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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 4, 2012 on GH
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Monday, June 4, 2012

In Metro Court's lobby, Carly left Jason a voicemail message, explaining that she wanted Jason to be happy, so she hoped that he had gone to see Sam. After Carly ended the call, Johnny walked up. Carly held up the Cinderella charm bracelet that he had given to her. Johnny assumed that she intended to return it to him, so he insisted that she give it to Josslyn or throw it away. Carly confessed that the bracelet had been a reminder of how hard she had fallen for Johnny and the humiliation that she had felt when he had betrayed her.

Johnny was surprised when Carly revealed that she had thrown the bracelet away, but then had fished it out of the garbage. Johnny was curious what had changed her mind. "Turns out, I wanted to be reminded after all," Carly replied with a smile. Johnny realized that he had been forgiven, so he invited Carly to his place. Carly wasn't ready for that, so she suggested that they remain in the lobby, because it was neutral. Johnny was curious what was next for them.

Carly told Johnny that she had spent the better part of an hour advising Jason to forgive Sam. Johnny was stunned. Carly acknowledged that she tended to be obsessive about Jason; however, she conceded that Sam made Jason happy. The talk with Jason had made Carly realize that she should take her own advice about putting the past behind them. Johnny was pleased that Carly thought that their relationship was worth saving. Carly fetched them each a drink, and then broached the subject of Johnny's tryst with Kate.

Carly explained that she had felt angry and hurt when she had walked in on Johnny in bed with Kate, even though Carly and Johnny hadn't been committed to each other. Carly was determined to practice what she preached, so she intended to give Johnny a second chance. However, Carly was adamant that Johnny not to lie to her, even if it was a lie by omission. Johnny agreed, and then revealed that he had a confession to make. Johnny recalled reading the paper about Cole and Hope's tragic deaths. His thoughts then drifted to when he had shot Anthony to death.

Johnny imagined Carly's reaction if he were to confess to what he had done. He feared that she would walk out on him, so he decided to tell her that Anthony was missing. Carly suggested that Anthony had left town, because things had become too dangerous in Port Charles for Anthony. Johnny claimed that it appeared that Luke and Tracy had killed Anthony. Carly was taken aback by the suggestion, so Johnny explained that Anthony had accused Luke and Tracy of trying to kill Anthony, because Tracy had wanted out of her marriage.

Carly doubted that Luke would kill Anthony, so Johnny revealed that the police had received an anonymous tip about gunshots fired on the Quartermaine estate. Johnny told her about Luke and Tracy's arrest, the gun, and the blood that had been found in the boathouse. Carly was shocked, but recovered quickly, because she was confident that the charges would be dropped against her uncle and Tracy, since there wasn't any proof that Anthony was actually dead. Johnny insisted that he had a feeling that his grandfather had been murdered, but Carly wasn't swayed. Johnny wisely let the matter drop, and then shifted gears by vowing to be the man that Carly deserved.

Carly assured Johnny that she believed him, but she warned him not to make her regret her decision. Johnny promised to make her happy. Carly liked the idea of Johnny focusing on her, so Johnny suggested that they seal bargain with a kiss.

On the side of the road, John McBain slowly regained consciousness. He gingerly sat up, looked around, and then recalled that Sam was waiting for him. John grimaced in pain as he stood up and then made his way to the motel.

At the Rendezvous Motel, Jason knocked on Sam's door. He explained that he wanted to talk to her about the baby. Sam didn't reply, so Jason admitted that he had been wrong about the baby. He assured Sam that he loved her, and wanted her and the baby in his life. Jason pleaded with Sam to open the door, but Sam didn't reply, so he let himself into her room.

In John's room, Sam was worried about her newborn son, because he seemed so quiet. She tearfully begged her baby to cry, but the baby remained quiet. Sam grew anxious when John didn't return, so she decided to get her son to the hospital. She bundled the infant up, fought back a wave of dizziness, and then left the room.

