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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 14, 2012 on GH
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Todd was lurking outside the Port Charles Police Department interrogation room when he overheard Kate tell Alexis that Connie was likely responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires and the subsequent accident that had killed Starr's daughter and boyfriend. Before Todd could hear more, a patrolman challenged him and removed him to another area, despite Todd's protests that he was a journalist looking for a story.

Alexis saw Todd, but did not catch on that he had been listening in. Alexis asked Kate what made Kate think that Connie had shot at Anthony's tires. Kate said that she'd had two blackouts on the night of Sonny's party and that Connie had had the means to commit the crime. Kate said that the last thing that she remembered was walking out on Sonny after begging him not to go after Anthony for allegedly shooting at Dante and wounding Sonny. Kate said that the next thing that she remembered was standing on the pier in her bloody wedding dress, which she had kept to remind herself how close she had been to dying and as a visual cue to keep herself away from Sonny.

Kate told Alexis that Connie had emerged when Kate had ignored the message of the dress and gone back to Sonny. Kate said that she had met Dr. Keenan on the pier. He had recognized that she was in trouble and had offered to treat her. Kate had refused but had taken his card. The next thing Kate remembered was being in her office with Sonny. They had made up and then made love on her desk. Kate said that Connie had had the opportunity to go after Anthony. She added that the gun found in her office did not belong to Sonny.

Kate concluded that when Jason questioned Kate about the gun, Connie had to have gotten scared and emerged to do damage control. Alexis comforted Kate and told her that if she did not remember, it was not her fault. Alexis said that Connie was the only person who knew the truth, and Alexis needed to talk to her. Kate cried and said that Dr. Keenan was in the hospital and could not hypnotize her. Alexis replied that there were other doctors. Kate said that she was afraid of Connie. Alexis responded that she could not construct a defense until she knew all the facts for certain.

The guards returned for Kate. Alexis cautioned her not to talk to anyone until she saw Alexis at the arraignment the following day. Kate agreed.

Anna pounded on Patrick's door and rang the doorbell, but no one answered. When she walked away, Patrick peeked around the corner. Epiphany showed up a few minutes later but did not give up pounding on the door and calling for Patrick, who eventually answered. Patrick was dirty, hungover, and unshaven. Epiphany said that she had been covering for him for several weeks but that it was time for Patrick to take a shower, stop drinking, and go back to work. Epiphany told Patrick that patients needed him. Patrick said that there were plenty of doctors who could replace him.

Epiphany showed Ewen Keenan's file to Patrick and said that Ewen needed Patrick. Patrick told her to turn it over to another doctor. Epiphany asked Patrick how long he had been telling anyone who would listen that he was God's gift to medicine. She said that she had put up with his ego because it was true. Patrick said that he could not work because he was dealing with the aftermath of Robin's death.

Epiphany told Patrick that what he was doing was the opposite of dealing. She told him he had to think of Emma. Epiphany pulled no punches when she said that Patrick needed to take a good look in the mirror and decide if that was the person he wanted to be.

Heather called Luke, who hung up on her. When she called back, he let it go to voicemail. Luke was standing outside Kelly's, frantically trying to get a new phone number, when Anna walked up. While Luke was on hold, Anna told him that she had gone to visit Patrick, who was not at home and was most likely consulting at Mercy. Luke noted that everyone dealt with grief differently. Luke told Anna that he was getting his phone number changed so that he could get away from his new best friend, Heather.

When the number was changed, Luke told Anna that Heather had found his gun but that he had managed to get the gun away from Heather before she left with it for Memphis to get Steve out of jail. Anna and Luke laughed at the image of Heather as a female Rambo storming the Memphis jail to free Steve. Luke told Anna that it was good to see her smile again.

At General Hospital, Heather told Luke's voicemail that she wanted to see him so that Luke could tell her how he had helped free Lulu, and Heather could tell Luke how she had helped free Steve. Olivia overheard Heather and wanted to know what Heather had done for Steve. Heather quickly responded that she had prayed for Steve. Steve joined them and said that he still did not believe that Maggie had confessed and taken her own life to cover for him. Heather said to chalk it up as a miracle. Olivia was skeptical. Heather asked if Olivia was trying to say that Maggie's death was something else.

That stopped Olivia, who mumbled that she was surprised by the way things had turned out. Steve said that he knew that Maggie had been troubled, but that he had had no idea just how troubled Maggie had been. Olivia said that Maggie had loved the work and the kids who were her patients. Heather said that it proved that some women would commit desperate acts when they could not have the man they loved. Heather told Olivia and Steve not to dwell on what had happened and to look on the bright side. She called Olivia a downer. She invited Steve to lighten the mood and go to Kelly's for a BLT.

Inside Kelly's, Jason spotted Liz, who was tending both Aiden and Emma. Emma was drawing pictures. When Jason approached, Liz said that she was caring for Emma because Patrick was consulting at Mercy. When Liz encouraged Emma to draw a picture for Patrick, Emma said that she wanted her mommy.

Jason told Emma that her mommy, Robin, had been a friend to him and that Robin had taught him a lot of things, including how to play checkers and how to cook spaghetti. Jason said that he missed Emma's mommy. Emma said that her mommy was in heaven. Jason said that Robin still watched over Emma, and Emma agreed that she could feel Robin in her heart.

Emma went back to drawing pictures while Jason and Liz stood nearby and talked. Liz thanked Jason for going to Jake's grave with her. Jason said it was no problem and that he liked hearing Liz talk about Jake. The talk changed topic to Sam. Jason said that Sam had moved out and was staying at the same motel as John McBain. Liz was surprised and thought that Sam would prefer to be near her family, but Jason said that John had saved Sam's life when Ronnie had held her at gunpoint, and he thought that Sam felt closer to McBain.

Jason said that Sam did not need him right then. He said he had been truthful when Sam had asked if he could love her baby. Jason said that he did not know if he could love the baby because every time he thought about it, he saw Franco's face. Liz said that sometimes people did not want the truth; they just wanted to know that everything was okay. Liz added that Sam and Jason had a lot to work out, but that did not mean that they did not love each other.

Jason acknowledged that he loved Sam but that they needed to be apart to work things out. Jason admitted that Sam had been right when she said that nothing was the baby's fault. Liz told Jason that he would love the baby when it was born and he saw it for the first time. Liz's phone rang. It was the hospital with an update on Dr. Keenan, who needed brain surgery. Liz told Jason and added that she had known that Kate was sick, but was unsettled by the violence of the attack on Ewen Keenan.

Luke and Anna entered Kelly's, and after greeting the children, Anna took Liz aside while Jason spoke to Luke. Luke did not know what to expect, but Jason merely thanked Luke for the scholarship that he had set up in Jake's name. Luke was relieved. Jason left and stopped outside to make a call.

Epiphany entered Kelly's and spotted Liz. She disabused Liz of the notion that Patrick was consulting at Mercy. Epiphany said that Patrick was a mess and had not been outside for weeks. Liz thanked Epiphany for telling her. Liz asked Anna to watch Emma, and she agreed. Luke volunteered to look after Aiden, with help from Anna, and Liz agreed. After Liz left, Heather arrived at Kelly's with Steve and did not look pleased when she saw the cozy scene presented by Anna, Luke, and their grandchildren.

Téa checked in at the Metro Court. Carly recognized her name because Todd had mentioned Téa, but told Téa that it was because Téa was a famous lawyer. Téa was not taken in and eventually discovered that Todd was also staying at the Metro Court. She was incensed because she had told Todd to go home. Téa added that Todd was responsible for the death of her baby's father. Carly said that Todd was suffering from posttraumatic stress. Téa told Carly that Carly did not know anything about Todd. Carly agreed and apologized.

