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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 30, 2011 on GH
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Due to the observance of Memorial Day, ABC aired encore episodes of its daytime lineup. No new episodes of All My Children, One Life to Live, or General Hospital were broadcast.

This was an anticipated scheduling change and there will be no lost episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, May 31, and pick up where the Friday, May 27 episodes concluded.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At the nurses' station, Patrick confessed that he was relieved that he had good news for the mother of the little boy who had been injured in a hit-and-run. Robin couldn't imagine how difficult it had been for Liz to keep the mother company while they had waited for word on the boy's condition. Patrick admitted that he regretted that he couldn't have given Liz similar news after Jake's tragedy. Seconds later, Patrick checked his voicemail. He was stunned to discover that the doctors at Shadybrook wanted Patrick to talk to Lisa before Lisa's psychiatric evaluation was complete. Robin wanted Patrick to do whatever was necessary to assure the doctors that Lisa had been sane at the time that Lisa had locked Robin in the basement to die.

At Shadybrook, Patrick reluctantly entered Lisa's room. Lisa tried to talk about the past, but Patrick insisted that Lisa had never been anything but a one-night stand to him. Lisa confessed that she hadn't thought that Patrick would show up; she joked that if she had known, she would have had herself committed sooner. Patrick demanded to know why Lisa had asked to see him, so she explained that she had wanted him to look her in the eye when he admitted that she had been right. "About what?" Patrick wondered. Lisa claimed that Patrick would never find true happiness with Robin because he would never be able to remain monogamous.

Lisa wanted Patrick to hear her voice every time he cheated on his wife because it would mean that Lisa had won. Lisa insisted that Patrick's marriage to Robin was "delusional," but Patrick argued that he wasn't there to discuss that. Lisa reminded Patrick that he had to hear her out because the doctors thought that it would help her. Lisa accused Robin of being mousy and unable to keep Patrick's attention, so it would only be a matter of time before Patrick was unfaithful. Patrick suggested that Lisa was the "saddest person the planet."

Lisa continued to goad Patrick about inevitably cheating on Robin and then warned him that Robin would eventually tire of his lies and excuses. Lisa acknowledged that she was a stalker, but time would prove that Lisa had been correct about Patrick. Patrick was clearly rattled by Lisa's dire prediction, which made Lisa smile with satisfaction. Later, Patrick surprised Robin with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Patrick wanted Robin to know how deeply sorry he was for cheating on her. He vowed that she was the only woman that he wanted, so he was determined to spend the rest of his life proving it to her.

Dante found Lulu working at the Haunted Star. He wanted to spend the day with her, but Lulu explained that she had been trying to decode Luke's accounting system. Dante revealed that he had hoped to pick up some lunch, a bottle of wine, and then take the speedboat out for the day. Lulu smiled as she assured Dante that she appreciated him sending Carly to talk to her, and that he had borrowed Sonny's boat. However, Lulu insisted that she was happy that Luke was in rehab because she was certain that it would be the best thing for her relationship with her father.

Lulu then shifted gears to reveal that Luke had been siphoning money from the casino for ages. Dante was surprised that Tracy had put up with it, but Lulu insisted that it just proved how much Tracy loved Luke. Lulu then announced that she intended to enlist Ethan's help to update the casino, and to draw in new clients, so that Luke would have something to focus on after rehab. Dante suggested that Lulu might want to reconsider, since it was unlikely that Luke would want to be surrounded by alcohol. Lulu dismissed Dante's concerns because she intended to work by Luke's side.

Lulu admitted that she had always wanted to do something meaningful with her father. She explained that Lucky and Ethan had each had an opportunity to build special memories with Luke, so it was finally her turn. Lulu decided to take the accounting books to Shadybrook, so that Luke had something to work on. Dante didn't know much about rehab, but he was certain that Luke should be focusing on sobriety, not the Haunted Star. Lulu insisted that she knew her father best; Luke would need something to look forward to in order to get him through rehab.

Dante decided to bite his tongue as Lulu prattled on about how she was confident that her collaboration with Luke would be the start of a great relationship. A short time later, Lulu arrived at Shadybrook. She was surprised to discover that Luke wasn't in his room, so she asked one of the counselors where her father was. The counselor revealed that Luke had left Shadybrook shortly after checking in.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Michael was grateful to Johnny for going against Anthony to track down the hit woman. Johnny assured Michael that he had been happy to help, which prompted Michael to remind Johnny of the promise that Michael had made to give Johnny his loyalty if Johnny cleared Abby's name. Johnny was curious if Michael were asking for a job. Michael revealed that he didn't intend to go to college after high school graduation, and that he already had a grasp for the business of organized crime; however, Michael acknowledged that he lacked experience. Johnny warned Michael to be certain about joining the mob because there might be a day when Michael realized that agreeing to work for the Zaccharas had changed Michael's life forever.

Michael argued that Johnny had experienced an upbringing similar to Michael's, so Michael was curious if there had ever been any doubt that Johnny would join the mob one day. Johnny insisted that he had tried to get out. Michael was certain that he would never be satisfied with a "nine-to-five" job, so Michael wanted to be a part of organized crime. However, there was one stipulation: Michael vowed never to go up against Sonny or Jason. Michael insisted that Johnny promise to honor the peace treaty between the Zacchara and Corinthos organizations.

Johnny explained that the truce between their fathers wasn't worth the handshake that it had been based on, unless Michael and Johnny worked together. Johnny poured Michael a drink and then handed it to Michael as Johnny clarified that neither Sonny nor Anthony would go after each other if there were any possibility that their sons could be caught in the crossfire. Johnny urged Michael to think things over carefully before committing to joining the Zacchara organization.

At the police station, Anthony confessed that he wasn't surprised to encounter Jason outside of the hit woman's interrogation room. Anthony claimed that he was outraged that the hit woman had tried to cause trouble for Michael and Abby. Jason was curious if Anthony had been paying the hit woman for a "job well done" or if Anthony had been threatening to kill Brandon's murderer. Anthony confided that the hit woman had been "alarmingly chatty" about the person who had hired her. Anthony was certain that Jason wouldn't believe who it had been. "Try me," Jason prodded.

