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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 28, 2011 on GH
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Monday, March 28, 2011

At the police station, Jason demanded to know if Dante were sure that Luke had been responsible for the hit-and-run that had killed Jake. Dante confirmed that the evidence was conclusive. Jason refused to believe that it had been an accident. Dante pointed out that any one of the other drivers could have hit Jake, but Jason argued that they hadn't been drunk like Luke had been. Dante pointed out that Jason didn't know for certain that Luke had been drunk at the time of the accident, so he urged Jason to think carefully before confronting Luke.

Sam went to the hospital to check on Carly and Josslyn. Sam immediately sensed that Carly was troubled, so Carly showed Sam the video message that Franco had sent. Sam advised Carly to tell Jason, but Carly was reluctant to involve Jason because he was dealing with Jake's death. Carly tried to downplay the message, but Sam reminded Carly that Franco was too dangerous to underestimate. Eventually, Carly agreed to talk to Jason.

At the penthouse, Carly tried to work up the nerve to tell Jason about Franco's video message. Jason wasn't in the mood for Carly's games, so he demanded that she tell him what was bothering her. Carly reluctantly showed Jason the tape of Franco promising to keep a close watch on Josslyn. Afterwards, Carly sent the video message to Spinelli's inbox while Jason assured her that she had done the right thing by alerting Jason. Carly was concerned that Franco knew about Jake and intended to take advantage of Jason's grief by luring Jason into a trap, but Jason was determined to protect Josslyn.

Carly returned to the hospital to spend time with Josslyn. She was surprised when Shawn entered Josslyn's hospital room a short time later. Shawn let Carly know that he was on the mend and had a new job. Carly was stunned when he revealed that he had been hired as her bodyguard.

Abby led Michael to her bedroom, where they slowly stripped off each other's clothes and then made love for the first time. Afterwards, Michael told Abby how beautiful she was. Abby and Michael smiled as they agreed that the sex had been amazing. Abby felt vindicated for having told him that he had nothing to worry about in the bedroom. Michael confessed that he had no idea why he had been so nervous to be intimate with her.

Abby admitted that she had been hesitant to get too close to him because she had been afraid to open herself up to possible heartbreak. However, Michael had made her feel like she could trust again, so she had taken a leap of faith. Michael and Abby made love again and then went to the living room. Abby invited Michael to wait on the sofa while she fetched them something to eat. Michael admitted that he felt a bit awkward because he had no idea how to be in an intimate relationship with someone.

Michael confessed that a part of him had worried that Carter had damaged him. Abby assured Michael that the sex had been wonderful and that she didn't have any regrets. Abby ducked into the kitchen to grab some cold pizza and then returned to the living room. Michael confided that Carly had always had pizza around when he had been growing up, so it was one of his favorite snacks. He was mortified when he realized that he had mentioned his mother.

Abby chuckled as she promised Michael that it was okay. Michael grinned happily as he admitted that he felt great. Abby confessed that she felt the same way. Later, Abby wondered what Michael was thinking about as they continued to snuggle on the sofa. He admitted that he had been remembering the first night that they had met and how uncomfortable he had felt. Michael confided that he had once believed that he would never be normal again because of the rape. Michael credited Abby for helping him to get through it.

Abby conceded that she had seen his strength, courage, and gentleness, but she insisted that Michael had helped himself. Michael recalled that Abby had once told him that just because he had hated where he was in life, it didn't mean that he had to throw away his future. He was glad that he hadn't. Things quickly heated up when Michael and Abby kissed, so he carried her into the bedroom. After they made love, Michael wondered if it were okay to be so happy. Abby insisted that he deserved all the happiness that he could get.

Michael realized that some of his loved ones were in pain, but he confessed that being in bed with her was the absolute best feeling. Abby believed that many people were so busy chasing what they wanted that they sometimes missed what was right in front of them. She recalled that she had once made excuses not to be with Michael by telling herself that he had been too young and she had been too messed up. Michael insisted that Abby was perfect. She smiled and then confessed that a part of her was terrified to be so happy; however, she refused to sit around waiting for something bad to happen, so she intended to savor every moment with Michael. Michael stunned Abby when he declared his love for her.

Liz invited Lulu into the living room. Lulu admitted that Jake had been an amazing child and that she was deeply sorry for Liz's loss. Lulu also regretted the way that she had treated Liz after the affair with Nikolas and the things that she had said to Liz. Liz didn't think that any of that seemed to matter anymore. Lulu confessed that it had been wrong of her to judge Liz, but Liz insisted that Lulu had just been a protective sister.

Lulu conceded that Liz hadn't set out to hurt Lucky by having an affair. Lulu also acknowledged that Liz had always been a wonderful sister and friend to her; Liz had treated Lulu with more patience than Lulu had shown Liz. Liz assured Lulu that Lulu didn't have to apologize, but Lulu argued that it had been wrong of her to take her anger out on Liz. Lulu wished that her ego would have let her say that sooner and that it hadn't taken the loss of a child to see it. Liz joined Lulu on the sofa and then gently changed the subject by asking if Lulu had spoken to Lucky.

"Yes," Lulu assured Liz. Liz confessed that Lucky had persuaded her to donate Jake's organs after the accident. Lulu reminded Liz that Jake had saved the lives of many children. Liz hoped that one day the knowledge would help in some small way. Lulu admitted that she wished that Lucky could focus on Jake's gift of life rather than on finding the driver responsible for the accident.

Liz refused to blame the driver for Jake's death. According to Liz, it had been her fault for not locking the front door or hearing Jake leave. "That was an accident," Lulu insisted. Seconds later, someone knocked on the door, so Lulu answered it. It was Dante. Lulu offered to leave when Dante revealed that they had found the driver responsible for the hit-and-run.

Liz invited Lulu to stay as Dante struggled to find the words to break the news to Liz and Lulu. Dante assured Liz and Lulu that it appeared to have been a "complete accident" and then admitted that Luke had been the driver. Lulu insisted that it had to be a mistake; she demanded to know if he had checked the mystery car with the forged license plates. Dante assured Lulu that they were certain that they had proof. Lulu became distraught as she struggled to accept what Dante had told her.

Liz was equally shaken by the news, so she asked Lulu and Dante to leave. Lulu didn't want Liz to be alone, so she asked Dante stay with Liz. Liz explained that she needed to be alone, so Lulu and Dante left. Later, Lulu bumped into Tracy on a street corner. She tearfully wondered if Tracy had seen Luke.

Tracy realized that something had happened, so Lulu explained that Luke had been responsible for Jake's hit-and-run. "That's not possible," Tracy argued. Lulu revealed that forensics had confirmed it. Lulu then told Tracy that Lucky had gone to see Luke. Lulu confessed that Lucky had been on the warpath when he had thought that Carly had been responsible for the accident, so she feared how Lucky would react to Luke being the driver.

Tracy couldn't believe that Luke had killed Jake. Lulu didn't know how Luke and Lucky would be able to make peace with what had happened. Tracy feared that Luke's life wouldn't be "right" without Lucky in it. Lulu worried that the guilt of Jake's death would eat her father alive.

At the Haunted Star Luke was horrified at the realization that he had killed Jake. Luke acknowledged that he had been speeding, but Lucky demanded to know if Luke had been drinking. "I had a drink," Luke reluctantly admitted. Lucky demanded to know how many drinks Luke had consumed before climbing behind the wheel of the car. Luke insisted that it had only been "one or two" shots of scotch. Lucky was furious because his son was dead.

Luke denied that the accident had been a result of his drinking. Luke couldn't understand how it had happened because he didn't recall seeing Jake. "No dad, you didn't see him or react because you were drunk," Lucky accused his father. Lucky was shocked when Luke made his way to the bar to pour himself a drink. "What are you doing?" Lucky demanded in disbelief.

Luke explained that he had been drinking since the age of twelve; he emptied the glass and then made his way to the center of the casino to walk a straight line to show Lucky that he could pass a sobriety test. Lucky begged Luke to stop, but Luke desperately wanted Lucky to believe that the alcohol hadn't played a role in the tragic accident. Luke then poured himself several more shots of scotch, which he quickly drank. Lucky angrily demanded that his father stop, but Luke ignored his son's order. Lucky violently knocked the glass out of Luke's hand and then grabbed Luke's shirtfront as he once again screamed at Luke to stop.

