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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 16, 2012 on GH
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Michael was toweling his hair dry, after showering, when he entered the living room of his apartment. He expected to see Starr, but found Sonny there instead. Sonny said that he was waiting for the jury's decision. Michael thought that Sonny had a good chance of going free. Sonny questioned if Michael really wanted Sonny to be free because Michael had lied to him about Starr.

Sonny demanded to know how long Starr had been staying with Michael. Michael said that she had been there for about two weeks. Michael told Sonny that Starr had no other contacts in Port Charles and that he had promised to help her after the horrendous accident that had claimed the lives of her boyfriend and her daughter. Michael said that he felt sorry for Starr because he knew what it was like to lose someone close.

Sonny said that Starr was a pretty girl and wondered if there was something more between Michael and Starr. Michael denied it. Sonny said that Starr blamed him for the deaths of Hope and Cole and would continue blaming him no matter what the jury said. Michael thought that Starr would get over it if the jury cleared Sonny, but Sonny did not agree. Sonny said that Starr was using Michael to hurt Sonny. Sonny told Michael to watch out and then left the apartment.

John McBain found Starr on the docks. He offered her a doughnut, which she took. She wanted assurances that the jury would find Sonny guilty in the deaths of Hope and Cole, but John said that one could never tell about juries. He asked if she trusted Michael and said it might be awkward at the dinner table if Sonny was convicted. He asked if Starr could handle it if Sonny walked.

Starr could not believe that Sonny could be acquitted. She said that he had been cold and detached in the courtroom. Starr was convinced that Sonny had killed Cole and Hope and had no remorse about it. John was worried about what Starr would do if the jury did not see it the same way as she did. John said that sometimes the bad guy won because of a technicality, or a payoff, or a slick lawyer. Starr wondered if that was how things worked. John said that there was a difference between justice and revenge.

John used her dad, Todd, who was being held in Llanview on murder charges, as an example. John noted that Todd had thrown away everything to get revenge and had ended up losing everything that he loved. John did not want the same thing to happen to Starr. John said that it might not seem like it in the moment, but Starr had a great life ahead and that Cole would want her to get on with her life. Starr said that she would move on once Sonny was convicted.

Starr said that John did not have to stay in Port Charles because of her. He said that he did have to stay and admitted that he had reasons of his own. Starr told John that Michael had said that John had a personal grudge against Sonny that predated the deaths of Hope and Cole. John did not admit that he did, but did say that Michael had a good imagination. Starr playfully accused John of spying on her and reporting to Blair, Starr's mother. John said that all he had ever told Blair was that Starr was a bright and beautiful young woman.

John told Starr that if she ever needed to talk, she could always trust him to keep confidential what she said to him privately. Starr told John that she was glad that he was there for her and that he was on her side. When Starr left the docks, John took an old, worn news clipping out of his pocket. When he unfolded it, a large picture of a much younger Sonny was revealed. The headline above the story said, "Atlantic City Gang Violence Ends in Death of Young Woman."

Michael was waiting when Starr returned to the apartment. She told him about meeting up with John, and he told her about Sonny's visit. Michael said he was glad to tell Sonny that Starr was staying with him so that he did not have to lie to his dad. Starr said, "Yes," when Michael asked if he had been right about John having a past with Sonny. Starr also agreed that Sonny was right when he said that Starr was angry and would blame Sonny for the deaths of Cole and Hope no matter what the jury decided. Starr did not answer when Michael asked if Sonny had been correct when he said that Starr was using Michael.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Ronnie, Dante, and Lulu discussed the ongoing investigation into the assaults on dancers. Lulu wanted to act as a decoy, but Dante said that Lulu was not a trained police person. Ronnie mentioned Eddie, Delores' husband, as she walked up. She told them that she had spoken to Eddie, and he knew nothing about the construction site badge that had been found near the latest victim.

Ronnie and Dante wanted to talk to Eddie, but Delores became defensive when she realized that Eddie was a suspect. She asked how long they had been going behind her back to investigate her husband. Dante said that they were just going where the evidence took them. Delores said that they were insane and that she was not covering up for her husband. Ronnie said that there were too many coincidences and that they needed to talk to Eddie in person. Delores said that Eddie was working out of town.

Dante said that Eddie always seemed to be out of town when one of the dancers got beaten up. A frustrated Delores said that she had nothing to hide. She flung a key at Dante and gave Ronnie and Dante permission to search her apartment. After the men left, Lulu tried to talk to her, but Delores told Lulu that she did not want to hear it and walked away.

Later, Delores ordered Lulu to take a file back to the evidence room. Lulu said that she was sorry and did not want to believe that Delores was involved, but pointed out that Delores had been close by when all the photo evidence had mysteriously disappeared from Dante's phone. Delores said that Eddie had not hit her and had not beaten up the strippers.

When Dante and Ronnie returned, Delores asked if they were there to apologize to her. Dante told her she might want to sit down. He showed her pictures of the girls who had been attacked and said that he and Ronnie had found them in the back of her closet.

At General Hospital, Ewen called Kate, who was at Sonny's house and asked her to see him immediately. Kate was shaking and holding the note that Connie had left for her the previous day. As Kate opened Sonny's door to go see Ewen, Jason was about to knock. Jason turned to leave, but Kate started apologizing for her behavior to him. Jason tried to explain why he had questioned her about the gun, but Kate started hearing Connie's voice and screamed at her to "leave her the hell alone." Jason thought that Kate was talking to him. Kate said she was sorry and rushed out of the house.

Sonny got home and overheard Jason talking to Spinelli about Kate and how she had gone off on him again. Sonny told Jason to stay away from Kate. Jason was calm when he asked Sonny if he could honestly say that there had been nothing odd about Kate's behavior recently. Sonny said that Kate had been high strung, but there was nothing wrong. Jason tried to tell Sonny that Kate's psychiatrist thought that she was dangerous. Sonny screamed at Jason to stop going behind his back. Sonny insisted that he knew Kate, and he did not want to talk about her again. Jason left quietly.

Outside Ewen's office, Steve and Olivia tried to convince Heather to talk to Ewen. Heather started crying, and insisted that she was fine and did not need another shrink. Both Olivia and Steve were puzzled when she alluded to Sam as the cause of Steve's loss of faith in her. Heather ran away crying, and Steve made excuses to believe in her recovery. Olivia was not so sure, but when Heather returned, Steve offered to take her to Kelly's for a BLT, and did not insist that she see Ewen. Heather leaped at the opportunity to leave Olivia behind.

When Steve and Heather left, Olivia barged into Ewen's office and said that she did not care what anyone said; Heather was nuts and should be locked up. As Olivia vented about Heather, Ewen noted that Heather's records from Ferncliff indicated that she had made substantial progress. Olivia was not mollified. Before Olivia could leave, Kate burst in and said, "She is ruining my life and has to be stopped before she ruins my relationship with Sonny." A curious Olivia wondered who "she" was.

Kate apologized for interrupting Olivia's session, but Olivia said she was not there for herself but for Steve's nut job mother. Olivia said that if Kate were there to see Ewen, she would leave and hope that Kate would stay away from other people's boyfriends. After Olivia's exit, Kate told Ewen that she had heard Connie begging to be let out after yet another altercation with Jason. Ewen said that was exactly why Kate needed treatment. He said that Connie knew something and was screaming to get out.

Ewen said that because Kate had refused to commit herself voluntarily, he was preparing papers to have her committed involuntarily. He said that before he sought out the appropriate signatures, he hoped Kate would reconsider. Shaken by the latest threat from Connie, Kate agreed, but insisted that she had to talk to Sonny first. Ewen made arrangements with Shadybrook, and Kate went to see Sonny.

