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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 12, 2011 on GH
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Monday, December 12, 2011

At General Hospital, Robin carried a file into the conference room, while Steve and Maggie discussed Lisa's murder as they reviewed charts at the nurses' station. Maggie made insinuations, but Steve hotly denied that either Olivia or he had killed Lisa. Maggie responded that no one could be sure about what another person was capable of until the moment of decision arrived. Maggie added that they both knew why Steve had hired Maggie at GH from Memphis. Steve said it was because Maggie was a good doctor. Maggie tossed back that Steve had done it without his boss's approval. Steve replied that Robin was no longer the boss.

Maggie said it must be very bad PR for GH to have so many doctors under police suspicion. She speculated that the police would be looking very carefully into everyone's past. Maggie asked Steve if he was worried. Before Steve could answer her, his phone rang, and he walked away to take a call. Maggie walked into the conference room and found Robin crying. She apologized and quickly walked out again.

Robin followed Maggie out and said that she was dealing with a lot of stress. Maggie was very sympathetic and said that if Robin were a three-year old, Maggie would make her a hand puppet out of a surgical glove and give Robin a lollipop. Robin smiled and said it might work anyway. Maggie said it had on Emma.

Robin realized that Maggie was the doctor that Emma had liked so much when Patrick had rushed Emma to the hospital with a slight fever. Robin said Patrick had not mentioned the doctor's name. Maggie replied that she had also apologized for calling Robin a "battle axe." Robin said that Patrick had not mentioned that either. Maggie apologized again. Robin smiled, and they relaxed around each other. Maggie handed Robin a lollipop and said that she wished she could cure whatever was in the file that Robin was holding.

On the cruise ship, Dante jumped to the immediate conclusion that Olivia had killed Lisa because Olivia had returned to the boat to look for a religious medal that police had found at the crime scene, and Dante had recognized as Olivia's. Olivia said it had belonged to her aunt; she explained she treasured the medal, and that was why she had returned. Olivia said that she had been all over the boat, but that she had gone up on deck when she got woozy from the fumes in the engine room and had probably lost the medal then. Olivia said that she'd had absolutely no motive to kill Lisa.

Detective Delores entered the cabin and said that Olivia's motive was that Lisa was sleeping with Olivia's boyfriend. Olivia said that had all been in the past. When Delores implied that Steve had killed Lisa and had planted the medal to implicate Olivia, Olivia defended Steve. She said that Steve was not that kind of man. Olivia continued that Steve was too honorable to let Olivia take the blame for something he had done. Olivia told Delores that Olivia knew what Delores was up to. Olivia warned Delores to stay away from Dante because Dante was taken. Olivia stormed off the boat to the consternation of both Dante and Delores.

Ethan caught up to Alexis at the Port Charles Police Station. Ethan asked Alexis to hire him as the caretaker for Wyndemere. Alexis wondered if Ethan was really interested in the job or the aura of mystery that surrounded the place. Ethan admitted that he was at loose ends and wanted a change from the Haunted Star because Luke had taken off again. Alexis said she appreciated Ethan's honesty and the way he had not taken advantage of Kristina's crush on him, but had remained a friend to Kristina and given her good advice. Alexis gave Ethan the job and let him start immediately.

At Wyndemere, the woman in white traced a message on a dust-covered table. Later when Ethan arrived and called for her, she vanished. Ethan entered the room that she had vacated and found the letters "I C" scrawled in the dust.

While Alexis talked to Ethan, Jason and Michael conversed in the interrogation room. Michael said that he knew what was going on and had talked to Sam. Jason tensed but was relieved to know that Michael thought that Franco was taunting Jason about Michael's rape in prison, not the violation of Sam on her honeymoon with Jason. When Michael said it was not Jason's fault, Jason got very angry and said that it was his fault.

Michael said that he did not blame Jason, and he had been able to deal with the violation, especially with Abby's help. Michael told Jason that he had to calm down and get control because his anger was exactly what Franco wanted. Michael also said that he was giving Jason the same advice that Jason had given Michael in similar circumstances. Jason calmed down.

Jason told Michael to go to Sam and tell her to stay in the apartment where she would be safe. Michael said he would. As Michael left, Alexis arrived to talk to Jason. Alexis told Jason that he would have to spend at least six months in jail. Jason went ballistic and said that he had to get out so that he could protect Sam from Franco. Alexis said she could not help if she did not know what Franco had done.

Jason admitted that Franco had ruined their honeymoon. Alexis demanded details. Jason finally told her that Franco had planted cameras in every room and had watched and recorded everything that Jason and Sam had done or said. Alexis was appalled and said that she would do everything in her power to secure Jason's release.

Outside, she ran into former mayor Floyd, who had become the owner of the local newspaper. He threatened to write a series of articles, which would out Kristina to her friends at Yale as Sonny's daughter unless Alexis went out on a date with him. Alexis said she was spoken for. When Floyd wanted to know who the lucky man was, Alexis named Mac. Floyd said that the cop and the mouthpiece would make an even better series of articles than the mobster and the mouthpiece. As Alexis stared at him, mouth agape, Floyd said he would call up Mac and arrange for all three of them to have drinks together. Floyd walked away before Alexis could respond.

At the penthouse, Sam viewed the DVD sent by Franco and wept. After it was over, she screamed, "Screw you, you sick bastard!" Sam grabbed her gun and started out the door, but Michael arrived just in time to stop her. Sam was highly agitated and said that she had to leave. Michael said that was exactly what Jason did not want. Michael guessed that Sam had seen the DVD. Michael demanded to know what was on it, but Sam said it was the same old thing. Michael said that there was more to it, or Sam would not be armed and leaving.

Michael said that it was important to be calm and patient and wait. Michael said that he had talked to Jason, and he knew that the DVD was probably about the rape. Sam was shocked, but quickly realized that Michael was talking about his rape and thought that Sam and Jason were upset for him. Sam let Michael think that.

Sam wiped her eyes as Michael said it was probably better if Jason did not see the DVD. He told her about Jason going off on Floyd. Michael said that he thought that Jason wanted Sam to stay away from the PCPD because Jason did not want Sam to see him get angry. Michael noted that Jason's anger was just like Michael's had been after Michael had awakened from the coma. Sam was thoughtful.

Abby called Michael. They told each other how much they missed one another. Abby said that she was on her way to a meeting, but had stopped in a mall to do some Christmas shopping. She teased Michael about his present. Abby asked Michael to visit her for the weekend. Michael heard a loud noise in the background and Abby's phone went dead. Michael continued to shout Abby's name into the phone.

At the police station, Dante apologized for his mother's comments and explained that it was because Olivia was Italian. Delores said that she had not taken Olivia's comments personally, but wondered if Dante had. Dante told Delores that the only reason that they were partners was because Ronnie wanted to punish him. Delores said that she did not want to partner with Dante either.

