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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 28, 2011 on GH
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Suzanne confronted Theo in his hidden lair and demanded to know if Brenda was dead. Theo said that if Brenda were indeed dead, he would have lost the last link to his son. Susanne told Theo that he would be sorry if he had killed Brenda. Theo asked if she were being disloyal. Suzanne said that she had spent years being nice to Brenda so that she would eventually get all her questions answered. She said that if Brenda was gone, then she had lost the opportunity to find out about her dead son. Theo told her that he needed to know that she was on his side.

Lucky and Siobhan talked as they flew back to Port Charles. Siobhan was thankful that Lucky had gotten her a month-long extension in the states. She said that she was not really looking forward to going back to Ireland. They bantered a bit, before Lucky suggested that they get a green card marriage. Siobhan suggested that marriage should be between two people who loved each other. Lucky said that falling in love was no guarantee that a marriage would be successful. He said that there were lots of reasons that people got married besides love.

Lucky told Siobhan about his history with Liz, including his use of drugs and her affair with Jason. He told Siobhan that he was not the biological father of Liz's children. She asked him if he would have stayed with Liz if Cam and Jake had been his children, then thought better of it. Lucky told her that it was a fair question. He told her that he really tried with Liz, but they were not right for each other. He said that Liz's affair with Nikolas had finally made him see that. Lucky told Siobhan that he and Liz would always be friends, but it was time for both of them to move on.

At the Archer Pavilion, Jason was relieved to see that Sam was alive. Paramedics loaded her into an ambulance and headed for General Hospital with Jason following. Patrick called ahead to alert the staff. Edward wondered how Sam had survived with no burns. Luke told him that the limo had been bomb-proofed as a security measure.

Luke offered to drive Edward home. Edward accepted and asked Michael to accompany them, but Michael said he was staying in case Jason or Sonny needed him. Abby complimented Michael on his kindness to Edward. Michael told Abby that Edward had suffered a lot of random loss. They left the crime scene and followed Jason to the hospital

Dante and Sonny speculated that Brenda was alive and being held captive. Dante said that the Balkan had finally slipped. He said that Theo probably expected Sam to be burned beyond recognition because he did not know about the last-minute bomb-proofing of the limo. Sonny agreed that Theo expected to have a long head start before anyone discovered that Sam was missing. Sonny said that Theo wanted Brenda so that he could take his revenge on her.

At the lake house, Molly told Alexis that Theo was the Balkan, while Ethan, Kristina, and Morgan listened. At first Alexis thought it was Molly's imagination in action, but Molly recounted what she had heard Theo say in Alexis' office and her instructions from Sam and Jason to keep silent when they found her there. Jax arrived. He told them that it was Sam, not Brenda in the limo. He told Alexis that Sam was alive, and they left immediately for the hospital.

After Jax and Alexis were gone, Kristina told Ethan about the car bomb that had almost blown her up. She said that she had thought that she was over it, but it had all rushed back that evening, and she realized how scary it had been. Ethan told her that it probably meant that she was emotionally ready to deal with what had almost happened to her.

As soon as Sam arrived at GH, Steve ordered tests. Robin and Patrick told Jason that they would let him know their findings as soon as they examined her. Steve examined Sam as Robin ordered a rush on the test results. Abby and Michael joined Jason. Olivia rushed in, worried about Dante, and was relieved to hear that he was okay. Alexis and Jax followed. Olivia comforted Jax while Alexis talked to Steve.

Alexis asked Jason what had happened. He told her the whole story of what he and Sam had done to discover that Theo was the Balkan. Robin and Patrick interrupted with answers for Alexis and Jason. Patrick said that Sam did not have a head injury or broken bones because of the bombproof limo. He said that she had been drugged before being put in the limo and that they would not know about the side effects until after she woke up. Alexis went in to see Sam. She told her daughter that Jason was outside and that Sam was going to be okay. Alexis begged Sam to open her eyes.

Michael told Abby that he wished that there were something that he could do. He got a phone call from Morgan, who wanted to be picked up. Michael agreed. Abby told Michael that this was his opportunity to be useful and that he would be doing something that would be helpful to Sam and Jason. They left the hospital. Jax told Olivia that he wondered when all the unnecessary violence would end.

Jason called Sonny and reported that Shawn was at Carly's. When Sonny wondered if Shawn had escaped, Jason said that Shawn was wounded and Carly had a gun, which she knew how to use. When Suzanne arrived at the ER, Jax met her and told her that Sam, not Brenda, had been in the limo. Suzanne seemed shocked. Alone, Suzanne phoned a fellow conspirator and said to be ready to move at a moment's notice.

Michael picked up Morgan. He gave Morgan, Ethan, Molly, and Kristina an update on Sam's condition before taking Morgan home. After Molly went to her room, Kristina kidded Ethan about being an au pair. He said to think of him as a friend. She told him that she and Molly would be okay if he left, but Ethan said that he was not going anywhere until Alexis got home.

Shawn fooled Carly and grabbed the gun and her car keys. She said she would help him, but he told her he would take his chances. He passed out before he could get away. Carly got his gun and gave him some unused antibiotics to help get him on his feet. Shawn wanted to know why Carly was helping. She said it was because he might be able to help find Theo. He asked why she did not get some of Jason's thugs to beat the information out of him.

Carly said that Shawn was a good guy and he deserved to live. Shawn started trying to recall any information about Theo that would help find him. He told Carly that he was never part of Theo's inner circle. He said that he acted as Theo's bagman, and did occasional security work. He said that he had broken his own moral code and gone over the line when he agreed to kidnap Brenda.

Shawn said he was not able to go through with the kidnapping because he would have had to hurt Carly, and he had not been able to do that. Shawn was recalling various meeting places with Theo when Sonny and three of his thugs rushed in with guns drawn. Sonny pointed a gun at Shawn and demanded to know where the Balkan was hiding Brenda.

Tracy was waiting up at the mansion when Luke got home with Edward. Luke told her that the plan seemed to have been to replace Brenda with Sam so that no one would be the wiser, but it had been foiled by a bombproof limo. Edward worried about what would become of Jason if anything happened to Sam. Edward seemed lost as he wondered if there was something he should have done. Edward queried why senseless violence always touched the lives of the innocent instead of the guilty.

Edward thanked Luke for his generosity. "You didn't know I had it in me," Luke quipped before Edward opted for bed. Alone with Luke, Tracy said that she had never thought of Edward as vulnerable, but suddenly he looked old and fragile. Luke said it was a bad night all around. Luke told Tracy goodnight, but she told him not to go. She said that she wanted to be in his arms. They embraced.

At the crime scene, Lulu greeted Dante with coffee. While recounting events that had led to the bomb exploding under the limo, Dante had an epiphany. He called headquarters and had them put out an APB on the catering truck, which had been parked near the limo. He thanked Lulu for helping him. She demurred that she had only been a sounding board, but Dante said that was what he had needed. Dante was apologetic when he told Lulu that he had to see it through. Lulu said that she understood. She said that she encouraged and supported him. They exchanged words of love.

