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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 6, 2010 on GH
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Monday, December 6, 2010

At General Hospital, Epiphany welcomed Robin back to work. Patrick was upset with the lab because they did not have the test results he wanted. Robin said he was angry because Lisa was dating Ethan, and Patrick was jealous. Patrick said he was angry because their marriage was at a standstill. Robin said she had to think about Emma and the potential consequences if she took Patrick back.

Ethan got off the elevator and said that he was not dating Lisa. Maya, who overheard the conversation, wanted an explanation from Ethan, who told her that a man had needs and if she was going to stay married to him and not satisfy those needs then he might be tempted elsewhere.

Also getting off the elevator was an old, crotchety man in a wheelchair, who complained loudly and demanded attention. Steve and Patrick immediately complied, and the old man started rattling off a list of symptoms and ordered the doctors pay for his taxi. Robin used her best bedside manner and found out that the old man's name was Theo Hoffman. She introduced Steve and Patrick to him and told him that he was in good hands.

Theo's chart was put in the queue. He continued to complain and predict that he would die while the doctors dithered. Robin and Patrick agreed that Theo had self-diagnosed a brain tumor and should probably be sent for a psychiatric evaluation. Before making the psych referral, they decided it would be better to run tests and get the results so that they could be sure that Theo did not suffer from anything more serious than hypochondria.

Maya corralled Ethan in an empty hospital room and seductively told him that she was meeting him halfway. Ethan was so pleased that he immediately told Maya that he had no interest in Lisa and that he had been covering for Johnny so Olivia would not find out. Maya told Ethan that instead of being married to a cheater, she was married to a pimp, and then stormed out of the room.

At Johnny's apartment, Lisa was reluctant to treat Johnny's gunshot wound for fear of losing her medical license. Johnny told her that he would give the syringe that he had hidden for her to the police if she did not treat him. When Johnny attempted to stand, but collapsed instead, Lisa agreed to treat his wounds. She was on her knees in front of the wound when Olivia used her keys to open the apartment door.

Lisa quickly covered the wound she had just sewn up, but she was in what appeared to be a compromising position. Olivia was soft-spoken, but sarcastic, when she asked Lisa to get off her knees and give Olivia and Johnny some privacy. Lisa quickly complied and left them alone. Olivia asked Johnny if she had missed something. Johnny pretended that he was hooking up with Lisa. He told Olivia that their relationship was bound to end sooner or later, so there was no need to drag it out. He told Olivia that he could not change his life for her and that it was better not to drag their affair out any longer.

Olivia agreed and told Johnny that the least he could do was act like a man. She told him to stand up and give her one last kiss. Johnny said that would not be wise because they would not be able to stop with one kiss. Olivia told Johnny that she knew he was lying. She told him that she was sure that the reason Lisa was there was because he had been shot and needed her to patch him up. Olivia said that the real problem between them was that Johnny would rather hurt her than be truthful with her.

Olivia asked who had been shooting at him, but Johnny said it did not matter because someone always would. He told her that he liked the business and did not want to give it up, even for her. He said that he loved Olivia, but sometimes love was not enough. Olivia knelt beside him and said tenderly that it was too bad that he would not live long enough to find out. She stood, tossed the keys at him, and left his apartment.

Jason, Sam, and Dante were at Sam's P.I. office. They discussed the best way to flush out the Balkan. Jason was convinced that the Balkan would try to retrieve his son's body from the morgue. Dante suggested taking Aleksander's body to GH for a second autopsy, which, Dante said, was done all the time and would not arouse suspicion. He said it would be easier to lure the Balkan to them than to stake out the morgue in New York. After Dante was gone, Sam said that she did not think the plan would work, but Jason said that if Aleksander really was the Balkan's son, grief might cause the Balkan to make a mistake.

Brenda and Sonny were in the pink room, laughing and undressing each other, when they accidentally broke a vase. Carly and Spinelli immediately rushed into the room. Spinelli said he feared for Brenda, but Sonny told Carly to stop trying to sabotage Brenda because nothing would keep Sonny away from her. After Brenda took Spinelli downstairs, Carly told Sonny that she was not jealous.

She said that she did not want Brenda to hurt Sonny, and she did not like the way Brenda used Jason, to which Sonny retorted, "No, that's your job." Carly reminded Sonny that there was probably a reason that both he and Jax had left Brenda at the altar. Sonny told her that everything was different this time around for him and Brenda.

Spinelli and Brenda agreed that Carly and Sonny were a lot alike and therefore clashed on some occasions. They heard Carly scream that she did not care who Sonny slept with before she stomped down the stairs and out the door. Sonny followed and told Spinelli that he and Brenda were going to his house. Spinelli protested, but he was no match for Sonny and Brenda's determination to leave.

When Sonny opened the door, Suzanne was about to knock. She insisted that Brenda attend a cocktail party for a large ASEC donor. Brenda did not want to go, but Suzanne deflected all Brenda's arguments. When Brenda insisted that she would attend with Sonny, Suzanne said that Sonny's reputation would make legitimate donors wary. While Brenda dressed for the party, Sonny told Suzanne that she would not be able to use the charity to drive a wedge between him and Brenda. Suzanne convinced Sonny to let Brenda attend the cocktail party without him.

Michael met Abby outside her apartment. She was on her home after school and had only a few minutes before she had to report to her job as a dancer. While they were talking, one of the bar patrons named Rodney accosted Abby. He started touching her and anticipating a lap dance from her later. Michael overreacted and knocked Rodney to the ground. Rodney was bleeding and threatening to call the cops. Michael called Jason, who hurried to the scene with Sam.

Rodney recognized Jason as Sonny's enforcer and agreed not to call the police. Abby hurried off to work, and Sam went with her. When Jason asked what had happened, Michael said that he'd lost his temper when Rodney insulted Abby. Jason said that Michael had to get control of his temper or he risked getting sent back to prison. Michael said that he would not lose control again.

While Dante waited in the GH lobby to see Steve, he overheard Theo railing about a character in an opera. Theo and Dante discussed opera until Steve took Dante away for a consult. Steve told Dante that a second autopsy for Aleksander Janacek would not be a problem. Lisa arrived and tried to explain her absence, but Epiphany did not care; she handed Lisa charts and told her to get to work. Theo continued complaining.

