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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 13, 2011 on GH
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Upon arriving at Lisa's lair, Anthony snarled that he did not like being summoned. Anthony threatened to turn Lisa in to the cops. She handed him the phone. Anthony laughed when Lisa retorted that Anthony had promised to help Lisa get revenge. She told Anthony that she knew she was providing diversion so he could do something even more diabolical. Anthony chortled and told her that she was his kind of girl.

After listening to Lisa's plan, Anthony said that her hatred was beautiful to watch. Lisa said that she hated Robin and Patrick but that she hated Patrick the most, and he would definitely pay.

In the Dominican Republic, Alexis and Sonny were shocked to find out that Ethan and Kristina were not married. Alexis immediately pounced on Ethan, but Kristina stepped in and told both Sonny and Alexis that she had followed Ethan to the plane without his knowledge or approval, and furthermore, she was an adult who did not have to check in with her parents. Alexis accused Ethan of using Kristina, and Sonny chimed in that Kristina's behavior with Ethan had proved that she was not capable of making good decisions.

Kristina shot back that Sonny was a mobster and accused murderer who did not always make good decisions either. The judge became impatient and tried to move the divorce along, but Alexis tried to stop it. Ethan pointed out that Alexis had neither a reason nor the authority to stop him from divorcing Maya. Alexis stepped aside. Ethan signed the decree and wanted to leave. When Sonny and Alexis tried to drag Kristina away with them, she resisted and said she would fly home with Ethan.

On board Sonny's plane, Alexis and Sonny continued to grill Ethan and chastise Kristina. Alexis wanted to know where they had slept the previous evening. Ethan explained that he had not invited Kristina, so had only booked a single room. When Sonny got hot, Ethan said that he had slept on the couch. Alexis and Sonny were not mollified. They both insinuated and insisted that Ethan was taking advantage of Kristina.

Sonny accused Ethan of being a coward. Ethan stood up to Sonny and said that he was not a coward. Ethan said that he was not taking advantage of Kristina and never would. Ethan said that he had done everything in his power to keep Kristina safe. Ethan told a stunned Sonny and Alexis that he would continue to see Kristina as long as Kristina wanted to see him.

Patrick went to Jake's for a beer. He told Coleman that he had not been around because of the craziness with Lisa, whom Coleman called "a smokin' hot babe." Patrick said that Lisa really was crazy and had made a serious attempt to kill Robin. Patrick said that she was not the girl he remembered from college who was bold and daring, but not nuts. Coleman tried to get Patrick to admit that he missed being a player, but Patrick said he would never betray Robin that way again.

While Coleman and Patrick conversed, Lisa lurked nearby, disguised in a black wig and black-framed glasses. Robin joined Patrick at the bar, and Coleman told her that Kate had dumped him; he wondered if a promise of fidelity would make a difference. Robin said that fidelity meant a lot, but if a man promised fidelity to a woman, he had to mean it, rather than making the promise because he did not want to lose her. Coleman told Robin that she had given him good counsel and walked away.

Patrick told Robin that he was not Coleman. Patrick said that Robin was the only woman he wanted to be with. They kissed. Lisa met with one of Anthony's henchmen at a nearby table. He gave her a gun that she slipped into her purse.

Anthony met Brenda on the docks. At first Anthony sounded kindly and pretended to recognize Brenda as a model. Anthony's tone grew more menacing when he told her that Sonny had used Claudia to steal Anthony's territory. Anthony said that Sonny had thrown Claudia away when he no longer needed her. Anthony became more threatening when he asked Brenda why she had no guards. Anthony said that it showed a shocking lack of judgment on Sonny's part. Anthony said that he sure hoped Brenda did not end up like Claudia. Brenda stared open-mouthed as Anthony walked away.

Lucky shared his heart with Luke. Lucky said that he had been unfair. Lucky said that he had thought that he was helping Luke, but had realized that it might seem like punishment to Luke. Lucky said, "I'm sorry." Luke said, "Apology accepted," and then told Lucky to leave. Lucky said that he could not leave until Luke understood how much Lucky needed Luke. Lucky said that he loved Luke unconditionally. Lucky said that he needed Luke in his life and that Lulu, Ethan, and Tracy needed Luke in their lives as well. Lucky said that he was asking Luke to return home

Luke asked what he was returning home to. Luke said that he was not a hero. Luke said that he did not want to be a dad and that he was a lousy husband. Luke told Lucky that he should have left well enough alone. Luke said that he did not have a home, and he liked it that way. Luke told Lucky to send Lupe in and to go away because Luke was not buying what Lucky was selling. Lucky said that he understood that Luke was mad at him. Lucky said he was not giving up.

Luke said it was just another way that Lucky was trying to change Luke. Luke told Lucky to look around because the brothel represented who Luke was. Luke told Lucky that if he looked hard enough he might see the little kid who scammed the johns and learned to steal and con. Luke challenged Lucky to see the boy who watched his teenage sister go down the hall to service a customer, the boy who viewed sex as a transaction.

Luke told Lucky that he had never wanted to be a father. Luke said that he had wanted to be free to drink, cheat, and steal. Luke said that he had gotten off track when he had fallen in love with Laura and had gotten involved with people who wanted to change him. Luke said that he intended to live fast and furious until he died, and he would not have Lucky slowing him down. Lucky was astonished. He asked Luke if that was it. Lucky wanted to know if Luke was through with him and apologized for ruining Luke's beautiful life.

Luke told Lucky that Lucky still did not get what was going on. Luke said that he regretted killing Lucky's child and causing so much pain to Lucky and Liz. Luke said that the old cliché, "every cloud has a silver lining," was true. Luke said that when Jake was killed, Luke had moved beyond redemption and had been liberated. Luke said that a man who killed a child could never be redeemed. Luke said he was finally beyond redemption.

Luke told Lucky that he was irredeemable, and Luke would live until he died on his terms, answering to no one. Luke told Lucky that if Lucky wanted a father, he should be his own father. Luke said that he had retired. Luke said he was done and asked Lucky to please send Lupe back in and go away.

Luke told Lucky that there was nothing more for him. Luke told Lucky that he would wish Lucky luck but was afraid that Lucky would read too much into the gesture. As a dejected Lucky left the room, tears slowly formed in Luke's eyes.

On the plane back to Port Charles, Lucky told Siobhan that he did not know Luke as well as he had thought. Lucky said that Luke was through with Lucky and the whole Spencer clan permanently. Siobhan said that Luke was filled with self-hatred and was drinking heavily. Siobhan said that Luke was saying crazier and crazier things that he might not mean at all. Lucky said that Luke believed himself to be beyond redemption.

Lucky said that Luke had turned his back. Lucky said that his early memories were of life on the road. Lucky said that he remembered how happy Luke had been then and how much Luke had loved their adventures. Lucky said it had all changed when they arrived in Port Charles and his mom had fallen in love with a house and tired of traveling. Lucky said that Luke had never been happy after that. Lucky said that Luke had referred to the house as a cage, suffocating his soul. Lucky said that Luke often wished that he had never laid eyes on the house. Lucky said that he was beginning to feel the same way.

