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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 4, 2011 on GH
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dante and Lulu met for coffee at Kelly's. Dante offered Lulu a phone number for a support group for families of alcoholics, but Lulu denied that Luke was a drunk. Dante told her a story about his cousin who was an alcoholic. Dante said that he had been in denial about his cousin's drinking, but when he finally went to a session of a support group, it had opened his eyes. Lulu got angry and told Dante that he did not have a clue as to what he was talking about and stomped out.

Lucky went to the Haunted Star, where he found Luke slamming back vodka. He gave Luke a program from Jake's memorial service. Luke said he had not gone to the service out of consideration for Lucky and Liz. Luke said that he did not think it was right for the man who had been driving the car that killed Jake to be there. Lucky said that Luke's reasons were a "load of crap." He said that Luke was the master of spin and very good at rationalizing. Lucky said that the real reason that Luke had not been there was all about Luke. Lucky said that Luke had not been there because he could not accept that Jake was dead because of the choice that Luke had made to drink and drive.

Lucky asked if Luke had considered that Lucky really needed Luke there because he needed his father's support. Luke admitted that he had not. He acknowledged that staying away had been an act of cowardice. He said that there was no way to hide from what he had done. Luke said that he had played that night over and over in his head and could not remember anything helpful. Lucky said that Luke had suffered a blackout, which Luke denied. Lucky said that he knew that Luke was in hell and it was all because of his drinking. Luke insisted that he was not drunk.

Luke said that he had a high tolerance for alcohol that he had been working on since he was twelve years old. Lucky said that he was also an alcoholic, but he was not running to the bottle to dull his pain, no matter how much he wanted to do so. Lucky said he was bearing the pain, unlike Luke, who was standing like a zombie, drinking glass after glass of booze and refusing to admit he had a problem. Luke screamed that he was not an alcoholic, just as Lulu appeared on the Haunted Star. Lulu told them to stop arguing.

Lulu told Lucky and Luke that Jake's death had been a horrible accident. She said that it could have been any driver. She denied that Luke's drinking was to blame. Lucky said that Lulu was in denial. Lulu said that Luke felt horrible and blamed himself. She said that Luke did not feel that he deserved a son in his life after he had taken Lucky's son from him. She said Luke would do whatever it took to get Lucky to reject him. Lulu said that losing Jake was awful, and she did not want to lose her family also.

Luke said that he would gladly give his life if he could exchange it for Jake's. Lucky said that he believed Luke, but he added that Luke had to take responsibility and admit that alcohol had played a part in Jake's death. Lulu said that Luke was not a drunk. Lucky said that he could not stay and be part of their fantasy world while Luke knocked back a bottle of scotch.

Lucky said that until Luke admitted that he had a problem, there was no chance for them to start healing. Luke said that it would not be honorable for him to say something he did not believe, and he did not believe that he had a drinking problem. Before leaving the Haunted Star, Lucky sarcastically commented, "Well, that is honorable." Lulu told Luke that she loved him no matter what.

Later, after Lulu left, Luke dumped his drink in a nearby planter, but when he picked up the memorial program and saw Jake's picture, he poured another drink and downed it. Lucky walked in and watched his father.

At the penthouse, Jason asked Sam if she thought it was wrong of him not to go to the memorial. Sam said he had to do what was best for him. Jason said that Michael had gone to the service and he hoped that it had given Michael a new perspective. Jason worried that Michael would throw his life away.

Abby knocked on the door, and when Jason answered, she told him that Michael had gone after Brandon with a gun when he saw the bruises and split lip that Brandon had given her. She told Sam and Jason that she had dropped the assault charges against Brandon because she was afraid that Michael would get sent back to Pentonville. As Sam comforted Abby, Jason retrieved his gun and hurriedly left the apartment.

Abby told Sam that she had screwed up and hurt Michael by dropping the charges and that was the opposite of what she had wanted. She said that she and Michael had been happy after making love for the first time. She said that they had gone out for coffee and Brandon had showed up. She said that he had found a lawyer who had a new spin. She said that Brandon's story was that Michael had attacked him for no reason and that Dante had covered it up while Michael's rich parents had paid her off to lie.

In an alley, Michael held a gun on Brandon and said that Brandon would not hurt Abby again. Brandon taunted Michael and said that Abby had dropped the rape charges because she wanted him back. Brandon called Michael a "nut job." He said that Abby liked it rough. He said that some women got off on being slapped around, and Abby was one of them. He said that after it was over, Abby felt guilty so she looked for a loser like Michael to have pity sex with. Michael cocked the gun. Brandon smirked and said that Michael would go back to Pentonville on a weapons charge.

Michael told Brandon that Abby had given Brandon a chance to turn his life around by dropping the charges. Brandon said that Michael was a weak little bitch who had picked up more than he could handle in a strip club one night. As Michael's finger tightened on the trigger, he said that for an idiot like himself, it would be totally worth killing Brandon and going back to prison if he knew that Abby would be safe.

Jason arrived in the alley and stopped Michael from shooting Brandon. Brandon was all bravado when he said that Abby belonged to him. He told Jason to keep Michael away from him and Abby, or the next time he would make Michael eat his gun. Brandon walked away, and Jason hustled Michael out of the alley.

Abby had left the penthouse when Jason arrived with Michael. Jason asked how Michael had gotten one of his guns. Michael said he had waited until the apartment was empty. Jason said that Michael had obviously realized it was wrong to take the gun, which explained why he had not asked Jason's permission. Michael said that Brandon was an abusive pig who was dangerous and out on the streets. He said he had not gone to Jason because of Jake's death. He said that Brandon was his problem to solve, not Jason's.

Jason said he would not take the gun away because he knew that Michael would just get another one. He begged Michael not to use it. Sam said that no one would blame Michael if he did, but she told him to think before reacting because no one wanted to see him go back to prison. Michael said it was an awful feeling to know that the person who wanted to hurt you had all the power. He said he would never let Abby feel that way again, then left Jason and Sam alone.

