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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 13, 2010 on GH
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Thugs forced Brenda out of her hotel suite at knifepoint, but as they exited, paparazzi besieged Brenda and started snapping photos. Brenda escaped the thugs and locked herself in her suite.

Ethan went to see Johnny at General Hospital. Johnny grumbled that he was ready to leave. He was annoyed because everyone who visited him wanted to know if he was lying about not having a gun when Sonny had shot him.

Ethan said the situation was easily remedied if Johnny told the truth and admitted that he, not Sonny had been the first to pull a gun. Johnny said that Ethan could join all the other Sonny followers. Ethan said his concern was not for Sonny, but for Sonny's kids. He told Johnny that Sonny was concerned enough for his children to return and stand trial.

Johnny admitted that he would have shot Sonny, but he had seen a construction worker and hesitated, which gave Sonny a chance to shoot first.

Jason and Dante pretended to be TV reporters when they questioned a construction worker who had recorded video footage of the confrontation between Sonny and Johnny. The footage was inconclusive. It was apparent that Johnny was holding something, but whether or not it was a gun was unclear.

Dante revealed himself as a policeman and convinced the worker to give him the video footage. After the worker left the room, Dante told Jason that he had a plan to get Johnny to confess the truth. They agreed that if Dante's plan worked, they had to convince Sonny and Johnny to call a truce.

Claire talked to Sonny in the interrogation room. She told him that she believed he was innocent, but she could not help him because she had feelings for him and intended to recuse herself from the case. Sonny tried to get her to stay on the case, but she left the room after telling him she was asking her superiors to appoint another prosecutor to the case.

Carly met Michael in the park. She told him that Sonny had returned to face trial. Michael was worried because Dante and Kristina did not believe Sonny's story and Michael did not want Sonny to go to prison. Carly said that Sonny had returned for his kids, but Michael said that there was no chance that Sonny would get a fair trial.

Carly said that sometimes a person needed do what was right, not what was easy. Michael said that statement applied to him because he was going back to school at Madison, even though he did not want to go.

Carly said that Michael had always been strong and would have survived prison even if Jason had not been there. She told him that if he worked hard, he would graduate from Madison even better than he'd been before. Michael told her that if Sonny could stand trial, he could stand Madison. With a wry smile, Michael said, "How bad can it be? Last year, I was a brain-damaged kid. This year, I'm a brain-damaged kid who's been to prison."

Kristina went to the interrogation room to see Sonny. She wanted to know why he had returned. Sonny said that he'd returned to prove himself. Kristina said that while he was gone, she'd regretted all the months that she had spent hating him. She said that she was glad that he was back because Michael needed him.

Sonny said that he would to the best job he could of being a dad to all his kids. He told Kristina not to forget that he loved her. Sonny was evasive when Kristina wanted to know where he'd gone, but when she asked why he went away, he told her that he needed to get some perspective, and he'd got some good advice, which was why he had gone back home.

At Crimson, Jax ordered Maxie to make room for a story about charity and to make room on the cover for the charity's spokesperson. Maxie told Jax that she would check with Kate, because even though Jax was the major investor, Kate dictated content.

Ethan found Kristina sitting on a swing in the park. She told him that she had been to see Sonny and did not know whom to believe. Kristina said that she did not want Sonny to spend his life thinking that she hated him.

Kristina told Ethan that she wanted to believe her dad, but did not want to get her hopes up. Ethan told Kristina that she should be open to the possibilities. He said that Johnny had lots of pent-up anger. He told Kristina to love Sonny for who he was in the moment. Ethan told Kristina to stop worrying about what other people thought and to concentrate on doing what felt right to her.

Carly found Jax in the Crimson office and told him that Sonny had returned to face trial and "clear his good name." Jax scoffed, but Carly said it was good news because Sonny had set a good example for Michael, who had agreed to return to school.

Jax said that Michael could do anything. He said that Michael was relentless, like Carly. Jax was flirtatious as he reminded Carly of their recent tryst. Carly responded in kind and they started kissing.

Michael found Kristina in the park. She told him about her visit to Sonny. She said that she was confused about her feelings, but that Ethan had helped by listening to her and letting her know that it was okay to care about Sonny.

Kristina said that she was still messed up, because no matter how much of a crush she had once had on Ethan, she could not stand the thought of anyone touching her, not even someone as kind as Ethan.

Dante confronted Johnny at the hospital. He showed Johnny a photo that was clearly Johnny with something in his outstretched hand. Dante bluffed that the worker who had taken the video would testify that Johnny had a gun.

Dante offered Johnny a choice: make peace with Sonny or face arrest for making a false statement. Johnny reluctantly admitted that he had pulled a gun on Sonny but did not know what had happened to the gun. He agreed to make peace.

Jason talked to Sonny at the police station. He told Sonny about the bluff that Dante was running on Johnny. Jason said that if it worked, Sonny and Johnny had to reach a genuine truce, which they would have to work out between themselves. Sonny readily agreed. He told Jason that he wanted to protect his kids, and he was eager to make peace with Johnny. He added, "I'm better than this."

Suzanne was mortified about the attempt on Brenda's life and wanted to send her away, but Brenda said she was fine and refused to leave Rome. She was adamant that she would not let anyone tell her how to run her life.

Suzanne said that since Brenda had made a commitment to Murphy, things had changed and she had someone else to think about. She told Brenda that it was time to stop thinking about her career and start thinking about self-preservation. Brenda remained stubborn. She told Suzanne that she would be careful and that she would use guards. She told Suzanne not to call Murphy.

Sam was still using crutches for her ankle when Michael stopped by the penthouse to see Jason. He said he wanted to talk to Jason about going back to school. Sam encouraged him to go to school and told him he would have lots of opportunities as a result. Michael seemed uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation and left after asking Sam to tell Jason he wanted to talk.

When Jason got home, Sam was excited about the trip she was planning for them. She listed the benefits of going to Greece and renting a sailboat. Jason said that with Sam disabled, it sounded like a lot of work for him. Sam was laughing when she retorted that if you got a tan it was not work.

Sam told Jason that Michael had been by to say that he was going back to school. Jason was glad to hear it. He told Sam about Dante's plan and Sonny's agreement to make peace with Johnny. As they went back to discussing Sam's proposed Greek trip, Jason got a call. It was Suzanne. She said that Jason was listed as an emergency contact for Brenda.

Dante escorted Johnny to the police station and put him in the interrogation room with Sonny. He asked both of them to put their egos aside and make an agreement for a truce. As Dante closed the interrogation room door, Olivia stormed in and wanted to know why Dante had taken Johnny out of the hospital. Dante told her that Johnny had told the truth, which exonerated Sonny. He told Olivia that Johnny and Sonny were forging a peace agreement.

Olivia was not fooled. She figured out that Dante had tricked Johnny into telling the truth. She was proud of Johnny and glad that Johnny and Sonny were both willing to make peace.

