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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 15, 2010 on GH
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Jax and Claire had drinks at the Metro Court Bar. Claire defended Sonny when Jax said that Sonny had gotten what he wanted from Claire and was moving on. Claire said that Jax was not interested in helping her but in keeping Sonny away from Brenda. Jax denied her accusations, but did blame Sonny for Brenda' problems. When Claire tried to find out where Carly stood, Jax deflected the conversation back to Sonny.

Carly and Johnny drove to New York City, where they met with Brad Norman, an employee of Johnny's who had been a patrolman working with Dante to guard Brenda when she was in NYC in 2007. Brad told Carly and Johnny that though he had no actual proof, his gut told him that Dante and Brenda had been sleeping together. He said that though Dante had not admitted it, he had not denied that he was sleeping with Brenda when Brad had asked him directly.

Brad said that Dante and Brenda were very close and that she had leaned on Dante more than anyone else. Brad said that Dante worked 16-hour shifts as her bodyguard and that he was the only one that Brenda would let take her down the elevator to her car when she left the city. Carly was convinced that Dante and Brenda had been sleeping together.

As Johnny drove them back to Port Charles, Carly was gleeful about the havoc that her information would wreak. She was sure that Sonny would hate Dante forever and that Lulu and Dante would break up. She also hoped that finding out that Dante and Brenda had slept together would finally extinguish the torch that Jax carried for Brenda. Carly told Johnny that it felt like her birthday, Christmas, and the Fourth of July all rolled into one.

Johnny said that he did not mind family trouble for Sonny, but he did not want Olivia to know that he had a hand in anything hurtful that might befall Dante. Carly agreed to keep Johnny's name out of her plan. She then said that her only problem was deciding whom to tell first.

Jason and Sonny met at the restaurant office. Sonny wanted to know about Brenda, but Jason would not divulge the secrets that she had told him. Jason left after promising to call Sonny if Brenda needed help. After Jason left, Sonny made a call to Suzanne, who responded to his summons. He accused her of putting Brenda's life in danger. Suzanne told Sonny that he was the one who had left Brenda emotionally scarred.

Sonny said that he had never taken anything from Brenda, but Suzanne said that he had taken Brenda's sanity. Sonny said that in the beginning, when he had fallen in love with Brenda, he had not realized how fragile she was. He said that Brenda had made him happy and that he had believed that they could overcome any obstacle and be together. He said that he finally understood that they could not be together, but that did not stop him from wanting to keep Brenda safe. Before walking out, Suzanne told Sonny that if he meant what he'd said, the kindest thing he could do for Brenda would be to leave her alone.

At Jason's penthouse, Brenda apologized to Dante for messing up his life. Dante assured Brenda that she was not causing trouble in his relationship with Lulu and that he wanted to help keep her safe. Dante said that he had been glad to help her in the past. When he started to mention another secret they shared, Brenda said that she did not want to talk about the baby, and she did not want Sonny to know. Dante said that he would never tell.

Spinelli arrived with a bag of organic produce for Brenda, but immediately started mocking Dante and making snide references to Dante's untrustworthiness. After Dante left, Spinelli cast Dante in the worst possible light as he described the events leading up to Michael's prison sentence. When Jason walked in, Spinelli was happy to tell him that he has spilled the beans about Dante's heinous behavior to Brenda.

Jason sent Spinelli to his room and gave Brenda a less biased account of the actions that had been taken after Claudia's death. He told Brenda that there was plenty of blame to go around and that he, Carly, Sonny, and Sam had all conspired in the cover-up. He said that he blamed himself the most because he had taught Michael, and he was responsible for how Michael had grown up.

In Las Vegas, Luke, Tracy, May a, and Ethan celebrated Maya's casino winnings in their hotel room. When Tracy wondered why Luke could not contact the mobile attorney who would secure an annulment for Maya and Ethan, she discovered that Luke had been trying to get the mobile preacher instead. Tracy castigated Luke and told him that she would not marry him until they had an ironclad pre-nup. After cautioning Maya and Ethan not to consummate their marriage, Tracy sailed out of the room to find a lawyer, and Luke followed.

Maya and Ethan also left the room, but returned later with even more money. After a few drinks and numerous toasts to Maya's luck at the tables, they started kissing. Maya worried about canceling out their annulment, but Ethan convinced her that they could keep their consummation a secret and still get their annulment. Maya downed her martini and kissed Ethan back.

Tracy, Luke, and the mobile attorney found Ethan and Maya in bed and naked. Maya wanted to know if they could still get an annulment, and Ethan said that he was in bed with Maya because he was giving her a back rub.

At Jake's, Coleman made a half-hearted attempt to hit on Siobhan, but she was quick-witted and easily deflected his efforts as she went about her work in the bar. Olivia entered and told Coleman that Carly was hitting on Johnny. She said that she was not worried that Johnny would stray. Olivia said it was a ploy on Carly's part to make Jax jealous.

Lulu had ordered a drink and was chatting with Siobhan when Dante arrived. He smiled at Lulu before heading over to hug Olivia. When he returned to sit down with Lulu, he ordered a beer. He and Lulu talked about their day. When he asked her if she was ready to go home, she said that she was staying at her place that night. Dante wanted to know what he had done and how he could make it up to her, but Lulu said that she did not want to lose herself in Dante the way Brenda had done with Sonny and her mother had done with Luke.

Lulu said that she needed to back off and make sure that she stayed a whole person. Dante seemed to understand. After they left together, Jason stopped in to see Siobhan. He wondered if she had remembered anything else that she had seen or heard while she had been held hostage by the Balkan's men. Siobhan thought for a few moments then said that she did remember one cryptic phone call about a man that the Balkan's man had referred to as "Jack."

Jax went to see Brenda. He told her that Carly was having a bad reaction to Brenda's reappearance in Port Charles. Brenda said that if not for Carly telling Jax that she had seen Brenda share a "goodbye" kiss with Sonny, Brenda and Jax would be married. Jax said that he was happy with how things had turned out and that he loved Carly, but she could be dangerous. He told a flustered Brenda that Carly was digging into Brenda's past.

As Brenda remembered a happy conversation with Dante, he was remembering the same scene when Carly knocked on his door and told him that she wanted to have a chat about his past with Brenda.