Sam asked Jason why he had not followed Michael. Jason replied that Michael had to handle it on his own. Jason said that the only thing he could do was to remove the problem. As Jason grabbed his coat and left, Sam called after him. Later when Jason returned, he told Sam that he was being a hypocrite. He said that if he were in Michael's place, he would feel the same way. Jason worried because he sensed that Michael would have pulled the trigger in his earlier encounter with Brandon if Jason had not stopped him.

Sam wondered what would happen the next time Brandon and Michael met. She said that Michael had a history of protecting the women that he loved. Jason said that there would not be a next time. Sam asked if Jason would remove obstacles and clean up after Michael for the rest of his life. Jason said that he would do whatever it took to make sure that Michael had a chance at a decent life.

At General Hospital, Lisa offered to help Patrick, who was covering for Steve. She expressed her sadness over Jake's death. Patrick accepted gladly and said that he was happy to glimpse some humanity in her until he remembered what she had done to Robin. Before she could respond, Robin showed up and asked Patrick to go for coffee at Kelly's.

Lisa went to Johnny's apartment after receiving a message from him. She wanted to know what his motives were. He said that he was into surprises because that kept things interesting. Johnny said maybe he just wanted to bask in the warmth of her glow. Lisa laughed. He offered her a drink, but she was on duty.

Lisa said that he could no longer blackmail her. Johnny responded that she had a sexy mouth. Lisa wanted to know what he was up to. Johnny said that she was so used to rejection from Patrick that she did not recognize a genuine compliment when she heard one. Lisa told Johnny that he was a jerk, but he was not self-righteous or judgmental. They kissed and made love.

Afterwards, they sat on the couch, and Lisa had her feet in Johnny's lap. They talked about Jake's memorial service. Both acknowledged how sad it had been. Lisa said she had not gone because Liz hated her because of Robin's poisonous attitude toward her. Johnny said he had been sickened when Patrick had told him that Lisa had killed Jake. Johnny said that he had believed that it was his fault because he had arranged a treasure hunt for the syringe that Lisa had finally manage to find and make disappear.

Lisa said it was like Patrick to always think the worst of her. Johnny told her she was right on cue to fixate on Patrick again. Lisa told him not to sulk because it made him unattractive. When her phone rang, she told Johnny that it was the hospital and she had to get back to GH. As she left, she thanked Johnny for the fun diversion and he replied, "Anytime."

Before leaving GH for Kelly's, Robin and Patrick talked about Jake's memorial and how sad it had been. Robin said she had heard the sound of hearts breaking. Both worried about Liz. Patrick said that he regretted the lost time that their family could never get back. He said that every morning when he woke up in their home, he felt like it was a gift that he did not want to lose.

At Kelly's, Robin surprised Patrick when she told him that she wanted to go into marriage counseling and that she had found a therapist. When Patrick appeared stunned, she wondered if she had jumped the gun. Patrick said no. He said that they had a lot of issues to work through and the sooner they did, the sooner they could get back to loving each other. He said his only fear was that she would find out what a jerk he was. Robin said that she was also scared. Patrick said he wanted to know why he had risked his family to sleep with a psycho. Robin said she wanted to know why she had not been enough for him. Patrick said she was more than enough.

Robin said that she had pushed Patrick away and then shut down on him. Patrick said that they should not anticipate the worst, but look at therapy as helpful not hurtful. He said that they should look at it as a positive step that would make things better for them. As they shared a kiss, Lisa watched them through the glass doors at Kelly's. Johnny caught Lisa looking and said, "So much for the hospital calling. Hello liar." Lisa looked chagrinned.

Michael went to Abby's apartment. She hugged him and told him that she was glad that he was safe. Abby said that she had told herself that she would let him go when she was no longer good for him. She said that they had just started their relationship, and she was not ready to let go. Michael was very pleased. Abby asked Michael to promise to leave Brandon alone. Michael said that Brandon was a non-issue. Abby apologized. Michael said there was no need. Abby said that Michael was in this position because she had made a mess of her life by getting involved with Brandon in the first place.

Michael told Abby that he loved her and would protect her with his life. Dante knocked on the door. When Abby answered it, Dante said that Brandon's body had turned up, shot dead.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

At Kelly's, Patrick and Robin discussed their plans to go to marriage counseling. Patrick wanted to do everything possible to make their marriage work. Robin confessed that it was exactly what she needed to hear. Patrick told Robin that he wished that he could take back all of his mistakes, while Robin quietly admitted that she wished that he had never met Lisa. Meanwhile, Johnny caught Lisa lurking outside of Kelly's, so he accused her of spying on Patrick. Lisa denied it, but Johnny didn't believe her because Lisa had told him that she had needed to go to the hospital when she had left his place earlier.

"Who's the stalker now?" Lisa wondered. Johnny explained that he was at Kelly's for takeout, but Lisa called him a liar. Johnny returned the insult, so Lisa suggested that he watch and learn. Seconds later, Lisa strolled up to Patrick and Robin's table to let Patrick know that she had finished up the emergency room rotation, and set up the schedule for the rest of the week. "Will you ever leave us alone?" Robin asked. Lisa smiled innocently, while Johnny walked up to defend Lisa.

Patrick suggested that Lisa send him an email the next time that she wanted to pass along an update. Lisa played the victim as she apologized and then walked away. Johnny thought that Patrick and Robin should grow up, and stop blaming all the world's problems on Lisa. Robin was stunned as she watched Johnny follow Lisa. According to Robin, Johnny and Lisa were a match made in hell. Patrick was equally disgusted.

Patrick and Robin resumed their discussion about marriage counseling. Robin revealed that they could attend an introduction session with the therapist, so they quickly gathered their things and then left. Nearby, Lisa and Johnny sat down at a table. Johnny accused Lisa of bailing on him earlier because things had gotten too personal between them. Lisa became distracted when she noticed Patrick and Robin leave. Johnny reminded her that he was there with her, and he cared about her.

Lisa argued that Johnny was a professional criminal who was obsessed with his dead sister. Johnny didn't miss a beat as he accused Lisa of being an unprofessional criminal who was obsessed with a doctor. Johnny conceded that he and Lisa might not spend the rest of their lives together; however, he did respect her. Moments later, Kristina entered. Lisa and Kristina exchanged greetings and then chatted briefly about Kristina's studies before Kristina went to another table to work on some papers for college.

