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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 27, 2012 on GH
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Dante and Lulu sat at their kitchen table and caught up on the events that had occurred that evening. Both were still in shock because Sonny had jumped in front of a bullet to save Dante. Lulu said that it proved that Sonny really did love Dante, and Dante agreed with her. Lulu mentioned her relationship to Luke and both agreed that their relationships with their respective fathers were complicated.

Lulu said that life was strange. She recalled how worried she had been for Dante because of his dangerous job and how stunned she had been to find out that Robin, who should have been safe in her job, had been killed in a lab accident. Lulu said that life did not make sense. Lulu wanted to call Maxie, but Dante said to give Mac time to locate Maxie and tell her the news. Dante said that after what had happened, one had to believe in God, because God had returned Dante safely home to Lulu. Lulu said that it was hard to believe in God after what had happened to Robin, and she understood Luke's agnostic beliefs.

Lulu asked if Mac had said anything else about what had caused the accident. Dante said that Mac was very upset and had not given Dante any of the details. Michael knocked on the door and told Dante that Sonny had disappeared from the ER. Dante apologized to Lulu and said that he had to help Michael find Sonny.

Lulu said that she understood and that after the way Dante had stood by her when she had been searching for Luke the previous summer, she would also stand by him while he searched for Sonny. Lulu cautioned Dante and Michael to be careful. After they men were gone, Lulu called Lucky and gave him the sad news about Robin. She told Lucky that she would also call Ethan and try to locate Luke.

After the car accident Starr tried to wake Cole. She was able to get her door open, but could not get either Hope's door or Cole's door to open. The car was perched precariously on a cliff, and her continued attempts to get the doors open caused the car to shift. In the other car, Anthony was passed out against the airbag and could not hear Starr's plea for help.

Starr pounded on Cole's window, and he woke up. He was unable to move his leg and told Starr that he was trapped in the car. Starr said that she would get help. Cole turned back to Hope and assured the child that her mommy would get them out. Starr and Cole shared a brief kiss before Starr went back to Anthony's car.

Anthony had awakened and had gotten out of his car. Starr demanded to use his cell phone to call for help. Anthony said that he had problems of his own. Starr told Anthony that the accident had been his fault. Anthony denied any responsibility and said that Sonny Corinthos was to blame because he had shot out Anthony's tire.

Anthony let Starr use the phone, but said that he had to run when a car barreled down the road. Anthony took the opportunity to run away, fearful that Sonny was in the vehicle. Starr ran back to her car, but tripped and fell down. Michael and Dante stopped to render assistance. While Dante checked out Anthony's car, Michael went to Starr. He promised her that he would get Hope and Cole out of the automobile.

Michael used a crowbar and tried to get a door open. When Dante arrived to help, Michael told him that the car was unstable and that every time he tried to open a door, the car shifted. Dante called in the accident and said they needed help because a man and a child were trapped in a vehicle. Starr passed out from the pain. The sound of grinding metal began as Cole's auto started slipping over the cliff. Michael ran to the car and tried to stop its forward progress.

At Wyndemere, Helena had Luke bound to a chair while her henchmen held Ethan captive. She vented her rage and explained that she had waited decades to get her revenge on Luke. She gloated over her brilliant plan to make Luke's son fall for her daughter just as her sons had fallen for Laura. Luke said that Laura had hated Helena's sons, while Irena, whom Ethan had been calling Cassandra, seemed to love Ethan. Irena said that she would not be part of Helena's plan. Helena told Irena that Helena's plan for revenge was Irena's whole purpose for being.

Irena told Helena to stop. Helena agreed that she might stay her hand. Irena smiled through her tears and asked if that meant that Helena would not kill Ethan. Helena responded that Irena would be the one to kill Ethan. Helena said that with one flick of the knife she was holding, Ethan would be choking on his own blood. Helena also said that Irena could use a gun on Ethan if she preferred.

Irena said that she could not kill Ethan. Helena then asked Ethan if he would rather that one of Helena's henchmen put a bullet in Irena. Ethan told Helena to kill him, not Irena.

Helena told Irena that if she killed Ethan, Irena could have the freedom and life that she had always craved. Ethan looked at Irena and told her to take the gun and kill him. Irena took the gun that Helena offered, but instead of shooting Ethan, pointed the gun at Helena and pulled the trigger.

Helena laughed. The gun was loaded with blanks. She told Irena that it had been a test, and Irena had failed. Ethan told Helena to kill him and get it over with. Instead, Helena told Irena that she had been a disappointment from the beginning. She ordered a henchman to shoot Irena, and he did. Irena fell to the ground, mortally wounded. Ethan broke away and knelt beside Irena.

Ethan told Irena he would not let her go, but Irena died in his arms. Ethan asked Helena how she could be so sick. Helena asked Luke if she was seeing shock on his face. Luke told her that it was disgust. Luke told Helena to let Ethan go because it was obvious from his tears that he was a broken man.

Luke told Helena to turn the gun on him instead. Helena noted that Lucky had left town, so only Ethan was left to satisfy her need for retribution. When Helena told Luke to say goodbye, he screamed, "No."

Ethan's phone rang. Helena looked at it and said that Lulu was calling. Helena wanted to know if Ethan wanted to say goodbye to Lulu. Ethan said that he would not give Helena the satisfaction. Helena then asked if Ethan had any last words.

