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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 2, 2012 on GH
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, ABC aired an encore presentation of a recent episode of General Hospital. No original episode was broadcast.

This programming change was planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of today's pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, January 3, and pick up where the Friday, December 30 episode concluded.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly was confident that Michael wouldn't tell Sonny anything about Jax, including Jax's whereabouts. Sonny warned Carly that she had no idea what Michael would or wouldn't do, because her numerous lies had driven Michael away. Carly insisted that Michael was grieving for Abby, so he had been lashing out at his mother. Alexis argued that Michael was lashing out at Carly, because Carly had lied about Carly's ex-husband, Jax. Alexis then quickly corrected herself, because Carly was still married to Jax. Alexis suspected that Carly had stayed married to Jax, so that Carly could keep her hands firmly in Jax's deep pockets.

Carly was stunned that Alexis wasn't the least bit grateful that Carly had been trying to protect Jax from Sonny. Alexis explained that Carly had pushed Jax so hard that Jax had filed for divorce. Alexis added that Carly had then dragged Sonny into things, but Carly vehemently denied it. Alexis blamed Carly for everything that led to Jax's disappearance. Carly refused to take responsibility; she insisted that Sonny had chased Jax around town, and then Sonny had sabotaged Jax's plane, but Alexis argued that Carly had driven Sonny to it. Carly claimed that Brenda had been the one to push Sonny over the edge.

Sonny accused Carly of lying to Michael, and then spiriting Morgan away "for no damn reason." Carly invited Alexis to tell Sonny the real reason that Carly had sent Morgan away to military school. "Because you're manipulative, and vindictive," Alexis replied. Carly thought that was rich from a woman who had spent most of Kristina's life trying to keep Sonny away from his daughter. Alexis wasn't moved by the argument; she pointed out that Carly always thought Sonny was great when Carly was with him, but then accused Sonny of being the "antichrist" when Carly and Sonny were apart. Lulu asked Diane to intercede, but Pres Floyd warned Diane to stay out of it, so that the drama could play out.

"This is good stuff," Pres added. Meanwhile, Kate ripped into Carly for lying to everyone about Jax, while Sonny insisted that Carly would deserve it if Michael cut Carly out of his life. Carly tried to turn it around on Sonny, but he reminded her that Michael had had enough of her lies. Alexis agreed with Sonny, prompting Carly to wonder, "Who the hell are you to judge me?" Carly recalled how Alexis had spoken out against Sonny for years, yet suddenly Alexis was Sonny's attorney. Carly was certain that Sonny had blackmailed Alexis, but Alexis argued that blackmail was more Carly's style.

Carly snidely wondered if Alexis had shoved someone, like Luis Alcazar, over a balcony again, and then suggested that Alexis was still bitter, because Sonny had chosen Carly over Alexis years ago. Diane quickly stepped forward to drag Alexis away, but Alexis accused Carly of being a "raging bitch," who had been dumped by Sonny, and then had chased Jax to the other side of the world, just so that he could get away from her. Carly insisted that Jax had gone into hiding, because of Sonny, so she was curious what Alexis would do if Sonny were to try to kill Jax. Diane finally managed to pull Alexis away from Carly, which gave Kate the opportunity to speak up. Carly immediately ripped into Kate about Sonny getting Kate shot on Kate's wedding day, and then suggested that Sonny had left tire tracks down Kate's back in his rush to marry Claudia, so that he could get his hands on a piece of the Zacchara empire.

Sonny growled at Carly to back off, but Carly ignored him. Sonny advised Carly to think about Michael, and to send Morgan home, so that Sonny could start to repair the damage that Carly had done to their son. "It's so typical of you to use your kids' pain to get what you want," Carly snarled. Kate suggested that at least Sonny had been thinking of the children, while Carly, who had always prided herself on being a great mother, seemed to care very little about how devastated Michael had been over Carly's lie. Carly and Kate continued to fling insults at each other, until Lulu ordered them to stop. Everyone was stunned when Lulu revealed that there had been an accident.

Jason and Michael lay unconscious on the roadside, following a motorcycle accident. Jason awoke first, so he quickly rushed to Michael's side to check on his nephew, who remained unconscious. Moments later, Dante arrived on the scene to assure Jason that an ambulance had been called. Michael's eyes snapped open. "You knew, didn't you?" Michael angrily demanded as he glared at Jason. Michael was furious that Jason had kept the truth about Jax a secret, thereby depriving Josslyn of her father, and adding to Morgan's pain.

"You didn't even think about it, did you? How much it hurt to lose somebody that you love," Michael accused Jason. Disgusted, Michael got up, and then walked away. Jason started to follow Michael, but Dante volunteered to look after Michael.

At the penthouse, Sam realized that her period was late. She quickly recovered from the shock, grabbed her coat, and then left. A short time later, Sam returned home with a home pregnancy test kit in hand. She dropped the bag in a chair when Jason called to ask her to meet him at the hospital, because he had been in an accident.

At the hospital, Carly was relieved when Michael walked into the hospital. She was desperate to know if Michael had been hurt, but Michael was in a surly mood, and refused to talk to her. Dante promised to make certain that Michael was checked out, and then followed his brother. "See what you did, Carly? He could have died tonight," Sonny told Carly. Carly didn't want to fight with Sonny, but Sonny wondered why she couldn't admit that she had been wrong to lie.

Carly agreed to admit that she had been wrong in exchange for Sonny's confession that he had tried to kill Jax, and his promise to swear on the lives of their children that he would never do it again. Kate's eyes narrowed with hatred when she overheard Carly's ultimatum. Carly quickly raced to Jason's side when she spotted Jason exit the elevator. Jason explained that Michael had unexpectedly darted out into the road, so Jason had swerved to avoid a collision. Carly revealed that Michael had been upset, because she hadn't told Michael about Jax. Jason insisted that Michael was grieving for Abby, not Jax, so Michael was looking for an outlet.

"Right now, it's us," Jason added. "Us? Why is he mad at you?" Carly asked. Jason explained that Michael was upset that Carly had confided to Jason about Jax, but Carly reminded Jason that she hadn't told Jason until months later. Jason insisted that it didn't matter to Michael, so they needed to be patient, and to give Michael time to work things out. Patrick approached Jason to ask some questions about the accident. Patrick decided to examine Jason for possible injuries, and to give him a post-op check-up.