Téa said that she was going to the police station to assess any damage that Todd might have caused and promptly ran into Todd. Téa asked if Todd had seen Starr. He said no and tried to tell her what he had overheard, but she did not let him speak. Téa told Todd that she did not want to hear anything he had to say and that she would not stay near him. After Téa stalked out, Carly told Todd that she liked Todd's other ex-wife, Blair, better. Todd agreed. Then he told Carly what he had heard at the police station.

When Todd told Carly that he had heard Kate say that Connie had been responsible for the accident that had killed Starr's daughter and boyfriend, Carly told Todd that Kate and Connie were the same person.

John McBain was on the phone, talking to Nora in Llanview, when Sam knocked on his door. She wanted to know what John and Jason had discussed. John assured Sam that they had not been talking about her. He showed Sam the bug that Jason had found at Sonny's and returned to John. John said that the bug had not been meant for Jason. John said that he had been sending Sonny a message that he was not backing off. Sam confided that a part of her had hoped that Sonny would be convicted so that she could start a new life with Jason

When Sam asked why John was after Sonny, John said that Sonny had hurt someone he cared about and that he was running out of time to catch Sonny. The subject changed when Sam felt the baby move for the first time. John said that Sam should be sharing moments like that with Jason. Sam got a call from Molly, who was unaware that Jason and Sam had split up. Molly wanted to have a sleepover and orchestrate a celebration of Sam's birthday. Sam demurred and asked that they postpone it to another time, and Molly agreed.

After the call was over, Sam said that Molly thought that Sam and Jason shared a fairy tale romance. Sam thought Alexis hoped that Sam and Jason would reconcile before Molly had to face the disappointment of their split. Sam said that she had not told Molly because she did not want to admit that it was the worst birthday of her life. As Sam was about to leave, John told her to wait. He sat her down in a chair and told her to close her eyes, which Sam did. John put a bar of motel soap in her hand and wished her a happy birthday.

When Sam opened her eyes, John told her that everyone should have something to unwrap on their birthday. They shared a laugh, and John said that a birthday was a time to look forward to future happiness. As Sam reflected on that, Téa knocked on John's door. John made introductions, and Téa said that Sam's husband had to be be very happy. Sam said yes and that Téa's husband must also be happy.

Téa replied that her husband had passed away a few months earlier. Then she told John that Todd was still in town. John said that he was not surprised. He asked if Téa could get Starr off. Téa said that she could if Todd did not pull anything.

Sam excused herself and headed towards her room. Jason caught up with her in the hall and wished her a happy birthday. Sam asked if Jason wanted to visit her room and talk, but Jason declined and said that he had to go. Sam said okay and wished him a good day before Jason walked away.

Liz knocked on Patrick's door until he opened it. She took in Patrick's unkempt condition and asked if that was what everyone was wearing at Mercy. Patrick tried to make excuses, but Liz told him that she knew he was not consulting at Mercy. Liz told Patrick that Emma was having a hard time and that the way he was behaving toward Liz was no way to treat a friend. Patrick said he would make it up to Liz. Liz responded that he could make it up to her by operating on Ewen Keenan.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

At the penthouse, Jason stared at the phoenix figurine until Spinelli arrived seeking Jason's help. Spinelli handed a photograph to Jason, and then asked Jason to describe what Jason saw. Jason studied the picture for a moment, and then admitted that it looked like a dark-haired man holding a wrench, while in the process of striking Lisa Niles. Jason looked up, as it dawned on him that Spinelli had uncovered the identity of Lisa's killer. Spinelli was curious if Jason was able to identify the man. Jason studied the photograph, and then confessed that he couldn't.

Spinelli was relieved, because it meant that the authorities wouldn't be able to figure out who had killed Lisa. Spinelli filled Jason in on Matt's role in Lisa's murder, and Maxie's request for Spinelli to keep quiet about it. Spinelli was delighted that he would be able to use the photograph as proof that Maxie hadn't killed Lisa without breaking his promise. Jason hoped that everything worked out, but it was a big risk, because the police might be able to enhance the picture. Spinelli appreciated the advice, but decided to change the subject by inquiring how things were going between Jason and Sam.

Jason admitted that he had visited Sam on her birthday, but Jason hadn't stayed because he was reluctant to make any promises that he might not be able to keep. Spinelli had never given up hope of finding a way to free Maxie, even when it had seemed impossible, so Spinelli advised Jason not to give up on Jason's marriage. After Spinelli left, Jason looked forlornly at the phoenix figurine that was perched on the fireplace's mantel.

At the hospital, Sam stared at the dragon figurine while she waited for Kelly to arrive for Sam's prenatal checkup. Kelly was curious if Sam had picked a birthing partner for the classes. Sam admitted that she had asked Alexis, because Jason was afraid that the baby would be a reminder of Franco, so Jason didn't know if he could love the baby. Kelly was certain that Jason just needed some time, but Sam doubted it would help, because things hadn't gone well when Jason had visited Sam on her birthday.

Kelly felt bad for Sam, so she changed the subject by assuring Sam that Alexis would be a wonderful birthing partner. After the exam, Kelly advised Sam to avoid stress, because Sam's blood pressure was a little high. Kelly then glanced down at the chart to check Sam's blood work. Sam noticed that Kelly seemed concerned, so Sam wondered what was wrong. Kelly explained that Sam's iron levels were elevated, which might be an early indication of beta thalassemia.

"Another curse from the Cassadines," Sam grumbled. Sam was curious if it was dangerous, so Kelly explained that it was treatable. Kelly assured Sam that they would test the baby after the baby was born. Meanwhile, Kelly wanted Sam to focus on having a healthy baby. After Kelly left, Sam looked down at the dragon figurine.

At the lake house, Alexis called out to Molly to hurry up. Molly wandered into the living room, still in her robe and moving slowly. Alexis wondered why Molly wasn't ready for school, so Molly claimed that she had overslept. Alexis decided to call Sonny to let him know that she would be late, but Molly insisted that it wasn't necessary, because Molly would catch a ride to school with one of her classmates. Alexis wasn't keen on the idea, but Molly assured her mother that it would be fine.

Alexis relented, and then left. Molly sprinted to the door to watch her mother pull out of the driveway. Afterwards, Molly shed her robe to reveal that she was dressed for the day. Molly grinned as she walked to the mirror to primp.

At Kelly's, Shawn was pleasantly surprised that T.J. was ready for school on time. T.J. gathered his lunch and then left. Moments later, Shawn bumped into Alexis outside of the diner. Shawn told Alexis that T.J. had been focusing on his schoolwork, and staying out of trouble. Alexis was happy to hear it. Alexis admitted that Molly hadn't been happy about Alexis' decision to prohibit Molly from hanging out with T.J., but Molly had eventually accepted it.

In Kelly's, Sonny was curious if Michael thought that Abby's friends had received justice with the revelation that Ronnie had been responsible for the attacks on the dancers. Michael wished that Ronnie had stood trial, instead of dying. Sonny wondered if Michael thought that Starr should also face a judge for her crimes. Michael realized that Starr was grieving, but Michael insisted that it didn't give Starr the right to kill Sonny to end her pain. Moments later, Alexis approached the table. Michael offered Alexis his seat, because Michael had to go.

Alexis noticed Michael's uneaten breakfast, so Michael invited Alexis to help herself to it. Alexis thanked Michael, because she hadn't had a chance to have breakfast. Michael was curious how Molly was doing, because he hadn't seen Molly "since the kids crashed her party." "How tactful that you basically absolved her of any responsibility," Alexis observed. Michael thought that Molly had been overwhelmed by the party, but Alexis argued that T.J. hadn't helped matters. Alexis then mentioned that Molly had overslept, so Michael offered to fetch Molly and drop her off at school.