Lucky quickly released Luke, who immediately began to weep and shake uncontrollably. Lucky stared at his father with a mixture of fury and despair. Luke pulled himself together enough to take full responsibility for the accident. Luke assured Lucky that he would carry the guilt of Jake's death with him forever. "That doesn't make it okay," Lucky explained. Luke began to weep again as he confessed that he wished that he had taken a different route and hadn't been speeding on that fateful night.

Lucky was frustrated because he didn't hear Luke wishing that he hadn't taken those drinks that Luke had before driving. Luke suggested that Lucky was just looking to blame something for Jake's death, so he was blaming Luke's drinking. Luke thought that it was an easy answer; however, no one knew why it had happened. Luke's inability to accept that he had a drinking problem only angered Lucky further. Lucky argued that the curse of addiction had been passed down from Luke's father to Luke and then from Luke to Lucky. According to Lucky, Luke's drinking had killed Jake.

"Okay. If that's what you need to believe, if that comforts you and gets you through the night, then fine. It was my drinking that killed Jake. I was drunk," Luke told Lucky. Luke wanted to know what he could do to ease Lucky and Liz's pain. Lucky insisted that it was too late. Luke began to sob as he begged Lucky not to hate him. Lucky blamed himself for ignoring the signs of Luke's drinking problem for too long.

Luke conceded that he was flawed, but he pleaded with Lucky not to hate him. Lucky quietly assured Luke that he didn't hate his father and never could. Lucky understood that Luke loved Lucky as much as Lucky had loved Jake. Luke was shattered as he watched a completely defeated Lucky walk out of the casino. Luke sat down as memories of the past invaded his mind.

Luke recalled a time shortly after Lulu's birth when he and Lucky had talked about how babies had changed things. Luke had told his young son that Lucky and been one of the two most amazing things to ever happen to him. Luke then remembered Lucky once questioning if Luke would change anything about the way that Luke had raised his children if Luke could do things over. Luke had admitted that he wouldn't change anything because he'd be afraid that he'd "screw" things up by actually trying to raise Lucky. Luke suddenly stood up and then began to trash the casino as he screamed in anguish.

Dante arrived at the police station to find Lucky at work. Lucky revealed that he had told Luke that Luke had been responsible for Jake's death. Lucky confided that Luke had been drinking at the time of the accident, but they had no way of proving that Luke had been over the legal limit. Dante warned Lucky that Lulu had heard the news and that she had been reluctant to believe it. Lucky wasn't surprised; denial was in his family genes.

Lucky explained that Luke refused to accept that his drinking had been a factor in the accident, but Luke had admitted that he'd had no business being behind the wheel of the car. However, Luke had only said that to appease Lucky. Lucky insisted that Luke refused to acknowledge the possibility that Jake had died because Luke had been impaired. Dante revealed that Jason had also been told about Luke's role in the accident. Lucky was curious how Jason had reacted, so Dante admitted that Jason had blamed Luke's drinking for the tragedy.

Lucky decided to go to Jason's penthouse to talk to Jason. However, Sam revealed that Jason wasn't at home. Lucky begged Sam not to stonewall him, but Sam assured Lucky that she had no idea where Jason had gone. Lucky revealed that Luke had been responsible for the hit-and-run that had killed Jake, so he asked Sam to keep Jason from killing Luke.

Luke wasn't surprised to see Jason enter the casino. Luke had been wondering when Jason would show up. He was curious if Jason had a gun or if he needed to use Luke's. "Enjoying yourself?" Jason asked Luke. Luke gave Jason a sarcastic answer, which Jason ignored. Jason demanded to know if Luke had been drinking prior to running over Jake.

Luke admitted that he'd had a drink, but he denied being drunk at the time of the accident. Jason didn't buy that excuse. Jason insisted that a person was more aware of their surroundings and faster to react when they were sober. "But you weren't," Jason said with certainty. Luke retrieved a gun from beneath the bar and then set it down for Jason. "There it is. Use it," Luke invited Jason.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Abby's bedroom, Michael feared that he might have made Abby uncomfortable by declaring his love for her after they had made love. Abby tried to change the subject by suggesting that they get a peppermint latte, but Michael saw through the ploy. He insisted that he loved Abby because she was smart, amazing, funny, and good for him. Abby confessed that Michael was good for her, too, but she suspected that he thought he was in love with her because she had been his first. Abby explained that she didn't want to label what they had because she wanted to enjoy their relationship while it lasted.

Michael was curious if she were trying to end things with him. "No," Abby assured him. According to Abby, love didn't always last because people changed. She warned him that he might be in a different place at thirty than he was at nineteen, so she wanted to focus on the present. Michael insisted that he loved her, but he realized that she had made up her mind, so he agreed to let the matter drop for the moment. Abby smiled with relief and then kissed Michael, which quickly led to more lovemaking.

Afterwards, Michael shyly admitted that he hoped that he had pleased her in bed. Abby explained that a person had to trust someone to let their guard down, so in that way, Michael had been her first. Michael was curious what Abby would want if she could have anything in the world. Abby assured Michael that he didn't have to buy her anything, but Michael wanted to show her how much she meant to him. Abby suggested that he buy her a peppermint latte because she had a serious addiction to satisfy.

Later, Michael and Abby strolled along the sidewalk as they sipped their lattes. Their romantic interlude was shattered when Abby's abusive ex-boyfriend suddenly made an appearance. Abby was stunned that Brandon had been released from jail. Brandon made a snide remark about Michael being Abby's "boy toy" and then revealed that he had hired a new attorney who had arranged for Brandon to be released on bail. Michael vowed to kill Brandon if Brandon didn't stay away from Abby.

Brandon chuckled as he warned Abby that his attorney intended to argue that Michael had attacked Brandon in a jealous rage. Abby assured Brandon that she wouldn't hesitate to testify that Brandon had tried to rape her. Brandon was confident that Abby would change her story once she realized that Michael could end up back in Pentonville.

At the hospital, Carly and Shawn stood outside of Josslyn's room as Shawn explained that Jason had hired Shawn to guard Carly and Josslyn. Carly urged Shawn to help Jason stop Franco. She argued that Jason wasn't in the right frame of mind to deal with Franco because Jason was grieving over the loss of his son. Shawn suggested that Carly save her breath because Shawn intended to keep watch over Carly and her daughter. "Fine," Carly reluctantly agreed.

Carly decided to set some ground rules for Shawn to follow; she expected him to drive wherever they went and to be discrete because he might be privy to sensitive information that she didn't want to get back to Jason. Shawn assured Carly that he wasn't there to police her life, so she could rest easy. Moments later, Jax arrived for a visit with his daughter. Jax wasn't pleased to learn that Shawn had been hired to guard Carly and Josslyn. Jax's mood didn't improve when Carly revealed that Franco had contacted her.

Jax resented that Carly had gone straight to Jason instead of warning Jax. Carly and Jax traded heated words until Shawn suggested that Josslyn might overhear her parents. Shawn reminded Jax that Jason was Franco's primary target, so Carly had been right to let Jason know that Franco had contacted her. Jax didn't want his daughter to be caught in the crossfire between mobsters and a serial killer. Carly was curious if Jax were prepared to risk Josslyn's safety because of his ego and wounded pride.

Jax suggested spiriting Josslyn out of the country, but Carly quickly reminded him that Josslyn was recovering from a transplant, so she wasn't in any shape to travel. Carly made it clear that she intended to take Josslyn home to recuperate, but Jax vowed that it wouldn't happen. After Jax stormed off, Shawn assured an exasperated Carly that he hadn't heard or seen a thing.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Brenda arrived home to find the foyer table buried beneath a mountain of wedding gifts. Sonny apologized for cutting their honeymoon short, but Brenda assured him that she understood. Brenda confessed that she couldn't imagine what Jason was going through after suffering the tragic loss of his son. Sonny decided to pay his friend a visit. After Sonny left, Brenda went to the hospital to try to make peace with Carly for the sake of the children.