Jason got a call from Franco. Franco asked if Jason had ever posed for a photo. Franco tried to engage Jason in conversation, but Jason remained mum. Finally Franco said he would be home soon. He said that he thought of Port Charles as home. He said that he had a present for Jason.

Robin told Alexis and Jason that Sam was waking up. Jason rushed into the treatment bay. Patrick encouraged Jason to talk to Sam. Jason took her hand and asked if she could hear him. Sam squeezed his hand and opened her eyes. Jason continued to talk to her, but Sam could only see his lips move. She was deaf.

Brenda woke up to find Theo standing over her. When she asked where she was, Theo said it was time to be reintroduced. He said that even though she knew him as her lawyer, he was also Aleksander's father and the grandfather of her child.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

At the lake house, Ethan left a voicemail message for Maya to let her know where he was and to assure her that he wasn't "de-valuing" their marriage. Kristina entered the living room as Ethan ended the call. He explained that Maya had probably been asleep because she had an early shift and then the conversation drifted to the limousine explosion. Kristina confessed that she couldn't get the image out of her head. Ethan imagined that it made sleep impossible. Kristina agreed and then explained that she wanted to be awake, anyway, in case her mother called with an update about Sam.

Kristina was curious if Maya would be mad that Ethan had spent the night at the lake house. Ethan suspected that it might actually earn him some points because Maya was a sucker for helping others. Kristina expressed her frustration because she couldn't help Sonny and she was worried about Brenda, so Ethan encouraged Kristina to focus on the positive things like Sam surviving the explosion and knowing that Brenda was alive somewhere. Kristina wished that she could talk to Sam because she missed her sister's advice. She declined Ethan's offer to hear her out because she needed advice about him. Ethan chuckled when Kristina explained that she needed tips on how to beat him at poker.

Kristina began to talk about Taylor and how she had realized that things wouldn't work out between them. Ethan thought that she was too young for a serious relationship. Kristina agreed that she was young; however, she confessed that she had strong feelings for Ethan. Kristina was immediately ashamed at how selfish it had been of her to make the admission when her family was in crisis. She felt like the worst person in the world.

Ethan argued that Theo was the worst person in the world. He realized that she was in shock, so he was certain that she would have a different perspective of him once she was rested. Kristina recalled how forgiving Ethan had been after the mess with Kiefer. It had meant a lot to Kristina that Ethan had remained her friend throughout everything. Ethan was flattered that Kristina cared about him, but he reminded her that he was a married man.

Ethan insisted that he cheated at cards, but not on his marriage. He acknowledged that both Maya and Kristina deserved someone better than him. Kristina understood that he was with Maya for the money, so she promised to wait for him. Later, Kristina fell asleep on the sofa, curled up next to Ethan. She whimpered in her sleep from a nightmare, so Ethan gently soothed her with promises that everything would be okay and that no one would hurt her.

Dante arrived at the police station to find Lucky hard at work. Lucky said that he was up to speed on what had happened to Brenda and Sam after the reception. Lucky had decided to review surveillance footage from security cameras in and around the Archer Pavilion. Lucky hoped to find something that might lead them to Theo. Dante warned Lucky that Sonny was on the warpath and would stop at nothing to find Brenda.

Dante was curious about Lucky's trip to Ireland. Lucky gave Dante a brief recap and then offered to question Siobhan about any possible safe houses that Theo might have had. Dante was certain that Theo had taken Brenda to a place that no one knew of, so Lucky suggested that they focus on trying to find Theo's wife. "Wife?" Dante asked. Lucky told Dante about Megan's claim that Theo had a wife.

Dante wondered if perhaps "Mrs. Hoffman" realized that her husband had an alter ego or that he had gone to such great lengths to avenge their son. Lucky and Dante agreed that Theo would eventually have to check in with his wife. They decided that Theo's wife could be Theo's weakness, so they had to find her. Moments later, Morgan called Dante for help.

Morgan and Michael were concerned when they spotted a car parked in Carly's driveway that they didn't recognize. Morgan feared that it might be the Balkan, so Michael decided to investigate. Morgan wanted to go with his brother, but Michael insisted that Morgan wait in the car. Morgan hesitated a few minutes and then followed Michael to the house. Meanwhile, inside the house, Carly and Sonny argued about Shawn.

Sonny intended to torture Shawn, if necessary, to force Shawn to tell him where Theo had taken Brenda. Carly insisted that Shawn didn't know anything. Michael quickly made his presence known when he entered the living room. Morgan hid in the foyer, listening as Sonny and Carly tried to enlist Michael's help. Sonny wanted Michael to take Carly away while Carly wanted Michael to talk some sense into Sonny.

Morgan quietly slipped out of the house and then called Dante. Dante arrived a short time later. Morgan quickly filled Dante in on what had transpired in the house. Morgan begged Dante to talk to Sonny before the man taped to the chair was killed. Dante asked Morgan to wait by the car and then headed to the house.

In the house, Michael tried to talk his father down. Carly warned Sonny that if he intended to harm Shawn then Sonny would have to do it in front of Michael because she refused to leave. Sonny and Carly were startled when Dante suddenly appeared in the doorway. Dante explained that Morgan had called him. Dante urged Sonny to let the police handle Shawn and to save the vengeful mob stuff for another time. Dante implored Sonny to be a father. Sonny looked around the room and then quietly left.

Michael followed his father out and then joined Morgan in the car. Morgan was shocked to learn that Molly's friend, Shawn, had been strapped to the chair inside the house. Morgan had thought that Shawn was one of the good guys. Michael explained that sometimes even good guys did bad things. "Look at dad," Michael added.

Morgan apologized for calling Dante, but he insisted that Dante was family. Michael wished that Morgan hadn't gone to the house, but Michael was happy that Dante had shown up before Sonny had done something that Sonny would have regretted. Meanwhile, in the house, Carly removed the tape from Shawn's mouth. Shawn noticed that Dante hadn't called the incident in or asked if Shawn wanted to press charges. Dante doubted that Shawn was eager to answer questions about what had transpired.

Dante decided to question Shawn about Theo. Shawn conceded that he had done some illegal work for Theo, but Shawn insisted that he wanted Theo found. Carly decided that Shawn should go to the hospital, so Dante agreed to take him. After Dante and Shawn left, Michael returned with Morgan. Michael started to go to Sonny's house to help find Brenda, but Morgan argued that Dante was helping their father.

Michael insisted that there were certain lines that Dante wouldn't cross. Morgan was concerned that Michael's parole might be jeopardized if Michael tried to help Sonny. "It's not a violation if you don't get caught," Michael confidently replied. Carly overheard the exchange, so she blocked Michael's exit and then let him know there was "no way in hell" would she let him get involved in Sonny's problems. Michael insisted that he had stopped being a kid when he had gone to Pentonville. Carly's temper flared as admitted that she was sick of hearing that from Michael.

