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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 1, 2011 on GH
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Sam and Jason were in the restaurant office, happily making plans for their future, when Carly burst in. Carly wanted to know why she'd had to hear about the engagement from Liz and how many others had been notified before her. Carly said that she wanted to talk to Jason alone. Jason said that anything Carly had to say to him she could say in front of Sam. Carly said, "So this is how it's going to be?" Jason responded, "Yes, this is how it's going to be."

Carly said that Jason was her best friend and her best everything. Jason said that nothing had to change. Sam said that they all had to make adjustments. Carly was hostile and wanted to know why Jason had not talked to her before he got engaged. Jason said that Carly had to respect Sam and Jason just as they respected Carly. Sam asked Carly to refrain from barging in. Carly said that she was not happy about Jason's engagement. Sam said that Carly felt replaced because Jason would no longer put Carly first.

Jason said that marrying Sam did not mean that he did not care for Carly, but it did mean that there would be boundaries. Jason said that Carly was making too much of the situation. Jason said it was not about Carly coming second, but about Sam coming first. Carly was tearful when she said that she was loyal and loved with her whole heart. Carly was angry when she rushed out of the office. As she stormed away, a man followed her. Later, the man confronted her outside Kelly's.

Jason said that he did not want Carly to feel that he had chosen Sam over Carly, but in truth, he had. Jason said that it had to be that way for Sam's sake. They hugged.

Maxie was trapped in the sewer system with Jackal P.I. They were there to find the engagement ring that Jason had purchased for Sam and that Maxie had dropped from the penthouse balcony. Maxie hoped that revisiting the sewer system would draw out Spinelli and force the Jackal P.I. persona to go away. Spinelli did not reappear, despite Maxie telling the story of how Spinelli had saved her with his computer savvy. Jackal denied having any interest in Maxie except a physical one. Maxie insisted that Spinelli loved her for who she was and understood that she was smart.

When Jackal asked a question, Maxie wanted to know why he cared. Jackal said that he did not, but seemed momentarily confused. Maxie put in the correct codes, and the sewer grates opened. Jackal heard rushing water and dragged Maxie out of the sewer, but not before Maxie rescued the missing engagement ring from a corner where it had lodged. Jackal and Maxie made it safely to the restaurant. Maxie sat Jackal down in a booth and told him not to move or talk. She told him to wait while she went in to see Sam and Jason.

Jackal sampled the sugar as Maxie knocked on the door. Sam and Jason invited Maxie in. Both noticed the aroma of sewer that surrounded Maxie. Maxie held up a handkerchief, and announced that she had found the ring. Jason wanted it, and Sam wanted to see it. Maxie said she would not give it back until it was cleaned. Maxie said it was bad luck for Sam to see the ring before Jason presented it to her. Maxie told Jason that she would not surrender the ring until he agreed to grant her some future favor. Jason tried to resist, but Maxie was persistent, so Jason agreed. When Maxie left the office, Jackal had left the building.

Ethan went looking for Lucky and found the apartment door open. Once inside, he found a trail of blood. As he followed it, Siobhan was startled when she left the bathroom and ran into Ethan. Ethan said that he was worried that the blood was Lucky's. Siobhan said it was nothing serious, just a nosebleed that she sometimes got in the heat.

Ethan asked if she had seen Lucky. Siobhan told him about the fight that Siobhan had had with Lucky. Siobhan said that she had caught Lucky going through her purse and accused him of searching for drug money. Lucky had said that he had intended to surprise her with a new debit card in the name of "Siobhan Spencer." Siobhan said that Lucky had received a call and said that he had to go to work. Siobhan said that she had followed Lucky, and he had gone to see Liz at General Hospital.

When Ethan asked about Lucky's sobriety, Siobhan said that Lucky seemed sober, and as far as she could tell, Lucky had not taken any pills. Ethan said that Lucky wanted temptation in his path because some parts of Lucky's psyche thought that he deserved to be hurt. Siobhan said that she should have had more faith in Lucky and that she did not want to drive him further away. Ethan said that Siobhan could not ignore what was in front of her. Ethan left after getting a promise from Siobhan to call if she heard from Lucky.

After Ethan was gone, Siobhan listened to her messages and heard Lucky's heartfelt and sincere apologies. Lucky told her that he did want to explore the possibilities with her. Lucky told Siobhan that a storm was coming, and all he wanted to do was turn up the music and dance in the rain with her. Siobhan's eyes held tears, but her lips held a smile.

Liz was at Kelly's, having coffee. She left a message on Lucky's phone, asking him to call her. Matt entered and asked if Liz had seen Maxie. Liz spat out that she was not Maxie's social secretary. Matt said that Maxie was obsessed with getting Spinelli back. Matt worried that Maxie would get in trouble.

Liz said that Maxie's problems were exaggerated to gain attention, unlike other people who had real problems. Matt pointed out that Maxie had kept Liz's secret about Aiden's paternity. Liz launched into Maxie's history with Lucky. Liz even told him about the pregnancy that Maxie had faked. Matt said that Maxie had told him everything.

Matt gently suggested that Maxie's history with Lucky was no different that the torch that Liz was carrying for Lucky. Liz said that the situation was entirely different because she and Lucky were lifelong friends, and Lucky's marriage was just one of convenience. Matt continued to defend Maxie but was very charming to Liz as well. When he left, Liz commented that she hoped Maxie appreciated Matt.

Lucky was lying immobilized in an alley as J.T. looked on. J.T. said that he had shot Lucky up with a little bit of heaven that would turn into hell if Lucky fought against the drug. J.T. then forced more pills down Lucky's throat. J.T. told Lucky that he was going to fly. J.T. said that Lucky could not call the cops because he had drugs in his system. J.T. walked away, and Lucky began to hallucinate.

Lucky's first hallucination was of Ethan who said that Lucky would want more drugs and that Lucky's children would pay for it. Next Lucky saw Maxie, who fed him more pills and said that she missed him. As pills fell around Lucky like rain, Maxie said that pleasure had a price, and Lucky would "pay, pay, pay." J.T. appeared after Maxie. He tormented Lucky and said that Lucky had fallen through a crack and would not be back. Lucky was seeing double images and desperately trying to remove a shoe. Lucky finally succeeded, but collapsed after the effort.

Lucky tried to sit up. When he did, Lucky saw Jake riding toward him on a tricycle. Lucky heard Jason's voice say that he had given his son to Lucky because Lucky had promised to keep Jake safe. Lucky groaned and panted before Siobhan popped into view. Siobhan told Lucky that she had used her new debit card to purchase a ticket. Siobhan said that Liz had taken Siobhan's place with Lucky and that Liz was the most dangerous drug of all.

Siobhan's image started to waver. Lucky could see both Siobhan and Liz talking in unison saying that they needed him and that he had rescued them. The real Liz found Lucky moaning in the alley. Liz tried to comfort Lucky as he freaked out about his shoe.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

J.T., the drug dealer, went to the Zacchara penthouse to report to Anthony. J.T. handed Anthony a small leather container, filled with drug paraphernalia, and then revealed that Lucky had been shot up with the "good stuff." According to J.T., Lucky had been surprisingly resistant to taking drugs, despite being an ex-addict, so it had been more challenging than anticipated to inject Lucky with the drugs. Anthony wondered if Lucky had been injured, but J.T. assured Anthony that they hadn't left a bruise or scratch on Lucky, except for the needle mark. J.T. was confident that it would appear that Lucky had injected himself with the drug. Anthony was supremely satisfied with how things had turned out, so J.T. asked Anthony for the payment.

