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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 21, 2011 on GH
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Monday, February 21, 2011

As guests gathered at the Archer Pavilion to celebrate Brenda's wedding, Jason and Sam entered Theo's room at the Metro Court. The room was empty, but the note they found confirmed that Theo was the Balkan and that he was expecting them. Sam and Jason raced to the wedding when they realized that Shawn, Theo's security consultant, was one of the Balkan's men and not on their side.

In Galway, Lucky, Siobhan, and Megan pulled off a clever ruse and fooled the Balkan's men. Lucky hid in the straw and Siobhan pretended to be dead. When the Balkan's two men rushed in and observed the scene, they demanded that Megan tell them Lucky's whereabouts. Lucky leaped from the straw and knocked out one of the men with a stick of wood, and Siobhan got the drop on the other.

Lucky, Siobhan, and Megan headed to Lucky's old room, while the police dealt with the Balkan's thugs. Lucky told Megan that she needed to disappear until the Balkan was caught. He said that he had a ticket for her on the next flight to Barcelona, but first, he wanted to ask some questions. Megan agreed after thanking Lucky for saving her life. Lucky wanted to know everything that Megan remembered after being kidnapped. She told him that she had been terrified, especially after her kidnappers threatened to cut out her tongue if she screamed. She said that the only thing she remembered about the Balkan was that he had been angry with his men when they contacted him and interrupted a visit with his wife.

Lucky was elated by that detail. He told Siobhan that she should also go with Megan and hide out while he went after the Balkan. Megan agreed with Lucky, but Siobhan was angry. Siobhan told Lucky that she could not leave him. Megan told her that Lucky would get her killed. Lucky said that Megan was right.

Siobhan said that she had "come too far" to be tossed aside. She told Lucky that they made a good team. Lucky said that he was trying to protect her. Siobhan said that she did not need protecting. She said he was trying to get rid of her. Lucky said he was trying to keep her safe, and she needed to go with Megan.

Back in Port Charles, Lisa went to Johnny's apartment after he threatened to expose her attempt to hurt Robin. She asked what it would take to keep him happy and to recover the syringe, which was the proof that Johnny was hanging over her head. Johnny told her to take off her clothes. When Lisa complied and walked over to kiss him, Johnny rejected her and seemed surprised when he exclaimed, "Wow! You really would do it. You're just like my sister."

Johnny told Lisa to get dressed. She wanted to know what was going on. He told her that he did not want to be like Sonny. He told her that the path she was traveling with Patrick was the same one that his sister had traveled with Sonny. He said that Claudia had slept with Sonny's brother when he had blackmailed her. He told Lisa not to do the same thing. Johnny told Lisa that she was a beautiful, intelligent, attractive woman. He urged her not to throw it all away on a man who would never love her, as his sister Claudia had done.

Lisa insisted that it was not the same for her with Patrick as it was for Claudia and Sonny, but Johnny insisted it was. He said that he knew how much Patrick loved Robin and that Lisa would not change that. He told Lisa that Sonny had used Claudia up and thrown her away. He said that Sonny was marrying a supermodel while Claudia rotted in the ground. Johnny told Lisa that was the fate waiting for her if she continued chasing after Patrick.

Johnny showed her the door and told her he would not stop her from chasing after Patrick. He told Lisa that she did not have to work him when she started cozying up. She said that most people thought that she was a psycho. Johnny said that most people had thought that about Claudia. He said that it killed him that he had not been there to save Claudia from herself.

Lisa smiled at Johnny tenderly and got closer to him. She told him to forget about saving her, to forget about everything. She giggled, and Johnny laughed as they fell on the couch together and started kissing.

At the Archer Pavilion, outside the chapel doors, Robin tried to convince Edward to stand in for Jason, who was a no-show, and walk Brenda down the aisle. With Molly and Kristina listening, Edward flatly refused because of his animosity for Sonny. Molly said Brenda could walk herself down the aisle. Molly protested when Kristina suggested calling Jason. Robin agreed and figured that Jason was busy taking care of Carly.

Inside the chapel, the groom and guests also commented. Sonny paced. Dante told him that they had not heard from Jason. Patrick, Olivia, and Steve wondered if Brenda had gotten cold feet. Brook Lynn told Nik that Brenda loved Sonny and would not leave him. Nikolas said that love was not always enough. Michael and Morgan wondered about Carly and feared that she was up to something.

Luke told Tracy that at least he had never left her at the altar. Tracy responded tartly that he had only gotten her jailed on her honeymoon. Ethan said he hoped the drinks were served soon and that Kristina had forgotten to tell him to wear his Kevlar vest. Lulu wanted to know if Spinelli thought that Brenda was having second thoughts. Spinelli said he was working on a P.I. novel and did not have a clue. Alexis asked Jax if he thought Carly was responsible for the delay. Alexis said that she imagined that Jax would be happy if Brenda was rethinking her decision to marry Sonny.

As Sonny paced, Luke approached and asked if Carly was responsible for the delay. Sonny said that Jason might have found the Balkan. Luke said that maybe Carly had some legitimate reason to stop the wedding, but Sonny was sure that Carly was in the care of Max and Milo, who would certainly call if she got away from them.

Shawn listened outside the door as Carly confronted Brenda. When Brenda said that Carly could not ruin her wedding day, Carly dropped the bombshell. She asked Brenda how long Sonny would love her when he found out that she had made him a grandfather. Then Carly gloated as she showed Brenda the proof. Brenda spoke softly when she said that there was no limit on how low Carly would sink. Carly said that she was doing it for Sonny and her children.

Brenda wanted to know why Carly was confronting her in private when public humiliation was Carly's preferred method. Carly said she did not want to hurt Sonny or her kids. Brenda said that the only one hurting anyone was Carly. Carly said she was trying to be gracious. She said that she was giving Brenda the chance to keep her secret by walking away from Sonny and Port Charles, and leaving Sonny with his illusions. Carly said it was better for Sonny to have a small hurt than a big one.

