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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 6, 2011 on GH
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Carly was horrified as she watched Jax provoked Shawn until Shawn decked Jax. When Carly stepped between the two men, Shawn told Jax that Carly had fired him earlier. He also apologized to Carly for his behavior before walking away. Carly told Jax that he had acted unfairly by deliberately goading Shawn. Jax told Carly to get used to it, because it was going to get worse. Jax told Carly to expect the same with Sonny and Jason.

Carly wanted to know when Jax had turned into a "self-righteous ass" who would do anything to get his own way. Jax said he would do anything necessary to protect Josslyn. Carly said that Jax was doing the opposite. Carly told Jax that he was going to end up hurting both himself and Josslyn. Jax said that he would not hurt himself. She told him that he was already hurting Josslyn, who could surely feel the tension between her parents.

Carly begged Jax to compromise. Jax said his terms had not changed. He said he intended to get full custody of Josslyn, who would live with him at the hotel. He said that Carly could have a room next door and see Josslyn whenever she wanted to do so. Carly said that she refused to be a visitor in her daughter's life. She told Jax that he needed to stop thinking about himself and start thinking about what was best for their daughter. Carly stormed out without giving Jax a chance to reply.

Sonny's jaw dropped when Brenda enthusiastically urged Jason to take over the mob for Sonny. She told both men that if Sonny gave the mob to Jason that it would be a second chance for herself, Sonny, and Alec to have a family. Brenda blathered on about how she and Alec had found a dead woman in Sonny's office, and the only way to keep it from happening again was for Sonny to get out of the business.

When Brenda stopped ranting, Jason told Sonny that he would do whatever Sonny asked of him and then left. Alone, Sonny asked Brenda if she knew that the last time he had left the business, Michael had been shot. He told her that his enemies had arranged an assassination because they knew that he had no bodyguards, and when an attempt had been made on Sonny's life, the bullet meant for Sonny had ricocheted and hit Michael. Brenda said that the situations were not the same. Sonny said that he could not retire and also stay in Port Charles. He said that the truth was that he could not leave his children, and even if he wanted out of the mob, he could not get out. He told Brenda that he was in the business for life.

Sonny told Brenda that Port Charles would always be a Mecca for crime because of its favorable location and many access points to the Canadian border as well as its ports and waterways. Sonny asked Brenda to think of what kind of person would control Port Charles if it were someone other than Sonny. Sonny said that someone else would not bar drugs and other crimes that profited off the poor and weak.

Brenda admitted that Sonny was the lesser of two evils. Brenda told Sonny that deep down, she knew that he could never get out of the mob and would always be in danger. Sonny wanted to know where that left them. Brenda said that she would handle it and learn to deal with it. Brenda said that her concerns were caused because a child was involved. Sonny said that he was telling her, for what felt like the millionth time, that he would do everything in his power to protect both Brenda and Alec.

Brenda embraced Sonny and said that of course she believed him because she loved him. They had their arms around each other and were smiling as they headed upstairs.

After making love, Brenda and Sonny talked in bed. Brenda asked Sonny what he would want if he lived in a perfect world. Sonny said there was no such thing as a perfect world. Sonny told Brenda that he had made peace with who he was and what he did. Brenda said that with Alec in her life, she suspected that she would be seeing life from a different perspective. Sonny asked if Brenda wanted to know a secret. Brenda was delighted that Sonny wanted to share himself with her. Sonny told Brenda that often, in the past, he had carried the secret wish in the back of his mind that he would see her and they would be together again.

Sonny told Brenda that as long as they were together, nothing else mattered to him, and his world was perfect. Brenda was very happy with Sonny's words and seemed to feel safe and content as she snuggled in Sonny's arms.

Kristina found Ethan drunk, sitting against a wall outside Kelly's handing out dollar bills. When she asked him why, Ethan shared his fear and guilt about driving Luke away because he had insisted that Luke enter rehab.

Kristina helped Ethan into Kelly's and ordered breakfast and coffee. Ethan admitted that he had screwed up because he had become attached to Luke and would never see him again. Ethan thanked Kristina for mothering him. Kristina scoffed that there was no one less motherly than she. Kristina said that Ethan was trying to lighten the mood. She told him that she had never seen him so sad.

Ethan said that Luke would never return to Port Charles because Lucky's grief would not let him accept that Jake's death had been an unfortunate accident. Ethan said Port Charles was the place where Luke's entire family had shut him out. At that moment, Ethan got a text from Maya, who said that family business in Philadelphia was taking longer than expected. She told Ethan not to expect her back soon. She ended by telling Ethan that she missed him.

Kristina snidely wondered why Maya was not helping Ethan through his crisis, but Ethan did not catch the sarcasm. Instead, he said that Kristina had just made him realize that he had not trusted Maya with his problems, as he had both Luke and Kristina. Ethan said he should share what was happening to him with Maya. He told a befuddled Kristina that he was going to remedy what was wrong by hopping on a plane and catching up with Maya in Philadelphia. Kristina worried that Maya would be surprised, but Ethan responded that married people were allowed to surprise each other. Ethan gave Kristina a quick hug and told her he would call later and then headed to the airport.

Maya's bedroom door was ajar when Ethan arrived at her hotel. He overheard her leaving him a message saying how much she cared for him and missed him. Ethan had a big smile on his face when he pushed the door open, but it faded when he found Maya in bed with another man.

On the Haunted Star, Dante told Lulu that he thought it was a bad idea to buy the boat. Dante worried that Lulu was making an impulsive decision. He told her that with all the recent upsets in her life, it might not be the best time to make a life-altering decision. Dante said that if she bought the Haunted Star, he wanted her to do it for the right reasons. Lulu said the best reason for taking over the boat was that redoing it and making it successful again was the best way to get her dad back.

Lucky entered at that point and told Lulu not to count on it. Lulu was surprised to see Lucky because she thought that he had gone away to look for Luke. Lucky said that he had been working and would not look for Luke, who obviously did not want to be found. Lulu blamed Lucky for Luke's disappearance. She said that Lucky had not been compassionate and that was the reason that Luke had left. Lulu said that Nikolas had given her the money, and she was buying the Haunted Star so Luke would have a place to return to. Lucky said that it was a bad idea because Lulu was completely ignoring that Luke was a raging alcoholic and a thriving Haunted Star was the last place he needed to be.

Dante defended Lulu and said that she could deal with her grief any way she wanted to. Lucky told Dante that he was feeding Lulu's denial. Lulu thanked Dante for standing up for her and then told him that she could take care of Lucky on her own. After Dante left Lulu alone with Lucky, Lulu begged Lucky to put his feelings aside and do what was best for their family, which was to convince Luke to return home.

When Lucky refused, Lulu said that Luke had left because of Lucky. She said that Luke loved Lucky more than he loved his other children. Lulu said that Luke had left because he had ruined his golden boy's golden life. Lucky said that Luke had left because he could not face his addiction. Lulu said it was not about rehab. It was about Luke doing what was best for Lucky. Lucky said that was not true. Lulu said that if Luke loved her half as much as he loved Lucky, she would go get Luke and urge him to return home.

Lulu said that Lucky had to go find Luke and convince him to return home while she redecorated and reinvigorated the Haunted Star. Lulu told Lucky that she was really sorry about Jake death, but that did not excuse Lucky and mean that Lucky could dump his alcoholism on Luke and drive Luke away from the rest of them. Lucky said that he had not intended to drive Luke away. He said that he had wanted to save Luke from the out-of-control drinking that was slowly killing him.

