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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 20, 2010 on GH
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Lucky called Luke to his apartment to ask advice because Lucky had found out that Siobhan had not been telling the truth about a phone call she had supposedly received from her sister. Luke gave several plausible reasons why Siobhan had lied to Lucky, including an ex-boyfriend that she did not want to disclose. Lucky accepted Luke's explanation, but said that something just did not feel right and after his recent experience with Liz, he was reluctant to get burned again.

Luke told him to relax and go with the flow. He pointed out that Siobhan had a life before Lucky. Luke told Lucky to ride the current. Lucky said he did not know how, but Luke said Lucky had proved that he did by his behavior in Ireland. Luke said he was glad to see that Lucky had found himself again. They were laughing together when they left to join Tracy on the Haunted Star.

Maya, Ethan and Tracy were waiting when Luke and Lucky arrived on the boat. Tracy was waspish, and Luke teased her by asking if she thought he had jumped ship. Lucky took responsibility for delaying Luke, but Tracy said it did not matter. She still had her doubts about whether or not Luke would show up for the wedding. Luke assured her he would mot miss the wedding, but Tracy was not reassured.

On the docks, Jerry threatened Siobhan because she had not followed his instructions to get Lucky to the docks so Jerry could kill him. Before he could act on his threat, Jerry received a call from the Balkan, who told him not to harm Siobhan. He also told Jerry that killing Lucky was not on his agenda. The Balkan, a.k.a. Theo, said that Jerry was a disappointment to him. The Balkan said that the objective was to convince everyone that Jerry was the Balkan, but instead, Jerry had driven his son's body off a cliff.

Jerry pulled a gun on Siobhan and told the Balkan that he wanted an extra ten million dollars, or he would switch sides and tell Jason everything Jason needed to know in order to catch the Balkan. Theo was sarcastic when he asked if the extra payment would guarantee Jerry's loyalty for another week. When Jerry said the money was for kidnapping Brenda, Theo concluded that Jerry would demand more money from him in exchange for Brenda, then give Brenda back to Jason along with the Balkan's secrets.

Theo told Jerry that he was unreliable and that his employment was terminated, effective immediately. A shot rang out, and Jerry clutched his stomach and a bleeding bullet wound. He muttered, "Bloody hell," as he toppled off the pier into the water. Siobhan's phone rang immediately after.

The Balkan was on the other end. He said that he expected her to be more reliable than Jerry. Otherwise she would meet the same fate. After Siobhan agreed to do as she was told, the Balkan instructed her to call Lucky and tell him what had just happened. He said he was sure that Siobhan could convince Lucky of her innocence. He hung up after cautioning her not to disappoint him. Siobhan immediately called Lucky and told him she had just seen a man shot.

Lucky rushed to the docks and met up with Siobhan, who told him that she had overheard raised voices. She said that she saw two men arguing and that one of the men had shot the other. She described Jerry, and then said she thought that Lucky had shown her a picture of the man who had been shot and fallen in the water. When Lucky pulled out a picture of Jerry, Siobhan said that she was sure he was the one who had been shot. Lucky called the Harbor Patrol, but they had little hope of recovering the body because of the swift current in the area.

Jason, Sonny, and Carly argued about Dante and Brenda in Sonny's restaurant office. Carly was livid after learning from Brenda that she had shot the Balkan's son, and Dante had covered it up. She wanted to see Dante in Pentonville and Brenda in shackles. She demanded that Dante pay for causing Michael to go to prison. Jason urged Carly to focus on what mattered, which was to deal with the immediate threat caused by Jerry.

After a long rant against Dante, Carly finally agreed to keep silent about what she knew but told Sonny that he owed her big time. She told Sonny to never refer to that "son of a bitch," Dante, as Michael or Morgan's brother again and then stomped out of the office, followed by Jason.

Alexis also stopped by Sonny's office to tell him about the wrongful death lawsuit that had been filed against Brenda and Dante. She said that the lawsuit had merit and that it would be handled by their firm's New York associate, Theo Hoffman. Alexis told Sonny to prepare Brenda. Sonny said that he would pay all the costs of civil damages. Alexis said that it was not about money. She said that Brenda would be torn apart on the stand.

