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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 25, 2011 on GH
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Monday, July 25, 2011

At the Port Charles Police Station, Siobhan talked to Lucky. Siobhan was outraged to find out that Liz had returned to work and had suffered no consequences as a result of the near fatal accident that could have cost Siobhan her life after Liz had mistakenly given Siobhan the wrong drug while Siobhan was undergoing surgery at General Hospital. Siobhan asked if Lucky would leave her if she reinstated the malpractice lawsuit. Siobhan said she could be saving the life of another hapless patient by stopping Liz from working.

Lucky reiterated that Liz had not meant to harm Siobhan. Lucky told Siobhan about the drug case he was working on and said that Liz was helping him. Lucky said that Liz would only be working at the GH desk. Siobhan said that it would not be good for Lucky to work on a case involving prescription drugs because it would put too much temptation in Lucky's path. Lucky said he was working the program and that he would not be any good to the PCPD if he could not work on drug cases. Siobhan said that the situation was tailor made for Lucky's self-destruction. Siobhan asked Lucky not to tempt fate. Lucky sardonically thanked Siobhan for her vote of confidence.

Siobhan said that she was afraid for herself and Lucky. Siobhan worried that Lucky would slide into drugs and then turn to Liz for comfort. Siobhan said that she did not want to lose Lucky to drugs or to Liz. Lucky said that Siobhan was not listening to him. Lucky said that he did not duck out on cases. Siobhan said that she would not be a hypocrite and watch him self-destruct. Siobhan left the PCPD without giving Lucky a chance to reply.

Steve was surprised and appalled to see Liz working at GH. Steve told Liz that it was too soon for her to be back at work and that it was reckless to tempt fate. Liz said that she was only working the desk and that Lucky needed her. Liz disclosed that Lucky was conducting a police investigation at GH. Steve said that being involved with Lucky made the situation even worse for Liz.

Liz said it made her feel good to help Lucky. Steve said that Liz was using the police investigation as a way to stay connected to Lucky because Liz was harboring the fantasy that she and Lucky would reunite. Liz said that she felt useful, happy, and whole. Steve said that she was not whole and asked Liz to reconsider her decision to return to work.

At the nursing station, Patrick gave Robin flowers and invited her on a picnic. Robin said that she was chief of staff and could no longer leave the hospital on a whim. Patrick said that he admired the job Robin was doing, but reminded her that everyone needed to recharge their batteries every so often. Robin asked if Patrick thought that she was overzealous. Patrick said, "Only in the best possible way."

Patrick reminded Robin that she believed that life was about balance. Patrick said he wanted to spend time with his wife, not his boss. Robin said that Patrick was good at talking her into things. Robin was about to relent, when she noticed Matt lurking nearby and smirking. Robin quickly accused Patrick of being the designated diversion and trying to distract her so that she did not get her new policies and procedure in place. Patrick said that what she thought was not entirely true. Robin responded that she was taking Patrick off the surgery rotation.

Dante did not obey Helena's order and take off his shirt. Helena said that she required immediate compliance from her employees. Dante said if Helena's objective was to find out if he was carrying a gun, then he was guilty. Dante said that he had a strict non-fraternization policy. Helena said that Dante had clearly not talked to Luke or he would realize Helena had specialized needs, and failure to comply with Helena's orders meant instant dismissal.

Dante said that Luke had told him that Helena was lethal. Helena said that Dante's story was feeble. Helena said that Dante's girlfriend was as insipid as her mother. Helena told Dante that she knew who he was and that she had been amusing herself by toying with him. Helena told Dante that she expected Lulu to make an undignified entrance very soon. Lulu burst in immediately and called Helena "an old bat."

Helena told Lulu and Dante that they were trespassing. Lulu asked Helena if she had Luke locked up in the dungeon. Lulu said that she and Dante would leave as soon as they saw Luke. Helena asked if it had occurred to Lulu that Luke might not want to see Lulu. Helena said that she would never lock Luke in the dungeon. Helena said that Luke had been amusing before he was tied down by family life. Helena thanked God that Luke had regained his senses. Helena asked Lulu if it had occurred to her that Luke did not want to see Lulu and that Luke did not want to be found by either his children or his wife.

Lulu asked if Helena was speaking for Luke. Helena said it was time for Lulu to learn that men were no good. Helena said that the fact was that all men eventually left for something better. Helena advised Lulu to go back to Port Charles with Dante and concentrate on keeping her man home. When Lulu insisted that she trusted Dante, Helena speculated on whether or not Dante had already lied to Lulu or strayed. Helena asked Lulu if Dante had told Lulu that she was the only woman for him and that Dante had all he wanted in one compliant package. Lulu said that Dante was not like Luke.

Helena said that all men were unreliable. Helena said that time would make a liar out of either Lulu or Helena and it would not be Helena. Lulu said that she was not there for relationship advice, but to find Luke. Dante wanted to leave with Lulu, but Lulu insisted on staying. Helena relented and said that she was meeting Luke in one hour on the Cassadine docks. Helena offered to let Lulu take her place. Helena left Dante and Lulu alone but lurked in the hallway, fingering a dagger while Lulu and Dante talked.

Dante asked Lulu if she was sure that she wanted to see Luke. Lulu said that she was convinced that Luke would not reject her. Dante said that Luke might not show up and that Helena could be messing with them. Lulu reminded Dante that he had promised to support her. Lulu said that if she found her dad, all would be well. Dante wondered when Lulu would give up. He reminded her that he had a job and that they had a life back in Port Charles, which they were missing. Lulu promised that if Luke did not show, Lulu would go home with Dante.

Dante asked Lulu to take a walk with him, so they could get some fresh air and clear their heads, but Lulu did not want to leave. Lulu wanted to stay put because she could see the docks from Helena's living room. After Dante left, Helena entered the room. Helena told Lulu that staying alone with Helena meant that Lulu was either very brave or very stupid. Helena said that either way, Lulu was going to be very, very sorry.

Steve met Olivia on the docks and shared his fears about Liz's return to work. Steve told Olivia that it had been a mistake to recommend Robin as interim chief of staff. Steve worried about Liz and her involvement with Lucky's case. Steve told Olivia that if Liz made another mistake and lost her license, that would be the least of her problems.

At the Jackal P.I. office, Maxie tried to handle a phone call, but Spinelli, still in his P.I. persona, hung up the phone and kissed her. Spinelli said he had solved the case at the bakery. Spinelli said that he had seen Johnny Zacchara leave with a box of cupcakes. At his apartment, Johnny delivered the box to Anthony, who raved about how good the pastry tasted and how he had missed having the sweet treats when he was serving time at Pentonville.

Johnny wanted to know how Anthony could obsess about cupcakes at a time when he was actively tormenting Sonny and his family. Anthony told Johnny that he had several projects in the works. Anthony said that the projects would mature to fruition at a time when they would do maximum damage. Maxie pounded on the door and told Johnny that Spinelli was on his way with a gun. Maxie begged Johnny to play along and not to hurt Spinelli. Anthony tried to tempt Maxie with cupcakes, but she rebuffed him. Spinelli showed up, and Maxie hid. Spinelli burst into the room. He accused Anthony of holding incriminating cupcakes. Anthony said he was an old man enjoying the simple pleasures.

Anthony tired to string Spinelli along, but Johnny did not want to play. He called Maxie out of hiding. Johnny insisted that the cupcakes were just cupcakes. Maxie persuaded Spinelli to leave, but not before Spinelli told Johnny that he would eventually find out what contraband Johnny was smuggling in the cupcakes. Johnny also left after telling Anthony not to taunt Spinelli. Alone, Anthony eyed the cupcakes with interest.

Liz and Lucky met up. Liz said that she had been reinstated. Liz worried about Siobhan's reaction. Liz said that she understood Siobhan's frustration but she was not going to waste time placating Siobhan. Liz said that she was going to work hard at the desk and prove herself. Lucky told Liz not to get too involved.

Liz said that she had faith in Lucky and asked Lucky to have faith in her. Lucky relented. When Liz asked about the case, Lucky said he had a meeting with his former drug dealer. Lucky said that he would make a score and try to trace the drugs back to GH. When Liz did not comment, Lucky asked if Liz was going to tell Lucky to be careful. Liz said there was no need because she trusted him.

