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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 27, 2011 on GH
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Ethan burst into laughter while Kristina was kissing him. She started laughing also. Ethan acted as if the kiss had been unspectacular, but Kristina insisted that they try again. Alexis and Molly walked in unexpectedly. Kristina quickly told them that Ethan was helping her pick out a city for her study abroad program.

Alexis was not fooled, but was gracious to Ethan. Molly wanted to know if Ethan had been to Florence. When he said that he had not, Molly told Kristina to pick Florence because the age difference between Kristina and Ethan would not matter there. Molly asked Ethan about Venice. He said that it was a pickpocket's paradise.

Alexis changed the topic when Molly asked Ethan to teach her how to pick pockets. Later, after Ethan was gone and Molly had been sent to her room with food and a book, Alexis had a heart-to-heart talk with Kristina. Alexis said that a last-minute cancellation of the show that she and Molly had gone to see in the city had caused them to get home early. Alexis accused Kristina of luring Ethan over, knowing full well that Ethan would not have agreed if he had known that Molly and Alexis would not be there.

Alexis asked Kristina if she was so infatuated with Ethan that Kristina felt she could hurt Ethan. Alexis told Kristina that she was putting Ethan in an untenable position. Alexis said that if Kristina did not stop focusing her attention on Ethan, Alexis would side with Sonny and forbid Kristina to have any relationship at all with Ethan.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward was thrilled when Michael said he would work at ELQ if Abby also worked there. Edward asked Michael when he could start. Michael said when Jason approved. Jason said that it was not his call. Abby agreed that it was up to Michael to decide what to do. Michael said that he wanted to hear the pros and cons from Jason. Jason gave a fair assessment and then left Michael, Abby, and Edward alone after telling Michael to let Jason know what Michael decided.

Edward said that the only question was whether the risks outweighed the gains. While Edward made phone calls, Michael noticed that Abby had pulled away. He asked if she was uncomfortable. Abby said no, but as she looked at several items in a bookcase, she said that she was impressed by the history and traditions that the Quartermaines represented. Edward joined them and said he was glad that Jason had not scared Michael away. Michael said that Jason had not mentioned anything that he had not heard before. Michael said that he knew that manipulation was standard operating procedure for Edward.

Edward was bitter as he acknowledged that his behavior had driven all his loved ones away, even Jason, whom Edward called the "brightest and best." Edward cheered up when he said that he had an assistant position for Abby and would start Michael in acquisitions. Michael said he was not interested in acquisitions. When Edward asked what Michael was interested in, Michael said green technology. Edward was pleased and ready to give Michael a job at the top.

Michael said that he did not want special treatment. Edward said that he could not guarantee that. He said that Michael was family, and family had built-in special treatment. Edward said family also had its share of burdens. He said that Allen, AJ, Emily, and Justus were dead, and Jason had left years before. Edward said that everything he had built rested on Michael. Michael told Edward that he was just taking a summer job and Edward should not read too much into Michael's action. Edward said that what started small could become bigger.

Brenda shared playtime with Josslyn and Jax in his hotel suite. Carly arrived to pick up Josslyn. She looked daggers at Brenda but remained outwardly calm. Her voice remained warm and friendly as she gathered Josslyn's thing and took her out of the room to the waiting nanny. When Carly left, Jax told Brenda that he needed her help. Brenda said that she was bonding with her son, and she would fight anyone who tried to take him away, so she could understand Carly's feelings.

Carly returned without Josslyn. She told Brenda that Brenda was a pawn. She said that Jax had deliberately invited Brenda into Josslyn's orbit so that Carly would screw up and start making a scene because of Brenda's presence. When the nanny returned with Josslyn, Carly was again warm and loving as she told Josslyn to say goodbye to her dad, and to Brenda, who she would never see again.

When Brenda asked, Jax told her that it was not a setup. He said that he had not known the exact time that Carly would arrive. Brenda said that Jax was too good for Carly. Jax said that Carly had some good qualities. Jax said that Sonny was the real problem. Jax begged Brenda to testify that Sonny's work was dangerous to children. Brenda left without agreeing to testify as Jax wished.

Carly went to the penthouse to see Jason. She said that she wanted to spend time with Josslyn, but she was so angry that she had to vent. Carly told Jason about finding Brenda with Josslyn and Jax. Jason said that it was good that she was calming down because he had news about Michael. Carly said, "like hell," when Jason said that Michael was going to work for ELQ during the summer.

Jason pointed out that working for ELQ would keep Michael out of the mob. Carly said that she was afraid that Edward would take revenge and turn Michael against her. Jason said that Michael could think for himself. Jason told Carly that working for ELQ would mean that Michael was safe. Then Jason asked Carly if that was not what really mattered.

Sonny and Dante continued their conversation about Luke. Sonny said that being in a bordello was less dangerous for Lulu than finding Luke. Sonny explained that when someone like him or Luke was overwhelmed with pain, they thought they were doing their kids a favor by leaving them. Sonny said that because they had been abused as children, they felt powerless. Sonny said that they had two choices. They could become victims or they could get up off the floor and become a person that others respected.

When Dante wanted to know why power was so important, Sonny said that he could never again be that powerless little boy who had been locked in a closet. Dante said that it did not explain Luke. Sonny said it did. Sonny said that Luke had possessed everything until he hit a four-year old boy who was his son's kid. Sonny said that for Luke, that was "game over." He said that Luke had to go to someplace that defined him, and that was why he had gone to the whorehouse.

At the Florida bordello, Lulu told Javier that she was not there to cause trouble. Javier told Lulu to leave before someone took a liking to her. Lulu said that she would leave after finding Luke. When Javier tried to find out more, Lulu said that she was looking for her boyfriend, Dominic, who had worked with Luke and was missing. Javier accused her of being a liar. He asked Lulu why she was nervous. Lulu told Javier that he was creeping her out. Lupe joined them and supported Lulu's story about Dominic working for Luke.

Javier told Lulu that he might answer her questions if she proved useful. Javier told Lulu to meet him upstairs in half an hour or to leave and never return. After Javier left, Lulu asked Lupe why she had covered. Lupe said that Luke was good to her. She told Lulu that Luke was a decent guy whose mind was clouded by booze.

Lupe said that Luke had been through something awful. Lupe encouraged Lulu to leave. Lulu said she would as soon as she had a face-to-face with Luke. Lupe said that Lulu had learned all she could. Lupe said that what Javier wanted from Lulu upstairs was nothing that Lulu wanted to experience.

Abby left the Quartermaines' and went straight to Jason. Abby said that she had left the Quartermaines feeling sick. She said that Edward wanted Michael for his heir. Abby said that she had never realized the kind of family that Michael was really from. Abby said that she knew that Carly and Jax were well off, but the Quartermaines were an old family with old money.

Abby said that Michael was heir to a fortune. Abby wondered where that left her. Jason said, "With Michael, only richer." Abby said that she would be the first casualty if Michael accepted the Quartermaine mantle because she was unsuitable and expendable.

Abby speculated about whether or not she should try to persuade Michael not to take the job. Jason encouraged her to tell Michael the truth about what she was feeling. Abby worried that she could be spoiling an incredible future for Michael if she stopped him from taking the job. Jason said that he had stolen Michael from Edward when Michael was a baby. He said that it was Edward's chance to steal him back.

