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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 19, 2011 on GH
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Kate and Sonny returned to Sonny's old Bensonhurst home, ostensibly because Kate had left her scarf there. Before they entered, Sonny told Kate that he was not sure that he would ever make peace with his past. When Kate and Sonny entered the living room, it was glowing with Christmas lights and decorations. Homemade goodies jammed a sideboard, and several presents were tucked under a beautiful tree. Sonny smiled and told Kate that it was what he had always imagined when he had looked through other people's windows at Christmastime.

Kate said that she had wanted to give him an old-fashioned Bensonhurst Christmas so that he would have good memories to replace the bad ones. Sonny told Kate that she had managed to bring light to the darkness. Kate said she was just getting started. She took a present from under the tree and insisted that Sonny open it. When he did, he found a trumpet like the one that, as a child, he had dreamed about owning each time he had seen it in a local store window. Kate urged him to try it. Sonny said it was too late to learn to play it, but Kate said it was never too late and reminded him of an elderly man who had taken ballroom dancing and had learned to waltz.

They shared happy neighborhood memories and then Sonny tried unsuccessfully to produce a sound from the trumpet. They laughed, and Sonny seemed happy. Sonny drew Kate under a sprig of mistletoe, and they kissed. Kate told Sonny that they could transform his old home into a place of light and hope by converting it into a safe house for abused women and children. Sonny was amazed by the idea and told Kate to proceed. Sonny said that when he had first bought the place, he had thought that owning it would keep it from owning him, but instead it had become a shrine to hurt and pain.

Sonny said that thanks to Kate, that was all going to change. Sonny laughed and told Kate that all he had gotten her for Christmas was a scarf. Kate said that she could not take all the credit because Sonny had shown courage to face down his demons. Sonny said that he was not all the way there, but he was not going to stop trying. Sonny said that it felt good not to be afraid of the dark.

Sonny turned off the house lights, and they basked in the light of the Christmas tree. He hugged Kate, looked over his shoulder, and saw the abused boy Sonny sitting in a closet. Sonny closed his eyes and hugged Kate tighter. When Sonny opened his eyes, the abused child had vanished from the closet.

Later, Kate and Sonny stood outside and playfully tossed snowballs at each other. Sonny was ecstatic to use his money to turn his old home into a safe place for kids. Kate asked if it would have made a difference if Sonny had had a safe place to go. Sonny said he did not know, but was glad that he had a chance to help others in the same situation.

Kate and Sonny continued to reminisce. Then, when Sonny said that when he was young he had been able to hit a light pole some distance away with a snowball, Kate challenged him. Sonny threw a snowball, but instead of hitting the pole, glass broke and an alarm went off. Sonny and Kate were giggling as they scurried to leave the scene.

Shawn went to the penthouse to confer with Jason about an upcoming meeting. Jason was distracted, and Shawn noticed. Jason told Shawn that Abby had been killed and Jason was worried about Michael. Shawn asked if Franco was responsible, but Jason said it appeared to be an accident. Shawn told Jason that he could handle the meeting and that Jason should catch the first plane to Chicago to be with Michael and Sam. Jason was reluctant at first, but Shawn's arguments were convincing, and Jason agreed to let Shawn handle the meeting.

Shortly after Shawn departed, Carly appeared at Jason's door. She told Jason that he was not being himself, and she was worried. Jason said that he was distracted because he had a lot going on. Carly replied that Jason had just had major surgery. When Carly said that it was all Sam's fault, Jason got very hot. He said that it was not Sam's fault. He put on his coat, told Carly that he had to catch a plane, and walked out of the penthouse, leaving Carly standing alone.

Matt was at Shadybrook with Liz when Lucky visited. Lucky said that he wanted Liz to return home. Liz said that she was trying to do what was best for the boys, because she did not want to be alone during the holidays. Lucky said that she would not be alone, that he would be there and that they would be together as a family. Matt interrupted and said that it was a bad idea. Liz rushed to shut Matt up, but Matt said that he did not want to see Lucky hurt Liz again.

Liz ignored Matt and sent him away. She turned to Lucky and said that she did not know what was wrong with Matt, that he must be having problems with Maxie. Lucky was skeptical but did not say that Matt was jealous. Lucky told Liz that he would not leave her until she was recovered. Liz was all smiles and said that it would be the best Christmas ever. Ewen stood outside the door and overheard their conversation.

While Lucky checked Liz out of Shadybrook, Liz sneaked into Ewen's room and started to remove the cover from his painting. Before she could do so, Ewen caught her. Liz was embarrassed and apologized. Ewen said it was normal to seek out the forbidden. Then he admitted overhearing her conversation with Lucky. Ewen said that she was making a mistake. He said that she was leaving too soon and for the wrong reason. Liz became defiant and told Ewen that it was none of his business and that she knew what she was doing.

Ewen acknowledged that Lucky was falling for Liz's plan, but warned that Liz did not know the consequences just as she had not thought of the emotional consequences that would ensue if she looked at his painting after Ewen had specifically asked her not to peek. Liz said that it was just a painting. Ewen said that painting was an intimate form of communication, which an artist was compelled by primal forces to create. Ewen said that paintings contained a personal truth that was not found on other people's canvases. He added that perhaps that explained why Liz had abandoned painting.

Liz snarled back that she did not know why he was there and that Ewen did not know anything about her or her life. Ewen responded that he knew what he had seen. Liz shot back that Ewen should focus on his own therapy and develop some people skills. Then she stormed out of his room. When she returned to hers, it was obvious that Liz had been shaken by Ewen's comments.

When Lucky returned to get Liz, they walked past Ewen's room. Liz went inside and noticed that the easel was missing and that there was a desk in the room instead of a bed. Ewen walked in, dressed in a sport jacket instead of a smock. He introduced himself as Dr. Ewen Keenen and said that Liz was his patient, but that they had never gotten started. Ewen gave Liz his card and said that he also did outpatient counseling. Liz and Lucky left together. When they arrived at Liz's home, she was impressed with the Christmas decoration.

At General Hospital, Robin stood at the nurses' station, looking over her own medical file. Patrick joined her. Robin said that she had to talk to him because she had to go away. Patrick asked if her reasons had to do with the patient she had been crying over when Maggie had seen her. Robin said yes. She explained that the patient's HIV protocol had stopped working, and the diagnosis was not good. Robin said that she needed to go to an HIV conference to see if she could get some new ideas about treatment.

Robin said that since she was no longer chief of staff, she was realizing all that she had been missing. Robin said that she realized that research was her passion, and she was glad that she had more time to spend with Emma and Patrick. Robin said that she really needed to help the patient's family. Matt walked up and tried to snatch the file, but Robin held on. Patrick told Matt to leave Robin alone and learn some people skills. Matt talked gibberish about experimental procedures and women who were not honest with their husbands. Then Matt asked what the point of research was if the patient died.