When Kate arrived, Sonny told Kate that she was beautiful. She had tears in her eyes, and Sonny asked if something was wrong. Kate said that Jason had stopped by and that they'd had had another run-in. Sonny said it had to stop. Kate agreed and said that there was something that she had to tell him.

At Kelly's Diner, Sam made a call to inquire about her most recent paternity test but found that the results were not yet available. As Sam hung up the phone, Alexis sat down with her and wanted to finish the conversation they had started a few days earlier. Sam said that she was fine and no longer needed to talk. Alexis was not convinced and continued to probe Sam about her relationship to Jason and what had happened when Sam and John had conversed while Alexis had been gone from her home and Sam had been alone with John.

Sam continued to evade Alexis' probes and blamed her condition on hormones. Alexis assured Sam that Sam had a perfect life and that nothing would go wrong. Sam still seemed unhappy, but before Alexis could ask more questions, Steve and Heather entered the diner. Heather greeted Alexis and Sam and acted friendly until Steve walked away to speak to Alexis privately. Then the gloves were removed, and Heather demanded to know why she should not inform Jason about Sam's paternity test.

Sam said that she had kept her side of the bargain. Heather accused Sam of telling Steve about the stolen baby, but Sam said she had stuck to their deal and had not told anyone about anything that had occurred between Sam and Heather. Heather seemed convinced that Sam had not been responsible for sending Steve to ask Ewen to reevaluate Heather. Before Heather could make more threats, Sam got a call from General Hospital, alerting her that the DNA test results were in.

In another corner, Alexis said to Steve that she was not surprised to see Heather because Edward had called to let her know that Heather had been released. Steve said that Heather had been released to his custody, and he would make sure that she did not cause any trouble. Alexis said that she was sure that Steve would do a good job, but she was also sure that Steve would understand that since Heather had tried to murder Edward for his money, Edward wanted a restraining order in place to keep Heather away from him.

Steve did understand, but asked Alexis to let him tell Heather. Alexis agreed and went back to Sam, who said she had to take care of some business and rushed out. Steve and Heather got BLTs. He asked what was up between Heather and Sam

A few minutes later, Jason entered, looking for Sam. Alexis wanted to know if everything was okay between Jason and Sam. Jason said that he and Sam were very happy.

Jason left Kelly's, but Heather rushed out after him. She asked how her cousin once removed was doing and then said that they had a lot to catch up on.

Sam picked up the DNA test results from GH and went to the docks to open them privately. She flashed back to the first test and how happy she and Jason had been when they got the results and then she thought about how upset she had been when Heather had told her that Franco had been Jason's twin. As she prepared to open the envelope, John appeared on the docks.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

At Greystone Manor, Sonny insisted that Kate could tell him anything. Kate knew that Jason had told Sonny that there had been another incident between Kate and Jason, so Sonny revealed that Jason had told him that Kate had started to apologize to Jason about what had happened at Crimson. According to Sonny, Jason had confided that Kate had suddenly flipped out during the apology. "Is that true?" Sonny wondered. "The person that said those things, it wasn't me," Kate admitted.

Sonny attributed Kate's outburst to stress, because of the trial, so he insisted that one bad moment did not define who she was. However, he also knew that Jason had the ability to put people on the defensive, but Kate assured Sonny that Jason hadn't done anything wrong. Sonny wondered if perhaps Carly's behavior at the restaurant had added to Kate's stress. He realized that Carly had been completely out of line by mentioning that "Connie thing." "Are you sure you want to do this, Kate?" Connie suddenly whispered in Kate's head. Kate rubbed her temples, as Sonny assured Kate that everything would be okay, because he intended to make certain that Jason didn't bother her again. Kate promised Sonny that she didn't have a problem with Jason.

Kate appeared to be on the verge of telling Sonny about her dissociative identity disorder when his cell phone rang. It was Alexis, who informed him that the jury had reached a verdict. Kate quickly decided to postpone her talk with Sonny, so she took two painkillers, and then assured Sonny that he was a good man. She was confident that he would not be convicted. Sonny claimed that he was a better man when Kate was around. Kate smiled, and then told Sonny that she loved him, and that she hoped that he never forgot that.

At Michael's apartment, Michael admitted that Sonny suspected that Starr had gotten close to Michael, so that she could influence Michael's testimony to assure a conviction. "What do you think?" Starr asked Michael. Michael realized that she had needed someone to talk to, but he didn't know if she had turned to him because he understood her pain, or because she had hoped to turn him against his father. Starr didn't have an opportunity to reply, because Carly knocked on the door. Michael opened the door, while Starr carefully stood out of sight.

Carly explained that she hated how she and Michael had left things, but Michael told his mother that it wasn't a good time for them to talk. Carly insisted that it had been wrong of her and Sonny to put Michael in the middle of things, but she claimed that Sonny had been wrong about Johnny. Carly was adamant that Johnny hadn't framed Sonny, and that Sonny didn't care about the truth, because Sonny was only interested in his personal vendetta against Johnny. Michael reminded his mother that he didn't want to discuss it, but Carly was determined to clear things up. She pushed her way into the apartment, and then stopped short when she saw Starr.

Carly recognized Starr, so she was curious why Starr was there. Michael explained that Starr had been staying with him. "Why?" Carly wondered. "I'm not sure," Michael admitted. Starr explained that she had turned to Michael, because she had felt a connection with him. Starr assured Carly that they had never discussed their testimonies, and that she had never asked Michael to betray his father. Starr didn't think it had been necessary, because everyone knew that Sonny was guilty.

"I don't," Michael solemnly replied. Carly reminded Michael that they didn't know if Sonny had caused the accident, but Sonny had put himself in the situation because of the destructive choices that Sonny always made. Moments later, Carly and Michael received phone calls alerting them that the jury had reached a verdict. Carly offered to give Michael and Starr a lift to the courthouse, but Michael and Starr declined. Carly hoped, for Starr's sake, that justice was served, and then left.

Afterwards, Starr thanked Michael for his support. Michael assured her that he knew that she had done what she had thought was best for Hope and Cole.

At Kelly's, Heather followed Jason outside. Steve was hot on his mother's heels, as Heather called out to Jason. Jason was curious when Heather had been released from Ferncliff. Heather ignored the question, as she admitted that it was nice to see her cousin, once removed. According to Heather, they had some catching up to do, but Jason disagreed. Heather snagged Jason's full attention when she insisted that there was something that Jason needed to know about Sam.

Jason demanded to know what Heather had to say. "Quite a bit, actually," Heather replied. Steve tried to intervene by explaining that Sam had visited Heather at Ferncliff. Jason revealed that Sam had told him everything about the visit. "Not everything," Heather assured Jason. Heather then revealed that she had been present at Jason's birth.

Jason told Heather to get to the point. Heather was annoyed by Jason's lack of interest in the events surrounding his birth, but she confessed that he had been a beautiful baby, who had been "golden." "Not all are so blessed," Heather cryptically added. Heather then revealed that Jason's birth had not been the end for Susan. Jason wondered what that meant, but then decided that he didn't have time for Heather's games.

Heather resented Jason's rudeness. She explained that she had something important to tell him that he needed to know. According to Heather, there had been some complications during Susan's delivery. "Medical complications?" Jason asked. "Among others," Heather replied. Heather informed Jason that he should be grateful to her, because things could have easily gone the other way.