Ethan saw Lisa and told her that she and Johnny owed him because his wife would never have sex with him again. Lisa went to Maya and told her that she could explain everything. Maya told her not to bother because Ethan already had. Maya stormed away, but not before saying that if Lisa did decide to go after Ethan, she should watch her wallet.

Patrick ran tests on Theo and said that he would get back to Theo with the test results. Theo continued complaining, even after Robin said that they would put a rush on the scans that had just been done.

Back at Sam's office, Jason questioned Michael again. Michael said that he had become angry when Rodney started rubbing Abby's arm and treating her like a piece of meat, so Rodney had deserved what he'd gotten. Michael said he was only sorry that Rodney had stood back up. Jason asked if Abby had asked for help. Michael said that Abby had seemed to be handling the guy. He told Jason that he would not lose his temper again.

Dante went to Jason's penthouse in response to a summons from Suzanne. Spinelli answered the door and told Dante that Brenda was going to a cocktail party and needed protection. Suzanne hurried downstairs and said that she would meet them there. She said that she would get her own transportation because Brenda was in a mood. After Suzanne left, Spinelli said Brenda was in a mood because she had intended to spend the evening with Sonny. When Brenda descended the stairs, she looked at Dante and asked if he was her date. He said he was the security detail. Brenda smiled and said, "Just like old times."

Sonny left Jason's place and went to Carly's home. He told her to let him live his life. She told him that the truth was that he was breaking her heart. Sonny said that he thought Carly loved Jax. Carly said that she did love Jax but that she would always care about Sonny because he was the father of her children.

Sonny said that whenever Carly wanted to meddle in his life, she used the kids as an excuse. He told her to stay out of his business. Carly said that Brenda was an addiction. She said she had seen him go to the dark place, and she did not believe that he could survive another round with Brenda. Sonny told Carly that it would be different with Brenda this time.

When Sam got back to her office, Jason was waiting. She told him that Abby was okay, but worried about Michael, who had definitely overreacted. Jason said that Abby was a stripper, and dealing with jerks was part of her job.

Michael was at Dante's, working out with the punching bag, when Abby knocked on the door. She told Michael that he should have let her handle Rodney. She said that Rodney was a jerk, but he tipped well. She said that she needed those tips to stay in school. Michael worried that Abby was mad at him. She said that she was not mad at him and that she had taken the night off work to tell him so.

After looking over Theo's test results, both Patrick and Robin agreed that he was a major hypochondriac. Robin told Patrick to let her handle it. Before she could, Robin got a phone call from Brenda, and they agreed to spend the next day together. Robin then went to Theo and told him that she had good news for him.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

At the hospital, Robin assured her hypochondriac patient that he was fine. Theo angrily demanded to know what made Robin qualified to determine whether or not he was healthy. Robin assured Theo that she had studied medicine in Paris. Theo immediately lit up at the mention of his favorite city. They discussed the joys of Paris, including the cafés where intellectuals gathered. Robin confessed that she missed living in Paris.

A short time later, a nurse pulled Robin aside to let Robin know that there were other patients waiting to be seen. Theo realized that he was being tossed out of the hospital. He made it clear that he was not happy with the hospital's lack of concern for his health. Robin gently reminded Theo that he was not sick. Theo argued that he wouldn't be at the hospital if he weren't sick. Robin decided to admit Theo to the hospital for one night, but she insisted that was all that she could do.

At the loft, Abby let Michael know that she had appreciated his help, but it hadn't been necessary. Michael was disgusted by the way the man had touched Abby. Michael claimed that he had recognized the look in Abby's eyes because he knew how it had felt to have someone act proprietary with him. According to Michael, "They can do whatever they want. They can lay their hands all over you. They can talk to you like you're nothing, and they say stuff that makes you want to throw up, but you just stand there and take it. "

Michael started to open up to Abby about Carter and how Carter had put his hands on him. Michael insisted that he had tried to fight, but he hadn't always prevailed. He quietly admitted that when Carter would overpower him, Michael would go blank and then pretend that it hadn't mattered. Abby confessed that Michael's experience sounded horrible, but she promised him that it hadn't been the same for her. "Yes, it is," Michael argued.

Abby explained that it had been her choice to work at the club, so she expected customers to touch her. Abby acknowledged that occasionally customers would approach her outside of the club. She assured Michael that the men were seeing Candy, the stripper, not Abby. Abby revealed that when she stripped as Candy, she went very deep inside her head. Michael knew exactly what she meant because he always detached himself from the students at school and did it at other times too.

Abby was saddened to hear Michael's confession. It was one thing to do it in her line of work or during a fight, but she didn't think that Michael should separate himself from his life. Michael realized that he had a lot of advantages to be grateful for. Abby insisted that Michael was a good person with a big heart and that she liked him. Michael seemed encouraged by the words, so he prepared to ask Abby out, but Kristina knocked on the door.

Kristina assumed that Abby was a friend of Dante's. Abby admitted that she knew Kristina's sister, Sam. After Michael introduced Kristina to Abby, Abby decided to leave. Michael followed Abby to the door to ask if he could meet her at the club when her shift was over. Abby thought that it would be best for her to meet him at the loft.

After Abby left, Kristina observed that Abby was older than Michael. "Not by much," Michael defensively argued. Kristina was concerned that Michael liked Abby. Michael didn't feel that he had anything to hide, so he freely admitted that he did enjoy spending time with Abby. He became uncomfortable when Kristina began to ask questions about Abby's career.

Kristina quickly figured out that Abby was a stripper. Kristina was outraged that Sam had introduced Michael to someone like that. Michael insisted that Abby was just a friend. He clarified that Abby only stripped to pay her way through school to become a paralegal. Kristina realized that Michael was lonely, but she didn't want him to get hurt.

Kristina admitted that she feared that Abby might be interested in Michael for his money because Abby likely knew that Michael was related to Sonny Corinthos, Edward Quartermaine, and Jasper Jacks. Kristina was certain that Abby was fully aware that Michael would inherit some serious money one day. Michael disagreed, but Kristina was certain that Abby was only interested in Michael's fortune.

At the penthouse, Dante confessed to Brenda that he had thought quite a bit about their 2007 relationship. Brenda smiled softly as she admitted that she had too. She revealed that she would always be grateful to Dante for saving her life. Dante argued that she had been the one to save him; his only regret had been that his plan to cover up Aleksander's death had only had a "shelf-life of three years." However, Dante was confident that their troubles with the Balkan would soon be behind them.