Robin stepped up and said that she could answer that question. She said that doctors were the last line of defense and that they failed a lot of the time, but, she continued, doctors built on those failures and stood on the shoulders of the doctors that practiced before them. Robin said that if a doctor were really lucky, a breakthrough would happen in that doctor's lifetime. Robin said that she was a living example of the progress that had been made in the treatment of HIV. Robin said if doctors gave up, they couldn't really expect their patients to believe in them. Matt was speechless as Robin headed off to the lab.

Patrick asked Matt what was really going on. Matt told Patrick that Liz had checked herself in to Shadybrook as a way to manipulate Lucky. Patrick said that it was not Matt's business to interfere with what was going on between Liz and Lucky. Patrick said that there was no explaining love. Matt responded that it was a twisted love, like Lisa had shown. Patrick said he did not want to hear about Lisa, and he was just glad that the case had been closed and Lisa's killer had been caught. Matt said it was a good thing because he had been worried that either Patrick or Robin had killed Lisa. In the lab, Robin looked at slides.

In Chicago, the dam finally broke for Sam, and she tearfully told Michael that Franco had raped her. At first, Sam tried to deny that she was upset, but Michael knew better. When Sam suggested that he concentrate on assuaging his grief over Abby's death, Michael said that changing the subject and running away was not the answer. He told Sam that she was behaving exactly the way he had behaved after Carter had assaulted him in prison. Sam said that their situations were different.

Michael said that the details were different, but the pain was the same. Michael said that he had pretended to be whole, but had not been and had thought that he never would be. Sam knew the feeling. Michael said that he had spent months alone, pushing away the very people who cared for him and wanted to help. Michael told Sam that talking about the incident and letting it out was the only way to overcome it. Sam then told Michael the whole story of what Franco had done to her and Jason on the last night of their honeymoon in Hawaii. Sam felt guilty that she had done nothing to stop Franco.

Michael said that Sam was not responsible for what had happened to her, and she had to stop thinking that she was. Sam said that she had been happy on her honeymoon with Jason and that Franco had taken it all away from her. Michael said that while Sam felt like she would never get over the pain, Michael was living proof that it would pass. Michael said that Sam had introduced him to Abby, and he had been able to talk to her. Michael said that Abby had reached him, and he had realized that he did not have to go through his trauma alone. Michael told Sam that Jason could do the same thing for her that Abby had done for Michael.

Sam said that she wanted to confide in Jason but that she could not because Jason blamed himself and got uncontrollably angry whenever he thought about Franco. Sam said that talking to Jason only made it worse. Jason stood outside the door and heard Sam's comments to Michael.

Bernie and Shawn arrived at Sonny's restaurant for a meeting. Shawn cautioned Bernie to act as though everything was normal and the meeting was not important enough for Jason to attend. Bernie agreed, but mumbled that it would be better if Jason were there. When Bernie opened Sonny's office door, a masked gunman started firing. Bernie was hit.

Shawn chased the gunman, who got away, but quickly returned to Bernie and called an ambulance. After doing so, Shawn had a PTSD episode. Carly arrived moments later and found Bernie, who said that Shawn had saved his life. Carly turned to Shawn, who was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall. Shawn was staring straight ahead, trancelike, neither moving nor speaking.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sonny was in high spirits when he and Kate returned to their hotel suite in New York City. Kate praised Sonny for paying the Espositos for the broken window, instead of running away, as Sonny would have when he was a teenager. Sonny noticed that Kate was shivering, so she flirtatiously extended her foot, and then invited Sonny to warm it up. Sonny gently massaged Kate's foot as he thanked her for decorating the brownstone. He realized that Kate had her own childhood issues to deal with, so he wanted to help her the way that she had helped him.

Kate smiled as Sonny leaned down to kiss her. She confessed that their kiss had been different than the ones before, because it seemed as if the darkness had lifted. However, she was curious whom Sonny had been kissing: Connie or Kate. Sonny explained that Connie was always there, giving as good as she got, while Kate was a challenge. He wondered why he couldn't have both. "Can you handle both?" Kate asked.

Sonny promised to try, and then kissed Kate again. Kate was surprised when Sonny suddenly pulled back. He explained that he had been thinking about her remark that he was different, and more in the moment. Sonny admitted that things felt right between them, so he suggested that they take their time, so that things could happen naturally between them. Kate loved the idea of not rushing, so they decided to order something to eat. Sonny reached for his cell phone, and then noticed that there had been several messages from Max. Kate asked Sonny to ignore the messages for a while longer, but seconds later his phone rang.

Sonny answered the phone, and was shocked by what Max had revealed. Sonny promised to return to Port Charles immediately, and then ended the call. Kate sat on the bed, with an expression of frustration mixed with disappointment, as Sonny explained that he had to leave, and then packed his bags. Kate remained silent as she watched Sonny walk out of the door.

At Pozzulo's, Shawn sat on the floor, his back against the wall, as flashbacks of his time in Afghanistan flooded his mind. Carly entered the restaurant, and then carefully approached Shawn. She gently told Shawn that Bernie had been taken to the hospital, but he was expected to be fine. Carly reached for Shawn, but he violently flinched. He warned her that it was best for people to keep their distance when he was experiencing a PTSD episode. Carly refused to abandon Shawn, so she remained at his side. Shawn realized that he should call to warn Jason that someone had put a hit on Jason.

Carly demanded to know what Shawn was talking about, so Shawn explained that the gunmen had fled as soon as they had realized that Jason wasn't around. Carly realized that the event had probably triggered memories of Shawn's father's brutal murder, but Shawn refused to discuss it. Moments later, Ronnie entered the restaurant. Ronnie accused Carly and Shawn of being a pair of Jack-in-the-boxes, because they always seemed to pop up at crime scenes. Carly insisted that it was merely a coincidence that she and Shawn were at the restaurant, but Ronnie didn't buy it.

Ronnie pushed for answers, so Carly explained that she had stopped by to see Sonny. Ronnie turned to Shawn for answers, but Shawn continued to jump and flinch at every loud noise and sudden movement. Ronnie sensed that something was off with Shawn, but Shawn managed to provide an innocent explanation for his presence during the shootout. According to Shawn, Shawn had walked in on burglars during a routine check on Sonny's office, while Sonny was out of town. Ronnie didn't believe a word of Shawn's story, which made Carly desperate to get Shawn away from Ronnie, so she ordered Ronnie to contact her attorney, and then insisted on taking Shawn to the hospital.

At the nurses' station, Maxie tried to nail down some holiday plans with Matt, but Matt wasn't in a festive mood. He wanted to keep things low-key, because he didn't think it was right to celebrate when someone had committed suicide after confessing to murdering Lisa. Maxie suggested that it was time for them to move forward, so she suggested that they spend Christmas with Patrick and Robin. Matt became distracted when he spotted Ewen. Matt quickly approached Ewen to ask what Ewen was doing at the hospital.