Ethan met up with Siobhan, who feared that Lucky's drug case would put him in the direct path of temptation. Siobhan told Ethan that the case gave Liz an excuse to spend more time with Lucky. Ethan admitted that the situation did not sound good for Lucky. Siobhan said that Lucky was not Luke, but she feared that Lucky was setting himself up to be felled by one of his demons, either drugs or Liz. Ethan asked if Siobhan was jealous.

Siobhan said that it was no secret that she loathed Liz, whom Siobhan categorized as a helpless conniver who gave women a bad name, but Siobhan said the reason she worried was because Lucky had told Siobhan how destructive his relationship with Liz had been. Ethan said he would try to help.

Steve went back to GH and asked Robin to remove Liz from the hospital staff. Robin said the hospital was short-staffed and needed Liz. Steve said that he hoped Robin did not regret her decision. Robin walked away, and Steve joined Patrick and Matt. Steve said that Robin had gotten carried away, and he regretted recommending her for chief of staff. Patrick told Matt and Steve to relax. Patrick said that he had the situation under control.

Ethan found Lucky on the docks and offered "pharmaceutical assistance." As Ethan continued to talk in drug code, Lucky said he was on a case. Lucky told Ethan that he was not amused. Ethan told Lucky that Lucky was on a slippery slope. Ethan said he was there to keep Lucky from sliding further. Ethan said that Lucky was not strong enough to handle a drug investigation. Lucky thanked Ethan for his vote of confidence. Ethan said that Lucky was not in the right headspace for a drug case.

Lucky said that he did not have to be because he was a cop. Ethan said that using Liz on the case was just adding pressure to her. Ethan asked if Lucky wanted to crash and burn so that Lucky would have an excuse to pop pills. Lucky said he neither needed nor wanted Ethan's help. Then Lucky asked Ethan how he knew about Lucky's investigation.

Siobhan confronted Liz at GH. Liz said that she was busy, but Siobhan told her to make time. Siobhan said that Lucky was headed for serious trouble. Siobhan said that if Liz loved Lucky, Liz would slide off her high horse and listen. Siobhan said that it was a bad time to put temptation in Lucky's path. Liz said that unlike Siobhan, she had faith in Lucky. Siobhan said that Liz would do anything, including destroying Lucky's sobriety, to get Lucky back. Siobhan said that Liz did not care about anyone except Liz. Liz accused Siobhan of marrying Lucky to get a green card.

Siobhan said that Liz had not been able to keep Lucky off drugs when Liz had been married to Lucky. Siobhan said that Liz had been so absorbed by the DNA test and thoughts of getting Lucky back that she had failed to keep an eye on Jake. Liz said that Siobhan was cruel. Siobhan told Liz that Liz wanted Lucky back as her savior and accused Liz of busily planning her next move. Liz shed tears, but Siobhan told Liz to save her phony emotions for Lucky, who was sure to be reeled in by them.

Liz was shaken and tearful after Siobhan left. As Liz started filing patient charts, she dropped several of them on the floor. As Liz bent to retrieve the files, she had a flashback to the day that Aiden's paternity results had arrived. Liz remembered being so absorbed in reading the test results that she had not noticed that her front door was open or that Jake had gone outside without supervision.

Patrick asked Robin for a patient consult, but when they got to the room, it was empty except for the lit candles and picnic layout. Patrick said he understood Robin's need to be at the hospital. Patrick said that he wanted a little alone time with his wife. Robin said that Patrick's romantic gesture would not get him back in the surgical rotation. Patrick said a little alone time was not too much to ask. Patrick embraced Robin, and they kissed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At the hospital, Epiphany walked in on Patrick and Robin as they were about to make love. "Is this how it's going to be around here now with you in charge?" Epiphany wondered. "God, I hope so," Patrick replied without missing a beat. Robin playfully slapped Patrick as Epiphany backed out of the room. Later, Patrick invited Robin to stay for the romantic picnic that he had planned. He admitted that he had arranged for someone in the cafeteria to pack the picnic basket with all of Robin's favorite hospital fare.

Robin wasn't thrilled at the prospect of eating hospital food, so Patrick suggested playing a game. He'd feed Robin a sample of each dish, while her eyes were closed, and she would guess what it was. Robin didn't seem interested, so Patrick upped the ante by proposing a wager. Robin realized that Patrick was trying to manipulate her into putting him back on the surgical rotation. Patrick accused Robin of taking all of the fun out of the game, but Robin resented Patrick expecting her to show him favoritism because they were married.

Patrick assured Robin that he had wanted to spend time with her; however, he conceded that he also wanted his respect back as the hospital's top surgeon. "One of the top surgeons," Robin quickly clarified. Patrick admitted that he loved children, but he wasn't happy that she had him "swabbing tonsils" in the children's ward. Robin insisted that sometimes he was the quarterback, and other times he was the water boy. Patrick agreed to carry the pail if she won the game, so Robin accepted the challenge, but on the condition that she would receive a boon if she guessed everything correctly. Later, Robin finished getting dressed while Patrick tried to figure out how she had won the challenge.

Robin chuckled as she assured Patrick that they would settle up later. Patrick smelled something fishy, so Robin confessed that the girl in the cafeteria had told her about Patrick's plan, and had given her a cheat-sheet of the items that had been put in the basket. Robin sobered as she explained that she loved that they challenged each other, but she was determined to fix the problems at the hospital while she was in a position to make changes. She wanted Patrick's support, so Patrick agreed to work with her. After Robin left, Epiphany appeared and then handed Patrick fresh sheets for the bed.

In Greece, Lulu was confident that Dante would return, but Helena suggested that Dante was torn between occupational curiosity and overprotectiveness towards Lulu, which Lulu clearly resented. Therefore, Helena was certain that Dante would be busy searching the castle for clues, if he didn't become distracted by one of the young maids. Lulu assured Helena that Dante wasn't like that, but Helena chuckled knowingly. Helena insisted that Lulu had a lot to learn about men. Helena then turned the conversation to Luke and Laura. Lulu immediately defended her parents by insisting that Luke and Laura had loved each other.

Helena conceded that lots of men had loved Laura, including Helena's sons, Stavros and Stefan. Helena blamed Laura for Stavros and Stefan's deaths, so Helena thought that it was high time to even the score. Lulu grabbed a candlestick to defend herself, which made Helena laugh. Helena accused Lulu of trying to be like Laura, and then informed Lulu that she could never be like the "queen of adventure." Helena suggested that Lulu wanted to be like Laura because Lulu had no idea who the real Lulu Spencer was, or what she wanted. Helena realized that she might have been wrong about Dante losing interest in Lulu; Helena suspected that Lulu might end up leaving Dante.

Lulu warned Helena that the mind games wouldn't work because Lulu and Dante loved each other. Helena chuckled and then informed Lulu that men didn't love young women like Lulu. According to Helena, men used girls like Lulu because men were base at their core. Helena explained that men gravitated towards women like Lulu because they wanted to balance their morality and be better men for it, but in reality, men were weak. Helena then held up the dagger as she asked if Lulu knew what Laura had once done with the deadly blade. Lulu insisted that she didn't want to hear, but Helena revealed that Laura had stabbed Stavros with the knife and then had pretended to be broken.

Lulu reminded Helena that Laura had been a prisoner, but Helena argued that Stavros and Stefan had been the real prisoners. Helena claimed that Stavros had been bleeding as he had carried Laura to the bedroom. Lulu didn't want to hear any more, but Helena confessed that she thought that it was fitting that the Cassadine prince had been conceived "in a trail of blood." Lulu was curious if Helena wanted Luke to experience the same loss as Helena had. Helena smiled as she revealed that she intended to make the Spencers suffer the loss of Luke.

Helena clarified that she intended to liberate Luke from his family ties. Helena was confident that Luke would be grateful, which, Helena explained, would beget more sway than control. Lulu smiled smugly when Dante suddenly entered the room. Helena accused Dante of being more predictable than she had thought. Helena invited Lulu to stay as long as she'd like because the sooner that Luke rejected Lulu, the better.

After Helena left, Dante tried to persuade Lulu to leave. Lulu was certain that she would be able to convince Luke to return to Port Charles with her, so she refused. Dante reminded Lulu that there weren't any guarantees that Luke would show, but Lulu disagreed. Dante realized that he wouldn't be able to change Lulu's mind, so he decided to collect their things from the cave. Shortly after Dante left, Nikolas entered the room.

