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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 8, 2011 on GH
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Monday, August 8, 2011

A violent storm hit Port Charles, causing brownouts and poor driving conditions.

At General Hospital, Monica overheard Patrick and Robin spar after Robin assigned Patrick a tonsillectomy. When Patrick left, Monica asked if she could give Robin some advice. Robin said that she would gratefully accept advice from GH's former chief of staff. Monica said that it was not about the hospital, but about Robin's marriage. Monica said that work could take over your life and ruin your marriage -- that it was important to find a balance. Monica said that family and marriage were a gift that could not be replaced, one that Monica had not appreciated until it was gone. Monica said that her advice to Robin was to treasure her husband and daughter and the riches they brought.

Matt, Steve, and Patrick shared a laugh when Patrick said that he had planned a romantic spa getaway for Robin. Patrick said that when he popped in to surprise Robin, he was the one who had been surprised because he had found Epiphany there instead. Robin surprised all of them when she grabbed Patrick and said that she was giving him the night off, and they were going home.

At home, Robin and Patrick shared a romantic night of massage and lovemaking. They were relaxed and happy in their shared love. When Patrick called her "Chief," Robin said that she just wanted to be "Mrs. Drake." Patrick was pleased. Patrick made nachos, which the Drakes had just finished when the lights went out. Patrick decided to head back to the hospital and make sure his patients were okay. Robin said she would also go, but remembered Emma. Patrick said that he could handle things, and she could stay home and be Mrs. Drake. Robin was very agreeable.

With Jackal P.I. in tow, Maxie went to the Crimson offices to take care of some last-minute changes to the magazine. Once they got there, Jackal P.I. found a file marked "confidential" and concluded that Crimson was doing something illegal. Lulu arrived looking for Lucky, and hurt Maxie's feelings by assuming that Lucky would go to Maxie to get drugs. Jackal P.I. made an even bigger leap and asked if Crimson's photos of cupcakes were really advertisements for drug sales.

Jackal P.I. was very taken by Lulu and called her "Moonlight." He gave Lulu several admiring compliments, but treated Maxie like a trollop. Maxie took Lulu aside and told her that Spinelli had a real problem and needed help. Lulu said that Spinelli was just acting and Maxie was jealous. Maxie said that Spinelli was in real trouble and that as Jackal P.I., he had confronted Anthony Zacchara and was lucky to still be alive.

Jackal P.I. interrupted them and reminded Lulu that it was her birthday. She was thrilled that he remembered. Lulu said that it had made her day; she asked how she could repay him. Jackal P.I. said that a smile from Moonlight was all the thanks he needed. Maxie convinced Lulu to help out at Crimson so she could take Spinelli to the hospital. As they were about to get on the elevator, the lights went out.

Shawn confronted Jax as Jax was about to leave Carly's house with Josslyn. When Shawn asked what Jax was doing, Jax said he was there to rescue his daughter. Jax said he was there to right a wrong. Shawn said that he would not let Jax take Josslyn. Jax countered by asking if Shawn was willing to do violence to stop him. Jax reminded Shawn of the friendly fire incident that had caused Shawn's PTSD. Shawn did not try to stop Jax as he pushed past him with Josslyn. Shawn stood on the doorstep for a few moments before he walked away.

Liz was driving Siobhan to GH when Siobhan muttered that Liz had tried to kill her, and then passed out. Liz tried to revive Siobhan and took her eyes off the road. Liz's car crashed into a car carrying Jason and Carly. Liz was the first to recover. Siobhan was not in the car.

As the rain poured down, Liz found Jason passed out in the driver's seat. Jason was unconscious and had a bleeding cut on his left temple. Liz found Carly nearby. Carly quickly regained consciousness. Carly had a broken wrist and a possible concussion. Liz told her not to move. Liz found an unresponsive Siobhan just as Dante pulled up. Liz had not been able to get 9-1-1 because the cell towers were down in the storm. Dante used his police radio to get help.

When the ambulances arrived, Liz wanted to go look for Lucky. Dante said that she was in shock and had to go to the hospital before she could search for Lucky. Dante said that he would help her after a doctor checked her out. Carly grabbed Dante and told him to call and tell Olivia to meet Carly at the hospital.

Monica and Steve were on duty when the accident call came in. Olivia arrived just before the paramedics. Steve took Siobhan's vitals as she was wheeled to a treatment bay. Monica noticed that Jason was on the second gurney.

At the penthouse, Sam was happily looking through wedding books when Monica called to tell her that Jason had been injured.

Carly told Olivia that Jax was in town. Steve told Liz that Siobhan was in critical condition. When Steve asked Liz what had happened, Liz said that Siobhan had fallen down the stairs, but would tell everyone that Liz had tried to kill her.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On the island, Michael and Abby returned from a moonlit swim. As they dried off, Michael reminisced about the wonderful times that he had spent on the island through the years. Michael confided that he had always felt safe, and that everything would be okay, during his time on the island. Abby confessed that she had felt the same way while they had been swimming. Michael smiled, admitted that she was the only person he needed, and then suggested that they spend the evening in the casino.

Abby reminded Michael that he wasn't twenty-one, so it might be awkward for the island employees to have to turn their boss's son away. Michael chuckled as he informed Abby that the rules were different on the island. A short time later, Abby was impressed when Michael entered the living room, wearing a tailor-cut white dinner jacket, and slacks. Abby revealed that she hadn't packed for an evening in the casino, so her choices were limited to two plain dresses. Michael decided that the dresses wouldn't do, so he presented Abby with an elegant black box.

Abby was delighted when she discovered an exquisite gown inside the box. Michael explained that he had bought it at a store on the island, where his father liked to shop. Abby's smile faded as she realized that Michael was taking a page out of Sonny's book by showering her with gifts and champagne, and arranging for her to win at the gambling tables. Michael didn't see why that was a problem, but Abby insisted that she could have just as much fun at home with Michael, eating popcorn and watching a movie. Abby claimed that Michael's plans for the evening felt false, and that it seemed more like Sonny's style. Michael failed to understand why Abby was so upset, so Abby explained that it appeared that he was trying to become like his father, which scared her.

Abby reminded Michael that they had responsibilities at home, and that they had flown to the island to find Sonny, not to take a vacation. Michael argued that Sonny was doing fine at home, so Michael didn't see why she objected to an extra day in paradise. Abby insisted that it was his father's paradise, and that she refused to be paraded around like one of Sonny's women. Michael assured Abby that he was proud to be seen with her, but Abby's eyes welled up with tears as she handed the dress back to Michael. She told him that if she had wanted to be treated like eye-candy then she would still be stripping at the club. Michael angrily replied, "Sorry I took you off the pole," and then stormed out.

