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Monday, November 22, 2010

At the Metro Court, Luke questioned Carly's sisterly attitude towards Lulu. When Carly asked if Luke was calling her a liar, Luke replied that he was calling her a Spencer. Luke told Carly that he understood and perhaps even approved of her desire for revenge against Dante, but said there would be dire consequences if Lulu were hurt in the process. Carly asked Luke if he was threatening her. Luke said that he was not that subtle and that he would just go for the jugular.

Carly said that she was not intentionally hurting Lulu, but that Lulu was in for a rude awakening when the truth about Dante's past was revealed. Carly said that she did not have to take direct action. All she had to do was wait. Luke marveled at what he and Carly could do together if they ever found a mutual victim. Luke and Carly separated, but not before Luke warned Carly that he would take action if Lulu got hurt unnecessarily.

At Dante's loft, Lulu asked Michael if Dante had said anything about her. Michael reassured Lulu that Dante loved her and talked about her all the time. Lulu apologized for feeling insecure and thanked Michael for giving her answers.

At the penthouse, Jason asked Dante if he had slept with Brenda. He said he needed to know so that he could do damage control. When Dante denied sleeping with Brenda, Jason said that Carly believed that he had. Jason told Dante that Carly was out for revenge and would not stop digging until she uncovered the truth. Dante said he could handle Carly's hatred, but wondered why she would put so many lives in jeopardy should the Balkan find out that Brenda had killed his son and Dante had helped cover it up.

Jason said that Carly could be very vindictive when her children were hurt. Dante asked Jason to intercede with Carly. Jason said that she could probably be convinced to keep silent until Michael's probation was over so that Michael would not suffer. Jason added that Carly's thirst for revenge would drive her to make sure that Brenda and Dante's crimes were eventually revealed and punished.

In Sonny's former apartment above Luke's old blues club, Sonny and Brenda were each surprised to see the other there. Brenda said that she was there because she wanted to remember what it felt like to be happy. Sonny said that was the reason he was there as well. Brenda and Sonny talked about old times. They recalled the time that he had been shot and Brenda had saved his life. She said that it had been the first time that Sonny had trusted her and shared his secrets with her. Sonny said that she had shared her blood and saved his life.

Sonny said that he remembered her as being very happy. He said that the light had gone out of her eyes and had been replaced by a terrible sadness. He asked her what had happened. Sonny wanted to know if he was responsible. Brenda said that he was. She said that even though Sonny had left her at the altar twice, no one had ever loved her like he had and that all through their relationship, she feared that she would never feel that way again. When Sonny wanted to know if she had, Brenda changed the subject and said that as a child, she had tried to get her dad's love and attention, then as a young adult, she had tried to get Sonny's. When she bemoaned how long it had taken for him to tell her that he loved her, Sonny said that he was scared of all the feelings he had for her. Brenda was surprised by Sonny's admission of fear.

Brenda told Sonny that he had been her first love. She said that no matter what happened or how much time passed, he would always be that. Sonny said that he was not good at handling his feelings and he never knew why he had fallen for a spoiled brat with a bad temper. Brenda said he had fallen for himself. They both laughed. Sonny said he was often asked what made Brenda different from the other women that he had known. He told Brenda that it was because she had given her all to him. He told her that as much as she was afraid of losing him, he was afraid of not being with her.

Brenda admitted that when Sonny left her, the light had gone out in her. She said that she had waited for him. Brenda said that she wished that they had stayed together. Sonny said that they could not change what had happened, but that they could try to be together at this time in their lives. Brenda moved into Sonny's arms and they began kissing slowly and tenderly.

While Sonny and Brenda talked, a man with a gun approached the door. He listened and walked away. When he left the building, it was revealed to be Max, who made a phone call.

