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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 31, 2011 on GH
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Lucky found Siobhan taking photos of the chapel where Lucky had told her that Brenda's wedding would be held. He accused her of working for the Balkan. Siobhan denied it and told him that he was too invested in her. Lucky said that something had changed in Siobhan.

Lucky said that Siobhan had become edgy and he knew something was wrong. He said that he had deliberately set her up, and he was convinced that she was doing recon for the Balkan. Siobhan said that she was insulted. Lucky said that he was insulted because she was sharing his bed and betraying him. Siobhan ran away when Lucky asked if she had any guilt about setting up another woman to die.

In his office, Theo asked Lulu if she had felt threatened recently. Lulu said no. She told Theo that she had a demanding boss and had to go. Shawn entered, and Theo explained that the Balkan was a danger to all of them. He said Shawn was there for protection. Lulu said that she was not Dante's girl any longer and did not think the Balkan would have a reason to be after her. Theo said that she might know something that she did not know she knew. Lulu assured him that she did not know any more than she had already told him.

Lulu left after Theo warned her to be careful and said he would contact her with a date for her deposition. Once she was gone, Shawn said he was there to set some ground rules. Theo said that his aims were no different than when he had first hired Shawn. Shawn said that there would be no problem. Theo could not resist telling how clever he had been to instigate the wrongful death suit and to insinuate himself into Diane's law office.

In the penthouse, Carly was speechless when Brenda told her that Jax had been in London to help Interpol catch the Balkan. Carly said that Brenda liked the attention of being rescued, and Brenda agreed. Brenda said that she was grateful to Jax. She said that because of the financial information that Jax had given Interpol about Jerry, her nightmare was almost over. When Brenda realized that Carly had not known the true purpose of Jax' trip, she said that if Carly and Jax were having problems, she was not one of them.

Robin stopped in to discuss wedding plans. Carly made snide references to being left at the altar. Robin told her to give it up because nothing could stop the wedding. Carly stormed out. After Carly was gone, Robin told Brenda that the look on Carly's face said she was up to something and that Carly thought that she could destroy the wedding.

Jax was in his office with Alexis, who told him that she could understand why Carly would be mad with him for traipsing around the world to rescue Brenda. She told Jax that if he wanted to keep his wife, then Brenda should not be a priority. She said that if Carly found out his real reason for being in London, she would not be surprised if Carly went to Diane and started divorce proceedings.

Carly went home and met Spinelli. He confirmed her worst fears when he told her that according to his Internet research, Jax had been to the London Interpol office. Carly was very hurt. She said that Brenda made her insecure and Jax knew that, but he had made Brenda a priority anyway. When Jax got home later, Carly confronted him. She accused him of making a play to get Brenda for himself and using her as a fallback if he failed. Jax tried to soothe her, but Carly said that Brenda could have him because she did not want him anymore.

At the loft, Jason told Dante that he suspected that Siobhan was working for the Balkan. Dante wanted to act immediately, but Jason said that Dante was not being objective because he was too involved. Jason said that they needed a plan that did not make Lucky and Siobhan collateral damage.

Brandon dragged Abby into an alley and started beating her before attempting to rape her. Abby fought him and screamed for help. Michael heard her and paused momentarily as he remembered being held down and beaten in prison by Carter. He reacted quickly and dragged Brandon away from Abby. Michael was furious. He started pummeling Brandon. He was choking him into lifelessness when Jason intervened.

Jason immediately called Dante, who arrived promptly. Abby was traumatized. Jason wanted Dante to take Michael home while he did the same for Abby. Dante insisted that he call it in. He said that Michael had acted in defense of Abby, and Brandon was clearly the wrongdoer. Dante said that Michael deserved a win, and Jason agreed. Dante cuffed Brandon and escorted him to jail while Michael and Jason took Abby to General Hospital.

At GH, Steve examined Abby and documented her injuries for the police. As they waited, Michael flashed back to his encounter with Carter and told Jason that he had frozen when he heard Abby scream. Jason said that Michael had saved Abby from Brandon. When Steve finished his examination, Jason and Michael went in to see Abby.

Abby thanked Michael for saving her. He said that he had been slow to act. Abby said that he had not been slow, that he had saved her. Dante arrived to take her statement. She said that Brandon was an old boyfriend that she had broken up with almost two years before, but he had tracked her down.

Abby said that Brandon had dragged her into an alley and started beating her, despite her pleas that he let her go. When Dante asked if Brandon had raped her, she said that Michael had stopped him before he could. Michael rushed out of Abby's room and Jason followed him.

Abby started crying and told Dante that she did not want to see Michael hurt. She said that Michael was the best person she knew. She said that she wanted to help him, not throw him back into his nightmare. Dante said that Abby had helped Michael and that rescuing Abby from Brandon was a turning point for Michael.

At the penthouse, Jason told Michael that Dante had been right not to cover up what had happened. He told Michael that Abby would be all right because of Michael's actions. Michael wondered if Abby had told the truth about not being raped. He said that if you do not acknowledge something, you could convince yourself it did not happen.

Michael flashed back to Carter. He told Jason that Carter had cornered him in his cell. Michael said that he called for help but no one appeared. He said that he fought Carter, but Carter was too strong. Michael said that Carter forced him over a table and raped him.

Lucky went to see Theo. He wanted to know if Siobhan was having immigration problems. Theo cited client confidentiality and suggested that there might be problems other than immigration. In an attempt to get more information on what Lucky knew, Theo suggested that Siobhan was homesick. Lucky said that he thought that Siobhan had been targeted by the Balkan.

Theo wanted to know what he could do. Lucky said that everyone was underestimating the Balkan, and Lucky did not want to end up cradling Siobhan's dead body. Theo said he would do everything he could. He had a smug smile on his face when Lucky left the office.

