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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 11, 2010 on GH
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Monday, October 11, 2010

In Ireland, Lucky kissed Siobhan, who immediately kicked him in the stomach. She also slapped him and accused him of kissing her so that she would not be tempted to tell anyone that he was an undercover cop. Lucky told Siobhan that his life was in her hands. She said that kissing was a good trick. Lucky said that he was not trying to trick her. He said that he was trying to protect her because he did not want her to get hurt. He said that she was already in danger because she knew too much.

Siobhan said that for all Lucky knew, she was in cahoots with the Balkan, but Lucky said he thought not. Before they could spar further, Luke knocked on the door in his Irish priest persona. In character, he told Lucky that he had gotten out of jail by bribing a policeman. Siobhan was not taken in and told Lucky that he should take his priest and go home before someone took his life. After she stalked out, Lucky asked Luke if he had any idea how much time Lucky had spent trying to get Siobhan to trust him.

Luke apologized and said he had only been trying to help. When Lucky's phone rang, it was the Balkan telling him to meet in the alley behind the pub. Siobhan was hiding in the alley when Lucky arrived for the meeting. She overheard the Balkan's man tell Lucky to find Brenda Barrett and kidnap her for the Balkan.

At the Crimson offices, Sam and Lulu discussed Brenda and the effect that she was having on the men of Port Charles. Sam said Jason was not bowled over by Brenda, but did feel the need to protect her. Sam admitted that she would be glad when Brenda went back to Rome.

Lulu said she was glad that Sonny was the great love of Brenda's life so that Brenda would stay occupied with him. Maxie arrived and was upset that Spinelli was a blubbering mess over Brenda and thought she was the incarnation of Ariel Blaine, superspy, a character from a computer game. Maxie wanted Sam to force Jason to send Brenda back to Rome, but when Sam said that she could not do that because Jason had appointed himself Brenda's guardian, Maxie said that she would take care of it.

Carly stomped into Jax's office and demanded that he never see Brenda again. He said that he would stop seeing Brenda if she stopped seeing Sonny. Jax called it compromising. Carly said that it was not the same because she had children with Sonny.

Jax said that his friendship with Brenda was no threat to his relationship with Carly. Carly said that if he loved her, he would care how she felt and would stay away from Brenda. Jax said that he and Brenda had a lot of history, and he did not want to see Sonny get his hooks into Brenda again. Carly wanted to know if Jax was willing to throw away their relationship to save Brenda from Sonny. Jax said he was not throwing away their relationship. He told Carly that he loved her and had never felt for anyone else what he felt for Carly and Josslyn. They started kissing and made love on Jax's desk.

Afterwards, Jax told Carly that she was welcome to enter his office and take off her clothes any time she thought he was taking her for granted. Carly told Jax that she would trust him about Brenda but still preferred that he stay away from her. After Carly left, Robin went to see Jax. She told him about Lisa, and her problems with Patrick. Jax said that he was an expert on shaky marriages and he would be happy to act as a sounding board.

When the talk turned to Brenda, Robin said that Brenda always turned to Jax when she was struggling with feelings for Sonny. Jax did not like hearing that, and he was even more upset to find out that Robin was responsible for getting Brenda and Sonny in touch with each other again.

Jax wanted to know why Robin was encouraging a relationship between Sonny and Brenda. Robin said it was because they deserved to find out if they could have a life together. Jax said that Brenda deserved better than Sonny. He said that he loved Carly, but would not sit back and do nothing while Sonny hurt Brenda.

At Sonny's home, Dante was introduced to Brenda as Sonny's son. Both seemed flustered. Dante asked why she was there. Brenda said that she was seeing old friends.

Dante said that he and Sonny were on opposite sides of the law. Dante told Brenda that Sonny had shot him on a previous occasion when Dante had tried to arrest Sonny. Sonny said that things had gotten better since then. Dante said that he was at Sonny's place on official business. He said he was investigating the bomb in Johnny's car.

Sonny said he had planted the bomb. Brenda said that some things were better left unsolved because sometimes people did the right thing for the wrong reasons. She gave Dante a pointed look when she said, "But you know that, don't you, Dante?" Dante responded that a crime had been committed and blood ties would not make it go away. Dante was very formal with Brenda when he told her it had been nice meeting her and he hoped she enjoyed her time in Port Charles.

After Dante left, Brenda told Sonny that she had seen Robin, who had encouraged her to take another chance with Sonny. Sonny was ready to try again, but Brenda turned the conversation to Dante. She said that she recognized that Dante and Sonny had a complicated relationship. She said that Sonny would be a good father to Dante. Sonny said that Brenda always saw the best in him. Then he asked why she was there.

Brenda looked at the framed pictures in the room and wanted to know why there were no pictures of Dante. Sonny looked at her and said that she was not there to talk about Dante.

Suzanne was with Jason at the penthouse. She wanted his help to stop Brenda from getting involved with Sonny again. Jason said that no one could stop Brenda from doing what she wanted to do, especially with Sonny. Susanne said that Brenda listened to Jason more that anyone else, but Jason was not moved. He said that he would protect Brenda from the Balkan, but could not protect her from Sonny.

Maxie pounded on the door and demanded that Jason send Brenda back to Rome. She was upset because of Spinelli's impassioned infatuation with Brenda. Maxie said that Brenda was messing with Spinelli's mind. Suzanne sputtered when Maxie called Brenda a "mind-altering bimbo," but Maxie continued to vent and said that Brenda was a bad influence on Spinelli. Jason said that Brenda could not go back to Rome because people were trying to kill her. In a very soft voice to avoid being heard, Maxie muttered, "Yeah, anyone with a man."

Spinelli went to Crimson to see Lulu and gushed about Brenda's beauty and other virtues. He said that he understood why his room was pink. Spinelli said that the room had originally been painted pink for Brenda and that he would never change it.

Lulu pointed out that idolizing Brenda was a waste of time because it was unobtainable and going nowhere. She also said that his infatuation with Brenda was hurting Maxie. Spinelli said that the object of courtly love was for the love to be unobtainable. He said that all of Brenda's virtues more than warranted his devotion.

Carly found Jason alone when she barged into the penthouse to share her upset and jealousy about Brenda. She asked Jason for reassurance. Jason told Carly that he loved her. He said that she was someone he could count on and one of the few people who had changed his life.

Carly said she was fearful that Jax was falling for Brenda again. She told Jason that she was the one who had seen Sonny and Brenda kissing the night before Brenda's wedding to Jax and had told Jax about it. Carly said that she had never seen Jax as hurt as he was by Brenda's betrayal. Carly told Jason that Jax was not like him. Carly said that Brenda knew how to work Jax and had already started getting under his skin by going to Jax and talking about Sonny.