On a street corner, Lulu couldn't believe that Luke had killed Jake. Lulu realized that the one person, who had understood what Lucky had been going through, needed Lucky's forgiveness. Tracy warned Lulu that it was a tall order. Lulu wanted Lucky and Luke to understand that Jake's hit-and-run had been a horrible accident, but Tracy had her doubts that Lucky would see things that way. Tracy was curious what time the accident had occurred, so Lulu revealed that it had been around 8:00 p.m.

"Cocktail hour," Tracy realized. Lulu immediately defended her father by insisting that Luke never got drunk, so alcohol hadn't played a role in the accident. Tracy was certain that Luke would agree with Lulu; however, Lucky would be looking to assign blame, so Lucky would blame it on the alcohol. Lulu decided to find her father, but Tracy suggested that Tracy ought to talk to Luke instead because Luke would be more apt to tell Tracy the truth.

Lulu went to Dante's loft to talk to him about the accident. Dante apologized for breaking the news to Lulu as he had. He explained that he had no idea that Lulu had been at Liz's house. Lulu had no idea how her family would be able to "bounce back" from the tragedy, but Dante assured her that, in time, they would. "My dad killed my nephew. That's the worst thing that could have happened," Lulu cried.

Dante held Lulu for a few minutes and then guided her to the sofa where he confessed that he had told Jason that Luke had been the driver. Lulu worried that Jason would try to kill her father, but Dante assured her that Jason wouldn't act rashly. Dante reminded Lulu that Jason and Luke had several friends in common, so he was confident that they would be able to talk Jason down. Dante then shifted gears to find out why Lulu had been at Liz's house. Lulu admitted that she had apologized to Liz for the way that she had treated Liz since learning of the affair.

Dante was curious if Lulu had seen Luke. Lulu explained that Tracy had talked her out of it because Tracy had thought that it would best for Tracy to speak to Luke. Dante agreed that it had probably been for the best. Lulu confessed that she wished the hit-and-run could have gone unsolved. According to Lulu, the truth didn't always provide closure; it sometimes ripped lives apart.

At Jason's penthouse, Lucky explained to Sam that he didn't want Jason to hurt Luke. Sam assured Lucky that she would be happy to use what influence she had to persuade Jason to leave Luke alone, but she warned Lucky that Jason was in a lot of pain. Lucky reminded Sam that he and Luke were also in pain. Sam wondered if it were possible for Luke to take one of his extended trips out of town. Lucky suspected that it would only fuel Jason's anger, so Sam suggested that Lucky call Jason. Lucky admitted that he had tried, but Jason hadn't picked up.

Lucky wanted Sam to pass along the message to leave Luke to Lucky. Sam promised that she would, but she couldn't guarantee that it would stop Jason from seeking out Luke. Lucky started to leave, but then stopped at the door. He asked Sam to let Jason know that, for what it was worth, he and Liz were in the same hell that Jason was in. Sam reminded Lucky that Jason had been deeply grateful to Lucky for raising Jake. Lucky wondered if perhaps Jake would have been safer with Jason after all.

At the Haunted Star, Luke was curious if Jason would prefer that Luke put the gun in his own mouth and then pull the trigger. "It would be a start," Jason coldly replied. Luke confessed that suicide would be a relief, but Jason doubted that Luke would do it. "What makes you so sure?" Luke wondered. Luke acknowledged the pain and hurt that he had caused, but he insisted that the accident had been the result of poor lighting and Luke's speeding. Jason was furious that Luke had been drinking.

Jason accused Luke of being too arrogant to look him in the eye, and admit that Jake had died because Luke had been drunk. Jason grabbed the gun off of the bar and then aimed at Luke's heart. Luke thought that Jason, more than anyone, understood that life was random, and that terrible things happened, even to children. Jason suggested that Luke thank Michael the next time that Luke saw him. Jason explained that he wanted to kill Luke, but it wasn't what he wanted for Michael or the man that Jason hoped that Michael would become one day. Jason dropped the gun on the table and then walked out.

Tracy arrived at the casino a short time later. Luke sat at the bar, nursing a drink with the gun resting at his elbow. Tracy warned Luke that Jason might be looking for him, so Luke revealed that Jason had already stopped by. Luke was curious how Tracy had heard about the hit-and-run. He wasn't surprised when she admitted that Lulu had told her. He wondered how his daughter was doing.

Tracy explained that Lulu was upset and afraid for Luke. Luke confessed that he had no idea how to get past the tragedy. Tracy wanted to help, but Luke insisted that it wasn't possible. Luke revealed that Lucky had jumped to the wrong conclusion by blaming the accident on alcohol. Luke thought perhaps Tracy could make Lucky see that a lot of things had factored into the accident, except alcohol.

Luke realized that Lucky was desperate to find a reason for the accident; however, sometimes there wasn't an answer. Luke was certain that Lucky would eventually demand that Luke enter a twelve-step program and then admit that he was an alcoholic. Luke vowed that would never happen. Tracy agreed to talk to Lucky, but she warned Luke that he might not want her to. "Why?" Luke wondered. Tracy confessed that she thought that Lucky was right.

Tracy assured Luke that she thought that he was magnificent, but he was human and therefore susceptible to the affects of alcohol. Luke argued that he hadn't been drunk at the time of the accident. Tracy was curious if he denied that he had been drinking. Luke reiterated that he hadn't been drunk and then warned Tracy to back off. Tracy reminded Luke that she loved him and that she had married him for better or worse. "That stands," she promised.

Jason arrived home to find Sonny waiting in the living room. Jason immediately warned Sonny that Franco had resurfaced, so Jason had hired Shawn to guard Carly and Josslyn. Sonny was leery about leaving Carly and Josslyn's safety in Shawn's hands. Jason explained that he had too much going on to deal with Franco, so Sonny immediately offered Jason his condolences. Sonny was shocked when Jason revealed that Luke had been the driver of the car that had killed Jake.

Jason explained that traffic cameras had provided the police with seven suspects and that forensics had checked each vehicle. Sonny admitted that he had cut his honeymoon short after Michael had called to tell him that Carly had been one of the suspects. Jason clarified that Jake's hit-and-run hadn't been an accident because Luke had been drinking. Sonny understood Jason's need to blame something for the senseless death of his son, but he doubted that Luke would drive drunk. Jason conceded that Luke might not have been weaving all over the road, but Jason believed that Luke might have seen Jake if Luke had been sober.

Jason acknowledged that Sonny had never approved of Jason's decision to let Lucky raise Jake. Jason conceded that Jake might have been better off with him after all. Sonny reminded Jason that there weren't any guarantees in life about keeping loved ones safe. Sonny believed that all one could do was love, be there for those one cared about, and to make the best decisions possible. According to Sonny, Jason had done all of those things. "Do not doubt yourself," Sonny insisted.

After Sonny left, Sam arrived at the penthouse. She saw Jason sitting with his back to the door, so she let him know that she would be upstairs if he needed her. Jason apologized for not being good company, but Sam assured him that he didn't have to explain anything to her or take care of her. She told him that she loved him and then quietly left the room.

Luke was sitting alone in the Haunted Star when Sonny entered the casino. "And the parade continues," Luke commented as Sonny approached the bar. Luke warned Sonny that he could save his breath if he intended to preach or blame Luke for the accident. However, if Sonny wanted a drink then he was welcome to take a seat.

Siobhan stopped by Lucky's apartment to drop off some food. She didn't want to push herself on Lucky, so she started to leave. Lucky admitted that he needed her. He was curious if she had seen Luke drink on the night of Jake's accident. Siobhan confessed that she recalled that Luke had consumed a tumbler of scotch. Siobhan was shocked when Lucky revealed that Luke had been responsible for the hit-and-run.

Lucky explained that Luke had denied that he had been drunk at the time of the accident. Siobhan joined Lucky on the sofa as Lucky began to talk about his rocky relationship with Luke. Lucky confessed that there had been several years when Lucky and Luke had barely spoken, during which Luke had been steadily drinking. Lucky confided that even Lucky's addiction hadn't made an impact on Luke's drinking; however, Lucky admitted that it had been the first time that he had recognized that his father had a problem. Siobhan was curious if Lucky had talked to Luke about it at the time.

