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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 23, 2012 on GH
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Monday, January 23, 2012

At General Hospital, after working on a difficult case together, Maggie convinced Steve to go up to the roof and write aphorisms on prescription forms and sail them off the roof, as they had once done in Memphis when they needed to blow off steam. Steve reluctantly agreed, but urged Maggie to stop trying to drag him down memory lane as a reminder of the past they shared. Once on the rooftop, Steve laughed and smiled and said it was too bad that everything in life could not be as simple as sailing paper airplanes and giving a smile to those below who found them.

When Olivia joined them on the roof, Maggie told her not to be too hard on Steve because Maggie had always been a bad influence on him. After Maggie was gone, Steve said that in Memphis they had usually done the activity in a group to let off steam and that it was the first time that he had launched the "prescription planes" with only one other person. Steve said that the exercise was not about treating the sick, but healing the soul.

Olivia smiled when she unfolded one of the paper airplanes and read the saying that Steve had written. It said, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain." Steve said in this case, they could dance in the cold. Olivia laughed. Steve took her in his arms, and they danced and kissed on the rooftop.

Robin and Patrick were glad to see each other when she arrived home from her flight. Before Robin could go to kiss Emma goodnight, Patrick blurted out that he knew that she had not been at a conference, and he knew that she was sick. When Robin asked if Liz had told him, Patrick said yes and begged Robin to tell him what was happening with her. Robin said that she had learned that her HIV medications were not working the day after Lisa had died.

Patrick wanted to know why Robin had not told him. Robin said that she was scared of losing what they had together, what they had worked so hard for. She said that she had wanted Christmas to be perfect for him and for Emma. Patrick said that he was Robin's husband, and she had to tell him. Robin replied that if she had told Patrick, everything would have been different, and she had not wanted to see him sad. Robin said that she had not wanted to ruin Christmas for her daughter.

Patrick responded that it was their life and Robin had no right to shut him out. Patrick asked if Robin trusted him. Robin reluctantly said that she did trust Patrick. She admitted that she had been in Seattle not Africa. She said that she had lied because she had not wanted Patrick to worry for no reason. She said that she was on her third HIV protocol and that the doctor that she had seen in Seattle was having amazing results. Robin said that she believed that she would be okay and that they had good reason to hope.

Robin told Patrick that she had kept the truth from him so that he would not try to fix something that could not be fixed. Robin added that she did not want Patrick to watch her die as she had watched Stone. She also said that she wanted Emma to remember her as a strong person, not a shadow of what she had been. Patrick said he did not care what Robin looked like or if she was strong; he just wanted to be there for her. Robin said that she was scared.

Patrick asked if Lisa had tampered with Robin's medications. Robin said there was no way to be sure. Patrick blamed himself, but Robin did not want him to feel guilty. Patrick asked what it said about their marriage if Robin could tell Jason, but not tell him. Robin answered that she had only told Jason because she wanted to disappear, but Jason had refused to help her and had insisted that she tell Patrick what was going on with her. Robin said that she had also asked Liz to help out, but Liz had also insisted that Robin tell Patrick the truth. Patrick said that throwing Liz at him was not the solution.

Patrick said that Robin could best honor Stone by living the life that she had. Patrick told Robin that she would beat HIV, and he would be with her every step of the way. Patrick said that Robin had to know that taking off was crazy. Robin agreed and said that she had finally realized that she needed Patrick and Emma too much to leave them. Patrick assured Robin that everything would work out. He said that they would go through the procedure together. Patrick told her no more taking off or crying in the conference room. Robin agreed. Both were teary-eyed as Robin sat in Patrick's lap, and they reaffirmed their love for each other.

Luke's appearance on the cruise ship did not put a damper on Anthony's wedding plans, despite Tracy's reluctance to wed the mob boss. Luke said he was just there to observe and would never interfere with Tracy's happiness. Tracy insisted that the wedding was wrong. Maxie took issue with Tracy and said that she had done everything required of her.

Tracy insisted that the wedding lacked decorum and pointed out that the minister was an ex-con. When Anthony referred to Tracy as "Venus," Luke snickered. Anthony said that it was Tracy's eighth wedding. Tracy replied that was the reason that traditions should be honored. Maxie pulled out a blue garter for the "something borrowed, something blue," but Tracy said she would not wear used lingerie.

When Tracy said she needed a maid of honor, Maxie volunteered, and Luke, who seemed to be taking the situation as a big joke, offered to be the best man. Tracy refused to say "I do," but Luke answered for her and the minister pronounced Tracy and Anthony man and wife without Tracy's consent. Luke told Anthony that he would have his hands full that night. Anthony said that was what he was counting on and planted a long passionate kiss on Tracy's lips.

Luke was not laughing then. Tracy downed a glass of whiskey, and Anthony wanted pictures. Tracy said there was no need because the wedding was seared into her brain. Maxie took pictures of the wedding party anyway. Everyone looked happy except Tracy, who looked stunned.

Jason and Sam had an appointment with Kelly at GH. They agreed not to tell anyone about her pregnancy until they found out the result of the paternity test. Kelly told them that the CVS test would determine paternity, but was considered invasive and might cause a miscarriage. Sam said that she had to know and insisted that Kelly conduct the test. While Kelly did the test, Jason waited in the lobby where he ran into Liz. She was curious about his visit to GH, but Jason said he was awaiting results of his tests. They talked about Robin and learned that each of them had encouraged Robin to tell Patrick the truth about her condition.

Kelly and Sam joined Jason. Kelly said the results of the test would be back in a week to ten days. Sam told Jason that she wanted to go home and curl up in his arms. Jason said that no matter what happened, he would be there for her. As they left, Liz mentioned the tests, but when Liz indicated that she meant Jason's tests, Sam was relieved that her secret was still safe.

Kate and Jax ran into each other in the New York City airport bar. Kate said she was glad to see that he was alive. Jax said that he would be dead if Sonny had had his way. Kate said Sonny was not the man Jax thought he was. Jax noted that Kate was back to defending Sonny. Kate said that her relationship to Sonny was a work in progress and that there was no need for Jax to be concerned. Kate said that Sonny had made it a long way. Jax said that Sonny had chased him with a gun, fired said gun in Robin's house, and sabotaged Jax's plane.

Kate acknowledged that Sonny had been out of control after Brenda left him. She said that Carly, Dante, Kristina, and Alexis had all turned their backs on Sonny after Jax vanished. Kate said that Sonny had needed her help. Jax was disgusted but said that Kate was a big girl and could take care of herself.

Jax offered Kate a business proposition, which she accepted. Kate told Jax that she would take care of the details when she returned to Port Charles. Jax heard his boarding call for a plane to Sydney. As he left, he said he was glad that the man Kate was meeting was not Sonny and that there was hope for Kate after all.

When Jax was gone, Kate got a call from the man she was supposed to meet. He told her he could not meet her because there were too many demands on his time. He asked Kate to reschedule. She said that she knew that she was not the only person he had to make time for, and she would see what she could do.

Sonny was in a great mood when he went to Johnny's apartment with the dirt on the Zacchara family that he had gotten from Luke. He could not wait to tell Johnny that Gino Soleito, not Anthony Zacchara, was Johnny's father. Johnny said that the birth certificate that Sonny showed him was some kind of joke. Sonny was laughing when he said it was better for Johnny to have a thug like Gino as his father than a nut case like Anthony.

