, Patrick saw Steven at the nurses' station and told him that Lisa should resign. Robin approached Lisa and demanded that she stay away from Emma. She called Lisa a "psycho bitch" and punched her in the face. With many of the staff witnessing the confrontation, Robin threatened to kill Lisa should Emma be harmed. Lisa called on Patrick to confirm that she had been with him in the scrub room until just then. Patrick attested to that but pointed out that he had no idea where Lisa had been prior to that. Steven stepped in and suspended Robin, pending further investigation.

Later, Lisa apologized to Maya for the earlier drama. Steven eavesdropped on the conversation as Lisa spun her story to make it appear that she was Robin's victim. Maya defended Robin and stated that a wife had the right to be upset if her husband cheated. Lisa admitted that, if the roles were reversed, she might be driven to do something rash.

Lucky and Maxie went to the lab to check out the situation. Maxie demanded that Lucky arrest Lisa, but he stated that they'd have to eliminate Robin as a suspect first. Mac showed up, and Lucky and Maxie updated him. Lucky called attention to the urgency of gathering evidence, because Robin was unraveling.

Patrick arrived home to find Robin packed and prepared to leave. He begged her to stay, but Robin told him that she and Emma were not safe there. She informed him that she and her daughter were moving into Mac's house.

As Dante prepared to leave Jason's living room, Carly burst through the door but didn't see Dante. She blurted out to Jason that she had an idea as to where Sonny was. Dante asked her for details, which caught her off-guard. He questioned Carly, but she made it clear she wouldn't share any information with him.

Dante wondered why Sonny would have run, had he not shot an unarmed Johnny. Carly replied that Johnny was not stupid enough to walk around town without a weapon. After Dante left, Carly told Jason that Sonny might be better off in prison than with Brenda.

After Carly left, Spinelli showed up and set about to gather security footage that might shed light on what had really happened between Johnny and Sonny the night Johnny had been shot. Dante returned and suggested that Spinelli illegally search for video evidence. Spinelli mockingly protested that he couldn't break the law, but Dante gave him tacit permission.

Spinelli compiled a list of eight people who had been on Baker Street around the time of Johnny's shooting. However, because most security footage was routinely dumped after 48 hours, and it had been more than two days since the incident, Spinelli was unable to find video evidence from that time. Dante suggested that he and Jason team up the following day to question those witnesses.

In an unknown office, a mysterious someone watched a video of Sonny shooting Johnny.

At the country club, Ally, one of Kristina's friends, overtly flirted with an uncomfortable Michael. He told Ally that he could not participate in their fun. Ally tried her best to make Michael feel welcome, but he stood firm. She gave up and went back to the pool. Kristina shared with Michael that he'd looked as if he was going to be ill when Ally had tried to take his shirt off. "That's kind of how I feel when a guy touches me," she told him.

They sat in lounge chairs and talked about school. Michael said that he couldn't envision going back to Madison Prep. Kristina tried to convince him not to drop out but eventually accepted his decision. Carly arrived and, as an excuse to talk to Kristina alone, asked Michael to get her some iced tea. Kristina recounted the earlier experience and told Carly that Michael had handled the situation well. Kristina shared that she and Michael both felt as if they'd never feel normal again.

As Michael returned, Kristina excused herself and left. Michael made it clear that he didn't want to go back to high school.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At the penthouse, Dante persuaded Jason to work together to clear Sonny's name. After Dante left, Jason ordered Spinelli to run a full background check on Brenda. Jason was certain that Sonny was with Brenda, so he they needed to find Brenda. Spinelli confessed that he was curious about Jason's former wife. Jason grumbled that he had hated being married to Brenda.

Sam lurked at the top of the staircase, eavesdropping as Spinelli and Jason talked about Brenda. Spinelli couldn't imagine someone as lovely as Brenda being anything, but an angel. Sam looked uncomfortable as Spinelli waxed poetic about Brenda's beauty. Jason complained that Brenda was a horrible person and that Sam was better than Brenda in every possible way. Spinelli beamed with satisfaction and then announced that he needed to head to the office to complete his investigation. After Spinelli left, Jason saw Sam sitting on the bottom step with a broad smile on her face. Sam confessed that Jason's words had been the nicest thing that he had said about her.

Jason returned the smile and then helped Sam to the sofa. Sam sensed that something was troubling Jason. He explained that Sonny took too many risks, so he didn't think that he could help his friend. Later, Jason revealed that he had agreed to work with Dante to clear Sonny's name. Sam was curious if there had been any leads. Jason admitted that they had eight names, but no guarantees. Jason confided that perhaps it had been for the best that Sonny had left town.

At the Coppola villa in Italy, Sonny gently kissed Brenda's forehead before he leaned down to kiss her lips. Brenda pulled away before they touched and then explained that she was engaged. Sonny appeared surprised, but quickly recovered. He guessed that Brenda was engaged Murphy Sinclair. Brenda confirmed his suspicions and then asked if Sonny were married. Sonny confessed, "Not at the moment." Brenda burst out laughing.

