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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 19, 2012 on GH
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Monday, March 19, 2012

At the memorial service for Robin, Maxie, dressed in a bright red dress, broke down and confessed that she was responsible for Robin's death. She shouted that she had been selfish and only cared about herself. Maxie said that she had been responsible for the broken handle on the gas jet. Spinelli, Matt, and Mac all tried to stop her. Each said that the explosion had been an accident and no one was to blame, but Maxie was not comforted. Maxie told the crowd that if she were a better person, Robin would still be alive. Liz took Emma out of the sanctuary.

Maxie kept apologizing. Spinelli told her that taking the blame would not change anything. Maxie told Mac to arrest her, but Mac said that Maxie was not guilty of anything. Maxie started hyperventilating. Mac picked her up and said that he was taking her to General Hospital. Matt and Spinelli went with him.

After they were gone, Molly asked Alexis if Maxie would be okay. Alexis said that she would, but Molly was not convinced. Lulu went to Patrick and told him that Emma was all right and outside with Liz. Patrick was shocked by the turn of events and said that he had wanted the day to be about Robin. Lulu said that it had been, and to look at all the people who had been there to honor Robin, even though a lot of them could not stand each other. Luke told the minister that it was time to wrap up the service.

Kate and Sonny were in the Crimson offices, discussing her new psychiatrist, Dr. Ewen Keenan. Kate said that she had met Ewen by accident shortly after Sonny had been shot in the garage. Sonny thought that Kate might need Ewen because it was hard for her to believe in his innocence. He affirmed to her that he'd had nothing to do with the shooting that had caused Anthony's car to crash and ultimately led to the deaths of Hope and Cole. Kate said that she did believe him, and that was why she was seeing Keenan.

Sonny said that his trial would not be easy on Kate. He said that he would be dragged through the mud, and Kate would be dragged through the mud with him. Kate said that she got that, and she was prepared to stand by Sonny. Sonny told her that he understood that she could tell a psychiatrist anything, but he assured her that there was nothing she could say to him that would change his feelings about her. Sonny got a phone call and stepped out.

A look passed over Kate, and it was apparent that she had become Connie. She viewed herself in the mirror and scoffed at how she looked. She took off her prim jacket, let down her hair, and changed the color of her lipstick. When Sonny returned from his call and tried to get Kate's attention, Connie would not answer him. Sonny asked if something was wrong and wanted to know why Kate would not look at him. Connie turned and asked if she looked like Kate to him.

Sonny noticed that Connie/Kate had a new look. She asked if the look was working and tried to distract him with sex. Sonny said that if sex could fix their problem, she would not need a psychiatrist. Playfully Connie asked if Sonny was jealous. Sonny said that Kate was dressing and acting differently and that she was not Kate Howard. Connie told him that Kate was not there. Sonny thought that Kate was role-playing. Connie said that she just wanted to take Sonny's mind off his troubles.

Sonny was willing to play along, but told her that she did not have to be anyone else because he loved Kate Howard. Connie repeated that she was not Kate and that for one night she would be Carmen. Sonny laughed and asked what was going on. Connie said that one of the models had canceled, and she was taking the model's place. When Connie asked how she looked, Sonny said that she reminded him of the high school Connie.

Sonny said that he'd never thought that Connie would return. Connie told him to think again, and then asked Sonny if he missed Connie. Sonny said that Connie would always have a place in his heart, even though she had broken it into a million pieces. He also said that Connie had made the correct choice by walking away from him, going to college, and becoming Kate Howard. Sonny said that he would always love Connie, but that he was in love with Kate Howard. Sonny was stunned when Connie/Kate got very angry and told him to leave.

At General Hospital, Carly told Jason that Robin had perished in the lab explosion. Jason said that he had heard the explosion, but his head had started hurting, and Sam had told him that Robin was okay and that when Patrick had treated him, Patrick had merely said that Robin was gone. Jason wanted to know why he had not been told about Robin. Carly said it was because Sam would not let her tell. Jason wondered why Patrick had done the procedure on him. Carly said that Patrick had done it for Robin because Robin had gone back into the lab to get the medicine for Jason.

Carly said that Robin had gone back for the drug because she was a doctor, and that meant something to her. Carly said that Jason was Robin's friend and that meant even more to Robin. Carly told Jason not to blame himself. She said that Robin was Jason's friend, and he needed to find a way to honor that. Jason lamented that he had not had a chance to say goodbye. When he asked about the funeral, Carly told him that the service was being held that day. Jason left the hospital.

When Sam returned to Jason's room, she found Carly waiting and Jason gone. When Sam asked what Carly had done, Carly said that she had told Jason the truth about Robin and he had gone to Robin's funeral. Sam rushed out. Epiphany confronted Carly and asked if Carly was proud of herself. Carly said that telling Jason about Robin was what she'd had to do. She said that she wished that Sam had chosen differently, and she had to wonder if Jason would ever forgive Sam for keeping the truth from him.

Mac, Spinelli, and Matt arrived at GH with Maxie, who continued to blame herself for Robin's death. Spinelli told her to stop blaming herself. Maxie told Mac to arrest her, but Mac insisted that it had been an accident with no intent to harm. Maxie replied that it had not been an accident when she had killed Lisa Niles. Spinelli said that Maxie did not know what she was saying. Matt said that the first mate had been the killer. Maxie said that Matt had been too drunk to know what had happened.

Maxie cried out that her name was Maxie Jones and that she was a murderer. She asked why Mac was standing there. She demanded that he arrest her. When Mac did not take action, Maxie said that her body count stood at three and that Mac must arrest her before she killed again.

Jason arrived at the church after the funeral was over and everyone was gone. He found a printed handout about Robin on the floor. Sam followed him in, and he confronted her about lying to him. Jason asked why Sam had not told him. Sam said that she had been waiting for the right time. Jason asked why she hadn't chosen all the times he had asked to see Robin or after the explosion when Sam had known that Robin was dead. Jason wanted to know why Sam had kept lying to him. Sam said that Jason had been dying, and she had been told to keep him calm.

Sam told Jason that if he had died, also, then Robin's death would have been for nothing. Sam said that she wanted to make sure that Robin's sacrifice had been worth it. Jason said that it was not. Sam responded that Robin had wanted Jason to be a father and to be part of his child's life. Jason said that Robin had people to live for as well. Sam said that she had been scared and afraid of losing Jason and that she did not want their baby to grow up without knowing Jason's love. Sam said that she had made the only choice she could.

Jason told Sam that it had not been her choice to make. Sam asked if he was angry because she had lied. Jason said that he was angry because she had kept lying and that she had caused Monica, Molly, Alexis, and the hospital staff to lie to him as well. Jason said that Carly was the only one who had told him the truth because he needed to know the truth. Sam said that was because Carly did not care if Jason died; she only cared to make the point that Carly knew Jason better that Sam. Jason angrily responded that maybe Carly did know him better.

Back at GH, the rooftop memorial for Robin concluded. Liz showed Emma the plaque that would be placed in the courtyard to honor Robin. When Patrick and Emma were left alone, Patrick helped Emma make a paper airplane out of one of Emma's drawings and sail if off the roof in a final goodbye gesture for Robin. Liz took Emma away as Anna returned to have words with Patrick.

Anna wanted to know what Maxie had meant when she had mentioned Lisa Niles and Patrick's infidelity in her rant. Anna said that she understood that marriage was hard and she did not want to overstep, but she had to know what had happened. Patrick said that he had cheated on Robin and that he was sorry that Anna had had to find out the way she did. He said that it had only been one night and that he had regretted it more than anything. Anna asked if Patrick had loved Lisa. He said that Lisa had been an old girlfriend. Anna remembered Robin mentioning Lisa.