Johnny accused Sonny of faking the certificate as a ploy to get Johnny to let down his guard so that Sonny could take over Johnny's territory. Sonny said that the papers were legitimate, and Johnny could check with the hospital. Johnny insisted that the paper was bogus and that Sonny was threatened because Michael was not Sonny's biological son and Sonny was upset that Michael wanted to join the Zaccharas. Sonny started to get angry, but got control of his temper and smiled again when he told Johnny that Johnny had missed the best part. Sonny pointed to the line that said "mother" and told Johnny that his mother was not Maria, but his supposed sister, Claudia.

Sonny taunted Johnny and said that Johnny's whole life was a lie, similar to the Jack Nicholson movie, Chinatown, where Jack had found out that Fay Dunaway was the mother to her sister. Sonny said it was not exactly the same, since no incest was involved, because in Johnny's case, Anthony, had merely pimped out his daughter, Claudia, to Gino Soleito. Sonny said that he actually felt sorry for Claudia. Johnny got fed up and grabbed his gun, cocked it, and told Sonny to shut his mouth. Sonny told Johnny that none of the sordid details would have seen the light of day if Johnny had not broken the truce and tried to kill Sonny.

Sonny said he had not arrived at Johnny's with gun in hand, ready to put a bullet in Johnny's chest, but had been armed with the truth. Sonny added that of all the lies that Claudia had told, this was the biggest. Sonny said that the truth would be easy to verify and, unlike Claudia, Sonny was not a liar. Despite the gun that Johnny had trained on him, Sonny turned his back on Johnny and walked out of the apartment. Johnny was in shock after Sonny left. He sank down on the sofa and looked very lost and very alone.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Carly called Luke to tell him that the problem with Johnny had been resolved, so Luke no longer needed to keep digging up dirt on Johnny. "Too late," Luke told Carly. Carly immediately wanted to know what Luke had uncovered, but Luke refused to tell her.

At Metro Court, Tracy entered the bedroom of the honeymoon suite, where she and Anthony had spent the night. Anthony grumbled, because Tracy had refused to consummate their marriage, but Tracy made it clear that she had no intention of ever sleeping with him. She reminded her new husband that the only reason that she had married him had been because Anthony had blackmailed her. However, she was curious what Anthony stood to gain by marrying her. "All in good time," Anthony cryptically replied. Tracy eyed him shrewdly as she guessed that Anthony hoped to get his hands on the ELQ trust.

"Over your dead body," Tracy vowed. Anthony was confident that Tracy would eventually warm up to him, but Tracy scoffed at the idea. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Anthony assumed that it room service delivering their breakfast, so he went to open the door. Luke smiled as he pushed the breakfast cart into the suite. Tracy smiled with delight, while Anthony glowered at Tracy's ex-husband.

Anthony ordered Luke to leave, but Luke informed Anthony that they were neighbors. Luke explained that Carly had given Luke a room next door, because she owed her uncle a favor. Anthony tried to get rid of Luke, by offering Luke money, but Luke refused to leave. Tracy wondered if Luke were there to reveal that Luke and Tracy's divorce hadn't been official, which would nullify Tracy's marriage to Anthony. Tracy's hopes were dashed when Luke assured her that her marriage to Anthony was valid. Anthony once again tried to usher Luke out of the door, but Tracy insisted that they show Luke some compassion by letting Luke stay.

Anthony decided to humor is new bride, but Tracy's mood quickly soured when Anthony announced his intention to return to the penthouse to fetch his belongings, so that Anthony could move into the Quartermaine mansion with Tracy. Anthony warned Luke to stay away from Tracy, and then left. Luke wanted to see Tracy's new wedding ring, so Tracy showed it to him, and admitted that Anthony hadn't spared any expense. Their conversation then drifted to the engagement ring that Luke had bought for Tracy. According to Tracy, Luke's ring had been the best surprise of her life.

"Regrets Spanky?" Luke wondered. "Yeah, you?" Tracy asked. Luke nodded. Later, Luke and Tracy kicked back on the bed, while they ate breakfast. Luke was relieved when Tracy assured him that she hadn't slept with Anthony. However, he reminded her that it had taken them a while to warm up to each other. Tracy insisted that there wasn't any comparison between Luke and Anthony, because Luke was "intoxicating" and "wildly irresistible."

Luke thanked Tracy for the compliments, but Tracy warned him not to let it go to his head. She admitted that she was still mad at Luke for not stopping the wedding. Luke explained that he couldn't, but Tracy argued that Luke should have tried. Luke advised Tracy to relax, because she would need her strength for the hurdles ahead. Tracy was worried about returning to the mansion with her new groom, but she realized that she only had herself to blame for the situation that she was in. "Take heart, darling. I have a feeling that all of this is going to turn out just fine," Luke told her.

Johnny decided to have the birth certificate, which Sonny had given to Johnny, verified. The woman behind the counter assured Johnny that their records were above reproach, and that the birth certificate was authentic and accurate; Gino Soleito and Claudia Zacchara were Johnny's parents. After Johnny returned to the penthouse, Carly showed up. Johnny tried to ignore her knocking, but she knew that he was home. Johnny reluctantly opened the door, so Carly entered, and then explained that she was there to thank him for helping her to keep Michael safe. "No big deal," Johnny replied as he poured himself a drink.

Carly realized that Johnny was in a foul mood, so she asked him what had happened. Johnny informed her that it didn't matter, as he downed his drink, and then poured himself another. Carly was curious if Johnny had had a run in with Sonny, Anthony, or Luke. Johnny wondered why she would ask him about Luke, so she nervously told him, "No reason," and then quickly turned the focus back on Michael by thanking Johnny for keeping Michael out of organized crime. Johnny wasn't in the mood to talk, so he asked her to leave, but Carly grew concerned, because it was clear that Johnny was upset. She offered to help, but Johnny wondered why she even cared.

"I don't know, but I do," Carly told Johnny. She appreciated that he had been good to Michael. Carly then began to talk about how a parent would do desperate things to keep their child safe. Johnny imagined that a mother would do anything when her back was against the wall, but Carly didn't realize that Johnny was talking about Claudia, not Carly. Carly agreed, and then reminded Johnny that she had been willing to sleep with him to protect Michael. Johnny hadn't realized that it had been such a hardship for her, but Carly ignored the remark.

Carly explained that a parent's love for their child transcended everything else. Johnny decided to take her word for it, prompting Carly to realize that Anthony hadn't been a typical father. Johnny revealed that Anthony had once tried to shoot him, but Johnny's mother, Maria, had stepped in front of the bullet. Carly was horrified, but she was confident that Johnny would do things differently when Johnny became a father. Johnny remained sullen, so Carly offered to listen if he needed someone to talk to. Johnny wasn't interested, so Carly left.

Later, Anthony arrived home, and then complained that Johnny had missed the wedding. "A son should be there for his father," Anthony suggested. "Don't you ever call me that again you sick son of a bitch," Johnny growled.