Johnny was curious when Lisa had become so "chummy" with Kristina, but Lisa didn't answer. Later, Johnny and Lisa returned to his penthouse for a drink. Lisa warned Johnny not to drug it, but Johnny insisted that it was her specialty, not his. Johnny then admitted that he thought that it was nice of Lisa to help Kristina. Lisa admitted that she had had struck up a friendship with Kristina after one of Kristina's therapy sessions. According to Lisa, she had identified with Kristina because Lisa had been under the same pressure when she had applied for college.

Moments later, Dante knocked on the door. Dante explained that he wanted to question Johnny about Brandon, who had been murdered in the parking lot of Johnny's strip club. Lisa quickly excused herself and then left. Johnny insisted that he wouldn't have been foolish enough to kill someone on his own property and then leave the body for the police to find. Johnny suggested that Dante should focus less on protecting Michael, and more on finding the truth.

Patrick and Robin returned to Kelly's in good spirits after their first meeting with the therapist. Patrick admitted that he had liked the therapist. Robin apologized for being her usual controlled self. She realized that she tended to let her worst fears get the best of her. Patrick assured Robin that they were doing well, and were ready to take a very important step. He then shifted gears to suggest that they go out to dinner.

Robin explained that Stefani couldn't watch Emma; however, she perked up when she spotted Kristina. Robin quickly asked Kristina to babysit Emma. Kristina readily agreed, so they all left together, talking about their plans. No one was aware that Lisa had been lurking around the corner and that she had overheard their conversation. Lisa smiled with satisfaction when she realized that Kristina would be watching Emma. Later, Kristina was pleasantly surprised when Lisa showed up at Patrick and Robin's house for a visit.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam wrapped up a call on the phone as she opened the safe to retrieve a gun and ammunition. Spinelli arrived home moments later, looking for Jason. Spinelli was disappointed when Sam revealed that she had no idea where Jason was. Sam noticed the book in Spinelli's hand, so he explained that it was his new novel, which had just been released. However, Spinelli confessed that he was not in the mood to celebrate while Jason was off grieving somewhere.

Sam thought that Spinelli should enjoy his success because Jason would want him to. Spinelli was curious what was going on when he noticed that Sam was armed. Spinelli was stunned when Sam told him about Abby's assault, and Brandon's murder. She confessed that she was afraid that Jason had been responsible. Spinelli immediately checked his laptop, to review various security cameras around town, to see if he could figure out where Jason had gone.

Spinelli was able to determine that Jason was on the outskirts of town, so Sam ordered Spinelli to keep checking and then call her when he pinpointed an exact location. Sam was about to leave when Maxie arrived to pick up Spinelli for a book signing. Spinelli explained that he couldn't leave because he was concerned about Jason. Sam quickly warned Spinelli not to reveal too much. Maxie was more concerned about persuading Spinelli to attend the book signing that she had arranged, so she wasn't interested in Jason's problems.

Spinelli admitted that it was tempting to sign books for countless adulating fans, but he needed to focus on finding Jason. Maxie admitted that there would only be fifty to seventy-five fans, but she warned him that Diane would be there, so Diane would take all the credit for the book if Spinelli wasn't around. Sam insisted that Jason would want Spinelli to go to the book signing. Eventually, Spinelli agreed to go, but he warned Maxie that he would have a heavy heart. Maxie smiled victoriously and then revealed that she had a suit for Spinelli to wear.

Dante went to Abby's apartment to question Abby and Michael about Brandon's murder. Dante revealed that Brandon had been shot twice in the head in Vaughn's parking lot, so he had to ask if Michael had killed Abby's ex-boyfriend. Abby insisted that Michael had been with her since the previous night. However, Michael admitted that he had gone to Jake's memorial service and then Jason's apartment to check on Jason. Dante told Abby that he knew that Abby had dropped the charges against Brandon. Michael demanded to know if Dante were suggesting that Abby had killed Brandon.

Dante explained that he needed to know what had happened to be prepared in case there had been any witnesses. Dante insisted that he was there as Michael's brother, not a cop. Dante realized that the judicial system had let Michael down, but he wanted to protect Michael. Abby argued that Brandon had made a lot of enemies, and had been deep in debt to loan sharks, so any number of people could have killed Brandon. However, she didn't have a name of anyone in particular whom Dante could question.

Michael became defensive when Dante began to question Abby about the abuse that she had endured at Brandon's hands. Dante warned Michael that Michael's impulse to protect Abby at any cost made him a suspect in the murder. Michael argued that the person who had shot Brandon was a hero. "Are you sure about that?" Dante wondered. "Yes," Michael replied.

Dante advised Abby to get her alibi straight because she had made Michael look guilty. After Dante left, Michael wondered how Abby was feeling. She assured him that her injuries were fine, but she felt like an idiot for allowing Brandon to abuse her. Michael insisted that Brandon had been an animal. Abby told Michael about her history with Brandon. She explained that she had left Brandon after a really bad beating.

Abby revealed that she had bought a ticket and then fled to Port Charles with the intention of starting over, but Brandon had followed her. She admitted that she had eventually fallen into the same bad patterns. Michael revealed that he had learned from therapy not to blame himself for what Carter had done. Abby agreed that Michael hadn't done anything to invite Carter's attack. Michael insisted that Abby wasn't to blame for what Brandon had done or Brandon's death. Abby confessed that she didn't care that Brandon was dead; she was upset because Michael might be blamed for it.

Abby implored Michael to get rid of the gun before the police found him with it. Abby wanted him to hand it over to her, but Michael assured her that he would dispose of it. Michael credited Abby with saving him because she had been the only person who had truly understood how he had felt after the rape. He insisted that she had helped him to be a stronger person. Michael realized that she hated hearing how much he loved her, but assured her that his feelings were genuine. Abby explained that her concern was that his feelings might change because he was only nineteen.

Michael disagreed, but Abby decided that they should discuss it after they had figured out an alibi. Michael explained that he would simply say that he had been in the apartment with her at the time of the murder, but Abby explained that she had been out looking for Michael. Abby realized that it had been a mistake to lie to Dante, but Michael assured Abby that everything would be fine because Diane Miller was an excellent attorney. Michael was confident that Diane would be able to prevail in court. Abby had her doubts because Michael had gone to Pentonville, but Michael explained that it had been because he had confessed to killing Claudia.

