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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 2, 2012 on GH
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Monday, April 2, 2012

At the courthouse, Spinelli and Matt met with Alexis. They hoped to find a way to convince Maxie to stop saying that she had killed Lisa Niles and First Officer Briggs. Maxie was escorted into the courtroom, wearing handcuffs. Shortly after, Patrick walked in. Spinelli feared what Patrick would say and tried to prevent Patrick from speaking to Maxie, but Maxie told Spinelli that she would be okay. Matt asked Spinelli to leave because it was a family matter. Spinelli left reluctantly after Matt said he would watch over Maxie.

Maxie turned to Patrick and told him that she understood that he must hate her for what she had done. Maxie begged Patrick to say that he hated her for causing Robin's death, but Patrick said that Maxie did not understand why he was there. Patrick told Maxie that Robin's death had been an accident and that she was not to blame. Maxie insisted that she was to blame because she had been selfish and that her last words to Robin had been angry ones accusing Robin of being selfish.

Patrick responded that Robin had loved Maxie and had always referred to Maxie as the sister that she had never had. Maxie said that she heard Patrick but did not believe him. Maxie insisted that she did not deserve Robin's friendship. Patrick said that Maxie was wrong. He told Maxie that she had given Robin loyalty and support and had made Robin laugh.

Patrick said that Maxie had been lucky to have Robin in her life, and Robin had been lucky to have Maxie in hers. Patrick said that the only way he was able to go on was to think of all the things he had, including Emma, his father, and Matt, and not of what he had lost. Patrick advised Maxie to think the same way.

After Patrick left the courtroom, Alexis assumed that Maxie had been swayed by Patrick's impassioned words and told Maxie that Alexis would enter a plea of not guilty for her. Outside, Patrick sat on a bench, and Matt thanked Patrick for what he had said to Maxie. Patrick admitted that he had meant every word, including that he was happy that Matt was in his life. Before Matt could reply, Patrick told him not to let it go to his head and walked away.

Sam phoned Jason and told him that she was following a lead to Heather Webber, who had been present at his birth. Jason said that Heather was certifiable, but Sam said that she hoped to catch Heather on one of her lucid days. Jason said that he wanted to be with Sam, but had to stay in Port Charles to help Sonny. Jason told Sam that McBain's grudge against Sonny went back further than the recent accident.

Sam ended the phone call when Heather entered the visitor's room. Sam introduced herself, but Heather said she remembered Sam as being pregnant and planning to call her child, "Lila," when Heather had been comforting Edward shortly after his wife, Lila's death. Sarcastically she asked Sam how Edward liked being reminded of Lila by Sam's daughter's name. Sam quietly told Heather that the child had been stillborn.

Heather was momentarily quiet, and Sam took the opportunity to say that she was there to get information about Jason's birth. Sam explained that a page was missing from the birth record, and since Heather had been present at the birth, she might fill in the missing information. Heather wanted to know more details, so Sam told Heather about Franco and the home movies that he had sent to Jason.

Heather recognized Franco as the artist and said that she loved his work. Sam was revolted but did not let it show. When Sam asked Heather if anything unusual had happened the day of the birth, Heather wanted to know what was in it for her. When Sam asked what Heather wanted, Heather said that she had a baby of her own that she wanted to reunite with. Sam pointed out that Steve was a grown man and made his own decisions. Heather said that she was not delusional and that she knew Steve was an adult. Heather said that all she wanted Sam to do was deliver a letter to Steve.

Sam was relieved and agreed. Heather handed Sam the letter and them Sam showed Heather pictures of Baby Boy Moore from the video and asked what Heather knew. Heather looked at the pictures and said that, for starters, the baby in the picture was not Jason Morgan.

Steve and Olivia made love at his apartment. Olivia said that she had missed him and that she did not want him to go away on any more long trips. Steve said that he did not want to talk about his trip to Memphis or Johnny Zacchara. When Olivia asked what Steve did want to talk about, he said he wanted to talk about his mother. Olivia jokingly asked if it was some kind of Freudian thing. Steve said that he might have issues, but that his issues were not the reason. Steve said that he had received a call from Sam, who had wanted to know where his mother, Heather, was.

Steve apologized for not telling Olivia about his mother, Heather, earlier in their relationship. Intrigued, Olivia said it sounded like his mother was in jail. Steve told Olivia that she was close. Steve said that his mother, Heather Webber, had been in and out of mental institutions.

Steve said that his father had been married to Monica when Heather had gotten pregnant. His father had wanted Heather to terminate the pregnancy. Heather had refused and instead had sold Steve to another couple for $10,000. Later, Heather had decided that she wanted Steve back and had tried to drive his adoptive mother crazy by spiking the woman's tea with LSD.

Heather had unknowingly ingested the tea herself and had never been the same since. Steve said that every time Heather was released from an institution, she immediately got involved in some kind of crime. He told Olivia that the last time Heather had been free, she had tried to kill Edward Quartermaine. Olivia told Steve that his mother sounded like some piece of work. Steve agreed, but wondered if he could have helped Heather if he had visited or written letters. Olivia comforted Steve and told him it was the responsibility of the parent to take care of the child and not the other way around. She assured him that he had done nothing wrong.

Steve said that he was sorry that he had spoiled the moment. Olivia said she thought they could revive it and started kissing Steve on the neck and face. He took her in his arms, and they made love. Later, Steve said he had to go back to work. When Olivia got up to take a shower, Steve took a picture of Heather out of his wallet and looked at it.

Spinelli showed up at Jason's apartment and said that he needed Jason's help. Spinelli explained about Maxie and her confession and told Jason that Maxie was behaving irrationally. Jason said that Maxie was trying to punish herself and that if she could not pay for the crime that she believed she had committed, then she would pay for a crime someone else had committed. Spinelli saw the logic in what Jason said. Jason told Spinelli that when people lost someone they loved, they looked for someone to blame, even if they had to blame themselves. Jason also said that Maxie would not stop until she was punished.

Jason admitted that he knew how Maxie felt because he also wanted to shoulder some of the blame for Robin's death. Spinelli said that there were many factors that could have altered the outcome. Jason replied that Spinelli had to find a way to convince Maxie, and if he could not do that, then Spinelli had to find Lisa's real killer and prove that Maxie could not be guilty. Jason advised Spinelli to be careful, because the real killer was in the clear and would not like things stirred up. Jason added that Maxie's first statement about Anthony was probably true.

Spinelli asked if his research about John McBain had been helpful. Jason said that it was, but that he still did not know how to clear Sonny. Spinelli advised Jason to follow his own advice and find the person who had actually shot out Anthony's tires.

Spinelli arrived back in the courtroom as the judge said that they were there for the arraignment of Mariah Maximilliana Jones. He explained that there were three pleas; not guilty, which would result in a trial; nolo contendre, which neither denied nor admitted guilt and would also result in a trial; and guilty, which would result in an immediate sentence. When the judge asked how Maxie would plead, Alexis said, "Not guilty," but Maxie jumped up, overrode Alexis, and shouted, "Guilty."

John McBain called Blair Manning to tell her that he had located Starr and that Starr was staying with Michael Corinthos. John assured Blair that he would take Sonny down. After conversing with Blair, John went to see Anna. They were old friends from the days when John had been an FBI agent and Anna had been in the WSB. John acknowledged that Anna had mentored him. John offered his sympathy over Robin's death. They exchanged pleasantries. Anna admired pictures of John's son, Liam, and then John told Anna that he was there because he needed her help.