Jason said that Michael had a mind of his own. He said that Michael might decide that he liked being a Quartermaine. Jason said that being a Quartermaine would keep Michael safe. Jason wondered out loud if it was worth losing Michael if it kept him safe.

Michael went to see Carly at home to tell her about the job with ELQ. Carly was not happy. She told Michael that Edward was fixated on finding the next Edward. She said she would not let Edward mold Michael into his image. Michael noted that Carly did not want him to work for Johnny, or his dad and Jason either. He asked her if she wanted him to flip burgers. Carly said that she did not want Edward to control Michael. Michael said that he would not let anyone control him, including his overly concerned mother.

Jax barged in and told Carly that he did not like how they had left things earlier. Carly agreed. When Jax apologized for interrupting, Michael said that they were discussing Edward's job offer. Jax agreed with Carly that working for Edward was a bad idea. Jax offered Michal and Abby jobs working for him.

Dante went to the Florida bordello and met Lupe. He said he was new in town. He tried to get information about Luke and Lulu, but Lupe stuck to business. When Dante said he would pay, Lupe held out a hand and invited Dante to her room.

Lulu knocked on Javier's door and entered. Lulu wanted to know where to find Luke. Javier said he would tell her if she proved useful. Javier welcomed Lulu to her audition and told Lulu that he looked forward to being impressed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In a private room at the brothel, Lulu ordered Javier to tell her where Luke was, but Javier wanted Lulu to show him what she could do. Lulu clarified that she wasn't a hooker, so she refused to sleep with him. Javier was curious why Lulu had assumed that he was interested in having sex with her. He explained that he needed a cocktail waitress. Lulu wasn't interested in working for Javier, so she once again demanded to know where Luke was.

Javier explained that Luke drifted in and out of the brothel, but he conceded that he and Luke were working on a lucrative deal. Javier assured Lulu that she was welcome to wait for Luke to return, but Javier expected Lulu to make it worth his while. Lulu informed Javier that she could wait elsewhere while someone kept an eye on the place for her. Javier chuckled as he admitted that he was glad that she had friends whom she could trust. However, he threatened to warn Luke that someone had been asking questions if Lulu were to leave.

Lulu wondered why she should trust Javier not to say anything to Luke if she agreed to take the job. Javier assured her that she was welcome to leave if she didn't like his terms. Lulu was curious about the deal that Javier and Luke were working on, but Javier was through talking. Lulu realized that she had few options, so she agreed to take the job, provided that she wouldn't be expected to sleep with any of the customers. Javier made it clear that he expected Lulu to be pleasant and to accept customers stuffing bills in her "panties" with a smile on her face. Lulu had little choice but to accept Javier's terms.

Meanwhile, Lupe invited Dante upstairs to one of the rooms, but he politely declined and then explained that he simply wanted to talk. "Not another one," Lupe grumbled. However, she picked up her drink and then led him to a nearby table. Dante revealed that he had a girlfriend, whom he was committed to, so he didn't want to mess things up by sleeping with another woman. Lupe was curious why he wasn't with his girlfriend instead of trying to track down a "friend of a friend." Dante assured Lupe that he was willing to pay her for any information that she could provide, but Lupe insisted that it was too dangerous.

Dante realized that she couldn't answer his questions, even if she had the information he was looking for, so he decided to seek her advice about his girlfriend. He admitted that he had been trying to reach out to his girlfriend, but she hadn't been receptive. Lupe suggested that his girlfriend was a fool if she were cheating on Dante. Dante quickly assured Lupe that infidelity wasn't the problem. According to Dante, his girlfriend was looking for something that wasn't there. Without mentioning names, Dante told Lupe about Lulu's decision to borrow money from Nikolas to fix up the Haunted Star, and Lulu's refusal to go to Paris with him.

Lupe wondered how certain Dante was that his girlfriend wasn't cheating, so Dante explained that Lulu was searching for something that he feared would break her heart. Moments later, Lupe glanced up to see Javier standing at the bottom of the staircase. Javier called Lupe over and then gave her some instructions. A short time later, Lupe folded Lulu's clothes as Lulu studied her reflection in the mirror. Lulu feared that no one would believe that she was just a cocktail waitress in the skimpy teddy that Lupe had lent her. Lupe assured Lulu that Javier wouldn't let anyone touch Lulu because Javier wanted Lulu for himself.

As if on cue, Javier returned to the room. Javier seemed disappointed by the choice of teddy that Lulu wore, but he dismissed Lupe. Javier warned Lulu that she couldn't go out onto the floor until she smiled. Lulu plastered on a fake smile, which pleased Javier. Meanwhile, Dante was waiting for Lupe at the bar when she returned. Dante wondered if she'd had other customers like him, who had only been interested in talking.

Lupe admitted that she had a special client who showed up a few times a year to throw around some money, and talk about his grand adventures. Dante's interest was piqued because he suspected that she had been referring to Luke. Lupe revealed that her client had been in a bad place because of family problems the last time that she had seen him. According to Lupe, the man had lost all hope. Dante was curious if the man had a name, but Lupe warned Dante that she never shared that information with anyone. Dante assured her that he understood, but he was curious what kind of adventures the man had talked about. Lupe feared that she had revealed too much already, so she refused to tell Dante anything else.

Dante quickly changed the subject to ask for more relationship advice. Lupe suggested that if he had to chase after a girl who didn't appreciate what she had then he had already lost the girl. Lupe warned Dante that he couldn't take away his girlfriend's pain any more than his girlfriend could fix her family. Dante wondered what he should do, so Lupe advised him to go home. Dante was surprised because he had expected her to tell him what he had wanted to hear.

Lupe confided that every time her special client had left, she had never asked where he was going or when he would return because she didn't want to hear him make promises that he couldn't keep. She admitted that she worried about the client, but the man had to find his own way, just like Dante's girlfriend had to. According to Lupe, they all had to work through their own pain. Dante promised to keep that in mind. Lupe announced that she had another customer, so Dante left. Dante was unaware that Lulu stood at the top of the staircase, watching him.

Lucky stopped by Liz's house to let her know that he had hired an attorney to fight for custody of Aiden if Nikolas refused to acknowledge that Aiden was Lucky's son. Liz reminded Lucky that she had a paternity test to prove that Lucky was Aiden's father, but Lucky argued that Nikolas had two paternity tests, which contradicted the results of Liz's paternity test. Liz feared that there would be a big custody fight, so Lucky assured her that he would talk to Nikolas. Lucky was confident that Nikolas could be reasoned with.

Sam arrived shortly after Lucky left. Liz explained that she had called Sam because Liz wanted Jason to have a few more of Jake's things besides the toy motorcycle. Liz immediately regretted the offer when she realized that she had put Sam in an awkward position. Sam became concerned as Liz's eyes filled with tears. Sam wondered if Liz wanted her to call Robin, but Liz declined. Liz didn't want anyone to worry about her.