Anthony groused that J.T. would get paid when the job was done, but J.T. insisted that he needed incentive. Anthony flashed J.T. a devious smile, retrieved the rubber tie from the drug kit, kicked J.T. in the knee, and then strangled him with the rubber tie. Johnny entered the penthouse moments later. Johnny took one look at J.T. struggling for his life, and then demanded to know what was going on. Anthony continued to choke J.T. as Johnny casually poured himself a drink. Johnny reminded Anthony that he'd had to clean up Anthony's mess the last time that Anthony had someone over, so Johnny wasn't eager to do it again. Anthony reluctantly released J.T., explained that they had been horsing around, and then turned to J.T. for confirmation.

J.T. gasped for breath, and then fled the penthouse without looking back. Johnny complained that he was getting tired of Anthony making stupid moves because they threatened the peace that Johnny had worked hard to establish. Anthony burst out laughing at the suggestion that Sonny was interested in peace. Johnny made it clear that he refused to take any more "crap" from his father. Johnny insisted that he was in charge, so he demanded that Anthony respect Johnny's position. Anthony chuckled, just as someone knocked on the door.

Johnny ordered Anthony to clean up his "toys" and then answered the door. Anthony closed the drug paraphernalia kit just as Tracy walked in. Anthony was delighted to see Tracy, but she was cold towards him. She accused Anthony of stalking her and then warned Johnny that Anthony had attempted to buy ELQ stock under a false name. Anthony claimed that he had simply wanted to diversify his portfolio. Tracy reminded Anthony and Johnny that she could have reported Anthony's illegal activities to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Tracy vowed that Anthony would never get a piece of ELQ, or her, and then marched out. Anthony was confident that Tracy really liked him. Johnny closed the door, and then demanded to know what had happened to Anthony's plan to make a move against Sonny. Anthony was curious why Johnny had assumed that he hadn't. Johnny warned Anthony not to jerk his chain because he knew that Sonny was back in town, and a war hadn't started. Anthony reminded Johnny that Sonny was distracted because of Brenda, and then resumed talking about Tracy.

Johnny was adamant that Anthony keep his distance from ELQ, and Michael, but Anthony argued that they needed a company like ELQ to launder their mob money. Johnny reminded Anthony that he could easily send Anthony back to jail with just a simple phone call to the SEC. Anthony argued that Johnny didn't have any proof of wrongdoing, but Johnny assured his father that he had a paper trail. Anthony was confident that no one would turn against him, but Johnny revealed that the men in the organization were loyal to Johnny since Anthony had been sent to Pentonville. Later, Anthony decided to call Skye Quartermaine to advise her to return to Port Charles. Skye agreed, but only because Anthony had asked her nicely.

On Sonny's private island, Michael was disappointed to discover that his father wasn't there. Michael explained that Sonny usually went to the island when Sonny was upset. Michael suspected that the islanders might have lied to protect Sonny because they were loyal to his father. Abby was skeptical, so she suggested that perhaps Sonny just wanted to be alone where no one could find him. Michael remained determined to find his father because he was concerned about Sonny's reaction to Brenda's decision to end the marriage. Abby confessed that she had been in Sonny's shoes, so she knew what it was like to have her heart broken.

Abby reminded Michael that Sonny was a proud man, so Michael might want to show Sonny some respect by giving his father space. Michael argued that Abby didn't know Sonny, so she couldn't appreciate what the end of his marriage could do to Sonny. Michael explained that Sonny and Brenda had a history of splitting up and then getting back together again, but things were different this time because Brenda had left Sonny, and then taken off with Jax. According to Michael, Brenda had broken Sonny's trust, which meant everything to Sonny. Abby wondered if perhaps Michael wanted to find Sonny to prove to his father that he could be trusted to take care of things for Sonny while Sonny was away.

Michael conceded that he wanted to help Sonny, but he insisted that his motives for finding his father weren't self-serving. Abby quickly assured Michael that she hadn't meant to imply otherwise. However, she reminded Michael that Michael's relationship with Sonny was shifting. Abby then steered the conversation away from Michael by asking if Jason had done anything to find Sonny. Michael admitted that Jason had put everyone on alert, but it hadn't been enough as far as Michael was concerned.

Moments later, Enrique, the casino manager, knocked on Michael's door. Enrique confided that he had made some phone calls, so he had learned that Sonny had returned to Port Charles. Michael was stunned when Enrique also revealed that Sonny had recently spent some time in New York City. After Michael thanked Enrique, Enrique wondered if Michael and Abby intended to stay for dinner.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny entered the bedroom, looked around, and then began to trash it. He threw his wedding picture across the room and then pulled out all of Brenda's clothes from the drawers. Later, Robin found Sonny sitting on the floor, in the midst of the strewn items, brooding. Robin revealed that she had a letter from Brenda for Sonny, but Sonny wasn't interested in reading what it had to say. Robin explained that Brenda's decision to leave Sonny had been difficult, but the main reason that Brenda had walked out had been because Sonny had sided with Carly.

"Carly's kid," Sonny angrily clarified. Sonny suggested that Brenda should have thought about the vows that she had made to him on their wedding day, but instead she had decided to spit in his face. Robin urged Sonny to read Brenda's letter, but Sonny threatened to destroy it. Robin assured Sonny that Brenda had loved Sonny, but she hadn't been able to deal with his life. Sonny didn't buy that because Brenda had known what she was getting into when she had agreed to marry him. Sonny assured Robin that he had protected Brenda and Alec, but Robin argued that Sonny had shut Brenda out of his life.

Sonny explained that Brenda had understood that he couldn't discuss his business with her, but Robin revealed that Brenda had been hurt because Sonny had gone after one of Brenda's best friends. Robin admitted that Jax had also been one of her best friends. Sonny belligerently wondered if that meant that Robin and Sonny were no longer friends. "Sonny, of course we're friends," Robin replied. Sonny argued that it didn't work that way, so he demanded that she choose between him and Jax.

Robin didn't think that Sonny was serious, but he assured her, "Yes, I am." Robin avoided making the choice by insisting that Sonny couldn't continue to isolate himself from the people who cared about him. Moments later, she spotted his prescription bottle. Sonny ordered her to leave it alone just as Robin reached for it. Robin noticed that the prescription had been filled three months before, but the bottle was still full.

Sonny snatched the bottle out of Robin's hand as he explained that he occasionally forgot to take the medication to treat his bipolar disorder. Robin admitted that it might work for some people, but from what she saw around her, it was clear that it wasn't a good idea for Sonny. Robin feared that if he continued down the road that he was on, then it wouldn't end well. Sonny ordered Robin to leave, but she argued that she was concerned about him because he needed to take his medication. Robin admitted that she felt terrible for Sonny's situation because she had been responsible for Sonny and Brenda finding their way back to each other. Sonny didn't respond, so Robin walked to the door, dropped the letter on the nightstand, and then left.