John said that his reason for being in Port Charles was to take Sonny down once and for all. Anna countered that it was not the first time that someone had tried to put Sonny away. John vowed that it would be the last time. Anna said that Robin had cared deeply for Sonny, so Anna was not sure that Robin would approve if Anna helped John. John said that no one had more motive to go after Anthony than Sonny. Anna said that John could not know that for sure.

John said that the person who was really suffering was Starr, who had just lost a daughter. John added that he was sure that Anna knew what that felt like. Anna asked about John's interest. He admitted that he had been close to the family and that Cole had been like a son to him. Anna said that the evidence against Sonny was circumstantial and wondered if John could be objective given his close ties to the family. John said that he was not fixated on Sonny like he had been during his FBI years.

John said that since that time, he had focused on other things and had had some fun along the way. Anna told John that he could not let his desire for revenge rule his life. John said that he had let Sonny off the hook once, but fate had intervened and put him back in Sonny's orbit. John said that seeing Sonny's name on the police report had reminded him of the past. John said that he could not help but wonder if Hope and Cole would still be alive if he had been able to put Sonny in prison all those years earlier. Anna reminded John that it still was not clear that Sonny was responsible for the accident. John said that if Sonny was responsible, Sonny was going to pay.

Anna asked what would happen then. She asked if his vendetta against Sonny would be over. John said that it would never be over. When Anna wanted to know why John had such a deep and abiding grudge against Sonny, John told her that Sonny had killed his sister.

Starr woke up on Michael's couch. She held a picture of Hope and Cole and told them that Sonny would not get away with what he had done. She put the picture away and changed her tune when Michael emerged from the bedroom. She thanked him for the use of the couch and offered to make breakfast. Starr apologized for putting Michael in such an awkward position with both John McBain and Michael's father, Sonny. Michael was curious about John's grudge against Sonny, which seemed to Michael to be more than just getting justice. Starr said that John wanted justice as much as she did. Michael asked if Starr would return home after the trial. Starr said that she might, but after the loss of Cole and Hope, nowhere seemed like home.

Starr made breakfast, and Michael complimented her cooking. They were laughing when Starr had a memory of making breakfast for Hope and started crying. She jumped up from the table and so did Michael, who hugged her and comforted her. She said that she hated when that happened; that one minute she was talking about eggs, and the next minute she was crying and thinking about what she had lost. Michael understood because he had felt the same way after Abby's tragic death.

Starr told Michael that Cole had been in prison because he had killed someone while protecting his family. Michael could relate. Starr said that Cole had gotten out of prison because everyone thought Cole was dead. She said that just before the accident, Cole had asked her to marry him. They had been joking about being star-crossed lovers and trying to decide what name they would use. They had just agreed that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together when they saw headlights and the accident had happened. Michael hugged Starr as Jason knocked on the door and called out for Michael.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

At the hospital, Johnny spotted Kate near the elevator. "Oh, Kate, is that you?" Johnny asked. Kate looked nervous, as she turned to face Johnny, and then informed him that she had nothing to say to him. Seconds later, she fled. Johnny chuckled, and then saw Steve. Johnny walked up to Steve to ask if Steve had what Johnny had requested.

Steve urged Johnny to think about the consequences of what Johnny planned to do, but Johnny was undeterred, because of the enormous profit potential. Steve refused to have any part of Johnny's plans, but Johnny warned Steve that the Memphis authorities would be notified of what Steve had done if Steve didn't cooperate. Steve insisted that saving a promising life had been the responsible thing to do, but Johnny wasn't moved. Defeated, Steve handed over the list that Johnny wanted. "Wise choice," Johnny told Steve.

Kate entered Ewen's office, and then told the doctor about her encounter with Johnny. Kate realized that Johnny had been testing her, in an effort to determine whether or not she was Connie. Ewen suggested that they talk to Johnny about Kate's fragile mental state, but Kate warned Ewen that it was a terrible idea. Kate ordered Ewen to put her under hypnosis again, to draw out Connie, so that they could find out what Connie planned to do. A short time later, Connie emerged while Kate was under hypnosis.

Connie suspected that Ewen had missed her, but Ewen focused on questioning Connie about her plans with Johnny. Connie confessed that the plans had fallen through, because Johnny had backed out. However, Connie remained determined to get Sonny out of Kate's life, because Sonny had gotten Kate shot twice. Ewen decided to question Connie about the gun that had been found in Kate's office. Connie denied any knowledge of the gun, other than to say that it had belonged to Sonny.

Ewen suspected that Connie had planted the gun, so Connie warned him to back off. Ewen kept pushing Connie for answers by reminding her that two innocent people had been killed in the accident. "Screw you," Connie shouted, as she stormed out of the office. Moments later, Connie bumped into Steve. Connie took an immediate shine to Steve, so she suggested that they go somewhere more private. Steve was stunned, but before he could respond, Ewen appeared.

Ewen explained to Steve that Ewen and Kate had been in the middle of a session, and then dragged her away. Ewen immediately resumed questioning Connie about the gun that had been planted in Kate's office. Connie became increasingly agitated, because she didn't want to discuss it. Eventually, Connie retreated back inside of Kate's mind. Kate slowly opened her eyes, and then asked Ewen what had happened. Ewen admitted that Connie had denied planting the gun.

In Metro Court's lobby, Carly insisted that Luke pay his bills. Luke reminded her of their agreement, but Carly explained that it hadn't included any roommates. Luke couldn't believe that Carly would be heartless enough to deny a grieving mother a place to stay. He accused Carly of being mean-spirited, but Carly was unfazed, because Luke had sold the incriminating information on Johnny to Sonny. Luke was curious when Carly had become concerned about Johnny Zacchara's "bruised psyche." Carly explained that she had compassion for Johnny's situation, but Luke quickly realized the truth: Carly was involved with Johnny.

Luke tried to offer Carly some advice, but Carly made it clear that it was her life. Luke warned Carly that Johnny was using her, but Carly disagreed. Luke reminded Carly that she would forever be tied to Sonny, and that Johnny had a massive grudge against Carly's ex-husband. Luke accused Carly of being delusional, if she didn't think that Johnny had an ulterior motive for "pitching a tent" in her camp. Johnny walked up in time to hear Luke's words of caution; he was disappointed, because he had thought that Luke was a neutral third party.

Luke clarified that all bets were off in regards to family. After Luke left, Johnny wondered if Carly might heed her uncle's advice. Carly reminded Johnny that Luke was a scam artist who had been "chronically unfaithful," so she didn't take her uncle seriously. Johnny was curious if Luke's little speech had bothered Carly. "Should it?" Carly asked.

Johnny recalled that Carly had had a few doubts not too long before, so Carly reminded Johnny that they had gotten to know each other better since then. Johnny wondered how Carly felt about her best friend, Jason, warning her to stay away from Johnny. Carly scoffed, because she didn't think Jason was a good judge of relationships, since Jason had decided to stay with Sam, despite Sam's lies. Carly was certain that things would only get worse between Jason and Sam, because Sam was "clingy and insecure." However, Carly insisted that it was Jason's problem, not hers, so Jason wasn't in a position to tell her whom she could be with.

Johnny suggested that Carly prove it by having lunch with him in the restaurant. Carly confessed that she was a bit scared, but that had never stopped her before. Moments later, they entered the elevator to go to the restaurant.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia explained that she had asked Sonny to meet her for lunch so that they could discuss a delicate situation between Steve and Johnny. Sonny warned her that he wasn't the best person to seek romantic advice from, so Olivia clarified that Johnny was trying to put "the screws" to Steve by blackmailing Steve in a situation that Steve was reluctant to discuss. Sonny was curious what dastardly thing Steve had done, but Olivia insisted that it didn't matter, because Steve was a good man who didn't deserve to suffer for a mistake that he had made a long time before. Sonny suggested that Olivia talk to Johnny, so Olivia admitted that she had tried, and failed.