After Michael left, Sonny wanted an update on Kate's case. Alexis explained that attorney/client privilege applied. Sonny reminded Alexis that Kate had multiple personalities, so he suggested that Alexis hire experts to explain that Kate hadn't been responsible for the attack on Ewen. According to Sonny, the insanity defense existed for a reason. Alexis sarcastically replied that it hadn't occurred to her, and then admitted that she hadn't thought that Sonny had believed Kate's claims.

Sonny argued that it didn't matter what he thought, as long as Kate didn't end up in jail. Alexis admitted that she hadn't decided on a defense strategy yet, but she intended to go to the jail to talk to her client. Sonny asked her to keep him posted. "You mean about a woman that you don't care about?" Alexis asked.

In the squad room, Todd demanded to see his daughter, but the police officer explained that Téa Delgado had left specific instructions barring Todd from visiting Starr. Todd was outraged, because Starr had a right to know that she had been locked up with the woman who had killed Starr's daughter. The police officer was unmoved, so Todd tried to bribe him. The officer warned Todd to leave, or Todd would end up in jail.

Starr sat in her jail cell, staring at a picture of Cole and Hope. Tears clouded Kate's eyes, as she watched Starr and recalled confiding to Alexis that Connie might have been responsible for the crash that had claimed the lives of Starr's young family. "Starr, there's something that I need to tell you," Kate quietly admitted. Starr recognized Sonny's girlfriend, so she wasn't in the mood to hear Kate defend Sonny. Kate quietly listened as Starr ranted about Sonny and then tearfully talked about how much Cole had meant to Starr.

Starr began to talk about her pregnancy. Starr admitted that she had decided give Hope up for adoption because she hadn't been prepared to be a teenage mother. Kate was curious what had changed Starr's mind, so Starr explained that there had been a time that Starr had thought that Hope had died. However, Starr had had a change of heart after she had been reunited with her daughter. Starr revealed that her family had been a wonderful support system.

Kate pointed out that Starr had also had Cole to lean on, but Starr revealed that Cole hadn't been a part of her life "for a while," so Starr had learned to live without him. Starr confided that she hadn't been truly happy until she had been reunited with Cole. Starr wept with grief, because she couldn't understand why Cole and Hope had been ripped away from her. Kate tearfully wondered if it would lessen Starr's pain to know what had really happened on that tragic night, and who had been responsible. Starr confessed that it wouldn't, because Starr would always miss Cole and Hope and wish that things had been different.

Kate insisted that the events on that fateful night had been random, but Starr vehemently disagreed, because Cole and Hope hadn't been hit by lightning. Kate assured Starr that no one had wanted Cole and Hope to die, but Starr argued that someone had wanted Anthony to die, which had claimed two innocent lives. Starr wanted the person who had killed her family to pay. Kate decided that Starr deserved to know the truth, but Starr argued that she already knew the truth. Kate cryptically insisted that what Starr thought had happened, hadn't happened.

Starr didn't want to hear Kate defend Sonny. Kate was on the verging of telling Starr about Connie's possible role in Cole and Hope's deaths when Alexis suddenly appeared. Alexis realized what Kate was about to do, so she demanded to speak to her client in private. A short time later, Alexis and Kate were left alone in the interrogation room. Alexis wanted to know what she had walked in on, so Kate explained that Kate had simply been talking to Starr.

Alexis saw through the lie, so Kate admitted that it had been heartbreaking to hear Starr talk about Cole and Hope. Alexis pointed out that Kate only suspected that Connie had shot out Anthony's tires. Kate agreed, so she was ready to do what she had been afraid to do before. Alexis wondered what that meant, so Kate revealed that she was ready to let Connie out to find out what had happened on that fateful night.

At the lake house, Molly was delighted when T.J. arrived. They kissed briefly on the lips, and then sat down on the sofa to hold hands. Molly confessed that she had been worried that her mother wouldn't leave earlier that morning. T.J. feared that Alexis might suspect something, but Molly assured him that Alexis didn't. However, Molly couldn't continue to pretend to oversleep, because that would rouse her mother's suspicions.

T.J. reminded Molly that they could continue to meet in the park after school, even though Molly was afraid that someone might see them. T.J. didn't care, as long as he was able to see Molly. Molly complained that Alexis was being unfair by forbidding Molly from seeing T.J., and insisted that it was unreasonable. Molly started to kiss T.J., but Michael's arrival interrupted their kiss. "What the hell?" Michael asked when he saw Molly and T.J. on the sofa.

Molly quickly explained that T.J. had stopped by to borrow a book. Michael didn't believe the teens for an instant, so Molly admitted that she and T.J. were dating. Molly defiantly insisted that there wasn't any reason for her and T.J. not to see each other, so Michael reminded Molly that T.J. had put Molly in a dangerous situation and then had let Molly take the blame. Molly argued that Michael didn't know T.J., but Michael explained that it didn't matter, because Alexis wouldn't approve.

Michael wondered how long Molly and T.J. had been sneaking around, so Molly admitted that they had been seeing each other since the party. Michael was surprised that they had been lying for some time. Molly begged Michael not to tell Alexis. Michael warned T.J. not to put Molly in danger again and then asked if the teens were having sex. Molly was shocked by the question, but she quickly recovered to assure Michael that they weren't.

Michael agreed to keep quiet then told Molly to get her things so that he could take her to school. Molly explained that her friend's sister would be picking her up, but Michael seemed leery. Molly insisted that she couldn't skip school, because they would call Alexis. Satisfied, Michael decided to leave; however, he warned Molly that Alexis would eventually find out, and likely go "ballistic."

At Metro Court, Carly was working at the front desk when Johnny handed her a gift box. Carly refused to accept it, and then threatened to call security, but Johnny urged her to open it. Reluctantly, Carly lifted the lid of the small box, and then looked up in surprise. She couldn't believe that Johnny had given her a silver Cinderella bracelet with a pumpkin coach charm. Carly admitted that she had wanted one when she had been a little girl, but Virginia hadn't been able to afford it.

Carly was curious how Johnny had known, so Johnny admitted that Carly had told him about it one night when they had been drinking wine. Carly confessed that she didn't remember. Johnny revealed that he remembered everything about Carly. "Except the part where I asked for honesty," Carly pointed out. Johnny pleaded with Carly to give him a second chance, so that he could spend the rest of his life making it up to her. Carly resented Johnny thinking that he could make everything okay by fulfilling her childhood wish.

Johnny realized that he couldn't go backwards and expect a "do over," but he wanted a second chance to make Carly happy. Carly started to walk away, so Johnny reached out to grab her arm. Todd spotted them, so he immediately ordered Johnny to unhand Carly. Carly appreciated Todd's concern, but she explained that it wasn't any of Todd's business. Johnny was curious who Todd was, so Carly introduced the two men. Johnny realized that Todd was Starr's father.

Todd recognized Johnny's surname, so Johnny confirmed that his grandfather had been involved in the car accident that had killed Cole and Hope. Johnny then revealed that Starr had stolen Johnny's gun, which she had used to threaten Sonny. Todd suggested that Johnny had given Starr the gun, but Johnny insisted that Starr had stolen it. Todd was curious why his daughter had been at Johnny's place, so Johnny admitted that he had bought Starr's recording contract, because Johnny thought that Starr had deserved a break. Todd warned Johnny to stay away from Starr -- and Carly. Johnny wondered how Carly felt about Todd speaking for her.

Carly admitted that she felt the same way about Todd's warning, as she had about finding Johnny in bed with Kate. Carly informed Johnny that it was over, and then tried to return the bracelet. Johnny refused to take it, and he left. Carly dropped the bracelet into the trash can, and she scolded Todd for running interference with Johnny. Carly assured Todd that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Todd believed her, but he was concerned that Johnny was working Starr.