Brenda was pleased to hear that a stroke of bad luck had revealed some useful information that might help lure the Balkan out of hiding. Dante returned to the original topic of their relationship in 2007. He assured Brenda that he didn't regret anything. Brenda admitted that she didn't either.

Later, in the limousine, Brenda and Dante amicably chatted as they drove the ASEC event. Brenda was curious how Dante had become involved with Lulu. Dante told an amusing, but edited, version of his courtship with Lulu. Brenda realized that Dante was still the same boy who rode his bike downhill without any brakes. Dante was surprised that Brenda had recalled the childhood story that he had shared with her.

Brenda and Dante were jolted forward when the limousine suddenly stopped. Brenda thought that it was a sign for her to return home when she discovered that one of her heels had snapped off. Dante promised Brenda that all was not lost. He was curious what her shoe size was. "Seven," Brenda answered as Dante jumped out of the limousine with promises to return soon.

Brenda was stunned when Dante approached a woman on the sidewalk to offer her one hundred dollars for her shoes. The woman was reluctant to part with her shoes, so Brenda suggested that Dante offer more money. After some dickering with the stranger, Dante returned to the limousine with the shoes. Brenda burst out laughing when she realized that Dante had paid three hundred and fifty dollars for a pair of Cartullo knockoffs, but she insisted that Dante was her hero. Later, Brenda and Dante returned to the penthouse after the ASEC event.

Brenda was certain that Dante was the only man who could persuade a woman to part with her stilettos in the middle of winter in upstate New York. Dante bashfully downplayed his success in procuring a pair of shoes for Brenda. Brenda wished that he would just accept her gratitude without trying to joke about it. She wanted him to know how much he meant to her. Dante seemed to muster up the courage to talk to Brenda about something in their past.

However, before Dante could say more than a few words, Brenda's cell phone rang. Brenda asked Dante to hold the thought, while she checked to see who was calling. It was Sonny, so Brenda answered the call. "Hey, sweetheart," Brenda greeted Sonny. Dante scowled when Brenda assured Sonny that it wasn't a bad time to talk.

On the Haunted Star, Ethan entered Luke's office as Luke wrapped up a call with some high rollers. Luke was furious because the card players had decided to go to Atlantic City instead of gambling on the Haunted Star. Luke explained to Ethan that the casino had been closed to the public to accommodate the high rollers because Luke had hoped to make some money to help pay for Tracy's dream wedding. Ethan suggested that it was too bad that the trip to Las Vegas hadn't worked out for Luke. Luke sensed that Ethan was downcast.

Ethan confided that Maya had refused to sleep with him since they had returned from Las Vegas. Luke suspected that Maya might be upset about something, but Ethan didn't seem to have a clue what it could be. Moments later, Tracy could be heard yelling for Luke. Within seconds, Tracy stormed into the office and then demanded to know why the casino was closed. Luke claimed that he had hoped to have a private evening with Tracy, but Tracy saw through the lie; she realized that some high rollers had backed out of a game at the last minute.

Tracy warned Luke that there wouldn't be a wedding if Luke didn't pay for it. Luke assured her that he was fully aware of her conditions for the marriage. Maya barged into the office moments later in a fit of temper. Maya made it clear that "no way" would Ethan be dating Lisa. Maya acknowledged that they had things to work out and then surprised Ethan by kissing him.

Ethan was thrilled by the show of passion; he assured Maya that she was lovely and that he forgave her. "Now, let's go have sex," Ethan eagerly suggested. Maya's expression hardened while Luke whispered to Tracy that he had not taught Ethan that. Maya decided not waste any more of her time. Maya was frustrated because she thought about Ethan constantly, even when she was at work.

Ethan reminded Maya about the financial incentive to remain married, but Maya was hurt that it was just about the money for him. Ethan didn't understand what Maya wanted from him. Maya explained that she expected Ethan to make her feel as if he were in it for more than just Edward's money. Maya turned and then left. Ethan took a swig from a bottle of liquor and then followed Maya out of the office.

Ethan caught up to Maya on the sidewalk. Maya admitted that she didn't want to get further involved with him because he was just a player. Ethan promised that he wasn't just playing games; he admitted that he "somewhat" cared about her. Maya was touched by the declaration because she realized that it hadn't been easy for Ethan to reveal that much to her. Maya pulled Ethan close and then kissed him.

On the Haunted Star, Luke confided that he was happy that he and Tracy had moved beyond the games that Ethan and Maya had seemed to be caught up in. Tracy conceded that Maya had a point about the money. Luke suspected that Maya was just scared, but Tracy was more concerned about what Edward had hoped to gain by offering to pay Maya and Ethan to remain married. She couldn't understand how Ethan fit into Edward's plans. Luke started to dismiss Tracy's concerns by kissing her, but he stopped before their lips touched. Luke realized that the "old windbag" was up to something.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Molly asked to interview Edward for a history project on the most fascinating person that she knew. Edward was honored by the request, so he invited Molly to join him in the parlor and then promised to have Cook prepare something for them to eat. Molly started her interview by questioning what was important to Edward, after years of working in the corporate world. "Family," Edward immediately answered. According to Edward, family was everything.

Molly pointed out that most of Edward's family didn't seem to like him very much. She was curious if Edward had tried to make amends. Edward wanted to go off the record, so Molly promised to keep his confidence. Edward revealed that Maya had fallen in love with Ethan. Molly wasn't surprised.

Edward believed that Ethan was bright and that he had potential. Molly added that Ethan also tended to have a forgiving nature. According to Edward, May a wasn't ready to admit that she was in love with Ethan, so he hoped to keep Ethan around. Edward claimed that Ethan was like a diamond in the rough, but he was confident that he could mold Ethan into a man who could run ELQ one day. Molly pointed out that Ethan hardly seemed the corporate type, but Edward argued that it was only because of Luke's influence.

Molly reminded Edward that Ethan was Luke's son, so it was natural that Ethan would want to be like his father. Molly didn't understand how Edward hoped to change Ethan when Luke was unlikely to stand idly by. Edward's eyes narrowed as he acknowledged that Molly was a smart young woman. He decided to veer her away from the uncomfortable questions by offering her a cookie. After Molly left, Luke stopped by to have a chat with Edward.

Edward appeared completely disinterested in Luke's visit, but Luke refused to let Edward dismiss him. Luke admitted that he had almost fallen for the "benevolent old codger" act because he had forgotten what a "cagey adversary" Edward could be. Edward threatened to have Luke thrown out, but Luke wasn't intimidated. Luke was certain that Edward was using Ethan and Maya to get to Luke.