Dante was home in his loft, gazing at a picture of Brenda, when Lulu got there. He told her about meeting Brenda at Sonny's. He said he recognized her from the fashion magazines that Lulu had left lying around. Lulu wanted to know what Dante thought of Brenda, and if he had fallen under her spell like every other man.

Lulu did not wait for an answer, but plunged into telling him about her fears for Spinelli and his infatuation. Dante was not listening to her. He was lost in thought as he remembered his first meeting with Brenda when he was assigned to her protection detail as a young patrolman in New York City.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In Ireland, Siobhan eavesdropped from behind some crates as the Balkan's underling, Swavek, ordered Ronan to find Brenda. Lucky, posing as Ronan, insisted that Brenda was too high-profile to take out. Swavek made it clear that Ronan didn't have a choice. Lucky warned Swavek that the Balkan's henchmen had ended up dead the last time that the Balkan had tried to kill Ronan. Swavek insisted that he was just trying to help Ronan; he explained that the Balkan wouldn't have any use for Ronan if Ronan didn't follow the orders.

Lucky argued that Brenda was famous, so it wasn't easy to get to her. Swavek assured Ronan that Ronan didn't have to kill Brenda; the Balkan wanted Ronan to snatch her and then hold her until the Balkan collected her. Lucky and Swavek's heads turned when Siobhan cried out and then demanded to be released. Swavek's goon had discovered Siobhan's hiding place. Lucky quickly pulled out a gun and then ordered Swavek and his thug to release Siobhan. According to Lucky, Siobhan was Ronan's partner.

Swavek appeared skeptical as Lucky claimed that Siobhan had areas of expertise that were useful, especially if Ronan were expected to kidnap Brenda. Swavek gave Ronan the benefit of the doubt and then revealed that Brenda had last been seen in Rome. However, Swavek had no idea where she had been moved to. Ronan agreed to start his search in Rome and then left with Siobhan.

A short time later, Lucky and Siobhan returned to Ronan's room. Siobhan poured herself a drink while Lucky packed. She was curious what had happened to the priest.

Lucky explained that the priest had moved on. He urged Siobhan to prepare for their trip, but she made it clear that she didn't intend to go to Rome. Lucky explained that she didn't have a choice. Lucky insisted that the Balkan's men would kill her if she remained in Ireland. Siobhan wasn't pleased, but she reluctantly agreed to go along with Lucky's plans.

In Jax's office, Robin suggested that Brenda should follow her heart. Jax was certain that Sonny would destroy the life that Brenda had built. Jax admitted that he didn't trust Sonny not to take advantage of Brenda. Robin gently pointed out that Jax was married, so it wasn't his call to make. Jax argued that he could be happily married to Carly and still be concerned about Brenda. Robin suspected that Jax was more concerned about stopping Sonny than saving Brenda.

Jax denied that he wanted revenge against Sonny. He insisted that he was simply trying to look out for Brenda. Robin explained that Brenda was a grown woman who had made a life for herself. She was certain that Brenda had things figured out. Jax was adamant that Brenda would be a moving target if she were with Sonny. Robin pointed out that Brenda was already surrounded by danger; however, her point was that Jax's interference might pose some unexpected problems.

Robin suggested that Brenda might see Jax as an attractive alternative to Sonny. She was curious if Jax were ready for that. Robin reminded him that he had wrecked one marriage for Brenda, so she wondered if he were prepared to sacrifice a second marriage. Jax was confident that he could be friends with Brenda. Robin was curious if Jax had considered how Carly might feel about his desire to protect Brenda from Sonny. Robin insisted that Brenda and Sonny had something special, so Jax should stay out of it.

At Jason's penthouse, Carly ranted about Brenda. Carly was certain that Brenda wouldn't be happy until every man was fawning at her feet. Jason argued that Brenda wanted to be with Sonny, but Carly wasn't satisfied. She was certain that Brenda would eventually seduce Jax. Carly continued to complain about Brenda, so Jason let her know that Brenda planned to leave Port Charles once the danger had passed.

Carly then complained that Brenda would break Sonny's heart. Jason suggested that Carly warn Sonny, if she was so concerned. Carly let the matter drop, but she demanded to know how long Brenda would remain in Port Charles. Jason confided that it would help if he knew what the Balkan looked like. A short time later, Carly left Jason's penthouse.

Jax was surprised when he entered his office to find Carly waiting for him with a romantic candlelit dinner for two. Jax kissed his wife and then sat down. He recalled a time when he had planned a special dinner for Carly, but she had persuaded him to take the boys to Disney World instead. Carly confessed that she had realized then how much she had loved Jax. Jax promised that he wouldn't trade their history or relationship for anything.

At Greystone Manor, Brenda wondered why Sonny didn't have a picture of Dante among the photographs of his children. Sonny knew that she hadn't stopped by to talk about Dante. Brenda became lost in the past as she remembered her first meeting with Dante. Brenda had been curious if Dante had ever protected anyone before. Dante had told her an entertaining story about protecting his cousin once, and a Kentucky Derby-winning horse. Sonny noticed Brenda's momentary lack of attention. He wondered if she were okay.

"Yes," Brenda assured him as she shook off the memory. She admitted that she had been surprised to meet Dante. Sonny chuckled as he confessed that it appeared that she had made quite an impression on his son. The conversation then drifted back to Sonny and Brenda's relationship. Brenda insisted that she couldn't be with Sonny, but Sonny didn't understand why. Brenda claimed that everything had ended for them when he had left her at the altar.

Brenda suggested that Robin was lost in a fantasy about first love because she couldn't let go of Stone. Sonny was curious if Brenda knew what Stone's dying wish had been. Brenda didn't, so Sonny revealed that Stone had wanted Sonny and Brenda to be together. Brenda argued that they weren't the same people that they had been then. Sonny was certain that Brenda wanted to explore a relationship with him, but she denied it. She explained that she had stopped by to let Sonny know that she was leaving town.

Later, Brenda stormed into Jason's penthouse to let him know that she intended to leave town immediately. Jason realized that Brenda had been in a fight with Sonny. Brenda insisted that things had turned out exactly as they should have. Jason wondered if Brenda had confessed that she still had feelings for Sonny. Brenda was livid when she realized that Suzanne had been talking to Jason. She felt like they were all in high school.

Jason assured Brenda that Suzanne had just been concerned. Brenda didn't think that it mattered, since she didn't have any plans to be with Sonny. Brenda angrily blamed Jason for her troubles because Jason had forced her to return to Port Charles. According to Brenda, there wasn't any difference between being emotionally dead and physically dead. Jason suggested that Brenda simply stay away from Sonny.