Carly appreciated that Michael was old enough to make his own decisions, but he needed to understand where those decisions could lead. Carly explained that Sonny had made the choice to be a criminal when he had been Michael's age, but he had paid the price for it. Michael insisted that he just wanted to help Sonny. Carly suggested that Michael could do that by leading a better life than Sonny had.

At the hospital, Sam stared at Jason as he spoke to her. Robin entered the examination bay moments later to check on Sam. Jason sensed Sam's confusion, but Robin assured him it was normal for Sam to be a bit disoriented. Robin and Jason began to ask Sam some questions, but she couldn't understand them. Eventually, Sam loudly told them, "I can't hear you."

Robin fetched Patrick, who used a dry erase board to communicate with Sam. Patrick wrote down a couple of questions. Sam let them know that she wasn't in pain, but she nodded when Patrick wondered if she were dizzy. Patrick wasn't concerned because it could occur when someone had a concussion. Robin was curious about Sam's hearing loss.

Patrick suggested that it might be the result of an injury to Sam's brain, so he decided to consult a specialist. Robin let Jason know that the hearing loss could be temporary. After Patrick and Robin left, Jason reached for Sam's hand and then gently stroked her hair. In the waiting area, Suzanne introduced herself to Alexis and then explained that she had arrived at the hospital, looking for Brenda, only to learn that Sam had been pulled out of the wreckage. Alexis revealed that Sam was holding her own; Alexis added that she was grateful that, by some miracle, Sam hadn't been killed.

Alexis confided that she was tempted to never let Sam out of her sight again. Suzanne admitted that she knew how Alexis felt. Alexis was curious if Suzanne had any children. Suzanne shook her head and then admitted that she hadn't found the right man. Alexis chuckled as she confessed that she hadn't found the right man, either, but she had three wonderful children.

Alexis then shifted gears to talk about ASEC. Suzanne acknowledged that the charity had been her life for many years and that she had grown close to Brenda during their work together. After the chat, Alexis decided to check on Sam. Alexis entered the room, lecturing Sam about staying away from danger. Jason cut Alexis off to explain that Sam was deaf. Robin explained that the hearing loss appeared to be a residual effect of the explosion.

Patrick assured Alexis that they would run some tests to determine exactly what was going on with Sam. However, Sam would have to remain in the hospital. Alexis followed Patrick out to speak privately to him about her daughter's condition. Patrick explained that all they could do was wait and hope for the best. Alexis was frustrated that they didn't have any answers. She was also furious that Theo had considered Sam to be expendable.

At the nurses' station, Patrick was curious how Robin was holding up. Robin admitted that she couldn't stop thinking how relieved she had been when they had pulled Sam out of the limousine instead of Brenda. She felt terrible for feeling that way. Patrick thought that Robin's reaction was understandable because Brenda was her best friend. He didn't blame Robin for being happy that Brenda was alive, but Robin reminded him that they didn't know that. Robin finished up her paperwork and then decided to leave.

Patrick offered to drive her home, but Robin declined. Patrick followed Robin to the elevator as he explained that it had been a long day for Robin, so he promised to drop her off on the front porch and then leave. Robin was grateful for everything that Patrick had done, but she admitted that as much as she wanted to forgive him for the affair, she couldn't. Patrick assured her that she didn't have to do anything except let him drive her home. Robin smiled softly as she accepted the offer. She reached for his hand as the elevator door slid closed.

Sam was resting comfortably in her hospital room when Lucky stopped by to talk to Jason. Jason joined Lucky in the hallway and then explained that he couldn't leave Sam's side, so Lucky had to find Theo and Brenda. Lucky assured Jason that he was working on it and then explained that they had a lead on a catering truck. Jason felt terrible for having sent Sam into Theo's trap. Lucky reminded Jason that Theo had been hiding in plain sight.

Lucky insisted that Jason couldn't have known what Theo had planned nor could Jason have stopped Sam from helping. Jason realized that Lucky was right. Jason let Lucky know that Diane and Spinelli were digging into Theo's past, so they might find something useful. Jason was stunned when Lucky revealed that Theo had a wife, who Lucky believed might be the key to finding Theo. Lucky and Jason were unaware that Suzanne lurked nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Later, Jason gave Alexis some time alone with Sam while he talked to Suzanne. Suzanne was curious if Jason had any news about Brenda. Jason explained that he had been busy with Sam, but he was certain that Sonny had been searching for Brenda. Jason promised to let Suzanne know if he heard anything. He then confided that the Balkan had planned to slip out of town with Brenda while they were busy planning Sam's funeral.

Suzanne suggested that perhaps the Balkan had decided to lay low to buy some time to regroup and to allow the search to die down. She was certain that the Balkan was close by. Jason was confident that it was just a matter of time before they found Brenda. After Suzanne left, Alexis decided to go home to check on the girls to make certain that they hadn't lost the lake house to Ethan in a poker game.

After Alexis left, Jason returned to sit at Sam's bedside. Sam opened her eyes, so Jason started to tell her something. He remembered that she couldn't hear him, so he grabbed something to write on. Sam stopped him. According to Sam, Jason hardly ever talked, so she had gotten pretty good at figuring out what he was thinking. Jason smiled and then told her that he loved her.

Lucky met Dante in the examination bay where Shawn was being treated for the gunshot wound. Dante quickly filled Lucky in on Shawn's situation and then asked Lucky to keep an eye on Shawn. Dante explained that he needed to find Sonny. Lucky began to question Shawn after Dante left. Shawn revealed that Theo was after Brenda because Theo blamed Brenda for Aleksander's death.

Lucky was curious what Shawn had been hired to do. Shawn confessed that his assignment had been to kidnap Brenda and then deliver her to a boat waiting at the docks. Lucky was curious where Theo had planned to take Brenda, but Shawn admitted that he had no idea. Shawn realized that he had merely been a diversion to keep Jason busy, so that Theo could fake Brenda's death and then leave town. Lucky wondered if Shawn knew that Theo was married.

Shawn wasn't certain, but he suggested that it was a reasonable assumption to make, since Theo's son had to have had a mother. Neither Shawn nor Lucky realized that Suzanne hovered in the hallway, listening in on their conversation.

Sonny arrived at Greystone Manor to find Luke helping himself to a drink. Luke advised his friend to take some time to collect his thoughts before making a move against Theo. Sonny told Luke about Shawn. Luke suspected that Shawn had been a diversion intended to distract Jason, so that Sam could be switched for Brenda. Luke was curious if Shawn were dead.

Sonny admitted that Shawn would have died if Michael, Dante, and Morgan hadn't been there. Luke agreed that having a cop for a kid was always a negative. Sonny regretted that Michael and Morgan had seen what Sonny was capable of. Luke knew what it was like to fall off of the pedestal that children put their parents on. "It's painful," Luke clarified.