Anna said that Robin had not been concerned because Robin had trusted Patrick. Anna told Patrick that he did not deserve Robin's forgiveness and certainly not her love. Patrick said that things had been complicated between him and Robin at that time. He said that he and Robin had been fighting and that she had gone to Africa. Anna responded sarcastically that how dare Robin go away to fight AIDS and work on humanitarian causes. Anna asked if all the attention from Lisa had made Patrick long for the good old days when he was a carefree bachelor.

Anna asked if Patrick had hooked up with Lisa as a way to get back at Robin. Anna said that Robin had to have been devastated. Patrick said that being with Lisa had been the biggest mistake of his life. He said that he had been wrong and that he had no excuses. Anna said that she wanted Patrick to be the right man for Robin, but that he had broken Robin's heart. Anna said that if Patrick loved Emma the way he claimed, he would not have risked his family.

Patrick responded that Emma was his number one priority and his only purpose was to keep her safe. Anna told Patrick that it was easy for him to make promises, but she wondered how good he would be at the follow-through. Patrick said that he and Robin had worked through their issues and that he had tried to protect his family when Lisa had stalked Robin, kidnapped Emma, and held Robin and Patrick at gunpoint. Anna wondered why Robin had not gone to her in London with Emma in tow. Patrick said that Robin's home was in Port Charles and that Robin would never take Emma away from him.

Anna said that she did not have the same reservations. Patrick told Anna that Lisa was gone and to not even think about taking Emma from him.

Johnny was examining lipstick left on his collar by Connie/Kate when Carly knocked on his door. She gave him a big kiss, and Johnny commented on how happy she seemed. Carly gloated as she told Johnny how she had outfoxed Sam and told Jason the truth about Robin. Carly said that Jason needed to know the truth and to see Sam for who she really was. She said that Jason had loved Robin and needed to know the truth.

Johnny said that Sam was Jason's wife and should have been the one to tell Jason. Carly said that she had wanted Sam to tell, but Sam had not. Carly said that Sam was insecure and clingy and that the longer Sam and Jason were married, the more likely it was that Jason would figure it out. Carly said that Sam wanted to remove all Jason's women friends from his life.

Johnny said that Sam and Jason were a family. Carly said that she was also Jason's family. Johnny replied that maybe Sam had just been trying to protect Jason. Carly said that Johnny was missing the point. Carly explained that Jason did not want anyone protecting him. She said that was what the Quartermaines had tried to do all those years before, and that had caused Jason's estrangement from them.

Johnny asked if Carly had told Jason the truth to help Jason or to hurt Sam. Carly said that Jason needed to know the truth about Robin and to know that Sam had been lying to him. Johnny said that it seemed like Carly was the one who could not stand other women in Jason's life. Carly said that she was just looking out for Jason. Johnny replied that maybe Sam was just looking out for her husband. Carly said that if Sam had known Jason as well as Carly did, she would not have tried to manage Jason.

Johnny asked if Carly was seeing him to make Jason jealous. Carly laughed. Johnny told Carly that she would love it if Jason forgot about Sam and put all his attention on Carly; otherwise there was no reason for Carly to crash Sam and Jason's honeymoon. Carly said that she had crashed the honeymoon to keep Josslyn safe from Franco, and Jason was the only one who could do that.

Johnny asked if the bond between Jason and Carly was for life. Carly said yes. She admitted that there had been a time when Jason had been the only good thing in her life. Carly said that was no longer true. She said that was at a point where she had other reasons to smile. She moved closer to Johnny and gave him a long, passionate kiss.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

At Crimson, Sonny admitted that he loved Connie, but he was in love with Kate. Connie angrily ordered Sonny to leave, prompting Sonny to wonder why his compliment had upset Kate. Connie realized that her outburst had raised concerns, so she plastered on a smile, apologized, and then admitted that she needed to focus on work. Sonny wasn't thrilled to be given the brush-off, so Connie managed to distract him by asking about Jason. Sonny admitted that he had planned to stop by the hospital next, so Connie encouraged him to go, so that she could get back to work. Sonny tried to kiss her, but she insisted that she didn't want to muss up her lipstick.

After Sonny left, Connie reminded herself to play it smart, so that she could make certain that Sonny stayed out of her life for good.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Carly put the brakes on making love to Johnny when she noticed the mess on the sofa. Carly's amorous mood dissipated when she spotted Johnny's shirt, which had lipstick on the collar. She pointed out that it wasn't her shade, but it did appear to look like a "Falconeri" color. Johnny recalled his heated kiss with Connie, but carefully avoided explaining how the lipstick had ended up on his collar by assuring Carly that he hadn't seen Olivia, romantically in over a year. He then suggested that Carly sounded jealous. Carly assumed that one of the dancers at Vaughn's had left the lipstick on his collar, so she denied being jealous, and then insisted that she could dance "those no-talent tramps" under the table any day.

Johnny smiled, as he assured Carly that his dancers were "very talented." Carly made it clear that Johnny was free to sleep with whomever he wanted to. Johnny was surprised that the idea of him being with someone else didn't seem to bother her. He assured Carly that she was free to see whom she liked as well. Carly was curious why they were with each other, so Johnny leaned forward to kiss her. Seconds later, Connie pounded on the front door, demanding to talk to Johnny. Johnny suggested that they ignore the person at the door, and go to his room, but Carly recognized Kate's voice, despite the heavy Brooklyn accent.

Connie continued to knock on the door, while calling out to Johnny. Carly warned him that it didn't appear that Kate intended to take no for an answer. Johnny recalled Connie's proposition, so he redoubled his efforts to get Carly to go to the bedroom with him. Carly's interest was piqued when Connie revealed that she wanted to discuss getting back at Sonny. Carly went to the door, with Johnny hot on her heels, and then opened it. "What's this about getting back at Sonny?" Carly asked.

At the nurses' station, Sonny asked to see Jason, but he was informed that Jason was not in the hospital. Sonny called Jason, but reached his voicemail, so he left Jason a message. Moments later, Sonny spotted Michael. Sonny wondered if Michael knew where Jason was, but Michael admitted that he had no idea. Sonny wondered if Jason knew about Robin's tragic death, but Michael had no idea. However, Michael was curious how the funeral had gone.

"Pretty rough," Sonny revealed. Michael acknowledged that funerals were never easy, and then glanced down at his tablet computer, which displayed the Sun on the screen, featuring an article about Cole and Hope's funeral. Sonny made a few more phone calls to see if anyone knew where Jason was, but no one had any answers. Michael was curious if Sonny thought that Robin's death had hurt Jason less, because Jason and Robin hadn't been close anymore. Sonny warned Michael not to compare Michael's pain to anyone else's, because everyone was different. Michael wondered if anyone ever got over the loss of a child.

Sonny realized that Michael had been referring to Starr Manning, so Michael showed his father the Sun's headline. Sonny groused that Todd had not helped Starr by splashing Starr's pain all over the paper. Michael explained that Todd was trying to do something. "Since killing me didn't work out?" Sonny asked. Sonny insisted that Todd Manning was a murderer, who had killed his own brother. According to Sonny, Todd was the worst kind of enemy, because Todd was rich, and "no code."