Sonny admitted that perhaps it had been for the best because he had jumped bail for attempted murder. Brenda was incredulous. Sonny quickly filled her in on the arrest and Claire's decision to record their private conversations, which Claire was determined to use against him in court. Brenda was curious why Sonny would want to kill Johnny. Sonny explained that there were several reasons, but the most important one had been Johnny's relationship with Sonny's seventeen year-old daughter. Sonny explained that Johnny was thirty. Brenda was horrified by the age gap and conceded that it had been an inappropriate relationship. Brenda wondered how Kristina was doing.

Sonny admitted that he loved his daughter, but she also scared him to death. Brenda was certain that Kristina was desperate for her father's attention. Sonny assured Brenda that Kristina had gotten it. He confessed that he had believed that his daughter had been sleeping with Johnny, in part because of what had happened with Karen and Brenda years earlier. Brenda reminded Sonny that she had been eighteen, in college, and on her own for quite some time before Sonny had entered her life, so it had been a completely different situation.

Sonny confessed that he had done something that he would always regret; he had a bomb planted in Johnny's car. He wondered if that changed things for Brenda. "No, it doesn't," Brenda readily assured him. Brenda recalled how she had found Sonny after his wife, Lily, had been killed in a car explosion. Brenda could tell how much pain Sonny had been in and that Lily's murder had destroyed him. Brenda imagined that Sonny must have felt desperate to resort to such measures, in order to deal with Johnny.

Sonny opened up about the shooting that had led to the attempted murder charges. Sonny insisted that it had been self-defense, but Johnny's gun had disappeared. Brenda believed him because she knew that Sonny would never shoot an unarmed man. Sonny was forced to reveal the details of how he had shot Dante. Tears slid down Brenda's cheek as she realized how awful it must have been for Sonny to learn that he had shot his own son. Sonny was moved; Brenda had been the first person not to label him a monster.

Sonny confessed that he might not have gone that far if Brenda had been at his side. Sonny and Brenda talked about Dante for awhile. She was surprised when Sonny revealed that Dante had stood up for Sonny during the bail hearing. Brenda couldn't understand why Sonny hadn't stayed in Port Charles. Sonny insisted that he realized that his children would be better off without him.

Brenda became quite emotional as she recalled another time that Sonny had made a similar decision. Brenda would never forget that Sonny had left her at the altar because he thought that it had been the only way to protect her. Brenda insisted that if she would have happily given up her life to be with Sonny. She urged Sonny to return home because his children needed him. Brenda pleaded with Sonny never give up on his children. Sonny was happy that he had found Brenda because she had helped him to see things more clearly.

Sonny offered to take Brenda back to her hotel. A short time later, they stood on the steps near the garden to say goodbye. Sonny reminded Brenda to keep her bodyguards close. He admitted that it was a bit ironic that she needed them when she had always resented having to be surrounded by Sonny's men. Brenda acknowledged that he had a point.

Sonny wished Brenda well, but Brenda refused to let him leave until he told her the real reason that he had sought her out. She felt that he owed it to her. Sonny confessed that on the flight to Italy he had told himself that she was sad, lonely, and needed him. He was certain that when they saw each other all of the years and choices that they had made would disappear. However, Sonny realized that those things had shaped who they were.

Sonny understood that he needed to return home for the sake of his children. He admitted that a part of him had known that she would give him clarity if he talked to her. Brenda laughed; she thought that was more credit than she deserved, but Sonny disagreed. Sonny confessed that he had loved Brenda from the start. As Sonny walked away, it began to rain.

Jax arrived home to find Carly sitting on the sofa with Josslyn on her lap. Carly explained that she had dismissed the nanny because she had thought that it was important for Josslyn to spend time alone with mommy and daddy. Jax agreed. Later, Jax and Carly were drenched with water after they had given Josslyn a bath before bed. Jax felt bad that Carly's beautiful dress had been ruined.

Carly confessed that she had worn the sexy red dress to "look hot" for Jax, so that he would notice her. Jax assured Carly that she had succeeded. He was glad that she had decided to stay. Carly and Jax drifted closer together and then kissed. After they made love, Carly admitted that it had been intense. Jax agreed, but he was curious what they were doing. However, Carly wanted to savor the moment instead of overanalyzing things.

At the loft, Lulu had on a slinky negligee as she walked around lighting candles in preparation for a romantic evening with Dante. Lulu was startled when Michael walked through the door. Michael stammered out an apology and then immediately turned away. Michael offered to leave, but Lulu insisted that he the loft was his home. Lulu dashed into the bathroom to pull on some clothes and then returned to the living room. Michael remained uneasy about what he had walked in on and once again offered to spend the night at his mother's house.