Brenda confessed that she had to tell Jason something that was worse than anything he could imagine. "What makes it worse?" Jason wondered. Brenda's eyes filled with tears as she tried to find the words. Jason grew frustrated as he pushed Brenda to reveal her secret. Brenda resented Jason's lack of compassion, so she shut down. She decided that she would call someone else to guard her, but Jason ignored her as he walked away. Brenda wandered over the stairs and then sat down.

Brenda once again became lost in the past as she remembered offering Dante a snack to eat while he guarded her from the hallway. She was touched when Dante picked out two chocolate bars from a gift basket and then revealed his intention to give the chocolate to his mother. Brenda's tears dried up as she smiled at the memory.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny ordered a dozen white roses for Brenda. Suzanne strolled into the room just as he ended the call. After she introduced herself, Sonny offered to write a check for a sizable donation. Suzanne refused to take money from a criminal. Suzanne made it clear that she couldn't care less about him, but Brenda was special.

Suzanne recalled that Brenda had been quite young when she'd first become involved with Sonny. Sonny was curious what Suzanne was trying to tell him. "Nothing," Suzanne calmly informed him; however, she confessed that it would be tempting to explore the nature of Sonny and Brenda's relationship back then. Sonny sensed an unspoken threat, so he announced that their conversation was over. Suzanne refused to be strong-armed.

Sonny decided to cut to the chase, so he invited Suzanne to get to the point. Suzanne ordered Sonny to stay away from Brenda. "Isn't that up to Brenda?" Sonny questioned. Suzanne argued that Brenda was blinded by the stars in her eyes, so she couldn't appreciate that Sonny might harm her reputation. Sonny was curious if Suzanne was worried about Brenda's credibility or the charity's cash flow.

Suzanne insisted that they were linked, which meant that Sonny was bad for Brenda either way. Sonny let Suzanne know that it was Brenda's call to make. Suzanne realized that Sonny might be feeling overly confident because Brenda had told him that she was still in love with him. Sonny hid his surprise as Suzanne urged him to get past his own selfish needs by letting Brenda go.

At Dante's loft, Dante recalled when a detective had explained that Brenda needed protection. According to the detective, a guy who was wanted by Interpol was stalking Brenda. Dante returned to the present when Lulu wondered what Brenda had been like. Lulu had seen numerous pictures of Brenda, so was curious if airbrushing had covered up some of Brenda's flaws. Dante revealed that Brenda was as beautiful in person as she was in the magazines. Lulu seemed disappointed, so Dante added that, in his eyes, Lulu was the most beautiful woman.

Lulu beamed at the compliment. Dante wondered why Lulu wanted to know what Brenda had been like. Lulu confessed that she had grown up hearing stories about how wonderful Brenda had been. Dante was surprised when Lulu revealed that Brenda was the "B" in Lois Cerullo's old recording label, L&B Records. Lulu then told Dante what she knew about Brenda and Sonny's relationship. Dante confided that Brenda had been very protective of Sonny when he had met her at Sonny's home.

Lulu felt bad for Dante because everyone, including his mother, siblings, and Brenda, seemed to always defend Sonny. Lulu admitted that she had been young when Sonny and Brenda had been involved, but she had heard stories. According to Lulu, Sonny and Brenda had a "crazy intense love." Lulu also revealed that Sonny had left Brenda at the altar. It dawned on Dante that Sonny had been referring to Brenda when he had told Dante about leaving a woman, whom he had loved, for her own good.

Later, Lulu spotted Brenda's picture in another fashion magazine. Dante joked that Brenda could always start a new career as Sonny's defender if she ever stopped modeling. Lulu worried that Dante might be torn between protecting Sonny and protecting his job as he investigated the bombing of Johnny's car. Dante assured her that he was determined to do his job. However, he was baffled that Brenda seemed to believe that Sonny was a really good man. Lulu suggested that it was denial.

Dante revealed that Brenda had barely batted an eye when he had told her that Sonny had shot him. Lulu wondered if Dante had wished that he hadn't moved to Port Charles. Dante assured Lulu that he didn't have any regrets because he had met her. Dante kissed Lulu and then they made love. Afterwards, Lulu slept soundly in Dante's arms while he thought about the past.

Dante remembered how he had offered to guard Brenda from the hallway, so that she could have some privacy in her hotel suite. Brenda had begged Dante to stay because she couldn't sleep without someone talking to her. She invited Dante to watch television, but Dante warned her that he was an "obnoxious channel flipper." Dante assured her that she would be fine because he might hit on the cleaning ladies, but he wouldn't let anyone enter her room. Brenda laughed as she admitted that he had eased her mind.

On the tenth floor of General Hospital, Patrick and Steve discussed Patrick's affair with Lisa. Patrick felt guilty because he had wrecked so many lives. Steve assured Patrick that Lisa was getting the help that she needed. Epiphany walked up to inform Patrick that she wasn't his personal assistant and then handed him a message from a jewelry store that had called about an item that Patrick had ordered. Patrick realized that it was a necklace that he had ordered for Robin's birthday.

Patrick didn't know if he should give the gift to Robin or not. Steve suggested that Patrick give Robin some space. Later, Patrick tried to get Epiphany's input, but she made it clear that she didn't want to get involved. After Patrick's shift ended, he let Steve know that he had decided to ignore Steve's advice. Patrick didn't want Robin to think that he had forgotten her birthday. Patrick felt in his heart that giving her the gift was the right thing to do. Patrick conceded that he might not have been ready for marriage at one time, but he liked who he was when he was with Robin, so he wanted that life back.

Robin arrived home to find Mac, Maxie, and Emma waiting to surprise her with balloons, presents, and a birthday cake. Robin smiled as her family gathered around her to celebrate her birthday. Mac explained that Nikolas had sent the flowers and that Anna had promised to call Robin later that evening. After they indulged in cake, Maxie offered to give Emma a bath when she noticed that the little girl was covered in icing. Robin declined because she enjoyed bathing her daughter; she also thought that it was important for Emma to have consistency.

Maxie explained that she had to get back to work and then left. Mac followed Maxie out the door because he had some budget issues to review at the police station. Once they were alone, Robin confessed to her daughter that she wished that Patrick had been there. After Robin bathed Emma and then put her daughter to bed, she returned to the living room to gather her birthday presents. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Patrick.

Robin smiled as Patrick wished her a happy birthday. Robin invited Patrick in to check on Emma, but Patrick insisted that he wanted to see Robin. He pulled out the present and then gave her the box. Patrick explained that he had ordered it months before. He didn't want to overstep her boundaries, but he had decided to follow his heart, which told him to give Robin the present. Robin was touched when she opened the box.