Lulu said that Luke's drinking had not been out of control until after Jake's death when Lucky accused Luke of being an alcoholic. Lulu said that Luke was trying to punish himself by making Lucky's accusation a self-fulfilling prophecy. Lucky said that it was not about him and that the whole family had been on board for the intervention. Lucky said that Luke had a disease. Lulu threw up her hands in disgust. She screamed at Lucky that he was the one with the disease, not Luke.

She told Lucky that his obsession had taken Luke away from all of them. She said that Lucky had driven Luke away. She told Lucky that she did not want to hear what he had to say. As Lucky stood and watched, Lulu walked over to the bar, poured and then downed a double shot of scotch. When Lucky walked away without speaking, Lulu poured and downed another double shot.

Carly caught up with Shawn outside of Kelly's and told him that she deserved an explanation as to whether or not Jax's accusation that Shawn had killed one of his own men in combat was true. Shawn was reluctant to talk about the incident at first, but relented when Carly said that she deserved to know because Shawn had damaged her custody case when he hit Jax. Shawn told Carly that Jax had told the truth; however, he had received orders from headquarters to drop and fire. When an embedded journalist had caught the incident on camera, headquarters had not wanted to admit that they had made the mistake. Because Shawn was distraught and suffering posttraumatic stress disorder, he had not protested when he was offered a choice between a dishonorable discharge and a court martial.

Shawn told Carly that he had found profitable jobs after leaving the military. Those jobs had led him to Theo Hoffman and eventually to her. When Carly asked what Shawn would do next, he got up from the table, told her he would start looking for another job, and walked away.

Dante went to Jason to tell him that Luke had bailed on rehab. Dante asked Jason to go to Lucky and urge him to reconcile with Luke. Jason asked if Dante wanted him to tell Lucky that the accident with Jake was not Luke's fault. Dante told Jason that he needed to put aside his grief and do what was best for Lucky's family. Jason said that the accident had been Luke's fault and Jason felt that alcohol had played a part in Jake's death. Dante said that Jason was saying that Luke's arrogance had killed Jake, but Jason failed to realize that he was too arrogant to leave the business in order to set a better example for Michael. Dante asked Jason how that made him any better than Luke.

Carly caught up with Jason and told him what had transpired between Jax and Shawn. Jason offered more security guards, but Carly said she would use the guards Jax provided, When Jason asked if they were spies for Jax, Carly decided to accept Jason's offer of another team.

Carly told Jason that Jax had been unfair and cruel. She said that it was just a preview of what he would do to Jason and Sonny at a custody hearing. When Jason asked if he had been there for Carly, she said always. He worried that this time he might be the reason that Carly lost Josslyn. Jason told Carly about Dante's visit and how Dante had compared Jason to Luke. Jason said that he was addicted to his job, money, and taking risks. Carly said that Jason was nothing like Luke. Jason asked why, if he were so good and generous, he was still working for the mob.

Dante went back to the Haunted Star and found a drunk Lulu bemoaning the fact that she had accused Lucky of being in an A.A. cult and therefore driven him away. When Lulu expressed the fear that she had lost her brother, Dante comforted her and said to give Lucky a couple of days to get over it. He told her that she would feel better "on the morrow." Lulu reached for the bottle and poured two drinks. She asked Dante to join her for a drink and toast the Spencers. She said they were fun while they lasted, but she wished that they would rest in peace.

Dante said he would have a drink with her but would not toast the demise of her family. Instead, he would toast their relationship and the fact that he would stand by her through anything. They clinked glasses and drank. Lulu was a little wobbly as Lulu took Dante's hand, and he led her to the dance floor. Dante held Lulu close and tenderly began to slow dance with her.

Siobhan got home to Lucky's apartment and found him packing. He said that he had screwed everything up and had to go find his dad. Lucky told Siobhan about his fight with Lulu and said that Lulu was right. Lucky said that he had driven Luke away. He said that Luke had to come to terms with his drinking in his own way. Siobhan agreed that Lucky had to find his dad and said that she would help him with the search.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Philadelphia, Ethan found Maya in bed with another man. Maya was mortified as Ethan admitted that his timing could have been better. Maya apologized, but her lover, Aaron, reminded her that she had been looking for a way to tell Ethan about their relationship for quite a while. "Now he knows," Aaron pointed out. Maya slipped on a robe while Aaron went to the bathroom to get dressed. Afterwards, Aaron offered to stay.

Maya assured Aaron that she was fine, but Aaron asked Ethan not to take his anger out on Maya because their affair had not been a casual encounter. Aaron explained that Maya had been worried about hurting Ethan. Maya appreciated Aaron's support, but she insisted that she needed to speak to Ethan privately. After Aaron left, Ethan admitted that he felt like a fool for believing that she'd had a family emergency. Maya insisted that Ethan had no way of knowing the truth because she had been lying to Ethan the entire time.

Maya revealed that her relationship with Aaron had started out innocent. Maya had met Aaron while her aunt had been hospitalized. Maya explained that Aaron, a cardiologist, had offered Maya support during a difficult time and that it had eventually blossomed into more. Ethan wasn't surprised when Maya confessed that she would not be returning to Port Charles. She felt terrible for treating their marriage as if it had meant nothing to her.

Ethan reminded Maya that their marriage would have been annulled long before if Edward hadn't offered them a million dollars to remain married. Maya admitted that she had been afraid to be with Ethan because she realized that she could have easily fallen completely in love with him. Ethan tried to make light of the situation by suggesting that there were worse grounds for a divorce. Maya regretted that she hadn't ended things with Ethan sooner and then explained that she had never been wired for adventure like Ethan.

Maya suddenly realized how insensitive she sounded because she hadn't even asked how Ethan was doing. Ethan lied by assuring Maya that everything was fine. Maya felt horrible when it occurred to her that she had cheated Ethan out of his share of the money. Ethan insisted that Edward would have found a way to avoid paying them. Maya wished that Ethan would yell at her, but Ethan argued that Maya didn't deserve it. He confessed that she had been the most fun that he had ever had, gave her a quick kiss goodbye, and then left.

Later, Ethan entered Kelly's. Kristina immediately sensed that something was wrong, so she asked what had happened. Ethan admitted that he couldn't be certain, but he suspected that he'd had his heart broken, or as close to it as he ever wanted to get. Kristina was curious if Ethan and Maya had argued, so Ethan explained that Maya had found someone new. However, he assured Kristina that it had been "all civilized."

Ethan added that the new guy in Maya's life was better for Maya than Ethan had been, so Maya would not be returning to Port Charles. Kristina was outraged on Ethan's behalf because Maya had hurt Ethan while he had been dealing with Luke's problems. Ethan revealed that he hadn't told Maya about Luke because they had never had the kind of commitment where he felt comfortable dumping that kind of thing on Maya. Ethan suggested that Kristina consider his experience a cautionary tale to not hesitate to tell someone how she felt. He warned her that once that person was gone, they wouldn't return.

Kristina insisted that Maya was an idiot for choosing a boring doctor over Ethan. Ethan decided that there was nothing to do but sweep the ashes under the rug and then move on. Kristina was curious how Ethan intended to do that. He revealed that he would fly to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce.

At Pozzulo's, Sam entered the office to find Jason deep in thought. Sam apologized for being late, which made Jason realize that he had forgotten about their dinner plans. Sam assured him that it was okay, but she sensed that Jason was troubled. Jason confessed that he had thought that he had made peace with his choices long before, but he had recently considered leaving the business. Jason explained that Dante had asked him to reach out to Lucky to explain that he didn't blame Luke for Jake's death. Sam insisted that it had been unfair of Dante to ask something like that, but Jason revealed that Dante had been worried about Lulu.