At the lake house, Alexis was working by candlelight on the front porch when Molly walked up to show her a piece of paper that she had discovered in a book of poetry. Molly revealed that she and Kristina had been looking for poems for Sam's wedding ceremony. Alexis thought that it was a bit premature, but Molly was more curious about the strange writing on the paper. Alexis glanced at it and then revealed that it had been written in Slavic. Molly was curious if Alexis could translate it, so Alexis told her that it meant that something bad was in the air. Just then, a gust of wind blew out one of the candles.

Molly worried that something terrible would happen, but Alexis explained that the note had been written by Olga, a cook in Greece, who would tease Alexis and Stefan, when they were young children, after they had been caught doing something bad. According to Alexis, Olga would say things like "my thumb was itching; now here's trouble scratching." Molly's face lit up as she realized that it was similar to a famous line in Shakespeare's Macbeth. "By the pricking of my thumbs," Molly began, "something wicked this way comes," Alexis finished. Alexis and Molly looked up at the dark skies for a long moment.

Alexis quickly assured Molly that they had just been silly words, so there was nothing to worry about. Molly argued that even mythology was based on fact. Alexis explained that Olga had been a superstitious woman who had tried to get two unruly children to behave. Alexis confessed that she was surprised that Stefan had kept Olga's note, and taken the poetry books to Wyndemere. Alexis changed the subject by announcing that it was time for Molly to go to bed. After Molly entered the house, Alexis resumed working as she absentmindedly scratched her thumb.

Moments later, a gust of wind blew Olga's note onto the ground, so Alexis picked it up. Lightning flashed as Alexis slid the note between the pages of a book. Alexis looked up with an uneasy expression.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny was on the phone, ordering one of his minions to keep tabs on the Corinthos-Morgan coffee warehouse. Johnny also wanted to know what his father was up to, so he insisted that someone shadow Anthony. Johnny ended the call just as Kristina knocked on the door. Kristina explained that she needed a favor. A short time later, Ethan arrived to warn Johnny to leave Lucky alone if the Zaccharas were mixed up with the drug ring at the hospital. Ethan was startled when Kristina suddenly entered the room.

"What the hell?" Ethan asked Johnny. Ethan turned to Kristina to demand if she were trying to pay him back for pretending to be involved with Abby. Johnny revealed that Kristina had asked him to fire Ethan. Ethan decided to take Kristina home, so he escorted her out of the apartment. Johnny stopped Ethan in the doorway, while Kristina went to wait for Ethan in the elevator.

Johnny conceded that Kristina was young, but at least she had copped to liking Ethan, which was more than Ethan had done. Johnny knew that Ethan was trying to hide how he really felt about Kristina, so he warned Ethan that Ethan had a problem on his hands. Ethan promised to deal with it, but Johnny informed Ethan that he was fired and then closed the door. Ethan entered the elevator and then sat down next to Kristina, who smiled knowingly at Ethan. Ethan appreciated Kristina's concern, but he warned her that she shouldn't have gone to Johnny. Kristina accused Ethan of trying to pretend that he didn't care about anyone, but his attempts to protect those around him belied that.

Kristina vowed that she wasn't going anywhere, despite Ethan's attempts to push her away. Ethan disagreed; he intended to take her home. Ethan helped her up, but then grew concerned when he noticed that she seemed dizzy. Kristina appeared to recover quickly as she assured him that it had only been a "head-rush," but her smile quickly disappeared when he turned his back on her.

At the hospital, Liz's eyes welled up with tears as she had a flashback of the last moments of Jake's life. Siobhan lurked in the hallway, watching as Liz fled to the supply closet. Siobhan followed Liz and then snidely suggested that Liz learn to be more careful, or the wrong person might follow her. Siobhan then revealed that she had spoken to Ethan about Lucky's new case and that Ethan had agreed that it would be a mistake for Lucky to investigate the drug ring. Liz insisted that she believed Lucky's assurances that he could handle it. Siobhan claimed that it was no different than Liz believing that she could be a nurse.

According to Siobhan, it was the height of irresponsibility. Siobhan wondered if Liz wanted to kill someone else. "Wasn't Jake enough?" Siobhan asked. Liz was stunned by the cruel question. She informed Siobhan that the memory of what had happened to Jake tortured her every single day, so she didn't need Siobhan to stick her "feet over the flames." Siobhan coldly told Liz to get professional help.

Siobhan questioned if perhaps Liz wanted to unravel in the hopes that Lucky would ride to the rescue. Liz was at a loss for words, so Siobhan suggested that Liz might want to sink so far down that no one could help her. Liz wondered why she would want to do that. Siobhan accused Liz of believing that, if she couldn't have Lucky's heart while she was alive, then she'd settle for haunting his heart in death.

Later, Siobhan arrived at the piers. She winced with pain and then rubbed her forehead just as Lucky arrived. Lucky insisted that Siobhan shouldn't be there, but Siobhan explained that she needed to talk to him about Liz. Lucky demanded to know if Siobhan had talked to Ethan, so Siobhan readily admitted that she had. Lucky suggested that Siobhan make up her mind about whose recovery she wanted to derail more: his or Liz's. Siobhan was hurt, but Lucky refused to apologize.

Lucky explained that Siobhan had been trashing Liz at every turn, and then she had decided to undermine his investigation. Siobhan couldn't believe that Lucky saw things that way, but Lucky argued that anyone would. Lucky accused Siobhan of being jealous because she didn't like Liz, and suspected Siobhan feared that the investigation would throw them together. Siobhan argued that she had every right to be wary of Liz's involvement because Liz was "an unstable, clingy, manipulative ex." Lucky insisted that Siobhan's remark had proved his point.

Siobhan conceded that she could only imagine how devastating it had been for Lucky and Liz to lose their child, but she insisted that there were other ways to deal with the grief than to fall into "a familiar destructive orbit" with each other. Lucky argued that it wasn't like that, but Siobhan warned him that she wasn't alone in her opinion, which was why she had gone to Ethan. Siobhan explained that she wouldn't have had to do that if she had been able to reason with Liz. Siobhan revealed that she had gotten into it with Liz when Liz had supported Lucky's decision to pursue the investigation. Lucky explained that Liz believed in him, but Siobhan claimed that Liz was merely enabling him, and he her. Siobhan was certain that things would end badly if Lucky didn't drop the investigation.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam and Jason leaned over the balcony in an attempt to see if they could spot the lost engagement ring. Sam admitted that she would have loved to have seen Jason's expression when the ring had sailed off of Maxie's finger. Jason was confident that Maxie would find it, but he promised to get Sam a new ring if the missing engagement ring wasn't found. Sam confessed that she liked the "ring" that Jason had given her because it was unconventional like him. Jason and Sam shared a tender kiss before a knock on the door interrupted them. It was Monica.

Monica informed Jason that they needed to have a long overdue conversation, so Sam excused herself. Monica explained that she had been away attending every medical convention on the planet to avoid being at home with empty chairs around the dinning room table in a place that she used to call home. Monica then revealed that she had recently learned that there had been another empty chair that her grandson would have sat in -- a grandson that she hadn't known about, and would never get to know. Monica's eyes filled with tears as she demanded to know how Jason could have let that happen. Jason confessed that no one was supposed to have known about Jake, but Monica argued that a lot of people had known.

Monica admitted that she was grateful that Tracy had spared Edward the cruelty of knowing about Jake. Jason insisted that Tracy shouldn't have said anything. Monica assured Jason that she wasn't there for retribution; she just wanted answers. Monica recalled when Jason had been four years old, like Jake. According to Monica, Alan had been able to make Jason laugh, but Jason had been shy around her. However, once Jason had started to talk, he had opened up, and there had been no stopping him.

Monica quietly confessed that she had lost that little boy and then, later, she had lost the young man that he had grown up to become when AJ's car had crashed into the tree. Jason looked crushed, but Monica assured him that she wasn't trying to be cruel. She just wanted Jason to understand what that loss had meant to her and Alan. "I know," Jason told her. He explained that he had thought that he was doing what was best for everyone, but Monica wondered what gave Jason the right to make those kinds of choices. Monica suggested that if he had wanted to make life or death decisions then he should have become the doctor that he had set out to be, not whatever he had become.

