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The bus crash claimed the lives of the driver and Ali. Michael was hailed as the hero for finding Olivia and Morgan. Olivia was rushed to the hospital after help arrived. Olivia underwent emergency surgery to stop the internal bleeding. Dante sat vigil at Olivia's bedside until she woke up. Dante noticed the sparks between Olivia and Steve. Steve hired a new doctor named Terrell Jackson. Terrell and Lisa had a past connection. Lisa explained that she had called Terrell because she needed him to seduce Robin. Terrell wanted to rekindle things with Lisa if he succeeded in helping her break up Patrick and Robin. Lisa thought that it would serve Patrick right if she dumped him after she wrecked his marriage. Jason was choked up with emotion when Elizabeth let him spend some time with Jake. Theo took steps to get to know Sonny's children. Sonny resented Theo's insensitivity when Theo showed up at the hospital to interrogate Dante about Anton's shooting. Later, Brenda asked Theo if he could get a continuance for the first hearing, but Theo explained that a man's son had died, so a father had the right to expect someone to pay for it. Spinelli was impressed with Diane's writing skills, so he proposed that they collaborate on a book about The Jackal, P.I. Jason turned to Sam, Spinelli, and Diane for help to dig into Theo Hoffman's past. Carly confronted Sam when Sonny let it slip that Abby was a stripper. Sam refused to apologize for introducing Michael to Abby. Carly decided to offer Abby money to leave town and to never contact Michael again. Abby refused to accept Carly's offer. Sonny warned Michael that Carly was on the warpath.
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Olivia and Kristina were hospitalized following a bius crash that killed two people
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Carly and Jason were conversing at the Metro Court when she got a call from Morgan, who was on a chartered bus bound for a ski trip. He told her he was having fun, and then suddenly exclaimed that something was wrong. Carly heard the others passengers screaming, and the sounds of a crash before she lost her connection. She tried to reach Morgan, and Jason tried to reach Michael, but there was no answer on either phone. Brook Lynn and Nikolas were also at the Metro Court and overheard. While Carly and Jason made plans to go search for the bus, Nikolas and Brook Lynn headed to General Hospital to help out.

At the bus crash site, bodies were scattered over the snowy landscape. Most had been thrown from the bus and plummeted into a deep ravine. Steve was the first to awake He had minor injuries, but nothing life-threatening. He found Cameron, who was also uninjured. Maxie was uninjured, but Matt had a broken arm, which Steve treated with a makeshift sling.

Molly, Kristina, and Ali were okay, as were Taylor and Michael and the rest of the students, but Morgan and Olivia were missing. Because they had been thrown into a ravine, no one could get cell service. They were afraid that they would not be found because the driver had taken an alternate route. Michael, Molly, and Taylor searched for other survivors and found the driver, who was badly hurt. He passed away before Steve could treat him. Molly was distraught because she had not administered first aid, but Steve said there was nothing she could have done to help him.

Michael and Taylor went looking for Morgan, but found Olivia, who was seriously injured. Neither Michael nor Taylor noticed Morgan's cap, which was lying behind a bush a few feet away from Olivia. Michael stayed with Olivia while Taylor went to find Steve. Olivia told Michael not to worry about her, but to keep looking for Morgan. Michael said he would wait for Steve and then search for Morgan. Olivia told him that Sonny would be proud of him. She said that he was a natural caregiver because he was calm and focused in a crisis. Michael demurred and said he was only calm on the outside.

Once Steve arrived and assessed Olivia's condition, she was carried on a makeshift stretcher back to the campsite where Ali had used her scouting skills to build a fire for the group. When Olivia asked, Steve told her that her condition was serious. She said she was a tough girl and could handle the pain. She said that it was ironic that she did not ski and her only reason for the trip was to see some snow and relax in the lodge. She begged Steve to find Dante and tell him that she loved him more than anything.

Alexis and Sonny talked about Molly, Kristina, and the ski trip while they waited in Sonny's office for Theo to arrive. Sonny got tired of waiting and decided to leave. When they entered the restaurant, Theo was sitting at a table, drinking a glass of wine. Sonny told Theo that he would do whatever it took to get Brenda and Dante exonerated. When Theo painted Aleksander's death in the worst light possible, Sonny responded that Dante and Brenda should not have to pay for the death of a bottom-feeder. Theo pointed out that some might say the same thing about Sonny.

Sonny said that Brenda was the victim and had killed to save Dante's life. He said that he had Dante's word on that. Theo said that Dante's word was not good enough for a jury. Sonny wanted to know whose side Theo was on. Theo said that his job was to look at the case from all angles.

Sonny's phone rang. He picked it up and told Carly he was too busy to talk to her. She told him about the crash and said that she and Jason were on the road, looking for the crash site. When she hung up, Sonny and Diane left Theo to go to General Hospital. Carly wanted Jason to drive faster, but he said that the conditions were too severe for high speeds, and that they needed to drive slowly so that they could look for skid marks and evidence of a crash. Carly bemoaned the fact that she had stayed home for her own selfish purposes instead of being with her sons on the ski trip.

At GH, things were relatively calm as Robin and Liz discussed Cameron's first trip away from home and Patrick had a short consult with Lisa. Liz had left the nurses' station when Nikolas and Brook arrived with news of the crash. The staff, led by Epiphany, began an immediate mobilization to care for the wounded. When Liz wanted to know what was happening, Nikolas told her about the accident. She was horrified and immediately worried about Cameron. Nikolas took her in his arms and comforted her as Brook looked on. Sonny got off the elevator with Alexis, who was second-guessing her decision to let Molly and Kristina go on the trip. Dante arrived with Brenda and was shocked to find out that Olivia had been on the bus. Brenda hugged him and offered comfort.

Luke went to the Port Charles Police Station to persuade Lucky to help him find an old friend in Prague, where he and Tracy were going for their honeymoon. Lucky guessed that Luke was up to something illegal. Luke finally confessed that he was after three diamonds, weighing 123 carats, called the "Three Sisters." Lucky told him it was a bad idea to pull a heist on his honeymoon, especially if Tracy found out. Tracy arrived in time to hear the last and wanted to know what Luke was cooking up and how much it was going to cost. Luke said he was there to ask Lucky to look after Lulu, and Lucky agreed. Lucky wished them a happy time in Prague and gave out a few pointed clues for Tracy before she and Luke left for the airport.

Siobhan found Lucky at the police station and invited him for dinner. He told her how beautiful she was, and then told her about Luke's plan to pull a diamond heist on his honeymoon. Lucky joked about what a disappointment he was to Luke and how happy it would make Luke if Lucky would join him in his scams. Before they could leave for dinner, Lucky got a phone call about the crash and cancelled their plans. He asked for a passenger list and while he waited for it to arrive, Lucky told Siobhan how worried he was for the parents whose children were on the bus. When the list arrived, he was stunned to see Cameron's name on it.