In the interrogation room, Sonny told Johnny that he was ready to put the past behind and move on. He said that he was tired of his kids getting caught in the middle. Johnny said that a truce was okay with him, but he would not give up any territory.

Sonny said fine. He said that as long as Johnny respected his territory, he would try not to take what belonged to Johnny. When Johnny asked if they had a deal, Sonny said on the condition that Johnny stayed away from Sonny's family.

Johnny said he would have made the same request, but his family was gone. Sonny responded that the truce would not work if Johnny could not let go of the past. Before Johnny responded, Claire walked in and wanted to know what was going on.

Murphy showed up at Brenda's suite. He told her that his publicist, not Suzanne had alerted him to what had happened. He wanted to leave with Brenda immediately. She worried about his commitments, but he said that the most important commitment was the one they were making to each other.

When Murphy told Brenda he was taking her to London, Brenda stopped him before he could pack for her. She told him that she was calling off their engagement because she still had unresolved feelings for another man.

After making love, Jax wanted to take Carly on a picnic. Before they could leave, Maxie knocked on the door and told Jax that Kate had approved his changes to the magazine and she wanted to show him the new cover.

Jax tried to send Maxie away, bur Carly invited her in. She wanted to know why Jax was taking a hands-on approach. When Maxie produced the magazine mock-up, Brenda dominated the cover.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At the police station, Olivia realized that Dante didn't have any real evidence against Johnny. However, she hoped that her son's white lie might lead to a truce between Sonny and Johnny. Dante warned his mother that she shouldn't get carried away if Sonny and Johnny stopped feuding. Olivia reminded Dante that it wasn't his call to make, but Dante insisted that Olivia should stay far away from Johnny.

In the interrogation room, Claire demanded to know what was going on between Sonny and Johnny. Johnny explained that he and Sonny had some unfinished business. Claire was stunned when Johnny suddenly announced that he wanted to change his statement regarding the shooting. Claire wondered if Johnny were waiving his rights to counsel. "Yes," Johnny confirmed.

Johnny admitted that he had been on Baker Street when he had seen Sonny approach. Johnny confessed that he had pulled out a gun, with the intention to kill Sonny. However, Johnny had second thoughts about shooting Sonny, so Johnny had hesitated. Johnny assured Claire that Sonny had used the opportunity to shoot Johnny in self-defense. Claire was curious what had happened to Johnny's gun. Johnny had no idea because the last thing that he had remembered was being shot, and then he'd woken up in the hospital.

Olivia was anxious to hear how the meeting between Sonny and Johnny had gone when Johnny left the interrogation room. Olivia sighed with relief when Johnny confirmed that he had changed his statement, so Sonny would not go to jail. Johnny was annoyed by Olivia's reaction, so he sarcastically suggested that Olivia break out the champagne to celebrate. "You stubborn ass, I'm grateful that you're not going to die," Olivia shouted to Johnny's back as he left the squad room.

In the interrogation room, Claire let Sonny know that he would be free to leave once the paperwork had been processed. Sonny invited Claire to dinner, but she didn't think that it would be a good idea for her to be seen at his restaurant. Sonny clarified that he wanted Claire to meet him at Greystone Manor to celebrate his freedom. Later, Claire stepped onto Sonny's patio, where Sonny was waiting with a candlelit dinner for two, soft romantic music, and wine. Claire seemed to have reservations about spending time with Sonny; however, she was happy for him and his children. Claire confessed that she had hoped that he hadn't shot an unarmed man.

Sonny admitted that he had thought a lot about Claire while he had been in lockup. Sonny was curious if she had just been playing him. Claire conceded that, in the beginning, it had been an act. Sonny felt compelled to ask if Claire had a wire on her. Claire invited him to pat her down. Sonny flirtatiously wondered if she would let him.

Claire couldn't understand why he had invited her over if he had his doubts about her. He confided that he had been curious to see if she would accept his invitation, but he was also still trying to figure her out. Claire promised that she wasn't complicated. She acknowledged that she had wanted to put him away for good, but she realized that she was no longer objective enough to prosecute him. After dinner, Claire decided it was time for her to leave.

Sonny wanted Claire to stay, but she insisted that he no longer had to try to seduce her, since she didn't pose a threat to him. Sonny kissed Claire and then explained that he didn't want any more games between them. Sonny was eager to see where things might go if they explored their attraction for each other. Sonny kissed Claire again, but she decided to leave when it ended.

Dante arrived at the loft to find Lulu sitting in a chair. Dante handed her a bouquet of flowers and then kissed her. Lulu was thrilled with the flowers, but she was curious why he had bought them. Dante revealed that he had some news that he wanted to share with her and Michael. Lulu explained that Michael had decided to spend the night at Carly's again, so they were alone. Dante was happy that he and Lulu had the loft to themselves for the night, but he also wanted to tell her his news.

Dante revealed that Johnny had changed his statement about the shooting and that Sonny and Johnny had agreed to a peace treaty. Lulu was thrilled that Dante had managed to make everything work out. Dante smiled happily and then kissed Lulu. Dante and Lulu snuggled up together on the sofa as Lulu apologized for doubting Dante. She had feared that Dante might have been tempted to bend the law to help Sonny. Lulu realized that she should have known better.

At Jason's penthouse, Jason spoke to Suzanne on the phone about the recent attacks on Brenda. Suzanne sensed that Jason was surprised by the call, so she explained that Brenda had listed him as an emergency contact. Jason demanded to know more about the attempts on Brenda's life. Suzanne explained that someone had recently tried to knife Brenda and that Interpol had become involved. Jason was curious why Brenda wasn't surrounded by security.

Suzanne revealed that Brenda had a security team in place to protect her, but Brenda didn't take the threats seriously enough, so she tended to ignore all of the security measures. Jason requested that Suzanne fax him all the details and then promised to fly to Rome that evening. However, Jason made it clear that he didn't want Brenda to know his intentions. After Jason ended the call, Sam seemed unhappy at the prospect of Jason flying to Italy to take care of Brenda. Jason explained that Brenda had listed him as an emergency contact and that there had been several attempts on Brenda's life.

Sam assured Jason that she understood, but Jason sensed that Sam remained troubled. He invited her to join him on the trip, but Sam declined. She thought that he would have enough to contend with trying to take care of Brenda. Sam grabbed her crutches and then explained that she had to run an errand, but she promised to return before he left for Rome. Jason assured Sam that he wouldn't have agreed to go unless it had been an emergency. Sam admitted that Brenda had been smart to marry Jason because he really was the best protector.

A short time later, Jason filled Spinelli in on Brenda's recent troubles. Spinelli was horrified that someone as divine as Brenda was in peril. Spinelli was eager to join Jason on the trip, but Jason made it clear that he had to deal with Brenda alone. Spinelli argued that he could be of help to Jason, but Jason refused to change his mind. Spinelli wondered if Jason preferred some privacy during his reunion with Brenda. Jason insisted that he just wanted to get to Rome, take care of the problem, and then return home.