Luke put a single bullet in a revolver and spun the chamber. Lupe asked him what game he was playing. Luke told her that he had never wanted to be a father. Luke said that if Lupe had known his father, she would know why. Luke said he was afraid that he would be just like his father. Luke said that Lucky had been born anyway. Luke said that to his shock and awe he had loved Lucky from the start. Luke said that he had loved Lucky not because he was like Luke, but because Lucky was not like Luke.

Lupe gently removed the gun from Luke's hand and asked him to tell her about Lucky. Luke said that Lucky was luminous, like there was a light inside him of courage and love. Luke said he had been frightened that he would mess up, so he had taught Lucky survival skills: how to take a punch, how to give a punch and how to roll with the punches. Luke said that everything had ended when Luke got behind the wheel and killed Lucky's son. Luke did not know whether it was arrogance or negligence that had killed Jake, but Luke said that his behavior had forced Lucky to forgive the unforgivable.

Luke said that the error had been corrected and Luke had made it right. Luke told Lupe that Lucky had arrived with his heart in his hand and Luke had stomped on it. Luke said that he had given Lucky the only gift Luke had left to give. Luke said that he had made Lucky free. Luke said that he had given Lucky the gift of hating Luke as much as Luke would always love Lucky.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lulu was out jogging when she spotted Lucky standing on the porch of their mother's house. She stopped to find out where Luke was. Lucky was curious what Lulu knew about their grandfather, Tim Spencer. Lulu knew very little, so Lucky told her about Tim's drinking and the abusive environment that Luke and Bobbie had been raised in. Lulu insisted that Luke was nothing like Tim, but Lucky disagreed. Lucky confessed that he had seen a side of Luke that he had never seen before.

Lulu demanded to know where Luke was, so Lucky revealed that Luke was living in a "whorehouse" in Jacksonville, Florida, where Luke and Bobbie had lived with their Aunt Ruby. Lucky explained that it was the only home that Luke had ever known, but Lulu disagreed. Lucky told Lulu that the Spencer house had never been Luke's home. Lulu was rattled when Lucky confided that being in the whorehouse had been difficult for him because Lucky had imagined what it would have been like if he and Lulu had been in Luke and Bobbie's place. Lucky realized that the "whole mess" had driven Luke straight to the brothel.

Later, Lulu was standing on the piers when Dante approached her. He immediately sensed that something was wrong, so Lulu revealed that Luke would not be returning. "I'm sorry," Dante replied, but Lulu realized that he hadn't been surprised. Dante confessed that he couldn't blame Luke for not wanting to return to Port Charles after what had happened. "This is different," Lulu explained. She was certain that Luke was resigned not to be their father anymore.

Lulu regretted being a part of the intervention because they had poured salt on Luke's wounds when Luke had already been feeling horrible for killing Jake. Lulu believed that they should have gone with her first instinct to accept Luke for who he was. She was certain that Luke would never have shut them out if they had. Dante suggested that Lulu get her mind off of her family troubles by attending Michael's graduation ceremony with him. Lulu decided that it would be best to go the Haunted Star to meet Ethan because she didn't want to spoil anyone's fun. Dante assured Lulu that Luke loved her, but Lulu didn't think that her father loved her enough to return.

At Carly's house, Carly called out to Morgan to get ready because they had to leave for Michael's graduation ceremony. Moments later, Jax entered the house. Carly warned Jax that she wasn't in the mood to argue about visitation with Josslyn, but Jax assured her that he was there for an entirely different reason. Jax explained that Alexis had invited him to attend Kristina's graduation, so he wanted to assure Carly that he would put aside their differences for the day. Carly reminded Jax that he had gone behind her back to seek full custody of Josslyn the last time that he had made a similar promise. Jax assured Carly that he wanted to keep the peace because he was eager to see Michael receive his diploma.

Carly immediately relaxed because she realized that Jax was sincere. She thanked Jax for everything that he had done to get Michael enrolled in Madison Preparatory School. Jax and Carly discussed how attending Madison Prep had helped both Michael and Kristina. The conversation then drifted to Josslyn as Jax asked how his daughter was doing. Carly revealed that Morgan had entertained Josslyn earlier by showing Josslyn his karate moves. Jax regretted that he had missed Morgan's last tournament, but Carly admitted that Morgan wouldn't have wanted Jax there.

Moments later, Morgan entered the living room, looking for his dress shoes. Morgan was not pleased to see Jax because he accused Jax of trying to steal Josslyn. Jax apologized for letting Morgan down, but he insisted that he had tried to be a good father to Morgan. Morgan disagreed because Morgan doubted that a good father would try to take Josslyn from her mother. Morgan also accused Jax of walking out on the family, even though Jax had promised that they would always be together.

Morgan admitted that he resented Jax for saying that he wanted to be Morgan's father, but not meaning it. Jax explained that things weren't that simple. Jax confessed that he would have fought for custody of Morgan if the adoption had gone through. Morgan assured Jax that he wouldn't have wanted to live with Jax. Jax hoped that he and Morgan could repair their relationship, but Morgan insisted that it would be impossible.

At the lake house, Kristina told Molly about the trip to the Dominican Republic. Molly smiled as Kristina painted a romantic picture of her time with Ethan during the two-day trip. Kristina wished that Molly could have heard Ethan tell Sonny that he cared about Kristina, and didn't need Sonny's permission to see her. Molly sighed as she gushed that Ethan was "so reckless." Meanwhile, Alexis rounded the corner in time to overhear her daughters talking about Ethan. Molly was curious if Ethan had managed to obtain a divorce.

Kristina smiled brightly as she confirmed that Ethan was divorced from Maya. Molly was pleased because it meant that no one could object to Kristina and Ethan dating. "I can," Alexis responded as she entered the living room. Molly argued that defying parents was one of the requirements of "young love." Alexis warned Kristina that there would be consequences for the trip to the Dominican Republic, but Alexis wanted to focus on celebrating Kristina's graduation. Alexis insisted that she was proud of Kristina's accomplishments.

Kristina appreciated the praise, but she wished that her mother could respect her choices. Alexis became frustrated when Molly suddenly wondered if Kristina had invited Ethan to the graduation party.

On the piers, Abby was curious if Michael intended to skip his graduation ceremony. Michael wanted to please his parents, so he had agreed to go. Abby confessed that she had regretted not going to her own graduation ceremony because she had thought that she was too cool for it, and she hadn't had anyone to support her. Michael realized that he was lucky to have a family who cared about him. He also appreciated that he needed to set a good example for the younger children in his family. Abby was certain that one day he would be happy that he had gone the ceremony.

Michael opened up to Abby about his time at Madison Prep. He admitted that the kids at Madison had kept their distance from him after he had been released from Pentonville. Michael also revealed that Kristina had a difficult time with the students after everything that had happened with Kiefer. Abby guided the conversation back to the graduation by assuring him that it would be wonderful. She invited him over to her place after the celebration to tell her all about it. Michael made it clear that he would not attend the ceremony if Abby wasn't there, so Abby agreed to go.