Monica suggested that if he had become a doctor then perhaps they wouldn't be mourning the death of a little boy. Monica turned away as fresh tears filled her eyes. Jason started to reach for his mother, but dropped his hand at the last minute. Jason followed Monica to the sofa and then sat down when she handed him a photograph. The picture was of Jason at the same age as Jake had been when Jake had died. Jason wondered what the yellow thing was in the foreground of the picture.

Monica smiled wistfully as she explained that it had been his first bike. She revealed that he had spent every waking moment trying to take one of the three wheels off. Monica realized that he had carried that part of himself into his new life after the accident. Jason explained that he had believed that Jake would have been safer with Liz and Lucky. Monica wondered how he justified keeping Michael from her and Alan, so Jason reminded her that he had returned Michael to the family fold. Monica agreed, but she feared that it might not last because so much had already been lost.

Monica confessed that she was done talking for the moment, but she invited Jason to seek her out if he needed to talk. She promised him that he was a good listener. After Monica left, Sam returned to the living room. She glanced at the picture and then started talking about her brother, Danny's, Big Wheel and how Danny had ridden it in the basement because his mother hadn't allowed him to ride it outside or in the house. Sam then admitted that she had heard Jason's conversation with Monica, so she was curious if he were okay. Jason didn't have a chance to reply because someone knocked on the door; it was Liz.

Liz cried as she threw herself into Jason's arms as soon as he opened the door. Jason comforted Liz for a moment and then led her to the living room. Sam offered to get Liz something to drink, so she went to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. Liz apologized to Jason, and then confessed that she didn't know where else to go. Liz explained that she couldn't shake the guilt over losing Jake. Jason insisted that the accident hadn't been her fault, but Liz revealed that she couldn't believe that when people made her feel like it had been.

Jason was curious who had blamed Liz for Jake's death, so Liz told him about Siobhan's accusation that she was an "irresponsible mother, nurse, and human being" who was happily marching around using the death of their son to lure Lucky into some kind of "love-trap." Jason insisted that it was ridiculous, but Liz acknowledged that she tended to do crazy things when she felt alone and lost. Sam returned with a glass of water and then handed it to Liz. Liz was startled when she noticed the unusual ring on Sam's finger, so Sam told Liz about the engagement. Liz seemed startled, but recovered quickly, congratulated them, and then apologized for intruding. Liz insisted that she had to stop leaning on "all my kids' fathers."

Liz was horrified at how terrible that sounded, but Sam refused to let Liz put herself down. Sam advised Liz not to let other people define who Liz was. Sam reminded Liz that they had all done things that they wished that they could undo. Sam insisted that Liz was not responsible for Jake's death, and that she understood that Liz had turned to Jason for support and understanding. After Sam left the room, Liz confessed that Sam's words had helped. Jason assured Liz that everything that Sam had said was true.

Jason was happy that Sam had been the one to tell Liz those things because he knew that Liz had expected him to take Liz's side. Liz clarified that she would have wanted Jason to tell her the truth if she had been wrong. Jason assured her that she wasn't. Liz asked Jason to thank Sam and then started to leave. Jason invited Liz to stay, but Liz insisted that she needed to leave. She confessed that she kept telling herself that she wouldn't turn to him, yet there she was.

Jason explained that they had a connection. "It's just the way it is," he added. Liz smiled sadly as she told him that Jake had been so much more than that. Liz congratulated Jason again and then left. Jason picked up the picture that Monica had given to him just as Sam returned to the room. Sam started to apologize for telling Liz about the engagement, but Jason passed along Liz's message.

Sam argued that Liz had been there to see him. Jason clarified that Liz had been searching for herself; he was confident that she would find the person that she had once been. However, he admitted that not all of them could be that lucky. Later, Sam noticed that a storm was moving in, but she suggested that they take the bike out for a ride. Jason put his arm around her shoulder and then led her out of the penthouse.

On the rooftop of the hospital, Liz watched as lightning flashed across the sky. Siobhan appeared moments later. Liz explained that she had heard enough from Siobhan for the day, so she wondered what it would take for Siobhan to go away. Siobhan looked over the ledge and then suggested that no one would believe it was an accident if one of them went over.

On the piers, Lucky made contact with a drug dealer, who gave Lucky a bottle of Hydrocodone, which had been Lucky's drug of choice.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

At Carly's house, Carly read Josslyn a bedtime story, but she conceded that it wasn't as entertaining as Jax's stories because he had voices for all of the characters. Carly promised that Jax was thinking of Josslyn. Moments later, Shawn knocked on the door. Carly was delighted to see him, so she invited him in and then set Josslyn down in the playpen. Carly told Shawn about Jax's arrest and the judge's decision to grant Carly full custody. Shawn was curious if Jax had received any visitation, so Carly revealed that Jax would have to pass a drug test before he could see Josslyn.

Shawn realized that Sonny had been responsible for the turn of events, so Carly quickly clarified that she hadn't wanted things to play out as they had. She explained that Jax had decided to leave town for a while, so to that Josslyn wouldn't be subjected to the hostility that Jax felt towards Carly. Shawn admitted that Carly always tried to see the best of the men in her life, so she reminded Shawn that she had been right about him. Shawn confessed that he didn't have a high opinion of Jax, but he acknowledged that Jax loved Josslyn. Carly told Shawn about being given up for adoption and growing up with feelings of abandonment. Carly had always promised herself that she would make certain that her children knew that they were loved, and that she would fight to keep them.

Shawn reminded Carly that Josslyn was there, and healthy. As if on cue, Josslyn stirred in her playpen, so Carly decided to put Josslyn to bed. Shawn offered to leave, but Carly insisted that he stay. Carly returned a short time later. She smiled when she saw Shawn holding Morgan's old stuffed dog, whom she revealed was named Rufus. Shawn was reminded of a real dog that he had grown attached to during a tour of duty in a war-torn country.

Carly confessed that it sounded as if Shawn had needed the dog as much as Morgan had needed Rufus. Shawn admitted that he hadn't realized how true that was until he had found the dog covered in blood while on patrol one day. Carly was horrified when Shawn revealed that the dog's ears had been "nicked off" by the locals. According to Shawn, the locals had resented the military presence in their town, so they had decided to go after something that the soldiers had cared about. Carly couldn't imagine what it had been like for Shawn to be in a war. Shawn confessed that it wasn't like it was in the movies. Carly was curious if therapy helped.

Shawn assured her that it did, but not all of the time because they all had their crosses to bear. Shawn then changed the subject to tell her that he had taken a job in Washington, DC. Shawn advised Carly to keep her guard up because he didn't think that Jax would simply accept the judge's decision. Carly walked Shawn to the door. Shawn looked up at the night sky and then remarked that it appeared that a bad storm was moving in.

In Paris, Jax spoke to Brenda on the phone. Jax explained that he wouldn't be able to visit Brenda and Alec in Rome for a while because he had to do some "damage control." Jax then confessed that it bothered him that Josslyn was tucked in her crib, thinking that everything was right with her world when it wasn't. After Jax ended the call he picked up a picture of himself, Carly, and Josslyn during happier times. Jax gripped the photograph so tightly that the glass shattered. His tears quickly gave way to rage as he looked up.

Moments later, Jax called to order that his jet be readied. Afterwards, he picked up his things, including the picture, and then left the room. A torn piece of the family picture, with Carly's image, had been discarded on the floor.

Steve went to Olivia's apartment and then presented her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers when she opened the door. Steve revealed that his grandfather had once advised him never to show up for a date empty-handed. Olivia smiled as she took the flowers from Steve and then invited him inside. Olivia was eager to hear more about Steve's grandfather, so Steve told her that he had turned to his namesake for advice when he'd had his first crush on a girl at the age of thirteen. Olivia was surprised that Steve would turn to his grandfather for advice about girls, so Steve explained that Steve Hardy had managed to snatch up the most beautiful nurse at the hospital, whom he remained married to for over thirty years. Olivia wondered how everything had worked out between Steve and the young girl that he had liked.

Steve smiled as he confessed that they had gone to the dance and then afterwards he had kissed her. Olivia chuckled and then thanked him for the flowers. Olivia assured Steve that they were beautiful. "So are you," Steve replied. Olivia laughed because she could understand why Audrey had fallen for Steve Hardy, whom Olivia was certain had been a "smooth operator."

