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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 24, 2011 on GH
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Monday, January 24, 2011

At the Metro Court, Dante saw Carly talking to Diane and jumped to the conclusion that Carly was petitioning the court to become Michael's guardian. Carly could not resist letting Dante know that she knew about the crime he had covered up for Brenda. Dante said he had already been lambasted by Lulu, who had broken up with him, and did not need a replay from Carly.

Carly told Dante that he was a hypocrite for exposing Michael. Dante said he was trying to protect Michael from the same consequences he was facing. Dante said secrets always got out and hurt the ones keeping them. Carly's venomous anger was apparent when she told Dante that he deserved whatever hell was coming his way.

Michael went to see Jason at the penthouse. He said that Jason and Abby were the only people he could talk to. Michael told Jason that he finally understood something that he had read a while before: that the body was more resilient than the soul. Michael told Jason that he had talked to Carly and understood that she was trying to help, but he could only talk about Pentonville with Abby and Jason. Michael said Abby did not judge. She just listened.

Michael said that at first he'd thought he could talk to Kristina, but he realized that the difference between them was that Kristina could have gotten out of her situation, but he could not leave Pentonville. Michael also said that he'd realized that Kristina was a lot like Carly. Jason said that both of them loved Michael and were trying to help. Jason said that Michael had to learn to set boundaries with Kristina just like Jason had with Carly.

Siobhan prevented Lucky from detaining the Balkan's thug after the thug accosted her in the alley. Siobhan pretended that she had done it to save Lucky, but Lucky was not convinced. He tried to get Siobhan to tell him what she was hiding, but she would not. Lucky kissed her in an effort to prove that she still cared about him, but she rebuffed his advances and told him that she had no intention of making up with him.

A "Good Samaritan" bystander, Shawn, comforted Molly when she freaked out after hearing an auto crash. She told him that she was bipolar. He asked her how she had reached that conclusion and what her symptoms were. After she answered, he told her that he knew how she felt. He told her that he suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder (PSTD).

Shawn went on to describe his actions as a soldier in combat. He said that in life or death situations, you did not have time to feel or think, only act. He said that it was only after he had symptoms, much like Molly described, that he'd sought help. Carly was suspicious when she saw Molly and Shawn talking. Shawn introduced himself, gave her his card, and said that he was in Port Charles to interview for a security position with a local law firm. Molly said that Shawn had comforted her after she reacted badly to a car crash. Carly thanked Shawn and said she would see that Molly got home safely.

At Jake's, Robin and Terrell played darts and learned that they had both lived in Paris, while Matt and Patrick had beers at the bar. Matt accused Patrick of being jealous, but Patrick said he was not. Matt interrupted the dart game to talk to Robin, and Patrick took her place playing darts with Terrell. When Matt wanted to know where he should take Maxie to dinner, Robin suspected that Matt had ulterior motives for talking to her.

Matt said that Patrick was sorry for sleeping with Lisa and wanted his family back. Robin said that she and Patrick still had a lot to work out. She said that they could not go back to where they had been before because the foundation was broken. Matt said that the holidays had been good and asked Robin to focus on that.

Patrick warned Terrell that Robin was married to him. Terrell said that he and Robin were just friends, then added, "at this point." He told Patrick that he was new in town, and Robin was the first friend that he had made. Terrell said that things could change at any moment and that as long as Patrick and Robin were separated, Patrick did not have a say in the matter. Patrick was stunned. Terrell won the dart game and left the bar. Matt followed.

After overhearing Terrell and Patrick, Robin told Patrick that Matt was right. Patrick smiled as he said that it would be the first time. She playfully accused Patrick of being jealous. Patrick said he was not jealous; he said that he was glad that she had a new friend. Robin said she was relieved to hear it because she intended to spend more time with Terrell.

Lucky went to Jake's to meet Lulu, who was steaming mad because Lucky had known about Dante's past with Brenda and had not told her. Lucky said that the secret had not been his to tell. Lulu said that family ought to be first and wanted to know how he would feel if she knew that kind of secret and kept it form him. Lucky defended Dante and said that Dante had been trying to keep Lulu safe. Lulu said that there could be no trust if lovers were not truthful about the things that mattered.

Lucky said that their relationship with Luke and their childhood made Lulu cynical. Lulu said that there could be no relationship without trust, and Dante had ruined that. She told Lucky firmly that she and Dante were over. When Lucky implored her not to throw love away, she angrily told him that she was not throwing anything away. Lulu told Lucky that she needed a brother who supported her, not her lying ex-boyfriend. Lucky reassured her that she had that.

Sam met Kelly at General Hospital. Kelly told Sam that she had investigated the fertility procedure. She said that if the procedure worked and Sam got pregnant, she would have a 50% chance of carrying the baby to term.

Michael was at the loft, working out with the punching bag, when Kristina dropped by to invite him ice-skating with her and some girlfriends. When Michael said he was working out at home, Kristina wanted to know when he was going to get over the hooker. Kristina said that Abby was not good enough for Michael. She asked if he wanted to go back to Pentonville. Michael said no he did not.

Kristina said that Michael had never left because he kept Pentonville bottled up inside and used Abby as the excuse to keep it there. Michael screamed at Kristina to get out. She shot back that he was just like his dad. Then Kristina said that she would go have fun ice-skating with her friends while he punched a stupid bag and sulked over a stripper.

After Kristina left, Michael punched the bag and remembered Pentonville and the assault on his person. When Dante touched his shoulder, he reacted and grabbed Dante by the throat. Dante spoke, and Michael snapped back to reality. When Dante asked if anything was wrong, Michael said that Dante was not his shrink. Dante agreed. He said that he was Michael's brother, and Michael could talk to him. Michael responded that he had nothing to say, especially about Pentonville.