At Madison Prep, Kristina squealed with delight when she spotted her brother. She hugged Michael and then warned him that something had happened, but she would fill him in later. Kristina just wanted Michael to know that she had to make every effort to please both of her parents. The subject of college arose, which made Michael realize that Kristina might have been responsible for his acceptance to Port Charles University. He cleverly tricked her into revealing that she had sent in the college application. Kristina demanded that Michael promise to go to PCU with her, but Michael refused to make any commitments.

A short time later, Kristina and Michael were stunned when they heard a speaker thank Melinda Bauer for the generous endowment of an athletic scholarship, to be awarded to a student, in memory of her late son, Kiefer Bauer. Bryce, one of Kristina and Michael's classmates, decided to give Kristina a hard time by suggesting that it had been nice of Mrs. Bauer to give someone a scholarship; however, Bryce was certain that Mrs. Bauer would have preferred to spend the money on Kiefer, if Kristina hadn't gotten Kiefer killed. Michael warned Bryce to back off, but Bryce forged ahead by accusing "some loser" of beating up Kristina. Kristina denied that Ethan had hurt her, so Bryce was curious why she had accused Ethan of the attack. Kristina admitted that she had tried to protect Kiefer, but Bryce didn't believe her because Kiefer had ended up dead.

Bryce insisted that all of Kiefer's friends had warned Kiefer that he could have done better than dating someone like Kristina. Michael argued that Kiefer had been an abusive pig, but Bryce insisted that Kristina had deserved it if Kiefer had hit her. Michael was livid, so he took a swing at Bryce.

At Greystone Manor, Max and Milo unceremoniously forced Ethan into Sonny's parlor. Sonny sat behind his desk like a king, as he ordered Max and Milo to release Ethan, so Max and Milo quickly retreated to the door to stand guard. With a saccharine smile, Sonny confessed that he "appreciated" Ethan stopping by. Ethan returned the smile as he admitted that he couldn't refuse such a "pleasant invitation." Sonny explained that he had decided that it was time for them to get to know each other.

Sonny invited Ethan to take a seat, while Sonny poured a cup of coffee and then handed it to Ethan. At the door, Max and Milo had a debate about the Pine Barrens. Milo thought that the Pine Barrens were getting "too full," but Max argued that there would always be room for "one more." Ethan tried to ignore Max and Milo as Sonny asked about Luke and then questioned Ethan about Ethan's job prospects, beyond working for Johnny Zacchara. Sonny thought that it would be a shame if Ethan ended up killed in crossfire. Ethan assured Sonny that he had won big in Las Vegas, so he was set for a while.

Sonny decided to get to the point. According to Sonny, Ethan had two options: Ethan could accept a payoff from Sonny to stay away from Kristina, or Max and Milo could take Ethan to the Pine Barrens. Ethan refused to stay away from Kristina, so Sonny ordered Max and Milo to escort Ethan to the Pine Barrens. Ethan tried to break free of Max and Milo's tight grip, but was unsuccessful. Ethan decided to try to reason with Sonny by explaining that making him disappear on Kristina's graduation day would scar Kristina for life. Ethan insisted that he was merely a "passing fancy" to Kristina.

Ethan was confident that Kristina would find a decent young man when she started college. Max stayed behind as Milo dragged Ethan out of the parlor. "What will it be, boss: backseat or trunk?" Max wondered. "Let him go," Sonny quietly replied. Shortly after Max, Milo, and Ethan left, Sonny called out to Brenda to let her know that it was time to leave for Kristina and Michael's graduation ceremony. Brenda informed Sonny that she intended to stay home to avoid upsetting Carly.

"Absolutely not," Sonny argued. Sonny insisted that Brenda was his wife, so she and Carly needed to find a way to get along. Brenda agreed, but she refused to risk ruining Kristina and Michael's special day. Sonny reluctantly accepted Brenda's decision. Later, Brenda called out to Max and Milo to help her move some things around in Alec's bedroom. Max and Milo grew tense when Jax entered the parlor.

Max warned Brenda that Jax was trying to take Josslyn away from Carly, so Jax wasn't a friend of the family. Jax argued that his custody battle with Carly was none of Max's business. Brenda quickly dismissed Max and Milo. Jax revealed that he had stopped by to let Sonny know that Alexis had invited him to the graduation ceremony. Brenda told Jax that Sonny had already left. Jax was surprised that Brenda had decided to stay home, so he invited her to go with him.

Brenda chuckled because she doubted that Sonny would appreciate seeing his wife show up at the graduation with Jax. Jax argued that they were all adults, so he didn't see a problem with it.

Lucky entered the casino and found Ethan playing a game of cards. Lucky revealed that their father had refused to return to Port Charles. Ethan asked Lucky to stick around, so that they could break the news to Lulu together, but Lucky told him that Lulu already knew. Ethan wasn't surprised to discover that Lulu hadn't taken the news well. Ethan admitted that he had been hoping that Lulu would renovate the Haunted Star, but he realized that it might not happen. Lucky was stunned when Ethan switched gears to update his brother about finding Maya in bed with her new lover, and the trip to the Dominican Republic that had followed. Lucky warned Ethan to be careful when Ethan told him about Sonny's threat to send Ethan to the Pine Barrens; Lucky insisted that he couldn't lose Ethan on top of everything else.

Ethan realized that Lucky truly believed that Luke wouldn't return to the family fold. Lucky explained that Luke wanted nothing to do with the Spencer clan, so Lucky, Ethan, and Lulu were on their own. Ethan believed that his relationship with Luke was different because Ethan and Luke had met as adults. Ethan suggested that perhaps he might be able to get through to Luke because of that. Lucky assured Ethan that he was free to try, but Lucky didn't think that Ethan and Luke were as alike as Ethan believed. Ethan disagreed because he and Luke had lived a similar lifestyle.

Lucky pointed out that Ethan had lived a happy childhood, unlike Luke. Lucky explained that Luke had never been allowed to be a child because Luke had been forced to lie, cheat, and steal while he had watched his sister become a prostitute. According to Lucky, there was a darkness in Luke that Luke couldn't fight. Ethan insisted that there had to be a way to get through to Luke, but Lucky insisted that Luke believed that he was unredeemable. Lucky was adamant that the man that they had known was gone.

Lulu entered the casino a few minutes later. She immediately realized that Ethan knew about their father. Ethan was certain that Luke would bounce back, but Lucky revealed that Luke had never wanted the responsibility of children, so Luke wasn't interested in continuing his relationship with Lucky, Lulu, and Ethan. Lulu and Ethan were shocked when Lucky admitted that Luke had told him that killing Jake had been liberating because it had freed Luke from being a father. Lucky suggested that the sooner that Lulu and Ethan accepted that, the better.

