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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 7, 2011 on GH
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Monday, February 7, 2011

When Jason confronted Lucky and Siobhan at Lucky's apartment, he was not happy to find out that they were on their way to Ireland to rescue Siobhan's sister. Jason feared that Siobhan was acting as a decoy for the Balkan. He asked her to provide proof that her sister was actually in danger and that she was telling the truth. Lucky defended Siobhan, and Jason accepted that he could not stop Lucky from going to Ireland. Jason cautioned Siobhan that if anything happened to Lucky, there would be no place that she could hide from Jason .

After Jason left, Siobhan tried to back out of the trip. She told Lucky that Jason could be right. She said that Lucky's faith in her was touching, but she did not want him risking his life. She said that she could go to Ireland, rescue Megan, and then they could both disappear. Siobhan told Lucky that he would be better off without her. Lucky did not agree. He said that he had been running from pain when he met Siobhan, but since their meeting, everything had changed, and he could not imagine life without her.

Siobhan was convinced. They grabbed their bags and were about to leave when Ronnie showed up. Ronnie told Lucky to return Siobhan to jail, and Ronnie would cover for Lucky. Lucky said that he was onto something and asked Ronnie to forget that he knew that Siobhan was not in a holding cell. Ronnie agreed to help, but told Lucky to make it count. Ronnie left, followed by Lucky and Siobhan. As they walked out the door, Siobhan told Lucky that he was risking a lot for her.

At Jason's penthouse, Brenda held her shredded wedding dress and told Robin that she was sure that Carly was the culprit. Meanwhile, at the Metro Court, Carly took out her anger and frustration on her staff. Jax tried to intervene. He offered to act as a sounding board, but Carly told him that they could talk through their lawyers.

Jax wanted to know if that included conversations about their kids. Carly acknowledged that Jax loved their children, but said that he cared more about Brenda than he did about her. Before they could talk further, Brenda and Robin entered the lobby and spotted Carly. Brenda wasted no time accusing Carly of destroying her wedding dress. Carly did not deny the accusation, but instead told Brenda that she had more important things going on than Brenda's wedding, which was never going to happen.

Brenda challenged Carly to tell the truth. Carly changed the subject and walked away. Brenda told Jax that Carly's behavior was proof of her culpability. Jax said that if Carly had destroyed the dress, perhaps she had done Brenda a favor. Brenda said that if she had caused Jax and Carly to split, then perhaps she had done Jax a favor. Suzanne arrived on the scene immediately after Brenda flounced away. Suzanne told Jax that Brenda was running off a cliff named "Sonny."

Dante left Sonny and Michael alone at the loft. Sonny said that he knew about what had happened to Michael in prison. Sonny said that he wanted to help. Michael said that Sonny could not. Michael said that he had not wanted Sonny to find out because he did not want Sonny to be ashamed of him.

Sonny said he was not ashamed. He said that he loved Michael so much that his heart hurt. He told Michael that things would be okay. Sonny said that he had never been disappointed in Michael. Sonny took responsibility for everything that had happened and said that he was the one who had introduced Claudia into their lives. Sonny said Michael had been forced to kill to protect his mother and baby sister.

Sonny said he was proud of Michael because nothing that had happened to him had made him bitter or cold. Sonny said that he had never been more proud of Michael. Michael was surprised to find out that Carly, not Dante, had told Sonny about his ordeal. Michael said he was afraid that once Sonny had found out about Carter's assault, he would think that Michael was weak. Sonny said that there was no possible circumstance that would make him stop loving Michael. Sonny praised Michael's bravery in helping Abby and told Michael that keeping his feelings bottled up could be dangerous to him and those he loved.

Sonny told Michael that it would take time and courage for Michael to get through his problems, but that at the end, Michael would be better off. Michael smiled and accepted a loving hug from Sonny. He said that he was still shaky but looking forward to the distraction of the wedding. Michael said that he felt better after talking to Sonny.

Sam, Maxie, and Lulu conversed at Jake's. When Sam felt dizzy and nauseous. Maxie suggested that Sam might be pregnant and would not let her order a drink until she got a pregnancy test. Sam dismissed the idea that she might be pregnant because the odds against it were so great, but Maxie said someone had to be that one in 10,000, and it might as well be Sam. Sam took Maxie's advice to heart and left to purchase a pregnancy test.

Dante sat down at a nearby table and Maxie encouraged Lulu to go talk to him, but Lulu refused. Maxie went instead. However, Lulu followed her over, so Maxie left Dante and Lulu alone to talk. Lulu asked about Michael and also wanted to know if Dante had resigned form the force. Dante said he was still on the force, but should resign because he was such an arrogant hypocrite. Dante blamed himself for Michael's rape. Lulu told Dante that he had done what he'd thought was right at the time. She offered her hand and encouraged Dante to leave the bar with her.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Tracy raised a ruckus when Mac handcuffed her to a chair. She said that Luke was the guilty party. Mac said he was only serving a warrant that had been issued by Interpol. He pointed out that Tracy had been screaming, "The diamonds are mine," at the top of her lungs when he had arrived on the Haunted Star. Luke, May a, Ethan, Nikolas, and Brook arrived at the police station in short order.