Ewen revealed that he was a psychiatrist on staff, and that he would have treated Liz, if she hadn't left Shadybrook prematurely. "You agree it was prematurely," Ewen added, as if to dare Matt to dispute him. Later, Ewen observed Carly and Shawn approach the nurses' station. Shawn insisted that he didn't need to see a doctor, but Carly disagreed, because he'd had a PTSD episode. Shawn assured Carly that he had everything under control, but Carly reminded him of the story that he had told her about the calming effect of the dog in Afghanistan. She suggested that perhaps a doctor could tap into that to help Shawn deal with the PTSD.

Shawn spotted Max, so he approached Sonny's bodyguard for an update on Bernie. Max explained that Bernie had to undergo surgery; however, Bernie was expected to make a full recovery. Max assured Shawn that Bernie would keep his mouth shut, so Shawn admitted that there wasn't much to tell, because they had been ambushed. Shawn confided that Jason had been the intended target. Max decided that it was time to call Sonny. Meanwhile, Carly pulled out her cell phone, and then called Jason.

Later, Matt updated Shawn on Bernie's post-op condition. Matt snidely assured Shawn that Bernie would be back to "cooking the books" in no time. Carly resented Matt's attitude, but Matt seemed unfazed. After Matt left, Shawn decided to return to Carly's house to relieve Milo, who had been guarding Josslyn. Carly was stunned that Shawn intended to pretend nothing had happened. Before Shawn could reply, a service dog had trotted up to Shawn. Shawn immediately knelt down to pet the dog.

Ewen loudly slammed a book down at the nurses' station, but Shawn didn't seem to notice, because Shawn was engrossed with the dog. However, Carly turned to see who had been responsible for the noise. She smiled with approval when she realized what Ewen had done. Carly joined Ewen as they watched Shawn and the dog, Clyde. Ewen explained that Clyde was a therapy dog that helped patients who suffered from a wide a range of illnesses, including PTSD. Eventually, Shawn relinquished the dog to Ewen.

After Ewen left, Carly revealed that Dr. Keenan had told her about the benefits of a service dog. Shawn admitted that he was familiar with the therapy, but it was an under-funded program with a long waiting list. Shawn explained that he could never afford a service dog, even with his insurance. "Hmm," Carly murmured as they walked to the elevator.

In Chicago, Jason eavesdropped on Michael and Sam's conversation, as they discussed her rape. Sam admitted that she was reluctant to talk to Jason about it, because Jason felt guilty that Franco had been able to get to her. Michael offered to listen, if Sam needed to talk. Moments later, Jason entered the room, but he pretended that he hadn't overheard Michael and Sam's conversation. Jason quickly offered his condolences to Michael, who admitted that Abby's death had seemed like a nightmare. Michael decided to take care of some paperwork, so that he could return to Port Charles with Abby's body.

After Michael left, Jason realized that Michael blamed himself for Abby's tragic death. Sam explained that Michael needed a reason for why Abby had died. Jason revealed that he had gone to the construction site to find out what had happened, and that it appeared to have been a horrible accident. Sam was relieved when Jason assured her that Franco hadn't been responsible for Abby's death. Sam then switched gears to find out how Jason had gotten out of jail, so Jason explained that Alexis had pulled some strings.

Sam was grateful for her mother's help, because she had been worried about Jason. Jason assured Sam that he was fine, but he wondered how she was doing. "What do you mean?" Sam nervously asked. She quickly steered the conversation away from her, by talking about what a good friend Abby had been. Moments later, Jason's phone rang. It was Carly.

Carly insisted that Jason return to Port Charles, because Bernie had been shot during an ambush meant for Jason, and that no one had been able to reach Sonny. Jason promised to take care of everything, and then ended the call. Jason revealed to Sam that a "business deal" had gone south. Michael entered the room during the explanation, so he urged Jason to return home. Jason reluctantly agreed, but Sam insisted on staying with Michael.

After Jason left, Michael admitted that he was grateful that Jason hadn't told Carly about Abby's death. Sam assured Michael that there wasn't a rush, and then offered to contact Abby's friends, to let them know about Abby. Michael pulled his date book out; he quietly revealed that Abby had given it to him, and that she had filled it out through 2012, to mark the dates that she intended to spend doing something special with him. Michael was overcome with grief, because it was a reminder of all the things that he and Abby wouldn't get to do. Michael and Sam talked about Abby, and what she had meant to them.

Michael regretted that he had never taken Abby on a trip around the world, to visit all of the places that she had wanted to see. Sam was certain that Abby had never felt cheated during her time with Michael. Michael's head snapped up as a thought occurred to him. He cryptically told Sam that he had figured out a way to honor Abby, and then left.

At Pozzulo's, Ronnie wasn't surprised when Jason entered the restaurant. Ronnie suspected that Jason had valuable information, including who had been behind the shooting, but Jason explained that he had been in Chicago. Frustrated, Ronnie left. Moments later, Max entered the restaurant.

Jason was relieved to learn that Bernie would make a full recovery. Max then revealed that the Soleitos had been behind the ambush. Jason was surprised, but Max suggested that perhaps the crime family hoped to expand their territory. Jason was furious that the Soleitos had managed to catch him off-guard. After Max left, Jason entered the office, and then looked at the bullet casings, and blood left behind on the floor. Jason then returned to the restaurant, sat down, and then released a long breath.

At Liz's house, Liz admitted that she loved the Christmas tree. Lucky credited Maxie for transforming the house for the holiday. Liz thanked Lucky for taking her home, so that she could heal with her family. Lucky smiled uncomfortably, and then decided to send the babysitter home. Liz quickly invited Lucky to spend the night, so he agreed to sleep in the boys' room. Later, Lucky returned to the living room, to let Liz know that the boys had fallen asleep.

Liz looked forward to surprising her boys in the morning. Lucky warned Liz that Cam had developed a new obsession with oatmeal for breakfast, and a red shirt, which Cam tried to wear daily. Liz chuckled, and then thanked Lucky for helping out with the boys. She suggested that they take their sons to see the carousel that weekend, because it was always decked out for the holidays. Lucky smiled weakly, and then deftly switched gears by confessing that he had thought that it would be good for her to have Christmas. "And the family," Liz added.

Lucky started to clarify something, but Liz quickly cut him off by explaining that Christmas was all about family, and that it felt right for them to be together. "Isn't that what we want?" Liz asked. Lucky evaded the question by handing Cam's Christmas list to Liz. Liz smiled brightly as they reminisced about previous Christmases. Lucky decided to do some Christmas shopping, so he promised to return shortly. After Lucky left, Liz busied herself lighting candles when someone knocked on the front door. It was Maxie.

Maxie was in a foul mood, but Liz didn't seem to notice as she thanked Maxie for decorating the house. Liz realized that she wasn't Maxie's favorite person, so Maxie quickly clarified that Liz was the toxic slime at the bottom of the barrel. Liz was taken aback by Maxie's hostility. Maxie demanded to know how Liz could do what she had done to Lucky, after everything that Lucky had been through with Laura. "Excuse me?" Liz asked. Maxie warned Liz to spare her the innocent act, and then began to rant.