In the examination bay, Patrick revealed that Robin had been concerned about Jason's recovery from the operation. "I'm worried about Robin too," Jason replied, but Patrick suspected that Jason's remark was a diversionary tactic. Moments later, Sam entered the examination bay to hug her husband. Patrick insisted that they had to run some tests, so Jason reluctantly agreed to cooperate.

Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Kate suggested that Carly leave, because Michael had his father there. Carly refused to go, so Kate warned her that no one had bought Carly's "concerned mother" act. Carly argued that Kate didn't belong there, prompting another round of insults between the two women. They quickly grew quiet when Sonny returned to assure everyone that Michael was fine. Sonny told Carly that she was free to leave, but Carly refused to budge until she talked to her son. Carly vowed to turn Sonny over to the cops if Jax so much as cut himself shaving, and then she ordered Sonny to stay away from Michael.

"Do you think Michael is ever going to forgive you?" He's not, because he's done with you, and so am I," Sonny told Carly. Carly was rattled as she watched Sonny lead Kate away. Moments later, Michael returned to the waiting area. He was on the phone, setting up a meeting with someone.

Later, Jason and Sam returned the penthouse. Jason reminded Sam that he was fine, but Sam pointed out that the tests were still out. Sam wanted Jason to take it easy, but Jason was eager to talk to Michael. Sam explained that Michael was grieving, so he was looking for a reason to lash out at people. Jason realized that his quest to find Franco had nearly hurt Michael, so Jason was determined to make his life with Sam about them, not Franco.

Dante returned to the Metro Court Restaurant to join his wife. He assured her that Michael and Jason had escaped the accident without injury. Lulu was concerned about Michael, because Michael was a volatile person who continually felt the need to prove himself. She realized that Abby had balanced Michael out. Dante couldn't imagine how he would feel if he were to lose Lulu, so Lulu reminded Dante that they had agreed not to take on the pain of others. She thought that they should focus on what they had, and count their blessings. Dante was impressed, so Lulu conceded that she had always been a "glass half-empty" girl until she had met Dante.

Lulu credited Dante for teaching her to believe in happy endings. Later, Dante and Lulu sipped champagne as they confided their New Year's resolutions. Lulu wanted to find her own bliss, and to become a better cook. Dante smiled, and then insisted that she was too hard on herself. Their conversation then drifted to Sonny's wedding gift.

Dante reminded her that they could do a lot with the money, but Lulu felt that keeping the money would complicate things with Sonny. She didn't think that it was worth it, and then tactfully changed the subject to find out what Dante's New Year's resolution was. Dante promised to love her, to be grateful for the little and big things, and to make each year better for her than the last. Lulu decided that she had one more resolution; she wanted to dance with her husband, while everyone around them rang in the New Year.

In the elevator, Tracy made it clear to Anthony that she refused to marry him. Anthony was disappointed, but Tracy was unmoved. She began to bang on the door to demand that someone fix the elevator, but Anthony warned her that it was useless; they would get to it when they could. He suggested that they focus on why she was going to agree to marry him. Anthony pointedly warned Tracy that she wouldn't look good in "prison orange." He promised that she could avoid that fate, if she married him, and, as a wedding gift, he would forget about the interest on the money that she owed him.

"What interest?" Tracy demanded. "On the money that you stole from the Soleito family," Anthony indulgently replied. He explained that the money had been earmarked for him. Tracy accused Anthony of extortion, but he preferred to think of it as "friendly persuasion." Tracy chuckled when Anthony informed her that the wedding date had been set. "Is that when hell freezes over, or when pigs fly?" Tracy asked.

Anthony confidently assured her that their wedding would be sooner than that, but Tracy warned him that it was pointless to make plans with a woman who had no intention of marrying him. Anthony informed her that the wedding announcement would be in the paper the following morning. "You wouldn't dare," Tracy hissed. Anthony smiled with satisfaction as he assured her that he wouldn't lie to her. Tracy insisted that Anthony was "barking mad," but Anthony promised her that he had been taking his medications regularly.

Tracy refused to be railroaded into marriage, but Anthony was unfazed. He assured her that they would have a great life, full of "passion, and larceny, and, best of all, fun." Tracy stumbled into Anthony's arms as the elevator suddenly lurched. Anthony chuckled, and then suggested that they restrain themselves until their wedding night. Tracy warned him that she felt sick, but Anthony attributed it to "butterflies," which he assured her was normal.

"I assume we understand each other?" Anthony added menacingly, and then happily promised to get the engagement ring set, so that Tracy could wear it when they spread the happy news. After Anthony left, Tracy appeared queasy as she followed him out of the elevator.

At Kelly's, Maxie's feathers were ruffled when she spotted Spinelli's New Year's Eve date standing outside. She wasn't impressed with the lady's choice of all-white attire, but insisted on being introduced. Spinelli was reluctant for Maxie to meet his date, prompting Maxie to wonder if he were ashamed of Maxie. Spinelli assured her that he wasn't, but Maxie didn't believe him. Spinelli panicked when Maxie decided to take matters into her own hands, by introducing herself to his date, but the lady in white had disappeared by the time Maxie and Spinelli made it to the door. Maxie gloated that Spinelli's date had taken off, because she had been threatened by Maxie's very existence.

Spinelli reminded Maxie that Maxie had a boyfriend, so there wasn't any competition for the lady in white. "Snowflake didn't know that," Maxie argued. Maxie then suggested that the woman's choice of white attire reeked of desperation. Spinelli thought that it was odd that Maxie would object to someone making a "unique fashion statement," when that was the kind of thing thatCrimson celebrated. Maxie argued that it had to be a "correct" fashion statement. "By whose estimation?" Spinelli wondered.

"Current trend," Maxie shot back. Spinelli suggested that fashion meant bucking the trend, because it showed independent spirit, and a true sense of self, which should be admired. Maxie doubted that Spinelli was prepared to get into a fashion debate with her, so she quickly changed the subject to ask where he had met the lady in white. Spinelli was evasive, and then pointed out that he was free agent. Maxie wasn't pleased, so she announced that she had to meet Matt, and then left. Moments later, Spinelli spotted the lady in white standing outside, so he took a picture of her with his cell phone.

Outside of Kelly's, the lady in white noticed the coffee cup that Ethan had left on the bench with a message written on it. She pulled out a pen, and then scribbled a message in response. Later, Ethan returned to Kelly's. He glanced at the bench where he had left the cup for the lady in white. Ethan smiled when he realized that she had replied. Seconds later, Ethan was stunned when the lady in white rounded a corner. Ethan and the woman exchanged a long look, before she suddenly walked up, and kissed him.