Alexis urged Sonny to break up with Brenda before he hurt her again. Sonny said that he loved Brenda. Alexis said that sometimes love was not enough. Sonny said that it would be a mistake to give up Brenda. He said that both he and Brenda were happier than they had ever been, and it would be a mistake to walk away from her.

Jax went to Jason's penthouse to see Brenda. He told her that he would kill Jerry rather than let Jerry harm Brenda. Brenda and Jax acknowledged that they loved each other. Brenda said that because she loved him, she did not what him to kill his own brother. Brenda urged Jax to tell what he knew to Jason or Sonny so that they could take care of Jerry. She told Jax not to put his life at risk for her.

Jax said that it was ironic that as many times as he had blasted Sonny for risking Brenda's life, she was at risk because of Jax. Brenda told Jax to go home and protect his family and let Jason handle Jerry.

At the Metro Court, Lulu told Maxie that she worried that Dante was falling for Brenda. Maxie told Lulu that Brenda was a user. Neither realized that Dante was listening nearby. Dante was all smiles when he joined them and said that he had the night off after all. He invited Lulu back to his apartment. She agreed, but Maxie told Lulu that she had to work. When Lulu left, Maxie chided Dante and said that she wanted to make sure that Lulu's heart was safe. Dante told her it was.

Dante left, and Lulu returned and called Maxie on her ruse to get Dante alone. Maxie said that she had not told anything that Lulu had confided, but that she had wanted to remind Dante how fortunate he was to have Lulu in his life.

Dante met Brenda at the penthouse. She told him that she was happier than she had ever been, since she and Sonny were back together. Dante said that he was glad for her and wondered if she would tell the whole truth. Brenda said that she did not want to talk about the baby ever, and Dante agreed to keep her secret.

Dante was gone when Jason arrived home. He told Brenda that there was no sign of Jerry and that there was no word about the lawsuit. Brenda was adamant that she could not go on the stand. Spinelli arrived home just as Brenda got flustered and said that she needed to go for a walk. Spinelli agreed to take her, but Jason said that Spinelli could not protect her and Jason would go.

After they left, Spinelli got a call from Carly and told her that it was an opportune time to talk. When she arrived, Spinelli again feared hurting Brenda, but Carly soothed his fears by saying that it was not his fault that Brenda and Dante were keeping secrets that could ultimately hurt Jason or Sonny. When Carly persisted, Spinelli told her that he had found financial records that indicated that Dante had written a check for one thousand dollars in 2007 to a family law firm that specialized in adoptions. Carly wondered aloud why Dante needed a family lawyer

Jason and Brenda were talking about the lawsuit when they turned a corner. Following closely behind was Theo, who stopped them and showed Brenda a glove that he thought was hers. Brenda checked her pocket and found that the glove was hers. She thanked Theo and moved on with Jason. Theo stood silently watching them with an appraising look.

When Lulu arrived at Dante's loft, she found it decorated with a Mexican theme. Dante was wearing a large sombrero. He had a sombrero for Lulu as well and had prepared margaritas for them. Lulu said everything was perfect, but wanted to know if he had gone to all the trouble because he had overheard her conversation with Maxie.

When Dante said he had, Lulu apologized for being insecure. Dante told Lulu that he understood. He said that if the shoe were on the other foot, if Lulu were spending lots of time with a handsome celebrity, that he would feel the same way. Lulu got a big smile on her face and told Dante that she loved him and trusted him. They hugged and began kissing passionately.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

At the nurses' station, Lisa asked Robin for file. Robin handed the file to Lisa and then inquired about Inez's health. Lisa claimed that she had no idea how Inez was doing because Lisa's housekeeper had moved on after Inez had been forced to step forward to clear Lisa's name. Robin was amazed that Lisa always seemed to have an answer. Robin congratulated Lisa on her winning streak, but warned her that it would eventually run out.