Later, Michael returned to the bungalow. Abby admitted that she knew that he had been trying to do something nice for her, so she didn't want to fight about the gown. Michael remained sullen as he told her that it was fine if she didn't like the dress. Abby explained that she just needed him to understand that watching him walk in Sonny's shoes so effortlessly had upset her. Michael revealed that some of the best times of his life had been on the island, so he had wanted to share that with her. He hadn't expected her to throw it back in his face.

Abby promised Michael that she hadn't intended to do that, but it concerned her how easy it was for him to skip work, and to rely on his name to get ahead. Michael reminded Abby that she hadn't minded using his name to land a job at ELQ. Abby didn't disagree, but she clarified that she intended to keep her job on her own merits by earning Edward's trust. Abby didn't want to be a secretary who flew out of town without warning just to spend time with the Quartermaine heir. Abby insisted that she and Michael were better than that.

Michael admitted that Abby was the only person in his life who hadn't tried to control him or run his life. Abby gently suggested that Michael had been doing that by extending their stay on the island without giving her any say in the matter. Michael accused Abby of preferring that he be damaged because she needed someone whom she could heal, not a real man. Abby insisted that Michael had helped her far more than she had helped him. Michael wondered what Abby had expected when she had become involved with a Quartermaine-Corinthos, but Abby claimed that Michael wasn't trying to be his own man.

Michael admitted that the only reason he hadn't joined the mob was because of Abby. Abby insisted that it should have been because Michael didn't want that kind of life. Michael argued that the mob world wasn't very different from the corporate world. Michael insisted that Jax owned diamond mines, which exploited and hurt young children, and that Jax had destroyed many families as a corporate raider. Abby conceded that Michael made persuasive arguments, so he might consider going to law school. "Anything but crime, right?" Michael complained.

Abby didn't disagree, but she argued that he had a gift for business. Michael rolled his eyes as he explained that his sage business advice to Edward had been a lucky break, but Abby assured him that Michael didn't have to be like Sonny or rebel against Jax. Abby wanted Michael to be true to himself. That person, Abby revealed, was the person that she wanted to be with. Michael was glad that she knew who that was, but he confessed that he wasn't so certain. Later, Abby appeared in the doorway of the patio wearing the gown that Michael had bought for her, but Michael assured her that it hadn't been necessary because he realized that he had been wrong. Abby apologized for her reaction and then thanked him for the gift.

At the hospital, Matt gave a nurse last-minute instructions in preparation of Siobhan's surgery. Liz approached Matt for an update on Siobhan's condition. Matt suggested that Siobhan's family should be notified, so Liz offered to have Epiphany contact Siobhan's relatives in Ireland. Matt clarified that he had meant Lucky. Matt then questioned Liz about Siobhan's injuries. Liz explained that Siobhan had been ejected from the car during the crash, but Matt wondered if anything else had happened. Liz reluctantly admitted that Siobhan had taken a spill down a flight of stairs, but she refused to share the details about what had led to it.

Steve walked up and then reminded Matt that Matt needed to focus on saving Siobhan, not questioning Liz. After Matt left, Steve demanded to know exactly what had happened to Siobhan. Liz resented Steve's accusatory tone, but Steve reminded Liz that she had confided to him that she had been afraid that Siobhan would accuse her of trying to kill Siobhan. Liz assured her brother that it had been an accident, but she also made it clear that she didn't want to discuss what had happened. Liz immediately clamed up when Steve asked where Lucky was. Steve warned Liz that it looked bad for Liz because of recent events, so Liz would have to get her story straight because it would be Liz's word against Siobhan's.

In a nearby examination bay, Carly tried to leave to get to Josslyn, but Olivia stopped her. Olivia reminded Carly that Carly might have internal injuries. Carly explained that Skye had revealed that Jax was in town, and that he intended to kidnap Josslyn. Carly insisted that she needed to get to Jax and Josslyn before Sonny found out. Olivia guided Carly to the gurney and then ordered Carly to sit. Carly demanded to know what Olivia had told Sonny when Carly had left the restaurant.

Carly's spirits sank when Olivia admitted that she had told Sonny that Carly had an emergency, and that Sonny had left shortly afterwards. Carly realized that Sonny had probably figured things out, so he had gone to Carly's house. Carly made another attempt to leave, but Epiphany blocked Carly's exit. Epiphany explained that Carly had a broken wrist, and a possible concussion, so Carly needed to be checked out before she could leave. Carly started to refuse treatment, but Olivia promised to go to Carly's house to make certain that everything was okay.

Olivia found Dante sitting in the waiting area, so she insisted that he loan her his car keys. Dante wanted to know why, because he was concerned about his mother driving in bad weather, but Olivia refused to explain herself. She snatched the keys from her son and then left. A short time later, Dante found Liz pacing in the hallway. Liz admitted that it would be her fault if Siobhan died. Dante advised Liz, as a friend, to stop saying things like that because people might begin to believe her.

Liz reminded him of the drugs that she had stolen, so Dante reminded her that they had been requisitioned. Liz's weak smile disappeared as she implored Dante to keep his word about not telling anyone about Lucky. Dante thought that they should deal with more pressing matters first. He instructed Liz to keep it simple if anyone questioned her about what had happened to Siobhan. Dante suggested that Liz admit that she and Siobhan had argued, but to keep the details to a minimum without being evasive.

Dante also advised Liz to remain consistent about her story. Liz wondered if Dante thought that she had pushed Siobhan down the stairs. Dante assured Liz that accidents happened. Liz relaxed as she confessed that her misery had begun before Siobhan had arrived in Port Charles. She revealed that Lucky had been planning to buy a plot of land in the woods, build a house, and marry Liz, but all the while, Liz had been sleeping with Nikolas.

Liz explained that Lucky had accepted a job with Interpol to get away from her, but Dante argued that Lucky had been strong-armed into accepting the assignment, so it hadn't been about Liz. Liz thought that everything could have been avoided, including Siobhan's injuries, if she had made things work with Lucky, when they had planned to build their dream house. Dante suggested that thinking like that didn't helping anyone. According to Dante, Liz's affair had been a mistake, but everyone made mistakes. Liz warned Dante that some mistakes cost more than others did.

Later, Dante hoped it was a good sign that no one had left the operating room, so Liz suggested that Siobhan might have stabilized. Liz panicked when Dante suggested that it was time to call the police to help find Lucky. Liz reminded Dante that Internal Affairs would likely fire Lucky, so she begged Dante to give her more time. As they talked, Liz realized that she might know where Lucky had gone, so she dashed off with a promise to call Dante as soon as she located Lucky.

Sonny became alarmed when he found Morgan's stuffed toy, Rufus, lying on the ground in the open doorway of Carly's house. He picked up the toy and then slowly made his way through the house, calling Carly's name. Sonny drew his gun when no one responded. Moments later, he heard someone pounding on a nearby door, so he went to investigate. Later, Mercedes returned from Josslyn's room to tearfully report that Josslyn wasn't in her crib where Mercedes had left her. Mercedes assured Sonny that she'd had the baby monitor with her, so she hadn't heard anything to indicate where Josslyn might be.