"The truth is, I brought this all on myself," Liz confessed. Sam was curious about the remark, so Liz confessed that she had lied about Aiden's paternity, just as she had done with Jake. Sam quickly fetched Liz something to drink and then advised Liz to take a deep breath. Sam promised Liz that Lucky and Nikolas would work things out. Liz smiled weakly as she admitted that she could see why Sam and Jason were so compatible; they were the least judgmental people that Liz knew.

Sam insisted that she and Jason had no room to judge anyone, especially Liz. Liz wondered if Sam believed her claims about Aiden being Lucky's son. Sam assured Liz that she did and then promised that Jason would too.

At Wyndemere, Lucky and Nikolas talked about the fire on Charles Street. Lucky appreciated that Nikolas had been spending time with Siobhan during her recovery. Nikolas assured Lucky that he understood that Lucky's grief had driven Lucky to set fire to the house. Eventually, Lucky broached the subject of Aiden. Lucky admitted that it hadn't been fair to Nikolas to learn that Aiden wasn't Nikolas' son. Nikolas accused Liz of lying about Aiden's paternity.

Nikolas reminded Lucky that Liz had lied about Jake's paternity years earlier, so they had no reason to believe her claims about Aiden. Nikolas refused to allow Liz's pain to cost him a son. Lucky argued that Helena could have easily changed the paternity results. Nikolas acknowledged that the first paternity test could have been altered, but not the second one. Lucky proposed that they have another paternity test done, but Nikolas refused to consider it. According to Nikolas, he didn't want to subject Aiden to any more testing.

Lucky suspected that Nikolas' refusal stemmed from knowing the truth. Nikolas refused to discuss it, so Lucky decided to leave. However, he was certain that Nikolas would do the right thing in the end. A short time later, Lucky returned to Liz's house to give her an update. Liz wasn't surprised to learn that Nikolas had accused her of lying about Aiden's paternity. She deeply regretted tearing Lucky and Nikolas apart again.

Lucky was confident that he and Nikolas would be able to get past it. Liz confessed that she wished that Emily were around to help Nikolas accept the truth. Lucky was certain that Nikolas already knew the truth because he had seen it in Nikolas' eyes.

At Carly's house, Jax offered Michael a job. Carly admitted that it would have been a perfect solution, except that she didn't trust Jax anymore. Jax assured her that he loved Michael and Morgan, but Carly was furious that Jax had arranged for her to walk in on Brenda holding Josslyn. Jax and Carly continued to argue until Michael asked them to stop. Michael turned down Jax's offer of job. However, he suggested that Jax could help him by agreeing to share custody of Josslyn with Carly.

Jax wondered if Michael really wanted Josslyn to grow up in the same world that Michael had. Michael confessed that the only thing that had truly upset him growing up had been Carly and Sonny's constant custody battles, which had been the reason behind Michael's attempts to push his parents back together. Jax insisted that he wasn't trying to take Josslyn away from Carly because Carly would be free to visit Josslyn anytime. Michael argued that Jax would, in effect, be sending the message to Josslyn that Carly was an unfit mother. Jax insisted that he was just trying to keep his daughter safe.

At the penthouse, Abby admitted that she wanted Michael to have a good life, even if it were without her. Jason reminded Abby that Michael told everyone that she was the best part of Michael's life, so he doubted that Michael had plans to end things with Abby. Abby was curious if Jason had been in love with someone when he had been Michael's age. Jason admitted that he didn't remember, which Abby believed proved her point that Michael would eventually forget about her. Jason disagreed because there had been special circumstances to prevent him from remembering that part of his life; however, he did recall when he had first fallen in love. According to Jason, the woman had changed his life.

Abby wondered why Jason wasn't still with that woman. Jason admitted that, ironically, they had broken up because of Michael. Jason was curious how much Abby knew about Michael's childhood. Abby revealed that she knew that Michael's biological father had been a "screw-up," and that Carly had fallen in love with Sonny, so Sonny had gotten Michael away from the Quartermaines and then adopted him. Abby also knew that Jason had played a big role in all of that, but she hadn't been privy to the details.

Jason explained that his brother, AJ, had been Michael's biological father, and that Carly had been involved with someone else when she had gotten pregnant with Michael. Jason told her that Tony Jones and AJ had tried to take Michael away from Carly after Michael's birth, so Carly had lied by claiming that Jason had been Michael's true biological father. Abby realized that Jason's girlfriend couldn't have been happy with the turn of events, so Jason admitted that his lie about Michael's paternity had cost him his first love. Jason explained that AJ had been messed up because the Quartermaines had put a lot of pressure on AJ, so Jason had tried to spare Michael from that kind of life. Abby was curious why Jason didn't want to stop Michael from working for ELQ if he had concerns about how they would treat Michael. Jason reminded her that Michael wasn't a child, so he was confident that Michael could handle himself and walk away if things didn't work out.

Abby sensed that Jason had regrets about taking Michael away from AJ. Jason clarified that he regretted how things had ended, which made Abby wonder if Jason were trying to make up for things by returning Michael to the family fold. Shortly after Abby left, Carly stopped by to talk to Jason about Michael. Carly was upset because she feared that Edward would turn Michael against her with a twisted version of the truth about the past. Carly wanted Jason to talk Michael out of accepting the job for ELQ, but Jason explained that he couldn't do that because Edward was Michael's great-grandfather, so it wasn't up to them. Carly was confused because Jason had always believed that the Quartermaines would poison Michael.

Jason admitted that he might have been wrong about that. Jason was curious if Carly would change anything about the past if she could go back in time. Carly warned Jason not to hold his breath if he expected her to regret lying to AJ about Michael's paternity. She insisted that the smartest choice that she had made had been to walk ten blocks, in the rain, to Jason's front door to ask for his help. Carly was afraid that Edward would make it sound as if she and Sonny had destroyed AJ, even though AJ had destroyed himself. Jason disagreed, so Carly conceded that Edward and Alan had contributed to AJ's downfall by constantly comparing AJ to Jason and then finding AJ lacking.

Carly didn't understand why Jason would want Michael around the Quartermaines after what they had done to AJ. Jason reminded her that AJ and Alan were gone, so Edward was all alone. Jason hoped that Edward had learned from the past. Carly was curious what would happen if Jason were wrong about Edward. She didn't want Michael to go down the same road that AJ had. Jason argued that Michael was his own person, so he had to make his own choices.

Carly had no idea how she would be able to stand back without doing anything even though she was terrified that Michael would end up hating her. Jason assured Carly that would never happen because Michael loved her. Carly hoped that Jason was right. Some time after Carly left, Sam arrived at the penthouse. She told Jason about her visit with Liz and Liz's confession that Aiden was Lucky's son. Sam confessed that Liz had been in a fragile state of mind, so Jason wondered what Sam had told Liz.

Sam explained that she had advised Liz to take a deep breath, and to let Lucky and Nikolas work things out for themselves. Jason admitted that it had been sound advice. Sam confessed that she had learned from experience because of the troubles that they'd had in their own relationship. Jason and Sam talked about their journey back to each other after their bitter breakup. They both agreed that they hadn't been able to write each other off because they had been meant for each other. Sam changed the subject by admitting that she wanted to ask Jason something; however, she expected Jason to give her an honest answer without editing himself.