Patrick had ordered a replica of a necklace that Robin had seen on a medicine woman whom she had met. Patrick admitted that he had ordered the gift after they had returned to their hotel room and Robin had gone swimming. Robin appreciated the special gift, but she didn't think she was ready to wear it. Patrick understood; he just wanted her to know that he had been thinking of her. Moments later, Patrick left.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tracy was in high spirits when she entered the Haunted Star. Her good mood evaporated when she spotted Luke. Tracy immediately tried to leave, but Luke sprang into action by reaching out to stop her. He told her that he had missed her and then kissed her passionately. Tracy responded by smashing a bottle over his head. Luke was momentarily dazed, but he recovered quickly.

Luke insisted that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Tracy. Tracy had no doubt that Luke wanted to spend, which was why he had left town with her ten million dollars. Luke explained that it had been a misguided attempt to get Tracy to miss him. Tracy countered that it had been bliss without him and that the casino's profits had been up. Tracy then turned serious as she told Luke that Ethan had been shot while Luke had been cavorting with his high-priced hookers.

Luke clarified that they had been models and just window dressing for what could have been a lucrative scam. However, he was pleased that she had cared enough to keep close tabs on him. Tracy insisted that Ethan could have died. Luke suggested that she could keep up the act, but he knew that she still loved him. Tracy demanded to know why Luke had returned.

Luke reiterated that he had missed his wife. Tracy quickly corrected him that they had never been married. She also made it clear that she expected him to repay the money that he had stolen from her. Luke acknowledged that their relationship had been about money in the beginning, but he had grown to love her. Luke desperately wanted to have a real marriage with Tracy because he had genuine feelings for her.

Tracy wasn't impressed. She suggested that if he had meant what he had said then he would repay her the ten million dollars with interest. Tracy promised to consider giving him another chance if he returned the money. Luke was adamant that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her because he loved her. He hoped that they could have a fresh start. Tracy explained that if he returned the stolen money then she would know that he was committed to her rather than to her fortune.

Tracy warned Luke not to sniff around her ELQ stocks or off-shore accounts. Luke was surprised to learn that she had more than one account. He realized that he hadn't been the only person keeping secrets. Tracy argued that lying about their marriage was hardly the same thing. They were in the middle of bickering when Ethan entered. Ethan welcomed his father home and then noted that it was nice to see that Luke and Tracy had picked up where they had left off.

Tracy made it clear that she wouldn't consider taking Luke back until he had repaid every last penny with interest. She warned Ethan not to help Luke rob her in some other way, or they would both end up on the street. After Tracy left, Luke advised Ethan not to worry. Luke was confident that he would be able to figure things out. Shortly after Luke left, two men entered the Haunted Star, looking for Luke; they wanted to know why Luke had paid Ronan O'Reilly a visit in an Irish prison. Ethan had no idea what they were talking about, so the goons began to beat up Ethan.

Liz arrived at Wyndemere with Aiden. Liz appreciated the use of Nikolas' jet for her return trip home. She confessed that it had made traveling with the boys easier. Nikolas admitted that he had an ulterior motive; he had been eager to see Aiden. Liz handed Aiden into Nikolas' waiting arms.

Liz smiled as she watched Nikolas and Aiden. She confessed that it appeared that Aiden was happy to be home with his daddy. Liz admitted that the vacation had been good for her. Nikolas and Liz then discussed the visitation arrangements for Aiden. Liz assured Nikolas that he could visit Aiden whenever he liked and have Aiden spend the night once a week.

Nikolas was satisfied. Moments later, Brook entered the room. Brook stopped short when she saw that Nikolas wasn't alone. Brook immediately apologized for the interruption, but Nikolas assured her that it wasn't necessary. He introduced Brook to his son before Brook turned to greet Liz.

Nikolas took Aiden to the nursery for a nap while Brook and Liz chatted. Liz was surprised to learn that Nikolas had hired Brook. Nikolas returned in time to explain that Brook was his escort, but it was strictly for business and social events. Liz asked Brook to excuse them, so that Liz could have a private word with Nikolas. After Brook left, Nikolas invited Liz to speak her mind.

Liz was curious why he had felt the need to hire someone to accompany him to various events. Nikolas admitted that Brook was a nice girl who had fallen on some hard times. Liz found the timing suspect, but Nikolas insisted that there was nothing to worry about. Liz wondered if Brook were a little too "Bensonhurst" for his high-society friends. Nikolas conceded that Brook's etiquette had needed some tweaking, but it had worked out.

Liz reminded Nikolas that he was a prince, so he didn't need to resort to hiring a companion. She realized that there had been some unresolved issues between them, but she didn't mind helping Nikolas out if he needed it. Nikolas admitted that he had given their situation a lot of thought. He would always be grateful to Liz for giving him a son, but he realized that it would never have worked out for them as a couple.

Later, Brook checked in with Nikolas to see how Aiden was doing. Nikolas assured her that his son was fine, but he thought that it was silly for Aiden to be there once a week when the baby only ate and slept. Brook argued that it was important for Nikolas to spend time with Aiden. She offered him some insight by telling him what it had been like to grow up with divorced parents. Brook then changed the subject to admit that she felt bad because she might have caused trouble for him and Liz. Brook realized that Liz hadn't been happy when she had learned about Nikolas' business arrangement, but Nikolas insisted that it suited him perfectly.

At Mac's house, Maxie dropped by to see how Robin was doing. Robin admitted that she and Emma were settling into a new routine, so they were doing well. Robin thanked Maxie for the surprise birthday party the previous day. Maxie assured her cousin that she didn't mind; Robin deserved it because she was always there to help Maxie. Robin sensed that Maxie needed a favor. Maxie wanted Robin to get Brenda to leave town and to enlist Jason's help if necessary. Maxie began to complain about Spinelli's infatuation with Brenda, but Robin suggested that perhaps Maxie was jealous and a little mad that Spinelli had moved on.

At the hospital, Patrick explained that he needed a consult with Robin, so he asked Maya to drop off a file for Robin to review. Epiphany was annoyed that Patrick had made a mess of his life and then expected them to clean it up. Patrick realized that Epiphany had more to say. Epiphany admitted that she was frustrated because Lisa had been sent to the "loony bin" while Robin had been suspended, all because Patrick couldn't keep his pants zipped. After Epiphany walked away, May a admitted that she felt sorry for Robin because Robin had married a player, and players didn't change.

Robin was surprised when Maya turned up on her doorstep. Maya explained that she had been on her way home, so she had stopped by to drop off a patient file that Patrick wanted Robin to review. Robin invited Maya in. As the two ladies sat down in the living room, Robin asked how things were going at work. Robin worried that everyone was talking about how the workaholic doctor couldn't keep her husband. Maya confessed that most of the gossip had been about Patrick and that Epiphany had laid into Patrick earlier that day.