Heather was about to tell Jason her secret, but Alexis stepped out of Kelly's to inform Jason that the jury had reached a verdict. Heather resented Alexis' interruption, but Jason and Alexis ignored Heather. After Jason and Alexis left, Steve led his mother back to their seats in Kelly's. Steve admitted that he wanted to know about the complications that Heather had referred to. Heather grumbled about men who walked away after telling a woman what she wanted to hear, prompting Steve to wonder if she were referring to his father, Jeff, or Jason's father, Alan.

Heather complained that Monica, and his son, A.J., had consumed Alan so Susan's child had been a complication. According to Heather, Susan had had no idea how to provide for her baby, but Steve pointed out that Alan had done right by Susan and the baby. Heather argued that Alan had stepped up to the plate after Jason's birth. Steve was curious what any of that had to do with Jason's birth.

Heather explained that Susan's delivery had been difficult, and that after Jason's birth, Susan had continued to be in tremendous pain. Heather revealed that Susan had passed out, and that Heather had been terrified that her cousin might die. Heather suddenly recalled Sam's threat to tell Steve about Heather's decision to sell one of Susan's twin sons if Heather didn't keep quiet about Franco. Heather snapped back to the present, and then told Steve that she was disappointed that Jason hadn't seemed to care what his mother had gone through. Steve sensed that something else might have happened during Susan's delivery, but Heather insisted that she had merely wanted Susan's son, "the guardian of the next generation," to understand the past that "is being carried out in that child he's having with Sam."

At the police station, Dante showed Delores the evidence that he and Ronnie had found in the bedroom closet of Delores' home. Delores looked at the pictures of the dancers that had been attacked, and then informed Dante and Ronnie that she had never seen the photographs before. Moments later, Johnny Zacchara entered the squad room. Ronnie explained that they had called to let Johnny know that they had identified the person responsible for the attacks on the dancers from Vaughn's, and then showed Johnny the batch of pictures that had been found in Delores and Eddie's closet. Johnny confirmed that the photographs were of the women who had worked at Vaughn's, and that the pictures appeared to have been taken in the strip club.

Delores insisted that the pictures didn't prove that Eddie had attacked the dancers. Ronnie snidely suggested that they did prove that Eddie had an unusual hobby. Lulu suggested that Ronnie ease up on Delores, but Ronnie ignored the advice. Meanwhile, Delores argued that the pictures only proved that Eddie had been at Vaughn's, if they were even Eddie's pictures. Ronnie reminded Delores of the crime scene photos that had been erased; he pointed out that they hadn't deleted themselves.

Lulu clarified that she hadn't seen Delores delete the pictures from Dante's phone. Johnny chuckled, and then pointed out that it was no wonder the public lacked confidence in the police department. Dante made it clear that he didn't appreciate Johnny's commentary, and then reminded Johnny that Johnny was simply there to identify the photos. Delores continued to defend her husband by reminding Dante that she had been attacked too. Delores insisted that she would have known if her attacker had been her husband.

Dante explained that they needed to follow the evidence, so Ronnie suggested that they find Eddie, so that they could question Delores' husband. Dante sent Ronnie to fetch Eddie, so Johnny quietly pulled Delores aside to let her know that she wouldn't do him any good in jail for tampering with evidence. Delores reminded Johnny that she had given him the information about Sonny that he had requested, so she expected Johnny to keep up his end of their bargain.

Later, Delores confronted Lulu about accusing Delores of deleting the evidence pictures. Lulu pointed out that she had seen Delores hanging around the evidence room, so Delores explained that she had been in the evidence room, looking through cold case files, in the hopes of finding a pattern that would connect to her sister's unsolved murder to the attacks on the dancers. Lulu reminded Delores that Eddie hadn't shown up for their couples' night out on the night that Delores had been attacked, and that Delores and Eddie had been arguing. Delores pointed out that all married couples argued, including Lulu and Dante. Moments later, Ronnie returned to the police station with Eddie in tow.

Delores was upset when she saw her husband handcuffed, and then unceremoniously dumped into a chair. Lulu watched, as Delores approached Eddie. Eddie was outraged by the accusations against him. Delores tearfully assured her husband that she'd had no idea that they had been looking at Eddie as a suspect. Eddie assured Delores that he had not attacked the dancers, so Delores asked him about the pictures that had been found in their bedroom closet.

Eddie had never seen the pictures, and had no idea how they had ended up there. Delores wondered why Eddie hadn't answered her calls on various nights. Eddie reminded his wife that she knew him, and that he had never laid a hand on her, or any other woman. Eddie realized that he hadn't been the husband that Delores had deserved, but he assured his wife that he loved her, and that he needed her to believe him. Delores promised Eddie that she loved him, and knew that he hadn't been responsible for the assaults.

Moments later, Ronnie returned to inform Eddie that Eddie would be booked on suspicion of multiple counts of battery. Delores was stunned that her husband would be arrested before forensics had returned with a report. Ronnie warned Delores that Delores was lucky that she wasn't being charged as an accessory. Delores advised her husband not to say anything until she found an attorney for him. After a police officer took Eddie for booking, with Delores trailing behind them, Ronnie admitted to Lulu that he couldn't believe that Delores would defend Eddie.

Lulu explained that Delores believed that Eddie was innocent. "I'm not so sure she's wrong," Lulu confessed. Ronnie was stunned. He reminded Lulu that she had suspected Delores of deleting the crime scene pictures from Dante's cell phone, but Lulu clarified that she hadn't seen Delores do the deed. Ronnie was certain that Delores had deleted the pictures, and that Delores' husband was a freak. Lulu admitted that Eddie didn't seem guilty to her, so Ronnie argued that the evidence suggested otherwise.

Everyone gathered at the courthouse to hear the jury's verdict in Sonny's trial. Michael sat with Starr, so that she didn't feel alone, while Dante and Jason sat behind Sonny to show him their support. Johnny was pleasantly surprised when Carly showed up, and then held his hand. Moments later, the judge entered the courtroom, and then asked Sonny to rise. The jury's forewoman was then asked to read the verdict, which was not guilty.

Johnny was outraged. Meanwhile, Starr seethed with anger, as the judge announced that Sonny was free to go. After Jason and Kate congratulated Sonny, Starr stood up, and then shouted that she knew that Sonny was guilty. Michael tried to hold Starr back, but she pulled out of his grasp, and then advanced on Sonny. Starr accused Sonny of not caring about the innocent lives that he had snuffed out, because all that mattered to Sonny was that he had gotten away with murder. Starr was certain that Sonny had murdered Hope and Cole, so she vowed to make Sonny pay for taking her little girl away.

Michael followed Starr as she stormed out of the courtroom. Kate wondered if Sonny were okay, but he assured her that he understood that Starr had been through a terrible tragedy and was desperate for justice. However, Sonny insisted that the wrong man had been on trial. Sonny thanked Alexis, so she nodded, and then advised him to stay out of trouble. Johnny wondered if Alexis were proud of herself. Alexis explained that she had done her job, so she suggested that Johnny get back to "doing" Sonny's ex-wife and spare Alexis the moralizing.

Johnny and Carly started to leave, but Sonny commented that Johnny seemed disappointed. Johnny wondered if Sonny intended to gloat after what Sonny had put Starr, and her family, through. Sonny insisted that he hadn't done anything. "That was all you," Sonny added. Carly tried to get Johnny to leave, prompting Sonny to remark, "Nice loyalty, Carly."