"Old man Trujillo," Anthony replied. In the next second, Anthony feigned losing track of the conversation. Jason showed little patience as he reminded Anthony that they had been discussing Trujillo. Anthony explained that Trujillo had tried to sow the seeds of discontent by using Michael and Abby to pit the Corinthos and Zacchara families against each other. According to Anthony, Trujillo had hoped to ignite a mob war by manipulating Sonny into going after the Zaccharas for trying to frame Abby for the murder.

Anthony was disgusted that anyone would use kids in such a manner, let alone Michael, who had endured so much. "Don't talk about Michael," Jason threatened Anthony. Anthony smiled as he confessed that Jason's instantaneous reflex to protect Michael was inspiring. Anthony pointed out that Johnny and Michael had formed an alliance, so Anthony suggested that Jason would be in a better position to protect Michael if Jason accepted a job with the Zaccharas. Anthony wasn't surprised when Jason declined. After Anthony left, Jason watched as the hit woman was led out of the interrogation room.

Abby was curious where Michael had been when Michael entered her apartment. Michael revealed that he had been with Johnny, so Abby warned Michael to be careful. Abby explained that she had gone to Johnny's penthouse while Michael and Johnny had been chasing after the hit woman, and that she had found Anthony duct-taped to a chair. Michael smiled, but Abby didn't think that it was funny; she insisted that it had been "twisted and dark." Michael sobered as he asked if Abby had been hurt. Abby assured him that she was unharmed and then revealed the details about her encounter with Anthony. Abby warned Michael that Anthony wasn't an old and "decrepit" man, as he appeared, and that he knew Michael's vulnerabilities.

Michael didn't want Abby to be upset by Anthony's claim that Michael would eventually tire of her. He reminded Abby that Anthony didn't know them nor did Anthony have any authority over them, so Anthony had been wrong. "Maybe, maybe not," Abby replied. Michael assured her that there would never be anyone for him but Abby. Abby argued that he couldn't predict the future or how he would feel later in life, so she didn't want him to make her any promises because life was "fluid."

On the piers, Brenda confessed that she was delighted to be spending the day with Sonny. Sonny was curious if Brenda regretted marrying him. "Never," Brenda insisted. Brenda revealed that she had felt dead without Sonny. Sonny tried to talk to her about the necessity of the guards, but Brenda was determined to remain independent unless Alec was with her. Sonny decided to kiss his wife, instead of argue.

Seconds later, Kristina walked up. Sonny was horrified by Kristina's sexy blue dress. "What the hell are you wearing?" Sonny demanded. Kristina defiantly raised an eyebrow as Sonny complained that the dress was too short, there was too much hanging out, and that Kristina had on way too much makeup. Brenda immediately tried to intercede before the argument escalated, but Sonny and Kristina ignored Brenda. Sonny wondered if Alexis knew how Kristina was dressed.

Kristina resented her father's implication that she was dressed like a "tramp." Sonny denied that he had used the word, but he insisted that the outfit was inappropriate. Kristina argued that she wasn't dressed any differently than others her age, and then made a point of reminding Sonny that she was almost nineteen. Sonny insisted that Kristina had dressed to attract Ethan's attention. Sonny warned Kristina that she couldn't date Ethan, but Kristina argued that she was an adult.

Sonny claimed that Ethan was a married man, and too old for Kristina. Sonny and Kristina proceeded to scream at each other until Brenda finally stepped in to ask Sonny to take a walk, while she had a private talk with Kristina. Frustrated, Sonny left. Kristina insisted that she looked fine, but Brenda suggested that Kristina was a bit "over-accessorized." However, Brenda gently explained that Kristina's outfit was not the issue. Brenda suggested that Sonny might be right about Ethan.

Kristina was hurt because she had thought that Brenda had understood. Brenda acknowledged that she didn't know Ethan, but he was a married man. Brenda insisted that no girl with self-respect would go after a man who had any kind of commitment to another woman. Kristina revealed that Ethan hadn't seen Maya for a month and that the marriage a business arrangement. Brenda advised Kristina to put her plans for Ethan on hold until Ethan and Maya had divorced, but Kristina claimed that she had waited long enough. Brenda recalled feeling the same way about Sonny, when she had been Kristina's age, until Sonny had married Lily.

Kristina argued that Ethan had never loved Maya. Kristina was curious if Brenda had let anyone stop Brenda from going after Sonny. "No," Brenda admitted. Brenda wanted Kristina to learn from Brenda's mistakes, but Kristina pointed out that Brenda was married to Sonny. Kristina insisted that what she felt for Ethan wasn't some "silly schoolgirl crush." Kristina claimed that she was in love with Ethan.

Brenda conceded that first love was intense, but it could also be incredibly fleeting. "Not this one," Kristina argued. Kristina explained that she had connected with Ethan on a level that was difficult to explain. Brenda was stunned when Kristina revealed that Ethan had discovered that some herbal supplements, which someone had given to Kristina, had actually been powerful narcotics. Kristina credited Ethan with keeping Kristina from becoming an addict because Ethan had paid attention to Kristina when no one else had, and that it hadn't been the first time that Ethan had saved her. Brenda was at a loss for words, but Kristina suggested that they weren't necessary because Kristina had already made up her mind.

Sonny arrived home to find Jason waiting. Jason started to tell Sonny about his encounter with Anthony in jail, but Sonny was too upset about Kristina. Jason offered to play devil's advocate, but Sonny insisted that he needed a friend to hear him out about Kristina's infatuation with Ethan. Sonny explained that he had been trying to be responsible by leading Kristina down the right path, but Brenda constantly contradicted him, and undermined his authority. Jason suggested that Brenda might be trying to help, but Sonny argued that Kristina needed a firm hand. Sonny worried about the kind of chaos that Ethan would invite into Kristina's life.

Jason was curious if Sonny had tried to talk to Brenda about his concerns. "Yes," Sonny replied before complaining that Brenda was trying to be Kristina's "fairy godmother." Sonny was frustrated because he had tried to warn Ethan to stay away from Kristina, but Ethan had refused. Jason wondered if Ethan and Kristina were "a couple." Sonny revealed that Ethan claimed that Kristina was just a friend, but Sonny didn't think it was right for Ethan to continue a friendship with someone as young as Kristina. Jason warned Sonny not to push Kristina too hard because ultimatums never worked.