Tracy told Luke that she hated him for getting her arrested. Alexis responded to a call from Luke and appeared as Tracy's lawyer. When Mac offered to let Tracy go on her own recognizance, she said that given a choice between Luke and lockup, she preferred lockup. She told all and sundry that Luke was the one who belonged behind bars.

Brook offered to let Tracy stay at Wyndemere, but Nikolas was obviously uncomfortable with that solution. Tracy told Alexis that she would triple Alexis' fees if Alexis would secure an immediate divorce from Luke for Tracy. Mac told everyone to get out because they were interfering with police business. They all exited quickly, leaving a stunned Luke to follow in their wake.

Robin caught up with Jason at the penthouse. She told him to rein Carly in. She said that Carly would do anything to sabotage Brenda's wedding. Jason said that Carly had other worries besides the wedding. Robin showed Jason a piece of the wedding dress and said that Carly had done it. When Jason again defended Carly, Robin said that he never saw the truth about Carly. Jason said that the Balkan was the real threat, and Jason would feel better if they caught the Balkan before the ceremony.

Sonny found Brenda at their house in the woods. He could tell something was wrong but did not immediately question her. She asked about Michael, and Sonny told her that Michael was okay. Sonny asked why she was sitting in the dark and why she looked so gloomy. She said that she had no doubts about Sonny's love, but worried that external forces would tear them apart. Sonny said that they were an unbeatable combination as long as they loved and trusted each other. When Sonny asked what had happened, she showed him her wedding dress and blamed Carly for its destruction.

Carly found Michael at the loft and apologized for dropping in unannounced and asked if she could do anything. He told her that he'd gotten what he needed when Sonny showed up. He said that Sonny had been great, and he was glad that Carly had told Sonny about his ordeal. Carly said that she and Sonny were nuts, but that they loved their children fiercely and unconditionally.

No one was home when Sam got to Jason's place, but just as she started looking at the directions for the pregnancy test, Jason walked in. Sam quickly hid the box, but Jason saw her. When he wanted to know what she had hidden behind the sofa pillow, she told him that Maxie and Lulu thought she was showing signs of pregnancy.

At an undisclosed location, the camera panned over a bed that held a pair of scissors and a piece of Brenda's wedding dress. A letter rested on a nearby desk. It was addressed to Carly Jacks at the Metro Court. The envelope's return address said it was from MC Enterprises.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

At the loft, Carly let Michael know that she had made an appointment for Michael to talk to Dr. Bailey, the therapist who would help Michael deal with the rape. Michael became agitated when he realized that the appointment had been scheduled for later that evening. Carly sensed that Michael was reluctant to go, so she began to talk about her regrets for not recognizing the signs of the rape sooner. Michael insisted that it wasn't Carly's fault because she was a great mother. After Michael assured her that he would go to the therapy session, Carly hugged her son.

Lulu and Dante entered the loft moments later. Dante apologized for interrupting them, but Michael didn't think that it was necessary. Dante wondered if Michael and Sonny had been able to have a good talk. "Yes," Michael assured Dante. Lulu picked up on the tension in the room; she confessed that she didn't know what was going on, but she explained that Dante had been thinking about quitting the police force.

Michael demanded to know why Dante would do that. Dante explained that he was filled with remorse for not being able to protect Michael. Michael argued that Dante was a good cop. Carly warned Dante that the grand gesture could hurt Michael because Michael's parole had been granted in part because Dante was a police officer. Dante assured Carly that Michael's parole was secure, but Carly wondered if Dante could guarantee that. Dante realized that Carly had a point, so he backed down.

After Carly and Michael left, Lulu wanted to know what was going on. Dante tried to avoid the question, but Lulu quickly put the pieces together when she realized why Michael might need therapy. Lulu was stunned when Dante confirmed her suspicions that Michael had been raped. Lulu admitted that she had thought that Sonny's name and Jason's presence would protect Michael in jail. Dante explained that Michael had been attacked prior to Jason's arrival.

Dante told Lulu about Franco's diabolical plan and the tape that Dante and Jason had found while on the hunt for Franco. Dante admitted that he had talked to Michael about the tape, but that he had readily accepted Michael's denials of being raped. Dante confessed that he would always be haunted by the knowledge that he bore some responsibility for what had happened to Michael in Pentonville. Lulu insisted that Dante could make amends by being the best cop that he could be. Dante appreciated her advice; he assured her that he truly did love her. "Then you know how to prove it," Lulu told him as she left.

Carly and Michael arrived at the hospital for Michael's appointment. Michael insisted on seeing the therapist alone, so he left Carly in the lobby. After the session, Michael went to the alley where Abby had been attacked. Memories of his recent conversations with various people about the rape ran through Michael's mind as the rage slowly built inside him. Eventually, Michael began to vent his anger by punching and kicking the crates and boxes in the alleyway.

Afterwards, Michael returned to the loft, where Dante was struggling with his own thoughts about Michael's rape. Dante let Michael know that Lulu had figured out what had happened to Michael in jail. Michael took a moment to absorb the news and then revealed that Lulu was the first friend that Michael had made after waking up from the coma. Dante promised that Lulu wouldn't tell anyone. Michael trusted Lulu to keep quiet, but he revealed that the therapist thought that Michael should talk about it because it would help Michael to move forward. Dante admitted that he wanted that more than anything for Michael.