Sam was waiting at the penthouse when Jason got home. He told her that Michael missed Abby. Jason said that Michael was not over his experience in Pentonville, and he felt betrayed. Jason was torn between telling Michael that Abby had lied to the cops to protect him and letting Michael and Abby work things out on their own.

Alexis was on the phone when Carly took Molly home. Carly gave Shawn's card to Alexis and told her that Shawn had helped Molly through a panic attack after Molly witnessed an accident. When Alexis asked if Molly had recovered, Molly said that having PTSD was a lot better than being bipolar. Alexis questioned Molly closely and told her to be prepared to explain why Alexis had not heard about Molly's fears before.

Molly told Alexis everything. She said she'd stopped researching when she found that her symptoms matched those of bipolar disorder, but she had decided PTSD made more sense. Alexis hugged Molly and told her that they would find an actual therapist to diagnose Molly's condition and then they would handle it like a family.

Brandon insulted Abby as she walked by the bench where he was sitting. He would not admit to calling the cops on her, but seemed to take pleasure in her troubles. She told him to leave her alone because they were over, but Brandon grabbed her roughly. Jason happened by and intervened. He told Brandon to leave Abby alone. Brandon retreated a safe distance and watched Jason speak to Abby.

Abby asked about Michael. Jason said that Michael missed Abby, and she needed to let him know that she had lied to protect him. Before Abby responded, Brandon walked up to them, brandishing a gun, and told Jason that Abby was his woman.

Shawn was sitting at the Metro Court bar, having a drink, when Carly approached. She said that she had seen Molly home safely and told him that she had given his card to Alexis. Carly told him that her sons had also been on the bus. Shawn said that she might also have some issues with PTSD. Carly acknowledged her fears and thanked Shawn again and said she was grateful for his help with Molly. She offered to comp his stay at the hotel. Shawn told her that she was being very generous to someone she hardly knew.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Carly offered to comp Shawn's room at the Metro Court Hotel because of his kindness to Molly. When he questioned her generosity, she agreed that it was out of character for her. Shawn told Carly that doing the right thing was its own reward and declined her offer. Intrigued, Carly made inquiries about Shawn's personal life. He told her that he had done three tours as a marine, but felt it was time to leave the service after the last one. He said that he had found that he was good at private security work. He told her that he was in Port Charles to interview for work at a local law firm. He paid his tab and bumped into Theo, who told him to look where he was going, as he left the bar.

Theo found Carly and said he was there to see her. He told her that he was doing some of Sonny's legal work. He said that he had some papers for her to sign that dealt with the trust Sonny had established for her sons. Carly said that she did not sign anything without reading it. Theo said that he was trying to clear his calendar so that he could devote all his time to the case against Dante and Brenda. Carly said that she was not inclined to do anything that would help Dante or Brenda.

Theo said he was amazed because she was the first person who had not rushed to defend Brenda and Dante. Theo asked if Carly knew something he did not. He said that Sonny was wiling to pay any amount of money for their defense. Carly said that she would give Theo some advice. She told him to get the money up-front and cash the check quickly because by the time that the wedding day rolled around, Sonny would not pay anyone to defend either Brenda or Dante.

Theo tried another approach to get Carly to tell what she knew, but she told him to do his own research. When he failed to find out what Carly was holding back, he tried to rush her into signing the papers he had with him. Carly refused to sign and told Theo that she would only deal with Diane over legal matters. Theo was stymied. He was forced to leave without her signature on the documents.

At Jake's, Lulu and Lucky discussed Lulu's breakup with Dante. Lulu was upset because Dante had experienced romantic feelings for Brenda in 2007 and had not admitted it to Lulu. Lucky said that Dante's feelings for Brenda had happened before he met Lulu, and Lucky did not have the impression that Dante still had those feelings for Brenda. Ethan arrived and supported Lulu. He said the Spencers had bad luck in relationships. Lucky admitted that he and Siobhan had broken up.

Ethan said that he should bail on Maya before she started counting on him, though he wondered how he could walk out on a great woman and a half million-dollar payoff. Ethan theorized that the Spencers were cursed. Lulu laughed and said that she felt better knowing that heartbreak was genetic. Lulu left Ethan and Lucky behind when she headed out.

Shortly after, Maxie arrived, looking for Lulu, because Kate was on the warpath, and Maxie needed help to divert her. When Maxie's phone rang, she was surprised to hear Luke's voice. She tried to hand the phone to Lucky or Ethan, but Luke had called for Maxie. He told her that he had a friend who designed costume jewelry, and he had promised the friend a feature in Crimson. He told Maxie that he was shipping a sample of the jewelry to her.

While Maxie talked to Luke, Lucky got a soda from Siobhan. She told him that he was perilously close to stalking. Lucky asked why she had run away from him in the alley. She said that she did not want to be a bystander when the life he led caught up to him.

When Maxie got off the phone, Ethan was laughing and told Lucky that he was having the urge to be truthful. Maxie said that when she felt that way, she focused on work or went to a spa. Lucky told her that he appreciated her fluid moral code. He said that he and Ethan thought that she should know that she might be an accessory to jewel theft if she accepted Luke's package.

Maxie said that she did not want to commit career suicide and end up serving fries at a fast food place. When Maxie said she would refuse to sign, Ethan said that there was another way to look at the situation. He said that if she signed and the shipment passed customs, Luke would owe her. If it did not, she could deny all knowledge, let Luke take the rap, and then write a bestseller about her experience and sell the movie rights. As they walked over to the pool table, Ethan told Maxie that she would also get the opportunity to see three very rare, very fabulous diamonds.