Michael suggested that Sonny sue Todd for falsely accusing Sonny of being a child killer, but Sonny was only concerned about Michael's opinion. Tears filled Sonny's eyes, as he asked if Michael believed that Sonny had been responsible for Cole and Hope's deaths.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Maxie was in a wheelchair, as Matt, Spinelli, and Mac surrounded her. Maxie remained distraught, while she insisted that she had killed Lisa Niles and Robin. None of the men believed her, but Maxie argued that they didn't know her as well as they thought. Maxie grew frustrated, because Mac refused to arrest her, so she demanded to know what Mac would need in order to take her into custody. Mac explained that he would require evidence, but there was nothing to suggest that she was a serial killer. Maxie resented Mac making fun of her confession, but Mac argued that it was her grief talking, and that next she would be trying to take responsibility for shooting out Anthony's tires, and causing the deaths of the two innocent people involved in the crash.

Maxie admitted that she had committed a crime with Anthony, so she deserved to go to jail. Matt insisted that Maxie needed to be hospitalized, but Maxie explained that she had persuaded Anthony to cover up Lisa's murder for her. Matt was curious why Anthony would do that, so Maxie revealed that she had saved Anthony's life. Maxie explained that Anthony had acted out of gratitude, but then had used the cover-up to blackmail Maxie into planning Anthony and Tracy's wedding. Mac warned Maxie that men like Anthony used people until they were dead, so Maxie suggested that Mac put her in jail for her own safety. Spinelli pointed out that Maxie couldn't have had the time to kill Lisa, because Maxie hadn't arrived on the boat until very late, and that she hadn't even known that Lisa had been onboard.

Mac refused to arrest Maxie for Lisa's murder, because Anthony wasn't available to corroborate Maxie's claims. Mac also explained that Maxie lacked a motive, so Maxie explained that she had killed Lisa for seducing Patrick, trying to kill Robin, and for kidnapping Emma.

At the police station, Dante was reviewing Sonny's file when Lulu called to tell him about the funeral and Maxie's meltdown. Dante refused to believe that Maxie had killed anyone. After Dante ended the call with his wife, John McBain entered the squad room. John introduced himself to Dante, and then explained that he was in Port Charles to discuss Sonny's murder charges. Dante realized that John had been the one to take Todd into custody, and then transfer Todd back to Llanview. John confirmed it, and then suggested that he and Dante review the evidence against Sonny.

Dante immediately bristled, and demanded to know how it was any of John's business. John revealed that the victims were from his jurisdiction, and that Cole had been like a son to him. Dante was curious how Cole Thornhart had happened to be in Port Charles when it had been reported that Cole had been killed in Llanview. John argued that it didn't matter, but Dante suggested that John return to Llanview, because John's personal feelings would cloud the investigation. "And Corinthos being your father won't?" John asked. Dante resented the implication, so he clarified that Sonny hadn't raised him, and that he had only known about his connection to Sonny for a couple of years.

John admitted that he knew about Dante's undercover work with the Corinthos organization, and the shooting. Dante was curious why John seemed so fascinated with Sonny, so John explained that he had once worked for the FBI, and that he had known Sonny back when Sonny had been a "two-bit hood running money through Atlantic City." Dante wondered what that had to do with the newest charges that Sonny was facing, so John asked how many loopholes Dante had left for Sonny's attorneys to secure an acquittal. Dante was offended, but John didn't care, because Cole had gone through a lot to be with Hope, not to die with her. Dante revealed that he had been at the scene of the accident, and that his brother, Michael, had tried to save Cole and Hope. John wanted to talk to Michael, but Dante warned John to stay away from Michael.

Dante ordered John to go home, but John made it clear that he intended to stay in town, and to find someone who would be more cooperative than Dante. After John left, Dante decided to check online to find out what he could about John. Moments later, Maxie, Mac, and Spinelli arrived. Mac took Maxie into the interrogation room, while Spinelli filled Dante in on what was going on.

On the hospital's rooftop, Patrick warned Anna that Robin would not want them to be at odds. Anna was offended that Patrick had dared to mention Robin's name. Patrick assured Anna that he deeply regretted being unfaithful to Robin. Anna was curious if Patrick continued to hurt over the infidelity. "It kills me," Patrick confessed. "Good," Anna replied.

Anna started to walk away, but Patrick called out to her. He admitted that he had expected Robin to leave him after she had learned of the affair, but Robin had stayed. Patrick explained that Robin had ultimately forgiven him, for which Patrick would always be grateful. Anna tearfully acknowledged that her daughter had been good at forgiving people, including Anna. Patrick suggested that Robin had learned that from Anna, but Anna refused to forgive Patrick for breaking Robin's heart. Anna couldn't fathom how Patrick had managed to forgive himself.

A short time later, Patrick arrived home. His eyes filled with tears as he looked around his quiet home and then pulled out the funeral program with Robin's picture on it. Patrick recalled Anna's angry words, as she had ranted at him for being unfaithful to Robin. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Patrick was stunned to see Noah standing on his doorstep. "Hello, son," Noah said, and then asked if Patrick intended to invite him in.

Patrick opened the door wider, so Noah entered. Patrick confessed that he hadn't expected to see his father, but Noah made it clear that he wouldn't be anywhere else. Noah hugged Patrick, and then Patrick broke away to fetch some coffee. A short time later, Patrick wondered where Noah had been. Noah explained that he had been working for Doctors without Borders in the Sudan and Somalia. Noah admitted that he had missed the funeral, because it had taken time for Matt's message to reach him.

Patrick suggested that it had been for the best, because the funeral had been a fiasco. Patrick told Noah about Maxie's confession, which Patrick hadn't been able to wrap his head around. Noah was curious if Robin's parents had made it to the funeral, so Patrick admitted that Anna was in town. Noah wondered how Anna was doing, so Patrick revealed that she was grieving, and furious at him for cheating on Robin.

At Jake's, Anna knocked back shots of tequila. Coleman took the opportunity to offer his condolences, and to tell her that Robin had been special. Moments later, Luke entered the bar. Anna was curious how Luke had found her, so he admitted that he hadn't been looking for her. According to Luke, he was periodically drawn to bars. Anna offered to buy Luke a drink, but he declined. Anna was surprised, so Luke admitted that he drank occasionally, but not that evening.

Anna hoped that Luke didn't mind if she drank alone. Luke assured her that she would not be alone, so Anna once again offered to buy him a drink. Luke explained that he wanted to be sober when she was ready to tell him why she was on a "bender." Anna explained that she had just destroyed her son-in-law. Anna then wondered what Luke knew about Lisa Niles. Luke confessed that he didn't know much about the "whack job" who had stalked Patrick. Anna revealed that she had confronted Patrick about the affair.

Luke reminded Anna that Robin had loved Patrick, but Anna was upset, because she had thought that Patrick had made Robin happy when the opposite was true. Luke was curious what Anna had done to Patrick, so Anna confessed that she had eviscerated him. Luke wondered if it had made Anna feel better. "No," Anna quietly admitted. Luke suggested that perhaps Anna was upset with Robin, not just Patrick.

At the church, Jason was curious if the doctors had advised Sam to continue to lie to him about Robin after the surgery. Sam reminded Jason that Patrick had warned them that it was best for Jason to stay calm, but Jason pointed out that it wasn't what he had asked her. Sam confessed that the initial results had indicated that Jason was improving, but she was reluctant to risk his health by telling Jason that Robin had died. Sam tearfully explained that Jason had been close to death prior to the surgery, and that Robin had already been gone, so Sam had refused to take a chance with Jason's life after the surgery, because she had known that he would try to go to the funeral. Jason was stunned that Sam had kept quiet to keep him from attending Robin's funeral.