Shortly afterwards, Jason knocked on John's door, looking for Sam. No one replied, so Jason entered John's room. Jason noticed the bloody towel on the bed, and then spotted the dragon figurine that Sam had left behind. He recalled when Sam had given the figurine to him, and then flashed back to when Sam had decided to leave him. Sam had told Jason that the dragon and the phoenix were stronger together, so Jason had wondered why she was leaving him. Sam had explained that she needed Jason to believe it.

John stumbled through the door, prompting Jason to return to the present. John warned Jason that Jason was too late. "Your wife had a baby," John added. Jason argued that it was too soon, so John explained that Sam's water had broken. Jason demanded to know why John hadn't taken Sam to the hospital. John revealed that the phones had been down, so John had been forced to deliver the baby, and then go for help, but Jason's "friends" had intercepted John.

Jason wondered how Sam and the baby were doing, so John assured Jason that mother and child had been fine. Jason dashed out of the door to look for Sam and the baby, but returned a short time later, because he hadn't found them. John wondered if Jason had seen Sam's car, so Jason revealed that the car was still at the motel. John doubted that Sam had gone far, because she had been exhausted after the unexpected delivery. Jason was pleased when John mentioned that the baby had been a boy. John wondered why it mattered, since Jason hadn't wanted the baby.

Jason confessed that he was there to talk to Sam about the baby. John was curious what had changed Jason's mind about Sam's child. Jason ignored the question, because he was determined to find his wife. John insisted on going with Jason, but Jason argued that John wasn't in any shape to search for Sam. Jason advised John to see a doctor, and then left.

At the cabin, Todd anxiously waited for Heather to help his nephew. After several minutes of CPR, Heather announced that nothing could be done for the infant. Todd refused to accept that, but Heather insisted that the newborn had died. Todd was devastated, because he had promised Téa that he would save the baby. Heather gently explained that it wasn't Todd's fault, but Todd was filled with remorse, because he had killed the baby's father.

Heather was startled by Todd's confession, so she was curious why he wasn't in jail. Todd revealed that he had convinced the court that he had been "non compos mentis," because he hadn't recalled shooting his twin brother. Todd assured Heather that Victor's death hadn't been a great loss, but Téa had loved Victor, so the baby had been the only piece of Victor that Téa had left. Todd admitted that he had hated his brother, but not Téa or his nephew. Heather offered Todd her condolences, but Todd was concerned about how to break the news to Téa.

Heather suggested that Todd find a way out, and then announced that she had to take care of her own business. Todd realized that Heather had been referring to Anthony's body. Heather warned Todd to forget that he had seen Anthony's body, and then left.

Téa sat in the backseat of the car, looking at a picture of her and Victor that she had on her cell phone. She told Victor that they'd had a son, whom she hoped would grow up to look like Victor. She realized that it meant that their son would also look like Todd, since Victor and Todd had been identical twins prior to Victor's plastic surgery. Téa tearfully begged Victor to watch over their son, because she had realized that something had been wrong with him when their baby hadn't cried. She confessed that she had given their son to Todd to save. The irony of that didn't escape Téa, so she decided to look for Todd.

Sam clutched her son close to her, as she made her way down a rainy road. She stopped when she spotted a road closed sign, so she assured her baby that everything would be okay, and then continued to walk. A short time later, Sam spotted a cabin. She gently placed her son in a basket on the porch, and then knocked on the front door. Sam passed out just as Todd opened the door. Todd quickly checked to make certain that the unconscious woman was alive.

Moments later, Todd heard a baby cry out. Confused, he stepped out onto the porch, and then looked around. Todd was stunned when he saw the infant in the basket. He quickly scooped the baby up and was about to enter the cabin when Téa walked up. Téa was overjoyed when she heard the baby crying, because she assumed that it was her newborn son. She immediately demanded to hold her child.

Todd tried to explain that it wasn't Téa's baby, but Téa snatched the baby out of Todd's arms, and then cried with joy, as she held the infant close. Moments later, Heather returned to the cabin. Heather was shocked to see that the baby was alive. Téa had no idea what Heather was talking about, so Heather explained that Heather had "breathed new life," into the infant. Heather added that Todd had refused to give up on the child. Téa was overcome with gratitude, so Todd helped Téa to a bench.