Robin turned away from Lisa to talk to Patrick about the holiday. Patrick wanted to spend time with Emma, so he was willing to work around Robin's schedule. Robin thought that it was important for them to make the holiday magical for Emma. Patrick was surprised when Robin invited him to spend Christmas at the house. However, she made it clear that the offer wasn't an attempt to reconcile and that Patrick would be sleeping in the guest room. Lisa overheard the exchange, so she slipped away to leave a message for a mystery person to call her back.

Later, Patrick let Robin know that he had a bunch of presents for Emma, but he hadn't wrapped them. Robin smiled as she realized that Patrick needed her help. Robin agreed to wrap the presents if Patrick promised to help her decorate the house. Robin confessed that she hadn't even bought a Christmas tree. Patrick offered to go tree shopping with Robin after work.

Lisa walked up moments later to ask Patrick to review some notes on a patient's file. Patrick didn't see the point, since the information was already on the chart. He reminded Robin that they would meet later and then walked away. Robin smiled as she noticed Lisa's annoyance at being dismissed.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Carly walked in while Spinelli acted out one of his fantasy roles. Spinelli jumped when he heard Carly close the door. Embarrassed, Spinelli quickly explained that he had been dictating case notes. Carly didn't care because she had more important matters to discuss with him. She wanted Spinelli to take a quick trip.

Carly explained that she needed Spinelli to uncover evidence to blow Brenda and Dante's secret out of the water. She decided that the best way to achieve her goal was for Spinelli to break into the law offices of Garabaldi and Sloan to uncover the truth. Spinelli didn't think that it was necessary, since he could hack into their computer system. Carly insisted that the work might have been highly confidential, so the information might not have been stored in the computer. Carly handed him the plane tickets and then ordered him to charge everything to her credit card. Carly was confident that Spinelli's trip would be a huge success.

At Jason's penthouse, Jason was reviewing some phone records to get a lead on Jerry when Brenda entered the living room. Brenda suggested that Jason change clothes for Luke and Tracy's wedding, but Jason informed her that he wasn't going. Brenda explained that she intended to go, so Jason had to take her. Jason thought that it was a bad idea to attend the wedding because he wasn't certain that Jerry was dead. Brenda refused to skip out on the wedding; she argued that there would be plenty of guards to protect her and that Sonny would be there.

Jason argued that he had not been invited, but Brenda didn't think that should stop him. She reminded him that Tracy was his aunt and that Edward had lost Lila, Alan, and AJ, so Jason should be at the wedding for Edward's sake. Jason refused to relent. After Brenda left, Jason called Sam to invite her over. Sam was surprised to learn that they had the penthouse to themselves.

After a brief kiss, Jason suggested that they buy a Christmas tree. Sam couldn't believe that Jason would want one. Jason knew that Sam liked Christmas trees, so he was willing to buy one to please her. Sam was thrilled, but she insisted that she select the tree and the decorations for it. Jason recalled that she didn't have good luck picking out Christmas trees, but he agreed to let Sam choose.

Sonny was adjusting his tie when Dante entered Sonny's office. Dante wanted to let Sonny know that someone fitting Jerry's description had been shot on the piers and then had fallen into the water. According to Dante, a trustworthy witness had seen the shooting, and the blood at the scene had confirmed that the victim had been Jerry. Sonny realized that Jerry's death meant that Brenda was out of danger. Dante thought it was a bit too soon to jump to conclusions, but he conceded that Brenda was safer than she had been the day before.

Sonny was curious if Dante intended to go to Luke and Tracy's wedding. Dante revealed that Lulu was one of the bridesmaids, so he planned to be there. Moments later, Michael entered the office. Dante grew suspicious when Michael asked to have a word with Sonny. Sonny assured Dante that it wasn't a conspiracy.

Sonny and Michael wanted to discuss the Christmas brunch that Sonny had with his children every year. Sonny invited Dante to join them, but Dante had promised his mother that he would spend Christmas in Bensonhurst with the Falonceris. "Maybe next year," Sonny suggested. After Dante left, Michael offered to talk to Carly about Morgan going to the Christmas brunch. Sonny assured Michael that he could take care of it.