Sonny was curious what Olivia was asking him to do. "Whatever it takes," Olivia replied. Sonny insisted that she be clear, so that there weren't any misunderstandings. "I want you to find a way to shut Johnny up," Olivia said. "Olivia, you know what that sounds like, right?" Sonny asked. Olivia assured him that she didn't want Johnny to end up on the bottom of the harbor; however, she wanted Sonny to find a way to make Johnny back off.

Sonny reminded Olivia that Johnny deserved to die, and then accused Johnny of shooting out Anthony's tires and trying to frame Sonny for the crime. Moments later, Johnny and Carly strolled up to their table. Johnny offered a saccharine smile, as he asked if Sonny and Olivia were back together. Johnny admitted that he was a bit surprised, because he had thought that Sonny was going hot and heavy with Kate, and that Olivia was involved with Steve. Sonny warned Carly to put a leash on her new boyfriend, but Carly refused to get between Johnny and Olivia. Sonny and Olivia made it clear that they weren't interested in what Johnny had to say, but Johnny refused to leave without a parting shot at Steve, by suggesting that Steve was the kind of guy who went the extra mile for people.

After Johnny and Carly walked away, Olivia complained that Johnny had been taunting her about Steve's secret. She promised to be in Sonny's debt if he found a way to wipe the smug smile off of Johnny's face. After Olivia left, Sonny went to the bar, where Carly and Johnny were laughing and flirting. Carly was not pleased to see Sonny, but Johnny invited Sonny to have a seat. Sonny sat down, and then admitted that he was surprised that Carly wasn't bothering to hide her relationship with Johnny. Carly insisted that she didn't care who knew about Johnny, so Sonny was curious if that included their son, Michael.

Sonny realized that he had struck a nerve when Carly's smile immediately disappeared. Sonny stood up, told them to have fun, and then walked away. Carly called out to Sonny, but Sonny ignored her. Johnny wondered if Carly had any regrets about making their relationship public. Carly admitted that it might have been a bit impulsive to have lunch with him before she had an opportunity to talk to Michael.

Olivia went to the hospital to see Steve. Steve told her about his strange encounter with Kate, and Kate's proposition. Olivia brushed it off, certain that Steve had misread the situation. Steve assured her that he knew when a woman was flirting with him, so he thought perhaps they should let Sonny know about Kate's "weird" behavior. Olivia insisted that they leave Sonny alone. Steve was a bit taken aback by Olivia's desire to protect Sonny, so he wondered if there might be another reason that she didn't want Sonny to know. "What else could there be?" Olivia asked.

In Anna's hotel suite, John McBain revealed that Sonny had killed John's sister. Anna was surprised that John had a sister, so John explained that he didn't talk about his sister, because her death had happened a long time before. However, recent events had made John realize that Sonny had never been held accountable for the crimes that Sonny had committed. John was determined to change that. Anna warned John that John was letting his personal feelings cloud his judgment, but John argued that Sonny belonged behind bars. Anna feared that John was trying to pin a crime on Sonny, which Sonny might not be guilty of, to avenge John's sister.

Anna was curious what evidence John had to implicate Sonny in the accident that had claimed Hope and Cole's lives. John conceded that it was mostly circumstantial. Anna had seen personal vendettas ruin fine men, but John assured her that he just wanted to build an airtight case against Sonny. Anna wondered what John was prepared to do if the evidence led them away from Sonny. She confessed that she would hate to see John end up on the wrong side of the thin blue line. John promised her that it wouldn't happen, so Anna pushed for an answer about what John would do if the investigation cleared Sonny of any wrongdoing.

Luke entered the suite before John could answer. Anna introduced John to Luke, and then explained that John had once worked for the FBI. Luke was certain that John realized that Luke had once saved the world from Mikkos Cassadine's diabolical plot. John admitted that he had been more interested in Luke's long history with Frank Smith. Luke was not amused, so he was curious what the nature of John's visit with Anna was. John explained that he had simply been catching up with a friend.

Anna led John into the hallway, so that they could continue their discussion privately. Anna once again pressed John for an answer about what John would do if their investigation cleared Sonny. John wondered if that meant that Anna planned to help him. She explained that it depended on his answer, so John assured her that he was willing to go where the evidence led him. Satisfied, Anna agreed to help John

John and Anna realized that the gun didn't have any DNA to tie Sonny to it, so they needed to trace the gun to its owner. After John left, Anna returned to the suite, where Luke was waiting for her. "What's up with you and this spud from the FBI? Should I be jealous?" Luke asked. Anna was a bit taken aback, because she and Luke were friends, just like she and John were friends. Luke confessed that he was not big on sharing, and then walked out.

In the lobby, Kate breezed by John, without noticing him. John decided to approach Kate while she waited for an elevator. He introduced himself, and then explained that he wanted to ask her some questions about the gun that had been found in her office. Kate made it clear that she had told the Port Charles police everything, and then entered the elevator.

At Michael's apartment, Starr decided to duck out of sight, while Michael went to answer the door. Jason entered the apartment, but wondered if anyone else were there when he spotted two place settings on the table. Michael explained that he hadn't cleared the dishes away from the previous day, and then wondered why Jason was there. Jason was curious if anyone, including Johnny, had tried to influence Michael's testimony. Michael thought that it was an odd question, so Jason explained that Sonny was certain that Johnny had shot out Anthony's tires, and then had framed Sonny for the crime.

Jason warned Michael that Johnny would be willing to use anyone close to Sonny to take Sonny down. Michael wondered if Jason thought that it was possible that Johnny had framed Sonny. Jason explained that he knew Sonny, so Jason was certain that Sonny would never run if Sonny had been responsible for killing a child. Meanwhile, Starr carefully eavesdropped on the conversation, as Jason cautioned Michael that the district attorney might call Starr to testify. Michael wondered if Sonny had sent Jason to make certain that Michael stayed away from Starr. Jason denied it, but he was curious about Michael and Starr's connection.

Michael acknowledged that he had a bond with Starr, but Jason warned Michael that grief often led to anger, which might lead Starr to want to punish Sonny. Jason urged Michael to keep away from Starr. Michael was noncommittal, so Jason wondered if Starr had been in touch with Michael. Michael was spared from having to answer when Sonny dropped by. Jason greeted Sonny, and then explained why he was there. Michael assured Jason and Sonny that he hadn't talked to Starr.

Sonny admitted that Michael made Sonny vulnerable, because Michael had been at the scene of the accident. Sonny feared that the prosecutor, or Starr, would take something that Michael had said, and then twist it around to make Sonny look guilty. Michael wondered if Sonny was nervous about the trial. Sonny was confident that everything would be fine, as long as Michael was behind him. "Yeah. Yeah, always," Michael told his father.

After Jason and Sonny left, Starr entered the living room. Her mood was stormy, as she assured Michael that she hadn't expected him to lie for her. Michael insisted that he believed that Starr deserved answers. Starr appreciated that, but she promised him that he wouldn't have to cover for her for much longer. Michael assured her that everything would soon be over. "Oh, I know it will be," Starr quietly muttered.

In the hallway, Sonny warned Jason that Johnny was working Carly. Jason admitted that he knew that. Sonny wondered if Jason had found anything that might connect Johnny to the gun. Jason confessed that he hadn't uncovered anything yet, so Sonny revealed that it didn't matter, because Sonny intended to "bring that son of a bitch down to his knees."