Sonny suggested that Jason's approach hadn't worked with Michael, and that Kristina needed boundaries. Later, Brenda returned home to find Sonny brooding in the parlor. She thanked him for giving her the opportunity to talk to Kristina, but Sonny insisted that he wanted Brenda to stay out of his children's lives because she didn't know them. Sonny argued that Brenda hadn't seen what Kiefer's abuse had done to Kristina. Sonny assured Brenda that he loved Brenda to death, but he didn't want her to interfere in his role as a parent.

Brenda was hurt because she felt that they weren't true partners if she couldn't be a part of his children's lives. Sonny assured Brenda that she could love his children, but he wanted her to leave the parenting to him and the mothers of his children. Brenda warned Sonny that she didn't want a marriage like that.

Jason went to Abby's apartment to talk to Michael. Abby invited Jason into the living room as Michael emerged from the bedroom, while buttoning up his shirt. Jason smiled uncomfortably and then revealed that he had seen Anthony with the hit woman at the police station. Michael assumed that Anthony had been doing damage control to cover his tracks. Jason suggested that Johnny might have been part of the plot, but Michael and Abby refused to believe that Johnny had any kind of agenda against them. Jason pointed out that Abby was in the clear, so he ordered Michael to stay away from the Zaccharas. "What if I don't?" Michael wondered.

Anthony smiled as he invited the hit woman into the penthouse. The hit woman wanted her million dollars, so that she could leave the country. Anthony rambled about timing, but the hit woman wasn't interested in hearing what Anthony had to say. Anthony calmly produced a gun with a silencer and then shot her dead. Johnny walked in seconds later and then immediately demanded to know what had happened. Anthony assured Johnny that it had all been a part of the master plan.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

At Shadybrook, Lulu demanded to know why her family hadn't been notified when Luke had left rehab. Dr. Nichols, the supervisor of the rehab program, explained that treatment was voluntary, and that they were obligated to respect a patient's privacy. Dr. Nichols revealed that he had tried to persuade Luke to stay, but Luke hadn't been ready to accept that he had a problem. Lulu was frustrated because Dr. Nichols had let Luke leave, but Dr. Nichols reminded her that they couldn't legally force Luke to remain in treatment if Luke had voluntarily checked himself in. Lulu was curious how long Luke had stayed at Shadybrook. "Fifteen minutes," Dr. Nichols replied.

At Greystone Manor, Brenda resented Sonny trying to keep her from having anything more meaningful than a superficial role in his children's lives. Sonny assured her that he hadn't meant it that way, but Brenda wondered what else Sonny intended to exclude her from. The heated argument ceased abruptly when Dante entered the parlor with news about Michael. Brenda quickly agreed to shelve her discussion with Sonny until later, but bristled when she sensed that Sonny and Dante wanted privacy. She was curious if she should leave, but Sonny assured her that she was welcome to hear whatever Dante had to say. Brenda relaxed as Dante revealed that they had arrested a suspect in Brandon's murder, so Abby would be cleared of the charges.

Sonny was curious if the hit woman had named her employer. Dante confirmed that Sonny's suspicions had been correct, but carefully avoided mentioning Anthony's name. Sonny thanked Dante for the update. Dante advised Sonny and Brenda to be nice to each other and then left. Brenda thanked Sonny for including her. She believed that it was important that she know more about his life if they were to build a real relationship.

Later, Brenda joined Sonny on the back patio to suggest that they take a walk. Sonny assured Brenda that he wanted her in his life, so Brenda wondered what that meant to Sonny. Sonny acknowledged that they each had a right to their opinions, and that they wouldn't always agree, so he wanted to compromise. Sonny suggested that Brenda talk to him privately about her thoughts regarding the children, so that they could show the children that they were a united front at all times. Brenda agreed that it made perfect sense. She apologized for her earlier outburst and then admitted that it was hard for her not to speak up when she felt shut out from Sonny's life.

Sonny warned Brenda that there would be times that he couldn't discuss business with her. Brenda was curious if Carly were privy to Sonny's business dealings, so Sonny clarified that he only discussed the children with Carly. Brenda confessed that it felt as if Sonny didn't trust her. Sonny promised that he trusted Brenda with his life, but he wanted Brenda to have plausible deniability if the police ever tried to question her. Brenda assured Sonny that she didn't mind lying for him, so he could share everything with her. Sonny vowed that he was committed to making their marriage work, no matter what it took.

Sonny suggested that they try to focus on the things that they did agree on because he thought that it would be better for Alec. Brenda loved the idea, and then admitted that she felt that Sonny was better with Alec than she was. Sonny thought that Brenda and Alec just needed time together to form a bond, so he proposed taking Alec to the ferry the following day. Brenda smiled with delight when Sonny offered to join them, so they agreed to meet in Sonny's office after his meeting.

Outside of Kelly's, Dante admitted that he had been happy to receive a call from Kristina asking him to meet her. Dante noticed Kristina's outfit, so he wondered if she intended to go "clubbing" afterwards. Kristina explained that she had decided to update her wardrobe, but their father had flipped out. According to Kristina, Sonny would have her dressing like a twelve-year-old for the rest of her life, and wouldn't allow her to date until she was thirty. Kristina revealed that it was the reason that she had called Dante. Dante confessed that he might not have been the best person for her to call because he wasn't thrilled with her new look.

Kristina insisted that Maxie had helped her select the outfits. "That explains a lot," Dante remarked. Kristina ignored the comment as she forged ahead with her plea. Kristina realized that she had made some terrible choices by pretending to date Johnny, but she assured Dante that she had genuine feelings for Ethan. Dante was surprised, so Kristina assured him that she and Ethan were just friends, but she wanted more. Kristina had hoped that Dante could talk to Sonny to make Sonny understand that she should be allowed to date whomever she wanted.

Later, at the loft, Dante received an update on the hit woman. He was furious when he learned that the hit woman had dropped off of the radar. Dante ended the call just as Lulu walked in. Lulu quickly told Dante about Luke's decision to leave rehab shortly after checking in. Dante wondered why the family hadn't been notified, so Lulu explained what Dr. Nichols had told her. Lulu wasn't surprised that Luke had opted to lie to everyone about going to rehab because Luke hated goodbyes.

Lulu called Spinelli to leave him a message to call her back on an urgent matter. Afterwards, Lulu admitted that Luke had likely left the country. Dante explained that he could try to use his police resources to track down Luke, but it might be frowned upon because Luke was an adult, who was free to go where he liked. Lulu realized that she had to call Lucky, but she confessed that she was furious that she had listened to her brother. Lulu reminded Dante that she had never thought that tough love would work with her father, so she was afraid of what Luke would do next.