After Luke left, Dante dropped by to give Sonny an update on Shawn. Sonny didn't want Dante involved because Sonny was certain that following the law wouldn't help Brenda. Dante disagreed. Dante reminded Sonny that Michael and Morgan had seen the worst of Sonny, so Dante urged Sonny to let them see the best. Dante promised that Theo would be held accountable by the judicial system. "Not if I get to him first," Sonny warned Dante.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Sam's hospital room, Sam watched as Jason slept next to her. He slowly opened his eyes and then asked if she could hear. Jason was disappointed when Sam shook her head. He started to get up, but Sam had other ideas; she kissed him. Moments later, Alexis and Kristina entered the room.

Shawn was sleeping when a hospital orderly quietly approached the bed with a pillow clutched in his hands. The orderly tried to smother Shawn, but Shawn quickly gained the upper hand. Molly froze in the doorway when she saw the struggle. "What's going on?" she demanded. Molly offered to fetch someone, but Shawn assured her that it wasn't necessary. The orderly cooperated as Shawn went on to explain that everything was fine and that the orderly had been about to leave.

Molly watched the would-be assassin walk out and then turned to Shawn for an explanation. She was outraged that an orderly would harm Shawn when it was clear that Shawn was injured. Moments later, Lucky appeared in the doorway. Shawn assured Molly that he would talk to Lucky about the incident. Molly agreed to let the matter drop and then left to visit Sam. Lucky turned to Shawn to inquire, "Incident?"

Shawn revealed that Theo had sent an assassin. Lucky scribbled down a description of the man and then left to question the hospital's staff. Lucky returned a short time later to inform Shawn that the man had gotten away. Shawn was certain that the man would likely be dead before nightfall, so he didn't think that Lucky would find the failed assassin. Lucky decided to question Shawn about Theo, since it was obvious that Theo liked to tie up loose ends. Lucky suspected that Shawn had been targeted because Shawn knew something that could be used against Theo.

Lucky warned Shawn that it was likely that a few more hit men would be sent. Shawn realized that Lucky intended to use him as bait. According to Lucky, hit men were easy to flip once a person figured out the most effective way to lean on them. Shawn thought that it was a great strategy for Lucky, but not for him. Lucky continued to question Shawn about Theo, but Shawn insisted that he had told Lucky everything the night before. Lucky conceded that Shawn's injury and the lack of immediate medical attention could have left some holes in Shawn's memory.

Shawn promised to contact Lucky if he remembered anything else. Lucky revealed that there had been a new development; they had found the catering van used in Brenda's abduction, but it had been torched. Shawn suspected that Theo hoped to make it appear that Theo had fled town with Brenda, when in reality Theo was in hiding somewhere in Port Charles. Lucky's lack of reaction made Shawn realize that Lucky had been testing him. Lucky promised to be in touch and then left. Moments later, Shawn jumped out of bed.

Jason became frustrated as she tried to write down some questions for Sam. Sam assured Jason that she could follow what he was saying if he just spoke slowly. Jason was curious what Sam remembered about the kidnapping. Sam explained that Theo had been waiting for her in the backseat of the car, but the rest was a blank. Jason told Sam about the limousine explosion and then admitted that she was amazing. Sam smiled as she pulled Jason close for a kiss.

Molly sighed when she entered the room in time to see Jason and Sam kiss. Jason pulled away from Sam as Molly approached Sam's bedside and then handed Sam some books to read. Sam thanked Molly, so Molly answered, "You're welcome," in sign language. Jason was curious what Molly had done. Molly explained that she had used sign language to communicate with Sam. Jason became embarrassed when Molly examined Jason's hands and then declared that his slender fingers were perfect for sign language.

Molly showed Jason and Sam how to say, "I love you" in sign language and then offered to run drills with Sam. Jason thought perhaps it was a bit too early to teach Sam sign language, since her hearing might return. Jason was surprised when Sam insisted on learning the language while Jason went to search for Brenda. Jason tried to refuse, but Sam was adamant. He signed, "I love you," to Sam and then left.

Alexis and Kristina returned to Sam's hospital room just as Molly showed Sam how to tell their mother to, "take it down a notch." Alexis jokingly reprimanded Molly for being disrespectful and then asked how Molly's visit with Shawn had gone. Molly confessed that someone had tried to kill Shawn. Alexis decided that she and Molly were overdue for a mother/daughter talk. Alexis then asked Kristina to take Molly to get some hot chocolate.

In the hallway, Molly feared that Alexis wanted to be alone with Sam because Alexis had bad news about Sam's injury. Kristina assured Molly that it wasn't anything like that. Kristina explained that Alexis had walked in on Jason and Sam making out. "So?" Molly wondered. Kristina reminded Molly that Alexis liked to give Sam a hard time about what was appropriate. Molly was baffled why it was wrong for two people to express their love for one another.

In Sam's hospital room, Alexis offered to go to Sam's place to fetch whatever Sam needed. Sam told her mother that it wasn't necessary, so Alexis began to ramble as she fired questions at Sam. Alexis noticed Sam's distractions, so she guessed that Kristina and Molly were standing in the doorway making faces. Sam burst out laughing as her sisters entered the room. Molly and Kristina plopped on Sam's bed and then Molly offered to teach Sam how to sign the words, "Come lay beside me," for the next time that Sam saw Jason.

Alexis pretended to be shocked by Molly's suggestion as Molly laughingly admitted that Alexis was easy to tease. Alexis chased Molly out of the room, so Kristina sat beside Sam and then asked how Sam was doing. "Happy to be alive," Sam admitted. They exchanged a hug and then Sam decided to get up to stretch her legs. Sam only managed to take a couple of steps before she collapsed. Kristina ran to the door screaming for help.

At the nurses' station, Patrick wondered if Lisa had seen Sam's medical chart. Lisa handed it to Patrick and then remarked that it had been a miracle that Sam had escaped the explosion alive. Patrick made it clear that Sam hadn't suffered any broken bones, so Lisa's medical expertise wasn't needed. Robin approached Patrick seconds later to thank him for saying all the right things to her when he had dropped her off at home. Lisa became alarmed when Patrick insisted that he loved Robin.

Lisa quietly asked Liz to page Terrell for an emergency. Meanwhile, Patrick and Robin continued their conversation. Patrick confessed that it had been nice to spend time with her. Robin agreed, but she remained concerned about Brenda because they didn't know if Brenda was alive. Patrick suspected that Brenda would have been left in the limousine if the Balkan had intended to kill her, so he was certain that Brenda was alive.

Terrell arrived at the nurses' station to find Lisa waiting for him. Lisa pulled Terrell aside to warn him that Patrick and Robin were on the verge of reconciling. Terrell was stunned that Lisa had used the hospital's emergency system for something so trivial. Lisa insisted that it had been the fastest way to see him. She urged Terrell to act fast or all would be lost. Terrell advised Lisa to clam down because she had the "stalker look" going, which was not flattering. He then suggested that she watch a master at work.