Michael went to McCall and Jackal Private Investigations to hire Sam to find the guy who had been attacking the dancers. Michael warned her that he was afraid that he might do something that he would regret if she didn't take the job. Sam advised Michael to let the police handle the investigation, but Michael explained that the police had released a man named Chuck Donofrio, despite proof that Donofrio had assaulted the dancers. Michael insisted that he would take matters into his own hands if Donofrio weren't arrested. Sam was stunned when Michael showed her the gun that he had tucked into his pants. Sam demanded to know where Michael had gotten the gun, but Michael didn't think that it mattered.

"It does, if you are planning to use it," Sam argued. Michael insisted that Donofrio was a piece of garbage that should be made to pay for attacking the dancers, so he wanted Sam to get something on Donofrio. Michael explained that Abby was everything to him, but Sam warned Michael that Abby would not want Michael to take the law into his own hands. Michael was frustrated, because everyone, including Sonny and Johnny, had refused to help him. Michael was determined to stop Donofrio, if no one else did, but Sam thought that it was a bad idea. "Isn't that what Jason did to Franco?" Michael asked.

Sam insisted that Jason would not want Michael to go after Donofrio. Sam reminded Michael that Abby's death had been an accident, but Michael argued that Abby had died, because he had sent her to Chicago, and then he had distracted Abby by talking to her on the phone. Sam accused Michael of making up reasons to blame himself for what had happened. Michael had no idea how he was supposed to go on without Abby, so Sam urged Michael to give it some time. Michael admitted that he still did things that he and Abby had done, but it became harder each day, because it reminded him that he and Abby no longer had a future together. Sam was certain that Abby would want Michael to carry on without her, not to stop his life.

Michael insisted that Abby would want the person, responsible for the attacks on Abby's friends, found. Michael thought that it was the least that he could do to honor Abby's memory. Sam argued that Abby would "freak" if she knew that he had a gun. Michael promised Sam that he didn't intend to use it; he planned to throw it into the harbor, and watch it sink. Meanwhile, Michael wanted Sam to investigate Donofrio. Sam wondered if Michael were sure that Donofrio was responsible for the attacks, so Michael explained that he was certain enough to want to kill the man.

At the Drake residence, Jason wondered how Robin was doing. Robin admitted that she was jetlagged, but Jason clarified that he wanted to know about her health. Robin explained that she had gone to Seattle to see a doctor, who had started her on a third drug protocol, but they wouldn't know the results for a few more weeks. Robin then revealed that Liz had told Patrick that Robin's viral loads were unstable, so Patrick had confronted Robin about it when Robin had arrived home. Robin confessed that Patrick had been wonderful and supportive after she had explained that she had been hesitant to tell Patrick about her health crisis, because of what had happened to Stone.

Robin then switched gears to ask about Jason's ongoing health problems. She wondered if he were still having episodes of rage. Jason assured her that he was fine, so Robin admitted that she had read about the fire at Franco's art gallery, and the artist's death. However, she remained concerned about Jason, because she noticed that his fist was clenched, so she was certain that Jason's anger remained a problem. Jason admitted that he still had bouts of anger, but they were less frequent. Robin suspected that Jason's episodes of rage were physiological, so she urged him to follow up on the tests.

Matt went to Maxie's apartment to let her know that he had missed her the previous night. Maxie reminded Matt that he hadn't asked her out, prompting Matt to wonder if something were wrong. Maxie explained that she was tired of being ignored by him. Moments later, Spinelli entered the living room, munching on a bowl of cereal. Matt was stunned when Maxie revealed that Spinelli was her new roommate. Matt wondered if Maxie were trying to make him jealous, and then asked what would happen if he were to change his mind about moving in. Spinelli informed Matt that Spinelli had put down a deposit, and paid rent, so moving out was not an option.

Maxie resented the way that Matt had disrespected her in front of Liz, but she insisted that Spinelli was always there for Maxie. Maxie opened the front door during her tirade, and then screamed when she caught a glimpse of the man with the fedora. Spinelli raced out of the door to chase down the man, with Matt close on Spinelli's heels. A short time later, the man with the fedora dragged Matt and Spinelli back to Maxie's apartment. The man with the fedora offered to take care of Matt and Spinelli if "either of the jerks" bothered Maxie again. Maxie was stunned when the man with the fedora revealed that he had been hired by Anthony to keep an eye on Maxie, because Anthony was concerned about Maxie's safety.

The man with the fedora assured Maxie that he hadn't intended to scare her. After the man with the fedora returned to keep watch on her apartment from the hallway, Matt and Spinelli wondered why Anthony would be concerned about Maxie's safety. Maxie deftly avoided the questions by announcing that she had a photo shoot to get to, and then left.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Kate spotted Lulu working on a laptop. Lulu explained that she was trying to find a new career, so Kate offered Lulu's old job back. Lulu declined, because she wasn't interested in fashion. Moments later, Olivia greeted her cousin, and daughter-in-law. Olivia and Kate chatted for a few minutes, before Kate left. Olivia was curious if Lulu and Dante had an argument when she noticed that Lulu was drinking a glass of wine.

Lulu assured Olivia that everything was fine, and then explained that Carly had recommended the wine. Lulu quickly changed the subject by talking about her desire to find a new career path. Olivia suggested that Lulu sell the Haunted Star, but Lulu wasn't interested, because it was a place for Luke to return to. Olivia revealed that Luke was back in Port Charles, and staying at the hotel, compliments of Carly. Lulu admitted that she had known that Luke was in town, but not that he was staying at the hotel. Olivia raised an eyebrow when Lulu picked up the glass of wine to take a sip.

Lulu became defensive as she asked if Olivia had ever had a glass of wine at lunch. Olivia agreed to butt out, but it was clear that she remained concerned about Lulu. Lulu promised her mother-in-law that she was fine, and then resumed her job search on the computer. Olivia wished Lulu luck, and then confessed that she'd had a glass of wine with lunch, but never when she was alone.

Kate bumped into Sonny as he entered the restaurant. Sonny was curious why he hadn't heard from Kate, so she explained that she had needed some time to think things over. However, she assured Sonny that she wasn't walking out on him, but she wanted him to promise that he wouldn't get shot again. Sonny smiled, so Kate wondered if Sonny were certain that Johnny had been responsible for the shooting. Sonny explained that the situation had been handled. Kate didn't want to know the details of how Sonny had taken care of things, so she changed the subject by revealing that she had offered Lulu her old job back at Crimson, but Lulu had turned her down.

Sonny revealed that Dante had also declined Sonny's wedding gift, so Sonny had an idea on how spend the money. Sonny wanted to bounce his idea off of Kate over dinner, but Kate explained that she had to go to San Francisco for two days on business. Sonny was disappointed, but Kate promised to call him when she returned, and make it up to him. After Kate left, Sonny approached Lulu's table, and then sat down. Lulu made it clear that she didn't want to discuss Dante with Sonny, but Sonny surprised Lulu by revealing that he wanted to know where Kate liked to stay when she went to San Francisco.

Lulu told him the name of the hotel, and the suite number that Kate always stayed in. Sonny thanked Lulu, and then admitted that he had never seen Dante happier, so he appreciated Lulu's influence on Dante. After Sonny left, Lulu took a sip of her wine.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

At Wyndemere, Cassandra happily greeted Ethan. She begged him to take her away, but Ethan refused to complicate things by causing problems with Ewen. Cassandra scribbled a note for Ewen, and then grabbed Ethan's hand to drag him out of the castle. A short time later, Ewen arrived. He called out for Cassandra, and then spotted the note. Ewen was not pleased when he realized that Cassandra was with Ethan.