At Ferncliff, an institution for the criminally insane, Sam wondered if Heather knew why Franco would want Jason and Sam to see Jason as a baby. Heather glanced at the pictures, and then announced that the baby in the photographs wasn't Jason. Sam was certain that Heather was mistaken, because Sam had checked the hospital records herself, which had confirmed that Susan Moore had given birth to a baby boy. Heather clarified that the baby in the pictures was Susan's son, but it wasn't Jason. Sam was confused, so Heather revealed that after Susan had given birth to a baby boy, the nurse had whisked the infant away.

Heather explained that the doctor had left the room, but Susan had continued to have contractions. Heather became alarmed when Susan had passed out, so Heather had raced to the door to fetch the doctor, but the nurse had appeared instead. The nurse had quickly determined that Susan was still in labor. Seconds later, a second baby boy was born. Sam was shocked to realize that Susan had given birth to twin boys. According to Heather, the nurse realized that only Heather and the nurse knew about the second infant's birth, so the nurse had suggested that they keep it that way.

Sam was horrified, as Heather revealed that the nurse couldn't have children, and that she had been turned down for adoption, so the nurse had offered to buy one of the baby boys. Heather explained that money had been tight for her and Susan, so Heather had agreed to sell the baby to the nurse. However, Heather quickly clarified that she had chosen the better twin for Susan. Sam wondered how it had been possible for Heather to tell the difference between identical twin boys. Heather pointed out that she had never said that the boys had been identical twins; Heather revealed that they had been fraternal twins.

Heather claimed that she had kept the blue-eyed, blond baby for Susan, and given the nurse the baby with the dark eyes. Heather explained that there had been something off with baby that she had sold to the nurse, because the baby's eyes had been empty, like a doll's eyes. Sam was curious what the nurse's name had been. "Liz Frank," Heather replied. Heather then revealed that the nurse had gone by the name "Betsy."

Sam realized that Heather had sold Jason's twin brother to Franco's mother. Heather perked up when she realized that she was related to the famous artist, whom she admired. Sam stumbled to the door in a dazed state, even though Heather reminded Sam of Sam's promise to give Steve the letter. Sam ignored Heather, as she walked out of the door. Heather was undaunted. "Don't worry, Steven Lars, I'll find another way to get to you. Hold on, baby; Mama's coming," Heather promised her son.

In the hallway, Sam crumpled to the floor, as she realized why Franco had been so obsessed with Jason. Sam was certain that Franco had known that he and Jason were fraternal twins. Moments later, Sam was slammed with another realization; the paternity test on her baby hadn't excluded Franco as the father, because Franco and Jason were twins.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

At Crimson, Kate was reading a book titled, Oh yes they D.I.D.! An unauthorized biography of Victoria Lord and Jessica Buchanan, which featured pictures of Viki and her alter, Niki as well as a pictures of Jess, and her alter, Tess. Horrified, Kate realized that she had to make Connie go away, before Connie destroyed Kate's life. Moments later, Jason knocked on Kate's office door. Kate quickly stashed the book under some files, and then bade Jason to enter. Kate was surprised to see Jason, so he explained that he was there to talk to her about the gun that had been found in her office, so that they could prove that the gun hadn't belonged to Sonny. Jason wanted Kate to take him through the morning, before Dante had found the gun.

Kate explained that her assistant, Maxie, had been out that morning, because Maxie's cousin, Robin, had been killed the night before. Jason's interest was piqued when Kate mentioned that Olivia had dropped by to check on Kate, to make certain that Kate was okay after Sonny's shooting. Jason wondered what time that had been, but Kate couldn't remember. However, Kate insisted that it didn't matter, because Olivia hadn't been responsible for planting the gun in the office. Jason argued that Olivia had been the only person in the office, besides Kate. Kate grew increasingly uncomfortable as Jason began to fire questions at her about the gun, and Kate's movements prior to the discovery of the gun.

Kate was furious at Jason's suggestion that the gun might have belonged to her. She vehemently denied that she would have anything to do with a gun. Jason kept pushing, until Kate shouted that she resented Jason's implication that she had caused the death of a little girl. Jason was stunned, so he asked her what she was talking about. Kate had a dizzy spell, which drew out Connie. "Are you calling me a liar, huh? You come in here, getting all in my face. Who the hell do you think you are?" Connie demanded.

Jason was shocked by the change in Kate. He wondered what was wrong with her, but Connie assured him that she was fine. She then tried to turn the tables on Jason by asking him if he had any idea whom he was talking to. "Why don't you tell me," Jason replied. Connie bragged that she was the woman whom Sonny loved, and shared his bed with, which made her number one in Sonny's life, not Jason. Connie warned Jason not to cross her again, or he would regret it.

Jason had no idea what was going on with Kate, but he realized that she wasn't herself. "Damn straight, Stone Cold. Get the hell out of my office," Connie ordered him. Jason left, but it was clear that he was concerned about his strange encounter with Kate.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia confessed that she had no idea what was going on with her cousin, Kate. Olivia was certain that Kate couldn't have been in her right mind to flirt with Steve while Kate was involved with Sonny, and knowing that Olivia and Steve were in a relationship. Olivia confessed that it sounded like something that Connie would have done. Moments later, Steve received a call from his mother. Heather begged Steve not to hang up on her, so he asked her what she wanted. Heather claimed that she had something important to discuss with him, but she didn't want to do it on the phone.

Heather insisted that Steve was the only person who could help her, but Steve wasn't eager to do so. Heather mustered up some tears, and then confessed that she was sorry that she had hurt him. She explained that she needed him, and then disconnected the call. Steve had no idea how Heather had found his number, so he didn't know whether he should block her number, and forget about her call, or take it seriously. Olivia tried to help, but Steve decided that he needed to take a walk to think things through.

Later, Olivia grew impatient for Steve to return. As if on cue, she received a text message from Steve explaining that he had gone to visit his mother, and then thanked Olivia for her understanding. Olivia decided to return to work. A short time later, she received a text message from someone else. "What does that woman want?" Olivia asked in frustration.

Nearby, John McBain joined Anna at the bar. He revealed that he had received a temporary restraining order from Sonny. John was pleased, because the restraining order indicated that Sonny was nervous about something. John anticipated Sonny being convicted. "If he's guilty," Anna gently reminded John. John nodded, because he realized that Anna was there to keep him honest.

Anna explained that she wanted John to remain the same man whom she had met years ago at the FBI. John appreciated Anna looking out for him, and then switched gears to let her know that he had been following up on the witness statements. According to John, Kate had seemed nervous when he had tried to talk to her about the gun that had been found in Kate's office, so he wondered if Kate might be covering for someone. Anna suggested that people were often intimidated by murder investigations, so John was curious if Anna knew Kate. Anna admitted that she only knew Kate by reputation, and that Kate was considered to be a tough "bitch." John confessed that he'd had the opposite impression.

John claimed that Kate had seemed skittish, so Anna wondered if it were possible that Kate had owned the gun that had been found in the office. They discussed the possibility, but neither was convinced that Kate could have caused the accident, or would have framed Sonny. Anna suggested that perhaps a third party had stolen the gun, gone after Anthony, and panicked when they had realized that they had killed a child, so the person had returned the gun to Kate's office, in the hopes that everyone would assume that Sonny had been the shooter. John thought that it was stretch. Moments later, Olivia walked up. John discreetly turned away as Olivia extended her condolences to Anna and then handed Anna an envelope that had been delivered to the hotel.

After Olivia left, John revealed that Olivia was Kate's cousin, and that Olivia had been in Kate's office prior to the discovery of the gun. John wanted to question Olivia, but Anna thought that John might prefer to talk to Sonny. John reminded her of the temporary restraining order, so Anna handed him the document that she had received. John was stunned that she had obtained a "federal investigative allowance" for him, which trumped Sonny's restraining order. John was curious how she had gotten it, so Anna confessed that she had friends in high places. She added that the FBI was eager to see Sonny convicted, so they were willing to work with John and Anna.