Sonny insisted that Johnny knew the truth; Johnny had tried to set Sonny up, and had failed, like Johnny always did. Sonny accused Johnny of being a loser because of Johnny's lame attempt to plant the gun in Kate's office. Johnny was curious if Sonny had threatened the jurors, or if Sonny had paid them off. Johnny then wondered what the going rate was for getting away with murder and if it cost more when innocent lives were involved. Sonny argued that those deaths were on Johnny's hands, because Johnny had sent a henchman, who had botched the job, to kill Anthony. Sonny wondered when Carly would realize that she was dating a moron.

Johnny's temper flared when Sonny mentioned Claudia's name. Jason was forced to step forward, to physically restrain Johnny from attacking Sonny. Sonny chuckled, and then left. Afterwards, Jason warned Carly to be careful. Johnny continued to rant about Sonny getting away with murder, but Carly reminded Johnny that it had been a circumstantial case. Johnny argued that the murder weapon had been found on the floor of Sonny's girlfriend's office, prompting Carly to wonder if Sonny had been right to accuse Johnny of planting the gun.

Sonny and Kate returned to Greystone Manor. Kate was ready to celebrate, but Sonny reminded her that she had been about to tell him something before he had received the call about the verdict. Sonny pointed out that Jason had been in complete control of his emotions during Sonny's confrontation with Johnny, so Sonny had questions about what had really transpired in Kate's office when Jason had questioned her about the gun. Kate admitted that she hadn't been herself on that day, so Sonny wanted to know what was really going on.

Meanwhile, Michael returned to the apartment and found Starr packing her things.

At the police station, Dante told Lulu that Sonny had been found not guilty. Dante admitted that he was relieved, and that he believed that the jury had made the right decision. However, Dante realized that the gun had been planted, so they were missing a piece of the puzzle.

On the pier, Sam had the paternity test results in hand when she spotted John McBain. Sam wasn't surprised that he was there. "Nice to see you too," John replied. Sam explained that she didn't want to seem ungrateful, because he had helped her, but she was reluctant to look at the results of the paternity test. She confessed that she had been walking around, wondering if her baby's father might be Franco, so she was tempted to throw the results into the water without opening them. John was curious if Sam were prepared to live without knowing the truth.

Sam thought that it might be for the best, but John warned Sam that secrets had a way of getting out. Sam realized that he spoke from experience, because of what had happened when Natalie had lied to John about his son, Liam. Sam realized that John thought that it was a mistake for her to keep the truth from Jason, but she explained that Jason had been so happy during the sonogram when Jason had seen the baby for the first time. John reminded Sam that it was her call to make, but, as a general rule, John favored telling the truth.

Sam admitted that it didn't matter, because Heather had been released from Ferncliff, and that she had discovered that Sam had had the paternity test. Sam explained that Heather was mentally unstable, so there was no telling what Heather would do, since Heather resented Sam for not delivering a letter to Steve. John wished that he could help, so Sam asked him to stay, while she read the results of the paternity test. Sam then confided that she felt as if she were having another déjà vu moment. She sensed that she had known John from somewhere, so she needed him with her, because he didn't feel like a stranger to her.

Sam then opened the envelope, and unfolded the paper with the results. Her eyes filled with tears, as she quietly revealed, "It's Franco. I'm carrying Franco's baby." Sam began to sob, as she talked about the night of her rape. She realized that Franco had put the shirt over the camera, because it had been the perfect way to give Jason and Sam a glimmer of hope that the worst hadn't happened. John felt terrible for Sam, but Sam insisted that she needed to say it out loud, so that she could make herself believe it. "Franco raped me. The baby I'm carrying is Franco's, not Jason's," Sam cried.

John reminded Sam that Franco was dead, but Sam insisted that it wouldn't make Jason feel better. John insisted that it wasn't just about Jason; she was a part of it too. Sam realized that she had to tell Jason everything. "How is this possible?" Sam wondered. John pulled Sam close, as she wept on his shoulder.

John promised Sam that she and Jason would get through it, and that Jason would understand. Sam was curious if John had understood when Natalie had lied to him. Moments later, Sam's cell phone rang. It was Jason, calling to tell her that Sonny had been found not guilty. Sam pulled herself together, and then asked Jason to meet her at the penthouse, because she had something to tell him.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

At Michael's apartment, Michael insisted that it wasn't necessary for Starr to leave, but Starr explained that she couldn't remain in Port Charles. Michael pointed out that the person responsible for the deaths of Hope and Cole needed to be held responsible, but Starr argued that Sonny had been the cause of the crash. Michael suggested that Starr had allowed her anger to blind her to the possibility that someone else had shot out Anthony's tires. Michael explained that Anthony had numerous enemies, including Johnny. Starr found it difficult to believe that Johnny would want to kill his own grandfather, but Michael assured her that it was true. He wondered if she were prepared to let Johnny get away with it.

Michael revealed that Johnny had been in a bad place on the night of the accident, because Johnny and Sonny had had an ugly confrontation. Michael pointed out that Anthony couldn't have seen anyone in the rearview mirror, because it had been night, and the high beams had been shining into Anthony's car. Michael also argued that Sonny wouldn't have been foolish enough to hide the gun in Kate's office. Starr was curious if Michael believed that Carly would date a man who was capable of killing a family member. Michael conceded that Johnny wouldn't have intentionally hurt Hope and Cole, but Johnny would have gone after Anthony.

Starr argued that the police disagreed, because they hadn't investigated Johnny. Starr realized that Michael was trying to help, but she insisted that it was over. She had accepted that Sonny would never face justice for killing Hope and Cole, so Starr didn't see any point in staying in town. Starr admitted that meeting Michael, and talking to him, had been the best thing to happen to her since the horrific crash, so she didn't want to ruin that by arguing with him. Michael was curious where Starr intended to go.

Starr had no idea; a part of her wanted to return to Llanview to watch her father get convicted of murder, while another part of her wanted to return to Los Angeles. Starr explained that she had been recording an album in L.A. when she had received word about her father's trial. Michael offered to drive her to the airport, but Starr declined. She thanked Michael for everything, but Michael regretted that he hadn't been able to save Hope and Cole. After Starr left, Michael sat down, and then spotted Starr's music CD.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny was offended that Carly had practically accused him of framing Sonny. Johnny blamed Sonny for planting doubt in Carly's mind. Carly denied it. She explained that Johnny's reaction to the acquittal had concerned her, because it had seemed personal. Carly confessed that Johnny had acted as if he had been disappointed because something that he had set up had fallen through. Johnny reminded Carly that a lot of people had been upset about Sonny's acquittal, including Starr.

Johnny was hurt that Carly would believe that he was capable of causing the deaths of two innocent people. Carly reminded Johnny that she was well aware of how much he hated Sonny, so she knew that Johnny would do anything to hurt Sonny. Johnny insisted that he had not been responsible for the crash, and he was disappointed that Carly, of all people, had doubts, because she had been his alibi. Johnny reminded her that there would have been a time that she would have accepted his word, but Carly explained that she needed to be certain that he hadn't been involved in the crash. Johnny assured Carly that he would never have lied to her, because she was a mother of three children.

Carly relaxed and then apologized for doubting Johnny. Johnny admitted that they had fallen into a relationship, but he promised Carly that he cared for her and that what they shared was real to him. He confessed that he couldn't pull back from her, even if he wanted to. Carly confided that she felt the same way, and she kissed him. Shortly after Carly left, someone knocked on the door. Johnny assumed that it was Carly, so he was surprised when he saw Starr standing on his doorstep.