Maya insisted that everyone was sympathetic to Robin. Robin hoped that Epiphany eased up on Patrick because Robin had been partly to blame for the breakdown of her marriage. Robin acknowledged that she had known what Patrick was like when she had married him and that she had unwisely thought that she could change him. Maya insisted that Robin wasn't to blame for Patrick's infidelity. Maya confided that she had been involved with someone who had been a lot like Patrick and that she had learned the hard way that people like Patrick couldn't change. After Maya left, Robin decided to pack up Emma and then head to the hospital.

Liz arrived at work in time to answer the phone at the nurses' station. After Liz took a message, Epiphany walked up. Epiphany was curious if she was getting the reliable nurse that Epiphany had grown to love or the nurse who was still having personal difficulties. Epiphany was relieved when Liz assured her that everything was back to normal. Steve and Patrick approached the nurses' station a few minutes later.

Steve was delighted to see his sister. After Steve hugged his sister, Patrick took a turn welcoming Liz back to work with a hug. The smiles disappeared when Liz asked where Robin was. Liz immediately realized that something had happened. Liz was stunned when Patrick explained that Robin had taken a break from work and their marriage.

Patrick quickly filled Liz in on what had happened since she had left town. Patrick was surprised that Liz didn't seem to judge him. Liz reminded Patrick that she had been in a similar situation, so she knew how it felt. Liz spotted Robin as Robin exited the elevator. Liz decided to give Robin and Patrick some privacy, so she walked away.

Robin explained that she had a few suggestions after reviewing the patient's chart. As they discussed the case, Matt walked up to the nurses' station. He stopped short when he saw Robin and Patrick together. Robin noticed that everyone was staring, so she decided to make an announcement.

At Jason's penthouse, Milo checked his tie in the mirror as Max looked on. Max was frustrated because it had taken Milo over an hour to get ready. Max reminded his brother that their job was to protect Brenda, nothing else. Max then informed Milo that Milo's fly was open. Milo suggested that Max could use some help in the fashion department, which creeped out Max.

The argument was temporarily halted when Spinelli sailed into the living room with a breakfast tray. Spinelli revealed that Brenda was doing yoga, so she didn't want to be disturbed for an hour. Milo suggested that Max use the time to change his tie. To Spinelli's horror, Max responded by engaging Milo in a wrestling match. Spinelli's attempts to stop the fight failed. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Diane.

Max and Milo continued to wrestle as Diane entered the penthouse. Diane wondered why Max and Milo were fighting, so Max explained that Milo had insulted Max's tie. Diane chuckled; she reminded Max that the anniversary present was a designer tie, which Milo was too young to appreciate. As Max and Milo continued to tussle, Diane headed to the stairs, determined to see Brenda. Spinelli blocked her path as he explained that Brenda couldn't be disturbed.

Diane warned Spinelli not to get between a motivated woman and her fashion icon, but Spinelli refused to budge. Diane turned to Max for help as the wrestling match finally died down. Max suggested that they all wait until Brenda was finished with her yoga. Diane's mood quickly soured when Milo revealed that Brenda liked Max. Diane warned Max not to get too cozy with Brenda, or he might find his bed a lonely place. After Diane stormed out, Max pounced on his brother, and another wrestling match ensued.

Later, Maxie went to the penthouse to talk to Spinelli. Max and Milo were nowhere in sight. Maxie was curious where Brenda was. Spinelli explained that Brenda was busy. Maxie smiled with satisfaction because she was there to see Spinelli. Maxie explained that it was time for an intervention because everyone could see that Spinelli was obsessed with Brenda. According to Maxie, Spinelli had nearly lost his grip on reality.

Spinelli was stunned when Maxie slapped a handcuff on one of his wrists and then locked the other handcuff on her wrist. Maxie was determined to drag Spinelli out of the penthouse, but Spinelli dug in his feet. Maxie was frustrated because she couldn't get Spinelli to move. Spinelli ordered her to release him, but Maxie refused until she had talked some sense into him. Spinelli stood his ground, so Maxie relented by letting him know how to release the handcuff.

Spinelli freed himself and then offered Maxie the opportunity to tell him what was on her mind. Maxie insisted that Spinelli had to move away because Brenda was bad news. Spinelli argued that he was perfectly content where he was. Maxie was annoyed when he referred to Brenda as "the Devine One." She accused him of sounding pathetic. Spinelli couldn't understand why Maxie was so angry.

Maxie claimed that she didn't want to see Spinelli get hurt. Spinelli found that laughable, since she had run him over like "road kill" on her journey into the waiting arms of Dr. Matt Hunter. Maxie insisted that she still cared about him even though she had moved on. Spinelli insisted that Brenda was a gentle soul, but Maxie argued that Brenda was a supermodel who had dated an A-list movie star. She couldn't believe that Spinelli would really think that Brenda would be interested in someone like him. Spinelli appeared hurt by Maxie's callous words.

In the office at Pozzulo's, Claire made it clear that Michael had violated the terms of his parole by seeing Sonny. Jason clarified that Michael had stopped by to talk to him, not Sonny. Claire argued that Sonny was a co-owner of the restaurant, so it was a reasonable expectation that Sonny would eventually show up. Jason was curious why Claire was trying to send Michael back to jail after she had expressed so much regret for her role in Michael's incarceration. Claire insisted that she was obligated to uphold the law.

Jason argued that Michael hadn't broken any laws, but Claire disagreed. She reminded Jason and Michael that Michael had been ordered to have minimal contact with Sonny, so showing up at Pozzulo's violated the terms of Michael's parole. Jason couldn't understand why Claire would report Michael after Jason had helped her with Franco. Claire insisted that she had repaid Jason for his help by securing his release from Pentonville. Claire added that she had gotten a ton of flak for that, so it had been the last favor that she would ever do for Jason and Sonny.

After Claire left, Michael feared that he might have to go back to Pentonville. Jason insisted that Claire had been bluffing. Jason explained that Claire's superiors wanted Sonny, not Michael. Jason was curious why Michael hadn't gone to the penthouse to talk to him. Michael admitted that he had been hoping to avoid Sam.

Michael felt like a loser because he had made an idiot of himself in front of Sam's friend. Jason assured Michael that Sam hadn't mentioned it, so no one thought less of Michael because of what had happened. However, Jason made it clear that Michael could never return to Pozzulo's. Jason insisted that Michael had to follow the rules until his parole was over. Michael worried that it might not be enough because of Claire. Jason promised to take care of it.

Diane marched into Jason's office to complain about Spinelli. Jason told Diane about Claire's threat against Michael. Diane wasn't surprised because Claire was a scorned woman. She revealed that Sonny had taken Claire to the island, but then he had pushed her aside when he had learned that Brenda was in town. Diane warned Jason that Claire wanted payback, so she wouldn't hesitate to use Michael.