Lucky caught up with Siobhan in her room, where she was in bed crying. He told her that he knew something had changed because she was not duplicitous and he could see it in her eyes. He said that there had to be a reason that she was working for the Balkan. She tried to divert him by mentioning Liz, but Lucky would not be swayed.

Lucky said that he knew that the Balkan had gotten to her and that whatever he was holding over her head was serious. Lucky told her to trust him because he wanted to help. Siobhan gave in. She showed Lucky a picture of her sister, Megan, who was bound and blindfolded. She told Lucky that Megan was being held by the Balkan.

Max was waiting outside the loft when Dante arrived home. He said Brenda was waiting inside. When Dante saw Brenda, she asked him if she could help. He said only Lulu could do that. Dante said he had never asked anything of Brenda before, but he wanted to know what had happened to the baby.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In Siobhan's room above Kelly's, Lucky stared at the picture of Siobhan's sister, Megan, who was tied to a chair. Siobhan explained that the Balkan had been threatening to kill Megan if Siobhan didn't cooperate. Lucky wondered how long Siobhan had known about Megan's situation. Siobhan revealed that she had been told about Megan while Siobhan had been held captive while waiting to be traded for Brenda. Siobhan began to weep as Lucky wrapped his arms around her.

Lucky wished that Siobhan had told him that the Balkan had been blackmailing her. He was stunned when Siobhan explained that she had been trying to protect Lucky because the Balkan didn't have any use for him except as a source of information. Lucky promised Siobhan that he wouldn't let anything happen to Megan. Siobhan wondered how Lucky planned to stop the Balkan. Lucky decided to start by changing the rules of the game.

Siobhan reminded Lucky that it wasn't a game because her sister's life was at stake. Lucky tactfully switched gears by asking what Siobhan knew about the Balkan's plans. Siobhan revealed that Lucky had already guessed what the Balkan was up to; he intended to kidnap Brenda on her wedding day. Lucky was curious how the Balkan had contacted her. Siobhan admitted that it was mostly by phone, but that she'd had several meetings with the Balkan in a confessional at a church.

Lucky was surprised to learn that the Balkan was in Port Charles. Siobhan made it clear that she had never seen the Balkan's face, but she knew that it was him because of the way he had talked about his son, Aleksander. Moments later, Theo knocked on the door. Theo explained that he had stopped by because Lucky had paid him a visit to talk about Siobhan's immigration problems. Siobhan looked at Lucky accusingly, so Lucky quickly clarified that he had assumed Siobhan had been upset about her immigration status.

Siobhan assured Theo that she could handle her own problems. Lucky added that he and Siobhan had talked, so everything was fine. Theo let Siobhan know that if she had any questions or concerns about any legal matters then she could talk to him. Lucky and Siobhan appreciated the offer, but declined. Later, at Theo's office, Theo met with Shawn Butler.

Shawn suggested that Lucky might have turned Siobhan. Just then, Siobhan called the Balkan to arrange a meeting to turn over the pictures that she had taken at the church. Theo wondered if she were alone. Siobhan claimed that she was, but Lucky was standing next to her. Theo agreed to meet her at their meeting place the following day at three in the afternoon. After Theo ended the call, he ordered Shawn to tag along to make certain that Siobhan hadn't double-crossed them.

At Dante's loft, Dante apologized for asking Brenda about the baby. He realized that she might have a good reason for not telling him what had happened to the infant. Brenda assured Dante that it was okay. She explained that she had flown to Rome after she had left New York. Brenda had thought that everything would work out perfectly because she had the custody papers from Dante. According to Brenda, that was when she had met Suzanne.

Brenda had taken an immediate interest in the work that the Alliance to Save Exploited Children had done, so she had jumped at the opportunity to fly to Africa on behalf of ASEC. However, Brenda had talked to a doctor first, to make certain that it would be safe to travel in her condition. The doctor had assured Brenda that she was far enough along in the pregnancy that it wouldn't pose a problem. Brenda confided that Suzanne had known about the baby, so Suzanne had taken care of Brenda when Brenda developed a fever and then passed out. Brenda recalled waking up from her illness to learn that her son had died.

Brenda confided that she was occasionally blindsided by the loss, such as when Sam had talked about the stillbirth of her own daughter. Dante realized that Brenda was able to relate to the grief that Sam had endured. Brenda began to weep as she revealed that she had never had an opportunity to hold her baby boy. Dante immediately wrapped his arms around Brenda to comfort her. Seconds later, Lulu knocked on the door and then walked in.

Lulu took one look at Brenda in Dante's arms and then turned away. Brenda urged Dante to follow Lulu. Lulu headed straight to the apartment that she shared with Maxie. Maxie was surprised when Lulu explained that Dante and Brenda had shared a "meaningful and important" embrace. Maxie was curious if it had appeared that Brenda and Dante had been having fun. Lulu confessed that they had looked miserable.

Maxie suggested that Dante had a need to rescue women; she also conceded that he might have a crush on Brenda, but Maxie was certain that Lulu was the woman that Dante loved. Moments later, Dante showed up. Maxie quickly gathered her things and then insisted that she had to see Matt. After Maxie left, Dante explained that he had merely been comforting Brenda because she had been upset. He assured Lulu that he was not in love with Brenda.

Lulu was shocked when Dante went on to tell her about the incident with Abby and Michael in the alley. Lulu felt bad because she realized that Brenda might have been comforting Dante. Dante clarified that Brenda hadn't been trying to ease his troubles. Dante revealed that Brenda had been waiting for him when he had returned home. He hadn't been able to throw Brenda out when he realized that she had been troubled about something.

Lulu decided to give Dante a free pass. She insisted that they were still broken up, but she understood that he had been worried about Michael. Dante confessed that he had wanted to talk to Lulu about everything, so he appreciated that she had heard him out.