At General Hospital, Ronnie questioned Lisa while Maxie, Patrick, Steve, and Nikolas looked on. Despite Maxie's accusations, Ronnie did not arrest Lisa because the syringe that Maxie had seen in Lisa's hands could not be found, and Lisa denied trying to harm Robin. Maxie's rants about Lisa fell on deaf ears. Johnny walked into the lobby area as Ronnie told Lisa not to leave the hospital until he completed a search for the syringe.

When Patrick and Steve were alone with Lisa, Patrick wanted to know why Lisa had been in Robin's room. She tried to change the subject, but Steve and Patrick persisted. Patrick asked if Lisa had been trying to provoke Robin further. Lisa scoffed, but Steve said that Lisa had no legitimate business in Robin's room. As Nikolas observed, Steve told Lisa that he was putting her on probation, suspending her OR privileges, and transferring her to ER, where he could keep an eye on her. He told Lisa to stay away from Robin or risk being fired.

Matt talked with a still irate Maxie and wondered if she had overreacted. Maxie was adamant that she knew what she had seen and that Lisa had deliberately tried to hurt Robin. After Matt left, Maxie saw Johnny and vented to him as well. She told him how much harm Lisa could have done to Robin, then said that she was leaving to search for the syringe. When Johnny was alone, he pulled up his coat sleeve to reveal the syringe hidden there.

Liz was sitting with Robin and urging her to have hope when Patrick entered. After Liz was gone, Patrick told Robin that Lisa was on probation. He said that Lisa would be fired if she entered Robin's room. Robin was relieved. Patrick said that he wanted the whole Lisa mess to get settled so that they could start working on their family issues. Robin was not so sure and said that they had to think about what was best for Emma.

Spinelli glided into Jason's place with a bouquet of flowers that he had purchased on orders from Brenda. Jason was upset with Spinelli and told him that his job was to find the Balkan, not buy flowers and run errands for Brenda. When Spinelli tried to sing Brenda's praises, Jason said that he did not want to hear about Brenda.

Lulu met Luke at the Metro Court. Luke said that he had called her over so that they could have a quasi-philosophical father-daughter talk. Lulu was all ears when Luke told her that love was like a drug. He said that a little could make you happy, but too much could leave you facedown in the mud. Lulu said that she understood perfectly, but that she thought it was too early in her brother's relationship with Siobhan to talk to Lucky. Luke saw that Lulu had missed his point and readily agreed with her.

Michael was packing to stay overnight with his mom when Dante arrived at the loft. Michael told Dante that he had overheard Dante's conversation with Suzanne and knew that Dante had an emotional involvement with Brenda. Dante said that Michael was right, but that it was in the past and that the reason he had not told Lulu the whole truth was because he did not want to hurt her.

Dante said that he loved Lulu and he was committed to her. He told Michael that he could not imagine his life without Lulu. When Michael wondered how Dante could handle being with Brenda so frequently, Dante said that he had gotten over Brenda the first time, and he would get over her this time. Lulu opened the door as Dante spoke

Liz invited Nikolas and Spencer to Thanksgiving dinner at Audrey's home. Steve concurred. After Liz was gone, Nikolas siad that even though he was a friend of Robin's, he believed that those in charge of the hospital had to remain objective in the dispute between Robin and Lisa. Nikolas grabbed the elevator after cautioning Steve not to take sides. Lisa, who was lurking nearby, overheard and was smiling as she strolled away.

Matt caught up with Maxie and asked her if she had framed Lisa. Maxie was astounded and asked if Matt was calling her a liar. Matt said that they had recently talked about framing Lisa. Maxie said that she had mentioned framing her as a witch, not as an attempted murderer. Matt was not convinced. Before Maxie could say more, Patrick approached and asked if she had framed Lisa.

Jason took flowers to Robin and said they were from Brenda. They laughed and talked until Jason got a phone call from Max, who informed him that Brenda and Sonny were together in Sonny's old apartment. Jason told Max to interrupt them, but Max said that he would not cross Sonny. When he hung up, Jason said he had to go break up Sonny and Brenda, but Robin persuaded him to stay with her and give Brenda and Sonny a chance to resolve their past.