Lucky told Siobhan that he thought she was hiding something, and he asked her to trust him. He told her that he thought that she was looking for reasons to push him away. Siobhan told Lucky that she had the feeling that someone was going to die, and she did not want it to be him.

At the loft, Dante told Michael that it was his fault that Michael had gone to prison. He told Michael to be mad at him. Michael said that he was not mad at Dante. When Michael asked about Lulu, Dante said that she was mad at him and he did not blame her. Dante said that he had been acting like an idiot over Brenda. He said that he had done nothing but lie to Lulu. Dante asked for advice from Michael, who did not think that telling the truth was the correct choice.

Brandon threatened Jason with a gun and told him to stay away from Abby. When he put the gun in Jason's face, Jason quickly disarmed him and held the gun on Brandon instead. Jason told Brandon to leave Abby alone and instructed Brandon to walk away and leave Port Charles for good. Jason said that if Brandon harassed Abby again, Jason would kill him.

After Brandon was gone, Abby said that she had broken up with Brandon more than a year before and had avoided him since. She said that Brandon was one of the reasons that she was bad for Michael. Abby said that she cared about Michael and, even though they were different in years, they shared similar feelings. Jason encouraged Abby to tell Michael the truth. Jason urged Abby to trust Michael and let him figure out the situation by himself.

At the lake house, Molly told Alexis that she had stopped on the corner to finish a text message, when she heard the crash. She said that she had started shaking and felt like she would throw up when she smelled burned rubber and gasoline. She said that it took her back to the bus crash, and she did not remember anything until she heard Shawn's voice.

Molly wanted to go back to researching PTSD, but Alexis said that she should wait for the doctor's diagnosis. Molly said that she knew something was wrong because she acted out, and that was not like her. Alexis told Molly to be honest with the doctor and to know that she could tell Alexis anything. Alexis said she would always listen and be supportive because she was Molly's mother and she loved her. Molly snuggled into her mother's arms and said that she loved Alexis.

Abby called Michael, and he met her in the park. Michael told Abby that he cared about her and it did not matter if she sold herself to other men. He said it did not change her and it did not change his feelings for her. Michael said he knew she worried that he would get in a fight, but he promised to have better control of himself. Michael begged Abby not to give up on him. Abby said that she had not given up on Michael, but that Michael had to give up on her. Abby told him that she wanted to be truthful. She told him that she was not a prostitute, but had let him think she was so it would be easier for him to let her go.

Abby said that Michael had been hurt before, and she did not want him to get hurt again because of her. She said she wanted to protect him and did not want him to be in a position where he would get in a fight or violate his parole. Abby told Michael that she cared about him because the first time they met, he'd asked for her real name, and he had treated her with respect. Abby was tearful as she ran away from Michael after telling him that he had to let her go.

Jason met Sam at the penthouse and told her about what had happened with Brandon and Abby. Sam told Jason that he had no idea what it was like to have someone from a bad past show up. Jason said he'd tried to get Abby to see that she was good for Michael and to at least tell Michael the truth and let him make the choice. Jason said that when he had been in a situation similar to Michael's, all he had wanted was to make his own choices and be responsible for the consequences.

Jason noticed that Sam was feeling melancholy and asked why. Sam said that she had been thinking about the child she could not have and had felt left out when she saw a couple with their baby. Jason caressed her cheek and said he could understand how she could miss what she could not have. Jason said that he had made it through prison because he knew that Sam was waiting for him on the outside. He said he wished that Michael had something also. Sam said that she had also worried about Michael, but he had turned into an amazing man. Jason and Sam started kissing.

They were interrupted when Michael knocked on the door. Michael apologized and would have left, but Sam said that she had to get back to work and left Michael and Jason alone. Michael told Jason that Abby was not a prostitute. He said that even when he thought she was, nothing had changed how he felt about her. Michael said that Abby was worth the risk. Michael told Jason that Abby was trying to protect him from himself.

Michael said that Abby would not see him because of what had happened in prison with Carter. Michael said that Abby had been in a relationship with a guy who hit her. He said that Abby knew what it was like to be trapped and helpless-like him with Carter. Michael asked if he would ever be normal, if he would ever act like he was not in prison. Jason said that Michael would always carry the experience with him. He said that he wished Michael did not have to.

Jason said that he wished that he could sit Michael down, as he had done when Michael was a child, and read to him until he fell peacefully asleep and then awakened with all the bad memories gone, but that was not how it worked. Jason said that Michael had shown great courage through his ordeal. Michael said not with Carter. He said that he felt like he was always fighting him. Jason told Michael to keep fighting Carter. He told Michael not to let Carter take his soul.

Lulu was in her apartment, crying and eating ice cream, when Dante knocked. He was dressed in a suit and invited Lulu to the opera. She declined. Dante said that was okay because the tickets were for the following Friday. Lulu said she did not care; she was not going out with him. Dante told Lulu that he loved her, but she did not believe him. She said that she did not want to sit around with a sick feeling in her stomach, waiting for his next lie. She told Dante that he only told the truth when he got caught in a lie.

Lulu said that she no longer trusted her instincts. She said there could be no love without honesty, and she did not trust Dante. Dante challenged Lulu to ask him anything. She asked if he loved Brenda. Dante said that in 2007, he'd thought he did, but nothing had been real. He said he'd had a crush that was completely unrealistic. He said nothing had ever happened between them. He said that he'd put Brenda in a car and she had driven away -- and that was all there was to his relationship with her.