Ethan made a heartfelt speech as he told Luke that it had been an honor and privilege to know him. Luke responded with equally heartwarming words as he told Ethan that of all Luke's children, Ethan was the most like Luke and that it had been great knowing him. As Helena raised her gun towards Ethan, she said that it was a fitting end.

Spinelli was in the apartment he shared with Maxie. He was looking at the video that Franco had sent Jason. He had just noticed an anomaly when Mac knocked on the door. Mac wanted to speak to Maxie, but she was out. Spinelli offered to take a message, but Mac said it had to be delivered in person.

Mac told Spinelli that Robin was dead. Spinelli tried to call Maxie, but she did not answer her phone. Spinelli offered his sincere condolences and told Mac that Robin had been a wonderful doctor who had often put the needs of others above her own. He added that Maxie would be devastated and that she would need Mac.

Mac said that Maxie would also need Spinelli. Mac remembered how much help and how kind Spinelli had been to Maxie when Georgie had been killed. Mac said that Maxie had fallen apart, and it had been Spinelli who had gotten Maxie through her ordeal. Mac said Maxie would need Spinelli again because Spinelli was truly Maxie's friend.

Mac got a phone call. It was police business, and he said that he had to go. Mac asked Spinelli to call as soon as Maxie got home. Spinelli feared that Maxie might hear about Robin from someone else before Mac could tell her. Mac thought about it and asked Spinelli to tell Maxie what had happened to Robin and to stay with her until Mac could get back. Spinelli agreed.

Maxie was dressed, but lying next to a drunken, snoring Matt at a room in the MetroCourt. Matt woke up and wondered why he was almost naked and what Maxie was doing there. He told her that they had broken up, and she could not take advantage of him. Matt told Maxie to leave because he did not need a babysitter.

Matt said that he did not want to be with Maxie after what she had done to Liz. Maxie said that she was sorry, but then told Matt that it was his fault, and they started arguing about Liz. Maxie said that she had been jealous. Matt said that they were done and that their relationship was absolutely over. Maxie again said that she was sorry and that she would make it right.

Maxie called Monica and got voicemail. Maxie left a message saying that she had been on cold medication and that she had been confused and had not known what she was saying. Maxie said that she had been delusional and that Liz did not deserve to be suspended and should get a raise instead. Matt said it was not enough. He said he was tired of games, like Maxie asking Spinelli to move in to make Matt jealous. He said that anyone could see that Spinelli was in love with Maxie and that she was using Spinelli. Matt told Maxie that a relationship was a two-way street, and he was exhausted.

Matt accused Maxie of being selfish and said that even the Crimson article had been more about her than him. Maxie denied it. Matt said that every time Maxie tried to help, someone got hurt. Maxie said that she really wanted to make their relationship work, and she would do anything to see that it did. Matt said that if she were serious, she would have to tell Spinelli to move out.

Maxie argued that Spinelli would have no place to go, but Matt did not accept her answer. Maxie responded that Matt only noticed her faults. Maxie said that she was not a bad person. Matt agreed and asked why Maxie thought he bothered with her. Maxie coyly responded that it was the good sex. Matt laughed and said that she was also fun and spontaneous and got him out of his rut. They both agreed that they missed the fun part.

Matt reiterated that Spinelli would have to move out as proof that Maxie was changing. Maxie's phone rang. It was Spinelli. Matt told her it was her chance to tell Spinelli to move out. Maxie said that she had to do it in person and did not answer the phone. After Maxie left to tell Spinelli, Matt started getting dressed. He had a sudden flashback to the boat trip, and he remembered being outside near the area where Lisa Niles had been killed.

At General Hospital, Patrick finally agreed to do the procedure on Jason. Sam was tearful and grateful. Patrick said he was only doing it for Robin. Sam asked Patrick not to tell Jason about Robin for fear that it would kill Jason. Patrick got angry and said that Robin was dead because of Jason. He questioned Sam's right to ask him to protect Jason's feelings.

In his room, Jason had a conversation with Robin. When he said he was glad that Robin was there, Robin asked, "Where else would I be?" Jason told her that Sam had told him about the explosion. Robin said that she was not feeling any pain and that soon Jason would not be feeling any pain either. Monica, who was sitting by Jason's bed, woke him and said that Jason had been talking in his sleep.

Patrick strolled into Jason's room and said that he had something to tell Jason about Robin. When Jason inquired, Patrick said that Robin was gone. Sam jumped in and said that Robin had gone home because she had been working hard and was tired. Jason said that Robin was an amazing friend.

Patrick responded that he hoped Jason appreciated everything that Robin had given up for him. Jason said that he did. Patrick told Jason that if Jason really wanted to repay Robin, he should make his life worth saving. Patrick said that the procedure would begin in an hour and that a nurse would be in to prep Jason and then left abruptly.

As the nurse prepped Jason, Monica and Sam talked in the hall. Monica said that perhaps another surgeon should do the procedure. Sam said that Patrick had pulled Jason through before and would do it again. Monica acquiesced.

Monica told Sam that Jason had been talking in his sleep. She said that all Jason seemed to want was to spend time with Sam and their baby. A nurse emerged from Jason's room and told Monica and Sam that Jason was ready. Monica told Sam to spend a little time with Jason before the surgery.