In Lucky's Manhattan hotel room, Lucky demanded to know how Siobhan had managed to follow him. Siobhan was curious why Lucky had dragged her from Ireland if he had intended to treat her like a child. Lucky apologized, but he still wanted an answer. Siobhan claimed that she had confronted Agent Bates about endangering Lucky until Agent Bates had finally told her where she could find Lucky. Siobhan suspected that Agent Bates secretly hoped that the Balkan would blow both Siobhan and Lucky to "kingdom come."

Lucky confessed that it would be somewhat disturbing if it were true, but he was more interested in learning how Siobhan had managed to slip into his room. Siobhan smiled smugly as she admitted that she had convinced the maid that she wanted to surprise Lucky. Lucky appreciated the efforts that Siobhan had gone through to help him, but he insisted that he wanted her to return to Port Charles. Siobhan made it clear that she left Ireland because she cared about Lucky, so she was intent on saving his "backside." Lucky claimed that he didn't need her help.

Lucky insisted that he had all the necessary paperwork, so the job should be easy. Siobhan worried that the Balkan's men would be ready to pounce the moment that Lucky left the bank, so Lucky needed someone to help create a diversion. Lucky argued that he would be too concerned that the Balkan's men would capture Siobhan again. Lucky and Siobhan continued to argue about it until Lucky finally sat down to show her his plans for recovering the contents of Ronan O'Reilly's safety deposit box. Moments later, room service arrived.

Siobhan was struck with inspiration as she looked at the young woman who had delivered the cart of food to their room. The woman resembled Siobhan, so Siobhan picked up her beret and then asked if the room service attendant were free to make some money the following afternoon.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke vowed to stop Edward. Edward pretended that he had no idea what Luke was talking about. Luke didn't believe Edward; he was certain that Edward's plans for Ethan were, in part, an attempt to get back at Luke. Luke knew that Edward didn't like Ethan, so it didn't make sense for Edward to pay Ethan and Maya to remain married. Edward claimed that Mary Mae was the reason that he had accepted Maya and Ethan's marriage.

Edward explained that he had spent too much of his life living with regrets over how he had treated Mary Mae, their son, Bradley, and Bradley's son, Justus. Luke sarcastically wondered if Edward intended to keep the streak going by ruining two more lives. Edward glared at Luke, but insisted that Maya was his last chance at redemption. Edward was surprised that Luke hadn't noticed that Maya was in love with Ethan. Edward was willing to put aside his reservations about Ethan for the sake of Maya's happiness.

"Really? Since when?" Luke wondered. Luke had also cared about Mary Mae; he suspected that Edward had an ulterior motive for wanting Ethan and Maya to stay married. Edward was spared from having to address Luke's concern when Ethan and Maya entered the parlor. Luke immediately warned the newlyweds that Edward was up to something, but Luke didn't get an opportunity to explain because Tracy breezed into the room seconds later. Tracy was delighted to see everyone gathered in the parlor because she needed to finalize the guest list and wedding party.

Maya was startled when Tracy asked Maya to be a bridesmaid. Tracy explained that it made sense, since Ethan was a groomsman. Maya agreed just as Lulu strolled into the parlor. Ethan was eager to be alone with Maya, so he tried to excuse them from the wedding planning, but Edward had other ideas. Edward threatened to withhold payment if Ethan and Maya didn't live together as a real married couple. Maya objected, but Ethan tried to make some stipulations. Edward would have none of it; he insisted that the couple live as Mr. and Mrs. Lovett or the deal for a million dollars was off.

Tracy reminded everyone that they were there to talk about her wedding to Luke. Tracy warned everyone that the wedding would be off if anyone let her down. Luke didn't think that it was fair for Tracy to penalize him if someone did something wrong. Tracy didn't care; she wanted her dream wedding to go off without a hitch. Lulu reminded Luke that Tracy was the bride, so it was Tracy's call to make.

Tracy reminded Luke that he hadn't signed the pre-nuptial agreement yet. Luke claimed that he wanted his lawyers to have a look at it before he signed it, but Tracy argued that Luke didn't have any lawyers. Luke sputtered as Tracy followed a bickering Edward, Ethan, and Maya out of the parlor. Lulu shut the door to have a private word with her father. Lulu feared that Luke intended to scam Tracy before the wedding.

Luke assured his daughter that he didn't have any plans to pull any stunts. However, Luke sensed that Lulu's concerns had more to do with Lulu rather than with his wedding to Tracy. Lulu realized that Luke was referring to Dante. Luke conceded that he wasn't thrilled with Dante's career choice, but, more than that, he saw that Dante was an adrenaline junkie. Luke explained to Lulu that Dante loved living on the edge.

Lulu didn't see that as a problem. Luke was happy to hear it, but he explained that adrenaline was like a drug. Luke was certain that eventually Dante would need more to get a rush of adrenaline. He wondered if Lulu could accept the possibility that it might lead Dante down a dangerous path that could get him killed.

At Jason's penthouse, Brenda warned Dante that Sonny might not be in a good mood because Suzanne had put up a fuss about Sonny escorting Brenda to the ASEC event. Brenda appreciated that Dante had taken Sonny's place and that Dante had managed to help solve her broken shoe issue. Brenda wanted to repay Dante's kindness by helping Dante to build a relationship with Sonny. Dante explained that he hardly knew his father, but Brenda insisted that Dante was a lot like Sonny. Dante wished that she wouldn't compare him to Sonny.

"Why not?" Brenda wondered. Brenda insisted that Dante and Sonny were good men who were incredibly strong and passionate. Dante argued that Sonny had caused quite a bit of damage to everyone's lives. Dante didn't want to be like that. Brenda acknowledged that Sonny was flawed, but she was certain that Sonny loved Dante and that he wanted to get to know his son.

Moments later, Sonny arrived. "Hey honey," Brenda greeted Sonny. Dante looked uncomfortable as he watched Sonny and Brenda together, so he quickly excused himself and then left. Sonny sensed that something was troubling Dante, but Brenda assured Sonny that Dante was fine. Later, Brenda and Sonny went to Greystone Manor. Brenda was a little surprised by Sonny's home.