According to Lucky, Luke hadn't been interested in hearing it, so it had been easier not to acknowledge the "pink elephant" in the room. Lucky realized that he had enabled his father by looking away, all the while knowing that Luke was a "raging alcoholic." Lucky knew that it would end in disaster, but he had never foreseen that Jake would pay the ultimate price. Lucky feared that Jake's death was as much his fault as it had been Luke's. Siobhan refused to allow Lucky to beat himself up over something that had been beyond his control.

Lucky reminded Siobhan that he had been the one who was supposed to have had Jake and Cameron that fateful night, but he had dumped them on their already overburdened mother, so that he could get married. Siobhan thought that it was one thing to seek answers, but another to take responsibility for something that Luke had done. Lucky argued that it had been his selfishness that had set the stage for the accident to happen.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the sidewalk, Michael promised that there would be "no way in hell" that Abby would drop the charges against Brandon. Brandon smiled maliciously as he threatened to send Michael back to Pentonville by claiming that Michael had attacked him without provocation. Abby doubted that anyone would believe Brandon's absurd claims, but Brandon's confidence didn't waver. "Last chance," Brandon taunted. Abby cautioned Michael not to play into Brandon's hands, but Michael vowed to kill Brandon if Brandon ever touched Abby again.

Abby became distraught as the tension mounted between Michael and Brandon. She held Michael back as Brandon suggested that Michael keep his temper in check. After Brandon casually walked away, Michael reiterated that he would not let Brandon hurt Abby.

At the loft, Dante reminded Lulu that she had seen Luke's name on the list of suspects, but Lulu admitted that she had never allowed herself to entertain the possibility that Luke had killed Jake. She knew that it would have torn apart her family, which it had. Dante confessed that he had never thought that his family would forgive him for his role in sending Michael to jail, but over time, they had. Dante was certain that Lucky and Luke would eventually work things out. Lulu argued that the situations were different because Michael hadn't died.

Dante conceded that things were further complicated because Luke had been drinking prior to the accident. Lulu argued that it had been dark, so no one could have seen Jake. However, she feared that Lucky would never be able to see it as an accident because he would always be reminded of Jake's death whenever Lucky looked at Luke. Dante was annoyed when Michael and Abby suddenly burst through the door. Dante griped that Michael should have knocked, but Michael pointed out that he lived there. Dante explained that he had been having a serious conversation with Lulu.

Michael demanded to know why Abby hadn't been told that Brandon had been released from jail. Dante was surprised by the news. Michael and Abby revealed that Brandon had hired a new attorney who intended to take the case to trial, so that Brandon could claim that Abby had lied about the attempted rape. Michael also revealed that Brandon intended to accuse Michael of assaulting Brandon in a jealous rage, which Dante had later covered up. Dante assured Michael that the ploy wouldn't work because a victim's testimony carried a lot of weight. Abby revealed that she refused to testify because she didn't want to risk Michael being sent back to Pentonville.

After Michael and Abby left, Dante called to get more information about Brandon's release from jail. Dante learned that Brandon had hired Angela Dwyer. According to Dante, Angela was very good, so Abby's testimony would be crucial to secure a conviction. Lulu was curious why Dante was so worried. Dante explained that Michael might be compelled to take matters into his own hands to keep Abby safe from Brandon. Dante feared that he might not be able to help Michael if Michael decided to go after Brandon.

Michael and Abby arrived at her apartment a short time later. Abby was certain that Brandon wanted to hurt Michael to punish Abby for breaking things off. Michael refused to let Brandon get away with hurting Abby, so he insisted that she not recant her statement. Abby explained that she couldn't risk Michael being sent back to Pentonville because of Brandon's lies, so she begged Michael not to do anything that might jeopardize his parole. Abby insisted that she didn't care if Brandon walked as long as Michael was safe.

At the nurses' station, Robin checked to see how Patrick's patient had fared during surgery. Patrick assured her that the operation had gone well. Robin admitted that she had been concerned because she realized that it had been Patrick's first surgery since Jake Webber had died. She confessed that she wasn't ready to enter an operating room, but she was proud that Patrick hadn't hesitated. Lisa spied the happy couple as she approached the nurses' station.

Lisa was so focused on Patrick and Robin that she walked right into Steve. Steve immediately noticed why Lisa had been distracted. Lisa claimed that she was trying to keep up with a busy workload, but she considered herself lucky to have a job after Robin's attempts to get her fired. Steve informed Lisa that she was still on staff because there hadn't been any evidence to back up the latest round of accusations. However, he quickly clarified that if Lisa's personal life continued to interfere with work then she would be gone.

Steve promised that no amount of grandstanding or shifting of blame would save her. Lisa insisted that she wanted to put her affair with Patrick behind her. She hoped that Patrick and Robin's reconciliation would help Robin "dial down the paranoia." "Sounds reasonable," Steve responded. Lisa sensed that Steve hadn't believed her, so Steve admitted that she was good at telling people what they wanted to hear.

After Steve walked away, Emma's babysitter, Stefani, arrived at the hospital with Emma in tow. Lisa watched as Patrick and Robin warmly greeted their daughter. Stefani showed the happy parents the picture that Emma had drawn in art class. Robin thanked Stefani for watching Emma on such short notice. After Stefani left, Patrick and Robin headed to the elevator with Emma as they made dinner plans.

Later, Patrick arrived home with some takeout food. Robin was delighted that he had picked up some pot stickers because she hadn't had any since their split. She confessed that she had started to cry the last time that she had been in the restaurant, so she had been too embarrassed to return. Patrick apologized for putting Robin through so much pain, but Robin assured him that she was determined to move forward. After dinner, Patrick and Robin read Emma a bedtime story. They were unaware that Lisa was lurking outside in the bushes, crying as she watched them.

Outside of Josslyn's hospital room, Brenda made an appeal to Carly to bury the hatchet for the sake of the children, but Carly refused. Brenda was curious why Carly seemed so determined to hold onto her grudge. Carly insisted that she didn't "give a damn" about Brenda; Carly's only concern was to protect Sonny. Brenda assured Carly that Sonny didn't need protection and that Sonny's children would be a part of Brenda's life, regardless how Carly felt about it. Carly assured Brenda that she would not encourage the children to spend any time with Brenda.

Brenda couldn't understand why Carly couldn't leave the children out of it. Carly didn't have an opportunity to reply because Shawn walked up. Later, Carly thanked Shawn for his intervention. Carly was certain that Brenda would accuse Shawn of manhandling Brenda, so Carly promised to talk to Sonny. Shawn didn't think it was fair that Carly had trouble with her husband and ex-husband. Carly explained that it couldn't be avoided because Jax wanted custody of Josslyn and Brenda was trying to push her way into the children's lives.

Carly insisted that Brenda had no idea what it was like to have a doctor tell her that her child had cancer and that they would pump poison into her child's body because there wasn't any hope for a transplant. Carly eyes filled with tears as she added that Brenda also didn't know what it was like to have to ask her best friend, on the worst day of his life, to donate his brain-dead son's kidney. Shawn quietly walked up to Carly and then gently rubbed her back. Later, Carly returned to Josslyn's room to find Shawn quietly introducing himself to Josslyn. Carly smiled at the tender way that he spoke her daughter.

On Iberia Island, outside of Baton Rouge, Theo and his henchman entered the house on Plantation Road where Theo's grandson had been staying. No one was home, but the henchman confirmed that the young boy and his adoptive parents had been staying at the house. Theo didn't want anyone to look for him after he took custody of the child, so he instructed the henchman to be "thorough" with the adoptive parents. Theo also warned the henchman that Brenda must never know that her son was alive. Later, Theo was waiting for his grandson's arrival when the door opened.