Lulu insisted that she had an errand to run. She had bought a present for Spencer because she imagined the little boy was lonely after Liz and the boys had flown to California to visit Sarah. Lulu asked Michael to extinguish the candles and then left. Dante arrived home a short time later. Dante noticed the lingering scent of the candles, so Michael told him about what had happened.

Michael promised that he had looked away the moment that he realized that Lulu had been in her lingerie. Dante chuckled as he assured his brother that it hadn't been a big deal; he was certain that they would end up laughing about it one day. Michael insisted on spending the night at Carly's, so Dante didn't argue. After Michael left, Dante stripped down to his underwear and then relit all of the candles that Michael had put out.

At Wyndemere, Lulu was stunned to discover Brook lounging in Nikolas' home. Brook explained that she had accepted a job with Nikolas. Lulu was not pleased, so Brook suggested that Lulu discuss it with Nikolas. Lulu turned to find her brother standing in the doorway. Lulu hoped that Nikolas had better sense than to hire a "lying skank" like Brook. Nikolas advised Lulu to calm down, but Lulu refused. Lulu insisted that Brook was trash because she had been paid to sleep with Dante to break his relationship with Lulu. Lulu remarked that in her book it made Brook a prostitute.

"Enough with the name-calling," Nikolas admonished his sister. He assured Lulu that he knew what had transpired between Brook and Carly. Lulu doubted it. Nikolas ignored Lulu's comment as he questioned why she wasn't angry with Carly. Lulu admitted that she was furious with her cousin; however, she wanted to focus on Brook. Lulu dropped Spencer's present on the table, warned Nikolas to keep an eye on Brook, and then stormed out. Brook wondered if she should pack her things.

Lulu returned to the loft to find Dante waiting for her. She took in his state of undress and the glow of candles and then demanded to know what he was doing. Dante grinned wickedly as he explained that he'd been waiting for her. Lulu was too upset about Nikolas to appreciate Dante's efforts. Dante poured them each a glass of wine and then sat down with Lulu on the sofa to hear her out.

Lulu didn't understand what the deal was with Brook and men. Lulu wondered if everyone were an idiot. Dante suggested that Lulu rewind to the beginning of the night, before she had become upset about Brook. Lulu initially seemed reluctant, but she eventually relaxed enough to joke that she feared that she might have traumatized Michael. Dante chuckled and then leaned forward to kiss Lulu.

At the Drake residence, Robin was determined to move out despite Patrick's pleas to work things out. Patrick vowed that he would do whatever was necessary to save his marriage. Robin explained that her decision to leave wasn't about his infidelity with Lisa. Robin was desperate to keep Emma away from a crazy person like Lisa. Robin insisted that she would not take any chances with their daughter's life.

Patrick didn't think that Lisa would hurt Emma, but Robin couldn't risk it. She was certain that their daughter would be safer at Uncle Mac's house. Later, Robin settled in at Mac's house. Emma was soundly asleep, so Robin and Mac sat down to talk about Robin's decision to leave Patrick. Mac wondered how Patrick had reacted to the news. Robin acknowledged that Patrick had been upset, but she was determined to protect her daughter from Lisa.

Mac agreed that Emma's welfare was of utmost importance. Robin confessed that she felt as if she had been in a haze since Patrick had told her about Lisa. Mac reminded Robin that he had been there with Felicia. He assured her that it would take some time. Robin was frustrated because she had believed Patrick's claims of innocence and defended her husband. Mac didn't think that Robin should be so hard on herself because Patrick had betrayed her.

Robin admitted that what had hurt the most was that she had not been enough for Patrick. Mac fixed some tea for him and Robin and then sat back down with her on the sofa. He explained that she and Maxie were the most important people in his life, so he would happily break Patrick's legs if it would make Robin happy. As if on cue, Patrick knocked on the door. Patrick was determined to speak to his wife.

Mac answered the door and then ordered Patrick to leave, but Patrick refused to budge until he and Robin talked things through. Robin decided to hear Patrick out. Mac went to the kitchen to give them some privacy, but he made it clear he was only in the next room if Robin needed him. After Mac left, Patrick explained that no matter what Robin thought, Emma was his daughter. Patrick insisted that they needed to work together to keep Emma safe.

Patrick realized that Lisa had been using Robin's hurt and anger to make Robin look worse. Robin agreed that the ploy had worked. She resented that Lisa had complete control over the situation. Patrick wondered if Robin were willing to work with him to turn things around. Robin didn't see that she had a choice; she would do anything to protect Emma. Patrick suggested that it might be for the best to let Lisa think that Lisa had won. Patrick hoped that if Lisa's guard were down, then he might be able to get her to incriminate herself. He intended to be ready by recording their conversations.