Michael was surprised when Dante opened up about seeing a therapist after Dante had killed someone on the job. Dante confessed that it had helped him. Michael revealed that he appreciated that his therapist had been the only person who hadn't tried to take responsibility for what had happened to Michael. Michael realized that it was Franco's fault. Dante tensed when Michael wondered if Dante knew where Franco was. Dante warned Michael that going after Franco wasn't the answer.

At the house in the woods, Sonny was frustrated when he reached Max's voicemail. Sonny warned Max that Max wasn't paid for Sonny to speak to voicemail. Sonny wanted to know who had destroyed Brenda's wedding gown, so he expected Max to return the call with a list of people who had access to Jason's penthouse. After Sonny ended the call, Brenda let Sonny know that Carly was her prime suspect. According to Brenda, Carly had unfettered access to the penthouse, which gave Carly plenty of opportunity to take a pair of shears to the dress.

Sonny doubted that Carly had ruined the dress, but Brenda insisted that Carly had been motivated by jealousy because Brenda was Sonny's first love and his last love. Sonny admitted that he suspected that the Balkan might have been behind the stunt. Brenda wondered why the Balkan would want to shred the wedding dress. Sonny suggested that the dress had been a precursor to let them know that Brenda would be next. Brenda was certain that Carly had hoped to stop the wedding because Carly wanted Sonny back.

Sonny argued that Carly wasn't interested in reconciling with him. Sonny suggested that if Carly had done it then it had been done out of a misguided attempt to help Sonny by stopping the wedding. Brenda demanded that Sonny talk to Carly. Sonny agreed to do it, but he made it clear that he still suspected that the Balkan had been responsible for the damaged wedding dress. Brenda wondered if Sonny wanted to cancel the wedding.

Sonny insisted that the wedding didn't matter; it was the marriage that counted. He admitted that he had considered eloping with Brenda. He painted a romantic picture of a sunset wedding on the beach, which Brenda confessed sounded lovely. Brenda was tempted to accept Sonny's invitation to elope, but then she reconsidered because she didn't want to disappoint Kristina and Molly because the girls had their hearts set on being part of the wedding. Brenda insisted that they go through with their wedding at the Archer Pavilion.

Meanwhile, an unknown person set off the sprinkler system in the Archer Pavilion. Later, Brenda and Sonny talked about their first meeting on the docks. Brenda believed that she and Sonny had been destined to be together, so she was happy that they were getting married. Brenda's joy disappeared when a harried Carol entered the living room with bad news; the Archer Pavilion had been flooded.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam made it clear that she doubted that she was pregnant. She explained that she had bought the pregnancy test to shut up Maxie. Jason looked skeptical, but Sam insisted that she wasn't ready to be a mother. Jason worried that she felt that way because of him, but Sam assured him that his feelings on the matter hadn't influenced her. Sam decided not to feed Maxie's "wild imagination" by taking the pregnancy test. Jason let the matter drop and then revealed that he needed Sam's help with something.

Later, Jason and Sam returned to the penthouse after reviewing the building's security tapes. Sam reminded Jason that Brenda's wedding dress had been dropped off intact, but that Carly had spent some time alone in the penthouse. Sam hated to say it, but she suspected that Carly had ruined the wedding dress. Jason continued to have his doubts because he believed that Carly had more important matters on her mind at that moment. However, Jason planned to talk to Carly about it.

Jason found Carly at the bar in Metro Court Restaurant. He questioned her about Brenda's wedding dress, but Carly became defensive. Jason started to have doubts about Carly's innocence because she refused to answer his question. Carly clarified that she would have destroyed the wedding dress if she'd had an opportunity, but she hadn't done it. Seconds later, Ronnie approached them.

Carly assumed that Ronnie was there to question Jason, but Ronnie revealed that he was there to talk to Carly. Carly couldn't imagine what Ronnie had to talk to her about. "Malicious mischief," Ronnie informed her. Ronnie wanted to know what Carly knew about the Archer Pavilion being flooded. Jason looked at Carly with concern.

At the nurses' station, Steve decided to take his sister out to Jake's for a night of fun. Liz reminded Steve that she had three children to pick up. Steve explained that Audrey had agreed to keep the boys overnight, so Liz was free to go out and unwind with her brother. Liz smiled as Steve dragged his sister to the bank of elevators. Later, Liz and Steve arrived at Jake's only to stop short when they spotted Nikolas and Brook at a table.

Liz wasn't thrilled to see Nikolas and Brook together, but she plastered on a smile and then greeted them. Afterwards, Liz and Steve sat down at another table. Liz confided to her brother that she regretted that she had pushed Nikolas in Brook's direction. According to Liz, Brook was a gold digger. Steve commented that it appeared that Nikolas and Brook had a good arrangement.

Liz decided to change the subject by asking Steve about his love life. A few minutes later, Steve perked up when he spotted Olivia enter the bar. Steve approached Olivia, who promptly complained to him that she was annoyed because she had been ordered by her doctor not to lift heavy objects. Olivia didn't know how she could cook the doctor a decent meal if she couldn't lift the pasta pan. Steve chuckled as he offered to help her out.