Dante reminded Lulu that Luke knew how to disappear, so he advised her to relax for the evening because she wouldn't be able to find Luke right away. Lulu explained that she needed to find Luke quickly, or else Luke would never return. Dante was curious what Lulu would do if she found Luke but Luke refused to cooperate.

At Abby's apartment, Jason warned Michael that the Zaccharas were playing Michael because they wanted to use Michael against Sonny. Michael suggested that Jason could solve the problem by giving Michael a job in the Corinthos organization. Jason explained that Sonny would never permit Michael to work for them. Jason was stunned when Michael revealed that he had talked to Johnny about joining the Zacchara organization and that Johnny understood that Michael would never go up against Sonny and Jason. Jason couldn't believe that Michael and Johnny had already discussed terms.

Michael insisted that Johnny had given Michael the opportunity that Sonny and Jason wouldn't, so Michael was determined to work for Johnny as long as Johnny kept his word. Michael argued that he wasn't a child, so he had the right to make his own choices, and to decide what risks were worth taking. Jason warned Michael that it was the wrong thing to do because Michael would end up hurting himself and those around him. However, Jason conceded that it wasn't his decision to make, so he promised to always love Michael and to be there if Michael ever needed anything. After Jason left, Michael admitted that he hated going against Jason, but Michael felt as if Jason hadn't given Michael a choice. Abby confessed that it had been the first time that she had seen Michael be selfish.

Michael assured Abby that he appreciated Jason. Abby explained that it was clear how much Jason loved Michael, and that Jason obviously considered Michael a son. Abby insisted that Jason had been begging Michael not to do something that Jason feared would put Michael in danger, yet Michael had said, "No." Michael explained that it hadn't been the first time that he and Jason had been in an argument about Michael joining the mob, so Michael wasn't making the decision lightly. Abby reminded Michael that Jason had just lost a child, but Michael didn't see what that had to do with him.

Abby explained that Jason shouldn't have to worry about Michael. She was disappointed that Michael had thrown away a golden opportunity to give back to Jason by finding a life outside of the mob. Michael argued that Jason had done everything that he had warned Michael not to do, yet Jason had managed to survive. Michael reminded Abby that Jason and Sam planned to start a family, that Jason had friends, tons of money, and a nice life. He couldn't understand why Jason expected Michael not to want the same things.

Abby suggested that Michael had left out a crucial part: Jason killed people for a living. She was curious if Michael were willing to do the same. Michael explained that Jason was in charge of his own life, so those who threatened Jason or Sonny were taken out. Michael admitted that he didn't have a problem with that. He quickly assured Abby that it had nothing to do with the rape in Pentonville. Michael insisted that Sonny and Jason's world was a perfect fit for him.

Abby was curious how Michael would feel if she admitted that it wasn't what she wanted. Abby refused to have anything to do with the mob because she didn't want any part of the violence or the risk of prison. She had no doubt that Sonny and Jason were honorable men, but they were an exception. According to Abby, most mobsters were like Brandon, which had been the reason that she had left Brandon for a better life. Michael promised that he could give Abby a better life, but Abby didn't want it at the expense of Michael joining the mob. Abby insisted that she wanted out before she became even more embroiled in that kind of life.

Abby begged Michael not to join the mob for her sake, but Michael didn't want her to be another person in his life who told him what to do. Abby warned Michael that she refused to be with him if he went to work for Johnny. Michael didn't want to lose Abby because he loved her, so he asked her to trust him. Abby stood firm. "I love you, but I can't let you control me," Michael told her as he slowly made his way to the door and then left.

Alexis stopped by Jason's penthouse to warn Sam that Molly and Kristina were on their way over to celebrate Sam's recovery. Sam assured her mother that the checkup had gone well. Alexis confided that Molly was excited about the prospect of Sam having a baby, so Molly had picked out baby names. Sam wasn't surprised because she realized that Molly believed that a baby would heal Jason's broken heart and allow Jason and Sam to live happily ever after. Alexis changed the subject as she and Sam fetched lemonade and then set the table for the party.

Alexis revealed that Jax was determined to secure full custody of Josslyn, but Alexis feared that it would backfire. Alexis conceded that she understood Jax's concerns about Sonny and Jason because Alexis had felt the same way with Kristina. Alexis suddenly realized how that had sounded, so she apologized to Sam and then promised to stop talking. Sam assured her mother that she understood that Alexis was concerned about Sam and Jason having children. Alexis agreed, but she clarified that she wanted Sam to be happy. Alexis vowed to support Sam if Sam and Jason decided to have children, because Alexis was confident that Sam and Jason would give it careful consideration.

Sam assured her mother that it wouldn't be a rash decision; however, Sam was concerned that Jason didn't even know what he wanted because he had just lost Jake. Sam feared that Jason would agree to have a child for her sake. The conversation was cut short when Molly arrived. Molly explained that Kristina would be along shortly and then suggested that they discuss baby names. Molly admitted that Kristina didn't like Molly's choices, so Molly didn't want to wait for Kristina. Molly beamed with pleasure when Sam invited her youngest sister to suggest baby names.

Molly admitted that her favorite boy names were: Caspian, Heathcliff, and Elijah. Molly's favorite girl names were: Meredith, Madison, and Riley. Alexis suggested that Molly write a story using all those names. Sam readily agreed, which made Molly realize that Sam wasn't ready to discuss baby names. Seconds later, Kristina arrived. "What on earth are you wearing?" Alexis demanded when she noticed Kristina's tight blue dress.

Kristina confessed that she hadn't expected to see her mother at the party. Alexis wasn't surprised because she doubted that Kristina would have worn the dress if Kristina had known that Alexis would be there. Alexis didn't recall Kristina wearing the dress, which Alexis suggested made Kristina look a bit like a "hoochie mama," when Kristina had left the house that morning. Kristina defiantly reminded her mother that she was almost nineteen, so she was free to wear what she pleased. Alexis disagreed, since Alexis paid all of Kristina's bills. Molly loved Kristina's dress because it looked like something that one of the Kardashian sisters or Selena Gomez would wear.