Sam reminded Jason that he had only woken up from the life-saving brain surgery earlier that morning. She insisted that he shouldn't have left the hospital, because he still had to undergo tests to make certain that everything was okay. Jason refused to return to the hospital, so he insisted that she drop it. Sam suggested that they go home, but Jason made it clear that he didn't want to do that either. He insisted that lying to him for his own safety didn't make things okay, and then announced that he was going somewhere to say goodbye to Robin. He warned Sam not to follow him, and then left.

Later, Sam sat in one of the pews, as she tearfully stared at a picture of Robin. "Don't look at me like that," she told Robin's smiling portrait. Sam explained that she had been trying to protect Jason, and that she had wanted to make certain that their baby knew its father. Sam was startled when someone gently put a hand on her shoulder to offer her comfort. Sam turned around and saw John McBain standing behind her. "I know you," Sam said.

John sat down in the pew behind Sam, and then admitted that he didn't recall ever meeting her. Sam insisted that she recognized him from somewhere; it was something about his eyes. John suggested that perhaps he reminded her of someone. "That's not it," Sam replied. She admitted that she was having "the weirdest déjà vu," so John decided to introduce himself. Sam didn't recognize the name, but she was certain that she knew him.

John revealed that he had been in the newspaper recently, so perhaps she had seen his picture. "Yeah, maybe," Sam conceded. John wondered if she were okay. "No, I think I just lost my husband," Sam quietly confessed. Sam was curious if he thought it were okay to lie to someone to save their life, or to spare them pain. John admitted that he was the wrong guy to ask.

Sam confided that she had lied to her husband to protect her husband and their child. John confessed that it had a familiar ring to it, prompting Sam to realize that his wife had lied to him. John clarified that she hadn't been his wife at the time, but the lie had torn him up. "It was like a stake to the heart," John added.

Jason stood on the bridge, as he confessed to Robin that he had never seen the point of wishing for things, because he believed that whatever happened, happened. However, he wished that he didn't have to say goodbye to her. Moments later, Jason heard footsteps. He looked up in time to see Liz approaching. Liz was surprised to see Jason out of the hospital.

Jason explained that he had tried to make it to Robin's funeral, but he had been too late. Liz realized that he was there to say goodbye to Robin. He wondered if she thought that Emma would remember Robin. Liz assured Jason that they would make sure to talk about Robin, and show her pictures, to remind Emma of Robin. Jason argued that it wouldn't be the same, because Emma would never know how smart Robin had been, how little things had made Robin smile, and how hard Robin had tried to do the right thing. "And now I've lost her. I've lost her forever," Jason tearfully added.

Jason confessed that Robin had said goodbye to him on the bridge before she had gone to Paris for the first time. Liz sensed that Jason was very upset, so she offered to leave and to call Sam. Jason was curious if Sam had asked Liz not to tell him about Robin. Liz explained that Sam hadn't wanted anyone to tell Jason about Robin's death, because Sam had feared that Jason wasn't strong enough. Jason wondered if Liz would have lied to him about it. "I don't know," Liz admitted, and then explained that she had stayed away from him, so that she wouldn't have to make that choice.

Jason revealed that Sam had persuaded Monica, Alexis, Molly, and even Spinelli to lie to him. Liz assured Jason that Sam had only been trying to protect him. Jason couldn't hide his fury. He resented that Sam had decided what everyone should say to him. Jason was also angry that Sam had decided that he couldn't handle the news regarding Robin, so he wondered how to forgive Sam.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At the Drake residence, Noah was upset that Anna was mad at Patrick for sleeping with Lisa, even though Robin had forgiven Patrick for the infidelity. Noah doubted that Robin would want Anna to cause Patrick more pain, so Noah decided to have a chat with Anna. Noah pointed out that Anna wasn't the only person who had lost Robin. Patrick acknowledged that it had been a terrible mistake to sleep with Lisa, but Noah argued that Patrick had spent every day making up for it. Patrick was curious how Noah could be certain of that, so Noah reminded his son that he knew what kind of man Patrick was.

Patrick admitted that he deeply regretted sleeping with Lisa, because it had caused Robin tremendous pain during the last years of her life. Noah reminded Patrick that everyone made mistakes, but he insisted that Patrick had been a better husband, and father, than Noah had ever been. Noah assured his son that he was proud of Patrick. Later, Noah returned to the living room after watching Emma sleep. Patrick warned his father not to be fooled, because Emma was a bundle of energy when she was awake. Noah chuckled, and then commented that Emma sounded a lot like Robin.

Patrick wondered if Robin's loss would always be difficult. Noah advised Patrick to put one foot in front of the other. Patrick offered a weak smile, as he admitted that he was glad that Noah was there.

At Jake's, Anna confessed that she felt hurt that Robin hadn't confided to her about Patrick's infidelity. Luke pointed out that it had been Robin's marriage, and, therefore, Robin's problem to fix. Anna argued that Lisa had posed a danger to Robin, so Anna could have helped her daughter. Anna feared that Robin had been reluctant to turn to her mother, because Anna had been in and out of Robin's life. Luke suggested that perhaps Robin had always intended to forgive Patrick, so Robin had been unwilling to prejudice Anna against Patrick. Anna was surprised that Robin would want to protect Patrick when Patrick hadn't honored Robin's love.

Luke suspected that Robin had wanted to spare Anna the pain that Anna was clearly feeling on behalf of her daughter. Anna realized that Robin would not have wanted Anna to lash out at Patrick, especially on the day of Robin's funeral. She confessed that she had seen the pain on Patrick's face, when he had talked about the affair, so Anna knew that Patrick was punishing himself more than Anna ever could. Anna decided that she needed to let Patrick know that she considered him family, and that she loved him, so she intended to be there for him. Luke smiled, and then ordered some coffee. Anna returned the smile, as she wondered when Luke had become the "alcohol monitor."

"When I killed a four-year-old," Luke quietly admitted. Anna's smile quickly disappeared. Coleman returned with two cups of coffee, and then started to take the bottle of tequila away, but Anna stopped him. After Coleman walked away, with a promise to call a cab for Anna when she was ready to leave, Luke told Anna about the night that Jake had been killed. Luke acknowledged that a lot of hearts had been broken that night, and that some of them would never be mended.

Luke confessed that sometimes he sat in Jake's parking lot, and stared at the sign, bearing the same name of the little boy who would never grow up. Fresh tears flowed, as Anna told Luke how sorry she was. She admitted that she was glad that he had shown up at Jake's. Luke confessed that he felt the same. Anna thanked Luke for being good to her, so she wanted to return the favor. She went to the bar, and then asked Coleman to give her the flyer that was pinned to the wall with Jake's name emblazoned on it.

Coleman handed it to her, so she crumpled it up, and then gave it to Luke. Luke appreciated the gesture, but he reminded her that there was still a neon sign outside to deal with, so he decided to rectify that by offering to pay Coleman to change the name of the bar. Coleman was reluctant at first, until Luke pulled out a huge wad of money. Coleman agreed to change the name of the bar to Coleman's, but Luke wanted to choose the name. Anna burst out laughing when Luke decided that the bar should be named "The Floating Rib."

Coleman thought that it was an odd choice for a name, but Luke assured Coleman that it was a Port Charles classic, which many people knew. Anna picked up her bottle of tequila to make a toast. "To Robin," Luke suggested. Anna's eyes filled with fresh tears as she agreed, "To Robin."