Sam understood that Lulu was concerned about Lucky and Luke, but Jason absolving Luke of responsibility in Jake's death wouldn't make everything okay. Jason assured Sam that he had turned down Dante, but Dante had given Jason food for thought when Dante had suggested that Luke's arrogance by driving drunk hadn't been any different than Jason breaking laws, and taking risks, but pretending that it didn't affect the people in Jason's life. Sam didn't buy the comparison, but Jason argued that he hadn't cared about hurting any of the Quartermaines when he had first joined Sonny's organization because he had been determined to prove that he could take care of himself. Sam admitted that Jason had sounded a lot like Michael. Jason agreed.

Jason realized that he was a hypocrite for insisting that the business was wrong, while remaining a part of it. Sam was curious if Jason were tired of the mob. Jason suggested that it might help Carly's custody case if he were to quit. Sam doubted it, so Jason suggested that leaving the organization might set a good example for Michael. Sam argued that it wouldn't make a difference, and that some might say that Michael would be safer with Jason in the mob. Jason was surprised; he had assumed that Sam would want him to quit.

Sam was curious if Jason thought that because it would make things safer if they had a child together. Jason suggested that it would be better for their child if he did something else, but Sam argued that Jason should be realistic. According to Sam, Jason couldn't run from his past because everyone knew what Jason had done and could easily find him. Sam insisted that Jason couldn't deny who he was. Jason suggested that it would be selfish of him to think like that. Sam admitted that she would be selfish too then because she loved Jason and didn't want him to change.

Sam was curious why Jason had given up Jake. Jason was certain that she knew his reasons, but Sam wanted Jason to remind them both. Jason explained that he had wanted to protect Jake, but Jake had died anyway. Sam argued that it hadn't been because of something that Jason had done because Jason had tried to keep his son safe. Sam insisted that there weren't any guarantees that their child would have a perfect life. She assured Jason that she wasn't trying to tell Jason what to do, but she thought that it was important for Jason to be sure what he was choosing and why.

Jason wondered what Sam would want if it were up to her. Sam doubted that Jason would be satisfied living an ordinary life, so she suggested that he might enjoy traveling. Jason was curious if Sam would be interested in joining him. Sam admitted that she loved to travel, but they had loved ones who depended on them. Sam wanted Jason to be true to himself. Seconds later, Bernie called Jason to alert Jason of a problem. Jason ended the call, thanked Sam for hearing him out, and then admitted that she was the only thing in life that he was sure about.

At Jake's, Maxie was surprised to find Spinelli sitting at one of the tables. She greeted him and then sat down to chat with him. Spinelli was curious if Maxie knew where Lulu was because he hadn't been able to find her. Maxie explained that Lulu had borrowed money from Nikolas to buy the Haunted Star, so that she could renovate the casino for Luke. Maxie admitted that she was worried about her friend, so Spinelli offered not to initiate the search for Luke. Maxie confided that she doubted that Luke would return.

Spinelli suggested that if only problems in real life were solved as easily as those in works of fiction. "Like your book," Maxie remarked. Spinelli hoped that she hadn't been disappointed by his book, so Maxie quickly assured him, "No, no, it was a really fun read." Maxie admitted that she could tell that he had done most of the work, despite Diane's claims to the contrary. She was startled when Spinelli referred to her as "Maximista" as he thanked her for her words of praise and encouragement. Maxie confessed that she hadn't expected to hear that nickname again.

Matt, Robin, and Patrick arrived before Spinelli could reply. Matt leaned down to give Maxie an affectionate peck on the top of her head, but Maxie appeared to stiffen momentarily. Matt noticed Maxie's reaction, but didn't comment as Robin and Patrick greeted Spinelli and then Spinelli explained that he was there to interview the bartender. Robin was curious if Maxie had received a call from Mac. Maxie assured Robin that she had heard about Lisa's escape and that she was certain that Lisa was well on her way to Canada. Robin agreed, but revealed that Mac was too paranoid to take any risks, so he had insisted on babysitting Emma.

Matt and Patrick went to the bar to order a round of drinks, so Maxie stood up to join them. Spinelli watched forlornly as Patrick bragged to Maxie that Matt had saved a patient's life. The group then settled down at a table next to Spinelli's, so he continued to watch with a sad expression as Maxie enjoyed her evening. Eventually Robin noticed Spinelli, so she invited him to join them. Spinelli quickly accepted as Maxie apologized for not thinking of it sooner. Seconds later, Kate called, so Maxie excused herself.

Patrick offered to fetch another round of drinks, so Robin and Matt joined Patrick at the bar to help carry the drinks. Maxie grumbled about the new assistant that Kate had hired as she returned to the table. She popped an appetizer in her mouth as she spoke, but then started to choke. Spinelli appeared confused by what was happening until Matt sprang into action by performing the Heimlich maneuver on Maxie. The piece of food dislodged moments later. Spinelli apologized for not realizing the seriousness of the situation, but Robin assured Spinelli that all that mattered was that Maxie was okay. Spinelli appeared stricken when Maxie confessed to Matt, "You really are my hero."

On the Haunted Star, Dante and Lulu ripped off each other's clothes and then made love. Afterwards, Dante admitted that it had been "transcendent." Lulu agreed. Dante was relieved that no one had walked in on them. Lulu chuckled as she reminded him that she would soon own the casino. She then confessed that their lovemaking had made her forget all of her problems for the first time.

Dante offered to be available any time that she needed his help to escape from her troubles. Lulu apologized for being "all over the place" in recent weeks. Dante smiled as he assured her that he didn't mind as long as she continued to apologize in the same way.

In Lucky's apartment, Lucky admitted to Siobhan that he'd had doubts that Luke would have stayed in rehab. "So what? Who put me in charge of my father's sobriety anyway?" Lucky added. Siobhan replied, "Pretty much your entire family." Lucky clarified that they had expected him to help Luke, not chase Luke away. Lucky decided that it was his responsibility to undo the damage by tracking Luke down. However, Lucky insisted that he needed to do it alone.

Siobhan argued that it was a bad idea for Lucky to take off without having someone to watch his back. Siobhan made it clear that she would follow Lucky, with or without his approval, so she advised him to accept it. Lucky warned Siobhan that it could be dangerous, so he was curious why she would risk joining him on the search. Siobhan reminded Lucky that he was her husband and that they made a good team. Lucky thought about it for a moment and then agreed to take her along, but he had no idea where to begin. Siobhan asked where a person went when they felt lost.

"Home," Lucky replied. Lucky realized that he might know where Luke had gone, so he quickly made arrangements for them to fly out of town. Lucky and Siobhan were about to leave when there was a knock at the door. It was Lulu and Dante. Lulu explained that she wanted to apologize for blaming Lucky for Luke leaving town. Lulu also regretted drinking in front of Lucky because she realized that it had been low of her.

Lulu conceded that she had no right to judge Lucky because Lucky loved Luke. Lucky admitted that Lulu had been right; he had driven Luke away, so Lucky was determined to make things right by finding their father. Lulu was thrilled especially when Lucky revealed that he had a good idea where Luke might be. Lulu sobered as she insisted that she didn't want Lucky to seek their father out simply because she had goaded him into it. Lucky assured her that she hadn't, but he admitted that she had been wrong about one thing: Luke didn't love Lucky more than he loved Lulu.

Lucky was determined to put Lulu's heart and needs ahead of his own, which meant that he had to get Luke to return home. Lucky promised that he would not shut their father out if Luke didn't stop drinking. Lulu was relieved, but Lucky warned her that Luke might not be receptive. Lulu was confident that Lucky would say exactly what Luke needed to hear. In the background, Dante watched Lulu with concern etched on his face.