Jason was leery about doing that because he didn't want to say something that might hurt her. Sam assured him that she wasn't a delicate flower, so she could handle the truth. She wondered what Jason's first reaction had been when she had told him about the pregnancy test right before the hospital went into lockdown. Jason confessed that his initial thought had been, "cool." Sam smiled as she admitted that it had been exactly what she had hoped to hear. Jason returned the smile as she leaned in to kiss him.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Carly revealed that Edward had once set up accounts for Michael at ELQ in her name, which meant that she still had access to the accounts. Sonny was curious why Carly would need to touch that money. Carly explained that she didn't; however, it would give her an excuse to go to ELQ. Sonny advised Carly to leave Michael alone on his first day at ELQ, but Carly thought that was a bad idea. Sonny admitted that he wanted to protect Michael from Edward too, but he feared that they might push Michael away if they interfered. Carly reminded Sonny that Edward could inflict serious damage if Edward decided to trash them.

Sonny cautioned Carly not to jump the gun because she might play right into Edward's hands. Carly argued that Edward had a lot of dirt on her, so she was afraid that Edward would try to turn Michael against them. Sonny advised Carly to have faith in Michael and to keep the lines of communication open, so that Michael would feel comfortable talking to them about whatever Edward might say. Sonny was surprised when Carly admitted that Jax had offered to help. Sonny wondered what Jax had to do with Michael taking a job at ELQ, so Carly told him about Jax's offer to hire Michael.

Sonny warned Carly that Jax would use Michael as a pawn to gain leverage over her in court during the custody hearing. Carly assured Sonny that she had turned Jax down; however, she admitted that she was concerned that Jax might win custody of Josslyn. Sonny promised Carly that it wouldn't happen. He vowed to keep an eye on Michael, and to take care of Jax. Carly reminded Sonny that she wanted Jax to remain a part of Josslyn's life because Jax was Josslyn's father, so Sonny agreed to play fair as long as Jax did.

At Greystone Manor, Jax sensed that Brenda wasn't happy to see him. Brenda admitted that she suspected that he might have set her up the previous day, when Carly had walked in on her holding Josslyn. Jax denied it, but Brenda didn't believe him. Jax shifted gears by explaining that he had stopped by to tell Brenda that she would be called as a witness in the custody hearing. Brenda warned Jax that it was a bad idea because she refused to testify against her husband. Jax argued that Sonny had nothing at stake in the custody hearing, so she wouldn't be going against Sonny.

Brenda disagreed and then informed Jax that she didn't want any part of his never-ending battle with Sonny. Jax insisted that it was about keeping his daughter safe, but Brenda argued that Carly's house wasn't as dangerous as Sonny's home. Brenda pointed out that testifying against Sonny could backfire on her because she was raising Alec with him. Brenda refused to sacrifice her marriage to help Jax. Jax denied that he expected Brenda to jeopardize her marriage, but Brenda was certain that Jax would be thrilled if she and Sonny were to split up.

Jax conceded that there had been a time that he would have welcomed the news, but his priorities had changed because he simply wanted to keep his daughter safe. Brenda explained that she loved Sonny, so she refused to go against him for Jax. Jax refused to take Brenda off of the witness list, so she warned him that she would not say anything against her husband. Jax hoped that Brenda would decide to tell the truth when she testified. Later, Brenda was on the phone when Sonny arrived home.

Sonny revealed that he needed a favor. He told her about Michael's new job at ELQ and then explained that he feared that Edward would try to undercut him to Michael. Sonny wanted Brenda to talk to Edward about Michael, to make certain that Edward didn't say anything that Sonny might object to. However, Sonny didn't want Edward to know that he was behind the visit. Brenda realized that Sonny wanted to use her friendship with Edward to spy on the elderly Quartermaine. Sonny accused Edward of being controlling.

Brenda argued that Edward was a sweet old man, who didn't have anything evil planned. Brenda was certain that Edward simply wanted to spend time with Michael. Sonny realized that Edward had Brenda wrapped around his finger, so he explained that, to him, Edward was an angry old man who was a master manipulator. Brenda suggested that it took one to know one. Sonny seemed surprised, so Brenda clarified that Sonny was the king of manipulators; however, she confessed that she thought that it was "hot."

Sonny smiled as he threatened to manipulate Brenda. Moments later, they kissed. Brenda started to pull off Sonny's jacket, but Sonny's attention was snagged by an envelope on his desk. Sonny was stunned when he discovered a subpoena for Brenda to testify at Jax's custody hearing. Brenda grumbled that she had asked Jax not to "do it." Sonny seemed shocked to realize that Brenda had known about Jax's plans.

Carly was surprised when Jax entered her living room. She reminded him that Josslyn had been scheduled to spend the night at her house, but Jax assured Carly that he wasn't there for that reason. He explained that Michael and Morgan would be called to testify at the custody hearing. Carly was outraged that Jax would put Morgan through that, but Jax insisted that Morgan knew what kind of danger Sonny and Jason exposed children to. Carly reminded Jax that Michael had hated the custody battles between her and Sonny, so she pleaded with Jax to reconsider calling Morgan to testify.

Jax argued that Michael had survived the custody battles, but he had almost died from getting shot. Carly acknowledged that Michael was an adult, so she didn't object to her eldest son testifying. However, she begged Jax not to force Morgan to choose between him and Sonny. Jax accused Carly of forcing his hand because she refused to admit that the children weren't safe around her. Jax suggested that Carly take a long hard look in the mirror if she were pissed about the circumstances. Carly warned Jax that he was pushing her too far.

At the apartment, Michael appeared uneasy as he sipped coffee, and waited for Abby. Moments later, Abby emerged from the bedroom, ready for work. Abby was impressed with Michael's suit, but she insisted that he needed to wear a tie. Michael seemed indifferent, but Abby returned to the bedroom to fetch a tie. Later, Edward welcomed Michael and Abby to ELQ. Michael showed little interest in Edward's plans to hit the ground running, but Abby was all smiles. Edward invited Michael to take a seat behind the desk, which Edward explained would be Michael's.

Michael thought the office belonged to Tracy, but Edward assured his great-grandson that it was Michael's new office. Edward promised to have the staff take care of anything that wasn't to Michael's liking, so Michael reminded Edward that he had expected to start at an entry-level position. Edward argued that Michael was a Quartermaine, so ELQ was Michael's birthright. Edward intended for Michael to run the empire within a few short years, so it was important for Michael to get up to speed quickly. Edward invited Abby to take a seat and then revealed that she would be an executive assistant because of her paralegal training. Abby was delighted to learn that she would be working for Michael and another junior executive.

Michael insisted that Abby should be fast-tracked to a top-level position, not him. Edward smiled with satisfaction when Abby urged Michael to give it his best shot. Moments later, a man knocked on the door and then poked his head inside the office to find out if Edward were ready. Edward quickly introduced Abby and Michael to Asher Caldwell, one of ELQ's rising stars. According to Edward, Asher was the ideal person to get Michael started because Edward had high hopes for both men. Asher's smile quickly faltered when Edward asked Asher to fetch them coffee.