Sam returned in time to overhear part of Jason and Spinelli's conversation before she opened the front door to enter the penthouse. Spinelli suggested that Jason might want to rekindle things with Brenda, but Jason insisted that there wasn't anything to rekindle. Spinelli argued that Rome was the eternal city of love. "What could be more romantic?" Spinelli wondered. Sam opened the door and then hobbled in. Spinelli immediately realized that Sam had overheard him.

Later, Jason returned to the living room to find Sam sitting on the sofa. He wondered where Spinelli was. Sam confessed that Spinelli had been mortified because she had overheard his comments about a possible romantic reunion with the "oh so gorgeous Brenda." Jason assured Sam that Spinelli was just being Spinelli and that he hadn't meant any harm. Sam realized that Spinelli had a rich imagination, so she didn't hold any grudges against him. However, she admitted that a part of her had been a bit insecure, but only for a second.

Jason explained that he was flying to Italy because he had to, not because he wanted to. Jason made it clear that the invitation for Sam to join him was still open. Sam appreciated Jason's consideration, but she insisted on staying in Port Charles.

In Italy, Brenda explained to Murphy that she couldn't marry him because she had unresolved feelings for someone else. Murphy apologized for being overprotective, but Brenda assured Murphy that had not been the problem. Murphy wondered if Brenda had been involved with the other man while she had been dating him, but she assured him that she hadn't. Murphy tried his best to get Brenda to reconsider breaking off their engagement, but Brenda stood firm.

Brenda was certain that Murphy would find the right woman for him one day. Eventually, Murphy accepted Brenda's decision, so he kissed her goodbye and then left. A short time later, Suzanne arrived. Suzanne was curious why Brenda had wanted to discuss a new itinerary. Brenda explained that she wanted to schedule a trip to promote her charity. Suzanne warned Brenda that it could be months, if ever, before it was safe enough for Brenda to travel.

Brenda promised to be careful, but Suzanne sensed that there was another reason for Brenda's sudden desire to take a trip. Brenda admitted that she had ended her engagement to Murphy. Suzanne realized that Brenda would not change her mind about traveling to promote the charity, so she agreed to call Cartullo to see if they would pay for the extra security that would be needed. Brenda offered to talk to Ernesto, which made Suzanne chuckle. Suzanne didn't have any doubt that Brenda could get Ernesto to foot the bill because Brenda had every man wrapped around her finger. Brenda denied it, but Suzanne challenged Brenda to name one man who wouldn't jump at Brenda's every whim. Brenda simply smiled.

In Jax's office, Carly was livid when she reviewed the various Crimson cover page mockups featuring Brenda. Carly demanded to know if it had been Jax's idea. Jax readily admitted that he had suggested Brenda for the cover. Jax assured Carly that it had been strictly a business decision. Carly didn't doubt Brenda would help increase Crimson's circulation, but she questioned the timing. Maxie took the opportunity to leave before the argument between Carly and Jax escalated.

Jax accused Carly of making too much out of the decision to have Brenda on the cover of the magazine. He promised that Carly was his ideal woman, not Brenda. Carly suggested that Jax's actions spoke louder than words. She was certain that Jax was once again competing with Sonny for Brenda's affections. Carly pointed out that Sonny had flown to Rome to see Brenda, so Jax had responded by asking Brenda to be on the cover of Crimson. Carly invited Jax to fire up the jet to fly to Rome, but Jax insisted that he was fully committed to Carly. He conceded that he had feelings for Brenda just like Carly had feelings for Sonny, but that only made Carly angrier.

At Jake's, Kate surprised Coleman with some custom made shirts from London. She was certain that Coleman would look hot in them. Coleman confessed that he would rather take off his clothes with her, not put them on. Kate chuckled and then changed the subject. She told him about Jax's plans to put Brenda Barrett on the cover of Crimson. Coleman confessed that Kate's excitement about her work turned him on.

Kate leaned forward to kiss Coleman. As they pulled apart, Patrick entered Jake's and then approached the bar to order a drink. Coleman was curious how things were going between Patrick and Robin. Patrick admitted that he was hopeful that the worst was over. As if on cue, Lisa strolled in. "Don't bet on it," Coleman warned Patrick. Patrick glanced at Lisa as she sat down at one of the tables. Coleman advised Patrick to stay away from Lisa, but Patrick insisted that he knew what he was doing.

After Patrick walked away, Coleman offered to close the bar early, so that he and Kate could spend some time together. Kate looked up from her cell phone with an anxious expression. She explained that she had to leave to take care of an emergency at the magazine. Kate dashed off before Coleman could stop her. A short time later, Kate stormed into Jax's office to demand to know if he had seriously considered pulling Brenda from the cover of Crimson just because Carly had her "panties in a twist."

Jax wondered why Kate cared, since she had never considered putting Brenda on the cover of the magazine. Kate quickly corrected Jax; Brenda had been on Kate's short list for some time. Kate explained that Brenda was connected to a respected charity, dating a famous movie star, and represented Kate's favorite fashion house, Cartullo. Kate insisted that the timing couldn't be more perfect. She was certain that Brenda would boost the magazine's circulation.

Jax explained that no one had even contacted Brenda, so it had never been a confirmed deal. Kate threatened to contact Brenda's people herself if Jax was afraid of angering Carly. Jax acknowledged that he was interested in the bottom line, too, but he suspected that there was another reason that Kate wanted Brenda on the cover. Kate admitted that she didn't like Carly and knew that Jax and Carly had been on the outs. Kate thought that it might be the perfect opportunity for Jax to explore things with Brenda. According to Kate, Brenda was just the kind of person that Jax should be with.

Carly marched into Jake's in a fit of fury. She demanded a shot of whiskey and a beer and then sat down at the bar. Coleman slid a beer towards Carly and then poured her a shot. Coleman was curious what Carly was drinking to. "Keeping what's mine," Carly answered as she knocked back the shot and then chased it with a beer. Carly complained that Brenda was like a bad penny; she kept turning up.

Carly told Coleman about Sonny's trip to Rome as well as Jax's decision to feature Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Coleman admitted that Brenda was a beautiful woman. He wondered if it were true that Brenda had been married to Jason. "Yes," Carly snarled. Carly claimed that Jason had married Brenda for Brenda's own "selfish purposes." However, Carly proudly pointed out that Brenda hadn't been able to get Jax or Sonny to marry her, whereas Carly had. Carly insisted that Sonny, Jax, and Jason belonged to her, in different ways, so she refused to share them with Brenda.

Patrick joined Lisa at her table. Lisa quickly used the opportunity to put down Robin and justify the one-night stand that Lisa and Patrick had shared. Patrick insisted that he wanted to work things out with Robin, but Lisa argued that no one knew what the future held. Moments later, Robin marched up to the table. Robin pretended to be angry that she had found Patrick with Lisa.