Lulu was in an upbeat mood when she and Dante returned to the casino. Dante was reluctant to be the "doom and gloom guy," but he reminded Lulu that finding Luke wasn't the same as getting Luke to return home. Lulu was certain that when Lucky gave up on the "whole alcoholism thing," and assured Luke that they would accept Luke, then Luke would agree to return to Port Charles. Dante decided to change the subject by reminding her that they were supposed to have gone back to his place. Lulu explained that she just needed to order some liquor for the casino.

Dante thought that Lulu was being a bit optimistic, but Lulu was determined to get the casino up and running within the week, so that Luke would have something to look forward to. Lulu was confident that Luke would be happy that she had saved the casino for him. Dante watched Lulu with a sense of uneasiness as she blissfully typed away on the laptop.

Lucky and Siobhan boarded a plane and then took their seats. Siobhan noted that it seemed that Lucky had taken a huge burden off of Lulu's shoulders. Lucky was worried about Lulu's codependency on Luke. He feared that Lulu would self-destruct right along with Luke because Lulu was psychologically and emotionally enmeshed with Luke. Siobhan hoped that wasn't the case because Lucky had a big challenge ahead of him with Luke. Lucky reminded her that she still had the opportunity to bail if she wanted out.

Siobhan refused because she wanted to "stretch her feet for a bit." Lucky was glad that she wanted to join him, but he was curious if she really felt "stifled and domesticated" living in Port Charles with him. Siobhan denied that she had used those terms to describe her new life with him, but Lucky disagreed. He assured her that it was okay because Luke had felt the same way about living in Port Charles. Siobhan pointed out that Luke had settled down in town because of his family.

Lucky revealed that Luke's freedom had ended when Laura had bought her dream house. Siobhan was curious if that was the house that Lucky still owned. Lucky confirmed that it was and then explained that responsibility had never been for Luke. Siobhan wondered how such a free spirit like Luke had raised such a grounded person like Lucky. Siobhan then assured Lucky that they would find his father, but Lucky warned her that Luke was a determined person, so if Luke wanted to destroy himself then nothing would stop him. Siobhan just hoped that Luke didn't drag Lucky down with him.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny gave his word that he would put a rush on a shipment. Anthony chuckled as Johnny ended the call. Anthony suspected that the Trujillos were unhappy because Jason had torched the Trujillos' shipment and then burned down the Zacchara warehouse. Johnny was curious what Anthony had expected when Anthony had provoked Sonny. Anthony advised Johnny to relax because it was all part of Anthony's master plan, but Johnny warned that he didn't want a war with Sonny.

Anthony made it clear that he wasn't interested in peace because Sonny was weakening. Johnny wondered what had given Anthony that idea, so Anthony pointed out that Sonny had married a woman with a child and that Sonny appeared to be more interested in donating to charities than being a mobster. Anthony urged his son to seize the opportunity to take control of the territory, but Johnny dismissed the idea. Anthony accused Johnny of being a coward and then suggested that Johnny get with the program. Anthony realized that he was an old man with limited time, but he was determined to have "a hell of a lot of fun," while he could.

At the hospital, Liz was working at the nurses' station when Patrick and Robin arrived with Emma. Robin smiled while Patrick swung Emma in a circle as the little girl giggled. Nikolas walked up to the nurses' station as Liz watched the Drakes with an expression of sadness. Liz shook off her melancholy to greet the Drakes. Patrick excused himself to take Emma to daycare, while Robin stayed behind to find out how Liz was doing. Liz admitted that she was taking it one day at a time, so Robin offered to listen if Liz needed someone to talk to.

Liz thanked Robin and then returned to the nurses' station as Robin walked away. Moments later, Nikolas offered to buy Liz a cup of coffee. Liz explained that she was in the middle of a shift, so Nikolas confessed that he had noticed her watching the Drakes. Nikolas admitted that he knew that she had been thinking about Jake. Liz was horrified that it had been obvious, but Nikolas was confident that only he and Robin had seen the sadness in Liz's eyes. Liz assured Nikolas that she hadn't begrudged the Drakes their joy, but she had been reminded of how much Jake had loved it when Lucky had spun him in a circle like Patrick had swung Emma.

Nikolas suggested that those memories kept Jake alive. Liz smiled sadly as she confessed that the nights were the worst because even good dreams were nightmares when she woke up to realize that Jake was gone. Nikolas promised that time would help her heal. Liz reminded Nikolas that she had healed after she had thought that Lucky had perished in a fire, but it was different with Jake because she was a mother without her child. She feared that she would always feel as she did.

Robin approached Liz at the nurses' station a short time later to invite her over for a cookout, and to ask for help with a special project that Robin and Patrick were working on. Liz was curious what the project was, so Robin explained that they needed Liz to go through Patrick's records, over the previous five years, to pull out the charts of patients who had suffered from Parkinson's disease, or had experienced a stroke, and then had been put on Robin's drug protocol. "Is this really what you think of me?" Liz wondered. Liz was offended because she suspected that Robin was creating busy work to keep her occupied. Robin assured her friend that it was legitimate research for a paper. Liz was immediately contrite as Robin explained that they trusted Liz, and respected her because she was conscientious.

Robin realized that Liz might not be ready for it, so she assured Liz that they would find someone else. Later, Robin stood outside of Kelly's when Nikolas approached her. Robin jumped and then revealed that she was skittish because of Lisa. Nikolas apologized and then mentioned his concerns about Liz. Robin reminded Nikolas that it had only been a month since Jake had died.

Nikolas was curious if Liz's work was suffering, but Robin insisted that Liz needed it to get her through the days. Nikolas reminded Robin that Liz made life or death decisions. He admitted that he had offered to fly Liz and the boys to California to visit Sarah, but Liz had declined. Nikolas seemed relieved when Robin promised to look after her friend. He then assured Robin that she should not worry about Lisa because he was certain that Lisa had fled to the border. After Nikolas left, Lisa poked her head from around a corner to watch Robin.

Patrick went to the Zacchara penthouse to talk to Johnny about Lisa. Patrick was certain that Johnny knew where Lisa was, but Johnny denied having any knowledge of Lisa's escape. Patrick reminded Johnny that Johnny had been a staunch supporter of Lisa's, so Patrick was certain that Johnny would continue to help Lisa. Johnny argued that Lisa hadn't started out crazy, so he had compassion for her situation. However, Johnny felt terrible for what the Drakes had endured. According to Johnny, Lisa was past the point of no return, so he had no intention of helping her.

Later, Patrick returned to the hospital. Robin was curious where her husband had been, so he told her about his visit with Johnny. Robin wondered what Johnny had said about Lisa. Patrick admitted that he didn't like Johnny, but he had believed when Johnny had denied seeing or helping Lisa. Robin hoped that it meant that Lisa had left Port Charles.

Lisa was lying in wait when Johnny entered his penthouse. Johnny drew his gun as she pushed her way into his home and then locked the door. Lisa pleaded for Johnny to help her, but Johnny refused to get involved in Lisa's mess because he had a crisis brewing with Sonny, and he had been chasing his father around town. Johnny insisted that "one nut-job" was enough. Lisa tearfully explained that "they" intended to lock her up in a place for the criminally insane, but Johnny insisted that she needed treatment because she had tried to kill Robin.

Lisa argued that Johnny had killed people, but he was free to walk the streets. Johnny remained unmoved, so Lisa grabbed his hand, which still held the gun, and then pointed it at her chest. She implored Johnny to shoot her because she would rather be dead than to be caught by the authorities.