Sonny admitted that he wanted to invite Brenda to join them. Michael was surprised; he realized that things must be serious if his father wanted to include her in such an important family function. Michael was curious what would happen when Brenda returned to Italy. Sonny was vague about Brenda's living arrangements, but he admitted that his life with Brenda was no longer a thing of the past.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu and Maya found Tracy making a business call instead of preparing for the wedding. Tracy didn't see the point of changing into a wedding dress, since she expected Luke to jilt her. Maya warned Tracy to stop with the drama because it was a day to celebrate. Tracy argued that Luke was self-destructive, so it was inevitable that he would find a way to ruin the day. Tracy didn't want to look like a prom queen when she was ditched at the altar.

Lulu and Maya insisted that Luke would show. After Tracy left to change clothes, May a and Lulu admitted that they couldn't blame Tracy for being skittish. Lulu was initially certain that Luke wouldn't let Tracy down, but then she realized that Luke had a habit of showing up only when the wedding wasn't real. Tracy returned to the room wearing the same outfit. Maya and Lulu realized that Tracy had overheard them talking. Maya and Lulu quickly changed their tune until Tracy agreed to put on her wedding dress; Tracy figured that she could always burn the dress if the wedding didn't happen.

In Lucky's apartment, Luke complained about Ethan's lack of loyalty. Luke didn't understand how Ethan could have changed so much. Luke recalled when Ethan had been anti-disestablishment and on Luke's side. Ethan assured his father that nothing had changed, but he refused to let Luke skip out on the wedding. Lucky entered a short time later with three cups of coffee.

Lucky offered a cup to Luke, but Luke turned his nose up because it wasn't an Irish coffee. Luke continued to complain about his plight and his sons' lack of understanding or help, but Lucky and Ethan remained determined to get Luke to the altar sober. Ethan chuckled when it dawned on him that his father would become his uncle when Luke married Maya's aunt. Lucky joined in on the laughter, which annoyed Luke. Lucky and Ethan decided to change into their tuxedos.

After they left the room, Luke pulled a key out of his pocket and then studied it for a long moment. A short time later, Lucky and Ethan joined their father in the living room. Luke suggested that they stop off at Jake's on the way to the mansion to get some liquid refreshments, but Luke's sons nixed the idea. Luke was eager for the wedding to be over with, so that they could get to the "boozy reception." Ethan suggested that Luke just wanted to be gone.

Edward suddenly appeared in the doorway to offer to drive Luke to the airport. Later, Ethan joined Lucky in the foyer of the Quartermaine mansion, which had been transformed for the wedding. Ethan assured Lucky that Luke was holed up with Edward in the den. Lucky had no idea what was going on between Luke and Edward; however, he was relieved that they had managed to get Luke to the mansion.

In the den, Edward offered Luke a drink, but Luke declined because he had promised to remain sober for the wedding. Edward poured himself a drink and then offered to write Luke a check for any amount if Luke agreed to disappear. Luke passed on Edward's promise of millions. Edward revealed that the drink and the check had been tests, which Luke had passed. However, Edward made it clear that there would be some rules if Luke intended to go through with the wedding to Tracy.

Edward didn't want Luke near the cigars or smoking jackets. Edward also wanted to limit the amount of scotch that Luke consumed from Edward's private stock. Finally, Edward wanted Luke to promise not to monopolize Alice's time. Luke was surprised that those were Edward's only demands. Edward confessed that he didn't see the point in asking for more because he was certain that Luke would end up double-crossing him.

Luke was impressed by how reasonable Edward was being. Edward clarified that he was resigned; for some reason, Luke and Tracy made each other happy. Alexis entered the den moments later. Luke thought that Alexis looked lovely, but he wasn't impressed with her accessories. Alexis smiled as she opened her briefcase to pull out a prenuptial agreement. Luke balked.

In the foyer, Lucky and Ethan welcomed the arriving guests. Lucky and Ethan were concerned when they noticed that Alice seemed downcast. Alice explained that she was worried that Tracy would ruin Luke. She was certain that "that banshee" would snip Luke's "hoo-hahs" as soon as she could. Alice was determined not to let that happen.

Jax and Carly were the next guests to arrive. Jax pulled Lucky aside to find out if there had been any new developments about Jerry. Lucky explained that all they knew was that Jerry had been shot before his body plunged into the water. Jax confided that a part of him wanted Jerry to be alive. Lucky understood the brotherly bond between Jax and Jerry, so he didn't blame Jax.