Later, Lulu and Ethan found Lucky standing on the porch of the Spencer house. Ethan was curious what Lucky was doing there, so Lucky explained that he was seeing the house through Luke's eyes. According to Lucky, it was suffocating, but Lulu argued that the house wasn't that bad. Lucky reminded her that their parents' marriage had fallen apart, as had Lucky's marriage to Liz, while they had lived in the house. Lucky confided that Luke had always wanted to see the place "torched."

At Madison Prep, Abby arrived for Michael's graduation. Molly introduced Abby as "the love of Michael's life" and then told Alexis about the "great odds" that Abby and Michael had gone through to be together. Abby smiled as Alexis suggested that Molly not try to make Abby's life sound like a romance novel. Abby then took the opportunity to thank Alexis for helping Diane out with her case when Abby had been facing murder charges. Molly picked up where she had left off by insisting that nothing could stand in the way of Abby and Michael's love.

Carly and Morgan arrived a short time later. Alexis and Carly briefly discussed the situation with Kristina and Ethan before Sonny walked up. Molly was curious where Brenda was, so Sonny explained that Brenda had fallen ill. Carly snickered, but didn't comment. Sonny thanked Carly and Alexis for being wonderful mothers to his children and then thanked Dante for helping Michael get out of Pentonville. Carly was relieved when she spotted Jax because she had begun to worry about where he was.

Jax explained that he'd had a minor delay, but he assured her that it hadn't been anything serious. Jax was curious if the school had passed out binoculars, so that they could see the graduating class from the back row. Molly explained that the ushers had seemed confused because they were supposed to have seated Kristina and Michael's families in a block of reserved seats near the podium. Seconds later, May or Floyd began his speech about the graduating class. The speech ended abruptly when Bryce went sailing past the podium. Seconds later, Michael appeared to take another swing at Bryce, but froze when he realized that everyone was watching him in shocked silence.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

At Greystone Manor, Brenda wondered where her son was. Max assured Brenda that Alec was safe at the boathouse with Milo and the nanny. According to Max, Milo had decided to teach Alec some karate moves. Max assured Brenda that Milo was a skilled fighter who knew how to snap a man's neck. Brenda was horrified, so she warned Max that she didn't want her son to learn how to inflict bodily harm on another human being. Seconds later, Diane sailed into the parlor.

Brenda informed Diane that she wanted to discuss a few legal matters, but Diane explained that she was there for personal reasons. Diane warmly greeted Max to illustrate her point. Brenda was unfazed as she wondered if Diane had checked into the matter that Brenda had spoken to Diane about. Frustrated, Diane insisted that she couldn't be expected to work every second of the day. Brenda argued that the request was important, but Milo entered the parlor before Diane could reply. Milo cheerfully assured Brenda that Alec would be ready for nun-chucks soon.

Brenda informed Max and Milo that they would have to sit down to discuss some rules, but at a later date. Brenda was more concerned about the paperwork to establish her legal claim to Alec. Diane assured Brenda that all the proper documents had been filed with the court, but it would take several months before everything was finalized. Brenda wondered how long she would have to wait, so Diane told her it would be "two or three months." Brenda was relieved because she wanted to start the paperwork for Sonny to adopt Alec. Diane admitted that it would be inadvisable for Sonny to adopt Alec. Brenda was curious why Diane always seemed to undermine her.

Brenda suspected that Diane might be jealous, or she preferred Sonny's previous wife. Diane denied that she had a problem with Brenda, but she insisted that Sonny was a terrible candidate as an adoptive father because it was not safe to be around Sonny. Brenda argued that Diane just wanted to make Brenda unhappy. Diane wondered why "in God's name" she would want that. "Exactly," Brenda replied and then left. Max feared that Sonny would fire Diane for the heated exchange with Brenda, so he urged her to apologize.

Diane explained that she had principals and then reminded Max of the night that Michael had been shot. Diane confessed that she had always felt responsible for her role in helping Sonny retain custody of Michael because it had put Michael in the path of the bullet. Diane insisted that she couldn't, in good conscience, say that Sonny was a safe haven for children. Brenda overheard Diane's remark as she returned to the parlor. Diane promised to find another attorney to handle the paperwork if Brenda decided to move forward with her plans for Sonny to adopt Alec. Brenda thanked Diane and then admitted that Diane had given Brenda "many things" to discuss with Sonny.

At Madison Preparatory School, Sonny lounged in a chair after everyone had left following the graduation ceremony. Sonny called out to Mayor Floyd as the mayor passed by. Mayor Floyd insisted that he didn't have time to talk. Sonny didn't care; he demanded to know how the mayor intended to address the wrong that had been done to Michael. Sonny was furious that one of Michael's classmates had been allowed to provoke Michael without anyone stepping in to stop the harassment. Mayor Floyd confessed that he was surprised that Michael had even been permitted to attend the prestigious school because of Sonny's unsavory reputation.

Mayor Floyd admitted that he had heard that Michael had been involved in several altercations during his years at Madison Prep. Sonny was unapologetic about Michael's conduct as he insisted that Michael should never have been banned from the graduation ceremony. Mayor Floyd argued that he had to consider the safety of the rest of the graduating class. Sonny ignored the remark as he demanded that Mayor Floyd hand over Michael's diploma. The mayor explained that Michael had graduated, so the diploma had merely been a formality. Sonny threatened to give the mayor a "first-hand" demonstration of how Sonny had earned his reputation if Mayor Floyd didn't produce the diploma immediately.

At the lake house, Sam welcomed Kristina and Molly home. Sam apologized for not making it to the graduation ceremony because she had been stuck in court. Kristina assured Sam that it was fine. Sam noticed that Michael was absent, so she asked where he was. Molly admitted that there had been a problem. Moments later, Alexis, Carly, and Morgan entered the house.

Everyone began to discuss the events that had unfolded at the graduation ceremony. Carly feared that Michael might end up getting arrested for punching his classmate. Kristina felt terrible for her brother, especially since he had helped her through her senior year of high school. Moments later, Sonny arrived and then revealed that he had Michael's diploma. Carly was happy to have the diploma in hand, but she suspected that Sonny had threatened to mayor to get it. Sonny was curious where Michael was, so Alexis admitted that no one had seen him.

Sonny regretted that Michael had ruined Kristina's special day, but Kristina blamed Bryce. Kristina shared the details about what Bryce had said to provoke Michael. Kristina insisted that it wouldn't be a party without Michael, so she decided to find her brother. Kristina claimed to know where Michael had gone, so she promised to return shortly. After Kristina left, Molly and Morgan admitted that they would have done the same thing as Michael had in the same situation. Alexis was disappointed because she thought that Michael should have handled things without resorting to violence.

Sonny argued that sometimes it was the only way to get a point across. Alexis thought it interesting that Sonny would say that after the abuse that Kristina had suffered. Alexis reminded everyone that Michael was on parole, so being denied a diploma might have taught Michael a valuable lesson. Alexis assured them that Michael would have eventually received the diploma, but Sonny refused to apologize for strong-arming the mayor. Alexis found it baffling that Sonny could question why Michael would resort to violence when Sonny went around bullying and intimidating people. Carly quickly stepped in to defend Michael and Sonny.