At the hospital, Steve went over the surgery schedule with Lisa as they approached the nurses' station. Lisa was a bit taken aback by Steve's professional and cold manner. Steve thought it might be for the best, under the circumstances, to keep things strictly professional between them. Lisa appeared hurt; she didn't think that Steve would pass judgment on her so easily. Steve and Lisa turned when Nikolas walked up to the nurses' station to inquire why Robin had been suspended. Lisa quickly accused Robin of having had a nervous breakdown. Lisa was all innocence as she explained that Robin was determined to see Lisa as some kind of home wrecker despite Lisa's numerous attempts to work things out.

Nikolas reminded Lisa that Lisa had slept with Patrick. Lisa quickly acknowledged the affair, but she insisted that she was not proud of it. Lisa was adamant that she would never hurt a child. Steve stepped forward to explain that Robin had found Emma's toy boiling in a beaker in the lab. Lisa added that Robin had suffered "severe mental issues" after Emma's birth.

Nikolas clarified that Robin had postpartum depression. Lisa suggested that perhaps it had returned. Nikolas was silent for a moment and then quietly agreed that it might have been for the best to suspend Robin, so that Robin would have time to clear her head. Lisa smiled victoriously, thanked Nikolas for his support, and then walked away. Steve warned Nikolas that Lisa's version of events had been incredibly biased.

Nikolas didn't believe a word out of Lisa's mouth. Nikolas recognized when someone played sane, in order to make someone else appear crazy. It was a tactic that Helena favored. Steve conceded that Robin had been a bit irrational lately, while Lisa's work had been "rock solid." Nikolas didn't care; he was certain that Lisa was the troubled one.

Later, Steve notified Lisa that he had assigned another doctor to oversee a patient because the doctor had more experience with knee replacement surgery than Lisa had. Patrick marched up to Lisa and then angrily demanded to know if she were happy because Robin had left him. Steve suggested that Patrick and Lisa find a more private setting for their confrontation and then walked away. Lisa assured Patrick that she understood why he was upset, but she refused to pretend that it wasn't for the best. Lisa thought that Patrick should see the break up as a good thing. Patrick tried to hide his stunned expression as Lisa walked away.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Robin and Maxie arrived at the park with Emma. Maxie was certain that Lisa would see through Patrick's attempt to make himself appear available after the breakup of his marriage. Maxie didn't think that Lisa would incriminate herself; she feared that Lisa's disturbing behavior would continue to escalate if she realized that she had been duped. Robin was open to suggestions, but Maxie insisted that she would need at least a day to devise a new plan. Robin explained that they didn't have the luxury of time because Lisa had threatened Emma's life twice.

Maxie warned Robin that psychotic people could be very seductive; she used Franco as an example. Robin sensed that Maxie was trying to make excuses for Patrick's infidelity. Maxie didn't deny it, but she did remind Robin that people made mistakes. Robin wasn't ready to forgive Patrick because she was too concerned about Emma's safety. It was enough for Robin that she and Patrick were able to agree on getting Lisa out of their lives.

At the nurses' station, Patrick tried to talk to Steve about Robin's suspension. Patrick explained that Robin was eager to get Lisa to reveal her true colors. Steve appreciated that Robin was in a difficult situation; however, hitting another doctor was unacceptable conduct, so Steve had needed to suspend Robin. Patrick reminded Steve that Lisa had been stalking Robin and Emma. Steve pointed out that, unlike Lisa, Robin had not reported the incidents to the police.

Steve had to go by the book because Lisa had threatened to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Steve and the hospital. Patrick pointed out that he wasn't obligated to follow the rules the way that Steve was, so Patrick intended to do things his way. Steve looked around and then made it clear that he supported Patrick. After Steve walked away, Lisa approached Patrick.

Lisa was all smiles as she admitted that she was surprised that Patrick had signed up for surgery on the graveyard shift. Patrick griped that he had plenty of time on his hands because sleeping with Lisa had cost him his marriage. Lisa pulled out twenty dollars and then bet Patrick that within six months, Patrick would realize that the end of his marriage had been the best thing to happen to him. Lisa was confident that Patrick would appreciate being single again. Patrick insisted that he wasn't the same "dog" that she had once known; he loved his wife and daughter.

Lisa's smile slipped as she reminded Patrick that she had not forced him to be unfaithful to Robin. Lisa suggested that if one mistake had ruined his marriage then perhaps his marriage had already had problems. Patrick walked away, but Lisa followed him. She reminded him that she had known him much longer than Robin had, so she understood that Patrick feared that he would follow in Noah's footsteps. Lisa assured Patrick that he didn't have to walk out on Emma the way that Noah had left Patrick.

Lisa feigned concern over Robin's well-being by admitting that she hoped that Robin received help. Patrick angrily suggested that perhaps Robin wasn't the one who needed professional help. Lisa rolled her eyes as she warned Patrick not to start with his accusations. Lisa accused Patrick of just being mad because someone had left the great Patrick Drake. Patrick resented her implication that he was that shallow. Lisa informed him that perhaps he finally knew what it felt like to be left. She promised that he'd get over it just as she had.