Lucky advised Jax to enjoy the celebrations. Jax walked up to Carly while she was busy texting someone. Jax wondered what she was up to, but Carly refused to tell him. Jax decided not to pursue it, so they went to the bar to get a couple of drinks. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn and Nikolas arrived for the wedding.

Nikolas hoped that his presence didn't upset Lucky, but Lucky insisted that they were in a better place. Ethan spotted Maya as she glided down the staircase. Ethan complimented his wife and then wondered how Tracy was doing. Maya confessed that Tracy had become more nervous after she had received word of Luke's arrival. Maya thought that it would be ironic if Tracy ended up being the one to run out on the wedding rather than Luke.

Sonny and Brenda arrived a short time later. Lucky thought that Luke would be thrilled to see Sonny at the wedding. Brenda was stunned when she spotted Brook Lynn across the room. Brenda slowly approached her goddaughter; she couldn't believe how much Brook Lynn had grown. Brook Lynn immediately recognized Brenda, so the two shared a happy reunion.

Sonny offered to fetch the ladies a drink. He noticed Carly glaring at Brenda, so he decided to have a private word with her. Sonny didn't want Carly to cause trouble, but Carly insisted that Brenda caused her own trouble. Nearby, Lucky was happy when Siobhan arrived for the wedding. However, Lucky had to leave her side when Alexis approached him to let him know that they had a problem with Luke.

Lucky, Lulu, and Ethan followed Alexis to the den, where Luke refused to sign the prenuptial agreement. Luke wanted reassurance that Tracy was marrying him for love. Lucky, Lulu, and Ethan warned Luke that he was "self-sabotaging" and that he had to sign the agreement if Luke hoped to marry Tracy. Eventually, Luke signed the agreement. Alexis snatched the document out of Luke's hand. After everyone left, Luke pulled out the mysterious key from his pocket and then went to the patio doors.

Later, the guests took their seats as Lucky and Ethan made their way to the front of the room. Everyone waited for Luke to arrive, but several minutes passed without an appearance from the groom. As tensions mounted, Luke suddenly entered the foyer and then casually strolled to the altar to join his sons and the minister. As the music started, May a and Lulu made their way down the staircase and then approached the altar. Seconds later, Tracy stood at the top of the staircase.

Tracy seemed stunned to see her groom. She smiled and then slowly made her way to Luke's side. Alexis held up the prenuptial agreement to show Tracy that Luke had signed it. Tracy decided that she wanted to see it before the wedding vows were exchanged, but Luke refused to let Tracy stall their wedding. Luke made it clear that it was time to stop the games.

Luke insisted that he and Tracy had to get real, so he decided to start. Luke revealed that there had been a Motown tune titled, "The Hunter Gets Caught by The Game," that aptly described what Tracy had done to him. Luke insisted that he loved Tracy and that they were perfect for each other. He described their relationship as an "unlikely surprise" and then insisted that he stood before her in full unapologetic husband mode. Luke pulled out the key and then tossed it to Alice as he thanked Alice for arranging to have a car on standby. Tracy's jaw dropped as she glared at Alice.

Luke demanded Tracy's full attention. He wanted to be able to call her "wife" and know that it wasn't just a nickname. Tracy took a moment to compose herself and then, her voice brimming with emotion, agreed that Luke was her unexpected surprise. Tracy confessed that Luke had made her want to live again and that he gave her a reason to get up in the morning. Tracy looked forward to their next adventure and promised to love him until the day that she died. Luke smiled with joy.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

At the Scorpio-Drake residence, Robin and Patrick decorated the Christmas tree. Robin admitted that it was both easy and difficult to have him there. Patrick offered to leave, but Robin insisted that he stay because she wanted Emma to have a perfect Christmas. Moments later, Mac arrived. Mac was less than pleased to see Patrick standing in the living room.

Patrick and Robin explained why Patrick was there. Mac realized that he had to accept their decision, but he wasn't happy about it. Robin decided to change the subject by reminding Mac of Luke and Tracy's wedding. Robin thought that Mac should go because Alexis was there. Mac promised to think about it and then left.