Back at the crash site, Kristina freaked out because Morgan had not been found. She went with Michael and Taylor to search the bus, while Ali and Molly stayed behind to tend the fire. The teens did not find Morgan on the bus, but they did hear a truck on the road above. Michael scrambled up the ravine, but there was no sign of a truck when he reached the highway.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

At the hospital, the doctors and nurses worked together to prepare for the arrival of the injured passengers from the bus crash. Patrick hoped that it turned out that the bus simply had a flat tire. Robin conceded that it wouldn't have been the first time that Carly had overreacted to a situation. Robin then changed the subject to let Patrick know that their Christmas together had been perfect. Patrick was pleasantly surprised by the confession, but he was also curious what had prompted it.

Robin admitted that Maxie always complained about the way that Robin pushed Patrick away, so Robin wanted to make an effort to change her ways. Robin confessed that she needed Patrick to help her get through the crisis. Robin was worried about everyone on the bus, but she was most concerned about Maxie.

Nearby, Alexis and Sonny anxiously waited for news about their children. Sam approached the nurses' station, looking for Epiphany, but Epiphany wasn't available. Sam spotted Alexis, so she walked up to her mother to find out what was going on. Alexis and Sonny told Sam about the bus crash. Sam decided to wait at the hospital with her mother.

Later, Sam confessed to Nikolas and Brook that she wished that she had gone on the ski trip, so that she could have helped those who had been injured. Nikolas suggested that they should have faith that the passengers could take care of themselves. At the nurses' station, Alexis and Liz worried about the fate of their children. Alexis reminded Liz that the bus was "big and sturdy," which boded well for the passengers. Liz couldn't stop thinking about Cameron, prompting Alexis to assure Liz that the children were fine.

After Alexis walked away, Liz called Lucky to get an update about the crash. Lucky explained that they hadn't heard anything. Liz felt terrible for allowing Cam to go on the trip, but Lucky insisted that it wasn't Liz's fault. Lucky thought that it was important for Cam to experience things like the ski trip, so he didn't blame Liz for sending Cam. Lucky promised to keep her updated if he heard anything and then ended the call.

Sam tried to reassure Alexis that Molly and Kristina would be fine. Alexis confessed that she wouldn't have been nearly as worried if Sam had been on the bus. Alexis trusted Sam to keep the girls safe. Sam was touched by her mother's confidence. Alexis admitted that all three of her daughters were amazing. However, Alexis was tempted to forbid Molly and Kristina to ever leave the house again. Sam chuckled as she warned her mother that Molly and Kristina would never stand for it.

Abby approached the nurses' station to find out if any of the passengers from the bus crash had arrived. Epiphany explained that there hadn't been any word from the crash site, but the injured would be transported to General Hospital when the bus was located. Epiphany suggested that Abby have a seat in the waiting room.

At the police station, Lucky let the rescue teams know that two civilian vehicles were searching for the crash site on Route 55. After Lucky ended the call, he let Siobhan know that it would probably be a long night, so she could leave. Siobhan appreciated the offer, but she insisted on staying. Moments later, Mac entered the squad room. Mac was eager for news on the crash because Maxie had been on board.

Jason and Carly were racing along Route 55 looking for the wreckage, but they didn't see anything. Jason realized that they were probably on the wrong side of the mountain, so he turned around. On the other side of the mountain, Brenda and Dante were desperately searching for any sign of the crash. Brenda was concerned because Dante was speeding, but he refused to slow down. Brenda decided to check in with Lucky, who quickly let her know that everyone was still looking for the crash site.

After Brenda ended the call, she began to talk to Dante about Sonny. Dante was annoyed that Brenda always seemed to defend Sonny's actions. Brenda was equally frustrated because Dante was hard on his father. Dante refused to apologize as he explained that his mother had raised him. Brenda asked Dante to slow down, but he ignored her request.

Brenda realized that Dante was worried about Olivia, but Dante denied it. He insisted that his mother was strong and smart, so he didn't have any reason to be concerned. Dante praised Olivia for being a wonderful mother who had made huge sacrifices for him. Brenda smiled as she assured Dante that Olivia had raised a good man.

Near the crash site, Michael found Morgan collapsed in the snow with a broken leg. Morgan was in considerable pain, but conscious. Michael realized that Morgan wouldn't be able to walk on his own, so Michael hoisted Morgan over his shoulder and then trekked to the makeshift camp where the other passengers were gathered. At the camp, Molly wondered why they hadn't heard or seen any helicopters; she feared that no one was looking for them. Frustrated, Molly decided to go in search of Morgan, but Michael suddenly appeared with Morgan.

Molly was relieved that Morgan was alive. Her joy was short-lived when it became clear that Morgan was hurt. Michael settled his brother on the ground and then went to fetch Steve. Steve was trying to keep a gravely injured Olivia awake by talking to her when Michael walked up. Steve went to check on Morgan, so he didn't see Olivia cough up blood a few minutes later.

Steve quickly confirmed that Morgan had a broken leg. Steve decided to stabilize the leg, so Molly and Michael kept Morgan still while Steve worked. Molly was curious if Morgan had a compound fracture, but Kristina ordered her sister to be quiet because they didn't need to know the details. After Morgan was taken care of, Steve returned to Olivia's side. Michael invited Molly to hike to the road with him where they could put Molly's knowledge of Morse code to work by signaling SOS with a flashlight.

As they climbed up the side of the mountain, Michael found a cell phone. He tried to call 9-1-1, but didn't get a signal. However, Michael held onto the phone, in the hopes that it would work once they reached the road. Molly thought that it was a shame that Michael wasn't a vampire like the hero in the book series that she had been reading. According to Molly, the cold wouldn't have bothered Michael and he would have super strength, so that he could have easily carried everyone to the road.

Michael apologized for not being a vampire. Molly assured Michael that it was okay; she explained that he would have had to die in order to become one, so she preferred that he remain human. Michael decided to keep Molly chatting by asking her more about her vampire books. A short time later, Michael and Molly arrived at their destination. Molly used her flashlight to signal SOS, while Michael called 9-1-1. He was relieved when the call went through.

The operator assured Michael that they would be able to locate the crash site by tracking the cell phone signal. Afterwards, the operator patched Michael through to Lucky. Michael explained that Morgan and Matt had suffered broken bones and that Olivia had been seriously injured, but the rest of the passengers were fine. Lucky was relieved to hear that Cam hadn't been hurt. Mac was equally thrilled to learn that Maxie had also escaped the accident unscathed.

Michael was frustrated when the call was suddenly dropped. Moments later, a car pulled up. It was Dante and Brenda. Brenda stayed on the road with Molly while Michael took his brother to see Olivia. Brenda called Lucky to let him know that they had arrived at the crash site. Afterwards, Brenda assured Molly that help was on the way.

On the road, Jason and Carly received word that Michael had managed to make a call. Carly was overjoyed to learn that Michael was okay. Her happiness quickly turned to concern when she was told that Morgan had suffered a broken leg.