At the Jacks residence, Carly was livid that Jax had gone to London on Brenda's behalf. Jax was incredulous because Carly always expected him to forgive her every time she had slept with Sonny, but he couldn't help a friend in need. Carly argued that Jax had never forgiven her for the affairs because he always mentioned them whenever they had an argument. Jax insisted that he had a right to be upset about her infidelities because he hadn't been unfaithful to her. Carly decided that she couldn't forget what Jax had done for "perfect little Brenda," so she wanted out of the marriage.

Carly resented that Jax had flown to London without showing any concern about Carly's problems. Jax claimed that it was because Carly always shut him out. He was sick and tired of always being a distant third to Sonny and Jason. "Oh, here we go," Carly spat as she rolled her eyes. Jax was curious why she was allowed to love and turn to two other men, yet he couldn't be friends with Brenda.

Carly insisted that she had thought that they had an understanding about Sonny and Jason. Jax wondered if Carly had considered how a divorce might affect the children. He was curious if she were ready to take away their family from them. Carly refused to stay in the marriage simply for the sake of the children while she waited for Jax to put her first.

Jax made it clear that it was Carly who was walking out on their marriage, not him. Carly suggested that Jax had been maneuvering things to push Carly out of his life, so that he could be with Brenda without feeling guilty. Jax denied it; he couldn't believe that it was so easy for her to end things. Carly assured him that it wasn't, because she would always carry Jax in her heart. After Carly left, Jax went to put Josslyn down for the night.

Morgan was waiting when Jax returned to the living room. Morgan confessed that Josslyn was lucky because she didn't have a clue about what was going on. Jax admitted that he didn't either. Morgan was curious if Jax or Carly had cheated. "No," Jax answered.

Jax revealed that his trip to London had upset Carly because she had discovered that Jax had met with Interpol on Brenda's behalf. Morgan worried that Jax might move to Australia after the divorce, but Jax promised that he wasn't going anywhere. Jax intended to remain in Port Charles to continue raising Josslyn and Morgan. Jax then hugged Morgan.

Jax was waiting in his office when Brenda walked in. Jax wondered why Brenda had told Carly about the trip to London. Brenda accused Carly of being crazy, but Brenda hadn't thought that she had to hide Jax's trip from his wife. Jax revealed that Carly had asked for a divorce. Brenda admitted that it was probably for the best. Jax couldn't believe that Brenda would say that when she was about to marry Sonny.

Brenda suggested that Jax shouldn't be vindictive towards others just because his marriage had failed. Jax argued that sometimes love wasn't enough. According to Jax, it wasn't just the pain that Sonny and Brenda caused each other, but the pain that Brenda caused for others. Jax reminded Brenda of Lily's grave in St. Andrew's Cemetery, the nervous breakdown that Brenda had suffered, all the people who had made sacrifices to help Brenda, and the women who had risked their lives and sanity to be with Sonny. Jax thought that Brenda ignored those things, but that they would one day catch up with her.

At Jason's penthouse, Jason assured Michael that it wasn't Michael's fault that Carter had raped Michael in Pentonville. Michael was distraught because he had failed to stop Carter. According to Michael, Carter would have continued to rape Michael if Jason hadn't arrived in Pentonville. Michael suspected that it would never have happened to Jason, but Jason disagreed. Jason confessed that he had been just as vulnerable at the same age.

However, Jason wouldn't have handled it as well as Michael had. Michael expressed frustration over freezing in the ally when Abby had been attacked. Jason insisted that Michael had saved Abby when she had needed him. Jason felt responsible for putting Michael in a situation where Carter had been able to rape Michael. Michael argued that only Carter was to blame for the rape.

Michael's only regret was that he hadn't been the one to kill Carter. Michael felt that he needed to prove to himself that he wasn't a victim. Jason recalled having had so many expectations for Michael when Michael had been a young child. Michael assured Jason that no one was guaranteed a perfect life. Jason admitted that it was hard for him to accept that; he insisted that he would have gladly taken Michael's place in Pentonville if he could have.

Michael explained that no matter how much Jason loved him, it was up to Michael to live his life. Michael was determined to survive, but he was also concerned that Abby might have been raped. Jason explained that Abby had assured them that she hadn't been sexually violated. Michael recalled how he had been in a fog when Jason had arrived in Pentonville after the rape. Michael remembered that Jason had made certain that Michael had been sent to the infirmary to receive treatment for possible exposure to HIV.

Michael wondered if Abby should receive the same medical treatment. Jason gently reminded Michael that it was up to Abby. The talk was cut short when Carly began to pound on the front door and then demanded to talk to Jason. Michael begged Jason not to tell Carly about Carter before he ducked out of sight. Jason opened the door and then informed Carly that she had to leave because he had other matters to deal with at the moment.

Carly was stunned by Jason's rejection. Eventually, Michael stepped forward to explain to his mother that Jason had been honoring Michael's request. Carly was curious why Michael had been hiding from her. Jason quickly filled Carly in about Abby's attack. Carly was immediately concerned about Michael's reaction.

Michael decided to let his mother know about his own rape in Pentonville. Carly was shocked, but promised Michael that everything would be okay. She tried to persuade Michael to see a therapist, but he was resistant to the idea of talking to someone about the rape because he felt it didn't matter, since Carter was dead. Jason supported Carly's suggestion. Carly assured Michael that he was strong enough to handle anything, including therapy. She vowed that they would be by Michael's side every step of the way, so Michael agreed to go.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

At the nurses' station, Epiphany let Terrell know that someone had dropped off a gift for him, but she warned him to keep his private affairs out of the workplace. After Epiphany walked away, Lisa approached Terrell to find out who had sent the present. Terrell opened the small box and then smiled. He explained that the key chain, with a bottle opener attached to it, was from Robin, to show her appreciation for helping her to find a handyman to fix the garage door. Seconds later, Terrell spotted Robin, so he decided to thank her for the present.