Robin confessed to Patrick that she had no idea why she had pushed Mac to find love when her own love life was a mess. Patrick reminded her that love was one of the greatest things in life, if it was properly nurtured and cherished. Later, Emma was excited as she stared at the decorations and Christmas tree. Robin held her daughter as Patrick carefully hung Emma's stocking on the fireplace. Afterwards, they helped Emma find her bear ornament in the tree.

Jason and Sam entered the penthouse with a small Christmas tree. Sam placed the tiny tree on the table as Jason chuckled. Sam refused to apologize for picking such a spindly tree. She reminded Jason that he had no room to talk because he had a tendency to pick up strays himself. Sam then held up some mistletoe, so that Jason would kiss her.

After the kiss, Sam decided to fetch the box of Christmas ornaments, so that they could decorate the tree. Moments later, Molly stopped by to pick up Jason for a shopping trip. Molly insisted that Jason needed help to pick out the perfect gift for Sam. Sam appeared at the top of the stairs in time to hear her sister's comment. Sam informed Molly that Jason wouldn't be going anywhere because they had plans to decorate the tree.

Molly was aghast when she saw the little tree on the living room table. Sam ignored Molly's reaction as she invited Molly to help them decorate. Molly agreed and then proceeded to offer decorating tips. Michael stopped by moments later. Michael smiled when he saw the small tree, but he accepted Sam's offer to help them decorate it.

Molly was about to tell everyone how the tradition of the Christmas tree began when Spinelli walked in. Spinelli stopped short when he saw everyone standing in the living room. Spinelli admitted that he hadn't been expecting anyone to be home. Jason invited Spinelli to join them, but Spinelli insisted that he had an important project to work on and then disappeared into his room.

Later, Michael and Molly talked about a ski trip that Molly and Kristina planned to go on. Michael recommended a certain ski run for them to try, but Molly suggested that he join them on the trip. Michael didn't think that the court would give him permission to leave town, but Jason and Sam encouraged Michael to make the request. Jason and Sam thought that it would be good for Michael to take a short vacation. Moments later, Spinelli returned to the living room, dressed up in a suit.

Jason wondered where Spinelli was headed to, but Spinelli refused to tell them anything. After Spinelli left, Molly confessed that she suspected that Spinelli intended to win back Maxie. Later, everyone enjoyed cookies and eggnog as they looked at their handiwork. Molly offered to take Jason shopping for Sam's present, but Jason assured Molly that it wasn't necessary because he had already bought a gift for Sam. Sam insisted that she didn't need a present.

According to Sam, spending time with them decorating the tree had been all that she had wanted. Sam admitted that she had spent most Christmases alone, so she appreciated celebrating the holiday with them. As Sam talked about what their company meant to her, Jason realized that he and Michael needed to do something. Jason ordered Michael to grab a coat because they had to go somewhere.

At Crimson, Matt was surprised to find Maxie working alone in the office. Maxie was not in a festive mood. She decided that her gift to Matt would be to end their relationship. Maxie explained that she was not a nice person because she was shallow, vain, and incapable of sustaining a relationship. Maxie insisted that she was poison to the men in her life, which was why they either died horribly or got their hearts shattered.

Matt appreciated Maxie's honesty, but he refused to let her end things with him. Maxie couldn't understand why Matt didn't seize the opportunity to be free of her. She reminded him that she had been horrible to him. Maxie doubted that the sex was worth a broken heart. Matt disagreed; he insisted that the sex between them was fantastic.

Maxie argued that she wasn't worth dying over. Matt laughed; he doubted that he would end up dead because of Maxie. He also informed her that it was on him if he ended up getting his heart stomped on. Matt thought that Maxie was worth the risk. Maxie continued to try to push Matt away, but he stood his ground. Matt finally resorted to kissing Maxie to prove to her that she was the woman for him.

Matt assured her that she didn't have to be anything other than what she was. He thought that she was gorgeous, loyal, and everything that he had ever wanted. Maxie began to soften. Matt noticed the plant sitting on the table. He was curious why she didn't have a tree for the office.