Moments later, Johnny arrived to talk to Abby and Michael about Brandon's murder. Johnny revealed that Dante was looking for an obscure reason to suggest that Johnny had motive to kill Brandon. Michael promised that Dante wouldn't pin the murder on Johnny. Johnny assured Michael that he wasn't worried about himself; he was concerned about Michael. Johnny warned Michael that things would turn ugly fast, so Michael needed help. Johnny offered to make sure that all of the witnesses at Vaughn's didn't implicate Michael.

Michael was curious why Johnny would help him. Johnny explained that he felt responsible for Brandon hurting Abby because he hadn't stopped Brandon when he had first realized that Brandon had been abusing Abby. Michael and Abby thanked Johnny for his help. After Johnny left, Michael wondered why Abby hadn't ask if Michael had killed Brandon. He was curious if Abby thought that she already knew the answer to the question.

Sam returned to the penthouse moments before Dante dropped by to talk to Jason about Brandon's murder. Sam explained that she had no idea where Jason was, so Dante asked to wait. Sam invited Dante in and then tried to find out what was going on. Dante revealed that Jason was the prime suspect in Brandon's murder because the police suspected that Jason had killed Brandon, to protect Michael, after Brandon had attacked Abby.

At Greystone Manor, Diane tried to slip a release form in with some paperwork that Sonny had been signing, but Sonny realized what Diane had done. Diane explained that the publishing firm needed Sonny's permission to use his name in the book that she and Spinelli had collaborated on. Sonny refused to sign it because he didn't want his name associated with Spinelli's book. Diane and Sonny were in a heated argument about the book when Brenda entered the parlor. Brenda announced that it was her birthday, so she didn't appreciate Diane yelling at Sonny. Diane seized the opportunity to get Brenda to sign a release form for the book, but Brenda refused because she hadn't read the book.

Diane explained that it had merely been a courtesy because Brenda was a public figure, so her name could be used without permission. Sonny ordered Diane to take their names out of the book, so Diane threatened to quit. Sonny tried to call her bluff, but he lost the battle when Brenda realized that they were arguing about Spinelli's book. Brenda quickly agreed to sign the release form because she liked Spinelli, and wanted his book to succeed. Brenda then pushed Sonny to sign the release form. Sonny quickly caved under the pressure, much to Diane's delight.

After Diane left, Brenda and Sonny sipped wine and talked about their plans to take the speed boat out in the summer. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Suzanne. Suzanne held a young boy with curly dark hair in her arms. "Brenda, say hello to your son," Suzanne said with a broad smile.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

At the Drake residence, Lisa handed Kristina a book on how to deal with the stress of college admissions. According to Lisa, the book had helped her when she had been trying to get into college. Lisa started to leave, but Kristina was curious how Lisa had known that Kristina was babysitting for Patrick and Robin. Lisa claimed that a waitress had told her when Lisa had returned to Kelly's to give Kristina the book. Lisa realized that it might not have been the best idea to show up at Patrick and Robin's place, given Robin's feelings towards Lisa.

Lisa pretended to be happy that Patrick and Robin had worked things out, but she was sad that she had lost a good friend in Patrick. Kristina tried to cheer Lisa up by suggesting that things might change in time. Lisa smiled and then asked Kristina not to mention her visit to Patrick or Robin. Kristina assured her that she would keep quiet. After Lisa left, Kristina returned to the living room, unaware that Lisa had dropped an earring near the door.

Patrick and Robin went to Kelly's for dessert after dinner. They had just sat down when Johnny strolled in. Patrick was surprised to see Johnny alone, instead of trying to flaunt his twisted relationship with Lisa. Johnny thought that it was sad that Patrick would be curious about Lisa's whereabouts when Patrick was spending a nice evening out with Robin. Johnny accused Patrick of being obsessed with Lisa, so he advised Patrick to be more careful in front of Robin. "You think this is a joke, Johnny?" Patrick asked.

Patrick and Robin reminded Johnny of Lisa's attempt to kill Robin, and Emma's kidnapping. Patrick was disgusted that Johnny had helped Lisa to hide the syringe, but Johnny didn't seem to care. Johnny blamed Patrick for Lisa becoming "undone" because Patrick wouldn't leave Lisa alone. According to Johnny, Patrick deserved everything that had happened to him. However, Johnny felt sorry for Robin because she was an innocent party in Patrick's game with Lisa.

Later, Patrick and Robin arrived home in a subdued mood. They thanked Kristina for watching Emma and then paid her. After Kristina left, Robin offered to discuss what had happened at Kelly's. Patrick thought that they were over it, but Robin wondered why he seemed upset. Patrick admitted that he was irritated by Johnny's interference. Patrick insisted that he couldn't stand Lisa, and he hated how she continued to try to get between him and Robin.

Robin refused to give Lisa that kind of power. She hoped that Lisa would channel her energies into her new relationship with Johnny, while Robin and Patrick focused on moving forward. Robin decided to check on Emma before turning in for the night, so Patrick went to the front door to lock up. He stopped when he saw the earring on the ground. Patrick was looking at the earring when Kristina knocked on the door. Kristina explained that she had left a book behind.

Patrick fetched the book and then showed her the earring that he had found. He knew that it didn't belong to Robin; however he noticed that Kristina was wearing a set. Kristina quickly realized that it belonged to Lisa, so she claimed that she had lost one of her earrings at school. According to Kristina, she had slipped the other one in her backpack. She suggested that it might have fallen out while she had been babysitting. Kristina took the earring and then left.

Later, Robin returned to the living room to find Patrick on his cell phone. Patrick explained that he had been sending an email to another doctor. Robin assured Patrick that he didn't have to explain anything to her. Patrick appreciated that she trusted him, so he was eager to prove that he hadn't been lying. Robin glanced at the phone to confirm that he had sent an email and then put it away because she insisted that work was over for the evening. Patrick smiled, kissed his wife, and then carried her to bed.