Terrell offered to use the bottle opener the next time that he and Robin were at Jake's. Robin smiled, but their chat was cut short when Patrick walked up to talk to Robin about scheduling some time with Emma on Valentine's Day. After Robin and Patrick excused themselves, Terrell rejoined Lisa at the nurses' station. Lisa was quick to encourage Terrell to keep romancing Robin.

Steve checked in with Epiphany to see if there were any messages for him. Epiphany reminded Steve that she wasn't his secretary and then suggested that Steve call Olivia if he wanted to talk to Ms. Falconeri. Robin and Patrick approached the nurses' station as they finalized plans for Emma on Valentine's Day. Robin intended to spend the morning with Emma while Patrick would get Emma for the second part of the day. Steve pulled Patrick away to look over a CT scan just as Terrell walked up.

Terrell wondered if Robin had plans for Valentine's Day. Robin smiled as she confirmed that she did. Terrell commented that he had to learn to move faster if he wanted to spend time with Robin. "Guess you will," Robin flirtatiously responded as she walked away.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Nikolas and Brook had lunch with a business associate named Roberto. Nikolas hid his annoyance behind a tight smile when Roberto began to flirt with Brook and then invited her to join him for dinner. Nikolas politely, but firmly, let Roberto know that Nikolas and Brook had a prior engagement. Roberto was disappointed, but he didn't give up. Brook sensed the tension in Nikolas, so she decided to let Roberto down easily by tactfully explaining that she would be quite busy with work and other commitments.

Roberto assured Brook that he understood. After Roberto left, Brook confessed that Nikolas had seemed jealous. Brook reminded Nikolas that she was free to see whomever she liked. Nikolas assured Brook that she wasn't required to date his business associates. Brook was curious where Nikolas' sudden interest in her private life stemmed from.

Nikolas explained that he didn't want to lose his most valuable employee. Brook smiled and then admitted that she was completely in love with her job. Nikolas was pleased to hear it. He then surprised her by suggesting that they go out on a real date. "Maybe we should," Brook agreed.

Michael paid Abby a visit in the hospital. Abby revealed that she had a couple of broken ribs, so she asked Michael not to make her laugh. They chatted for a few minutes before Michael gently asked Abby if Brandon had raped her. Abby seemed taken aback by the question, so Michael decided to tell her about his own experience with Carter in Pentonville. Neither Michael nor Abby were aware that Carly lurked in the hallway, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Abby was horrified to learn that Michael had been raped. Michael explained that he had told her about the attack, so that she would know that she could talk to him. Abby swore that Brandon hadn't raped her, but she conceded that he would have sexually violated her and then likely have killed her if Michael hadn't stepped in. In the hallway, Carly's eyes filled with unshed tears as Abby vowed not to hide from what had happened. Abby was determined to press charges against Brandon.

Carly entered Abby's hospital room to apologize. According to Carly, Abby had been a good friend to Michael, so Carly was deeply sorry for what Brandon had done to Abby. Abby insisted that Michael was an amazing man who had saved her from Brandon. Carly beamed with pride as she gazed lovingly at her son.

In the office at Pozzulo's, Dante let Jason know that Abby's ex-boyfriend, Brandon, had a criminal record, which meant that Brandon would be sent to jail. Jason admitted that Dante had been right to report the attack. Moments later, Lucky entered the office. Lucky told Jason and Dante that the Balkan intended to kidnap Brenda on her wedding day. Jason and Dante were curious how Lucky had learned about the abduction plans.

Lucky revealed that he'd had some questions about Siobhan's activities, so Lucky had decided to set a trap for her to see what would happen. Lucky admitted that Siobhan had walked right into it, but he quickly assured Jason and Dante that Siobhan had not been a willing conspirator. Lucky explained that the Balkan had kidnapped Siobhan's sister, Megan, to force Siobhan to cooperate. Dante suggested that Siobhan could have made the whole thing up. Lucky suggested that Jason have Spinelli verify Megan's disappearance; however, Lucky he had already confirmed it.

Dante feared that Lucky might be too close to the situation to be objective. Lucky denied it; he had been the one to set the trap for Siobhan when she had behaved suspiciously. Dante was called away, so Jason promised to take care of everything with Lucky. After Dante left, Lucky questioned Jason about the comment. Jason wondered how well Lucky knew Siobhan.

Lucky insisted that he could read Siobhan and that she hadn't faked her fear over what the Balkan would do to Megan if Siobhan didn't follow orders. Jason argued that they couldn't simply accept Siobhan's word, so Jason wanted to know more. Lucky became defensive. According to Lucky, Jason and Dante would owe Lucky and Siobhan an apology after Lucky and Siobhan had captured the Balkan. Seconds later, Lucky stormed out of the office.

Suzanne dropped by the penthouse to visit Brenda. Suzanne had just returned from a trip to Africa. Brenda wanted to know exactly where Suzanne had gone, so Suzanne reluctantly admitted that she had been in Somalia. Brenda quickly assured Suzanne that it was okay to talk about the place where Brenda had suffered a miscarriage. Suzanne reminded Brenda that Brenda had made Suzanne promise to shut Brenda up if Brenda had ever discussed the baby.

Suzanne pointed out that she had gone through great lengths to keep Brenda's pregnancy out of the press. Brenda confessed that she was tired of keeping secrets from Sonny. Suzanne suggested that Brenda could remedy that by not marrying Sonny. Brenda was tried of hearing that from everyone. Suzanne thought that perhaps Brenda should listen to what people had to say about Brenda's decision to marry Sonny.