Alexis suggested that Molly "zip it" and then scolded Kristina for wearing a dress that made Kristina look like she belonged in Las Vegas. Kristina turned to Sam for help, but Sam refused to get involved. Sam pulled Molly aside, so that Alexis could continue the discussion with Kristina without Molly's input. Moments later, Jason arrived home. Molly immediately asked for Jason's opinion about Kristina's dress, but Jason offered to leave instead of answering the question. Sam assured Jason that her mother and sisters were about to leave, so Alexis hustled Kristina and Molly out the door with promises to make Kristina change into something more suitable in the car.

After Alexis, Kristina, and Molly left, Sam sensed that Jason was troubled. Jason confessed that he feared that he might have lost Michael. Jason revealed that he had talked to Michael at Abby's apartment and then afterwards he had stopped off at Kelly's to pick up some dinner. Jason explained that he had bumped into Liz. Sam was curious how Liz was holding up, so Jason admitted that Liz continued to miss Jake and feel guilty about the tragedy. It had made Jason wonder if it were worth it to give someone up to protect them.

Sam doubted that there was an easy answer to the question. Jason told Sam that Abby's charges had been dropped because they had found the hit woman responsible for the murder, but Jason was certain that Anthony had been pulling the strings. However, Jason explained that Michael still wanted to work for Johnny, so Jason didn't know what to do. Jason realized that he could take Johnny out, but then he risked alienating Michael.

In the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny threatened to call the police to report Anthony for killing the hit woman, but Anthony warned Johnny to be careful because Johnny would have to explain how a woman had ended up shot to death with Johnny's gun. Johnny realized that he couldn't call the police. Anthony smiled as he acknowledged that self-preservation was always the wisest choice. Johnny told his father to "go to hell." Anthony suggested that Johnny relax because Anthony intended to teach Johnny how to use the situation to his advantage.

At Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Anthony directed two thugs to carefully place the dead hit woman in Sonny's chair behind the deskRecap --->

Thursday, June 2, 2011

At Pozzulo's, Brenda and Alec entered Sonny's office, but froze in the doorway when they saw a dead woman staring blankly at them from Sonny's chair. Brenda screamed in horror and then quickly hustled Alec away. Seconds later, Sonny entered the restaurant to find a traumatized Brenda comforting a frightened Alec. Sonny looked in the office and then joined Brenda to reassure Alec that everything would be okay. A short time later, Dante arrived after receiving a call from Sonny. Brenda decided to take Alec home, so Sonny followed Dante to the office, but Dante stopped his father in the doorway.

Dante reminded Sonny that it was a crime scene, so he advised Sonny not to touch anything. Dante realized that the dead woman was the hit woman who had killed Abby's ex-boyfriend, Brandon. Sonny was certain that Anthony was responsible for the corpse in his office, but Dante had his doubts. Sonny insisted that he wouldn't have had someone "whacked" and then left the person in his office for Brenda and Alec to find. Sonny was offended when Dante suggested that it would be a perfect way to throw off suspicion. Dante decided to call the police to report the crime, but discovered that someone had already called in a tip.

Sonny immediately accused Anthony of placing the call to the police. Dante was curious what Anthony stood to gain by killing the hit woman. Sonny didn't have an answer, but he was certain that Anthony had something big planned. "Like what?" Dante wondered.

Sonny arrived home a short time later to find Brenda waiting for him in the parlor. Sonny was concerned about Alec's reaction to the grisly discovery. Brenda admitted that Alec had been scared. Sonny assured Brenda that something like that had never happened before, and he promised that it wouldn't happen again. Brenda was curious how Sonny could be so certain. She had no doubt that the dead woman had been a message sent from one of Sonny's enemies.

Brenda feared that Sonny's rivals would eventually target her and Alec. Sonny revealed that he was working with the police to find the killer, but Brenda wanted to know whom Sonny suspected of the murder. Brenda wasn't surprised when Sonny confessed that he didn't want to involve her, so she warned Sonny that things would have to change.

At the Haunted Star, Maxie was curious about Lulu's numerous text messages requesting to see Maxie. Maxie hoped that Lulu intended to return to Crimson, but Lulu explained that she was through working for Kate. Lulu explained that she needed Maxie's help because Lulu intended to revamp the casino, so that it would be a profitable business. Maxie advised Lulu to discuss it with Luke before making any changes because Luke had never seemed interested in making a profit. Lulu revealed that Luke had left rehab, so Luke wasn't available to consult with.

Lulu admitted that her family had handled Luke wrong, so Lulu intended to give Luke a reason to return to by fixing up the casino, and luring in a younger clientele. Lulu appreciated Maxie's sense of style and knack for knowing what was in, so she hoped that Maxie would agree to redecorate the casino from top to bottom. Lulu was certain that the casino's success would draw Luke back to town. Maxie realized that it was painful when a parent left, but she suggested that it was best to simply accept it. Lulu denied that Luke was anything like Maxie's parents, Frisco and Felicia.

"Yet, Luke up and leaves again and again," Maxie pointed out. "Not because he doesn't care," Lulu stubbornly argued. Maxie explained that Luke had killed Jake, and then refused to get help for a drinking problem. Lulu realized that, but she was certain that fixing up the casino would give Luke a sense of purpose. "By running a bar and casino?" Maxie asked. Lulu insisted that Luke loved running the Haunted Star, especially when it was filled with people.

According to Lulu, Luke's drinking had only gotten bad after the accident, so tough love hadn't been the answer. Maxie was curious what Lulu would do if Luke decided not to return to Port Charles. Lulu was certain that her father would eventually show up, so she intended to make certain that Luke knew that she loved him and that she accepted him the way that he was.

At Metro Court, Jax thanked Robin for stopping by. Jax explained his situation with Carly and then admitted that he intended to sue for full custody of Josslyn to keep his daughter safe from the danger that surrounded Sonny and Jason. Jax hoped that Robin would testify on his behalf. Robin was curious if and when Carly would be able to spend time with Josslyn. Jax assured Robin that Carly would have full access to Josslyn, as long as Carly visited Josslyn at Metro Court. Robin thought that it was a lot of ask of a child not to live with her mother. Jax jokingly wondered whose side Robin was on.

Robin assured Jax that she knew that he was a devoted father, and that he was worried about Josslyn, but Robin insisted that Carly was a good mother. Robin warned Jax that she would have to be honest when she testified. Jax argued that Sonny and Jason had such a strong hold on Carly that Carly refused to stay away from them. Robin wondered if Jax had truly thought that Carly would cut Sonny and Jason out of her life when he had married her. Jax confessed that he had hoped that he and the children would be more important. Jax assured Robin that he simply wanted Robin to tell the judge about the danger that Sonny and Jason presented. Robin assured Jax that she would be happy to testify that Jax was an excellent father, but she refused to lie about Carly.