Steve and Olivia started to kiss, but a strange noise from the air conditioning unit made Steve look up. Olivia wondered if his grandfather had given him tips on fixing an air conditioner. Later, Steve admitted that Olivia was full of surprises because she had been able to work on the air conditioner. Olivia explained that she was familiar with air compressors because her brothers were mechanics. Steve and Olivia put the air conditioner unit back together and then settled on the sofa. Steve admitted that women really could do anything, so men were obsolete.

Olivia confessed that she still needed a man to kill bugs because she hated insects. The conversation then turned to Steve's job. Steve admitted that he thought that Robin was in over her head. Olivia hinted that Steve might have a chauvinistic view of things, but he thought she knew him better than that. Olivia confessed that she only knew what he had told her, which hadn't been much. Olivia then wondered what he liked most about his job.

Steve admitted that the unexpectedness of working in the emergency room appealed to him. He then revealed that he had once worked in a trauma center at a Memphis hospital. Olivia was curious why he had left, but Steve deftly avoided answering her question by offering to close the windows when the air conditioner kicked in. Later, Steve and Olivia made love.

In Greece, Lulu was surprised to see Nikolas. She was curious how he had known that she was there, so Nikolas explained that he was there to see Helena. Helena descended the stairs in time to hear her grandson's remark. Helena warmly greeted Nikolas, but he advised Helena to save the civilities because he intended to. Helena ignored Nikolas' comment as she asked if Spencer and Aiden were with him. Nikolas revealed that Spencer was in a safe place and that Aiden's parents had Aiden.

Helena feigned disappointment as she confessed that she had hoped that he hadn't given credence to Liz's "eleventh hour" claim. According to Helena, Liz wore desperation like some women wore perfume. Nikolas ignored the insult as he confessed that he wouldn't put it past Helena to manipulate a DNA test. "Or two," Lulu chimed in. Helena was curious why Lulu wasn't off having her own family illusions shattered. Lulu was confident that Luke wouldn't push his daughter away, so Helena suggested that Luke might not even show up.

Helena then resumed talking about Aiden, but Nikolas warned Helena that Aiden wasn't any of her concern, so she should leave the child alone. Helena was pleased to see that the "dark brooding prince" had returned home. Nikolas quickly clarified that the castle in Greece had never been his home, but Helena disagreed. Helena revealed that she had recently told Lulu the story about Nikolas' conception. Lulu accused Stavros of forcing Laura to sleep with him, but Helena reminded Lulu of the adage about people in glass houses. Lulu argued that Luke and Laura had loved each other, but Helena insisted that they had grown to love each other.

Helena reminded Lulu that Luke and Laura's first night together hadn't been a fairytale. Helena claimed that at least Stavros had the decency to consummate the affair in a bed. "Luke opted for the floor of a campus disco," Helena snidely added. Nikolas argued that there hadn't been anything decent about Stavros because he had been a monster. According to Nikolas, the Cassadine family tree was full of them, each one uglier than the one before. Helena was curious why, if Nikolas felt that way, he was in Greece.

Nikolas accused Helena of trying to use him as a pawn, since the day he had been born, in her endless war with Luke. Helena denied it, so Nikolas revised his opinion. He suggested that he had been a Trojan horse, raised to hate the Spencers, and then offered up as a savior when Lulu had needed a donor. To Nikolas, it was proof of just how patient and opportunistic his grandmother was. Helena argued that Lulu had led a full life thanks to her efforts. Lulu wondered if Helena expected gratitude from her.

Helena admitted that she didn't expect much from Lulu, and neither did Luke. Helena claimed that Luke had dedicated his efforts to Lucky, which had been a huge disappointment. Nikolas warned his grandmother that he wouldn't tolerate Helena pitting the people he loved against each other, but Helena insisted that she had merely been stating a fact; it was clear that Luke favored Lucky over Lulu. Helena attributed it to men wanting an heir to carry on their bloodline, and then pointed to the Cassadines as an example. Helena claimed that Stavros had been the chosen one, and that Stefan had been a disappointment. Nikolas insisted that it was because Helena had pitted her sons against each other, just as she had tried with Nikolas and Lucky.

Helena didn't think that there was anything wrong with competition because it stimulated everyone. Nikolas argued that Helena had dropped him in the middle of the Spencers to keep the Cassadine war going, so he warned her that he wanted nothing to do with the "ignorant feud" or the Cassadines. Helena reminded him that he was a Cassadine and that he had been made in the image of Mikkos and Stavros, so their blood ran through his veins. Helena urged him to embrace it. "Careful what you wish for," Nikolas warned.

Nikolas claimed that the castle had always felt like a prison to him. He had realized that Stavros had been determined to keep Laura there because she had been a breath of fresh air in the dank and suffocating environment of the ancestral home. Helena accused Laura of being an "insipid woman" who had ruined far too many men. According to Helena, Stavros had been the first. Helena also insisted that Luke had been saddled with a life in suburbia and then stripped of everything that was interesting, so she was happy that he had finally broken free. Lulu believed that Helena was delighted because she wanted Luke to self-destruct.

Nikolas suggested that Helena and Luke had a "sick duet" going on with each other for decades, with no thought to who was hurt by it. Helena denied that she would ever hurt Nikolas, but he disagreed because of what she had done with Aiden's paternity tests. He demanded to know if she had planned to have him raise a Spencer as an ultimate act of revenge. Helena revealed that Nikolas was the very image of Stavros, but Stefan's influence shined through. Helena warned Nikolas that Stefan's weakness had ultimately destroyed him, so she warned Nikolas not to let it happen to him.

After Helena left, Lulu admitted that Lucky had told her that Nikolas had left Port Charles for good. Nikolas apologized for not saying goodbye to Lulu, but he explained that he had needed to leave. She realized that he was hurt, but she warned him that running away didn't solve anything. Nikolas explained that he had to do the right thing for Aiden's sake because he needed to be a better father to Aiden than he had been to Spencer. Lulu was stunned to realize that Nikolas believed that he was Aiden's father. Nikolas confessed that he didn't know what the truth was, but it was possible that he was Aiden's father.

Lulu urged him to take another DNA test, but Nikolas explained that it was necessary for Lucky to believe that Aiden was his son. Nikolas refused to be the reason that Lucky lost another child.

On the hospital rooftop, Siobhan suggested that people dealt with grief in different ways. Siobhan explained that some kept their grief private, while others, like Liz, displayed it for all to see. Siobhan wondered if Liz intended to use her grief to lure Lucky into her arms, and bed. Liz denied it, but Siobhan accused Liz of trying to steal Lucky from her by using every "dirty trick in the book" including the memory of Lucky's son. Liz reminded Siobhan that Jake had been her son, too, and that she missed Jake every "aching second." Siobhan didn't doubt it because Jake had been a beautiful child who had been happy, but unaware that his mother was a "lying slut" who had been "hell-bent on eliminating the competition."

Siobhan moved in close and then pushed Liz. Liz found herself with her back to the edge of the roof, so she shoved Siobhan's hands away. Siobhan demanded to know if Liz had been relieved or giddy when she had realized that she had put the wrong medication in Siobhan's I.V. Liz insisted that it had been an accident and that she would never have risked being separated from her children by killing Siobhan. Siobhan insisted that Liz hadn't planned on being caught, but Liz argued that Lucky would have investigated it.

Siobhan wondered if it were a good idea for Liz to be standing so close to the edge of the roof, but Liz warned Siobhan that no one would believe that it had been an accident if Liz were to fall. Siobhan was curious if Liz truly cared about Lucky. Liz reminded Siobhan of the children, so Siobhan pointed out that Liz had three children by three different men, but Lucky was raising them as his own, which proved that he was a caring person. Siobhan accused Liz of turning a blind eye to Lucky heading down a dangerous path, but Liz insisted that Lucky knew what he was doing. Siobhan argued that Lucky was a recovering addict. Liz's temper flared as she reminded Siobhan that Siobhan hadn't been around when Lucky had battled his addiction, so she resented Siobhan lecturing her.