Olivia met Johnny at the Metro Court. He told her that he loved her, but Olivia said that she wanted to know exactly what was going on between Johnny and Carly.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

At Jake's, Jason questioned Siobhan about her time spent as the Balkan's captive. Jason wondered if Siobhan recalled anything of significance that might help them locate the Balkan. Lucky demanded to know what was going on when he spotted Jason questioning Siobhan. Jason explained that Siobhan had recalled the Balkan's men had mentioned the name Jack while she had been held a prisoner. Siobhan quickly clarified that she had told Jason and Lucky everything that she knew.

Jason reminded Siobhan how important it was to catch the Balkan, so he asked her to call him if she remembered anything else. After Jason left, Siobhan was curious if Jason was Brenda's boyfriend. She was stunned when Lucky admitted, "No." Siobhan thought that Jason and Brenda were involved because they fought like an old married couple and Jason had gone through a lot of trouble to keep Brenda safe. "Are you saying that the only person worth risking your life for is someone you love?" Lucky wondered.

Siobhan smiled sheepishly, but didn't answer. Lucky changed the subject to remind Siobhan that anyone who entered Jake's could be working for the Balkan, so he advised her to keep everyone at arm's length. Siobhan joked that it wouldn't be good for tips, but she realized that he had a point. She then reminded Lucky that he had made a fool of the Balkan, so perhaps she should be the one to protect Lucky. Lucky admitted that he would gladly go against the Balkan if it meant that Siobhan was safe.

Siobhan didn't know if Lucky was noble or suicidal. She led Lucky to the bar and then offered to fetch him something to eat. Lucky claimed that the food at Jake's had been known to send people to the hospital. Siobhan quipped that Lucky was a man of steel who was capable of taking on anything. Lucky realized that Siobhan was worried about him, so he assured her that she didn't have to worry about him going up against the Balkan.

Siobhan thought that it would be a shame if something happened to Lucky. Lucky was curious if Siobhan would miss him. She turned serious as she admitted that she would. Siobhan conceded that she knew very little about Lucky, but she sensed something in him that she recognized. Lucky acknowledged that she saw him in a way that most people didn't.

Later, Siobhan went to the jukebox to select a song. She explained to Lucky that she liked to explore because there was a chance that she might fall in love. "With the music?" Lucky wondered. "Sure," Siobhan answered cryptically. After Siobhan selected a song, Lucky pulled her close for a slow dance. Afterwards, Lucky and Siobhan left Jake's hand-in-hand. In the alley, Lucky stopped to gently stroke her face before he kissed her.

Patrick ordered a beer from Jake's bartender moments before Lisa walked up. "Are you looking for me?" Lisa wondered. She immediately sensed that Patrick was nervous when he turned to face her. Patrick led Lisa to a table, where he apologized for misleading her about their relationship. Lisa insisted that everyone except Robin had moved on.

Patrick ignored the dig as he offered to get Robin to back off if Lisa agreed to drop her plans to go to the hospital's board. Lisa admitted that it sounded as if Patrick and Robin had gotten closer; she was curious if there was reconciliation in the works. Patrick made it clear that any discussion about his marriage was off-limits. She nodded and then agreed to treat Robin like her best friend if Patrick agreed to sleep with Lisa one more time. Patrick stared at Lisa in shock.

Lisa burst out laughing and then confessed that she had been kidding. Patrick clarified that he hadn't been joking about saving his marriage, so sleeping with Lisa was off of the table. Lisa was curious what would happen if Robin couldn't forgive Patrick's infidelity. "Where does that leave us?" she wondered. Patrick explained that nothing would change, because of Emma.

Patrick refused to hurt Emma, so he wanted Lisa to drop the complaint against Robin for Emma's sake. Lisa promised to think about it. Patrick thanked Lisa for her time and then left.

At the hospital, Maxie paid Robin a visit. Robin revealed that Lisa had decided to petition the hospital's board to fire Robin. Robin was frustrated because she had stupidly played into Lisa's hands. Maxie advised Robin not to worry about it because Maxie intended to handle things. Moments later, Matt entered Robin's hospital room with news that Robin's infection was under control.

Maxie immediately tried to enlist Matt's help to deal with Lisa. Matt suggested that the best option was for Robin to seek counseling. Matt believed that the hospital's board would see it as a sign of good faith, and it might help Robin to deal with her hatred for Lisa, which would take Lisa's power away. Maxie thought that framing Lisa for devil-worshipping would be a better plan. Robin and Matt burst out laughing at the suggestion.

Patrick walked in to see Robin smiling. Matt and Maxie quickly excused themselves, while Patrick revealed to Robin that he had talked to Lisa. Patrick was hopeful that he had persuaded Lisa to change her mind about trying to get Robin fired. Robin suspected that Lisa would say anything to look good and be a hero in Patrick's eyes. Patrick insisted that Robin was the only hero in his eyes.

Robin warned Patrick that guilt and regret were a terrible foundation to rebuild their marriage on. She reminded him that she had to work things out for herself. Patrick seemed disappointed, but he respected Robin's decision. Robin watched, with sadness in her eyes, as Patrick walked away.

At the nurses' station, Matt congratulated Maxie on making Robin smile. Maxie insisted that Lisa being sent to Shadybrook was a win/win situation. However, Maxie was impressed with the way that Matt had advised Robin to seek counseling. She didn't think that Robin would have been open to the suggestion if anyone else had proposed therapy.

In Las Vegas, Ethan and Maya tried to deny that they had consummated their marriage, but Luke, Tracy, and the lawyer didn't appear to believe them, since Ethan and Maya had been found in bed together. Maya decided to tell the truth because she didn't want to commit fraud. The lawyer assured Maya that Nevada laws weren't archaic; an annulment was possible because Ethan and Maya had been intoxicated during the wedding ceremony. Tracy was livid when she realized that she could have filed for an annulment after her fraudulent wedding to Luke.

Luke reminded Tracy that she hadn't really wanted to get rid of him years earlier. The attorney was prepared to process Ethan and Maya's annulment, but they didn't seem to be in a rush to end their marriage. The lawyer gave them his card and then left. Afterwards, Tracy suggested that everyone head to the casino to celebrate. Tracy was confident that she was safe because she could get an annulment if Luke tricked her into marriage.

Later, Luke chastised Ethan for bungling things for Luke. Luke had no idea how to get Tracy to marry him. Ethan suggested that Luke declare his love for Tracy. Luke reminded Ethan that he had done that, to no avail, so Ethan advised Luke to resort to blackmail. Luke made it clear that he expected Ethan to fix things, but Ethan was more interested in enjoying his honeymoon.