Liz decided that it was time for Maxie to leave, but Maxie refused to budge until she'd had her say. Maxie insisted that Liz had no right to play on Lucky's love for his children, prompting Liz to deny that she would ever do that. Maxie accused Liz of checking into Shadybrook, because Liz had known that Lucky would "ride in on his white horse" to save Liz. Maxie sarcastically congratulated Liz on finally finding a way to keep Lucky around, but she had needed to fake a breakdown to do it. Maxie and Liz's heads turned when Lucky made a noise from the doorway. Liz quickly tried to explain that Maxie had been wrong, while Maxie insisted that she had merely been trying to protect Lucky.

Lucky ordered Maxie to leave, so she quietly complied. Lucky then turned to Liz to demand to know if Maxie had been right. Liz insisted that Maxie couldn't be believed, but Lucky resented that Liz had thought that she could continue to play him. Lucky felt like a fool for feeling guilty, because he had questioned Liz's reason for going to Shadybrook. Lucky wanted Liz to admit that she had been lying, so Liz conceded that she had taken advantage of the situation, because she had been desperate. Lucky coldly suggested that she could have told him the truth.

Liz's temper flared. She accused Lucky of not being honest with himself, or how he felt about her. Liz was sorry that she had gone to such extremes, but she insisted that he hadn't been listening to her when she had tried to talk to him. Liz explained that she couldn't stand the thought of losing him again, because she and the boys needed him. Lucky argued that it wasn't about their family; it was about them. Liz realized that she had made a terrible mistake, and she had hurt him.

"Forgive me, Lucky, please," Liz tearfully pleaded. Lucky confessed that he had lied, too, by convincing himself that they could work things out. However, he insisted that he had been wrong; they could never make it work, so it was over. Liz wondered what to say to their sons, so Lucky promised to return in the morning to explain everything to them. Lucky stood firm as Liz questioned if he knew what he was doing. Liz begged him to reconsider, but Lucky left.

Afterwards, Liz went to the fireplace mantel, took down her wedding picture with Lucky, pulled it out of the frame, and then laid it facedown on the table as tears streamed down her face. Meanwhile, Lucky arrived home. He flipped through his mail as he approached his front door, but stopped short when he spotted a postcard. The back of the postcard read, "I hope you find what you're looking for." The front of the postcard was a snapshot of St. Margaret's Church in Ireland.

The episode featured the song, One Goodbye by Jayson Belt.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In New York City, Lulu and Dante lounged in bed after making love. Lulu was curious what to call their trip. "A slice of heaven," Dante suggested. Lulu chuckled, and then wondered if it were a post-engagement or pre-wedding getaway. Dante assured her that it could be whatever she wanted it to be. Lulu confessed that he was what she wanted, every day, for the rest of their lives.

Later, Lulu was curious what Dante had planned for the day. Dante wanted to stay in their hotel room, but Lulu wanted to see the city. Dante decided to show her something special, so he grabbed her hand, and then led her out of the room. Sometime later, Lulu and Dante returned to their hotel room. Lulu was curious if Dante had ever been to the World Trade Center before September 11th.

Dante revealed that Olivia had taken him to Windows on the World when he was a child. He recalled that he had been in school when he had learned that the twin towers had been hit, and that he couldn't fathom the buildings collapsing, but they had. Lulu confessed that she had been deeply moved when she had seen the names of the victims carved in stone at Ground Zero. Dante admitted that some of the people who had perished on that fateful day had been from his neighborhood; they had been firefighters, and police officers, not bankers.

Lulu and Dante talked about how selfless the first responders had been. Dante confessed that he wouldn't have hesitated to enter the towers if he had been on duty the day that the planes had hit the buildings. Lulu was curious if he had taken her to Ground Zero as a test, because she realized that a lot of spouses had been left behind after the national tragedy. Dante denied that it had been a test, but he had hoped to show her that the heroes who had perished that day had died giving the best of themselves. Dante thought that it was something to emulate. Lulu wondered if it helped the families of those who had died, knowing that their loved ones had been heroes.

Dante suggested that the family members might have taken comfort from knowing that their loved ones had died doing something that had mattered. Dante assured Lulu that he loved her, and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but not at the cost of Lulu's happiness. Lulu was curious if Dante feared that she might change her mind about marrying him. "Will you?" Dante asked. Lulu admitted that it had been a bit overwhelming to see the memorial to the victims of 9/11. She wondered if there would ever be a time when they would be able to visit the site without feeling a deep sense of loss.

"I hope not," Dante replied. Lulu imagined that the morning of September 11, 2001, had been like any other normal morning for the people who had perished on that day. However, she wondered if all those who had lost their lives on 9/11 would have done anything different if they had known what fate had in store. Dante suggested that they had to make the best of the moments that they had. Lulu smiled, and then kissed Dante.

Afterwards, Lulu admitted that she was determined not to let fear get in the way of her happiness. She thought that the risk that he took was a reminder to her to treasure every moment, because life was random, and nothing was guaranteed. Dante was curious if she truly meant that. "Absolutely," Lulu assured him. "Then why wait? Let's get married now," Dante suggested.

Sonny entered Pozzulo's to see Jason seated at a table. Sonny demanded to know what had happened, so Jason explained that the gunmen had been looking for Jason. Sonny pointed out that Jason was impossible to target when he wasn't distracted. Sonny doubted that the ambush would have happened if Jason had been paying attention. Jason agreed, so Sonny suggested that Jason either deal with his personal issues, or focus on business. However, Jason couldn't do both, because Sonny needed someone reliable.

Jason bristled, as he demanded to know if Sonny were suggesting that Franco wasn't a priority. Sonny refused to sacrifice all that he had worked for, because of Franco. According to Sonny, Franco was a "stupid" reason to throw everything away, so he wanted Jason to let it go. Jason's temper flared as he shouted, "I can't!"

Jason calmed down, and then he confided that he'd been experiencing periods of rage, which had left him with memory gaps. Jason conceded that he couldn't think clearly, so he missed things like the ambush. Jason explained that his periods of rage and blackouts were getting worse, so he was frustrated, because he didn't know how to turn off the anger.

Jason and Sonny talked about the first time that they had met, when Sonny had taught Jason to channel his anger. Sonny insisted that Jason owed it to himself to deal with whatever was going on, but Jason wanted to focus on the ambush. Sonny realized that the Soleitos had been responsible, so he suspected that the Zaccharas had pulled the strings, because Anthony Zacchara and Gino Soleito had once been close friends. Jason had doubts, because he knew that Johnny wanted to honor the peace treaty; however, Jason didn't discount Anthony working behind Johnny's back.