Sonny confessed that he liked it, but it didn't always feel like home to him. He hoped that she could change that. Brenda was smiling at Sonny when Diane breezed in with paperwork for Sonny to sign. Diane was not pleased to see the happy couple. Diane admired Brenda's work and style, but Diane was certain that Brenda was a complication that Sonny couldn't afford. Diane feared that Claire would cause trouble for Sonny when she found out that Sonny was seeing Brenda.

After Sonny ordered Diane to leave, Brenda admitted that Diane might be right. Brenda suggested that they should slow things down to make sure that they were doing the right thing. Sonny tried to change Brenda's mind, but Brenda decided to head home. She kissed Sonny goodbye and then left.

Dante went to Jake's to get drunk. Dante ordered Coleman not to call Olivia, Lulu, or Sonny when it was time for Dante to leave. Coleman agreed to put Dante in a cab, so Dante ordered a shot of tequila. The alcohol loosened Dante's lips as he began to ramble after several shots of tequila. Dante wondered what his life would have been like if he had spoken his mind years earlier, as he had wanted to.

Dante decided that he should focus on the present. Coleman agreed. Dante complained that the problem was that the past hadn't stayed in the past; it was in Dante's present and "ruining everything." Dante confided that he constantly thought about the "one in a million chance" that he hadn't taken. However, the choices that Dante had made had led him to find love; it didn't matter to him if he had let someone else walk away.

At the loft, Michael assured Kristina that Abby had never asked for anything. "Not yet," Kristina suggested. Kristina insisted that she loved Michael, but she didn't understand why a woman like Abby, who had been around, was interested in hanging out with an eighteen year-old kid. She was certain it wasn't for the lattes. Michael didn't understand how Kristina could make such a judgment about Abby after a two-minute conversation.

Kristina wanted Michael to find someone better than Abby. Michael argued that he was "massively messed up." Kristina disagreed and then revealed that her friend Ali still asked about him. Michael insisted Ali wasn't someone he could be interested in. However, he was adamant that Abby was just a friend. Michael claimed that he could talk to Abby because she didn't make him feel "wrecked" or "broken."

Kristina reminded Michael that he had his sister to talk to if he needed someone. Kristina reminded Michael that he was her best friend, not just her brother. She didn't want to see Michael used. "You made your point," Michael snapped at his sister. After Kristina left, Michael began to hit the punching bag in the living room.

Abby dropped by to see Michael a short time later. Michael was surprised by the visit because he had thought that she was working. Abby explained that it had been slow at the club, so she had been able to leave early. After Michael fetched Abby a drink, she wondered what his plans were after his parole ended. Michael admitted that he had considered traveling.

Michael explained that his uncle had read to him about far away places when Michael had been a child. He confessed that he would love to visit Egypt, a game park in Africa, and Siena, Italy, to see the horse racing in the streets. Abby became excited as she admitted that she had heard about Siena's famed horse racing; however, she didn't think that she would be able to go there for a long time because she didn't have money to travel.

Michael seemed to grow uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, but he decided to offer to pay for Abby's time. Michael explained that he enjoyed spending time with her, but he understood that she needed money. Abby was offended by the offer and stormed out. Michael started to follow her, but his phone rang. It was Coleman.

Coleman suggested that Michael get to Jake's to pick up Dante. A short time later, Michael arrived at Jake's. Dante chuckled as he realized that Coleman had called Michael. "Well played," Dante conceded as Michael helped Dante out of the bar. At the loft, Michael admitted that he was curious why Dante had decided to get drunk.

Dante revealed that he had guarded Brenda earlier that evening and that he had made her laugh in the hopes that she wouldn't notice that he felt the same way about her as he had a long time before. Dante admitted that he had wanted to be with Brenda in 2007 and that he would have done anything and been anyone that Brenda had wanted. Dante thought that those feelings had been in the past because he had fallen in love with Lulu. Michael helped Dante to bed. Dante was curious if Sonny and Brenda were good for each other.

Michael had no idea, but Sonny loved Brenda. However, Michael recalled that Sonny had once told him that all the love in the world couldn't help two people if they weren't right for each other. Dante was curious when Sonny had made that statement. Michael revealed that it had been before Jason had returned to Port Charles with Brenda. Dante grumbled that Sonny had obviously changed his mind because Sonny and Brenda were working on "happily ever after." Michael finally realized why Dante had gotten drunk.

At the hospital, Patrick overheard Theo complaining to Steve about some flies that Theo had found in the oatmeal that the hospital had served for breakfast. Theo flailed his arms about as he tried to swat at flying insects that were only visible to Theo. Theo became more agitated when he spotted Patrick standing in the doorway. Patrick asked to have a private word with Steve. In the hallway, Patrick wondered why Theo had been admitted to the hospital.

Steve suggested that Patrick talk to Robin about it. Steve returned to Theo's room a short time later with an aspirin. Theo was insulted that he was being given an aspirin for his illness, but Steve explained that there were many medical benefits to taking aspirin. Meanwhile, Patrick tracked down Robin to find out what was going on with Theo. Robin explained that Theo was a lonely man and that it could affect his health.

Steve walked up moments later to discuss Theo's status. Robin managed to persuade Steve to extend Theo's stay by one more day. However, Steve made it clear that Theo was to be discharged the next day. After Steve left, Patrick walked Robin to Theo's room. Robin confided that she had a connection with Theo and that he had been very nice to her when they had talked about Paris. However, she quietly admitted that she also felt sorry for the lonely man.

Robin entered Theo's hospital room to find him in a surly mood. Theo let Robin know that he had overheard her conversation with Patrick. According to Theo, pity was worse than ignorance. Robin reminded Theo that there wasn't anything wrong with him. Theo disagreed. He confided that he had lost someone unexpectedly in the prime of life. Theo explained that one phone call had changed everything.

Theo urged Robin not to let anyone tell her that there would always be time because it was a lie. Robin suggested that Theo get some rest, but he resented being dismissed. Robin assured Theo that she had enjoyed their conversation and that she had appreciated his reminder about time. Theo seemed to relax. Later, Robin found Patrick working near the nurses' station. Robin confessed that Theo had a strange way at looking at things, but once in a while he hit the mark.

At the hotel in Manhattan, Lucky and Siobhan argued about Lucky's plan to retrieve Ronan O'Reilly's safety deposit box. Lucky didn't want Siobhan involved, but she refused to be excluded. Eventually Lucky agreed to go along with the plan for the room service attendant to be a decoy for Siobhan. Siobhan was certain that the Balkan's men would follow the woman out of the bank, which would provide Lucky and Siobhan with enough time to slip away.