At the Zacchara penthouse, Carly was curious why Kate wanted to get back at Sonny when Kate was supposed to be in love with Sonny. Carly admitted that it didn't add up. Connie, pretending to be Kate, sailed past Carly, despite Johnny's pointed efforts to get Connie to leave. Connie claimed that she was there to make certain that Johnny didn't frame Sonny for shooting out Anthony's tires. Carly was curious if Sonny knew that Kate had decided to fight Sonny's battles. Carly and Connie traded heated words, until Johnny was forced to step between them.

Carly wasn't in the mood to listen to Kate lecture Johnny, so she decided to leave. Connie smiled smugly until Carly reached the door. Carly turned to look at Kate, but her eyes landed on Johnny's shirt, with the lipstick stain. Carly's eyes narrowed, as her gaze drifted to Kate. "What are you looking at?" Connie asked. Carly left without replying.

Moments later, Connie took off her coat, which she likened to a straighT.J.acket. "Yeah, you should know," Johnny mumbled. Connie was not amused, but Johnny explained that he had to be cautious about a woman who claimed to have two personalities. Connie realized that Johnny was concerned, because he was having an affair with Carly. Johnny didn't deny it, prompting Connie to laugh, because it was an added incentive for Connie to go through with the plans for Sonny to catch Kate and Johnny in a compromising position.

Connie wanted to "piss off" Sonny's "stupid ex-wife," but Johnny made it clear that he didn't want to hurt Carly. Undeterred, Connie tried to kiss Johnny, but he quickly pulled away. Connie shrugged, and then suggested that they pick another night to arrange for Sonny to walk in on them. Connie picked up her coat, and then strolled to the door. She leaned in to give Johnny a goodbye kiss, but Johnny presented his cheek instead. After Connie left, Johnny returned to the sofa, and then picked up the shirt with the lipstick stain.

At the hospital, Sonny insisted that Todd Manning didn't have a code, and was under the belief that he was entitled to do as he pleased. Sonny didn't appreciate being accused of being a "baby killer," so Michael suggested that Sonny sue Todd. Sonny was more concerned about whether or not Michael thought that Sonny was responsible for the crash that had claimed the lives of a father and young child. Michael explained that he simply wanted to know the truth, but Sonny argued that it wasn't an answer. Michael admitted that he wanted Sonny to be innocent. Their conversation was cut short when Carly walked up to ask if they had seen Jason.

Sonny revealed that Jason had left the hospital. Carly assured Sonny and Michael that Jason was fine, so the drug protocol had worked. Sonny was surprised, because he had thought that Carly had been banned from seeing Jason. Carly smiled, as she admitted that she had been. Sonny immediately grew concerned, because he realized that Carly had done something. Carly admitted that she had needed to make certain that Jason was okay, and that she had also needed to tell Jason about Robin.

Michael quickly excused himself, because he didn't want to be caught in the middle of his parents' argument. After Michael left, Sonny asked Carly, "What the hell were you thinking?" He reminded Carly that Jason could have had a seizure, but Carly insisted that Jason had deserved to know that Robin was gone. Sonny doubted that Carly had suddenly grown fond of Robin, so Carly clarified that Jason resented people making decisions for him. Sonny was curious why Carly always meddled in people's lives, instead of letting Jason and Sam deal with the problem on their own.

Sonny explained that it hadn't been Carly's place to tell Jason about Robin. Carly resented Sonny's remark, so she snidely suggested that perhaps it wasn't her place to tell him about Kate and Johnny. Carly started to leave, but Sonny stopped her. He demanded to know what she was talking about. Carly smirked, as she pointed out that he couldn't have it both ways. Sonny wasn't interested in Carly's games, so Carly revealed that she had just left Johnny's penthouse, where Kate had been harassing Johnny. Sonny wanted Carly to elaborate, but Carly suggested that he ask Kate, and then walked away.

Nearby, Michael sent Starr a text message to ask if she were okay, and to let her know that he was there for her.

In Llanview, Starr stood in a mausoleum, where Hope and Cole's ashes had been interred. She tearfully confessed that she wasn't ready to say goodbye to them. Starr revealed that she'd had a dream that they had been together at the beach, splashing in the water and having fun. She had felt pure relief, and an overwhelming sense that everything would be okay, until the dream had ended. Starr admitted that she was tired of everyone telling her that it had been a horrible accident, and that no one was to blame for Hope and Cole's deaths.

Starr recalled ranting at Michael about how his father had been responsible for causing the crash that had claimed Hope and Cole's lives. Starr returned to the present, as she confessed that she kept thinking about the last time that she had seen her daughter. Starr wondered if Hope knew how much Starr had loved her. She was also haunted by the thought that she might have been able to help Michael save Hope and Cole, if she hadn't passed out. Starr's thoughts then drifted to the confrontation that she'd had with Sonny in the courtroom.

Starr was certain that Sonny had killed Hope and Cole. She was furious that Sonny had been released on bail until the trial, so she vowed to return to Port Charles to testify against him. Starr was determined to make Sonny pay for what he had done. Starr wept, as she returned to the plaques with Hope and Cole's names printed on them, to give them each a final kiss. Moments later, Starr received Michael's text message. Starr told herself that everything would be okay when she made Michael's father pay for what he had done.

At the church, John McBain advised Sam to give Jason some time. John explained that he had been lost for a while, but then had gotten past the pain of being lied to. He revealed that he and his wife, Natalie, were raising their son, Liam, so everything had worked out. Sam was surprised that he had a son, so John showed her a picture of Liam. Afterwards, John assured her that one lie didn't have to ruin everything. "Oh, really? You don't know Jason Morgan," Sam replied.

Sam explained that things were always black or white for Jason. John regretted that he couldn't be of more help to her, so he offered to call someone to pick her up. Sam assured him that she was fine, and then confessed that she didn't feel like she was talking to a stranger. "Maybe we knew each other a long time ago," John suggested. Sam smiled, and then changed the subject by asking if he had known Robin. John revealed that he hadn't; he had been looking for Sonny Corinthos.

John admitted that he had some unfinished business with Sonny. Sam immediately became suspicious, so she demanded to know who John really was, because she knew what kind of men Sonny tended to have unfinished business with. John was vague, but Sam remained persistent. She explained that she was a private investigator, so it was in her nature to be curious. John confided that his business with Sonny dated back to before Sam's husband had started to work for Sonny. Sam wanted to know what John knew about Jason, so John admitted that he was aware that Jason was Sonny's right-hand man.

Sam asked to see some identification, so John handed his badge to her. Sam noted that Lieutenant McBain was out of his jurisdiction. John chuckled, as he confessed that he'd heard that from several people in town. However, he added that the two people who had been killed in the car crash, which Sonny was accused of causing, had been from Llanview, and that he had been close to Cole Thornhart. Sam assured John that Jason had had nothing to do with the accident, because Jason had been in the hospital. John promised that he wasn't after Jason.

"Not yet, anyway," John added. Sam wondered what that meant, but John refused to elaborate. He offered to give her a ride home, but Sam told him that she had her car. John extended his condolences to Sam on the loss of her friend, and then advised her to be careful, because it was dark outside. Sam assured him that she wasn't afraid of the dark, like most people. She again wondered if they had met before.

"Maybe in another life," John offered. Sam chuckled, and then asked if he really believed in such things, so John admitted that he did.

On the bridge, Jason confessed to Liz that he had sensed that something had been wrong after the explosion in the hospital. He then revealed that after the surgery, he had seen it in Sam's eyes that something was off every time he had asked for Robin. Liz assured him that Sam had done everything that she could to save Jason's life. Jason was curious if Liz knew that Robin had died for him. He insisted that Robin should have been at home with Emma, not dead. Liz argued that Robin would have done the same for anyone, because it was how Robin had lived her life.