At the loft, Dante playfully chased Lulu around after their shower. Lulu insisted that they had a lot of things to do, so they had to get dressed. Dante suggested that they have breakfast first, so Lulu opened the refrigerator. She quickly closed it when she discovered that the food inside was spoiled. She decided that their first stop would be the grocery store, but Dante had other ideas. He swept Lulu into his arms and then made love to her.

Afterwards, Dante confessed that it was good to be home. Lulu admitted that there was something to be said about their road trip, but Dante didn't want to discuss it, so she changed the subject by kissing her. Moments later, Ronnie knocked on the door. Dante reluctantly answered the door and then explained that he had been in the middle of something. Ronnie pushed past Dante as he pointed out that Dante had been busy for a month, so it was time for Dante to return to work. Ronnie spotted Lulu lounging in bed, so he asked to have a private word with Dante.

Lulu wrapped the bed sheet around her and then went to the bathroom to change. Ronnie filled Dante in about Lucky's new case, and Mac's concern that Lucky might relapse. Ronnie resented being relegated to Lucky's babysitter, so he wanted Dante to help keep an eye on Lucky. Lulu emerged from the bathroom shortly after Ronnie left. She was curious what Ronnie had talked to Dante about, but Dante reminded Lulu that he couldn't always talk to her about his work.

Lulu seemed pacified with the answer, so Dante explained that he had to leave. Dante reminded her that the refrigerator needed attention, so Lulu warned him that he would owe her big for cleaning it up. Later, Tracy stopped by to welcome Lulu home, and to get an update about Luke. Lulu admitted that she hadn't found her father. Lulu confessed that she had realized that it wasn't her job to look for Luke, so she had returned home. Tracy realized that it had been a difficult decision for Lulu to make because Lulu had been desperate to find Luke.

Lulu thought perhaps it was for the best because her expectations had been high. Lulu admitted that she had finally accepted that it wasn't her job to keep her family together. Lulu suggested that if Luke wanted to see her, then he would find a way. Tracy was proud of Lulu. As they talked, Lulu mentioned that Luke and Helena were in cahoots. Tracy wasn't surprised.

Tracy confessed that she occasionally imagined what she would say if Luke were to return. Lulu felt bad for Tracy, but Tracy just wanted Lulu to promise to stay safe because Tracy couldn't lose Lulu on top of Luke. Tracy then announced that she was ready for the next chapter in her life. Lulu suggested that things could still pan out with Luke, but Tracy was ready to move forward. Later, Tracy went to the Haunted Star to pack up Luke's office.

In an alley on the waterfront, Liz desperately tried to help Lucky, who was in the grips of drug-induced hallucinations. Liz made an attempt to ascertain what Lucky had taken, but Lucky was unable to give her a coherent answer. Liz wanted to take Lucky to the hospital for treatment, but Lucky argued, "No. No, I have you," during a lucid moment. Liz looked around, and then checked Lucky's arms, as she searched for clues as to what had happened. Her heart sank when she spotted the needle mark on his arm.

Liz realized that someone had injected Lucky with drugs. She offered to take Lucky to her house and then call the police, but Lucky became agitated, so she suggested calling Siobhan. Lucky panicked and then begged Liz for help. Liz attempted to sooth Lucky as he began to frantically scratch his arms because he felt like as if things were crawling all over him. Lucky wailed that he was following in his father's footsteps as Liz tried to comfort him. She tearfully explained that Lucky needed more help than she could give him, but Lucky insisted that he only trusted her.

Liz was startled when Dante suddenly appeared in the alleyway. She quickly explained that Lucky had been injected with drugs, in an attempt to make it appear that Lucky had relapsed. Dante offered to stay with Lucky while Liz went to the hospital to fetch something that would counter the drug that Lucky had been injected with. After Liz left, Dante took a call from Ronnie to assure Ronnie that everything was okay. Fearing that Dante intended to turn him in, Lucky grabbed something, knocked Dante out, and then fled into the night.

Later, Liz returned to the alley and found Dante on the ground. Elsewhere, Lucky teetered on the brink of a pier as he gazed out over the water with an expression of utter despair.

The episode featured, Dreaming With A Broken Heart by John Mayer.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

At ELQ, Tracy was surprised to see Edward sitting behind Michael's desk. Edward warmly greeted his daughter, but Tracy had no idea what he was so cheerful about when "the chosen one" was off playing hooky. Edward suggested that time away from the office helped to improve job performance. Tracy argued that it was proof that Michael didn't take working at ELQ seriously. She then reminded her father that people needed to actually show up for work in order for a company to be successful. "Maybe I could fill in," Skye said from the doorway.

Edward's face lit up with joy as Tracy stared slack-jawed at Skye. Skye sauntered into the office to give Edward a hug, and a kiss. Tracy quickly recovered from her shock and then tried to toss Skye out, but Edward insisted that Skye was always welcome. Tracy demanded to know why Skye was in town, so Skye explained that she had been invited to attend a fundraiser that Jax had organized. Skye added that she was eager to catch up with everyone.

Tracy was annoyed when Edward insisted that Skye stay at the Quartermaine mansion. Skye confessed that she had stopped by the mansion, and had been shocked at how empty it had seemed. Skye imagined that Tracy was happy to have scared everyone away. Tracy's mood soured even more as Edward told Skye about Michael interning at ELQ for the summer. Skye was confident that Alan would have been pleased, but Tracy resented Skye talking about Alan.

According to Tracy, Skye was a grifter who had conned Alan into believing that Skye was his daughter. Skye assured Tracy that she wasn't after the Quartermaine money because Skye had all the money that she needed. Skye thought that family was more important, and then suggested that perhaps Luke might not have left if Tracy had paid more attention to her own family. Tracy announced that she had a meeting and then stormed out. Skye apologized to Edward for upsetting Tracy, but Edward waved Skye's concerns away. Edward admitted that it had been nice to see Skye stand up to Tracy.

However, Edward wanted to know what Skye was really up to. Skye smiled sweetly, but didn't answer. Edward confessed that the timing of Skye's visit was perfect because a deal that she had brokered for ELQ needed to be reviewed. Skye assured Edward that she would be happy to help. Edward made another attempt to find out the real reason for Skye's visit, but she continued to evade his questions. Edward chuckled and then admitted that it would be more fun to find out on his own.

Edward once again welcomed Skye home, confessed that he had sorely missed her, and then left. Afterwards, Skye picked up a file from Michael's desk. Tracy returned to the office a short time later and found Skye with the file. Tracy snatched the folder out of Skye's hand, but Skye pointed out that she was still a stockholder. Tracy accused Skye of being a "conniving bitch," who had latched onto wealthy families like the Chandlers, Quartermaines, and Alcazars. Skye ignored the insults as she suggested that Tracy take some time off.