Maxie explained that the fire had destroyed everything; the ornaments were gone, just like her mother and Georgie were. Matt could see the pain in Maxie's eyes, so he offered to take her shopping for a tree and new ornaments. Matt insisted that they could make new memories together. Maxie smiled as she accepted Matt's sweet offer.

At the Quartermaine mansion, the minister asked if anyone objected to Luke and Tracy's marriage. Alice started to stand up, but Edward threatened to fire her if she didn't sit down. Alice grudgingly complied. As the ceremony continued, Tracy appeared to grow increasingly resistant to marrying Luke, so she stopped the wedding before the minister could finish the ceremony. Tracy demanded to see the prenuptial agreement.

Luke refused to hand it over, so Tracy started to walk away. Lulu and Brook Lynn sprang into action. Lulu reminded Tracy that Luke was in love with Tracy. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn insisted that Tracy was being ridiculous. Brook Lynn decided to speak for everyone by ordering Tracy to get married, so that they could all have a "damn drink already." The guests applauded loudly.

Brook Lynn suggested that Tracy get out of her own way because it was clear to everyone that Tracy loved Luke. Brook Lynn urged Tracy to take a chance by returning to the altar to complete the wedding ceremony. Tracy hesitated for a moment and then joined Luke at the altar. The minister completed the ceremony and then pronounced Luke and Tracy to be "husband and wife." Luke and Tracy kissed as everyone, except Alice, clapped.

Later, Tracy thanked the minister for putting up with their antics. The minister acknowledged that it had been a memorable wedding. Luke and Tracy gave the minister a sizeable donation for his trouble. The minister assured them that it wasn't necessary; however, he promised them that he was a real clergyman. Alexis confirmed that she had verified the minister's credentials. Brook Lynn pulled Tracy aside to find out if Tracy was mad at her. Brook Lynn explained that she had stepped in because she hoped that someone would do the same for her if she ever tried to walk out on the man that she loved.

In the den, Jax was annoyed to find Carly exchanging text messages with someone. Carly refused to tell Jax what it was about, but she hinted that it had to do with Christmas. Jax decided to let the matter drop. Later, Lulu and Dante took a break in the den. Lulu was relieved that the wedding was over. She confessed that she had thought that Tracy would bolt before the ceremony.

Lulu admitted that she understood why Tracy had been afraid. She realized that it was scary to put one's heart on the line. Dante vowed that he would never make Lulu regret opening her heart to him. Lulu smiled as Dante leaned forward to kiss her. Afterwards, Lulu and Dante returned to the reception.

Ethan toasted to the bride and groom. After Luke and Tracy kissed, Lucky offered his own toast. Lucky confessed that he was happy that Luke and Tracy had managed to find a way to make things work. Lucky conceded that Luke and Tracy were mismatched in many ways, but they had fought hard to be together. Lulu spoke to Tracy when it was her turn to make a toast.

Lulu recalled that she had referred to Tracy as "the step-monster" when Luke had first married Tracy. However, Lulu had eventually gotten to know Tracy, so Lulu realized what a deep, special, and remarkable person Tracy was. Lulu felt lucky to have Tracy in her life and honored to be able to call Tracy, "stepmother." As everyone applauded, Tracy hugged Lulu. Luke decided to share his thoughts about what it meant for him to be able to call Tracy his wife.

Luke credited Tracy for making his life interesting; he insisted that he deeply loved Tracy and always would. Tracy kissed her husband as the guests clapped with approval. Afterwards, Tracy admitted that she was at a loss for words. Tracy confessed that she had never been happier and then thanked everyone for witnessing the rare moment.

Nearby, Siobhan admitted to Lucky that it had been an interesting ceremony. Lucky revealed that Luke and Tracy had inspired him because he realized that he could find love again. Siobhan was impressed with the grandeur of the house, which she admitted that she could get used to. Lucky smiled as he jokingly invited Siobhan to seek out Nikolas. Siobhan declined; she was content with Lucky.