Patrick was annoyed when Terrell approached Robin to talk to her. Patrick complained that Terrell had interrupted them. Terrell explained that it concerned the Stone Cates AIDS Wing. A short time later, Terrell and Robin strolled along the piers as Terrell thanked Robin for taking the time to hear him out. Terrell explained that his cousin was in corporate donations, so she had confided to Terrell that the Adamson Group had decided to take proposals. Robin reminded Terrell that the Adamson Group had never considered hospital proposals before.

"They do now," Terrell revealed. He told her that ten million dollars in grant funding would be awarded to one lucky winner. Robin was stunned when Terrell added that it wouldn't be announced until April. Robin realized that they had a huge jumpstart on the competition. Terrell was confident that if he and Robin worked hard, they could put together an outstanding proposal that would guarantee them the grant. Robin was excited. "Have I told you lately how much you rock?" she asked as she hugged him. Terrell seemed a bit startled by the spontaneous show of affection.

A short time later, Terrell and Robin returned to the hospital to share the news with Patrick. Patrick congratulated Robin, but he seemed subdued. After Terrell walked away, Patrick admitted that he had meant to ask Robin earlier if she would have dinner with him and Emma. Patrick hoped to spend some "adult time" with Robin after Emma went to bed. Robin smiled as she confessed that she would have loved to have had dinner with Patrick, but she had to work with Terrell on the proposal for the Adamson Group. Nearby, Terrell bragged to Lisa that he had Robin exactly where he wanted her.

Lisa smiled when Terrell filled her in on his plans. Lisa decided that it was time to step things up with Patrick, but Terrell advised her not to crowd Patrick. He assured Lisa that things were going exactly as she had hoped. Terrell then approached Robin at the nurses' station to share some of his ideas for the proposal. As Terrell and Robin walked away, Lisa told Patrick that she would be at Jake's after work to have a beer if he were interested in joining her. Patrick chuckled as he left.

At the nurses' station, Liz was surprised to see Lucky. She admitted that she had heard what had happened with Brenda and Sam. Lucky confirmed that Theo had been responsible for the explosion and Brenda's abduction. Liz assured him that she would understand if he needed to reschedule his visitation with the boys on Thursday. Lucky insisted that he loved spending time with Cam and Jake, so he looked forward to it.

Liz offered to show Lucky some new pictures that she had of the children. Lucky was eager to see them, so Liz pulled them out and then began flipping through the photos. They were amazed at how much the children had grown. Liz then mentioned that Monica had remarked how much Aiden looked like Lucky. Lucky studied a picture of Aiden as he acknowledged that Aiden had some of Laura's features. Lucky suspected that the traits had skipped a generation with Nikolas.

Lucky wrapped up a call on the cell phone as Jason approached him. Lucky updated Jason on the investigation. Jason was certain that Theo had Brenda stashed somewhere in town. Lucky admitted that Shawn had the same theory. Jason didn't trust Shawn, so Shawn's opinion didn't hold much weight with Jason. Lucky told Jason about the attempt on Shawn's life; however, Jason found the timing of the attack a bit too convenient.

Jason decided to go to Shawn's room to have a talk with the mercenary, but Shawn had disappeared. Jason quickly tracked Shawn down to the airport. Shawn was curious how Jason had found him. Jason pointed out that it hadn't been difficult because Shawn hadn't used an alias. Jason accused Shawn of luring Jason into a trap, so that Theo could kidnap Sam. Jason intended to make Shawn pay for that.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas found Brook Lynn listening to some music and dancing to the tune. Brook's embarrassment at being seen dancing quickly faded when she realized that Nikolas was heading out. Brook wondered where he was going. "Riding," Nikolas answered. Brook noticed that Nikolas had been riding quite a bit recently. Nikolas tried to blame it on the stress of witnessing the explosion, but Brook didn't buy it because it had started before the tragedy.

Brook was curious what was really going on because she sensed that Nikolas was trying to avoid her. She apologized if she had made him uncomfortable. Nikolas assured her that wasn't the problem; he confessed that he was attracted to her. Brook scooted closer to Nikolas on the sofa and then admitted that she had hoped that he would have knocked on her bedroom door the previous night. Brook assured Nikolas that she wouldn't have turned him away. Nikolas confessed that he had stood outside of her bedroom door for ten minutes the night before, but then had lost his nerve, so he had gone riding.

Brook smiled and then kissed Nikolas. Things quickly heated up, but Nikolas pulled back before things went too far. Brook feared that she had been too aggressive, but Nikolas assured her that she hadn't done anything wrong. Nikolas revealed that he had ruined three lives the last time that he had taken what he wanted. Nikolas refused to repeat the mistake, so he left.

A short time later, Nikolas bumped into Lucky on the piers. Lucky explained that he had been on his way to Wyndemere to question Nikolas and Brook about the explosion. Nikolas confessed that he had made an ass out of himself in front of Brook, so Nikolas wasn't eager to return to Wyndemere. Lucky offered to help Nikolas, so Nikolas reluctantly confided that he was drawn to Brook. However, Nikolas didn't feel comfortable pursuing anything with Brook because of what had happened with Lucky and Liz. Lucky didn't see what one thing had to do with the other.

Nikolas explained that the last thing that he had wanted to do was ruin Liz's life, but that was exactly what had happened when Nikolas had slept with her. Nikolas then admitted that Liz had been throwing out signals that she wanted to try to make things work with him. Lucky wondered if Nikolas loved Liz. "As a friend and the mother of my child," Nikolas clarified. Lucky was curious if that would be enough. He urged Nikolas to find a way to let go of the past and then move on, so that Nikolas could get out of his own way to be with Brook.

At the Balkan's cave, Brenda woke up in a small room as Jules, Theo's attendant, entered with a breakfast tray. Jules accidentally nicked himself on a knife that he held firmly clutched in his hand. Brenda suggested that perhaps he shouldn't carry it around, but Jules argued that Brenda should be grateful that he did. "Why?" Brenda wondered. Jules cryptically explained that she could use all the friends that she could get.

Brenda turned on the charm as she tried to get her hands on the knife under the guise of concern about Jules' injury. Jules was wise to Brenda's ways, so he warned her to keep her distance because he could be lethal. "Good to know," Brenda replied as she switched tactics by trying to persuade Jules to get a message to someone. She promised Jules that her friends would hide him from his boss. Brenda insisted that she would do anything that Jules asked if he would help her.

Jules confessed that he had fantasies about being a knife thrower with a beautiful assistant. According to Jules, Brenda would be the perfect assistant. Brenda looked uncomfortable as Jules slipped out of the room. Meanwhile, Suzanne reported to Theo that Shawn had been singing like a bird at the hospital. Theo promised Suzanne that she didn't have any reason to be concerned because Theo had made arrangements to take care of Shawn.

Suzanne tried to ferret out where Brenda had been stashed, but Theo remained tightlipped. Suzanne found it odd that Theo had suddenly become so secretive, but Theo claimed that Suzanne seemed equally secretive. Suzanne quickly assured Theo that she didn't mind him keeping things close to his vest, but she resented when he lied to her. Theo wondered what he had deceived her about. Suzanne admitted that the bombing had been a brilliant move, but she feared that he didn't trust her because he hadn't told her about it.