Lisa suggested that Robin was mad because she didn't want Patrick, but she didn't want anyone else to have Patrick either. Robin turned to Patrick and then demanded to know if he intended to let Lisa talk to her that way. Patrick suggested that Robin was blowing things out of proportion. Robin angrily reminded Patrick of all of his apologies, yet she had found him with Lisa. Robin assured Lisa that she could have Patrick and then walked away.

Lisa apologized for making matters worse, but Patrick insisted that it wasn't necessary. He was tired of apologizing to Robin, so he refused to continue doing it. Lisa thought that it was for the best because Patrick had obviously been chafing under Robin's strict rules. Lisa pointed out that Patrick was a free man, so she was happy to have the old Patrick back.

Steve joined Robin at one of the booths in Jake's. He was curious why Robin had requested that he make it appear that their meeting had been planned. Robin quickly filled Steve in on her and Patrick's plan to force Lisa to reveal her true colors. They had hoped that Steve would help them by making it look as if Robin were moving on with him. Steve thought that it was a bad idea because it could make the situation worse.

Robin was disappointed that Steve had turned down her request, but she accepted his decision. Steve offered to drive Robin home, so they left together. Nearby, Lisa suggested to Patrick that the meeting between Robin and Steve had been for Patrick's benefit. Patrick thought that perhaps it was for the best that he and Robin move on. Lisa agreed.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

At the police station, Patrick wondered why Robin wanted to speak with him in the interrogation room. Robin explained that it was the only place where they didn't have to fear that Lisa would overhear them. Patrick noticed Mac glaring at him through the window. After Maxie dragged Mac away, Patrick tried to talk to Robin about their marriage, but Robin insisted that she wasn't ready. Robin wanted to focus on how they could best protect their daughter.

Robin announced that her review for the suspension would be the perfect opportunity for her to push Patrick into the arms of his "mistress." Robin admitted that she didn't want to drag things out. She feared that Lisa was too unstable to risk prolonging their plan. Patrick agreed; he wanted Lisa out of their lives as soon as possible. Robin confessed that she was furious and hurt because she had defended Patrick when others had questioned his relationship with Lisa. She was determined to never again second-guess her instincts, which had told her that something had been going on between Patrick and Lisa.

In the squad room, Maxie chastised Mac for spying on Patrick and Robin. Mac admitted that he didn't think that Patrick deserved Robin. Maxie argued that Patrick had been "crawling on broken glass" to show Robin how sorry he was for sleeping with Lisa. Mac didn't think that Patrick was sorry; he was certain that Patrick's only regret was getting caught. Mac believed that Patrick would have continued the affair if Lisa hadn't turned out to be such a "nutcase."

Maxie advised Mac to trust Robin. She was confident that teaming up to expose Lisa would help Patrick and Robin to save their marriage. Mac didn't want Patrick and Robin to work things out; he wanted Robin to leave the "cheater." Maxie was hurt. She reminded Mac that she had personal experience that cheaters were capable of loving someone. Mac felt terrible for his harsh words, but Maxie walked away. Moments later, Mac entered the interrogation room to inform Patrick and Robin that it was time to wrap it up.

Robin confessed that she had no idea what she would say to convince Lisa that things were over between Robin and Patrick, but she was certain that she would think of something. Patrick assured Robin that he was truly sorry for hurting her, but Mac suggested that Patrick go somewhere else with his apologies. After Patrick left, Robin walked into Mac's outstretched arms. Robin had no idea that Patrick's infidelity would hurt so much. Mac advised Robin to remember that when she was thinking about forgiving Patrick.

Later, Robin arrived for the meeting to review her suspension. Steve, Patrick, and Lisa were already waiting. After Robin sat down, Steve invited Lisa to have the first word. Robin crossed her arms and then smiled indulgently as Lisa played the role of concerned victim to the hilt. According to Lisa, Robin was in desperate need of psychiatric help because Robin had run Lisa down with a car, then boiled Emma's toy in a lab beaker, and tried to blame the disturbing act on Lisa.

Lisa made a point of reminding Steve that Robin had also threatened Lisa's life on several occasions. Lisa believed that Robin's increasingly erratic behavior was a desperate cry for help. Robin shot back that Lisa was the one who needed help. Robin called Lisa a "home-wrecking, child-stealing bitch," who was trying to steal Robin's life. Robin insisted that Lisa was welcome to have Patrick, but she wanted Lisa to leave Robin's child and career alone. Lisa turned to Patrick for support, but he remained silent.

Lisa argued that Robin's refusal to get professional help made Robin unfit to practice medicine. Robin demanded to know if Steve and Patrick realized that she was being set up. Patrick pretended to try to defuse the situation by taking full responsibility for the affair and suggesting that he was the one that Robin should be mad at. Robin called Lisa a "skank" and then suggested that Patrick didn't want to admit that Lisa was guilty of wrongdoing because he wanted to continue the affair.

Robin angrily suggested that she and Steve leave, so that Patrick and Lisa could "screw" on the conference room table. Steve admitted that counseling sounded like a reasonable request. Robin was hurt that Steve had sided with Lisa. Robin considered the review a joke and then made it clear that she would not undergo therapy because there was nothing wrong with her. Steve explained that he didn't have a choice; he had to keep Robin's suspension in place.

Robin refused to work with people who were plotting against her. After Robin stormed out of the room, Steve admitted that he was disappointed because Robin had been a true asset to the hospital. After Steve walked out, Patrick insisted that Robin hadn't deserved what had happened. Lisa argued that it had been bound to happen because Patrick and Robin didn't belong together. However, Lisa was confident that Robin would eventually get the help that she needed. Lisa advised Patrick to focus on being a good father and getting back to the man he really was. She assured Patrick that she would always be available if he needed someone to talk to.

At Kelly's, Carly had Josslyn on her lap as she explained to her daughter that they had to give Josslyn's daddy a wake-up call, so he wouldn't think about chasing the past. Moments later, Jax entered the dinner after his daily jog. Jax was surprised to see Carly and Josslyn, but Carly informed Jax not to read into anything. Carly insisted that she and Josslyn just happened to be there, so it had merely been a coincidence. Jax didn't believe Carly.

Carly claimed that they had to be nice, since Josslyn was present, but she let Jax know that she was insulted that he had put Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Jax promised that Carly that she was the only woman that he loved. Carly wondered if Jax had considered how she would feel to see Brenda on the cover of his magazine. Jax insisted that it had been strictly about business. Carly argued that Jax was in denial, but Jax insisted that Brenda was out of his life.

Carly made it clear that she would not invest in their relationship if Brenda remained in the picture. Jax decided that he had to go shower, but he offered to continue their discussion later, once Carly had calmed down. After Jax left, Carly hefted Josslyn onto her hip and then started to leave. Carly stopped in her tracks when Nikolas and Brook entered the diner. As Brook sat down, Carly warned Nikolas that Brook was a traitor who would eventually double-cross him.