At Kelly's, Shawn thanked Alexis and Molly for dropping T.J. off after school. Molly volunteered to tutor T.J., so that T.J. could get caught up on his schoolwork. After T.J. and Molly walked to the counter, Alexis and Shawn sat down at a table. Shawn was happy that T.J. had a friend like Molly, because she would be a positive influence on T.J. Alexis expressed reservations about T.J., prompting Shawn to question if Alexis were suggesting that T.J. might cause problems for Molly.

Alexis appreciated that T.J. needed a lot of support, but she explained that Molly had a vivid imagination, and that she was easily influenced, so it wouldn't take a lot for Molly to be led astray. Shawn promised to keep a close eye on T.J., and to make certain that Molly stayed out of trouble. Alexis conceded that she was a bit overprotective, because of the problems that Kristina had had with Kiefer.

At the counter, T.J. was surprised when he noticed that Molly only had five friends on her MyFace page, including Alexis. Molly bristled when T.J. teased her about her "sad little page," and then insisted that it wasn't normal to have a parent so "hooked into" one's life. Alexis checked on the kids, so Molly pasted on a smile, and then assured her mother that she and T.J. were studying. Moments later, Molly spotted Ethan and Cassandra enter the diner, so she jumped off of the stool to greet Ethan. Molly smiled sweetly as she pointedly talked about Kristina.

Ethan politely asked how Kristina was doing, so Molly answered, "Amazing." Ethan decided to introduce Cassandra to Molly, and then revealed that Cassandra was staying at Wyndemere. Alexis walked up as Molly revealed that her family owned Wyndemere, and that Molly would love to live on Spoon Island. Alexis smiled indulgently as she suggested that Molly return to the counter to continue tutoring T.J. Molly agreed, but not before letting Ethan know that Kristina had been dating a lot at Yale.

Alexis realized that Cassandra was Ewen's patient, so she chatted with Cassandra for a few minutes, and then excused herself. Afterwards, Ethan and Cassandra sat down at a table. At the counter, T.J. noticed that Molly was staring at Ethan and Cassandra. Molly explained that Ethan was Kristina's "ex-almost-boyfriend." T.J. had no idea what that meant, so he returned to adjusting the settings on Molly's MyFace account. Molly didn't want T.J. to do anything that would get her into trouble, but T.J. explained that he had merely blocked Alexis from seeing what Molly's friends were posting.

Meanwhile, Cassandra confessed that she had sensed that Alexis hadn't been pleased with Cassandra and Ethan spending time together. Ethan suggested that Cassandra forget about Alexis, and Ewen. Ethan wanted Cassandra to consider their day together as a "mental health day." Cassandra chuckled, and then wondered what Ethan had in mind. Ethan revealed that there was an arcade nearby, with vintage games, so he invited Cassandra to go there with him. She readily agreed.

Later, Cassandra and Ethan returned to Wyndemere. Their smiles faded when they saw Ewen waiting for them. Ethan made a point of wrapping his arms around Cassandra, in a possessive manner, as Cassandra showed off a prize that they had won. After Cassandra went to change clothes, Ewen was curious what game Ethan and Cassandra had played. "The shooting gallery," Ethan revealed. According to Ethan, Cassandra had been a "crack-shot," because she had hit the mark every time. Ewen admitted that he already knew what a great markswoman Cassandra was, because Ewen had taken her to a gun range once.

Ethan was curious if shooting lessons had been part of Ewen's therapy, so Ewen explained that he had tried to explore everything with Cassandra, in an effort to help her recover her memories. Ewen revealed that he had known the moment that Cassandra had picked up a gun, that she had been very familiar with weapons. Ewen warned Ethan that Ethan was playing a dangerous game with Cassandra. Meanwhile, Cassandra lurked nearby, eavesdropping on their conversation.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Jason was surprised to see Sam at work. Sam explained that she hadn't been able to relax at home, because she had been obsessing about the paternity test, so she had decided to review some case files. Jason reminded Sam that they wouldn't know the results of the paternity test for another week. Sam realized that, but she needed to keep busy. Jason held up the newspaper, which featured a front-page story on Franco. He implored Sam not to think about Franco, so Sam assured Jason that she would try.

Jason switched gears to ask if Sam had been having any morning sickness. Sam shook her head, but Jason decided that she needed something to eat, so he left to fetch some food. Shortly afterwards, Sam called the hospital to see if the test results were in. Jason appeared in the doorway as she ended the call. "Is it mine?" he asked. Sam explained that she had been checking on his test results, but they weren't in.

Jason promised Sam that he was fine, but Sam disagreed, because they had the paternity issue hanging over their heads. Sam wanted Jason to take care of himself, because if the child were theirs, then he or she would need Jason. Jason assured Sam that he wasn't going anywhere. Sam then changed the subject by urging him to talk to Michael. She explained that Michael had asked her to find Chuck Donofrio, the man who had been questioned, and then released, regarding the attacks on the dancers. Sam warned Jason that Michael had a gun.

After Jason left, Alexis stopped by to drop off a pair of earrings that Kristina had borrowed from Sam. However, Alexis realized that she had forgotten them at home. As they chatted, Alexis mentioned that Molly was tutoring a boy named T.J., but Alexis was concerned, because T.J. had already gotten into trouble shortly after arriving in Port Charles. Sam grew concerned about her mother when she noticed that Alexis seemed out of breath, and overheated. Alexis insisted that she was fine, but she sensed that Sam was hiding something. Sam claimed that she had no idea what Alexis was talking about, but Alexis saw through the lie.

Alexis shrewdly eyed her daughter, and then asked. "Are you pregnant?"

At Kelly's, Jason pulled Shawn aside to find out if Shawn had seen Michael. Shawn was curious if something were wrong, but Jason refused to elaborate. Jason then switched gears to find out what Shawn knew about the shooting at Pozzulo's. Shawn explained that he had gone to the office to resign, because he had intended to make some changes in his life. Shawn then revealed that it was more important than ever to make those changes, because the son of the man that Shawn had killed in Afghanistan had moved in with Shawn.

Shawn wasn't sure if things would work out; however, Shawn explained that it was "heavy stuff" raising another man's kid. Jason looked uncomfortable, but didn't respond. After Jason left the diner, he stopped to leave a message for Michael to call him, because it was important.

At the police station, Michael demanded to know if there had been any new developments in the investigation on the attacks on the dancers. Dante and Delores explained that they didn't have any new suspects. Michael wasn't surprised, since they had let the only suspect go. Dante patiently explained that they had to follow the rules; they hadn't had anything that had linked Donofrio to the attacks. Delores added that yelling at the dancers hadn't made Donofrio guilty of assaulting them. Michael wasn't satisfied; he insisted that they needed someone more motivated, who wasn't worried about following rules.

Dante and Delores tried to get Michael to calm down, but Michael feared that another dancer would be hurt if the police didn't act. Dante accused Michael of being obsessed with the case, and then reminded his brother that Abby hadn't been attacked. Dante suggested that Michael stay with Dante and Lulu for a while, but Michael claimed that he had other plans. Dante promised Michael that he would catch the man responsible for the assaults, but Ronnie stirred things up by arguing that the suspect had been caught, and then released.