Molly confided to Brenda that the crash had happened quickly; one minute she had been telling Michael about her books and then the next minute the bus had swerved off of the road. Molly regretted that she hadn't been reading her first aid book because she might have been able to help the injured. Moments later, Carly and Jason arrived. Carly quickly assured herself that Molly was okay, but she was desperate to get to Morgan. Molly told Carly where Morgan was, so Carly took off with Jason close behind her.

Carly and Jason reached Morgan and the other kids a short time later. Carly credited Morgan with saving everyone because they might not have known what had happened if he hadn't been on the phone with Carly at the time of the crash. As the sounds of sirens filled the air, Morgan told Carly about waking up alone with a broken leg after the accident. Morgan was grateful that Michael had found him and then carried him to safety. However, Morgan complained because he realized that he wouldn't be able to snowboard for the rest of the year.

Carly assured Morgan that Jax would take him skiing as soon as Morgan's leg had healed. Carly confessed that she regretted that she hadn't been on the bus with Michael and Morgan, but Morgan insisted that Carly couldn't have prevented the crash. Nearby, Kristina shivered with cold as Taylor tried to keep her warm by wrapping his arms around her.

Maxie admitted to Matt that she wished that she had one of Luke's flasks to help keep her warm and to calm her nerves. Matt chuckled. Maxie then tried to joke that she had warned Matt that she would get him killed if he stayed with her. Matt put his arm around Maxie to reassure her that he was fine. Maxie couldn't understand why Matt was with her.

According to Maxie, she had bad luck with relationships. Matt explained that he was the type of person to assume success, not failure. Maxie smiled. Later, Maxie and Matt took Cameron to the road when help finally arrived.

Nearby, Olivia's condition deteriorated as she revealed that the cold no longer bothered her. Steve tried to keep Olivia awake by talking about Dante. Olivia bragged that she had raised her baby instead of dumping him on her parents and then going out to party every night. Olivia recalled a time that she had scrimped and saved to buy a beautiful new sofa. She had the sofa for one day when Dante had arrived home bloody and battered after an encounter with a neighborhood boy.

Olivia revealed that she had Dante lie down on the sofa while she tended to his injuries and yelled at her son for getting hurt. After Olivia had tucked Dante in for the night, she had spent hours scrubbing the sofa to get the blood out. Olivia began to cry as she confided to Steve that Dante was an adrenaline junkie. Steve assured Olivia that she was an amazing mother. Olivia's sadness turned to joy when Dante suddenly appeared at her side.

Dante begged his mother to stay strong. A short time later, paramedics attended to Olivia and then whisked her off to the hospital. Meanwhile, Brenda stayed with Kristina and Molly as they were taken to the hospital. Molly began to question Brenda about her wedding plans, so Brenda took the opportunity to ask the girls to be in the wedding. Kristina and Molly happily agreed.

At the hospital, Robin let Sonny know that she had received word that Morgan had suffered a broken leg. Sonny was relieved to learn that the other kids were okay. Sonny admitted that it had been a fluke that Morgan had been on the phone with Carly at the time of the crash. Moments later, Brenda called Sonny to give him an update. Sonny quickly assured Robin that Maxie was fine. Sonny then confessed to Brenda that it meant a lot to him that Brenda was with his children.

Liz let Nikolas and Brook know that she had received word that Cam hadn't been hurt in the crash. Liz thanked Nikolas and Brook for sticking around to help her through the difficult waiting period. Brook assured Liz that it hadn't been a problem and that she was happy that Cam was okay. Nearby, Robin and Patrick discussed Matt's injury. Patrick realized that he would probably be busy taking care of things for Matt until Matt had recovered.

Lisa watched Robin and Patrick. It didn't escape Lisa's notice how close Robin and Patrick seemed. In the waiting area, Sonny sat down next to Abby, unaware that they shared a connection. Abby explained that she was waiting for news on a friend who had been on the bus. Sonny was curious what her friend's name was. "Michael Corinthos," Abby answered.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jax arrived at the hospital after he had received a call from Carly about the bus accident. Alexis and Sam revealed that none of the passengers had arrived, but they were expected soon.

At the nurses' station, Liz overheard Lisa calling a nurse to order her back to the hospital for an extra shift. Liz quickly apologized for not doing it herself, but Lisa realized that Liz was sick with worry about Cameron. Lucky and Siobhan arrived moments later. Liz quickly explained that they were still waiting for the passengers from the bus to arrive. Liz suspected that the ambulances were delayed because of the icy road conditions.

Lucky was grateful that Cam hadn't been hurt. Liz agreed, but she was still anxious to see their son. Seconds later, Cam burst through the emergency room doors with Maxie and Matt close behind. "Mommy, Daddy," Cam yelled out as he ran into his mother's waiting arms. Liz hugged her son tightly and then handed him to Lucky.

Maxie and Matt assured Liz and Lucky that Steve had kept Cam from seeing the worst of the wreckage and injured passengers. Matt revealed that Cam had been very brave throughout the ordeal. Liz picked up her son to take him to be checked out by a doctor. Liz promised to find someone to take a look at Matt's arm. Lisa overheard the exchange, so she offered to help.

Maxie called Lisa a "psycho" and then made it clear that Lisa was not to go near Matt. Matt patiently reminded Maxie that Lisa was a skilled orthopedic surgeon, so he would be safe in her hands. Maxie didn't trust Lisa because Lisa had convinced everyone that Maxie had lied about seeing Lisa with a syringe in Robin's hospital room. Maxie didn't want Lisa to touch Matt. Matt appreciated Maxie's concern, but he insisted on letting Lisa take care of his broken arm.

In the waiting area, Abby wondered if Sonny knew Michael Corinthos. "I'm his father," Sonny told her. Abby was stunned. Sonny noticed Abby's fishnets and shoes; he revealed that he had once owned a strip club. Abby was surprised because Michael had never mentioned it. However, she confirmed that she was a dancer.

Sonny was curious how long Abby had been stripping. "A year," Abby admitted before she explained that she did it to work her way through college. Sonny assured her that he didn't judge her. He respected Michael's privacy, but he was curious if Abby knew that Michael was on parole. Abby nodded.

Sonny explained that Michael had to be careful about where he went and with whom he associated. Abby understood Sonny's concerns, but she insisted that he didn't have to worry about Michael. Sonny revealed that Michael had plans to go to college, so Sonny didn't want Michael distracted from that. Abby admitted that she'd had a similar conversation with Carly when Carly had warned Abby to stay away from Michael. Abby appreciated that Sonny and Carly wanted the best for Michael, but she reminded him that they didn't have the right to decide whom Michael could see.

Sonny assumed that Abby was a good person because Michael liked her, but he didn't want his son hanging out at strip joints, getting into trouble, and fighting. Abby assured Sonny that she and Michael were just friends and that they had never met at her workplace. She promised Sonny that Michael was safe with her.