Brook waited until Carly left before she commented, "That was very Carly." Brook hoped that he didn't believe Carly. Nikolas admitted that he did; however, he didn't intend to give Brook the opportunity to take advantage of him. Things turned ugly when Lulu strolled in a few minutes later. Lulu made a few nasty comments about Brook until Nikolas tactfully tried to change the subject.

After Lulu left, Nikolas assured Brook that he could draw his own conclusions about Brook. He was curious why she had refused to accept money from the Quartermaines. Brook explained that she didn't want to give up control over her own life. Nikolas appreciated her honesty. He switched gears by pointing out that Brook was in desperate need of a wardrobe change. Brook smiled when he wondered if she had ever shopped with a prince.

Later, Carly arrived at Jax's office in time to hear him instruct Maxie to remove all traces of Brenda from the magazine. Maxie argued that it was an unreasonable request because Brenda was the new face of Cartullo. She explained that they couldn't keep the winter ad campaign out of Crimson. Jax was confident that he could persuade Cartullo to go with another ad campaign. Carly stormed into the office and then accused Jax of staging the meeting for her benefit.

Maxie quietly slipped out of the office while Jax insisted that he had no way of knowing that Carly would hear his conversation with Maxie. Carly disagreed; she reminded him that he had asked her to meet him at the office, so he had probably been alerted when Carly had entered the building. Jax dropped the act as he assured Carly that Brenda wouldn't be in the magazine. Carly explained that Brenda appearing in Crimson had not been the problem; Carly was upset over the idea that Brenda remained in Jax's heart.

Jax promised that Carly was the only woman in his heart. He refused to give up on their marriage because she was the mother of their daughter. Carly confessed that she always felt as if something were waiting to trip them up. Jax vowed not to let anything happen to them. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with Carly.

At the loft, Dante kissed Lulu awake. Lulu smiled as she admitted that she didn't need an alarm clock with Dante around. Moments later, the phone rang. Lulu was surprised to hear Lucky on the other end of the line. Lucky claimed that he was at Heathrow Airport in London, on Luke's trail, but he needed to speak to Dante. Lulu handed Dante the phone and then went to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

After Dante assured Lucky that Lulu was out of the room, Lucky explained that he had been recruited by Interpol to go undercover as Ronan O'Reilly. Lucky wondered what Dante knew about Galway United. Dante knew that Galway United had a soccer team, but he reminded Lucky that the Irish referred to soccer as football. Lucky revealed that he had only been given hours to prepare for his undercover assignment, so he needed Dante to get on the computer to do some research for him. Dante offered Lucky some pointers on undercover work: listen, speak as little as possible, and take down anyone who messed with him.

Later, Lulu tried to find out why Lucky had called. Dante pointed out that Lucky would have told her if he had wanted her to know. Lulu suggested that Lucky might have kept quiet if he thought that Luke was in danger because Lucky knew that Lulu would head to London to help. After Lulu left, Dante headed to the police station, where he encountered Ronnie. Dante immediately accused Ronnie of being a dirty cop because Ronnie had tried to frame Sonny by getting rid of Johnny's gun. According to Ronnie, Sonny compromised Dante's badge every day by walking around a free man. Moments later, Dante received a call from the dean of Michael's school.

At Madison Prep School, Michael met with the dean. Mr. Buckley explained that Madison Prep was not in the business of rehabilitating criminals. Mr. Buckley revealed that there were a lot of parents who were rightfully concerned about their children attending school with Michael. Mr. Buckley wondered if the parents had any reason to be worried. Michael didn't answer, so Mr. Buckley revealed that he had a troubled nephew; he knew that children could make mistakes. Michael began to fidget as Mr. Buckley conceded that, with half a chance, Michael could get his life back on track.

Mr. Buckley made it clear that Michael would be expected to apply himself and that he would be held to a much higher standard than the other children. Michael realized that Mr. Buckley didn't want him at the school. "Not true," Mr. Buckley corrected Michael. However, Mr. Buckley explained that he would be forced to expel Michael if there were problems. Michael assured the dean that he was not looking for trouble.

Taylor sensed that Kristina was nervous as they stood in the school's courtyard. Kristina admitted that she was worried about Michael. Her face lit up when she spotted Michael heading towards them. She hugged her brother and then introduced him to Taylor Wallace. Michael smiled when he realized that Taylor was as miserable as Michael was to be at Madison Prep. Moments later, Bryce Hawthorne walked up. Bryce was annoyed because Kristina had not replied to any of his emails.

Kristina explained that she had been busy and then introduced Taylor to Bryce. Bryce sniped that Taylor must have been the reason that Kristina hadn't attended Kiefer's funeral. Taylor quickly clarified that he and Kristina were just friends, but Bryce didn't seem to care. Bryce warned Taylor not to be caught crossing the street if Kristina's mother were behind the wheel of a car. Michael warned Bryce that the remark had been uncalled for.

Bryce made it clear that Michael didn't intimidate him just because Michael had spent "five minutes" in jail. Things quickly escalated between Bryce and Michael when Bryce tossed out a few more insults and the shoved Michael up against a wall. A short time later, Dante arrived at the school. Mr. Buckley explained that Michael had assaulted one of the students. Dante decided to question the students about the fight. Kristina insisted that Bryce had started it, but Mr. Buckley suggested that Kristina wasn't objective because Michael was her brother.

Dante talked to a few students, but they had witnessed the fight, not what had led to it. Meanwhile, Bryce accused Michael of attacking him without provocation. Mr. Buckley decided that he had no choice but to expel Michael. Kristina was relieved when Taylor returned to the courtyard. Taylor quickly explained that Bryce was a bully who had instigated the fight. A few other students confirmed Taylor's accusations. Dante wanted to press charges against Bryce, but Michael asked his brother to drop it.

Later, Dante and Michael returned to the loft. Dante wondered why Michael hadn't spoken up about what had really transpired. Michael didn't think that anyone would take the word of an ex-con over an honor roll student. Dante accused Bryce of being a "lying sack of crap." Dante was impressed that Michael hadn't pulled any punches. Michael explained that Bryce had shoved Michael back against the wall, which Michael had learned not to let happen in Pentonville. Dante sensed that Michael was holding something back, so he suggested that it was time for them to discuss what had happened in jail.

Kristina bumped into Ethan outside of Kelly's. She confessed that he was one of the few people she was happy to see. As she sat down at Ethan's table, she told him about the fight between Michael and Bryce. Kristina admitted that she was grateful that Dante had gotten to the truth, but she felt bad for Michael. She opened up about the emotional scars that she and Michael had. Ethan assured her that everyone had them. Kristina revealed that therapy had helped her, but she wasn't sure about Michael. Ethan advised Kristina to focus on herself. He had complete faith in her. Maya walked up moments later.