Brenda asked if Carly had slept with her mother's husband and then lied to several men about Michael's paternity. Brenda said that Carly could not stand to be less that front and center in Sonny's life and that was the real reason that her marriage to Jax had failed. Carly smiled and said that Brenda could either leave in the limo out front or walk down the aisle and let everyone know that Dante had fathered her child.

Sonny and Dante joined the group in the vestibule as Edward continued his rant against Sonny. Sonny tried to go to Brenda, but the girls stopped him and said it was bad luck. Brenda appeared in the vestibule and smiled at Sonny. Edward went back inside after calling the wedding a travesty. Sonny hugged Brenda. He and Dante went back to the chapel.

Edward mumbled to Tracy that the wedding was like the Titanic. Luke said that the Titanic had a better band. Carly was clearly happy when she entered the chapel in a "drop dead" dress. Tracy said that things were about to get interesting, and Luke muttered that the iceberg had just hit the bow. Michael and Morgan exchanged looks.

Robin comforted Brenda and told her not to let Carly ruin the wedding. Molly said that everything would be okay. Jason and Sam arrived, to the relief of the bride and bridesmaids. Jason asked Brenda if she was sure she wanted to proceed. When she said yes, Sam went inside.

The guests were relieved when the wedding music began. Molly walked down the aisle, followed by Kristina, who hugged Sonny. Sam noticed Shawn lurking behind a curtain. The guests stood as Jason and Brenda entered the chapel. Brenda was smiling as they walked down the aisle and met Sonny at the altar. As part of the very touching ceremony, Morgan gave a heartfelt speech welcoming Brenda to the family. She had tears in her eyes as she thanked him.

When the minister asked if anyone objected, all eyes turned to Carly, including Brenda's. Brenda looked at Sonny and said she was sorry. Tears were streaming down her cheeks when she said that she had to object.

Shawn called the Balkan, but got no answer. He said that he had been unsuccessful in getting Brenda alone and needed further instructions. Sam got the drop on him, but he quickly disarmed her and said that she was a complication that he did not need. Jason caught up with them and had a gun trained on Shawn, who held a gun to Sam's head. Jason told Shawn to let Sam go and threatened to shoot him. Shawn asked Jason if he really wanted to take that chance.

Theo, the Balkan, walked through a cave tunnel to a secret door. When he entered, his minion, Squirt, was waiting. After taking the Balkan's coat, Squirt asked him what he had been doing.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

At the hospital, Liz overheard Terrell and Monica discuss a problem with a young patient. Monica asked Terrell to keep her updated about the boy's impending surgery and then left. Liz wondered what was going on, so Terrell explained that the little boy's mother had been procrastinating about providing access to the father's medical history. Liz revealed that she had met Edmund's mother when Edmund had been admitted to the hospital. According to Liz, the mother had confided that her husband might not be Edmund's father.

Terrell understood the woman's hesitation to tell her husband that the child's paternity was in question, but he insisted that the child's life was more important. Terrell insisted that the boy needed surgery. Liz confessed that she had been in a similar situation, so she knew how difficult it was for the mother. Later, Liz prepared to leave the hospital with Aiden when she bumped into Monica. Liz let Monica know that Edmund's mother had talked to her husband and that the man had agreed to be tested.

Monica was delighted by the news and then began to coo to Aiden. Monica confessed that Laura's DNA must have been strong in Nikolas because Aiden was the spitting image of Lucky. Liz seemed startled by the comparison. After Monica left, Liz sat down to consider taking out some of Lucky's baby pictures to see if there were a resemblance between Aiden and Lucky. Epiphany walked up seconds later to get Liz's signature on some documents.

Liz wondered if Epiphany thought that Aiden looked like Lucky. Epiphany reminded Liz that two separate DNA tests had confirmed that Nikolas was Aiden's father, so Liz should make peace with that. Liz confessed that she had always suspected that Lucky was Aiden's father and that a mother's intuition should count for something. Liz reminded Epiphany that Helena had been lurking around when the paternity tests had been done, so it was entirely possible that Helena had tampered with them.

Epiphany wondered what Helena would gain by changing the results to read that Nikolas was Aiden's father. Liz conceded that Epiphany had a point and that perhaps Liz had been seeing what she had wanted to see.

At an airport in Ireland, Lucky was restless as he waited to board his flight to the United States. He was surprised when Siobhan suddenly sat down beside him in the waiting area. Lucky thought that she had been on her way to Barcelona. Siobhan smiled coyly as she admitted that she had been hoping for a better offer. Lucky realized that she wanted to return to the United States with him, so he tried to talk her out of it for her own safety.

Siobhan reminded Lucky that her previous boyfriends had been far more dangerous than Lucky was, so she could handle his life. Lucky conceded that Siobhan was fearless, but he was curious if she had been brave enough to look inside her heart to deal with what was happening there. Siobhan brushed off the question, so Lucky changed tactics. He wondered why she wanted to return to Port Charles. Siobhan jokingly claimed that she hated to leave Coleman in a lurch.

Lucky smiled when Siobhan suggested that she wouldn't be making a bad bet by sticking with Lucky. Boarding for the flight to New York City was announced, so Siobhan produced a plane ticket as she suggested that they continue their discussion on the plane. Lucky agreed. However, moments later, Siobhan was prohibited from leaving the country.

The attendant explained that Siobhan needed a visa to enter the Untied States. Siobhan claimed that she was a citizen of the world, so she didn't understand why she couldn't enter the United States as a tourist. The man informed Siobhan that Siobhan's visa had expired, so she would have to apply for a new one. Siobhan was curious how long it would take. "Several weeks," the man answered. Lucky stepped forward to flash his badge and then explain that Siobhan was a material witness in a murder case that involved Interpol.

Lucky provided the man with Agent Bates' contact information, so that Lucky's claims could be verified. Siobhan pretended to be thrilled to have been given a reprieve from testifying. Lucky begged the man to allow Siobhan to board the flight when Siobhan started to leave. The man reluctantly agreed, but he advised Lucky to get Siobhan's immigration status cleared up promptly because she could only stay in the United States for a month.