Olivia arrived by ambulance at the hospital. Patrick explained to Olivia that she was bleeding internally, so they had to operate on her. Moments later, Olivia was rushed into an operating room.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Jason, Michael, Brenda, Dante, and Molly arrived. Alexis hugged Molly and wouldn't let go. Alexis learned that Kristina had been transported by ambulance to the hospital because she had been suffering from hypothermia. Jax wondered where Carly was. Jason explained that Carly had decided to ride with Morgan in the ambulance. Molly then began to brag about Michael's heroics and how he had carried Morgan to safety.

After Dante and Brenda walked away, Molly told Alexis and Sam about the accident and the bus driver's death. Alexis felt terrible that Molly had been forced to see that. Moments later, Kristina arrived. After Kristina was whisked to a room to recover, a nurse noticed Ali standing at the nurses' station, looking a bit dazed. The nurse decided that Ali should have the bump on her head checked.

In Kristina's hospital room, Alexis, Sam, and Molly hovered near Kristina. Sam offered to get some burgers, but Alexis decided that it was time to get Molly home. However, Alexis wanted Sam to spend the night with Kristina. Sam readily agreed, but Kristina argued that it wasn't necessary.

Dante and Brenda approached Robin at the nurses' station to get an update on Olivia. Robin explained that Olivia was in surgery and that Patrick would do everything in his power to help Olivia. Brenda tried to comfort Dante by reminding him that Patrick was a brilliant doctor. Dante talked about what a great mother Olivia was. Moments later, Michael joined Dante and Brenda.

Michael revealed that Steve had kept Olivia talking after the crash to distract her from the pain. Michael let Dante know that Olivia had bragged about Dante the entire time. Brenda reminded Dante that Olivia was a fighter, which gave Dante hope.

After Cam was settled in a room, Liz explained that he would have to spend the night in the hospital. Cam wanted to go home, so Lucky offered to curl up in bed with Cam for the night. Cam immediately perked up. Liz handed Cam a juice box and then instructed him to drink it up. Cam asked Siobhan to tell him a story. Liz appeared a bit surprised by the request, but didn't object as Siobhan sat down on the bed to begin her story.

Liz whispered to Lucky that she had to pick Jake up from Audrey's house. Cam wanted to see his brother, so Liz promised to return with Jake for a short visit. Liz lovingly kissed her son on the top of his head and then left. Liz seemed a bit sad as she watched Siobhan entertain Cam with a story while Lucky smiled lovingly at Siobhan and Cam. After several moments, Liz left.

After Cam fell asleep, Siobhan confessed that Lucky was a wonderful father. Lucky insisted that Cam was a great kid and a fantastic big brother to Jake and Aiden, so it was easy. Lucky admitted that he had gained a better understanding of his own father when Cam had entered Lucky's life. Lucky realized that parenting wasn't easy for Luke, but Lucky gave Luke credit for always returning home. Siobhan confessed that she admired the way that Lucky was raising his sons.

Liz returned to the hospital with Jake. Jason couldn't seem to take his eyes off of Jake as he asked Liz how Cam was doing. Liz assured Jason and Sam that Cam was fine. Liz noticed how Jason was looking at Jake, so she asked Jake if he remembered Jason and Sam. Jake smiled sweetly at Jason. Jason looked crushed after Liz walked away.

Later, Cam asked if Jake could spend the night at the hospital. Liz explained that Cam needed to rest, so Jake had to go home. However, she promised to make certain that Cam got a cookie. Cam was satisfied with the compromise. After Liz and Jake left, Cam asked Lucky to sing a song.

Liz saw Jason and Sam at the nurses' station. Jason was pleasantly surprised when Liz asked them to watch Jake while she delivered Cam's cookie. Liz handed Jake to Sam and then walked away. Sam set Jake down on a nearby gurney where Jake proceeded to play with his toy motorcycles. Jason asked Jake about the toys, which prompted Jake to talk excitedly about his love for motorcycles.

Jason confessed that he had a real motorcycle. Jake smiled and then invited Jason to play with him. Jason appeared choked up with emotion as he spent some precious time with his son.

Sonny rushed to Morgan's side when Morgan's ambulance arrived. Carly demanded that Epiphany get a doctor to look at Morgan's leg, but Epiphany explained that all the pediatric doctors were busy attending to other patients. Epiphany promised to send a doctor to see Morgan as soon as one was available, but that was not good enough for Sonny and Carly. Nearby, a mystery man was horrified that Morgan would have to wait to be treated.

The man introduced himself to Epiphany as Dr. Terrell Jackson. Dr. Jackson revealed that he was a pediatric surgeon and that he had scheduled an interview with the hospital. Dr. Jackson offered to treat Morgan, but Sonny preferred to have a doctor who was on staff. Epiphany checked the computer and then confirmed Dr. Jackson's qualifications, so Carly and Sonny agreed to let the young doctor take a look at their son's leg. Later, Dr. Jackson confirmed that Morgan's leg was fractured in two places.

Dr. Jackson assured Morgan that the breaks would heal, but Morgan would have to wear a cast for a few weeks. Jax entered the examination bay moments later. Sonny seemed pleased with Dr. Jackson's bedside manner, so he asked the doctor to stay on as Morgan's physician. Dr. Jackson was flattered, but he couldn't make any promises. After Jax, Morgan, and Dr. Jackson left to get Morgan's leg put in a cast, Carly thanked Sonny for being on hand.

Brenda hovered outside of the examination bay until Carly had left. Sonny was happy to see Brenda. He admitted that he was grateful that she had been at the crash site to help the kids and that she had called him with updates. Brenda confessed that she loved seeing Sonny with his children.

Later, Brenda found Sonny watching Morgan from afar. Sonny explained that it was best for everyone that Sonny and Jax avoid each other. However, Sonny conceded that Jax was good to Morgan. Brenda was surprised by the compliment. Their smiles disappeared when Robin tracked down Sonny to let him know that Kristina needed him.

Ali bumped into Michael on her way to the cafeteria for a bagel. She invited Michael to join her, but he declined because he had to check on Morgan. Michael took the opportunity to thank Ali for everything that she had done after the crash. Ali didn't think building a fire compared to Michael's heroics, but she thanked him for his compliment. A short time later, Ali stopped by to visit Kristina.

Ali kept rubbing her head as they talked about Taylor's parents taking him home. Ali revealed that her head had been throbbing since the accident, but it had become worse since arriving at the hospital. Kristina was horrified as Ali suddenly collapsed. After Ali was rushed to surgery, Sonny arrived. Kristina wept hysterically as she blamed herself for her friend's condition. According to Kristina, Ali would not have been hurt if Kristina hadn't insisted on Ali going on the trip.

Brenda stood in the doorway as Sonny comforted his daughter. He assured Kristina that she wasn't to blame for Ali's situation. Tears filled Brenda's eyes as she watched Sonny wrap his arms around Kristina and then gently rock her. Sonny continued to hold his daughter until Kristina fell asleep.