Ethan walked over to Maya and then asked if she knew when their first kiss was. Maya admitted that it had been a month before. Ethan agreed and then complained that it had been too long. Kristina looked uncomfortable as she watched Ethan lean forward to kiss Maya, so she turned her head away from the couple.

In Ireland, the bartender slid a pint of Ronan's usual ale to Lucky. Posing as Ronan, Lucky questioned the bartender if anyone had been looking for him. The bartender shook his head, but seconds later, a young woman with long red hair stormed into the tavern, accused Ronan of being a "murdering bastard," and then slapped him. The bartender immediately intervened.

The bartender warned Siobhan that he didn't want trouble in his place. Lucky offered to buy Siobhan a drink, but she wasn't interested. She was livid because Ronan had killed someone named Donnie. The bartender reminded Siobhan that Donnie had known the risks, so Ronan was not to blame for Donnie's death. The tension mounted when a man named Liam marched into the tavern with deadly intent. Liam pulled out a knife and then tried to attack Lucky, thinking that he was Ronan.

Lucky maintained his cover as he tried to fend off the attack. Eventually, Lucky gained the upper hand. Lucky allowed Liam to leave with a warning. Siobhan demanded, "Who the hell are you and what have you done with Ronan O'Reilly?"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

At the loft, Michael refused to tell Dante about what had happened in prison. Michael promised to walk away the next time someone tried to provoke him into a fight. Dante realized that Carter had really messed with Michael's head. Dante insisted that whatever had happened wasn't Michael's fault because Franco had pulled Carter's strings. Michael yelled out for Dante to drop the matter. Michael appreciated that Dante had arranged for Michael's early release from jail and that he had persuaded Mr. Buckley not to expel him, but he resented Dante acting as if he knew what it had been like for Michael in jail.

Dante acknowledged that Michael shouldn't have gone to Pentonville. "That's on me," Dante assured his brother. Michael reminded Dante that Jason had been there for him. Dante advised Michael to talk to Jason. Michael immediately rejected the suggestion. He insisted that Dante could help by not mentioning Pentonville again.

In Jax's office, Carly and Jax discussed the state of their rocky relationship. Carly didn't want to live with the constant ups and downs. Jax realized that he had hurt Carly deeply, but he insisted that he loved her. Carly admitted that she loved Jax too, but she worried that they wouldn't be able to make their marriage work because they hadn't managed to so far. Jax conceded that she had a point, but he thought that their love should count for something. He pleaded with her to give their family another chance. Carly softened towards Jax and then kissed him.

Dante entered the office moments later. Jax and Carly pulled apart from their kiss as Dante confessed that he was happy to find them together. Dante quickly filled them in on Michael's fight at Madison Prep. Carly was furious because the school hadn't called her. Dante explained that he had been listed on the court records as the person to notify. Carly was not pleased; she argued that Dante should have gotten in touch with her. Dante assured her that he had handled it.

Carly went to the penthouse to talk to Jason, but Sam explained that Jason had flown to Rome to help Brenda. Carly was livid. Carly insisted that Michael needed Jason, as did Carly. Carly demanded to know when Jason would be back, but Sam didn't know. Carly complained that Jason was not put on earth to take care of Brenda. Sam suggested that Jason might have felt obligated to help Brenda because they had been married once.

According to Carly, Carly and her children were Jason's first priority and Carly refused to share that with Brenda. Sam guided Carly to the sofa and then invited her to sit down. Sam was curious if Carly thought that Jason had feelings for Brenda. "Not the way that you think," Carly assured Sam. Carly was confident that Jason saw through Brenda's act and that he was not into someone who was high maintenance.

However, Carly acknowledged that Jason had felt compelled to help Brenda. Before Carly could elaborate, someone knocked on the door. It was Michael. Michael was looking for Jason. Carly and Sam revealed that Jason wasn't there. Carly wondered if she could have a moment alone with Michael. After Sam left, Carly questioned Michael about the fight at Madison Prep.

Michael explained that Dante had taken care of everything. Carly was angry that she hadn't been notified. Michael pointed out that Carly would have likely made matters worse. Michael changed the subject by asking were Jason was. Carly grumbled that Jason was in Rome saving Brenda. Michael wondered why Carly seemed so upset. Carly insisted that Brenda was nothing but trouble.

Claire was outraged as she barged into the parlor at Greystone Manor. She was upset because Sonny had sent Max to her office with a gift. Sonny reminded Max that he had instructed Max to drop the earrings off at Claire's home. Max explained that Claire was always at work, so he had taken the gift there. Claire was horrified because it wasn't good for her career to have Sonny's bodyguard dropping off extravagant presents.

Claire assured Max that she didn't blame him. Sonny quickly dismissed Max and then explained that he hadn't meant any harm by giving her the earrings. Claire didn't want the present. She explained that she had recused herself from working on any future investigations into Sonny's illegal activities because she had a conflict of interest. Claire assured Sonny that the earrings weren't necessary.

Sonny wondered why she was fighting so hard not to explore a relationship with him. Claire confessed that she didn't know the rules anymore. She had a feeling that Sonny was using her. Sonny promised that what happened between them had nothing to do with their careers; he was genuinely interested in her. Sonny invited her to have dinner with him. She agreed, but only if he took the earrings back.

Later, Max admitted that he was surprised that Claire hadn't been happy about the earrings. Max confided that Diane loved receiving jewelry; in fact, Diane insisted on it. Sonny thought that Diane was a very wise woman. Max and Sonny continued to discuss women. Sonny confided that he intended to let Claire think that she had the upper hand during dinner, so that she would make the first move. Max was impressed by Sonny's clever plan; however, he was relieved that he didn't have to play those kinds of games with Diane.

Max revealed that Diane was happy as long as everything was fine in the bedroom. Sonny admitted that Max was a lucky man. After Max left, Sonny wandered out to the patio. He picked up the jewelry box that Claire had returned and then recalled a time, long before, when Brenda had been upset about a bracelet that Sonny had given her. "Anyone I know?" Dante wondered as he joined Sonny on the veranda.

Sonny snapped out of his musings as Dante filled him in on Michael's fight at school. Dante revealed that Sonny would have been proud of Kristina because she had gone to bat for Michael. Sonny appreciated that Dante had stopped by to let him know about Michael. Dante glanced at the romantic table set for two and then deduced that Sonny was expecting Claire. Dante explained that he had heard about Claire's decision to recuse herself from prosecuting Sonny in the future.

Dante was curious if Sonny were using Claire. Sonny confessed that, in a way, he was. Sonny explained that he had recently seen Brenda. Sonny liked Claire, but he hoped that she would help him forget about Brenda. Sonny wondered if that were wrong.

Claire went to Jax's office after she received his message requesting that she meet him. Jax revealed that he had heard about Claire's decision to recuse herself from any cases involving Sonny. Jax was disappointed that she had walked into Sonny's trap. According to Jax, Claire had been the best and brightest, so Sonny had realized that his only hope to avoid a conviction was to seduce Claire. Claire didn't think that Jax was objective, but Jax urged Claire not to fall for Sonny like all the other women before her.