Sonny wondered if Jason could stop the Zaccharas if they decided to go after Sonny's territory. Jason promised to do his best, but he refused to make any guarantees. Sonny advised Jason to get out of his own head, because it was clear that Jason didn't trust himself. Jason's temper flared as he questioned if Sonny had been able to do that when Sonny had struggled with bipolar disease. Sonny confessed that he finally saw what Jason had been forced to deal with during the years that Sonny had refused to seek medical treatment.

Sonny acknowledged his regrets, including firing his gun at Robin's house while he had been on the hunt for Jax. Jason mentioned that he had recently talked to Robin, so Jason was confident that Robin would be receptive to Sonny reaching out to her. Sonny respected Patrick's concerns, so Sonny didn't want to get between Patrick and Robin. However, Sonny pointed out that he was still standing, so there was hope for Jason. Sonny wanted to help Jason, but Jason doubted that anyone could. Sonny implored Jason to let Sonny try, and then questioned Jason about the symptoms.

Jason told Sonny about everything that had transpired in Hawaii, except Sam's rape, and the first episodes of rage. Sonny suggested that Jason should take comfort, knowing that Franco hadn't targeted someone that Jason loved. Jason's mood darkened as he insisted that he should have stopped Franco. Sonny sensed that Jason was withholding something, so he pleaded with Jason to trust him.

At the hospital, Maxie was looking for Matt when Liz suddenly walked up, and then slapped her. "Stay the hell out of my life," Liz warned Maxie. Maxie was startled as Liz accused Maxie of hurting Liz's family. Maxie claimed that she cared a lot about Lucky, so she refused to stand by, and watch, while Liz tricked Lucky into a reunion that Lucky didn't want. Ewen approached the nurses' station during Liz's confrontation with Maxie, so he eavesdropped on their heated argument.

Liz insisted that Maxie had put everything into motion by constantly undermining Liz and Lucky's relationship. Maxie argued that Liz and Lucky didn't have a relationship, because Liz had cheated on Lucky with Jason and Nikolas, Lucky's own brother. Liz warned Maxie that it wasn't any of Maxie's business, but Maxie shot back that Liz had made it Maxie's business by slapping Maxie. Maxie proceeded to berate Liz for faking a breakdown, and checking into Shadybrook, which Maxie thought was beyond cruel, because Lucky's mother had been a legitimate "mental patient." According to Maxie, Liz made Lucky miserable, so Liz should leave Lucky alone.

Liz suspected that Maxie felt threatened by Matt's friendship with Liz, so Maxie wanted revenge. Maxie accused Liz of befriending Matt, so she had a backup plan, in the event that things didn't work out with Lucky. Liz wondered if it bothered Maxie that Liz could actually comprehend the things that Matt talked about, and then advised Maxie to find someone else to take her insecurities out on. Matt was stunned when he heard Liz and Maxie arguing, so he quickly approached them to find out what was going on. Liz explained that Maxie had tried to sabotage her life, while Maxie accused Liz of faking a breakdown. Liz dared Maxie to prove it, so Maxie smugly informed Liz that it wasn't necessary, because Liz had confessed the truth to Matt, who in turn had told Maxie.

"You told her?" Liz asked Matt in a hurt tone. Liz felt betrayed, because Matt should have known that Maxie would run to Lucky with the information. Maxie snidely suggested that the next time Liz pull a similar stunt, she not brag about it to anyone. Matt quickly clarified that Liz hadn't bragged about anything, but it was too little, too late for Liz. Matt explained that he had been upset when he had let the information slip to Maxie, because Liz had been determined to work on a relationship that Matt felt had been doomed to fail.

Maxie was curious what Liz, who had just "uncommitted" herself from Shadybrook, was doing at the hospital. Maxie didn't wait for an answer as she continued to criticize Liz. Eventually, Matt barked, "That's enough." Liz refused to apologize for trying to save her family, but Maxie argued that it was still based on a lie. Matt reminded Maxie that Liz had been through a lot recently, including almost dying, and then admitted that he appreciated Liz's desire to keep the father of her children in her sons' lives, because he knew what it was like to grow up without a father. Maxie informed Matt that Liz had slapped her, so she was curious if Matt were suggesting that Maxie had deserved it.

Liz warned Maxie not to ask questions if she weren't prepared for the answers. Maxie thought that Liz would deserve to lose Lucky, so she hoped that Lucky would one day tell the boys the truth about why he had left Liz. "He couldn't live with you," Maxie snarled. Matt ordered Maxie to stop, but Maxie ignored him. Liz thought that it was good for Matt to see how hateful Maxie really was.

Maxie argued that at least she was honest, and didn't resort to acting like a victim to get what she wanted. Liz grew weary of Maxie's tirade, so she decided to collect her paycheck, and then leave. Maxie continued to fling insults at Liz as Liz walked away. Matt tried to stop Maxie, but she threatened to slap him if he said another word.

Later, Liz bumped into Ewen at the nurses' station. She was shocked to see him, so she wondered what he was doing there. Ewen revealed that he worked at the hospital as a psychiatrist. Liz was stunned; she wondered if he had lied to everyone the way that he had lied to her. Ewen quickly reminded Liz that he had never told her that he was a patient at Shadybrook; she had merely assumed that he was. Liz accused Ewen of intentionally misleading her, which she insisted had been manipulative.

"Not a pleasant feeling, is it?" Ewen asked. Annoyed, Liz started to leave, but Ewen revealed that she had been assigned to him, so he had taken the opportunity to get to know her. Liz realized that Ewen had likely known about her background as an artist. She questioned if he'd really been painting something when she had seen him, or if the canvas had been filled with stick figures. Ewen pointed out that she was making assumptions again, but Liz was upset that he had used something personal, that had once meant a lot to her, in order to get her to open up to him.

Ewen promised that he had meant what he had said, but Liz had no idea what he was referring to. Ewen clarified that he strongly believed that she could benefit from therapy, so he offered to see her on an outpatient basis. Liz refused to consider it. Moments later, Cam called to tell her that Lucky was leaving. Liz assured Cam that she would be home right away, and then left.

At Liz's house, Lucky broke the news that he had to leave town, so he wouldn't be with the boys for Christmas. Cam was deeply disappointed as he quietly asked, "Why?" Lucky explained that he had been looking for something, but had been interrupted before he could find it, so he had to return that very night to continue his quest. Lucky then opened presents with the boys. He thanked Cam for the red wool scarf, and then apologized again for missing Christmas. Cam admitted that he couldn't understand why Lucky couldn't stay, and get back together with Liz.

Lucky assured Cam that he and Liz would always love the boy, even if they had to go away, like Lucky. Lucky explained that it was better for him not to be married to Liz, so that he and Liz could focus more on Cam and Aiden. Cam hugged his father, said that he loved Lucky, and then dashed to his bedroom with a present. Lucky wandered over to the playpen, and then picked up Aiden. Lucky confessed that he regretted that he was leaving, just like his father had, but he didn't have a choice. Moments later, Ethan walked in.