Steve stopped at the nurses' station to see how Olivia was doing. Dante let Steve know that Olivia was in surgery. Steve assured Dante that Olivia was strong and that Michael was the hero of the day. Steve revealed that Michael had found Olivia. As Jason watched, Dante expressed his gratitude to Michael for rescuing Olivia and then hugged him.

Steve grew impatient as he waited for news on Olivia, so he sent a nurse to get an update. Steve regretted that he couldn't have done more for Olivia. Dante had no idea what Olivia had been thinking when she had decided to go skiing. Just then, Lulu arrived. Dante quickly filled Lulu in on Olivia's situation. Lulu wanted to help, but Dante told her that there was nothing that any of them could do except wait and keep each other company.

Patrick finally emerged from the operating room to let Dante know that Olivia had been moved to a room. After Dante and Lulu went to see Olivia, Patrick confided to Robin that Olivia had nearly died during the surgery. Patrick hadn't had the heart to tell Dante that the odds weren't in Olivia's favor because he couldn't take Dante's hope away. Matt walked up a short time later to let everyone know that his arm had been set and that Lisa hadn't harmed him. Matt then pulled Patrick aside to find out how Olivia was doing. "It's touch and go," Patrick admitted.

In Olivia's hospital room, Steve let Dante know that they had done all that they could for Olivia. Dante was shaken to see his mother lying still in the bed, but Steve urged Dante to talk to her. Steve was confident that it could make a difference. Dante sat down next to his mother's bed and then began to weep as he begged her not to leave him. Dante assured Olivia that she was a wonderful mother and that he appreciated all of the sacrifices that she had made for him. Lulu quietly comforted Dante as he confessed that he wanted his mother to live a long and happy life.

Abby left a frantic message for Michael to call her because she was worried about him. After she ended the call, she noticed a group of people nearby who seemed upset. Epiphany explained that one of the passengers from the bus had collapsed, but walked away before Abby could find out the name of the person. Moments later, Abby turned around to see Michael in the hallway. Michael smiled when he saw Abby and then rushed to give her a long hug. Carly was not pleased when she saw Abby and Michael together.

In the operating room, Steve and Patrick worked to save Ali's life. Patrick suspected that Ali had an "epidural bleed depressing the lat ventricle." Steve was angry with himself for not realizing sooner that Ali had been seriously injured. Patrick insisted that it wasn't Steve's fault. Tragedy struck when Ali suddenly flatlined.

The episode featured, "Hallelujah," performed by Jeff Buckley

Kristina and Olivia are hospitalized following a bus crash

Kristina and Olivia are hospitalized following a bus crash

Thursday, January 6, 2011

In Diane's office, Diane asked Theo for an update on the wrongful death lawsuit that had been filed against Brenda and Dante. Theo explained that no one doubted that Brenda had killed Anton Banovic; however, her motive and mental state at the time of the shooting remained in question. Diane didn't understand why it was so difficult to prove that Brenda had shot Anton in self-defense. Theo reminded Diane that Dante and Brenda's connection to Sonny cast doubt on the entire situation. Diane conceded that Theo had a point.

Spinelli burst into Diane's office seconds later, but stopped short when Theo glared at him. Diane scolded Spinelli for barging in during a meeting. Theo tensed when Spinelli suddenly sneezed. Theo resented Spinelli exposing them to his germs. Spinelli insisted that his hygiene was above reproach, but Theo claimed that that kind of thinking led to pandemics.

Theo decided that he couldn't represent Brenda and Dante because Spinelli had made him ill. Diane quickly ushered Spinelli out of her office and then pleaded with Theo to reconsider. Diane assured Theo that Spinelli was a genius with computers, but she promised to keep him out of Theo's way. "Fair enough," Theo responded. Later, Diane went to McCall and Jackal Private Investigations to see Spinelli.

Spinelli invited Diane to have a seat and then began to praise her brilliant writing. Diane smiled as Spinelli continued to shower her with flattery. However, she was curious why he had asked to see her. Spinelli revealed that he wanted to offer her the opportunity to chronicle the exploits of "the Jackal, P.I." Diane howled with laughter.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward talked to Maya and Ethan about the young couple's future. Maya suspected that Edward had plans to groom Ethan to take over the family business. Ethan was horrified at the idea of joining the corporate world. Edward switched tactics by reminding Maya and Ethan that they had to live together as husband and wife, in order to collect the one million dollars that Edward agreed to give them on their first wedding anniversary. Maya accused Edward of trying to control their lives, but Edward stood firm.

Ethan agreed to pack his bags and then move in that very night. Edward was delighted. He suggested that Maya and Ethan could have the run of the place while Tracy and Luke were on their honeymoon. Seconds later, Tracy's booming voice could be heard shouting orders to Alice. Within moments, Tracy strolled into the parlor. Tracy explained that Luke had decided to "skip the honeymoon and go straight for grand larceny."

Maya couldn't believe that the marriage had ended so quickly. Tracy clarified that she didn't intend to divorce Luke, but she refused to help him. Tracy shared the details of Luke's diamond heist and then confessed that she hoped that Luke was caught. Edward insisted that Luke was a perfect example of why Ethan should try to make an honest living. Ethan agreed to consider Edward's offer, but suggested that Edward's aged scotch would help.

At the nurses' station, Dr. Terrell Jackson asked Robin where he could find Steve's office. Terrell explained that he had an appointment with Steve. Robin gave him directions to Steve's office, but she didn't think that Steve would be in because they had been swamped the previous evening with passengers who had been injured in a bus crash. Patrick and Steve approached the nurses' station moments later. Steve introduced Terrell to Patrick as the pediatric surgeon who had pitched in to help the night before.

Patrick recognized Terrell from a news segment about the crash. Terrell formally introduced himself to Steve and then explained that he was there to interview for a position in pediatrics. Nearby, Lisa watched Steve and Terrell. Terrell and Lisa exchanged a glance, but didn't say anything to each other. After Steve and Terrell walked away, Robin and Patrick discussed what had happened to Ali. Patrick was frustrated because he hadn't been able to save the teenager.

Robin insisted that Patrick couldn't have known that Ali was in crisis because Ali had been asymptomatic. Robin reminded Patrick that he wasn't God. Patrick smiled as he confessed that it stung a little less hearing it from her. Robin suggested that perhaps he was getting immune to her telling him the truth. Patrick believed that it was because he respected what she had to say. Robin couldn't understand why he was being so nice to her.

Patrick confessed that he had really enjoyed spending Christmas with her and Emma. He was disappointed because their New Year's Eve plans had been cancelled due to the bus crash. Robin was surprised when Patrick asked her out on a date. She admitted that she was flattered and tempted to accept, but she wanted to be cautious, so she suggested that Patrick ask her out another time. Lisa suddenly appeared at the nurses' station to request that Patrick consult on a case.