Carly doubted that Johnny had wanted Starr to take the gun, but Todd thought that Téa should know. Todd then grumbled about Téa banning Todd from seeing Starr. Carly was stunned. Todd insisted that Starr had a right to know that the woman locked up with Starr had killed Starr's family. Carly admitted that she despised Kate, but Carly couldn't believe that Kate would shoot out Anthony's tires, so she was curious if Todd intended to go after Kate the way that he had gone after Sonny. Todd thought that he would be justified, but Carly argued that Kate had DID.

Todd revealed that he knew quite a bit about DID, because it ran in his family. Carly was surprised to learn that Todd's sister, Viki, had DID. According to Todd, Viki was adamant that having an alter didn't justify someone running around doing "hideous crap." Todd reminded Cary that Starr had lost a child and her boyfriend, and was in danger of losing her freedom, so Connie didn't get a free pass because Kate had failed to reign in her illness. Todd explained that he was unable to forgive Kate any more than Carly had been able to forgive Johnny.

Later, Carly fished the bracelet out of the garbage as Michael walked up to the front desk. Michael was curious why she had called, so Carly revealed that she had wanted Michael to know about Starr's arrest. Carly was stunned when Michael admitted that he had been the one to report Starr to the police, and that he intended to testify against Starr. Todd walked up and overheard Michael's comment.

Johnny entered Kelly's, as Sonny paid the tab and started to leave. Johnny wanted to talk to Sonny, but Sonny wasn't interested. Shawn wondered if everything were okay, and then admitted that he would be happy to toss Johnny out of the diner. Sonny assured Shawn that it wasn't necessary, so Shawn warned Johnny to treat Carly right, and then started to walk away. Shawn stopped when Sonny chuckled, and then informed Shawn that Carly had dumped Johnny.

Shawn smiled, because it was the best news that he'd heard. Sonny walked out, but Johnny was determined to talk to Sonny, so he followed Sonny. Shawn hovered near the door, keeping an eye on Sonny and Johnny, as Johnny begged Sonny not to blame Kate for what had happened. Johnny explained that it had been Connie's idea to sleep with Johnny, and that Johnny had gone along with it, because he had wanted to hurt Sonny. Johnny insisted that Kate was sick, and that she loved Sonny as much as Connie hated Sonny.

Sonny wondered why Johnny was telling him that. Johnny confessed that he cared about Carly, but Sonny took pleasure in reminding Johnny that Carly didn't care about Johnny. Johnny admitted that he would do anything to get Carly back, but Johnny wanted Sonny to know that Kate loved Sonny, and that Kate hadn't chosen to cheat on him.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

At the hospital, Epiphany told Liz that Ewen would soon be prepped for surgery. Epiphany realized that Liz was disappointed that Patrick had refused to operate on Ewen, but Liz suggested that it was for the best, because Patrick hadn't been ready. Epiphany agreed that no one could force Patrick to return to work. "Except me," Patrick replied. Epiphany and Liz were pleasantly surprised when Patrick revealed that he was there to resume his responsibilities.

Liz feared that she might have pressured Patrick, so he assured her that he was doing it for Robin; however, he regretted that he had turned down Liz's request to help Ewen. Patrick was also sorry that he had lied to Liz about working at Mercy Hospital. Epiphany insisted that none of that mattered, and Liz agreed. Liz assured Patrick that the important thing was that Patrick was there. After Liz left to alert the surgical team that Patrick would operate on Ewen, Epiphany wondered what had gotten Patrick off of the sofa.

"You," Patrick replied. After Patrick changed into scrubs, Epiphany caught up to him. She admitted that she hadn't thought that Patrick had been listening when she had visited him. Patrick confessed that he had followed Epiphany's advice by looking in the mirror. He hadn't recognized the person staring back at him, which had made him realize that Emma probably hadn't either. Epiphany assured Patrick that Emma loved him, so she saw her daddy when she looked at him.

Patrick was skeptical, because his eyes had seemed empty, which made sense, because everything seemed empty without Robin. Epiphany suggested that it didn't have to be that way if Patrick didn't want it to be, because he was surrounded by a lot of people who cared about him. Patrick confessed that he had lashed out at those close to him, like Matt. Epiphany was confident that Matt would forgive his brother. She let Patrick know that she was proud of him and then reminded him that Ewen was waiting.

Later, Liz let Patrick know that Ewen had seemed to relax when she had told him that Patrick had agreed to operate on him. Patrick quipped that perhaps it was the anesthesia. Liz smiled and admitted that it was good to have Patrick back at work. Patrick credited Emma. Liz assured Patrick that everyone, including Robin, had a lot of faith in Patrick. Moments later, Epiphany announced that Ewen was prepped and ready for surgery.

Sonny called out to Alexis when she arrived at court. He wanted to know if there had been any new developments in Kate's defense. Alexis warned Sonny that assaulting Ewen was the least of Kate's worries. Sonny wondered what that meant, so Alexis explained that Kate had dissociative identity disorder. Sonny was surprised that Alexis believed Kate's claims. Alexis admitted that she did, and it was clear that Kate was terrified of Connie.

Sonny confessed that Johnny had also defended Kate by insisting that Connie had instigated everything. Alexis was curious if Sonny was prepared to accept that Kate had a mental illness, and, therefore, had not betrayed Sonny. Sonny avoided answering the question by wondering what Alexis intended to do to help Kate. Alexis revealed that she had called a psychiatrist to arrange a hypnosis session for Kate to draw Connie out, so that they could question Kate's alter. Sonny pointed out that the police had a paperweight with Kate's fingerprints on it, so it might not help. Alexis needed to get to a hearing for Maxie, so she promised to discuss it with Sonny later.

In a courtroom, Felicia thanked Spinelli for helping Maxie. Mac hoped that Maxie would be released once the judge saw the evidence that Spinelli had uncovered. The district attorney reminded Mac that he still needed to see the "so-called evidence." Mac and Felicia insisted that Maxie was innocent, and then showed the district attorney the picture. The district attorney was not impressed with the photograph, because the picture quality was poor.

Later, the judge entered the courtroom, and then invited Alexis to state her case. Alexis requested that Maxie's conviction be vacated, because new evidence had surfaced, which proved that Maxie hadn't killed Lisa Niles. The judge was curious if the district attorney's office agreed. "I most certainly do not," the district attorney replied. The judge was curious what the district attorney's objections were. The district attorney explained that the photograph might be a forgery.

Spinelli immediately objected. The judge recalled Spinelli's antics the last time that Spinelli had been in the judge's courtroom, so the judge was not pleased. Mac defended Spinelli by assuring the judge that Spinelli was a cyber genius. Alexis argued that it was clear that the person who had struck Lisa was a dark-haired man, not a woman, but the judge was reluctant to take the picture at face value. The judge wondered if Alexis could prove that the photograph was authentic. The district attorney made it clear that he would need to know the identity of the man in the photo to change his mind, so the judge decided to let Maxie's confession and sentence stand.

Mac and Felicia were stunned, so Alexis explained that it was a preemptive strike to save face, because the judge and the district attorney didn't want to be responsible for sending an innocent person to jail. Spinelli briefly struggled with his conscience, and then stood up to announce that he knew the identity of the killer. The judge wanted to know who had killed Lisa, but Spinelli would only assure the judge that it hadn't been Maxie. The judge quickly lost his patience, so Felicia and Mac pleaded with Spinelli tell the judge who had killed Lisa. Spinelli reluctantly revealed that the person responsible for Lisa's death was Matt Hunter.