Maya and Tracy returned to the room. Tracy had envelopes filled with money for everyone and an itemized bill for Luke, so that Luke could pay his share of the expenses. Moments later, champagne arrived. Luke refused to pay for the champagne, so he and Tracy went to the casino, while Ethan and Maya stayed behind to continue their honeymoon. They drank champagne and then made love. However, May a insisted that the following day, they would seek an annulment.

At the loft, Dante became defensive when Carly questioned him about his assignment to guard Brenda in 2007. She couldn't understand why he hadn't mentioned it to anyone including Lulu. Dante claimed that he had guarded numerous celebrities over the years, so he hadn't thought much about it. Michael's arrival put an abrupt end to Carly's interrogation. Carly assured Michael that everything was fine, hugged her son, and then left.

Michael wondered if Carly had given Dante any grief about him. Dante revealed that Carly had been asking about Dante's relationship with Brenda. Later, Michael prepared to head to Carly's house, so Dante took the opportunity to remind his brother that everything that he had told Michael about Brenda had been in confidence. Michael assured Dante that he wouldn't say anything. However, Michael was curious if Dante had fallen in love with Brenda. Dante admitted, "I thought so," but then added that Lulu was all that he had ever wanted.

Later, Lulu arrived at the loft. Dante was happy to see her. Lulu thought that it was good for them not to spend every moment together because it kept them from taking each other for granted. Dante worried that Lulu's sudden desire for independence was because she was uncertain about him. Lulu assured Dante that she didn't doubt him.

Dante was pleased because he intended to spend the night showing Lulu how much she meant to him. Lulu admitted that she had initially questioned Dante's commitment to her when she had learned about Brenda because she wanted their relationship to be based on honesty. Dante realized that it had been a stupid mistake to lie, so, in the spirit of honesty, he confessed that he was hoping to "get laid." Lulu laughed. She wasn't surprised because he'd had sex on his mind since she had met him.

Lulu and Dante kissed and then made love. Afterwards, as Lulu slept, Dante got out of bed and then went to the window. He appeared deep in thought as he stared out at the night.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Johnny and Olivia argued about Carly. Olivia insisted that Carly was a disaster waiting to happen. Johnny assured Olivia that she had nothing to worry about. Olivia pleaded with Johnny to stay away from Carly, but Johnny refused to. Moments later, Steve walked up.

Johnny warned Steve that they were about to leave, but Olivia contradicted Johnny. She made it clear that she wasn't going anywhere with Johnny, so Johnny left alone. Steve realized that Olivia had hoped to make Johnny jealous. Olivia confessed that she hadn't dated since with was fifteen, so she might be experiencing a delayed adolescence. However, she clarified that she wouldn't have traded a second of raising Dante.

Steve admitted that he admired Olivia for that. Olivia confided that she had never learned that even the most amazing hook-up was just a hook-up. Steve thought that Olivia and Johnny were in a relationship. Olivia explained she and Johnny were just too different, so she suspected that it was time to walk away. Later, as they sipped on their drinks, Steve entertained Olivia with an amusing tale about a time that he had been playing his electric guitar in the backyard. He described the music as something between Bon Jovi and Santana.

Steve had been mortified when a couple of neighborhood kids had caught him rocking out. He had immediately retreated into the house in shame. Olivia insisted that life was too short to play music inside with the windows shut.

At the penthouse, Brenda assured Jax that Carly was welcome to dig into her past. She suggested that perhaps Carly could start a new career because she had the same mentality as the paparazzi. Jax explained that Carly was hard to control, so he wanted to warn Brenda about what was going on. Jax suspected that Carly's feelings went beyond mere jealousy. Brenda couldn't understand why Carly feared Brenda's friendship with Jax.

Jax admitted that Carly had good reason to feel threatened because of Jax's history with Brenda. Carly was also aware that Brenda was the cause of Sonny and Jax's hatred for each other. According to Jax, Carly was also upset because Brenda was living with Jason. Jax cautioned Brenda that Carly was dangerous when she was on the warpath, so Brenda shouldn't underestimate Carly. Brenda realized that Jax had finally found someone whom he could love unconditionally. Jax confirmed that he adored his wife. He asked Brenda to call him if she needed anything and then left.

Later, Carly barged into the penthouse, looking for Jason. Brenda informed Carly that Jason wasn't there and then suggested that Carly let herself out. Carly immediately started to argue with Brenda, but Brenda refused to be intimidated by Carly. Carly accused Brenda of using Jason, so she intended to dig into Brenda's past. Brenda was curious why Carly wasn't with Jax.

Carly made it clear that Jax was her business, not Brenda's. "Touché," Brenda conceded. Brenda offered to stay away from Jax if Carly agreed to stay out of Brenda's business. Carly didn't appreciate being threatened, but Brenda quickly clarified that she wasn't interested in breaking up marriages. However, Brenda believed that Jax would be better off with a wife who didn't cheat. Brenda wanted peace in her life, but she refused to be pushed around by Carly. Carly vowed to expose all of Brenda's secrets and then stormed out of the penthouse.

Jax arrived at the Metro Court Restaurant as Olivia and Steve continued to sip on their drinks and flirt with each other. Steve was annoyed by Jax's interruption, but moments later, Carly arrived to announce to everyone that the restaurant was closing. Carly offered to pick up everyone's tab as they filed out. Once they were alone, Jax decided to talk to Carly about her grudge against Brenda, but Carly didn't want to discuss Brenda. She kissed Jax and then started to undress him.

Jason showed up at Sam's apartment to apologize to her for keeping secrets. Sam hated it because she felt that it put up walls between them, but she understood that Jason was doing what he had to. Sam accepted Jason for who he was and understood that he was protective of those who mattered to him, which included Brenda. Jason insisted that he loved Sam. After they kissed, Sam and Jason started to make love, but Jason's phone rang; it was Brenda asking to see Jason immediately.

Jason arrived at the penthouse a short time later. Brenda explained that Carly was determined to expose Brenda's secrets, which threatened to blow Dante's life apart. Jason seemed to realize the enormity of the situation with Carly. Later, Jason saw Brenda sitting at the dinning room table, deep in thought.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy and Luke arrived home from Las Vegas. Luke grumbled about the cold weather in Port Charles, but Tracy suggested that the high quantity of alcohol that Luke had consumed had thinned his blood. Moments later, Ethan carried Maya over the threshold. Tracy suspected that Luke would have probably hired someone, using Tracy's money, to carry Tracy over the threshold if they had been the newlyweds. Luke didn't deny it.