Liz pointed out that Siobhan had no idea what it was like to arrive home to a ransacked apartment only to realize that Lucky had torn it apart, looking for something to pawn for drugs. Siobhan didn't understand why, knowing that, Liz couldn't appreciate that Lucky would be tempted by drugs if he worked the investigation. Liz suggested that Siobhan's lack of faith in Lucky spoke volumes about Siobhan and Lucky's relationship. Liz reminded Siobhan that Lucky liked to save people, so perhaps Siobhan had been Lucky's "newest cause." Siobhan burst out laughing and then accused Liz of cornering the market on being a damsel in distress. Liz conceded that she had depended on Lucky for a long time, but she insisted that she had been standing on her own feet recently.

Siobhan disagreed, since she had found Liz sobbing in the supply closet. Siobhan advised Liz to pull herself together, or they would both lose Lucky for good. After Siobhan left, Liz returned to the nurses' station. A short time later, Monica approached looking for Steve. Liz revealed that Steve had left for the day, but she offered to page him. Monica explained that she had wanted to apologize because she had always prided herself on being a professional, but there had been times when she had gotten too close to a patient for comfort.

Liz knew what that was like. Liz revealed that she hadn't been able to set foot in the pediatrics wing since Jake's death four months before. Liz was stunned when Monica confessed that she wished that she had known her grandson. Monica confirmed that she knew that Jake had been Jason's son. Liz started to speak, but Monica cut her off.

Monica reminded Liz that Monica had lost Alan, Emily, and AJ, which meant that Jason was her only surviving child. Monica was curious if Liz would have wanted to know if she'd had another grandchild. Liz's eyes welled up with tears as she confessed that she didn't know what to say. "Don't, just listen," Monica told her. Monica admitted that she wished that she had known Jake. Liz explained that they had thought that Jake would have been better off raised by Lucky.

Monica explained that Jason didn't understand the importance of family, but Liz did. Liz insisted that it hadn't been her place to tell Monica about Jake, but Monica disagreed. Liz assured Monica that Jake had been a happy child, but Monica didn't find any comfort in that. According to Monica, she would only get to know her grandson through other people's memories. Monica didn't want Jake's death to break Liz, but she warned Liz not to let fear and selfishness destroy Cameron and Aiden's lives. After Monica walked away, Liz spotted a pamphlet on narcotic addiction, so she picked it up.

Lucky entered his apartment and then looked at the bottle of pills that the drug dealer had given him. Lucky quickly slipped them into his pocket when he heard Siobhan enter the apartment. Siobhan admitted that she was glad that he was home, so Lucky sarcastically wondered if she had been afraid that he had been out getting high. Siobhan apologized if he thought that she had been overstepping her bounds by talking to Ethan, but she insisted that she had a right to be concerned about Lucky because she was his wife. Lucky reminded Siobhan that he was a cop, so if he had to meet up with a drug dealer to get information about an investigation then he would.

Siobhan argued that Lucky wasn't obligated to take on the case. "Maybe I wanted to," Lucky shot back. Siobhan suspected that Lucky wanted to prove that he was better than Luke, but Lucky argued that Luke and Liz had nothing to do with his case. Siobhan wondered if Lucky truly believed that he could be around pills without being tempted. Lucky resented everyone treating him like he was a junkie; he insisted that he was clean and that he planned to stay that way. After Lucky stormed out of the apartment, Siobhan winced with pain as she rubbed her head.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

At Pozzulo's, Michael searched Sonny's desk for a clue as to Sonny's whereabouts. He didn't find anything noteworthy, so he checked the answering machine. The answering machine had a message alerting Sonny that the jet had been readied. Michael sat down in Sonny's chair just moments before Abby entered the office. "Don't you look right at home," Abby observed.

Michael explained that he had been trying to find something that would help him to figure out where Sonny had gone. He admitted that he was worried about Sonny, so Abby suggested that perhaps Sonny simply needed some time alone. Michael reminded Abby that she didn't know Sonny, but Abby argued that it wasn't Michael's responsibility to go after Sonny. She insisted that it was Jason's job. Michael realized that Abby was concerned that he might use the search as an excuse to get back into the mob.

Abby confessed that Michael's casual attitude about being in the mob scared her. Michael knew that Abby hated the idea of him working for the mob, but Abby quickly clarified that it was Michael's choice to make. Michael wondered if she were truly happy working at ELQ. Abby admitted that she enjoyed it because it allowed her to put her degree to use. Frustrated, Michael asked her what she wanted him to do. "Have fun," Abby replied.

Abby was curious when Michael had last been truly happy. Michael revealed that he and Kristina had run away to Mexico, where he had worked on the beach. He admitted that after work, he and Kristina would spend time on the beach, laughing and enjoying the water. According to Michael, he had felt free. Abby told him that he didn't have to leave Port Charles to be free, so she went to the radio and then turned it on. Abby started to dance and then invited Michael to join her, but Michael was uncomfortable, so he declined.

Michael tried to walk away, but Abby reached out for him. Michael's temper flared, so he grabbed her wrist and then reminded her that he had told her no. Michael immediately dropped his hand and then apologized for the outburst. He admitted that he enjoyed watching Abby dance because it was clear that she enjoyed it, but it was not his thing. Abby quickly forgave Michael, so they hugged. Abby was unaware that Michael looked into Sonny's office with a somber expression.

In the sewer system, Jackal didn't understand the big deal about the missing engagement ring, since Jason could easily afford to buy a replacement. Maxie explained that it was a "shocking and unexpected" display of Jason's good taste, and a symbol of Jason's love for Sam, so she was determined to find it. Jackal admitted that he hadn't figured Jason to be the type to settle down. Maxie suggested that people changed when they met the right person. Jackal scoffed at the idea of love, and then argued that Spinelli hadn't loved Maxie because she wasn't wearing a ring. Maxie assured Jackal that he had once loved her, but Jackal insisted that he'd had a lot of "dames."

Maxie argued that she had been his "first and only." Maxie insisted that just because they hadn't made it down the aisle, didn't mean that they hadn't loved each other. Jackal wondered, if that were true, why she was with Matt. Maxie ignored the question as she told Jackal about their first kiss when Spinelli had been on a stakeout. Maxie confessed that Spinelli had gotten mad at her because she had forgotten the forty-six rules of private investigation. "Forty-nine," he corrected her in a quiet voice.

Jackal quickly cleared his throat and then resumed his gumshoe accent as he tried to make light of her story. Maxie told him about the proposal, but Jackal was unmoved. Maxie became agitated when Jackal continued to refer to her as "Sugar-pants," so she loudly reminded him that her name was "Maximista." Hope flared when Jackal's eyes drifted closed. "Spinelli, is that you?" Maxie asked with anticipation. Jackal's eyes opened and then narrowed as he spotted something on the wall behind her.

Maxie was disgusted when Jackal tasted the goop that he had scraped off of the wall. Jackal revealed that it was icing and then announced that it was proof that the contraband from the bakery had been moved through the tunnels. Jackal offered Maxie a taste, but she flatly refused, prompting him to wonder if she were trying to watch her weight. She informed him that she worked out six times a week, and then asked if he thought that she was toned. Jackal ignored the questioned by changing the subject.

According to Jackal, a man went after something that he wanted. Maxie backed up as Jackal moved closer, while confiding that the way to know that a man wanted her was when he kissed her like he meant it. Jackal grew frustrated when Maxie once again demanded to know if he thought that she was toned. Later, Jackal realized that he was close to the Zacchara warehouse, so he decided to make his way there in search for the contraband. Maxie insisted that he stay to help her find the ring.

Moments later, they heard a strange noise, so Jackal offered to investigate. Maxie quickly stopped Jackal from leaving, picked up the laptop, and then hit a few buttons. Seconds later, a gate crashed down, trapping Jackal and Maxie in the tunnel. Maxie smiled with satisfaction as Jackal demanded to know if she knew how to get them out.

At Jason's penthouse, Jason told Sam that she looked hot. Sam confessed that Jason looked pretty good too. Jason chuckled and then offered to turn the air conditioning up. Sam assured him that he needn't bother because she knew that he didn't like air conditioning. Jason didn't want Sam to feel uncomfortable, but Sam explained that it was just one of the adjustments that they would have to make once they moved in together after the wedding. Talk of marriage reminded Jason that he intended to give Maxie one more day to find Sam's ring.