As Sam entered Jason's room, she heard him leaving a message for Robin. Jason thanked Robin for all that she had done for him and told her that he would see her on the other side. As Jason was being wheeled to OR, Jason told Sam that he loved her and Sam told Jason that she loved him.

Sam thanked Patrick, who told Sam not to thank him yet. Sam followed Jason. Patrick watched and touched his wedding ring. Robin appeared beside him and touched the hand that was touching the ring. Patrick said, "Please forgive me," and walked away. Robin's imaged faded from view as a nurse walked by the place where Robin had been standing.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

At Wyndemere, Helena wondered if Ethan had any final words, before she killed him. "Screw you," Ethan spat defiantly at Helena, as he sat tied to a chair. Luke, who was also strapped to a chair, desperately tried to persuade Helena to change her mind about shooting Ethan, by offering to die in his son's stead. Helena maliciously smiled, as she explained that she wanted Luke to live with the image of watching Ethan die. Helena took aim at Ethan, but Holly Sutton ran into the parlor before Helena pulled the trigger. Holly cried for Helena to stop, and then demanded to know why Helena was intent on killing Ethan.

Helena was surprised that Holly hadn't figured it out. Luke was certain that Holly had arrived with the cavalry, but Holly ignored Luke. Holly focused on Helena, certain that Helena wouldn't shoot Ethan. Helena quickly dispelled Holly's mistaken belief, so Holly threw herself in front of her son. Holly warned Helena that it wouldn't be a good idea to commit a murder with two witnesses present. Ethan and Luke quickly filled Holly in on Helena's diabolical plan, and then revealed that the Cassadine matriarch had murdered her own daughter, Cassandra, in cold blood.

Holly was curious if Helena's plan, for Ethan to fall in love with Cassandra, had worked, so Ethan admitted that it had. Holly warned Helena that killing Ethan wouldn't accomplish Helena's goal of making Luke suffer, because Ethan was not Luke's biological son. According to Holly, Robert Scorpio was Ethan's real father. Helena chuckled, because it was clear that she did not believe Holly's claims. Meanwhile, Luke and Ethan reminded Holly that there had been DNA tests to confirm otherwise, so Holly explained that all of the DNA tests had been tampered with. Helena scoffed, suggesting that it was a desperate ploy to save Ethan.

At the apartment, Spinelli tried to get Maxie to sit down, so that he could break the news to her about Robin's tragic death, but Maxie was on a tangent about Matt. She assured Spinelli that she appreciated his friendship, but she was determined to make things work with Matt, so she wanted Spinelli to move out. Spinelli continued to make an effort to get Maxie to sit down, but she continued to babble about her future with Matt. Once Maxie ran out of steam, Spinelli asked, "Are you finished?" Maxie explained that he would have time to move, but she needed him out by the following day.

Spinelli admitted that he didn't have the right words to tell her what he needed to, so he simply revealed that Robin had been killed. Maxie looked at Spinelli for a long moment, and then asked him to repeat what he had said. Spinelli started to tell Maxie about the accident in the lab, but Maxie angrily accused Spinelli of lying. Maxie insisted that Robin was her cousin, best friend, and like a sister, so it wasn't possible for Robin to die. Maxie couldn't believe that Spinelli would tell her such a horrible lie, so she ordered him to be gone by the time that she returned from her bedroom.

Later, Spinelli was waiting for Maxie when she entered the living room. He showed her the news footage about the explosion in the hospital's lab, but Maxie accused him of manufacturing the footage to give his lie merit. Spinelli insisted that Robin was gone, and then reached out to Maxie, as she dissolved into tears. Maxie was filled with regret, because she and Robin had argued about going to the benefit. Maxie was certain that Robin would have been alive if Robin had gone to Metro Court with Maxie. Maxie was inconsolable, as Spinelli held her.

On a Port Charles road, Michael desperately tried to help Cole Thornhart, and Cole and Starr's daughter, Hope, who were trapped in a car, following a head-on collision with Anthony Zacchara's car. Dante hovered over an unconscious Starr, as he called for 9-1-1. Dante warned Michael to stay away from Cole's car, which was perched precariously on the cliff's edge, but Michael was determined to keep his promise to Starr to save her boyfriend and daughter. Dante was horrified as he watched the car careen over the edge, along with Michael. Dante raced to edge of the cliff, and then yelled for Michael. Seconds later, Michael called out; he had managed to grab onto an outcropping near the top. Dante pulled Michael to safety, and then looked down at the wreckage.

Dante doubted that anyone could have survived, but Michael insisted on checking for survivors. Moments later, the car exploded into a fiery ball. Michael recovered from the shock of seeing Cole and Hope perish in the explosion, and then raced over to Starr. Michael scooped up Starr, and then took her to his car, as police and ambulance sirens drew near. After Michael left with Starr, Mac arrived on the scene of the accident. Dante quickly filled Mac in on how he and Michael had happened upon the crash, and then Cole and Hope's tragic deaths.