Seconds later, Olivia arrived. Olivia was stunned to realize that Carly had been right to be concerned about Josslyn. Sonny immediately demanded to know what Olivia knew, so Olivia told Sonny that Jax had taken Josslyn. Mercedes was distraught as she apologized profusely for not keeping Josslyn safe. Olivia calmed Mercedes down and then instructed Mercedes to keep trying to reach Jax on the cell pone. Afterwards, Sonny bellowed that he wanted answers.

Olivia explained that Skye had warned Carly about Jax having returned to town, so Carly had gone to Jason for help. Sonny was furious that Carly hadn't turned to him, but Olivia pointed out that Carly had been worried about Sonny's volatile reaction. Olivia listened to Sonny's rant about Jax and then calmly told Sonny about the accident. Olivia was astounded when Sonny shouted that he refused to allow Jax to take Josslyn. Olivia couldn't believe that Sonny hadn't shown any concern for Jason. Sonny defended his reaction by insisting that he would not allow Jax to take what belonged to him and Carly.

Olivia reminded Sonny that Brenda had never belonged to Sonny, but Sonny ignored her. Sonny warned Olivia that Jax would have to be stopped, so Olivia decided to call Dante. Olivia hoped that Dante would be able to stop Sonny from making a terrible mistake. Sonny refused to involve Dante, so Olivia decided to accompany Sonny on his mission to find Jax.

In Skye's suite at Metro Court Hotel, Skye helped her grandfather sit down in a chair and then asked him if he needed his heart pills. Edward blamed his weakened state on the heat wave, but he assured Skye that he would be fine once he rested. Skye pointed out that the heat wave had broken after the storm had hit. Skye warned Edward that she saw through his attempt to garner sympathy from her, so that he could stop her from doing what she was in Port Charles to do. Edward flashed a smile and then asked her how he was doing. Skye admitted that he "used to be a better liar," so Edward argued that she "used to be more gullible."

Edward then turned serious as he confessed that he wanted to know what she was up to and, more importantly, how he could get a cut of the action. Skye chuckled until Edward clutched his chest. She immediately grew concerned as Edward reached for his Nitroglycerin pills and then confessed that perhaps he had overdone it. Seconds later, Sonny burst through the door, with his gun raised, and then demanded to know where Skye's "kid-stealing boy-toy" was. Skye had no idea what Sonny was talking about, so Sonny revealed that Jax had stolen Josslyn. Skye reminded Sonny that Jax was Josslyn's father, so Jax had a right to see his daughter.

"Not according to the court," Sonny argued. Edward was amused that Sonny would use the legal system to make an argument, especially after Sonny's smear campaign against Jax. Olivia demanded to know if Skye or Edward knew anything about Josslyn because Carly was frantic with worry. Skye scoffed that Carly was always upset about something. Olivia glared pointedly at Edward as she revealed that Carly and Jason had been in a car accident.

Jax was stranded on the side of the road. He realized that he had flooded the engine because he had been driving too fast through the puddles on his race to get to the airport. Jax quickly realized that his vehicle was useless, so he gathered up Josslyn and then started walking. Jax took shelter in an alley with Josslyn as the storm continued to rage. Meanwhile, Shawn struggled with a posttraumatic stress attack as he stumbled around Port Charles, looking for Jax and Josslyn. Eventually, Shawn found Jax's abandoned car, so he sat down in the backseat as the sounds of gunfire and the pleas of a young boy begging to be left alone haunted Shawn.

Shawn shivered in the backseat, as the flashback bombarded him, until a dog found him. The dog jumped into the backseat with Shawn, which seemed to snap Shawn out of the flashback. Shawn closed the door of the car as he and the dog rode out the storm in the back of Jax's car.

At the hospital, Sam was desperate to see Jason, but Monica explained that Jason was unconscious, and undergoing tests, so they would have to wait. However, Monica assured Sam that Patrick was with Jason. Sam feared the worst, but Monica distracted her by wondering what Jason had been doing driving around in bad weather. Sam laughed without humor as she revealed that Carly had had an emergency, so Carly had turned to Jason to fix it. Monica grumbled that Carly's life was a constant emergency.

Monica and Sam reminded each other that Jason was strong. Monica confessed that she was happy that Jason had Sam in his life because Sam accepted Jason for whom he was, which Monica hadn't been able to do very well. Sam confided that Jason had appreciated the picture that Monica had given him of Jason as a toddler. Monica admitted that losing Jake had put a lot of things into perspective for her. Monica then questioned Sam about Carly's crisis, so Sam told her what she knew. Sam had no idea why Carly always expected Jason and Sonny to fix Carly's problems.

Nearby, Carly tried to use the phone at the nurses' station to make a phone call, but Epiphany disconnected the call with a reminder to Carly that the phone was reserved for hospital staff only. Carly cried that it was important that she get in touch with Josslyn. Epiphany offered to call the police, but Carly insisted that it would just make matters worse. Frustrated, Epiphany asked Carly to provide her with a list of people whom Carly approved of. Carly's attention was diverted when she spotted Sam and Monica sitting in the waiting area.

Carly approached Sam and Monica to ask them how Jason was doing. Sam glared at Carly as she admitted that she had no idea. "Are you proud of yourself?" Sam snidely wondered. Sam angrily accused Carly of running to Jason for help, without even knowing for certain that Josslyn was in danger. Sam was disgusted that Carly had resorted to using Jake to get Jason to act, so she was curious if Carly had any boundaries. Carly insisted that Josslyn's disappearance trumped any boundaries, but Sam wondered if Carly had even bothered to go home to check on Josslyn before turning to Jason for help.

Sam insisted that it wasn't any different than when Carly had gone crying to Sonny for help when Carly had been on the verge of losing the custody suit. "Look at what that did," Sam coldly added. Carly argued that she couldn't be held responsible for what Sonny had done, which prompted Sam to laugh. Sam suggested that it was never Carly's responsibility because Carly used other people to get what Carly wanted. According Sam, Carly had been doing it for years, and Jason had been hurt "again." Carly was shocked that Sam tried to imply that the accident was Carly's fault.

Carly assured Sam that she prayed with everything she had that Jason would be okay. However, Carly refused to apologize for turning to Jason for help because Josslyn might be missing. "Might be," Sam repeated for emphasis. Sam wanted Carly to admit that the crisis had been Carly's attempt to stake a claim on Jason because Carly felt that she had lost ground with Jason. Carly cried that Sam had no idea what it was like to lose a child, prompting Sam to slap Carly across the face. "So much for acting like an adult, huh?" Carly spitefully remarked.

Carly vowed to rip Sam apart the next time that Sam raised a hand to her. Sam wasn't intimidated by the threat as she pointed out that Jason might be seriously injured. Carly insisted that she knew more about Jason being injured then Sam would ever understand. Monica finally stood up to interject that the dubious honor of that claim belonged to Monica. "You want to compare losses?" Monica dared Carly and then walked away disgusted. Carly immediately apologized, but Monica ignored her.