Theo was startled to see Suzanne enter the house. Suzanne smiled with satisfaction as she took a moment to savor the expression on Theo's face, which she confessed was priceless. Suzanne closed the door as she bragged that she had stayed a step ahead of Theo by securing the loyalty of several men in Theo's employ. Theo was curious if the phone call leading Theo to Iberia Island had been part of an elaborate ruse. "Not at all," Suzanne assured her husband. She promised that their grandson and his adoptive parents were expected.

Suzanne wondered how she and Theo had ended up in the position that they were in. Theo accused Suzanne of destroying their trust. Suzanne admitted that she wanted to rebuild what they had lost because she missed their closeness. Theo was curious about Suzanne's sudden change of heart, after she had gone through so much trouble to hide their grandson from him. Suzanne confessed that she had only recently realized that Theo had been as devastated by Aleksander's death as she had been. Theo wondered where that left them.

Suzanne suggested that they could raise their grandson together without Brenda ever knowing that the child was alive. She suspected that they had needed the crisis to remind them of what really mattered. Theo was pleased that they had been able to find some common ground. Suzanne insisted that nothing was more important than their flesh and blood. Theo agreed that their grandson was their legacy, and he vowed that the child would have all the benefits of Theo's vast empire.

Suzanne carefully studied Theo as he talked about his plans to give their grandson everything that should have belonged to Aleksander. Suzanne stood up and then slowly walked behind the chair that Theo was seated in to rub his shoulders. She confessed that she had always admired him because he had never hesitated to go after what he wanted. Suzanne pulled a straight razor out of her pocket and then opened it as she told Theo that she was finally in a position to give Theo what he deserved. Without hesitation, Suzanne ruthlessly slit Theo's throat.

On the Haunted Star, Sonny assured Luke that Jake's death hadn't been Luke's fault. According to Sonny, no one could have seen Jake in the road that night. Sonny realized that Jake's parents would try to blame Luke, so he urged Luke to take an extended vacation. Luke refused to run from Jason. Sonny confessed that he hadn't supported Jason's decision to let Lucky raise Jake. Sonny didn't blame Lucky for what had happened, but he suggested that Jason just needed some space.

Luke revealed that Jason had given him a reprieve because of Michael. Sonny continued to argue that the hit-and-run had been a terrible accident that couldn't have been avoided. Sonny believed that anyone could have hit Jake, so it had just been the luck of the draw. Luke appreciated Sonny's attempt to spin things, but Luke recalled that Sonny had once warned Luke that people didn't think clearly when they drank. Sonny continued to argue that Luke shouldn't blame himself for the accident.

Luke explained that he had to blame himself for the accident because he had killed Jake. Luke recalled how desperate he had been to find the driver of the car. "How's that for irony?" Luke wondered. Sonny pointed out that if Luke had been guilty then Luke would have been in a jail cell. Luke reminded Sonny that the police hadn't been able to prove that he had been drunk at the time of the accident. Luke admitted that it annoyed him that everyone wanted to blame the accident on his drinking.

Sonny continued to defend Luke, which made Luke curious why Sonny was so determined to absolve Luke of wrongdoing. Sonny confessed that he had been where Luke was. Luke wondered what Sonny would have done if Luke had hit Sonny's son. "I'd kill you," Sonny answered. "Get in line," Luke replied. Sonny acknowledged that Lucky and Jason were mourning the loss of a child, so they needed to process the pain before they could see things for what they were. "An accident," Sonny clarified.

Sonny recalled what it had been like after Michael had been shot. Sonny had prayed that Michael wouldn't have to pay for Sonny's sins, but he had. Luke reminded Sonny that Sonny's son had lived, but Lucky's son hadn't. Sonny insisted that anyone could have hit Jake, so he urged Luke not to blame himself. Luke appreciated Sonny's absolution, but Luke couldn't forget that he had killed a child.

Sonny returned to Greystone Manor after his talk with Luke. Brenda was waiting. She told Sonny about her attempt to make peace with Carly and Carly's refusal to consider it. Brenda decided that she wasn't going to continue making overtures towards Carly because the arguing wasn't productive. "Good," Sonny replied. Brenda changed the subject to ask how Jason was doing.

Sonny explained that Jason regretted the time that he had wasted by allowing another man to raise Jake. Brenda encouraged Sonny to remind Jason that Jason had done what Jason had believed was right and that the accident couldn't have been anticipated. Sonny revealed that Jason didn't see things that way because Luke had consumed a few drinks before getting behind the wheel of the car. According to Sonny, Jason had to blame someone for Jake's death because Jason was drowning in grief. Sonny assured Brenda that it would have taken a whole bottle of scotch to get Luke drunk.

Sonny reminded her that they had driven past Liz's house, so they could have easily been responsible for the accident. He confessed that he wouldn't have been able to live with himself if he had killed Jake. Sonny admitted that he had told Luke that it had been an accident, but if Sonny had been in Luke's place, he would have wanted Jake's parents to put a gun to him.

Luke was surprised when he glanced up to find Liz standing in the casino. Liz confided that she was glad that Luke was alone because she couldn't deal with any more well-meaning people offering condolences and advice on ways to cope. She confessed that she didn't want to look at pictures of Jake and think about the precious moments of her son's life. Liz feared that they would just remind her of all the special moments that Jake would miss, such as his first day of kindergarten, and his first soccer game. She revealed that Jake had been excited about finally being old enough to be on a real team because he had looked forward to getting a trophy with his name on it.

Luke was stunned when Liz apologized to him. She insisted that Jake's death had been her fault. Luke assured her that he was the only person who should apologize. He admitted that he hadn't known that he had been responsible for the accident when he had been by her house earlier that day. Liz argued that she should have kept a closer eye on Jake, but Luke reminded her that no parent could watch their child every moment. Liz explained that Aiden had been asleep, and that Cameron had been playing in his room, so she should have heard Jake leave the house.

Luke insisted that Liz was a good mother, but Liz revealed that the boys had been with her because she had refused to let them attend Lucky's wedding. Luke assured Liz that Lucky didn't blame her because Lucky knew that it had been Luke's fault. Liz continued to apologize to Luke because she didn't think that he should have to live with the guilt. "You are not to blame," Luke argued. "If that were true then Jake would still be alive," Liz replied.

Liz explained that it had been her responsibility, as Jake's mother, to keep Jake safe. She revealed that Jason hadn't wanted Jake to grow up like Michael had, surrounded by guns and guards. However, she realized that Jake would have been better off. Luke admitted that he'd had a "couple of drinks" prior to the accident, so he wanted her to blame him and the booze, but not herself. Liz thought that it should have made a difference to her, but it didn't because Jake was still gone. Luke looked shattered as he watched Liz leave.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

At the penthouse, Jason's hands began to shake as he tried to get ready for Jake's memorial service, so Sam helped him with his tie. Jason admitted that he didn't know what to do because he was reluctant to make things worse for Liz. He realized that he hadn't been present for any of the important milestones in Jake's life, except the day that Jake had been born, and the night that his son had died. Sam offered to run interference if Jason didn't want to talk to anyone. Jason wanted to honor Jake, but he acknowledged that the memorial service was for Jake's parents, Lucky and Liz.

Jason confessed that he wished that he had spent more time with Jake. He recalled how, when Michael was little, he had clutched Jason's fingers in his tiny hand as they took walks. Jason regretted that he didn't have memories like that of Jake. Sam reminded Jason that he had given Jake up out of love. She insisted that Jason would always be Jake's father, whether Jason went to attend the memorial service or not. Jason held Sam in his arms as a tear slowly slid down his cheek.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny approached Brenda as she gazed at the acres of property. Sonny greeted his wife with a brief affectionate kiss. Brenda smiled and then joined Sonny in the parlor for breakfast as she talked about starting a garden. Sonny offered to help her find the perfect spot after they returned from the memorial service. Brenda confessed that she didn't think it would be a good idea for her to attend Jake's memorial because it might be perceived as disrespectful because Jason wasn't fond of her. Sonny sensed that Brenda was holding something back.

Brenda admitted that her failed attempt to make peace with Carly had influenced her decision. Sonny suggested that Brenda's timing had been off and that she should have expected Carly to have a bad reaction because that was the way that Carly was. Brenda agreed, which was why she thought it might be best to avoid Carly altogether. Sonny decided to stay home with Brenda, since he had never been good with funerals anyway. He also believed that Jason would appreciate Sonny keeping Brenda and Carly separated.