At Greystone Manor, Kate admitted to Sonny that she wanted to tell him what she had discovered during her sessions with Ewen. Sonny explained that it wasn't necessary, but Kate insisted that it affected him. However, Olivia arrived before Kate could elaborate. Olivia wanted a private word with Sonny, but then Max entered the parlor with a bakery box in his hand. Max explained that the box was an early birthday gift from Sonny's men, who were happy about Sonny's acquittal. Max then whispered that he needed to talk to Sonny about a matter that Sonny had asked Max to look into.

Sonny decided to deal with Max first, so he left the parlor with Max. Once Sonny and Max were out of hearing range, Kate warned Olivia not to tell Sonny about Steve's groundless claims that Kate had tried to seduce Steve. Olivia insisted that Steve had no reason to lie, but, based on Kate's expression, Olivia suspected that Kate was hiding something. Olivia began to berate her cousin, referring to Kate as Connie. Kate reminded Olivia that her name was Kate, not Connie, but Olivia didn't care.

According to Olivia, the only thing that had changed since they were teenagers in Bensonhurst was the size of Sonny's bank account. Kate was offended at the suggestion that Kate was only interested in Sonny's money. As Olivia continued to rant at Kate, Kate heard Connie demanding to take control. Kate began to rub her temples, prompting Olivia to callously wonder if Kate had a headache. Kate appeased Olivia by promising not to bother Steve again. However, Olivia warned Kate that if it were to happen again, then Olivia would handle things herself, and then vowed that it wouldn't be pretty.

Meanwhile, Connie warned Kate not to tell Sonny about the dissociative identity disorder. "Not if you know what's good for you," Connie added. Olivia seemed unconcerned, as Kate suddenly fled the parlor in terror. Elsewhere in the house, Max revealed that he had managed to uncover what Johnny was up to, including Steve's role in the plans.

Shortly afterwards, Sonny returned to the parlor in time to catch Olivia about to bite into one of the pastries from the bakery box. Olivia quickly apologized, and then explained that she had stopped by to talk to Sonny about Steve's situation. Sonny assured Olivia that the problem had been handled, and that something was in the works. "By this time tomorrow, Johnny won't be bothering your boyfriend anymore," Sonny promised.

Olivia admitted that she wanted Steve out from under Johnny's thumb, but not at the expense of Johnny's life. Sonny assured Olivia that she had nothing to worry about, because the Pine Barrens was getting crowded. Olivia wasn't amused, so Sonny promised her that no harm would be done to Johnny. Olivia was curious if the same could be said for Steve. Sonny explained that Steve would be free of the blackmail, and then admitted that he simply wanted Olivia to be happy. Olivia smiled, and then confessed that she wanted the same for Sonny.

Olivia was curious if Sonny were happy, so he assured her that being with Kate made him happy. Meanwhile, in Sonny's bedroom, Kate desperately tried to compose herself. Her efforts were in vain when she glanced in the mirror to see Connie waving back at her. Connie laughed at Kate's reaction, and then wondered why Kate seemed so shocked, since Kate hadn't been talking to her imagination. Kate realized that she needed help, so she reached for the phone to call Ewen. Kate had decided to check into Shadybrook, before Connie could destroy Kate's relationship with Sonny.

Unfortunately for Kate, Ewen was not available. Kate ended the call, and then informed Connie that her disorder was treatable. Connie warned Kate that Sonny wouldn't stand by her, or else Kate would have told Sonny. Kate began to sob, which gave Connie the opportunity to seize control. Kate was shocked to realize that their roles had been reversed; Kate was trapped in the mirror, while Connie was free to roam about. Kate watched helplessly as Connie applied lipstick and then shrugged out of the jacket.

Connie smirked at Kate, as Kate begged Connie to return the control to Kate. Connie insisted that it was a bad idea for them to be locked up in Shadybrook, but Kate argued that they needed professional help. Connie disagreed, so Kate demanded to know what Connie intended to do. Connie explained that she would take steps to get Sonny out of their lives for good. Kate pleaded with Connie to leave Sonny alone, because Kate loved Sonny. Disgusted, Connie made it clear that she refused to let Kate die for love.

Kate cried that she had tried to live without Sonny, but she had been unhappy. Kate then warned Connie that Sonny would never believe that Kate would be unfaithful to him. Moments later, Sonny entered the bedroom, and then asked whom Kate was talking to. Connie glared at Kate in the mirror, and then pretended to be Kate. Kate watched helplessly as Connie claimed that she had been venting because of her confrontation with Olivia. Kate banged on the mirror, calling out to Sonny, while Connie smiled.

Connie quickly sobered when Sonny reminded her that she had been about to tell him about her sessions with Ewen. To Kate's horror, Connie explained that the stress of the trial had gotten to her, so she had taken it out on Jason. However, Connie insisted that everything was better, and that Ewen had agreed that it was not longer necessary to continue the therapy sessions. Connie then announced that she wanted to celebrate Sonny's birthday by throwing him a party at Metro Court the following evening. Kate banged on the mirror, begging Connie to stop, but Connie ignored Kate. Sonny started to kiss Kate, but then the doorbell rang.

Sonny explained that he had sent Max on an errand. After Sonny left to answer the door, Connie wiped her lips. Kate warned Connie to leave Sonny alone. Moments later, Kate's phone rang. It was Ewen. Connie pretended to be Kate, as she explained that she had talked to Sonny about the dissociative identity disorder and that Sonny had been supportive of Kate's decision to seek inpatient treatment at Shadybrook. Ewen was relieved and agreed to meet Kate at the sanitarium in the morning.

After Connie ended the call, she informed Kate that she had no intention of meeting Ewen. Instead, Connie planned to give Sonny a birthday that Sonny would never forget. Kate screamed for Connie to return, as Connie sauntered out of the bedroom. In the foyer, Sonny was surprised to see Carly standing on his doorstep. Carly explained that Johnny hadn't framed him, so Carly wanted Sonny to leave Johnny alone. Sonny suggested that Carly had a gift for seeing what she wanted to, so Carly accused Sonny of having the same ability. Carly made it clear that she refused to let Sonny hurt Johnny.

In Ewen's office, Ewen confirmed that Shadybrook had received the commitment papers for Kate. After he ended the call, Steve entered the office to inform Ewen that Heather had agreed to talk to Ewen. Ewen was surprised, so Steve revealed that he had explained to Heather that it was a condition of her release. Ewen realized that Steve was concerned enough about Heather's mental state to lie to her. Steve admitted that Olivia was worried that Heather might be manipulating everyone, so Ewen was curious what Steve thought. Steve conceded that Heather had been a bit erratic.

At the nurses' station, Maggie was shocked when she caught Heather looking through patient files. Maggie demanded to know what Heather was doing, so Heather boldly explained that she had been trying to catch up on her reading. Maggie explained that the records were confidential, and then ordered Heather to hand the file over. Heather refused, prompting Maggie to wonder if Heather were crazy. Maggie tried to take the file away from Heather, but Heather held it out of Maggie's reach.

Maggie decided called for security, as Steve and Ewen walked up. Steve snatched the file out of Heather's hand, and then demanded to know what was going on. Heather claimed that it had been a misunderstanding, but Maggie revealed that she had caught Heather going through patient files. Heather acknowledged that she knew that the files were confidential, but she was proud of what Steve did, so she had wanted to know more about his work. Ewen suggested that he and Heather have a chat, so Heather followed Ewen to his office. Maggie was stunned when Steve admitted that Heather was his mother.

Maggie warned Steve that Heather was out of control and that Heather had made it clear that Heather would do as she pleased. Maggie then revealed that Heather had reacted strongly to being called crazy. Steve admitted that he was concerned about his mother's mental state, so he had asked Ewen for a second opinion. Maggie relaxed, then asked how things had been going with Olivia since Steve had told his girlfriend about what had happened in Memphis. Steve assured Maggie that Olivia had been supportive and that Olivia could be trusted to keep their secret.