After Robin left, Jax approached Olivia at the reservation desk. Jax requested that Olivia start keeping a log of when Sonny, Jason, and Carly met at the hotel. Olivia realized that Jax wanted her to keep tabs on Carly's activities because of the custody battle. Jax explained that he needed documentation to illustrate that Josslyn would always be in danger with Carly because Carly stayed in regular contact with Sonny and Jason. Olivia insisted that Sonny and Jason weren't dangerous, just their business was, so she refused to facilitate Carly losing custody of Josslyn.

Jax was stunned because Olivia had hidden the truth from Sonny about Dante's paternity for most of Dante's life. Olivia realized that it might make her sound like the biggest hypocrite in the world, but she argued that the circumstances were different. Olivia couldn't condone what Jax was doing. She realized that Jax hated Sonny "the way that God [hated] sin," but she urged Jax to find a way to compromise with Carly for Josslyn's sake. After Olivia walked away, Jax received a call about Shawn.

At the hospital, Patrick talked to Shawn about the "patch job" that the Veterans Affairs Hospital had done on Shawn's wartime injury. Patrick explained that Shawn needed surgery to remove the fragments, but Shawn refused to "go under the knife." Nearby, Carly approached the nurses' station, as Shawn and Patrick continued their heated discussion. Patrick noticed that Shawn's records indicated that Shawn had suffered from posttraumatic stress syndrome, so Patrick was curious if Shawn still received treatment for it. Shawn explained that he had been advised to have his injury checked every six months, so Shawn wasn't there for the posttraumatic stress.

Patrick warned Shawn that the mortar fragments were moving closer to Shawn's spine, so they needed to be removed before Shawn's spine was permanently damaged. Patrick once again advised Shawn to have surgery and then added that Shawn should also seek treatment for the posttraumatic stress. After Patrick walked away, Carly approached Shawn. She admitted that she had noticed the tension between Shawn and Patrick, so she was curious if everything were okay. Shawn explained that they had just been discussing Shawn's injury, but he promised her that it wouldn't affect his ability to protect Carly and Josslyn.

Later, at Carly's house, Carly tried to talk to Shawn about Shawn's PTS, but Shawn didn't want to discuss it. Carly was surprised because she recalled how Shawn had helped Molly. Shawn chuckled as he suggested that Molly was a unique young lady, who probably knew more about PTS than the doctors did. He then confessed that it was easier to talk about other people's issues than his own. Carly conceded that he had a point, so she decided to drop it. Carly then shifted gears to propose that they take Josslyn to the park because it was a beautiful day.

Shawn offered to load up the car, and fetch Josslyn, while Carly answered a knock at the front door. It was Tracy. Tracy demanded to know where Luke had gone. Tracy informed Carly that Luke had left rehab, so she suspected that Carly had helped Luke slip out of town because Carly and Luke had been as "thick as thieves" in recent months. Carly denied that she had helped Luke leave town. Tracy warned Carly that Luke was in trouble.

Carly realized that her uncle had a problem, but she argued that Tracy had married Luke, knowing that Luke drank too much. Carly didn't think it was fair for Tracy to change the rules after the fact. Tracy was curious if it bothered Carly that Luke had abandoned everyone who loved him. Carly admitted that it was terrible, but Luke had felt under attack, so she understood why Luke had left. Carly revealed that she was going through a similar situation with Jax. "Oh, so it's all about you," Tracy groused.

Carly denied it, but then told Tracy about Jax expecting Carly to change even though he had married her knowing that Sonny and Jason would always be a part of her life. Tracy wasn't interested in discussing Cary's custody situation, so Tracy reminded Carly that Luke hadn't killed a child when she had married him. Tracy also insisted that Luke's drinking hadn't been out of control at the time of their marriage. Carly acknowledged that Jake's death had been awful, but Carly argued that it had been ruled an accident. Tracy reminded Carly that Carly had heard Luke during the intervention, so Carly should appreciate that Luke was in complete denial. Carly agreed, but she didn't blame Luke for taking off.

After Tracy left, Shawn returned to let Carly know that they were ready to leave. Carly revealed that she would have to join Shawn, Mercedes, and Josslyn later because Carly had an important conference call scheduled. Shawn apologized for snapping at Carly earlier; however, it was difficult for him to talk about the war. Carly assured Shawn that she trusted him and that she respected his privacy. Shawn expressed appreciation Carly's understanding and then left.

Later, Jax entered the living room to find out where Shawn was. Carly was annoyed because she realized that Jax had been digging up more dirt on Shawn. Jax revealed that the file that he had shown Carly had been the "tip of the iceberg" and then offered her another file that he claimed was highly confidential. Carly wasn't interested in reading it, so she advised Jax to give it to his attorney. Jax assured her that he would, but he wanted Carly to have an opportunity to see it first. Carly invited Jax to simply tell her what he had learned, so Jax revealed that Shawn was not a war hero; he had killed one of his own men.

Tracy entered the Haunted Star to find Lulu moving chairs around. Tracy suspected that Lulu already knew that Luke had left rehab. Lulu confirmed Tracy's suspicions and then admitted that she was furious that she had listened to Tracy and Lucky because they had pushed Luke too hard, which had resulted in Luke taking off. Lulu intended to give Luke a reason to return. Lulu outlined her plans for the casino. Tracy suggested that Lulu's plans were just a form of enabling, which Tracy refused to do.

Tracy insisted that Luke needed to hit rock bottom on his own before he could get help. Lulu disagreed, so she intended to forge ahead with her plans. Tracy warned Lulu that it wasn't an option because Tracy had decided to sell the casino.

At the nurses' station, Steve reviewed a patient's medical history as Liz took notes for the admission form. Liz became distracted when she had a vision of Jake playing with a toy car in a nearby chair. After Steve walked away, Liz noted that the patient didn't have any allergies, even though Steve had clearly told her that the patient was extremely allergic to penicillin. Later, Matt asked Liz for the patient's chart. Matt immediately became concerned when he noticed a discrepancy. Liz was horrified when Matt revealed that the patient's allergy to penicillin had not been noted on the admission form, even though it was listed on the patient's medical history.