Mac and Dante went to check out the car of the other driver, and quickly determined that the car belonged to Anthony Zacchara. Mac soon discovered that one of the tires had been shot out, so he immediately suspected Sonny. Dante insisted that there wasn't any evidence to suggest that Sonny had shot out the tire, but Mac was certain that Sonny was guilty. Mac recalled that Dante had been at the Quartermaines' earlier that evening, so he demanded to know if Dante had been there because Sonny had gone gunning for Anthony. Dante reminded Mac that people were considered innocent until proven guilty, but Mac wasn't swayed. Mac ordered Dante to track down Sonny.

In the operating room, Jason asked Patrick to thank Robin for all she had done, before succumbing to the anesthesia. Patrick looked up, to see Robin standing across the room, watching him. Patrick began to operate, but then hesitated. Robin asked him what he was doing, so Patrick admitted that he was reluctant to save Jason's life. Robin was confident that Patrick didn't want to let Jason die, but Patrick wondered why Jason should live when she hadn't.

Jason's vital signs plummeted. Robin urged Patrick not to tank the operation on purpose, but Patrick argued that no one would ever suspect that he had done it. Robin insisted that Patrick couldn't leave Jason a "vegetable," and that it wasn't Patrick's place to play God. Patrick cried that he didn't know what to do without her, so Robin reminded him to focus on being a father to their daughter, Emma. Robin begged Patrick not to abandon Emma, because she didn't deserve to lose both of her parents. Robin claimed that Patrick was better than that, but Patrick confessed that hurting Jason was the only thing that he could do.

Robin argued that Patrick wouldn't be the man that she had fallen in love with if he hurt Jason intentionally. Patrick focused on the operation. The operation appeared to go well, until Jason's vital signs once again dropped.

Sonny spotted Sam in the waiting area, so he asked her how Jason was doing. Sam revealed that Patrick was operating on Jason's brain, and then confessed that she hadn't told Jason about Robin's death. Sonny seemed a little surprised, so Sam was curious what Jason had told Sonny about the seizures. Sonny explained that Jason had given him the impression that the seizures had been mild, and nothing to be concerned about. Sam wasn't surprised that Jason had downplayed the situation, so she explained to Sonny that Jason's life was on the line.

Sam revealed that she had thought that the last brain surgery had been the answer to what had been ailing Jason, but then Jason had started having headaches in Hawaii. She blamed Franco, because Patrick had explained that the seizures were triggered by intense emotions, and anxieties. Sonny reminded Sam that Franco was dead, so he was confident that Jason would get through the crisis. Sam confided that she was concerned about Patrick's state of mind, because Patrick had lost his wife, and he hated Jason.

Sonny recalled how deeply he had regretted going to Robin's house, while on the hunt for Jax, and then firing a gun. He confessed that things hadn't been the same between him and Robin after that night, even though Robin had told him that she had forgiven him. Sonny had decided to give Robin some space, because he had thought that there would be time to work it out, but he had been wrong. Sonny revealed that he had met Robin while Robin had been in high school. He became choked up, as he talked about how Robin and Stone had loved each other. According to Sonny, it had been a sweet first love, until Stone had died.

Sonny admitted that he would never forget the look on Robin's face right after Stone had died. Sonny recalled that Robin had been crying, yet at peace, as if Robin had known how to let go. Sam quietly suggested that perhaps Robin had been prepared for the inevitable. Sonny confided that Robin had made accepting Stone's death easier, and then admitted that he had loved Robin like a sister. Sonny revealed that the light had gone out of Robin's eyes after Stone had died, and that it had returned when Robin had met Jason. Sonny explained that Robin had started to see a future for herself again, but Sam wondered why Sonny would let Jason get into the business if Jason had meant that much to Robin.

Sonny insisted that it had been Jason's decision, and that he hadn't been able to talk Jason out of it. Sonny admitted that, in time, he, Robin, and Jason had become their own little family. He reminisced about a special Christmas that the three of them had shared, when Sonny had given Robin a little five-dollar Christmas tree. Sonny's eyes welled up with tears, as he realized that he would never see Robin's beautiful smile again. Sam revealed that Patrick had not wanted to operate on Jason at first, but then she had resorted to begging, and had even used her pregnancy, in an attempt to sway Patrick. Sonny was stunned by the news that Sam was pregnant, so he quickly congratulated her.

Sonny credited Robin with making him believe in himself, and striving to be a better man, so he was certain that Patrick wouldn't let Robin down, because Robin had had a similar influence on Patrick. Shortly after Sonny left, Sam spotted Patrick exit the elevator. Patrick confirmed that the operation was over, so Sam asked him if Jason were okay.

Elsewhere, Michael approached the nurses' station, with an unconscious Starr in his arms. He explained to Epiphany that Starr had been in a car accident, so Epiphany ordered him to take Starr to "cubicle one." Michael gently set Starr down on the bed, and then helped Epiphany divest Starr of the coat. Michael quickly filled Epiphany in on what had happened, including the deaths of Starr's boyfriend and child. Epiphany needed a name for the patient, so Michael checked Starr's coat pockets. He found her driver's license, which identified her as Starr Manning.

Later, Michael sat in the waiting area, as he stared a picture of Starr, Cole, and Hope during happy times. Images of Starr begging him to save her boyfriend and daughter, and Michael's promise to do it, flashed through Michael's mind. Epiphany walked up to let Michael know that Starr was still unconscious. Michael blamed himself for what had happened, but Epiphany refused to let Michael take responsibility for something that had been beyond his control. Michael decided to check on Starr, but her condition was unchanged.