At the law office, Jason kept a gun trained on Shawn as Shawn held Sam hostage. Jason vowed to make Shawn pay if Shawn harmed Sam in any way. Jason informed Shawn that the Balkan's identity had been revealed, so Theo could no longer hide. Jason warned Shawn that many men had died to satisfy the Balkan's need for revenge; he was curious if Shawn were willing to be one of them. Shawn argued that Theo would kill him if Jason didn't.

Jason insisted that Shawn had a choice. Shawn considered Jason's words for a moment and then released Sam. Jason immediately demanded to know where Theo was. Shawn explained that Theo hadn't confided that deeply in Shawn, so Shawn had no idea where Theo's safe house was. Jason was curious what Shawn's assignment had been. Shawn revealed that he had been hired to kidnap Brenda, but the attempt had failed because Carly had stopped by to talk to Brenda.

Jason wondered why Shawn hadn't killed Carly. Shawn made it clear that he had been recruited to kidnap a bride, not kill witnesses. Shawn admitted that Carly was "good people," so Shawn hadn't been interested in harming Carly. Jason questioned what Shawn would have done if the Balkan had ordered Shawn to snatch Molly. Shawn insisted that he would never have harmed a child.

Moments later, Diane entered the office. Diane immediately looked away when she realized that Jason and Sam were armed with guns. Diane demanded to know why Jason was detaining Mr. Butler in her office. Jason revealed that Theo was the Balkan. Diane was livid; she couldn't believe that the New York office had allowed an international criminal to infiltrate her law firm.

Jason asked Diane to check her records to see if Theo had left any revealing clues behind. Diane agreed, but she insisted that Jason and Sam take their captive elsewhere, so that Diane could have plausible deniability. Later, Jason and Shawn returned to Jason's penthouse. Shawn wondered where things went from there.

In the cave, Suzanne and Theo speculated about what was going on at the Archer Pavilion. Suzanne was worried because Theo's true identity had been exposed. She feared that it would work against them if his plan failed. Theo wasn't concerned about the world knowing his identity, as long as he had his revenge. Suzanne was concerned that her absence from the wedding would be noticed.

Theo wondered if his "leopard is changing her spots." Suzanne resented Theo questioning her determination to see the plan through. She reminded him that Aleksander had been her son too. Theo suggested that Suzanne had spent a lot of time with Brenda and that he was aware of the "strange" tendency for women to bond. Suzanne claimed that she was concerned about Theo.

Suzanne feared that Theo might have lost his advantage as an international criminal by not remaining anonymous. Theo argued that everything, except for Suzanne, had become second after they had lost Aleksander. Theo wanted Sonny and Brenda to feel the pain that Theo and Suzanne had felt when Aleksander had been killed.

At the Archer Pavilion, Brenda stopped the wedding. Sonny was stunned as he asked her, "Why?" "Cause if I don't, Carly will," Brenda explained. Sonny looked accusingly at Carly as he demanded answers. Carly was unrepentant as she slowly started to pull a folded document from her purse. "I have it covered," Brenda assured Carly.

Brenda revealed that Carly had a document, which proved that Brenda had an affair with Dante in 2007. Sonny turned to Dante for Dante's denial, but Dante remained silent. Sonny's anger mounted as he realized the reason for Brenda and Dante's odd behavior over the previous few months. "You slept with him? With Dante?" Sonny asked in disbelief. Brenda began to weep as Sonny demanded to know if Brenda would have told him if Carly hadn't learned the truth.

"No, because none of it is true," Brenda answered. Carly produced the custody papers to show to Sonny. Dante took the papers from Carly and then explained that Carly had told the truth as far as Carly knew it; however, Dante revealed that Brenda's child hadn't been his. Dante denied that he and Brenda had ever had an affair, but he did admit to claiming to be the child's father and then relinquishing all rights to the child.

Dante confessed that he had met Brenda when she had needed protection from a man who had been stalking her. According to Dante, the stalker had been the child's father. Dante had signed the papers, so that the man's family couldn't get their hands on the child. Carly snorted as she accused Dante of fabricating a convenient lie. Sonny shouted at Carly to shut up and sit down.

Brenda immediately began to apologize to Sonny for not telling him about the baby. Brenda acknowledged that it had been selfish of her and that she wasn't good enough for Sonny. Brenda realized that Sonny was disappointed in her, but she wanted him to know that she loved him and always would. Brenda started to leave, but Sonny called out to her. Sonny remembered what he had felt like when he had run out on Brenda during their last wedding.

Sonny acknowledged that it had been the biggest mistake of his life, so he didn't want to repeat it. Brenda feared that Sonny would never be able to forgive her. Sonny insisted that he wanted to because it had screwed up his life not to trust the one person that he had loved the most. Sonny was curious why Brenda couldn't trust him. Brenda admitted that she had been terrified that Sonny would leave her.

Sonny argued that her father had been the one to leave her and that her father had been wrong to tell Brenda that she hadn't been worth loving. Sonny declared his love for Brenda and then promised that he forgave her. Brenda's eyes filled with tears as Sonny asked her to marry him. Brenda threw herself into Sonny's arms as she happily accepted the proposal of marriage. Moments later, Sonny and Brenda returned to the altar, where they exchanged vows and then wedding rings before being pronounced "husband and wife." Everyone, except for Carly and Lulu, erupted in applause as the happy couple kissed.

In the Balkan's cave, Theo received an update on Brenda's wedding. After Theo ended the call, he turned to Suzanne to let her know that Brenda had made it down the aisle. However, Theo revealed that there had been a brief scene prior to the wedding ceremony. Suzanne suspected that Carly had pulled a stunt. Suzanne's smile slipped when Theo explained that it had been revealed that Brenda had been pregnant in 2007 with their grandchild.

Theo was curious if Suzanne had known about the pregnancy, since she had spent so much time with Brenda. Suzanne carefully lied as she told Theo that Brenda had fallen ill for a week during their trip to Africa. According to Suzanne, Brenda had been delirious with a fever, during which time Brenda had mentioned a child. Suzanne claimed that she had asked Brenda about the baby during Brenda's recovery and that Brenda had confided about miscarrying a baby boy weeks earlier.