Sam accused Carly of using Jason before Carly had even known Jason's name. According to Sam, Carly had expected Jason to take care of Carly and Carly's children without ever thanking him. Sam suggested that Carly just kept on taking from Jason, but Carly argued that she loved Jason. Carly warned Sam not to underestimate what Carly felt for Jason, or "what I mean to him." Carly insisted that she had been a part of Jason's life a lot longer than Sam had been, so Carly refused to go anywhere, no matter how much Sam wanted her to. Sam hoped that loving Carly hadn't cost Jason his life.

Later, Patrick updated Sam, Monica, and Carly on Jason's condition. Monica put a comforting arm across Sam's shoulder as Patrick revealed that Jason was unresponsive after suffering a severe head trauma. "My God, it's just like before," Monica cried. Sam hugged Monica as she promised Monica that things would be different because Jason would return to them. Carly was shocked.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Diane and Alexis took refuge from the storm at Jake's after Alexis was forced to pull over in her car when a tree fell across the road. Diane grumbled about Alexis' driving, but Alexis pointed out that Diane was alive. Coleman heard the ladies bickering, so he yelled out that the bar was closed. He had a quick change of heart when he saw Diane and Alexis dressed to the nines for the fundraiser gala. Diane conceded that at least they hadn't ended up in a biker bar. Meanwhile, Alexis was disappointed when she failed to get a signal on her cell phone, so she couldn't check on Kristina and Molly.

Coleman smiled as he offered to pour the ladies a drink. He mentioned that he and Kate had decided to take a break, but Diane and Alexis ignored him. After Diane and Alexis sat down at a table, Diane complained about her designer shoes, which had been ruined in the rain. Diane consoled herself with the knowledge that she would be able to replace them after the sequel to the Jackal, P.I. book was published. Coleman served the drinks as Alexis told Diane about Jason and Sam's engagement. Diane was pleasantly surprised that Jason had finally popped the question.

Alexis was surprised because Diane had always seemed against marriage. Diane confessed that she thought that Sam would make a lovely bride. Alexis sensed an edge of wistfulness in Diane's tone, so Diane conceded that there were aspects of marriage that appealed to her. However, Diane thought it would be best for her and Alexis to live vicariously through Sam's wedding. Diane was aghast when Alexis told her about the lug nut engagement ring that Jason had given to Sam.

Diane and Alexis discussed all the reasons that they objected to marriage as Coleman approached the table with a second round of drinks. Coleman hinted that he and Kate had broken up. He glanced at both ladies with expectation, but Diane and Alexis made it clear that they weren't interested. Diane shooed Coleman away by explaining that she and Alexis were in the middle of "girl-talk." After Coleman wandered away, Diane questioned Alexis about Alexis' nonexistent sex life. Diane thought that it was past time for Alexis to drag herself out of the house to see what the world had to offer.

Coleman returned a short time later with a third round of drinks, and then sat down to join the ladies. He flat-out admitted that he was single, but Diane and Alexis continued to ignore Coleman. Diane explained that she was trying to help a friend in need, so she once again chased Coleman off with a pointed look. Disappointed, Coleman walked away. Diane was curious where Alexis stood with Mac, so Alexis confessed that Mac was nice, but he didn't meet her needs. Diane wondered what kind of man Alexis was looking for, but Alexis clarified that she wasn't looking for anyone.

Diane was baffled why Alexis wasn't interested in dating. Diane became distracted when she saw Coleman stretch to fix a light bulb. Alexis noticed, so she reminded Diane of Max. Diane suggested that Max was a perfect example of keeping one's options open. According to Diane, Diane would never have ended up with Max if she hadn't looked past the surface. Diane grinned as she confided that Max could "bend like a Russian gymnast." Alexis covered her ears and then reminded Diane that they had been talking about marriage, not Max.

Alexis suggested that Diane might be able to bend Max, but Alexis was curious who Diane took to fundraisers. Diane admitted that she had Alexis for that, so Diane didn't see any reason to take Max out of the bedroom. However, Diane insisted that Mac was "perfectly utilitarian," so he was well-suited for Alexis. Diane suggested that Alexis should try finding someone to hook up with because there was nothing wrong with it. Alexis rolled her eyes, which prompted Diane to wonder if Alexis had already slept with Mac. Alexis ignored the question as she assured Diane that she was content to be alone.

Diane didn't believe Alexis, but she didn't have an opportunity to debate it because Alexis' cell phone rang. It was Sonny. After a brief conversation with Sonny, Alexis called to check on Kristina and Molly. Alexis was relieved that they were fine, so Coleman invited the ladies to have another round of drinks. Coleman explained that he had received word that the road had been closed, so no one could leave. Alexis refused to have another drink, so Coleman proposed a game.

Lucky woke up in a church that appeared to be under construction. He called out for Liz, but she didn't reply. He glanced around nervously until he suddenly felt Liz's hand cover his. An image of Liz briefly appeared and then faded, so Lucky pulled a sheet off of one of the pews and then wrapped it around himself for warmth. Moments later, Lucky had a flashback of him and Liz as teenagers, squirting each other with the sprayer from the kitchen sink.

After the memory drifted away, Lucky crawled around on the floor until he found a candle and matches. Lucky lit the candle and then curled up into a ball to sleep. He dreamed of the night that he had fallen asleep in his apartment, shortly before Helena had burned it to the ground. A short time later, Liz entered the church.

In Skye's hotel suite, Edward was eager to go to the hospital when Olivia told him about Jason's injury during the car accident. However, Sonny refused to let anyone leave until he found out where Jax had taken Josslyn. Skye invited Sonny to search suite, but she assured Sonny that she hadn't seen Jax except from a distance. Sonny didn't believe Skye, so he demanded to know why she was in town. Skye told Sonny about the fundraiser, but Sonny continued to have doubts. Skye pointed out that Sonny didn't have the right to detain them, so Olivia stepped in before the argument escalated.

Olivia pointed out that Jax obviously wasn't in the suite, so she offered to continue to help Sonny search for Jax. Sonny ordered Olivia to go to the hospital to assure Carly that he would find Josslyn, and deal with Jax, so there wasn't anything to worry about. Later, Sonny spotted Jax's abandoned car on the side of the road. He then made his way to Pozzulo's to call Alexis. Alexis explained that she was stranded at Jake's, so she hadn't see Jax.

Sonny disconnected the call, threw his cell phone across the office, and then checked to make certain that his gun was loaded. Sonny tucked the lethal weapon into the back of his pants and then went to the airport. At the airport, Sonny slipped onto Jax's private jet, but didn't find any sign of Jax or Josslyn. He quickly ducked out of sight when he heard a noise in the front of the plane. Sonny waited with deadly intent as someone walked towards the cabin.