Later, Brenda called out to Sonny to help her go through the wedding gifts, so that they could send out thank you cards. She was surprised when Sonny entered the parlor with a birthday cake. Brenda couldn't believe that he had remembered her birthday. Sonny confessed that he had never forgotten it. Sonny lit the candles on the cake and then invited her to make a wish. Sonny asked her what she had wished for after she blew out the candles, but Brenda would only tell him, "It's impossible." Sonny assured her that nothing was impossible.

At the hospital, Patrick and Steve prepared to go to Jake's memorial service. Steve admitted that everyone had been wonderful, including Nikolas, who had sent his staff to Liz's house to pick the boys up for a pancake breakfast at Wyndemere. Lisa approached the nurses' station to see if Patrick could consult on a case, but Patrick informed her that he had to leave and would be gone the rest of the day. Moments later, Robin arrived with Emma. Robin explained that Stefani had been running late, "as usual," so the nanny had arranged to meet Robin at the hospital. After Steve left to drop off some paperwork, Kristina exited the elevator.

Kristina greeted the Drakes and then explained that she was there for a therapy session. Kristina guessed that Patrick and Robin were on their way to Jake's memorial service. Robin explained that they were waiting for their nanny to arrive, so that Stefani could take Emma to the park. Kristina volunteered to watch Emma if Stefani didn't show and then offered to babysit any time, even on short notice. Patrick and Robin were ready to take Kristina up on the offer just as Stefani arrived. Stefani apologized for being late as she took Emma from Robin's arms.

After Stefani left with Emma, Kristina asked Robin to let Liz know that Liz was in Kristina's thoughts and prayers. Robin assured Kristina that she would pass along the message and then headed to the elevator with Patrick. Lisa lurked nearby, pretending to be busy with paperwork as she watched Patrick and Robin leave. Later, Kristina passed the nurses' station after her therapy session. Lisa feigned concern when she noticed that Kristina had been crying.

Kristina blamed it on her therapy session and then questioned if therapy would ever help. Lisa assured Kristina that it would. Lisa then shifted gears by asking about Kristina's college plans. Kristina confessed that she was on the waiting list for Yale, so Lisa mentioned that she had once been on the waiting list for Johns Hopkins. They chatted about the stress of waiting for an acceptance from their preferred college before Lisa invited Kristina to call her if Kristina needed any help or someone to talk to.

However, Lisa warned Kristina not to pay attention to the rumors about Lisa because they were false. Kristina confessed that she'd had a similar experience the previous year, so she never believed rumors. Lisa suggested that Kristina keep her chin up because everything would work out. Lisa explained that she had accepted an offer from another school and met a wonderful guy by the time Johns Hopkins had decided to let her in. "Good to know," Kristina replied.

Carly went to the Haunted Star to find out if Luke intended to go to the memorial service. Luke confessed that it might be in bad taste, since he had killed Jake. Carly insisted that Jake's death had been an accident. She assured Luke that she would stand by him because Luke had done the same for her. Luke revealed that Lucky and Jason believed that the accident had happened because Luke had been drunk. "Were you?" Carly wondered.

"No," Luke replied as he took a drink of scotch from his tumbler. Carly assured Luke that, because of Michael, Jason wouldn't hurt him. Luke thought that Carly was very astute because that was exactly what Jason had told him. Luke poured himself another glass of scotch as Carly offered to attend the funeral with Luke, but he declined. Carly explained that she had to go to Jake's memorial service because Jake had saved Josslyn's life. Luke was curious how Josslyn was doing.

Carly assured Luke that Josslyn was great and recovering in ICU. She admitted that she was grateful and heartbroken at the same time because Josslyn would have been dying if it hadn't been for Jake. Luke warned her that it could have been worse; Carly could have been the driver. Carly conceded that she had done a lot of things in her life that she had been ashamed of, so she knew about regret. Luke explained that he had always thought that regret was a wasted emotion because it didn't change anything. However, he was having a difficult time holding onto that creed because of Jake.

At the hospital, Jax resented Shawn hovering in the room while Jax spent time with Josslyn. Shawn insisted that he had been hired to keep a close eye on Josslyn. Jax doubted that Franco would suddenly appear in the hospital room, so he demanded some privacy. Carly arrived moments later to check on Josslyn. She confessed that she felt better going to the memorial service, knowing that Shawn would be keeping an eye on Josslyn. Jax and Carly settled their daughter in the crib, and then left.

In the hallway, Jax wondered if Carly had heard from Franco. Carly assured him that she hadn't, but she didn't know if Franco had contacted anyone else. Jax revealed that he had alerted his contacts at Interpol about Franco's threat and then admitted that he wasn't comfortable leaving their daughter's safety in the hands of a mercenary. Carly suggested that they focus on going to the memorial service, and being grateful that Josslyn was alive. Carly explained that Jason, Lucky, and Liz were going through hell, so she and Jax could honor them by getting along.

In Abby's apartment, Abby found Michael propped against the front door. Michael admitted that he had wanted to sleep in bed with her, but he had been concerned that Brandon might show up. Abby confessed that she had been tempted to sleep on the sofa to keep him company. Michael was glad that she hadn't given in to the impulse because he would have been too distracted. Abby warned Michael that he wouldn't be able to guard her all of the time, so she had decided to drop the charges against Brandon.

Michael tried to persuade Abby to change her mind, but Abby insisted that it was for the best. She refused to risk Michael being sent to jail. Michael was certain that Brandon would continue to harass Abby, but she didn't want Michael to be hurt by a trial. Michael became frustrated as he reminded Abby that it wasn't her responsibility to protect him. He assured her that he could handle Brandon.

Abby confessed that Michael's attitude worried her. Michael immediately apologized and then suggested that they table the discussion until after Jake's memorial service. Abby explained that she intended to drop the charges immediately. Michael suggested that Abby get a restraining order against Brandon, but Abby wouldn't consider it. She wanted Brandon out of their lives. Michael warned Abby that Brandon was a bully and a rapist, who would view the dropped charges as permission to keep hurting Abby.

Liz was sitting in her dinning room, staring off into space, when the phone rang. Tears filled her eyes as the answering machine picked up, and her happy greeting, inviting callers to leave a message for her, Cameron, Jake, or Aiden, filled the silence. Liz then heard Nikolas explain that he was on his way to her house to pick her up for the memorial service. Liz looked at a picture of Jake on the mantel as fresh tears began to flow. A short time later, Nikolas arrived to find Liz sitting in the living room. Liz offered Nikolas some peanut butter cookies, which had been Jake's favorite.

Liz revealed that she had baked them for when the boys returned from their visit with Lucky. "He never got to have one," Liz remarked as she looked at the jar of cookies. Nikolas noticed that Liz wasn't dressed for the memorial service, so he offered to cancel it if she weren't up to attending. "Why?" Liz asked. She assured him that she could find a black dress to wear. Liz's tone filled with self-loathing as she admitted that she couldn't keep her four year-old in the house, and she had cheated on Lucky with his brother, but she could find a black dress. Liz gently placed Jake's picture on the mantel as she confessed that she had failed Jake, so she was determined to be there for him at the memorial service.

Later, Liz and Nikolas returned from the memorial service. They agreed that Steve had given a touching eulogy. Lucky's special prayer had also moved Liz. She didn't understand where Lucky got his faith in God from, but she wished that she had it. Liz confessed that Jake's death didn't make sense to her; she had turned her back on her son for a few minutes, and he had ended up dead. "What part of that says God loves me?" Liz demanded. Liz wanted to know why God hadn't watched over Jake, but Nikolas didn't have an answer for her.

Seconds later, Jax and Carly knocked. Nikolas answered the door for Liz, and told them that it might not be a good time. Liz assured Nikolas that it was fine, so she invited Jax and Carly in. Carly told Liz that she and Jax were grateful for the gift that Liz had given to Josslyn. Jax realized that they could never repay Liz for saving Josslyn's life, but he insisted that she call him if she ever needed anything. Liz wondered how Josslyn was doing.