Theo was furious that Suzanne hadn't told him about the baby. Suzanne explained that Theo had been too distraught over their son's disappearance that she hadn't had the heart to add to his grief. Theo wondered if Aleksander had known about the baby and if it were the reason that Aleksander had been so driven to find Brenda. Theo was horrified that Brenda had been carrying Aleksander's son when she had killed Aleksander. Theo felt as if Brenda had taken everything from him.

Suzanne reminded Theo that no one knew that she was the Balkan's wife, so she could still seek justice for their son. Theo agreed to forgo the pleasure of Suzanne's company, in order for her to return to the pavilion to make Brenda pay for what she had done to their family. Theo was confident that Suzanne knew what to do. Shawn called as Suzanne prepared to leave. Shawn quickly explained that he had failed to carry out the mission and then arranged to meet Theo at a remote location.

Theo ended the call and then informed Suzanne that Shawn had switched sides. "That's not good," Suzanne observed. Theo disagreed; he thought it was the perfect opportunity for an ambush.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At the penthouse, Sam, Jason, and Shawn reviewed the plans to rendezvous with the Balkan at Pine Barrens. Jason feared that it might be a setup. Shawn insisted that he had a code of honor, which was why Shawn hadn't targeted Carly or Molly, so it was to Shawn's advantage to get Theo. Sam was certain that Theo would show up with a lot of firepower, so she worried that Shawn would double-cross Jason. Jason intended to get to Theo fast, so if anything went wrong then Theo and Shawn would be the first to be killed.

Later, Sam kept watch over Shawn while Jason changed clothes. Shawn assured Sam that her gun wasn't necessary, but Sam refused to be taken hostage by Shawn again. Jason entered the living room moments later. Sam started to go to the bedroom to change, but Jason told her that he needed her to keep an eye on things at the wedding. Sam argued that they needed to stick together, but Jason refused to endanger Sam.

Jason relaxed when Sam agreed to abide by his wishes. However, she pointedly told Jason that she would see him soon. Jason nodded and then left.

At Pine Barrens, Shawn made a last-ditch effort to persuade Jason to let him walk away, but Jason insisted that it wasn't an option. Jason threatened to kill Shawn if it were a setup. "Fair enough," Shawn responded as Jason handed Shawn a gun. Moments later, Shawn stepped out to meet Theo, but shots immediately rang out.

In the Balkan's cave, Suzanne wondered how Theo knew that Shawn had switched sides. Theo believed that it was a logical conclusion to make, since his spy had reported that Jason and Shawn had left the wedding. Theo believed that Shawn had requested the meeting at Jason's urging. Suzanne assumed that she would have to skip the reception to deal with Jason, but Theo insisted that Suzanne stick to her plans.

Suzanne apologized to Theo for not telling him about their grandchild. She explained that she had been concerned about Theo's health, which had been precarious after Aleksander's disappearance. Suzanne had hoped to spare Theo the shock of learning that their grandson had died. Theo assured Suzanne that he understood. Suzanne hated leaving Theo in the damp cave, but he argued that it was a good place to hide.

Suzanne suggested that they plan a trip to somewhere warm and tropical after Brenda had been dealt with. Her smile slipped when Theo suggested that she "hurry along." He promised to take care of everything and everyone while she created a diversion at the wedding reception. Later, Sam climbed into the driver's side of her car and then adjusted the rearview mirror. She was startled when she saw Theo staring at her from the backseat.

At Jake's, Johnny was surprised that Maxie hadn't gone to the wedding. Johnny quickly realized that Maxie had been avoiding Spinelli when she explained why she hadn't been interested in attending the wedding. Maxie admitted that she couldn't stand to watch Spinelli moon over Brenda. Johnny suggested that Maxie was jealous, but she quickly clarified that she just regretted how she had made a mess of her "non-marriage." However, she assured Johnny that she was happy with Matt.

Maxie confessed that it annoyed her how Robin thought the world of Brenda, but Maxie was grateful that Brenda's wedding had kept Robin from thinking about Patrick and "that bitch from hell." "Lisa just wants what she wants," Johnny responded. Maxie was shocked that Johnny had defended Lisa's actions. Johnny pointed out that Maxie didn't have room to judge anyone. Maxie acknowledged that she had made some poor choices when she had pursued Lucky, but Maxie denied that she had ever boiled stuffed animals in test beakers or kidnapped children. Maxie insisted that Lisa made Maxie look tame.

Lisa entered the bar as Maxie listed a litany of Lisa's transgressions to Johnny. Lisa didn't appreciate Maxie's lies, so she threatened to make Maxie pay if Maxie continued to spread stories about Lisa. Maxie claimed that she wasn't afraid of Lisa. "Maybe you should be," Lisa shot back in a threatening tone. Maxie wondered if Lisa planned to hurt her the way that Lisa had hurt Robin. Lisa denied that she had ever harmed Robin.

Matt appeared out of nowhere and then quickly stepped in as the argument between Lisa and Maxie escalated. Matt warned Lisa to back off and then he dragged Maxie to the bar. Lisa glared at Johnny as she demanded to know why he hadn't spoken up for her. Johnny assured Lisa that he had been defending her when Lisa had walked in. Lisa took Maxie's vacated seat and then revealed that she had sought Johnny out because she knew about Sonny's wedding.

Lisa didn't think that Johnny should be alone. Johnny confessed that he was happy that Lisa had found him. Meanwhile, at the bar, Maxie wondered when Lisa had become so chummy with Johnny. Matt confided that Johnny and Lisa appeared to be an item because Johnny had picked up Lisa from the hospital several times. Maxie recalled seeing Johnny at the hospital when Maxie had caught Lisa trying to inject Robin's I.V. with a syringe.