Sam and Abby met at Kelly's for coffee. Abby revealed that her job hunt had been unsuccessful. Sam assured her friend that she would gladly offer Abby a job at the agency, but Sam and Spinelli couldn't afford to hire anyone. Abby appreciated the thought, but she hadn't expected Sam to hire her. Abby then asked how Michael was doing. Sam chuckled because she thought that Abby would be in a better position to answer the question. Sam was stunned when Abby confessed that she and Michael had broken up.

Abby explained that she had tried to keep Michael from joining the Zacchara organization by warning Michael that she wasn't interested in dating someone in the mob, which had turned into an ultimatum. Sam could tell that Abby missed Michael. Abby confirmed it, but she explained that she didn't want Michael to close himself off to other opportunities. However, Abby wasn't interested in being one of the many people who tried to police his life; she wanted to be his safe haven. Sam was curious if Abby had tried to get a job at Metro Court. Abby refused to ask Michael's family for a job because Abby didn't want it to seem as if she were being paid to be with Michael.

Abby looked up in time to see Michael enter the diner. Michael and Abby exchanged hesitant greetings, so Sam quickly excused herself. Abby invited Michael to sit, so he took Sam's vacated seat. Abby and Michael admitted that they missed each other and then Abby revealed that she had been officially cleared of all charges. Michael was happy for Abby.

Abby credited Michael for helping her through the ordeal, so he admitted that he had regretted walking out on Abby. Michael explained that she was the only person that he felt comfortable enough with to be himself. Abby admitted that she trusted Michael, so Michael decided to trust her with the news that he had received an acceptance letter from Port Charles University. Abby was thrilled for Michael, but she was surprised that he had applied. Michael admitted that he hadn't, so he wondered if she had sent in the application for him.

Kristina went to Sam's office to enlist her sister's help to persuade Alexis to accept Kristina's relationship with Ethan. Sam reminded Kristina that Ethan was a married man, but Kristina explained that Ethan intended to get a divorce. Sam thought that it was a really bad idea to get involved with a married man until the divorce was finalized. Sam was curious what had happened to Taylor, so Kristina turned the question around by asking what had happened to Sam and Lucky. Sam was startled by the question, so Kristina reminded Sam that Sam had dated Lucky for over a year and that Lucky was a nice guy. Sam explained that she and Lucky had decided that they were better off as friends.

Kristina was certain that the real reason was because Sam loved Jason. Sam assured Kristina that she was fine being alone, but Kristina argued that Sam's life made sense because of Jason. Sam countered that her life made sense because she liked how she lived and was confident about herself. However, Sam conceded that Jason was the man who filled her heart with love. "Thank you, finally!" Kristina exclaimed. Sam warned Kristina that Kristina would not find that with Ethan because Kristina didn't even know who she was yet.

Kristina warned Sam that Sam couldn't change her mind about Ethan any more than someone could change Sam's mind about Jason. Kristina insisted that what she felt for Ethan was real. Sam realized that it was pointless to argue, but she cautioned Kristina that she might get her heart broken. Sam explained that just because Kristina loved Ethan didn't mean that he returned those feelings.

At Pozzulo's, Jason entered the office and found Spinelli hard at work. Spinelli offered Jason some herbal tea, but Jason declined. "What is this?" Jason demanded as he looked at Spinelli's laptop. Spinelli explained that he had Jason's enemies under surveillance, so he had discovered that the Zacchara organization had tried to frame Jason for burning down one of the Zacchara warehouses. "I wasn't framed," Jason revealed. Spinelli was shocked because Jason was known as a man of stealth, but the arson had been so "flamboyant."

Jason explained that it was the only thing that Anthony would understand. Spinelli agreed that Anthony had no boundaries, but he was baffled why Jason hadn't tried to hide his role in the fire. Jason revealed that he had hoped to push Anthony into reacting, which in turn would force Johnny to shut his father down. Jason was impressed with Spinelli's surveillance, so he ordered Spinelli to make certain that all of their properties were monitored in the same manner. Jason was confident that Anthony would retaliate, so Jason wanted to catch Anthony in the act. Spinelli promised to take care of it, and then asked if Jason feared that he might freeze up one day.

Jason confessed that he had never thought about it, so Spinelli told Jason about Matt saving Maxie's life when Maxie had choked on a piece of food. Spinelli felt ashamed because he froze in certain situations. Jason told Spinelli to forget about Matt because Spinelli had other strengths. According to Jason, Spinelli was one of the most brilliant people he had ever met. Seconds later, Spinelli received an alert that had him scrambling to gather his things. "She's in the gravest of danger," Spinelli cryptically revealed before he dashed out of the door.

Michael entered the office a short time later to tell Jason about the acceptance letter to PCU. Michael wondered if Jason had had anything to do with it, but Jason denied it. They both agreed that it was likely that Carly had arranged for Michael to be accepted to the college. Michael was annoyed because he suspected that Carly had pulled some strings. Jason insisted that it didn't matter as long as Michael had gotten in. Michael made it clear that he refused to go to college, despite his mother's efforts.

Jason decided to warn Michael that the Zaccharas and Corinthos organizations were at war. Michael wanted to know what had triggered it, so Jason revealed that the Zaccharas had destroyed one of Sonny's shipments. Jason admitted that he had retaliated by burning down a warehouse. Michael suggested that it could end there, but Jason argued that it was just the beginning, so Michael might end up a hostage if Michael went to work for Johnny. Michael found the timing convenient, but Jason assured Michael that Michael's choices had nothing to do with the war.

Michael reminded Jason that the Quartermaines had tried to force Jason to go to college instead of joining Sonny's organization, but Jason quickly clarified that the Quartermaines had thought that Jason was too brain-damaged for college. Jason argued that Michael wasn't him, so Michael should figure out what worked for him instead of trying to follow in Jason's footsteps. Michael doubted that it would matter because no one respected Michael's choices. Later, Jason was on the phone when Sam entered the office. Sam was happy to see that Jason had resumed his duties in the organization. Jason warned Sam to be careful because he didn't want Anthony to use her to get to him.

Jason changed the topic by revealing that Michael had been accepted to PCU. Jason thought that the only good thing about the situation with the Zaccharas was that Michael knew to stay away from Johnny. Sam told Jason about her visit with Abby, including why Abby had ended things with Michael. However, Sam admitted that Michael and Abby were talking things out, so she was hopeful that they would reconcile. Jason thought it was a turning point for Michael, so Sam was curious if Jason would quit the organization. Jason admitted that he couldn't because he had to take care of something first.

At Crimson, Maxie was on the phone with an irate consumer, who had questioned the accuracy of an article in the fashion magazine about the benefits of "healthy" summer tanning. Maxie promised to have their expert talk to the customer. Matt had entered the office, and overheard Maxie's end of the conversation, so he snatched the phone out of her hand, introduced himself, and then explained that the sun, in moderation, had numerous benefits. Maxie beamed with delight. Afterwards, Maxie confessed that he had been the first good thing to happen to her all day.

Maxie began to complain about the new assistant, Inga. Maxie insisted that Inga pretended to be sweet to everyone, while she plotted to steal Maxie's job even though Inga "screwed up left and right." Matt advised Maxie to talk to Kate, but Maxie insisted that Kate liked competition because it made everyone work harder. Maxie began to question her career choice, but Matt insisted that Maxie loved fashion. Matt suggested that Maxie figure out a way to beat Inga at her own game and then offered his services if Maxie needed his help.

Later, Maxie smiled with satisfaction because she had planted false information for Inga to find. Seconds later, Spinelli rushed up to Maxie's desk as he yelled for her not to touch the computer. Spinelli revealed that she had picked up a computer virus. Maxie was stunned, so Spinelli admitted that he had been monitoring her computer from afar to make certain that she didn't have any problems. Maxie was touched and then confessed that she had been worried about him after seeing him in Jake's. Spinelli was surprised and equally moved that Maxie had been thinking about him.