At Pentonville, Matt was stunned when Maxie entered the visitor's room, sporting a black eye. Matt demanded to know what had happened, so Maxie blamed her injury on a clumsy cellmate. Maxie wondered if Matt had any pain relievers on him, but Matt admitted that he had none. Maxie asked him to remember to pick some up for his next visit, so Matt revealed that it wouldn't be necessary, because Maxie wouldn't be in jail for much longer. Matt explained that Spinelli had uncovered security footage from the Haunted Star, which had captured Lisa's murder on film. Maxie was livid that Spinelli had broken his promise to her, so she vowed never to forgive him.

Matt confessed that he was happy that Spinelli hadn't honored Maxie's ridiculous request, but Maxie argued that she deserved to be in jail because she was guilty. Matt suggested that she could punish herself anywhere except in jail, because he knew for certain that she hadn't killed Lisa. Maxie assured Matt that she longed for freedom, but that was not an option. "Why not?" Matt demanded. Maxie would only tell him that it wasn't simple to explain.

Maxie then switched gears to ask if the person in the footage had been identified. Matt admitted that the images were too blurry, but it was obvious that a dark-haired man had killed Lisa. Maxie was relieved until she noticed that Matt seemed troubled. She was curious what was wrong, so Matt told her about Spinelli's theory that Patrick might have blocked out the memory of killing Lisa. Maxie quickly assured Matt that Patrick had not killed Lisa.

Matt argued that Maxie hadn't seen the tapes, and that Patrick was different. Maxie thought that it was a normal reaction for a man who had lost his wife, but Matt feared that Patrick subconsciously felt responsible for Lisa's murder. Maxie wondered if Matt had shared his concerns with anyone else, so Matt admitted that he hadn't. However, Matt revealed that Spinelli had printed a snapshot of the security tapes to show to the judge, even though the picture was too grainy to identify the killer's face.

Matt decided to have a talk with Patrick, but Maxie insisted that Matt couldn't do that. According to Maxie, it wasn't necessary, because the picture might be enough to clear her without prosecuting anyone else. Matt explained that the law didn't work that way, so someone had to take responsibility for the murder. Maxie began to cry, so Matt asked her what was wrong. Maxie explained that if anyone followed up on the case, then the trail wouldn't lead to Patrick.

Matt pointed out that there had only been three men with dark hair on the yacht on that fateful night, including the captain who Lisa had murdered. Matt reminded Maxie that he had been too drunk to kill Lisa, so Patrick was the only person who could have killed Lisa. Maxie continued to cry until it dawned on Matt that Maxie knew the identity of the killer. Matt wanted to know who it was, so Maxie tearfully admitted, "You." Matt's eyes rounded with horror and shock as Maxie wrapped her arms around him and wept.

Téa visited Starr in jail. Téa revealed that Todd had decided to remain in town until Starr's legal troubles had been straightened out. Starr was surprised when Téa confided that Todd had a new friend: Carly Jacks. Starr informed Téa that Carly was Michael's mother, so Starr doubted that Todd and Carly would remain friends once Todd learned that Michael had reported Starr to the police. Téa chuckled, because she wanted to be a fly on the wall when that happened.

Starr warned Téa that Michael would not back down from testifying, because Michael felt betrayed. Starr admitted that Michael had tried to save Cole and Hope and then had taken Starr to the hospital. Téa suggested that Michael should have compassion for Starr, but Starr confessed that Michael had good reason to believe the worst of Starr. Téa assured Starr that she was fully prepared to make Michael look like a liar, but Starr argued that Michael had told the truth. Téa insisted that it didn't matter because Michael wasn't "squeaky clean."

Téa explained that Michael had gone to jail for manslaughter, and that his parents had lied on his behalf. Starr admitted that she would have shot Sonny if Michael hadn't talked her out of it. Téa was curious what had happened between Starr and Michael, so Starr admitted that she had shared a connection with Michael. Starr insisted that Michael had every right to hate her, so she wanted Téa to leave Michael alone.

Téa would only agree to set aside the subject until after the arraignment. Téa then advised Starr to act contrite and calm when Starr pleaded not guilty. Starr argued that she was guilty of the charges. Téa pointed out that Todd had been guilty of killing Victor, but he hadn't gone to jail.

At Metro Court, Michael admitted to his mother that he knew about Starr's arrest because he had reported Starr to the police. Todd overheard Michael, so Todd introduced himself to Michael and then revealed that anyone who hurt Starr would be on Todd's "hit list." Carly ordered Todd to cool it with the threats. Todd claimed that it had been a fact, not a threat. Michael insisted that Starr had been prepared to kill Sonny, so Michael intended to testify against her.

Todd suggested that Michael was overreacting, but Michael assured Todd that Starr had known exactly what she was doing, because the gun's safety had been off, Starr's finger had been on the trigger, and Starr had had the shot lined up. Michael had no doubt that Starr had intended to make Sonny pay for Cole and Hope's deaths. Todd warned Michael that it was not okay for Michael to testify against Starr, so Michael defiantly dared Todd to stop him. Todd argued that Starr had been emotionally devastated, and that she had suffered enough, but Michael feared that Starr would continue to go after Sonny.

Todd wondered where Michael's compassion was, so Michael turned the question around by asking where Starr's compassion had been. Todd informed Michael that it had been at the bottom of a ravine, burned. Michael insisted that he would do what he had to, so Todd revealed that he would do the same. After Todd left, Carly confessed that Todd had a point about Starr. Carly wondered why Michael couldn't let it go. Michael was afraid that Starr would pull the trigger the next time.

Carly doubted that there would be a next time, so Michael wondered how Carly would feel if someone had killed Josslyn and Jax. Carly argued that she and Starr were different people, but Michael explained that Starr wanted revenge as much as Carly would. The conversation then turned to Johnny's possible role in the accident. Carly insisted that Johnny hadn't shot out Anthony's tires. Michael sensed that Carly was holding something back. Carly recalled Todd telling her about Kate's confession that Connie had been responsible for the accident, but Carly decided to keep the information to herself.

Instead, Carly suggested that it had been difficult for Michael to learn that someone whom he had trusted and cared about had wanted to kill Sonny. She was curious if that were the reason that Michael seemed determined to throw Starr to the wolves. Michael admitted that he was hurt by what Starr had done, but it didn't make Starr any less guilty.

Shortly after Sonny arrived at his office, Milo knocked on the door to announce that Sonny had a visitor. Sonny didn't want to see anyone, but Todd pushed his way past Milo anyway. Milo quickly patted Todd down, to make certain that Todd wasn't armed. After Sonny dismissed Milo, Todd revealed that he wanted Sonny to drop the charges against Starr. Sonny warned Todd that it would not happen. Sonny realized that Starr was in tremendous pain, but he didn't want to have to constantly look over his shoulder.

Todd assured Sonny that Starr wouldn't be a problem, but Sonny wasn't persuaded. According to Sonny, it was too late, because the case had taken on a life of its own. Todd suggested that Michael could retract his statement. Sonny was curious why Michael would do that. Todd threatened to reveal the identity of the shooter if Michael didn't. Sonny wasn't concerned, because Sonny hadn't shot out Anthony's tires. Todd believed Sonny -- because the shooter had been Connie. "Perhaps you know her as Kate," Todd added.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tracy rummaged through the boathouse, looking for the perfect murder weapon, while she fantasized about different ways to kill Anthony. She quickly grabbed a rope, but hid it behind her back when Anthony appeared in the doorway. He was curious why she had called him, so Tracy smiled sweetly and invited Anthony to go boating. Anthony wasn't interested, so he turned to leave. Furious, Tracy lunged forward in an attempt to loop the rope around his neck. Anthony managed to pull the rope away from his neck and snatch it out of Tracy's hand.