Maxie immediately suspected that Lisa had passed the incriminating needle to Johnny. Matt wondered why Johnny would help Lisa. Maxie theorized that Johnny might see a bit of Claudia in Lisa, so Johnny might want to save Lisa because he hadn't been able to save Claudia. Maxie decided that she and Matt would need to search Johnny's penthouse for the syringe.

At the Archer Pavilion, guests applauded as Sonny kissed his new bride and then led her to the reception area. Guests quickly followed. Dante waited for Lulu to join him, but Lulu pointedly avoided Dante. As everyone began to mingle and sip on champagne, Brook Lynn and Nikolas congratulated the happy couple.

Dante continued to keep an eye on Lulu, but Lulu refused to go near Dante. Olivia pulled her son aside to talk to him about the custody papers that Carly had uncovered. Dante made it clear that he didn't have any regrets. Olivia admitted that it bothered her because Dante's new "stepmother" had taken advantage of him. Dante glanced at Brenda to see that Brenda was glowing with happiness as she smiled at Sonny.

Carly spotted Spinelli, so she called out to him. Carly suggested that Spinelli not beat himself up over what had happened during the wedding. Carly argued that sometimes people couldn't be saved from themselves. Spinelli was curious if Carly truly believed that Sonny and Brenda didn't have a chance at happiness. "No," Carly answered without hesitation. She then shifted gears to find out if Spinelli had seen Jason. Spinelli confessed that all was not well with Jason.

Edward approached Brenda to chastise her for not turning to him for help in 2007. Brenda explained that she didn't want to dwell on it. Her eyes brimmed with tears of joy as she insisted that it was a day for happy tears just as Lila had wanted. After Edward left, Luke and Tracy walked up to congratulate the bride and groom. Sonny realized that Luke had known what Carly had planned to do and that Luke had tried to warn Sonny.

Brenda insisted that Carly's stunt hadn't worked, so there wasn't any point discussing it. Tracy glared at Luke after Sonny and Brenda walked away. Tracy couldn't believe that Luke hadn't warned Lulu about Carly's bombshell. Luke explained that he tried not to interfere in his children's love lives and that Lulu would have likely ended up back in Dante's arms if Dante had told the right sob story.

Lulu approached Carly to find out why Carly hadn't told her about Dante and Brenda's secret. Carly wondered if Lulu would have believed her. Later, Dante sought out Carly to get some answers. Dante accused Carly of using the custody papers to punish Dante for sending Michael to Pentonville. Carly clarified that she had exposed the secret because she cared about Sonny.

Dante was stunned that Carly hadn't considered how it would hurt Lulu. Carly considered it an added benefit if Lulu broke things off with Dante. Dante vowed that Carly wouldn't destroy what he had with Lulu. Carly smiled wickedly as Dante stormed off. Dante went to look for Lulu, but Tracy blocked his path; she warned Dante to stay away.

Later, Dante banged on Lulu's apartment door as he begged her to let him in. Dante knew that she was home, but Lulu didn't respond. Dante decided to shout that he hadn't slept with Brenda. Lulu yanked the door open and then pulled Dante into her apartment. She was mortified that he had shared their private business with her neighbors. Dante realized that Lulu had every right to be upset. He invited her to vent, so Lulu punched Dante in the face.

At the reception, Spinelli congratulated Brenda and Sonny. Brenda thanked Spinelli for everything that he had done, including hiring a wedding planner. Spinelli quoted Lord Byron as he wished Brenda and Sonny many years of joy. As Spinelli walked away, Brenda admitted that she would miss living with him. She suggested that they invite Spinelli to move in with them in the house in the woods, but Sonny refused to consider it.

Brenda was talking to Edward about Lila's handkerchief when Molly walked up to let Brenda know that it was time for them to take a family picture. After Brenda left, Tracy was curious how long Edward thought that Brenda and Sonny's marriage would last. Edward confessed that he wouldn't have let them get married in the first place because he feared that Sonny would be the end of Brenda. Tracy confided that she was more concerned about Lulu. Edward reminded Tracy that Lulu was a Spencer, so Lulu would be fine.

Jax confessed to Alexis that he had finally accepted that his marriage to Carly was over. Meanwhile, Luke approached his niece. Carly immediately berated Luke for not stepping in when Max and Milo had carried her off to Sonny's mansion. Luke refused to apologize, but he regretted that he hadn't taken a closer look at her documents. However, Luke conceded that he had been proud of Carly, so he offered to teach her the finer points of conning because he thought that they would make a great team.

Sonny followed Carly out of the reception because he was curious if she was leaving. Carly smiled confidently as she assured him that she intended to stay for some wedding cake and to give Sonny the opportunity to thank her. Sonny wondered if it had ever occurred to Carly to show him the documents before the wedding. Carly was unapologetic, so Sonny thanked her. Sonny was grateful that he had been able to marry Brenda without any secrets between them.

Later, Sonny confided to Luke how it had felt to hear that Dante and Brenda had a child together. Sonny had been ready to lose it until Dante had explained everything. It had made Sonny realize that he wanted to spend the rest of his life loving Brenda instead of missing her.

Patrick found Robin touching up her makeup. She admitted that she had cried during the wedding. Patrick chuckled as he observed that it seemed to be a family trait because he recalled Anna had cried during Robin and Patrick's wedding. Robin smiled as she and Patrick reminisced about their special day. Patrick confessed that it had been the best day of his life. Robin agreed that it had been perfect.

Patrick wondered if Robin had regretted marrying him. "No," Robin answered. She reminded him that, at the very least, they had a beautiful little girl because of it. Patrick started to apologize for everything that he had done wrong, but Robin insisted that the day wasn't about them; it was about Sonny and Brenda. Patrick conceded that she had a point and then referred to their night as a "date." Robin admitted that she was uncomfortable with the label because she wasn't ready to date Patrick.

Patrick respected her wishes, but he wanted her to know that he loved her. Robin assured him that she loved him too.

Suzanne approached Brenda to apologize for trying to stop the wedding. She hoped that she and Brenda could be friends again one day. Brenda smiled as she insisted that their friendship remained intact. Brenda believed that she and Sonny could survive anything if they had managed to get married despite Suzanne and Cary's attempts to sabotage the wedding.