Later, Lisa tried to talk to Patrick about consulting on a case, but Patrick wasn't interested. Lisa's argument was cut short when Maxie approached Patrick to pull him aside, so that she could persuade him to go to the park to talk to Robin. Lisa lurked nearby as Steve approved Patrick's request to leave early. A short time later, Patrick arrived in the park, where Robin was playing with Emma. Patrick whispered to Robin that he had spotted Lisa at the front gate, so Robin called out for the nanny to take Emma. As the nanny walked away with Emma, Lisa hid in the bushes while Patrick and Robin put on their act.

In Lucky's apartment, Lucky was on the phone with Mac. Lucky explained that they needed to wait for Lisa to slip up. Lucky conceded that Lisa's complaint against Robin hadn't been necessary, but Robin had threatened to kill Lisa in front of witnesses. Lucky advised Mac that they needed to go by the book and follow the rules. After a moment, Lucky agreed that he was sick of the rules too.

Lucky was forced to end the call when someone knocked on the door. It was Tracy. Tracy offered to pay Lucky to find Luke. Lucky wondered if Tracy were ready to forgive Luke. Tracy denied that she was, but she was desperate for Luke to return home, so that she could have someone to be mad at. Lucky reminded Tracy that he couldn't just up and go because he had a job.

Tracy laughed; she recognized the look in Lucky's eyes. Tracy knew the Spencers well enough to sense when they were dreaming of a scam. She was certain that Lucky was looking for a reason to leave town, so she offered to pay him any amount to find Luke. "Go raise some hell on my dime," she tempted Lucky. After Tracy left, Lucky put a call in to Luke's fence in Amsterdam.

Lucky knew of a recent heist that had Luke's name all over it. He was certain that Luke would eventually turn to the fence for help. Lucky asked the man to let Luke know that Lucky was looking for him. After Lucky ended the call, someone knocked on his door. Lucky was surprised when Agent Bates identified himself as an Interpol agent. Lucky assumed it was about Luke, so he agreed to go with the agent.

Later, Agent Bates acknowledged that he knew about Luke, but they weren't interested in discussing Lucky's father. Lucky was stunned when Agent Bates explained that he had sought out Lucky for a specific reason. Lucky's interest was piqued when Agent Bates produced a picture of a dead man in a morgue who bore an uncanny resemblance to Lucky.

At Wyndemere, Alexis and Nikolas enjoyed breakfast together as Alexis admitted that, despite everything, what upset her most about Sonny leaving was that he would not be spending time with Kristina. Nikolas was curious how Kristina felt about Sonny's decision to jump bail. Alexis confessed that one would think that Kristina would be used to Sonny leaving, but she wasn't. Alexis was worried that Kristina wasn't even excited about returning to school because some of the girls had been harassing Kristina.

Alexis decided to shift the focus to Nikolas. She was curious how he was doing since Liz had taken the boys to visit Sarah. Nikolas admitted that it was difficult, but he could tell that Liz had been unhappy at Wyndemere. He had decided to focus on business until Liz and the boys returned. Nikolas confided that he had plans to fly to London for the weekend to visit a mutual acquaintance.

Nikolas admitted that he could use Alexis' help because he had decided to take Brook Lynn Ashton on the trip. Alexis was certain that the visit would be a disaster because Brook and their friend, Philip, had nothing in common. Moments later, Brook entered the room. Alexis immediately advised Brook to run like the wind. Alexis assured Nikolas and Brook that she was very fond of Brook, but the trip was a terrible idea, and Nikolas was a poor prospect.

Brook disagreed, while Nikolas quickly clarified that he and Brook were not romantically involved. Alexis was undeterred; she used Liz as an example of a cautionary tale. Brook assured Alexis that she didn't have any plans to get "knocked up." However, at the mention of running, Brook recalled how Alexis had left Brook's father, Ned, at the altar. Alexis insisted that jilting Ned was a perfect example of just how crazy all of the Cassadines were, herself included.

Alexis was certain that Nikolas had not gotten over losing Emily. Brook sobered as she confided that the Quartermaines hadn't either. Alexis explained that Nikolas leaned towards obsession and searching for a purpose in life. Brook assured Alexis that it was strictly a business transaction. Alexis decided to believe Brook.

After Alexis left, Nikolas admitted that Alexis had been right; his life was a mess. He offered Brook the opportunity to leave, but Brook declined. Nikolas acknowledged that he had control issues, was selfish, worked too much, and tended to be ice cold at times. However, Nikolas promised that, despite his faults, they could have fun. Brook feared that Nikolas might have had a change of heart. He assured her that he hadn't, but he confessed that they had a lot of work to do before the trip.