Tracy made it clear that she refused to take her eyes off of the family's purse strings. Skye wondered if Tracy had a guilty conscience, because suspicious people tended to have the most to hide. Later, Tracy received a bouquet of flowers. Skye wondered who they were from, so she quickly grabbed the card before Tracy could find it. Skye was surprised to discover that Anthony Zacchara had sent the flowers to Tracy. Skye smiled knowingly as she suggested that Tracy had been busy while Luke had been away.

On the island, Michael had breakfast waiting on the patio when Abby joined him. Abby was impressed by the array of food, but she noticed that there wasn't any yogurt. Michael offered to have the kitchen send some, but Abby didn't want to put anyone out. Michael reminded her that Sonny owned the island, so they could have whatever they wanted. Abby assured him that she could make due with the cottage cheese, so Michael sat down to join her for breakfast. Abby confessed that she hadn't seen Michael so relaxed.

Michael admitted that he loved spending time on the island because he had many happy memories of vacationing there with his parents. Michael reminisced about the times that he had spent with Sonny on the water, so Abby suggested that they rent a boat when they returned home. Michael thought that they should take advantage of being on the island by taking a boat out later that day, but Abby reminded Michael that they had jobs to get back to. Michael explained that he had taken care of that by arranging for them to have a few days off. Abby was annoyed because she thought that it was irresponsible for them to take time off from jobs that they had just started. Michael doubted that Edward would care, but Abby argued that Tracy and Asher would.

Abby realized that the job wasn't important to Michael, but she insisted that she was older, and had more responsibilities, so she needed her job. Michael assured Abby that she would have a job as long as he was there, and that he loved her, so she would have plenty of opportunities to make her mark at ELQ. Later, Michael announced that the boat was ready for them. Abby reminded Michael that she hadn't agreed to stay, so Michael again assured her that her job was safe.

Abby explained that she wanted to keep her job on her own merits, so Michael offered to take her home. Abby realized that ELQ would be closed by the time they arrived in Port Charles, so she didn't see the harm in spending a day on the boat with Michael. Michael smiled and then promised her that he had a great day planned for them.

At the nurses' station, Robin was looking for some post-op reports, so Epiphany pointed to a basket near a box of color-coded scrubs. Epiphany made it clear that she refused to wear the new scrubs. Robin realized that it was an adjustment for everyone, but she assured Epiphany that it would cut down on the confusion. Epiphany was adamant that she would not change her scrubs every time she went to a different floor of the hospital. Robin implored Epiphany to reconsider; Robin realized that everyone followed Epiphany's lead, so Robin needed Epiphany's support.

Epiphany appreciated that Robin's heart was in the right place, but Epiphany believed that Robin was getting a little crazy with all the color code changes. Robin explained that she just wanted to make the hospital a better place, so Epiphany suggested that Robin focus on patient care instead of telling the staff what color their scrubs should be. After Epiphany left, Maxie approached Robin to see if Robin knew if Matt were on duty. Robin complained that she was short-staffed because Liz had called in sick, so Robin didn't have time to help Maxie.

Maxie advised Robin to let the human resource department handle the staffing issues, so that Robin could take some time for a facial. According to Maxie, Robin looked as if she needed some time to relax and unwind. Robin suspected that Patrick had put Maxie up to making the suggestion. Robin admitted that she had no idea why Patrick seemed to always undermine her. Epiphany returned moments later to go over the surgical rotation schedule with Robin. Robin sensed Epiphany's irritation, so Epiphany admitted that it was wrong to keep their best surgeon on the bench.

Robin realized that Epiphany was referring to Patrick, so she made it clear that the surgical rotation schedule would stand. After Epiphany left, Robin griped because Epiphany had clearly sided with Patrick. Maxie suggested that Epiphany had just been giving an honest opinion. Robin insisted that Patrick wanted Robin to give in, and declare to all that Patrick was a god among surgeons, so that he could cherry-pick his surgeries. Maxie was curious if Robin wanted the patients to have the best surgeon, so Robin assured her cousin that if any patient needed Patrick then they would get him.

Maxie advised Robin to find Patrick to spend some time with him. Robin grumbled that she could do that when she got home, but Maxie reminded Robin that Robin and Patrick had just gotten their marriage back on track. Maxie doubted that Robin wanted to lose it over a job. Robin resented people always trying to make her choose; she wondered why she couldn't be good at her marriage, and her job. Maxie explained that everyone wanted that, but if Robin had to pick one, Maxie wondered which one it would be. Robin didn't have an opportunity to respond because Maxie received a text message from Matt, so she dashed off.

Nearby, Matt spotted Patrick filling out some paperwork in the hallway. Matt half-jokingly wondered if Robin intended to color-code the rectal thermometers next. Patrick admitted that he had no idea, since Robin had gotten home at two in the morning and then had returned to work four hours later. Matt warned Patrick that the job would kill Robin if she kept working at that pace. Patrick confided that he didn't want Robin to step down as chief of staff because he wanted her to succeed. Matt confessed that the rest of the hospital staff didn't feel the same way.

Patrick revealed that he was frustrated because he and Robin had just worked out their marital problems, so he didn't want to jeopardize things by making an issue about her new position. Matt and Patrick sat down on a gurney to continue their talk. Matt was surprised when he glanced at his phone and saw a text message from Maxie stating that she had just returned. Patrick had no idea that Maxie had been away, so Matt admitted that he hadn't either. However, Matt revealed that Maxie was on her way to see him. Patrick wished that Robin would give him the same kind of attention.

Patrick confided that ever since Patrick and Robin had gotten their marriage back on track, Robin had stopped paying attention to him. Patrick realized that it sounded selfish, but he missed his wife focusing on him. Matt advised Patrick to find a way to get Robin's attention back. Matt knew that part of what had drawn Robin to Patrick was that Patrick hadn't been afraid to "piss" Robin off. Matt suggested that Patrick revisit that approach by being the jerk that Robin had fallen in love with.

Later, Robin was in a foul mood because the doctors weren't filling out their paperwork correctly. Patrick suggested that Robin let a desk nurse deal with the paperwork, but Robin was determined to keep tabs on the doctors to make certain that her new system worked. Patrick thought it was a waste of Robin's time because she was a doctor. Robin complained that Patrick hadn't approved of any of her changes, so she resented his lack of support. Patrick reminded Robin that they had never agreed about any medical issues, but he offered to help her check the paperwork.

Robin relaxed when Patrick reminded her that she hadn't collected on the bet that she had won, when she had correctly guessed all of the items in the picnic basket that he had surprised her with. Patrick warned her that there was an expiration date on collecting the bet, but Robin didn't recall that being one of the conditions when they had made their bargain. Later, Epiphany handed Patrick a small red bag and then informed him that she wouldn't be making any more deliveries for him. Patrick smiled and then grabbed Robin's hand to drag her to the elevators. Robin wanted to know where he was taking her, so Patrick informed his wife that he was kidnapping her.

At Greystone Manor, Jason found Sonny sitting amid the ruins of his bedroom. Jason explained that he was there to give Sonny an update, so Sonny made it clear that he would discuss business, but not "that bitch, Brenda." Jason started to clean up the mess, but Sonny told Jason to leave it. Sonny wondered if Jason ever got tired of taking care of him. Jason avoided the question by explaining that the peace treaty with the Trujillo family was holding. Sonny scoffed as he suggested that Trujillo was waiting for Sonny and Anthony to go to war, so that the Trujillos could pick up the pieces.