Olivia confessed to Steve that it had been a shock of to learn that she might have been a grandmother, but she assured him that she had recovered. Steve insisted that Olivia would have been the most gorgeous "grandma" ever. Later, Olivia pulled Sonny aside to let him know that Brenda's secret had cost Dante more than it had cost Sonny.

Abby arrived at the reception to find Michael standing in the doorway. She explained that Sonny had invited her, but she had been late because she'd had a job interview. Michael was eager to hear how it had gone. Abby admitted that the small law firm had been impressed with her credentials and had been willing to help pay for her to continue her education. However, they'd had a change of heart when she had told them about her stripping days. Michael felt terrible for Abby, but she assured him that she would have other opportunities.

Kristina sat down at Ethan's table to find out his impression of the wedding. "Well, at least they'll remember it, which is more than I can say for Maya and myself," Ethan joked. Kristina was surprised by the comment. Ethan told Kristina about his Las Vegas wedding, so Kristina wondered why Ethan and Maya hadn't filed for an annulment. Ethan explained that Edward had offered to pay Ethan and Maya a million dollars if they remained married for one year.

Ethan then revealed that he had agreed to the terms because Maya needed the money to pay off some student loans and to support her sister. Kristina thought that it was nice of Ethan to stay married to a woman that he didn't love. Moments later, Robin invited Sonny and Brenda to share their first dance as husband and wife. After several minutes, everyone paired off and then joined the newlyweds on the dance floor.

Today's episode featured the song "Home Again" performed by Daena Jay

Thursday, February 24, 2011

At Lulu's apartment, Dante rubbed his sore jaw as Lulu informed him that he had deserved the punch. Lulu was hurt that Dante hadn't told her about the baby. Dante explained that he hadn't thought that it had been important because he had never had sex with Brenda, the baby hadn't been his, and Brenda had suffered a miscarriage. Lulu argued that she could never trust Dante, but Dante was certain that love would prevail. Lulu insisted that things always went wrong when love was involved.

Dante wanted to prove Lulu's theory wrong. He was certain that Lulu was afraid to love; it bothered him that he had given her reason not to trust in it. Lulu suspected that she had set the bar too high because she expected perfection. Dante didn't think that it was wrong for her to want honesty in a relationship. He assured her that he was committed to making things work, so he asked her to meet him part of the way.

Lulu wanted to make their relationship work, but she confessed that she wasn't ready yet to take that step. Dante agreed to give Lulu some space, but he reserved the right to fight for her love until she could trust him again. They admitted that they loved each other and then Lulu watched Dante leave as she dissolved into tears.

In the parking garage of the penthouse, Theo chided Sam for not having the foresight to check the back seat before she had gotten in the car. Sam warned Theo that Jason would stop him before Theo had a chance to carry out the plot for revenge. Theo chuckled confidently as he informed Sam that it would be difficult for Jason to do anything because Jason was busy dealing with an ambush at the Pine Barrens. Sam demanded to know what Theo wanted. Theo explained that it was a shame that Sam bore such a strong resemblance to the new Mrs. Corinthos because Sam would pay for it with her life.

At the Pine Barrens, Jason took cover while the Balkan's men fired shots. Eventually the gunfire ended, so Jason slowly made his way to the road. Jason looked around, but everyone, including Shawn, was gone. Jason jumped into his car and then raced back to the penthouse. In the parking garage, Jason called Spinelli to arrange for a meeting. A short time later, Spinelli arrived home to find Jason waiting.

Jason was curious if anything had happened at the wedding reception. Spinelli confessed that he had left early because it had been difficult for Spinelli to watch Brenda and Sonny. Spinelli was curious if Jason had found any leads on Theo. Jason revealed that Shawn had double-crossed him at the Pine Barrens. Jason was certain that Shawn was with Theo, so Jason wanted Spinelli to find out where Theo could have disappeared to.

Michael and Abby slipped away from the reception to dance alone. They were about to kiss when Molly cried out, "How romantic." Michael and Abby turned to find Molly and Morgan standing in the doorway with matching smiles. Michael decided to return to the reception with Abby to introduce Abby to Edward. Edward was immediately charmed by Abby, but he was curious how Abby and Michael had met. Molly saved the day by inviting Edward to dance.

Carly was surprised to see Abby at the reception. Abby explained that Sonny had sent an invitation. Carly smiled politely and then suggested that Abby try the food because it was delicious. Moments later, Morgan invited his mother to dance. Michael and Abby remained at the table, staring deeply into each other's eyes.

Brook admitted that she had been impressed with Nikolas' princely manners while he had congratulated the bride and groom. Nikolas assured her that he had been sincere, but Brook wondered if Nikolas truly had wished Sonny well. Nikolas conceded that he and Sonny had an "unfortunate history," but Laura liked Sonny. Brook was startled when Nikolas revealed that Laura had asked him to pass along her greetings to Brook. Nikolas explained that he had told his mother that Brook had moved in and that he held Brook in high regard.

Carly danced with Patrick, but she noticed that he was distracted as he stared at Robin. Carly advised Patrick to go after Robin and then wished him luck. A short time later, Carly left the reception. She was on her way home when she spotted a man lying unconscious in the road. Carly raced over to check on the man, only to discover that it was Shawn.

Shawn quickly aimed a gun at Carly as he ordered her to help him to the car. Shawn threatened to kill Carly if she didn't cooperate. Carly assured Shawn that she had every intention of helping him, so he didn't need the gun. Shawn refused to put the gun down because he didn't trust Carly. Carly calmly let Shawn know that her car was nearby and then slowly helped him to his feet.

A short time later, Shawn and Carly arrived at her house. Carly explained that the kids were with her ex-husband, so they were alone. Shawn seemed leery as Carly helped him to the sofa and then tried to examine the wound. She was startled when she realized that he had been shot. She offered to fetch the first aid kit, but Shawn feared that she would try to escape.