Theo insisted that he had been protecting her. He had wanted to make certain that Suzanne's reaction had been genuine, so that no one would be suspicious. Theo assured his wife that she was the only person in the world whom he trusted. After Suzanne left, Brenda was shown to Theo's office. Theo pretended to be concerned about Brenda's comfort, but she demanded to know if Sonny had escaped the explosion.

Theo assured Brenda that Sonny was alive, but mourning the loss of his new bride. Brenda was disgusted when Theo revealed that he had arranged to have a body planted in the limousine. Theo thought that it had been a brilliant plan; however, he wanted to discuss something with her that he had been waiting a long time to talk to her about. Brenda couldn't imagine what it could be about. "My grandchild," Theo clarified.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

At the airport, Jason was furious that Sam had almost been killed. Shawn reiterated that he had only been hired to kidnap Brenda. Jason was curious why Shawn was running if he had didn't have anything to hide. Shawn clarified that he wasn't on the run; he intended to go to Manhattan to collect some records that might be able to help track down Theo. Jason didn't believe Shawn, but Shawn reminded Jason that Theo had made two attempts on Shawn's life.

Jason continued to have doubts, so Shawn invited Jason to join him on the trip. Jason suggested that someone else could be sent to fetch the evidence, but Shawn argued that it wasn't an option. Shawn explained that he had kept meticulous records of the freelance work that he had done for Theo over the years. The records were hidden in a high-tech safety deposit box that only Shawn could open. Jason agreed to let Shawn retrieve the records, but he wanted Shawn to check for a possible link between Theo and an artist named Franco.

At the hospital, Kristina yelled for help after Sam collapsed. Patrick rushed into the room and then quickly examined Sam. Kristina tearfully explained that Sam had fainted without warning. She feared that Sam had suffered a blood clot like Ali, Kristina's friend who had died after the bus crash. Patrick called for a gurney just as Sam started to wake up.

Alexis entered the room as Sam assured Patrick that she was fine. Alexis realized that something had happened to Sam, so Patrick told Alexis about the fainting spell. He suspected that Sam's hearing loss had affected her equilibrium; however, he wanted to run some tests to be certain. After Patrick left with Sam, Kristina began to cry. Alexis assured Kristina that Sam would be okay.

Kristina reminded Alexis that Ali had said the same thing just before she had died. Alexis realized that they all had a tendency to expect the worst, but Alexis believed that they needed to have faith that nothing was wrong with Sam. Kristina smiled when Alexis pointed out that Sam would be the first person to tell Kristina to "chill out." After several minutes, Alexis decided check on Sam.

Jason grew concerned when he entered Sam's hospital room to find Kristina alone. Kristina remained distraught as she told Jason about Sam's collapse, which had been similar to what had happened to Ali. Kristina feared that Sam had been hurt far worse than anyone had realized. Jason relaxed when Kristina revealed that Sam had assured everyone that she was fine, but Patrick had taken Sam for tests. Jason suggested that Kristina try to be strong for Sam's sake. Kristina confessed that Sam was the strongest in the family, so it didn't compute when Sam was hurt.

Jason reminded Kristina that Sam was resilient. Kristina knew that Jason would be lost without Sam, so she let him know that he didn't have to be strong for her sake. Before Jason could reply, Alexis pushed Sam's wheelchair into the room. Sam was smiling as Kristina rushed into her sister's arms. Jason helped Sam to bed just as Patrick joined them.

Everyone was relieved when Patrick assured them that Sam's tests had been fine. Later, Alexis and Kristina made plans to return to the hospital the following morning and then started to leave. At the door, Kristina turned to apologize to Jason for freaking out. Jason insisted that the only thing that mattered was that Sam was okay. Jason returned to Sam's bedside and then told her that he loved her. He admitted that he wished that she could hear him. "Jason, I just did," Sam told him.

Abby found Michael sitting in Kelly's. Abby revealed that she had scheduled a job interview for a receptionist position. Michael was happy for her and certain that she would get the job. Abby sat down and then wondered if there had been an update on Sam. Michael told her what he knew. He then began to talk about Sonny's search for Brenda.

Abby was surprised that Sonny wanted Michael involved. "He doesn't," Michael admitted. He told her about what had transpired at Carly's house when Sonny had confronted Shawn. Michael revealed that he had kept Sonny from killing Shawn until Dante had arrived. Abby was proud that Michael had saved Shawn's life.

Michael worried that he might have kept Shawn from revealing critical information that could have led to Brenda's rescue. He knew how his father felt because Michael would resort to the same tactics if someone had kidnapped Abby. Abby insisted that Michael had a conscience, so she doubted that he would kill a man. She suspected that his time in Pentonville had made Michael more compassionate because Michael couldn't stand by while someone was hurt. Abby insisted that Michael should be proud of that.

Michael conceded that killing Shawn wouldn't have been the right thing to do, but he understood Sonny's urge to kill the man who might have been involved in Brenda's abduction. Michael revealed that he intended to help his father. Abby warned him to be careful because it might jeopardize Michael's parole. Michael confessed that she sounded like his mother. He quickly clarified that he didn't view Abby as a mother figure in any way.

Abby chuckled as she assured Michael that her feelings for him weren't platonic either. She advised Michael to "watch and wait." Abby suggested that an opportunity might present itself for him to help Sonny. Moments later, Abby left to go on her job interview. She bumped into Molly on her way out. Molly was rattled because she had seen the orderly who had tried to kill Shawn exit Kelly's just seconds before.

Molly quickly approached Michael's table to tell him what she had seen. Michael briefly questioned Molly about the incident in Shawn's hospital room and then left to find the man whom Molly had described. A short time later, the would-be assassin sensed that he was being followed, so he ducked out of sight behind a dumpster. As Michael passed the dumpster, the man sprang out and then quickly gained the upper hand. The man demanded to know why Michael had been following him.

Michael asked the man if he had been in Shawn Butler's hospital room. Theo's hired killer wondered why it mattered to Michael. Michael explained that he was Sonny Corinthos' son and that Sonny needed to talk to the man. "Now we have a problem," the man warned Michael in a menacing tone as he put a gun to Michael's temple. Meanwhile, Molly became concerned when Michael didn't return to Kelly's, so she called Dante.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu spotted Johnny at the bar. Lulu was surprised to see him drinking, so Johnny clarified that the drink was tomato juice to help with his hangover. Lulu was curious if Johnny had heard the news about Sonny and Brenda's wedding. Johnny explained that Sonny's wedding had been the reason that he had a hangover. Lulu realized that Johnny hadn't heard about the explosion, so she revealed that a bomb had been planted in Sonny's limousine. She quickly added that no one had died, but Brenda had been kidnapped.