Dante started looking in and on his desk for the evidence room locker key, which he was sure was there somewhere. Delores, who was holding a cup of coffee in one hand, slipped the key out of a back pocket with the other. Delores apologized for the confrontation with Dante's mother and said that she had overreacted because Olivia had made her feel fourteen again. Dante laughed too. When he looked in a drawer, Delores let the key card drop to the floor then pretended to find it with the explanation that it must have slipped off the desk.

Robin burst into the interrogation room to see Jason, who demanded to know what was wrong. Robin told Jason that she needed his help.

Kate and Sonny sat on a bench in a snow-covered park in Bensonhurst. Sonny wanted to know why they were in Bensonhurst. Kate said it was because Sonny's old place was nearby. Sonny pointed out that Kate's old house, which she had sold after her parents died, was also nearby. He said he preferred to visit her old house rather than his.

Kate said that she did not want to go back to her old house because she did not feel good about the way that she had left things with her parents. Sonny said that Kate's parents had always wanted her to be happy. Kate asked what Sonny would do if his kids got all they wanted and never acknowledged him again. Sonny said that he would never give up on his kids. Kate and Sonny kissed, but Mrs. Lucchesi, a long-time resident of the neighborhood, interrupted them.

Mrs. Lucchesi told Kate that Kate's mother had been proud of her and her accomplishments. Mrs. Lucchesi said that she always read Crimson. Kate thanked her. Then Mrs. Lucchesi wanted to know what Kate was doing with trash like Sonny. Sonny said that it was a public park. Mrs. Lucchesi said that she was aware that Sonny had purchased the park and paid to care for it. Kate was touched and surprised. Mrs. Lucchesi said it made no difference because a thug was a thug.

Mrs. Lucchesi turned to Kate and further condemned Kate's relationship with Sonny. Kate was vociferous in Sonny's defense. Mrs. Lucchesi said that she would light a candle for Kate. Kate was still hot when she told Mrs. Lucchesi to do that.

After Mrs. Lucchesi was gone, Sonny said that the woman was right; he was a gangster; and he had almost gotten Kate killed. Sonny said he should walk away from Kate, but admitted that he was too selfish. Kate said that she was not going to let some busybody tell her what to do. Sonny and Kate held each other close and kissed passionately.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

At the police station, Dante eavesdropped on Delores' phone call. "So how long is this job going to take?" Delores asked the caller. She couldn't hide her disappointment when the person answered. She then switched to Spanish for a few minutes, before admitting in English that they needed the money. Delores wondered if the caller would be home in time for Christmas. "Do what you can," she urged after the person replied.

After the call, Delores explained that she had been talking to her husband, who worked construction. According to Delores, her husband had to work out of town, because there wasn't a lot of work available in Port Charles. Dante assured her that she didn't owe him any explanations, but Delores thought that she and Dante should get to know each other, since they were partners. Delores also wanted Dante to set Olivia straight that Delores wasn't interested in Dante, because Delores had a husband whom Delores loved. Dante defended his mother's less-than-flattering remarks about Delores by pointing out that Delores had accused Olivia of being a killer. Delores argued that she had just been doing her job.

Dante suggested that they stick to the facts, and then revealed that there had been a hit on the trace of blood that they had found on the boat's deck, the night of Lisa's murder. Delores eagerly wondered if it had matched anyone on their suspect list. As if on cue, Anthony strolled into the squad room, and then greeted Dante. "Detective Corinthos," Anthony taunted with chuckle. "Sorry, it's Falconeri isn't it? You asked to see me?" Anthony added.

Dante invited Anthony to take a seat, and then revealed that traces of his blood had been found on the boat following Lisa's murder. Anthony explained that he had donated blood at the hospital, and then suggested that perhaps Lisa had taken it. Delores and Dante laughed at the absurd excuse. Anthony insisted that they couldn't charge him with anything, and then lawyered up. Moments later, Dante received a text message from someone who wanted to confess to Lisa's murder. Anthony smiled with satisfaction.

Later, Dante and Delores entered the salon on the chartered boat, with their guns drawn. Dante called out to the person who had texted him, but no one responded. Moments later, Dante spotted a body on the floor.

At the penthouse, Michael became concerned when Abby's call suddenly dropped. Michael explained that he had heard a loud crash just before the call had cut off, so he tried to call Abby back, but the call went to voicemail. Sam cautioned Michael not to jump to the worst conclusion, because there might be an innocent reason for the dropped call. Sam calmly proposed getting Abby's schedule, so that they could call Abby's next appointment.

Later, Michael's anxiety mounted after he learned that Abby had failed to make it to her appointment. According to Michael, Abby had been five minutes away from her destination when she had talked to him. Michael decided to go to Chicago to search for Abby, but Sam reminded Michael that there were other ways to look for someone. She called a hospital in Chicago, near where Abby had been staying, to see if anyone with Abby's name, or fitting Abby's description, had been admitted. Sam and Michael continued to make phone calls to nearby hospitals, and people whom Abby had been scheduled to meet, to no avail. Sam was unaware that the DVD from Franco had fallen to the floor while she had been on the phone.

Eventually, Michael received a call from someone at a construction site in Chicago, who had found Abby's cell phone after a load had slipped from a crane, and then crashed to the ground. The construction worker revealed that Abby had been unconscious when the ambulance had rushed her to the hospital. Michael ended the call, and then told Sam about the accident. Sam insisted on accompanying Michael to the Chicago.

At Shadybrook, Liz was surprised that Lucky had tracked her down. Lucky reminded Liz that she had written a disturbing message on the pillow case, reminiscent of what Siobhan had done prior to Siobhan's death. Liz conceded that it had been insensitive and wrong of her to do, and then pointed out that she clearly had issues to deal with. Lucky wondered why she hadn't discussed it with him, before taking off. Liz insisted that there had been nothing to talk about; she intended to stay at the sanitarium until she was over Lucky.

Lucky questioned if staying at Shadybrook was the answer, but Liz reminded Lucky that he had been the one to suggest that she needed help. Lucky clarified that he had meant that she might benefit from counseling, but Liz argued that she couldn't accept his decision about where they stood with each other. Lucky conceded that perhaps intensive therapy would help Liz to accept his decision, but he was curious when she had decided to seek treatment. Liz was stunned when Lucky suggested that it might be a desperate attempt to keep Lucky from running away. She couldn't believe that he would think that she was that manipulative; she wondered how he had ever managed to love such a terrible and pathetic person. "You don't believe that," Lucky shot back.

Lucky clarified that he couldn't understand why Liz was in the sanitarium. Liz was curious if he truly cared, so Lucky assured her that he would always care about her. However, he insisted that he needed to figure out who he was, and what he believed. Liz warned Lucky that it didn't matter how far he went, or how much he convinced himself that it was what he needed, because he wouldn't be able to stop loving her. Liz explained that he had too much of his mother, Laura, in him.

Lucky argued that they weren't his parents, so it didn't matter. Liz insisted that Laura had taught him to love, and that his compassion, sensitivity, and caring nature had been passed down from his mother. Liz suspected that it was the reason that Lucky had been struggling so badly with everything that had happened in recent months. Lucky claimed that Liz was asking for the impossible by holding onto something that was gone. Liz pointed out that Lucky had made his decision, so it was her turn to do the same, so he was free to go.