Eventually, Carly managed to persuade Shawn to let her patch him up. He was unaware that she had managed to dial Jason's cell phone. Jason was frustrated when he saw the incoming call from Carly. Jason started to tell her that he was busy, but then he heard her talking to Shawn. Carly cleverly let Jason know that she was at home.

Carly was in the middle of assuring Shawn that she wouldn't turn him in because she felt that she owed him for helping Molly. Shawn appeared to relax until Jason suddenly loomed in the doorway with a gun aimed directly at Shawn. Jason ordered Shawn to drop the gun, but Carly leapt up to beg Jason not to shoot Shawn.

At the Archer Pavilion, Tracy let Luke know that she hadn't forgiven him for involving her in his jewel heist. Luke assured Tracy that he would have broken her out of jail if it had been necessary. Tracy waved away the promise as she suggested that Luke focus on saving Lulu instead. Tracy feared that Lulu would take Dante back. Luke explained that he had already given Lulu some advice, so he could only sit back while Lulu made her own choice about Dante. Luke tried to sneak a kiss, but Tracy easily eluded her husband's lips.

Robin decided to offer a toast to the bride and groom, since Jason wasn't there to do it. Robin talked about Sonny and Brenda's early days and how deeply they had loved each other. Robin explained that even though Sonny and Brenda had spent years apart, they had found their way back to each other. Robin held up her glass of champagne as she told the happy couple, "To my friends, Sonny and Brenda, may you be happy and in love for the rest of your lives." Patrick smiled at his wife as everyone raised their flutes of champagne.

As Robin vacated the dance floor, Steve and Olivia noticed that Molly, Morgan, Michael, and Kristina had gathered in a circle. Olivia guessed that the children were about to make their own toast. She wished that Dante could have been there. Steve wondered if Olivia had ever thought about having more children. "Of course," Olivia responded. However, she explained that being a single working teenage mother had made that impossible.

Olivia was curious how Steve felt about having children. He confessed that it seemed a lot tougher than it looked. Olivia agreed, but she assured him that it was well worth it.

Molly cleared her throat to gain everyone's attention. Molly began to compare Sonny and Brenda to Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw from Wuthering Heights, so Kristina quickly cut her sister off to let Michael speak. Michael expressed his gratitude to Brenda for making Sonny happy. Morgan was the next to offer a toast. Morgan acknowledged that Sonny had always loved Brenda and that the family was thrilled that Brenda had agreed to marry Sonny.

Kristina decided to quote Mignon McLaughlin; "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." Kristina welcomed Brenda to the family as Brenda smiled with joy. Brenda thanked the children and then hugged each one of them. Sonny realized that it was his turn to make a speech. Sonny said that he loved his kids and was proud of each of them.

Molly smiled when Sonny singled her out to let her know that she was a special niece. Sonny spoke from the heart as he insisted that Brenda made his life complete and that he looked forward to spending the rest of their lives together. A short time later, Robin announced that it was time to cut the cake. Nearby, Tracy decided that it was her cue to leave. Luke let Tracy know that Interpol had dropped the charges against Tracy.

Tracy warned Luke that it would be a long time before he would be allowed to sleep in her bed again. Luke confessed that he missed Tracy. Tracy softened as she admitted that she missed Luke too. However, it was clear that she intended to stick to her decision.

"Enjoy sleeping in that big lonely bed Mrs. Wiley Coyote," Luke said. Tracy smiled as she responded, "Mr. Coyote," and then left. Tracy approached Brook to let her know that Brook could walk Tracy to the car if Brook needed an excuse to leave. Brook admitted that she was having fun, so she wanted to stay. Tracy couldn't understand why all the lovely young women that she liked were with men who didn't deserve them.

Brook seemed taken aback by Tracy's comment. She demanded that Tracy clarify the remark. Tracy insisted that it had been nothing and then suggested that Brook not do anything that Tracy wouldn't do. Brook smiled devilishly as she pointed out that Tracy didn't have to worry because Tracy had just given Brook a lot of leeway. Tracy rolled her eyes and then went to fetch Edward.

Edward was showering Brenda with compliments when Tracy joined them. Tracy announced that it had been a lovely wedding and then quipped that no one had been shot. Edward was disappointed when Tracy revealed that it was time for her and Edward to leave. According to Tracy, Edward needed his rest.

Sonny and Brenda cut the cake. Afterwards, the crowd dispersed. Dante approached Sonny and Brenda to apologize for ducking out on the reception. Sonny wondered how everything had gone with Lulu. Dante assured them that he was working on it.

Brenda admitted that she was happy to be related to Dante. She couldn't believe that he had stood up during the wedding to explain everything. Sonny and Brenda thanked Dante for saving the day. Dante assured them that he just wanted them to be happy. A short time later, Robin called all the single ladies together for the bouquet toss.

Abby decided to leave, so Michael offered to walk her out. Abby stopped off to congratulate the happy couple and then thanked Sonny for the invitation. Outside, Abby confessed that she had been delighted by how nicely Michael's parents had treated her. She admitted that she hadn't realized, when Sam had first mentioned introducing Abby to Michael, that Michael would turn out to be such a great guy. Michael assured Abby that she didn't have to say nice things to him just to make him feel better.

Abby wished that Michael could see what a wonderful man he was. She was certain that he could have girls fawning at his feet. Michael confided that he only had eyes for Abby. Abby admitted that no one compared to Michael and then kissed him.

Inside the pavilion, Alexis and Olivia reluctantly joined the other single ladies on the dance floor for the bouquet toss. Kristina was the lucky recipient of the toss. Sonny chuckled as he informed Kristina that she couldn't get married until he told her that it was okay. Kristina was curious how long that would be. "One, two, maybe three decades," Sonny answered as he hugged his daughter.

Later, Ethan complimented Kristina on her nice bouquet. She confessed that she had tried to catch it. Ethan pointed out that it had appeared that half of the women had tried to catch it. Kristina turned serious as she confided that she was genuinely happy for her father. Ethan remarked that she had grown quite a bit from the days when she had barely spoken to Sonny.