Later, Michael was alone in his office, tossing waded up paper into a trash can, when Abby knocked on the door and then entered. Michael greeted Abby with a kiss and then assured her that she never had to knock. Abby bubbled with excitement as she told Michael about her new job. Michael was glad that it was a perfect fit for her. Abby realized that Michael wasn't enthusiastic about his new job, so she assured him that he would find something that he would enjoy working on. Edward lurked nearby, smiling as he eavesdropped on their conversation.

A short time later, Michael stopped in the hallway when he overheard Asher express concern to Abby about Michael's lack of interest in working for ELQ. Abby explained that everything was new to Michael, but she was certain that things would change when Michael became more acclimated. Asher wondered if Abby could help him find something to get Michael invested and excited about ELQ. He wondered what area Michael would be interested in working, so that "the kid" wouldn't fall asleep in the first five minutes. In the hallway, Michael seemed annoyed by Asher's remark.

Abby admitted that Michael was interested in ELQ's green technology, so she suggested Oceanic Development. Asher confessed that it was his area of expertise. He revealed that he had grown up on Martha's Vineyard, so he had considered becoming a marine biologist until Harvard Business School had sidetracked him. In the hallway, Michael's expression grew increasingly irritated as he listened to Asher.

At the nurses' station, Patrick and Steve talked about Lisa. Patrick felt responsible for Lisa being in a coma, but Steve argued that Lisa had been to blame for her own fate. Robin walked up moments later after receiving Steve's message. Steve started to explain why he had asked to see Patrick and Robin, but Liz approached the nurses' station in her street clothes. Steve thought that Liz had been scheduled to work, so Liz explained that she had put in a request for some time off, which had been approved.

Steve wondered if Liz planned to visit their sister, Sarah. Liz explained that she needed to work some things out with Lucky and then revealed that she had ordered a third paternity test on Aiden, which had confirmed her suspicions that Lucky was Aiden's father. Liz admitted that she had known the truth for a while, but she had kept quiet because she had been waiting for the right time to tell Lucky and Nikolas. Steve was stunned that she had been keeping such a life-altering secret on top of everything else. Patrick was curious how Nikolas was doing, so Liz admitted that Nikolas had been having a hard time. However, she confided that Lucky had been amazing.

Steve realized that Aiden's paternity had worked out as Liz had hoped. After Liz left, Patrick admitted that Aiden's paternity had been a lot to take in. Robin expressed concern for Nikolas, so she decided to call him. Steve thanked Patrick and Robin for being supportive friends to Liz. Robin assured Steve that Lucky would step up to make certain that the transition went smoothly. Steve agreed, but he was also worried about Nikolas.

Robin offered to cover for Steve if he wanted to check on Nikolas, but Steve declined. Steve explained that he had something important to discuss with Patrick and Robin. Steve handed them Siobhan's case file and then explained that Siobhan's blood pressure had dropped dangerously low during her recent surgery. Steve asked Patrick and Robin to determine the cause of it because he hadn't been able to explain it. After Patrick and Robin walked away, Olivia approached the nurses' station. She immediately sensed that Steve was troubled.

Steve admitted that he had been having a bad day and then revealed that he was afraid that his sister had made a huge mistake. Later, Patrick and Robin cleared Matt of any wrongdoing during Siobhan's surgery. They realized that it meant that someone else had likely caused the mistake.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas made arrangements to fly to Zurich with Spencer and Aiden. Lucky entered the room moments after Nikolas ended the call. Nikolas explained that he was headed to a business meeting, so he didn't have time to talk to Lucky. Lucky warned Nikolas that they would have to discuss the situation with Aiden eventually. Nikolas continued to insist that Liz had lied about Aiden's paternity. Lucky reminded Nikolas that he had once been in Nikolas' shoes when Jake's paternity had been revealed.

Nikolas argued that their situations were different because Lucky had been allowed to raise Jake. Nikolas wondered what Lucky would have done if Jason had decided to reclaim Jake. Nikolas couldn't understand how Lucky could trust Liz after she had lied about Jake's paternity. Lucky insisted that things were different. Nikolas admitted that he had consulted his attorneys, so he warned Lucky that Lucky didn't have a legal leg to stand on.

Lucky recalled how he had been preconditioned to distrust and hate all Cassadines when they had first met. Lucky reminded Nikolas that they had managed to forge a brotherly bond that could not be broken. Nikolas agreed and then admitted that he would always love Lucky, but he refused to give Lucky what Lucky wanted by acknowledging a lie. After Lucky left, Nikolas took flowers to the Quartermaine family crypt, to leave the bouquet at Emily's tomb. Nikolas sat down and then explained that he intended to leave Port Charles for good with Spencer and Aiden. Nikolas eyes filled with tears as he explained that he refused to put Aiden through a long custody battle like the one that he had endured as a child when Helena had fought his uncle, Stefan, for custody.

Nikolas confessed that he wished that Emily were there to guide him because she had always known what to do. Nikolas begged Emily to help him. Meanwhile, Lucky went to Liz's house to tell her about his talk with Nikolas. Liz felt responsible for the rift between Lucky and Nikolas, but Lucky assured her that it wasn't her fault. Liz wondered if they should wait for Nikolas to accept the truth. Lucky admitted that Nikolas had been in a strange mood. As he told Liz about Nikolas' behavior, it dawned on Lucky that Nikolas intended to flee with Aiden.

Liz and Lucky raced to Wyndemere, where their fears were confirmed when they discovered the castle abandoned. Lucky suggested that they return to her house to regroup. Lucky hoped that Nikolas had confided his plans to Alexis, so he promised to call Nikolas' aunt. A short time later, Liz and Lucky returned to her house and found Nikolas and Aiden waiting for them. Nikolas explained that it wouldn't have been fair to Aiden if he had left town as he had planned.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Jason demanded to know why Spinelli had left the hospital. Spinelli, firmly entrenched in his Jackal persona, replied in a gumshoe accent that he had checked himself out of the hospital to attend to some unfinished business. Jason suggested that Sam could take care of it, but Jackal argued that it wasn't Sam's area of expertise. Jason was curious what the case was about, so Jackal explained that he had to pull the file to review it. Jason realized that there wasn't a case, otherwise Jackal would have known the details. Jackal was forced to admit that he had left because he couldn't stand to see Maxie and Matt together.

Jason was stunned that Jackal would risk his life by leaving the hospital just days after the surgery over petty jealousy. Jason wondered if Jackal had considered how Maxie might feel. Jackal seemed unconcerned as he suggested that "Sugar-pants" was welcome to play nurse, but she would have to find him first. Jason didn't think it was fair for Jackal to intentionally worry Maxie. Jackal argued that it would make Maxie appreciate him more. Jackal changed the subject by asking if there might be a reason why Jason appeared to want him out of the way.

Jason had no idea what Jackal was talking about, so Jackal opened the newspaper to read a portion of an article about the recent warehouse fires and the escalating violence between the Corinthos and Zacchara organizations. Jackal advised Jason to warn Sonny to keep their crimes from crossing his path or Jackal would be hot on Sonny's heels. Shortly after Jason left, Maxie burst through the door. She was furious that Jackal had left the hospital instead of taking care of himself. Jackal offered to let Maxie take care of him and then pulled her close for a heated kiss.