Moments later, Alexis arrived to check on the newly engaged couple, and to hear the details about the proposal. Alexis was startled when Sam showed her mother the engagement ring. Jason and Sam had fun teasing Alexis about the unusual ring for a few minutes and then revealed that the real engagement ring had been lost. Alexis smiled uncomfortably and then asked to have a private word with Jason. After Sam left the room, Alexis admitted that she didn't think that Jason and Sam getting married was a good idea. Jason thought that Alexis had made peace with it, but Alexis explained that there wasn't any reason to "wreck a good thing."

Alexis acknowledged that Jason and Sam were "unconventional" people, so marriage might not be right for them. Jason assured her that marriage wouldn't change them. Sam eavesdropped as Alexis went on a tangent about Jason and Sam losing their freedom, and how married life would require all kinds of sacrifices. Sam entered the living room with a paper bag just as Alexis had worked herself up to a panic attack. Sam handed her mother the paper bag as she confessed that she had been expecting Alexis to hyperventilate since Alexis had walked through the door. Sam shooed Jason away and then sat down on the sofa with her mother to carefully explain that she and Jason intended to get married.

Sam realized that Alexis was trying to give them the benefit of her own experience. Alexis assured Sam that she didn't want Sam to make the same mistakes that she had made. Sam admitted that she had her own bad relationships to draw from, so she wanted Alexis to focus on herself. Alexis suspected the remark was a veiled reference to Mac. Sam advised Alexis to stop assuming that every relationship was doomed, and allow herself to open up to the possibilities. Alexis thanked her daughter, and then left.

"Welcome to having a mother-in-law," Sam said as Jason returned to the living room. Later, Jason turned down the thermostat and then joined Sam on the balcony. Sam assured Jason that Alexis would warm up to the idea of them getting married.

At Jake's, Tracy sauntered up to the bar. She explained that she needed a place to drink in peace, away from the prying eyes of the hypocrites who wagered on how long her marriage would last. Coleman told Tracy that he had been on the arm of a powerful woman, so he had walked in Luke's shoes. Coleman understood why Luke had taken off. Tracy scowled as Coleman suggested that Luke had grown tired of the close scrutiny. Coleman then revealed that he and Kate Howard had decided to take a break.

Tracy was curious why Coleman thought that she would be interested in knowing about his breakup. Coleman smiled suggestively as he told her that his arm had a vacancy. Tracy rolled her eyes when she heard Anthony warn Coleman that Coleman was wasting his time. Anthony claimed that Tracy's tastes leaned in a different direction. Tracy ignored the men as she took a sip of her drink and then grimaced. Tracy informed Coleman that the drink wasn't to her liking, so Anthony offered to make a proper Manhattan. Coleman warned Anthony that Anthony wasn't permitted behind the bar, so Anthony flashed a malicious smile and then announced that the first word that popped into his head when the thought about Jake's was, "flammable."

Coleman recognized the veiled threat, so he invited Anthony to make the drink. Tracy was curious why men were so quick to burn things. Anthony made a remark about preferring things that raised his temperature, but Tracy made it clear that Anthony was not a part of her life. Anthony handed her the drink. He smiled knowingly as Tracy took a tentative sip. "Passable," Tracy grudgingly conceded.

Anthony suggested that her misperceptions about him got in the way of what might become a fruitful relationship. Tracy decided to find a private table, but Anthony merely followed her. Anthony reminded her of Luke's failed intervention and then mentioned Lila's roses, but she saw through his game. She warned him that she would not let him use ELQ to launder mob money. Anthony pointed out that the FCC would scrutinize any investment that he made. Tracy informed Anthony that he didn't know her and then marched out. Anthony placed a call to someone about the delivery of the information that they had discussed.

In Greece, Helena met with Luke in her office. She smiled with delight when he showed her the diamonds. Helena confessed that she wished that she could have seen the look on Javier's face when Javier had realized that Luke had double-crossed him, and then bragged that she and Luke could accomplish a lot when they worked together. Helena started to snatch the diamonds out of Luke's hand, but he quickly closed it. Helena pouted as she told Luke that she was tempted not to tell him about his "interesting visitor."

Nikolas admitted that it felt as if he had returned to a scene of a crime. He suggested that the blood had been wiped clean, but he could still hear the screams inside the walls. Lulu reminded Nikolas that Laura hadn't let what happened to her in Greece define her, so Nikolas shouldn't either. Nikolas explained that he didn't have a choice because he was a Cassadine, who had been molded in the images of the ancestors before him -- all monsters in their own right. Lulu warned her brother that Helena was trying to get inside of his head, but Nikolas revealed that it wasn't his head that he was concerned about; it was his heart.

Lulu assured Nikolas that he had a good heart, but Nikolas warned her that he wasn't as selfless as she thought. Lulu argued that he had donated his bone marrow to save her life, and he had let Lucky be a father to Aiden. Nikolas insisted that Lucky had been hanging on by a string, so Lucky had needed to believe that Aiden was his son, whether it was true or not. Lulu believed that Nikolas' sacrifices were the definition of selfless. Nikolas' tone darkened as he recalled that everyone had been concerned about Lucky's reaction to learning that Laura had another son when Nikolas had first arrived in Port Charles. By contrast, no one had ever shown any concern for the position that Nikolas had been in.

Lulu assured Nikolas that their mother loved him, but Nikolas argued that it was always about Lucky, and what would make Lucky happy. Nikolas confessed that he had begged for acceptance for years, trying to prove that he was worthy to be a part of the Spencer family, to no avail. Nikolas admitted that he had finally felt like he had a family when Aiden had been born. Nikolas had dreamed of Aiden and Spencer growing up the way that brothers should, but that had been taken away when everyone had expected Nikolas to give up Aiden, so that Lucky could be happy. Lulu reminded Nikolas that he had chosen to walk away. Nikolas bitterly wondered whether, if things had been reversed, people would have rushed to make certain that Aiden had ended up with him.

Nikolas suspected that the answer would have been no. Lulu confessed that she had thought that Nikolas had wanted to move on. Nikolas revealed that he wanted to live without the Spencers or Cassadines in his life. Lulu wondered if she were looking at the new Nikolas, but Nikolas explained that there was nothing new about a Cassadine living in darkness. Nikolas no longer cared about what anyone thought. He suggested that the only person looking for approval was Lulu.

Lulu questioned Nikolas about Luke again, but Nikolas advised his sister to leave Greece, and never return. Lulu wanted to know why Nikolas was so cold towards her. Nikolas poured himself a drink as he explained that he had decided to try an unfamiliar concept, meeting his needs. Lulu thought that Nikolas appeared to have done well for himself, but Nikolas argued that he had done well for others. Lulu wondered if he regretted donating his bone marrow to her. Nikolas clarified that he regretted not having a choice.

Lulu insisted that Nikolas would have grown up to be like Helena if Laura hadn't claimed him. Nikolas confessed that he had no idea what kind of life he would have preferred, but he intended to find out. Lulu urged Nikolas to get away from Helena, or else he wouldn't have a chance, but Nikolas argued that he'd never had a chance. Nikolas raised his glass and then offered a toast. "To eternal damnation," Nikolas said before he took a drink. Lulu noticed that he was drinking Luke's favorite brand of scotch.

Lulu once again questioned her brother about Luke, but Nikolas accused her of following Luke halfway around the world to tell her father that she loved him. Lulu explained that everyone else had given up on Luke. Nikolas chastised her for dragging her boyfriend "over the wicked walls of hell," just to join in on the insanity. Nikolas reminded Lulu that Dante had shown her every day that he loved her, and Lulu had repaid Dante by throwing Dante into the lion's den with Helena. Nikolas was curious what Lulu would have done if Helena had killed Dante. Dante appeared at the top of the stairs just as Nikolas suggested that Lulu only cared about being a hero like their mother.

Dante entered the room, so Nikolas decided to leave. Lulu wondered where Nikolas was going. Nikolas scolded her for worrying about what everyone else was doing. After Nikolas left, Lulu announced that she was ready to go home because it was time for her to grow up. They quickly gathered their belongings and then prepared to leave. Lulu wanted to say goodbye to Nikolas, but Dante feared that it might be a stalling tactic.