Dante told Lulu that his love for her had taught him the difference between real love and infatuation. Lulu started crying and told Dante that she wanted to believe him, but she could not trust him. She said that her lack of trust in Dante was caused as much by her own issues as his lies. Lulu was sobbing as she told Dante to leave. Dante was downcast as he paused briefly outside Lulu's door. She cried as he walked slowly away.

At the Metro Court, Spinelli tried to convince Carly to keep the truth about Brenda's baby to herself. Carly worked equally hard to convince Spinelli that the truth would eventually be found out, and Sonny would be hurt even more. Spinelli wanted to tell Jason, but Carly said that it would be unfair to Jason to have to deliver such devastating news to Sonny. Carly told Spinelli that she would tell Sonny at the proper time.

Theo met Shawn in a waterfront alley. He said that he had pretended not to know Shawn earlier to put Carly off the scent. Theo said that he would hire Shawn as an investigator on one of his cases to allay suspicions. When Shawn asked whom he would be "investigating," Theo said that Shawn would "investigate" any person who tried to prevent Theo from avenging his son's death.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

At General Hospital, Steve told Liz that he was taking the day off. He asked her to take notes at a meeting they were both scheduled to attend. Terrell tried to get close to Lisa, but she told him that he could not have her until he got Robin in bed first. Patrick rushed up, concerned because Robin had not arrived. Robin hurried in and said that she was late because of a faulty garage door and traffic. Patrick offered to fix the door that evening, but Robin said she had to learn to do things on her own.

Later, Liz and Robin commiserated about the problems of being a single mother when things needed fixing. Terrell, who was lurking nearby, overheard and offered to help out. When Robin mentioned the garage door, Terrell said he could fix it. They made an appointment for 10:00 a.m. the following Saturday. Lisa heard and congratulated Terrell. She was surprised to learn that he was a handyman. Terrell said that he was not, but would learn what he needed to know by Saturday.

Patrick was hurt that Robin would ask Terrell to fix the door and not him. Robin blew him off and said that it was no big deal. When she next saw Terrell, she said that not having use of the garage door was very inconvenient. She asked him to stop by that evening after work instead of Saturday as they had originally planned.

Ethan caught up with Maya before she got off her shift. He had just found out that they'd lost the apartment they had agreed to rent because Maya had failed to send a check. Maya said she'd forgotten, but Ethan recognized that Maya did not want to move out of the mansion and leave Edward.

Brook Lynn stopped by the Quartermaines' to visit Tracy, who insisted that she quit her job with Nikolas. She worried that Brook would be hurt because Nikolas carried tainted blood. Brook insisted that Nikolas could not be lumped with the other Cassadines. Tracy wanted to know if Brook was falling in love with Nikolas.

Brook said that she liked her job and she liked living at Wyndermere. She said that she did not want to leave Nikolas vulnerable to Liz. Brook told Tracy that Liz had not been interested in Nikolas until she realized that she could not get her claws into Lucky. Brook said that Tracy got the guy she wanted. Brook said that she wanted the same thing. Tracy said that Brook made a compelling point. She told Brook to "Get her man," but warned that if Nikolas looked at Brook cross-eyed, Tracy would get him.

Liz caught up with Nikolas after a board meeting at the hospital. She told him that Cam and Jake were staying overnight with their grandmother. She invited him to have dinner with her and Aiden. Nikolas accepted. Brook Lynn got off the elevator and told Nikolas that she had gotten a recommendation for a good local sushi restaurant that she was trying out that evening. She invited Nikolas, but he declined because of his plans with Liz and Aiden.

Dante arrived to pick up Olivia and take her home. He told her all about his breakup with Lulu. Olivia was concerned. She told him that he had to put himself in Lulu's shoes and imagine how she felt. Olivia told Dante that he was a wonderful man and that in her heart, Lulu knew it, too.

Dante was not happy when Steve arrived and said he was taking Olivia home. While Olivia was away taking care of paperwork, Dante gave Steve the third degree. When Olivia returned and overheard, she took Dante aside and told him to keep his nose out of her personal affairs. She told him that he was butting into her business because he could not take care of his own. Dante told Olivia that he loved her, and they hugged before Dante left.

Olivia wanted to cook when she got to her apartment with Steve, but he said she would blow her recovery if she pushed too hard. He made grilled cheese sandwiches instead. When she complimented him, he said that anything would taste good after the hospital food that she had been eating. Olivia told Steve that he was reasonable and sweet and not overbearing. As Olivia deliberately gave Steve more compliments, she discovered that he was always modest and deflected them. Olivia told Steve that he was an incredible guy and that the more she got to know him, the better she liked him. Steve said that he was not incredible, but the more he got to know Olivia, the better he liked her, too.

Lulu was lying on her couch, crying, when Maxie said it had to stop. She told Lulu to get dressed and go to work, but Lulu said she was staying put on the couch. Maxie said that if Lulu insisted on drowning in her own misery then she had to face facts and admit that she was still in love with Dante. Lulu was still tearful when she said that she could not be in love with a man who was half in love with another woman.

As Sam arrived at Jason's place, she left a message at Kelly's office, saying that she was not ready to have a baby. Jason was home, but she had files from the office and was looking for Spinelli, who had not been to work because he was distracted both by Brenda's wedding and the book he was writing about his P.I. adventures. Just as Sam and Jason started kissing, Spinelli rushed in.

Jason left to see Diane while Spinelli and Sam discussed business. She wondered if he was tired of working with her, but he said he still loved the job. Spinelli said that he had been feeling creatively stifled. Sam said that he needed a distraction after breaking up with Maxie. She assured him that he was a great guy who would eventually find the right girl. Sam said if he ever forgot, she would remind him. Sam told Spinelli that the cases could wait another day, and he took off.