At the hospital, Patrick explained to Sam, Monica, and Carly that they had to approach Jason's situation with as much care as possible because of Jason's previous head injury. Monica demanded to know exactly what they were dealing with, so Patrick revealed that they were running tests because Jason had suffered severe head trauma. Patrick admitted that they wouldn't know what they were dealing with until the results were back. Sam wanted to see Jason, so Patrick gave permission for a brief visit. Carly started to follow Sam, but Monica stopped Carly.

At the nurses' station, Patrick asked Matt about Siobhan's condition. Matt admitted that Siobhan had stabilized. Patrick wondered if Siobhan's previous head injury had been aggravated by the crash, so Matt confessed that it was complicated because he had learned that Siobhan had suffered an injury prior to the accident. Dante eavesdropped as Matt expressed frustration that Lucky hadn't checked on Siobhan. Matt shared the few sketchy details that he knew about Siobhan and Liz's altercation, so Dante stepped forward to remind both brothers that Siobhan's fall had been an accident. Matt reminded Dante of Liz's previous mishap in the operating room, so Matt feared that Siobhan's recent injury would look suspicious.

Dante suggested that they all focus on their jobs, and then walked away. Patrick changed the subject by asking Matt for a second opinion about something that had been found on Jason's scans.

Monica was stunned when she spotted Skye in the waiting room. Monica demanded to know what Skye was doing in Port Charles. Skye sarcastically remarked that it was nice to see Monica too, and then told Monica about the fundraiser. Skye explained that she had bumped into Edward at the event and that he had seemed ill. Monica grew concerned when Skye added that Edward had blamed his weakened state on the heat. Just then, Edward loudly demanded to see his grandson, "Jason Quartermaine."

Edward reminded everyone that the Quartermaine money had practically built the hospital, so Edward expected his demands to be met. Monica quickly approached her father-in-law and then ushered him to the waiting area where she updated Edward on Jason's condition. "Please tell me that this isn't happening again," Edward begged when Monica revealed that Jason had suffered a head injury. Later, Skye returned with some coffee for Edward, so Monica snatched it out of Skye's hand and then gave it to Edward. Edward realized that Monica was trying to compensate for not being able to help Jason by hovering over Edward.

"I can't lose him, Edward" Monica tearfully admitted. Edward reached for Monica's hand to comfort her. Nearby, Olivia approached Steve to ask him if he had seen Carly. Steve suspected that Carly had sought treatment for her broken wrist, but he sensed that Olivia was concerned about more than Carly's injury. Olivia confessed that she feared that the night would only get worse. Moments later, Olivia spotted Carly.

Sam entered the examination bay and saw Jason stretched out on a gurney, unconscious. Sam tearfully joked that he couldn't get out of helping her with the wedding plans, but then turned serious when she reminded him that she had a lug nut on a chain around her neck to prove that they were meant to be together. Sam began to weep as she admitted that she knew that Jason was anxious to put the real engagement ring on her finger, so she urged him to wake up. However, she confessed that the engagement wouldn't mean nearly as much to her as the lug nut because the lug nut represented the joining of two parts, forever. According to Sam, the lug nut was simple and strong, like they were.

Sam leaned down to gently kiss Jason just as Carly opened the door. Carly watched Sam and Jason for a moment and then quietly backed out of the room. A short time later, Sam found Carly near the nurses' station, so she suggested that Carly get her wrist checked out. Carly insisted on seeing Jason, and then made it clear that she didn't care what Sam or Monica had to say about it. Carly claimed that it was unfair to blame her for the accident because Carly had only asked Jason to help find Josslyn.

Sam explained that she hadn't been thinking about the accident, and then reminded Carly that not everything was about Carly. Sam realized that blaming Carly wouldn't change anything, so Sam was determined to focus on staying strong for Jason, so that he could get through the crisis, and then Sam and Jason could walk down the aisle as they had planned. Carly glared at Sam as Sam walked away. Later, Carly visited Jason. She cried as she insisted that he would be okay because he was strong, and had been through a lot worse.

Carly admitted that it was her fault that Jason was in the hospital, so she apologized for dragging him out into the storm to search for Josslyn. Carly wished that she could have said that it had made a difference, but Carly confided that Josslyn was still missing and that Carly was terrified. Carly pointed out that she continued to rely on Jason, even when he was unconscious, because just talking to him had calmed her down. Carly realized that Sam had been right; Carly relied on Jason too much. However, Carly explained that she did that because Jason was the only person in her life whom she could count on.

Carly admitted that she knew that Jason loved Sam, so she was glad that Jason was happy about the wedding, but Carly warned him that she would always need him, and that she would always be a part of his life, so Jason was stuck with Carly. Moments later, Patrick and Matt entered the room to tell Carly that she needed to leave, so that they could run a few more tests on Jason. After Carly left, Matt checked Jason's scan, and then confirmed that Jason was in serious trouble. Later, Edward entered Jason's examination bay to visit with his grandson. Edward confessed that Jason had always been the family's shinning star, and that Edward had recently been hopeful that Jason was finally reconnecting with the Quartermaines because of Michael.

Edward was overcome with emotion as he cried that he couldn't lose Jason. Sam entered the room in time to hear Edward's heartfelt admission, so she assured Edward that Jason would be back because Jason had promised to make an honest woman of her. Edward was delighted to hear about the engagement. He was certain that Lila would have been happy for Jason and Sam too.

In the waiting area, Carly was devastated when Olivia revealed that Jax had taken Josslyn. Carly begged Olivia to stop Sonny because Carly feared that Sonny would kill Jax. Dante overheard their conversation, so he suggested that they call the police. Carly implored Dante to reconsider because Carly was confident that she could fix everything. Moments later, Carly saw Edward leaving Jason's examination bay, so she asked Edward how Jason was doing.

Edward admitted that he hadn't seen Jason so peaceful in a very long time. According to Edward, the last time had been when Jason had been a premed student, and had fallen asleep in his chair, in the den, after studying all night. "God, I miss that boy," Edward quietly confessed. Moments later, Patrick and Matt approached Monica to explain that they needed her to sign a consent form, so that they could operate on Jason. Patrick revealed that they had found a mass on the base of Jason's frontal lobe. Carly wondered if it were a tumor, but Monica told Carly to be quiet, so that Patrick could talk.

Patrick and Matt admitted that they had no idea if the mass was a result of the car accident or not, but they needed to do a biopsy to see what they were dealing with. Matt warned Monica that there was significant swelling as a result of the accident, so the operation was dangerous. Carly had reservations about the operation, but Monica reminded Carly that Patrick was the best. Meanwhile, Sam pointed out that it was a family decision, so Carly didn't have any say in the matter. Carly argued that Sam wasn't Jason's family either. Olivia tactfully dragged Carly away by reminding Carly that Carly had another crisis to deal with.