Johnny was surprised to find Lisa standing on his doorstep. It hadn't escaped his notice how quickly Lisa had left when Dante had dropped by to question him about Brandon's murder. "Nothing personal," Lisa assured Johnny. Lisa explained that it had just been self-preservation because Robin's uncle had made her public enemy number one, so she didn't want the murder pinned on her. Johnny suggested that either Dante was slow on the draw, or Lisa's paranoia had gotten the best of her.

Lisa offered to leave if Johnny wanted to pout. Johnny warned her that he knew that she was trying to work him, but he was willing to play along, since her agenda included being nice to him. Lisa smiled as Johnny closed in for a heated kiss. They were about to go to the bedroom when Johnny's phone rang, so he sent Lisa ahead of him, while he took the call. It was Anthony. Johnny promised to visit his father the following Tuesday and then revealed that he had found something that would give them all the leverage that they needed against Sonny.

At Greystone Manor, Brenda and Sonny were stunned when Suzanne announced, "Brenda, say hello to your son." Brenda and Sonny stared at the young dark-haired boy in Suzanne's arms. "I don't understand," Brenda replied. Suzanne proudly introduced Brenda to Lucian, the son Brenda believed had died three years earlier. Sonny assured Lucian that everything would be okay and then arranged for Max and Milo to watch the little boy.

In the parlor, Brenda demanded an explanation from Suzanne. Suzanne revealed that she had lied to protect Lucian from Theo. Sonny suspected that Theo was behind the sudden appearance of Lucian, but Suzanne promised that she didn't have a hidden agenda. Suzanne insisted that she had simply wanted to reunite her grandson with Brenda. Suzanne assured Sonny and Brenda that her work with ASEC had been real, but she did concede that she had reached out to Brenda a few months after Aleksander's disappearance. Suzanne also acknowledged that she had helped Theo until she had learned that Brenda was pregnant.

Suzanne explained that she knew that Theo would have stopped at nothing to get his hands on their grandson. Suzanne's fear was that Theo would eventually corrupt Lucian the same way that he had Aleksander, so she had been desperate to save her grandson. Sonny demanded to know how Suzanne had managed to pull off the deception. Suzanne confessed that Brenda hadn't been sick with a fever; Suzanne had drugged Brenda, and hired a doctor to deliver the baby early. Brenda angrily accused Suzanne of being a "heartless bitch."

Sonny comforted Brenda as Brenda wept in his arms. Suzanne insisted that it had been the only way to save Lucian. Suzanne admitted that she had seen how deeply the loss had affected Brenda, but Suzanne believed that it had been the only way to keep Lucian safe. Sonny didn't believe Suzanne; he suspected that Theo had put Suzanne up to the charade of claiming that Lucian was Brenda's son. Suzanne revealed that Theo was dead, which was why it had been safe to reunite Brenda with Lucian. According to Suzanne, her marriage to Theo had been over years before, so his attempt to use Suzanne as a human shield had not been an act.

Sonny refused to believe anything that Suzanne had told them, but Suzanne assured them that her only motivation had been to protect her grandson because she hadn't been able to save Aleksander. Suzanne insisted that Theo would have killed Brenda if he had known about Lucian. Brenda demanded to know what had become of the people who had been caring for Lucian. Suzanne revealed that she hadn't arrived in time to save them. Brenda wondered how she could possibly explain to Lucian that his parents were dead when he didn't even know her.

Sonny admitted that Suzanne's story was compelling, but it didn't necessarily mean that it was true. He suggested that they check it out. Suzanne quickly turned over Lucian's birth certificate, and the adoption papers, but Sonny ordered Suzanne to remain in town until they had verified her story. Suzanne assured them that she and Lucian would be at Metro Court Hotel, so Brenda was welcome to visit whenever she liked. Suzanne explained that she simply wanted to have an opportunity to get to know her grandson.

Suzanne realized that raising a child was a huge responsibility that Brenda and Sonny might not be prepared for, so she promised to give Lucian a good life if they decided to leave him in Suzanne's care. Brenda made it clear that her son would not be leaving with Suzanne and then ordered Suzanne to leave. Later, Sonny found Brenda playing with Lucian in the parlor and talking about Italy. Sonny seemed sad when Brenda tearfully told Lucian that she was happy to meet him.

At Abby's apartment, Abby explained that she hadn't asked if Michael had killed Brandon because she had figured that Michael would tell her if he wanted her to know. Michael admitted that he had been tempted to kill Abby's abusive ex-boyfriend, but he hadn't followed through on the impulse. Abby was curious what had stopped him. "Jason," Michael answered. Michael confided that Jason had urged Michael not to waste his life on revenge. Abby agreed because she didn't want Michael to end up back in Pentonville.

Michael insisted that Brandon had been "a sick bastard" who had deserved to die, but he assured her that he hadn't killed Brandon. Abby admitted that she wouldn't have told anyone if he had. Abby recalled that she had lived in constant fear when she had been with Brandon, so she was glad that Brandon was dead. However, she feared that someone she cared about might be blamed for the murder. Michael confided that Jason had killed Brandon, so that Michael wouldn't have to, but he assured Abby that Jason was too smart to get caught.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam suggested that Jason call Diane when Jason walked through the door. Dante assured Jason and Sam that there would be plenty of time for that. Jason didn't understand why he needed an attorney, so Dante told him about Brandon's murder, which Dante was certain Jason had already known about. Jason denied that he'd had anything to do with it, but Dante didn't believe him. Dante admitted that, under normal circumstances, he would have hauled Jason to the police station, but he understood that Jason was going through a lot because of Jake's death. Sam wondered what evidence Dante had on Jason.

Dante accused Jason of killing Brandon to keep Michael from doing it. Dante was furious because he believed that the murder would send Michael the message that violence solved all of his problems. Dante pointed out that Carter had hurt Michael, so Jason had killed Carter, and then Brandon had hurt Abby, so again Jason had killed. According to Dante, Michael would see that as a show of power, which was what Michael was after at the moment. Dante was certain that it would only be a matter of time before Michael used Jason's willingness to kill for him to gain entrance into the "family." Jason assured Dante that he didn't want that for Michael, while Sam insisted that Jason had done everything to stop Michael from getting involved in the mob.