Theo met with Shawn in the law office. He said that Shawn was replacing Jerry because Jerry had been too much of an independent thinker. Shawn wanted to know what that had to do with kidnapping a bride. Diane and Alexis walked in, so Theo introduced Shawn and gave a glib explanation about the need for Shawn's services with the firm. Alexis recognized Shawn's name from his card and thanked him for helping Molly then Alexis left the office with Diane.

Theo said that he wanted Shawn to deliver a message to Johnny Zacchara, because Johnny had been slow to follow the Balkan's orders. Shawn located Johnny and gave him a brutal beating. He told Johnny that he would soon be dead if he kept avoiding his tasks for the Balkan. Lulu found Johnny lying hurt in the snow. She wanted to call 9-1-1, but he insisted on going home to his apartment. When they got there, Lisa was waiting.

Edward groused because Tracy had not persuaded Brook to move back in. Tracy pointed out that Brook usually did the opposite of what they wanted. Edward was talking about Maya and Ethan when they arrived and announced that Ethan would be moving into the mansion with Maya. Edward was overjoyed, but Ethan seemed resigned as Edward spirited him away. Tracy chided Maya for not being willing to leave the mansion, but acknowledged it was because Maya loved Edward and he did not want her to leave. Maya said it was Ethan who had become aware and told her.

Jason and Diane were discussing his legal affairs when Theo intruded and asked to sit in. Jason said that he only dealt with Diane. Theo wanted to know if Jason had a problem with him. Jason repeated that Diane was his lawyer, and he only dealt with her. Theo changed tactics and said that he wanted to interview Jason to prepare for the lawsuit. Jason said that the suit had to settle out of court. Theo said that both Sonny and Jason had made that clear.

Shawn walked in, and Theo introduced him as a security consultant. Theo said that he needed an investigator to prove that Banovich had tried to kidnap Brenda, since he was putting a dead man, Banovich, on trial. Theo said that he needed a bodyguard because the Balkan might go after him. Jason said fine. Shawn spoke up and said that Jason could help by telling what he knew about the Balkan.

Later, when Shawn and Theo were in the office alone, Shawn said that Jason had stonewalled his questions, but did not seem to suspect Theo. Theo asked about Johnny. Shawn said that the message had been delivered. Shawn wanted to know where Theo was going. Theo said it was a simple case of vengeance. He said that a man had died, and the family deserved justice. Dante walked in as Theo was speaking.

When Jason got home, he found the pamphlet about the fertility procedure. He asked Sam if she was thinking about having a baby.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

At the hospital, Nikolas suggested that he and Liz get some takeout food, but Liz insisted on fixing him a home-cooked meal because she appreciated what a wonderful father he was. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn used an ice pick to poke a hole in the tire of her car. At Liz's house, Nikolas let Liz know that Aiden had fallen asleep. She noted how quiet the house was with Cam and Jake at Audrey's place. Nikolas thanked Liz for the dinner and then joined her on the sofa while she poured them each a glass of wine.

Liz was surprised when Nikolas admitted that he was grateful for the time that he could spend with Aiden. She assured Nikolas that he could see his son whenever he wanted. "Good to know," Nikolas replied. Liz couldn't help but notice how formal Nikolas had sounded. She acknowledged that they had made a lot of mistakes, but she wanted to put the mistakes behind them.

Liz reminded him that they had been friends for a long time, so she had hoped to build on that. Nikolas confessed that he would always regret how he had destroyed her relationship with Lucky, but she admitted that she and Lucky had been in trouble before the affair. Both Liz and Nikolas agreed that they were ready to move forward. Liz switched gears by fetching a book on Greek mythology, which Cam had recently developed a fascination for. Nikolas admitted that he had been equally obsessed with Greek mythology at Cam's age.

Liz suggested that they plan a vacation to Greece to show Cam the various places mentioned in the book. She was happily chatting away about it, unaware that Brook lurked outside, watching them. Moments later, Brook knocked on the door. Liz was startled when she opened the door, only to have Brook barge in. Brook claimed that she had a flat tire in front of Liz's house.

Later, Brook pretended to be anxiously awaiting the tow truck driver while Liz tried to hide her annoyance. Brook babbled away about her flat tire until Liz realized that it was time to pick up Cam and Jake. Liz invited Nikolas to go with her, but Nikolas insisted on staying because Aiden was asleep and it was too cold outside to take the baby. Liz let the matter drop, but suggested that they finish their evening when she returned. Brook smiled with satisfaction. As soon as Liz left, Nikolas demanded to know what Brook had used to flatten the tire; he suspected that it had been an ice pick.

Brook denied tampering with the tire, but Nikolas didn't buy it because he was certain that she had intended to sabotage his dinner with Liz. Brook maintained her innocence, but she confessed that she hated how Liz manipulated Nikolas and used Aiden. However, she conceded that she might have "maneuvered things" to rescue Nikolas. Brook helped herself to Liz's wine while she continued to trash talk Liz. Nikolas chuckled as he insisted that Brook was "impossible."

At Diane's law office, Dante found Theo talking to a stranger about Dante and Brenda's business. Dante wondered why Theo was sharing privileged information with the man. Theo introduced Shawn Butler to Dante and then explained that Shawn had been hired as a security consultant. "Why?" Dante demanded to know. Theo assured Dante that Jason would fill Dante in.

Dante wanted to have a private word with Theo, so Shawn left. Dante demanded to know why Theo had told Lulu about Aleksander. Theo seemed unconcerned as he admitted that he had been under the impression that Lulu had known. Dante suggested that Theo probably shouldn't assume things or have discussed the case with Lulu. Theo quickly turned the tables on Dante by wondering what else Dante was keeping from Lulu and his attorney.