Carly assured Liz that Josslyn was recovering. Liz reminded Carly that Josslyn was a miracle, so she urged Carly and Jax to hug, kiss, and cherish their daughter because she could be gone in a heartbeat. Jax and Carly nodded and then left. Afterwards, Liz thanked Nikolas for everything; however, she needed some time alone. Nikolas was hesitant to leave, but Liz assured him that Steve would be by soon. Liz asked Nikolas to give her boys a kiss for her as he left. Liz then picked up the envelope with Aiden's paternity test results. She read the results, wandered to the dinning room, picked up a huge vase of flowers, and then threw them across the room.

Luke went to the hospital to see Josslyn, but Shawn refused to let Luke enter the room. Luke explained that he was Carly's uncle, but Shawn insisted that Luke needed clearance from Carly before he could see Josslyn. Luke doubted that Cary would mind. "I would mind," Jason snapped. Luke turned to find Jason glaring at him. Jason demanded to know why Luke wanted to see Josslyn.

Luke confessed that it was a sort of "consolation." Jason reminded Luke that Josslyn didn't know Luke, so Luke might scare her. Luke conceded that Jason had a point. Jason wanted Luke to live with what Luke had done; he never wanted to hear Luke claim that Jake's death hadn't been Luke's fault. Luke nodded and then left. A short time later, Carly arrived.

Shawn revealed that Jason was spending time with Josslyn. Carly sent Shawn to the cafeteria for a short break and then peeked in on Jason and Josslyn. She smiled sadly when she saw Josslyn perched on Jason's lap while he read Josslyn a book about Africa.

Lulu wept as she and Dante entered Crimson after the memorial service. Lulu was upset because Luke hadn't attended the service. Dante tried to get her mind off of everything by inviting her to go to the park or a museum. Lulu agreed, but moments later, Mac sent Dante a text message ordering Dante to question Luke about the accident. Dante headed to the Haunted Star shortly afterwards. Dante waited in Luke's office until Luke returned.

Luke poured himself a drink, so Dante offered to return when Luke wasn't drinking. Luke drank some scotch and then assured Dante that he was as sober as he had been on "that night." Dante wondered if Luke had any specific memories about the night of the accident. Luke admitted that he remembered everything, except hitting Jake. Luke acknowledged that he had probably been driving fast, his music had been blaring, but he hadn't felt anything unusual about the "dark stretch of rough road." Lulu eavesdropped from the hallway as Dante wondered how many drinks Luke had consumed prior to the accident.

Michael returned to Abby's apartment after the memorial service. He told Abby that the service had been "incredibly sad." According to Michael, Steve had given a touching eulogy, and Lucky had been a wreck. Abby couldn't imagine what it was like to lose a child. Michael explained that Jason had given up Jake, so that Jake wouldn't turn out like Michael. "That's not true," Abby argued.

Michael revealed that his parents and Jason had tried to keep Michael safe, but they had failed, so they didn't want Jake to meet the same fate. Michael insisted that Jason had given up being a father to protect Jake, but Jake had been killed in a traffic accident. "What does that tell you?" Abby wondered. "Be glad I'm alive?" Michael suggested. Abby agreed, but she also believed that it meant that Michael should make his life count for something.

Michael credited Abby with showing him that he could have a somewhat normal life, and be in love, but he couldn't change who he was. Abby didn't want him to. Michael decided to change the subject by asking how things had gone at the assistant district attorney's office. Abby revealed that Brandon's attorney had refused to plea bargain because she wanted to take the case to trial to call Michael as a hostile witness and then introduce Michael's manslaughter conviction into evidence. Michael realized that Brandon's attorney was trying to threaten him to force Abby to drop the charges. "Well, it worked," Abby admitted.

Michael was frustrated because Abby had let Brandon have his way. Abby wanted Michael to respect her decision. She was desperate to avoid the ugliness of trial. Michael reached out to hug Abby, but she stiffened when she discovered that Michael had a gun on him. Michael explained that he needed it to protect her.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lucky went to Crimson to check on Lulu. Maxie explained that Lulu wasn't there and then asked about Jake's memorial service. She immediately apologized for the insensitive question and then extended her condolences. Lucky assured Maxie that he hadn't been offended, so she thanked him, on behalf of transplant recipients like herself, for giving the gift of life. Lucky decided to sit down for a chat with Maxie over a cup of coffee. Lucky revealed that he had been trying to help Liz, who had been drowning in guilt, even though he had been the one who had left Jake with an overloaded mother.

Maxie insisted that Lucky couldn't have known what would happen. Lucky recalled that Luke had arrived to witness Lucky's wedding to Siobhan, completely unaware that he had just hit Jake. Lucky had been annoyed when Liz had called during the ceremony, until he had heard her voice. He confessed that he never wanted to hear that kind of fear again. Lucky confided that a Christmas movie, about a man who had been given an opportunity to see what life would have been like without him, kept playing in his head during Jake's memorial service.

Lucky wondered what Jake would have been like if he'd had a chance to grow up. Lucky suspected that Jake would have done something exciting, like captaining the space shuttle. Maxie acknowledged that Jake's life had been too short, but he had been a happy and secure child because Lucky had been a wonderful father. Moments later, Spinelli arrived in high spirits, but he immediately sobered when he saw Lucky because he realized that Lucky had been to Jake's memorial service. Spinelli extended his heartfelt condolences, so Lucky thanked him and then left.

Spinelli apologized to Maxie for interrupting her visit with Lucky, but she assured Spinelli that Lucky had been about to leave. Maxie noticed that Spinelli had his new novel clutched in his hands, so Spinelli proudly extended the newly published book to her. He suggested that she could write up something about the book in Crimson, if she wanted to. Maxie assured him that it would be her pleasure and that she was proud of his accomplishment. She realized that their relationship hadn't worked out, but she promised that she would always love him. Spinelli confessed that she had been his inspiration for the book.

At the hospital, Carly watched as Josslyn sat in Jason's lap while he read to her. Carly eventually entered the room as Jason finished the story. Afterwards, Carly put Josslyn in her crib and then followed Jason to the hallway. "She's pretty special, huh?" Carly noted as she gazed into Josslyn's room. Jason admitted that it helped him to know that Josslyn would live. Carly confessed that watching Jason read to Josslyn had been a déjà vu moment for her, because it had reminded her of when Jason had read the very same book to Michael.

Carly begged Jason not to stop reading to Josslyn; she wanted Jason to be as close to Josslyn as he was to Michael. Jason was curious what Josslyn would be like when she reached Michael's age. "She's going to be perfect, just like Michael," Carly answered with a smile. Jason became melancholy as he noted that there were so many hopes and dreams when a child was born. Carly rested her head on Jason's shoulder as he watched Josslyn. He then changed the subject to find out how Shawn was working out.

"Great," Carly assured him. Jason made it clear that he intended to go after Franco to make certain that Josslyn remained safe, but Carly insisted that Jason needed time to grieve.

At Greystone Manor, Brenda was delighted by the necklace that Sonny had given her. She was touched that he had remembered her birthday when so much had been going on with Jason. Sonny regretted that he couldn't fulfill the wish Brenda had made when she blew out the candles on her cake. Brenda explained that it had been about her son. Sonny assured Brenda that they could call a lawyer, if she had any doubts about her son's death. Brenda hated that the thought had ever entered her mind; she was certain that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Sonny didn't see the harm in making sure that everything had happened as Suzanne had claimed. Brenda's resolve wavered as she confessed that there were times that she wondered what her son would have looked like. Sonny warned Brenda not to go there because he didn't want to cause her more pain. Brenda decided that it hurt to hire a private investigator to verify that her baby had died. Moments later, Sonny and Brenda were pleasantly surprised when Robin arrived to wish Brenda happy birthday.

Sonny offered to leave, so that Brenda and Robin could have some privacy. He suggested that the ladies could open the wedding gifts, but Brenda insisted that she and Sonny do it together. After Sonny left, Brenda and Robin talked about Jake's tragic death. Brenda confessed that she felt like a "jerk" because she was so happy while Lucky, Liz, and Jason grieved for their son. Robin reminded Brenda that Brenda had waited a long time to be with Sonny, so Brenda deserved to be happy. Brenda was stunned when Robin shyly confessed that she had reconciled with Patrick.