Ethan suggested taking Maya to the bedroom, but Maya nixed the idea because she was afraid of Edward's reaction. As everyone filed into the parlor, Ethan admitted that he had called Lulu, so that she could break the news of the wedding to Edward. They were surprised when Edward entered the room to announce that he had arranged for Cook to prepare a champagne brunch to celebrate Maya and Ethan's nuptials. Lulu followed moments later, demanding to know if the wedding news had been a joke. Luke decided that he needed more alcohol.

Ethan and Tracy filled Edward and Lulu in on the details of the wedding. Lulu wondered why Ethan and Maya hadn't annulled their marriage. Maya confessed that they had been having too much fun. Edward quickly realized that Ethan and Maya had consummated their marriage, so an annulment wasn't possible. Tracy revealed that "being drunk off of your ass" was grounds for an annulment in Nevada.

Edward was furious because he realized that Tracy could have kicked Luke to the curb years before. Luke was frustrated because he had failed to get Tracy to marry him during the trip. Lulu suggested that Luke could marry Tracy without resorting to scams, but Edward thought that was part of the attraction between Luke and Tracy. Tracy made it clear that she would marry Luke, but he had to sign a prenuptial agreement first. Luke insisted that they were rich in what mattered: love, respect, and passion. "No pre-nup , no nothing," Tracy informed Luke.

Ethan suggested that they focus on him and Maya; he was certain that Edward could find them an attorney who could arrange for an annulment. Edward confessed that Ethan and Maya were like him and Mary Mae. Maya clarified that she and Ethan were not in love. Edward couldn't believe that Ethan and Maya hadn't felt something for each other, so he offered to give them a million dollars if they stayed married for one year.

At Lucky's apartment, Lucky woke Siobhan with kisses. She jumped up when she noticed the time. Siobhan sprinted to the shower, changed, and then announced that she had to get to work. Lucky reminded Siobhan that Jake's was closed, but she explained that she had to run a few errands first. Lucky threatened to stake out the airport, in case she intended to take a flight home. Siobhan smiled as she assured him that she didn't have any plans to take off for Ireland.

Later, Lucky met Liz and the boys at the park. Liz thanked Lucky for watching Cameron and Jake, while she took Aiden for a checkup. Lucky assured her that it wasn't a problem; he had missed the boys. Liz was touched when Lucky complimented her on being a great mom. Lucky then noticed how much Aiden had grown.

As Lucky leaned down to play with Aiden, he noticed that Aiden had long fingers like him. Lucky confided that Laura had always told him that his long fingers had helped him to play the guitar. Lucky suspected that the trait had been passed down from Laura to Nikolas. Shortly after Liz left, Siobhan arrived. Lucky introduced Siobhan to his sons.

Later, Liz returned to pick up her sons after Aiden's doctor appointment. Lucky introduced Siobhan and Liz. The ladies exchanged polite smiles before Siobhan excused herself and then left. Liz was curious where Lucky had met Siobhan. Lucky explained that Siobhan had helped him with some work, but left it at that.

Lucky went to Jake's to find Siobhan. He noticed that Siobhan didn't seem thrilled to see him. She confessed that he had a nice family with Liz. She suggested that Lucky had been running from a life with his family when he had assumed Ronan's identity. Lucky clarified that he hadn't been running from his sons, but Siobhan made it clear that she wasn't interested in sleeping with a man who was ducking out on his family. Lucky was shocked when Siobhan announced that they were over.

Dante stopped by Pozzulo's at Sonny's request. Sonny was curious why Dante was willing to risk his life for Brenda instead of requesting a transfer. Dante claimed that he simply wanted to see things through. Sonny suggested that Dante tell him the truth. Sonny admitted that he was aware that something was going on with Brenda, and he suspected that Dante knew what it was.

Dante admitted that he had met Brenda in 2007, when he had been assigned to guard her in New York City. Sonny wondered why Dante hadn't mentioned it sooner. Dante claimed that he hadn't thought that Brenda had recognized him; however, she later revealed that she had. Sonny was curious if Dante had requested the assignment, but Dante assured him that he hadn't. Sonny seemed to accept his son's answer, so he questioned Dante about what had happened in 2007 and how well Dante had known Brenda.

Dante downplayed his relationship with Brenda by claiming that he had been one of several officers who had been ordered to guard her and that they had barely spoken. Dante insisted that he hadn't been in a position to ask Brenda any personal questions during the two-week stint as her bodyguard. Sonny wanted to know what Brenda was hiding, so Dante advised Sonny to talk to Jason. Sonny explained that Jason had promised to keep Brenda's secret, so Sonny wanted Dante to call him if Dante discovered anything important. Sonny then confided that he wished that Brenda had called him in 2007 because he would have helped her. Moments later, Diane entered the restaurant.

Diane was happy to see Dante and Sonny because she had news for them about Michael. Diane revealed that Claire had petitioned the court to allow Sonny to see Michael. Sonny was elated to learn that the petition had been approved. Dante was less enthusiastic about the prospect of Sonny spending time with Michael. Dante urged Sonny to consider Michael's situation. Dante feared that one mistake could jeopardize Michael's parole.

After Dante left, Diane followed Sonny to his office. Diane conceded that Dante had made a compelling argument, but it was Sonny's call to make. Sonny explained that Michael was his heart. He revealed that when he had gone to Rome, Michael had told him that he was proud to be his son. Sonny felt that he had to live up to that.

Diane encouraged Sonny to sign the paperwork. However, he was worried that the situation might make things more difficult for Claire. Diane explained that Claire had filed the petition weeks before, so it wouldn't have any impact on the Internal Affairs investigation. Sonny was relieved; he didn't want to cause more trouble for Claire. Diane acknowledged that she had been wrong about Claire because Claire had saved Sonny from an attempted murder charge and had given Sonny his son back.

Sonny insisted that Claire was a good person. Diane didn't disagree, but she suspected that Claire wanted to work things out with Sonny. She urged Sonny not to give in to temptation for his sake as well as Claire's.

At the courthouse, Alexis and Claire waited for a judge to make a decision about one of their cases. Claire was concerned because she realized that she hadn't been at the top of her game. Alexis reminded Claire that she had warned Claire about Sonny's influence. Claire realized that word would soon get out that Sonny had tried to save Claire's career by breaking things off with her. "How altruistic," Alexis remarked.