Sonny reminded Alexis that Kristina wasn't any better than Michael because Kristina had run off to get married. Sam finally interceded by reminding everyone that Michael and Kristina were adults, so they were free to make their own decisions and live with the consequences of their choices. Sam assured Alexis, Sonny, and Carly that they had done a wonderful job raising Michael and Kristina, so it was time for the parents to let the kids go.

Abby went to Jason's penthouse, looking for Michael. Jason admitted that he hadn't seen Michael, so Abby quickly filled him in on what had happened at the graduation ceremony. According to Abby, Michael had fled before anyone could react. She confessed that she was concerned that the fight might have violated Michael's parole and cost him his diploma. Jason had an idea about where Michael might be, so he decided to track Michael down.

A short time later, Jason found Michael on the piers. Michael was frustrated because he had lost his temper in front of his family and disappointed everyone. Jason explained that Michael just had to keep working on controlling his temper because Michael's defense training made him dangerous. However, Jason was curious what had set Michael off. Michael told Jason about Bryce's accusation that Kristina had deserved to be hit by Kiefer.

Michael explained that hearing Bryce say that had been like hearing that Kiefer had a right to hit Kristina just like Carter had a right to rape Michael, and Brandon had a right to beat Abby. To Michael, it was tantamount to saying that Kristina, Michael, and Abby had asked for it. It made Michael sick to hear someone suggest that people like Kiefer, Carter, and Brandon hadn't done anything wrong. Michael was relieved that he never had to see any of his classmates from Madison Prep again. Jason was curious what Michael was planning to do with his life. Michael realized that working for Johnny was not an option.

Jason revealed that he and Sam had bought Michael a graduation present: an all-expense paid trip for two to Europe for as long as Michael wanted. Michael accused Jason of trying to get rid of him, but Jason insisted that it was simply an opportunity for Michael to see all of the places that Jason and Michael had talked about. Michael didn't think it was the right time to leave Port Charles, so Jason offered Michael a legitimate job at the coffee warehouse, unloading shipments. Jason was pleasantly surprised when Michael accepted the job. Michael acknowledged that it wasn't what he wanted, but it gave Michael an opportunity to prove that he could be an asset to Sonny's organization. Michael hoped it would lead to a position in the organization, but Jason warned Michael not to count on it.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan left Lulu a message about renovating the casino just as Kristina walked in. Ethan was surprised that she wasn't at her graduation party. Kristina told Ethan about the fight at the graduation ceremony and then confessed that she was glad that she didn't have to see any of her classmates again. Kristina admitted that she'd rather spend her time with him. Ethan chuckled uncomfortably, but didn't respond.

Kristina wondered if Sonny had given Ethan any trouble. Ethan assured her that he was a big boy, so he could handle things. Kristina pointed out that it wasn't an answer. "I know," Ethan replied. Kristina agreed not to push for answers, but she was curious if Ethan were happy to see her. Ethan smiled and then suggested that she should be at her party. Kristina pounced on the opportunity to cajole Ethan into going to the party with her.

At the lake house, everyone was delighted when Michael arrived. Shortly afterwards, Kristina and Ethan walked in. Michael and Kristina exchanged a hug before Michael apologized for ruining Kristina's graduation. Kristina assured her brother that Bryce had instigated the fight, so Michael wasn't to blame. "Kristina? Can you explain to me how you went looking for Michael and you brought back him?" Sonny wondered as he indicated Ethan.

Kristina was spared from having to answer her father's question when Alexis announced that they should celebrate the special day by saying something nice about the graduates. Alexis confessed that being Sam, Kristina, and Molly's mother was her crowning achievement. Carly told Michael that she was proud of his accomplishments. Sonny admitted that he was impressed with Michael and Kristina and proud to be their father. After the party, Kristina and Ethan took a walk along the piers. Kristina was surprised that the day had turned out better than she had anticipated.

Ethan mentioned the fight at the graduation ceremony, so Kristina admitted that it wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for her. Kristina hated that her lie about Ethan continued to be out there. She wished that she could take everything back. Ethan assured her that what was done was done, so if he could forget about it then so should she. He then deftly changed the subject by admitting that he'd had fun in the Dominican Republic. Kristina beamed with joy as she asked him if he meant it.

Ethan was startled when Kristina suddenly leaned forward and then closed her eyes as if she were expecting a kiss. Ethan hesitated a moment and then gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "Happy graduation," he told her afterwards.

Max and Milo were in the foyer as Max admitted that he was worried that Diane would be fired because of what she had said to Brenda. Max feared that Diane would end up moving away. Sonny walked in moments later. Sonny sensed the tension between the brothers, but he was in a good mood, so he didn't want to know what was going on. Max nervously watched Sonny enter the parlor and then close the door.

In the parlor, Brenda welcomed her husband home. Sonny was curious if anything had happened while he was gone, but Brenda assured him that it had been an uneventful day. In the foyer, Max eavesdropped on Brenda and Sonny's conversation. He was relieved that Brenda hadn't complained about Diane. "This time," Milo replied.

Dante stopped by Abby's apartment in the hopes that Michael had gone there after the debacle at the graduation ceremony. Abby explained that she hadn't heard from Michael, but she was worried about him. She insisted that Michael wouldn't have punched someone unless Michael had been provoked. Abby admitted that it scared her how Michael was drawn to the mob. Dante confessed that it worried him too.

Abby imagined that it was difficult for Dante to know that Michael wanted to join Sonny's organization. Dante admitted that it was challenging, but he was determined to keep Michael on the right side of the law. Abby thought that it was a "lost cause," but she wished Dante luck. Dante confided that he gave Michael credit for becoming involved with Abby. Abby immediately tensed because she thought that Dante was alluding to her days as a stripper.

Dante quickly clarified that he meant that Michael's family, himself included, had been terrible role models for relationships because they all fought like "cats and dogs." Abby quickly relaxed. Moments later, Michael knocked on the door. Abby was overjoyed as she greeted Michael was a fierce hug and then admitted that she had been worried about him. Michael spotted Dante in the living room, so he suspected that Dante was there because Bryce wanted to press charges. Dante explained that he had stopped by to give Michael his graduation present.

Michael took the envelope that Dante had extended and then read the letter inside. Michael was stunned to learn that he had completed his parole. Dante insisted that Michael had done it by turning his life around. After Dante left, Abby and Michael discussed where Michael would live. Michael was delighted when Abby invited him to move in with her. He promised to pay half the rent with the money he earned working at the coffee warehouse.

Dante stopped by Carly's house to tell her that Michael was driving him crazy. Dante was frustrated because Michael was camped out on his sofa, which had put a crimp in Dante and Lulu's love life. Dante wanted Carly to take responsibility for her son. Carly was livid. "Are you kidding me?" she asked angrily. "Actually, I am kidding you," Dante replied.