Carly arrived at Jason's penthouse at his request. Jason explained that Sonny had called to let Jason know that he had decided to return for the sake of the children. Carly immediately demanded to know if Brenda would be with Sonny. Jason didn't know, but he didn't think it was important, since Sonny would be busy with the authorities once he landed. Carly's curiosity about Brenda's travel plans evaporated when Jason mentioned that he and Dante needed to work together to prove that Sonny had shot Johnny in self-defense.

Carly couldn't believe that Jason would team up with Dante. Carly ranted that Dante was nothing more than a liar who had sent Michael to Pentonville. Jason didn't dispute Carly's claims, but he explained that Dante believed that Sonny was innocent of the charges. Carly was certain that Dante was just trying to get his hands on any evidence that might exonerate Sonny, so that he could get rid of it before it cleared Sonny of wrongdoing. Carly insisted that Dante had been the reason that Michael had gone to jail.

Jason reminded Carly that Dante had also gotten Michael out of jail. Carly didn't care; the damage had already been done to Michael by then. Jason thought that they had other things to worry about than Carly's hatred for Dante, but Carly refused to let it go. She informed Jason that Michael wanted to drop out of school because he thought that he was nothing and didn't have any hope of a future. Carly insisted that Michael hadn't been the same since he had been released from Pentonville.

Jason argued that they all bore some responsibility for what had happened to Michael. Carly revealed that Michael had almost flipped out when Kristina's friend had tried to pull Michael into the pool. She also added that Michael always flinched when someone touched him. Tears gathered in her eyes as Carly insisted that Michael was broken. Carly blamed Dante for that and swore that nothing Jason could say would change her mind. As far as Carly was concerned, Dante would never be able to redeem himself for what Michael had endured in prison because nothing could make it go away.

At Crimson, Lulu was relieved when she saw that Kate hadn't arrived for work yet. Lulu didn't want Kate to know how late she was. Lulu sat down to work while Dante followed Lulu to her desk. Dante didn't seem to be in a rush to leave as he confessed that it might be for the best that Sonny had fled. Dante wandered over to a rack and then selected an elegant gown that he said he would love to see Lulu wear to the opera.

Lulu reminded Dante that tickets to the opera were expensive and then wondered why Dante didn't seem focused on the investigation. Dante suggested that it would be a waste of time. Lulu realized that Dante believed that Sonny was guilty of the crime. Dante didn't deny it, but he did assure her that he would complete the investigation, so that his siblings could have some closure. However, Dante was through with Sonny. Lulu smiled as she agreed to go to the opera with Dante.

Later, Carly arrived at Crimson while Lulu was on the phone with an angry photographer. As the other lines rang, Carly offered to deal with the photographer. Lulu handed Carly the phone and then dashed over to Maxie's desk to answer the other lines. Carly quickly took care of the photographer by offering to make the Zen Garden at Metro Court available and then agreed to cater lunch for the photographer's entire staff. Lulu was impressed, but she was curious why Carly had stopped by.

Carly explained that Sonny had decided to return home to face the charges and clear his name. Lulu was frustrated because Dante had finally gotten to a "good place." Lulu was certain that Sonny would make Dante's life miserable and jeopardize Dante's career. Lulu feared that Dante would be tempted to tamper with evidence to protect Sonny; she wished that Sonny had stayed away. Lulu accused Sonny of being selfish because he might force Dante into a position where Dante had to compromise himself by risking his badge to save his father. Carly completely agreed.

In Johnny's hospital room, Steve examined Johnny. Steve credited Olivia with saving Johnny's life. According to Steve, Olivia had been glued to Johnny's side while she prayed and willed Johnny to live. However, Steve was surprised that he hadn't seen Olivia recently. Johnny explained that Olivia was mad because he had refused to lie about the shooting.

Dante spotted his mother at the elevator. He wondered what she was doing at the hospital until he spotted a bag of pastries in her hand. Dante took the bag as he confessed that he was grateful that at least she hadn't baked for Johnny. Olivia resented Dante's attitude, but Dante didn't apologize. He couldn't understand why she would become involved with Johnny when she had spent Dante's entire life trying to keep Dante away from the mob.

Olivia informed her son that, if it made Dante feel better, she and Johnny were arguing. Dante didn't want to know the details, but Olivia offered them anyway. Olivia admitted that she believed that Sonny had acted in self-defense. Olivia suspected that Johnny had decided to take advantage of the situation when he had awakened to learn that Sonny had been arrested. She didn't think that Sonny would shoot an unarmed man after what had happened to Dante.

Dante argued that Sonny had jumped bail, so it made him look guilty. Olivia was confident that the truth would eventually be revealed. She snatched back the bag of pastries from Dante and then walked away. A short time later, Dante entered Johnny's hospital room to question him about the shooting. Dante wasn't surprised when Johnny denied that he had been armed.