Liz decided to join Nikolas and Brook at their table while Steve spent some time with Olivia. Brook headed to the stage while Liz suggested that Nikolas, Liz, and the children spend Valentine's Day together. Before Nikolas had a chance to reply, Brook began to sing a sultry rendition of, "You Give Me Fever." Liz was not pleased when she noticed Nikolas' reaction to Brook's sexy serenade.

At Jake's, Patrick warned Johnny that Lisa was crazy, so Patrick was curious how long Johnny planned to protect her. Johnny didn't seem overly concerned about Lisa's frame of mind, so Patrick reminded Johnny that Robin had been recovering from a house fire when Lisa had been spotted trying to inject Robin's I.V. with a syringe. Patrick suggested that Lisa had passed the syringe off to Johnny after she had fled the room. Johnny was curious what would motivate him to help Lisa. Patrick suggested that Johnny needed a doctor to treat Johnny's various injuries that Johnny incurred as a result of his criminal activity.

Patrick offered to take Lisa's place as Johnny's mob physician if Johnny helped to expose Lisa. Patrick was desperate to stop Lisa from terrorizing Robin and Emma. Johnny suggested that there hadn't been any proof of Lisa's wrongdoing, so he turned down Patrick's offer.

At the hospital, Lisa arranged to meet Terrell in his hotel room, "No questions asked." Lisa headed straight to Metro Court to bribe the desk clerk to tell her Terrell's room number. Lisa then paid the clerk to make certain that Patrick Drake's wife was sent to Terrell's room if Robin showed up looking for Patrick. Lastly, Lisa asked the clerk to call Patrick to tell him that Robin wanted to meet at the hotel.

At the nurses' station, Epiphany handed Robin a file. According to Epiphany, Patrick had asked Robin to review the patient's file. Robin realized that she would need to discuss it with Patrick, so she headed to Metro Court. Meanwhile, Terrell left Lisa a message wanting to know where she was because he had everything ready for their romantic tryst. A short time later, Robin arrived at the hotel. The clerk told Robin that Patrick had been moved to another room, so Robin headed to the new room.

As Robin knocked on Terrell's door, Patrick entered the lobby of the hotel. Lisa smiled with satisfaction as she watched Patrick enter the elevator. At the same moment, Robin knocked on Terrell's door, thinking that it was Patrick's room. Terrell opened the door, expecting to see Lisa. Robin smiled uncomfortably when she realized that she had the wrong room and that Terrell was wearing only a towel.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

At Jake's, Nikolas complimented Brook on her performance. Brook admitted that Nikolas had inspired her. Nikolas and Brook began to talk about Brook's recording sessions, which prompted Liz to wonder when Brook would be moving back to the city to pursue her singing career. Brook acknowledged that it would happen one day, but didn't say when. Liz pointed out that Nikolas would no longer need Brook's services, since the busy holidays were over. Nikolas was forced to agree.

Liz changed the subject by talking about some plans for Aiden. Liz then remarked that she needed a ride home, but Steve looked busy. Nikolas quickly offered to take Liz home, so Brook decided to stay at Jake's. A short time later, Nikolas returned to find Brook where he had left her. He thanked her for not rising to Liz's baits. Brook was happy that he had noticed.

At Metro Court, Robin smiled when she realized that she had the wrong room and that Terrell was wearing only a towel. Terrell immediately took advantage of the situation by inviting Robin to join him for dinner, since his date had ditched him. Robin was unaware that Patrick watched as Robin entered Terrell's hotel room. Terrell quickly slipped into the bathroom to change into some clothes and then joined Robin in the living room. He feared that she might think that he had crossed the line by inviting a married woman to have dinner with him.

Robin confessed that she didn't know from week-to-week how married she was. They sat down at the table and then began to eat. Terrell plied Robin with wine as they talked about Patrick. Terrell admitted that it seemed like Patrick had been making a sincere effort to reconcile. Robin agreed, which made Terrell wonder if it were working. Robin confessed that Patrick's affair with Lisa had exposed a flaw in their marriage.

Robin had always known that Patrick had been a player, but she realized that he would always be one. She conceded that Patrick might believe that he would never cheat on her again, but she didn't know if she could trust him to remain faithful. As they continued to sip on wine, Robin thanked Terrell for listening.

At Jake's, Patrick asked to speak privately to Steve to find out what Steve knew about Terrell. Steve was surprised when Patrick revealed that Robin was spending time with Terrell in Terrell's hotel room. Steve suggested that there might be an innocent explanation for what Patrick had seen, while Olivia encouraged Patrick to fight for the woman that Patrick loved. Later, Matt found Patrick drinking alone.

Matt handed his brother a beer and then sat down at the table. Patrick told Matt about seeing Robin enter Terrell's hotel room. Patrick recognized Terrell as a player, so Patrick refused to allow Terrell to take advantage of Robin. Matt became concerned when Patrick suddenly rose to leave. Matt tried to find out where Patrick was headed, but Patrick didn't answer.