Monica trusted Patrick's judgment, so she decided to sign the papers authorizing the surgery, but Sam objected. Sam wanted to wait until the swelling went down, but Monica reminded Sam that it wasn't Sam's decision to make. Sam argued that as Jason's fiancée, she had rights, which she intended to exercise.

Later, Olivia explained to Carly, who'd had her wrist bandaged, that a limousine would pick Carly up in front of the hospital. Carly asked Olivia to keep her updated about Jason's condition, because Carly didn't trust Sam or Monica to keep her in the loop, and then left. Olivia and Carly were unaware that Dante had discretely followed Carly.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Jax's private jet, Shawn slowly made his way into the cabin as Sonny lurked in the shadows with his gun raised. Sonny demanded to know what Shawn was doing on the plane. Shawn glanced at the gun and then realized that Sonny had been expecting Jax. Sonny made it clear that it wasn't any of Shawn's concern, since Shawn didn't work for Carly. Sonny assured Shawn that the situation was being "handled," so Shawn sarcastically remarked that it would explain the unconscious pilot Shawn had found. Sonny invited Shawn to call 9-1-1, but Shawn was more interested in knowing what Sonny would have done if Jax had entered the cabin with Josslyn in his arms.

"Start firing and hope you miss her?" Shawn wondered. Sonny insisted that how he dealt with Jax was his business, not Shawn's. Shawn pointed out that Jax would have been long gone if Shawn hadn't disabled Jax's car. Sonny was curious where Jax had been while Shawn had been tampering with the car. Shawn reluctantly admitted that Jax had been inside the house, taking Josslyn. Shawn conceded that Jax had managed to flee with Josslyn because of Shawn, so Shawn was determined to capture Jax.

Sonny suggested that Shawn had let Jax take Josslyn, so that Shawn could play hero by rescuing Josslyn and then returning her to Carly's grateful arms. Shawn bragged that he would be able to find Josslyn without using a gun, but Sonny wasn't impressed. Sonny insisted that Jax had to be stopped, so that Jax didn't take something else that belonged to Sonny. Shawn realized that Sonny was talking about Brenda. Shawn explained that the difference between him and Sonny was that Shawn was willing to die for Josslyn, while Sonny was willing to kill for her.

At Carly's house, Carly left Jax a voicemail message, pleading with him to return Josslyn. Carly assured Jax that they could talk things out, to avoid any further problems. After Carly ended the call, Dante appeared in the doorway. Carly resented Dante letting himself in, uninvited, but Dante informed her that the front door had been left wide open. Dante revealed that he knew that Sonny was looking for Jax because Jax had taken Josslyn. He warned Carly that nothing would stop Sonny, even if Jax were to return Josslyn.

Carly assured Dante that she hadn't talked to Sonny, so she didn't know where Sonny was or what Sonny intended to do. Dante suggested that people had illusions about Sonny when they told themselves that Sonny would have compassion for Jax, as a father, but Dante was confident that he and Carly knew better. Dante insisted that there was no reasoning with Sonny when Sonny was fixated on something. Carly was adamant that she didn't know where Sonny was, but Dante didn't believe her because he knew that Carly could lie with total conviction for Sonny. Dante accused Sonny of destroying Jax in retaliation for Jax taking Brenda away. Carly demanded to know what Brenda had to do with anything.

Dante explained that payback was all that mattered to Sonny. Dante suggested that Carly might feel the same way, so she wasn't concerned about Jax. Carly assured Dante that she didn't want anything to happen to Josslyn's father, so Dante reminded Carly that Sonny was also the father of her children, and others. Dante didn't want to see his father face a life sentence in jail because things had gotten out of control. Carly vowed to fly to Rome to "kick Brenda's ass," but Dante insisted that it wasn't Brenda's fault. Carly argued that Brenda had not only left Sonny, but she had twisted the knife by flying off with Jax.

Dante suggested that perhaps it had been Jax's idea. Carly insisted that Brenda could have said no, so Jax hadn't forced Brenda to leave with him. Carly complained that Brenda needed constant attention, so Brenda had wanted Jax and Sonny at each other's throats. Dante pointed out that Carly was admitting that Sonny's quest to find Jax was all about revenge. Carly argued that it was about finding Josslyn, but she had no idea where Sonny was. Dante asked Carly to help him figure out where Jax might be, but Carly claimed that she would have gone there if she had known.

Dante confessed that Carly was a cop's worst nightmare because it was impossible to tell if she were being truthful or not. Carly smiled, and then admitted that she would lie about almost anything except her child's safety. Dante ordered Carly to continue trying to reach Jax, to get him to return Josslyn, and then urge Jax to leave town before Sonny killed him, and "screws us all." Later, Carly plugged in the charger for her cell phone and then tried to unzip her gown. She ceased her efforts when she saw Shawn enter the living room. Shawn quietly turned Carly around and then unzipped the dress for her.

Later, Carly returned to the living room after she had freshened up. She was disappointed when Shawn revealed that Jax hadn't called. Carly admitted that she had been making poor decisions all evening, so she had not idea what to do next. Shawn suggested that Carly was too hard on herself. Carly explained that Jason had asked her to respect his boundaries, but she had dragged Jason out of his home, which had led to the accident. Shawn reminded Carly that Josslyn's safety had been an emergency, so she hadn't done anything wrong.

Carly confessed that she went to Jason for everything. She realized that if she had found another way to protect her daughter then Jax might not have taken Josslyn. Shawn admitted that he'd had an opportunity to stop Jax, but had failed because of a PTSD attack. Carly was disappointed, but she understood that the attack had been beyond Shawn's control. Shawn was filled with regret, but Carly insisted that they had both made mistakes. She regretted that she hadn't heeded Shawn's warnings about Jax.

Shawn was curious where Jax would feel safe to go if he had been stranded in town. Carly thought about it, but didn't have an answer. Meanwhile, Dante found Sonny waiting for Jax in Jax's private jet. Dante was curious why Sonny was so intent on trying to destroy Jax. Sonny explained that Dante couldn't understand because Dante didn't know Sonny's history with Jax. Dante questioned Sonny's motives for wanting to find Jax.

Dante was certain that Sonny wanted revenge for Jax taking Brenda out of Sonny's life. Sonny insisted that Jax had worked Brenda by telling her that she wouldn't be a good mother if she didn't leave Sonny. Dante argued that Sonny was delusional; Brenda had left Sonny because Sonny had framed Jax for drugs and an attempted assault. Sonny angrily demanded to know if Brenda had told Dante that. Dante explained that he knew what it was like to be in Brenda's shoes because Dante had admired and respected Sonny until Sonny had shot Dante in the chest. Sonny thought that they had gotten past that.

Dante insisted that Brenda had left because Brenda didn't care enough for Sonny to risk her son's life. Dante claimed that it was on Sonny, so Sonny should "man up," and face it, instead of blaming Jax. Sonny believed that he could have stopped Brenda, but he had let her go because it had been for the best. However, Sonny had been infuriated when he had learned that Jax had been feeding Brenda lies. "Screw him," Sonny shouted.