"I'm doing this for Cam and Aiden," Lucky replied. Lucky explained that he would be a better father if he were able to figure things out. Liz assured Lucky that he didn't owe her an explanation, and then promised that she and the boys would be fine without him. Lucky insisted that he intended to be present in Cam and Aiden's lives, but Liz assured Lucky that it wasn't necessary, because she had plenty of help from their families. Liz then sarcastically suggested that perhaps she might call Luke to help out, since Lucky thought that Luke was such an "awesome babysitter." "It doesn't have to be like this," Lucky argued.

Liz explained that she was tired of loving him, and trying to convince him that they could be happy. Lucky insisted that she didn't want him; she wanted the idea of him. Liz assured Lucky that he had made his point repeatedly, so he could leave. She promised him that she would be fine, once she dealt with her addiction. Lucky promised to check on her in a few days, and then assured her that the boys would be fine with him.

After Lucky left, Liz wandered the hallways until she spotted a man standing behind an easel. Intrigued, she stopped to watch him paint. Meanwhile, Lucky took Aiden the hospital for a checkup. Lucky realized that it wasn't the same for Aiden without his mother there, so Lucky assured his son that he would always love Aiden.

At the nurses' station, Maxie tried to talk to Matt about his brief disappearance, but Matt insisted that he was too busy to discuss it. Maxie wasn't satisfied, because she had been worried about Matt when he had left without a word. Matt promised that he hadn't intended to scare or hurt Maxie by leaving, but it had been important. Maxie suspected he'd been with another woman, so Matt assured Maxie that he hadn't cheated on her. He revealed that he had been working to save a life. Maxie acknowledged that she had been self-absorbed in the past, but never to the point where she had left in the middle of a murder investigation.

Matt confided that he had needed to perform the procedure, which he had written about in his paper, on a patient; however, Matt couldn't elaborate. Maxie didn't believe him, because she knew that he had called the hospital's forensics department. Matt assured Maxie that the call had had nothing to do with Lisa, but Maxie wasn't satisfied. Matt cryptically explained that what he had done could impact his future, and that it involved a very important person. Maxie wondered if Matt had any idea what she had done to cover everything up.

Matt grew concerned as he asked Maxie to clarify the remark. It was Maxie's turn to cryptically reply that what she had done could impact their future, and involved an important person. She conceded that their relationship had issues, but she promised Matt that she cared about him. Maxie explained that she would confide her secret to him if she could. Matt acknowledged that they both had their secrets, but he once again assured Maxie that he hadn't cheated on her. Maxie perked up when Matt added that if things worked out as he hoped, then it would benefit her article about the woman behind the man.

At the hospital, Patrick was on his cell phone with a toy store, trying to reserve a special toy for Emma. Maggie overheard Patrick's call, so she warned him that Emma wouldn't like the toy. Patrick ended the call, and then reminded Maggie that she had only met Emma once. He was curious why Maggie thought that she was an expert in what his daughter would like. "Fine," Maggie replied as she turned to walk away. Patrick thought that Maggie should finish what she had started, so Maggie explained that Emma had struck her as an imaginative child with a nurturing nature.

Maggie insisted that Emma would prefer a toy that appealed to Emma's personality. Patrick handed the toy store's magazine to Maggie, as he invited her to choose a toy for Emma. Maggie flipped through the pages, and then spotted something that she thought suited Emma. Patrick looked at the toy, and then agreed that it had been an excellent suggestion. Patrick decided to ask Maggie for help with Robin's Christmas gift, but Maggie explained that she was better at picking out presents for children, not adults. However, Maggie seized the opportunity to thank Patrick for not telling Robin about Maggie's unkind remarks regarding the chief of staff.

Maggie admitted that she had misjudged Robin. Patrick was surprised when Maggie confided that she'd had an interesting conversation with Robin. Patrick was curious if Maggie and Robin had talked about him. Maggie chuckled, and then accused him of being egotistical. Patrick readily agreed, so Maggie admitted that Robin had mentioned that Patrick was a "cocky surgeon." However, Maggie had seen a different side of Patrick when Maggie had treated Emma.

Maggie acknowledged that Patrick was clearly a loving father. Patrick explained that family was the most important thing to him, and that he would do anything to protect Robin and Emma. Maggie admitted that she could see that he was serious. Patrick added that he wanted his wife and daughter to be happy. "'Tis the season," Maggie remarked as she started to walk away. Patrick followed Maggie, as he confessed that in the past, he would take off for the beach during the holiday season

Maggie smiled as she guessed that Patrick had spent his tropical vacations picking up women. Patrick explained that times had changed, because all he wanted was for his wife to have the best Christmas ever. Patrick revealed that Robin's birthday was in October, so he needed time to recharge his creative batteries, because he had set the bar very high on Robin's birthday. He had no idea how to top her birthday gift, but he wanted Robin to know how much he appreciated her, and to trust that things would only get better. Patrick smiled as an idea began germinate.

Later, Patrick wrapped up a phone call, and then bragged to Maggie that he was good. Maggie was certain that Robin would appreciate Patrick's Christmas gift more than the lollipop that Maggie had given to her. Patrick's brows drew together as he replied, "That's random." Maggie explained that she handed out lollipops to all of her patients who cried. Patrick immediately grew concerned when he realized that Maggie was trying to tell him that Robin had been crying.

Robin entered the interrogation room, apologizing for bothering Jason when he had more pressing concerns than her problems to deal with. Jason advised Robin to relax, and then asked her what she needed. "Can you help me disappear?" Robin asked. Jason covered up his surprise by wondering how long Robin wanted to disappear. "For forever. Well, I mean for however long this lasts," Robin replied.

Jason was confused when Robin explained that she was doing it for her family, and those who had believed in her. Jason wanted to know what was going on, but Robin evaded the question by talking in circles, and then admitting that she had thought that things would be better if Lisa were dead. Robin continued to ramble about Lisa's coma, Anthony's role in Lisa's recovery, and Lisa's deadly plot. Jason's thoughts began to drift when Robin mentioned Patrick's determination to protect Robin from harm. Jason recalled Sam suggesting that his anger might be a side effect of his surgery.

Robin eventually noticed that Jason had been staring off into space, so she called out his name. Robin became worried when Jason didn't immediately respond. Jason quickly snapped back to the present, and then assured her that he was fine. He explained that he had become distracted with thoughts of Franco, because of something that she had said. Robin suspected that there was more to it, so she gave him a cursory examination, and then asked if he'd had any headaches recently. Jason brushed off her concerns, but admitted that he'd had some headaches.