Edward let Ethan know that he had plans for Ethan. Luke stepped in before Edward could elaborate. After Ethan went to fetch Luke a drink, Luke warned Edward to forget about grooming Ethan to be Edward's heir. Edward grumbled, but let the matter drop. After Edward invited Tracy to dance, Luke turned to Alice.

Alice remained downcast about Luke's wedding. Luke decided to cheer Alice up by dancing with her. Alice and Luke were vigorously swaying to the music when Mac walked in. Mac congratulated Luke on going through with the marriage, but it quickly became clear that Mac assumed that Luke had married Alice. Luke quickly clarified that he had married Tracy. Mac was happy for Luke anyway.

After Luke and Alice twirled away, Mac spotted Alexis across the room. Alexis waved when she saw Mac. Later, Tracy tracked down Luke to let him know that something about the prenuptial agreement had been bothering her. She was certain that Luke has signed it, "Rutherford B. Hayes." Luke confessed that he would never have been so predictable; he had signed it, "Wile E. Coyote." Tracy burst out laughing.

Nearby, Sonny spotted Brenda slipping out of the room, so he decided to follow her. Brenda went to the den, where she bumped into Carly. Carly continued to exchange text messages with Spinelli, but she put her phone away to focus on Brenda. Brenda acknowledged that she and Carly hated each other, but Brenda hoped to reach an understanding to avoid further problems. Brenda told Carly about Sonny's Christmas brunch for the children, so she hoped that Carly would let Morgan attend.

Carly thought that it was a conversation that Sonny should have with her, not Brenda. Carly didn't think that Brenda had any business getting involved in the children's lives. Brenda was curious if Carly were still in love with Sonny. Carly denied that she had feelings for Sonny. Brenda wondered why Carly continued to try to make things worse if Carly were over Sonny.

Carly snidely suggested that they couldn't all be like Brenda. Sonny entered seconds later. He immediately picked up on the tension in the room. After Carly marched out, Brenda admitted that she had asked Carly to let Morgan attend the Christmas brunch. Sonny assured Brenda that he could handle Carly. Brenda was curious why Sonny had ever gotten involved with Carly.

Sonny decided to take Brenda for a walk instead of answering the question. A short time later, Brenda was delighted that Sonny had led her to Lila's rose garden. She recalled that she had spent hours, daydreaming in the garden about how things might have been if she and Sonny had stayed together. Sonny confessed that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Brenda. He acknowledged that he had made a lot of mistakes, but he promised that he loved Brenda and always would, until the day that he died. Brenda was surprised when Sonny asked her to marry him.

Edward stared at a picture of Lila as he told her about Tracy's wedding. He was certain that Lila would have loved it because she had always had a soft spot for Luke. Edward assured Lila that their daughter was happy, but he missed his wife. Edward heard someone open the patio doors, so he turned to tell the person to use the front door. Edward was shocked to see Jason and Michael enter. "Merry Christmas," Jason and Michael greeted Edward.

Lulu was surprised to see Spinelli arrive for Luke and Tracy's reception. Spinelli explained that he was there to make amends with Dante. Carly appeared stunned when she overheard Spinelli's comment. Spinelli led Dante and Lulu to a quiet corner to continue their conversation. Spinelli insisted that, in the spirit of forgiveness, the moniker, "Dante the Betrayer," would be retired.

Dante held out his hand. Spinelli hesitated a moment and then shook Dante's hand. Lulu was thrilled. After Dante and Lulu went to dance, Carly motioned Spinelli to join her in the foyer. Carly demanded to know if Spinelli had what she wanted.

Spinelli reluctantly handed over some documents, which Carly quickly scanned. Carly smiled triumphantly when she discovered that Dante and Brenda had a child together and that Dante had given Brenda full custody of the baby. Carly confessed that the information was better than she had hoped. She took particular delight in knowing that Brenda was the mother of Sonny's grandchild.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Due to the extended Christmas holiday, ABC opted to air encore episodes of its entire daytime lineup -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. This scheduling change was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 27 and pick up where the Wednesday, December 22 episode concluded.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Due to the extended Christmas holiday, ABC opted to air encore episodes of its entire daytime lineup -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. This scheduling change was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 27 and pick up where the Wednesday, December 22 episode concluded.

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