Claire confided that, intellectually, she understood the decision, but her heart had a completely different reaction. Claire was frustrated because she constantly dreamed of Sonny. Alexis assured Claire that it would pass in time. Later, Alexis was delighted that she had won her case, but she hoped that there weren't any hard feelings. "None," Claire assured Alexis.

After Alexis walked away, Claire bumped into Sonny. Claire immediately recognized the document in Sonny's hand. Sonny realized that Claire couldn't afford to be seen with him, but he wanted her to know that he appreciated what she had done for him and Michael. He offered to return the favor.

At Jason's penthouse, Jason instructed Spinelli to research the Balkan's possible connection to someone named Jack. Spinelli worked diligently on the laptop, but couldn't find anything. Jason suggested that Spinelli widen the search. A short time later, Spinelli discovered someone named Gabor Jacovick , which might be an abbreviation for Jack. Jason suggested that Spinelli start with that name and then move on to any other possible suspects.

A knock at the door heralded Maxie's arrival. Maxie hoped that Brenda wasn't there, but Spinelli revealed that Brenda was in her room, doing yoga. Maxie immediately began to complain about Brenda. She suggested that Spinelli's crush on Brenda had moved from embarrassing to delusional. Spinelli argued that Brenda had "regenerated" Spinelli's shattered heart.

Maxie insisted that Brenda was using Spinelli and probably didn't even realize that he existed. Maxie wanted Jason to confirm that Brenda was a spoiled diva, but Jason refused to get involved. Spinelli confessed that Brenda had showered him with kind words from her lips. "You want lips?" Maxie demanded to know. "I'll give you lips," she insisted and then passionately kissed Spinelli.

Afterwards, Maxie assured Spinelli that "fantasy Brenda" couldn't hold a candle to her. Jason smiled after Maxie stormed out of the penthouse because he realized that Spinelli had played Maxie. However, he was curious why Spinelli hadn't admitted how he felt about Maxie. Spinelli explained that Maxie would only respond if she had to fight for him. Jason feared that Spinelli had been spending too much time with Carly.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Michael decided to have breakfast with his mother, since he didn't have school. Carly was delighted until Michael admitted that he was worried about her because he knew that she was up to something. "So?" Cary wondered. Michael pointed out that her plans rarely worked out, and he feared that her target was Dante.

Carly admitted that she couldn't forgive Dante for his role in sending Michael to jail. She thought that Michael would understand her feelings better when he had children of his own. Michael explained that he had moved past what Dante had done. According to Michael, Dante had been terrific. Michael also enjoyed having an older brother, so he didn't want Carly hating Dante or getting back at Dante for what had happened.

Michael pleaded with his mother to drop her revenge plot. Carly promised Michael that she hadn't done anything. However, if Dante had done something in the past that he deserved to be punished for, she would leave it to fate to determine how things should turn out. Later, Michael went to talk to Jason about Carly. Michael wanted Jason to stop Carly from going after Dante.

Jason advised Michael to focus on his own life instead of getting sidetracked by other people's agendas. He promised Michael that he would take care of things if Carly got into trouble. After Michael left the penthouse, he bumped into Abby on the piers. Michael was surprised to see her because she hadn't been around for a while. Abby explained that she had been focusing on her schoolwork, which she couldn't do when she spent time with him.

Michael wanted to be able to call Abby to make plans to meet, so they exchanged cell phone numbers. Afterwards, they sat down on a bench to talk. Michael admitted that he was worried about his mother's determination to punish Dante for telling the judge about Michael's role in Claudia's death. Abby acknowledged that she didn't know any of the parties involved, but she sided with Carly. Abby explained that, as a cop, Dante should have known what would happen to Michael in jail.

Michael was rattled by the statement. He wondered if Abby knew what had happened to him. Abby explained that she only knew what Michael had told her and what she had seen. Abby realized that Michael had been hurt and that it would take time for him to heal from the damage. Michael continued to look uneasy.

Dante arrived at the penthouse to guard Brenda. Suzanne made it clear that she had done some research on Dante, so she knew about his connection to Sonny. She tried to question Dante about Sonny, but Dante quickly clarified that he and his father were not close. Suzanne realized that Brenda was in love with Sonny, but didn't want anything to do with him. Dante assured Suzanne that Sonny intended to stay away from Brenda, but Suzanne had her doubts about Sonny's willpower.

Dante was startled when Suzanne began talking about the first time that she had met Brenda in 2007. As Suzanne talked about the trip to Africa and Brenda's illness, she suddenly remembered that Brenda had called out a name during her feverish delirium. Suzanne revealed that the name had been Dante.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie ordered Kate's lunch. Carly instructed the waitress to charge Kate extra for the special order and then insisted that she take her time with the meal. Maxie commented that it was clear that Carly didn't get over things easily. "Why should I?" Carly wondered. Maxie smiled as she confided that she and Carly had a mutual dislike for Brenda.

As they talked about Brenda, Maxie realized that Carly was up to something. Maxie wanted in on it, but Carly would only say that Brenda would eventually fall off of her pedestal all on her own. Later, Carly was happy to see Jason enter the restaurant. Jason recognized the look on Carly's face, so Carly didn't bother to deny that she was scheming against Dante.

Jason wondered if Carly had considered how her plans might affect Michael. Carly insisted that she would never hurt Michael. Jason warned Carly that she was making things worse by going after Dante because Michael had bonded with Dante. Carly argued that Dante had sent Michael to prison, which continued to affect Michael. Jason didn't disagree, but he insisted that Michael could talk to Dante and that she needed to respect the relationship that Dante and Michael had formed.

Carly vowed that she would always hate Dante for what he had done to Michael. Jason didn't have a problem with that, but he begged her to leave Dante alone. Jason insisted that they all had to make sacrifices for their children. Carly assured Jason that she wasn't lifting a finger to hurt Dante, but she couldn't be held responsible for something that Dante had done to himself.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In the foyer at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy made it clear to Luke that she intended to call the shots about their wedding. She wanted a Christmas wedding at the mansion, complete with a wedding dress, guests, and a sober groom. Tracy also insisted that Luke sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Luke readily agreed to all of Tracy's terms, but he did try to change her mind about the restriction on alcohol. Tracy refused to budge on the issue because she wanted a wedding day that they could both remember.