Robin wondered how bad Jason's headaches had been, but Jason refused to elaborate. He explained that he had been furious about Franco, and that there were times when the anger took over. Robin empathized, because she had felt the same way when she had woken up to find herself tied to a chair in a stateroom with Lisa looming over her. Robin revealed that Lisa had intended to inject Patrick with Robin's infected blood, which hadn't made much sense to Robin at the time, because Robin's viral loads had been almost non-existent. Jason picked up on Robin's past-tense reference, so he asked her to clarify. Robin reminded Jason of her decision to go on the cocktail of medications to treat her HIV.

Robin assured him that she had always known how important it had been to stick to the schedule and drug protocol. Jason wondered what her viral load was at that moment. Robin quietly confessed that the medications hadn't been working for months. Jason was shocked. Robin explained that she couldn't prove it, but she suspected that Lisa had replaced the life-saving medications with placebos. Jason wondered when Robin had found out. "The day after Lisa died," Robin admitted.

Robin explained that her body had built up a resistance to certain medications used in the drug cocktail, so she had started another drug protocol. However, the new cocktail hadn't improved her viral load, so it appeared that she might face a slow death. Jason reminded Robin that she couldn't be certain that the medications wouldn't start to work, but Robin seemed resigned to her fate. She regretted all the time that she had wasted on work, instead of focusing on her daughter and husband. Jason was curious what Robin had told Patrick about her situation, so Robin admitted that she hadn't told anyone. Jason was stunned; he insisted that Patrick deserved to know, because Patrick was her husband.

Robin argued that she was trying to spare her husband and daughter the disappointment of false hope. She wanted her family to have the most amazing Christmas ever, because it would be their last. Robin intended to disappear after Christmas. Jason reminded Robin that she didn't know for certain that she would die, so there might be a chance that the new medications might work. Robin explained that the doctors had started talking to her about options, which she knew did not bode well for her. She recalled that Alan, Jason's father, had talked about options when Stone had been near the end.

Jason confided that Robin had taught him that "sadness comes from loss," because of what she had gone through when Stone had died. He couldn't understand why Robin would put her family through that kind of pain, without giving them the opportunity to say goodbye. Robin insisted that it would be better for Patrick and Emma if their loss were sudden, rather than prolonged. Jason had doubts about that, so Robin wondered if Jason would have felt better if Jake had wasted away from a disease, rather than dying suddenly. Jason assured her that he wouldn't have wanted Jake to suffer, but Jason would have welcomed the opportunity to spend whatever time he could have with his son, to say goodbye.

Robin promised that she intended to say goodbye to her family, but in her own way. She wanted to have a wonderful Christmas celebration with her family before she disappeared. She implored Jason to send her somewhere where no one could find her. "I'm sorry. I can't do that," Jason quietly told her.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Michael and Sam boarded a plane bound for Chicago. Michael was anxious to get there, because he was worried about Abby. He explained that he had sent Abby to Chicago to be safe, so he felt responsible if anything had happened to her. Michael warned Sam that he couldn't lose Abby, but Sam assured Michael that Abby would be fine. She insisted that Michael had done everything to protect Abby, but Michael worried that he might react as Jason had in the alley with Pres Floyd, if Abby were hurt, or worse.

Michael shifted gears by wondering if perhaps Jason's sudden bouts of rage were a side effect of Jason's recent brain surgery. Sam seemed to consider it, but didn't reply. Later, as the plane was about to land, Sam reached for Michael's hand. She promised Michael that everything would be fine with Abby.

In Josslyn's nursery, Shawn tried to get Josslyn back to sleep, to no avail. Moments later, Carly entered the nursery. She accused Shawn of trying to avoid her, because he had spent over an hour in the nursery, so she was curious what Shawn was hiding. "Spill it," Carly ordered Shawn. Shawn reluctantly revealed that Jason had been arrested for assaulting the former mayor. Carly chuckled as she accused Garrett Floyd of being an "ass."

Shawn quickly clarified that the ex-mayor had changed his name to Pres, and owned the Port Charles Press. Shawn explained that Pres had threatened to print a story about Franco in the newspaper, which had sent Jason into a rage. Carly wondered how long Jason had been in lockup, because she was concerned about what Franco might do. Shawn assured Carly that he wouldn't let Franco get near Josslyn or Carly, but Carly insisted that she needed Jason. She decided to go to the police station to see what she could do to get Jason released. Shawn realized that it was pointless to argue, so he remained in the nursery with Josslyn.

After Carly left, Shawn sat down to read Josslyn a bedtime story. Josslyn didn't fall asleep during the first reading, so Shawn offered to read it again. "You know what? You have no idea how much I missed this," Shawn confided as he turned to the first page of the book, and then began to read aloud to Josslyn.

In the interrogation room, Jason assured Robin that he wanted to help her, but he didn't think that it would be fair to anyone if Robin were to leave without a word. Robin wondered what was fair about AIDS. She reminded Jason that Stone had died young, and that the deadly virus had ravaged Africa. Robin insisted that it would be best for her family if she were to disappear. Jason disagreed, because he believed that Patrick and Emma needed Robin. Robin explained that she had planned to grow old with her husband, so she wasn't eager to leave him or Emma. Jason suggested that Robin could still grow old with Patrick, but Robin didn't agree.

Robin reminded Jason that she was more than capable of reading her own test results, so she knew exactly how grim her situation was. Jason accused Robin of giving up before the new drug protocol had a chance to work. He urged her to talk to Patrick, because Jason believed that Patrick had a right to know what was going on. Robin was curious if Jason would want to know if Sam were sick. Without hesitation, Jason insisted that he would want to be there for Sam if she were going through the same thing as Robin.

Robin conceded that Jason was the worst patient, next to Robin. She was curious what Jason would do if their roles had been reversed. Robin didn't wait for a response, because she was certain that Jason would try to protect Sam by walking away. Jason warned Robin that Patrick would end up blaming himself, but Robin insisted that disappearing was the right thing to do. "What about Emma?" Jason asked.

Robin recalled being told that her parents had perished when she hadn't been much older than Emma. Robin admitted that she had been sad, but all of her memories of Robert and Anna had been good. Jason was curious if Robin feared that Emma might not see Robin in the same light. Robin ignored the question as she asked Jason how he had been able to give up Jake, so that another man could raise his son. Jason explained that he had tried to do the right thing by Jake. "Exactly," Robin replied.

Robin explained that she was trying to do the same thing for Emma. Jason wasn't swayed; he urged Robin to talk to Patrick, because Patrick deserved to know the truth. Robin insisted that she wanted her family to remember the good times, instead of seeing her slowly waste away. She confided that she'd already had a taste of what it would be like over Thanksgiving. According to Robin, she had needed to excuse herself from the dinner table, because she had been so fatigued that she had to lie down. Robin regretted the disappointment that she had seen on Emma's face.

Robin revealed that it was the reason that she was doubly determined to make certain that Christmas was perfect for everyone, especially Emma. Jason reached for Robin's hand, and then reminded her of the time that he had found her on the bridge after a young girl had died from AIDS. Jason recalled that Robin had warned him that it was only a matter of time before it was her turn, and how she didn't want to have to go through that. Robin remembered Jason taking her hand, and then standing on the other side of the bridge, ready to jump to their deaths. He pointed out all the things that they would have missed out on if they had jumped, including Emma's birth. "It's too soon to jump," Jason quietly told Robin.