Liz apologized and then promised that it wouldn't happen again. Matt didn't realize that Liz had made the mistake, so he assured Liz that it wasn't her fault. He blamed it on the budget cuts, which had left them shorthanded. Matt intended to look into it, but Liz took the chart to fix the error and then assured Matt that she would get to the bottom of things. Matt appreciated Liz's help; he wished that everyone could be as "conscientious" as she was.

Patrick advised Epiphany that one of Lisa's patients was ready to be released. Steve walked up moments later to thank Patrick for taking over most of Lisa's caseload. Epiphany realized that Lisa had caused quite a bit of mayhem, but she admitted that Lisa had been a brilliant surgeon who would be hard to replace. Steve agreed, so he urged them all to pick up the slack until a new doctor was hired. Seconds later, Steve received a call, so he excused himself.

Robin approached Patrick to ask for a moment of Patrick's time. Robin realized that Patrick had given her flowers the previous day because Lisa had said something that had clearly made Patrick doubt himself. Patrick started to explain, but Robin cut him off to assure him that she loved Patrick and that Lisa had been wrong. Robin was grateful that Patrick hadn't let Robin give up on their marriage. Patrick sensed that something had happened, so Robin told him about her visit with Jax. Robin realized that they could have been in the same boat as Jax and Carly if they hadn't found a way to make their marriage work.

Moments later, Steve walked up to reveal that Lisa had escaped. Steve explained that Lisa had been en route to Ferncliff, a more secure psychiatric facility, when Lisa had managed to get away. Robin suspected that Lisa was on her way to Canada, but Patrick was certain that Lisa was still in town, so he was determined to take some precautions.

At Kelly's, Steve met Olivia for coffee. Olivia immediately sensed that Steve was troubled. Steve revealed that Lisa had escaped. He felt responsible because he had ignored Patrick and Robin's repeated warnings that Lisa was unstable. Olivia refused to allow Steve to blame himself. She reminded him that he hadn't had proof that Lisa had been a danger to anyone, so he had acted appropriately under the circumstances.

Nearby, Maxie explained that she had called Matt because she was concerned about Lulu after Luke had left rehab. Maxie revealed that Lulu was convinced that Luke would return if Lulu turned the casino's business around. According to Maxie, Lulu believed that Luke would be grateful for Lulu's love and loyalty. Matt admitted that Lulu's thinking sounded flawed, but he couldn't blame Lulu for wanting to believe that. Maxie insisted that Lulu was in denial and that she had thrown Frisco and Felicia in Maxie's face when Maxie had suggested it. Matt realized that Frisco and Felicia were the reason that Maxie couldn't believe that anything good could last. He knew that she blamed herself for her parents leaving, but he insisted that it wasn't Maxie's fault.

Maxie appreciated that Matt was trying to make her feel better, but it was hard for her not to take it personally when both of her parents had left her. Matt explained that people were flawed, so they all had junk to work out, including Frisco and Felicia. Maxie believed that she and Georgie had weighed their parents down, but Matt argued that it had been Frisco and Felicia's responsibility to raise their daughters. According to Matt, it was on Frisco and Felicia, not Maxie, that they had abandoned their children. Maxie reminded Matt that he hadn't been there, so he had no way of knowing what the situation had been. Matt insisted that Maxie was an amazing person, so any family would be lucky to have her for a daughter.

Maxie headed to Pozzulo's after she left Matt. She started to cross the yellow police tape, but Dante warned her that it was a crime scene, so she couldn't enter Sonny's office. Maxie revealed that she wasn't there to discuss the latest mob hit; she was concerned about Lulu, who had a crazy notion that turning things around at the casino would fix everything. Dante explained that Lulu hoped the renovation would be the start of a new beginning with Luke, but Maxie argued that Lulu had to accept that Luke had deserted her. Maxie warned Dante that they had to help Lulu before Lulu ended up in troubleRecap --->

Friday, June 3, 2011

At Sonny's restaurant, Dante completed the police investigation into the hit woman's death. Jason arrived, and Dante asked him not to retaliate against Anthony. Dante explained his theory that Anthony had hired the woman to implicate Abby in Brandon's death. Anthony had then had her killed and had the body stashed in Sonny's office so that Sonny would break the truce.

Dante asked Jason for help to prove that Anthony had been behind the murder by discussing what Jason and Anthony had talked about at the police station. Jason responded that Anthony had admitted to incriminating Abby to cause tension between the Corinthos and Zacchara families. Dante worried that, since Michael had become indebted to the Zacchara family, Jason and Sonny would strike back at Anthony. Dante pleaded with Jason to let the police handle the situation.

Lulu defended her father as Tracy made plans to sell the Haunted Star. Tracy admitted she was remorseful for having enabled Luke's alcoholism. Lulu said that it was no wonder Luke had left town, since everyone who loved him did nothing but judge him. Lulu added that their family had made Luke feel guiltier than he'd already felt for killing Jake.

Tracy explained that she'd kept the Haunted Star in her name to keep Luke in Port Charles. She didn't want to see Lulu engage in the same codependent behavior. Lulu protested, saying that her plan was to reinvigorate the casino and turn it into a business Luke would be proud of. Tracy retorted that Luke would never return, and Lulu disagreed. Luke would want to return once the business turned around, Lulu proposed.

Lulu accused Tracy of trying to push Luke out of their lives and told her to stop spouting twelve-step propaganda. It had worked for Lucky, Lulu argued, but it had only pushed Luke away. Tracy retorted that Luke was an alcoholic, even though he refused to admit it. Lulu worried that her family was going to fall apart.

Tracy met Dante at Kelly's, and they discussed Lulu's state of mind. Dante had suggested to Lulu that she go to an Al-Anon meeting to hear stories from other people who had an alcoholic family member, but she'd refused. He explained that Lulu didn't fully believe her father was an alcoholic and that she regretted having taken part in the intervention.

Tracy was sorry that she'd enabled Luke for so long. She'd seen, first-hand, what addiction could do to a family, mentioning the struggles that her brother Alan and her nephew AJ had gone through. To Dante's surprise, she let Dante know that she was putting the Haunted Star up for sale. Dante balked, stating that Lulu had quit Crimson to revamp the casino. Tracy assured Dante that Luke was not returning. Tracy only hoped that Lulu would some day forgive her.