Dante claimed that Brenda had always been the one thing that Sonny couldn't touch without breaking, so she had been out of Sonny's reach. Dante insisted that Sonny had broken Brenda. Dante confessed that he had been stunned when he had learned that Sonny had been Brenda's great love because Dante had known that Sonny was an emotional train wreck; Sonny always saw a betrayal where there wasn't one. Sonny disagreed, and then reminded Dante that the lies that Dante had told in the beginning, which had been a betrayal. Sonny refused to let Jax think that Jax had won, so Sonny vowed to find Josslyn. Dante argued that it wasn't about Josslyn; Sonny just couldn't stand that Jax had been able to get one over on Sonny.

Dante decided that he had to stop Sonny, so he asked Sonny to turn over the gun. Sonny refused, so Dante decided to arrest his father. Sonny refused to cooperate at first, but then placed the gun on the table. However, Dante lowered his guard, so Sonny seized the opportunity to sucker punch Dante, which knocked Dante out.

At the hospital, Monica was stunned to learn that Sam and Jason were engaged, so Sam apologized for blurting it out like that. Patrick reminded both ladies that he needed a decision about Jason's surgery. Matt interjected by suggesting that it might be too soon to operate because of the swelling. Matt advised the family to wait, but Patrick reminded Matt that Jason wasn't Matt's patient. Sam wanted to give Jason time to wake up on his own, but Patrick explained that he was familiar with Jason's history, so Jason's best odds were if Jason had the surgery.

Matt continued to disagree with Patrick's recommendation, so Monica suggested that Patrick and Matt take their sibling rivalry elsewhere; she wanted to know what Jason's best options were. Patrick was adamant that Jason needed the biopsy. Edward reminded everyone that Patrick had saved Jason's life before, so they should trust Patrick. Sam insisted that Jason wasn't afraid to die, but she was certain that Jason didn't want to be incapacitated or confined to a wheelchair, so she wondered if Patrick could guarantee that Jason would be fine. Patrick admitted that there were always risks with surgery, but the odds worsened if Patrick didn't operate. Sam wanted to know percentages, but Monica told Sam to stop it.

Monica reminded Sam that Sam was not Jason's wife. Monica insisted that, as Jason's mother, it was Monica's decision to make. Sam assured Monica that she didn't mean any disrespect, but Monica and Jason had only spoken to each other a few times in the past couple of years, so Sam was confident that Jason would want Sam to choose for him. Sam admitted that she hadn't heard anything to convince her that Jason should have the surgery. Edward conceded that they all wanted Jason to wake up, get better, and marry Sam, but Monica had adopted Jason, so Monica had a legal right to make the decision. Monica was confident that they could reach an agreement together, but Matt suggested that they consult the chief of staff for a third opinion.

A short time later, Patrick and Matt presented their arguments to Robin via a video chat, because she was stranded at home in the storm. Robin initially sided with Matt's suggestion of a noninvasive approach, but Patrick revealed that the patient was Jason, so he asked Robin to trust him. Matt was frustrated when Robin gave Patrick the approval to schedule the surgery. Patrick ended the video chat and then informed Monica and Sam. Sam continued to have reservations about operating on Jason without Jason's consent, but Monica explained that medicine was a lot like gambling. Monica explained that they had to go with the best odds of giving Jason a chance at recovery.

Patrick pulled Matt aside to warn Matt never to second-guess him in front of a patient's family again. Matt argued that the family deserved to have all the facts, so that they could make an informed decision. Matt suspected that Patrick wanted to operate on Jason to redeem himself for not being able to save Jake. Matt accused Patrick of emotionally blackmailing Robin to force her to change her mind about the surgery.

Mac stopped by to check on Robin during the storm. Robin was delighted to see her uncle, but she confessed that she feared that she might be having problems being Patrick's boss. Mac was thrilled when he learned about Robin's promotion, although he was hurt that she hadn't told him sooner. Robin revealed that Patrick hadn't been happy at first, but then they had a full-circle moment when Patrick had consulted her about operating on Jason. Robin admitted that she and Patrick challenged each other, so things seemed like they had been when they had first met. Robin then switched gears to inquire about Mac's love life.

Mac made it clear that he wanted to focus on his work, but Robin insisted that there was more to life than just his job. Robin insisted that Mac deserved to be happy, but he needed to go after it. Mac appreciated the advice, but he refused to make any promises. Mac and Robin chatted a few more minutes and then Mac left. A short time later, Jax showed up on Robin's doorstep with Josslyn in tow.

At Jake's, Alexis suggested that she would watch Coleman and Diane play pool, but Diane goaded Alexis into joining in on the fun. Coleman poured a round of drinks to offer a toast. Coleman and Diane flirted, prompting Alexis to threaten to take a fire hose to them. Alexis demanded to know what the rules of the pool game were, so Coleman explained that the loser had to remove a piece of clothing. "Oh, that's mature," Alexis remarked.

Alexis refused to play strip pool, but Coleman pointed out that she wouldn't have to take anything off if she won. Alexis insisted that she had three children, and that Diane was in a relationship with Max, but Diane didn't see anything wrong with a friendly game of pool. Diane then confided to Alexis that Diane and Max had been drifting apart since the success of Diane's book, so Diane didn't see things working out with Max. Alexis didn't believe Diane because of the way that Diane had always talked about Max. Alexis refused to let Diane "drop-kick" Max for a game of pool with Coleman.

Diane quietly revealed that she was a pool shark, so she was confident that she and Alexis could easily beat Coleman. Alexis eventually capitulated. Later, Coleman and Diane were half undressed as Alexis, fully clothed, prepared to take a shot. Diane reminded Alexis that Alexis needed to make the shot to keep Diane from having to remove her camisole. Coleman smiled with expectation as Alexis lined up the pool stick and then took the shot.

Diane whooped with joy when Alexis' ball went into the pocket. Coleman unzipped his pants and then took them off just as Mac walked in.

At the hospital, Sam told Jason that she trusted that Monica had made the right decision by consenting to the surgery. Sam urged Jason to wake up, so that he could marry her. After Jason was taken into the operating room, Sam joined Monica and Edward in the observation room as Patrick began the surgery.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Anthony surprised Johnny with the gift of a baby grand piano. Johnny asked Anthony if the gift was a bribe. Johnny said that Anthony had never given anything without strings attached. Johnny grabbed Anthony by the throat and pushed him against the piano. Johnny wanted to know if the piano was a bribe to stop Johnny from looking into Anthony's drug dealing. Anthony said that he was making a generous gesture for his only son.

Johnny reminded Anthony that Anthony had tried to kill Johnny when Johnny was a child. Johnny again asked about Anthony's drug dealing. Anthony deflected the conversation to Sonny's love life, but Johnny was not deterred and pressed Anthony about his involvement with drugs. Anthony told Johnny to relax and play the piano. Anthony said that he was taking Sonny down and that was Anthony's second gift to Johnny. Johnny told Anthony to leave Michael alone. Anthony said that Michael was not in the equation.