Maxie returned a short time later with chips and orange soda for Spinelli. Spinelli announced that he had vanquished the virus, so Maxie's computer was once again safe. Maxie was curious if Spinelli had solved any tough cases recently, so he confided that he had been helping Jason. Spinelli's thoughts drifted to a gumshoe fantasy in which Spinelli plotted Anthony's downfall by suggesting Jason's plan as his own. Spinelli's snapped back to the present when the phone rang. Maxie answered it and then smiled happily as she told the caller that she had no idea why Inga had given the person the wrong address.

Abby assumed Michael had stopped by when she heard a knock on her door. Abby reminded Michael that he had a key as she opened the door. Her smile disappeared when she found Anthony standing on her doorstep. Anthony entered her apartment and then extended a box of chocolates to Abby. Abby refused to take them, but Anthony insisted that it was a token of his admiration. Abby reluctantly accepted the gift and then demanded to know what he wanted.

Anthony pretended to be hurt by Abby's frosty attitude, so he reminded her that he had helped her by arranging for the hit woman to be apprehended. Abby argued that Anthony had hired the killer, but Anthony blamed the Trujillos. Anthony confessed that Abby was a lovely girl, so he wanted to do her another favor. Abby was leery when Anthony suggested that he had a job opportunity for her. Abby warned Anthony that she couldn't be used against Michael because they had ended things and that she refused to strip again. Anthony was certain that Michael would be back, but he explained that the job was as a paralegal.

Anthony produced a business card and then revealed that Angela Dwyer was expecting Abby's call. A knock at the door heralded Michael's arrival. Anthony smiled with satisfaction as he asked, "What did I tell you?" Michael scowled at Anthony and then demanded to know what Anthony was doing in Abby's apartment.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

At Pozzulo's, Carly entered Sonny's office. She was concerned that he had asked to see her because something had happened to Michael, but Sonny assured her that he simply wanted to discuss Michael's graduation party. Carly warned Sonny that he might have to talk Michael into going. Alexis arrived moments later. Sonny revealed that he had wanted both of them there for a reason. "Why?" Alexis and Carly asked in unison.

Sonny explained that he wanted to throw a big party to celebrate Michael and Kristina's graduations. Carly feared that Michael would not even attend the ceremony, but Alexis revealed that Kristina had persuaded Michael to go. Sonny smiled with satisfaction because it meant that he could proceed with his plans. Alexis argued that she had already made plans to host a party at her house for Kristina, while Carly warned Sonny that her head would explode if she had to watch Brenda play hostess at Greystone Manor. Carly admitted that she preferred having the party at Alexis' place. Alexis had no objections, so she assured them that she would be in touch with the details, and then left.

Sonny asked Carly to stay a moment because he had another matter to discuss with her. Sonny poured himself a cup of coffee and then asked how things were going with Josslyn. Carly explained that Jax hadn't changed his mind about seeking primary custody of Josslyn, so she reminded Sonny of his promise to help her if she needed it. Sonny assured her that he intended to keep his word, so she just had to let him know what she wanted. Sonny then shifted gears to explain that he had asked her to stay because he wanted to thank her for pushing Michael to get good grades and to finish school. He doubted that anyone else could have pulled it off.

Carly admitted that their son was an amazing young man. Sonny agreed and then confessed that he was very proud of the man that Michael had become. He realized that they had screwed up a lot, but they had done right by Michael. Carly heartily agreed.

Meanwhile, Michael demanded to know what Anthony was doing in Abby's apartment. Anthony explained that he had arranged for Abby to join Angela Dwyer's law firm as a paralegal. Michael reminded Anthony that Ms. Dwyer had helped Brandon get out of jail, so that Brandon could continue to terrorize Abby. Anthony argued that even "dirt-bags" had the right to legal representation. Michael ordered Anthony to get out of the apartment, while Abby opted for a less confrontational method. She assured Anthony that he had given her plenty to consider and then politely asked him to leave.

Anthony urged Abby not to let Michael talk her out of a "big opportunity," and then admitted that it had been a pleasure to get the charges against Abby dropped. Anthony claimed that it had been a "life-affirming" experience to support young love. Michael scowled as he followed Anthony to the door and then watched the elder Zacchara leave. Afterwards, Michael apologized to Abby for putting her in a situation where she had to deal with Anthony. Michael insisted that it was sick how Anthony had tried to work her. Abby suggested that perhaps that was what it took to succeed in the mob.

Abby pointed out that Anthony was ruthless, a killer, and a liar. She was curious if Michael wanted to be like that. Michael insisted that, even if he were to become the most powerful mobster in the world, he would never be like Anthony because Anthony was a "nut-job." Abby promised to keep her fingers crossed that Michael didn't become like Anthony. Michael was surprised when Abby didn't take the opportunity to lecture him about throwing away his future. Abby reminded him that he knew how she felt about it, so she had nothing further to add.

Abby then admitted that it had been wrong for her to give Michael an ultimatum; she didn't want to be one more person who was trying to control him. She insisted that from the beginning they had never judged each other, so she regretted that she had broken that "rule." Michael was curious what Abby was trying to tell him. Abby clarified that she had missed Michael too much, so she wouldn't judge him or give him any more ultimatums. Michael and Abby kissed. As they embraced, Abby felt an envelope in Michael's pocket.

Abby pulled it out and then asked Michael what it was. Michael revealed that it was his acceptance letter from Port Charles University. He suggested that she toss it, but Abby refused. She suggested that Michael at least consider it, but Michael refused to do anything until he knew who had sent it the application. He then admitted that he had a good idea who the culprit might be. A short time later, Michael met his mother at Kelly's.

Michael confronted Carly with his suspicions that she had arranged for him to go to PCU. Carly was thrilled as she read the acceptance letter, but she assured Michael that she had nothing to do with it. Michael admitted that her act was convincing, but he didn't buy it. Michael made it clear that he refused to go to college because he was determined to make his own choices in life.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Lisa begged Johnny to kill her because she couldn't go to an asylum for the criminally insane. Johnny warned Lisa that he was through protecting her, so he threatened to call the police. Lisa called his bluff; she insisted that she was out of options, so she had nowhere to go. Johnny demanded to know what she wanted. Lisa tearfully explained that she needed help getting out of the country, a new identity, and some cash. Johnny thought that Lisa had nerve, asking for help after lying incessantly to him for months, and trying to kill Robin. Lisa apologized profusely and then vowed never to bother him again if he helped her.

Johnny realized that Lisa had never intended to move on from Patrick, so he suggested that she would be better off turning herself in and then getting the psychiatric help that she desperately needed. Lisa assured Johnny that she had learned the lesson that Claudia hadn't. Johnny cautioned Lisa about invoking his sister's name, but Lisa claimed that she knew that there wasn't anyone worth dying for. Johnny insisted that everything that Lisa said was a "crock." Lisa sobbed as she once again apologized and then explained that the temptation had been too great and that she had thought that locking Robin in the basement had been the best way to get justice.

"Justice is trying to kill Robin and frame Patrick for it?" Johnny asked. Lisa claimed that she had simply reacted when the opportunity had presented itself. Lisa continued to paint herself as the hapless victim who had realized too late that her actions had been "crazy." According to Lisa, being caught had opened her eyes. Johnny was curious if she were practicing for her court appearance, but Lisa continued to beg Johnny for help until he eventually agreed. Relieved, Lisa threw her arms around Johnny, but he pushed her away because he didn't trust her.