Delores insisted that Donofrio had an alibi for two of the attacks, but Ronnie scoffed at the suggestion that a couple of phone calls to an Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, from a phone booth, had been sufficient proof of innocence. Ronnie accused Dante and Delores of being more concerned about Donofrio's rights than catching the guy responsible to for assaulting the dancers.

Dante cautioned Ronnie to be careful with the accusations in front of Michael, but Michael had already stormed out. Ronnie was unapologetic, but Dante explained that it didn't help when Ronnie spouted off about letting go of a suspect who might not have committed the crimes. Ronnie claimed that he simply called it as he saw it, and then began to tear into Delores. Olivia entered the squad room as Dante ordered Ronnie to stop treating Delores as if she were the hired help. Ronnie's tone was filled with innuendo as he suggested that Olivia should be proud of how her son defended women, including Delores. Annoyed, Delores dragged Ronnie away.

Olivia noticed that Delores wore the same type of perfume as Lulu. Dante admitted that he had realized that the first time that he had met Delores, which didn't sit well with Olivia. She explained that she was there to find out what Dante and Lulu had argued about. Dante had no idea what Olivia was talking about, so Olivia explained that she had seen Lulu drinking wine at the Metro Court Restaurant. Dante reminded his mother that Lulu was an adult, so she was free to have a glass of wine with lunch, while she tried to figure out what to do with her life. Olivia advised her son not to blow the incident off, but Dante suggested that Olivia focus on her own life.

Dante asked Olivia if she had talked to Steve, to illustrate his point. Olivia quickly agreed to mind her own business, and then left. However, a short time later, she returned under the guise of picking up a pair of gloves that she had left behind. Delores explained that Dante had left, and then handed the gloves to Olivia. Delores realized that Olivia had used the gloves as an excuse to check up on Dante and Delores, so Delores promised Olivia that nothing was going on between them. Delores reminded Olivia that both Delores and Dante were married.

"And married people never cross lines, right?" Olivia asked. Delores insisted that she didn't have any interest in Dante, but Olivia didn't believe her. Olivia wondered how Delores had felt about Dante defending Delores to Ronnie. Delores confessed that she had hated it, because she had worked hard to prove herself as an equal to everyone, so Dante's defense had set her back about a hundred steps. Olivia softened, because Olivia could appreciate Delores wanting to do things on her own. Olivia started to leave, but then stopped to advise Delores to change perfumes, because the scent was too flowery for Delores.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Tracy gave someone instructions to keep Anthony out of ELQ, and then ended the call. Lulu spotted Tracy, so she invited Tracy to join her for a glass of wine. Tracy sat down, as Lulu began to pepper Tracy with questions about Tracy's wedding to Anthony. Tracy revealed that Luke had shown up, but he hadn't stopped the wedding. Lulu couldn't understand why Tracy had married Anthony, so Tracy explained that it had been a stalling tactic. Lulu realized that Anthony had blackmailed Tracy into marrying him, but Lulu thought that marrying Anthony had been a little too extreme.

A short time later, Lulu was surprised to see Dante enter the restaurant. Dante explained that Olivia had stopped by the station. Lulu realized that Olivia had been concerned about Lulu having a glass of wine with lunch. Dante assured Lulu that she didn't owe him any explanations, and then wondered if she had seen Michael. Dante revealed that Michael was in a volatile mood, so he was concerned that Michael might get himself into trouble. Lulu urged Dante to find his brother, so Dante kissed his wife goodbye, and then left. Afterwards, Tracy wondered why they had been discussing Lulu's intake of wine.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Anthony was curious why Johnny was so angry when they should be celebrating Tracy joining the family. Johnny snidely acknowledged that Anthony was all about family. "More than you realize," Anthony replied. Johnny's temper flared when Anthony claimed to have made sacrifices, as Johnny's father. "Shut the hell up!" Johnny shouted. "We both know very well you are not my father," Johnny accused.

Anthony couldn't hide his shock as he stared at Johnny, but he quickly recovered, and then insisted that it wasn't true. Johnny revealed that Sonny had given Johnny the birth certificate that had proven that Anthony was lying, but Anthony claimed that the document could have been forged. Johnny explained that he had gone to the hospital's records office, in Spuyten Duyvil where Johnny had been born, to confirm the birth certificate's authenticity. Anthony insisted that he had never heard of the place, so Johnny clarified that the name of the town translated to "Devil's Whirlpool" or "In spite of the devil." "How perfect is that?" Johnny asked.

Anthony tried to convince Johnny that Sonny had paid someone to forge the birth certificate, but Johnny demanded that Anthony be a man, and own up to the truth. According to Johnny, the final confirmation had been the expression on Anthony's face when Johnny had first confronted Anthony with the truth. The argument quickly escalated when Anthony stuck to his lie. Johnny began to choke his grandfather, and then threw Anthony onto the sofa. Johnny demanded to know how old Claudia had been when Anthony had started "pimping her out." Anthony argued that Claudia had been born bad, so she had never been innocent.

According to Anthony, Claudia had slipped on her red pumps to seduce men at an early age. Infuriated, Johnny shouted that Claudia hadn't deserved what Anthony had done to her, but Anthony insisted that Claudia had been a fallen angel. Johnny argued that Claudia had just been a kid, but Anthony explained that Claudia had been uncontrollable, once she had realized how men had looked at her, because she had loved the power. Johnny refused to believe that Claudia had willingly slept with an "overweight, overaged mob boss" like Gino Soleito. Anthony conceded that he had known that Gino had liked young girls, so Anthony and Claudia had decided to set up Gino, so that they could extort money from the mobster.

Anthony explained that nothing was supposed to have happened, but Claudia had had her own ideas. Johnny was disgusted, because Claudia had been a young girl stuck in a situation that she couldn't handle. Anthony realized that Johnny wanted to blame Anthony, but Anthony insisted that Claudia had been a tragically flawed person. Johnny argued that Claudia shouldn't have died; however, Anthony explained that it couldn't have ended any other way, because Claudia had thrived on danger, and going after trouble. "She was my mother," Johnny shouted.

Anthony told Johnny that, for what it was worth, he was sorry. "It's nothing," Johnny snarled. Anthony revealed that he'd been forced to send Claudia away, because he hadn't been able to risk Claudia telling Johnny. Johnny wondered if Anthony had thought that Johnny couldn't handle it, so Anthony clarified that it had been Claudia who couldn't handle it. According to Anthony, Claudia had been advanced in a lot of ways, but she wasn't a mother. "What about Gino?" Johnny asked.

Anthony insisted that it had been Claudia's idea to sleep with Gino, because she had wanted a big payoff. Anthony explained that he had intended to kill Gino after Gino had handed over the money, but someone had beaten Anthony to it, and then stolen the money. "Who?" Johnny asked. "Tracy," Anthony replied. Johnny finally realized that Anthony had hated Claudia, because Anthony had blamed her for the fortune slipping through Anthony's fingers. Anthony admitted that Johnny was the heir that he had always wanted, but Johnny didn't believe Anthony, because Anthony had once tried to kill Johnny.