Dante insisted that Aleksander had nothing to do with the case, but Theo disagreed. Theo argued that the situation with Aleksander mirrored what had happened to Anton. According to Theo, the connection was damaging. Dante claimed that both cases were self-defense and that Aleksander had been scum. Dante insisted that everyone would have been better off if Aleksander had stayed where Dante had dumped the body.

Dante suggested that Theo settle the case, but Theo claimed that he had tried. Theo was curious why Dante hadn't called for help after Aleksander had been shot. Theo thought that perhaps Aleksander could have been saved. Theo became increasingly upset as he accused Dante of having no respect for the oath that Dante had sworn to uphold. Dante wondered why Theo was so concerned about Aleksander when Aleksander had nothing to do with the lawsuit. Theo claimed that Brenda might fall apart on the stand and reveal everything to the jury.

Dante argued that Theo should be trying to get Brenda out of testifying, but Theo insisted that it might not be an option. According to Theo, if the opposing counsel learned of Dante's involvement in the cover-up of Aleksander's death, then the jury might see Dante as a dirty cop and a murderer. Dante reminded Theo that Theo was supposedly a brilliant attorney. He questioned why it felt like Theo treated his clients like suspects. Theo didn't have an answer for Dante, so Dante ordered Theo to do whatever was necessary to win. Theo assured Dante that was the reason that Theo was there; "Make no mistake about that," Theo warned Dante.

Lulu helped Johnny into his penthouse, only to find Lisa standing in the living room. As Johnny hobbled toward the sofa, Lulu wondered what Lisa was doing there. Johnny smiled as he invited Lisa to explain to Lulu or "should I just stand here needling you about it?" Lisa ignored the subtle threat as she helped Lulu settle Johnny on the sofa. Lulu was stunned when Lisa started to leave instead of checking Johnny's injuries, so Lisa suggested that Lulu call 9-1-1.

Lulu demanded to know what was going on with Lisa. Lisa reluctantly told Lulu that she and Johnny occasionally hooked up. Lulu was curious why Lisa had trashed Johnny's place. Lisa claimed that she had been looking for an earring that she had left behind the last time that she had spent the night with Johnny. Lulu insisted that Lisa examine Johnny, so Lisa gave Johnny a cursory examination and then declared that he was fine.

After Lisa left, Lulu warned Johnny that Lisa had an unhealthy obsession with Patrick. Johnny deftly changed the subject to find out how Lulu and Dante were doing. Lulu confessed that she had ended things with Dante because she had caught Dante in several lies. Johnny felt bad for Lulu, which surprised her because she knew that Johnny wasn't fond of Dante. Johnny didn't deny it; he thought that Lulu deserved better than Dante because she was an amazing woman. Lulu was glad that someone thought so.

Later, Lulu made her way home as she talked to Maxie on the cell phone. Lulu denied that she had spent the night crying over Dante. Dante walked up and then admitted, "Ah no, that would be me."

At the Scorpio-Drake residence, Robin thanked Terrell for offering to fix her garage door. She explained that she suspected that the problem was the remote for the door. Terrell was surprised when Robin confessed that her parents were the technical wizards because they were spies, but the gift hadn't been passed down to her. Robin then took Terrell to the garage, so that he could assess the problem. Later, Robin was sitting on the sofa when the lights began to flicker.

After several seconds, Terrell popped his head in to let her know that she was good to go. Terrell started to leave, but Robin insisted on checking the garage door. She took the remote from Terrell and then pressed a button while he closed his eyes, crossed his fingers, and then began to pray. Terrell thought that it was a good sign when he heard a loud whirring noise, but Robin revealed that it was the blender, not the garage door. Robin pressed the button on the remote again, which turned off all the lights. Robin and Terrell began to laugh, so Robin decided to press the button again to see what would happen.

At the nurses' station, Patrick snapped at someone in the lab and then ended the call. Lisa started to comment on Patrick's sour disposition, but he wasn't in the mood to hear it. Lisa suggested that he shouldn't get territorial over the garage door being fixed, but Patrick cut her off. He let her know that he didn't have any reason to talk to her unless it was about work. As Patrick walked away, Lisa suggested that he not blame her because Robin had made a new friend. Lisa smiled when Patrick ignored her.

Later, Patrick spotted Terrell at the nurses' station. Patrick was curious how things had gone with the garage door. Terrell admitted that he had made everything -- but the garage door -- work. Patrick snidely suggested that the next time, Terrell shouldn't promise things that he couldn't deliver. After Patrick walked away, Lisa joined Terrell to get an update on how things had gone with Robin.

Terrell revealed that he'd had fun with Robin and that Robin had laughed when things had gone awry. Just then, Robin walked up to let Terrell know that the handyman that he had recommended had determined that the garage door had malfunctioned because of a short in the wiring. Robin was happy to report that she would get a brand new garage door at no cost. Patrick was annoyed when he overheard Robin and Terrell chatting amicably.

At Lucky's apartment, Siobhan was on the phone with Dimitri. She begged him for a moment's peace, but Dimitri informed her that the Balkan had another assignment for her; he wanted Siobhan to find out where Brenda's wedding would be held. Siobhan demanded to talk to her sister, Megan, but Dimitri refused to comply. "That's not fair," Siobhan yelled into the phone just as Lucky entered the apartment. Siobhan quickly ended the call when she realized that Lucky had walked in.