Dante admitted that he found it curious that Johnny would be walking around without a gun. Johnny suggested that Dante would feel better when Dante accepted his father for who he truly was. After Dante left, Steve entered the hospital room to check on Johnny. Steve was impressed with Johnny's recovery, but warned him that Johnny would need to have someone to keep an eye on him for a week after Johnny was discharged. Johnny looked up to see Olivia standing in the doorway.

After Steve left, Johnny wondered if Olivia were interested in nursing him when he went home. Olivia admitted that it depended on whether or not Johnny would tell the truth about the shooting. Olivia pleaded with Johnny to admit that he had confronted Sonny with a gun, but Johnny insisted that he hadn't been armed. Olivia realized that she and Johnny couldn't have a future together because Johnny hated Sonny so much that he couldn't see what really mattered.

Jason was waiting for Dante at the police station when Dante arrived. Jason and Dante went to the interrogation room to speak privately. Dante was surprised when Jason revealed that Sonny was on his way back to Port Charles to face the charges, so it was imperative that they find proof of Sonny's innocence. Dante showed Jason the list of five people that Spinelli had found who had used an ATM near Baker Street around the time of the shooting. Jason was stunned to see Ronnie's name on the list.

Jason immediately accused Ronnie of hating Sonny enough to tamper with evidence by getting rid of Johnny's gun after the shooting. Dante refused to accept that Ronnie would go that far, but Jason reminded Dante that Ronnie had kept silent about his connection to Franco. Jason explained that Dante had a choice: protect Ronnie or get to the truth.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lucky and the Interpol agent discussed a man named O'Reilly, who had recently been killed in a freak accident. The man had been an assassin, who had been working for the Balkan. O'Reilly, the agent explained, bore a striking resemblance to Lucky. The agent gave Lucky a dossier on the assassin and said that Lucky would have ten hours to learn everything known about O'Reilly.

Lucky perused the file and worried that it was comprised mainly of conjecture. The agent pointed out that, because O'Reilly had been an orphan and a loner, there would be few people who would have known him well enough to trip Lucky up. The agent also shared that it was unlikely that the assassin and the Balkan had been very close. The agent explained that it was imperative that Lucky assume O'Reilly's identity as soon as possible, before anyone realized that the man had been killed. The agent gave Lucky the cell phone that had been found on O'Reilly's body.

Ethan visited Lulu at the Crimson offices. He explained that Lucky had called them together for a family meeting. They both assumed that Luke had gone missing again. Lucky arrived and told them their father had disappeared and that Tracy had paid for Lucky to search for him. Both Ethan and Lulu were hopeful that Tracy's actions demonstrated a willingness to reconcile with Luke.

Lucky told them he was leaving town that night. To cover his tracks, Lucky told his siblings that, if Luke returned to Port Charles before Lucky found him, they should tell him that Lucky was hunting for him and that he'd be home in time. Ethan offered to go with Lucky, but Lucky replied that he didn't want to split the purse. Ethan totally understood.

Lucky returned to the agent's office and agreed to pose as O'Reilly. The agent admitted that, had Lucky not been willing to take on the assignment, Interpol would have applied pressure by threatening to use information they'd compiled on Luke.

Jason presented evidence to Dante that Ronnie had ditched Johnny's gun at the crime scene, after Johnny had been shot. Claire arrived as Diane and Sonny walked into the police station. Diane explained that Sonny had merely spent time alone to clear his head but that he had not jumped bail. Claire didn't buy it and demanded to interrogate Sonny. Sonny asked to speak to Jason first, and Claire allowed it.

In the interrogation room, Sonny told Jason that he'd returned to Port Charles because of his children but that he absolutely couldn't go to prison. Sonny explained that the better part of him had been lost somewhere along the way toward that point in his life and that he had to reclaim his better self. He wanted to show that side of him to his kids. Sonny begged Jason to find evidence that would prove Johnny had been armed the night of the shooting. Jason left.

Diane told Claire that Sonny had made a big concession by willingly appearing. If not, Diane reasoned, Claire would have been publicly embarrassed once again by her office's bungling. Claire said that she would recommend that Sonny stay in custody. Diane balked and countered that, had Sonny really been guilty, he'd have stayed away from Port Charles. At that moment, Carly walked in, with an attitude, and said that she was going to speak to Sonny. Claire objected, but Carly kept walking.

Carly entered the interrogation room and told Sonny that she was surprised to see him. "What inspired this sudden change of heart," she asked. "No, let me guess--Brenda." Carly surmised that Sonny had gone to see Brenda, who had a fabulous life and didn't need Sonny in it, and Sonny had returned with his tail between his legs. Carly admitted that, on some level, she was grateful he was back and then left.

Claire walked into the interrogation room and told Sonny that it would be up to the judge as to whether he would remain locked up until his arraignment. Sonny told Claire that he'd never lied to her, and challenged her to say the same about herself. Claire reminded him that she was a federal prosecutor and wondered why he was so surprised that she'd have recorded private conversations they'd had.