Lulu had Nikolas stop by to review her business plan for the casino. She assured him that he'd see a return on his investment. Nik asked how Luke would fit into the plan, and Lulu said he'd run it with her upon his return. Nikolas worried that Lulu's lack of experience running a business, particularly in the gaming industry, might hinder her ability to make the Haunted Star a success.

Lulu told him that Ethan had grown up in a casino and would be an asset, but Nikolas didn't feel that inspired any confidence. Lulu assumed Nik wasn't interested in her proposition, but he argued otherwise. "If I'm going to make an investment, I'd rather make it in you than in Luke," he said.

Lulu convinced him that she wanted to prove that she could handle more than answering Kate Howard's phone calls. Nikolas agreed to give Lulu the money. He warned her, however, that she might end up very disappointed if she expected a successful business to put her family back together. Dante returned to the casino and was greeted by an ecstatic Lulu, who told him Nik had given her the money to buy the Haunted Star from Tracy. Dante found it difficult to get excited over Lulu's decision.

Jax confronted Carly over her defense of Shawn. He had with him information that Shawn had killed one of his own men while in Afghanistan. Carly pointed out that Jax had no idea what it would have been like to be in battle during wartime. Jax explained that the incident had been captured by a film crew and that Shawn had not hesitated before pulling the trigger.

Jax added that, regardless of Shawn, Sonny and Jason were still a threat to Josslyn's safety. Carly kicked Jax out of the house. Jax left the report behind for Carly to read. After Jax left, Carly called Mercedes and asked her to take Josslyn home as soon as possible.

Later, after Carly put Josslyn down for a nap, Shawn and Carly talked about Josslyn's transplant surgery. Carly thanked him for his tenderness with her daughter. She told Shawn that Jax was planning to use whatever ammunition he could find to get full custody and that Shawn was a primary target. She apologized as she let Shawn go. Shawn bowed out graciously and asked Carly never to stop fighting for her daughter.

Jax went to see Jason at the restaurant and confronted him about Shawn's past. Jax gloated that he had evidence that would spur the judge to grant him full custody of Josslyn. Jason threatened to do whatever he needed to ensure that Carly was not separated from her daughter.

Jax reiterated that Carly would have full access to Josslyn but that the girl would live with her father. He revealed that Shawn had killed one of his own men in Afghanistan. Jax questioned whether Jason hadn't known or hadn't cared about that fact. Jax stated that, either way, it was further proof that Josslyn was not safe with Jason.

After Jax left, Jason called Spinelli and asked him to delve into Shawn's military career. Carly walked in and asked if Jason knew whether Jax's information was valid. Jason said that Spinelli was on it and asked if Carly had confronted Shawn with the particulars. Carly admitted she hadn't felt comfortable asking. Jason berated himself for not having dug deeper into Shawn's past, but Carly defended the decisions Jason had made. She was thankful that Shawn had protected them, especially since Franco was still a threat.

Shawn visited Jax at the Metro Court to let Jax know that Shawn no longer worked for Carly, which meant that she was not responsible for anything Shawn said or did. He made it clear that he didn't appreciate Jax using undue influence to dig into Shawn's past and especially didn't like that he was using that information to take Carly's daughter away.

"Come at me again," Shawn began, "you better be prepared, 'cuz I push back," he threatened. Jax accused Shawn of being a mercenary and of having killed a fellow soldier. Shawn pointed out that he'd been a Marine, not a soldier, and that Jax should keep his mouth shut if he didn't know the difference. As Carly walked in, Jax continued to taunt Shawn, calling him an embarrassment to anyone who'd ever worn a uniform. That was the last straw, and Shawn punched Jax out.

Michael ran into Kristina outside of Kelly's. He was surprised that his sister was dressed in such a provocative way. Kristina apologized for having been so unsupportive of his relationship with Abby. Kristina asked Michael to help her convince their dad that, if it was okay for Michael to date an older woman, it should be all right for Kristina to see an older man. Michael replied that her change of heart probably had something to do with Ethan. Michael was bothered by the fact that Ethan was still married, but Kristina replied that Maya was "M.I.A."

Brenda objected to Sonny's security plan for Alec. She didn't want her son to feel like a prisoner. Sonny said that he was doing what he could to shield the boy and mentioned that Brenda had known what she was getting into when they agreed to marry. Brenda tearfully replied that she'd not expected to walk into Sonny's office with Alec to find a woman's dead body.

Brenda felt that she was a bad mother because she'd taken her son away from the only family he'd known and given him a new life that would give him nightmares. Sonny was sorry that Alec had seen the dead woman and promised nothing like that would ever happen again.

Brenda said that she'd always wanted to be with Sonny and that she'd chosen to risk the dangers of marrying into the mob. However, since she was a mother, her desires were secondary to her son's safety. She asked Sonny if he would change the way he'd raised his kids, had he known what was in store for them. Sonny responded that he would have made a lot of different choices but that he could do a better job keeping Alec safe.

Sonny suggested that Brenda not take Alec to any of Sonny's places of business for the time being. Brenda wanted to know how Sonny would deal with the questions Alec would eventually ask: why is my dad in the news, why can't I go out without guards, questions like that.

At that moment, Michael and Kristina entered the room. Sonny apologized to Kristina for the way their last interaction had gone. Kristina advocated for more autonomy with regard to how she dressed and whom she dated. Michael suggested he and his sister should go, as it was obviously not a good time for that discussion.

Brenda asked them to stay and to have a family meeting. She wanted to hear from Sonny's children how his business had affected their childhood. Kristina said that she hadn't had much contact with her father until she was older but she'd always known, deep inside, that Sonny wasn't an ordinary businessman. Michael tried to convince Brenda that their childhoods hadn't been bad, just different than most kids'.

Kristina said that her biggest regret was that she hadn't gotten to spend more time with her dad while she was growing up. Michael stated that Sonny was the best father there was. After Kristina made Sonny promise to discuss letting her make her own decisions, she and Michael left. Brenda told Sonny that Alec would love Sonny, but she hoped that love would be enough.

Later, Jason arrived. The restaurant was open, and Diane didn't believe any charges would be filed against them, he reported. Sonny stated that the damage had already been done, as Alec had seen the woman's body. Sonny worried that Anthony was becoming increasingly unpredictable. Brenda walked downstairs with a brilliant idea: Sonny could retire, and Jason could take over the business.

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