Later, Anthony arrived home to find Lisa pouring herself a drink. Anthony confessed that he wasn't surprised to see her there since he had figured that Lisa would turn to Johnny for help. Anthony wondered where his son was and then asked if she had killed Johnny. Lisa explained that Johnny had left to take care of a few things, but that he would return shortly. Anthony smiled as he mentioned Lisa's plan to "bump off" her archrival. Lisa sarcastically remarked that it was a shame that she hadn't asked for Anthony's advice.

Anthony was curious what Lisa planned to do, so Lisa revealed that she intended to flee the country and then assume a new identity. Anthony warned her that life on the run wasn't easy. He thought that it was a waste of Lisa's potential. Lisa sensed that Anthony had something on his mind, so Anthony admitted that he would never slink into oblivion while his enemies lived happily ever after. Anthony continued to work Lisa until she became receptive to his offer to help her exact revenge against Patrick.

Later, Anthony took Lisa to his secret safe house. Lisa felt bad for bailing on Johnny when he had tried to help her, so Anthony offered to take her back to the penthouse. Lisa declined because she was going to do what she needed to, in order to be free. Lisa vowed that she wouldn't quit until everyone got exactly what they deserved.

At the nurses' station, Liz wondered how couples therapy was going for Robin and Patrick. Robin confessed that it was better than she had hoped. According to Robin, it had changed the dynamics of her relationship with Patrick, so that they were communicating better. Liz was happy for Robin and Patrick, and realized that it probably helped that Lisa was gone. Patrick walked up and then asked if Liz had gotten started on the research project.

Robin tried to cover for Liz, but Liz told Patrick about her reaction when Robin had approached her about helping with the project. Liz offered to help if the Drakes still needed it, but Patrick assured her that it wasn't necessary. He was certain that Liz had better things to do. Liz admitted that she had, but she confessed that working gave her something to focus on.

At the Webber house, Steve and Olivia packed up Jake's things. Olivia complimented Steve for being a wonderful big brother. Steve appreciated the praise, but he admitted that Olivia had been right about the task being too hard for Liz to handle. Steve spotted a dinosaur that he had bought for Jake. He picked it up and then told Olivia about how excited Jake had been when Steve had given his nephew the present. Steve bragged that Jake had been so smart that he had been able to name almost every kind of dinosaur there was by the age of three.

Olivia suggested that Steve put the toy in the keep pile. Olivia realized that packing up Jake's things was hard on Steve. Steve recalled when Liz had asked him to do it. He admitted that he had been hesitant to agree, but he was glad that he had because it made him feel as if he were helping his sister. Steve confessed that he was also grateful for Olivia's help because he doubted that he could have done it without her.

Later, Steve revealed that he was considering repainting Jake's bedroom and then turning it into a playroom for Cam and Aiden. Olivia thought that was a brilliant idea, so she offered to help him paint. Moments later, Liz arrived home. Liz looked around her living room, taking in the boxes and Jake's things, and then demanded to know what was going on. Steve confessed that he had hoped that they would have been done before Liz had arrived home. Liz looked in one of the boxes as Steve explained that they had packed Jake's things for a homeless shelter.

Liz was outraged that they had entered her home, and taken her son's things. Steve reminded Liz that they had discussed it, but Liz wasn't interested in hearing Steve's excuses. Liz insisted that it was her and Lucky's job to decide what to do with Jake's belongings, not Steve and Olivia's. Liz then turned her wrath on Olivia, accusing her of digging through Liz's dead son's things in a "sick" attempt to "suck up" to Steve. Steve explained that Olivia was there at his request, so Liz shouldn't blame Olivia. Liz threw Steve and Olivia out of her home.

Steve assured Liz that he hadn't meant to hurt her and then left. Liz sat down on the sofa and then began to weep as she clutched one of Jake's shirts. A short time later, Olivia returned to Liz's house to try to explain things. Liz agreed to hear Olivia out, but she asked Olivia to keep it brief because Liz was exhausted. Olivia insisted that there had been a misunderstanding because Liz had asked Steve to pack up Jake's things. Liz denied it, but Olivia reminded Liz of when it had happened.

Liz was horrified when she realized that she had forgotten the conversation. Liz immediately apologized for lashing out at Olivia and then admitted that she felt as if she were losing her mind. Meanwhile, Steve returned to the hospital. Robin was surprised to see Steve because she thought that he had the day off. Steve told Robin about what had transpired at Liz's house, and the conversation that he'd had with Liz when she had asked him to pack up Jake's things. Robin was certain that Liz would feel terrible when she remembered talking to Steve about it.

"She's all over the place right now," Robin reminded Steve. Seconds later, Johnny approached the nurses' station, looking for Patrick. "I'm right here," Patrick responded as he walked up behind Johnny. Johnny revealed that Lisa had made contact, asking for money, and claiming to be in Canada.

Ethan sported a hangover as he boarded a plane and then took his seat. Seconds later, Kristina sat down beside him and then offered him some aspirin. Ethan was shocked to see Kristina, so she explained that she refused to let Ethan go to the Dominican Republic alone. Ethan wanted her to get off of the plane, but Kristina refused to budge. Ethan warned her that Sonny would be furious when he discovered that Kristina was missing, but Kristina explained that she had done her research. She was confident that they could secure a divorce for Ethan, and be back in Port Charles by nightfall.

Later, Ethan and Kristina arrived at the hotel. Kristina offered to put them on a waiting list for a second room, but Ethan told her not to bother, since he would sleep on the sofa. However, Ethan was annoyed that they would have to wait until the following day to get the divorce because it was a holiday in the Dominican Republic. Kristina suggested that they take advantage of the extra time by enjoying the city. Ethan was concerned about Kristina's parents, but Kristina explained that she would simply text her mother to let Alexis know that she was spending the night with a friend. Ethan confessed that he had a bad feeling, so he urged her to make certain that the lie was convincing.

A short time later, Kristina ended a call with her friend, who had agreed to cover for Kristina. Ethan entered the room and then admitted that he was worried about Sonny's reaction. Kristina reminded Ethan that she was almost nineteen and then teasingly questioned what had happened to "Mr. Party Now, Worry Later." Ethan realized that he couldn't do anything to change their situation, so he held out his arm and then invited Kristina to "tear up the town" with him.

At Kelly's, Molly left a message for Kristina to remind Ethan to take his passport to the Dominican Republic. Molly quickly ended the call when she saw her mother enter. Alexis greeted her daughter with a quick peck on the top of Molly's head and then glanced at Molly's laptop. Alexis was curious why Molly was looking up the Dominican Republic. Molly claimed that it was research for a class project, but Alexis pointed out that school ended in a week, so she didn't believe Molly. Alexis then asked whom Molly had been talking to.

Molly quickly crumbled as Alexis continued to fire questions at Molly. Initially, Alexis suspected that Molly and Kristina had been planning a surprise trip to the Dominican Republic for Alexis and Mac, but she was shocked when Molly admitted that she had booked a ticket for Kristina. Molly explained that everyone had objected to Kristina and Ethan dating because he was married to Maya; however, Molly revealed that the marriage was over, so Kristina and Ethan had flown to the Dominican Republic to make it official. Alexis feared that she was having a heart attack as she began to hyperventilate. Shortly afterwards, Alexis went to Pozzulo's to talk to Sonny.

Alexis explained that they had a "situation" on their hands, so she needed to know how fast Sonny could get his plane ready. Sonny wanted to know why, so Alexis made Sonny promise to remain calm. Before Sonny could respond, Alexis blurted out that Kristina had run off to the Dominican Republic with Ethan to get married.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Luke gave a wad of cash to a hooker in a brothel as he continued drinking and self-destructing. In a hotel nearby, Lucky told Siobhan that Luke's father had been a mean drunk who had abandoned his family. Rather than become wards of the state, Luke and his sister, Bobbi, had run away to Florida and their Aunt Ruby, who owned a brothel. Although it had changed hands, Lucky had tracked his dad to the same brothel where Luke had spent his teens.