Jason arrived in Rome. Suzanne Stanwyck introduced herself, but it was clear that Jason was not what she had expected. She couldn't believe that he was Brenda's ex-husband. Jason tried to get to the bottom of what was going on with Brenda, but Suzanne refused to answer his questions until she had more background information on Jason's relationship with Brenda. Suzanne was curious how Jason and Brenda had ended up married. Jason explained that he had been Brenda's only option.

"Meaning?" Suzanne probed. "She had no other options," Jason replied. Suzanne was frustrated by Jason's lack of cooperation. Jason finally relented by volunteering that Brenda had feared that she might be sick. Brenda had needed someone to make legal decisions for her if her illness became too bad. Jason explained that the other two men in Brenda's life had been married, so Jason had been the only person available. "So you're not in love with her?" Suzanne asked.

Jason made it clear that he and Brenda did not get along, but he was determined to protect her. Suzanne appreciated his honesty. She confessed it had been impossible to protect Brenda. Jason knew that Brenda hated bodyguards, so he realized that it had been a challenge for Suzanne to keep Brenda safe. Suzanne thought that it was generous of Jason to offer to protect Brenda, but she questioned if perhaps Jason suffered from a savior complex. Jason explained that Brenda meant a lot to several people close to Jason.

Suzanne acknowledged that Brenda had a gift for inspiring people to care about her. Jason insisted that he didn't need to care about Brenda. Suzanne chuckled; he was the exception to the rule because most men found Brenda compelling and impossible to leave.

Brenda was surprised to find a rack of stunning wedding gowns waiting for her when she arrived at a photo shoot. Gilles, the photographer, explained that Cartullo had planned to do a winter wedding ad campaign. Brenda made it clear that she did not model wedding dresses, so Gilles assured her that they would get some different gowns for her to wear. Later, Brenda wore a stunning silver gown as Gilles prepared to snap photos of her. Gilles made idle conversation with her by asking if Brenda had ever been married.

Brenda recalled her wedding to Jason. She smiled as she admitted that she had been married once. Gilles was curious what the best part of marriage had been. "Getting divorced," Brenda laughingly answered. As the photo shoot progressed, Gilled continued to ask Brenda questions about her past. Brenda became lost in thoughts about how each of her weddings to Sonny and Jax had ended before they had a chance to exchange vows. Brenda became emotionally upset as she recalled the heartbreak of Sonny leaving her at the altar.

Gilles sensed that Brenda was troubled. Brenda asked for a break, so that she could compose herself. A short time later, Brenda arrived at her suite in a foul mood. Brenda demanded to know why Suzanne hadn't warned her that it would be a photo shoot for wedding dresses. Suzanne admitted that she hadn't known, but she was relieved that Brenda had opted to fulfill her obligations to Cartullo.

Brenda informed Suzanne that she expected Cartullo to pay all of the necessary costs for the trip to promote Brenda's pet charity. Suzanne warned Brenda that it might not happen because it wasn't worth risking Brenda's life. Brenda explained that she had done the photo shoot to satisfy Cartullo. Brenda hated modeling because it was a mindless and pointless occupation, but she did it because Suzanne had insisted that Brenda's fame would shine the spotlight on the Allegiance to Save Exploited Children. Suzanne acknowledged she had told Brenda that, but Suzanne argued that it had become too dangerous.

Brenda was furious because her ineffectual security team had not done their job. As Brenda ranted, Jason stood in the hallway eavesdropping on Brenda and Suzanne's conversation. Brenda angrily demanded that Suzanne find someone who could provide adequate security because Brenda intended to travel on behalf of ASEC. Moments later, Jason knocked on the door. Brenda marched to the door to open it despite Suzanne's protests. Brenda immediately tried to slam the door shut when she saw Jason standing on the doorstep.

Jason pushed his way into Brenda's suite. Suzanne quickly excused herself and then left. Jason informed Brenda that her security was lacking because it had taken him less than ten minutes to gain access to her room. Brenda didn't care because Jason was just a hired killer. Jason reminded Brenda that the men trying to get to her were also professional killers. He wondered if Brenda wanted to die.

Brenda argued that Suzanne had exaggerated matters. She reminded Jason that it had been eight years since they had seen each other, so she demanded to know what he was doing there. Brenda worried that Sonny had sent him. She was stunned when Jason admitted that Sonny had no idea that he was in Rome.

In Ireland, Lucky, posing as Ronan, offered to buy Siobhan a drink. Siobhan admitted that he was finally acting like the Ronan that she knew and hated. Siobhan couldn't understand why Ronan had let Liam, Donnie's brother, go when Ronan had been quick to murder her beloved Donnie. Lucky suggested that he didn't want to see her heartbroken again. Siobhan sat down at one of the tavern tables to continue her conversation with the man she believed was Ronan O'Reilly.

Lucky quickly discovered that Ronan had gunned Donnie down in the street. Siobhan admitted that she was tired of all of the violence. Lucky admitted that he was, too, so she challenged him to change it. According to Siobhan, Ronan had the power to stop it. Lucky was surprised when Siobhan suddenly suggested that he take her someplace where they could be alone.

Lucky took Siobhan to Ronan's apartment. Lucky offered Siobhan a drink, but she declined. When Lucky turned to face her, he found himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Siobhan threatened to kill Lucky, but Lucky managed to snatch the gun out of her grasp. He advised her to follow through with her threats and not stand so close to the person she intended to kill that he could pull the gun out of her hand. Lucky held out the gun and then invited her to try again.

Siobhan took the gun, but didn't shoot. Lucky realized that it wasn't in Siobhan to murder someone, so he urged her to put the gun down, leave, and then find a way to be happy again. Siobhan was more certain than ever that Lucky was not Ronan O'Reilly.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Carly ranted to Michael about Jason having flown to Rome to bail Brenda out of "whatever mess she's gotten herself into this time." Carly wondered what it was about Brenda that had men jumping to her beck and call. Michael wanted to know why Jason helping Brenda bothered Carly so much. She replied that Jason should have been at home, where Michael needed him. Michael assured his mom that Jason loved them both and would always be there for them.

In Rome, Brenda accused Jason of lying when he told her Sonny had not sent him. Jason informed Brenda that the charges against Sonny had been dropped and that Sonny hadn't even mentioned Brenda to him. Jason wanted to focus on beefing up security for Brenda, but she wanted to know if Sonny had been seeing anyone. Jason reported that Sonny was dating a woman but that it didn't appear to be serious.

Jason admitted that it had been Suzanne who had informed him that Brenda was in danger. Brenda got angry that Suzanne was, in Brenda's opinion, overreacting. Brenda and Jason argued over whether or not he would protect her.