Moments later, Steve's phone rang, so he excused himself to answer the call. It was Johnny. Johnny reminded Steve of their agreement, and then insisted that Steve provide Johnny with what Johnny had requested. Steve promised that he was working on it, but Johnny wasn't satisfied. Johnny wanted "it" by the end of the day, or Johnny would make a phone call about Steve. Olivia arrived as Steve ended the call.

Olivia sensed Steve's frustration, so Steve explained that he was sick and tired of Johnny's threats. Steve confessed that he wished that Johnny would just report him to the authorities, so that Steve could be done with Johnny. Olivia doubted that Johnny would continue to be a problem for much longer, so Steve wondered why. Olivia would only tell him that things would get better, but Steve warned her that he didn't want her involved in his problems.

In Ewen's office, Heather turned on the charm, and flirted with Ewen as their session began. Ewen saw through her ploy, so Heather assured him that she knew how the game was played. Ewen was curious if Heather thought psychoanalysis was a game. Later, Ewen and Heather left his office. Ewen confided to Steve that Heather had seemed pleasant, but he had been unable to determine if she were mentally unstable. Ewen explained that he would need more sessions with Heather, but he doubted that Heather would agree.

Meanwhile, Maggie spotted Heather, so she quickly approached Steve's mother to apologize for their earlier exchange. Heather warned Maggie never to call Heather crazy, or Maggie would regret it.

At the penthouse, Sam was looking at the results of the second paternity test when Jason arrived home. She put them down, as she greeted her husband. Jason wondered if something had happened to the baby, so Sam assured him that the baby was fine. She then reminded him about her visit with Heather at Ferncliff. Jason admitted that he had seen Heather recently, and that Heather had mentioned that there had been some complications during his birth. Sam tearfully admitted that she should have told him sooner, but she hadn't known how.

Jason was confused, so Sam revealed what Heather had told her: that Susan had delivered a second baby shortly after Jason's birth. Jason seemed to have difficulty grasping what she was saying, so Sam clarified that he'd had a twin brother. Sam then explained that Heather had sold Jason's brother to a nurse named Betsy Frank. Jason immediately recognized the name of Franco's mother. "Franco was my brother?" Jason asked.

Jason insisted that Heather had lied, and then reminded Sam that Heather was insane. Sam explained that she had confirmed everything with Betsy, and that Betsy had given her proof that Franco had indeed been Jason's twin. Sam revealed that Franco had found out about Jason when Franco had been a teenager, and that had led to Franco's obsession with Jason. "You'll never know," Jason quietly said. Sam was curious what Jason meant by that, so Jason confessed that those had been Franco's last words to him. Jason was stunned to realize that he had killed his own brother.

Sam quickly reminded Jason that Jason hadn't known that at the time, and that it wouldn't have mattered because of everything that Franco had done. Jason realized that Franco's biological connection to him might have affected the results of the paternity test. Sam admitted that she'd had a second paternity test, and she handed him the results as she revealed, "The baby is Franco's."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

At the Drake residence, Patrick sat on the sofa, watching the DVD that he and Robin had made during Christmas. Unshed tears hovered in his eyes, as he stared at the screen, while ignoring the knock at the door. The person continued to knock, so Patrick reluctantly paused the DVD, and then slowly made his way to the door. "What do you want?" Patrick asked when he saw Epiphany standing on his doorstep. Epiphany explained that she had covered for Patrick at work, so that Monica wouldn't fire him. Patrick explained that it hadn't been necessary, because it would have saved him the trouble of quitting.

Epiphany followed Patrick into the living room. She noticed the bottle of alcohol, the disarray, and the DVD that Patrick had been watching, so she demanded to know where Emma was. Epiphany relaxed when Patrick explained that his daughter was at Liz's house. Epiphany insisted that Patrick couldn't continue to live as he was, so it was time for Patrick to stop boozing it up and feeling sorry for himself. Patrick didn't see any reason to stop, so Epiphany reminded him of the patients that he had waiting at the hospital. Patrick didn't care; he was determined to sit there and miss his wife.

Epiphany agreed to give Patrick one more night to wallow in his grief, but then she intended to return. She informed him that he could fight her all he wanted, but she would win in the end. Patrick stared forlornly at the image of Robin, Patrick, and Emma on the screen, as Epiphany went to the door. After Epiphany left, Patrick hit play.

On the yacht where Lisa had been killed, Spinelli and Matt looked for clues that might help them figure out who had killed Lisa. Spinelli reviewed the police report, and then announced that he knew who the killer was. Matt was leery about Spinelli's claims because of what had happened with Ewen. Matt reminded Spinelli that they had looked like idiots when they had falsely accused Dr. Keenan of murdering Lisa. Spinelli assured Matt that he was certain about the identity of the killer, so Matt was wanted to know who it was. Spinelli warned Matt that Matt might not like the answer, and then revealed that it was Patrick.

Matt refused to believe that Patrick would have killed Lisa, because Patrick was not a murderer. Spinelli pointed out that Patrick had found Robin, and that Patrick had had the strongest motive for killing Lisa. Matt insisted that it was pure conjecture, and that it didn't prove anything. Spinelli reminded Matt that shortly after Lisa's body had been found, they had all been asked to hand over the clothing that they had worn on the night of her murder. Matt didn't see how that proved anything. Spinelli revealed that Patrick hadn't turned over his clothing until the day after Thanksgiving, which had been a full month after Lisa's murder.

Spinelli explained that Patrick could have easily substituted an incriminating piece of clothing. Matt suggested that perhaps there had been a mistake when the evidence had been logged in, but Spinelli argued that Mac had clearly turned a blind eye, because Patrick had been a family member. Matt didn't have an answer for that, so Spinelli proposed that they confront Patrick with their findings. Matt refused to let Spinelli near Patrick, because Patrick was grieving for Robin. Spinelli wondered if Matt wanted to wait until Maxie had been locked up for life. Matt pointed out that Patrick would never have let Maxie take the fall for a murder that Patrick had committed, so Spinelli suggested that perhaps Patrick had blocked it out.

Matt insisted that he had been the one who had gotten drunk, and then had passed out, while Patrick had only had a couple of glasses of champagne. Spinelli thought perhaps Patrick had suppressed the memory, because of posttraumatic stress. Matt argued that Spinelli was wasting his time. After Matt stormed off, Spinelli recalled Matt telling him, "I'm the one who got hammered, and I'm the one who spent most of the night passed out."

John McBain paid Anna a visit in her hotel suite. She confessed that she had been wondering when he'd show up. John was disappointed that he had become predictable. Anna chuckled, and then asked how he had handled Sonny's acquittal. "Don't you mean getting away with murder?" John asked.

Anna reminded John that even he had conceded that the evidence against Sonny had been weak. John was frustrated, because double jeopardy applied, so Sonny couldn't be tried again for the crime. Anna suspected that part of John's frustration stemmed from his sister's death. She pointed out that Sonny was innocent until proven guilty, but John argued that Sonny had never been held accountable for his crimes. John was livid that the prosecution had failed to convict Sonny, so John decided that it was his turn to deal with Sonny.