Lucky and Siobhan made love. Afterwards, Lucky was surprised to wake up to discover that Siobhan was dressed. Siobhan explained that she wanted to surprise him, so she had to go out for a short time. She promised to return shortly. Lucky told her to be careful, kissed her, and then watched her leave. Siobhan went to an alley where she waited for her contact. A man with a heavy Russian accent stepped out of the shadows.

Siobhan was annoyed because the man had been late. She instructed him to follow the decoy with the beret, so that she could get her hands on what the Balkan needed. Afterwards, Siobhan returned to the hotel room with Dutch Apple cookies. She claimed that when she lived in Amsterdam, she used to get them after work. Lucky chuckled because he recalled that he had first tasted the treats in Amsterdam.

Lucky wondered if Siobhan had ever imagined that they'd end up like they were when she had first entered the pub in Ireland. Siobhan smiled as she remarked that it had been a lucky day for her.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Steve cautiously entered Jason's penthouse as he slowly took in all of the pink knickknacks scattered about. "Not what I expected," Steve admitted. Jason invited Steve to have a seat and then explained that pink was soothing to Brenda. Steve was curious why Jason had called him. Jason explained that Steve could help keep Brenda safe.

According to Jason, Steve was the key to drawing out the guy who was trying to get to Brenda. Jason confessed that he knew about the body that Dante had asked Steve to take a look at. Jason revealed that the dead body was the son of an international criminal who was after Brenda. Steve realized that Jason wanted him to disclose private information. Steve resented the mob's interference in the hospital's business, but he reluctantly revealed that Aleksander Janacek's body would be released at the docks the following evening at five.

In Theo's hospital room, Theo complained about the quality of the hospital food. Patrick, who had been checking Theo's chart, wasn't surprised that Theo didn't approve of the food. Theo ignored the remark as he suggested that salmonella poisoning might be the death of him. Patrick reminded Theo that the best state-of-the-art equipment had been used to test Theo; all of the tests had confirmed that Theo was healthy. Theo's temper flared when Patrick offered to write a prescription for Theo's migraines.

Robin entered the room moments later, which immediately calmed Theo down. Robin asked to speak privately to Patrick in the hallway, so Patrick followed Robin out of the room. Patrick was curious why Theo was still in the hospital. He reminded Robin that there were real patients who needed the room. Robin assured Patrick that she had checked to make certain that there weren't any patients waiting to be admitted. Patrick argued that continuing to run tests on Theo would be a waste of money.

Robin explained that Theo had plenty of health insurance, so it wouldn't cost the hospital anything. Patrick wondered if Robin identified with Theo because no one believed that Theo was sick, just like that they hadn't believed that Lisa had been messing with Robin. Robin seemed taken aback by the question.

At Johnny's penthouse, Lisa tended to Johnny's wound. She warned him that his fever indicated that an infection was setting in. Lisa blamed it on her being forced to treat the gunshot wound in his apartment instead of in a sterile environment like a hospital. Johnny argued that the hospital had not been an option. Lisa explained that an untreated infection could kill him.

Johnny made it clear that Lisa would regret it if he died. She doubted that the incriminating needle, which he was holding over her head, could have worse consequences than the trouble she might face because she had treated him for a gunshot wound. Johnny stood up to get something to drink as he explained that he had been shot while doing a favor for someone that had needed "the best." Lisa suggested that Johnny had overestimated his ability, since he had been shot. Johnny collapsed before he could respond.

Lisa hesitated a moment, but then helped Johnny back to the sofa as he slowly regained consciousness. Lisa revealed that most women would have be tempted to suffocate Johnny with a pillow if they had been in her shoes. Johnny doubted that Lisa was the "praying mantis" type. She struck him as the kind of person who would poison someone in a way that couldn't be traced back to her. Lisa suggested that she could always wait for the infection to kill Johnny.

Johnny had a better idea; he wanted Lisa to steal the medication needed to treat his infection. Lisa immediately objected. Johnny chuckled because she didn't have a problem threatening a woman with a needle, but she drew the line at stealing. Lisa agreed to get the medication because she refused to allow her patient to die.

Later, Lisa entered Theo's room at his request. Theo explained that he wanted a second opinion because Patrick hadn't found anything wrong with him. Lisa reviewed Theo's chart and then agreed with Patrick's diagnosis. Theo was livid as he began to question her qualifications. Theo turned his anger on Patrick when Patrick entered the room moments later.

Steve and Nikolas discussed hospital business as they made their way to the nurses' station. Steve revealed that he was considering extending Lisa's suspension from surgery as a courtesy to Robin. Nikolas reminded Steve that Lisa was a skilled surgeon. Robin approached Steve moments later to let Steve know that she wanted to keep Theo one more night. Steve insisted that it wasn't necessary because Theo was healthy.

Robin begged Steve to reconsider. She argued that one more night in the hospital wouldn't hurt anyone. Steve quickly confirmed that they didn't have any sick patients waiting for the room, so he relented. Moments later, Patrick pushed Theo, in a wheelchair, to the nurses' station. Robin let Theo know that he could stay in the hospital another night.

Lisa took advantage of Theo's boisterous complaining to slip a bottle of antibiotics into the pocket of her lab coat. Robin caught the move out of the corner of her eye. Robin ordered Steve to call security and then confronted Lisa about the theft.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny gave Max and Milo instructions to pick up chocolates and other gifts for Brenda that Sonny had ordered. Sonny immediately sensed that Max was not happy with the instructions, so he decided to hear Max out. Max thought that it was disrespectful to a certain someone for Sonny to get romantic with Brenda. Max had noticed that ever since Carly had married Jax, there had been a steady stream of women taking their fair share of champagne to Sonny's bedroom. "Get to the point," Sonny ordered Max.

Max suggested that Sonny take Brenda to a place that was special and significant to their history. Sonny realized that Max had a soft spot for Carly, but Sonny thought that Max was out of line. Sonny made it clear that Max and Milo were not permitted to comment on Sonny's personal life. Later, Carly marched into Sonny's parlor. Sonny wasn't in the mood for one of Carly's lectures, but she didn't care.

Carly was curious if Sonny had conveniently forgotten how bad Sonny and Brenda had been for each other. Sonny reminded Carly that things hadn't been good between him and Carly either. Carly argued that they had walked away while they had still been sane. Carly didn't think that Sonny would be that lucky with Brenda. Sonny insisted that his relationship with Brenda was none of Carly's business.