The lady in white started to walk away, but Ethan pulled her back for a longer, heated kiss. Afterwards, she fled. "Happy New Year," Ethan shouted to her, and then grinned.

At the hospital, Liz was surprised when she saw Ewen lying on a gurney, and staring up at the ceiling. Ewen was curious if Liz enjoyed working the holidays. "Not particularly," she replied, and then explained that she had been called in. Liz thought that it had been for the best, so Ewen wondered why. "Lucky has gone Luke on me," Liz answered. Ewen had no idea what that meant, so Liz clarified that Lucky had run away from his family, without any hint of when he might return.

"Good to know," Ewen responded. Ewen wondered why else she was trying to avoid the holiday, so Liz reminded him that her eldest son, Cameron, had been acting out by blaming her for Lucky going to Ireland, so it hadn't a great way to start the New Year. Ewen suggested that it depended on how she wanted to look at it. Liz was confused, so Ewen explained, "That's the point." He was curious if she were ready to see things differently, and then invited her to join him on the gurney.

Ewen wondered what Liz saw when she looked at the ceiling tiles. Liz admitted that she saw stains from a leak. "Look beyond. Expand your vision," Ewen challenged her. Liz had no idea what she was supposed to see, so Ewen explained that he saw the constellations when he looked at the tiles. He was curious what her constellations looked like. "The Great Stethoscope," Liz replied with a smile. Ewen asked her to elaborate, so Liz told him about the "Lizea star," which was a survivor.

According to Liz, "Camus Major," known as the angry child, was next to the Lizea star. She explained that Camus was mad, because she was there, but his father and brother weren't. "Keep going," Ewen quietly encouraged. Liz revealed that she saw another star, which reminded her of her son Jake riding on his bike. A tear slid down her face as she confessed that the light had gone out for her on the night that Jake had been killed. Liz felt as if she had failed Jake, because she was supposed to have been watching him.

Ewen suggested that everyone had moments when they felt that they could have done better, but no one could change the past. Ewen pointed out that Jake was no longer on "this earthly plane," but with training, she could chose to see him in any setting that she liked. He then showed her an example of what he meant by pointing to a stain in the ceiling that reminded him of Epiphany. Liz started to chuckle, just as Matt walked up. Matt couldn't wait to hear an explanation for what Ewen and Liz were doing. Liz warmly greeted Matt, and then revealed that Dr. Keenan had been demonstrating a special technique to her. Ewen excused himself to take a call, so Liz invited Matt to join her on the gurney, so that she could show him what she and Ewen had been doing.

Within minutes, Liz and Matt were laughing as Matt insisted that he could only see real constellations in the tiles. Liz insisted that he needed to make one up, so Matt revealed that he saw a pen. Liz decided that he was hopeless, so she refused to continue the game with him. Matt confessed that he was glad that the year was over, so Liz admitted that it hadn't been one of her favorites. However, she was determined to find something to be grateful for, so that she would have a little hope for the future. Matt thought that it was easier said than done.

Liz agreed. However, she was grateful that her boys had an opportunity to spend time with her grandmother, Audrey. Liz was also thankful that she could provide for her family without depending on anyone else. Finally, Liz was happy that she was healthy, and that she hadn't died when Lisa had tossed her into the water. Matt smiled, and then looked at Liz, while she continued to gaze up at the ceiling.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

At the Drake residence, Robin was asleep on the sofa when the alarm clock went off. She slowly sat up to see Patrick standing in the living room, with his coat on. Robin explained that she had tried to wait up for him, but Patrick had more pressing concerns. He lifted Robin's suitcase, and then remarked that it appeared that he had arrived home in time. Patrick wondered when Robin had planned to tell him that she was leaving. Robin quickly explained that there had been a last-minute opening at an AIDS conference in Africa, so she had decided to go, because she hoped that it might help her AIDS patient.

Patrick praised Robin for giving so much of herself, so she tried to shift the focus onto him by asking why he had been called to the hospital. Patrick told Robin about Jason's motorcycle accident, but quickly assured her that Jason and Michael hadn't been injured. He also revealed that he had run tests on Jason, to see if there had been any complications from the brain surgery. Robin was relieved, until Patrick mentioned that Jason had been concerned about her. Initially, Patrick suspected that it had been a diversionary tactic, but he confessed that he was also worried about Robin.

Patrick sensed that Robin had been holding onto something that should have gone away with Lisa's death. Robin conceded that there were things from that last fateful encounter with Lisa, which Robin hadn't been able to get out of her head. Patrick thought that it was time for things to get back to normal, because reality was waiting. "Define normal," Robin challenged Patrick. Patrick wondered if she had considered returning as the hospital's chief of staff, but Robin insisted that she wasn't interested in working ninety hours a week. Robin admitted that Lisa's craziness had made her realize that she should focus on the important things in life, like spending time with Patrick and Emma.

Patrick suggested that Robin's suitcase told him otherwise. He sensed that Robin's trip was about more than her patient; Robin was worried about her own HIV status. Patrick insisted that Robin was proof that the disease could be controlled, even though it had been a death sentence when she had been diagnosed. He knew that Robin felt obligated to help those less fortunate than her, but he insisted that she shouldn't feel guilty, because she was healthy. Robin explained that she wanted to explore all of the options, instead of dwelling on the negative. "Like Lisa," Patrick replied.

Patrick reminded Robin that Lisa was gone, but Robin argued that it felt as if Lisa were still a part of them. Patrick vowed that he wouldn't let anyone or anything get between them, and then hugged his wife. Robin's smile faded when Patrick revealed that he had to take a shower, and then return to work. He wondered what time Robin's flight was, but Robin insisted that it wasn't necessary for him to drive her to the airport. She admitted that she had intended to take a cab, so Patrick reluctantly agreed to respect her wishes. After Patrick left the living room, Robin called to confirm her appointment with Dr. Pierce in Seattle.