Lisa caught up with Nikolas in the pouring rain. She thanked him for his support as they huddled under his umbrella. When Nikolas voiced doubts about Maxie's veracity, Lisa tried to manipulate him into canceling her probation. Nikolas did not fall for her ploy. Across the alley, Johnny looked at her and smiled.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At the loft, Lulu was curious what Dante and Michael had been talking about. Michael revealed that he had been thinking about moving out. Dante quickly reminded Michael about the terms of Michael's parole, but Michael pointed out that the judge had approved Michael's visits with Sonny, so Michael didn't think that the judge would object if Michael petitioned the court to move out. Lulu insisted that she didn't want Michael to feel as if he had to move. Michael promised to think about it; however, he had to leave because he had plans to spend the night at his mother's house.

Later, Lulu lounged on the sofa while Dante prepared dinner. Lulu assured Dante that it hadn't been necessary for him to cook dinner, but Dante insisted that he wanted to show her how much he appreciated her. Lulu was touched by Dante's thoughtfulness. She confessed that the other men in her life were a mess. Lulu was annoyed because Luke had agreed to marry Tracy on Laura's birthday, Lucky had become smitten with an Irish woman, and Ethan had agreed to stay married to Maya for a million dollars. Lulu was surprised when Dante opened his cell phone and then called Edward.

Lulu wondered what Dante was doing. Dante admitted that if Edward had been willing to pay Ethan and Maya a million dollars to stay married, then Edward might be willing to pay a substantial amount to keep Dante and Lulu apart. Lulu burst out laughing as Dante closed his cell phone. Lulu was curious how much money he would accept to stay away from her. Dante joked that two million should suffice, but then he turned serious as he promised her that she meant the world to him.

On the piers, Johnny lurked in a corner as he watched Lisa try to work her wiles on Nikolas. Lisa claimed that she was grateful that Nikolas had been objective about Maxie's accusations. Nikolas promised Lisa that the situation would be resolved "one way or another." Nikolas then explained that he had to leave, but he offered to let Lisa keep his umbrella, so that she wouldn't get drenched in the rain. After Nikolas left, Lisa approached Johnny.

Lisa claimed that she had intended to call Johnny to thank him for his help. Lisa and Johnny headed to the Metro Court Restaurant to continue their conversation. Lisa denied that she had tried to poison Robin. According to Lisa, Robin had lied about the fire, so Lisa had decided to go to the board to clear her name. Lisa admitted that the syringe had contained sodium pentothal.

Lisa had hoped that it would lower Robin's inhabitations enough for Robin to lose it in front of the board, so that they could see that Robin had been acting out of spite. Lisa assured him that she wasn't proud of what she had planned, but she was desperate to clear her name, so that she could move on. Lisa insisted that she didn't want to lose everything because of a "vindictive wife." "So you're the victim?" Johnny wondered.

It was clear that Johnny didn't believe Lisa's story, but Lisa forged ahead with accusations that Robin had tried to target Lisa unfairly. Johnny revealed that Maxie was a good friend of his, so he didn't want to see Maxie caught up in Lisa's problems with Robin. Lisa claimed that Maxie had pushed Robin to lie. Lisa then wondered if Johnny intended to return the syringe to her. Johnny explained that he would hold onto it because he might need a favor from Lisa one day, without any questions asked.

At the nurses' station, Maxie was annoyed because Patrick and Matt suspected that she had framed Lisa. Patrick questioned Maxie about what she had seen in Robin's room. Maxie explained that she had entered Robin's room to find Lisa with a syringe in her hand, that Lisa had been about to inject into Robin's I.V. Matt confessed to Patrick that Maxie had mentioned framing Lisa the previous day. Maxie angrily reminded Matt that she had been joking.