Carly was shocked when Dante revealed that Michael's parole was over. Carly realized that Dante had talked to Judge Carroll because Michael's parole had been scheduled to end in August. Dante insisted that Michael's accomplishments had persuaded the judge to give Michael time off for good behavior. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she thanked Dante for talking to the judge on Michael's behalf. Dante assured her that Michael had earned it.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam told Jason about the graduation party, including her advice to Carly, Sonny, and Alexis about letting Michael and Kristina go. She confessed that she didn't know if she would be able to do the same thing if she were in their shoes.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

At Jason's penthouse, Jason was curious if Spinelli had found any sign of Anthony on Spinelli's new security system. Spinelli revealed that he hadn't, but he would continue to monitor the cameras. Spinelli then switched gears to ask if Michael and Kristina had liked the autographed copies of Spinelli's book. Jason was certain that they had. Spinelli smiled and then began talking about writing a sequel. Jason grumbled that he didn't want to hear about it.

Moments later, Sam entered the living room to announce that she and Spinelli had a cheating husband to follow. Jason was concerned that it was too soon for Sam to get back to work, but Sam insisted that she was fine. Spinelli agreed that she should rest, so that she would be able to conceive a baby when Jason and Sam were ready to start a family. Sam reminded Jason and Spinelli that it was just a stakeout, so she wouldn't be doing anything strenuous or dangerous, but Jason wasn't satisfied. Jason decided to go in Sam's place.

Spinelli was delighted at the prospect of teaming up with Jason, but Sam argued that Jason would never be able to blend in. Sam made it clear that she and Spinelli would go on the stakeout, so she grabbed Spinelli and then left.

At the hospital, Robin asked Liz for a file. Liz handed her friend the file and then noticed Robin's colorful bracelet. Robin joked that Emma was going through an "express yourself through pasta" phase. Liz fondly recalled that Jake had taken a lump of clay and then stuck a peg in it for her to hang her keys on. Liz revealed that Jake would watch her every morning as she grabbed her keys from the peg; she confided that what he had lacked in imagination, he had made up for in observation.

Moments later, Steve and Patrick approached the nurses' station. Patrick surprised Liz by asking if she would be interested in being part of a surgical team the following day. Liz happily accepted the offer, but Robin seemed concerned. Steve also looked worried, so he pulled Liz aside to see if she were ready to enter the operating room. Liz realized that Steve had reservations about her because of her reaction when she had found him packing Jake's things. Steve quickly clarified that he was concerned because she had forgotten their conversation about it.

Steve reminded Liz that there was a lot of pressure in the operating room, so she needed to be in control at all times. Liz appreciated that Steve was concerned about her, but she insisted that the operating room was where she felt most in control. She promised that it would be good for her. Meanwhile, at the nurses' station, Robin wondered if it had been a good idea for Patrick to ask Liz to be a part of the surgical team, but Patrick doubted that Liz would have accepted the offer if she hadn't been ready.

At the safe house, Anthony handed Lisa a garment bag. Lisa eagerly inspected the contents of the garment bag and then decided to get ready. Anthony teased that he felt used when Lisa tried to dismiss him. Lisa smiled as she confessed that she was grateful that he had been the only person who had made her feel sane. Anthony assured her that he believed in bleeding someone dry when "they cut you," so he insisted that her plan was both sane and practical. However, he was concerned because she hadn't mentioned an exit strategy.

Lisa promised Anthony that he didn't have to worry about her because she had figured out where she would go and how she would get there. Later, Lisa slipped into the hospital, disguised as a security guard. Lisa spied on Robin as Patrick fixed Emma's bracelet. Robin and Patrick agreed that things had been better since Lisa had left. Moments later, Steve walked up to talk to Patrick about Liz.

Steve insisted that it was Patrick's call, but Steve had concerns about Liz being part of Patrick's surgical team. Robin admitted that she had seen Liz crying in the break room the other day, so it was clear that Liz needed more time to grieve. Patrick argued that Steve and Robin were overreacting. Patrick reminded Steve and Robin that he had worked with Liz countless times, so he wanted to give her a chance. Steve couldn't fight Patrick and Liz, so he agreed to clear Liz for the surgery.

After Steve walked away, Patrick noticed that Robin was quiet. He realized that it indicated that Robin had a lot to say. Robin doubted that Patrick wanted to hear what was on her mind. Later, Robin was admiring her bracelet when she suddenly sensed that she was being watched. Lisa slipped away before Robin spotted her. Robin was startled when Patrick tapped her on the shoulder.

Patrick suspected that Robin was jumpy because of everything that Lisa had put her through over the past year. Robin changed the subject by talking about Emma. She confessed that she couldn't imagine her life without their daughter. Patrick was curious what had prompted her to say something like that, so Robin admitted that she wouldn't be ready to enter the operating room if she were in Liz's shoes. Patrick insisted that Liz needed their support.

Robin was curious if Patrick's determination to have Liz scrub in was prompted by guilt because he hadn't been able to save Jake. Patrick admitted that he would always have regrets about not saving Jake's life; however, Liz needed to regain her confidence. Robin insisted on being part of the surgical team to keep an eye on Liz. Moments later, Spinelli and Sam approached the nurses' station. Spinelli was concerned because Sam had been having cramps. Robin wondered if perhaps Sam might be pregnant.

Nearby, Lisa entered a supply closet. She closed the door and then pulled out a gun and several magazine clips.

At the Spencer house, Lulu explained that she had been patrolling her mother's house because Lucky seemed to have a "weird fixation" on it. Dante was curious what that meant, so she revealed that Lucky had started talking about the house in the same way that Luke had. According to Lulu, Luke had always wanted to see the place burned to the ground. Dante wondered if Lulu suspected that Lucky might do something. Lulu realized that she didn't have any room to judge anyone because of her own erratic behavior.

Dante was curious if she were referring to her refusal to take advantage of Maxie's generous offer to send them to Paris. Lulu nodded and then acknowledged that her decision to quit her job and to ask Nikolas for money to buy the Haunted Star were other examples. Lulu realized that Lucky was in pain, but she insisted that they had all had a hand in Luke's decision to leave town. Dante thought that guilt was a way to take control of a situation. Lulu argued that Luke, not Lucky, hated the Spencer house, so she couldn't understand why Lucky was trying to rewrite history. Dante suspected that it was easier for Lucky to blame the house than to blame Luke for giving up.

Siobhan was relieved when Lucky arrived home. "I guess they do work," Siobhan noted as Lucky closed the door. Lucky wondered what she was talking about, so Siobhan told him about an old wives' tale that suggested baking rosemary cookies helped when a person was concerned about someone returning home. Lucky explained that he had been out driving around in an effort to get his mind off of the situation with Luke. Siobhan was curious if it had worked, but Lucky's lack of response answered her question.