At Metro Court, Kate and Olivia discussed the confrontation between Sonny and Carly. Kate thought that Carly had provoked Sonny, but Olivia argued that Sonny had given "as good as he got." Olivia reminded her cousin that Sonny hadn't been innocent, because he had announced his intentions regarding Jax to nearly everyone in town during the hours leading to Jax's plane crash. However, Olivia agreed that Carly's children had deserved to know the truth about Jax's fate. Olivia felt bad for Michael, because he had been through tremendous pain and loss, so he shouldn't have had to put up with lies from those closest to him. The conversation then drifted to Kate's relationship with Sonny.

Kate confided that she and Sonny were taking things slowly, but Olivia had heard otherwise from their relatives in Bensonhurst, who had seen Kate in the neighborhood over Christmas. Kate confirmed that she and Sonny had been in Bensonhurst, so Olivia warned her cousin to be careful, because she didn't want to see a repeat of Kate's tragic wedding day. Kate quickly changed the subject, by asking where Steve had been on New Year's Eve. Olivia explained that Steve had been working, and then confessed that things had been a bit strained since Olivia's pregnancy scare. Kate was stunned when Olivia told her about the dizzy spells, and the negative results of the pregnancy test. Kate was curious if Olivia knew what had caused the lightheadedness, so Olivia attributed it to ventilation problems in the hotel's kitchen, and Olivia's sudden sensitivity to fumes.

Kate was curious if Olivia and Steve had used protection, so Olivia pointed out that she wasn't a wide-eyed girl, nor was Steve a gangster. Olivia insisted that she had a good thing going with Steve, so she didn't want to mess things up. However, Olivia acknowledged that Maggie's recent appearance in town had been an unexpected complication. Kate encouraged Olivia to go after what Olivia wanted with Steve, prompting Olivia to jokingly wonder if Kate were worried that Olivia might set her sights on Sonny. Kate admitted that sharing a child with someone was a powerful connection, but Olivia quickly clarified that it ended there for her and Sonny. Kate smiled, and then reminded Olivia of Olivia's mother's advice to always use protection.

Olivia chuckled as she walked away. Afterwards, Kate sat down, and then unclipped her hair.

At the penthouse, Jason decided to check on Michael. Sam thought that it was a good idea, but she was curious if Jason wanted to discuss what had happened the previous night. Sam knew that the accident had been hard on Jason. Jason admitted that he was shaken up by what had happened, so he needed to see Michael. Sam offered to go with him, so she dashed to the bedroom to fetch her jacket. Jason wandered over to the sofa, where he noticed Jake's motorcycle lying on the table.

Bittersweet memories of Jake showing Jason the toy assailed Jason as he picked up the motorcycle. Jason's eyes filled with tears, as he shook off the memories, and then called to Sam to see if she were ready. In the bedroom, Sam tugged on her jacket as she kicked the pharmacy bag, with the home pregnancy test, under the bed.

At Michael's apartment, Michael groused when he saw his father standing on the doorstep, so Sonny explained that he wanted to be there for Michael. Michael grudgingly invited Sonny in, and then shut the door. In the hallway, Jax rounded a corner, and then quietly crept to Michael's door to eavesdrop on Sonny and Michael's conversation.

Sonny noticed that Michael had been packing Abby's things, so he gently suggested that it wasn't necessary, because there would be plenty of time for that later. Michael explained that Abby was gone, unlike Jax, so he knew for certain that she would not be returning. Michael insisted that he needed to stay busy, so he wanted Sonny to give him a job in the organization. Sonny made it clear that was not going to happen, which infuriated Michael. Sonny wondered if Michael were truly prepared to carry the burden of seeing the people that he cared about hurt.

Michael argued that he had sent Abby to her death in Chicago, and he had killed Claudia. Sonny insisted that Abby's death had been an accident, and that Claudia had died because Michael had been forced to protect Carly and Josslyn, so Michael was not a killer. Sonny promised to find the man who had been attacking Abby's friends, so he wanted Michael to stay out of it. Michael had known that Sonny would say that. "Then why are we having this conversation?" Sonny wondered.

Michael was curious if Sonny would go after Jax if Jax were in town. Sonny explained that he had a long and complicated history with Jax, but it would never touch any of the children. Michael assured his father that he wasn't judging Sonny, but Michael insisted that his mind was made up. Michael demanded that Sonny give Michael what he wanted, or Michael threatened to find another way to take it, just as Sonny had always done. Sonny was shocked that Michael would give him an ultimatum. "You can call it what you like," Michael coldly replied.

Sonny accused Michael of fighting him from the second that Sonny had told him that he didn't want Michael in the business. Sonny refused to consider it. "End of story," Sonny added. Moments later, Sam and Jason knocked on the door. Michael welcomed Sam, but he was cold towards Jason, because Jason had kept Carly's secret. Jason explained that he had only learned that Jax had survived the crash months later.

"You still owed us the truth," Michael shouted. Sam reminded Michael that Jason had other things going on, while they had been in Hawaii, but Michael was unmoved. Jason mentioned Abby's name, prompting another outburst from Michael. Jason quietly explained that he regretted that he hadn't been waiting for Michael when Michael had returned. "You mean you should have protected me," Michael spat, and then suggested that Jason could do that by persuading Sonny to let Michael into the business. Jason was surprised, because he had thought that Michael had liked managing the coffee warehouse.

Michael admitted that he had also liked waking up next to Abby every morning, but things had changed. Michael explained that there wasn't a crime-free future left to plan for, but he would call Jason if anything changed. Michael then slammed the door in Sam and Jason's faces. Sonny suggested that Michael get hold of himself. Michael argued that he was just as good, and just as capable, as most of the men in Sonny's organization, so he didn't understand why Sonny continued to object to Michael working for him. Sonny thought that Michael should be smart enough to know that it wasn't the life for him, because it made a man dead inside. Michael insisted that the truth was that Sonny had never believed in Michael.

Sonny argued that he wanted a better life for Michael. Michael didn't believe his father; he suspected that Sonny thought that Michael was too weak to last in the business. Angrily, Michael ordered his father to leave. Sonny sadly shook his head, and then left. In the hallway, Jax carefully followed Sonny.

Kate warmly greeted Sonny as he entered the lobby of the hotel. He apologized for being late, but Kate assured him that it wasn't a problem. Sonny explained that Michael was mad at the world, and making bad choices. Kate encouraged Sonny to be there for his son, and to listen if Michael needed someone to talk to. Kate suggested that Michael was an adult, who would do whatever he wanted, regardless of Sonny's wishes. Sonny admitted that Michael had said something along the same lines earlier that evening.