Later, Patrick spotted Nikolas at the nurses' station. Patrick told Nikolas about Matt's revelation that Maxie had threatened to frame Lisa. Nikolas and Patrick agreed that it wasn't a surprise; however, it didn't explain why Lisa had been in Robin's room. Nikolas conceded that something was off, but he also acknowledged that Maxie wasn't the most reliable witness. Patrick wondered if the new information would affect Lisa's probation.

In Robin's hospital room, Jason and Robin talked about Sonny and Brenda. Jason was worried about where Sonny and Brenda's relationship was headed, but Robin thought that their friends would have to work things out for themselves. Robin confided that a part of her wanted Sonny and Brenda to work things out because Robin and Stone had been denied a happily ever after. Jason argued that Sonny and Brenda weren't always good for each other. Robin admitted that she didn't think that Sonny and Brenda had ever gotten over each other and never would.

Eventually Jason and Robin's conversation drifted to their love affair. Robin was grateful for everything that Jason had done for her. She realized that it had taken them a while to get to a good place, but she was happy that they had made peace with their past. Jason regretted that Robin had moved to Paris after the truth about Michael's paternity had been revealed. Robin softly smiled as she reminded him that she had moved back, so it had worked out.

The conversation took a lighthearted turn when Jason talked about his experience on the red carpet with Brenda. Robin laughed as Jason insisted that it had been an "awful and horrible" experience. Moments later, Patrick entered the room. Jason excused himself and then left. Patrick noticed the flowers that Jason had left behind.

Robin explained that the flowers had been a gift from Brenda that Jason had kindly dropped off. Patrick nodded and then apologized to Robin for the situation with Lisa. Robin suggested that perhaps it had been a blessing in disguise because it might have forced Lisa to finally stay out of their lives. Patrick hated to remind Robin about the recent incident with Lisa, but he was curious what Robin recalled about it. Patrick was curious if Robin had seen the syringe.

Robin admitted that she hadn't seen it, but she was curious why it mattered. Patrick explained that Maxie might have been mistaken about what she had seen, or might have followed through with her threat to frame Lisa. Robin was outraged by the suggestion. Robin's temper flared when she realized that Patrick had already discussed his suspicions with Nikolas. She angrily accused Patrick of trying to exonerate Lisa. Robin insisted that he had ruined her good mood, so she demanded that he leave.

Maxie blasted Matt for casting doubt on her word by suggesting that her comments about framing Lisa might have been serious. Matt refused to apologize because he believed that the threat needed to be addressed. Patrick approached the pair moments later to reveal that Robin had denied seeing the syringe in Lisa's hand. Maxie argued that it made sense, since Robin had been asleep until Maxie had yelled out. Maxie acknowledged that Robin had only seen Lisa run out of the room, which was consistent with what Maxie had told everyone.

Maxie pointed out that the fact that Lisa had been fleeing the room was a huge red flag. Nikolas joined the group a short time later to let them know that Steve intended to stand by his decision. Nikolas started to leave, but stopped short when Lisa stepped off of the elevator. Lisa turned on the charm as she thanked Nikolas for loaning his umbrella to her. Nikolas wondered what Lisa was doing at the hospital. Lisa explained that she had dropped by to pick up some paperwork.

At Jason's penthouse, Molly and Spinelli put the finishing touches on their plans to surprise Jason and Sam with a romantic evening. Molly was grateful for Spinelli's help because she didn't want Jason and Sam to drift apart. Spinelli assured her that it had been his pleasure. In the hallway, Jason and Sam bumped into each other. They quickly figured out that they had been set up when they realized that neither had called the other to arrange to meet.

Jason and Sam entered the apartment to find Spinelli and Molly waiting. Jason and Sam were sent to the bedroom to change into some dressy clothes. After Jason and Sam returned to the living room, Molly explained that Jason had been neglecting Sam, so Jason needed to get his priorities straight. Sam assured Jason that she hadn't said anything to Molly. Molly clarified that it had been obvious to her.