Michael wished that he could stop the pain that Starr would feel when she woke up, but he vowed to find the person responsible for the tragedy.

At the nurses' station, Sonny asked to see a doctor, because he had ripped his stitches. Epiphany was not pleased, but she was quickly forgotten when Dante suddenly appeared behind Sonny. Dante reminded Sonny that Sonny had been expected to remain at the hospital, so he was curious how Sonny had reopened his injury.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

At Wyndemere, Ethan begged Holly to drop the con, but she insisted that Ethan was Robert Scorpio's son. Helena refused to believe Holly's claim, so Luke urged Holly to provide Helena with some type of proof, before Ethan was killed. Holly didn't have anything but her word, so Luke wondered why Holly would tell him that Ethan was his son, if Robert was the father. Holly explained that she had always been in love with Luke, and that she had decided to change "fate" after she had learned that she was pregnant with Robert's child. According to Holly, she had realized that Luke was beyond her reach after their passionate night together, because he had returned to Laura. Holly had then decided to give her son up for adoption to a loving family.

Helena scoffed at Holly's tale, while Luke bristled with outrage that Holly would lie to him like that. Ethan argued that the facts didn't line up, but Holly stuck to her story. Holly claimed that she had thought that she had been given a second chance to win back Luke's affections when Ethan had arrived in Port Charles looking for his birth father, so she had told Luke that Ethan was Luke's son. Holly insisted that she had arranged for the DNA tests to back up her claims. Helena accused Holly of simply trying to win Ethan's life back, but Holly assured Helena that it was the truth. Holly pointed out that Helena could kill Ethan, Luke, and Holly, but it wouldn't change anything, because Helena's act of vengeance would be in vain.

Helena was unmoved by Holly's argument, so Holly pointed out that there were three of them against Helena. Helena smiled confidently as she called for one of her henchmen, who entered the room, and then aimed a gun at Luke. Holly shouted that Ethan was a Scorpio, and then demanded to know what she could do to convince Helena. Helena revealed that she had a lab at her disposal, which could easily clear the matter up. Helena snatched a strand of hair from Luke's head, and then slipped into the tunnels with her henchman. Holly quickly freed Luke and Ethan, who then demanded to know the truth about Ethan's paternity.

At Liz's house, Liz was on the phone with someone about her broken furnace. She demanded to know where the repairman was, because her house was freezing cold. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Liz raced to the door, expecting the repairman, but it was Ewen. Ewen quickly apologized to Liz for not showing up at the benefit, and then blamed it on a patient. Liz reluctantly invited Ewen in to hear him out.

Ewen revealed that Ethan was involved with the patient, and that he was worried about Liz's ex-brother-in-law. Liz assured Ewen that the Spencer men were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. Ewen wanted to make things up to Liz, so he offered to take a look at her furnace. Liz declined, because she was expecting a repairman, but Ewen insisted. He reminded her that money might be tight, while she was on "sabbatical." Liz chuckled at his attempt to make her suspension sound less intimidating.

Moments later, Lulu called. Ewen wondered where the wrench was, so Liz sent Ewen to the kitchen, and then focused on her phone call. Liz was stunned when Lulu told her about Robin's tragic death. A short time later, Liz appeared to be in a state of shock, as Ewen draped a blanket over her shoulders, and then sat down next to her on the sofa. Liz didn't understand why she wasn't crying, so Ewen warned her that it would happen.

Liz wondered if things might have turned out differently if she had been at the hospital. Liz pointed out that she might have dragged Robin away for a coffee break, so that Robin wouldn't have been in the lab at the time of the explosion. Ewen explained that Liz was experiencing survivor's guilt. He realized that Liz and Robin had been close, so Liz confirmed that Robin had been one of her best friends. According to Liz, Robin had been strong, brave, beautiful, and incredibly smart.

Ewen assured Liz that it was okay to let the tears flow, but Liz refused to cry. She explained that she had cried a lot lately, because she had lost so much. Ewen advised Liz to focus on her friend, and all the things that she had loved about Robin.

In the hospital's treatment bay, Michael sat at Starr's bedside, but she remained unconscious. Epiphany revealed that they were still working on locating Starr's family, so Michael urged Epiphany to try harder, because Starr shouldn't be alone when Starr was told about her daughter and boyfriend's deaths. After Epiphany left, Michael resumed his vigil. He acknowledged that Starr didn't have any reason to wake up, because of the terrible news that would greet her. Later, Starr opened her eyes. She immediately wanted to know where she was, so Michael told her that she was in the hospital.

Starr became agitated when she asked about Cole and Hope, but no one gave her an answer. Epiphany and another nurse entered the room, and then quickly sedated Starr, despite Starr's protests. Starr looked accusingly at Michael, as she reminded him that he had promised to save Cole and Hope. Michael assured Epiphany that he hadn't told Starr about Cole and Hope's deaths, so Epiphany reminded him to keep quiet about it, until she had located Starr's family. Later, Epiphany reached someone in Starr's family to notify them about the accident.

At the hospital, Dante regretted leaving Sonny alone. Sonny admitted that what had happened to Robin had been terrible, but Dante quickly clarified that he had been referring to something else. Dante accused Sonny of going after Anthony, so Sonny proudly admitted that he had done what he had to, in order to protect Sonny's children. Dante was curious what Sonny had been doing at the Quartermaine mansion. Sonny explained that he had gone to the Quartermaines' to make peace with Anthony, but Dante didn't believe a word of Sonny's story.