Brenda was curious what had changed between Robin and Patrick. Robin admitted that Jake's death had made Robin realize that she didn't want her past with Patrick to get in the way of her future with him. Robin acknowledged that she and Patrick had to work on their marriage, so they intended to go to marriage counseling. Brenda was curious if Robin and Patrick would have worked things out if it weren't for Emma. Robin admitted that she didn't know because Emma had completed their family in a way that Robin couldn't explain. Brenda imagined that it must be great to be a mom.

Sonny dropped by the hospital to visit Carly and Josslyn. He confessed that he had heard that Shawn was Carly's new bodyguard. Carly became defensive because she assumed that Brenda had complained to Sonny about Shawn's treatment of Brenda when Shawn had escorted Brenda out of the hospital. Sonny gently explained that Brenda had been at the hospital to make peace with Carly. However, he assured Carly that he wasn't there to fight; he just wanted to check on Josslyn. Carly immediately relaxed.

Carly admitted that she had noticed that Sonny hadn't attended Jake's memorial service. Sonny confessed that it had been too difficult for him, so he had stayed home with Brenda. Carly revealed that Jason hadn't gone either. They agreed that Jason wasn't doing well, so Carly insisted that she and Sonny had to be there for Jason. Sonny agreed and then mentioned that he knew Luke had been the driver.

Carly confessed that the entire tragedy had been awful. Sonny realized that Carly was dealing with a lot, so he invited her to reach out to him if she needed anything. Carly explained that she took things day-by-day, in an attempt to try to understand why Jake had needed to die, so that Josslyn could live. Sonny suggested that Carly simply be grateful for the miracle that she had been given. Carly admitted that Josslyn's diagnosis of cancer, and the recommendation for chemotherapy, had been frightening because they had believed that a transplant hadn't been an option. Carly confessed that it had been incredibly difficult for her to ask Jason to donate Jake's kidney.

According to Carly, Jason had persuaded Lucky and Liz to give their consent. Sonny assured Carly that she had done the right thing. Carly was thankful that Josslyn was doing well, but she realized how fragile life was. Sonny was confident that Carly would have gotten Josslyn through the crisis, even if they hadn't found a donor. Carly confessed that Sonny's support and visit had meant a great deal to her.

At Abby's apartment, Abby was upset that Michael had a gun. Michael claimed that he needed the gun to protect Abby from Brandon. Abby was certain that Brandon would leave her alone because she had dropped the charges. Michael argued that Brandon was obsessed with Abby. Abby insisted that Brandon was a coward who realized that she was being protected by the police and the mob, but Michael accused Brandon of being an animal. Abby urged Michael to stop seeing Carter everywhere he looked.

Michael argued that he wouldn't be able to live with himself if Brandon hurt Abby again. Abby wanted Michael to get rid of the gun because she feared that Michael might end up back in Pentonville. He promised not to wave it around, but he vowed to stop Brandon if Brandon tried to attack Abby again. Later, Michael went to Jason's penthouse to talk to Jason. Sam explained that Jason had been gone when she had returned from the memorial service.

Sam admitted that Jason had been spending a lot of time alone since Jake's death. Michael was curious when Jason would be back, but Sam didn't know. However, she invited Michael to wait because she was certain that Jason would like to see Michael. She explained that she had to dash to the office for a short while and then left. Michael sat down on the sofa and then pulled out his gun. He quickly tucked it into the back of his pants when he heard Jason arrive home.

Jason was surprised to see Michael. Michael explained that he had dropped by to see if Jason needed anything. Jason confessed that there was one thing; he wanted Michael to live the best way that he could. Jason admitted that he had been at the hospital, reading to Josslyn from the same book that he had read to Michael when Michael was little. Jason revealed that it had reminded him of how inquisitive Michael had been as a child. Jason feared that all the bad things that had happened to Michael had narrowed Michael's focus.

Michael argued that he was not like other kids. Jason realized that, but he wanted Michael to find his way by letting go of the past and working towards the future. Michael didn't know if he could do that, but Jason insisted that Michael had years to figure things out. Jason explained that life was a gift, so he implored Michael to make the most of it. Sam returned after Michael left. Jason told her about his visit with Michael, and what they had discussed.

Jason confessed that during his conversation with Michael, he had continued to wonder if he had made the right decision by giving up Jake. Sam assured Jason that he had done what he had believed had been for the best. Jason recalled that Sonny had once told him that a person didn't give up a child to save him; Jason suspected that Sonny had been right. Jason had always told himself that Jake was better off without Jason in his life, and that missing him had been the price that Jason had to pay, but he finally knew better. Jason realized that children got sick and sometimes died, so all he had accomplished was to miss out on a chance to know his son. Sam suggested that all anyone could do was love while they had the chance.

Abby smiled when she heard a knock at the door. She assumed that it was Michael until she opened the door to find Brandon grinning at her. Abby tried to close the door, but Brandon pushed his way into her apartment. Things quickly turned violent when Abby tried to get away from Brandon. Later, Michael returned to the apartment. He was furious when he saw the bruises on Abby's face. Abby quickly assured Michael that Brandon hadn't raped her, but Michael stormed out of the apartment, determined to track down Brandon.

Michael caught up with Brandon in the alley where Brandon had attempted to rape Abby. Brandon smiled smugly as he goaded Michael by referring to Abby as Brandon's "property." Michael pulled out his gun and then aimed at Brandon as he vowed that Brandon would never touch Abby again.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu eavesdropped as Luke denied that he had been impaired at the time of the accident. Dante was curious exactly how much alcohol Luke had consumed prior to the accident. Luke took a drink of scotch and then suggested that it didn't make a difference, since the police couldn't prove anything. Dante pointedly looked at Luke's drink as he warned Luke that he didn't want another child to suffer the same fate. Luke promised that Dante could relax because Luke didn't have any intention of driving.

Lulu entered the office to defend her father by insisting that Luke never drove drunk. "That's not the point," Luke warned Lulu. Luke explained that the law had standards, right or wrong, that were supposedly applied equally to all. Lulu argued that it took a lot of alcohol for Luke to get drunk, so she rarely saw her father intoxicated. Dante assured Luke and Lulu that Jake's death would be officially ruled an accident, which Luke believed would be a consolation to the family.

"Dad, please," Lulu requested as Luke took another drink. Luke wondered if she really wanted to go there with him in front of her boyfriend. Dante offered to leave, but Lulu insisted that they didn't have anything to hide. Lulu was confident that Luke hadn't been intoxicated at the time of the accident, but she insisted that Lucky wasn't ready to accept that. She pleaded with Luke not to consume any alcohol until Lucky had time to see that the accident had been a terrible tragedy. Luke refused to be something that he wasn't.

Luke insisted that he would always be the person who had killed Jake, but Lulu was certain that Lucky would eventually make peace with everything. She wanted Luke to give Lucky room to realize that Luke was not to blame for Jake's death. "That's what I'm telling you, Lulu. I am to blame," Luke argued.

Later, near Kelly's, Lulu told Dante that she suspected that Luke wanted to drink alcohol, so that Lucky would be mad at Luke. Lulu believed that Luke wanted to be punished. Dante admitted that he probably would have knocked Luke on his "ass" if he had been in Lucky's shoes. Lulu was desperate to fix things, but Dante urged Lulu to stop trying to take care of everyone because she couldn't lessen anyone's loss, and she needed time to grieve. Dante encouraged Lulu to lean on him if she needed to.

Luke made his way to the bar in the casino. He was about to take a drink of scotch, but then had a change of heart. Luke dumped out the scotch and then poured himself a glass of water. Shortly afterwards, Lucky entered. Lucky revealed that Dante had cleared Luke of wrongdoing in Jake's hit-and-run, so the case had been closed. Luke took a sip of his water. "Drinking vodka now? I guess scotch doesn't taste so good anymore, since that's what you were drinking the night that Jake died," Lucky bitterly observed.

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