As Spinelli entered Jason's penthouse, he received a call from Jason. Carly demanded to talk to Jason, but Jason told Spinelli to make Carly wait. Brenda tore the phone from Jason's ear at the same time Carly yanked Spinelli's phone from him. Carly and Brenda got into it over the phone until Jason took his phone back. Carly whined to him about Michael having almost gotten expelled from school. Michael snatched the phone from Carly and explained that he had gotten into a fight but that it had been no big deal. He gave the phone back to Spinelli.

Jason directed Spinelli to dig up any and all information on the Balkan. After Carly and Michael left, Spinelli set about to discover what he could about the crime figure. Dante arrived and asked for Jason because they needed to discuss Michael. As Spinelli explained that Carly and Michael had already informed Jason of the incident at school, Dante noticed that Spinelli had been researching the Balkan. Dante threatened to arrest Spinelli if Spinelli didn't tell Dante everything he knew about the criminal. Spinelli replied that he didn't know as much, apparently, as Dante did.

Brenda asked who Spinelli was, and Jason explained that Spinelli was a hacker who could access information that Interpol was unlikely to share. Jason asked if Brenda had any idea why the Balkan would want to harm her. She explained that the work she was doing to end child slavery was a threat to the Balkan's criminal empire. Jason said there had to be more to it than that and demanded to know what Brenda had done to raise the ire of such a powerful figure. Brenda was angered by the accusation but agreed to let Jason be her bodyguard. She told him he needed a tux, because they were going to a gala.

Jax told Claire that Sonny had used her, just as he had countless women before her, to take away her power over him. He complained that, by publicly stating she had a conflict of interest, she was no longer in a position to take Sonny down. She had been the best chance to ensure that Sonny pay for his crimes, Jax argued. Claire explained that she had removed herself from the case so that she could know whether Sonny wanted her for her or if he just wanted to use her. Jax angrily told Claire that she was throwing away her career and putting herself in danger.

Sonny and Dante sat in Sonny's study and bonded over their troubled romantic relationships. Dante shared an experience he'd had with a coworker. Sonny said that the two of them were more alike than he'd realized. Sonny talked about his feelings for Brenda. He said that, as much as he'd been able to fall in love with other women since, he'd never gotten over Brenda.

Dante cautioned Sonny to be careful and not risk hurting Claire just to help get over Brenda. As Dante left, he reminded Sonny that he still intended to send Sonny to prison. Sonny replied that it had been nice that, at least for the evening, he and Dante had just been father and son. Claire arrived, which prompted Dante to call Claire a hypocrite.

Sonny served Claire a homemade dinner at a candle-lit table on his veranda. Claire shared with him Jax's warning that she would become another in a long line of women Sonny used. She said that having taken herself off of Sonny's case had been the most liberating thing she'd ever done. Sonny said that he didn't want Claire to have any regrets over her decision. She told him that she had none and kissed him. They made their way to his bedroom, and Claire began to undress.

In Ireland, Siobhan confronted Lucky with her suspicion that he was not Ronan O'Reilly. She said she could see compassion in his eyes. Lucky dropped his brogue and told her he was an undercover cop. Siobhan didn't believe him but was impressed by his "Yank" accent. However, she sensed a difference from the man she'd known. She asked Lucky how he'd happened to "pick up a soul."

He replied that he'd found God. He explained how he'd hidden in a church after he'd killed a man and that it had finally dawned on him that maybe there was a God and that maybe it wasn't too late for Ronan to be saved. Siobhan replied that she wished his salvation had come before he'd killed the love of her life.

As she left, she warned Lucky that having a conscious could get him killed. As soon as Siobhan was gone, Lucky received a call from a man who told him to meet someone at "the usual place" in ten minutes. Lucky, as Ronan, told the man that they'd have to meet somewhere else because he'd "been made." Later, the man called again and said that the contact would come to Ronan. Just then, there was a knock on Lucky's door.

At the hospital, Steven lamented having had to suspend Robin. As Patrick said that sleeping with Lisa had been the biggest mistake of his life, Lisa walked in and asked, "What mistake?" Patrick and Steven quickly covered by saying they were talking about Patrick having double-booked the operating room. Lisa asked to speak to Patrick alone, and they left Steven.

She announced that she'd gotten tickets to the NASCAR race in Dover and that the two of them could make it a weekend trip. Patrick reluctantly agreed, which prompted Lisa to kiss him-just as Steven walked around the corner. Lisa left, and Steven berated Patrick for allowing the kiss. Patrick explained that Lisa wanted to go away for the weekend with him. Steven offered to rearrange the schedule so that Patrick would have to stay in town that weekend.

As Robin and Maxie sat in Mac's living room, Robin shared that Steven had suspended her from her duties at the hospital. However, she explained, it was part of the plan to fool Lisa into believing that Robin was losing the battle. The hope was that Lisa would relax enough around Patrick to incriminate herself.

Maxie expressed her hope that Robin and Patrick would rebuild their marriage once Lisa was out of the picture. Robin said that pretending her marriage was falling apart was proving to be easy. Maxie explained that, sometimes, a person could make a mistake and be unfaithful to their spouse, but it wouldn't necessarily mean that they don't still love their partner. Robin thanked Maxie for her optimism but stated that keeping Emma safe was the only concern.

Later, Steven visited Robin to find out how she was. He reported that Lisa had wasted no time moving in on Patrick and that Lisa had asked Patrick to go away with her that weekend. Robin replied that the only way to turn the situation around was to lead Lisa into believing that she had successfully ruined Robin's life.

Maxie confronted Patrick at the hospital and told him that the plan to trick Lisa had better work. She cautioned him not to play his part too well and end up in bed with Lisa again. Patrick explained that he was only allowing Lisa to think that he was falling for her just long enough to trip her up so they could get her fired. As he spoke, Lisa descended the stairs and overheard everything Patrick had said.

Later, Lisa and Maxie got into an argument at the nurses' station. Maxie called Lisa a "disgusting piece of trash." Patrick returned and Lisa left. He told Maxie not to provoke Lisa, but Maxie replied that she was just doing her part to keep up the front. Patrick warned Maxie not to underestimate Lisa.

Maxie changed the subject and let Patrick know that she had been putting in a good word to Robin about him but that Maxie would turn against him if he hurt Robin again. He explained that he'd had to agree to go away with Lisa for the weekend but that he was working to get out of it at the last minute. Lisa eavesdropped on them as they spoke.

Patrick and Maxie went their separate ways, and Lisa returned to the nurses' station. She wrote a prescription for a dangerous new experimental drug and asked a nurse to have it filled for her. Lisa reasoned that she needed to start someone she was treating on the medication and needed to go over the possible deleterious side effects with the patient.

Carly returned home to find Jax in the living room. He let her know that they had the entire house to themselves for the night. Carly suggested that they slow things down because every time they tried to rebuild their relationship, it fell apart again. Jax asked Carly to let go of her fears and resume their marriage. She responded with a kiss and asked what would be the next step. Jax suggested that he move back in.

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