Johnny felt terrible for Brenda; he hadn't wished ill on Sonny's bride. Johnny was curious if anyone else had been hurt. Lulu told him that Sam had been pulled from the wreckage, but she hadn't been burned because Sonny's limousine had been bomb-proofed. Johnny realized that Theo probably hadn't realized that, so the intention had been to burn Sam beyond recognition. Johnny thought that it was extraordinary that nothing had happened to Sonny. According to Johnny, Sonny screamed, made accusations, and wrecked havoc, but when the dust settled, Sonny went on with his life.

Johnny recalled the time that Kate Howard had been shot on the waterfront. Sonny had wrongly assumed that the Zaccharas had been responsible, so Sonny had kidnapped Johnny in retaliation. Johnny didn't think that Sonny would ever change tactics. He was certain that Sonny would wage a war on the city to find Brenda, and all that Sonny would gain from it was "gratification for his massive ego." Lulu admitted that she owed Johnny an apology for forgetting what he had been through.

Lulu confessed that she had been wondering why Johnny had been sitting at the bar drinking, but she realized that he had been through some horrible things and that he had lost a lot of people. Johnny was flattered that she had even thought of him. Lulu insisted that she cared about Johnny. Johnny felt bad for how he had ended their relationship, but Lulu argued that it had been for the best. According to Lulu, it had gotten her to where she needed to be in order to meet Dante and accept him into her life. They chatted for a few more minutes and then Johnny left.

At Greystone Manor, Dante entered the parlor as Sonny barked orders to Bernie over the phone and then slammed the receiver down. Dante assured Sonny that the police were searching for Brenda, but Sonny wasn't satisfied with that. Sonny insisted on doing things his own way. Dante warned Sonny that Sonny didn't have the right to turn Port Charles into a war zone in an effort to find Brenda. "Watch me," Sonny growled. Sonny refused to let anything get in his way, but Dante argued that Sonny's fear didn't mean that it was okay for Sonny to "break skulls."

Sonny was curious why Dante was only interested in going by the book when innocent people, like Michael and Brenda, paid the price. Sonny immediately apologized for the cheap shot. Sonny then shifted gears to ask Dante to talk to Michael and Morgan about what they had witnessed in Carly's living room the night before. Dante refused to apologize on Sonny's behalf; he suggested that Sonny set an example by letting the police handle things. Sonny made it clear that he would not be stopped.

Sonny offered to pay the tab if Dante took a leave of absence and then went on a long vacation with Lulu. Dante wondered if Sonny were seriously suggesting that Dante go to a beach to watch the sunset while Sonny stuck around town murdering people. "Yes," Sonny answered without hesitation. Sonny insisted that he would do whatever was necessary to find his wife. Later, Lulu entered the parlor. Dante realized that Sonny had called her.

Sonny quickly told Lulu about his offer to send Dante and Lulu on an extended vacation. Sonny explained that he didn't want to fight with Dante, so he thought that it would be best for Dante to be far away from Port Charles until Brenda had been found. Sonny instructed them to let him know when they had made a decision and then left. Dante quickly filled Lulu in on what had transpired at Carly's house. Lulu reminded Dante that Sonny loved his children. Dante remained skeptical because Sonny refused to quit the business and set an example for Michael, Morgan, and Kristina.

Lulu suspected that Sonny didn't want Dante to see his dark and vengeful side again. Dante was curious if that meant that Lulu wanted to accept Sonny's offer. Lulu explained that she simply thought that Sonny was trying to protect Dante. Dante disagreed; he believed that Sonny was trying to protect Sonny. Dante refused to let Sonny do as he pleased. Lulu wasn't surprised because Dante was "moral and ethical."

Lulu wondered if Dante were prepared to arrest Sonny. Dante's phone rang before he could reply. It was Molly calling to let Dante know about Michael's decision to follow the man who had tried to kill Shawn. Dante immediately set out to search for Michael. Dante found his brother a short time later in an alley with the would-be assassin. Dante identified himself as a police officer and then ordered the man to put down his gun. "Back off or he's dead," the man warned Dante.

In the cave compound, Theo demanded to know where his grandchild was. Brenda explained that the child didn't exist. She revealed that she had miscarried during her seventh month. Theo was certain that she had given the child up for adoption, so he insisted that Brenda tell him the names of the adoptive parents. Brenda accused Theo of being delusional. Theo ignored the insult as he informed her that she might have taken his son, but he refused to be deprived of his grandchild.

Theo was curious when Brenda had realized that she was pregnant. Brenda revealed that it had been around the time that she had discovered that Aleksander had been a "sick and twisted criminal." Theo cautioned Brenda that it would be wise of her to avoid such comments. Brenda ignored the advice as she informed Theo that Aleksander had stalked her and then had tried to kill a police officer. Theo suggested that she focus on the baby. Brenda conceded that Dante had claimed the baby as his own and then signed the custody papers, so that Brenda could raise the baby without any interference.

Theo was curious when Brenda had altered her plans. Brenda insisted that she had intended to keep her baby. She had been given clearance to travel to Africa, but then she had fallen ill with a fever. Afterwards, she had been told that her son had been stillborn. Theo wondered if anyone could confirm her story. Theo was stunned when Brenda admitted that the director of ASEC, Suzanne Stanwyck, had been with her.

After Brenda was returned to her room, Jules delivered a lunch tray. Brenda immediately struck up a conversation with Jules about his boss, Mr. Big. Jules confided that Mr. Big kept him around because Jules knew where all the bodies were buried. Brenda tried to get Jules to help her escape, but Jules refused because he didn't want to be the next body that was buried. Jules explained that was the reason that he carried a knife. Brenda suddenly realized that Jules wasn't dangerous.

"Only to myself," Jules admitted. Brenda smiled as she slowly approached him and then tried to persuade him to change his mind about helping her. Jules warned her that Mr. Big knew everything. Brenda suggested that he didn't have to know about "this." Jules looked nervous as Brenda gently stroked the lapels of his jacket.

Sonny went to Metro Court to thank Carly for stopping him from killing Shawn. He hated that Michael and Morgan had seen their father at his worst. Carly assured Sonny that she didn't judge him; she suspected that she would have had a similar reaction if their roles had been reversed. However, she was adamant that Shawn didn't know anything. Sonny admitted that it no longer mattered because Shawn had become untouchable when the police had entered the picture.

Suzanne approached Sonny to find out if there had been any news about Brenda. Sonny told Suzanne that the police were working on it. Suzanne confessed that she didn't think that the police could find Brenda. Suzanne admitted that she didn't care what methods were used as long as Brenda was located. Seconds later, Suzanne's phone rang, so she stepped away to take the call. It was Theo. He demanded, "Come back, now. It's quite urgent."

After Suzanne left, Sonny asked Carly to give him a list of the people that Theo had dealt with during his stay in the hotel. Sonny wanted her to forward everything to Bernie. Carly immediately started making phone calls. Nearby, Jules entered the lobby. Jules hesitated a moment and then approached Sonny. "Excuse me, Mr. Corinthos? Sir?" Jules asked. Sonny turned to look at Jules and then asked, "What do you want?"