Later, Siobhan returned to the living room with dinner. Lucky was playing with Luke's cigar lighter, which Lucky had confiscated after Luke had tried to set fire to the casino. Siobhan reminded Lucky that Lucky and Luke had shared some good memories, so it was clear that Luke had loved Lucky. Lucky was curious if Siobhan and Luke had talked. "In passing," Siobhan replied. Lucky wanted to know the details of her conversation with his father, but Siobhan seemed reluctant to share them.

Lucky feared that it wasn't good, so Siobhan admitted that Luke had accused Lucky of being shackled to the past, so Lucky should break free. "He's one to talk," Lucky remarked. Later, Maxie dropped by to see Lucky, but Siobhan explained that Lucky had left. Maxie decided to wait, so she informed Siobhan that she was welcome to leave. Siobhan argued that she lived there. "Not for much longer," Maxie responded.

Maxie was certain that things would change when Lucky learned the truth about Aiden's paternity. Siobhan insisted that it wasn't the time for Lucky to be told that Aiden was his son because Lucky was dealing with Luke walking out on the family. Maxie was confident that the news about Aiden would help Lucky, but Siobhan feared that it would push Lucky over the edge because it would be added pressure. Maxie suggested that Siobhan didn't know Lucky very well. The argument was cut short when Nikolas stopped by.

Maxie told Nikolas that she believed that Lucky needed Liz and the boys, but Nikolas chastised Maxie for saying that in front of Lucky's wife. Frustrated, Maxie decided to leave. Nikolas knew that Siobhan cared about Lucky, but he realized that watching Lucky deal with Luke's latest stunt had been hard on her. Siobhan confessed that Lucky was too hurt to take comfort from her. Nikolas admitted that he had never thought that Luke would fail Lucky as he had. Nikolas confided that he had struggled with his own darkness, but fatherhood had helped him.

Siobhan became distracted when she noticed that Luke's lighter was missing. She suspected that she might have put it away without realizing it, so she apologized for interrupting Nikolas. Nikolas admitted that he had never thought that Luke would turn his back on Lucky. Siobhan suggested that they didn't know that Luke had done that. According to Siobhan, a child was not something to be taken or passed over lightly. "Neither is a child's death," Nikolas added.

At the piers, Liz and Lucky reminisced about the past, when they had slept under the piers after Lucky and Luke had experienced their first falling-out. Liz reminded Lucky that he and Luke had eventually worked things out. Lucky doubted that it would happen again. He told her about finding Luke in a brothel, and begging his father to return to Port Charles. Lucky admitted that Luke had acted like a "bastard." Liz suggested that Luke might have been trying to push Lucky for Lucky's own good.

Lucky confessed that the thought had crossed his mind until Luke had said something that had changed everything. Liz wanted to know what it was, but Lucky didn't want to hurt her. Liz insisted on knowing, so Lucky revealed that Luke had told him that killing Jake had been liberating because it had allowed Luke to walk away from his family. Liz admitted that she was trying hard not to blame Luke, but she thought that it was beyond cruel for Luke to hurt Lucky like that. Lucky regretted pushing Luke so hard, but Liz insisted that no one blamed Lucky. "Well, maybe they should," Lucky argued and then left.

Liz turned to Jason for help with Lucky. She explained that she was worried about Lucky because Lucky was blaming himself for Luke turning his back on the family, and for failing to protect Jake. Jason insisted that Lucky had protected Jake. Liz was certain that Jason's forgiveness would lessen Lucky's guilt. Jason argued that he couldn't forgive Lucky for what had happened to Jake because Lucky hadn't done anything wrong. Jason suspected that Lucky needed Liz's help, but Liz reminded Jason that Lucky was married.

Jason argued that Lucky and Liz were still connected. "By our son," Liz acknowledged, but Jason insisted that it went beyond that. Jason believed that Liz was the only woman for Lucky. Liz wanted to do what was best for Lucky, so Jason encouraged her to be honest. Liz explained that it was more complicated than Jason realized. She feared that what she had to say to Lucky would be too late to do anyone any good.

Maxie met Dante on the piers to tell him that she was concerned that Lucky was about to "implode" because Lucky had been "talking strange." Dante suggested that Lucky might have been venting, but Maxie was certain that it was more than that. Dante wondered if Maxie had spoken to Siobhan about it. According to Maxie, Siobhan only looked out for herself because Lucky tended to gravitate towards women who were extremely selfish, Maxie included. Maxie insisted that Siobhan realized that Lucky was headed down a bad road, so Dante suggested that they try to guide Lucky down the right one. Maxie was curious when Dante had turned into the "world's most positive policeman."

Dante admitted that he had faith in Lucky, but Maxie argued that Lucky's faith had been shattered because Luke had pulled the rug out from under Lucky. Maxie suspected that Dante knew what that was like because of his experience with Sonny and Olivia. Dante admitted that she had a point. Maxie confessed that she knew what it was like to be abandoned by her parents, so she feared that Lucky might relapse. Dante realized that she might be right.

At the Spencer house, Lucky slowly made his way to the porch as he opened and closed his father's lighter. Eventually, Lucky poured gasoline all around the house, and on the porch, before setting the house ablaze. Moments later, Dante arrived on the scene and then demanded to know what had happened. Lucky casually explained that he had set fire to the house as a farewell present to Luke. Dante tried to hustle Lucky away from the house before anyone saw them, but Lucky wanted to watch the house burn to the ground. Dante was forced to drag Lucky to the car and then pushed Lucky into the front passenger seat.

Lucky argued that setting fire to the house hadn't been a big deal because it was abandoned. Dante reminded Lucky that it was considered arson and that Lucky could lose his badge. Dante then called the authorities to report the fire, unaware that Siobhan had approached the house in stunned disbelief. Siobhan feared the worst when she called out Lucky's name, but didn't hear a response. Certain that Lucky was inside the house, Siobhan raced into the house to find her husband.

At the car, Lucky was shocked when he heard a woman scream. "Did you hear that?" Lucky asked Dante.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dressed as a security guard, Lisa managed to evade detection and make her way to a supply closet on the tenth floor of General Hospital. She checked her ammunition clips and filled a syringe with a blue-colored cleaning solution.

In the lobby, Spinelli insisted that Sam be admitted. Robin and Patrick concurred when Sam reluctantly admitted that she was experiencing mild cramping. Spinelli was sure that Sam was pregnant. He was ecstatic over the possibility. Sam did not want to make a big deal about it and was glad when Maxie intervened. As Robin got Sam settled in a room and ordered tests, Maxie and Spinelli went to get a smoothie for Sam.

Siobhan went looking for Lucky and found the Spencer house in flames. She rushed inside. Nearby, Dante had Lucky in his car and phoned in the conflagration. Lucky did not seem like himself. He wanted to watch the fire and told Dante that Luke would be proud. Dante asked if Lucky cared about losing his badge. Both men rushed back to the blaze when they heard Siobhan scream.