Maxie pulled away and then informed Jackal that it had been wrong for him to kiss her because they weren't together. Jackal insisted that there were still embers of attraction between them, but Maxie denied it. She tried to draw out the real Spinelli by claiming that she desperately needed his help because someone had hacked into the computer system at Crimson to steal top-secret fashion designs. Maxie was disappointed when Jackal told her that computers were not his "bag," and never would be.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was furious when he realized that Jax had sent a subpoena to the house. Brenda explained that Jax was worried about Josslyn because he believed that Sonny and Jason were dangerous. Sonny was curious why, if that were true, Jax had asked Jason to be Josslyn's godfather. Brenda didn't have an answer, but she suggested that perhaps Jax was concerned because Sonny was always around Carly. Sonny reminded Brenda that he and Carly had children together, but Brenda argued that it didn't mean that Sonny had to be with Carly every single day.

Sonny's temper flared when he realized that the subpoena was for Brenda, not him. Sonny suspected that Brenda had already known that. Brenda quickly explained that she had warned Jax that she wouldn't testify against Sonny, but Sonny was certain that Jax's reasons for subpoenaing Brenda had more to do with Sonny than Josslyn. Brenda admitted that she had suggested the same thing to Jax. Sonny made it clear that he expected Brenda to testify that Carly was a good mother, but Brenda refused to lie. According to Brenda, Carly had always used her children to manipulate men.

Sonny argued that Carly wanted Jax to be a part of Josslyn's life, but Jax had made it a fight by trying to take Josslyn away from Carly. Brenda was livid that Sonny continued to defend Carly. Sonny was equally enraged that Brenda had defended Jax. Brenda reminded Sonny that she had to testify because she had been subpoenaed, so she expected Sonny to support her, not Carly. Brenda screamed at Sonny to make a choice: her or Carly. Brenda insisted that she had done the best that she could to be kind to Carly, but Brenda had to tell the truth in court.

Brenda didn't believe that Carly was a good mother. Sonny disagreed because Carly had never given up on Michael while Michael had been in a coma. Sonny insisted that Carly loved her children, so Jax didn't have the right to take Josslyn away from Carly. Brenda argued that Jax had the right to fight for Josslyn if he feared for her safety. Sonny was curious if Brenda believed that he was a danger to children. Brenda's eyes filled with tears as she replied, "No."

Sonny warned Brenda that Jax expected her to say otherwise in court. Brenda reminded Sonny that she was raising her son with him, so she trusted Sonny to honor his promise to keep Alec safe. Brenda explained that she would say that on the witness stand. Later, Sonny went to Jason's penthouse to talk to him about Jax's decision to call Brenda as a witness. Sonny was furious that Jax was determined to take Josslyn away from Carly, and to wreck Sonny's marriage in the process. According to Sonny, Jax had been planting seeds of doubt ever since Alec had arrived.

Jason argued that Sonny had taken measures to keep Brenda and Alec safe, but Sonny confessed that he feared that Brenda would eventually decide that she didn't want Alec to grow up in his world. Sonny was certain that it would please Jax if Brenda walked away. Jason fetched two beers and then handed one to Sonny as they talked about the past. Jason reminded Sonny that Brenda had resented Sonny walking away from her to keep her safe because Sonny hadn't given Brenda any say in the matter. Jason was confident that Brenda would balk at Jax's attempt to manipulate her. Sonny worried that Brenda would get on the witness stand, look at Carly, and then remember everything that Carly had pulled.

Sonny didn't blame Brenda for despising Carly, so he expected Brenda to trash Carly on the witness stand. Sonny feared that Brenda would forget to edit herself, which would lead to Brenda admitting that Sonny was a danger to Josslyn. Jason pointed out that they couldn't stop Brenda from testifying, but Sonny suggested that they could make certain that Carly kept Josslyn. Jason warned Sonny that Carly would pay the price if something were to happen to Jax. Sonny revealed that he had promised to shut Jax down if things started to tip in Jax's favor.

Later, Maxie arrived at the penthouse to inform Jason that Spinelli had left the hospital. She was stunned when Jason admitted that he knew. Maxie insisted that she couldn't lose Spinelli, so she demanded that Jason do something. Jason explained that he had tried, but Spinelli had refused to cooperate. According to Jason, Spinelli had made a cryptic remark about walking a fine line between cops and criminals. Maxie assured Jason that Spinelli would never sell him out to the police, but Jason pointed out that they weren't dealing with Spinelli.

Maxie suggested that Spinelli had adopted the persona of the Jackal because it had been the only way that Spinelli could deal with nearly dying. Jason admitted that it made sense. Maxie suggested that they find a way to keep Jackal busy until Spinelli was ready to be himself. However, she cautioned Jason that they would have to make certain that Jackal didn't get involved in something dangerous. Meanwhile, Sonny was on the phone with Bernie, demanding to know what had happened to the twenty million dollars in off-shore accounts. Sonny was livid that no one had told him about the missing money sooner.

Bernie advised Sonny to call Jason, but Sonny decided to talk to Spinelli. Moments later, Jackal answered Sonny's call. "Get your ass over here now," Sonny barked into the phone. Jackal was curious what Sonny wanted, but Sonny wasn't in the mood for games. Jackal explained that his services weren't cheap, but Sonny warned Jackal that he would be sorry if Sonny had to send someone to fetch him. After Sonny ended the call, Jackal glanced at a gun lying on the desk.

A short time later, Jackal entered Sonny's parlor. "Nice digs," Jackal remarked as he looked around. Sonny demanded to know where his money was. Jackal warned Sonny that it would cost him. "No, my friend, it's going to cost you," Sonny replied in a dangerous tone.

At Liz's house, Nikolas recalled Aiden's birth and how Aiden had nearly ended up with the name, "Buzz." Liz's eyes welled up with tears when Nikolas promised to always love Aiden. Moments later, Nikolas handed Aiden to Lucky. Liz decided to put Aiden down for a nap, so Nikolas fetched Aiden's "woobie." Liz explained to Lucky that Aiden always slept with the blanket. Nikolas took the opportunity to say goodbye to Aiden and then watched Liz carry Aiden to the bedroom.

Lucky realized that it hadn't been easy for Nikolas to give up Aiden. Nikolas warned Lucky that just because he had handed Aiden over to Lucky, it didn't mean that Nikolas believed that Aiden was Lucky's son. Nikolas reminded Lucky that Liz had lied about Jake paternity; however, he had agreed to bow out for Aiden's sake. Lucky was confused. "We all pay a price for our sins, don't we? This is mine," Nikolas explained.

Nikolas revealed that he had visited Emily's grave. According to Nikolas, even in death, Emily had set him straight. Nikolas didn't want to start another Spencer/Cassadine war by taking off with Aiden because he and Lucky had worked too hard to get past the last one. Nikolas regretted that he had raised Spencer in the same manner that he had been raised, so Nikolas had made a conscious effort to do things differently with Aiden. Nikolas decided that Spencer deserved the same opportunity. Lucky was curious what that meant. Lucky was stunned when Nikolas admitted that he intended to leave Port Charles for good.