Jason reminded Sonny that Anthony had been quiet, but Sonny accused the elder Zacchara of plotting something. Sonny exploded with rage when Jason tentatively broached the subject of Brenda. Jason pointed out that they couldn't avoid talking about Brenda because she had been a big part of Sonny's life. Jason agreed that Anthony was up to something, so Sonny needed to get his head clear if they were going to beat Anthony. Jason insisted that Sonny needed to talk about what had happened, and then bury it. Moments later, Jason spotted the letter that Brenda had written to Sonny.

Sonny invited Jason to read it, and then give Sonny the condensed version. Jason didn't feel comfortable reading the letter. Sonny admitted that he already knew the gist of it; his life had been too dangerous for Brenda. Sonny ranted about Brenda's insecurities because Sonny had helped Carly, and then Sonny started in about Jax taking advantage of Sonny and Brenda's rift by manipulating Brenda into leaving with him. Sonny confessed that his life was meaningless without Brenda.

Sonny's voice cracked with emotion as he confided that Brenda leaving him made him feel as if he didn't deserve anything good. Jason reminded Sonny of the children, but Sonny accused Jason of sounding like he had when Sonny had preached to Luke. Sonny argued that it was his life, so he didn't understand why he couldn't burn it down. "You'll be letting Jax win," Jason replied. Jason then turned the conversation to Sonny's bipolar disorder when he spotted the pill bottle.

Sonny wondered if Jason would be eager to take a pill that could "fix" his brain, even if it meant that Jason would be dependent on the pill that controlled who he was. Jason quietly reminded Sonny that there wasn't a pill that could fix Jason's brain. However, Jason feared that Sonny's attitude would give Anthony the opening that Anthony sought. Sonny ordered Jason to kill Anthony, but Jason explained that he couldn't do that while Sonny was in a precarious state. Sonny didn't think that Jason could understand the pain that Sonny was feeling because Jason had never loved anyone the way that Sonny had loved Brenda.

Jason revealed that Sonny might not like what Jason was about to tell him, but Jason thought that Sonny should know that Brenda hadn't left with Jax. "She just left," Jason said. The anger leeched out of Sonny as he conceded that he could have avoided his heartbreak if he had just let Jason take Brenda back to Rome. Jason suggested that Brenda had done Sonny a favor by walking out on him, because in the past Sonny had always felt guilty about leaving Brenda. Jason insisted that it was time for Sonny to focus on other things.

Sonny gave Jason some orders about how to safeguard their organization. After Jason left, Sonny ripped up Brenda's letter, dropped it into the trashcan, and then picked up a bottle of water, and his medication.

Shawn grew concerned when he found Carly's front door ajar. He crept into the house and then looked around. Moments later, Carly entered the living room, wrapped in a towel, and then jumped when see spotted Shawn. Carly demanded to know what Shawn was doing in her home, so he explained that he had been concerned when he had found her door open. Carly admitted that she had been outside, and then became distracted with a phone call, so she had forgotten to properly close the door. Shawn handed Carly a bag of muffins that he had picked as a peace offering to apologize for startling her outside of Kelly's the previous day.

Carly wanted to know why Shawn had been following her, and why he was disheveled. She worried that someone might be after him, but he assured her that he wasn't the one being followed. Carly realized that Shawn was concerned about Jax, but she promised Shawn that Jax wouldn't do anything. Shawn didn't agree, so he had spent the night in his car, parked across the street from Carly's house, to make certain that Jax didn't make a move against Carly. Carly appreciated Shawn's concern, and the muffins, but she insisted that she and Josslyn were fine.

After Carly got dressed, and then fetched Josslyn, she rejoined Shawn in the living room. Carly tried to find out about Shawn's job in Washington, DC, but Shawn was tight-lipped about it. Carly continued to press for information until Shawn eventually revealed that he had been offered a job as a science teacher at a middle school, but he had turned it down. Carly was stunned that he had been offered a job as a teacher. Shawn chuckled as he reminded her that he'd had a life before the military. Carly confessed that she thought that he would make a wonderful teacher because he was good with children.

Carly wished that Michael had had a teacher like Shawn because it might have set Michael on a different path. Shawn turned the conversation back to Jax by wondering if Jax had contacted Carly. Carly admitted that she hadn't heard from Jax, which made Shawn question if she thought that it was strange that Jax hadn't made any effort to remain in touch with Josslyn. Carly refused to let Shawn change the subject, so she urged him to take the job in Washington, DC. Carly continued to push Shawn, until he finally relented. Carly walked Shawn to the door, wished Shawn luck with his new career, and then said goodbye.

Meanwhile, at an undisclosed motel, Jax opened his backpack, glanced at the picture of him and Josslyn, and then looked up with a determined expression.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

At the hospital, Epiphany wondered if Robin truly believed that it was a good time to leave the hospital. Robin argued that she needed to relax and unwind, so Patrick smiled victoriously as he practically shoved his wife into the elevator. Later, at the spa, Patrick led Robin to a private room to await her massage. He regretted that he couldn't stay, but he urged Robin to kick up her feet, and read her magazine until the masseuse arrived. After Patrick left, Robin started to flip through a magazine, but her phone vibrated. She answered the phone and then groaned when she was told that she was needed at the hospital for a last-minute board meeting.

A short time later, Epiphany chuckled when she saw Robin at the nurses' station. Epiphany teased Robin about not being able to stay away from work, so Robin decided to offer the spa gift certificate to Epiphany. Epiphany made it clear that she didn't do massages, so Robin suggested that Epiphany have a facial. Epiphany refused, but Robin insisted that Epiphany take a mandatory break. At the spa, Epiphany reclined in a chair when Patrick quietly crept into the room wearing only a towel. Patrick suggestively asked if she were ready for an "expert set of hands."

Patrick froze when Epiphany warned Patrick not to take another step. Patrick looked accusingly at Epiphany as he complained, "You're not my wife." He demanded to know where Robin was and then started to tell Epiphany about his plans to surprise Robin. Epiphany insisted that it was too much information and then explained that Robin had ordered Epiphany to take time off to relax. Patrick confessed that Epiphany didn't look relaxed.

On the waterfront, Johnny rolled his eyes when Max and Milo stepped forward to block his path. Sonny stepped out of the shadows from behind Johnny, effectively blocking Johnny on the staircase. "What, nobody's going to welcome me home?" Sonny asked sarcastically. Johnny suggested that if Sonny had wanted to reach out and touch him, then Sonny should have called. Sonny ignored the comment as he demanded to know if Johnny was in cahoots with Anthony and the Trujillos, who were moving drugs through the territory. Sonny threatened Anthony's life, but Johnny made it clear that he didn't "give a damn" about Anthony.