Sonny assured Dante that Anthony had been well, thanks to Tracy's intervention, when Sonny had left the mansion. Dante explained that, shortly after Sonny had left, Anthony had taken off in the car, and then had crashed into the car of a young family. Sonny was horrified to learn that the driver, and the driver's young daughter, had been killed in the accident. Michael entered the room to find out what Dante had learned about the accident. Michael was stunned when Dante told him that Anthony had crashed into Starr's car.

Michael's anger turned to disbelief when Dante added that someone had shot out one of the tires of Anthony's car. Dante turned to Sonny for answers, but Sonny denied any involvement. Dante reminded Sonny that Sonny had been waving a gun around at the Quartermaine mansion, so Dante was curious where the gun was. "Gone," Sonny cryptically answered. Dante warned Sonny that the police would dig out the slug that had been fired into Anthony's tire, so they would want to see Sonny's weapon if the bullet was tied to a nine-millimeter gun.

Sonny welcomed the opportunity to prove that he'd had nothing to do with Anthony's accident. After Sonny left, Michael admitted that he felt responsible for failing to save Starr's family. Michael worried that Sonny might have been responsible for the accident, but Dante pointed out that they didn't have any proof that Sonny had shot out the tire. Michael wondered who else it could have been.

At Crimson, Kate's eyes shimmered with tears as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Olivia stopped short when she entered Kate's office and saw Kate wearing a bloodstained wedding dress. Olivia recognized it as the dress that Kate had worn on Kate and Sonny's wedding day, so she wondered what "Connie" was doing wearing it. Kate admonished her cousin for continually referring to Kate as Connie. Kate explained that she had donned the dress because she was considering using the designer again, so Kate had wanted to know if she could handle wearing the dress without falling apart.

Olivia looked skeptical, but Kate ignored her cousin, and then left to change. Meanwhile, Olivia snooped around Kate's office, and happened to discover a bottle of perfume that had once been popular. Olivia chuckled as she sniffed it, and then put it back, as Kate returned to the office in a different outfit. Olivia wondered why Kate wasn't with Sonny, who had been shot. Kate explained that she had ended things with Sonny, because Sonny had refused to drop his vendetta against Anthony for her. Olivia was certain that Sonny had seen the ultimatum as a choice between Kate and Sonny's children, not Kate and Anthony.

Kate shrugged, and then replied, "Guess who won?" Olivia was curious if Sonny had actually chosen his children over Kate, so Kate explained that she had sensed Sonny's answer. Olivia admitted that she didn't always agree with Sonny's methods, but she was grateful that Sonny had saved Dante's life. Kate smiled without humor, as she admitted that she had always thought that Olivia should have ended up with Sonny. Olivia refused to have that conversation with Kate, but she agreed that Kate had made the right decision, if Kate couldn't handle Sonny's lifestyle.

After Olivia left, Kate had a flashback to the sound of a gunshot ringing out. She was clearly rattled by the memory, so she stood up, and then walked over to take a whiff of the nostalgic perfume. Kate seemed to calm down, and then smiled as she slowly finger-combed her hair. However, her smile quickly faded when Sonny entered the office.

In the waiting area, Sam confessed that she knew how difficult things had been for Patrick, but Patrick wasn't interested in what Sam had to say. He insisted that she had no way of understanding his grief, so he didn't want to hear her talk about it. Sam quickly apologized, but Patrick wasn't satisfied. He informed her that he was in hell alone, until he had to tell his daughter about Robin's death, and then Emma would join him. Sam decided to change the subject by asking if Jason had survived the surgery. "I know you want me to say yes, but I can't," Patrick replied.

Sam became alarmed, so she demanded to know what had happened. Patrick explained that he had done all that he could for Jason, so the surgery had been a success; however, they wouldn't know the results of the serum until Jason woke up. Sam started to thank Patrick, but he made it clear that he had done it for Robin, not Sam and Jason. Patrick believed that it would have been a favor to society by allowing Jason to die on the operating table. However, Robin was the one in the morgue, while Jason was resting in recovery. "You happy?" Patrick wondered.

Sam assured Patrick that she was devastated by Robin's death, because Robin had been an amazing woman. Patrick confessed that he couldn't imagine talking about Robin in the past tense, especially when Jason was alive. Sam promised Patrick that Jason would always love Robin, and never forget what she had done for him. Patrick told Sam to go see Jason, so she left. Moments later, Patrick slid down the wall as tears filled his eyes.

Epiphany spotted Patrick, so he quickly got up, and then sat down in a chair. Epiphany took the seat next to him, and then advised him to not say or do anything; she just wanted him to listen. Epiphany knew that Patrick felt like his pain was mired in quicksand, but she promised him that he would eventually find his way out, for Emma's sake. Patrick didn't know how to do that, but Epiphany was certain that he would find the strength. Epiphany insisted that Emma would need Patrick to crack jokes, play dress-up, and hold his daughter's hand, so keeping Emma going would help Patrick.

Patrick doubted that he would be able to do that, but Epiphany assured Patrick that he was a good man, with a lot of good left to do. Epiphany started to walk away, so Patrick called out to thank her. Epiphany ordered him to do as she said, and then insisted that they would never speak of it again.