Later, Brenda was on the phone with Carol, the wedding planner, when Carly dropped by looking for Jason. Brenda explained that Jason wasn't there; however, Brenda decided to take the opportunity to let Carly know that she had heard about Carly's decision to divorce Jax. Brenda didn't want Carly to involve Sonny in the mess. Carly warned Brenda to back off because Carly had a lot of things going on with the children. Brenda offered to help, but Carly wasn't interested.

Brenda pointed out that she would be Michael and Morgan's stepmother after the wedding. Carly warned Brenda that the truth had a nasty way of revealing itself, so Brenda shouldn't count on marrying Sonny. Later, Jason arrived home. Brenda implored Jason to find Carly because she feared that Carly intended to sabotage the wedding. Jason explained that they had bigger problems.

Brenda was stunned when Jason revealed that Siobhan had been working for the Balkan and that the Balkan intended to kidnap Brenda on her wedding day. Brenda suggested that Jason stop the Balkan, but Jason informed her that they didn't know who the Balkan was. Brenda made it clear that she wouldn't let anything stand in her way of marrying Sonny, so she refused to delay the wedding. Jason warned Brenda that she might walk into a trap. Brenda was more concerned about what Carly might have up her sleeve, so she insisted that Jason talk to Carly.

Jason didn't see the point, since he doubted that Carly could do anything to stop the wedding. Brenda admitted that she was afraid that Carly would say something to Sonny that might change his mind about marrying Brenda.

Dante went to the hospital to talk to Abby about Brandon's arrest. Michael decided to tell Dante about the rape in Pentonville. Dante immediately blamed himself for putting Michael in a situation where Carter could attack Michael. Michael explained that Franco had set everything up as a way to get to Jason, so Dante wasn't responsible for what Carter had done. Dante continued to blame himself, so Michael guided the conversation back to Abby's situation with Brandon.

Abby wondered if Michael had to testify about his role in stopping the attack. Dante thought that a written statement should suffice, but Michael wanted to make certain that Brandon went to jail, so Michael was prepared to testify. Shortly after Dante left, Michael surprised Abby with a cup of vanilla pudding because he had recalled that it was Abby's favorite. Abby was touched that she was finally with a guy who listened to her. Michael smiled as he recalled that Abby's middle name was Martha, that she had buckteeth as a child, and a had owned beagle.

Abby chuckled as she begged him to stop reminding her of the embarrassing things she had revealed about herself. Abby then turned serious as she asked Michael if Sonny had been told about the rape. Michael admitted that he wasn't ready to tell his father, but Abby insisted that Sonny loved and respected Michael, so Sonny would want to be there to support his son. Michael explained that it would be difficult enough to talk to a therapist about what had happened in Pentonville. Abby confessed that she regretted that she hadn't pressed charges against Brandon sooner.

Abby thought that perhaps the attack in the alley could have been avoided if she had. Michael confided that he still saw Carter when he closed his eyes, even though Carter was dead. Abby urged Michael to fight back, so that Carter couldn't win by ruining Michael's life. Michael revealed that fighting Brandon had released something in him; he no longer felt powerless. Abby acknowledged that it was a big step. Michael insisted that he had Abby to thank for that.

Dante seemed a bit dazed as he entered his loft and then sat down on the sofa. Memories of Michael's sentencing ran through his mind until someone knocked on the door. It was Carly. "You look upset. Have you talked to Michael?" she wondered as she walked in. Dante confirmed that he knew that Carter had raped Michael. Carly had no idea how Dante had to nerve to look Michael in the face after what Dante had done. Dante apologized, but that only fueled Carly's rage.

Dante admitted that Michael should never have gone to prison, so Dante took full responsibility for what had happened. Carly's anger mounted as she explained that Michael was living a nightmare because of Dante. Carly picked up Dante's gun from the coffee table and then pointed it at him. Dante invited her to pull the trigger because she couldn't possibly hate him more than he hated himself.

Shawn was hiding behind a building as Siobhan was on the phone with the Balkan. The Balkan wondered if Siobhan had told Lucky about Megan. Siobhan assured the Balkan that she wouldn't risk her sister's life like that. After the Balkan disconnected the call with Siobhan, he instructed Shawn to intercept her. Seconds later, Shawn pretended to bump into Siobhan and then revealed that a mutual friend had thought that they should talk.

Siobhan immediately became nervous until Shawn introduced himself as Theo's security consultant. According to Shawn, he had a few questions about the time that Siobhan had been held prisoner by the Balkan. Siobhan explained that she had given the police a statement, so she had nothing to add to it. Shawn tried to push for more information, but stopped when Molly called out to him. Siobhan seized the opportunity to quietly slip away.

Shawn realized that his interview with Siobhan was over, so he sat down on a bench to talk to Molly. Molly revealed that she had started therapy to deal with her posttraumatic stress disorder and that it had already helped. Shawn was glad to hear it. Molly wondered how Shawn was doing. Shawn assured her that he was doing fine and that his boss had kept him busy.

Molly revealed that she intended to attend a meeting at the local "Y," so she invited Shawn to join her. Shawn admitted that he wasn't interested in talking about his problems in front of other children. Molly assured him that the meeting was for war veterans, not kids. Shawn warned Molly that it might be too much for her to handle, so he advised her to stick to her therapy sessions. Molly seemed disappointed because PTSD wasn't her therapist's area of expertise, but she didn't argue.

Later, Siobhan and Lucky met on the sidewalk. Siobhan quickly realized that Jason and Dante hadn't believed her story. Lucky didn't think that it mattered, so he went over their plans to capture the Balkan. Lucky intended to disguise himself as a parishioner, so that he could sit in the church to wait for the Balkan to step out of the confessional. Siobhan was terrified that something would go wrong, but Lucky promised her that everything would be okay.