A short time later, Matt and Patrick arrived at the hotel. Matt feared that Patrick would make things worse by confronting Robin, so Matt stopped Patrick from entering the elevator. Patrick refused to let Terrell play Robin, so Matt offered a compromise. Matt decided to go to Terrell's room to persuade Robin to leave, with a convincing lie, while Patrick waited in the lobby. Patrick agreed, but before Matt could put the plan into motion, the elevator door slid open. Robin and Terrell walked out, arm-in-arm and laughing, unaware that Matt and Patrick stood close by.

At the loft, Michael defended his desire to make Franco pay for the rape. Dante warned Michael that going after Franco would play into Franco's hands, so Dante prayed that Michael never found the serial killer. Michael argued that he wasn't helpless. Dante explained that revenge was a trap; one day Michael would wake up and realize that he was no different than the man Michael wanted to destroy. Michael realized that Dante was talking about Sonny, not Franco.

Dante revealed that his mentor had been killed years earlier and that Dante had always believed that Sonny had been responsible for the murder. Dante recalled confronting Sonny about Detective Poletti's murder, but Sonny hadn't recognized the name. Dante admitted that was when Sonny had shot Dante in the chest. Michael pointed out that Dante had been given an opportunity to make Sonny pay for the crime by accusing Sonny of pulling the trigger. Dante explained that he had wanted to take Sonny down as a cop, not a victim.

Dante then admitted that he had told the court about Michael's role in Claudia's death because Dante had hoped to take Michael away from Sonny. Dante had wanted to prove to Sonny that there had been a right way to handle the situation instead of covering up Claudia's death. Dante wanted Michael to let the law deal with Franco, but Michael argued that the law hadn't stopped Claudia or Franco. Dante insisted that vigilantism wasn't the answer. According to Dante, the justice system worked more than it failed.

Michael wondered why, if that were true, Dante had decided to resign from the police force. Michael insisted that Dante was a great cop and that it was clear that Dante believed in the law. Michael also pointed out that Lulu supported Dante's career. Dante conceded that Michael was right, so he agreed to keep his badge on the condition that Michael would allow the police to deal with Franco.

Lulu was surprised when she bumped into her father at the Metro Court Restaurant. She had no idea that he had returned to town. Lulu sat down at Luke's table as Luke confessed that his marriage to Tracy had hit a snag. Lulu quickly surmised that it had to do with the stolen jewelry. Luke was startled that Lulu had known about the heist. He explained that he had decided to hang out at the hotel for a while to give Tracy some time and space to cool off.

Luke then changed the subject to find out how things were going between Lulu and Dante. Lulu revealed that she had caught Dante in a lie, but she was tempted to take Dante back. She acknowledged that she hated that he had lied and that she felt a bit threatened by his connection to Brenda, but Lulu loved Dante. Luke advised Lulu to know what she was getting into before working things out with Dante. According to Luke, Lulu should be prepared to accept Dante for whom he was because people didn't change.

Later, Lulu went to the loft to talk to Dante. Michael explained that Dante had stepped out for groceries, but she was welcome to wait. Lulu entered the loft and then tried to talk to Michael about the rape; however, she seemed unsure how to broach the subject. Michael sensed what was on Lulu's mind, so he let her know that Dante had told him that Lulu had figured everything out. Lulu expressed her sorrow for what Michael had endured in jail.

Michael made it clear that they didn't have to discuss it, but he wanted her to know that Dante had decided to remain a police officer. Michael was glad that Dante had someone like Lulu to talk to. Lulu admitted that Michael had every right to be angry at the people who had sent him to jail, so she wondered why Michael wasn't upset with her and Dante. Michael admitted that he had been mad for a while, but he understood that Dante always tried to do the right thing. Michael started to tell Lulu how upset Dante had been over the breakup with Lulu, but Dante arrived home.

Lulu smiled as she admitted that she had heard that Dante was still a cop. Dante joked that he knew that she had a thing for men in uniforms. Dante wondered if Lulu was ready to forgive him. Lulu coyly suggested that it was too soon to tell, so Dante invited Lulu to stay for dinner. Lulu seemed reluctant to agree until Michael urged her to stay as a favor to him. After Lulu agreed, Dante acknowledged that he owed Michael.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ronnie questioned Carly about the flood at the Archer Pavilion. Carly denied that she had anything to do with it, but Ronnie informed her that her business card had been found at the scene of the crime. Carly insisted that Brenda had framed her; Carly wouldn't have been foolish enough to leave a business card behind if Carly had tampered with the sprinkler system. Ronnie didn't believe Carly, so he insisted that she accompany him to the police station.

Carly denied that she'd had anything to do with Brenda's ruined wedding dress or the flooded pavilion. Ronnie was curious about the wedding dress, so Jason warned Carly to stop talking until she had legal representation. Jason then wondered when the pavilion had been flooded. "An hour ago," Ronnie responded.

At the house in the woods, Carol told Brenda and Sonny that the Archer Pavilion had been flooded. Sonny quickly guessed that someone had set off the sprinkler system. Brenda was certain that Carly had caused the flood. Brenda refused to allow Carly to succeed in ruining the wedding, so she ordered Carol to salvage what she could. Carol warned Brenda that it would be an impossible task, but she promised to do her best.