Johnny explained that with Claudia gone, Johnny had nothing to lose. However, Sonny couldn't say the same thing because even though Brenda had left town with her son, Sonny still had "plenty of little Sonnys running around town." Max and Milo closed in on Johnny as Sonny demanded to know if Johnny were threatening Sonny's children. "Are you stupid enough to actually do something about it?" Johnny shot back. Johnny reminded Sonny that they had been down the same road before with Kristina. Johnny was frustrated because Sonny was continually wrong about him, so he suggested that Sonny stop blaming Johnny for everything.

Johnny warned Sonny that it would be Sonny's downfall. "And yours is going to be your daddy," Sonny replied. Sonny advised Johnny to put a leash on Anthony if Johnny truly wanted a truce. Johnny argued that he had already done that, but Sonny reminded Johnny of the drug trafficking. Johnny explained that it was his understanding that the drugs were legitimate prescriptions crossing the borders, so Johnny didn't see anything wrong with a "little redistribution." Sonny fired back that the drugs eventually found their way into the hands of young people.

Johnny laughed as he shouted for all to hear that "the high and mighty Sonny Corinthos has spoken." Johnny asked for a reminder of exactly how Sonny's "squeaky clean empire" had gotten its start. Johnny recalled that Sonny had started out with strip clubs, where the young people had been high on the drugs that Sonny had supplied. Sonny yelled that it had been ages before, and then pointed out that Johnny also owned bars. Johnny argued that he didn't try to be something that he wasn't, and then accused Sonny of trying to rewrite history. Johnny realized that Sonny feared that the drugs moving through the territory would find their way into Sonny's children's hands.

Sonny's temper flared, but Johnny ignored him. Johnny admitted that he knew what it was like for Sonny's children, especially Michael, which was why Johnny was determined to hold up his end of the truce. Max and Milo grabbed Johnny on Sonny's orders and then shoved Johnny against the railing. Sonny warned Johnny that Johnny was the keeper of nothing, but Johnny insisted that if anything happened to him then anarchy would reign because the five families would go after Sonny and Sonny's children. "We'll see about that. We'll see about a lot of things," Sonny warned Johnny.

"Yeah, how many?" Johnny defiantly yelled as Sonny walked away. "Yeah, a lot," Sonny barked. "What? Like five?" Johnny pushed. "That's not a lot. Eight," Sonny answered. "As long as it ain't nine," Johnny grumbled.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly seated Matt and Maxie at a table. Matt complimented Carly on how nice she looked, so she explained that she was kicking off a fundraiser that Jax had organized. After Carly walked away, Maxie remarked that Carly appeared to be holding up well. They briefly talked about Jax's arrest, and that it had probably been a good idea that Jax had decided to disappear for a while. Maxie confessed that Jax's arrest had seemed like a setup, but she acknowledged that Carly had done worse. Matt changed the subject by asking Maxie about her own brief disappearance.

Matt confessed that he had been worried about her, but Maxie didn't believe him because he had only left her one message. Matt assured her that was a lot for him. Maxie smiled and then promised Matt that it wouldn't happen again. She apologized if he had felt neglected while she had been trapped in the sewer system with Spinelli, while searching for Sam's missing engagement ring. Matt assured her that he understood that she had also been looking out for Spinelli. As if on cue, Matt spotted Jackal skulking around the restaurant.

Nearby, Carly thanked Olivia for agreeing to help out at the restaurant. Olivia didn't mind because it was for a good cause, but she was concerned about how Carly was holding up. Carly started talking about how devastated Jax was, but Olivia insisted that she wanted to know how Carly was doing. Carly confessed that she was sad because she couldn't believe that they hadn't been able to figure out a way to keep Jax in Josslyn's life. Olivia suggested that it wasn't too late.

Later, Matt told Maxie about a patient who had been high on PCP, stormed the operating room, and then began to preach about the merits of smoking, but Maxie's attention was focused on Jackal, who appeared to be watching all of the desserts being served. Matt realized that Maxie was concerned about her friend, so he told her to check on Spinelli. Maxie quickly dashed away just as Jackal speared a pastry dish that had been served to a couple at a nearby table. The patrons objected to Jackal's outrageous behavior, so Maxie offered to pay for their meal just as Olivia approached the table. Jackal began to ramble about the pastries and contraband, so Olivia warned Maxie to get Jackal out of the restaurant before Olivia was forced to call security.

Maxie rejoined Matt a short time later. She apologized for leaving and then explained that Olivia had threatened to call security on Spinelli. Matt admitted that he was concerned about Spinelli because his Jackal "defense mechanism" phase should have passed, but instead it appeared to be getting worse. Maxie agreed and then confessed that she had no idea what to do. However, Maxie didn't want to ruin their evening by discussing Spinelli's problems.

Matt offered to arrange for a professional to evaluate Spinelli before things got worse, if Maxie could manage to get Spinelli to the hospital. Maxie was touched that Matt would do that for her. Matt glanced up to see Jackal sneaking back into the restaurant, so he alerted Maxie. Maxie promised to call Matt later and then went after Spinelli. Matt looked disappointed as he pulled an envelope out of his jacket pocket.

Maxie caught up to Jackal in the alley where he had pulled a cream puff out of the dumpster. Maxie wondered what he was doing, so Jackal sadly explained that he was looking for a break. Maxie glanced at the pastry as she explained that it was just a cream puff. Jackal argued that sometimes things were not what they seemed. "Nothing ever is," he added in a forlorn voice. Jackal then started babbling about how he had noticed that there weren't any doorbells in town, which was why everyone knocked. According to Jackal, there was something very wrong with that.

Maxie agreed that there was something wrong. Maxie gently wiped the cream filling from the pastry that Jackal had absentmindedly crushed, as she confided that she wished that she could see herself through Spinelli's eyes when he used to look at her. "I see you," Jackal assured her in a quiet voice. Maxie promised that she saw him, too, but she saw something else that they needed to be honest about. Maxie explained that they couldn't keep doing things "this way anymore." "Do what?" Jackal quietly asked.

Maxie revealed that she needed to take him somewhere to see something that only he would be able to see, even if it hurt him a little. Jackal offered no resistance as Maxie led him away.

In the restaurant, Carly greeted Sonny when he approached the bar. She immediately sensed that he was tense, so Sonny explained that it was a tense time. Carly wondered if Sonny had gone after Brenda, but Sonny explained that he and Brenda were over. However, he assured Carly that he in no way blamed her for Brenda leaving with Jax because Sonny knew that Carly had given Jax every opportunity to do the right thing. Sonny realized that Jax wouldn't have been satisfied unless Carly had cut Sonny out of her life. Carly admitted that she didn't know how to do that.

Sonny reminded Carly that she understood him, so he hoped that she realized why he had done what he had to Jax. Sonny knew that she hadn't approved of his methods, but he refused to let Jax use his money and connections to take Josslyn away from Carly. Carly confessed that she couldn't thank Sonny enough for helping her to keep Josslyn. Sonny wished that more people would see it that way. Carly realized that he had someone specific in mind, so Sonny told her about his talk with Robin. Carly wasn't surprised that Robin had taken Brenda's side.