Ronnie went to Claire's office to discuss the car bombing. He insisted that Dante should be removed from the case. Claire explained that she had assigned Dante to the investigation because Dante had something to prove, which would work to their advantage because Dante would be motivated to build a case against Sonny. Claire then revealed that she had caught Michael in Sonny's office. Ronnie sensed that Claire didn't want to send Michael back to Pentonville.

Claire admitted that it would hurt Sonny, but she couldn't justify the impact that it would have on Michael. Ronnie suggested that Claire could use the threat as leverage. "What would that accomplish?" Clare wondered. "Everything," Ronnie answered. Ronnie advised Claire to use Michael's situation to force Jason to turn on Sonny.

A short time later, Claire entered the office at Pozzulo's to hand Jason a copy of a writ notifying the court of Michael's parole violation. Claire assured Jason that Michael would return to Pentonville once she filed it. However, she suggested that Jason could stop it if he agreed to give her evidence and testimony against Sonny. "Forget it," Jason told her. Claire promised that she would send Michael to jail if Jason didn't cooperate. She warned him, "This time you won't be there to protect him."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

At Pozzulo's, Jason warned Claire that Michael wouldn't survive another stint in Pentonville. Claire suggested that Michael shouldn't have violated the terms of his parole. Claire was startled when Sonny suddenly appeared in the doorway and then ordered her to leave Michael and Jason alone; her problem was with him. The wind left Claire's sails when Sonny insisted that Claire was a better person "than that." Sonny threatened to bar her from the restaurant if she continued to pull stunts like the one that she had.

Jason decided to call Diane about the writ. Claire explained that it wasn't necessary because she had never intended to send Michael back to jail. However, she informed Jason that Diane would be notified if they had more questions about the Zacchara car bombing. Jason left as Sonny questioned if Claire really wanted things to play out like that. Claire ignored the question as she confessed that everyone had warned her to stay away from Sonny.

Sonny was curious why she hadn't taken the advice. Claire shrugged as she admitted that she had fallen into Sonny's trap. Sonny conceded that he had wanted a relationship with Claire, but then Brenda had returned to Port Charles. He didn't think it that would have been fair to continue seeing Claire while he had feelings for someone else. Sonny admitted that it hadn't been an easy decision.

Claire confessed that it wasn't fun being the scorned woman, but it was more humiliating that she had sunk low enough to threaten Michael's freedom. She decided that she would see the breakup as a sign of respect. Sonny assured her that he did respect her, but he couldn't change how he felt about Brenda. Claire reminded him that she couldn't prosecute him because she had recused herself; however, she could help to build a case against Sonny, so that someone else could try him. She hoped that Sonny enjoyed his time with Brenda because it might not last long.

At Jason's penthouse, Spinelli acknowledged that he couldn't compete with the men that Brenda had dated. Maxie assured Spinelli that she hadn't meant to hurt his feelings, but she feared that Brenda was taking advantage of him. Spinelli argued that Maxie had misunderstood the situation between him and Brenda; they were just friends. Maxie didn't believe him because he had been waiting hand and foot on Brenda. She insisted that Spinelli meant nothing to Brenda; he was just an errand boy.

Maxie urged Spinelli to move out of the penthouse until Brenda had left town. Spinelli refused to consider it. Maxie believed that Spinelli was nothing to Brenda, but the gum under her Cartullo pump. Maxie was annoyed when Brenda entered the living room and then smiled sweetly at Spinelli. Brenda hugged Spinelli and then thanked him for the yoga video that he had given to her. Maxie decided to introduce herself to Brenda.

Brenda was amazed by how much Maxie had grown. Maxie cut to the chase by demanding that Brenda stay away from Spinelli because he was clearly not Brenda's type. Brenda was surprised by Maxie's hostility; she couldn't understand why Maxie had a problem with Brenda and Spinelli's friendship. Maxie callously informed Brenda that pretending to have feelings of friendship for Spinelli was selfish and unfair. Spinelli reminded Maxie that she had done exactly what she was accusing Brenda of doing.

Maxie wasn't moved; she refused to stand by while Brenda manipulated Spinelli. Brenda assured Maxie that she wasn't using Spinelli, but Maxie didn't believe her. Maxie tried to enlist Jason's help when he arrived home. Jason didn't want any part of the argument, but Maxie continued to rant about Brenda. Eventually, Jason shouted, "Enough!" Maxie smiled smugly when Jason demanded to know what Brenda had done to Spinelli.

Brenda was infuriated that Jason appeared to be accusing her of wrongdoing. Brenda insisted that Spinelli had been very kind and helpful to her. Jason argued that she wasn't there to be waited on. Maxie added that she didn't understand why Brenda was even in town. Meanwhile, Spinelli clarified that it had been an honor to help Brenda. Maxie continued to plead her case for Spinelli to move out because he was nothing but a glorified butler to Brenda.

Spinelli reminded Maxie that it was his choice to decide who his friends were. Maxie was stunned when Jason ordered her to leave. Maxie couldn't believe that Jason would toss her out after everything that she had done for him. After Maxie left in a huff, Jason pointed out that the only way that Spinelli should be helping Brenda was by tracking down the Balkan. After Spinelli left, Jason informed Brenda that he wanted her to back off of Spinelli.

Brenda was offended, but Jason explained that Spinelli tended to spend too much time in the cyber-world, so Spinelli had difficulty separating fantasy from reality at times. Brenda assured Jason that she would never do anything to hurt Spinelli. Jason believed her, but he insisted that Spinelli would read too much into her kindness. Jason feared that Spinelli would rush into danger to save her from the Balkan. Brenda realized that Jason was just trying to keep Spinelli safe, so she agreed to take a step back. However, she asked that Jason take care of things as soon as possible and persuade Sonny to stay away from her.

Later, Suzanne stopped by the penthouse to let Brenda know that she had cancelled a photo shoot. Brenda was annoyed because Suzanne had told Jason about Brenda's feelings for Sonny. Suzanne didn't apologize; she had been concerned about Brenda because Brenda couldn't be linked to organized crime. Brenda assured Suzanne that it no longer mattered because Brenda and Sonny wouldn't see each other again. Suzanne was surprised that Sonny had been so self-sacrificing.

Brenda was curious why Suzanne thought that it had been Sonny's decision. "Because I told him to," Suzanne answered. Brenda clarified that she had asked Jason to have a talk with Sonny. Suzanne wondered why Brenda had undergone a change of heart about Sonny. Brenda admitted that too many things had happened.