Ethan quickly realized that Lucky intended to return to Ireland. Lucky explained that he was no good to anyone in Port Charles, until he figured out what he wanted. Ethan thought that the timing was bad, so Lucky revealed that he didn't want to build up Liz and the boys' hopes only to cruelly take that hope away. Ethan wondered if Lucky had talked to Lulu. Lucky admitted that he had heard about their sister's engagement, so he had been reluctant to rain on Lulu's parade by telling her about his plans to return to Ireland. Ethan didn't argue with Lucky's decision, but he was curious if Lucky had been in contact with Luke.

Lucky confessed that he finally understood why Luke had felt compelled to leave, so he was in no position to judge. Ethan wondered what had changed, so Lucky revealed that Liz had faked her breakdown in a desperate attempt to manipulate a reconciliation. Lucky conceded that he was partly to blame, because he and Liz were caught in a cycle where one pursued when the other pulled away. Ethan agreed that Lucky was doing the right thing by leaving. Lucky appreciated the support, and asked his brother to keep an eye on the boys. Ethan promised to contact Lucky if the boys needed their father, so Lucky turned the conversation to Wyndemere.

Lucky wanted Ethan to be careful, because the Cassadines had a long, ugly history with the Spencers. Ethan confided that he had met a woman, who had taken up residence at the castle, but she appeared to be mute. Lucky reminded his brother that even stray cats had claws, so Ethan was in dangerous territory, and should keep an eye out for Helena.

Later, Liz arrived home and saw Ethan sitting on the sofa. She apologized for taking so long, and then wondered where Lucky was. Ethan told her that Lucky had gone to the airport. Liz was stunned when she realized that Lucky hadn't stayed to say goodbye to her. Ethan admitted that he suspected that Lucky had wanted to avoid hurting her. Liz's eyes filled with tears as the truth dawned on her; Lucky wanted to avoid hurting himself.

Liz realized that Ethan had been right about Lucky needing to get away from her. Ethan admitted that he had been "way out of line" when he had said that, but Liz refused to let him take it back. She confessed that she had faked a breakdown, which made her "the lowest of the low." Ethan assured Liz that Lucky didn't think that of her that way, but Liz didn't seem to hear him. "Well, it can't just end like this. He can't just walk away, because that would make him the bad guy," Liz told Ethan.

Ethan explained that Lucky knew that Lucky and Liz had each been at fault. Liz revealed that she had been willing to lie and cheat to keep her family together. Ethan reminded Liz that Laura had tried to trap Luke, which had ended tragically. Liz wondered if Ethan were suggesting that history was doomed to repeat itself. Ethan assured Liz that it didn't have to be like that. Liz agreed, and then asked Ethan to watch the boys for a little while longer, while she took care of something.

Matt caught up to Maxie near the nurses' station, but Maxie was too furious to listen to what he had to say. She ranted until Matt explained that he didn't want to argue with her, because Christmas was his favorite time of the year. Maxie calmed down, as she quietly confessed that she had hated the holidays after Georgie had died, but she had slowly learned to love Christmas again. Matt wondered what her favorite part of Christmas was, so Maxie confided that it was waking up in the morning with the magical feeling that she'd had as a child. Matt revealed that his Christmas wish was to spend the holiday with her. He begged her to agree, but Maxie's mood soured when she spotted Liz standing near the elevator, as if she were looking for someone.

Maxie admitted that Liz looked sad, so she could probably use Matt's sympathy. Maxie encouraged Matt to go to Liz, but she warned him that Liz was only using him, the same as she had Lucky. Meanwhile, Liz approached Ewen when she saw him walk up to the nurses' station. Liz wondered if Ewen were heading out, so he told her that it depended. Liz confessed that she had thought about what he had said. "I need help," Liz earnestly admitted.

At the airport, Lucky spotted a woman with two children, who were waiting for their father. The woman told the children that their father would be excited to see them.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

In New York City, Lulu realized that Dante was serious about getting married right away. Dante insisted that the timing was perfect, because Christmas in the city was romantic. Dante begged Lulu to agree, but Lulu had reservations. She reminded him that it had been a very emotional day for them, so he might have regrets in the morning. Dante assured Lulu that he didn't have any doubts about getting married; however, he was concerned that she might. Lulu promised Dante that she wasn't trying to back out of marrying him, but she thought that they should consider their families, especially Olivia, who would be hurt to be excluded from the wedding.

Dante agreed that his mother would probably never speak to him again if they didn't invite her to the wedding, so he decided to call Olivia to let her know about their plans to get married on Christmas Day. Lulu worried that they wouldn't be able to pull the wedding together at the last minute, but Dante was confident that everything would work out fine.

Later, Dante and Lulu returned to their hotel room. Lulu was discouraged, because they hadn't been able to secure a church for their wedding. Dante suggested that they resort to Plan B, which was to call Maxie, but Lulu quashed the idea, because she didn't want to bother her friend on Christmas Eve. Lulu thought perhaps Olivia might be able to help, since Olivia went to church regularly, and had connections. Dante suddenly recalled that his cousin, Tommy, had entered the priesthood, so he decided to reach out to him. "All set," Dante proudly informed Lulu after he spoke to Tommy on the phone. Dante revealed that Tommy had agreed to perform the ceremony later that evening. Lulu conceded that perhaps miracles did happen. Dante sensed that Lulu wasn't enthusiastic about their wedding plans, so Lulu admitted that it wasn't what she had imagined. Dante realized that Lulu might want her own family present at the wedding, but she reminded him that everyone in her family had their own issues to deal with, so they might not want to attend. Lulu insisted that Dante and Olivia were her family, prompting Dante to assure Lulu that all of the Falconeris would welcome Lulu into their family with open arms.

Dante kissed Lulu, but she pulled away when she suddenly realized that she didn't have anything to wear to her own wedding. Dante promised that they would take care of that later, and then kissed her again. Dante and Lulu began to tear off each other's clothes, and then made love.

At Crimson, Maxie was flipping through a rack of suits when Spinelli stepped off of the elevator. Maxie grumbled that she had left him ten messages, so Spinelli apologized for not returning her calls. He explained that he had developed a new interest in sports, so he'd been wrapped up in a sports game. Maxie warned Spinelli that Kate had returned, which meant that Sonny was also in Port Charles. Maxie insisted that Spinelli needed to find a way to replace Sonny's missing millions, before it was too late. Spinelli was surprised that Maxie seemed genuinely concerned about him, but he assured her that he had everything under control.

Maxie relaxed, and then lamented that the designer suits on the rack had been wasted, because the woman-behind-the-man photo shoot had been indefinitely put on hold. Spinelli was curious if Matt had backed out, but Maxie complained that Matt had been too focused on Liz to even think about her article. Maxie claimed that she and Matt had been making plans for Christmas, but he had become fully focused on Liz when Liz had walked into the hospital. Spinelli was curious if that meant that Maxie was spending the holiday alone. Maxie didn't think that she had any other option, since she had to avoid Matt, who would be at Patrick and Robin's house.