Robin was curious if Jason had been the anonymous donor who had paid to rebuild the bridge. "Yes," Jason admitted. Robin wasn't surprised, so she asked him what he thought about the new bridge. "It sucks," Jason confessed. Robin laughed, and then suggested that perhaps Jason should be more specific about what he wanted the next time. Jason argued that it was better "this way." "You can't bring back something that's gone," Jason added.

Robin agreed, but she insisted that they could remember things as they had been, and be grateful for what they'd had. Jason confessed that the things that she had taught him had changed his life. "Me too," Robin replied. Robin admitted that she had thought that her life was over after Stone had died, because she had felt as if she didn't have a future. Jason assured Robin that she had one. Robin smiled sadly as she talked about Patrick being the love of her life.

Jason suggested that if Robin believed that then she would talk to Patrick about what was going on with her. Robin wanted Jason to respect her decision, and privacy, by promising her that he wouldn't tell Patrick. Jason assured her that he wouldn't; she needed to do that. Seconds later, Carly barged in. Carly stopped short when she saw Robin in the interrogation room. Carly demanded to know what Robin was doing there, and then proceeded to argue with Robin until Jason was forced to demand that they both "shut up."

Carly and Robin were startled, so Carly wondered if Jason were okay. Jason assured Carly that he was fine, but he didn't want to see Carly and Robin argue. Robin was curious if Jason had felt the same burst of anger when he had attacked Pres Floyd. "Yes," Jason admitted, prompting Robin to wonder if Jason's vision had ever become blurry. Carly immediately became concerned as Robin continued to pepper Jason with questions, and then advised Jason to schedule a checkup with Patrick. Jason insisted that he was too busy to go to the hospital to see Patrick, but Carly agreed with Robin that Jason should make the time.

Jason suggested that Robin was the one who needed to talk to Patrick, but Robin ignored the remark. Robin once again urged Jason to call Patrick, and then left. Afterwards, Carly demanded to know what was going on. Jason refused to tell Carly anything. Carly started to grumble about Robin, but Jason warned her to drop it. Carly explained that she was worried about Jason, because she had seen him lose his temper on several occasions, which wasn't like Jason.

Jason admitted that he'd had some headaches, but he assured Carly that they hadn't been as intense as the ones that he'd had prior to the brain surgery. Carly insisted that Jason's bouts of rage weren't normal, but Jason disagreed. He explained that his anger stemmed from Franco resurfacing on the heels of Jason and Sam's wedding. Carly wondered if Jason and Sam were having problems, so Jason pointed out that their problem was Franco. Carly appeared skeptical, because she realized that Sam wasn't at the police station. Jason explained that Sam was at home with Michael.

Carly demanded to know what Michael had to do with anything. Jason reluctantly told Carly about Franco's recent graffiti tag, and that Michael had seen it. Carly insisted that she didn't want her son involved in the mess with Franco, so Jason promised her that Michael was safe at the penthouse.

Later, Carly went to the penthouse to talk to Michael. She became concerned when she noticed that the front door was ajar. Carly cautiously entered the penthouse, and then called out to Michael and Sam, but no one replied. Meanwhile, at the police station, Jason was flooded with memories of Franco's crimes against Sam, including the events that had unfolded in Hawaii.

At the nurses' station, Patrick questioned Maggie about why Robin had been crying. Maggie suspected that Robin had been upset about a patient, because Robin had been looking at some test results at the time. Patrick tried to call Robin, but her voicemail picked up. Patrick was uneasy, because it wasn't like Robin not to answer her phone. Maggie suggested that Robin might have been out of cell phone range, but Patrick continued to worry.

Maggie pointed out that sometimes doctors developed a personal connection with their patients that made it difficult for doctors to separate their feelings for a terminally ill patient. She talked about her own experience of losing a young man named Isaac to cancer. Patrick was certain that he would have known if Robin had been upset about a patient, so Maggie suggested that perhaps the strain of being a suspect in a murder investigation had gotten the best of Robin.

Later, Patrick was relieved when he spotted Robin as she exited the elevator. He immediately approached her to find out why she had been crying. Robin seemed resigned to answer him, but before she could say anything, Patrick's pager went off. Patrick apologized for having to leave, but he assured her that he intended to continue their conversation later.

Lucky asked a nurse to track down Maggie. He explained that he had been waiting for quite some time, and that his son had fallen asleep. After the nurse went to look for Maggie, Matt spotted Lucky. "What the hell did you do to Liz?" Matt demanded. Lucky seemed confused by the question, so Matt wondered if Lucky were that self-centered, or simply obtuse. "Excuse me?" Lucky asked.

Matt reminded Lucky that Liz had been tossed overboard, nearly drowned, and suffered a terrible fright when Aiden had a serious health crisis. According to Matt, Lucky had made things worse for Liz by continually rejecting her. Lucky explained that he had merely told Liz the truth, but Matt insisted that it had landed Liz in the mental ward. Matt was curious if Lucky even realized how special Liz was, prompting Lucky to wonder if Matt had feelings for her. Matt explained that Liz was a good friend, and that he felt compassion for a single mother of two, whose children's father was never around.

Lucky was curious what Matt expected Lucky to do. Matt suggested that Lucky find a new hobby, instead of using Liz as an emotional punching bag. Matt started to walk away, but Lucky warned Matt to be careful, because rescuing Liz could become a full-time job. "Go to hell," Matt replied.

Later, Lucky was impressed that Maggie was able to examine Aiden without waking the child up. Maggie smiled, and then assured Lucky that Aiden was healthy. She then began to talk about what had happened to Lucky in Ireland. Lucky confessed that he had begun to wonder if he had imagined all of it, but Maggie reminded him that he couldn't have known about Aiden's illness. Lucky conceded that there were some things that couldn't be explained, such as why some people died, while others lived.

Maggie revealed that she had just told someone about the first patient that she had lost. Maggie explained that Isaac had been an incredibly creative child, who had deserved to live. As a medical professional, Maggie had learned not to question why some patients responded to treatments, while others didn't. Instead, Maggie tried to focus on how the people whom she had met had touched her life. Lucky appeared to consider Maggie's words as he watched her leave.

Shortly afterwards, Lucky noticed that a woman had dropped something before getting on the elevator. Lucky leaned down to pick it up, and then handed it to her. The young redhead was grateful, because, she confided, it was difficult to find a red beret in Port Charles.

At Shadybrook, Liz stopped to watch a man painting at an easel. She started to quietly leave, but he called out to her to invite her to stay. Liz immediately apologized for disturbing him, so he wondered if he looked like he had been bothered. He then changed the subject to ask if she were lost. Liz pointed out that they were all a bit lost, because they were in a sanitarium. She then amended her remark by admitting that a more apt description for her would be "hopeless." The man insisted that there was no such thing; they were simply helpless for a little while.