John decided to pay Alexis a visit, so that he could have the pleasure of telling Alexis about the federal investigative allowance. He suggested that Anna take the opportunity to question Olivia about Kate. After John left, Olivia walked up to the bar. Anna thanked Olivia for Olivia's kind words about Robin, and then asked if Olivia had some time to spare. Olivia was texting someone, but she agreed to talk to Anna, provided that Anna didn't mention to Kate that Olivia had been texting. It took little prodding to get Olivia to talk about Kate.

Olivia happily revealed that Kate had transformed herself from Connie Falconeri to Kate Howard. As Olivia rambled on about Kate, she confided to Anna that Connie had not been someone to mess with, because Connie had once gone after a mugger with baseball bat. Anna casually wondered if Kate would own a gun, so Olivia made it clear that guns had been Connie's style, not Kate's. Olivia confessed that she sometimes missed Connie, but that girl was long gone.

Sam arrived home, but her thoughts remained on what Heather had told her about Jason's twin brother, and Franco's mother adopting the baby boy. Sam had no idea how to break the news to Jason, but she gathered her courage, and then called out to her husband. No one responded, so she sat down at the dinning room table, while stroking her belly. Sam's eyes filled with tears, which she quickly wiped away when Spinelli bounded down the stairs and into the living room. It took only a glance for Spinelli to realize that Sam was upset, so he wondered what was wrong. Sam explained that she was tired, and then changed the subject by asking how Maxie was doing.

Spinelli revealed that Maxie might end up in jail, if they couldn't prove that Maxie hadn't killed Lisa Niles, or the first mate of the yacht where Lisa had terrorized everyone. Spinelli suggested that he could use Sam's help, but Sam said that she had too much going on. She wondered if Spinelli knew where Jason was, which prompted Spinelli to remember that Sam had been in New York City. He was curious if she had found anything out about Franco and the DVD. Sam admitted that she had talked to the administrator at the hospital where Jason had been born, but she was spared from having to elaborate when Spinelli's laptop chimed. Spinelli glanced at his laptop, and then explained that he had been waiting for something that might help him with Maxie's case.

Sam encouraged Spinelli to check the laptop, so Spinelli carried it to the desk and then opened it. He was disappointed, because it had not been what he had been expecting. Spinelli explained that there was one more place where he could get his hands on Lisa Niles's case file, so Sam assured him that it was fine for him to leave. After Spinelli left, Sam agonized over the possibility that her baby's father might be Franco. She had no idea how to break the news to Jason about his twin, or the baby's possible paternity.

Moments later, Sam spotted a file on the desk, so she picked it up. "You again," she said, as she looked at John's picture. Sam grabbed her keys and jacket, and then left.

At the lake house, Sonny hoped that the temporary restraining order would force John McBain to back off. Alexis was curious what John had done to merit it, but Sonny refused to tell her. Sonny was more concerned about how she intended to prove that Sonny had been framed. Alexis admitted that she didn't have a lot to work with, and that she didn't think that the restraining order had helped Sonny's case, because it implied that Sonny had something to hide. Sonny argued that Johnny Zacchara had planted the gun in Kate's office, but Alexis informed Sonny that they had reviewed security tapes, and talked to people at the hotel, so there was no evidence to back up Sonny's claim.

Sonny was certain that Johnny Zacchara had arranged for a lackey to do the deed, but Alexis wondered if perhaps there might be a remote chance that the gun had belonged to Kate. Sonny adamantly denied it, but Alexis proposed that perhaps Kate had had the gun for self-defense. Sonny realized that Alexis was hoping to suggested that Kate had lost track of the gun, someone had stolen it, shot out Anthony's tires, and then had returned the gun to Kate's office. Alexis pointed out that it gave the jury reasonable doubt, but Sonny insisted that he had never given Kate a gun. Sonny made it clear that he did not want Kate involved. Alexis warned Sonny that it wasn't possible, because the gun had been found in Kate's office, so Kate would be called to testify.

Sonny insisted that Alexis get Kate off of the stand as quickly as possible. Alexis wondered if Sonny feared that Kate might say something incriminating, but Sonny made it clear that he didn't want any suspicions thrown on Kate. Sonny explained that he had put Kate through enough already, so he didn't want Kate to have to relive the terror of the shooting in the parking garage, while she was on the stand. Alexis advised Sonny to worry more about himself, because he might end up facing a conviction. Moments later, Sam arrived. Sam offered to leave when she saw Sonny, but Sonny assured Sam that he was done.

Sonny stopped to let Sam know that he was aware that she had doubts about him, so he promised that everyone would soon know the truth about what had happened on that fateful night. After Sonny left, Alexis wondered what was going on with Sam. Sam was visibly upset, as she explained that she didn't know where to start. Alexis was frustrated when she received a text message requesting her appearance in court, because the judge was ready to rule on Alexis' petition to have Maxie's guilty verdict thrown out. Alexis invited Sam to go with her, so that they could talk, but Sam decided to wait for her mother to return. Sam thought that some time alone would give Sam the opportunity to calm down.

After Alexis left, Sam curled up on the sofa, and then began to cry, as she recalled Heather mentioning that Jason's twin brother had had sinister eyes. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Sam told the person to go away, but the person continued to knock until Sam answered the door. Sam was startled to see John McBain standing on her mother's doorstep, so she asked what he was doing there. John explained that he had hoped to talk to Alexis, so Sam explained that her mother wasn't there, and then tried to shut the door. John could see that Sam was upset, so he asked her if she were okay.

Sam suspected that John only wanted to take advantage of her during a vulnerable moment by questioning her about Sonny. John clarified that he just wanted to help. He followed Sam to the living room, as she told him that no one could help her. John suggested that it might help to tell someone about what was troubling her.

At Crimson, Connie stared at her reflection, as she ranted about Jason. Connie had been tempted to tell Jason that Kate "was not here anymore," but she realized that Jason would probably scurry to Sonny to tell him everything. "Tell me everything about what?" Sonny asked from the doorway.

At the police station, Lulu handed Dante the files on the stripper attacks. Lulu wondered if Dante hoped to find something that pointed to Delores' husband as the assailant, or if he hoped to exonerate Eddie for Delores' sake. Meanwhile, nearby, Delores was on the phone with her husband. She was concerned, because her husband had stayed out all night. Eddie gave his wife an excuse, but Delores appeared frustrated. She told him that they would talk about it when she got home, and then ended the call.

Dante noticed Delores' foul mood when she sat down, so he wondered if she had been on the phone with Eddie. Delores complained that Eddie had worked the night shift on a construction project at the Port Charles History Museum. Dante noted that Eddie had been working nights, ever since Delores had transferred to the Port Charles Police Department. Delores explained that it was better money, and that Eddie wasn't really a people person, so he preferred to work the night shift. Moments later, Shawn and Ranelle entered the squad room, because Ranelle had been attacked. Dante and Delores guided Ranelle to a seat, and then questioned her about the attack.

Ranelle told her story, and then revealed that she had managed to rip something off of her attacker. Ranelle handed Dante the item, which Dante promptly turned over to Lulu with instructions to have it logged into evidence, and then taken to forensics. Dante confided to his wife that it was a visitor's pass to the Port Charles History Museum. After Lulu left, Delores wondered what time Ranelle had been attacked. Ranelle revealed that it had been around two in the morning. Dante suggested that they have a forensics team scour the crime scene for clues, but Delores argued that too much time had passed, so too many people had trampled through the area.