Siobhan and Lucky put their plan into motion a short time later. As instructed, Siobhan informed the Balkan that the location of the wedding had been changed. According to Siobhan, she had no idea where the wedding would take place, but she promised to find out. The Balkan couldn't decide if Siobhan was a fool or a traitor because he knew that she had been followed. Meanwhile, Shawn crept up behind Lucky's pew and then knocked Lucky out by bashing him over the head.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

At the hospital, Lisa was not happy when she saw Patrick and Robin smiling and talking amicably as they left to check on Emma. Terrell approached the nurses' station moments later. Lisa immediately complained that Terrell was backsliding on his attempts to woo Robin. She insisted that Patrick could never reconcile with Robin. Steve overheard Patrick's name as he neared the nurses' station, so he asked Terrell and Lisa if they had a problem.

Terrell quickly covered for Lisa. According to Terrell, Lisa had wanted Patrick to consult on a case, but Terrell had offered to step in because Patrick hadn't been available. Lisa apologized for overreacting; she realized that they should have taken the disagreement to the lounge where they could have had some privacy. Steve warned them that their behavior had been unprofessional and that they could have compromised the patient's privacy by discussing the case in such a public place. After Terrell and Lisa walked away, Steve turned to Epiphany to find out if she knew what was going on between Terrell and Lisa.

Epiphany made it clear that she made a point of staying out everyone's personal lives. Steve was curious what Epiphany's professional opinion of Terrell was. Epiphany had glowing things to say about Terrell's skill as a doctor. Steve confided that he couldn't understand why Terrell, who had great credentials, had left a huge hospital in Houston to take a job in a small town in upstate New York. Meanwhile, Terrell quietly let Lisa know that he had just saved her butt. Lisa was curious if that were an invitation or a threat. Terrell smiled as he suggested that Lisa had missed him.

Lisa explained that Terrell just had to romance Robin, so that Patrick would turn to Lisa. Lisa assured Terrell that she had plenty of room in her life for two men. Terrell insisted that he hadn't signed up for that. She reminded Terrell that he was in Port Charles because she had been the one to get away, and he liked a challenge. Terrell agreed, but he clarified that he wasn't into "boiling stuffed animals."

Lisa insisted that she hadn't done anything wrong. She claimed that the stories about her had been a gross exaggeration based on misunderstandings. Terrell warned Lisa that she was the subject of a lot of talk around the hospital, so he only intended to help her for a short time.

Robin and Patrick returned to the nurses' station, chatting about Brenda's wedding. Robin wasn't surprised when Steve revealed that Lisa had been looking for Patrick to consult on a case. After Patrick left, Terrell approached Robin to ask if she had any recommendations for a health club that he could join. Robin wondered if Terrell were making excuses to talk to her. Terrell smiled devilishly as he admitted that he might be. Robin kindly suggested that Terrell stop because it made her husband "grumpy."

Later, Patrick asked Robin if she might be interested in spending Valentine's Day together with Emma as a family. Before Robin could answer, Epiphany handed a file to Terrell and then briefly filled him in on the patient's case. Patrick was frustrated when Robin decided to check on the patient with Terrell instead of giving Patrick an answer. Nearby, Lisa smiled with satisfaction.

In Abby's hospital room, Abby was concerned about Michael's bruised hands. She thought that a doctor should take a look at them, but Michael assured her that he was fine. Abby confessed that she had no idea what she would have done if it hadn't been for Michael. Later, Sam stopped by to visit Abby. Sam had heard that Abby was scheduled for release from the hospital, so she offered to take Abby home.

Michael admitted that he had planned on taking Abby home. Abby quickly accepted Michael's offer, so Michael decided to run a few errands before Abby was discharged. In the hallway, Michael placed a call to reserve a hotel room. Meanwhile, in the room, Sam and Abby talked about Brandon. Abby regretted that she hadn't pressed charges against her abusive ex-boyfriend prior to the assault in the alleyway.

Abby admitted that there had been a time when she had believed that Brandon had loved her. Sam knew what it was like to be in an abusive relationship, so she offered Abby words of encouragement and then urged Abby to press charges against Brandon. Abby assured Sam that she would. Abby then expressed her gratitude to Sam for introducing her to Michael. Sam thought that Abby and Michael were good people, so Sam was glad that they had found each other.

Later, Michael returned to find Abby dressed and ready to go. Michael suddenly felt awkward, but Abby assured him that they were both in a better place than they had been. She then began to talk about going home to rest on her sofa, but she worried that she might not have anything in the refrigerator. Michael admitted that he had a better idea, but he refused to share any details; he wanted Abby to trust him. Abby promised him that she did.

Abby was stunned when Michael took her to a hotel room at Metro Court. Abby felt uncomfortable staying at the luxury hotel, but Michael assured her that it would be free of charge and that there wouldn't be any strings attached. Michael explained that he wanted to do something for Abby. Abby accepted the offer to stay in the room, so she leaned forward to kiss Michael on the cheek to thank him. Michael tensed up. He revealed that he had to get some homework done, so he bid her goodbye and then left.

At the loft, Carly let Dante know that she could get away with shooting him because Jason would get rid of Dante's body. Dante warned Carly to make sure that Jason did a good job because Dante didn't want Michael to suffer by watching his mother arrested for murder. "Shut up," Carly shouted at Dante. She thought that if she killed Dante then Michael wouldn't have to live with a lying hypocrite who had sent Michael to prison. However, Carly acknowledged that Michael had bonded with Dante, so she intended to let Dante live.

Carly planned to take satisfaction in knowing that Dante suffered with the knowledge of what he had done to Michael. Dante vowed that he would do right by Michael. Carly didn't care because she promised to make Dante hurt as much as Michael had. Dante explained that he had turned Michael in because he had hoped to spare Michael the pain and guilt of living with a cover-up. Carly wasn't moved; she pointed out that Dante had to have known what would happen to an eighteen year-old boy in prison.