Sam argued that Dante didn't have any proof that Jason had killed Brandon. She suggested that any number of Brandon's enemies could have killed Brandon. Dante insisted that Jason had a motive, so he intended to prove that Jason was responsible for Brandon's murder. After Dante left, Sam and Jason discussed the situation. Jason admitted that he had been afraid for Michael because Michael had been ready to pull the trigger. Sam realized that Jason suspected that Michael had killed Brandon.

Jason admitted that he had thought that Michael had understood that there was a huge price that accompanied Jason's lifestyle. Sam suggested that Michael might not have killed Brandon, but Jason insisted that no one could ever know if Michael had committed the murder. Jason was determined to protect Michael at any cost. Later, Michael stopped by to talk to Jason about Brandon's murder. It quickly became clear to Jason that Michael suspected Jason of the murder, which meant that Michael hadn't killed Brandon. Jason explained that he needed to find the killer before the police tried to blame the murder on Michael or him.

At Kelly's, Abby thanked Dante for meeting her. Dante wanted to get a couple of things straight before she told him why she had asked to see him. He admitted that he didn't want to look at his brother and think, even for a second, that Michael had it in him to put two bullets in someone's head. However, he acknowledged that Michael had grown up surrounded by violence. Dante explained that he had to walk a fine line between being a cop and a brother, so it helped not having knowledge of a crime. Abby quickly assured Dante that Michael wouldn't lie to her, so she was certain that Michael hadn't killed Brandon.

Dante revealed that it meant that Jason was at the top of the list. Abby urged Dante to at least talk to the people at Vaughn's before jumping to conclusions. She assured him that Johnny had instructed everyone to cooperate with the investigation. Dante was curious why Johnny had talked to her about Brandon's murder. Abby explained that Johnny owned Vaughn's, and he had always been good to her. Dante was curious if there were more to Abby's relationship with Johnny.

Abby insisted that Johnny had always kept it professional between them and that he had never hit on any of the girls at the strip club. Dante warned Abby that nothing was ever straightforward with Johnny, so he was certain that Johnny was after something.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

At Greystone Manor, Brenda and Lucian were playing with Morgan's old toys when Sonny entered the parlor. Sonny offered to make waffles and pancakes for Lucian, but Brenda revealed that she had promised to take Lucian to Kelly's for breakfast. "That's not going to happen," Sonny warned Brenda. Sonny sent Lucian off with Max, so that Sonny could have a private word with Brenda. Brenda insisted that she didn't like breaking promises to her son. She believed that Lucian needed love, assurance, and simplicity after losing the only parents that he had known during his short life.

Sonny explained that his life was difficult, so he needed to make certain that securities were put in place to ensure Lucian's safety. Brenda insisted that Sonny didn't need to shift personnel around because she didn't have any intention of allowing her child to be raised by bodyguards. "Like my kids?" Sonny wondered. Brenda quickly apologized. She assured him that there had been nothing wrong with the way that Michael and Morgan had been raised.

Sonny admitted that protecting his family was his first priority. He realized that Lucian's arrival had been unexpected, so he suggested that Brenda take some time to let things settle down. Brenda felt as if she had missed so much of Lucian's life that she didn't want to waste another minute with her son. Sonny advised Brenda to take her time to get to know Lucian in the safety of Greystone Manor, without any interference from the outside world. The idea appealed to Brenda.

At Lucky's apartment, Lucky was on the phone with Mac. Lucky explained that he would be at the station later to drop off some paperwork and then he would be ready to go on the stakeout. Mac objected, but Lucky assured Mac that he was ready to return to work. After Lucky ended the call, Nikolas warned Lucky that it wouldn't work. "What?" Lucky asked in confusion. Nikolas didn't think that staying constantly busy would lessen the pain of losing Jake; he feared that it might get Lucky killed.

Lucky insisted that working was what he did, but Nikolas suggested that Lucky was trying to escape the pain of losing Jake. Lucky argued that the pain was constant. Cam, Aiden, and Spencer would grow up, go to college, and try to figure out what to do with their lives, but there would always be an empty space where Jake should have been. Lucky explained that he needed to keep moving or else he would dive headfirst into a bottle right alongside his father. Nikolas confessed that he had been wondering how the tragedy had been affecting Lucky's sobriety. "Sweet release is calling me," Lucky admitted.

Lucky assured Nikolas that he hadn't answered the call, even though he felt as if it would shut out the voices of recrimination in Lucky's head. Nikolas assured Lucky that Jake's death wasn't Lucky's fault. Nikolas wanted Lucky to call him if Lucky were ever tempted to drink. Nikolas vowed to help his brother in whatever way that he could. Lucky confessed that Jake's death had reminded Lucky how short life was. Lucky insisted that no matter how mad he was at Nikolas, the bottom line was that they were brothers, and Lucky would always love Nikolas.

At Jason's penthouse, Carly admitted that she was glad that Jason had called her. She confessed that she hadn't stopped thinking about Jason, but she had been reluctant to smother him. Jason was curious how Josslyn was doing. Carly assured Jason that Josslyn was doing so well that it was difficult to believe that she had recently had a transplant. Carly started to talk about Jake, but Jason cut her off because he needed to focus on what needed to be done.

Jason told Carly about the situation with Brandon. Carly was grateful that Jason had been in the ally to stop Michael from shooting Brandon. Jason explained that he needed to find the real killer before the police tried to pin the murder on Michael. Carly insisted that Jason needed time to grieve, so she wanted him to let Dante do his job. Jason refused to risk Michael being sent to Pentonville again. He also confessed that helping Michael would keep his mind off of the pain of losing Jake.

Jason admitted that he regretted turning his back on his son. Carly reminded Jason that he had walked away to keep Jake safe. Jason argued that Jake had died, so he had failed. Carly thought that it would have been easier for Jason to have claimed Jake, so Jason had made a very difficult decision. Carly believed that Jason had done right by his son.

After Carly left, Sonny stopped by to ask Jason to rearrange the security detail. Jason was stunned when Sonny told him about Suzanne's appearance with a young boy that she claimed was Brenda's son. Jason wondered if Sonny trusted Suzanne's story. "No," Sonny admitted. Sonny explained that Brenda had already fallen in love with Lucian, so he had a stepson that he hadn't anticipated. Jason suggested that Max and Milo were the best choice to guard Lucian because they had experience and were good with children.