Sonny made it clear that he was through apologizing for his actions, but Carly confessed that it didn't appear that way to her. Carly sensed that Sonny was at war, so she urged him to let it be over, so that no one, including Sonny, got hurt. Sonny assured Carly that he could take care of himself. Carly disagreed, but she explained that she didn't have time to go over all the reasons that he was wrong because she had to get home to Josslyn. However, she was sorry that Robin had turned out to be such a lousy friend to Sonny. Sonny explained that Robin had bought into Jax's "noble act," so Sonny hoped that Jax wasn't stupid enough to cross his path.

At the apartment, Siobhan was disappointed when she reached Lucky's voicemail. She confessed that she hoped that he was busy working, and not in trouble. Siobhan apologized for being a nag since Lucky had agreed to investigate the drug theft at the hospital, and then assured him that she believed in him, his strength, and his ability to do his job. She admitted that she couldn't bear the thought of losing him because he meant everything to her. Siobhan asked him to call her when he received the message and then ended the call.

Later, Lulu knocked on the apartment door, but no one answered. She was surprised when she found the door unlocked, so she opened the door and then tentatively entered the apartment as she called out to Lucky and Siobhan. Seconds later, Ethan appeared in the apartment's doorway. Lulu explained that no one was home, so Ethan explained that Siobhan had experienced a nosebleed earlier that had concerned him. Ethan had stopped by to see how Siobhan was doing. He decided to check around the apartment to make certain that Siobhan hadn't collapsed.

A few minutes later, Ethan returned to the living room to confirm that no one was home. Lulu decided to leave a note for Lucky, since she hadn't been able to reach him by phone. "That's so 80s of you," Ethan remarked with a chuckle. Lulu confessed that she had no idea what to say because telling Lucky that she had given up on searching for Luke sounded lame. Ethan disagreed; he thought that it sounded like Lulu had made progress. Ethan then commended Lulu for making the right call about their father.

Lulu conceded that she couldn't throw her life away just to prove something to Luke. Ethan suggested that Luke needed to work things out for himself, but Lulu argued that Luke wasn't doing that. Lulu explained that Luke had put himself into more danger by aligning himself with Helena over some diamonds. Ethan smiled as he confessed that it sounded as if their father were up to his old tricks, which Ethan thought was a good sign. Lulu couldn't understand how Ethan could be so casual about it. Ethan argued that Luke and Helena were cut from the same cloth, so they would likely have some fun.

Lulu started to explain why Ethan's attitude wasn't realistic, but then she realized that she had fallen into the same old pattern of worrying about her father. Ethan admitted that "na´ve optimism" worked best in difficult situations, and then remarked that they couldn't stop Luke any more than they could stop Lucky. "Lucky?" Lulu asked. Lulu wanted to know what was going on, so Ethan told her about Lucky's investigation. Lulu became alarmed when she realized that the investigation involved Lucky's drug of choice. She insisted that she needed to find Lucky and then left.

At the hospital, Liz slipped out of the supply closet, clutching a paper bag. Dante called out to Liz, and then wondered if she had heard from Lucky. Liz shook her head and then admitted that she doubted that Lucky had gone home to Siobhan because Siobhan would assume the worst. Dante agreed that Lucky would be too paranoid to turn to Siobhan, so he suggested that they call the police to help find Lucky. Liz pleaded with Dante to reconsider because everyone would think that Lucky had slipped and then label him an addict. Liz refused to give up on Lucky, so Dante assured her that he hadn't given up on Lucky either.

However, Dante was desperate to save Lucky's life, so he feared that Lucky might be harmed if he weren't found soon. Liz warned Dante that if they involved the police then they would be playing right into the hands of the men who had injected Lucky with the drugs. Liz suspected that Lucky had been targeted because Lucky had gotten too close to the drug ring, so she didn't want him to lose his badge because of what had happened. Dante reminded her that they could back up Lucky's story, but Liz pointed out that Dante had doubts about Lucky. Liz suggested that if Lucky's close friend wasn't fully convinced of the story then Mac and Internal Affairs were less likely to believe that Lucky had been shot up full of drugs against his will. Liz begged Dante to give her a few hours to find Lucky.

Dante noticed the bag, so he asked her if she had taken drugs from the supply closet. Liz readily admitted that she had, so Dante reminded her that she could get in trouble. "Then arrest me," Liz defiantly replied. Dante assured her that he would pretend that she had received a requisition for the drugs. They made arrangements to stay in touch and then went their separate ways to search for Lucky.

In the alley behind Luzetta's Bakery, Anthony played with the rubber tie from the drug paraphernalia kit until J.T. walked up. J.T. chuckled when he realized that they were standing behind the bakery that the "weird private eye" had been staking about because he believed that drugs were being smuggled in the pastries. Anthony revealed that he was about to do what he did best. "Take advantage of the situation," Anthony clarified. Anthony explained that thanks to Spinelli, who worked for Jason Morgan, Luzetta's would be the last place anyone would suspect when Anthony actually started moving drugs through there. "Flipping the script," J.T. replied with admiration.

Anthony bragged that with Lucky removed from circulation, there wouldn't be any potential roadblocks. Siobhan approached the alley and then froze in her tracks when she overheard their conversation. J.T. chuckled as he talked about Lucky's "strange trip," and Anthony insist that Lucky needed to stay on a "vacation high from reality," so that they could set everything set up. Anthony and J.T. continued to discuss their plans in detail, including how they anticipated that no one would believe Spinelli if Spinelli were to see something. J.T. was curious what they would do if Lucky were to cause problems, so Anthony explained that if Lucky weren't discredited then they would have to dispose of Lucky. J.T. and Anthony heard Siobhan gasp, so Anthony sent J.T. on his way and then pulled out the rubber tie.

Anthony was about to confront Siobhan when he heard Liz approaching. Anthony ducked behind some dumpsters as Liz entered the alley while talking on the phone with Dante. Dante had received word that a signal from Lucky's cell phone had been picked up. Liz explained that she was two blocks away from the warehouse where Lucky's cell phone appeared to be, so she would investigate. Liz thought that it would be best if she were to approach Lucky alone because of the state that Lucky was in. Dante agreed, but he asked her to call him when she found Lucky.

Siobhan stepped out of the shadows as Liz passed by and then followed her. Anthony smiled diabolically as he followed Siobhan. Later, Liz found Lucky's cell phone, but Lucky was nowhere in sight. Liz checked in with Dante, who insisted on calling the police, but Liz implored him to give her another hour to find Lucky. After Liz ended the call, Lucky's cell phone rang. She looked at it until Siobhan ordered Liz to answer it, so that Liz could tell Siobhan "where the hell my husband is."

Lucky was dripping wet as he staggered into a church that appeared to be under construction. He looked around in confusion until he heard a noise. "Liz?" he called out.

At the hospital, Lulu heard the tail end of Dante's phone call. She started to ask him about it, but then realized that Dante didn't want to talk about it. Lulu didn't want to put Dante in a position where he felt compelled to lie to her, so she explained that she had heard about Lucky's case. Lulu revealed that she intended to find Lucky to have a word with him and then walked away.