Kate wanted Sonny to focus on himself, and then offered to help him. She explained that she had to work, but she was free the following evening, if he wanted to cook dinner. Sonny chuckled as he pointed out that it sounded as if she expected him to do all of the work. Kate reminded Sonny that cooking calmed him down, so Sonny confessed that watching her had the opposite effect on him. Kate smiled wickedly as she promised to wear something "stare-worthy."

Jason and Sam returned home. Jason was frustrated, because he couldn't help Michael. Sam explained that Michael was going through a lot, so Jason shouldn't take it personally. Jason insisted that he was concerned, because Michael wasn't thinking clearly, and he wanted to get into the business. Sam was certain that Michael would calm down, once Michael had a chance to process everything. Jason didn't hold out much hope for that, because of Michael's reaction to the news about Jax.

Sam suggested that everything was still fresh for Michael, so he couldn't see that Carly had actually done the right thing by keeping quiet about Jax surviving the crash.

At the hospital, Steve was startled to see Maggie lounging on a gurney. He wondered if she were okay, so Maggie suggested that it depended on his definition of okay. Maggie reminded him that she treated children with a myriad of serious illnesses, including cancer and cerebral palsy. Steve realized that she was having a bad day, so he offered to listen, if she needed someone to talk to. Maggie explained that she was busy. "Staring at the ceiling?" Steve wondered. She explained that it was an experiment, and then invited him to join her, but Steve declined.

Maggie revealed that if a person squinted at the holes in the ceiling, they resembled stars. "Fascinating," Steve sarcastically replied as he waited for the elevator to arrive. He advised Maggie to get back to work, but Maggie ignored him as she continued to talk about the "constellations" on the ceiling. Steve thought that it was one of the "weird" things that she did with patients to get their minds off of their troubles. Maggie admitted that the exercise opened a person's mind, and then suggested that she needed an alternative to get her patients to open up, since they were children. Steve preferred real medicine, so he passed on her idea.

Maggie warned Steve that it was all the rage in the hospital, which didn't impress Steve. She added that it was fun to do, and that a psychiatrist on staff had recommended it. Steve wasn't big on fads, so Maggie was curious when Steve had gotten so old. "I think you know when that happened," Steve replied. Seconds later, Johnny exited the elevator. Maggie quickly excused herself when Johnny asked to speak to Steve privately.

Steve made it clear that he wasn't interested in what Johnny had to say, but Johnny resorted to blackmail. Johnny revealed that he knew that Dr. Wurth had been involved in what had happened in Memphis, so Johnny threatened to expose Steve's secret if Steve didn't help him with a "referral." Steve stubbornly refused to cooperate, so Johnny turned up the heat. Steve suspected that Johnny's real motivation was to punish Steve for dating Olivia. Johnny conceded that he still cared about Olivia, because she was a good person. Johnny realized that Olivia thought that Steve was a good person, too, but Johnny knew better.

Steve suggested that Johnny had made a lot of assumptions based on one moment in history. "That one moment in history could destroy everything you worked so hard to build for yourself," Johnny warned. Johnny agreed to give Steve some time to think things over, and then taunted Steve with the suggestion that Johnny might ask Maggie out for drinks.

Later, Maggie noticed Steve on a gurney, staring up at the ceiling. She was curious what Johnny had said to Steve, but Steve simply warned her to keep her distance from Johnny, because Johnny was volatile, and unstable, like the rest of the Zaccharas. Maggie was flattered that Steve was so possessive. "Protective," Steve clarified. "There's a difference," he reminded her. Maggie slid onto the gurney next to Steve, and wondered what he saw.

"Looks like ceiling tiles to me," Steve replied. Maggie urged Steve to keep an open mind, and to forget about what made sense. Steve was curious what Maggie saw when she looked at the ceiling. She confessed that she saw a million tiny lights illuminating the streets of Memphis. Steve and Maggie smiled as they talked about the different streets and sections in Memphis. Eventually, they began to talk about a specific night, which Maggie confessed had been perfect.

Steve assured Maggie that she was a brilliant doctor, whom he respected, but that was as far as it went. Maggie insisted that Steve could relax, because she knew that he had hired her to make certain that she stayed quiet about what had happened in Memphis. However, it didn't mean that she couldn't miss the city, or what they had once shared. Maggie confessed that she still thought about "that night on the roof," and that she wished things had turned out differently. "I'm sorry. It's probably wrong for me to push you to come here," Steve quietly replied.

Steve realized that he had been selfish for not considering her feelings. Maggie curled up next to Steve, who wrapped his arm around her. Seconds later, Olivia exited the elevator. She stopped short when she saw Maggie and Steve cuddled up on the gurney.

Michael greeted Johnny when Johnny arrived at the apartment. Michael thanked Johnny for stopping by after receiving Michael's message, and then invited Johnny in. Michael explained that they had a lot of things to discuss.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Maxie and Lulu's apartment, Lulu and Dante packed Lulu's things. Dante was surprised by everything that Lulu had collected over the years, but Lulu merely chuckled. Moments later, Maxie entered the apartment. Maxie was furious that she hadn't been invited to Lulu and Dante's wedding, and that she had learned of their nuptials from Kate, who had heard the news from Olivia. Lulu and Dante explained that it had been a private ceremony, but Maxie reminded them that "fifty Falconeris" had been in attendance. Maxie was also upset, because Lulu had decided to move out.

Lulu and Dante reminded Maxie that they were like any other normal couple, but Maxie disagreed, because they had broken off their engagement several times before eloping. Maxie couldn't understand why everyone around her had decided to start ditching traditional weddings. Lulu reminded Maxie that it wasn't all about Maxie, but Maxie insisted that she had been the one to persuade Lulu to marry Dante. Lulu was shocked that Maxie would take credit, since Maxie had given both bad and good advice. Maxie decided to toss Lulu out, and then broke down in tears, because she felt as if she were losing her best friend. Dante pointed out that Lulu was just moving across town, so Maxie could call Lulu any time.

Maxie began to calm down, but she was concerned about the rent. Lulu promised to continue to pay her share of the rent until Maxie found a roommate. Dante decided to take some of the boxes to the car, to give Lulu and Maxie some time alone. Maxie assured Lulu that Lulu was welcome to return if Lulu and Dante got into a fight. Lulu appreciated the offer. The girls hugged each other, and then said goodbye. After Lulu left, Maxie called Matt to tell him that she had a surprise for him.