Lulu assured Dante that she wanted to leave because she realized that she couldn't save anyone; she wasn't her mother, so she had to live her own life. Dante suggested that she just wanted to help her family, but Lulu insisted that Dante was her family. They were unaware as they hugged that Luke lurked outside, watching them.

Nikolas was walking the grounds of his ancestral home in Greece when Helena suddenly stepped out of the shadows. Helena admitted that he was the image of his father. Nikolas suggested that Helena's goal had been to groom, and program, a suitable replacement for Stavros. "All that rage. All that potential, wasted on that simpering baby dispenser, Liz," Helena sneered. Helena implored Nikolas to remain in Greece with her, but Nikolas informed her that he was not the image of his father, or anyone else in the family. Helena was startled when Nikolas grabbed her face and then kissed her long and hard on the cheek.

Afterwards, Nikolas warned her that no one, including Helena, should bet on what he would do next. After Nikolas walked away, Helena called someone. She told the person that it appeared that they would be working alone, but the good news was that the Spencers had never been more vulnerable.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Liz locked the drug closet at General Hospital. As she walked away, Liz noticed a man dressed as an orderly trying to open the door. Liz challenged him and demanded to see his badge. When he could not produce it, Liz said she would call security. Epiphany appeared and censured Liz. Epiphany vouched for the orderly as a new hire and believed his claim that he had thought the drug closet was a supply closet.

Epiphany sent the orderly on his way and chastised Liz for not paying attention to her assigned desk duties. Epiphany told Liz to be professional or to go home. After Epiphany and Liz left the area, another man, dressed as a janitor, unlocked the drug closet and went in.

Lucky's drug supplier, J.T., met with Anthony Zacchara in an alley behind a warehouse. Anthony warned J.T. that the product was for sale, not personal consumption. J.T. said he had to make sure that the product was pure. Anthony asked what progress was being made with their "undercover addict." J.T. said that he had given Lucky a sample, and he was waiting to see what the results were. J.T. said that if Lucky took even one pill, he would be back for more.

Anthony made a phone call with instructions to make a delivery immediately. He said to tie the package with a green ribbon. Anthony turned back to J.T. and told him that if Lucky did not become addicted again, Lucky would have to be handled. J.T. said that he did not want to go back to Pentonville and would not kill a cop. Anthony said that there was more than one way to waste a cop.

Siobhan caught Lucky going through her purse and thought that he was looking for money to buy drugs. Lucky said that he had made a buy the previous evening, but had not gotten a sufficient quantity to tell whether or not they had been stolen from GH. He said that he would need a lot more money that Siobhan could provide. Siobhan wanted to know what Lucky was doing in her purse. He said that he had picked up the mail and found her new debit card in the name of "Siobhan Spencer." Lucky said that he had wanted to surprise her with it.

Siobhan worried that their marriage had been a mistake. Siobhan said that Lucky was no longer the man she first knew. Siobhan said that Lucky was showing all the signs of being an addict. Siobhan asked Lucky why he kept torturing himself by keeping drugs around. Lucky asked why Siobhan could not have any faith in him like Liz did. Siobhan said that Liz was a liar who would say anything to hang on to Lucky. Lucky asked Siobhan why she was still there if she though Lucky's ex was a liar and Lucky was a pathetic junkie. Siobhan said that Lucky had claimed that he wanted her, and she had believed him.

Lucky got a phone call from Liz, who said she had a lead in the drug case. Lucky quickly got off the phone. Lucky told Siobhan that he had to go to work. As he left, Lucky told Siobhan to enjoy the debit card. After the door closed, Siobhan broke down in tears.

Patrick took Emma to Kelly's. Carly was already there with Josslyn. They sat down together. They discussed the custody case and had breakfast. Patrick made it clear that he was on Jax's side. When the argument got heated, they changed the topic to pancakes. Patrick insisted that Carly try his blueberry pancakes. She took the bite he offered just as Robin walked in.

Patrick asked Robin if her new system had caused her to be late. Robin denied that there was anything amiss with her organizational policies. Patrick took Emma and Josslyn to play on the swings in the park. As soon as Patrick was gone, Robin told Carly to never eat off Patrick's fork again. Robin then accused Carly of masterminding the plot that had set Jax up for a drug bust. Robin also said that Carly was responsible for wrecking Sonny's marriage to Brenda. Carly said that Robin was still jealous because Jason had left Robin for Carly when Michael was a baby. Robin scoffed.

Patrick returned with the girls and asked if everything was okay. Robin said she would not be a hypocrite. Robin said that either she left or Carly did. Carly told Patrick that she was leaving and had only waited to say goodbye to him. As she stared pointedly at Robin, Carly thanked Patrick for the morning and said it was nice to walk into a room and not be judged. Carly walked outside and made a phone call to Jason but it went to voicemail. As Carly left Kelly's, a man in jeans and black shoes followed her.

Robin demanded to know why Patrick had let Carly eat off his fork. Patrick asked if Robin was jealous. Robin wanted to know why Patrick had been talking to Carly. Patrick said that he and Carly had been talking about the custody battle. Patrick said that he had told Carly that he would have done the same things that Jax had done if Robin had spent as much time with Sonny and Jason as Carly had.

Robin was somewhat mollified. Robin asked if Carly had been trying to seduce Patrick to change his mind. Patrick laughed when he said that he was immune to Carly's charm. Patrick chuckled and said that Robin was jealous.

Liz was on duty when Carly got to the nurses' station. Carly was on the phone, trying without success to reach Jason. Liz overheard Carly leave a message for Jason. Liz sent Carly to the fourth floor to get Josslyn's medication, but not before Liz told a shocked Carly that Jason might not be picking up his phone because he might want to spend some alone time with his fiancée. Carly rushed off with her follower in pursuit.

Sonny sat on the steps of a graffiti-covered building for a long time before going inside. When he exited, he was holding keys. Sonny removed a "For Sale" sign from the door.

Tracy was at the Metro Court day spa when Anthony barged in. Tracy tried to leave, but the door was locked. Tracy called for help, but no one responded. Anthony complimented her and told her how much he wanted to get to know her. Tracy remained distant and said she would never let Anthony invest in ELQ.

Anthony said he had plenty of legitimate money that could be used to invest. Tracy said that all she wanted was to get away from Anthony. Anthony said that the door was not locked. He said that the door was "pull" not "push." Anthony said that he suspected that Tracy had known that all along. Anthony implied that he and Tracy had a lot in common. Tracy was shaken up as she hurriedly left Anthony alone.

Anthony made a call to a mystery woman, who took an expensive tennis bracelet out of a package wrapped in a green ribbon. Anthony told the woman that he needed some information, and he hoped that she would deliver it personally.

Lucky caught up with Liz at GH. She told him what she had found out. Liz thought that the orderly that she had confronted appeared suspicious. Lucky was grateful for Liz's help but told her she was getting too involved and might get hurt. Lucky said that he could not stand to lose another person he cared for. Liz said that no matter what, everything always led back to the empty place where their little boy had once been. Liz and Lucky embraced as Siobhan watched from hiding. Siobhan left before Lucky or Liz saw her.

Liz said that she wanted to support Lucky like he had supported her. Liz reaffirmed that she trusted Lucky not to fall prey to drugs again. Lucky said that insid,e he was screaming for the pills, but that he would not give in because solving the case and helping others meant more to him that having the momentary relief that the pills could give him. When Lucky left Liz, the man who had earlier unlocked the drug closet followed him.

Lucky was alone in an alley behind a warehouse when he called Siobhan to apologize for his earlier words and behavior. Lucky said that he was glad that Siobhan had stayed and that Lucky did want to find out what they could have together. Lucky said that a storm was coming. Lucky told Siobhan that all he wanted to do was lock the doors, turn the music up loud, and dance in the rain with her. Lucky told Siobhan that he would be home soon.

J.T. found the pill bottle that Lucky had dropped. J.T. wanted to know why Lucky had not sampled the product. Lucky said he was on duty and had not had time. J.T. pointed out that being on duty had never stopped Lucky before. J.T. said that one way or another, Lucky would fly. J.T. called out, and two strong, burly guys grabbed Lucky and held him down. As Lucky screamed "No," J.T. pulled out a syringe and injected its contents into Lucky's arm. J.T. was laughing as he walked away from Lucky.

Siobhan had a headache and a nosebleed when she returned to the apartment that she shared with Lucky.

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