Sonny agreed. Jason was curious if Sonny intended to accept Suzanne's story. Sonny conceded that the story fit, but he wasn't certain how Brenda would feel raising a child in Sonny's lifestyle. Jason became angry as he reminded Sonny that Brenda had signed on for it. Jason wondered what Brenda and Sonny planned to do. "Give the kid away?" Jason asked.

Jason immediately apologized, but Sonny assured Jason that he understood what had prompted the outburst. Jason acknowledged that Jake hadn't been planned and that he had chosen to walk away from his son. Jason then shifted gears before Sonny could respond by assuring Sonny that the new guard assignments would work. A short time later, Jason was wrapping up a call with Bernie when Sam entered the penthouse. Sam told Jason that she had talked to the girls at Vaughn's, who had given her a couple of vague descriptions that Sam intended to follow up on.

Jason needed to stay busy, so he promised to take care of it after he had made some changes to the security detail. Sam sensed that something had happened, so Jason told her about Lucian. Sam was surprised by the revelation. Jason admitted that while he had been talking to Sonny about arranging security for Lucian, he had wondered why he hadn't made the same effort for Jake. Jason thought that he could have at least tried.

Sam reminded Jason that he'd had good reason to walk away from Jake, but Jason couldn't stop thinking about the choice that he had made. Sam thought that it was only natural that he'd question everything because Jason had suffered a terrible loss. However, she insisted that Jason had made the right decision. Sam pointed out that Jake hadn't died because of anything that Jason had done, or hadn't done.

Carly stopped by Lucky's apartment. She realized that Lucky probably wanted to be left alone, so she promised to make her visit brief. Carly let Lucky know that Josslyn was doing great; however, she admitted that they would have been in a different place if it hadn't been for Lucky. She knew that Lucky had persuaded Liz to donate Jake's kidney to Josslyn, so there weren't any words to express how humbled and grateful Carly was. Lucky admitted that it helped knowing that Josslyn was doing so well.

Carly acknowledged that she had never done anything for Lucky, even though they were related. She wanted him to know that if he ever needed anything, all Lucky had to do was ask. Lucky confessed that he needed to apologize to Carly because of the way that he had reacted when he had suspected that Carly had been responsible for Jake's hit-and-run. Carly assured Lucky that it wasn't necessary; however, she knew how Luke felt because she had been in the same position when she had thought that she had killed Jake. Lucky accused Luke of being in denial.

Carly reminded Lucky that Luke and Lucky loved each other. She suggested that Luke might need Lucky to reach out to him. According to Carly, it might also help Lucky. After Carly left, Sonny arrived. Sonny offered Lucky his condolences, but he knew that there weren't any words that could help Lucky. Lucky thanked Sonny and then explained that he had called Sonny because Luke was having a difficult time.

Lucky admitted that he couldn't help Luke because Lucky refused to watch Luke drink his way through the grief. According to Lucky, the alcohol had led to Jake's death. Sonny had an idea of what Lucky was going through because Sonny had felt the same anger and grief after Michael had been shot. Sonny confessed that he had wanted the man who had pulled the trigger to pay with his life. Lucky reminded Sonny that Ian Devlin had died; however, the death of the man who killed his son wasn't an option for Lucky.

Sonny assured Lucky that Luke would never have intentionally hurt a child. According to Sonny, Jake could have fallen into a pool. Lucky argued that Jake had been hit by car that had been driven by Luke after Luke had been drinking. Lucky refused jump on the denial bandwagon like Luke and Lulu, so he couldn't pretend that alcohol hadn't been a factor in the accident. Lucky wanted to comfort Luke, but Lucky was afraid that he might self-destruct or implode, so he wanted Sonny to be there for Luke.

Brenda and Lucian were playing in the parlor when Carly strolled in. "Who's your friend?" Carly wondered. Brenda ignored the question as she explained that Sonny wasn't home. Carly insisted that it was important, so Brenda suggested that she should have called first. Carly sat down in the chair and then asked Lucian what his name was. Carly was shocked when Brenda quietly answered, "His name is Lucian. He's my son."

Brenda was disappointed when she returned a short time later, without Lucian, to find that Carly was still in the parlor. Carly assured Brenda that Max and Milo were great with kids, but Brenda quickly clarified that she intended to raise her son. Carly confessed that she had assumed that Lucian was Sonny's child when she had first entered because Lucian looked like Sonny. However, Carly couldn't figure out who Lucian's mother might be. Carly started to list Sonny's past lovers, but Brenda cut her off.

It astounded Brenda how rude Carly could be. Brenda was curious if Carly simply couldn't help it. Carly smiled smugly as she insisted that she had just been making conversation. Carly suggested that Brenda should have been thanking Carly for exposing Brenda's dirty little secret, otherwise Sonny would have been blindsided by Lucian's arrival. Brenda ignored the taunt, but Carly continued to goad Brenda by assuring Brenda that it was a good thing that Sonny had experience with children. Cary was certain that Brenda would be a disaster as a mother.

At the Haunted Star, Luke was passed out on the bar when he heard a child's laughter. He looked up to find Jake playing with his toy motorcycle. Luke smiled with joy as he called out Jake's name. Moments later, Luke woke up from the dream. After Luke changed and shaved, he returned to the bar just as Ethan entered the casino. "Where the hell have you been?" Luke wondered.

Ethan explained that he had taken Maya to Las Vegas. "Good for you," Luke replied. Luke thought that Ethan should live life to the fullest because some people never had the chance. Ethan sobered because he realized that Luke was referring to Jake. Ethan confessed that he had heard about the accident, and he regretted that he hadn't been there for Luke. "That's it?" Luke wondered.

"Yes," Ethan confirmed. Luke admitted that it was a change from all the other judgmental reactions. Ethan suspected that Luke meant Lucky. Luke started to pour himself a drink, so Ethan asked for one too. Luke was curious what Ethan had heard about the accident. Ethan revealed that he knew that Jake had been hit by a car that Luke had been driving, so Luke told Ethan about Lucky's plans to marry Siobhan and Luke's race to make it in time for the ceremony.