Patrick spotted Robin at the nurses' station, so he called out to her. Robin explained that she had been gathering some files on her patient, in preparation for the AIDS conference. Robin thanked Patrick for understanding why she had to go to Africa; she assured him that she wouldn't leave if it weren't important. Patrick suggested that she could make it up to him. "Name it," Robin replied. "Be honest with me," Patrick asked.

Patrick and Robin went to the conference room to talk privately. Robin confessed that she was hopeful that the trip to Africa would help her get past what Lisa had done. She was stunned when Patrick admitted that he knew that Robin had killed Lisa. According to Patrick, he had found Robin on the deck of the boat, unconscious, with the murder weapon in her hand. Patrick revealed that he had picked the wrench up, and then he had tossed it into the water. Robin assured him that she hadn't killed Lisa, and then confided that she had thought Patrick had done the deed, because she had seen him throw the wrench overboard.

Patrick explained that he hadn't seen Lisa after Lisa had left the stateroom. "This is why married people are supposed to communicate," Patrick said when Robin realized that they were both innocent of wrongdoing. Robin admitted that she was curious about what had happened on deck. Patrick had no idea, but he reminded her that there had been a boatload of people who had hated Lisa. Robin agreed, but she hoped that neither Maxie nor Matt had been responsible for Lisa's death.

Patrick wondered what exactly had transpired between Robin and Lisa on the deck. Robin explained that there had been a struggle, and that Robin had tumbled down a flight of stairs, and hit her head. Patrick confessed that it didn't make sense, because Robin had been ten feet away from the staircase when he had found her. Robin suspected that the killer had moved her, but Patrick had no idea why the killer would do that. Robin suggested that perhaps Lisa had tried to drag Robin to the railing, to toss Robin overboard. Robin theorized that the killer might have intervened, before Lisa could carry out her deadly plan.

Patrick admitted that he had tried to protect Robin by throwing the wrench into the water, and then confessed that he had also found a black napkin near Robin, which he had shoved into his pocket. According to Patrick, he had forgotten about the napkin until Mac had requested their clothing from that fateful night. Robin was curious what had happened to the napkin, so Patrick confided that he had burned it. "So, you didn't give them all of the evidence," Robin realized.

Patrick conceded that it might not have been the smartest thing to do, but he had been concerned about Robin. Robin assured him that she loved him for trying to protect her. Patrick relaxed, and then expressed his hope that they could finally move forward, because neither of them had killed Lisa. Robin smiled, and then assured Patrick that she would focus on their future when she returned from Africa.

At the penthouse, Jason hated that Michael thought that Jason had lied about Jax. Sam insisted that it wasn't really lying if someone kept quiet to spare another person pain. Moments later, Molly called. Molly wanted Sam to meet her at Kelly's earlier than they had planned, because Molly had something to show Sam. Sam promised to join her sister shortly, and then ended the call. Sam then advised Jason to find a way to talk Sonny down, before Sonny went after Jax.

Moments later, Spinelli entered the penthouse. He stopped when he saw Sam and Jason standing in the living room. Spinelli explained that he had decided to move out, because "three's a crowd," so he was there to collect his things. Jason and Sam insisted that it wasn't necessary, but Spinelli's mind was made up. Sam assured Spinelli that there wasn't a rush for him to move out, and then left for Kelly's. Jason led Spinelli to the living room to find out what Spinelli intended to do about Sonny's missing money.

Spinelli assured Jason that the twenty million dollars had been returned. Jason was shocked that Spinelli had found the missing money. Spinelli became evasive, which didn't escape Jason's notice. Jason demanded answers, so Spinelli confessed that he had an ability to predict the outcome of sporting events. Spinelli then revealed that he had an intricate network of friends, known as FOS, "Friends Of Spinelli," who had made bets on the games, and then had given Spinelli a small percentage of their winnings. Spinelli had used part of that money to replace Sonny's missing millions, before donating the rest to various charities.

Jason was intrigued when Spinelli confided that his friends were able to provide Spinelli with video footage, data, and anything else that Spinelli needed. Jason realized that the FOS network essentially accomplished the same thing that Spinelli had formerly done on the computer. "Yes," Spinelli confirmed. Jason wondered about leaks, but Spinelli assured Jason that everything was confidential. Jason decided to put the FOS network to the test by requesting footage of an obscure location on a random date. Within seconds, Spinelli had the requested footage available for Jason to review.

Jason revealed that he had promised Sam not to pursue Franco until they had concrete proof of Franco's whereabouts. Spinelli offered to help locate Franco using the FOS network, but Jason wasn't ready to take that step. However, he assured Spinelli that he would let Spinelli know when he was.

At Metro Court, Jax lurked out of sight, as Alexis stormed into the lobby to confront Sonny. She demanded that Sonny promise not to harm Jax. Alexis realized that Sonny might lie to appease her, so she insisted that he find a Bible to swear on. Alexis warned Sonny that if Jax were hurt then Alexis would tell Kristina that the Yale idea had been Sonny's doing. Moments later, Mac walked in. Mac announced that the investigation into Jax's death had been closed, since Jax was alive.

Mac and Sonny were startled when Alexis suddenly burst into tears. She explained that she missed Jax, prompting Sonny to point out that Jax had never bothered to call her after the plane crash. Alexis blamed Sonny for Jax being "lost and alone." Mac doubted that Jax was either of those things, but Alexis ignored Mac's remark as her sobbing continued. Pres spotted Alexis, so he rushed up to her to see if she were okay. Alexis assured Pres that she was fine, but her crying did not abate.

Pres didn't want to pressure Alexis, but he admitted that he had hoped for an exclusive. Alexis was stunned. She insisted that she did not want to go out with Pres or Mac, so Pres quickly clarified that he had been referring to an interview, not a relationship. Pres explained that he intended to do a follow-up story on Jax, which prompted Alexis to weep even harder. "Are you okay? I mean seriously," Sonny commented as he looked at Alexis with concern.

At Michael's apartment, Johnny offered his condolences to Michael. Johnny insisted that Abby had been a good person, so he invited Michael to let him know if there were anything that Johnny could do. "There is. You can give me a job," Michael replied. Johnny was surprised, and quickly tried to talk Michael out of making a foolish decision. Michael remained determined to join the mob, because he wanted to catch "the freak" who had attacked the dancers from Vaughn's. Johnny suggested that Michael let the police handle things, but Michael argued that mob connections would give Michael access that the police didn't have.