Lucky was surprised to see Siobhan because he had thought that she no longer wanted to see him. "Can't a girl change her mind?" Siobhan asked. Lucky decided to question her about her fear that someone might die. Siobhan brushed it off as a tendency to be overly dramatic. Lucky seemed to accept her explanation, so he switched gears to find out why she had stopped by. Siobhan quickly tried to wheedle an invitation to Brenda's wedding and then used that as an excuse to find out where the wedding would be held. Lucky offered to call Jason to find out, but Siobhan assured Lucky that it wasn't necessary; she had simply wanted to see Brenda's dress.

On the sidewalk, Spinelli left a message for Diane to return his call because he had additional material for their book. Afterwards, Spinelli spotted Michael standing at the corner. Michael called out to a woman with long wavy blonde hair, but was disappointed when the woman turned out to be a stranger instead of Abby. After the woman walked away, Spinelli approached Michael. Spinelli wondered if Michael knew what the forecast was.

"What?" Michael asked. Spinelli clarified that the meteorologist had called for a wintry mix, dropping temperatures, and high winds. Spinelli didn't think that it was the kind of weather for Michael to be standing outside in. Michael claimed that he had felt cooped up inside, so he had decided to get some fresh air. Spinelli offered to get Michael something warm to drink or to walk him home, but Michael declined.

At the penthouse, Jason spotted Sam's pamphlet on fertility treatments. Sam tried to brush it off as unimportant, but Jason wondered if she were considering having the procedure. Sam explained that she had merely been gathering information. Jason was curious if Sam wanted to have a baby. Sam promised Jason that she hadn't "accidentally on purpose" left the pamphlet on the desk for him to find.

Sam explained that she didn't even know if she were a viable candidate for the "fertility reconstruction" and that there was only a fifty percent chance that she could carry a baby full-term. Jason pointed out that the procedure would provide her with better odds than she had without it. Sam conceded that a year before, the fertility reconstruction would have been a miracle, but their lives had changed. She realized that Jason didn't want to have a baby, and she wasn't sure that she was even "mom material." Jason assured Sam that it was her decision to make; he didn't want her to deny herself the opportunity to have a child because of him.

Jason acknowledged that his life was not set up for kids, but he realized that it wasn't fair to her. Sam wondered what Jason was talking about. She insisted that her life was just as dangerous as his. Sam didn't think that it was right for her to have children. Jason wanted to make certain that she knew that he fully supported whatever she decided.

Sam explained that she needed better odds before she considered going through with the procedure because she couldn't handle losing another child. Jason blamed himself for Sam's fertility problems, but Sam argued that Manny Ruiz was responsible for the shooting that had left her infertile. Jason disagreed because she had been in his arms when Manny had fired the shot. Jason didn't want to keep Sam from having something that she wanted. Sam insisted that she was happy before she had learned of the procedure and that she liked her life as it was. Their talk was cut short when Spinelli burst through the door to announce that he feared that Michael was in trouble.

Michael wasn't surprised to see Jason walk up shortly after Spinelli left. Michael explained that he had been hoping to see Abby. Jason reminded Michael that Abby wanted to be left alone, so Michael needed to respect her wishes. Michael assured Jason that he didn't want to make Abby uncomfortable, but he was desperate to see her for just a few seconds. Jason gently explained that Abby didn't want to see Michael.

Michael admitted that he missed Abby. Jason suggested that Michael might find someone else to connect with, since he had been able to connect with Abby. Michael wasn't interested in finding someone else; however, he agreed to go home.

Lucky stopped by the penthouse to talk to Jason about the security for Brenda and Sonny's wedding. Spinelli was reluctant to reveal anything, but Lucky argued that he was part of the security detail. Spinelli finally agreed to tell Lucky the location of the wedding because it would be on the invitations. According to Spinelli, the wedding would take place at the Archer Pavilion. Lucky feared that security would be a nightmare, but Spinelli was certain that Jason had a plan in place. "So does the Balkan," Lucky warned Spinelli.

Jason returned home to find that Sam was working and that Lucky had stopped by. Jason was not pleased when Spinelli admitted that he had told Lucky where the wedding would take place. Jason decided to have a talk with Lucky, so he left. A short time later, Spinelli spotted the pamphlet just as Sam entered the penthouse. Sam revealed that they had a client who would require them to do surveillance. Spinelli offered to do it, so that Sam could rest, given her delicate condition.

Sam was confused until she spotted the pamphlet in Spinelli's hand. Spinelli was excited about the baby because he thought that Sam and Jason would make wonderful parents.

Lucky entered his apartment to find Siobhan crying while she stared at a picture of her sister, Megan, tied to a chair. Siobhan quickly tucked the photo in her purse as she attributed the tears to being homesick. Lucky urged her to call her family, but Siobhan explained that all the talk of Brenda's wedding had reminded her of a time that her younger sister, Megan, had been asked to be a bridesmaid in their cousin's wedding. Siobhan was certain that Megan would be on the next flight to Port Charles if she knew about Brenda's wedding. Siobhan then changed the subject to find out where the wedding would be held.

Lucky admitted that he didn't think that she should attend because the Balkan might make a move. Siobhan thought that it was a chance that they all had to take. Lucky hesitated a moment and then revealed that the wedding would take place at St. Timothy's, a church near the park. Siobhan immediately switched gears to suggest that Lucky go on an adventure out of town instead of attending the wedding. Lucky invited Siobhan to join him, but she claimed that she was concerned that she might not be permitted to return if they left the country.

Lucky pointed out that she might enjoy returning to Ireland, since she was homesick. Siobhan thought that she just needed to make a nice Irish meal to cheer herself up. She decided to run out for some ingredients, but promised to return to make Lucky dinner. After Siobhan left, Jason appeared on Lucky's doorstep. Jason wanted to know whom Lucky was trying to protect.