After Carol left, Sonny suggested that he and Brenda elope. Brenda agreed as long as the children were included in the wedding ceremony. Later, Jason called Sonny to find out where Brenda had been during the time that the Archer Pavilion had been flooded. Sonny assured Jason that Brenda had been at the house in the woods. Jason explained that Carly had been taken to the police station for questioning.

Sonny insisted that Jason not step in to help Carly because Sonny was tired of Carly's antics. Sonny was certain that Carly had been responsible for the flood, so it was time to stop Carly from causing more trouble. After Sonny ended the call with Jason, he informed Brenda that he intended to go to the police station to confront Carly. Brenda believed that it was exactly what Carly wanted Sonny to do. Sonny feared that ignoring Carly would only encourage Carly to continue causing problems, so he intended to shut Carly down once and for all.

At the police station, Carly continued to blame Brenda for framing her. Ronnie conceded that he didn't have enough evidence to arrest Carly, so she was free to go. Jason pulled Carly aside to let Carly know that Brenda had an alibi, so Brenda had not been responsible for the damage to the pavilion. Jason was curious where Carly had been during the time that the pavilion had been flooded. Carly explained that she had taken Michael to the hospital for a therapy session and then gone to Metro Court.

Carly continued to try to clear her name after Jason left. Sonny arrived a short time later. He warned Carly that she had pushed things too far. Carly informed Sonny that she had been with Michael at the hospital for Michael's first therapy session when the pavilion had been flooded. She was hurt that Sonny didn't believe her. Sonny explained that he knew that Carly was capable of setting the sprinklers off in the pavilion if she believed that she was helping Sonny.

Carly warned Sonny that she would have stopped Sonny from marrying Claudia if she had been interested in keeping Sonny from marrying a "whack job." According to Carly, it would have spared Michael from going to prison. Sonny accused Carly of taking a cheap shot at him. Carly didn't apologize because it was true. Later, Carly returned to the Metro Court Restaurant to find Luke enjoying a dinner on the house.

Carly warned Luke that she couldn't afford to continue to support his expensive habits. Luke promised to be frugal, but Carly decided to take a more practical approach. She agreed to allow Luke to stay at the hotel in exchange for Luke's promise to defend her to Sonny. Carly revealed that she was the prime suspect in the Archer Pavilion's flooding. Luke acknowledged that it sounded like something that Carly would do.

Carly explained that she didn't need to resort to petty games because she had all the ammunition that she needed to stop the wedding. Luke seemed intrigued; however, he wondered why she wanted to stop Sonny's wedding. Carly explained that Brenda would send Sonny into a tailspin when the marriage failed, which would end up hurting Carly's children. Luke was disappointed that Carly would play the "mother card" like that; it was beneath her and uninspired. Luke suggested that if she really were done with Sonny then she should let him go, otherwise Carly should stop dancing around and simply take Sonny back. Carly smiled.

Jason arrived home to find Sam waiting for him. Jason quickly filled Sam in on what had happened and then admitted that Carly didn't have a solid alibi. Jason explained that the pavilion was on the way from the hospital to the Metro Court Restaurant. However, Jason didn't believe that Carly had been responsible for the flooding. Sam wondered whom Jason suspected had set off the sprinklers. Jason didn't know the identity of the saboteur, but he suspected that it was someone who knew everyone well enough to frame Carly.

Later, Sam called Spinelli to request that he check all the emails and phone records of Brenda's guard detail. After Sam ended the call, Suzanne stopped by, looking for Brenda. Sam explained that Brenda was out with Sonny, but that Brenda was expected to return soon. Suzanne decided to wait, so Sam told Suzanne about Brenda's ruined wedding dress and the flooded pavilion. Suzanne was upset because she had been assured that Jason could keep Brenda safe.

Suzanne demanded to know where the guards had been just as Brenda entered the penthouse. Sam gathered her things as she assured Brenda that they would find the person responsible for the acts of sabotage. Brenda was surprised that they were going to pretend that Carly had nothing to do with the acts of vandalism. Sam promised Brenda that Jason would do everything to make certain that the wedding went smoothly. After Sam left, Suzanne wondered if Brenda truly believed that Carly had been the culprit. Brenda nodded, but vowed that Carly wouldn't succeed.

At Pozzulo's, Jason arrived for a meeting with Sonny. Sonny warned Jason to get Carly in line. Jason admitted that he didn't think that Carly had destroyed Brenda's wedding dress or flooded the pavilion. Sonny argued that Carly was determined to stop the wedding; he begged Jason to intervene before Carly caused more trouble. Jason managed to convince Sonny that someone else might be responsible, so Sonny ordered Jason to find the person.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Diane's law office, Theo admitted that he was annoyed that Lucky Spencer had outwitted him. However, Theo acknowledged that Lucky and Siobhan were worthy adversaries, which would make the outcome of Theo's plans much more satisfying. Theo suspected that Lucky and Siobhan were on their way to Galway, but Shawn cautioned Theo not to assume anything. Their talk was cut short when Alexis entered the office to have a private word with Theo. After Shawn left, Alexis reminded Theo that he was there to focus on Sonny's business.

Alexis made it clear that she wanted Theo to leave her pro bono cases alone. Theo explained that he had simply been covering for Alexis' incompetence. Theo then outlined an example of where Alexis had failed her client. Alexis apologized, but Theo didn't seem satisfied. He suggested that Alexis had most likely been a great attorney at one time, but she had lost her focus because of motherhood. According to Theo, Alexis was trying to be the perfect mother, which compromised her work as an attorney.