Jason was filled with remorse, but Liz explained that it had been Robin's choice, so it wasn't Jason's fault, or Sam's. She urged Jason to forgive himself for being alive, because it was what Robin had wanted. Jason confessed that he was there to say goodbye, but he didn't know where to start. Liz warned him that holding onto Robin wouldn't change things. Jason assured her that he knew that, but Liz realized that he might have found closure if he had attended the funeral. Jason was curious about the funeral, so Liz told him told him about everyone's eulogies, but carefully avoided mentioning Maxie's meltdown.

Jason wondered how Patrick was doing, so Liz admitted that Patrick was struggling. She then revealed that Robin would be cremated, which was something that a child shouldn't be told. Therefore, Liz had arranged to have a commemorative brick added in the hospital's courtyard with Robin's name on it. Jason was curious how Emma was holding up. Liz explained that Emma was confused, because children didn't understand death the way that adults did. Jason noticed Liz's sad expression, so he realized that she was thinking about Jake.

Jason remarked that the one-year anniversary of their son's death was the following day. Jason was surprised when Liz confided that Jake had loved going to the bridge, and that their son had first seen it when Liz had taken the boys to a nearby park. Liz told Jason that Jake had loved standing on the bridge, and gazing at the rushing water below. According to Liz, Jake had acted like it was the best place on earth. "Well, he was with his mom," Jason quietly told her. Liz smiled sadly, as she confessed that being on the bridge made her feel closer to Jake.

"Almost within reach," Liz added. Jason thanked Liz for telling him about Jake's connection to the bridge. Liz reached into her coat pocket, and then pulled out a handful of dried leaves. She tearfully revealed that Jake had taken the leaves home after their last trip to the bridge. Liz explained that Jake had enjoyed tossing the leaves over the bridge, so that he could watch them drift to the water. Her voice cracked, as she recalled that Jake had once asked her if she thought that the leaves would make it to the ocean.

Jason was curious what Liz had told Jake. "Absolutely. They're not going to stop until they get where they need to be," Liz replied. Jason wrapped his hand around hers, as she quietly admitted that she missed Jake. Jason's eyes filled with tears. "I hope you can hear us, Jake. Just hope you can feel how much we love you," Jason told their son.

The wind whistled, as Jason and Liz opened their hands to allow the crackling leaves to drift away. Afterwards, Jason continued to hold Liz's hand, as they watched the water carry the leaves down the river.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anna went to Patrick's house to talk to Patrick, but Noah answered the door. Noah invited Anna in, and then extended his condolences. He wished that they had reconnected under better circumstances, and then apologized for not making it to the funeral. Anna assured Noah that it was okay, and then revealed that Robert hadn't gone to the funeral either. Anna explained that everyone handled grief differently. Noah agreed, and then confessed that he knew about her confrontation with Patrick.

Noah wondered what Anna had been thinking when she had attacked Patrick on the day of his wife's funeral, so Anna reminded Noah that Robin had been her daughter. Noah suggested that she should have leaned on Patrick, instead of blasting him for the affair. Patrick entered the living room in time to hear Noah warn Anna to leave Patrick alone. Patrick insisted it was between Patrick and Anna, so he asked Noah to give them some privacy. After Noah went to check on Emma, Patrick admitted that Anna had been right to be angry.

Anna decided to sit down, because she had a pounding headache from drinking too much the night before. However, despite the hangover, she was thinking more clearly. Patrick assured Anna that she had been right to call him out for cheating on Robin, but Anna disagreed. She explained that she owed him an apology, because she had been more hurt that Robin hadn't trusted her enough to confide to her about the affair. Anna admitted that she had taken it out on Patrick. Patrick assured Anna that Robin had always known that she could count on Anna, but Anna had her doubts about that.

Anna revealed that Robin had always kept things light, whenever they had talked on the phone. Patrick suggested that perhaps Robin had been trying to spare him an "ass-kicking" from Anna and Robert. Anna smiled, and then confessed that it would have been painful. However, she felt as if she had failed her daughter, so she was frustrated that she could no longer make things right with Robin. Patrick assured Anna that Robin had loved her. After Patrick and Anna cleared the air, Patrick wondered how long Anna intended to remain in Port Charles.

Anna admitted that she would like to watch Emma grow up, and to make certain that Patrick and Emma were okay. Patrick thought that Robin would like that. Anna started to leave, but then stopped to confess that she was glad that Lisa was dead. Anna insisted that the person who had killed Lisa deserved a medal.

At the nurses' station, Liz stared at a picture of Jake that she had on her cell phone. Moments later, Olivia walked up looking for Steve. Liz explained that Steve hadn't returned from Memphis, but she was curious if Olivia knew what the trip had been about. Olivia claimed that the administrators at the Memphis hospital, where Steve had worked, wanted to ask some routine questions about an old case. Liz found it odd that they couldn't have talked to Steve on the phone, but Olivia assured Liz that there was nothing to worry about. Olivia asked Liz to have Steve to call her when he had a chance, and then left.

Afterwards, Matt walked up. Liz noticed that Matt seemed frazzled, so she wondered how Maxie was doing. She was stunned when Matt revealed that Maxie had confessed to murdering Lisa. Liz refused to believe it, and then suggested that there had to be a way to prove that Maxie was lying. Matt agreed that Maxie couldn't have killed Lisa, but he explained that Maxie had insisted that she had done it for Robin. Liz assured Matt that everything would be fine.

Later, Liz stared at the picture of Jake, as she recalled releasing the dried leaves on the bridge with Jason. Matt returned to the nurses' station in a better mood, but he quickly realized that Liz was distracted. Liz confessed that she had been thinking about Jake. Matt immediately apologized for cracking a joke, but Liz assured him that it was good to smile. She then confided that she had gone to one of Jake's favorite places, to take some time to think about her son. "That's good," Matt told her.

Liz decided to take her break, because she had to take care of something. However, first she reminded Matt that, as worried as he was about Maxie, Maxie had a lot of great people in her corner. A short time later, Matt stopped by his brother's house. He was startled when Noah answered the door. Noah thanked Matt for letting him know about Robin, and then asked how Matt was doing. Matt admitted that his girlfriend had confessed to murder.

At the police station, Spinelli admitted that something was missing from Maxie's confession. "It's called a crime. Maxie didn't commit one," Mac replied. Moments later, Dante led Maxie into the squad room. Mac wondered how Maxie had fared in lockup overnight. "How do you think?" Maxie asked. Mac warned her that things wouldn't improve, so he was curious if she were ready to admit that she hadn't killed Lisa.

Maxie made it clear that she hadn't changed her mind, so Mac decided to get Maxie an attorney. Mac ordered Dante to take Maxie into the interrogation room, and then left. Spinelli wondered if it would be okay to stay with Maxie, so Dante agreed. Spinelli tried to cheer Maxie up by giving her some things that he had picked up at her apartment, but Maxie wanted nothing to do with the cosmetics. She insisted that she was an awful person, who didn't deserve anything.

Spinelli turned to Dante for help by asking Dante to find Anthony. Spinelli was certain that Anthony would be able to prove that Maxie wasn't guilty of Lisa's murder. Maxie warned Spinelli and Dante that they were wasting their time, because she had killed Lisa, and Anthony had helped her to cover it up. After Dante left, Maxie continued to rant about what a worthless and shallow person she was. Spinelli refused to give up on Maxie, and insisted that it wasn't possible for her to kill anyone. Maxie argued that she was responsible for the deaths of three people: Robin, Lisa Niles, and the first mate who had falsely confessed to killing Lisa.