Liz returned to the living room in time to hear Nikolas' announcement. Nikolas explained that there had been too many painful memories in Port Charles, so he intended to make a fresh start in Zurich with Spencer. Nikolas revealed that he had made arrangements for Norma to stay on as Aiden's nanny, to help Aiden through the transition. Liz insisted that she wanted Nikolas to remain a part of Aiden's life, but Nikolas explained that leaving would be for the best. Nikolas admitted that Emily's death had had a profound effect on him; he realized that nothing could ever compare to what he'd had with her. Liz was startled when she suddenly received an urgent call from the hospital.

Lucky assured Liz that he would watch Aiden. Liz wondered when Nikolas would be leaving, so Nikolas explained that his plane was waiting. She was curious when they would see Nikolas again, but Nikolas wouldn't say. Nikolas hugged Liz and then told her to take care of herself. After Liz left, Lucky warned Nikolas that he refused to say goodbye. Nikolas wondered if Lucky planned to slash the tires on the plane.

Lucky confessed that he had been thinking of cutting the fuel line, so that the plane would crash into the Atlantic. Nikolas chuckled as he admitted that it sounded very "Cassadine-esque." Lucky wanted to know the real reason that Nikolas was leaving, but Nikolas wondered why Lucky would want him to stay. Lucky insisted that Nikolas belonged in Port Charles with his family. Lucky confided that Nikolas was one of the best friends that he had ever had. Nikolas was surprised that Lucky would say that after Nikolas had betrayed his brother.

Lucky admitted that Liz would never have had an affair if their relationship had been in a good place. Lucky realized that Nikolas hadn't betrayed him on a whim; they had all been broken. Nikolas admitted that he had thought that he had been in love with Liz, but he realized, in hindsight, that he had really been searching for the dream that he had lost when Emily had died. Lucky confessed that he would miss Nikolas, so the brothers shared a long hug. Lucky called out to Nikolas as Nikolas headed to the door. Lucky admitted that he had been wondering something for fifteen years.

Lucky pointed out that Nikolas had been raised in Russia and in Greece, so he was curious why Nikolas never had an accent. Nikolas smiled, assumed a Russian accent, and then replied, "Who says I haven't been using one the whole time?" Lucky smiled sadly as Nikolas wished him "farewell," and then left.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick discussed the possible causes for Siobhan's sudden drop in blood pressure during the surgery. They agreed that human error seemed the most likely cause, so they reviewed the list of people in the operating room at the time of the incident. Robin and Patrick became concerned when they realized that Liz had been the surgical nurse. Robin pointed out that Liz had been through a lot of emotional turmoil, but Patrick argued that Liz wouldn't have agreed to be a part of the surgical team if she hadn't been ready. According to Patrick, Liz was one of the best surgical nurses that he had ever worked with.

Later, Matt approached the nurses' station. Patrick explained that they had wanted to give Matt the good news in person. Matt assumed that Robin was pregnant, so he congratulated his brother and sister-in-law. Robin and Patrick quickly clarified that they had paged him to tell him that they had cleared him of any wrongdoing during Siobhan's surgery. Matt was curious if they had figured out what had happened. Robin and Patrick admitted that they suspected that Siobhan had been administered the wrong medication, so they wondered who had given Siobhan the injections.

Matt revealed that the anesthesiologist, Dr. Hayes, had given Siobhan the first dose of medication, and then Liz had administered the rest. Seconds later, Liz arrived, so Patrick and Matt quickly excused themselves. Liz told Robin about Nikolas' decision to give up Aiden and to leave town. Robin was stunned by the news because she and Nikolas had been close friends. Liz explained that she had been saying goodbye to Nikolas when she had received the page. Robin apologized; she admitted that she wouldn't have called if it hadn't been important. Robin revealed that she and Patrick had been investigating the incident during Siobhan's surgery, so they needed to question the entire surgical team.

Later, Liz was reviewing the medical records for Siobhan's surgery when Matt walked up to the nurses' station. Matt revealed that he had been cleared of wrongdoing during the surgery and then explained that Siobhan had been given the wrong medication. Liz was surprised; she confessed that it hadn't been like Dr. Hayes to make mistakes like that. "He didn't, you did." Matt told her.

At the airport, Nikolas adjusted Spencer's backpack and then asked if Spencer were ready for their big adventure. Spencer assured his father that he was, so Nikolas hugged Spencer, told him that he loved him, and then grabbed his hand as they walked to the airplane. Nearby, Helena emerged from the shadows to watch Nikolas and Spencer leave.

Later, Lucky returned to Liz's house. He was stunned when he opened the door and saw Helena sitting on the sofa with Aiden perched on her lap. Helena admitted that she had expected much more from Luke Spencer's son, so she was deeply disappointed.

Friday, July 2, 2011

Maxie barged in on Jason and told him to convince Spinelli to stop acting like Jackal P.I. and start acting like the Spinelli of old. Jason said that he had tried. Jason said that the Spinelli they knew was out of reach. Maxie said Spinelli's condition was her fault. Jason said that it could be worse.

Jason said that Spinelli had gotten his wish because Spinelli had gotten to save the woman he loved. Maxie looked at Jason and did a double take. She said that she understood why Sam was in love with Jason. She told Jason that he was deeper than he looked. She told Jason that he was "squishy" inside. Maxie seemed impressed when she blurted out that Jason had a soul.

Maxie said that Jason should free his soul. Maxie said that Jason should ask Sam to marry him. Jason tried to change the subject, but Maxie persisted. Maxie said that Sam wanted to get married but was scared to tell Jason. Jason asked if Sam had said that to Maxie. Maxie said that Sam had not revealed anything, but Maxie's intuition and use of simple logic made Sam's feelings on the subject very clear. Jason received a phone call from Sonny, who was irate with Spinelli, and rushed out.

Sonny was incensed when Spinelli, in his Jackal P.I. persona, pulled a gun, then fumbled it. Sonny thought it was some kind of joke, but Jackal insisted that the computer geek, Spinelli, was gone for good. Sonny said that he did not care which freak Spinelli wanted to be, as long as the freak produced the missing 20 million dollars that the computer geek, Spinelli, had hidden in cyberspace. Jackal said that he was at Sonny's service as long as the service did not involve computers. Jackal said that the money was gone for good. Sonny said that he would go against his true nature and try to understand Spinelli.

Sonny spoke slowly and looked Jackal in the eyes and said, "Listen up, your name is Damian Spinelli, and you are living a fantasy." Jackal was undaunted. Jackal said that taking a bullet for the beautiful blonde had freed his true self. Sonny said that it did not matter which persona Spinelli chose to be as long as one of them got Sonny's money back. Sonny was almost ballistic by the time Jason arrived. Jason picked up Spinelli's gun and hustled him away from Sonny as Sonny yelled after them, demanding that Spinelli recover the missing 20 million.

At General Hospital, Matt told Liz that there had been an investigation of Siobhan's surgery. Liz was stunned to learn that an inventory of the drug cart used during the surgery revealed that Liz had injected Siobhan with the wrong medication and that had been the cause of the nearly fatal loss of blood pressure, which had almost killed Siobhan. Liz was very remorseful. Liz feared a medical malpractice suit or worse, the loss of her medical license. Matt said there were mitigating circumstances. Matt said that too much had been expected of Liz, too soon after Jake's death. Liz said that she could not believe that she had almost killed Lucky's wife. Liz rued her decision to return to work.