Kristina credited therapy and Ethan being a good listener and offering her great advice for the change in her. She appreciated that Ethan had never held it against her for everything that she had done to him. Ethan tried to brush it off, but Kristina refused to let him. She wanted him to know that she was thankful for him. Ethan graciously told her, "You're welcome."

Ethan admitted that Kristina was a special young lady. She smiled when he invited her to dance. On the dance floor, Kristina chuckled to herself, which prompted Ethan to wonder what she had been thinking about. Kristina confessed that one day she would marry Ethan. Ethan burst out laughing. Kristina gently rested her head on his chest as they swayed to the music.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Jax offered to pour Alexis a glass of expensive champagne. Jax proposed that they drink to him letting go of the torch that he had carried for Brenda and the end of the life that he had tried to build with Carly. Alexis suggested that they toast to the end of Sonny and Brenda "pin-balling" their way through people's lives and then leaving a trail of broken hearts in their wake. Jax appreciated Alexis' empathy and support. He popped the cork and then poured the champagne. Alexis decided that they should drink to facing the future with open hearts and minds.

At the Archer Pavilion, Sonny and Brenda headed to the waiting limousine as the wedding guests tossed flower petals. Brenda waved to everyone one last time before Sonny helped her into the limousine. Sonny closed the door and then started to walk around to the other side when Luke called out to Sonny. Sonny sprinted over to talk to Luke and then turned back to the limousine just as it exploded.

Friday, February 25, 2011

At the chapel after the ceremony, giddy guests dispersed while Sonny and Brenda made their exit. Sonny helped Brenda into the limo and, as he prepared to walk to the other side, the car exploded. Ethan ushered Kristina, Molly, and Morgan into the chapel. All were distraught over what they'd just witnessed. Molly went online to research the odds of surviving such an explosion but began to cry as Kristina comforted her.

Michael and Abby kissed as they heard what sounded like fireworks. Abby was distracted as sirens approached the park. Michael worried that it sounded as if the commotion was emanating from the Archer Pavilion, where the wedding had been.

Outside, everyone began to react to the shocking scene. Sonny broke down in tears. He attacked the limo driver and accused him of having been in on the hit. Michael and Abby arrived, and Michael helped Luke and Dante restrain his father. Later, Abby warned Michael not to seek revenge.

Jason and Shawn aimed their guns at each other as Carly stood between them. She explained to Jason that Shawn was injured, but Jason told Carly that Shawn was working for the Balkan. Shawn countered that he had been trying to help Jason when Theo shot Shawn. Carly took the gun from Shawn without a struggle.

Jason took a call from Luke, who explained that the limo had been rigged and that Brenda had been in it when it had exploded. Shawn promised that he had not been aware that Theo had been planning to kill anyone. Carly insisted that Jason go to Sonny. Jason made one last threat to Shawn and reluctantly left Carly to fend for herself.

Shawn made it clear that he wouldn't have hurt Carly. Carly berated Shawn for selling out, accepting money to kidnap and torment people. He explained how his experiences in the war had not translated into the civilian job market, so he went into business for himself as a mercenary for hire.

He expressed his regret for playing a part in Brenda's death. Carly, in a moment of compassion, began to change Shawn's bandage, but he grabbed the gun from her. "I guess those instincts aren't as good as you thought," he said as he aimed it at her.

Jason arrived at the pavilion and explained to Sonny that Theo's DNA was a direct match to Alexander's and that the lawsuit was simply Theo's way of getting Brenda to confess to having killed Alexander. Jason consoled Sonny. Luke tried to coax Sonny away from the scene, but Sonny declared he would not leave without his wife.

Lulu returned and told Dante that she'd been a coward, giving up happiness for fear of getting hurt. Dante beat himself up for having conned himself into believing that Brenda would have been safe. Lulu and Dante looked on as Sonny sat in a daze.

Patrick dragged Robin back into the chapel. Robin felt that, if Brenda was dead, it was Robin's fault. Patrick tried to comfort Robin by telling her that Brenda had willingly made the decision to marry Sonny, despite the risks. Robin wondered if love was ever enough to keep people together. Patrick pressed Robin to go home, but Robin insisted on staying until Brenda's body was recovered. Robin went to Sonny and they shared tears.

At the Metro Court Bar, Alexis and Jax shared a toast to the future. They each talked about their experiences with Sonny and with Brenda, and they both expressed regrets. Jax gave Sonny credit for having had great kids. He beamed that Morgan would never follow in his father's footsteps.

After Ethan took the kids home, Kristina called Alexis with the horrible news. Alexis told Jax that Brenda had been in an explosion. Jax and Alexis went to the scene, and Jax castigated Sonny for having left another innocent victim in Sonny's wake.

Jason urged Jax not to spur a confrontation at that moment. Jax continued unabated, invoking Lily's similar fate. Alexis demanded that Jax stop, but he continued to taunt Sonny, telling him he should "do the noble thing" for once and shoot himself in the head.

Michael escorted Jax away, while Alexis apologized to Sonny. As she left, Edward showed up. He talked to Michael and expressed his profound sadness. He told Michael to promise not to waste his life by following in Sonny's footsteps. Edward compared Brenda to his late wife, Lila. Edward advised Abby not to let love pass her by, no matter what others might think.

To keep the kids distracted, Ethan taught them how to play poker. He tried to reassure Molly by telling her that all anyone could do was live their lives to the fullest. Alexis got home and thanked Ethan for watching the kids. She tried to calm an inconsolable Morgan. Molly admitted that she'd been aware that Theo was the Balkan but had kept it secret because Sam and Jason had told her to.

Jason told Luke that he couldn't understand why Theo would have chosen that moment to kill Brenda when he'd had so many opportunities in the past. Jason took a call. On the other end of the line was Franco. Franco told Jason that he had a grand event to attend. Jason threatened to kill Franco, who insinuated that he might have had something to do with the explosion.

Everyone stood around as the fire crew took Brenda's body to the ambulance. Sonny demanded to see her face. When he pulled back the sheet, it was Sam lying on the gurney.

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