The man offered Liz a cup of tea. Liz initially accepted, but then changed her mind, because it was getting late. The man persuaded her to stay, provided that it wasn't too much trouble for him. The man suspected that Liz had a habit of going without, because she didn't want to bother anyone. "That's insightful," Liz admitted. She then changed the subject by asking him how long he had been at Shadybrook.

"A few months," the man responded. Liz became skittish as they briefly talked about his impression of the sanitarium, so she decided to decline the tea and leave. The man accused her of having an "unproductive relationship with time." He advised Liz to go with the ebb and flow, so that she could fill her moments with as much excitement and passion as she could. Liz explained that she was a single working mother, so she needed to keep her feet grounded. The man confessed that it seemed like a waste, and then handed her a cup of tea.

Liz took a tentative sip, and then admitted that the tea was delicious. The man smiled, and then asked her how many children she had. Liz's eyes filled with tears as she revealed that she had two children. The man was curious why she seemed so sad, so she revealed that she'd had three children, but one of her boys had passed away. Liz once again decided to leave, but instead she stood rooted to the spot, staring at the man. "Something wrong?" the man wondered.

"No," Liz answered after several heartbeats. She snapped out of her daze, and then confessed that she had once enjoyed painting, but she no longer had the time to indulge in the hobby. The man was curious if painting had spoken to her soul. "It used to," Liz admitted. The man encouraged Liz to paint again, but she quickly changed the subject when she spotted the color of blue that he was using on his drop cloth. She admitted that it reminded her of the ocean, which she used to love until she had nearly drowned.

The man pointed out that she had clearly survived, so Liz revealed that someone had saved her. Moments later, Matt appeared in the doorway. "Liz?" Matt asked. Liz quickly explained what she was doing in the man's room, bid her new acquaintance goodbye, and then stepped out into the hallway with Matt. Matt was curious what Liz was doing at Shadybrook, but Liz explained that she was tired of talking about it after her discussion with Lucky. Matt argued that she didn't seem to have a problem talking to the stranger.

Liz confessed that something seemed very familiar about the man in the room across from hers, but Matt warned her that it wasn't a good idea to fraternize with the man, because she didn't know why he was there. Liz argued that the same could be said about her. Matt claimed that it was obvious why she had checked into Shadybrook: Liz wanted to make Lucky feel guilty. Liz wondered why everyone was so quick to assume that she was trying to manipulate Lucky. "Because you usually are," Matt replied. However, he admitted that checking herself into the sanitarium was a little over-the-top.

Liz explained that it had seemed like a good idea at the time. Matt admitted that it was disturbing that she had gone to such extremes for a guy who didn't even deserve her. Frustrated, Liz warned Matt that he had made his point. Matt explained that he was simply concerned about her. Liz was clearly annoyed, so Matt decided to leave. Moments later, Liz wandered back to the man's room, where the man continued to work on his painting.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Bensonhurst, Kate wasn't surprised when she spotted Sonny sitting on the steps of the brownstone, where he had grown up. She was sore from ice-skating at Rockefeller Center, so she grimaced as she sat down next to Sonny. Kate noticed the paper bag by Sonny, so she asked if he had been shopping in the neighborhood. Sonny nodded, and then explained that there were some things in Bensonhurst that he couldn't find anywhere else. "Like the house? The stuff in there you can't get anywhere else either," Kate replied.

Kate was curious if Sonny had entered the brownstone, so he shook his head, and then quickly changed the subject by talking about their ice-skating date. He confessed that he had enjoyed it, because he had seen a glimpse of the old Connie. Kate insisted that he had been skating with Kate, not Connie, but Sonny admitted that it had been nice to see her with her guard down. Kate explained that it had taken a lot of self-control to be Kate Howard, so slip-ups were not allowed. Sonny wondered if there had been any.

"Many," Kate revealed. She assured Sonny that she never wanted to revisit them again. Sonny apologized, because he hadn't intended to remind her of unhappy memories. Kate smiled, and then began to talk about their childhood in Bensonhurst. She mentioned Lois Cerullo, so Sonny suggested that they stop by to visit Lois' parents.

Kate recalled what the holidays had been like with the Cerullos, and other Bensonhurst families. She conceded that not all of her memories of Bensonhurst were bad, but she had wanted to get out. "Me too," Sonny replied. Kate was curious if the reason that Sonny had had so many children was because a part of him had wanted to hide how lonely he had been. Sonny assured Kate that he loved his children, and that he had wanted to give them the kind of life that he'd never had. Kate noticed Sonny glance at the brownstone, so she wondered what his childhood Christmases had been like.

Sonny revealed that Deke had always gone to church to play the "good Catholic," but the abused Adella and Sonny when they returned home. Sonny explained that he would receive a few small inexpensive gifts from his mother, because Deke didn't like for Adella to spend a lot of money on her son. Kate was curious if Sonny had ever had a Christmas tree, so Sonny admitted that he had once begged his mother for one. Adella had eventually relented, and bought a tree. However, Deke had destroyed it, and beaten Adella, when he had arrived home drunk, and tripped over the extension cord for the lights.

Sonny revealed that had been the last time that he had asked for something; from that point on, he had taken whatever he had wanted. Kate was curious why Sonny carried around the key to the brownstone, so Sonny explained that the key was a reminder of the kid that he had once been. Kate urged Sonny to find a way to get past it, because his connection to his old life kept Sonny disconnected from his current life. Sonny wondered how he could get the life that he wanted, so Kate suggested that he start by asking for the things that he wanted, not taking them.

Sonny tested Kate's theory by inviting her to spend Christmas with him. Kate questioned if it were possible, so Sonny admitted that he wanted to try. Kate smiled. A few minutes later, Sonny asked for some time alone, so that he could take a walk around the neighborhood. Kate kissed him, and then watched him leave. Moments later, she called someone on her cell phone, and explained that she needed the person to do something for her. "And don't make me ask you twice," she warned the person.

At Crimson, Lulu offered to lend Maxie a hand with a project. Maxie questioned Lulu's sincerity, since Lulu constantly reminded everyone that she no longer worked for Kate. Lulu apologized, and then sat down to watch Maxie work. Maxie suspected that Lulu wanted to talk about Dante, so she invited Lulu to help her sort shoes. Lulu seemed slightly insulted by Maxie's assumption, but Maxie claimed that she was simply being honest with Lulu. Lulu conceded that she had been thinking about Dante, because she lived in constant fear that he might not return home alive.

Maxie warned Lulu that time was running out to salvage her relationship with Dante. Lulu explained that she was hesitant to make promises that she couldn't keep, so Maxie reminded Lulu that Dante had supported Lulu when Lulu had put herself in dangerous situations, such as the time that Lulu had gone to a brothel looking for Luke. Lulu argued that those incidents had only lasted a short time, whereas Dante's job was permanent. Maxie argued that even good guys had their pride, and limits. Lulu feared that she might have pushed Dante too far away, because he thought that they were over.