Spinelli confessed that he had intended to get a hotel room, and listen to holiday music on the radio, so he was free to spend Christmas with Maxie if she didn't have any plans. Maxie wondered why he wasn't going to his grandmother's house, so Spinelli explained that his grandmother had booked a cruise to the Bahamas. Maxie was happy for his grandmother, and agreed to spend Christmas with Spinelli, provided that he agreed to get a room at Metro Court. Spinelli smiled happily, as he began to make plans for a Christmas dinner. A short time later, Matt called. Spinelli's smile faded as Maxie agreed to spend Christmas with Matt at Patrick and Robin's house.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny apologized for not being available when Jason had needed him. Sonny admitted that he had been dealing with some personal issues, including his failed marriage to Brenda, so he had been wrapped up in his own world. Jason didn't hold it against Sonny, because Sonny couldn't have known what Jason hadn't told him. "Tell me," Sonny urged his friend. Jason explained that he needed to figure out a way to deal with the rages, and control the anger, but Sonny wondered if that were even possible with Franco running around.

Sonny implored Jason to consider seeking professional treatment, before someone that Jason loved was hurt or worse. Sonny warned Jason that Jason didn't want to go down the same road that Sonny had. Jason appreciated Sonny's concern, but Jason explained that he wasn't the one who needed Sonny's help. Sonny was shocked when Jason revealed that Abby had died, and that Michael had flown to Chicago to identify her body. Sonny wondered if Abby had been murdered, but Jason quickly assured Sonny that it had been a construction site accident, so Abby had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sonny realized that Shawn and Bernie had gone to the meeting, because Jason had flown to Chicago to be with Michael. Sonny confessed that he had been concerned about Jason's ability to do his job, but Jason's decision to send Shawn to the meeting indicated that Jason still had things under control. Jason reminded Sonny that Abby had meant everything to Michael, so Michael was reeling from Abby's death. Sonny imagined that Michael was tormented with guilt, so he decided to pay his son a visit.

After Sonny left, Jason entered the office. He spotted a picture of Michael, and then recalled apologizing to Michael for Franco sending Carter after Michael to get to Jason. Michael had reminded Jason that someone would have gotten to Michael in Pentonville, even if Carter hadn't, so Jason wasn't to blame. Jason had assured Michael that he would have traded places with Michael if he could have.

Carly wondered why Michael was sitting on the floor, going through boxes, when she entered his apartment. She noticed the mess, so she was curious if Michael and Abby had had an argument. Michael admitted that Abby was gone, so Carly wondered if Abby had walked out on him. He quickly clarified that Abby was dead, and then added, "I killed her." Carly immediately went to comfort her son, as she explained that he shouldn't have to deal with the grief alone. Michael assured his mother that he hadn't, because Sam had gone to Chicago with him.

Carly realized that Jason had known about the tragedy, but he'd opted not to tell her when she had spoken to Jason. She insisted that she could have helped her son, but Michael argued that there was nothing that could have been done. Michael explained that he had sent Abby to Chicago to be safe, but instead he had kept her on the phone, so she had been distracted from the danger around her. Carly pleaded with Michael to stop torturing himself. Michael angrily lashed out at his mother by accusing her of being awful to Abby in the beginning. Carly didn't deny it, but she admitted that she had gotten to know Abby, and had realized that Michael and Abby had been good for each other.

Michael resumed digging through a box, looking for a picture of a field of lavender in New Zealand that Abby had cut out of a magazine. According to Michael, the picture had made Abby think of Heaven. Michael revealed that he intended to scatter Abby's ashes in the special field, so that Abby could be in a place as beautiful as she had been. Carly began to organize things, so Michael told her that it wasn't necessary. Carly thought that it would be easier for Michael, later on. Michael was furious at the reminder that he would have to eventually pack Abby's things.

Michael insisted that it wasn't fair that Abby was gone. Carly agreed that it didn't make sense, and then began to talk about how it felt to lose someone. Michael realized that she missed Jax. Carly confessed that she thought about Jax every day, because she had loved Jax, even though she had hated what he had done. Despite that, Carly wished that Josslyn didn't have to grow up without her father. Carly reminded Michael that he and Abby had loved each other, so he'd always have the wonderful memories that they had made during their time together.

Michael hoped that it would help one day. Moments later, Carly found the picture that Michael had been looking for. She held it up victoriously as Sonny appeared in the doorway. Sonny apologized for interrupting, but Carly assured him that the timing had been perfect, because she needed to fetch Josslyn. She stopped to whisper to Sonny that Michael needed his dad, and then left.

Sonny offered his condolences, and then confessed that he had respected Abby, because she had never been afraid to speak her mind. Michael revealed that Abby had always desired to do better, and that she had believed that if she put enough good energy out in the world, then she would one day get where she wanted to be. "Turns out she was right," Michael said as he glanced at the picture of the lavender field. Sonny warned his son that the holidays were tough, because everyone was happy and focused on their families, so he urged Michael not to do what Sonny had done when the dark periods had hit, which was to drink a lot and to stop taking his medications.

Michael admitted that numbing the pain with alcohol sounded appealing to him, but Sonny warned Michael that it was only a temporary solution. He advised Michael to ride out the storm, feel what he felt, and allow time to heal him. Michael confessed that he needed a distraction, so he wanted to get more involved in Sonny's business. Sonny quickly informed Michael that it was not an option, which infuriated Michael. Michael reminded his father that everything had changed in an instant when Abby had died, but Sonny argued that Abby would not have wanted Michael to become involved in the mob. Michael was outraged that Sonny wouldn't even consider it, so he asked his father to leave.

Sonny refused to budge, but Michael went to the door, and then opened it. Sonny urged Michael not to shut down. "Take it from me, it's the worst thing that you can do," Sonny said, and then left.

Shawn stopped by the penthouse to talk to Jason, but Sam revealed that Jason wasn't home. Shawn admitted that he had heard about Abby's death, so he wondered how Michael was holding up. Sam revealed that she had asked Michael to spend the night at the penthouse, but Michael had opted to return to the apartment that he had shared with Abby. Shawn explained that Michael needed to find a way to deal with his grief on his own terms, but Sam argued that Michael had been through too much already. "Well, you both have," Shawn replied. "What do you mean?" Sam nervously asked.

Shawn admitted that he understood why Jason had been so focused on finding Franco. "That animal needs to pay for what he did," Shawn insisted. Sam tried to play it cool as she asked if Franco had done something that she wasn't aware of. Shawn thought what Franco had done was enough, so Sam realized that Shawn didn't know about her rape. Shawn then mentioned the ambush at Pozzulo's, and revealed that Bernie had been shot. Sam was concerned, but Shawn promised that Bernie would make a full recovery.