Confused, Anthony wondered what Tracy had intended to do with the rope. Tracy explained that it was for boating, so she took the rope and then deftly demonstrated how to tie a bowline knot. Anthony was impressed, so he agreed to go boating with her. However, he insisted on fetching his swim trunks. Tracy assured him that it wasn't necessary, but Anthony ignored her as he headed to the mansion. Tracy grabbed an oar, unaware that Luke lurked outside, spying on her.

Tracy raced out of the door to catch up with Anthony, but Luke tripped Tracy as she left the boathouse. Outraged, Tracy demanded to know what Luke was doing. "Saving you from death row, " Luke informed her. Tracy argued that she was tired of waiting for Luke to help her with her problem, so she had decided to take matters into her own hands. Luke warned Tracy that her problems wouldn't end with Anthony's death, because Anthony had likely arranged for the damaging evidence against Tracy to be turned over to the proper authorities.

Tracy doubted that Anthony would risk anyone getting their hands on the documents, because they implicated Anthony in criminal behavior. She also pointed out that Anthony wouldn't take a chance on the government seizing Anthony's vast holdings for back taxes and penalties. Luke accused Tracy of rationalizing, but Tracy disagreed. Luke insisted that Tracy was a resourceful woman, so he was confident that she could find another way out of her marriage. Tracy complained that Anthony's presence in her life endangered her family, so she didn't want things to drag out. Luke decided to end the madness by agreeing to arrange for Anthony to disappear the following day.

Tracy wondered what it could cost her. Luke wanted stock in ELQ, but Tracy refused to consider it. Luke assured her that it was negotiable. Meanwhile, Anthony stood outside, eavesdropping on their conversation.

At Pentonville, Matt was shocked by Maxie's claim that he had killed Lisa Niles. Maxie tearfully admitted that she had witnessed Matt strike the fatal blow, so she had taken steps to cover it up. Matt wondered why Maxie hadn't told him sooner. Maxie pointed out that it wasn't easy to tell someone that they had killed a person. Therefore, Maxie explained, she had turned to Anthony for help, which had led to Briggs's murder.

Matt demanded to know who else knew the truth about Lisa's murder. Maxie assured him that no one, except Spinelli, knew. She revealed that Spinelli had figured it out, but Spinelli had promised not to tell anyone. Maxie was confident that Spinelli wouldn't go back on his word, so they were safe. Matt wondered if not remembering could be used as a defense for murder. Maxie insisted that it didn't matter, because she had confessed to the crime.

Matt refused to let Maxie rot away in jail for him, so he was determined to confess. Maxie tearfully begged Matt to reconsider, but his pager went off before he could reply. Matt glanced at it, and then explained that he was needed at the hospital. Maxie insisted that it was a sign that Matt didn't belong in jail. "You shouldn't have sacrificed yourself for me," Matt told her.

Matt explained that he didn't deserve Maxie, but Maxie disagreed. She begged Matt to promise not to confess, but Matt admitted that he couldn't do that.

In the courtroom, everyone was stunned when Spinelli confessed that Matt Hunter had killed Lisa Niles. Alexis immediately requested a recess, so that she could talk to Spinelli, but Judge Lopez was determined to get to the bottom of Spinelli's shocking revelation. Judge Lopez demanded to know how Spinelli knew that Matt had killed Lisa, so Spinelli admitted that there had been an eyewitness: Maxie. The district attorney suggested that Maxie had witnessed the crime, because she had done the deed. Meanwhile, Mac wondered why Spinelli hadn't spoken up sooner.

Spinelli seemed reluctant to explain himself. Felicia realized that everything that Maxie had done would have been for naught if Spinelli had stepped forward. However, Felicia couldn't understand why Matt would have let Maxie take the fall for him. Mac revealed that Matt had been very intoxicated on that fateful night, so Spinelli explained that Matt had blocked the incident out. Alexis requested that Judge Lopez vacate Maxie's conviction and sentencing in light of the new evidence, but the district attorney argued that it was all hearsay.

Judge Lopez agreed that Spinelli's testimony wasn't sufficient evidence, so Maxie would remain in jail until she confirmed Spinelli's story. Mac warned the district attorney that things would look bad for the district attorney's office when the public learned that an innocent woman had been sent to jail. The district attorney pointed out that Spinelli, the "tech wiz," could have doctored the photograph. However, the district attorney agreed to set aside the conviction and sentence -- if Maxie agreed to sign a formal statement and testify under oath against Matt. "Done," Alexis replied without hesitation. Spinelli looked ill as the district attorney promised to draw up the necessary papers.

Later, Spinelli sat in the hallway as the district attorney handed the paperwork to Alexis. The district attorney reminded Mac and Felicia that the deal would only be on the table if Maxie testified against Matt. Mac vowed to get Maxie to cooperate. After the district attorney left, Alexis explained that she needed to see a client, so Mac and Felicia agreed to take the paperwork to Maxie. Spinelli approached Mac and Felicia to suggest that he should be the one to talk to Maxie, because Spinelli had broken his promise to Maxie. Felicia persuaded Mac to let Spinelli handle it, so Mac gave the paperwork to Spinelli.

After Spinelli left, Felicia admitted that she wished that she could have done more for Maxie. Mac pointed out that she was there, which was more than he would have expected prior to her arrival. Felicia confessed that she didn't feel as if she had a place in her daughter's life, because she had missed so much of it. Mac apologized for making Felicia feel that way, but Felicia insisted that he had been honest. Mac reminded Felicia that she had good instincts, because she had trusted Spinelli. Mac was confident that Spinelli would be able to get through to Maxie.

At Pentonville, Spinelli was not pleased that Maxie had a black eye. Maxie shrugged it off, because she was annoyed that Spinelli had kept digging into Lisa's death. However, she was relieved that, at least, Spinelli hadn't ratted out Matt.

In Sonny's office, Sonny wondered if Todd had a death wish. Todd calmly explained that he merely wanted to make certain that everyone had an opportunity to live happily ever after. According to Todd, all it required was one act of charity from Sonny. Todd offered Kate's freedom in exchange for Michael recanting his statement. Sonny refused to believe that Kate had shot out Anthony's tires. Todd insisted that Kate had confessed.

Sonny recalled Alexis telling him that Ewen's assault was the least of Kate's troubles. Sonny insisted that Todd's claims were crazy. Todd revealed that he was familiar with dissociative identity disorder, because Todd's sister and niece had struggled with DID for years. Todd explained that it was a terrible disease, and that Kate would need Sonny's help. Todd offered to use his media empire to "fluff up" Kate's reputation and discredit Dr. Keenan. Todd vowed that Kate would end up smelling like roses, while "the shrink" would reek of fertilizer.

Sonny explained that there was one problem with Todd's plan: Kate meant nothing to Sonny. Todd wondered if Sonny expected Todd to believe that Sonny wouldn't be bothered by a smear campaign against Kate. Sonny invited Todd to do whatever Todd needed to do. Todd thought that he could learn a thing or two from Sonny, because once Todd loved a woman, he continued to care about her even after the relationship ended. Sonny suggested that Todd was a fool. "Perhaps," Todd replied. He advised Sonny to persuade Michael to recant, and then left.

In Starr's jail cell, Téa went over what Starr should expect at the arraignment. Téa reminded Starr to plead not guilty, but Starr argued that Starr had done the things that Starr had been accused of. Moments later, Kate was escorted back to Kate's jail cell. Kate appeared to be on the verge of confessing to Starr, but Téa ordered Kate to leave Starr alone. Kate recalled Alexis reminding Kate that Kate wasn't certain that Connie had actually shot out Anthony's tires, so everything was theoretical until they spoke to Connie.