Anna invited John to take matters into his own hands, but John refused to sink to Sonny's level. John wanted to make certain that the judicial system worked, without compromising his ethics. Anna was curious how Natalie and Liam factored into John's plans. John pointed out that he had married a cop, so Natalie understood better than anyone why he needed to do his job. Anna decided to show John a few pictures of Robin, when Robin had been a child, and then explained that she had missed a large part of Robin's childhood, because Anna's career had been her priority. Anna assured him that Robin had understood that, but it didn't matter, because she would never get back that time with her daughter.

Anna pleaded with John not to make the same mistake. She implored him to go home, because when someone lived in the past, the future disappeared before they realized it. John assured Anna that he would not let that happen. Anna wondered if John missed Liam, so John admitted that he deeply loved his family. However, John refused to go home and let a killer walk free.

Anna pointed out that John had managed to live for years without going after Sonny. John explained that fate had put Sonny in his path, so John owed it to his sister to seize the opportunity to take Sonny down. Anna warned John that the investigative allowance that she had obtained for him would only last for sixty days, so John had eight weeks to make some charges against Sonny stick. She wondered if John would be able to walk away if he failed to do that. John assured her that he could.

Anna was curious what Natalie knew about John's business in Port Charles. John remained silent, which told Anna that Natalie wasn't aware of John's history with Sonny. John admitted that he had never discussed his sister, or that time in his life. He confided that even his brother, Michael, didn't know the full extent of what had happened to their sister. Anna doubted that Natalie would sit passively by, while John spent two more months in Port Charles. John agreed, so Anna urged him to talk to his wife.

John was surprised that Anna expected him to pick up the phone to explain to his wife that he had neglected to share an important part of his life with Natalie. Anna suggested that it was something that was best suited to discuss in person. John agreed, so he decided to return to Llanview to tell Natalie what was really going on. However, John asked Anna to call him if an opportunity to bust Sonny arose, because John wanted to be there. After John left the suite, he called Natalie to let her know that he was on his way home. Meanwhile, Anna looked at her pictures of Robin.

Michael was looking at Starr's demo CD when Sonny knocked on the door. Michael admitted that Starr was gone, so Sonny could spare him the lecture. Sonny noticed the CD, so Michael explained that Starr had been in Los Angeles to record an album when she had received word of Todd's trial. Sonny explained that he was there for another reason, and then revealed that Kate intended to throw Sonny a birthday bash at Metro Court. Sonny invited Michael to attend. Michael worried that it might be awkward, because Carly was the co-owner of the hotel, but Sonny insisted that it was between Kate and Carly, so Michael shouldn't be caught in the middle.

Michael agreed to attend the party, so Sonny turned the conversation back to Starr, because he was curious why Starr had left. Michael suspected that a part of Starr had hoped that Todd would beat the charges, so she had decided to return to Llanview for the trial. Sonny admitted that he wanted Todd to be convicted, so that Todd wouldn't turn up on Sonny's doorstep with a gun. However, Sonny was more interested in knowing why Starr had left, so Michael explained that Starr had decided to leave Port Charles because Sonny had been acquitted. Sonny didn't blame Starr, because it was clear that there were too many painful memories in Port Charles for her. Michael revealed that he tried to explain that Sonny had been set up, but Starr hadn't believed him.

Sonny was curious if Michael truly believed that Sonny was innocent. Michael confessed that Jason had put things into focus for him by pointing out that if Sonny had killed an innocent child, then it would have been written all over Sonny's face. Sonny was relieved, and confided that Michael's support meant a lot to him. Michael was confident that Sonny had been framed, so he wondered if Johnny might have done it. Michael confessed that Starr had said something that had made Michael realize that Johnny hadn't been properly investigated.

Sonny had no doubt that Johnny had had an opportunity to make a quick phone call to set things into motion, and then had used Carly as an alibi. Michael warned his father that Johnny would go after Sonny again, but Sonny wasn't concerned. Sonny explained that he knew all about Johnny's moves, including Johnny's new business venture that Johnny hoped would give Johnny an edge and expand Johnny's power. Sonny confided that Johnny was in for a major disappointment. Michael warned Sonny not to antagonize Johnny, but Sonny wasn't worried about Johnny.

After Sonny left, Michael put Starr's demo CD into the CD player to listen to her music. Meanwhile, Starr stood on Johnny's doorstep. She explained that she was looking for answers, so Johnny invited her into his penthouse. Johnny told her that he was sorry for her loss, and that Sonny had not been convicted. "Why?" Starr asked. She wondered if it was because Johnny thought that Sonny was guilty, or if Johnny had been responsible for the crash and had been hoping that Sonny would be blamed.

Starr explained that she was well aware that Johnny and Sonny were in the same business. Johnny agreed, but he insisted that the difference was that Johnny had been born into it, and was stuck in it. He confessed that it was one of the reasons that he had always tried to look out for Michael. Starr was surprised, because Michael wasn't part of Sonny's organization. "Not for lack of trying," Johnny replied. According to Johnny, it had taken Michael awhile to make a decision that Johnny had always been afraid to make.

Johnny insisted that Sonny lived for power and would do anything to get it -- and to keep it. Johnny claimed that Sonny merely pretended to live by a code; however, Sonny would do anything to make sure that Sonny remained untouchable. He assured Starr that Sonny was guilty of killing Hope and Cole. Johnny explained that prior to the crash, Sonny had gone to Johnny's penthouse to accuse Johnny of shooting Dante, so when Johnny had denied it, Sonny jumped to the conclusion that Anthony had been responsible. Johnny confided that Sonny's temper was legendary, and that only Jason Morgan was able to rein Sonny in.

Johnny then told Starr an edited version of the time that Sonny had shot Dante in the chest. He also accused Sonny of planting a car bomb that had nearly claimed Kristina's life. Finally, Johnny admitted that Michael had been caught in the crossfire on several occasions, because of Sonny. Starr was shocked, so she wondered if Sonny had ever hurt Johnny. Johnny told her that Sonny had revealed a humiliating secret about Johnny in a room full of people during a benefit gala. Starr couldn't understand how Sonny managed to always get away with the things that Sonny did, so Johnny explained that Sonny was good at what he did.

Johnny regretted that he couldn't give Starr the answers that she had been looking for. Starr admitted that she had thought that seeing Sonny convicted would make her pain go away. "Now I'm leaving with nothing, not even a job." Johnny was curious what she had been doing in Los Angeles, so Starr told him about her recording deal with Rick Powers, but she said the financing had fallen through. Johnny couldn't believe that Starr had been working with a pornography producer, but Starr assured Johnny that it had been a legitimate deal.

Johnny made a quick phone call. Starr was shocked when she realized that Johnny had bought her recording contract. She wondered why, so Johnny explained that he wanted to help her and to give her the opportunity to record her album in Port Charles. Starr suspected that there was more to it, so Johnny confessed that it could be profitable to him. He also suggested that she would be able to remain in town to watch Sonny get what he deserved.

At the penthouse, Jason stared at the results of the paternity test that showed that there was a 99.999% probability that Robert "Franco" Frank was the father of Sam's baby. "I'm so sorry," Sam tearfully said. Sam explained that the first test had been a false-positive match, so Jason wondered if it were possible that the second test was also wrong. Sam shook her head, and then explained that she'd had the paternity test done on Jason and Franco's DNA samples. "How?" Jason asked.

Sam admitted that she had obtained Franco's DNA sample from a contact at the FBI, who had investigated Franco at one time. Sam then revealed that she had given both samples to Kelly. Jason suddenly realized why Kelly had seemed confused about Sam's appointment; Sam hadn't had one. "Yes," Sam quietly admitted. "So you lied to me, again," Jason accused his wife. Sam assured Jason that she had intended to tell him everything after she had received the results of the paternity test.