Robert Scorpio arrived at Robin's house. Anna greeted her ex-husband at the door, and then invited him in. Robert demanded to know what had been so important that she had insisted on seeing him while he had been on a mission. Anna quietly asked Robert to take a seat, but she didn't have an opportunity to tell him about Robin, because Emma entered the living room. "Grandpa," Emma happily greeted her grandfather.

Robert enjoyed a reunion with his granddaughter, and then presented her with a gift of two stuffed koala bears that he had bought for his "Princess Scorpio." Anna fought back tears, as Robert visited with Emma. Emma was curious where Robin was, because Emma wanted pancakes. Robert confessed that he loved pancakes. Anna assured Emma that Robin was at the hospital, and then sent her granddaughter to play in the bedroom. Robert realized that something was wrong, and that Anna didn't want Emma to know about it.

Anna revealed that Robin had been killed in a lab explosion. Robert refused to believe it, but Anna insisted that it was true, and that Patrick had witnessed the tragedy. Robert wondered where Patrick was, so Anna explained that Patrick was at the hospital, operating on a patient. Robert didn't hide his disdain, but Anna insisted that it had been an important surgery. Robert ignored the remark, as he tried to accept what Anna had told him about their daughter. Robert argued that there had to be a mistake, and then decided that he needed to see Robin for himself.

Anna urged Robert to reconsider, because there had been nothing left of their daughter to see. Robert was heartbroken at the realization of what Anna was telling him. However, he remained determined to see his daughter's body. Anna tried to stop Robert from leaving, but he brushed her off as he stormed out of the door. A short time later, Patrick arrived home.

Anna was curious how the operation had gone. Patrick revealed that Jason had survived, so Anna assured him that Robin would be proud of him. Patrick wondered where Emma was. Anna explained that Emma was in the bedroom, and that Robert had arrived. Anna warned Patrick that Robert had taken the news very badly, and then had left.

Robert stood outside of the morgue, as he recalled the first time that he had laid eyes on his young daughter, Robin. He shook off the memory, gathered his courage, and then prepared to enter the morgue.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Carly tried to sneak out of Johnny's penthouse, but he caught her and asked her to stay for breakfast. Carly tried to remain resolute, but he seduced her into staying. Before succumbing, Carly made several excuses to leave and asked whether Johnny was using her to get back at Sonny.

Carly admitted she'd been the one who'd asked Luke to uncover Johnny's birth certificate. She had planned to blackmail Johnny but had decided not to, since Johnny had cooperated with her to keep Michael out of the mob. She apologized, but he understood that she'd done that to protect her son. Johnny recommitted to his vow of revenge against Sonny. Carly suggested that he let Sonny live his life and let Sonny do the same for him.

They took the discussion to the bedroom and made love. Carly turned on the television to check the weather, because Josslyn had a play-date in the park later that afternoon. Carly and Johnny were stunned when the news anchor told viewers about the explosion at the hospital, which had claimed Robin's life.

Sonny walked into Kate's office, as she picked up her bloody wedding dress. She reminded him that people who loved him were victims to the violence that ruled his life. She'd asked Sonny not to go after Anthony, but he had anyway. That was why, she explained, they couldn't be together.

Kate demanded that Sonny seek other ways to resolve his differences, but he couldn't make that promise. "You love me anyway," he declared and added, "Just like I know who you are." "You have no idea who I am," replied Kate.

Sonny let Kate know that Robin had died the night before and said that Robin had been like a little sister to him. He lamented that she'd died before they'd had the chance to patch up some of the damage he'd caused the year before. He said that he couldn't lose Kate as well. She responded by kissing him, and they made love on her desk.

At Wyndemere, Luke and Ethan demanded that Holly tell them the truth about who Ethan's father was. She made it clear that it was Luke and that she'd lied to Helena to prevent murder. Ethan noted that it was a coincidence that Holly had shown up when she had. Luke admitted he'd called her because of his concern that Ethan had fallen for a con woman.

Ethan corrected them: Cassandra had been Helena's pawn. Ethan was distraught that Helena had murdered Cassandra to get back at him. He vowed revenge, but Luke said that Helena was Luke's burden. Ethan told them he had to be alone, and he left. Luke thanked Holly for having rescued them. Holly worried that Helena would be enraged when she learned that Holly had lied.

Anna greeted Patrick as he arrived home and shared her concern that Robert might do something extreme. Patrick told Anna that she should go after Robert, but Anna wanted to stay to help Patrick break the news of Robin's death to Emma. Patrick and Anna reminisced about their lives with Robin.

Anna did leave to look for Robert. As Patrick prepared to tell Emma that her mommy had died, he asked Robin to give him guidance and strength. As he worried he wouldn't be able to handle the talk with his daughter, Liz knocked on the door. Patrick welcomed her in and told her he'd thought it had been Robin at the door.

Liz offered her condolences. Patrick let her know that Robin's work had been successful and that Jason was going to be fine, and Liz was thankful. She reminded Patrick that Robin, when she'd thought her AIDS protocol was failing, had asked Liz to look out for Patrick and Emma. Emma ran into the room. Patrick and Liz began to explain to her that Robin had gone to heaven.