Carly guessed that Sonny had champagne on ice and chocolates on the pillow in preparation to seduce Brenda. Sonny refused to allow anything that Carly said or did to ruin his plans for Brenda. Carly smiled confidently as she warned him, "Don't be so sure." Jason showed up before Carly could elaborate. Jason demanded to know what Carly was doing.

Carly immediately tried to enlist Jason's help to persuade Sonny to forget about Brenda. Carly insisted that Brenda was wrong for Sonny. After Carly stormed out, Sonny informed Jason that he intended to work things out with Brenda. Sonny was frustrated that everyone seemed to have an opinion about his relationship with Brenda. Sonny explained that he and Brenda were taking a leap of faith; he was scared to death, but he was determined to explore what they had.

Later, Carly barged into Jason's penthouse. Jason wasn't surprised that she hadn't knocked. Carly didn't think that she had to. Jason reminded her that his work was dangerous and not always something that she should be exposed to. Carly appeared unconcerned; she was too worked up about Sonny and Brenda.

Jason reminded Carly that Sonny's love life was none of their business, but Carly argued that Dante had slept with Brenda. Jason pointed out that Carly didn't have any proof of that. Carly disagreed; she had an eyewitness. Jason quickly corrected her. She had a cop who might have a grudge against Dante. Jason believed that Carly only saw what she wanted to see.

Carly challenged Jason to prove her wrong by looking into Dante and Brenda's past. Jason didn't understand why Carly couldn't leave it alone. Carly explained that Sonny could be hurt. Jason agreed, but it was Sonny's choice to make. Carly wasn't moved by the argument. She vowed to get to the bottom of things and then to tell Sonny.

At the loft, Michael handed Dante a drink that supposedly could cure a hangover. Dante took one sip of the vile concoction and then decided to use plain old aspirin to treat his headache. Dante realized that he might have said too much while he had been drunk. Michael assured Dante that only he had heard Dante's confession about Brenda. The brothers headed to the living room to continue their conversation.

Dante acknowledged that he had been in love with Brenda in 2007, but he didn't want those feelings to mess up what he had with Lulu. Dante confessed that he had been waiting for the feelings to go away, but they hadn't. Dante then questioned Sonny's love for Brenda; he wondered if Sonny truly loved Brenda or if he were trying to recapture the glory days. Michael didn't have an answer, but he suspected that a part of Sonny wanted Brenda back to piss off Carly. Dante appeared surprised by the revelation.

Michael explained that Brenda was someone whom Sonny could get serious with because she understood him as well as Carly. Michael believed that Sonny wanted to show Carly that he could have the same happiness with someone that Carly had with Jax. Michael confessed that he had grown up watching his parents use people time and again against each other instead of just being honest. Dante was curious if Michael were suggesting that Dante be honest with Lulu.

As if on cue, Lulu arrived at the loft. Michael quickly excused himself, while Lulu greeted Dante. Lulu immediately noticed that Dante had a hangover. She quickly prepared a home remedy for his hangover and then handed it to him to drink. Dante felt foolish for trying to drink away his problems.

Lulu wondered what was troubling Dante. Dante decided that he had to be honest with Lulu, but at the last minute, he blamed his drinking binge on Sonny. Dante claimed that he was tired of compromising himself for Sonny. Dante was certain that everyone would be better off if Sonny were put away. Later, Dante went to Greystone Manor to see Sonny.

Dante and Sonny briefly discussed Dante's assignment to guard Brenda before Sonny revealed that Dante could have the night off, since Brenda would be safe in Sonny's care. Dante suggested that perhaps Brenda was drawn to Sonny because he was familiar during a time when everything seemed chaotic. Dante advised Sonny not to rush into things with Brenda because she might end up hurt. Sonny explained that he had known Brenda for a long time, so he intended to make things right for them. Dante realized that he might not be the right person for Sonny to talk to about Brenda.

On the pier, Michael thanked Abby for meeting him. He immediately apologized for treating her like a "hooker." Michael promised her that he didn't think of her in those terms. Abby assured Michael that it was fine. She realized that she had gotten defensive and overreacted to the situation. Abby understood that Michael had offered to pay her the money because he didn't think that she could like him for who he was.

Abby confessed that Michael was one of the nicest guys that she had met. Michael wondered if that included his violent reaction to the club's customer who had approached her on the street. Abby acknowledged that everyone had buttons; his had been pushed when the man had touched her. Abby offered to help Michael, but she made it clear that it would be for free. Michael relaxed as Abby sat down next to him on a bench.

Abby explained that she had gotten upset because she liked him. Abby began to cry as she admitted that she hated the thought of him seeing her as a hooker. She conceded that she was a dancer who was paid to take off her clothes, but she couldn't stand that everyone assumed that she would have sex for money. Michael apologized again. Abby realized why Michael might have been confused, since the whole idea behind their first meeting had been for them to have sex.

Michael reminded Abby that Sam had thought that Abby could help him. He confessed that Abby had turned out to be much more than he could have hoped for. Abby smiled as she admitted that she was glad that he had called. Michael then changed the subject to tell Abby about Dante's situation with Sonny and Brenda. Michael revealed that Dante had once been in love with Brenda. Seconds later, Lulu appeared on the steps leading to the pier.

Siobhan paced the floor of the hotel room in Manhattan as she chewed her nail. Moments later her cell phone rang. It was the man that she had met in the alley. The man explained that he was in front of the bank, so he demanded to know where Lucky and Siobhan were. Siobhan promised the man that they would be there soon. The man reminded Siobhan that the Balkan didn't like to be kept waiting.

Siobhan promised that the Balkan would get the information that he wanted, but they had to stop contacting her before Lucky became suspicious. Seconds later, Lucky entered the hotel room. He was curious who Siobhan was talking to. Siobhan pretended that she was in the middle of a heated argument with her sister, Fiona, about Siobhan's decision to leave Ireland. After Siobhan disconnected the call, Lucky admitted that he hadn't realized that she had been catching so much flak from her family.

Siobhan claimed that her sister was just bitter because Fiona had ended up marrying the wrong man. Siobhan then changed the subject to review their plans to retrieve the contents of the safety deposit box. Lucky made another attempt to persuade Siobhan to stay out of it, but Siobhan refused. Shortly afterwards, their decoy showed up. They dressed the decoy to look like Siobhan and then went over the plans. Siobhan gave the decoy one hundred dollars and then promised to pay the woman the rest of the money after the assignment had been completed.