Carly argued that Dante should have taken steps to keep Michael safe by arranging for Michael to be put in protective custody. It infuriated her that Dante had let Jason go to jail to watch over Michael instead of confessing to his own crime to look out for Michael himself. According to Carly, Dante had deserved to sit in jail, not Jason. Their talk was cut short when Michael arrived home. Michael immediately sensed the tension between Dante and Carly, so he asked them what was going on.

Carly plastered on a saccharine smile as she claimed that she had stopped by to talk to Dante about encouraging Michael to go to therapy. Michael reminded his mother that he had already agreed to go. Carly insisted that she was just being overprotective. She gave Michael a quick peck on the cheek, thanked Dante, and then left. Michael continued to have questions about what he had walked in on, so Dante told Michael about the 2007 cover-up of Aleksander Janacek's death.

Dante regretted that he had turned Michael in for a similar situation. Dante apologized to Michael for messing up Michael's life. Michael reminded Dante that Dante had already apologized. Dante hated himself for being self-righteous about the whole thing; he couldn't believe that he had actually commended himself for getting Michael out of jail. Michael wanted to move forward. He told Dante that they both had to live with the consequences of their actions, but it was too late for Dante to make Michael hate him.

Maxie and Lulu went to Jake's to talk about Lulu's relationship with Dante. Maxie wondered why Lulu and Dante hadn't worked things out. Lulu admitted that Dante had merely been comforting Brenda after Brenda had a meltdown, but Lulu wasn't ready to forgive him for the lies. Maxie urged Lulu to reconcile with Dante, which made Lulu suspect that Maxie had regrets about her own breakup with Spinelli. Maxie didn't deny it. They continued to talk until Lulu finally agreed to see Dante.

Dante was surprised when Lulu showed up at the loft. He told her that he was a liar and a hypocrite, who had been wrong about everything, so he thought that she was better off without him in her life. Lulu wondered what had set Dante off on the tangent. Dante explained that Michael continued to suffer because of Dante's decision to turn Michael in for killing Claudia. Lulu was confused because it didn't appear to her that Michael was struggling. She suggested that Dante was "an ass" if he believed what he had said.

At the penthouse, Jason explained to Brenda that Carly had a lot going on, so he doubted that she was interested in stopping Brenda and Sonny's wedding. Brenda disagreed because Carly had been constantly threatening to stop the wedding. Sonny entered the penthouse moments later. Brenda immediately told Sonny about Carly's vow to sabotage their special day. Sonny promised to take care of Carly. Brenda perked up when Sonny offered to take Brenda to the house in the woods for some time alone with him.

After Brenda went to pack a few things, Sonny asked Jason what Carly was planning to do. Jason assured Sonny that Carly wasn't the problem. He quickly filled Sonny in on Siobhan's association to the Balkan and then revealed that the Balkan intended to kidnap Brenda on her wedding day. Sonny trusted Lucky's instincts, but he didn't think that the Balkan would be foolish enough to make a move during such a high-profile event. Sonny's main concern was Carly. Sonny made it clear that he would not let anything mar his wedding to Brenda.

At the house in the woods, Brenda admitted that she couldn't stop worrying about Carly. Sonny promised Brenda that Carly couldn't say anything that would make him stop loving Brenda. Brenda smiled as she confessed that she wanted to start their lives together right away. Sonny felt the same way because he had waited too long for Brenda, so he refused to let anything tear her away from him. Later, Sonny woke up from the recurring nightmare of his wedding day to find that Brenda wasn't in bed with him.

In the church pew, Lucky slowly regained consciousness just as Siobhan cried out, "No!" Lucky drew his gun and then raced to the confessional. He found Siobhan bound, with a red ribbon tied around her neck. Siobhan was terrified as Lucky untied her and then spirited her out of the church. Lucky and Siobhan went to Pozzulo's, where Lucky asked Max to call Jason. Lucky ushered Siobhan into the office while they waited for Jason to arrive.

Siobhan revealed that the Balkan had known that Lucky had followed her. She feared that the Balkan would retaliate by killing Megan. Lucky was certain that the Balkan would have killed Siobhan if it had been the Balkan's intention to kill Megan. He believed that Siobhan's life had been spared because the Balkan still had a use for her, which meant that Megan would remain safe. Lucky suggested that their best course of action would be to convince the Balkan that Lucky had acted on his own.

Jason arrived a short time later, so Lucky quickly filled him in on what had happened. Jason admitted that it sounded as if the Balkan had been tipped off. Jason wondered what he could do to help Lucky. Lucky thought that it might be best if they continued on with their lives as if nothing had happened, so that Lucky could formulate a new plan. After Siobhan left, Jason warned Lucky that the Balkan and Siobhan might have set up Lucky.

Lucky vehemently denied the possibility. Jason thought that Lucky's feelings for Siobhan prevented Lucky from being objective. Lucky disagreed, but he suggested that Jason not share any details about Brenda's wedding to make certain that nothing was inadvertently leaked to the Balkan. Later, Jason returned to the penthouse to find Sam was waiting for him. Sam sang Abby's praises and then credited her friend for making the haunted look in Michael's face disappear.

Jason admitted that Dante had been right not to let Jason cover up the attack in the alley. According to Jason, saving Abby had helped Michael to gain some clarity on things. Sam agreed. Sam confided that Abby was happy to have found a good man. Sam knew what that was like because Sam was finally where she wanted to be. She emphasized her point by kissing Jason.