Theo threatened to call the New York office to report Alexis if she didn't quit or hire a full-time nanny and competent housekeeper to take care of the girls and Alexis' home. Alexis was infuriated by the sexist comments. She suspected that Theo felt threatened by her and vowed to slap him with a lawsuit if he ever spoke to her in such a demeaning way again. After Alexis marched out, Theo chuckled. "If you have the time," Theo quietly told Alexis' retreating back.

In Ireland, Lucky and Siobhan settled into their room and then began to discuss their plans to track down Megan. Siobhan grumbled about Lucky's lack of trust. Lucky assured Siobhan that he trusted her, but he conceded that he had difficulty putting his faith in others because he had learned from past experience that most people couldn't be trusted. Siobhan didn't want Lucky to risk his life for her. Lucky confessed that he had been more honest with Siobhan since meeting her than he had been with anyone else in years. He trusted that feeling.

Siobhan admitted that she had needed to hear that. They reviewed a map to go over the ferry's route. Siobhan revealed that she had to meet up with an old friend, but she would return quickly. Lucky objected when he realized that Siobhan intended to get her hands on a gun. Siobhan made it clear that she refused to walk into a dangerous situation without being properly armed, so she intended to meet with her friend.

Later, Lucky and Siobhan returned to the room. Siobhan was downcast because it was Valentine's Day, which was one of Megan's favorite days of the year. Lucky promised that they would rescue Megan soon. Siobhan began to check her gun, which made Lucky wonder if she knew how to use it. Siobhan assured him that she knew how to shoot and that nothing would keep her from being part of Megan's rescue party.

Lucky and Siobhan eventually made their way to a warehouse. Initially, it appeared that no one was there, but within moments, two armed henchmen appeared. One of the henchman admitted that the Balkan had told them to be ready for Siobhan and Lucky's arrival. "Nice work, Ms. McKenna," the man congratulated Siobhan.

Sam arrived at Jason's penthouse while he was packing a black overnight bag. Sam was curious if he had a lead on the Balkan, but Jason was reluctant to discuss what he was doing. Sam assumed that it had to do with work, so she decided to drop of the paperwork for Spinelli and then leave. "Wait," Jason called out to her. Jason surprised her by asking her to meet him later for dinner.

Sam smiled just as Molly knocked on the door. Molly asked to have a private word with Jason, which Sam quickly surmised had to do with Valentine's Day. Molly admitted that she had a new list of romantic ideas for Jason. Jason assured Molly that he had everything covered. Molly perked up when she noticed the bag in Jason's hand.

Molly was eager to see what Jason had inside the bag, but Jason insisted that it was a secret. Sam appreciated Molly's support, but Sam was confident that whatever Jason had planned would be wonderful. Sam invited Molly to visit with her for a while, but Molly explained that she had another couple that needed her help, so she had to leave. Later, Molly and Kristina transformed the dinning room of the lake house into a romantic setting for a Valentine's Day dinner. Moments later, Mac arrived.

Mac took one look at the table and then turned to the girls. He explained that he had a fun with Alexis, but it didn't mean that their relationship would develop into more than friendship. Mac admitted that he preferred to take the lead with a lady, so he wanted them to stop trying to set him up with Alexis. The girls were disappointed, but accepted Mac's decision. Alexis suddenly appeared in the doorway.

Alexis took in the decorations, place settings for two on the table, and Mac's presence and then immediately realized that Kristina and Molly had arranged for the date. Alexis stammered an apology for her daughters' matchmaking efforts, but Mac claimed that the surprise had worked. Mac acknowledged that the girls had done most of the work, but at his direction. Molly and Kristina smiled when Alexis praised Mac for being a wonderful man as he helped her out of her coat.

At the loft, Lulu was frazzled as she tried to make plans for a special Valentine's Day date with Dante. Michael had no idea what Lulu had planned, but he offered to help if she needed it. Dante entered the loft moments later and immediately picked up on Lulu's tension. Lulu explained that she needed help with Spinelli. According to Lulu, Spinelli was depressed because Maxie had moved on with Matt, so he needed some men to talk to.

Lulu wanted Michael and Dante to spend some time with Spinelli to get Spinelli's mind off of Maxie. Dante wanted nothing to do with it, but Lulu refused to take no for an answer. After Lulu left with promises to send Spinelli over, Dante made plans to go to the gym and then to work. Michael realized that he needed to keep Dante at the loft, so he insisted that Dante stay because Michael didn't have any experience with breakups. Dante didn't think that he would be much help to Spinelli because of Dante's recent split with Lulu, but Michael disagreed.

At Pozzulo's, Spinelli was in the middle of one of his gumshoe fantasies about Maxie when Lulu walked in. Lulu begged Spinelli to help her by going to Dante's loft to tell Michael and Dante how terrible he felt about his breakup with Maxie. Spinelli wasn't eager to share his heartbreak with Dante, but Lulu insisted that she needed Dante to stay occupied while she made arrangements for their evening. Spinelli wondered why he should help Lulu when he didn't support her relationship with Dante.