At an undisclosed motel, Jax had changed into dark clothing, donned a black baseball cap over his close-cropped hair, tucked the picture of him and Josslyn in his pocket, and then left. Later, in an alley, Jax called to arrange for his jet to be fueled, and readied for an extra passenger. He was unaware that Skye lurked nearby, eavesdropping.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Skye spotted Jax in an alley, but she did not overhear his phone conversion. Jax told his pilot to have the plane ready for takeoff as soon as Jax got there. Jax, who was dressed in black paramilitary gear, did not see Skye. Jax moved on before she called out to him.

Carly held Josslyn on her lap in the nursery. Carly told Josslyn how much she loved her baby girl. Carly said that after Josslyn's nap, they would spend the rest of the day together. After Josslyn fell asleep, Carly went downstairs and told Mercedes, the nanny, that she would be back after the fundraiser at the Metro Court. Jax watched through a window as Carly left the house.

At the Metro Court, Skye sat on a barstool and exchanged pleasantries about the fundraiser with Edward. Olivia spotted Sonny having a drink and confronted him. Olivia said that she could tell that Sonny was in pain. Olivia asked Sonny not use his pain as an excuse to cause trouble. Sonny said that he was not a punk kid who would trash the place. Olivia said that she had been a witness to Sonny's behavior when he had no place to put his pain.

Sonny changed the subject and told Olivia that she looked nice. Olivia said that Sonny was trying to avoid telling her what was wrong, and that was the reason for his compliments. Olivia said that Sonny would take anything offered to him as a diversion from his pain. Sonny said that he was just looking and that it was okay to look. Olivia said that if Sonny was looking in her direction, he was looking in the wrong direction.

Carly arrived at the fundraiser and saw Skye. Carly wanted to know what Skye was doing in Port Charles. Skye said that Jax had invited her. When Carly said that Jax was not in town, Skye said that she had seen Jax 20 minutes before. Carly became concerned and left the fundraiser.

Sonny wanted to know where Carly had gone. Olivia said that she did not know, but was covering for her. Olivia continued trying to get Sonny to talk about his split from Brenda so that he could vent and not do something destructive. They reminisced about being kids in Bensonhurst. Sonny told Olivia that he had spent his whole life trying to put his pain in a box. He showed her a key, which he said was the key to the box. Sonny said the box was wide open, and he was trying to decide what to remove and what more to put in.

When Sonny stood up to leave, he told Olivia that he'd meant it when he said that she had a nice neck. Olivia also stood and hugged Sonny. Olivia told him to be careful about where he dumped his pain.

As a storm began, Lucky stumbled into the abandoned church where he and Liz had exchanged wedding vows as teenagers. The lightning frightened him, and he hid in a corner. Lucky hallucinated Liz in a white dress with white flowers in her hair. At the same time, he saw their teenage wedding in flashback. Lucky talked to the hallucination, which talked back to him. The hallucination reminded him of their vows of love and said that her love had never changed. Lucky said that Liz was the one who had walked away.

The hallucination asked Lucky not to give up on them because they had a permanent lock. Lucky said that he and Liz had done terrible things to each other and hurt each other badly. Lucky said that they might have a permanent lock, but they did not know how to make their relationship work. Lucky asked the hallucination to make him believe, but when he reached for her hand he pulled a white cloth off a tall candleholder. Lucky called out for Liz, and then passed out on the floor.

Siobhan confronted Liz on a second-floor landing. Liz had Lucky's phone, and Siobhan wanted to know why. Siobhan grabbed Liz's purse and found Lucky's shoes along with the drugs that Liz had taken from GH to counteract the drugs that had been forced on Lucky. Siobhan jumped to the worst possible conclusion and accused Liz of stealing drugs from the hospital to keep Lucky dependent on Liz. Liz tried to explain, but Siobhan would not listen and threatened to go to the hospital board and get Liz fired.

Liz finally told Siobhan that someone shot Lucky up to make it look like he was using. Siobhan said that either way, Liz got what she wanted. She got to save Lucky. Liz said that it was not about Liz, it was about the father of her kids. Siobhan said that Liz was using her kids as an excuse. Siobhan said that she was not buying it. Siobhan accused Liz of knowing where Lucky was and not admitting it. Liz screamed that she did not know where Lucky was. Siobhan said that they could look for him together.

As they started down the stairs, Siobhan experienced a headache. When Liz tried to help, Siobhan got angry and wanted to know why Liz had not called as soon as she had known that Lucky had been drugged. Liz said it was because Lucky had asked her not to call Siobhan. Siobhan got livid and said she was going to tell the hospital and the police. Siobhan tried to take Liz's purse, which held the drugs and Lucky's shoes. In the ensuing struggle Siobhan fell down the stairs. Liz was frantic when she saw Siobhan lying at the bottom of the stairs. Liz said that Siobhan's injuries were serious, and Siobhan needed immediate medical attention. Siobhan was barely conscious as Liz helped her to the car.

Sam and Jason happily planned the details of their wedding and talked about their life together. Shawn dropped by to let Jason know that he had concerns about Carly. Shawn was of the opinion that Jax would not let go and that Carly needed to be on guard. Jason agreed. Jason said that Franco as well as Jax posed a danger to the safety of Carly's brood. Jason offered Shawn a job guarding Carly, but Shawn said it was time for him to move on. Jason shook Shawn's hand and offered to help Shawn find a job. Shawn thanked Jason and told Jason to look out for Carly before leaving.

Sam and Jason went back to looking at wedding books and discussing a wedding planner. Sam and Jason laughed about Maxie expecting them to do everything right. Jason said that before they booked the band and ordered flowers, they should set the date. Sam agreed. Sam got out a calendar and opened it. Jason and Sam closed their eyes and dropped a coin on the calendar. Before they could ascertain the date, Carly rushed in.

Carly said she was sorry but that she could not wait. Carly told Sam and Jason that Jax was back in town, and she had just heard the news from Skye. Sam questioned whether or not Skye was being truthful or just messing with Carly. Carly was convinced that Jax was headed for Josslyn. Jason wanted to know why Carly had not called the police. Carly said that Jax was Josslyn's father and she did not want to hurt him or his relationship to Josslyn. Carly said she had not gone to Sonny because she did not want Sonny to destroy Jax. Carly's heartfelt plea convinced Jason to leave with her. After they were gone, Sam circled a date on the calendar.

Jax sneaked into Josslyn's room and picked her up. Jax told Josslyn that he would never leave her again. Jax said that he had hoped that they would be a family and that he would grow old with Carly. Jax told Josslyn that they would make new memories together. No one saw Jax as he left Josslyn's room. Jax got to the front door and opened it. Shawn was standing on the threshold.

Carly and Jason were driving through a heavy downpour. Carly was frantic because she could not reach Mercedes, and no one was answering the house phone. From the opposite direction, Liz and Siobhan were driving through a heavy downpour. Liz told Siobhan to stay awake. Liz feared that Siobhan had a concussion. Siobhan accused Liz of pushing her down the stairs. Liz said it had been an accident. Siobhan said that Liz wanted her dead and then passed out. Liz took her eyes off the road as she tried to rouse Siobhan. Liz veered into oncoming traffic. In Jason's car, Carly screamed for him to watch out as their vehicle was struck head-on.

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