Anthony's voice cracked, as he explained that he had been out of his mind at the time. Johnny was unmoved as he admitted that he finally understood why Anthony had hated him so much. Anthony denied hating Johnny, but Johnny argued, "You tried to kill me." Anthony insisted that what had happened had driven him over the edge, and that Maria had known that, which was why Maria had thrown herself in front of Johnny when Anthony had picked up the gun. "She wasn't even my mother, and she gave her life to protect me," Johnny said as tears filled his eyes. Anthony admitted that Maria had been a wonderful woman, who might have been his salvation, if she had lived.

Anthony assured Johnny that, son or grandson, everything Anthony had built had been for Johnny. Anthony was certain that they could get through it, but Johnny ordered Anthony to leave. Johnny vowed to kill Anthony if Anthony ever returned. Anthony insisted that nothing had changed. "It's all yours," Anthony said as he slowly made his way to the door. Johnny turned his back on Anthony. After Anthony left, Johnny began to weep.

On the waterfront, Dante spotted Michael crouched over a body in an alley. Michael explained that the man on the ground was Chuck Donofrio. Dante shoved Michael out of the way, and then checked on the victim. Dante realized that Chuck Donofrio had been shot in the chest. Michael clutched a gun in his hand as he looked down at Chuck's body.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Liz entered the Haunted Star, as Ethan was playing with a deck of cards. She explained that she had stopped by on impulse, prompting Ethan to wonder if she had been hoping to see Lucky. Liz confessed that it was difficult not to think about Lucky, especially when all she heard at home was how wonderful Lucky was. Ethan offered to stop by the house to spend some time with Cam, and perhaps teach his nephew how to play poker. He was surprised when Liz agreed. She confided that Lucky had been teaching Cam how to play cards.

Liz admitted that it was difficult not to think about Lucky. She confessed that she had hoped that Lucky had returned when she had seen the lights on in the casino. Ethan felt bad for the way that he had treated Liz, because he realized that he had been very judgmental towards her. Liz conceded that he'd had some valid points, but Ethan argued that his delivery had been inappropriate. He regretted that he had given her the impression that Lucky had blamed her for Lucky's failures, when in truth Lucky had actually blamed himself.

Ethan assured Liz that Lucky had told him that Lucky would always care about Liz. Liz smiled sadly, and then revealed that she had accepted that Lucky wouldn't be returning for her. Ethan thought that she sounded as if she were trying to convince herself of something that she didn't believe. Later, Liz and Ethan sat down to sip some coffee, and play a hand of poker. She confessed that she felt like a country song, about a woman who continued to fall for the same man over and over.

Liz liked to think that she could be rational and cautious regarding Lucky, especially for the sake of her children, because she didn't want to drag them through more disappointment. Ethan thought that it was very admirable of Liz, but she confessed that she would likely run into Lucky's arms, and promise him that everything would be different. Ethan wondered if true love existed. Liz assured him that it did, but people tended to expect too much from it. She suggested that sometimes the best thing for people to do was to let go, which was why she was determined to focus on her own happiness.

Liz apologized for wallowing, but Ethan waved her concerns away, because he realized that he had never really known her. She smiled victoriously when she proudly presented him with a winning hand. Ethan was stunned, and immediately demanded a rematch. Liz explained that she had to pick up the children, but she was happy that she had stopped by, because she had enjoyed talking to Ethan.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy poured herself a drink, took a swig, and then began to practice what she would say to Edward. Tracy jumped when Luke suddenly sat up on the sofa, where he had been sleeping. Tracy noted that Luke seemed to be following her around quite a bit, which made her wonder if he missed her. Luke explained that he was there for the show, when Tracy told Edward about the wedding.

Tracy reminded Luke that Edward had a heart condition, so she was worried about Edward's reaction to the news. Luke advised Tracy to wait until Monica arrived home, before telling Edward. As if on cue, Edward entered the salon, and then waved the newspaper around, as he accused Tracy of being married to the mob again. Tracy assured her father that she had intended to tell him, but Edward was furious that she had let him learn about the wedding over his morning coffee. Edward couldn't believe that Tracy had actually gone through with the wedding, so Luke reminded Edward that Tracy had always been attracted to powerful men.

Edward was livid, but Tracy pointed out that she had warned her father about the situation that she had been in. Luke pushed Tracy's buttons by informing Tracy that Skye had sent her regards, and that Skye considered Tracy's marriage to Anthony a match made in heaven. Tracy didn't care about Skye's opinion, and then complained about Luke and Edward's lack of support. Edward snidely suggested that Tracy had her new husband to lean on, prompting Luke to wonder where the "new Mr. Tracy Quartermaine" was.

Later, Alice deposited Tracy's suitcases in the salon. Tracy demanded to know what was going on, so Edward informed Tracy that Alice had packed Tracy's bags, because he had assumed that Tracy would be moving in with Anthony. Tracy insisted that she intended to stay at the Quartermaine mansion, but Edward warned Tracy that Monica wouldn't permit it. Edward suggested that Tracy end her marriage to Anthony if Tracy wanted to continue living in the mansion, but Tracy reminded Edward that she couldn't do that. Luke suggested that Anthony could always meet the same fate as Tracy's previous husband, Gino Soleito. Tracy demanded to know why Luke was still there, so Luke revealed that he had a gift for her.

Tracy smiled as he handed her an elegant box with a bow on it. Her smile quickly evaporated when she opened the box to see a riding crop nestled inside. "Thanks for the memories, Spanky Buns," Luke said with a smile, and then slapped her on the butt on his way out. Tracy informed Alice that she intended to stay, and then marched out of the salon. Edward instructed Alice to take Tracy's bags to the honeymoon suite; he thought that Tracy and Anthony would appreciate the privacy.

Sonny was on the phone, ordering flowers for Kate, when Anthony strolled into Sonny's office. Anthony recommended orchids, but Sonny ignored the advice as he ended the call with the florist. Max apologized for Anthony's intrusion, but Sonny assured Max that it was okay, because Sonny had been expecting Anthony. After Max left, Anthony confessed that he could kill Sonny with his bare hands.

"No sense in killing the messenger, right Grandpa?" Sonny asked. Sonny suggested that Anthony should be grateful that the ugly truth was out in the open, but Anthony growled that it had been a serious miscalculation on Sonny's part. Sonny was eager to see who would kill Anthony first, the Soleitos or Anthony's grandson, Johnny. Sonny continued to goad Anthony by revealing that Johnny had initially dismissed the suggestion that Gino and Claudia were Johnny's parents, until Sonny had given Johnny the original birth certificate.

Sonny was certain that Johnny had been grateful for the truth, because it meant that Anthony had been nothing more than a distant relative. Anthony insisted that Anthony and Johnny would always have a connection, but Sonny was curious what kind of man would turn his daughter over to a man twice her age. Anthony accused Claudia of being a "spiteful bitch," so Sonny warned Anthony that Johnny would not appreciate Anthony talking about Johnny's mother like that. Sonny was curious what Gino had promised to keep Anthony quiet. Anthony snarled that it was none of Sonny's business, but Sonny shouted that Claudia had just been a kid.

Anthony reminded Sonny that Sonny had hated Claudia. "Even she deserved better than you as a father, old man," Sonny argued. Anthony claimed that Claudia had always been a liar, and treacherous. According to Anthony, Claudia had never changed, except to become more lethal. Sonny realized that Johnny had been Anthony's second chance, but the joke had been on Anthony, because Johnny had never liked the family business.