Meanwhile, Siobhan met with the Balkan at their meeting place in a church. She told him that the wedding would be at St. Timothy's. The Balkan warned her that if she were wrong then her sister would pay the price. Siobhan started to leave, but the Balkan told her that he had one more assignment for her: he wanted her to help him make certain that Brenda didn't make it down the aisle.

Friday, January 28, 2011

After Lulu and Dante bumped into each other on Baker Street, Dante turned on his old charm and tried to persuade her to give him another chance. Lulu admitted that her brothers and Maxie had all told her to make up with Dante. However, Lulu stated that she was unwilling to compete with Brenda for his feelings, and she left.

Brenda walked in on Spinelli and Sam in Jason's living room as Spinelli gushingly planned for Sam's pregnancy. Sam set the record straight and told them that she was unable to get pregnant and wasn't planning to have experimental surgery. Though Sam believed she and Jason would make excellent parents, their lives were not in a suitable state for them to raise children. Sam asked Spinelli to run to the office to retrieve some files. After he left, Sam apologized to Brenda for putting her in an uncomfortable position, having to listen to the discussion of losing a child.

Spinelli later returned with the files, and Brenda let him know that Sam had left. He sheepishly admitted that he might have driven her off with all of his talk about parenthood. Without admitting she was discussing her own loss, Brenda emotionally discussed how difficult it must have been for Sam to have suffered a miscarriage.

Jason went to Lucky's to ask if Lucky's sudden interest in Brenda and Sonny's wedding location was about Brenda's safety or Siobhan's. Lucky made it clear that his intention was to ensure that Brenda, Sonny, and their friends and family, all remained safe. Jason welcomed Lucky's input on the security team.

At the confessional, Siobhan begged the Balkan to spare her sister's life. He told Siobhan that he was expecting her to help him prevent Brenda's wedding from happening. He then threatened to kill Lucky, should Siobhan fail in her mission.

Alexis barged into Theo's office to get a file. Theo asked her to fill him in on Lulu and Dante's relationship. Alexis let him know that she was unaware of the details but that Lulu would do nothing to betray Dante in court, no matter how scorned she might be. Alexis grabbed the file she was looking for, but Theo snatched it back, stating that it was one of his. As Alexis turned away for a moment, Theo removed the photo of Alexander from the folder and admitted he was mistaken. He returned the documents to her as she suggested he depose Lulu.

Later, Lulu responded to Theo's request and joined him at the office. He showed contrition for having spilled the beans with regard to Dante's prior relationship to and experiences with Brenda. Lulu accepted the apology and agreed to help as she could. Theo hinted ominously that Dante would be devastated should anything happen to Lulu.

Jason showed up at Dante's with the news that Siobhan was working for the Balkan but that Lucky was too infatuated to see it. Jason worried that Lucky was inadvertently giving information to Siobhan which she was passing along to the Balkan. Dante suggested they tell Lucky of their suspicions.

Siobhan returned to Lucky's. Lucky said he was surprised that she'd returned at all which prompted Siobhan to apologize for developing a relationship with Lucky at such a bad time in their lives. Lucky told her that he couldn't help her if she didn't talk to him, but she used her need to prepare paperwork to extend her visa as an excuse to leave the apartment once again. Lucky surreptitiously followed her.

As Siobhan took photos of the interior of St Timothy's, Lucky walked in and let her know that Brenda and Sonny weren't actually getting married there. He told her he knew she was working for the Balkan.

Bearing gifts, Jax returned home to find Carly and Josslyn and was warmly greeted. Carly updated Jax on Morgan's condition, that the boy was off crutches and should be walking normally within a month. After they put Josslyn down, Carly and Jax mutually apologized for their recent marital troubles. Carly declared she was trying not to meddle in her children's lives. She dashed out to run errands but promised a romantic evening upon her return.

Jax asked Alexis over to talk about how Molly was doing since the bus crash. He offered to always be there to listen, should Alexis ever need to talk about anything. Then he gave her a gift of her favorite liquor. As he poured them each a glass, he admitted that he'd gone to London to share with Interpol information about Jerry's finances that could lead them to the Balkan. Jax made it clear that Carly couldn't know that he was doing work on behalf of Brenda.

Carly stormed in to Jason's and hollered for Spinelli. Brenda informed her that he was not there and invited Carly to leave. Carly decided to wait for him. As the two sniped at each other, Brenda revealed that Jax's recent trip was to help Interpol apprehend the Balkan.

Molly visited Michael at Dante's flat. She wanted to discuss her recent emotional state. After speaking with her new friend Shawn, Molly wondered whether she might be suffering post-traumatic stress syndrome since the bus accident. Having just returned from her first session with Kristina's therapist, Molly suggested Michael could benefit from counseling as well.

She explained that Michael showed all the symptoms of PTSD as well and encouraged him to discuss his experience at Pentonville. Michael lamented that he'd no longer be able to share his feelings with Abby. Molly showed her support for Michael and Abby's relationship and told him to disregard everyone else's opinions on the matter.

As Michael walked Molly out to the street, they ran into Abby. Molly blurted out that she though it a mistake for Abby and Michael to have broken up. A seething Brandon looked on from the corner. Michael apologized to Abby for his little sister's fervor and walked her home.

Brandon confronted Abby and ushered her into an alley. She made it clear that their relationship was over, but Brandon wouldn't hear it. She screamed at him to leave her alone while Michael happened by. As he witnessed Brandon attack Abby, Michael had vivid flashbacks of Carter attacking him in prison, and he froze.

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