Frustrated, Maxie wondered if she had to spell things out for Lulu. Maxie ordered Lulu to work things out with Dante, and get the engagement ring back. Lulu feared that she might not be able to live with Dante being a cop, but Maxie insisted that Lulu had more difficulty living without Dante. Moments later, the phone rang.

Maxie became nervous when Anthony explained that he had an update on the favor that she had asked for, so he needed to see her. Maxie reluctantly agreed, and then ended the call. Maxie asked Lulu to hold down the fort, and then dashed off before Lulu could object. Lulu picked up a file, and then carried it to Kate's office. As she turned to leave, Lulu spotted the sidebar. She poured herself a drink, looked at it, and then put it down without taking a sip.

On the waterfront, Anthony assured Maxie that she and Matt were "off the hook," because Officer Briggs, the first mate, had confessed to Lisa's murder, and then had committed suicide. Maxie was delighted, but curious why the woman had killed Lisa. Anthony revealed that Briggs and the captain had been having an affair, so Briggs had killed Lisa out of revenge for murdering the captain. Maxie was relieved that she didn't owe Anthony a favor, but Anthony quickly clarified that pinning the murder on Briggs had been the favor. Maxie was horrified by what that implied, so she warned Anthony not to share any details with her.

Maxie began to ramble, prompting Anthony to admit that a person could get dizzy listening to her. He then reminded her that she owed him a favor. Maxie explained that it didn't work that way, because she had saved his life, and then he had done her a favor. According to Maxie, they were even, but Anthony thought that perhaps they should ask Mac. Maxie sputtered with outrage, so Anthony decided to leave her with a final thought. He reminded her that the real killer was still out there, so perhaps it was someone that she knew.

At the police station, Mac looked over the file on Lisa's murder, including Officer Briggs' confession, prior to her suicide. Mac thought that it was sad that, even in death, Lisa had managed to get one more victim. Delores wondered if there had been anything else to connect Officer Briggs to the murder, besides a napkin with traces of the grease from the murder weapon, which they had found in the first mate's apartment. Mac explained that Officer Briggs had an affair with the captain, and that he had told his lover that he intended to leave his wife. Mac suggested that Officer Briggs had retaliated for her lover's murder by taking Lisa's life.

Delores had reservations about Officer Briggs' confession, because it had been sent in a text, not a handwritten note. Mac made it clear that he considered the case closed, and then walked away. Dante agreed with Mac's decision, but Delores thought that Mac had been a bit too eager. Delores explained that something hadn't felt right about the confession, and that Dante and Mac had good reason to close the case, since they each had family members who were on the suspect list. "That is one hell of an accusation to make," Dante groused. Delores argued that he would be amazed at what people would do for love.

Dante assured Delores that he respected her professionalism, so he expected her to extend him the same courtesy. Delores was curious if Dante would be so quick to believe the first mate's confession if his mother weren't a suspect. Dante was offended, but instead of answering her, he asked what Delores would do if someone she loved were in trouble. Delores didn't immediately reply, prompting Dante to remark, "That's what I thought." Dante turned away from his partner just as Lulu entered the squad room. Dante and Lulu greeted each other, and then Lulu wondered if he still had the engagement ring.

At the hospital, Patrick tried to find out why Maggie had seen Robin crying. Patrick assumed that it had been in regards to a patient, so Robin didn't bother to correct him. Instead, Robin explained that she wanted to discuss one of Patrick's patients with him. Patrick was stunned when Robin revealed that she had visited Jason at the police station, and that she had been concerned about Jason's outbursts of rage. Patrick was miffed because Robin had gone to see Jason, even though Robin and Jason were no longer close. Robin warned Patrick that he didn't have a say about who her friends were, and then returned to the topic of Jason's uncontrollable anger.

Robin suggested that it might be a side effect of the surgery, but Patrick denied it. According to Patrick, the brain surgery had gone smoothly, so Jason's hot temper was not a result of the operation. Robin disagreed; she insisted that she knew Jason well enough to know when something was off. Patrick reluctantly agreed to review the X-rays and records, to see if there might be an anomaly to explain Jason's bouts of anger, but he pointed out that he couldn't do an examination unless Jason made an appointment. Robin thanked her husband, and then assured him that she loved him.

Carly called out for Michael and Sam as she walked through Jason and Sam's penthouse. No one responded, so she returned to the living room, where she spotted a DVD on the floor. She immediately became concerned when she recognized Franco's tag scribbled across the DVD.

Alexis entered the interrogation room to inform Jason that he was free to go, but Jason seemed lost in his own dark thoughts. Alexis was forced to repeat Jason's name several times before he snapped out of it. She wondered if Jason were okay, so he quickly assured her that he was fine. Jason stood up, but Alexis stopped him from taking a step. "Not so fast," she warned Jason. Alexis explained that Jason couldn't run out and kill Franco, but Jason didn't see the problem with that.

Alexis insisted that if Jason killed Franco, without letting the police handle it, then Franco would win. She was curious if Jason really wanted that kind of violence to stain his life. "It already has," Jason replied. Alexis wondered what that meant, but Jason refused to elaborate. Alexis confessed that she was tired of Jason and Sonny always talking in circles. "What could possibly be so awful you won't tell me now?" Alexis asked.

Jason ignored the question as a police officer entered the room, and then unlocked the handcuffs. After the police officer left, Alexis reminded Jason that they were family, so whatever affected Sam also affected Alexis. Jason's temper flared as he confessed that his past had affected Sam. Alexis yelled back that perhaps Jason shouldn't have married Sam. Alexis wanted to know what was going on, but Jason refused to tell her. Moments later, Pres entered the interrogation room.

Pres immediately blamed Jason for Franco's return. Alexis accused Pres of deliberately trying to provoke Jason, but Pres ignored Alexis as he continued to push Jason's buttons. Alexis noticed that Jason was quickly losing control of his temper, so she shoved Pres away from Jason, and then ordered Jason to leave. A short time later, Mac found Alexis alone in the interrogation room. He revealed that Pres had invited them to have drinks, so that Pres could interview them. Alexis apologized for involving Mac, but Mac assured her that it was fine.

Mac thought that it was obvious that Pres intended to push Alexis into a corner, in the hopes of compromising her, and making them both look bad. Mac was confident that he and Alexis could beat Pres at his own game by presenting a united front, even though they weren't. Mac admitted that he hated that Sonny had managed to suck Alexis back in. However, Mac wanted to help her.

Carly entered the squad room just as Jason was about to leave. She explained that she had gone to the penthouse to talk to Michael, but she had found the door open, and Michael and Sam gone. Jason became concerned when Carly showed him the DVD that she had found. Moments later, Michael called Carly to tell her that he and Sam were in Chicago. Michael revealed that Abby had been in an accident, but he assured his mother that he and Sam were fine. Carly was relieved, so she ended the call, and then updated Jason.