Later, Steve and Terrell slowly made their way to the nurses' station as Steve finished up the interview. Steve was curious why Terrell wanted to work at General Hospital. Terrell admitted that he liked how Steve ran things. Steve was impressed with Terrell's credentials and how he had stepped in during the crisis, so he offered Terrell a trial position. Terrell readily accepted the opportunity.

Lisa smiled when she overheard the exchange. Robin didn't seem to notice Lisa's reaction as she congratulated Terrell. Terrell admitted that he hoped that Robin could help him learn the ropes and advise him on whom to avoid. Robin confessed that she couldn't be objective, so she thought that it was best for Terrell to form his own opinions about the people on staff. Patrick walked up moments later.

Robin told Patrick about Terrell's job offer, so Patrick decided to give Terrell some advice. According to Patrick, Terrell shouldn't mess with Epiphany, he should be prepared to see Steve work hard, and Terrell should know that Robin was a "research extraordinaire." Robin chuckled as she confided that she could also cook. Robin then warned Terrell that Patrick had a huge ego and that he couldn't cook. Patrick laughed.

Terrell thought it was amazing that Robin and Patrick managed to juggle marriage and working together. Robin immediately sobered as she revealed that she and Patrick were separated. After Robin walked away, Terrell apologized to Patrick. Patrick assured Terrell that it was okay because Terrell hadn't known. After Patrick left, Terrell asked Lisa where the labs were.

Lisa decided to lead the way. As soon as Terrell and Lisa were alone, they dropped their pretense of not knowing each other. Terrell wanted to know why she had called him. Lisa explained that she wanted Terrell to seduce Robin.

Kristina smiled when her father entered her hospital room. Sonny handed a small white stuffed bear to Kristina and then asked her how she was doing. Kristina admitted that she blamed herself for Ali's death because she had pushed Ali to go on the trip. Sonny knew what it was like to lose a close friend. He told her about how deeply Stone's death had affected him.

Sonny promised his daughter that time would help soften the blow of losing her friend. Sonny let Kristina know that Ali would continue to live inside of Kristina. Kristina took comfort from her father's words. Sonny acknowledged that Kristina had her mother's intelligence, but she tended to be like him emotionally. Kristina admitted that she had begged Ali to go on the trip because she had hoped that Michael would see that Ali was better than the woman he had been seeing.

Kristina confided that Michael liked someone who was too old for him. She insisted that Ali had been perfect for Michael. Sonny assured Kristina that Michael was proud of his sister.

Michael paid Morgan a visit. Morgan tried to enlist Michael's help to get Carly to stop worrying about him. Morgan feared that Carly would have him X-rayed from head to toe before he could leave the hospital. Michael smiled as he advised his brother to humor their mother. Carly walked in moments later. She overheard Morgan's complaint, but she refused to apologize for wanting to make certain that Morgan hadn't suffered any other injuries besides the broken leg.

Morgan thanked Michael for saving his life. Michael appreciated his brother's gratitude, but he clearly didn't think that he had done anything special. Carly advised Morgan to get some rest and then led Michael out of the room. In the hallway, Michael assured Carly that Morgan would be okay. Carly clarified that Michael and Morgan would be fine.

Carly then changed the subject by revealing that she had seen Abby in the hospital the previous night. Michael explained that Abby had been concerned about him after she had heard about the crash. Carly confessed that she sensed that there was more to Michael and Abby's relationship than mere friendship. Michael immediately became defensive as he asked his mother when she had become so judgmental. Michael made it clear that Carly didn't get to decide whom he could associate with.

Morgan was startled when Theo entered his hospital room. Theo introduced himself and then revealed that he was an attorney. Morgan didn't think that he needed one because he hadn't done anything illegal. Theo explained that the same couldn't be said for Dante. Theo then suggested that Sonny was a neglectful father because he wasn't with Morgan. According to Theo, nothing could have torn him away from his son's side if his son had been hurt. Morgan wondered if Theo had a son.

Theo confessed that his son had been killed, but it had made Theo realize the temporary nature of life. Theo warned Morgan that no one had as much time as they thought they had and that they couldn't be certain that their loved ones were safe. Theo thought that Sonny would do well to learn that lesson. Morgan didn't want to offend Theo, but he insisted that Sonny spent a lot of time and money to keep the Corinthos children safe. Theo smiled as he suggested that Morgan had been fortunate that he hadn't been hurt worse in the bus accident. Theo was certain that Sonny would have been devastated if he had lost Morgan.

Lulu went to Olivia's hospital room to check on Dante and Olivia. Olivia remained unconscious as Dante sat at his mother's bedside. Dante shared a story about the first time that he had knocked himself out. According to Dante, he had awoken in the hospital to find his mother at his side. Once Olivia had been assured that Dante would be fine, she began to yell at him and then threatened to ground him for life.

Dante decided that he would do the same thing when Olivia woke up. Lulu understood that Dante was terrified, but she reminded him that there was still hope as long as Olivia was breathing. Dante knew that Lulu was right, but he was frustrated because he had no idea what to do for his mother. Lulu assured Dante that Olivia loved him, so he just had to be himself. Shortly after Lulu left, Theo appeared in the doorway.

Theo explained that he worked for, "Mason, Petrovich, and Miller," so he needed to ask Dante some questions about Anton's shooting. Dante glanced at his mother and then insisted that it wasn't right the time. Theo argued that he had taken the time to seek out Dante, so Dante could return the courtesy by answering a few questions. Sonny was annoyed when he overheard Theo's comment as he approached Olivia's room. Theo warned Sonny that the case would proceed regardless of Dante's mother's condition.

Theo claimed that he was the only person who could help Brenda and Dante because the circumstances of Anton's death reeked of collusion. Sonny didn't care; he insisted that Dante was too worried about Olivia to answer questions. Sonny warned Theo to leave Dante alone unless Brenda was about to be dragged away in chains. Theo appreciated Sonny's concern for Dante; he suggested that they had more in common than Sonny realized.

Later, Johnny stopped by to check on Olivia. Dante invited Johnny to spend some time with Olivia, but Johnny explained that he and Olivia had broken up because of Johnny's lifestyle. After Johnny left, Dante returned to Olivia's bedside. He told his mother how much he appreciated and loved her. Olivia slowly lifted her hand to gently stroke the side of Dante's face. Dante's eyes filled with tears as his mother smiled up at him.

Michael met Abby at Kelly's. Abby told him about how she had learned about the crash and then left work to race to the hospital because she had been worried about Michael. As they talked about the events at the hospital, Abby confessed that she had met Sonny. Abby also admitted that Sonny had quickly figured out that she was a dancer.

Michael assured Abby that Sonny "gets it," so he was happy that she had met his father. According to Michael, Sonny just wanted Michael to be happy. Abby was curious what made Michael happy. He confessed that it would please him if she would let him buy her breakfast. Abby quickly agreed.