She admitted, however, that she was confused and that she tended to believe Sonny. She proclaimed that she specifically did believe that Johnny was armed and that Sonny had shot him in self-defense. Claire announced that she was recusing herself from the case.

Dante approached Ronnie and asked when Ronnie had decided to remove Johnny's gun from the crime scene. Ronnie categorically denied that he had framed Sonny and accused Dante of allowing himself to be manipulated by Sonny. Ronnie told Dante to get his priorities straight. After Ronnie walked away, Dante told Jason that it was credible that Ronnie had disposed of the gun. They had to prove it, Dante stated.

Later Dante and Jason went to a construction site to speak to one of the potential witnesses. Dante took the lead, as they posed as a television crew doing a story on Johnny Zacchara's shooting. The man stated that he didn't know anything about the incident and wouldn't feel comfortable discussing it if he did.

Dante convinced the man that he could become a celebrity if they were to do a story on him. The man admitted that he had been on Baker Street, shooting video of a potential construction site, when Johnny was shot. He showed them footage that clearly showed the confrontation between Sonny and Johnny.

At the park, Robin and Patrick argued heatedly. Robin began to storm off and found Lisa eavesdropping behind the bushes. Robin announced that Lisa must have been enjoying the fireworks between Robin and Patrick and accused Lisa of stalking them. Lisa replied that Robin was being paranoid and stated that she often went to the park during breaks from the hospital. Patrick supported Lisa's claim.

Robin recounted all of the allegations of Lisa's vendetta against her and angrily asked how it was possible that Patrick would defend Lisa. After Lisa took her leave, Patrick quietly apologized to Robin for the things he'd said. Robin told him that they were doing a good job pretending that their marriage was over, and that they had to keep up the charade to fool Lisa into confessing.

Later, at the nurses' station, Patrick began to apologize for Robin's earlier outburst, but Lisa cut him off. She warned him to be careful, as Robin could be dangerous. Patrick asked Lisa if she had, indeed, followed him to the park earlier. Lisa replied that it would be silly for her to do so. Robin was the one on suspension from the hospital, Lisa contended. If Lisa wanted to see Patrick, they would meet at work, she reasoned.

Brook walked into the dining room at Wyndemere to discover a formally set dining table. Nikolas explained that he wanted Brook to have a refresher course in table etiquette, given that they would soon depart to France. Brook pointed out that she was a Quartermaine and that the Cerullos were not barbarians. Nikolas tested Brook and asked her which fork he was holding. She incorrectly answered, so they began the lesson. Brook defiantly, but jokingly, argued with him at every direction.

Michael went to Jason's and Spinelli greeted him. Michael requested that Spinelli stop referring to him as "Young Sir." Spinelli invited Michael in and apologized for offending him. Michael explained that he was once honored by the nickname, and Spinelli presumed that Michael bristled at the moniker, since Jason and "Mr. Sir," Spinelli's name for Sonny, would not allow Michael to get into the business.

Michael countered that no one knew what might happen in the future but that it was obvious that he'd never aspire to his parents' expectations. Spinelli said that Michael had great potential and offered to school him in the art of video game software development. Michael responded that, since Claudia's death and his time in prison, video games were no longer enjoyable to him.

He shared that he sometimes played games with Morgan but became upset when Morgan took joy in killing an imaginary foe. Spinelli shared that he sometimes used gaming to distract himself from reality, for instance, the painful end of his "non-marriage" to Maxie. Michael expressed hope for the future. "I admire your courage," said Spinelli.

Suzanne confronted Brenda about her refusal to present at the awards ceremony. Brenda explained that she and Murphy had argued terribly the prior night. Suzanne asked if Brenda's state were because she had nearly been kidnapped. Brenda accused Suzanne of hyperbole, but Suzanne countered that Murphy's experience was anything but an exaggeration.

Brenda, unaware that Murphy had nearly been abducted the night before, was concerned, but Suzanne assured her that Murphy was all right. Suzanne pointed out that Murphy had gotten away from the men after one of their guns had gone off, and that he'd seen Brenda running away with an armed man he didn't recognize. Brenda tried to call Murphy, but he didn't answer. Suzanne shared that Murphy had wanted to call Interpol, but she had talked him out of it. Brenda thanked her for that. Suzanne informed Brenda that Murphy was headed back to London.

Brenda explained that she had been unfair to Murphy during their argument the night before and that she'd gone to apologize to him when the two men, who had pretended to be fans, had grabbed her. Brenda lied to Suzanne and told her that another hotel guest's bodyguard had rescued her. However, Suzanne doubted the claim. She told Brenda that there were two choices: Brenda could stay in Rome and get herself killed, or she could go back to the U.S.

Later, as Brenda primped in front of her vanity, two men burst in and abducted her.

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