Johnny suspected that Michael's desire to become involved with the Zacchara organization was more about getting a reaction out of Sonny. Michael complained that Sonny didn't want Michael to be a part of the Corinthos organization, prompting Johnny to question Michael's decision to join the competition. Michael insisted that it was time to step out from under Sonny's shadow, but Johnny was curious if Michael had considered how Jason might react. Johnny reminded Michael that Jason had always had Michael's back, so he wondered if Michael were prepared to spit in Jason's face by aligning with the Zaccharas. Michael groused that Jason was too worried about protecting Michael to let Michael live his own life. Johnny sensed that he was missing something, so Michael told Johnny about Carly's decision to keep quiet about Jax being alive.

Johnny didn't see the connection. Frustrated, Michael explained that Sonny thought that Michael was too weak, and that Jason saw Michael as a kid, so they refused to give Michael what he needed in order to stop the man who had been targeting Abby's friends. Johnny liked Michael, but Michael's true potential had been as leverage over Sonny. "Well, here's your chance to get it," Michael replied. Johnny warned Michael that it was dangerous to make decisions out of anger and grief, but Michael insisted that he had nothing to lose, which was an asset. Johnny argued that Michael was too impulsive and emotional, so Michael's judgment was off, making Michael a liability.

Johnny reminded Michael that the Zaccharas were at war with all of the rival families, while Michael was at war with his own family. According to Johnny, the truce with Sonny was on shaky ground, which Michael quickly blamed on Anthony. Johnny didn't disagree, but he insisted that he didn't need another loose cannon. "Like me, right?" Michael angrily asked. Johnny knew what it was like to grieve for someone, but hiring Michael would upset the balance of things.

At Kelly's, Molly ended her call with Sam and then studied the button that she had found on the beach at Spoon Island. Moments later, Ewen strolled in and then bumped into Shawn and Wilson, the dog. Ewen wondered if Shawn had changed his mind about keeping the dog. Shawn admitted that things hadn't changed, and then explained that Wilson needed more training. Ewen suggested that Wilson would be a great addition at the veterans home, where the dog could receive training. Shawn nodded, but was noncommittal. Moments later, Carly and Josslyn arrived.

Carly was eager to talk to Shawn about Michael. Nearby, Molly perked up when she noticed Shawn's dog, so she quickly joined the group. Shawn introduced Molly to Ewen, and then explained that Wilson was a therapy dog, intended to help those with posttraumatic stress disorder. Molly was immediately taken with Wilson, so Carly asked Molly to keep an eye on the dog, while Carly and Shawn stepped outside to talk. Molly readily agreed.

Outside, Carly told Shawn about Michael's reaction to learning that Jax was alive. Carly feared that Sonny's determination to stop Jax at any cost would be rekindled, so someone had to get Sonny under control. However, she insisted that it couldn't be her. She admitted that she had tried to reason with Michael during the confrontation, but Michael had been too hurt, so she had no idea what to do to help her son. Shawn encouraged Carly not to give up on Michael. He assured her that she would find the words to get through to her son.

Carly appreciated Shawn's advice, so she thanked him, and then walked away with Josslyn in hand. Carly was unaware that Jax had been hovering nearby, listening in on her conversation with Shawn. Meanwhile, Shawn returned to Kelly's to fetch Wilson. After Shawn left to take Wilson for a walk, Ewen spotted a batch of photographs on the floor. Ewen suspected that they belonged to Molly, so he handed them to her. Ewen wondered if she were studying Russian royalty as he glanced at the pictures.

Molly explained that the pictures were of family members on her mother's side, and that she was interested in learning more about her heritage, but she didn't know who half the people in the photo album were, or where they were from. Ewen glanced at the photo album, and then told Molly about an Aboriginal myth regarding the spirit of a child who had hidden until it had found its mother, and could take human form. Sam entered as Molly wondered if the spirit of the child had been good or evil. Sam quickly approached the table before Ewen could answer Molly's question. Molly introduced Sam, and then revealed that Sam was a newlywed, so Molly hoped that Sam soon had a baby. Sam smiled uncomfortably as Ewen tactfully excused himself.

Sam immediately scolded Molly for talking to Ewen, and then reminded her that the last thing that their mother needed was another daughter falling for an Australian guy. Aghast, Molly pointed out that Dr. Keenan was "like thirty." Sam relaxed when Molly explained that she liked the doctor, because he was helping Shawn. Sam noticed the photo album on the table, so Molly revealed that she had found it at Wyndemere. Molly had hoped that Sam could help identify some of the people in the pictures, but Sam quickly clarified that she did not recognize any of the Cassadines. Molly then showed Sam the button that Molly had found on the beach.

Molly was curious if Sam had any guesses who the owner might be, so Sam suggested that perhaps Nikolas had dropped it. Molly thought that it might belong to the mystery man who had saved Liz. Sam confessed that she suspected that Liz had made the story up, because Liz had been a "little delirious." Molly appreciated that Sam was so down-to-earth, but Molly voted for the stranger theory. Sam smiled, and then asked Molly to ignore her, because Sam loved that Molly was so innocent and imaginative. "Maybe too innocent," Molly quietly admitted.

Sam was curious about Molly's comment, so Molly confessed that her friends had changed since they had entered high school. According to Molly, her peers constantly talked about sex. Sam cautioned Molly not to change too much, because she envied Molly. Molly had no idea why Sam would feel that way, since Sam's life with Jason was great. "Isn't it?" Molly asked. Molly was relieved when Sam assured Molly that everything was fine.

Molly confessed that Sam and Jason were a perfect couple, and so passionate, so Molly would be deeply disillusioned about love if Sam and Jason were to break up. Sam promised Molly that they wouldn't, so Molly resumed talking about the button. Molly wondered if Sam could help her find the owner of the button, but Sam admitted that it was beyond her skills as a private detective. A few minutes later, Sam announced that she had to leave, so she offered to pay for lunch. Sam went to the counter to settle the bill. As she turned to leave, Ewen confessed that it had been nice to meet her, and then told her to take care of herself.

Later, Shawn returned with Wilson. Ewen and Shawn talked about the dog. Molly was disappointed when she overheard Shawn mention that Wilson would be great for someone, after the proper training. Molly wondered why Shawn didn't want to keep the dog, so Shawn explained that Wilson was a huge responsibility. Molly offered to walk the dog for Shawn, and to dog sit, but Shawn insisted that Wilson was not his. "Unless you decide you want to keep him, right, Dr. Keenan?" Molly asked. Ewen and Shawn agreed that the debate team was in Molly's future.