Sam explained that she had hoped to spare Jason the pain of wondering if Franco were the baby's father when she revealed that Franco had been Jason's brother. Jason resented Sam keeping him in the dark once again, because of a desire to protect him. Sam argued that she had been hoping to give Jason some good news. "I was coming from a good place. Please tell me you understand that," Sam pleaded.

Jason felt as if Sam hadn't heard him when he had explained to her how he had felt after he had discovered that she had lied to him about Robin. He wondered if she had thought that he couldn't handle the truth, but Sam insisted that she hadn't wanted him to suffer. "So you suffered alone," Jason replied. He reminded her that they were supposed to lean on each other for support, so he couldn't understand why she couldn't talk him, yet she had been able to talk to a stranger like John McBain. Sam assured Jason that she had struggled with her choices. She explained that she had been afraid, because she hadn't wanted to see the look that he had in his eyes at that moment.

Jason realized that they needed to face the reality that he wasn't the baby's father. "So now what?" Sam asked. She wondered if Jason could love the baby and be a part of its life. Jason didn't immediately reply, so she worried that the idea made him sick. Jason pointed out that he hadn't said that.

Sam had no idea why she was looking to Jason for answers, since she didn't have any either. She confessed that she didn't want the baby to be Franco's, and that she desperately wanted to go back to when they had been happy and excited about the baby. Jason admitted that he hated the idea that Franco had been his brother, and that she was pregnant with Franco's child. He also despised what Franco had done to her. "Us," Sam corrected Jason.

Jason ignored her remark, as he admitted that what he hated most was that she had chosen to go through everything alone. Sam wondered what they were going to do. "I don't know," Jason admitted. Sam asked Jason to hold her. When he didn't immediately reach for her, she added, "Please." Jason opened his arms, so Sam stepped into them, and then wept on his shoulder.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Jason and Sam lamented the fact that Franco was indeed the father of Sam's baby. Sam wondered whether Franco might have turned out differently had Heather not sold him to another woman. If Susan had raised Jason and Franco together, maybe Franco might not have ended up a psychopath, Sam thought. Jason worried, "What if the baby turns out to be like Franco?"

Sam implored Jason to accept that he was her baby's father in every way that mattered. Jason expressed his frustration that Sam hadn't gone to him the moment she'd learned Franco was his brother, but he acknowledged that Sam had been dealing with a heavy burden. Jason told Sam that Kate wanted them to attend Sonny's birthday party. Neither was in the mood, but they decided the party would make for a good distraction.

Connie let a call from Ewen go to voicemail, because she had other plans. She called Johnny and taunted him over Sonny's acquittal. She tried to seduce Johnny, and suggested they make love to make Sonny jealous. Johnny told her he was not interested and hung up.

Ronnie and Dante showed up at Johnny's and questioned Johnny about black market human organs. They had apprehended two men who were trafficking the body parts and knew Johnny was involved. Ronnie noted that the two men they'd arrested seemed familiar to him.

Johnny knew that they had no evidence that would prove he had anything to do with the crimes at the hospital and told them to leave. On the way out, Dante explained that, since Sonny had been acquitted, the investigation into Cole and Hope's deaths had been reopened. "Don't take any vacations out of the country," Dante suggested.

Johnny made a phone call and berated the person on the other end. After hanging up, he vowed, to himself, revenge on everyone who'd screwed up his plans. Johnny became enraged and began tearing his penthouse apart. Carly burst through the door and demanded to know what had happened.

Johnny told her that Sonny had ruined a business deal. Carly begged Johnny to let her help him. "I don't know how this started, but what we have is real, and I really care about you," admitted Carly. She had to leave to get to Sonny's party. Later, Connie showed up on Johnny's doorstep.

Alexis went to give Sonny his birthday gift: his notice of acquittal. Alexis mentioned that she was feeling bad about how Kristina had gotten into Yale, and Sonny assured her that everything would be okay. Only he, Alexis, and Kate knew the truth.

Alexis was irritated that Sonny had shared their secret. As they discussed the particulars of Sonny's machinations, Connie eavesdropped. Connie got a call, and the ringtone alerted Sonny and Alexis that she was on the other side of the door. They went into the other room, and Alexis made her exit.

After Alexis left, Connie, masquerading as Kate, told Sonny that she was doing well since ending her therapy with Ewen. She told Sonny he could relax. Connie asked Sonny what he'd do about Johnny Zacchara. "I took care of Johnny Zacchara without any guns firing," Sonny said. "He's gonna have a bad, bad day," Sonny concluded as he left to change for the party.

Connie smiled broadly. "Gotta love your timing, Sonny," she cooed. Ewen called her again, but she refused the call. Sonny returned. In front of him, Connie, as Kate, called Jason and feigned an apology. She invited him and Sam to Sonny's party.

Michael informed Carly that Kate was going to throw a birthday party for Sonny at the Metro Court. Carly was infuriated, so she changed the subject. She was glad that Sonny had been proven not guilty. Michael asked Carly why she was dating the man who'd framed Sonny. Carly defended Johnny, and said that she trusted Johnny when he said he hadn't been involved in the crash that had killed Cole and Hope.

Carly asked Michael about Starr. He replied that she'd disappeared after the trial. He assumed she'd gone back to Llanview. Carly agreed to go to Sonny's birthday party. Later, Alexis arrived and congratulated Michael on his part in Sonny's acquittal. She asked whether Michael had heard from Kristina. Michael suggested that Alexis stop worrying about her daughter.

Everyone began to show up for the party. Connie, pretending to be Kate, made a snide comment to Alexis, dissing Alexis' fashion sense. Sam and Jason arrived. Sam went to see her mother, and Jason left to find Sonny. Sonny assured Jason that Kate was fine. In another room, Connie grabbed a knife and attacked Sonny's cake with it.

Johnny called Sonny and promised revenge for Sonny's interference. "I'm gonna hit you right where it hurts, and I'm not talking about your business," threatened Johnny. "I'm going straight for your heart, pal," he promised.

Back at the police station, Ronnie worked hard to convince Dante that they'd apprehended the right man for the attacks on the dancers. Dante expressed that he was having doubts about Eddie's guilt. Dante said he had to get to Sonny's birthday party, and Ronnie showed his disapproval.

Ronnie turned the conversation back to Eddie. Dante still wanted to continue the investigation. "Push comes to shove, we got each other's backs, like always," Ronnie vowed.

Lulu visited Luke to ask for advice. She thought the police had arrested the wrong man for the string of attacks on female dancers. She believed Eddie, who'd said he hadn't beaten anyone. Lulu wondered whether Delores had been covering for someone else. Luke suggested Lulu speak to Dante, but Lulu said that she suspected that Ronnie might have been the attacker.

Lulu reported that Ronnie had been there when Dante had taken crime scene photos, the ones that had ended up getting deleted from Dante's computer. Ronnie had become overly interested in the case around that time. Ronnie hadn't even been on the case, but he'd found a suspect, who had turned out to be innocent. That man had died shortly thereafter.

The evidence that implicated Eddie had been found in a shoebox in Eddie's closet; it could have been planted there. Luke urged Lulu to tell Dante the truth. As Lulu made her way out, she noticed some of Anna's things, and Luke mentioned Anna was staying with him. Lulu asked whether Anna knew Luke had lied to Robert about Ethan being Robert's son.

Lulu worried Anna would be even less understanding if she were to find out while she and Luke were living together. Lulu returned to the police station and looked up Ronnie's name on the police roster database. "You looking for something?" Ronnie asked, surprising Lulu.

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