Michael was desperate to keep Dante at the loft, so he suggested that perhaps things were not as over with Lulu as Dante had thought. Dante was curious about the remark, but Michael was spared from having to explain himself when Spinelli arrived. Dante tried to leave, but Spinelli began to babble about the misery of a broken heart. Dante found himself trapped at the loft with Michael and Spinelli. As time slowly passed, Spinelli resorted to reciting poetry about lost love. Michael ran for the door when someone knocked.

Michael was relieved to see Lulu; he announced that he and Spinelli were free to leave. Meanwhile, Dante went to the door to find out what was going on. Lulu, dressed in a gown and wrap, held up two tickets and then invited Dante to join her for a night at the opera. Dante smiled.

At the nurses' station, Robin was impressed when she saw the handmade Valentine's Day cards that Liz's boys had made. Patrick walked up as Robin and Liz talked about the children. Robin decided to tell Patrick about her dinner with Terrell. According to Robin, it had been Patrick's fault because he had asked her to consult on a case, so she had gone to the hotel to talk to Patrick about it. Robin revealed that the clerk had informed her that Patrick had been moved to another room, but she had ended up at Terrell's door instead.

Robin and Patrick realized that Robin had been set up and that Lisa had likely been responsible. Patrick was curious why Robin hadn't tracked him down when she had realized that she had gone to the wrong room. Robin didn't have an answer for Patrick. Meanwhile, Lisa gloated that she had arranged for Terrell to spend some time alone with Robin. She was curious if Terrell had "sealed the deal" with Robin.

Terrell admitted that he had reservations about breaking up a marriage when a child was involved. Lisa hoped that Terrell wasn't falling for Robin. She ordered Terrell to have Robin at Jake's that evening and to make certain that Patrick knew of the plans. Lisa made it clear that if Terrell failed then he wouldn't be invited into Lisa's bed.

Sam arrived at the hospital for an appointment with Dr. Lee. Liz checked the computer to confirm the appointment while Sam admired the Valentine's Day cards that Cam and Jake had made for their mother. Sam couldn't believe that Jake was old enough to write. Liz smiled with pride, but then became confused when she noticed that Sam had been scheduled for a pregnancy test. Liz started to make a correction to the computer notes, but Sam confirmed that it was correct.

Liz told Sam which room to go to and then admitted that she hoped that the test turned out the way that Sam wanted it to. Later, Sam asked Liz to call her with the results of the pregnancy test as soon as they were back. Liz let Sam know that the lab wasn't busy, so it shouldn't take long. After Sam left, Patrick approached the nurses' station. Patrick confided to Liz that he hoped to surprise Robin with a romantic Valentine's Day dinner; however, before Patrick had an opportunity to ask Robin out, Terrell made a point of inviting Robin to Jake's for a beer. Robin happily accepted.

Terrell and Robin arrived at Jake's moments before Patrick. Lisa perched on a stool at the bar as she watched Terrell and Robin take a seat at a table while Patrick sat down at another table. Patrick scowled as Robin and Terrell sipped beers, talked about Robin's first crush, and laughed. Robin noticed Patrick order a shot and a beer, but didn't acknowledge him in any other way. Lisa seemed pleased by Patrick's surly mood.

Johnny and Ethan entered the bar as they discussed Luke's jewelry heist. Johnny wanted to make certain that Maxie wouldn't be connected to the crime. Ethan was surprised by Johnny's protective attitude. Johnny confided that he liked Maxie and that she had a dark side that appealed to him. Ethan wondered if Johnny was also drawn to Lisa's dark side.

Johnny didn't deny it. Ethan warned Johnny that Lisa might get Johnny killed. Johnny didn't seem concerned; he didn't think that it was fun to play it safe or sane.

At Pozzulo's, Jason was setting up one of the tables for a romantic dinner for two when Maxie walked in. Maxie was horrified by the tacky decorations that Jason planned to use, so she promptly went to work setting an elegant table. Maxie thought that it was perfect timing for Jason to make romantic gestures because Maxie suspected that Sam might be pregnant. Jason ignored the comment as he went to work preparing a meal for Sam.

Later, Maxie admitted that she was impressed with Jason's skill in the kitchen. Jason confessed that Sonny had taught him how to cook. Jason looked at the table that Maxie had set and then thanked her for her help. After Maxie left, Jason received a call from Liz. Liz explained that Sam had asked Liz to call with the results of the pregnancy test. Jason sighed.

A short time later, Sam arrived at Pozzulo's for dinner with Jason. She smiled when she noticed the effort that Jason had put into the meal. Jason admitted that Maxie had lent a hand with the decorations. Sam didn't care; it was the thought that mattered to her. Jason reminded Sam how much he loved her.

Sam smiled and then admitted that she was starving. She also wanted some wine. Jason suggested that she call the hospital before she had some wine because the results of her pregnancy test were back.

Friday, February 11, 2011

In advance of the Valentine's Day holiday, ABC aired a selective of its "Greatest Weddings" instead of original episodes of its daytime lineup. As a result, no new episodes of All My Children, One Life to Live, or General Hospital aired. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, February 14, and pick up where the Thursday, February 10 episode concluded.

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