When Lucky arrived at Liz's house, he found Helena holding Aiden. Lucky ordered Helena to hand Aiden over. Helena said that Lucky did not have any of Luke's charm. Helena insisted that Aiden was a Cassadine and that Liz had faked the most recent paternity test. Lucky took Aiden from Helena and delivered Aiden safely to the nanny, who was upstairs with Cameron. The nanny had left Helena alone with Aiden because Helena had lied convincingly enough to persuade the nanny that Helena was a trusted relative.

Helena waited for Lucky. She insisted that Liz was the liar. Lucky repeatedly told Helena that he did not believe her. Helena insulted both Liz and Siobhan. Helena asked if Lucky's "immigrant wife" could see through Liz's fašade to the bitch inside. Helena said that Liz wanted Lucky back and would tell any lie to make it happen.

Lucky escorted Helena to the door. Helena told Lucky to save himself from another betrayal. Helena looked Lucky in the eyes and said that Aiden was not Lucky's son. Adamantly, Lucky said that Aiden was his son. Lucky told Helena that he knew why she had tampered with the original paternity tests.

Lucky said that Helena wanted to steal a Spencer and raise the child as a Cassadine, so that the child would grow up and could be used as an instrument of revenge 20 years in the future. Even though Lucky had hit on the truth of Helena's scheme, Helena did not admit anything, but persisted in claiming that Aiden was not Lucky's son. Lucky told Helena to leave, but she insisted on having the last word. Helena said that only time would tell the truth of Aiden's paternity. Helena said that if Aiden turned out to be charming, worldly, and urbane, that would prove that he was a Cassadine. If, on the other, hand Aiden were a boozy loser, it would prove he was a Spencer. If, Helena added, Lucky was lucky enough to have Aiden around for 20 years.

Robin and Patrick talked on the docks. They worried about how both Lucky and Liz would feel about Liz's error in the OR. Patrick felt that he bore some responsibility because he had insisted that Liz was ready to go back in OR, even though Robin had said that Liz was not ready. Robin said that she could have written a memo and taken action to keep Liz out of surgery, but Robin had not because she wanted to be a good friend and support Liz's desire to return to work. Robin said that because of the inquiry and possible loss of license, Liz was worse off than before. Patrick said that the situation illustrated the reason they should stay detached.

Dante picked the lock on Lulu's motel room. When Dante entered, Lulu thought he was an intruder and bashed him on the head. Lulu was dressed in a skimpy outfit and was ready to leave for her job at the bordello. She told Dante to go away. Dante observed that Lulu was obviously going undercover at a whorehouse to look for her father. Dante told Lulu that he loved her. Dante told Lulu that she could not control the situation.

Lulu said that if her dad had survived his childhood in a brothel, then she could serve a few drinks. Dante asked Lulu what she would do if Luke showed up and did not want to go back to Port Charles. Lulu said that Luke was her dad, and if she wanted to live the rest of her life in a brothel with her father, she could. Lulu told Dante that she did not have time for conversation because she had to leave. Lulu threw a trench coat over her revealing pink costume and left a puzzled Dante alone.

When Lulu arrived at the brothel, Lupe said that she was late. Lupe told Lulu to do herself a big favor and leave before Javier latched on to her. Javier moved in on Lulu and told her that she was late and would have to make up the time. He told her to put a smile on her face and start serving drinks. Dante arrived shortly after Lulu. He told Lupe that he wanted to spend more time with her and would pay. Javier greeted Dante and shook hands. Dante and Lupe went to a table and started talking. Lupe told Dante that Javier got nervous when strangers wanted talk instead of action.

Javier found Lulu and told her to take an order from Lupe's table and find out what Dante and Lupe were talking about. Lulu pretended not to know Dante when she asked for his drink order. In a sexy voice Dante said it depended on what Lulu was offering. Dante said that he would like to pay for Lulu's time. Javier appeared at the table and wanted to know if there was a problem. Dante said that he had a thing for blondes and would pay double for Lulu.

Jason took Jackal P.I., a.k.a. Spinelli, back to the penthouse. Sam wanted to know why Spinelli was out of the hospital. Jackal said that he was a man of action and needed to be patrolling the streets. Jackal tried to get his gun from Jason, who refused to hand it over. When Jackal left, Sam said it was worse than she thought. Jason explained about the lost money and Sonny's anger.

Jason changed the subject and asked Sam if Sam thought that Maxie was insightful. Sam declared that she loved Jason, and Jason said that he loved Sam. When Sam did not seem to understand what Jason's question meant, Jason asked if Maxie would be right if Maxie said that she knew about something that Sam wanted but was afraid to ask for. At first Sam thought that Jason meant that Sam wanted a baby, but then she blurted out, "Marriage?"

Sonny was on the phone, screaming at Bernie about the missing 20 million, when Maxie burst in. She said that she was there to plead for Spinelli. She begged for Sonny's promise not to hurt Spinelli. Sonny asked why. Maxie said that Sonny owed her for all the things she had done for him that he did not know about. When Sonny wanted specifics, Maxie said that she had helped him when he was with Kate. Sonny said Maxie's job was to help Kate.

Maxie said she could have hurt him but did not. Maxie said that the big favor she had done for Sonny was lying on the stand under oath when Maxie testified that Sonny had not been wearing a bloody shirt on the night that Claudia had been killed and Maxie had seen him at the gate with Michael.

Sonny said that he would like to hurt Spinelli, but he would not. Sonny told Maxie that if she were concerned about Spinelli's well-being, she would get Sonny's money back. Maxie said that she did not know anything about computers and could not help. Sonny said that she could help by spending time with Spinelli and talking to him until he remembered what he had done with the money. Maxie got huffy when she thought that Sonny was suggesting that Maxie sleep with Spinelli. Maxie told Sonny that she was in a committed relationship with Matt. Maxie said that she was not a hooker.

Sonny told Maxie that she had better think of something to refresh Spinelli's memory because Sonny needed that money immediately. Maxie was distracted when she noticed that Sonny's shirt collar was bunched up. Maxie moved closer to Sonny so that she could straighten it. Spinelli, a.k.a. Jackal P.I., was lurking outside. From his perspective, it looked like Sonny and Maxie were embracing.

Liz found Lucky waiting for her at home. She immediately started babbling about how sorry she was. Liz said she had made a terrible mistake in surgery and had given an injection from the green bottle instead of the blue bottle. Lucky did not understand what she was saying. Lucky calmed Liz down, and she told him that she had almost killed Siobhan. Liz said that she should not have been working.

Lucky told Liz not to worry. He said it was just a terrible mistake. Lucky said that Siobhan would be okay. Liz feared that everyone would say that she had done it on purpose because she wanted Lucky back. Lucky asked if anyone had accused her. When Liz said no, Lucky told her not to be paranoid. Lucky assured Liz that no one who knew her would ever think that Liz would deliberately hurt anyone.

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