"What about your husband?" Dante asked. "What about him?" Delores wondered. Dante explained that the visitor's pass had been from the Port Charles History Museum, where Eddie worked. Delores explained that the project was a big job, but Dante pointed out that the night shift crew was small. Dante admitted that he wanted to ask Eddie a few questions, to see if Eddie might be able to give them a lead on who had attacked Ranelle. Delores made it clear that she would talk to her husband, no one else.

Meanwhile, Lulu was on her way to the evidence room when Spinelli called out to her. Spinelli explained that he needed a favor. He wanted a copy of Lisa Niles's case file. A short time later, Lulu returned with the requested information on top of a box that she was carrying. Spinelli didn't want Lulu to get into trouble, but Lulu was confident that Mac wouldn't object to someone helping out Maxie. However, Lulu made it clear that she couldn't just hand over the file, but she couldn't stop Spinelli if he took it while Lulu was looking away.

Lulu looked away for a moment, so Spinelli took the file, and then tucked it into his jacket. He thanked Lulu for her help, and then told her that she was a good friend. Spinelli vowed to find Lisa's killer, no matter who it turned out to be.

Later, Dante promised Shawn that they would find the guy who had hurt Ranelle. Shawn decided to take Ranelle to the hospital, so Dante suggested that Delores go with them. After Delores left, Lulu was curious if Dante had any new information about the case. Dante confessed that Eddie appeared to be a more viable suspect by the second, but he needed to question Eddie without tipping off Delores. Lulu suggested that they needed someone on the inside to pose as a stripper to draw the attacker out. Lulu volunteered to do it, but Dante refused to consider it.

Jason returned home. Spinelli was reviewing Lisa Niles's case file at the desk, so Jason wondered if Sam had returned. Spinelli revealed that Sam had been home, but then she had left. However, Spinelli confessed that Sam had seemed anxious to speak to Jason.

At Ferncliff, an institution for the criminally insane, Steve watched as his mother, Heather, was led into the visitor's room. Elated to see her son, Heather tried to hug Steve, but Steve deftly avoided her embrace, and then sat down. Disappointed, Heather followed suit. Steve wondered why she had asked to see him, so Heather explained that she felt better than she had in years. Heather revealed that she had petitioned for release, but the board refused to consider it, unless a family member took responsibility for her. Steve appeared leery about doing it, but Heather assured him that she had passed every psychological test with flying colors, so she was no longer insane.

Steve remained reluctant to help Heather, so Heather explained that she had written Steve a letter, which Sam McCall had promised to deliver. However, Sam had left without keeping her promise, which had given Heather the strength to reach out to Steve. Steve was glad that his mother felt better, but he couldn't help her. Heather urged him to read her letter, but Steve hesitated. "Is that too much to ask from the woman who brought you into this world?" Heather asked. Steve finally relented, but he decided to read it after the visit.

Heather begged Steve to read it aloud, while she was present, so that she could see his expressions. Steve agreed, and then unfolded the letter. The letter started with, "My dearest Steven Lars," so Steve revealed that he preferred Steve to Steven, like his grandfather, Steve Hardy. Heather didn't seem happy about it, but she agreed to call him Steve. Steve continued to read the letter, in which Heather admitted that she had done some terrible things to family members, and others. In the letter, Heather acknowledged that she didn't have any excuses for her behavior.

The letter continued with Heather's confession that she had learned to face her illness, which had been made worse when Heather had ingested LSD, which had been intended for Diana Taylor, in an effort to reclaim the son that Heather had sold to Diana on the black market. Heather ended the letter with a request for Steve find it in himself to give her another chance to be his mother, so that she could make up for all the wrongs that she had done to him. Heather looked at her son, and then asked him if it were possible. Steve appreciated that people made mistakes, and he believed that people could get better, so he decided that Heather deserved a shot at redemption. Heather was overjoyed when Steve agreed to be responsible for her.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

At the police station, Lulu tried to persuade Dante to go along with her plan for her to pose as a stripper so that they could lure Eddie into making a move. Lulu reminded Dante that Eddie had never met her, so Eddie would not know that she wasn't a dancer. Lulu pointed out that Dante would be shadowing her, so she would be safe. Dante argued that it wasn't necessary to go undercover, because Eddie was already a suspect. Lulu wondered how Dante planned for them to bust Eddie, so Dante carefully explained that Lulu was not a police officer, and therefore, would not be involved in the arrest.

Later, Lulu informed Dante that she had arranged for an audition at Vaughn's. Dante was not pleased that she had ignored him, but he suggested having a female officer go to the audition. Lulu warned Dante that it would tip off Delores, but he reminded Lulu that Lulu wasn't a police officer. Later, Dante noticed that Lulu had decided to give him the silent treatment, so he confronted her about being mad at him.

Lulu explained that she was disappointed, because she had been hoping that they could work together, instead of her being relegated to keeping the evidence room neat and tidy. Dante patiently reminded Lulu that she couldn't work an undercover operation, because Mac would not authorize it. Lulu agreed not to go undercover, and then stubbornly added, "This week."

At the hospital, Matt was stunned when he saw his brother, Patrick, ready for rounds. Matt insisted that Patrick needed more time to deal with Robin's death, and to spend time with Emma. Patrick argued that Emma needed a routine, so Patrick decided to return to work instead of sitting in a house that constantly reminded him of Robin. Matt suggested that Patrick and Emma take a trip, but Patrick insisted that a trip wouldn't change anything, because the pain would be waiting for them when they returned home. Matt pointed out that the hospital was more than the place where Robin had died, so he urged Patrick to remember all the good that Robin had done at the hospital, and to think of all of the people that she had saved.

Patrick recalled the moments before the explosion, when he had smelled the gas in the lab, but Matt insisted that the blast had been a terrible accident. Patrick recalled that he had told Maxie the same thing. Matt thanked Patrick for talking to Maxie, even though she had decided to plead guilty. Matt feared that Maxie's life and career were over, because she would be sentenced for a double homicide. Matt was frustrated because he couldn't provide Maxie with an alibi, since he had been with Liz, and then had passed out from drinking too much. Matt admitted that he loved Maxie and wanted her to be a part of his life, so Patrick advised Matt to try to find a way to save Maxie, because Matt had no idea how long he would have with the woman he loved.

Later, a patient called out to Patrick. Patrick greeted Mrs. Abernathy, and then asked about her six-month checkup. Mrs. Abernathy assured Patrick that she was fine, and then asked if Robin were around, because she wanted to say hello to her. Before Patrick could reply, Matt explained that Robin was not on rotation. Mrs. Abernathy was disappointed, but promised to catch up with Robin the next time that Mrs. Abernathy returned for a checkup. After Mrs. Abernathy left, Patrick decided to fetch Emma from daycare and then go home.

At Crimson, Connie mumbled in frustration to herself about Jason. She wished that she could have told him who she really was, but she realized that he would have gone scurrying to Sonny with the information. Sonny suddenly appeared in the doorway, and wondered what information Kate was talking about. Connie quickly pretended to be Kate, and carefully tried to buy herself time by assuring him that it was nothing. However, Sonny pushed for an answer, until Connie warned him that he wouldn't like what she had to tell him. Connie then proceeded to give Sonny a warped account of what had transpired in Kate's office when Jason had tried to question her about the gun that Dante had found.