As Robert was about to enter the morgue, Mac stopped him. Robert became belligerent, and Mac tried to calm him down, but Robert sucker-punched him and went into the morgue and locked the door behind him. Once inside, Robert began to cry. Mac begged his brother not to look at Robin's corpse. Anna arrived, and Mac filled her in on the situation. She went to get security to open the door.

Inside, Robert was happy to find Robin standing there. She explained to him what had happened to her. She asked why he hadn't been there to save her. As he began to apologize, he looked up, and she was gone. Anna returned with the keys and opened the door, just as Robert bolted out. Mac went after his brother.

Anna went into the morgue and began to pull back the sheet covering Robin's body. Before she revealed her daughters face, Anna received a text message from Robert, which stated, "I'm sorry. I can't do this. I love you, Goodbye." She called him but got his voicemail, so she called Luke instead.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Luke went to see Anna at Kelly's. Anna let Luke know that Robin had been working in the lab to save Jason's life. She also explained how the explosion had happened. Luke urged her not to play the "what if" game. Anna worried that Robert was doing just that, and she was afraid he might do something rash.

Luke suggested that Robert needed time to digest what had happened, but Anna shared the text message she'd received from Robert. Luke had an idea where Robert might have gone and left to check out the hunch. As Robert stood at the edge of a bridge, Luke walked up. "I thought I might find you here," declared Luke, then asked, "Enjoying the view?"

As Sonny and Kate got dressed, Kate eyed the bloody wedding dress. Sonny wanted Kate to confirm that they had reconciled. She worried that the costs of a relationship with him outweighed the benefits. She also pointed out that she was on the outside when it came to Sonny's children. His relationship with her was much less deep that with the mothers of his kids.

Sonny responded that life was too short and that, whatever time he had left, he wanted to spend with her. Kate apologized for having made love with Sonny and then expressed her doubts. Sonny suggested he make them a romantic dinner. Kate begged out, but suggested she was feeling okay; she needed to make some calls, she said.

After Sonny left, she scrutinized the bloody dress, before getting dolled up. "Can't let you do this, Kate," she told herself in the mirror as she painted her lips with bright red lipstick.

At Johnny's, Carly was upset that Robin had been killed. Johnny wondered why, given that she and Robin had hated each other. Carly explained that it could be devastating for Jason. After she left, Anthony showed up and told Johnny that he needed to hide.

Johnny let Anthony in. Anthony said that Sonny had shown up at the Quartermaines' the prior night and that Tracy had kept Sonny from killing him. Johnny accused his grandfather of having tried to kill Dante, but Anthony denied it. He explained that Sonny had shot out the tires of the car Anthony had been driving.

Anthony also let it slip that others had been involved in the crash, but he wouldn't elaborate. Johnny allowed Anthony to stay. After Anthony retired for the evening, there was a knock at the door. Johnny opened it and found Kate, dressed particularly slutty.

Monica updated Sam on Jason's condition. All tests showed that the procedure had worked, but Monica was still concerned. Sam wondered if Patrick might have botched the surgery. Monica thought that Patrick wouldn't have, on purpose, but that his emotional state at the time might have compromised his abilities.

Monica admonished that Jason had to be kept calm until he'd had a chance to recover. Carly arrived to see Jason, but Sam told her to leave. Sam said that she'd not let Carly heap her problems on Jason and risk his life. Carly said that she needed to support him, because Jason would need his friends to deal with Robin's death.

Sam let Carly know that Jason hadn't been told Robin had been killed. Carly threatened to tell Jason as soon as he regained consciousness, and Sam promised to have Carly barred from seeing him. "You can put security anywhere you want, but I will make sure Jason gets what he needs," Carly spouted before she stormed away.

Carly beseeched Epiphany to overrule Sam, but Epiphany would not be swayed. Carly pointed to all the money she'd raised for the hospital, but Epiphany threatened to ban her from the entire hospital. Sonny happened by and asked what was going on, and Carly explained the situation. Sonny caught himself as he began to suggest they ask Robin for an update. Carly gave Sonny a big hug.

Michael talked to an unconscious Starr. He worried that Sonny had been responsible for the crash that had killed Cole and Hope. At the nurses' station, Blair arrived to see her daughter. Epiphany explained that Cole and Hope had been in the car when it burst into flames. Blair went to see Starr.

Michael filled Blair in on what had happened. He said that Starr had been very brave at the crash site before she lost consciousness. "You have no idea," Blair tearfully replied. She asked about the crash, and Michael let her know that Anthony's car had lost control and had hit them but that he'd run off. Blair sensed that Michael was avoiding telling her something, but Starr regained consciousness before Blair had a chance to press him.

Dante barged into the Quartermaine mansion and demanded that Tracy tell him where Anthony was. She replied that she had no idea and suggested Dante focus the investigation on who had caused the crash -- Sonny. She accused Dante of covering for Sonny and demanded that Dante leave her home, since he had no warrant.

After Dante left, Edward arrived, expressing what a good mood he was in. Tracy broke the news that Robin was dead. Edward asked why it was always people like Robin who were taken from them while thugs like Sonny and Anthony were allowed to stay and make other people's lives miserable.

Dante went to Kate's office and found the bloody dress draped over a chair. Something caught his eye, and he realized that there was a gun lying on the floor near the door.

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