Sonny claimed that Johnny had deserved to know the truth. Anthony screamed that it hadn't been Sonny's right to reveal it. Sonny realized that a small part of Anthony cared about Johnny, but then argued that no good father would have let anyone get away with harming his children. Anthony smiled with malice. "That's right, Sonny. You don't let anyone get away with hurting your children. Words to live by, words to die by," Anthony threatened.

Anthony insisted that Johnny was the only family that Anthony had left, but Sonny had four children. Sonny warned Anthony to leave the kids out of it, but Anthony explained that Johnny was the one who had boundaries, not Anthony. "You hurt my kid, I hurt one of yours," Anthony added. Anthony invited Sonny to choose a child to sacrifice, but Sonny wondered if Anthony were truly prepared to play that game with Johnny's life.

After Anthony left, Sonny poured himself a drink. Max was curious what Anthony had wanted, but Sonny insisted that it didn't matter, because Anthony wouldn't get it. Sonny was curious if the men were set, so Max assured Sonny that they were. Sonny smiled wickedly as he informed Max that it was time to take back what belonged to Sonny.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny brooded as he stared at his birth certificate, and then picked up a gun. Johnny then began to drink heavily as he smashed Anthony's prized orchids. Later, Anthony entered the penthouse and found Johnny sitting on the steps. Anthony was curious why Johnny wasn't at the meeting on King Street regarding the warehouse that Johnny had intended to acquire. Johnny informed his grandfather that Johnny would not be acquiring anything. Anthony was disgusted when he realized that Johnny was drunk.

Johnny clarified that he had been attempting to get numb, but he had realized that it was possible to be numb and angry at the same time. "What the hell are you doing here? I told you I'd kill you if I ever saw you here again," Johnny reminded Anthony. Anthony was confident that Johnny wouldn't carry out the threat, but then noticed the garden shears in Johnny's hand. Johnny explained that they had gotten the job done. Anthony was stunned when he realized that Johnny had destroyed the orchids.

Anthony went to pick up one of the orchids on the floor, unaware that Johnny stood behind his grandfather on the verge of burying the shears into Anthony's back. At the last moment, Johnny changed his mind, because Anthony finally knew what it felt like to see something that Anthony loved destroyed, like Anthony had destroyed Claudia. "My mother," Johnny clarified. Johnny insisted that Claudia had been the only one who had loved Johnny. Anthony stared at the damaged orchid as he angrily wondered if they were even. Johnny looked at the shears, and then explained that they weren't even close to being even.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Sam was curious why Alexis thought that Sam was pregnant. Alexis explained that it was a mother's intuition, and then demanded to know if her suspicions were true. Sam confirmed that she was pregnant, prompting Alexis to race to the window, throw it open, and then stick her head outside. After Alexis cooled off, she grew teary-eyed as she admitted that she couldn't believe that her baby was having a baby. Alexis was certain that Kristina and Molly would be thrilled to learn that they were going to be aunts. Sam was concerned about her mother's reaction, but Alexis insisted that she was happy for her daughter.

Sam had doubts, because Alexis was crying. Alexis explained that being a grandmother made her sound old, and that it was bit overwhelming, because it seemed as if she had just had her own babies, yet Sam was married, Kristina was in college, and Molly was eager to leave home. Sam carefully avoided using the term "grandmother," as she assured Alexis that Alexis would be great. "You are happy, right?" Alexis asked Sam. "Yes," Sam quietly said as she glanced at the newspaper article on Franco. Sam then confessed that the pregnancy had been a bit of a surprise.

Alexis reminded Sam that things were different than the last time that Sam had been pregnant, and that Sam and Jason were free to live their lives, without having to worry about looking over their shoulders because of Franco. Alexis noticed Sam's strained smile, so Alexis wondered how Jason felt about the baby. Sam assured Alexis that Sam and Jason wanted their child more than anything. Alexis was relieved, so she urged Sam to allow herself to be happy, because being a mother was a wonderful experience. Alexis was eager to share the news with Kristina and Molly, but Sam asked Alexis not to say anything yet, because Sam and Jason wanted to make certain that everything was okay with the pregnancy first.

Alexis agreed to keep quiet about the baby, but she continued to sense that something was bothering Sam. Alexis implored Sam to let it go, so that Sam could enjoy the pregnancy. Alexis promised Sam that it was the best time of Sam's life.

In the waterfront alley, Michael denied that he had killed Chuck Donofrio, but Dante pointed out that it was difficult to believe Michael when Michael had been making threats against Donofrio at the police station, and was holding a gun. Michael insisted that he had no idea who had killed Donofrio, because Donofrio had been dead when Michael had entered the alley. Dante decided that Michael needed to get far away from the crime scene before the police arrived, because Michael would be the prime suspect, and Dante refused to let Michael go back to Pentonville. As the police sirens closed in, Michael left. Meanwhile, Jason had been lurking nearby, eavesdropping.

Moments later, Ronnie and Delores arrived on the scene, with guns drawn. They holstered their weapons when they realized that Dante was alone, and that Chuck Donofrio was dead. Ronnie suggested that justice had been served when he determined that Donofrio had died of a single gunshot to the chest. Delores wondered if there had been any witnesses, but Dante insisted that he hadn't seen anyone when he had arrived. Ronnie realized that Donofrio appeared to have died during a robbery, because Donofrio's wallet and watch were missing. Ronnie was certain that the dancers at Vaughn's would be happy to learn that the man who had assaulted their friends had been killed.

Delores reminded Ronnie that there hadn't been any proof that Donofrio had been their man, but Ronnie argued that Donofrio had been an abusive pig with a long rap sheet. Delores remained unconvinced, but Ronnie was satisfied that Donofrio had been guilty of the attacks. Ronnie decided to return to the station to see if he could figure out who might have killed Donofrio. After the coroner took the body away, Dante wondered if Delores believed that a mugger had killed Donofrio. Delores thought that it was a bit too convenient, so the real attacker was still out there. Dante agreed, so he was curious how they should go about finding the man.

Michael returned to his apartment, but jumped when Jason pushed his way in before Michael could close the door. Jason suggested that Michael should be scared, because the guy that Michael had insisted had attacked the dancers was dead, and Michael had been at the scene. Jason revealed that he had been in the alley, so Jason had heard everything that Dante and Michael had said. Michael assured Jason that Dante wouldn't say anything, but Jason warned Michael that the forensics team would comb the alley, and eventually trace the bullet to Michael's gun. Michael realized that Sam had told Jason about the gun, but Jason wondered what Michael had been thinking when Michael had decided to buy a gun.

Michael explained that the police hadn't done anything to protect the dancers, because they had let Donofrio go. Jason was incredulous that Michael would take it upon himself to go after Donofrio. "Isn't that what you did to Franco?" Michael asked. Michael reminded Jason that Jason had made Franco pay for what Franco had done to Sam. Michael explained that he had merely wanted to protect Abby's friends, so he resented Jason acting as if Michael had killed Donofrio.

"Did you?" Jason asked. Michael admitted that, since losing Abby, he'd been doing things to numb the pain that he shouldn't have been. Jason explained that he needed to know exactly what had happened, so that he could take care of things, while there was still time. Michael admitted that he had hoped to keep some of Abby's friends safe by stopping Donofrio. Jason wished that Michael had gone to Jason first, and then wondered where Michael had gotten the gun. Michael assured Jason that the gun was untraceable.