Molly and Spinelli seated Jason and Sam at a candlelit table for two. Molly handed Jason a list of "approved romantic activities," while Spinelli proudly pointed out that they had champagne and hors d'oeuvres for the couple. Spinelli then drove Molly home, so that Jason and Sam could be alone. Sam promised Jason that she hadn't put Molly up to it, but Jason conceded that only Molly could dream up a stunt like the one that they had walked in on.

Jason referred to the list to see what Molly had written. The first suggestion was for Jason to pour a glass of champagne and then to toast to Sam's courage and beauty. Sam covered her face with her hands to hide her embarrassment. Sam realized that Jason had work to do, so she let him know that it wasn't necessary for him to indulge Molly's whims. Jason admitted that he liked the idea of spending time with Sam, but he wanted to make his own toast.

Jason raised his glass and then declared his love for Sam before he complimented her on her beauty. Sam was touched by the heartfelt words. Later, Sam wondered what was next on the list, but Jason thought that it was time to toss the list aside. Sam didn't want to disappoint Molly, but Jason insisted that he had followed the first five suggestions. It was clear that Sam wouldn't let him off the hook, so Jason stood up and then held out his hand. Sam smiled as she accepted the unspoken invitation to dance. "Are you happy?" Jason wondered as they gently swayed to the soft music. "Very," Sam answered.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis and Diane admitted that they were curious why Claire had asked to meet them. As they waited for Claire to arrive, Diane complained about her workload. Alexis sensed that Diane hoped that Alexis would help out with some of Sonny's legal affairs, but Alexis refused to consider it. Moments later, Claire arrived. Claire quickly assured the ladies that they didn't have anything to fear from her.

Claire explained that she was under investigation, but she promised Alexis and Diane that she was innocent. However, Claire suspected that she might be transferred to "Siberia." Claire realized that, regardless of where she was transferred to, her career as a federal prosecutor was over. Claire had decided that she'd rather resign than be transferred, so she was curious if Alexis and Diane were interested in hiring her. Diane admitted that she was tempted to consider it, but Diane couldn't afford to have an associate who would spend "all kinds of billable hours mooning over Sonny."

Alexis saw things a bit differently; she thought that Claire might be a good fit. Diane argued that they couldn't have two women with ties to Sonny working at the law firm. Diane suspected that Claire just wanted to have the job as an excuse to remain close to Sonny. Claire didn't deny that her brief history with Sonny was one of the reasons that she wanted to remain in Port Charles; however, she insisted that she respected Alexis and Diane, so she'd like to work for them. Diane advised Claire to re-examine her motives for staying in town because Diane was certain that Claire wouldn't get another chance with Sonny while Brenda was around.

Claire promised to take Diane's suggestion under advisement. Claire then admitted that trying to find a new job might be a bit premature. Diane urged Claire to think carefully before turning down the transfer. Diane believed that distance from Sonny might be for the best. After Diane left, Alexis offered her own advice. Alexis acknowledged that she had once been in the same position as Claire, so she could assure Claire with confidence that Claire would survive her heartbreak over losing Sonny.

At Sonny and Brenda's former apartment, Sonny and Brenda shared a passionate kiss. Afterwards, Sonny confessed that he was waiting for the building to collapse or lightening to strike because Brenda always claimed that they were doomed. Brenda chuckled as she warned Sonny to stop making fun of her. She insisted that there were a million reasons for them not to be together. "Are you sure?" Sonny wondered.

Sonny wanted to try to work things out, but Brenda hesitated to agree. She quietly admitted that she had done something after she had left Port Charles. Brenda revealed that she had become involved with a man named Aleksander. Sonny was curious if she had loved Aleksander, but Brenda shook her head as she answered, "No." However, she did admit that she had discovered that Aleksander had been the Balkan's son.

Sonny was curious if Brenda had ever met the Balkan. Brenda explained that she had only heard Aleksander talk to his father on the phone. She had broken off the relationship after she had learned the truth about Aleksander's criminal activity. Brenda admitted that afterwards, she had gone to New York, where she had met Dante, who had been assigned to guard her. Sonny confessed that he had known that Dante had once been Brenda's bodyguard.