Suzanne returned to the cave to talk to her husband. She quickly updated him on her talk with Sonny. Theo wondered if perhaps she had been tipping off Sonny. Suzanne was shocked. "Why would I do that?" she demanded. Theo revealed that it appeared that she had done many things over the years that had defied explanation.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The man who'd attempted to assassinate Shawn held a gun on Michael, who made it clear that Sonny would kill the man should any harm befall Michael. However, Michael promised his captor that if the man were to tell Sonny everything he knew about the Balkan, Sonny would protect him. The man stated that he'd be killed if he revealed anything about Theo.

Dante showed up and attempted to arrest the man. Michael rushed the man, and a shot rang out. Michael and the man struggled, but Michael wrestled the gun away. Dante handcuffed the assailant. Michael explained to Dante that the man had information on Brenda's whereabouts. At the police station, Dante questioned his arrestee, who worried that Sonny would take revenge, since both Dante and Michael were Sonny's sons.

Dante left the man alone to go scold Michael. Michael defended his actions and said that he'd confronted the man to get information that could help rescue Brenda. Dante warned that Michael could have ended up in Pentonville if the wrong cop had shown up. Dante urged Michael to let the authorities handle the search for Brenda, but Michael refused to promise that he'd stay out of it.

Jason repeated to Sam, as she lay in her hospital bed, that he loved her. A very happy Sam told him the same and kissed him. Patrick arrived and examined her. He expressed that he was pleased with her recovery. She had gotten off lucky having only sustained a concussion and temporary hearing loss, Patrick said. He admonished her to stay off her feet. After Patrick left, Jason and Sam expressed mutual gratitude that they were together and all right.

Jason apologized for having put Sam in danger. Sam stopped him cold and said that there was no way they could have known that Theo would have switched her for Brenda. Sam insisted that Jason go to work to find Brenda. Jason made a promise to satisfy any desire Sam had, so that he could make sure she got it. Sam told him they'd celebrate very soon and kissed him goodbye.

After Jason left, Liz arrived to check up on Sam. They talked about Liz's kids. Sam thanked her for allowing Jason to spend time with Jake after the bus accident. Liz commented that Jake was stoic and calm, just like Jason. She lamented that Jake wasn't aware that Jason was his dad.

Sam pointed out that Jake looked so much like Jason, that it wouldn't be long before he figured it out. Liz left, and Suzanne went into Sam's room with a gift. Sam was surprised, because they did not know each other well. Suzanne pumped Sam for information but got none.

Liz went to the nurses' station and asked Patrick to look at a photo of Aiden. She asked Patrick whether he thought her son looked more like Nicholas or like Lucky. Patrick stated that they had to trust the DNA test. Liz wondered if Helena might have altered the results.

A very nervous Jules approached Sonny at the Metro Court front desk with information about Brenda. Another man looked on, which spooked Jules, who abruptly left. Carly told Sonny that he needed to stop berating anyone he thought might know anything about Brenda. Jax approached and let them know that he was helping Olivia dig up information on any guests who might have information on the Balkan.

Jax made it very clear that Sonny was not welcome to anything they dug up. Jax said he knew that Sonny would have his men intimidate anyone on the list of people who might have any knowledge about Theo. Jax told Sonny that the police would contact the people on the list. The two men argued until Sonny left. Jax warned Carly not to sneak the records to Sonny.

Carly said she wouldn't help Sonny, because that would be as bad as Jax having lied to her when he went to Europe to help Interpol protect Brenda. Jax was suspicious, because Carly acquiesced more quickly than she normally would. Carly admitted that Michael and Morgan had witnessed Sonny about to kill Shawn. Jax was angry that Morgan had also been exposed to Sonny's violence. Carly told Jax that she hoped her kids would grow up to be like him.

Later, Carly returned home. She heard someone breaking in through the front door and armed herself with Morgan's hockey stick. Just as Carly was about to attack, she realized it was Shawn. He told her to alert Jason, because Shawn had information on Theo.

Jason and Sonny entered Sonny's office as Sonny updated Jason on the efforts to find Brenda. He worried that they hadn't found with anything. The only real lead they had was Shawn. Jason let Sonny know that one of Theo's men had tried to kill Shawn but had been unsuccessful. Jason admitted that he'd let Shawn go to Manhattan to find clues in the records Shawn had kept there.

Jason argued that Shawn was motivated to help them. Jason also informed Sonny that Lucky had discovered Theo was married, so they should concentrate on finding Theo's wife. Though frustrated that Shawn had left Port Charles, Sonny was relieved that he hadn't killed Shawn in front of Michael and Morgan. "Michael and Morgan now have seen what you've seen," Sonny uttered to Jason, "what I don't want anybody to see."

Sonny expressed regret that he and Dante stood on opposite sides of the law once again but vowed to do whatever it took to find Brenda. Michael arrived and told Sonny and Jason that the man who'd tried to kill Shawn had been arrested. Sonny left, and Jason asked Michael for details. Michael told the story of how he'd found the man and how he'd wrestled the gun away from him. Jason chastised Michael for having used the skills Jason had taught him to survive in prison.

Michael said that he needed to prove that he was not a victim. Jason asked Michael to step back and look at the situation. Michael needed to ask himself what was driving him to take the risks he'd been taking, Jason asserted. Jason begged Michael not to continue getting too close to the business.

Sonny arrived at the police station, where he found Dante. Sonny asked Dante to let the suspect go so that Sonny's men could work the man over to get the facts that would lead them to Theo. Dante said he wouldn't break the law but that he and Sonny might be able to work together. Dante went back to the interrogation room and told the man that he was being released. Someone had paid bail, Dante informed him. The man refused, but Dante let Sonny into the room and left them alone.

Brenda frantically tried to escape from the cave compound but was unsuccessful, having dropped the tool she was using on the other side of the door. She reminisced about the vows that she and Sonny had only recently taken, before she'd been kidnapped. Jules walked into the room and apologized for not having told Sonny about her location because one of "Mr. Big's" men had been in the Metro Court lobby. Just then, Theo entered the room and reminded them both of the consequences for crossing him.

Brenda admitted that she'd been trying to get Jules to help her escape but that he'd refused. Theo excused Jules, who left the tool Brenda had dropped near the door. Brenda continued to argue that her child had been stillborn but said that she'd have hidden him from Theo had her son lived. Theo refused to believe that his grandchild was not alive.

Theo left Brenda alone and went to confront Suzanne over her knowledge that Brenda had lost the baby. Suzanne tried to convince him that she hadn't told him because she'd been trying to save him grief, but Theo wouldn't accept her excuses and replied that their grandson hadn't died and that Suzanne had known all along. Suzanne denied that their grandson was alive.

Theo accused Suzanne of having hidden Brenda's child, and he menacingly told her he would do whatever it took to get the truth. Theo said he wouldn't let Suzanne keep their grandson from him the way she had tried to keep Alexander from joining Theo's organization. Suzanne maintained that they had no grandchild.

Later, Theo returned to the room in the cave and was shocked to find it empty. Outside, a freezing Brenda searched for a way to escape.

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