Siobhan was surprised when she spotted Shawn at Jake's. Shawn claimed that he was there for a beer, but he decided to question Siobhan about her time as the Balkan's captive. Siobhan refused to discuss it, so she turned away from Shawn. Seconds later, Lucky walked up to announce that Siobhan was under arrest. Siobhan was stunned; she couldn't understand why Lucky had turned against her.

Lucky claimed that he had finally seen through Siobhan's innocent act. Siobhan demanded to know what the charges against her were. "Assault and conspiracy," Lucky informed her as he handcuffed her. Shawn stood nearby, watching the arrest unfold.

Carly went to Pozzulo's, looking for Sonny, but Max insisted that Sonny's whereabouts were a secret. Carly assured Max that her business with Sonny had nothing to do with Brenda. She explained that she had to tell Sonny something about Michael that Sonny would want to know. Max reiterated that he couldn't tell Carly that Sonny was in the house in the woods. Carly wasn't in the mood for games, so she insisted that Max give her the address.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dante told Lulu that he didn't deserve the honor of being a cop or having Lulu in his life, because he was a hypocrite. Lulu consoled Dante and told him that everything he'd done was with good intentions. She reminded him that Michael had been unjustly sentenced, which was not due to Dante's actions. "Giving up is not the right answer," Lulu declared. "Sometimes it is," Dante replied, and added, "That's what's happening with us, right?" Not wanting to put more pressure on Dante, Lulu left it up to him whether they should reconcile or not.

As Maxie and Sam shared a table at Jake's, Maxie said that she thought Sam was content being childless. Sam said she was happy with her life but wondered "what if" sometimes. Lulu arrived and stated that she and Dante had left their relationship status up in the air, because Dante was having a bad day. "Yes, well, getting dumped will do that to you," exclaimed Maxie. Sam got dizzy when she tried to stand up to get another round. "Maybe you're pregnant," Maxie teased.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam asked Jason if Spinelli had been acting strangely. She wondered, because Spinelli had found her pamphlet on fertility reconstruction and wanted to believe Sam and Jason were trying to have a baby. Michael arrived to talk to Jason. Sam made her exit, and Michael asked Jason if Sam knew about the rape. Michael told Jason that he would attend counseling but made Jason promise not to tell Sonny the truth. Jason encouraged Michael to be honest with his father, but Michael refused.

A harried Kelly showed up at Jason's with Brenda's wedding dress. She went upstairs and placed it on Brenda's bed.

Carly went to Sonny's home and told him that Michael had been raped in prison. Sonny lamented all the harm Michael had suffered and was remorseful for living a life that imperiled his family. Carly responded that the blame rested squarely on Dante's shoulders for having put Michael behind bars. Carly asked Sonny not to marry Brenda, because the marriage would implode while Michael needed to lean on his father.

After Carly left, Brenda arrived with samples of wedding cakes. Sonny weakly expressed enthusiasm, but it was obvious to Brenda that Sonny was distracted. Later, Sonny went to Dante's and told him that Carly had shared the truth about Michael. Sonny knew Dante had known that Michael had been raped. Michael arrived and saw his father and brother talking. He assumed that Dante had told Sonny what had happened.

As Carly descended the stairs at Jason's, she overheard Brenda and Robin about to enter. They walked in, but Carly was nowhere to be seen. Carly eavesdropped as she hid around a corner and listened to Brenda and Robin trash her. The two women decided not to continue talking about Carly and ran upstairs to see the wedding dress. An irked Carly quietly let herself out. In Brenda's room, Brenda and Robin walked in to find the dress torn to shreds.

As they arrived at an empty Haunted Star, Nikolas gave Brook the option to beg out of their date, but Brook looked forward to it. Ethan and Maya walked in. Maya worried that the casino would go out of business if Luke didn't quickly return and reopen it. Ethan stated his faith that Luke would return, despite Tracy's wrath at having been implicated in Luke's jewel heist. In walked Tracy, and Ethan showed her the case of fine wine Luke had shipped as a peace offering.

Ethan let it slip that Luke had arranged, with Maxie's complicity, to smuggle the gems into the U.S., disguised as costume jewelry. Tracy stated that she didn't care how Luke would handle the situation, just as long as it didn't involve her. With that, she took one of the $3,000 bottles of wine and left. The rest worried that Tracy had taken that too well.

Tracy soon returned, just as Luke walked in. Tracy welcomed him with open arms. Then she told him she'd already found the jewels. She called it a good start toward paying off all the money he owed her. Just then, Mac walked in with a warrant for Tracy's arrest. Brook declared that her "Granny" was not a thief. "Stop calling me Granny!" bellowed Tracy. Tracy asked Mac to add murder to the list of charges against her, because she was planning to kill her husband. Mac escorted her out of the building.

At Jake's, as Shawn looked on, Lucky and Siobhan made a show of him arresting her. After they left, Shawn immediately called the Balkan. Lucky and Siobhan went to the interrogation room at the police station. Lucky estimated it would take about 48 hours to find Megan. Theo arrived and almost caught the two conspiring. Outside of the interrogation room, Theo accused Lucky of having a conflict of interest.

Lucky explained that Theo would have access to Siobhan as soon as she was finished being processed. He then ushered Siobhan, dressed as a beat cop, out of the building. Jason arrived at the police station, and Theo explained that Lucky had arrested Siobhan in retaliation for her having broken up with Lucky.

Lucky and Siobhan returned to his apartment. He asked her to think about the phone calls she'd received. Any details, like background noise or a coded statement, could provide a clue as to Megan's whereabouts. Siobhan recalled hearing a bell ringing in the distance. It might have been the ferryboat back home. Lucky made plane reservations for them to travel back to Ireland.

Siobhan apologized for having kept the truth from him. Lucky replied that her troubles were his fault but that he'd do everything in his power to make sure she and Megan were safe. As they were about to exit, Jason appeared and told them they couldn't leave.

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