Brenda revealed that Aleksander had followed her to New York and then confronted her and Dante in an alley one evening. Brenda admitted that the confrontation had turned violent, so she had shot Aleksander to protect Dante and that Dante had covered it up. Brenda tearfully confessed that everyone had been right about her; she was shallow and reckless. Sonny refused to allow Brenda to be so hard on herself; he believed that everything happened for a reason.

Sonny suggested that if she hadn't gone through what she had endured then they might not have been where they were at that moment. Sonny wanted to take things slowly, but he made it clear that he wanted to continue to see Brenda. Brenda smiled as she recalled her first date with Sonny when he had picked her up at the Quartermaine mansion. Brenda confessed that she had loved it. Sonny wondered if Brenda would go out on a date with him. Brenda agreed. Afterwards, they stepped out into the rain and then kissed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

At Kelly's, Lucky bumped into Siobhan as she was about to leave the diner. Lucky briefly told her about the Thanksgiving Day holiday and then invited her to New York City for dinner at an Italian restaurant. Siobhan was curious why Lucky wasn't spending the day with his children. Lucky explained that Liz's grandmother, Audrey, had decided to host Thanksgiving dinner. According to Lucky, Audrey had invited Nikolas and Spencer, so that they could spend the holiday with Aiden and Liz as a family.

Siobhan wondered why Lucky didn't celebrate the holiday with the rest of his family. Lucky explained that his father and siblings were having dinner with the Quartermaines. Lucky confided that both families were extremely dysfunctional, so their gatherings tended to reflect that. Siobhan confessed that it sounded intriguing, so she advised Lucky to get over himself and then announced, "Let's go."

At the loft, Michael knocked on the door and then asked if it were safe for him to enter. Lulu smiled as she assured Michael that it was okay to open the door. She reminded Michael that he lived there, so he could walk in whenever he liked. Dante was surprised to see his younger brother. Michael explained that Jax had taken the family to Manhattan for the Thanksgiving Day parade, but Michael couldn't go because of the terms of his parole.

Lulu and Dante were delighted that Michael could spend Thanksgiving with them. However, Dante and Lulu had different ideas about how to celebrate the holiday. Dante wanted to spend the day watching football games on the television, but Lulu intended to have dinner with her family at the Quartermaine mansion. Dante and Michael didn't seem thrilled at the prospect of spending the day with the Quartermaines, so they declined to go with her. After Lulu left, Dante couldn't enjoy the football games.

Michael urged Dante to go to the Quartermaines' to be with Lulu, but Dante insisted that Michael join him. Michael explained that he hadn't been invited, but Dante didn't think that Michael needed an invitation. Michael finally agreed to go when it became clear that he wouldn't be able watch the football game without Dante constantly checking for text messages from Lulu.

Sam went to the hospital to enlist Robin's help. Sam explained that Kristina and Molly were determined to have Alexis and Mac spend Thanksgiving together. Sam revealed that her sisters were frustrated because Alexis and Mac had only gone out on a few dates, so their relationship hadn't progressed far enough for Mac and Alexis to have made plans to spend the holiday together. Robin was eager to lend a hand, so she enlisted Maxie's help when Maxie entered the room a few minutes later. After Sam left, Maxie admitted that it might be difficult to get Mac to go to Alexis' house. Maxie revealed that Mac intended to have Thanksgiving dinner with Robin and Maxie at the hospital in an effort to keep Patrick out of Robin's room.

At the nurses' station, Matt wondered what Patrick planned to do for Thanksgiving. Patrick revealed that he had planned to pick up Emma and then take her to see Robin, so that they could spend the holiday together as a family. Matt saw Mac step off of the elevator. Mac's eyes narrowed when he noticed Patrick. Mac made it clear that Matt was welcome to join Mac's family for dinner, but Patrick was not. Afterwards, Mac went to Robin's hospital room.