Connie claimed that Jason's hostility and anger had scared her. Sonny assured her that Jason had only been trying to help prove that someone had framed Sonny for shooting out Anthony's tires, but Connie resented Jason's accusations. Sonny continued to defend Jason, certain that she had merely misread the situation, but Connie insisted that she had seen a different side of Jason that she had never seen before. Sonny became concerned when Connie painted a picture of Jason being in a rage. Connie then reminded Sonny that she had lied to Dante to give Sonny an alibi for the shooting, which she had done out of love. Sonny decided to have a talk with Jason about what had transpired in the office, but Connie asked Sonny not to.

Connie reminded Sonny that Jason had had brain surgery, so perhaps Jason hadn't fully healed yet. Sonny explained that Jason had assured him that he was fine, so Connie switched tactics. She insisted that the last thing that she wanted to do was to get between Sonny and Jason. Sonny argued that Jason needed to understand that Sonny loved Kate, so Jason needed to back off. Connie implored Sonny to promise to keep the discussion civil, and then feigned concern for Jason's health. Sonny assured her that he would, and then kissed her.

Connie quickly pulled away from the kiss, and then explained to Sonny that she needed to get back to work. Sonny promised to return, so that they could pick up where they had left off. After Sonny departed, Connie closed the door, vigorously wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and then smiled with satisfaction. "That gets rid of Jason," Connie decided. She anticipated getting rid of Sonny next. Connie was determined that she would find someone else if Johnny refused to help her.

At the penthouse, Jason explained to Spinelli that it was imperative for Jason to find a way to prove that Sonny had been framed. Spinelli was curious if Kate had been helpful. "No," Jason admitted, and then changed the subject to find out if Sam had learned anything about Franco's DVD during her trip to New York City. Spinelli admitted that he didn't know; he was certain that Sam would want to discuss it with Jason first. Jason doubted that there was anything to find out, because the DVD had been Franco's last attempt to play mind games. Spinelli was impressed, because Jason sounded rational about Franco.

Jason confessed that he was concerned about Sam, but Spinelli suggested that perhaps she was looking for closure, so that she could focus on the baby. Jason agreed, but he worried that things wouldn't settle down until Sonny was exonerated. Jason then confided that something was going on with Kate. Jason told Spinelli about Kate's outburst, so Spinelli thought perhaps Kate had simply been uneasy. Jason insisted that it had gone beyond that, because she had seemed paranoid and had kept accusing Jason of saying things that he hadn't. Jason had no idea what had made Kate melt down like that.

Spinelli admitted that Kate had a short fuse, because he had seen her have similar reactions over what Spinelli considered trivial matters. Spinelli confessed that he had been on the receiving end of Kate's temper several times. Jason explained that she hadn't gotten hostile until Jason had started to question her about the gun, so the gun had set her off. Jason confided that it had seemed like Kate had felt threatened by Jason's attempt to prove that Sonny had been framed. Spinelli wondered if Jason had somehow offended Kate.

Jason revealed that Kate had seemed nervous when he had first entered her office, because she had quickly tucked a book beneath some files folders. According to Jason, everything had been fine until Jason had asked about the gun. Spinelli speculated that Kate knew more about the gun than she was saying. Jason conceded that it was a possibility, but he insisted that Kate's behavior hadn't made sense, because she had been defensive, not afraid, as if she had feared that Sonny had actually committed the crime. Spinelli admitted that it sounded almost like Maxie, who might end up in jail after pleading guilty.

Jason offered to help Spinelli, but Spinelli declined, because he knew that Jason had to focus on Sonny. However, Spinelli realized that there was someone who could help. Later, Sonny stopped by to talk to Jason about Jason's recovery from brain surgery. Jason assured Sonny that he was fine, but Sonny suggested that perhaps Jason needed more time to recuperate. Jason disagreed, so Sonny wondered if Jason had experienced any rage attacks since the surgery. Jason assured Sonny that Robin's medication had worked, so Sonny decided to ask Jason about Jason's visit with Kate.

At the hospital, Spinelli approached Matt to suggest that they join forces to help prove that Maxie hadn't killed Lisa Niles and Officer Briggs.

At the nurses' station, Liz apologized to Ewen for canceling their date. She explained that her grandmother was usually available to watch the boys, but Audrey had plans for that particular evening. Ewen assured her that it wasn't a problem, and then suggested that they go to lunch together, because his patient hadn't shown up for their appointment. Liz quickly accepted the invitation.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ewen held the chair out for Liz, as she sat down. Liz was impressed with his gallant manners, which Ewen credited his mother for teaching him. Liz hoped that her boys grew up as chivalrous as Ewen, but Ewen didn't think that Liz had anything to worry about, because Cam and Aiden had her for a mother. Liz thanked Ewen for the compliment, and then shifted the focus to Ewen, because she wanted to know more about his profession and love for painting. Eventually, Ewen and Liz's conversation drifted to Wyndemere, and Ethan's short stay there.

Ewen reminded Liz that Ethan had disappeared after Cassandra had died, prompting Liz to apologize for dredging up the painful memory of his patient's death. Ewen assured her that he had made peace with the fact that he couldn't save everyone. Liz confessed that she was thankful that he had been able to save her. Ewen was embarrassed, so he tried to change the subject by commenting that, with Ethan gone, Ewen had cornered the market on Australians in town. "Not unless Jax comes back," Liz replied.

"Jasper Jacks?" Ewen asked, with an odd expression on his face. "Yeah, you know him?" Liz wondered. Ewen claimed that he'd only read about Jax, and Jax's brother, Jerry, who had once held some people hostage in the hotel. Liz revealed that she had been one of the hostages, and that it had broken Jax's heart when Jax had learned that Jerry had been responsible for the hostage crisis. Ewen imagined that it had hurt Lady Jane too. Liz was surprised that Ewen knew about Lady Jane, so Ewen quickly explained that he'd seen her name mentioned in a few articles.

Liz was curious how she and Ewen had ended up talking about everything except Ewen. Ewen suggested that perhaps he had been trying to hide a deep, dark secret. Liz smiled, as she asked if he had one. "Doesn't everyone?" Ewen replied. Liz reminded Ewen that he had promised to tell her something personal about himself, so Ewen confessed that he played the harp. Liz was surprised, until Ewen pulled a harmonica out of his pocket to show her.

Liz smiled, and then revealed to Ewen that they were called harmonicas in the United States. Ewen returned the smile and then offered to serenade her with a blues tune. Liz blushed as Ewen began to play the harmonica with impressive skill. Afterwards, Liz admitted that she was impressed, and then wondered if there were anything else that she should know. Ewen decided to turn the focus back to Liz by asking her what she wanted. "Out of life?" Liz wondered.

Ewen chuckled and then clarified that he had been referring to the dessert menu. Liz laughed and decided to let him surprise her, while she went to freshen up. After Liz left, Ewen was startled when Connie suddenly walked up behind him and greeted him. Ewen wondered how long Connie had been in control, but Connie wasn't interested in talking about that. She sat down in Liz's vacated seat and then revealed that she intended to give Ewen something to really smile about.

At the lake house, John McBain offered to help Sam, because she was clearly upset, but Sam couldn't handle his "good cop" routine. She explained that he was the last person that she should be talking to, so she asked him to leave. John assured Sam that he was in town to investigate Sonny, not Jason, so he promised that he wasn't using her. Sam wasn't swayed, so John reminded her of their talk in church. Sam admitted that she hadn't felt like she had been talking to a stranger, so John suggested that she trust him, the way that she had trusted him in the church. Sam steadfastly refused, so John decided to slip into the kitchen to fetch a glass of water for her.

Sam realized that John had no intention of leaving. John explained that he had business with Alexis, so he planned to stay until Alexis returned. Sam decided to leave, but she began to sway as she stood up. John quickly reached out to steady Sam so she didn't fall. He pointed out that she was in no condition to drive, but Sam suggested that it might be best for everyone if she were to wrap her car around a tree. John was horrified by the thought, so he reminded her of the precious life growing inside of her.