Sam was curious how Shawn had fared during the shootout, so Shawn assured her that he had walked away without a scratch. Sam suggested that sometimes wounds were deeper than people could see. After Shawn left, Sam spotted Franco's DVD, broken, in the trashcan, as she slid a gun into the desk drawer.

Later, Sam was waiting when Jason arrived home. Jason revealed that Sonny had gone to check on Michael, so Sam wondered if Jason had intended to tell her about Bernie. Jason was furious when he realized that Shawn had told Sam about the shooting at Pozzulo's. Sam suggested that Jason wasn't mad at Shawn, and then held up the broken DVD. "Is this what you're really mad at? Did you watch the DVD?" Sam wondered.

Sam warned Jason that they couldn't get crazy over what Franco had said in the DVD, because Franco had just been messing with their heads. She assured Jason that she wasn't pregnant, but Jason refused to think or talk about it. Moments later, Michael called to ask to see Sam, because he needed her.

Carly was on her cell phone, talking to an employee at Metro Court Hotel, when she arrived home. She instructed the person to send over a specific Christmas tree, but quickly changed her mind when she saw Shawn putting the finishing touches on a Christmas tree in the living room. After Carly ended the call, Shawn explained that Josslyn had needed a place to put her Christmas gifts.

At the nurses' station, Monica walked up, as Robin was lost in thoughts about the wedding vows that Robin and Patrick had exchanged. Monica revealed that the board had decided to reinstate Robin as chief of staff, effective immediately, since Robin had been cleared of any wrongdoing in Lisa's murder. Robin appreciated the offer, but she explained that she couldn't accept, because her priorities had changed.

Monica feared that Robin had been deeply hurt by the board's decision to remove Robin as chief of staff, but Robin quickly assured Monica that it had turned out to be a good thing, because it had given Robin more time to spend with Emma. Robin insisted that Monica was the only person who was truly qualified to be chief of staff, so Monica should consider taking the position. "Thank you very much. We'll see," Monica replied.

Robin then switched gears to find out if Monica had seen Jason lately. Monica confessed that she was concerned about her son after his violent outburst on Thanksgiving; it had reminded Monica of how Jason had been following the accident. Robin revealed that she was also worried about Jason, because he'd been complaining of headaches, and seemed easily distracted. Monica felt responsible for Jason's failure to reschedule his appointment, because she had turned to Jason for help with Liz when Jason had arrived at the hospital for the initial post-op follow-up.

Monica and Robin agreed that something was clearly not right with Jason, so he needed to have a CT scan. Monica hoped that Robin and Sam could persuade Jason to see a doctor, because they had more influence over him than Monica did.

Later, Robin called Brenda to ask for a favor. A short time later, Robin called a doctor to explain that Brenda had given Robin the doctor's phone number. Robin claimed that she had a patient, who had been HIV positive for sixteen years. According to Robin, the woman's drug protocol had stopped working in June, so she'd been put on a new drug regimen. However, Robin wanted a second opinion, in the event that the course of treatment failed to work.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Liz encouraged Cameron to go to bed so Santa could make his appearance. There was a knock on the door, and Cameron shouted, "That's why Dad left," just as Liz opened it to find Ewen. Liz invited Ewen in, despite the fact that she was annoyed by his presence.

After Cameron went to bed, Ewen explained that Cameron's reaction had been normal, given the circumstances. She felt it inappropriate that Ewen had gone to her house. He gave her a gift, a blank canvas and painting supplies. Liz was a bit stunned by the offering. After Ewen left, Cameron walked in and told Liz he loved her.

Robin sought a medical referral from Brenda, telling her that she was inquiring on behalf of a patient. She thanked Brenda for giving her Dr. Makeba's name. Patrick walked in as Robin hung up. They finished wrapping Emma's gifts.

Patrick insisted Robin open one gift, an envelope. Inside it was the deed to their new homestead. Robin broke down in tears but explained it was because she was happy. She and Patrick had each other and Emma, and everything they'd ever wanted. "It just feels too good to be true," she mused.

Robin then gave Patrick a new video recorder. Emma awoke and joined them in the living room. Patrick began to film his girls and made note that Robin was not being camera-shy, as she usually was. Robin made the point that she wanted Emma to have that memory forever. Emma fell asleep, and Robin and Patrick embraced as Dr. Makeba called.

Dante introduced Lulu to his cousin Tommy, the priest. Lulu was amused by his nickname for Dante, "Stud." She thought the church to be a little too formal for the wedding, and Dante gave her another chance to back out, but Lulu told him there wasn't a chance she would.

An excited Olivia ran in and announced that the rest of the family would soon arrive, which prompted Lulu to go get dressed. Dante asked his mom to call everyone and ask them not to go. Olivia begrudgingly complied.

After disinviting everyone, Olivia returned, just as Lulu, in a beautiful dress, walked into the sanctuary. To cover the something old, borrowed, and blue requirements, Olivia gave Lulu a family heirloom tied with a blue ribbon. She included a bouquet of new flowers, to complete the tradition.

Cousin Tommy performed the ceremony. As he was about to pronounce the couple "man and wife," Dante and Lulu realized they didn't have rings with them. Olivia, not to leave things to chance, had visited Dante's uncle and gotten two rings.

Extemporaneously, Lulu and Dante each made vows before Tommy joined them in holy matrimony. Olivia ran out to the foyer and invited the family in; they'd been outside waiting the whole time.

At the Quartermaine mansion, the family celebrated as per their custom: griping and sniping at one another. Monica longed to have Jason home. She worried about his health and the uncontrolled rages he'd been having.

Edward reminisced about Lila's gifts, and Monica remembered Alan's. Lila had planned to give Edward monogrammed cuff links the year she had died but hadn't ordered them in time. The last gift Monica had received from Alan was a bracelet. He'd planned to give her a new one each year thereafter but had died before the following Christmas. Secretly, Tracy asked Alice to run to Harrington's and purchase the cuff links and bracelet.

Later, Edward, Monica, and Tracy returned to find wrapped presents under the tree. Tracy was surprised that one was for her. She opened the card, which was an invitation to the Metro Court's New Year's Eve celebration. On the back was the handwritten note, "You've got the rock; I've got the setting." Accompanying the card was a velvet satchel with a ring inside.

Examining Tracy's enigmatic gifts, Edward and Monica, both amazed, enjoyed the surprise. Alice rushed in and quietly apologized to Tracy. Harrington's had been closed, so she hadn't been able to buy the presents. Tracy was astonished.

Jason and Sam shared a peaceful Christmas Eve at the penthouse, alone. They exchanged gifts. Each had given the other an ornament by the same artist. She got a Phoenix, and he a dragon.

Lucky went back to Siobhan's altar at the churchyard in Ireland. He was thankful for the sign he'd received the last time he'd been there: the mystic message that Aiden was sick. He asked for a path to follow. Someone entered the yard. Lucky recognized them and asked, "Are you here to shore up my faith, or shatter it."

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