Mac greeted Maxie and Robin and then started to unpack a basket of food. Maxie and Robin immediately tried to persuade Mac to return to his hotel room, change into something blue, which was Alexis' favorite color, and then go to Alexis' lake house for dinner. Mac refused to leave Robin alone on Thanksgiving. He also pointed out that he hadn't been invited. Maxie assured him that they had received an offer to join Alexis and her family for dinner, but Mac remained reluctant to change his plans.

Mac admitted that he didn't think that Alexis was interested in him. Maxie and Robin disagreed; however they explained that Alexis needed a man who wasn't easily pushed away. They urged Mac to let Alexis know how he felt about her. Mac refused to be swayed, so Maxie gave up and then left. Robin challenged Mac to be the man that Alexis needed.

Eventually, Robin wore Mac down. Shortly after Mac left, Matt stopped by the check on Robin. Robin was surprised when Matt revealed that Maxie had invited Matt to join her for dinner at Alexis' house. Robin was curious why he hadn't gone, but Matt admitted that he didn't like feeling as if he had to always pursue Maxie. Robin explained that Maxie didn't have a lot of faith in lasting relationships, so she was in a vulnerable state. Robin insisted that he needed to be a little more patient and forgiving with Maxie.

Matt chuckled; he had been about to offer Robin the same advice about Patrick. Matt wished Robin a happy Thanksgiving and then left. Later, Matt sought out Patrick to let Patrick know that Robin was alone with her thoughts in her hospital room. Matt advised Patrick to fetch Emma and then go to Robin's room. Later, Patrick entered Robin's hospital room with Emma on his hip. Robin was thrilled to see her daughter and to spend time together as a family.

At the Davis residence, Alexis worried that she might burn the turkey. Kristina promised to learn how to cook by the next Thanksgiving, so that she could be in charge of the turkey. Alexis smiled and then noticed that there were eight place settings at the table. Alexis wondered whom Kristina had invited, because Molly was in Los Angeles with Ric, so Alexis had planned on Sam attending dinner. Kristina revealed that she had invited Diane and Max to join them.

"That's five," Alexis pointed out. Alexis wanted to know who the other three guests were, but Sam arrived before Kristina could answer the question. Diane and Max followed a short time later. Kristina quietly told Diane about the plans to set up Alexis and Mac for the holiday. Afterwards, Spinelli arrived. Kristina assured Spinelli that Maxie had been invited, so she would be sure to seat Spinelli next to Maxie.

Later, Alexis confided to Diane that she knew what Sam and Kristina were up to in regards to Mac. Diane advised Alexis to go for it, but Alexis claimed that there weren't any sparks between her and Mac. Diane reminded Alexis that sparks with Sonny, Ric, and Jerry Jacks had led to Alexis' life being left in ruins. Diane suggested that it was time for Alexis to let go of her "penchant for arrested adolescence" by dating a "real man" like Mac. Alexis kept silent as Diane sauntered over to Max.

Diane reminded Max that it was an anniversary, of sorts, for them. She recalled that a year before, Spinelli and Milo had scared her by implying that Max's accident had left Max permanently injured. Max smiled at the reminder. Moments later, Maxie walked through the door. Maxie was frustrated because Mac had stubbornly refused to join her. Spinelli carried in a load of wood seconds later and then stopped short when he spotted Maxie. Maxie and Spinelli smiled shyly as they greeted each other.

Spinelli beamed as he sat down next to Maxie, while everyone took their seats for dinner. They were all pleasantly surprised by the last-minute arrival of a guest. Mac quickly stepped forward to take the turkey when Alexis entered the dinning room with the holiday bird. Alexis smiled with embarrassment as Sam and Kristina jumped up to invite Mac to sit at the head of the table. Meanwhile, Diane whispered to Max to fetch an extra chair, so that Kristina could sit down.