At the police station, Dante was trying to work on the car bombing case, but instead he stared at a picture on his computer screen that had been taken of him and Brenda years earlier when he had been guarding her. Olivia walked up to his desk with a big paper bag. She noticed that Dante seemed fixated on the computer. Dante explained that he was just working on a case. Olivia smiled and then told her son that the bag contained some home-cooked food for him and Michael.

Dante was thrilled and assured her that it was much appreciated. Olivia wondered how Michael was doing. Dante admitted that it hadn't been easy for Michael, but he was holding up okay. Olivia told Dante how proud she was of him for taking Michael under his wing; she realized that it was a huge responsibility. She offered to cook Michael dinner if Michael needed a good meal.

The conversation then drifted to the bombing of Johnny's car. Olivia insisted that Sonny hadn't been responsible because he had looked her in the eye when he had sworn that he hadn't planted the bomb. After Olivia left, May or Floyd entered the squad room to talk to Dante about the investigation. Mayor Floyd warned Dante to be careful because he would launch a full investigation if he sensed any hint of impropriety on Dante's part. Mayor Floyd made it clear that he would have Dante's badge if Dante compromised the case.

Claire arrived at the station a short time later. She wanted an update about the bombing, without an attitude from Dante. Dante explained that he hadn't wanted the case, but someone higher than the commissioner had insisted on Dante being assigned to the investigation. Claire reminded Dante that Sonny was their prime suspect because the Lopez brothers had been cleared. Dante was curious how things were going between Claire and Sonny.

Claire revealed that she had been quietly kicked to the curb when Brenda had shown up in Port Charles. She clarified that she didn't want him to frame Sonny, but she expected Dante to put together an airtight case, so that the legal system could deal with Sonny. After Claire left, Dante remembered finding Brenda unconscious on the floor of her hotel suite shortly after he had first met her. Brenda slowly woke up to question what Dante had been doing there. "I thought you needed me," Dante answered.

Jason returned to Pozzulo's to talk to Sonny. Sonny assured Jason that Claire wouldn't follow through with her threat to turn in Michael for a parole violation. Jason warned Sonny that Claire remained a threat because she was in a position to cause them trouble. Sonny realized that; he confided that there had been something special about Claire, but then Brenda had returned. Jason explained that Brenda hadn't wanted to fly to Port Charles.

According to Jason, Brenda was still messed up, so she didn't trust herself to be around Sonny. Sonny felt the same way, but he wanted to try to work things out with Brenda anyway. Sonny was certain that Brenda kept seeking him out because she was looking for reassurance that she could take a chance with him again.

Two thugs entered the Haunted Star to question Ethan about Luke's visit with Ronan O'Reilly in an Irish prison. Ethan had no idea what they were talking about, so the goons roughed up Ethan.

Johnny went to Metro Court at Carly's request. Carly handed Johnny an envelope and then instructed him to deliver it to Jason's penthouse. She suggested that he wear black and try to get soaked in the rain before he got to the penthouse. Carly explained that she was giving Johnny the opportunity to meet a supermodel. She assured him that he was exactly Brenda's type.

Johnny was flattered, but he reminded Carly that he was not on the market. Carly ignored him; she insisted that if he told Brenda that he had once been interested in Carly then Brenda would be all over him. "Why?" Johnny wondered. "Because Brenda is always ready to take my man," Carly answered. Johnny was adamant that he wasn't interested because he was involved with Olivia, but he was curious why Carly seemed so worried about Brenda. Carly denied that she was; she claimed that she had merely thought that he'd like to meet Brenda.

Johnny bumped into Olivia as he started to leave. He warned Olivia too keep a close eye on him because Carly had been trying to fix him up with a supermodel. Olivia glanced at Carly, but then turned her attention back to Johnny. She revealed that Dante was working on the car bombing case. Johnny already knew about it, but he didn't hold out much hope of it being solved because Dante was in denial.

Olivia insisted that Sonny had sworn to her that he hadn't planted the bomb, but Johnny didn't want to argue about it. He reminded Olivia that he and Sonny had a truce, so whatever the cops did or didn't find was their business. Johnny headed to the Haunted Star after he left the hotel. He was surprised to find Ethan sporting bruises and a bloody lip. Ethan showed Johnny a picture of the two men who had attacked him.

Johnny recognized the men as two low-level employees who had been loaned out to someone named the Balkan. Johnny had no idea why the men would attack his partner, but he was not pleased. Johnny apologized, but Ethan suggested that some hazard pay should square things up.

Michael stopped by Metro Court to talk to his mother about Claire's threat to notify the judge that he had violated his parole. Michael explained that Jason thought that Claire was bluffing. Carly assured her son that she would take care of it. However, she wanted Michael to stay away from Pozzulo's and to focus on sticking to the terms of his parole. Later, Carly stormed into Claire's office to confront her about trying to send Michael back to Pentonville.

Carly didn't appreciate Claire using Carly's son to punish Sonny for dumping Claire. Claire admitted that it had just been a ruse and that Michael wasn't in any danger of going back to jail. Carly made it clear that she would burn Claire's life to the ground if Claire made a move against any of her children. Claire warned Carly not to push her because Michael had violated his parole twice that Claire knew of. Carly immediately made excuses for Michael, but Claire ignored them. Claire conceded that her problem was with Sonny, so she would go after him.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas overheard Brook trying to rent a room at Kelly's. After Brook ended the call, Nikolas wondered why she wanted to move out. Brook explained that she didn't want to be his excuse for not dealing with Liz. She felt like a buffer between them. Nikolas didn't understand why that was a problem for Brook. Brook admitted that she could see that Liz didn't like their arrangement.

Nikolas insisted that it was over with Liz. Brook remained skeptical; she was curious what had made Liz so irresistible after so many years of friendship. Nikolas couldn't really explain it, but a part of him had thought that their friendship could have led to more. Brook realized that Nikolas had tried to replace Emily with her best friend. Brook advised Nikolas to get over Emily. She insisted that Nikolas had a great life, but he was throwing it away by drowning in the past.

Brook warned him that it was time to let Emily go. She became distracted when she noticed that Nikolas was having difficulty starting a fire in the fireplace. She offered to help because her grandfather, Carmine, had taught her how to build fires in trashcans during the block parties in Bensonhurst. Nikolas talked about Aiden and Spencer while Brook worked on the fire. Nikolas hoped that his sons would never fail each other the way that Nikolas had failed Lucky. Brook argued that Lucky had failed Lucky. She smiled victoriously when a fire suddenly blazed in the fireplace. Brook wondered if he had any marshmallows to roast.