Lucky blamed himself for backing Luke into a corner. Lucky told Siobhan that he had not been understanding enough of Luke's childhood demons. Lucky said that he had never doubted Luke's love. Siobhan agreed and said that if Luke did not love Lucky then Jake's death would not have hurt Luke so much. Siobhan said that Luke was grieving for both Jake and Lucky. Lucky asked Siobhan how they should approach Luke. She said that Luke would not like it if he felt "ganged up" on. She told Lucky that he should see Luke alone. Lucky was reluctant at first, but saw the wisdom in what Siobhan said.

Lucky knocked on Luke's door. Luke did not answer at first, but Lucky's persistence finally drew Luke to answer. He was surprised to see Lucky and sarcastically complimented Lucky's detective skills. Luke told Lucky that he would offer a drink, but that might seem insensitive. Luke introduced his hooker friend and then Lucky asked her to leave so that he could spend some time with his dad.

Luke told Lucky to walk away, and then repeated that he had taught Lucky to walk away. Lucky responded that Luke had also taught him when to stand up. Luke told Lucky that guilt would not get him back to Shadybrook. Lucky said that he was not there to take Luke back to Shadybrook. Lucky said he was there to admit that he had been wrong.

Ethan awoke on a hotel room couch, disheveled and hung over after indulging in too many banana daiquiris the evening before. Kristina entered the room with Bloody Marys, which she said were perfect hangover cures. Ethan said that he was hung over because he had been drinking those daiquiris to prevent Kristina from drinking them, which was why he had taken the drinks away from her and consumed them as quickly as he could.

Kristina said it was lovely in the Dominican Republic, and they might as well go out and enjoy the beach while they waited for Ethan's appointment with the judge to secure his divorce. Ethan worried about what Sonny would do when he found out that Kristina had followed Ethan. Kristina assured him that neither Sonny nor Alexis would find out. Ethan and Kristina were laughing as they left the hotel room to see the sights.

Alexis blabbered as Sonny's plane waited out weather conditions that prevented it from taking off. Both believed that Kristina and Ethan were in the Dominican Republic to get married. Sonny said he would kill Ethan. Alexis said no, that she would kill Ethan. Sonny said that he did not need a gun to make Ethan suffer. Alexis blamed herself, but Sonny told Alexis that she was a good mother. Alexis pointed out her poor choices in men, including Sonny, his brother Ric, and the notorious Jerry Jax, who, Alexis said, was charming and a good dancer. Sonny said Jerry was a hostage-taking psychopath.

Alexis told Sonny that if he killed Ethan, he would lose Luke as a friend. Sonny said that Ethan had disrespected him. Sonny said that he had invited Ethan to his house and told him to stay away from Kristina, and Ethan had not heeded Sonny's warning. Alexis said she did not care if Ethan did not respect Sonny, but she did care if he disrespected Kristina. Alexis told Sonny that he did not need to kill Ethan because she was a lawyer and would get the marriage annulled.

After returning from sightseeing, Ethan told Kristina that as a youngster, he had been like the boy who had picked his pocket while they were on the beach. Kristina asked why. He said it was because it was easy and there was no pressure -- and there were no expectations. When Kristina seemed envious, he told her it had also been lonely. Ethan admitted that everything had changed when he settled in Port Charles and discovered Luke and a "whole slew" of family. He said that there was probably be something wrong with him because both Maya and Luke had abandoned him. Kristina cheered him up.

Ethan said that they had to get to the judge, get his divorce, and then get back to Port Charles before Sonny found out they were gone. When Ethan and Kristina arrived in the judge's chambers, both were dressed in white. Kristina was carrying a bouquet and had a flower in her hair. At first the judge thought that they were a couple, but Ethan and Kristina quickly explained that she was there for moral support.

Sonny and Alexis arrived just in time to hear Ethan say, "I do." Alexis said loudly, "No, you don't." She demanded that the proceeding be rescinded. Ethan asked why Alexis and Sonny would want to stop his divorce from Maya.

Lulu showed up at Crimson as Maxie handled a disaster created by her new assistant, Inga. She thought that Lulu had returned to work, but Lulu said she was there to pick up her final paycheck. Maxie was very blunt when she told Lulu that Luke would not be returning and that it would be better if he did not. Lulu was livid, but Maxie pointed out that not only would Port Charles be a torturous reminder of Jake's death, but also that Jason would probably kill Luke.

Lulu was sure that Jason would not hurt Luke. Lulu said that several people had driven down that road and any one of them could have hit Jake. Lulu agonized as she told Maxie that Jake's death and Luke's self-destruction were destroying her family. Maxie asked Lulu why, under those circumstances, she wanted Luke to return home.

Dante went to see Jason about a warehouse fire. Jason told him to see Diane. Dante begged Jason to quit his illegal activities and let the police handle the problem. Jason said, "Before or after Anthony burns the city down." Dante tried to get Jason to back away, but Jason would not agree. Dante asked Jason to think about Michael and not put him in the middle of his fight with the Zaccharas. Jason said that Michael understood what was at stake. As he left Jason alone, Dante was disgusted and said that he hoped Michael did not get hurt.

Dante responded to a call from Maxie. When he arrived at Crimson, she berated him for not getting Lulu to be reasonable about the Haunted Star and Luke's return. Dante said that Lulu was her own person, and he would be there to support her. Dante said it was not his place to tell either Luke or Lulu how to live their lives. Maxie said it was a crock. She said that Lulu was circling the drain and it was time to get creative.

Maxie pulled out first-class tickets for a fancy, pampered, two-week stay in France. She said that she had planned to go with Matt, but believed that Lulu needed it more than she did. Dante was ecstatic. Maxie said that there was one catch: Dante had to convince Lulu to work at Crimson again.

Lulu went to Jason and told him that Lucky had gone to locate Luke and urge him to return. She asked Jason to stay away from Luke and said that hurting Luke would not resurrect Jake or change what had happened. Jason said that he would not forgive Luke. Lulu said that she was not asking Jason to forgive Luke, just not to kill Luke. Jason said that he did not intend to kill Luke. Jason said that he wanted Luke to suffer. Jason said that he wanted Luke to wake up and grieve every day, just like Jason did.

Brenda met Robin on the docks. They were talking when a car backfired. Brenda screamed and jumped up. When she realized it was not gunfire, she felt foolish and said so to Robin, who said she could understand why Brenda was jumpy. Brenda said that even before she became Sonny's wife, she had been a target. Brenda said that Jax had said that Alec was in danger. Robin said that Jax was hardly objective. Brenda wondered if she was a bad mom because she was with Sonny.

Dante tried to talk Lulu into taking the trip to France with him, but she insisted that she had to stay in Port Charles so that she could spend time with Luke when he returned home with Lucky.

Maxie went to Jason and asked if Lulu had stopped by. When Jason said yes, Maxie apologized for inadvertently adding to his grief. She said that when she had been bluntly truthful with Lulu, she had not filtered her words and had said that it was better for Luke to stay away so that Jason did not kill him. Maxie was concerned for Jason's feelings. She said it seemed like the focus was on Luke as the driver and not on Jake. She said that it had been the same when Georgie had been killed and the focus had been the investigation.

Maxie said that she thought she understood how Jason felt and that if he needed to talk, she was there for him. Jason thanked Maxie, who asked if he meant it. When Jason said, "Yes," Maxie was satisfied and left him aloneRecap --->

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