In the parlor, Edward offered Ethan and Maya one million dollars to remain married for one year. Lulu was stunned when Ethan tried to negotiate the terms by reducing the time to six weeks, but Edward stood firm. Ethan wanted the money to be tax free, which Edward relented on. Maya argued that she didn't want to stay married to Ethan for a year. Ethan didn't see the problem, since she would get half the money and they would be able to enjoy the benefits of married life, including sex.

Tracy and Luke entered the room moments later to announce that they had decided to get married. Ethan suggested that they celebrate with drinks, but Tracy reminded Luke that he was expected to remain sober until after their wedding day. Tracy was surprised when Edward didn't seem to have a reaction to her news. Ethan explained that Edward was busy sealing a deal with Ethan and Maya to remain married for a year in exchange for one million dollars. Luke wondered if he could get a similar deal from Edward, but Tracy glared at him.

Meanwhile, May a wondered if there was a catch to collecting the money. Edward assured his great-granddaughter that there wasn't; he would cut them a check on their first wedding anniversary. Maya remained uncertain until Ethan pointed out that she could use her half of the money to pay off her student loans and to fund her sister's education. Lulu turned her attention to Tracy and Luke to find out the details about their wedding. Lulu was shocked when Tracy announced that she and Luke planned to get married on December 21st, Laura's birthday.

At Jake's, Siobhan accused Lucky of wanting a "roll in the hay" to make his ex-wife jealous. Lucky assured Siobhan that there was nothing between him and Liz except for the children. Siobhan accused Lucky of lying about everything, including his name, so she didn't know why she should trust him. Lucky explained that he and Liz were friendly for the sake of the boys, but Siobhan continued to have her doubts. Lucky insisted that he had been fascinated with Siobhan from the moment that he had met her.

Their conversation was cut short when Lucky's cell phone rang. He stepped away to take the call, while Siobhan resumed wiping the tables. Liz entered the bar moments later. Liz explained that she had been reluctant to discuss things with Siobhan in front of the children, so she had decided to drop by Jake's to get to know Siobhan, since Siobhan was spending time with Lucky and the kids. Liz admitted that she was surprised that Lucky had introduced the children to someone he had met while working undercover for Interpol.

Liz made it clear that she didn't want her children in any kind of danger. Siobhan flippantly suggested that she wasn't a danger to Liz unless Liz got drunk and then tried to stiff Siobhan for the bill. Liz didn't know Siobhan well enough to take her word for that. Siobhan decided to give Liz a brief summary about her life. Siobhan claimed that she hadn't seen the point of pursuing higher learning, so she had worked all over Europe in various bars.

According to Siobhan, she had a knack for dating the wrong kind of man, including her last boyfriend who had been killed by Ronan O'Reilly, the man whose identity Lucky had assumed. Liz was curious if Lucky had told Siobhan about his past. Lucky was surprised when he returned to the bar to find Liz questioning Siobhan. Lucky asked to speak to Liz privately, so Siobhan went to the bar, where she wiped it down as she openly eavesdropped on Liz and Lucky's conversation. Lucky wanted to know why Liz was there.

Liz explained that she had a right to be concerned, and a little curious, when Lucky introduced a complete stranger to the children. Liz didn't like the idea of her boys hanging out with someone whom Lucky had met while working undercover. Liz understood Siobhan's appeal: she was beautiful, a stranger with a vagabond past, and she didn't know anything about Lucky. Liz realized that Lucky could be whomever he wanted to be around Siobhan, but she pointed out that the same was true for Siobhan. Liz was curious what Lucky knew about his new girlfriend.

Lucky insisted that he knew everything that he needed to know. Liz insisted that she didn't want to see Lucky hurt again. Lucky appreciated Liz's concern, but it was his business. He suggested that they should respect the boundaries that they had set. Liz apologized if he thought that she had overstepped; she hoped things worked out the way that Lucky wanted. After Liz left, Siobhan accused "that woman" of thinking that she owned Lucky.

Lucky explained that Liz was used to being involved in his life. Siobhan was certain that Liz wanted Lucky back. Lucky didn't deny it, but he insisted that all that mattered was what he wanted. He thought that he had made his feelings very clear. He wondered if Siobhan was ready to run scared, but she assured him that she wasn't afraid of anything. "Prove it," Lucky dared her.

At the courthouse, Sonny admitted that he was grateful that Claire had made it possible for him to see Michael. Claire was happy that she could help. Sonny worried about the possible consequences, but Claire reminded Sonny that she had been up-front with her bosses about her relationship with him. She assured him that she hadn't done anything illegal. Sonny argued that having the evidence against him thrown out might cause problems, but she insisted that Ronnie had broken the law. Sonny suggested that she could have covered it up.

Claire argued that she might have lost her law license if anyone discovered that she had done that. Sonny wasn't pleased when Claire admitted that her bosses might reassign her to "middle America." He wondered if he could help her. "You can," she answered. Claire wanted Sonny to follow his heart, so she encouraged him to go after Brenda.

On the piers, Abby tried to get Michael to talk about his time in prison, but Michael refused to open up. Abby continued to push until Michael angrily demanded to know if she were comfortable telling people about how drunken men shoved money in her underwear. Abby was clearly hurt by the question as she admitted, "No." She added that she only talked to Michael about that. Michael immediately apologized for the outburst.

Michael realized that she probably hated him, but Abby assured him that she didn't. "You should," Michael argued. Abby couldn't understand why Michael seemed so determined to hate himself. Michael explained that it was because he was a hateful person. Abby didn't see it; however, she realized that something brutal and awful had happened to him in prison.

Abby didn't think that he should let it define him. Michael wanted to talk to her about it, but he couldn't. Abby urged Michael to find someone to talk to because he was too good of a person to let what had happened to him wreck his life. Later, Michael was delighted when Sonny stopped by the loft to let him know that the judge had lifted the restriction for Sonny to see Michael. Michael wondered how Sonny had managed to do it.

Michael was surprised when Sonny explained that Claire had arranged it. Michael recalled that Claire had threatened to send Michael to jail the last time that he had seen her. Sonny admitted that Claire had been reacting to something else, but she had realized that Michael had been working hard to move forward. Sonny then admitted that he regretted that he hadn't been around to help Michael deal with the aftermath of being in prison. Michael reminded his father that Sonny had his own issues he'd had to deal with.

Sonny apologized for putting Michael in a position where he had needed to lie to Kristina about the bomb that had been planted in Johnny's car. Michael admitted that he was just happy that Sonny and Kristina had been able to talk things out. Michael then returned to the topic of Claire; he realized that things were probably serious between Sonny and the prosecutor if she had been willing to get evidence against Sonny tossed out. Sonny admitted that he had ended things with Claire because she had taken enough flak on his behalf. Sonny also revealed that Claire had encouraged him to work things out with Brenda.