Lucky carried an unconscious Siobhan out of the house. Dante drove to GH, where Siobhan was stabilized for surgery and Matt prepared to operate. Dante got a call from Mac, who berated Dante for leaving the scene of the fire. He ordered Dante back to the Spencer house and insinuated that Dante was covering up for someone.

Lucky waited with Siobhan as an OR was prepped. Lucky said that he was sorry for everything, especially taking her for granted. Lucky said he did not know what he had been thinking when he set the fire. He said it had been pointless and selfish. Lucky said that it never once crossed his mind that Siobhan would follow him and try to save Lucky from himself.

Lucky said that he did not know why Siobhan cared about him. Lucky said that he did not deserve it. Lucky told Siobhan to hang on and fight through her injury. Lucky kissed Siobhan on the forehead and said that he would be waiting for her. Lucky added that he was sorry that he had not been able to love Siobhan in the way that she deserved to be loved.

Liz went to visit Jason and said that she was worried about Lucky. She told Jason about the trauma that Lucky had been through with Luke and said that Lucky was on the edge of an emotional cliff. She said that Lucky was in freefall and even though she knew Lucky was strong, he was missing a major part of his support system. Jason got angry and wondered why Liz was not mad at Luke. Jason thought that Liz should hate Luke because he had been drinking when he had accidentally killed their son.

Liz said that Luke had not judged her when she had admitted her affair with Nikolas. She said that Luke was beating himself up, and she did not need to add to it. Liz told Jason that he was entitled to his own feelings but they were not hers. Jason understood. Liz said that Luke had said terrible things to Lucky. Liz said that she did not want Lucky's heart to harden.

Jason said that Liz would have a better chance of making Lucky listen than he would. Jason told Liz that his first instinct was to try to fix things for her. Jason said that trying to fix things before had led to Jake's birth and Liz's estrangement from Lucky. Both agreed that even though the consequences had been dire, they both loved Jake, and they would take the same steps again if it led having Jake in their lives.

Jason said that even though he would happily fix things for Liz, he really believed that her words would have the most impact on Lucky. Liz said that Jason was right. She got a phone call from GH. She thanked Jason for his advice, and then told him she was needed in OR.

While Lisa lurked in the lobby, Steve told Liz that she was needed in OR. Maxie and Spinelli returned with a smoothie for Sam. Robin and Patrick talked about how lucky they were to have Emma and how happy they were to be her parents. When Steve saw Lucky, he apologized because he had sent Liz to assist in OR without realizing that "Siobhan McKenna" was Lucky's wife.

Meanwhile, Lisa pulled her gun and walked into the lobby. She aimed for the ceiling, and then pulled the trigger. She took off her security cap and glasses. Lisa was smug when she said, "Bet you thought you had seen the last of me." Then Lisa said that she needed closure. Lucky tried to draw his weapon, but Lisa caught him.

While Lisa was distracted with Lucky, Steve triggered the alarm and a lockdown. Lisa was not pleased. She ordered Steve, Maxie, Robin, and Patrick into a conference room. Lisa told Spinelli and Lucky to get in the elevator and shut the door.

While Sam was on the phone with Jason, Nikolas stopped by her room. All three heard the shots and alarm as the hospital went into lockdown. In the OR Liz recognized Siobhan, and Matt worried that the lockdown would prevent them from obtaining more supplies, especially blood, but stopping the operation was not an option. Matt ordered that one of the two remaining bags of blood be used. Matt also directed Liz to prepare an injection.

At the scene of the fire, Mac accused Dante of covering up for Luke. Dante was relieved that Mac did not suspect Lucky. When Mac asked if Dante had seen Luke, Dante was sincere when he said he had not. Mac was on a tirade about what a menace Luke Spencer was when Lucky called to report that Lisa had taken hostages. Mac and Dante rushed to GH.

Jason was the first to arrive. He pounded on the door, but the guard ignored him. Ronnie rushed up, drew his gun and accused Jason of causing the lockdown. Mac and Dante arrived on Ronnie's heels and said Lisa had taken hostages. Jason said that he had heard shots while on the phone with Sam.

Sam and Nikolas talked. Nikolas was glad to be with Sam during the lockdown. Sam was glad it was not Spinelli. Sam said that she loved Spinelli, but he had been pressuring her about having a baby with Jason, and she wanted more time to think about it. Nikolas said that Aiden's birth had caused major problems in his relationships with Lucky and Liz, but everything good had also happened. Nikolas said that he had managed to avoid the mistakes he had made with Spencer and that he finally understood what it meant to be a father.

In the lobby, Spinelli was desperate to take action, but Lucky said that Spinelli could help most by figuring a way around the lockdown instead of looking at the ventilation system. Lucky told Mac the situation and then noticed that Spinelli was gone.

Lisa gloated as she herded Steve, Maxie, Robin, and Patrick into the conference room. Lisa said that they were all locked in together and that it was going to be a lot of fun. She told them to stay away from the door. Lisa told them to make no sudden movements or threatening gestures. Lisa said that if they disobeyed her rules, she would start shooting until they were all dead. Robin started talking, but Lisa told her to shut up. Lisa told them that they were all on trial, and she would be doing the judging.

Lisa started by making Steve stand on his feet and face charges. Lisa said that Steve was charged with raging hypocrisy and rank stupidity. She said that Steve had started out liking her, but that when Lisa had preferred another man, Steve had jumped on the "Lisa is crazy" bandwagon.

Lisa went after Maxie next. Lisa called Maxie an insufferable airhead and an incessant prevaricator. Lisa accused Maxie of badmouthing Lisa to Johnny.

When Robin tried to intercede, Lisa said that Robin's voice grated. Lisa said that she could not stand Robin's incessant whining. Lisa accused Robin of being mind-numbingly boring. Lisa said that Robin was delusional because Robin would not acknowledge that Patrick was a serial cheater and that sex between Lisa and Patrick had been mutual.

Lisa turned to Patrick and said that he was the greatest offender of all. Lisa called Patrick the scum of the earth. Lisa said that Patrick seduced women and then threw them away. Lisa said that Patrick had led her to believe that she meant something to him. Maxie interrupted Lisa's rant and told her that any woman who got involved with a married man was asking to get her heart broken. Lisa threatened to shoot Maxie if she did not stop talking. Maxie refused, and as Lisa aimed the gun at Maxie, Spinelli leaped out of an air duct but missed Lisa and fell to the floor.

Lisa pointed a gun at Spinelli and called him a moron. Gently, Spinelli begged her to put the gun down. He told her that the authorities would take her illness into consideration. Spinelli told her that he understood romantic disappointment. Spinelli said that revenge did not alleviate the pain. Lisa called Spinelli a pathetic loser.

Maxie told Lisa that she could not talk to Spinelli like that. Maxie said that Lisa was the one who was pathetic. Maxie said that Lisa was a once-gifted surgeon who had become a certified whack job. Maxie said that Lisa was just a jilted one-night stand with a gun in her hand. Lisa said that she'd had enough of Maxie. As she aimed and fired at Maxie, Spinelli jumped in front of Maxie and took the bullet.

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