Meanwhile, Starr insisted that Kate had been kind to Starr, so Starr wanted Téa to leave Kate alone. Téa argued that Kate was Sonny's girlfriend, so Kate was not to be trusted. Kate tearfully apologized to Starr, so Téa suggested that Kate get Sonny and Michael to drop the charges against Starr. Kate explained that it wasn't that simple. Starr resented that Téa expected Kate to run interference on Starr's behalf when Kate had her own legal troubles to deal with. Téa was curious if Kate thought that Starr belonged in jail.

"No," Kate quietly replied. Téa urged Kate to prevail on Sonny's better nature, if he had one. Kate explained that Sonny wouldn't listen to her. Later, Starr and Téa prepared to leave for court. Kate regretted that she couldn't help Starr. Téa warned Kate to refrain from talking to Starr, but Starr insisted that Kate had listened to Starr unload about Cole and Hope.

A short time later, Starr and Téa arrived at court. Téa gave Starr some last-minute instructions. Starr confessed that she half-expected Blair to walk through the door, even though Starr knew that Blair was in Llanview, taking care of Starr's sick brother. "Hope I'm enough," Todd announced, as he walked up. Téa glared at Todd, while Starr seemed wary of her father's presence. Todd then surprised Starr by giving her "Fred, the magic frog."

Todd revealed that Starr's brother had wanted Starr to have the stuffed animal for good luck. Téa insisted that it wasn't necessary, because Starr had Téa. Todd suggested that everyone needed some luck, including Téa. Téa was curious if that meant that Todd intended to leave. Todd realized that Téa might not need additional ammunition for her arsenal, but he confided that he was packing, in case she needed it. Téa was curious what Todd knew, so Todd confessed that he had some interesting information.

Téa demanded that Todd share the information with her, so Todd asked what the name Kate Howard meant to Téa. Moments later, Judge Lopez entered the courtroom. Everyone took their seats, and then Judge Lopez asked for Starr's plea. "Not guilty," Todd replied for his daughter. Judge Lopez warned Todd to behave, and then turned to Starr for an answer. "Not guilty," Starr repeated.

Téa requested that Starr be released on bail, but the district attorney argued that Starr was facing serious charges, and that her family had the means to spirit Starr out of the country, so she was a flight risk. Judge Lopez agreed, so bail was denied.

In the squad room, Alexis explained to Kate that they wouldn't know what they were dealing with until they spoke to Connie. Kate was nervous about the hypnosis session, but Alexis assured Kate that Kate was brave for agreeing to it. Kate wished that she didn't have to do it alone. As if on cue, Sonny walked up. Kate wondered what he was doing there, so Sonny admitted that he needed to speak to Alexis. Alexis explained that she and Kate were on their way to an important meeting, so Sonny revealed that he had relevant information.

Kate beamed with joy as she realized that Sonny had hired Alexis to represent her. Alexis quickly asked a police officer to escort Kate to the lineup room, so that Alexis could have a private word with Sonny. After Kate was led away, Sonny told Alexis about Todd's claims that Connie had shot out Anthony's tires. Alexis realized that Todd had overheard Alexis and Kate's conversation in the interrogation room. Sonny was curious if Alexis had been referring to Connie when Alexis had told him that Kate's situation had become complicated.

Alexis explained that nothing was for certain, which was why Kate had agreed to undergo hypnosis. Sonny wanted to be present for the session, but Alexis refused to consider it. Sonny reminded her that he was the one paying the bills. He insisted that he needed to hear for himself that Connie had shot out Anthony's tires.

In the lineup room, Kate tried to reassure herself that she was strong enough to go through the session. Kate was certain that Connie would weaken, and eventually become nothing more than a bad dream. Connie's image appeared in the mirror, as Connie chuckled. Connie thought that it was cute that Kate would think that, but Connie was there to protect Kate. Kate insisted that she didn't need protection, but Connie disagreed, because Kate was all alone.

Kate argued that Sonny had hired Alexis, so perhaps Kate and Sonny weren't as far apart as Kate had feared. Connie promised Kate that they would be if Connie had anything to say about it. Kate demanded to know what that meant. "You'll find out soon enough," Connie replied. Kate nervously asked if Connie had shot out Anthony's tires, but Connie simply smiled in response.

Friday, May 18, 2012

At Pentonville, Maxie was relieved that Spinelli hadn't broken his promise to her by revealing that Matt had killed Lisa. Spinelli tried to explain that he had, but Maxie cut him off, because she wanted Spinelli to know that Spinelli had been right about serving time in jail. Maxie doubted that she would last twenty days in jail, much less twenty years. She revealed that the women in Pentonville hated her, so she was happy that Spinelli had found away to get her out of jail without getting Matt in trouble. Spinelli confessed that the grainy image had not been enough to persuade the judge and the district attorney to vacate Maxie's conviction and sentence. Maxie asked Spinelli what he had done.

Spinelli explained that the district attorney had insisted on knowing exactly what had happened on the boat. "Oh, Spinelli, you didn't," Maxie said with a sinking heart. Spinelli confirmed Maxie's fears by admitting that he had revealed that Matt had killed Lisa. Maxie was furious that Spinelli had gone back on his word, but Spinelli insisted that he hadn't been given a choice. He argued that it wasn't Maxie's place to take responsibility for a crime that she hadn't committed.

Maxie was just glad that Spinelli hadn't told anyone that she had seen Matt kill Lisa. "I mean, you weren't that stupid," Maxie commented. Spinelli refused to look at her. Outraged, Maxie blasted Spinelli for breaking all of his promises to her, but Spinelli explained that it had been the only way to set Maxie free. Maxie didn't believe Spinelli, so she wanted to know exactly what had transpired in court. Spinelli filled her in, so she wondered if the judge had believed him.

"Yes," Spinelli replied. Spinelli handed Maxie the papers that the district attorney had drawn up, and then explained that she would be expected to testify against Matt. Maxie glanced at the papers, and then decided to sign them, even though she intended to develop a case of amnesia, so that she wouldn't have to testify against Matt. Spinelli warned her that she could be charged with perjury, and end up back in jail. Maxie made it clear that she refused to testify against Matt.

Spinelli started to talk about how the news would affect Matt, but Maxie insisted that she had talked to Matt about it already. Spinelli was certain that Matt would do the right thing, but Maxie revealed that she had made Matt promise to keep quiet. Spinelli tried to reason with Maxie, but she angrily ordered him to stop meddling, and then told him to leave. "Haven't you done enough?" Maxie shouted at Spinelli. Dejected, Spinelli left.

At the nurses' station, Matt was lost in thought, as he recalled Maxie's revelation that he had killed Lisa. Liz noticed that Matt seemed distracted, so she asked if he were okay. Matt shook off the disturbing memory, and then told Liz that Maxie would soon be released from Pentonville. Liz was happy for Maxie, so she wondered what had happened. Matt explained that Maxie had confessed in an attempt to protect someone. Liz was curious who it was, but Patrick walked up to announce that Ewen's surgery had gone well.

Matt wondered what was going on, so Liz explained that Patrick had saved Ewen's life. After Liz left, Matt was curious what had turned Patrick around. Patrick admitted that he had finally started to hear everyone's advice. Patrick regretted how he had treated Matt, because he realized that Matt had been trying to help him. Matt assured his brother that he was glad that Patrick had seen the light. Patrick smiled, and then confessed that operating on Ewen had been the push that he had needed.

Matt smiled when Patrick arrogantly confided that only Patrick could have saved Ewen's life. Patrick realized that Matt had been dealing with his own problems, so Matt revealed that Maxie wouldn't be in jail for much longer. Patrick was curious if they had found new evidence. Matt carefully explained that it was a bit more complicated than that, but he didn't elaborate. Patrick promised to be more supportive of Matt, because Matt and Emma were all the family that Patrick had.