Sam admitted that she should probably talk to Jason about what she had found out in New York City, but she didn't know how to broach the subject. John wondered if Jason would react badly to the news, so Sam confessed that that would be an understatement. John worried that Jason might become violent with Sam, but she quickly assured him that Jason was not like that. Sam explained that Jason was always in control, but one man had been able to make Jason lose it. John recalled reading that Jason had been the target of a serial killer artist.

Sam explained that Franco had been a sick freak who had played mind games. "So this is about Franco," John guessed. Sam admitted that Franco had thought that he and Jason had been alike, prompting John to point out that Jason was a mob enforcer, so he could see why Franco would think that. Sam insisted that Jason would never hurt anyone deliberately, but Franco had enjoyed it. Sam then confessed that Franco still had the power to destroy Jason and Sam's lives. She told John about the DVD that Franco had left for them, and then confided that she had regretted watching it.

Sam's eyes filled with tears as she revealed the details of the video, and her decision to dig into the message behind it. Sam regretted that decision, because Jason had wanted a child for so long, but it was all ruined. John suggested that if Jason were the man that Sam had claimed that Jason was, then Jason would stand by her and help her deal with whatever she had found out in New York City. Sam explained that she had no idea what the information would do to Jason, or how it would impact her relationship with her husband. John cautioned Sam not to repeat the mistake that she had made when Robin had died by withholding important information from Jason.

Sam wondered how John would feel to learn that Franco was his brother. Sam realized that she had said too much, so she begged John not to tell anyone. John assured her that her secret was safe with him. He was curious how certain she was that Jason and Franco were brothers. Sam clarified that Jason and Franco were twins, and then revealed the details of Susan's delivery, and Heather's decision to sell one of the twins to Liz Frank, Franco's mother. John pointed out that Liz Frank seemed like a common name, but Sam explained that Jason had been able to trace Franco's mother to Woodstock, so Sam had decided to pay Betsy a visit to verify Heather's claims.

According to Sam, Betsy had admitted that Heather had told the truth, and then Betsy had given Sam the hospital identification bracelet that Franco had found, along with the DVD, when Franco had been a teenager. Sam explained that Franco had badgered Betsy for the truth, until Betsy had admitted that Jason and Franco were twins. Sam was certain that Franco had first sought out Jason to reconnect with his twin, but then Jason had rejected Franco. John understood why Jason would be unwilling to deal with a sociopath like Franco. "You have no idea," Sam replied.

John pointed out that Franco was dead, so whatever Franco had done to Jason was over. "No, it's not," Sam tearfully explained. Sam confided to John about how Franco had raped Sam while Sam and Jason had been on their honeymoon. Sam admitted that she had refused to go to the hospital after the rape, so she had decided to have a paternity test when she had realized that she was pregnant, since she was certain that she had conceived during her honeymoon. Sam explained that the paternity test couldn't rule out Franco as the father, because Jason and Franco were twins.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sonny asked Jason why Jason had grilled Kate, but Jason denied that his and Kate's interaction had been a heated one. Sonny assumed, as Kate wouldn't have exaggerated, that Jason had been having blackouts again. Jason let Sonny know that Kate hadn't been acting like herself. He worried that Kate might have been having doubts about Sonny's innocence.

"I think something's wrong with Kate," Jason worried. Sonny refused to believe that Kate had been involved with the shooting that had blown out Anthony's tires. Sonny asked Jason to stay away from Kate. After Sonny left, Sam arrived. Jason asked Sam whether she'd gotten the answers she had sought at Ferncliff.

Connie greeted Ewen at the Metro Court restaurant. She sent Sonny a text message, requesting that he meet her there. She was planning to have Sonny catch her and Ewen in flagrante. Liz returned to the table, which surprised Connie, because she hadn't realized the doctor and Liz were on a date.

Liz offered to let Ewen and Kate finish their business, but Kate invited her to join them. Liz was nonplussed and was aghast when Kate casually asked how the sex was with Ewen. Liz excused herself, and Ewen went after her. He asked if they could have another date, and Liz agreed.

Ewen returned to the table, and Connie groped him. She made lewd suggestions. Ewen tried to get through to Kate and appealed to her to fight Connie for control. The two briefly struggled, and Kate emerged -- horrified at what Connie might have done.

The last Kate remembered, Jason had been questioning her at the Crimson offices. He had insinuated that the gun found in her office might have belonged to her. Ewen suggested that the pressure of Jason's interrogation had likely caused Connie to take over.

Ewen also let Kate know that Connie had made a pass at him. Kate was appalled and wondered what Connie was up to. Ewen surmised that Connie was trying to arrange for Sonny to catch her in bed with another man. Ewen revealed that Connie had also propositioned Johnny and Steve. Kate and Ewen left to return to his office. Later, Sonny arrived and asked the bartender if she'd seen Kate. The woman replied that Kate had left with some man.

Spinelli proposed to Matt that they work together to prove who'd killed Lisa, in order to clear Maxie. Matt was resistant, which shocked Spinelli. Matt admitted he had doubts as to Maxie's innocence. Spinelli finally broke through to him, and Matt realized Maxie wanted to be punished, because she felt guilty for Robin's death.

Matt and Spinelli both agreed that they should stop competing with each other for Maxie's affections. Spinelli suggested they go through the list of all the suspects in Lisa's and Briggs' murders. "Starting with her," Spinelli said as Liz walked by. They approached Liz and asked her about the night Lisa had thrown her overboard.

Liz revealed that the man who'd pulled her out of the water on Spoon Island that night had been Ewen. Matt and Spinelli were suspicious of Ewen and vowed to poke into his business. Just then, Ewen arrived with Kate.

In jail, Alexis visited Maxie, who protested Alexis' involvement in her case. Alexis told Maxie how proud Mac was of his niece. She let Maxie know that Spinelli and Matt had been fighting over Maxie. Maxie went off on a tangent and rambled on about how she wasn't worthy of either man.

Alexis let Maxie know that Mac had retained Alexis to represent her. Maxie's incarceration was tearing Mac up. "Georgie and Robin were the good ones, okay? I'm not," cried Maxie. Alexis pleaded with Maxie to accept her help, but Maxie dismissed her. Alone in the interrogation room, Maxie wept as she remembered Spinelli begging her to let him help her.

Sam regretted confiding in John McBain, but he tried to comfort her as she lamented the fact that Jason and Franco were twin brothers. The genetics test was worthless, she explained, since the two men shared DNA. "Not necessarily," cautioned John. He pointed out that, since Jason and Franco were fraternal twins, their DNA would not be identical.

Sam told John they wouldn't be able to get a sample from Franco, because he was dead. John let Sam know that the FBI had Franco's DNA on file. John offered to get in touch with some of his contacts at the agency. Sam swore him to secrecy, but he strongly urged Sam not to hide the truth from Jason. He likened Sam's actions to Natalie's. "Do you ever think maybe we don't want to be spared?" he asked.

Alexis walked in, surprised to see John with Sam. Sam assured her mother that everything was fine and left. "What the hell just happened here?" Alexis asked John. John told her he'd investigated Sonny while working for the FBI and was investigating Cole and Hope's deaths. Alexis pointed out that John was no longer with the FBI and, as a lieutenant with the Llanview Police Department, he was out of his jurisdiction.

John presented Alexis with documentation proving he'd been given a federal allowance to continue investigating Sonny. "Since when do the Feds empower a local police officer?" an incredulous Alexis asked. "Since they want your client as badly as I do," he smugly answered.

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