At the hospital, Robin acknowledged to her co-workers that Patrick had cheated on her while she had been returning from Africa. She admitted that Lisa had been a "whack job" who had kidnapped her. Robin then explained that even though Patrick had rescued her, their marriage was over. Epiphany asked Robin and Patrick not to drag their coworkers through the end of their marriage because they were all too busy. After everyone returned to work, Steve pulled Liz aside to get her opinion of what had happened.

Steve explained to his sister that there hadn't been any proof that Lisa had drugged Robin or even kidnapped her. The only thing that they knew for certain was that Lisa and Robin had been at the cabin together, which wasn't a crime. Liz admitted that Robin wasn't perfect, but she insisted that her friend was a good person. Liz didn't think that Robin would lie about someone, even if she hated that person.

Later, Steve and Liz talked about Cameron, Jake, and Aiden. She explained that she and Nikolas had worked out a custody arrangement. However, she admitted that there were times when she wished that Lucky had been Aiden's father.

Maxie went to the hospital to talk to Matt. She told him about Spinelli and Brenda as well as her fears that Spinelli was in over his head. Matt acknowledged that Spinelli was different, but he wasn't stupid. Maxie argued that Spinelli was an innocent person who was being taken advantage of by Brenda. Matt suggested that perhaps Maxie was projecting her own guilt onto the situation. Maxie denied it, but Matt advised her that it was time for her to decide if she could let Spinelli live his own life.

Steve approached Robin to let her know that her suspension had been lifted when Lisa had suffered a breakdown. Steve offered to let Robin take a leave of absence, if she needed it. Robin assured Steve that she wouldn't have returned to work if she hadn't been ready. After Steve walked away, Patrick approached Robin to find out if Robin had a recommendation for a patient. Robin explained that she had left her notes with the patient's file. She wondered if Patrick were using the case as an excuse to talk to her.

Robin made it clear that she would prefer to have as little contact as possible with Patrick. Patrick was curious why she was at the hospital if she wanted distance between them. Robin explained that she had been ready to return to work. Moments later, heads turned when Lisa stepped off of the elevator. "Hello everyone," Lisa greeted her co-workers with a smile. "Um, did anyone miss me?" she asked.

Friday, October 15, 2010

To the shock of General Hospital staff, Lisa returned to work. She was not welcomed by Robin, who verbally attacked her. Steven confirmed that Lisa had been released from Shadybrook. Robin threatened to have Lisa arrested, but Maxie stopped Robin.

Steven told Patrick that it was inevitable Lisa would return and that he wasn't sure if anything could be done to prevent her from resuming her duties. Lisa continued to insist that Robin was mentally unstable. Epiphany made it clear that, regardless of who was crazy, she would not allow it to affect patient care.

Matt told Lisa that she did not have the benefit of his doubt. Liz stated that she would mind her business if Lisa did the same. Steven asked Lisa if she'd consider transferring to Mercy Hospital but was met with a firm "no." Liz advised Patrick not to let his guilt keep him from seeing the threat Lisa was. Maxie privately told Robin that Robin needed to play it cool. "Leave the ranting to me," Maxie offered.

Later, May a wondered why Lisa's Shadybrook records were in the nurses' station. Robin angrily explained that Lisa had been released and would be returning to work the following day. Maya asked why Lisa hadn't been arrested, and Robin told her that there was no evidence that Lisa had committed any crimes against Robin. Robin pondered taking a leave of absence in the hopes that Lisa would trip herself up.

Siobhan led Lucky home after local cops had beaten him. Lucky worried that they still had no idea where to find Brenda. Siobhan determined that Lucky's injuries were not too severe. She thanked him for having saved her life.

They shared a tender moment as she tended to his wounds. Siobhan kissed Lucky, but he told her that they shouldn't. He made several excuses--failed relationships, his drug addiction--why they shouldn't go further. "Get over yourself," she told him. "I'm not lookin' to marry ya. I just want to sleep with ya." They made love.

Jason told Sonny that Brenda was serious about not wanting Sonny in her life. Jason explained that she had nearly been destroyed, emotionally, after Sonny left her at the altar. He warned Sonny not to pursue Brenda because their past had caused untold damage on those around them. Sonny said that he couldn't help himself. He wondered if Jason was seeing danger that wasn't there.

After Jason left, Carly stormed in and pleaded with Sonny to resume his relationship with Claire. Sonny was nonplussed, but Carly demanded that Sonny get over his unhealthy attachment to Brenda and refocus his efforts with Claire. Sonny doubted Claire would take her frustrations out on Michael just to get back at Sonny. Carly berated Sonny for being so cavalier. He told her to stay out of his personal life.

Carly met Jax at the Metro Court to inform him that Claire had caught Michael in Sonny's office, a parole violation. Claire had threatened to send Michael back to Pentonville. Carly asked Jax to talk to Claire. Carly also told Jax that Claire was the latest "woman scorned" by Sonny, because Sonny had dropped her the moment Brenda returned to town.

Dante thought about his past with Brenda. He recalled the time he'd met her, when he had guarded her while she was staying in New York years before. Lulu stopped by the station to visit Dante. Dante continued to hide his and Brenda's shared past from Lulu. He begged out of dinner with Lulu and told her he would probably work late.

Jason went to see Dante and asked Dante to talk to Claire to ask her not to pursue Michael for violating his parole. Dante agreed and promised to remind Michael to stay away from Sonny. Dante also informed Jason that the Lopez brothers had been cleared in the car bombing that had almost killed Johnny and Kristina, and that Sonny had become the prime suspect. Michael might be asked to testify against their father, Dante cautioned.

Mayor Floyd walked in to find Dante and Jason conversing and insinuated that Dante was a crooked cop. The mayor threatened to launch an internal affairs investigation. Jason reminded the mayor that Sam and Spinelli had photos showing the man in bed with a hooker, and threatened to release them. Mayor Floyd left in a huff.

Suzanne wanted to know what had prompted Brenda's abrupt change of heart with regard to Brenda's decision not to rekindle her romance with Sonny. Suzanne could tell that Brenda was deeply troubled and conflicted over her feelings for Sonny. Brenda explained that she'd always become obsessed and irrational over Sonny and that she knew she would lose him again. Brenda said that she really had to get out of Port Charles, as soon as possible.

Brenda went to see Jax. Max and Milo worried about the connection that Jax and Brenda shared and how it could impact Jax and Carly's fragile marriage. Brenda assured Jax that she would follow his advice and stay away from Sonny. Max and Milo escorted Brenda back to Jason's penthouse. She asked them to wait in the lobby, but Max explained that it would defeat the purpose of them guarding her if they were that far away. She assured them she'd be all right and would not sneak out.

As soon as they left, Dante arrived to speak with Brenda. They went upstairs to talk privately. Dante and Brenda promised each other that neither had shared their secret. Jason walked into his living room and, soon after, Sonny arrived.

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