Later, everything went exactly according to Siobhan's plan. The Balkan's men retrieved the envelope from the decoy, while Siobhan and Lucky returned to the hotel room. The decoy met Lucky and Siobhan at the room a short time later to get the remainder of her payment and to let them know the envelope had been retrieved without incident. After the young woman left, Siobhan gloated about the success of her plan. Lucky was unsettled because everything had been way too easy.

Lucky couldn't understand why the Balkan hadn't left anyone behind at the bank to make certain that there hadn't been some kind of trick afoot. Siobhan dismissed Lucky's concerns as she urged him to open the envelope that they had taken from the safety deposit box. Lucky was surprised that the envelope contained surveillance pictures of Brenda and Aleksander as well as of Brenda and Dante. Lucky realized that Brenda might be connected to Aleksander's death.

Friday, December 10, 2010

In front of staff at the nurses' station, Robin accused Lisa of having pocketed a bottle of pills from the medical cart. Theo corroborated the allegation. Lisa admitted she'd taken the drugs, antibiotics, and explained that she was going to give them to her housekeeper whose cousin, an undocumented alien, had an infection. Steven instructed Lisa to take the patient in for observation -- no questions asked.

After Lisa left, Patrick thanked Theo for speaking up. Theo ranted about how unobservant Patrick was. The patient continued to insist that he had a brain tumor. Later, Robin shared her plight with Theo, and he berated her for allowing Lisa to ride roughshod over her. He also advised her to stop being a martyr and to dump Patrick.

Liz invited Nikolas and Spencer to her home to decorate the tree with her boys. Nikolas broke the news that he was already booked, just as Brook showed up, dressed for an evening out. The women politely sniped at one another. Nikolas proposed decking the halls at Wyndemere on another night. Brook said she was up for it, but Liz suggested Nikolas call with the details. Nikolas and Brook left together.

Sam ran into Patrick at the hospital and asked if he could give her some insight on a patient of his and a fellow doctor. Sam had been hired to learn whether or not the two were having an affair. Patrick opted not to comment. He did admit to Sam that he'd had an affair with Lisa and that his marriage to Robin was on shaky ground. Sam advised him not to concentrate on past mistakes but to move forward.

Robin asked Liz to take something to Patrick so Robin wouldn't have to interact with him. Liz urged Robin to be absolutely sure before dumping Patrick. "I pushed Lucky and then I pushed Nikolas, and a funny thing happened; they both went away," Liz cautioned. Robin excused herself and went to see Patrick.

Lulu happened upon Michael and Abby at the waterfront. Lulu suggested that the couple hang out with her and Dante some time. Lulu asked Michael if everything was okay with Dante, because Dante wasn't the type to drink to excess. Michael assured her that Dante was okay. After Lulu left, Abby urged Michael to follow his heart. He announced that it was time he told the truth with regard to Sonny, Brenda, and Dante.

Jason begged Carly to leave well enough alone. He told her that, if she were to succeed in destroying Dante, it would have a negative impact on Michael.

Sonny met Michael at Kelly's. Michael expressed his concern over Sonny and Brenda's rocky past. Sonny told Michael that seeing Brenda made Sonny realize they had a second chance. After Sonny left, Abby walked in and took a seat. Michael admitted that he couldn't tell his father about Brenda and Dante. A nervous Michael stuttered and stammered before asking Abby for a date, to which she quickly replied with a yes. Carly arrived and asked Michael who his friend was.

After everyone had left the waterfront, Olivia arrived and sat alone, thinking about her breakup with Johnny. Dante showed up and asked why she was crying. Olivia explained that she thought that she and Johnny's relationship was finally over. "You want me to kick his ass?" Dante playfully inquired, eliciting a laugh. Though Dante was never a fan of Olivia's relationship with Johnny, he was genuinely sorry that their romance had come to an end.

After Dante left, Steven walked by in a huff. Olivia asked what the matter was, and he threatened to step down as chief of staff. He was incensed that the Drakes and Lisa were acting like children. Olivia thanked Steven for saving the lives of some of her family and friends and encouraged him to stick with it.

Dante paid Johnny a visit at the penthouse. Johnny weakly stood at the door and attempted to have a conversation as Dante extolled his mother's decision to dump Johnny. Sensing Johnny was hiding something, Dante asked some questions that Johnny found nosy. Regardless, Johnny decided to tell Dante he'd been on a bender the night before and wasn't feeling well.

Lisa arrived, which Dante found noteworthy, and Dante left. Lisa told Johnny that she'd been caught stealing the antibiotics and that he had to help her find a female undocumented immigrant with an infection to cover for the lie Lisa had told.

Dante and Sonny sat in Sonny's parlor and chatted. Dante grew uncomfortable listening to Sonny talk about Brenda. Sonny declared that he wouldn't give up trying to develop a familial relationship with his son. However, he did promise not to share too deeply, for instance, his feelings about Brenda. Dante advised Sonny not to hurt Brenda, and to leave him out of Sonny and Brenda's relationship.

Later, Sonny went to see Jason. He asked Jason to share his opinion on Sonny and Brenda's relationship. Jason replied that he'd taken a second chance with Sam and was grateful he had. Brenda ran into the living room and left with Sonny.

In a limo, Brenda tried to get Sonny to divulge his surprise, but Sonny remained tight-lipped. They arrived at a house Sonny had leased, which was just like the one he and Brenda had fantasized about, years before.

Lucky filled Siobhan in on Brenda's connection to the Balkan. Brenda and Alexander, the Balkan's son, had briefly dated, but she broke it off once she became aware of his criminal links. Alexander then stalked Brenda and followed her to New York. When he attempted to abduct her, she shot and killed him. Lucky went on to explain that the Balkan had never known of his son's death until Alexander's body had washed ashore in New Jersey.

As Lucky attempted to leave, Siobhan grabbed and kissed him. The two made love. After Lucky left, Siobhan made a call to one of the Balkan's men and told him that the cops were planning to use Alexander's remains to draw the Balkan out.

Dante went to see Jason. Jason let him know that the photo of Dante guarding Brenda had been found in the box Lucky had gotten from the safe deposit box. Dante was having trouble concentrating. He asked Jason if Jason had ever wanted something so much that he could think of nothing else.

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