At Jason's penthouse, Dante was surprised to learn that Brenda had been asking for him while she had been sick in Africa. Suzanne was curious why Dante and Brenda had kept their association a secret. Dante started to explain that he hadn't thought that Brenda had remembered him. However, Brenda entered the room and immediately made it clear that her trip to Africa was never to be discussed. Suzanne started to explain herself, but Brenda asked to speak privately to Suzanne. After Dante left, Brenda made it clear that Suzanne was not to snoop in her private business again.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Jason warned Carly to stop scheming against Dante. He was certain that it would blow up in her face. "Not this time," Carly confidently told Jason. According to Carly, she was the one telling the truth. Jason wondered what that was supposed to mean. Carly promised him that he would soon find out, but Jason insisted that he didn't have time to clean up her disasters.

Jason demanded to know what Carly was planning. Carly avoided Jason's questions by claiming that she needed to speak to Olivia about important work-related business when she spotted Olivia enter the restaurant. Jason made it clear that he expected to see Carly in his penthouse within half an hour. After Jason left, Olivia was curious what Carly had done to anger him. Carly didn't seem concerned as she explained that Jason never stayed mad at her for long.

A short time later, Dante entered the restaurant. Olivia was happy to see her son, but he explained that he was there to talk to Carly. Dante revealed that Sonny had been granted permission to see Michael. Carly realized that Michael would be thrilled, but Dante reminded Carly that it was a bad idea. Dante feared that Michael would end up back in prison if he didn't stay clear of Sonny and Sonny's business.

Olivia decided to go to Pozzulo's to talk to Sonny about Dante's concerns. Sonny reminded Olivia that Michael was his son. Olivia argued that Dante was also his son. She wondered how many times Michael would have to pay for Sonny's poor choices or stand in the wrong place when Sonny's enemies tried to gun Sonny down. Sonny understood Dante's concerns, but he refused to turn his back on Michael.

Olivia clarified that she didn't expect him to do that, but she warned him if anything happened to Michael then Dante would never forgive Sonny or himself. Olivia reminded Sonny that "the road to hell" was paved with good intentions; she didn't want Sonny to lose Michael and Dante because of a poor choice. Olivia was surprised when she spotted a fashion magazine on a nearby table. She wondered when Sonny had become interested in fashion and if "Connie" was aware that he was checking out the competition. Olivia recalled that Sonny had always looked for something better, even in high school.

Not better, Sonny corrected, just more challenging. Sonny admitted that it was what he lived for. However, he conceded that he could never make a relationship work. Olivia disagreed; he had made things work with Carly for a while. Sonny admitted that Brenda had been his first love. He realized how that sounded, so he amended, "Not counting high school." Olivia chuckled as she acknowledged that they had been too young to know what love was. Sonny revealed that Brenda had always been a challenge and that when it had been good, it had been very good.

Jason arrived home to find Brenda waiting for him. Brenda wanted Jason to have Dante reassigned because she claimed that he was a constant reminder of guns and blood. Jason wanted to know what was really going on, but Brenda stuck to her story. Jason explained that Jax had ordered police protection for Brenda, so Brenda decided to call Jax. Jason told her not to because it would only aggravate Carly further, but Brenda insisted that she didn't care about Carly's insecurities. Brenda once again insisted that she didn't want Dante around and then stormed out.

At the hospital, Patrick and Robin were talking about Emma when Lisa entered Robin's hospital room. Lisa explained that she had given Patrick's request consideration, but decided that someone needed to stop enabling Robin. Lisa was determined to petition the board to fire Robin. Later, Nikolas stopped by to see Robin. Robin explained that she had called Nikolas because Lisa was determined to get her fired.

Nikolas admitted that he had seen Lisa at the police station after Robin had accused Lisa of starting the fire. Robin was certain that Lisa had started the fire, but there hadn't been any proof, so, according to Robin, Lisa had gotten away with attempted murder. Moments later, Patrick and Steve walked in. Robin explained that she had called Nikolas for help. Patrick and Steve urged Robin to focus on her recovery, but Robin was determined to fight Lisa's accusations as soon as possible.

Nikolas offered to have the board meeting postponed for a month or two, but Robin wanted to deal with the situation as soon as possible. She hoped that Nikolas could arrange for the board to meet with her, so that she could prove that Lisa was a liar. Later, Brenda stopped by with some cookies. Robin was delighted to see her friend because she was desperate for a diversion from her troubles with Lisa. Robin and Brenda reminisced about the past with Sonny and Stone.

Carly arrived at Jason's penthouse as ordered, even though she wasn't thrilled at the prospect of Jason yelling at her. Jason assured her that he didn't have any intention of yelling. Carly suggested that Jason talk to Brenda to warn Brenda to stay away from Jax. Jason admitted that he had talked to Brenda and that his guards would let him know if Brenda visited Jax. However, Jason wanted Carly to stop obsessing and move on.

Carly wanted Brenda out of Port Charles, but Jason made it clear that it wouldn't happen any time soon. He was curious why Carly always had to make things harder than they had to be. Carly claimed that she was just trying to protect her marriage, so it would be easier with Brenda out of the way. Jason didn't need Carly to make matters worse. Carly resented how Jason bent over backwards for Brenda when Brenda had been lying to him.

Jason demanded to know what Brenda had lied about. Carly revealed that Brenda and Dante had an affair in 2007. Jason stared at her in disbelief. "That's right, Sonny's great love was banging his firstborn," Carly smugly clarified.

Friday, November 19, 2010

At the nurses' station, Nikolas, Steven, Lisa, and Patrick discussed Robin's upcoming hearing. Nikolas explained the procedure to Lisa, that she'd give her testimony and then Robin would defend herself. Lisa was concerned that the process would be too much stress for Robin. Patrick sniped that Lisa would drop the charges if she really cared about Robin's well-being, and he walked away.

Lisa followed and defended herself. She argued that Robin was a liability to the hospital and needed help. After Lisa walked away, Nikolas and Steven approached Patrick and told him that they had to remain impartial. Steven advised Patrick to make Robin realize that she couldn't fly off the handle during the hearing. Liz approached and joined the conversation.