According to Luke, he had been driving on Lexington, which was a dark and narrow road that the city ignored, so it was always littered with potholes. Luke confessed that he hadn't seen Jake, so he had no idea that he had hit Jake until he found Lucky waiting for him with a copy of the police report. Luke had known then that he had been responsible for Jake's death. Ethan insisted that it had been a tragic accident, but Luke explained that Lucky didn't see it that way. Ethan thought that it was understandable because Lucky wasn't thinking clearly. Luke confessed that he'd had a couple of shots of alcohol earlier that evening, but Luke denied that he had been impaired at the time of the accident.

However, Luke thought that perhaps it was for the best that Lucky blamed the accident on the alcohol because it was easier to hate the booze than to hate Luke. Luke explained that Lucky had gotten his nickname in part because Lucky had inherited Laura's hair, but the primary reason had been because Luke had wanted to spread the wealth of living a charmed life. Luke had cheated death a number of times, so he had never noticed when death had finally stared Luke down. According to Luke, it had taken a life infinitely more precious than Luke's. Ethan reminded Luke that no one could have seen Jake in the road that night. Luke argued that Luke, the cheater of death, had finally run out of luck, and a child had paid the price.

Later, Luke was drinking alone when he spun the roulette wheel. Luke began to chuckle when the ball landed on thirteen. "Man, it's about time you showed up," Luke said as he stared at the ball. Seconds later Luke threw his drink down and then walked to the bar. Luke lined up all the bottles of alcohol on the bar and then began to chuck them across the room just as Nikolas entered.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Carly and Brenda sparred over whether Brenda would be a good mother. Brenda declared that Carly was a fine one to talk, as Carly was a horrible mother. Carly defended her past actions, but Brenda pointed out that Carly had often used her children to manipulate their fathers. Brenda threatened to have Max and Milo throw Carly out, to which Carly simply laughed.

Brenda pointed out that, each time Sonny had married Carly, it had been because he'd felt guilty with regard to the kids. Brenda further pointed out that she was a threat to Carly, which was why Carly couldn't stay out of her and Sonny's lives. "He's a cute boy; I feel sorry for him," Carly quipped as she exited. "He deserves a hell of a lot better than you," she added.

Jason expressed to Sam his regret that he'd been unable to keep his loved ones out of danger. Sam assured him that his family had always done what they thought best at the time. Later, Jason went to see Brenda. Jason kept his emotions in check as he prepared to secure the home for Brenda's son, Lucian. Brenda tried to get Jason to talk about his feelings, but he minimized his pain.

Lucky talked to Sonny about the state Luke was in. Lucky asked Sonny to be there for Luke, but Sonny replied that what Luke needed was Lucky's support. Sonny said that anyone driving by Liz's house that night could have killed Jake. Lucky expressed that he was upset Luke had chosen to drink and drive that night.

"Until he admits that drinking played a part in Jake's death," Lucky avowed, "I can't help him." Sonny suggested that Lucky give Luke the benefit of the doubt and implied that Lucky was feeling a little guilty too. Sonny assured Lucky that there was no reason to feel he'd failed Jake.

At home, Lucky worked on Brandon's murder case as Siobhan entered with groceries. Lucky suggested they get married that day. Siobhan resisted and argued that he needed time to grieve. Lucky declined her offer to go on a hike together and ran off to work.

At the Haunted Star, a drunken Luke hurled bottle after bottle of booze at the wall. Nikolas showed up and told Luke to get over himself and stop running away from his pain. Luke lamented ever having had a family. Nik assured Luke that his kids loved him unconditionally. He added that Lucky needed Luke more than ever; Luke needed to forgive himself so that he could be there for his family.

Nikolas urged Luke to talk to Lucky. Lucky had forgiven Nikolas for having had an affair with Liz, and that had been on purpose. Surely, Nik presumed, Lucky would be able to forgive Luke for a tragic accident.

Later, Sonny visited Luke. Sonny explained that he was there to urge Luke and Lucky to work things out. Sonny let Luke know that Lucky would forgive Luke, in time. After Sonny left, Siobhan stopped by. She strongly suggested that Luke needed to stop drinking and take responsibility for Jake's death.

As Luke poured another drink, Siobhan fretted that Lucky might take risks that he wouldn't ordinarily. Luke made it clear that he was not his son's keeper. Siobhan stormed out.

Carly went to see Josslyn at the hospital, where she met Shawn. She complained to him how exasperating Brenda was. He suggested that she and Brenda keep apart. Shawn mentioned that Josslyn had won his heart. Carly expressed her gratitude that her little girl was going to be okay but felt remorseful that Jake had died.

Carly recounted her history with Jason. She worried that Jason needed a shoulder to cry on but that he wouldn't get in touch with his feelings. Shawn advised Carly not to help. Shawn admitted that Jason had warned him about Carly's penchant for coming up with crazy schemes but cautioned that Jason needed time to heal. Carly explained that she knew Jason, and she didn't expect him to deal with his emotions on his own.

Sonny returned home and awakened a napping Brenda. They made plans to spend time with Lucian. Brenda told Sonny that Carly had barged in earlier and made light of Brenda as a mother. Sonny explained that he'd have a talk with Carly. That wasn't good enough for Brenda, who threatened to ban Carly from their home.

Sonny didn't want his kids to be put in the middle of a war between Carly and Brenda. Brenda agreed. Sonny suggested that Brenda have a DNA test done to ensure that Lucian was actually her son, before she got too attached.

Lucky went to see Jason, who apologized for having missed Jake's memorial. Lucky said that he was sorry for what Luke had done. Jason thanked Lucky for having been a good father to his son. Lucky let Jason know he was there on official police business. He was looking for clues in Brandon's murder. Jason exploded and told Lucky that he was unable to deal with that at that moment.

Carly met Sam at Kelly's, wanting to know how Jason was faring. Sam reported that he was working through his grief one day at a time. Carly proposed that, to help Jason move on, Sam and Jason have a baby.

At the Haunted Star, Luke poured gasoline all over the floor and lit his lighter.

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