Spinelli expressed curiosity about Maxie's connection to Anthony, but Maxie would only reveal that she had turned to Anthony for help with the cover-up. Spinelli wondered why she hadn't asked Jason, so Maxie explained that she didn't want Jason, or Spinelli, to know what a horrible person she was. However, Maxie didn't care what Anthony thought of her. She continued to insist that she was guilty, and that what had happened to Robin hadn't been an accident, like everyone insisted. According to Maxie, Maxie was the accident. Spinelli argued that Maxie was a force of nature, not a malicious killer.

Spinelli assured Maxie that he would never lose faith in her, so she could tell him anything. Spinelli was certain that Maxie hadn't intentionally killed Robin, so Maxie was forced to concede that Spinelli was right. Spinelli urged Maxie to tell him the truth about Lisa. Maxie's resolve appeared to weaken until Spinelli's phone chimed. She told Spinelli to answer the phone, but he insisted that it could wait, because she was what mattered to him. Maxie argued that nothing mattered, so Spinelli was determined to change her mind.

Maxie didn't see how. "Then let the people who love you do it for you," Mac said from the doorway. Maxie noticed Alexis standing behind Mac, so Mac explained that Alexis was Maxie's new attorney. Maxie claimed that she didn't need one, but Mac made it clear that Maxie didn't have a choice. He then ushered Spinelli out of the interrogation room, so that Alexis could talk to Maxie privately. Maxie insisted that she had nothing to say, but Alexis doubted that.

Alexis sat down, slid on her glasses, and then told Maxie, "I'm ready when you are." Maxie remained uncooperative, so Alexis warned Maxie that she couldn't help Maxie if Maxie didn't help Alexis. Alexis was curious if Maxie really wanted to go to prison. Maxie admitted that she didn't, but she believed that it was where she belonged.

In the squad room, Mac wondered where Dante was. Spinelli explained that Dante had gone in search of Anthony. Spinelli confessed that he was conflicted, because he had to relay some important information to someone, but Spinelli didn't want to leave Maxie. Mac promised to take care of Maxie.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Anthony was curious what Johnny had on Steve, but Johnny told Anthony to mind his own business. Annoyed, Anthony went to the sofa, and then picked up the newspaper. "Holy Crap," Anthony exclaimed as he read the Port Charles Press. Johnny snatched the newspaper out of Anthony's hand, and then looked at the front page, which sported a headline that read, "Commissioner's daughter cops to murder." Johnny was curious when Anthony had started to care about what happened to Maxie.

Anthony claimed that he was concerned, because he knew that Johnny liked Maxie. Johnny didn't believe his grandfather, because he recalled that Anthony had taken an interest in Maxie right after Lisa's murder. Anthony became evasive, prompting Johnny to realize that Anthony was holding something over Maxie's head. Johnny wanted to know what it was, but Anthony was spared from having to answer when Olivia suddenly banged on the front door, demanding to speak to Johnny. Anthony quickly ducked out of sight, while Johnny opened the door. Olivia stomped into the penthouse, yelling out for Anthony to show himself.

Johnny denied that Anthony was there, but Olivia revealed that she had seen Anthony in the doorway, saying goodbye to Tracy, when Olivia had stopped by to see Johnny a few days earlier. Moments later, Dante knocked on the door. "PCPD, open up," Dante demanded. Olivia marched over to the door, and then opened it. Johnny wanted to know what was going on, so Dante explained that he was searching for Anthony, because the investigation into Lisa Niles's death had been reopened. Johnny insisted that Anthony wasn't there, but Olivia claimed that she knew exactly where Anthony was. Johnny was startled when Olivia revealed that Anthony was at the Quartermaine mansion.

Dante told his mother that he had already been at the Quartermaine mansion, so Johnny advised Dante to check again. Johnny added that Dante would need a warrant the next time that Dante returned to the penthouse, looking for Anthony. Dante offered to accompany his mother to the car, but Olivia explained that she needed to talk to Johnny. After Dante left, Johnny wondered why she had lied to her son. Olivia explained that she would keep quiet about Anthony in exchange for Johnny's promise to keep quiet about Steve.

Sam was on the phone with her mother when Jason arrived home. Sam quickly ended the call, and then told Jason that she had been concerned about him, because he had been gone all night. Jason assured her that he hadn't meant to worry her, so Sam wondered where he had been. Jason admitted that he had gone to the bridge at Blackstone Canyon. "Alone?" Sam asked. Jason revealed that he had been with Liz.

Sam wondered how Jason and Liz had ended up together, so Jason explained that Liz had gone to the bridge, because it had been Jake's favorite place. Jason then added that it was the one-year anniversary of Jake's death. Sam assured Jason that she was glad that he'd had the opportunity to spend some time with Liz. Jason was curious if Sam would have let Liz see him if he had still been in the hospital. "Of course," Sam answered. Jason had his doubts, because talking about Jake might have upset him as much as finding out about Robin's death.

Sam explained that she hadn't told Jason about Robin's passing, because she had been trying to give him time to heal after the surgery. She didn't understand why he was mad at her for wanting to protect him. Jason pointed out that Sam had lied to him, and that he didn't want her lying to him for what she thought was his own good. Sam admitted that, if she had to do it over, she would have done the same thing, because she was certain that Jason would have tried to go to the lab, even though Robin couldn't have been saved. Jason argued that it had been his choice to make, not Sam's.

Sam reminded Jason that Robin had wanted Jason to live, so Jason was curious why Sam had continued to keep the news from him after the procedure. Sam insisted that she had been trying to give him time to heal, but Jason reminded her that it was his life, and that Robin had been his friend. According to Jason, everything good in his life had started with Robin. Sam assured Jason that she had intended to give him time to grieve, but Jason wasn't satisfied, because it hadn't been her place to decide what he could and couldn't handle. Sam insisted that she had waited day after day, and night after night, for Jason to wake up, so she couldn't bear the thought of losing him.

Sam begged Jason to forgive her. Jason explained that she had taken away his power to make his own decisions, so he didn't know what to do with that. Sam offered to go to Alexis' house to give him time to think things over. Jason assured Sam that it wasn't necessary, because he knew that she had acted out of fear. Jason revealed that Liz had told him that it hadn't been Sam's fault, and then admitted that he was mad at Robin for going into the lab to save his life. Jason was frustrated, because he couldn't fix that.

Jason realized that Sam had lied because she loved him. Sam relaxed when Jason assured her that he loved her too. Jason and Sam hugged, and then sat down on the sofa. Jason changed the subject by asking if there had been any more messages, or signs, from Franco. Sam promised him that nothing had surfaced since they had received the DVD. Sam wanted them to focus on their future, so Jason kissed her, and then suggested that they go to the bedroom.

Jason and Sam made it as far as the stairs when Spinelli knocked on the door. Jason opened the door. Spinelli quickly figured out that Jason had heard about Robin, so he offered Jason his condolences, and then shifted gears to reveal that he had news. According to Spinelli, Franco's DVD might have been a clue.

At the Floating Rib, Coleman's newly renamed bar, Coleman showed Luke a cardboard sign with the bar's new name emblazoned on it that Coleman intended to hang behind the bar. Luke wasn't impressed, but Coleman explained that it would have to do until the neon sign outside could be replaced. Luke smiled, and then held up a two-by-four board that Luke had used to destroy the sign in the parking lot. Coleman was not pleased, but he held his tongue, and then went to work designing a new sign for the bar. Moments later, Lulu walked in.