When Johnny continued to resist playing the piano for Anthony, Anthony said that Johnny needed a woman who could be his muse. Johnny said that women did not last long around the Zaccharas. Anthony said it was a good thing; otherwise Johnny would be dead at the hands of his backstabbing sibling. Johnny returned to the subject of drugs. Johnny said that drugs killed people.

Anthony said that people used drugs to kill themselves. Anthony said that he took action. Anthony said that "the more you take, the closer you get to the top." Anthony asked if Johnny wanted to get to the top. Anthony said that he got things done. He asked what Johnny did. After Anthony left, Johnny made a phone call and had Anthony followed.

Liz found Lucky passed out in the abandoned church where they had taken vows as teens. Liz gave Lucky a shot to overcome the drugs in his system. Lucky awoke briefly to say that he was glad that Liz was there. She lay down beside him and held him as he slept. When Lucky awoke, he was clear-headed again. He told Liz that it was dangerous for her to be with him, but Liz said that she wanted to be there to help him because of all the times he had helped her. Liz said that whoever had drugged Lucky wanted him dead. Lucky said that they had wound him up and sent him off so that he would fall off a pier or walk into traffic.

Lucky said that he did not remember getting to the church. He said that when he was with Liz, he felt like he was home. Lucky told Liz that he had hallucinations in the alley. He told her about seeing Jake. Liz said that she saw Jake all the time. Lucky said that Jake looked scared and it was like losing him all over again. Liz told Lucky that she believed him when he said that he did not want to use drugs, but had been held down and forced. Lucky said it was dangerous for Liz to help him. Liz said she wanted to pay him back. When Liz went to the car, Lucky found his phone and heard Siobhan's message telling him that she believed in him.

At General Hospital, Matt checked in on Siobhan while an interested janitor swept outside the room. Matt told Siobhan that he was joining her for lunch. Matt's conversation changed from complaints about the hospital's tuna sandwiches to his argument with Patrick about the need for immediate surgery on Jason. Matt was convinced that Patrick had used unfair tactics to get Robin to agree to the biopsy procedure. Matt decided to contact Robin and tell her that Patrick had manipulated her.

Anthony met with JT, and Darryl, the janitor who had been outside Siobhan's room at GH. When Anthony asked JT what had happened to Lucky, JT said that Lucky had been shot up and allowed to wander off. Both JT and Anthony speculated that Lucky had met with a tragic accident. Darryl wanted to know why he was watching Siobhan. Anthony said that Siobhan might have overheard his plans to move drugs through the bakery, but that Liz had met up with Siobhan before Anthony had gotten a chance to question the Irish miss. JT asked what they would do about Siobhan. Anthony said they would wait to see what happened. Anthony said that when the time was right, they would strike.

Sonny went to GH and found Sam. He wanted to know where Robin was, and she wanted to know why Sonny was not more concerned about Jason. Sonny continued his search for Robin without answering Sam. Monica joined Sam. Monica said that the biopsy was done, and they were waiting for results.

Sam said that Monica had made the right decision. Monica said that she and Sam had made the decision together and that they would continue making decisions about Jason together. Sam gave Monica a picture of Jake that Jason had had in his pocket at the time of the accident. Monica and Sam agreed that Jake looked just like Jason at the same age. Monica and Sam bonded. As they hugged, Monica's phone rang. It was the pathology lab with the results of the biopsy.

Jax showed up at Robin's house. Jax told Robin that he had to save Josslyn. Jax blamed Carly for his predicament and demanded to borrow Robin's car. Robin refused. She told Jax that Josslyn was wet and cold and needed dry clothes. Robin reminded Jax that Josslyn had recently had a transplant.

Robin told Jax to give Josslyn to her or to leave. Jax handed Josslyn over. As Robin dressed Josslyn in dry clothes, she asked Jax if he had considered how taking Josslyn would hurt Carly, Michael, and Morgan. Robin begged Jax to stop and think before the situation got out of hand. Shawn looked on through a window.

Matt made a call to Robin for a video conference. He told her that Patrick had used emotional blackmail to get her to sign off on Jason's biopsy. Robin did not agree, but was interrupted by Emma, who had awoken and found Josslyn. Josslyn started crying. Sonny was outside Matt's office and heard everything. Robin told Matt that she had to deal with Emma and would talk to him at another time.

Jax got Emma back to bed. Robin asked if Jax really wanted to live life looking over his shoulder. Jax said that he would not leave his daughter in a place where she was in constant danger. Robin urged Jax to let Carly know that Josslyn was safe. Jax said that Carly had left messages asking him to return Josslyn home. Robin said that Carly was still reaching out and that Carly had not called the FBI, so there was still a chance to work things out. Jax said that Sonny was still a danger. Robin said that it was not about Sonny.

Shawn burst in and said that he was there to return Josslyn to her mother. Shawn said that he was not working for Sonny. He told Robin that Carly had nearly died in a car accident, trying to find Josslyn. Robin encouraged Jax to let Shawn take Josslyn back to Carly.

Olivia checked in on Carly and found her in bad shape. Olivia whipped up a great meal from the dregs of Carly's kitchen. Carly was impressed. Olivia said that was one of Dante's favorite things about her. Olivia apologized for mentioning Dante.

Carly said she did not hate Dante as much as she had before. Carly hoped that Dante could talk some sense into Sonny. Olivia did not think it would happen. Olivia talked about Sonny's past and said that he did not deal with loss well. Carly said that she was the one thing that Sonny had never lost.

Carly wondered why, with all her skills, Olivia had never been married. Olivia said that underneath their macho exteriors, all the men in her neighborhood had been mama's boys, and she'd already had a child. Carly said that she had loved and did love Jax. Carly said that she had gone into the marriage with the best intentions. Olivia said that Carly carried a lot of baggage with her. Carly said that Jax had known about her past going in. Olivia said that knowing, and actually coping, were not the same thing.

Olivia said that a lot of the blame fell on Sonny because Sonny did not share. Olivia said that even strong people had their limits. Carly said that was why she was so worried about Jax because Sonny had no boundaries.

At GH, a technician checked Siobhan's vitals while Darryl lurked nearby.

Shawn returned Josslyn to Carly, who was tearful and grateful.

When Anthony returned to the apartment, Johnny was playing a doleful classical tune. Anthony appeared sad as he went upstairs. Johnny had a satisfied look on his face.

Robin told Jax that he had done the right thing. Robin said that Jax and Carly could work things out. Robin said not to think for one minute that Sonny was done. Robin said that Sonny was mad because Brenda had left with Jax. Jax said he had dropped Brenda off in Rome and had no intention of being with her. Jax said that he would take some time and think about what Robin had said. As Jax prepared to leave, Robin's front door flew open, and Sonny loomed on the threshold.

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