Nikolas hoped to delay the hearing for another month. Steven expressed that he didn't want to lose Robin or Lisa but that Robin hadn't done herself any favors by making accusations that could not be proven. Steven urged Patrick to ask Robin to reconsider her desire to press forward with the hearing.

Patrick knew that Robin wouldn't back down and said he'd stand by her. Liz offered to make a statement on Robin's behalf, but Nikolas warned that might prompt Lisa to call on staff members to testify about the times they'd witnessed an out-of-control Robin.

Brenda and Robin visited in Robin's hospital room. Brenda admitted that, years before, she had gone to extreme lengths to get Sonny to ask her to move in with him. She giggled as she reminisced about the time she'd awakened Sonny by doing sit-ups in bed.

Brenda said that she had never loved anyone the way she did Sonny. It was the kind of love that would last forever. Robin spoke warmly about the good old days when she and Stone, and Sonny and Brenda had fun together.

Later, Lisa, wearing gloves, filled a syringe from a vial. Johnny approached and startled her when he asked for directions to a particular doctor's office. They chatted about Sonny's trial, for which she was a juror. He apologized for having tried to influence her. She replied that he pushed so hard because he cared so hard.

After he left, a relieved Lisa threw something in the biohazard trash can. She entered Robin's room and closed the blinds. Lisa began to inject Robin's I.V. bag, but Maxie walked in. Maxie screamed at Lisa, who ran out the door. Maxie ran after her, as Robin took the I.V. out of her vein.

Patrick and Liz entered the room and asked what had happened. Robin explained as Liz checked Robin's vitals. Patrick left to find Lisa. Liz cautioned Robin not to lose her temper and then took the I.V. bag to the lab for analysis.

Lisa passed Johnny in the hallway and gave him the syringe, asking him to get rid of it. Steven and Nikolas caught up to Lisa at the nurses' station. Later, Steven informed everyone that he'd cordoned off the floor and that the police were on their way. Patrick demanded to know what Lisa had done, and Maxie recounted what she'd seen.

Ronnie arrived to question witnesses and started with Maxie. He also asked Lisa for her side. Patrick claimed that Lisa had been terrorizing Robin. Ronnie informed Lisa that, if they found the syringe, she'd be in serious trouble.

At Jason's penthouse, Jason sternly told Carly to drop her vendetta. Carly defended herself and said that she could prove that Brenda and Dante had engaged in an affair in 2007. She explained that a former cop, along with Dante, had guarded Brenda during that time, and that Dante had never denied to his partner that he had slept with Brenda. Jason still didn't believe it and told Carly to leave it alone.

Olivia and Sonny chatted in his office. He talked about the old days with Brenda and how remorseful he was for being cruel at times. He fondly remembered some of the tender moments he and Brenda had shared. Sonny also apologized to Olivia for having abandoned her and their son. Olivia told Sonny that she'd raised her son exactly the way she wanted to. And, Sonny would not have met Brenda, had he stayed in Bensonhurst.

Sonny talked about how he'd gotten into the business, when he'd taken over the Port Charles mob after Frank Smith died. Brenda had been with Sonny throughout that period, and it had created a bond between them.

Later, after Olivia had gone, Jason arrived and updated Sonny on Brenda's situation. Jason apologized for having taken Brenda back to Port Charles. She'd told him that it would be too painful for too many people, but Jason had thought she'd be safer there. Sonny wondered if he hadn't left Brenda at the altar, if they would have had a family.

Suzanne arrived at Dante's loft. She grilled Dante about his real connection to Brenda. Dante told Suzanne to leave Brenda be. Suzanne replied that Brenda could get killed if everyone stepped back and gave Brenda space.

In the other room, Michael eavesdropped. Suzanne told Dante that Brenda's safety would be compromised if Dante couldn't maintain professional detachment. Dante continued to deny any deeper connection to Brenda.

Later, after Dante had left, Lulu returned to find Michael alone. Michael said that he'd just arrived. Lulu was planning a romantic dinner with Dante, so Michael said he'd go to Carly's for dinner. Lulu asked if Dante ever talked to Michael about her.

Lucky met Luke at the Metro Court restaurant. Luke explained that Carly was letting him stay at the hotel, gratis. Better yet, Luke continued, Tracy had agreed to remarry him, for real. A grand ceremony was planned to take place at the Quartermaine mansion.

Luke avoided answering Lucky's query about when the wedding would occur but hesitantly stated that it would be December 21, Laura's birthday. Lucky reacted angrily. Luke reminded his son that Tracy had agreed to let Luke go through a faux wedding before Laura went back into a catatonic state and that it had been very painful for Tracy. Lucky refused to commit to being Luke's best man.

At the Metro Court, Carly asked Olivia to cut Luke off, as he'd rung up an inordinate bill. Carly said Luke could stay in the room but would not be allowed room service or booze to be comped. Lulu arrived, and Olivia left to find Luke. "Just watching Tracy and Luke tie the knot," cracked Carly to Lulu, "might just inspire you and Dante."

Lulu made it clear that she and Dante were nowhere near discussing taking that step. Lulu didn't believe in marriage anyway. No one she knew had a successful marriage. As Luke listened from afar, Carly apologized for having doubted Dante's love for Lulu. After Lulu left, Luke sat at Carly's table. He said it was touching, her concern for his daughter. "You're never more convincing than when you're lying, sweet Caroline," he told her.

Luke said it was suspicious that Carly was making nice all of a sudden, given that she'd held a grudge against Lulu since Dante had gotten Michael sent to prison. Carly pretended that, because Michael was fine and was treated well by Dante and Lulu, she'd gotten over it. Luke questioned why Carly was trying so hard to push the couple into marriage.

Brenda walked into Jason's to find Suzanne, who questioned Brenda about Dante. Brenda said it was absurd to think that she and Dante had ever been romantically linked, because he was Sonny's son. "What does that have to do with anything?" asked Suzanne. Suzanne wanted to know why Dante, who had been doing a superb job of protecting Brenda, had been reassigned. As an irked Brenda left the penthouse, she replied that, every time she saw Dante, she thought of Sonny.

Later, Jason informed Dante that Brenda had fired Dante. Dante understood and said he wasn't worried about himself, but he was about Brenda. Jason said that was a problem. He let Dante know that Carly had proof of Dante and Brenda's affair years before.

Outside of Sonny's old apartment, Max escorted Brenda out of the limo as a gentle rainstorm began. He reluctantly allowed her to go in by herself. When Brenda entered the apartment, she was pleasantly surprised to find Sonny there.

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