Molly smiled, and then confessed that she thought that Shawn and Wilson would be lucky to have each other. Shawn admitted that Wilson was like him; he helped people, and then moved on. Molly was horrified at the idea that Shawn might leave town. Shawn explained that his job was done, so he needed to think about what to do next. Molly suggested that Shawn should stick around until he could figure it out, because he would be missed if he were to leave.

Sam returned home, with the pregnancy test kit safely nestled in her jacket pocket. Spinelli had packed most of his things, so he stopped to say goodbye to Sam as she entered. Spinelli then thanked Jason for giving him a place to live, friendship, and guidance. Spinelli urged Jason to call if Jason changed his mind about the other matter. After Spinelli left, Sam questioned Jason about Spinelli's cryptic comment. Jason explained that Spinelli had offered to find Franco, but Sam asked Jason not to do it right away.

Carly stopped short when she entered Michael's apartment and saw Johnny standing in Michael's living room. Johnny explained that he had stopped by to offer Michael his condolences after hearing about Abby's passing. Johnny insisted that he had been about to leave, but Michael coldly informed Johnny that Carly was the one leaving. Carly explained that she wanted to talk to Michael, but Michael made it clear that he wasn't interested in hearing what his mother had to say. Carly insisted that she had kept quiet about Jax, because she hadn't wanted to put Jax in danger, but Michael argued that it hadn't been her place to play God. Carly was hurt when Michael ordered her to leave.

Afterwards, Johnny advised Michael to seriously think about what he was doing. Johnny explained that if Michael worked for him, then it would alienate all of the relationships that Michael had. Michael was adamant that he wanted to work for Johnny. "What would Abby want?" Johnny asked. "What would Claudia want?" Michael shot back.

Michael admitted that he had killed Claudia, even though Johnny had always held Sonny responsible. "He was," Johnny argued. "That's how I feel about Abby," Michael replied. Michael realized that Abby had died as a result of an accident, but she had been in Chicago because of the man who had attacked the dancers from Vaughn's. Michael insisted that Abby deserved justice, so if Johnny refused to help Michael, then there were others who would. Johnny warned Michael to stay away from the other crime families, because it wasn't a game.

Michael urged Johnny to consider hiring him. Johnny reluctantly agreed, under the condition that Michael not do anything without discussing it with Johnny first. Moments later, Johnny left. Carly was waiting in the hallway. She wanted to know what she had to do to keep Johnny away from Michael.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Monica confronted Liz in the locker room over Liz's recent slacking. Monica warned Liz away from Jason and noted that he was a married man. Liz sassed back but was distracted when she saw a half-naked Ewen emerging from the shower. As Ewen dressed, Monica offered him a staff position. He said he'd consider it and would run it past his supervisors at Shadybrook.

After Monica took her leave, Ewen asked Liz why she and Monica didn't get along. Liz explained that she had previously dated Monica's son and that there was history, but hastened to add that Monica was a good administrator who wanted what was best for the hospital. As Ewen asked Liz whether he should take the position, Matt walked in. Ewen left, and Matt shared with Liz his dislike for the man.

At Kelly's, Ethan contemplated the to-go cup message from his mystery lady while, at another booth, Spinelli scrutinized a photo of her on his phone. Both appeared to be waiting for the woman. As she approached, a distracted Spinelli bumped into Ethan. In their ruckus, they missed her. A frustrated Ethan left the building.

Ethan returned to Wyndemere and went into the tunnels. Moment later, Ewen showed up and poked about. Eventually, the mystery woman arrived with a brown paper bag that had "no one gets lonely" written on it. She sat down until Spinelli arrived, at which point she hid. He searched for her in the tunnels.

The woman returned just as Ethan and Spinelli, separately, entered. As both men tried to figure out who she was, Ewen walked in and revealed she was his patient.

At the nurses' station, Monica worried to Robin about the possibility that Liz would suck Jason in, since Lucky had left town. Robin suggested that it had to have been painful to learn that Jake was Monica's grandson after the boy had died, but pointed out that it had been Jason's decision to keep the truth from everyone, not Liz's.

Tracy arrived, at Monica's behest. Monica chided her sister-in-law for making plans to marry into the mob--again--as she handed her the Port Charles Press society pages. Tracy headed to Kelly's and demanded Pres print a retraction. He stood by his story, explaining that Anthony had made the announcement himself. Tracy tried to bribe Pres, but he wouldn't take it. Tracy left to meet with her attorney.

Patrick ran into Robin at Kelly's and asked why she'd been reading her will. She played it off as her just being her normal, organized self. Later, Robin made an admission to Liz: Robin's viral load was out of control. Liz pleaded with Robin to tell Patrick the truth, but Robin wouldn't reconsider and, instead, asked Liz to care of Patrick and Emma.

Michael called Sam to apologize for having unloaded on her. She told him she would always be there to talk, but Michael replied that it was time for action. Sam urged Michael to talk to Jason. Michael said he didn't need help; he knew what he needed to do.

After she hung up, Sam told Jason, who got his gun and told her he needed to stop Franco so they could move on. Jason went back to where he had run Michael over with his motorcycle and was surprised to find Michael there.

Michael asked why Jason had always taken responsibility for Michael's mistakes. Before Jason answered, Michael admitted it was his fault that Abby had been killed. Michael threatened to work for the Zaccharas. Jason begged him to reconsider, but Michael's decision had been made.

Later, Jason went to see Patrick at the hospital and asked about Robin, before he passed out.

Sam approached the graffiti on the brick wall in the alley and realized it might be Franco's way of reminding her that she could be carrying his child. She went home and took a pregnancy test.

Spinelli went to see Maxie at her apartment. As she babbled on, he suggested that he take Lulu's place as her housemate. Maxie countered that it wouldn't be a good idea, given their history. He left the offer on the table and asked her to call if she changed her mind.

After Spinelli left, Anthony stopped by. He intimated that he might have dirt on her, and that she should be nice to him. He demanded a favor: for her to plan his wedding. Reluctantly, Maxi agreed, but she was shocked to learn she had only six days to plan an elaborate reception.

Maxie dashed off to the hospital and asked Matt to move in with her.

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