After Kristina was seated on Maxie's other side, Matt knocked on the door. Spinelli barely contained his disappointment when Maxie invited Matt inside and then offered him the seat that Spinelli had politely vacated. Max fetched another chair, while Kristina offered Spinelli her seat. Maxie appeared uncomfortable as she sat between Matt and Spinelli.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward studied a picture of his beloved Lila for a long moment and then went to join his family in the foyer. Tracy and Maya each primped in mirrors on opposite sides of the foyer. Edward grumbled that they were too good to be wasted on men like the Spencers. Tracy rolled her eyes while Maya wondered why Edward had offered to pay Maya one million dollars to stay married to Ethan. Edward admitted that there might be hope for Ethan, but Luke was a lost cause.

As if on cue, Luke and Ethan arrived for Thanksgiving dinner. Alice fetched the good scotch for Luke despite Edward's earlier order to keep it locked up. Meanwhile, Ethan pulled Maya aside to complain about the sudden lack of romance in their marriage. Maya reminded Ethan that they were only married for the money. After everyone gathered in the parlor, Edward wondered why they were waiting to eat.

Tracy explained that they were waiting for Lulu and Dante. Edward wasn't pleased to hear that Sonny's illegitimate son had been invited to spend Thanksgiving with them. Ethan and Maya wandered out of the room, where they continued to flirt and verbally spar. Meanwhile, Tracy announced that she expected Luke to take some ballroom dancing lessons, to pick up the tab, and to buy her an engagement ring. Tracy also wanted Luke to sign the pre-nuptial agreement.

Luke assured Tracy that he would meet all of her demands, but he insisted on buying her the engagement ring in his own time. All heads turned when Lucky and Siobhan entered the parlor. Edward was immediately smitten by the Irish lass as he recalled a time, long before, when he had gone to the Emerald Isle. Siobhan charmed Edward with a brief recounting of how she had met Lucky. Edward warned Siobhan to be careful; Lucky might be a cop, but he was still a Spencer and arguably the smoothest talking one of the lot.

Edward's mood improved even more when Lulu entered the parlor without her "no good boyfriend." Edward had a temporary change of heart about Dante when Dante and Michael walked in a short time later. Edward was thrilled to see his great-grandson. Michael was curious where Monica was. Edward explained that Monica had gone to the spa because holidays without Alan were too difficult for her. Edward was certain that Monica would be crushed when she learned that she had missed an opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with her grandson.

Edward then turned to Dante to warn Dante that if Dante ever hurt Lulu, Alice would make Dante pay. Maya glanced around and then noticed that Tracy and Luke had disappeared. In the den, Tracy caught Luke studying an exquisite diamond ring under a jeweler's eye loupe. Tracy snatched the ring out of Luke's hand and then looked at it. She suspected that it had been stolen, but she didn't recognize it as belonging to Monica or anyone else in the mansion. Luke revealed that he had bought the ring in Amsterdam, so it had not been stolen.

Tracy didn't believe him. As she took a closer look, she wondered if it were even a real stone because it was so big. Luke assured her that the diamond was real and that it was her engagement ring. Tracy slid the ring on, used the jeweler's eye loupe to study it more carefully, and then welled up with tears as she realized that it was a real diamond. A short time later, Tracy and Luke entered the parlor. Tracy proudly held up her hand to show everyone the engagement ring.

The pizza arrived a short time later. Siobhan was confused because she thought the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal was a turkey. Edward explained that the Quartermaines had a long history of bad luck with turkeys, so they had started a tradition of giving Cook the day off and then ordering a pizza. After Edward honored the special holiday with a song, everyone shouted, "Happy Thanksgiving." Afterwards, Edward invited everyone to "dig in."

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC opted to air an encore presentation of a recent General Hospital episode. A new episode did not air. This programming change was planned, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Everyone at Soap Central wishes you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for your support -- not just today, but every day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, the entire ABC Daytime lineup was preempted -- and no new episode of General Hospital was aired. This programming change was planned, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 29, and pick up where the Wednesday, November 24 episode concluded.

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