Jason admitted that it was for the best that Michael and Sam were out of town. He wondered if Carly had watched the DVD, but Carly shook her head. Jason decided to check it out, but Carly stopped him from leaving. She confessed that she was concerned about Jason's bouts of anger, so she advised him to follow his own advice to her by counting to ten before he did anything. Carly didn't know what was going on with Jason, but she wanted him to know that she was there for him, if he needed her. Jason thanked Carly, and then hugged her.

After Jason left the squad room, he stopped to leave Robin a voicemail message to let her know that he had been released from jail, so she could call him if she needed to talk. A short time later, Jason arrived home, and then put the DVD into the laptop. The DVD was a recorded message of Franco suggesting that Jason was the "portrait of rage." Franco anticipated that congratulations were in order. Jason seethed with fury as Franco insisted that it had been an honor to have been "a part of the team."

Franco realized that one child couldn't replace another, but he believed that he, Jason, and Sam had achieved the ultimate conceptual art. "We're gonna be a daddy," Franco taunted. Jason's temper exploded as he stood up and then began to kick the laptop.

In Chicago, Michael and Sam made their way to Room 419. Michael was shocked when he realized that it was the morgue. Michael was filled with trepidation as he looked at the door, but Sam warned him not to jump to conclusions. She was certain that they had simply gotten the room number wrong. Michael pushed the door open, and was greeted by a body on a gurney, covered with a sheet. Sam tried to stop Michael from pulling the sheet back, but Michael ignored her.

Michael was devastated when he saw Abby's lifeless body. He dissolved into tears as he gathered Abby close to him, and then gave into the grief. Later, Michael and Sam sat in the hallway. Michael was filled with anguish as Sam revealed that she had talked to the nurse on duty, who had assured Sam that they had done everything possible to try to save Abby's life, but Abby's injuries had been too grave. Michael blamed himself for Abby's death, because he had arranged for Abby to leave town. He suspected that Abby had been too distracted with talking to him on the phone to notice the danger around her.

Sam insisted that it wasn't Michael's fault, but Michael didn't believe her. He shared the details of his last conversation with Abby. Abby had told him that she had found something special for Michael, while she had been Christmas shopping. Michael revealed that Abby had asked him to take a few days off, so that he could join her. Michael was haunted by the thought that Abby might be alive if she hadn't been talking to him. Sam warned Michael that there were a thousand what ifs, but none of them would lead him anywhere. "Sure it will. It will lead me here, where Abby died. Because of me," Michael replied.

Sam reminded Michael that blaming himself for the accident wouldn't change anything; Abby would still be gone. Michael regretted that he hadn't told Abby how much he loved her, but Sam assured him that Abby knew, so it didn't have to change anything. Michael disagreed. "Now it doesn't have any place to go," Michael explained. Sam reached for Michael as he began to cry.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Maxie helped Lucky decorate Liz's house for the holidays. Maxie insinuated she wanted Liz to be happy, so as to stop pursuing Matt. Lucky dissuaded Maxie from the notion that Liz was interested in Maxie's boyfriend, but she pressed him to help Liz focus on recovery.

Maxie went to the car to get more decorations as Ethan walked in. He asked his brother about the "miracle," how Lucky had known Aiden was ill while Lucky was halfway around the world. Lucky doubted the spiritual ramifications of his journey. Ethan retorted, "Just 'cause something is impossible doesn't mean it's not real."

Lucky admitted that he wanted to have the family with Liz that he'd always dreamed of, but he didn't think it was possible. Ethan reminded Lucky of Lucky's own words: "You and Liz do not work as a couple." As a gambling man, Ethan said that the payout was much bigger when the odds were bad, and he urged Lucky to be true to his heart.

Maxie returned and finished decorating. Lucky thanked her, but she said she had enjoyed it. It reminded her of her childhood with her sister Georgie.

At Wyndemere, the blonde woman looked through the window. Ethan returned and left a box of apples with a note on the table in the drawing room. He left, and the woman walked in and ate an apple as she read the note.

At Shadybrook, Liz entered the room of the man that she had meant earlier to find him still painting on a canvas. She told him he seemed familiar to her. She went to take a peek at his painting, but he covered it up, and she apologized. He introduced himself as Ewen. Matt arrived and whisked her away.

Matt warned Liz to be careful who she became chummy with. He gave Liz the framed photo of her kids she'd left behind. She sensed something was wrong and asked Matt what had happened. He said he'd killed someone.

Liz assumed he was talking about Lisa, but Matt let her know that First Officer Briggs had murdered Lisa after having discovered Lisa had killed the captain. Matt clarified that he felt guilty over the death of a patient, due to the paper he'd published. He felt a responsibility, because the doctors who had treated the deceased man had utilized the procedure Matt had devised.

As Matt and Liz talked, Ewen eavesdropped. Matt stated that time and distance from Lucky would allow her to realize she was better without him. Liz asked Matt if maybe she was putting on an act for Lucky's benefit, just as Lucky arrived.

Lulu told Dante that she was wrong for allowing her fear to keep her from committing to the man she loved. "I would rather worry about losing you if it means having you in my life," she said before asking him to marry her. Dante replied that he couldn't. He said he couldn't handle the on-and-off nature of their engagement anymore. Lulu promised it was on from that point forward, and Dante agreed to marry her. He made an announcement to his colleagues, who applauded.

As Dante was distracted with Lulu, Delores nabbed his security badge from his desk and went to the evidence room. Johnny showed up as she was about to enter and told her she was the one he wanted to see. He asked to have his sweater back, the one he'd turned over for evidence. Johnny continued to hit on Delores, but she wasn't having it. She explained that his belongings would be returned in time. As he left, he promised he wouldn't tell anyone he'd caught her trying to break into the evidence room.

Sam comforted Michael, who was grieving over Abby's death. Michael blamed himself. He said that those he loved always got hurt. He was just like his father, he stated as he walked out of the room. Michael phoned Abby's mother to inform her of the death. He was shocked by the woman's reaction.

After hanging up, he told Sam that Mrs. Haver had said she wasn't surprised that Abby "had come to no good" and had assumed Michael was calling to ask for money for the funeral. Michael wondered how a woman could turn her back on her own child. Sam appealed to Michael not to judge the woman without knowing the circumstances. Sam broke down in tears and admitted that Franco had raped her.

Spinelli walked into Jason's penthouse and witnessed the aftermath of Jason's rage. Jason worried that he was losing control. He reminisced about the first time he had met Sonny. He'd been out of control then, too, but Sonny has taught Jason how to suppress his rage and use it to his advantage.

Spinelli offered whatever support he could give. He walked Jason through the chain of events that had led up to Jason's loss of control. Jason worried his edge was gone. Spinelli asked if Jason's love for Sam might have proven to be a vulnerability Franco was able to exploit. Jason thanked Spinelli for his friendship.

Later, Sam called Jason and disclosed that Abby had died. Jason told her he'd get a flight out that night. As he hung up, Monica arrived. She was concerned that Jason hadn't gone to his post-surgery checkup. She noticed the state of the penthouse and worried that his anger was getting the better of him. She beseeched him to see a specialist and gave him the man's card. Jason remained silent as his mother left.

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