Later, Liz approached Matt for details about Maxie's release from jail. She was curious if Lisa's killer had been identified, but Matt was saved from having to answer when Patrick walked up to announce that Ewen had asked for Liz. Liz beamed with joy, and then dashed off to see Ewen. Patrick pulled on a jacket, so Matt wondered if Patrick was headed home. Patrick confirmed that he was, and then advised Matt to do the same. Matt admitted that it was good to have Patrick back, so Patrick confessed that he felt hopeful for the first time, since Robin had died.

At the boathouse, Anthony eavesdropped, as Tracy and Luke discussed "taking Anthony out." Anthony quickly fled, so he never heard Luke explain to Tracy that the plan wasn't to kill Anthony. Tracy was frustrated that Luke had given her false hope. She feared that Anthony would remain a thorn in her side, but Luke assured Tracy that there were other ways to get rid of Anthony. However, Luke wanted Tracy to promise not to make any more attempts on Anthony's life, because it might interfere with Luke's plans.

Tracy warned Luke that Anthony was quite content to live the pampered lifestyle of a Quartermaine, so she was curious what Luke planned to do. Luke was forced to admit that he didn't have a plan. Infuriated, Tracy thanked Luke for disappointing her yet again, and then stormed out. Later, Tracy returned to the boathouse. She grumbled that she had intended to cut Anthony's brake line, but Anthony's car was gone. Luke vowed on the life of Son of Skittles, that he would find a way to get Anthony out of Tracy's life.

Tracy had reservations about Luke's success, because others had tried and failed to take Anthony down. Luke explained that he had incentive: her smile. Luke confessed that he had missed seeing it. Tracy was touched, so Luke leaned down, and then kissed her. Afterwards, Tracy agreed to back off, so that Luke had time to deal with Anthony. However, she wanted Luke to promise that they would resort to "Plan M," if Luke failed. Luke wondered what that was, so Tracy clarified, "Murder."

In the courtroom, Todd asked Téa to work with him, but she wasn't interested. Todd revealed that he knew who had killed Hope and Cole. Téa reminded Todd that she knew that he blamed Sonny. Todd admitted that he had been misinformed, and then confided that the killer was Sonny's girlfriend, Kate. "Or more specifically, his girlfriend, Connie," Todd added. Téa was confused, so Todd explained that Kate had split personalities, and that Connie was an alter.

Todd explained that Kate had known for weeks that she had dissociative identity disorder. Téa wondered why Kate had kept silent during Sonny's trial, so Todd suggested that perhaps Connie had taken over whenever Kate tried to tell Sonny about the dissociative identity disorder. Téa remained skeptical, because she recalled that Todd had once faked having DID. Téa's temper flared, as she recalled how it had led to their marriage. Todd urged Téa to calm down so that he could explain how Kate's illness might benefit Starr.

Todd told Téa about the offer that he had made to Sonny, in an attempt to get Sonny to persuade Michael to recant. Téa agreed that it sounded like a good idea, but Todd warned her that there might be a snag, because Kate had betrayed Sonny. However, Todd sensed that Sonny wanted to forgive Kate, so Todd intended to keep working Sonny. Téa decided to continue to build a defense for Starr, in the event that blackmailing Sonny didn't pan out. Téa warned Todd that some things could never be forgiven. It was clear that she was referring to Todd killing Victor.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny's henchman updated Johnny about Starr's arraignment. Johnny was disappointed that Starr had been denied bail. The henchman was surprised by Johnny's reaction, so Johnny explained that Starr had been through enough, and that the gun that she had used to threaten Sonny might be traced to Johnny. Moments later, Anthony burst through the door, begging Johnny to hide him out. Anthony froze in his tracks when he realized that Johnny wasn't alone.

After curtly dismissing the henchman, Anthony revealed that Tracy definitely intended to kill Anthony. Anthony realized that he would have to give Tracy a divorce, which meant that he would have to move back in with Johnny. "Over my dead body," Johnny replied. Anthony was stunned, so Johnny explained that Anthony had been trouble throughout Johnny's life. Johnny accused Anthony of trying to pimp Johnny out by relentlessly pressuring Johnny to sleep with Kate. Johnny claimed that he had lost Carly because of it, so he refused to roll out the welcome mat for Anthony.

Anthony was furious. "That's exactly what you are going to do, you little punk," Anthony growled, as he grabbed Johnny's shirtfront, and then violently shook him. Anthony accused Johnny of being ungrateful, and then reminded his grandson what he had done for him. Anthony shoved Johnny to the ground, and then pulled out a gun. Anthony threatened to put a bullet in Johnny, but Johnny wasn't intimidated. "Do it. We'll finally be even," Johnny taunted Anthony.

Anthony seemed confused, so Johnny suggested that Anthony think about how taking a shot at Johnny would make them even. Anthony shook his head in denial, as the implication of Johnny's words sank in. Johnny confirmed that he had been responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires.

At the police station, Sonny refused to leave until he knew for certain that Connie was real and that she had shot out Anthony's tires. Alexis doubted that Dr. Snyder would agree to let Sonny sit in on Kate's hypnosis session, but Sonny reminded Alexis that he was footing the bill. Alexis decided to let Dr. Snyder deal with Sonny when she arrived, so Alexis led Sonny to the room adjoining the lineup room. Sonny and Alexis noticed that Kate staring at the mirror, so Sonny was curious what Kate was doing. Alexis suspected that Kate was staring at her own reflection, since Kate couldn't see Alexis and Sonny.

Kate tearfully shouted at the mirror, "Tell me the truth, did you do it?" Sonny jumped when Kate banged on the mirror in anger and frustration. "What the hell is going on?" Sonny asked, as Kate confronted Connie. Alexis decided to find out where Dr. Snyder was, so she left. Sonny watched, as Kate accused Connie of costing Kate her self-respect, her career, and the man that Kate loved.

Sonny's eyes filled with tears, as Kate accused Connie of betraying Sonny in the worst possible way, so she wanted to know how Connie could do such a thing. Kate insisted that she and Sonny had loved each other, but Kate realized that Sonny would never be able to look at her without seeing Connie in bed with Johnny. Kate then demanded to know if Connie had caused the accident that had led to the deaths of "that little girl's family." Sonny swiped at his tears as Kate expressed her horror that Connie could be a part of her. Kate broke down sobbing, so Sonny raced into the lineup room to offer Kate comfort.

Connie looked up, and then informed Sonny that Kate had left the building. "We meet at last," Connie snidely told Sonny. Sonny was taken aback by Connie's palpable hatred. Meanwhile, Alexis left a message for Dr. Snyder, and then went to the lineup room. Connie insisted on speaking to Sonny privately, so she forced Alexis out of the door, and then shoved a chair under the doorknob so that they couldn't be disturbed.

Sonny invited Connie to tell him how he had hurt Kate. Connie reminded Sonny of Kate and Sonny's wedding day, when Kate had nearly bled to death after being shot on the altar. According to Connie, Kate had been too forgiving, so Connie knew that Kate would never turn her back on Sonny. However, Sonny was like Connie, so Connie realized that the only way to split Kate and Sonny up was to make Sonny turn his back on Kate. Connie was curious why Sonny was there, so Sonny clarified that he was there for Kate, because Connie had betrayed him, not Kate.

Alexis went to the adjoining room to watch the exchange between Sonny and Connie. Connie admitted to striking Ewen over the head, and then trying to flee the country. Connie explained that she had tried to put some distance between Kate and Sonny, because Kate was like an addict, and Sonny was "a big hunk of crack." Connie was disgusted that Kate still loved Sonny, but Sonny didn't see the problem with that. Sonny grew weary of the games, so he demanded to know what Connie had done on the night that Starr's family had been killed. Connie admitted that she had shot out Anthony's tires.

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