"Did you kill Donofrio?" Jason demanded. Michael confessed that he had wanted to, but he hadn't done it. Jason was curious if Michael were willing to risk going back to Pentonville, because the reality of being in organized crime was that the police would be able to haul Michael off to jail whenever they wanted, regardless of whether Michael were guilty of a crime or not. Michael explained that he had gone to Sonny for help with Donofrio, but Sonny had insisted that Michael let Dante handle the investigation. Jason again wondered why Michael hadn't talked to Jason.

Michael admitted that he had been furious with Jason because of the situation with Jax. Michael also reminded Jason that Jason had been busy dealing with Franco. Jason wanted to know where the gun was, so Michael revealed that he had ditched it, and that no one would be able to find it. Michael insisted that he hadn't killed Donofrio, so the gun couldn't tie Michael to the murder. Jason confessed that what concerned him was that Michael had wanted to kill Donofrio. "Yeah, I did want to," Michael conceded.

Michael admitted that he'd been angry with everyone, especially God, for taking Abby. Jason apologized for not telling Michael about Jax, but Michael explained that it wasn't necessary, because he had realized that Jason hadn't done anything wrong. Michael also realized that no one was to blame for Abby's death, because "sometimes horrible things happen." Michael was ready to honor Abby by being responsible, and doing what she would have wanted Michael to do. After Jason left, Michael began to cry as he looked at his day planner, which showed that he'd had a date scheduled with Abby for the fifteenth.

Jason returned to Sam's office. She wondered if he had talked to Michael, so Jason told her about what had happened to Donofrio. Jason assured her that Michael had denied killing the man. Jason was confident that Dante would keep Michael's name out of the investigation, and then admitted that Michael seemed to be in a better place. Sam revealed that Alexis had figured out that Sam was pregnant, so Sam had told her mother about the baby, but not the concerns about the baby's paternity. Jason promised Sam that, no matter what, he would still love her.

Friday, January 27, 2012

At nearly noon, Maxie woke Lulu up. She was worried about the state Lulu was in. Maxie tried to persuade Lulu to go back to work at Crimson, but Lulu wouldn't hear of it. Maxie pointed out that Lulu was depressed. Lulu deflected Maxie's attention by getting Maxie to talk about herself.

Maxie acknowledged that Spinelli had moved in with her. Maxie complained that Liz had been throwing herself at Matt, and Lulu realized that Maxie had asked Spinelli to move in to make Matt jealous. Lulu warned her friend that she was playing with fire and asked her not to hurt Spinelli.

Lulu poured herself a glass of wine, which worried Maxie. While Lulu explained that not everyone in her family had substance abuse issues, Maxie rummaged through Lulu's garbage and found several empty bottles of wine.

Carly was irked because of an ingratiating Luke. He justified living lavishly on her dime because he'd dug up damaging information on Johnny. Carly was upset that Luke had torpedoed Johnny, rather than just having shared the damaging facts with her.

Luke replied that he'd accomplished her goal, which was to keep Michael away from the Zaccharas. "Mission accomplished," he crowed. Carly realized that she might care for Johnny. "Let's just say you have no idea who John Zacchara really is," Luke quizzically stated.

Later, Luke spoke on the phone with "Blaze" and assured her that no one would know it was she who had provided the devastating information on Johnny's parentage. As he hung up, Lulu walked in. She poured herself a glass of wine, took a sip, then hurled the glass across the room.

Sonny told Jason that the Corinthos organization had purchased the King Street Pier. Jason pointed out that the Zaccharas had wanted that property, but Sonny explained that he'd taken care of Johnny. "I hit him with something even better than a bullet," Sonny boasted.

Sonny told Jason that Claudia had actually been Johnny's mother -- not his sister -- and Anthony was his grandfather. Gino Soleito, Tracy's late husband, was Johnny's actual father. Sonny was convinced that the news would drive Johnny to murder Anthony.

A distraught Johnny sat at the waterfront, stewing over the news about Claudia. Kate, on her way to Sonny's, saw Johnny and asked what was wrong and if she could help. He referred her to Sonny and asked if compassion was a weakness or a virtue. She responded that it was both.

Johnny stated that Sonny had no compassion. "What Sonny did is gonna take on a life of its own, Kate, and a lot of people are gonna be sorry," Johnny taunted. He asked why Kate cared for Sonny, as the man was possessed with nothing but vengeance. Johnny vowed to pay Sonny back for his transgressions.

Kate walked into Sonny's office, and Jason made his exit. She mentioned that she'd just run into Johnny and that he'd been devastated. Kate asked Sonny point-blank what he had done to upset Johnny so, but Sonny was evasive, turning his attention instead to the plans for the restaurant's renovation.

After Kate left the waterfront, Carly happened by. Johnny spoke cryptically as he looked across the harbor. As Carly asked what was going on, an explosion occurred across the water -- at the King Street Pier. A very satisfied Johnny explained that he had ordered the pier destroyed as payback to Sonny for playing games with people's lives.

Carly was vexed that Johnny was starting a war, but he replied that the war had been going on long before he had gotten involved. "I will break Sonny or die trying," Johnny said with an eerie smile on his face. "And I don't give a damn what comes first," he added.

Johnny returned home. As he was about to set fire to his birth certificate, Carly knocked on the door. She told Johnny she wanted to help, and he responded by kissing her.

Sonny learned that his new pier had been blown up. Kate wondered why Sonny didn't seem surprised. Sonny deflected her attention by asking about her trip to San Francisco. He asked her for specifics, but she was vague. Sonny asked her if she'd even checked into the hotel there. Kate stated that there had been a change of plans.

Patrick tried his best not to hover over Robin. She appreciated his concern but didn't want him to worry. Matt and Liz welcomed Robin back to work. Robin admitted to Matt that she hadn't actually traveled to Africa and that her viral load was out of control. She eased Matt's apprehension by letting him know she was on a new drug protocol.

Patrick and Matt left, leaving Robin to apologize to Liz for having put her in a very awkward situation. She thanked Liz for the support. Across the hall, Patrick told Matt that Robin had asked Liz to take her place after she died.

Later, Jason arrived because Robin had texted him. Patrick asked him why he'd kept Robin's secret. Jason replied that Robin had needed to tell Patrick about her medical condition in her own way. "Actually, Robin didn't tell me. Liz did," Patrick clarified.

Robin arrived, and Patrick left to see a patient. Robin delivered Jason's test results, which showed that his condition was worsening. Jason received a call and told Robin he had to leave. "If you leave right now," she cautioned, "you might be risking your life."

Matt asked Liz if she'd really considered taking Robin's place. As he spoke to her about the importance of choosing a partner, rather than going with whomever was convenient, Maxie walked in and overheard.

Spinelli proposed to Sam a way to get new clients, as Sam pointed out that they hadn't had any investigative work since the previous summer. Spinelli noticed that Sam had a baby gear catalogue on her desk and nudged her toward considering motherhood. Sam worried that the apple wouldn't fall from the tree, and since her tree had the Cassadines at it roots, she fretted.

She changed the subject to Spinelli's apartment search, and he revealed that he was moving in with Maxie. Sam asked Spinelli if he might have been hoping to break Maxie and Matt up. As they chatted, Sam began to have severe cramps.

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