Lulu was stunned that Luke would be in a bar on the anniversary of Jake's death. Luke assured her that he didn't need a reminder of the tragedy, and then argued that he hadn't been drunk when he had killed Jake. According to Luke, it had been a "totally random accident." However, he assured her that he was only drinking club soda. Lulu immediately relaxed, and then asked why he was at the bar. Luke explained that he had paid Coleman to change the name of the bar to the Floating Rib.

Luke was certain that there were several people who would appreciate not seeing Jake's name on a big neon sign. Lulu was curious if that were the reason that Luke had sent her a text message. "No," Luke admitted, and then suggested that she brace herself, because he had news about Ethan. Lulu quickly demanded to know if her brother were alive. "Yes, and no," Luke cryptically answered.

Luke confessed that Ethan was alive, but he wasn't her brother. Luke guided Lulu to a table, and then told her about Helena's threat, and Holly's timely confession. Lulu had a hard time wrapping her head around the revelation, so Luke told her not to try too hard, because it had been a lie. Lulu was confused, so Luke explained that they had allowed everyone to believe that Ethan was Robert's son, because it had been the only way to give Robert a reason to keep on living after Robin's tragic death. He cautioned Lulu not to tell anyone, including Dante. Luke explained that he needed to make certain that Anna didn't find out, because Anna might tell Robert before Robert was ready to hear the truth.

Lulu warned Luke that Anna might resent him for keeping Robert from attending Robin's funeral. Luke reminded her that he was used to being hated, but Lulu argued that Luke might end up losing one of his oldest friends. As if on cue, Anna entered the bar. Luke wondered if Anna had returned for the hair of the dog that had bitten her. Before Anna could answer, Liz walked in. "If it's okay, can I go first?" Liz asked.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spinelli was concerned that the anniversary of Jake's death and Robin's funeral might be too much for a recovering Jason. He hesitated when Jason and Sam asked him for the details of Franco's DVD. Spinelli was flustered and distracted, causing Jason and Sam to worry Spinelli was under too much stress.

Spinelli said he was fine and revealed that Jason had been delivered at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital in New York City. Jason noticed Spinelli's continued hesitancy and demanded to know what was going on. Spinelli explained that Maxie was in a dire situation, and Spinelli couldn't do anything to help her.

Sonny arrived, and Sam and Spinelli left. Jason lamented the choice Sam had made, to have kept him from knowing Robin had been killed. The hardest thing, Jason declared, was knowing that Robin had perished trying to save Jason's life.

Jason changed the subject to Sonny's defense against the charges he'd shot out Anthony's tires. Jason made it clear that he knew, in his gut, that Sonny did not have anything to do with the crash that killed Cole and Hope. "I need you to deal with a cop named John McBain," Sonny announced.

Sam told Spinelli she knew he would not rest until Maxie was released from custody. Spinelli said that it was complicated, because Maxie had confessed to having killed Lisa. Spinelli let Sam know that he understood why Sam had kept Robin's death from Jason.

Sam returned, prompting Sonny to exit. Sam offered to go to the hospital where Jason had been born to look for clues, but Jason discouraged Sam from pursuing it. As he headed upstairs, there was a knock on the door. Sam was surprised to find McBain in the hallway.

Liz thanked Luke for the letter he'd sent her and for having set up the Jake Spencer Fund. She said she owed it to Jake to thank Luke in person. Liz noticed the handwritten sign hanging over the bar and asked what the Floating Rib was. Luke explained that he'd negotiated an agreement with Coleman to change the name of Jake's to honor an old Port Charles institution. Luke didn't want Liz's son's memory to be sullied by an association with a dive bar.

After Liz left, Lulu assured Luke he'd done a good thing. Lulu followed Liz to the hospital and thanked her for being so gracious with Luke. Lulu asked what Liz knew about Maxie's confession. Liz said she didn't believe Maxie was capable of murder. Spinelli happened by later, and asked Liz if she'd help him prove that Maxie hadn't killed Lisa.

Anna talked with Luke about Robert and how he'd run off to save the son he'd never even met. Luke was ill at ease as she spoke. Anna expressed her anger at Holly for having led Luke to believe Ethan was his son.

Anna explained that having kept Robin's existence from Robert for so many years had cost her greatly. Anna and Luke began to chat and reminisce. Anna was flabbergasted that Luke had married Tracy -- twice. The second time was for love, he explained before pointing out that Anna had married Duke Lavery, the biggest crime boss in town, while she was the police commissioner at the time, no less. "Touché," she laughed.

Anna asked why Luke was at the bar on that day, the anniversary of Jake's death. He explained he'd been self-destructive for some time after Jake had died. Anna acknowledged Luke was working to undo the damage he'd caused.

Luke admitted he was broke. Anna offered to help, but Luke wouldn't accept it. She let him know that she'd made things right with Patrick, after Luke had advised her to. "I couldn't have gone through this without you, really," Anna said as she held Luke's hand. Tracy walked in just in time to witness the moment of affection.

As Anthony eavesdropped, Olivia threatened to turn Anthony in, if Johnny used the information he had on the death Steve had been responsible for. Johnny wanted to know why she cared so much about Anthony, given that it had been Sonny's fault Cole and Hope had been killed. "Don't push me, John!" Olivia shouted as she threatened to turn Johnny in for harboring his criminal grandfather. She stormed out.

"You don't hate me as much as you claim, John," Anthony said, as he emerged from hiding. Johnny explained that he wasn't using Steve to aid Anthony. Anthony suggested Johnny utilize Connie's infatuation to enact revenge against Sonny, but Johnny let him know that it wasn't about Sonny: Jonny needed Steve to help him make a big financial score.

"Just like everything else in my life, you destroyed it," Johnny spat at his grandfather. "Not necessarily," responded Anthony as he left. Later, Sonny showed up at Johnny's penthouse and demanded they talk.

McBain went to see Tracy at the Quartermaine's. Alice tried to keep him from getting in, but an unwitting Tracy walked into the room. McBain questioned Tracy about Anthony's whereabouts. Tracy told McBain that Anthony had not been responsible for Cole and Hope's deaths -- his tires had been shot out just before the crash.

McBain clarified that he needed Anthony to provide the testimony that would put Sonny away for good. Tracy expressed how pleased she'd be if Sonny went to prison, but her mind drifted to the night Anthony threatened to reveal her dirty dealings to the SEC.

McBain referred to Tracy as Mrs. Zacchara, but she requested he not use that moniker with her. "Would you prefer ‘Mrs. Solito'?" he asked. Tracy made it clear their discussion was finished and called for Alice to escort the detective out. Alice appeared to be smitten with McBain, as she suggested Tracy turn Anthony in so that Luke could return home.

Dante shared with Sonny that McBain was looking for information on Sonny. Sonny admitted he and McBain had a history. Something had gone down in Atlantic City years before, but Sonny wouldn't give details. "McBain is bitter, and that's that," asserted Sonny. Dante replied that nothing was that simple.

Dante worried that McBain was highly motivated, as Cole had been close to him. As Sonny left, Lulu arrived. She told Dante about the fund Luke had set up in Jake's memory. "Well, I guess if it helped Liz, it doesn't really matter where that money came from, right?" Dante derisively asked.

Olivia showed up and announced that she'd wrapped up her business at Johnny's. She dropped off a box of cannoli and dashed off. Olivia's appearance made Dante suspicious, but he had to concentrate on solving the case against Sonny. As Dante told Lulu he needed to find an eye witness to the crash that killed Cole and Hope, Anthony walked in.

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