At the hospital, Carly pulled Sonny into a conference room for a private conversation. Carly thanked Sonny for being there for Morgan and Michael after the crash, but she admitted that she was concerned about Michael. Carly explained that Michael had been seeing a woman who was ten years Michael's senior. Carly had seen them hug, so she was certain that Abby wanted more than friendship from Michael. Carly freely admitted that she didn't like it because she feared that Abby was after Michael's money.

Sonny assured her that Abby had a job, so money wasn't an issue. Carly was surprised that Sonny knew Abby. Her shock quickly turned to disbelief when Sonny let it slip that Abby was a dancer at a local strip club.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Steve entered Olivia's hospital room as Olivia confessed to Dante that she wished that she could relax in the ski lodge's lobby with a hot toddy to warm her. Steve was glad to see that Olivia was awake; he was certain that she would make a full recovery. Olivia thanked Steve for everything that he had done at the crash site. Dante noticed the sparks fly between Steve and Olivia as Steve credited Patrick for saving Olivia's life. Olivia was grateful to Patrick, but Steve was her hero because he had kept her talking until help had arrived.

Steve confessed that he had enjoyed listening to her stories, so it hadn't been a hardship. Olivia wanted to show her appreciation to Steve by cooking him dinner. Steve readily accepted the invitation. After Steve left, Dante admitted he was curious about what was going on between Olivia and Steve. Olivia deftly evaded the question. She confided that she was thankful that she had survived the crash; she loved Dante too much to say goodbye.

At the nurses' station, Robin and Lisa welcomed Terrell to the hospital. Moments later, Steve informed Terrell that he needed Terrell to start immediately because one of the pediatric surgeons had been forced to take an emergency leave of absence. Terrell assured Steve that it wouldn't be a problem. Lisa offered to show Terrell around, but Robin stepped in. Robin thought that it would be best if Robin did it, since they wanted Terrell to stay.

After Robin and Terrell walked away, Lisa complained that Robin had made her look bad. Patrick didn't feel sorry for Lisa because he believed that Robin had every right not to trust Lisa. Lisa resented Patrick's surly mood, but he didn't apologize. Later, Robin was pleasantly surprised to see Theo when she returned to the nurses' station with Terrell. Robin's good humor fled when Theo accused the hospital's attorneys of trying to delay his lawsuit.

"This stops now," Robin warned Theo. Robin explained that she was affected by whatever happened to the hospital. She suggested that Theo had been disingenuous when he had walked into the hospital with vague symptoms. Robin insisted that they had run every test conceivable and that each had confirmed that Theo had been healthy. Robin thought that Theo's lawsuit was mean-spirited and bogus.

Robin confessed that she was disappointed in Theo because she had believed that Theo had been a better person than that. Robin insisted that her name should be added to the malpractice suit because she had been his doctor. Theo had no interest in punishing the one person who had treated him with respect, so he agreed to drop the lawsuit. However, Theo warned everyone that if he became sick from walking into "this cesspool" then he would go after the hospital with all of his considerable resources. Later, Lisa slipped into a conference room to find Terrell waiting for her.

Lisa claimed that Robin had been the bane of her existence for long enough, so it was time to render Robin irrelevant. Lisa was confident that they were halfway to her goal because she sensed that Robin was already attracted to Terrell. Terrell wasn't surprised; however, he wanted to know what was in it for him before he wrecked a perfectly nice woman's life. Lisa seemed surprised by the question. Terrell wondered if she had been so embroiled in her own deviousness that it had never occurred to her that he might want something other than the honor of helping her get Patrick back. Lisa was curious what Terrell had in mind.

Terrell admitted that he wanted Lisa back in his life because he had missed her. Lisa refused to make any promises, but she suggested that it would serve Patrick right if she dumped him for Terrell. Terrell conceded that Robin was cute, but she paled in comparison to Lisa. Lisa smiled happily because she had someone on her side. Terrell warned Lisa that she would have to keep him motivated if she wanted him to continue to help her. Lisa didn't think that would be a problem, so she kissed him to prove her point.

Sam stopped by Jason's penthouse to see if she had left her gun there. Jason held it up as he told her that he had broken it down and then cleaned it. "And people say you aren't romantic," Sam quipped. Jason was curious why Sam had left so early. Sam explained that she had needed to get to work, but Jason suspected that there was more.

Sam glanced at the staircase as she asked if "she" was around. Jason revealed that one of the guards had taken Brenda for a walk. Sam was horrified by the callous comment that made Brenda sound like a dog. Jason explained that he simply meant that Brenda was out doing whatever it was that Brenda did during her walks. Jason continued to push for an answer about Sam's early departure until Sam confessed that it was a bit stressful to be around Brenda.

Jason revealed that he had hoped to thank Sam earlier for helping him with Jake. He admitted that he had no idea how to act around his son, so he had appreciated Sam's presence. Sam confessed that she had been surprised that Liz had asked him to watch Jake. She believed that it had been Liz's way of giving Jason the opportunity to get to know Jake. Sam thought that Jake was a lot like Jason.

Jason grinned as Sam recalled that the motorcycle thing had been crazy. She also thought that Jake was as determined as Jason, but a lot more talkative. Jason and Sam agreed that it was easy to see that Jake was happy. Sam realized that Jason missed his son, but Jason insisted that Jake had a good family and life, so his pain was a small price to pay. Sam suggested that perhaps spending time with Jake had been Jason's reward for putting up with Brenda.

At the mention of Brenda, Jason began to talk about the wrongful death lawsuit and the possible ramifications if Brenda testified. Jason feared that Dante would be charged with a crime, which might prompt Judge Carroll to revoke Michael's parole. Sam agreed that it was a bad idea for Brenda to testify. Jason revealed that Theo had promised to protect Brenda on the witness stand. Sam was curious what Jason thought about Theo's skill as an attorney.

Jason admitted that he wanted to know more about Theo. Sam was willing to investigate the attorney, so Jason offered to pay for her services. Sam assured him that it wasn't necessary; however, Jason insisted. Sam and Jason sealed their bargain with a kiss just as Brenda walked in. Sam quickly excused herself and then left. Brenda turned to Jason for help planning the wedding, but Jason quickly made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with it.

Later, Jason was curious why Brenda was in a rush to marry Sonny. Brenda reminded Jason that she loved Sonny and then added that she was eager to move out of the penthouse. Jason perked up at the thought of Brenda moving in with Sonny, but he insisted that she couldn't leave until it was safe. Jason promised to carry her to Sonny's house the moment she was out of danger. Brenda liked the idea of Jason carrying her to Sonny's house; however, she was more concerned about the wedding plans. Jason didn't care, so Brenda called Spinelli.

At Sam and Spinelli's office, Diane asked Spinelli to clarify his request. Spinelli explained that he wanted her to chronicle the exploits of The Jackal, P.I. Diane wondered if he intended for the book to be a work fiction. Spinelli assured her that it would be about real cases and a few that might happen. Diane remained lost, so Spinelli decided to give her an example. He assumed the voice of a gumshoe detective and then began to spin a tale.

Diane finally realized where Spinelli was going with his idea. Their conversation was cut short when Brenda called. Spinelli raced over to the penthouse, where Brenda explained that she needed him to help her put together a wedding. Spinelli softly explained that he couldn't help her because he was opposed to the marriage. Spinelli feared that Brenda might lose her career, her position with ASEC, and possibly her life if she married Sonny.

Brenda was clearly disappointed, but she refused to apologize for following her heart. After Spinelli left, Brenda turned to Jason. She blamed Jason for Spinelli's reaction, so she demanded that he fix things.

In the conference room at the hospital, Carly grappled with the realization that Abby was a stripper. Sonny reminded Carly that they didn't know if Michael was involved with "this girl." Carly insisted that Abby wasn't a girl. "She's a grown-ass woman who takes her clothes off for money," Carly angrily stated. Sonny didn't think it was fair of Carly to judge a person based on what they did for a living.

"Of course you'd think that," Carly shot back. Sonny reminded her that he had known strippers who had been nice kids with bad families. Carly wondered if Sonny were really okay with Michael dating a stripper, because Carly was not. Sonny explained that he had learned his lesson with Kristina, so he suggested that they cut Michael some slack. Sonny admitted that he had met Abby and that she had seemed nice.

Carly couldn't believe that Sonny hadn't tried to pay off Abby. She insisted that they weren't Michael's friends; they were his parents, so it was their responsibility to step in when he went down the wrong path. Later, Carly stormed into McCall and Jackal Private Investigations. Carly demanded to know who "the hell" Sam thought she was to introduce Michael to a stripper and then lie to Carly about it. Sam explained that Abby was a good friend to Michael, but Carly wasn't satisfied.

Carly resented Sam meddling in Michael's life because Sam was not Michael's mother. She ordered Sam to keep her "sleazy" friends away from Michael. Sam revealed that Michael had been having difficulty with kids his age because of the time that he had spent in jail. According to Sam, Michael had approached her to ask her to introduce him to an older woman, since girls his age made him uncomfortable. Sam didn't regret setting Michael up with Abby because Abby was a good person.

Carly realized that Michael had difficulty relating to his peers, but she explained that Michael needed support and help to rebuild his confidence, not to meet strippers. Sam defended Abby by revealing that Abby stripped to put herself through college. Carly suggested that Sam and Abby were kindred spirits out to get what they could. Sam was curious why Carly was such a "bitch." Carly explained that Michael was a damaged teenaged boy, so she refused to let Abby wreck his life further. Carly warned Sam to stay out of Michael's life or there would be "hell" to pay.

Later, at McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Diane agreed to collaborate with Spinelli. Diane decided to read him a draft of the introduction. Spinelli was unimpressed, which offended Diane. Spinelli thought that it was important for them to have honest exchanges if they were going to work together. Diane agreed, so she invited him to give it a try. Spinelli assumed his gumshoe detective voice and then began to narrate a new scene.

A short time later, Diane and Spinelli disagreed about a position that the Jackal and a femme fatale found themselves in. Spinelli decided to show Diane that the position was entirely possible. Moments later Jason walked into the office. Jason immediately ordered Diane to get off of Spinelli. Diane and Spinelli tried to explain what Jason had walked in on, but Jason didn't want to know. Jason explained that he needed a background check on Theo Hoffman.

Theo met with Dante and Brenda at Jason's penthouse to discuss the wrongful death lawsuit. Brenda wondered if they could get a continuance. Theo explained that a man's son was dead and that the father had a right to expect someone to pay for it. Dante appeared puzzled by Theo's remark.

At Kelly's, Michael revealed to Abby that Sonny was not the type of person to interfere. Abby could understand why Sonny might have objections to her because she was older than Michael and stripped for a living. Michael didn't think that Sonny was in any position to judge. He believed that it was up to them to decide what they meant to each other, not anyone else. Molly entered the dinner, but she barely glanced at Michael and Abby as she made her way to the counter.

Michael found it odd that Molly hadn't stopped to ask them all kinds of embarrassing questions. Abby suggested that perhaps Molly had learned the fine art of discretion. Michael doubted it, but he decided to ignore it. Michael and Abby continued to make plans for their date when Molly suddenly cried out in frustration. Michael decided to check on his cousin.

Molly was upset because she couldn't remember her French for an extra credit project. Michael assured Molly that it was understandable after what had happened to her. Molly argued that she hadn't been hurt in the crash. Michael offered to take Molly home, but she didn't want Michael to leave Abby on her account. Abby explained that she had to get to work, so Molly relaxed.

After Abby left, Michael thanked Molly for helping him to score points with Abby by making him look good. Molly seemed surprised when Michael revealed that she had once told him that acts of kindness impressed women. After Michael dropped off Molly, he went to Pozzulo's to talk to Sonny. Michael admitted that he was worried about Kristina and Molly because they still seemed to be in shock from the accident. Sonny thought that it was understandable given the circumstances.

Sonny confessed that he was proud of how Michael had conducted himself after the crash. Sonny could see that Michael was uncomfortable with the praise, so he asked Michael how Morgan was doing. Michael chuckled as he confided that Morgan was milking his broken leg for all it was worth. Sonny revealed that Kristina felt guilty, so he was curious if Michael felt the same way. Michael admitted that he didn't, but Ali's death had made him realize that he had a lot to be thankful for.

Sonny recalled his own near-death experiences; he credited his children for giving him the will to keep going. Sonny thought that it was good to appreciate what was important in life. Michael confessed that he had been doing that with Abby. According to Michael, everything about Abby had been unexpected. Michael thought that she was smart, funny, and beautiful, but most importantly, he felt comfortable around her.

Sonny was curious if Michael had seen Abby at work. Michael warned his father that he didn't want a lecture. Sonny assured Michael that he wouldn't give one, but he thought that it was important for Michael to remember that it would be a violation of Michael's parole to go to a strip club. Michael assured his father that he hadn't been to Vaughn's. Sonny was satisfied, so he moved on to let Michael know that Carly was on the warpath.

Carly arranged to meet Abby at Kelly's. Carly coldly ordered Abby to have a seat and then revealed that she knew that Abby was a stripper. Carly offered to write Abby a check for a large sum of money in exchange for Abby's agreement to take the money, leave town, and never to contact Michael again. Abby was curious what would happen if she refused. Carly vowed to make Abby sorry.

Abby suggested that Carly back off, or Carly would regret it. Abby didn't think that there was a need for them to get in a "pissing contest" over Michael. She assured Carly that she didn't have any intention of taking advantage of Michael. Carly acknowledged that she had once been were Abby was, except Carly hadn't stripped. Carly knew that Abby was willing to do whatever she could to crawl out of the gutter. Carly refused to let it be on Michael's back, so she offered Abby the opportunity for some real money or to continue earning dollar bills for stripping. However, Carly made it clear that the one thing that Abby wouldn't get was Michael.

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