Téa sat down, and then cooed to the baby in Spanish. Heather noticed Todd's somber expression, so she quietly asked him why he wasn't smiling. Todd led Heather into the cabin to show her the unconscious woman. He quietly closed the door, as Heather looked down at Sam. Todd was surprised when Heather admitted that the woman on the floor was Heather's cousin's wife. Todd quickly explained that the baby in Téa's arms was Sam's son.

Todd had no idea how to break the news to Téa, so Heather suggested that he not say anything. Todd was shocked. Heather explained that Sam's husband didn't want the baby, because it was another man's child. Heather claimed that Sam had probably intended to abandon the child, so things had worked out as they should. Todd insisted that it was wrong to take Sam's child, but Heather argued that he needed to think outside of the box.

Todd was horrified when Heather suggested that they tell Sam that Sam's baby had died. He revealed that he had just witnessed the pain and grief that his daughter had experienced when Starr had lost her child. Todd couldn't imagine putting another human being through that kind of agony. Heather insisted that Todd shouldn't waste his guilt on Sam, because Sam had wanted to get rid of the baby. Heather promised that everyone would be better off, if Sam were told that the baby had died.

Téa called out for Todd, so Heather urged him to go to her before Téa walked in. Heather warned Todd that the baby switch wouldn't work if Téa saw Sam and the dead baby. Resigned, Todd insisted that no one could ever know the truth. Heather agreed, and then rushed Todd out of the door. On the porch, Téa wondered what Todd had been doing inside the cabin. Todd explained that he had been talking to the lady who had helped them, and then distracted Téa by asking how the baby was doing.

Téa assured Todd that the baby was perfect. Moments later, Todd's cell phone beeped. Todd suggested that they go to the road, so that Todd could call someone to take Téa and the baby to the hospital.

Inside the cabin, Heather felt bad that the baby had died. However, Heather insisted that Sam had gotten exactly what Sam had deserved.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Liz went to Ewen's hospital room to check on him. Ewen slowly woke up, so Liz wondered if he knew where he was. Ewen groggily joked that wherever he was, he liked the view. Liz smiled, because she realized that he was feeling better. Ewen slowly looked around in confusion, so Liz explained that he was in the hospital. Ewen suddenly recalled that Connie had attacked him, so he tried to get out of bed to track down Kate.

Liz revealed that Kate had been arrested for attacking Ewen, and then taken to Shadybrook. Ewen clarified that Connie, not Kate, had assaulted him. Ewen explained that Kate was in a fragile state, so he wanted to check on his patient. Liz ordered Ewen to stay put, because he was recuperating from surgery. Ewen calmed down, and then asked if Liz had found him. Liz confirmed that she had, but she added that Maggie had helped her.

Ewen wanted to thank Maggie, so Liz broke the news that Maggie had died. Ewen was stunned, as Liz revealed the details about Maggie's confession and suicide. Liz admitted that it didn't make sense to her, so Ewen suggested that perhaps Maggie had battled depression. Later, Liz managed to sneak in some food for Ewen. He insisted that he still owed her dessert, so he wanted to take her out once he recovered. Liz assured him that she would like that.

Kate was studying her reflection in the mirror when Sonny entered her room at Shadybrook. Sonny explained that her doctor had called him. Kate confessed that she'd had a nightmare. Sonny invited her to tell him about it, so she shared the horrific details of her dream about shooting out Anthony's tires and the tragic crash that had claimed Hope and Cole's lives. Sonny reminded her that it had just been a dream, but Kate suspected that the dream had been Connie's memories. Sonny argued that Kate hadn't been responsible for the tragedy, but Kate insisted that her finger had pulled the trigger, so she had to pay the price for that.

Sonny revealed that the police didn't know about Connie's confession. Kate didn't want Starr to think that Sonny had caused the crash, so Sonny assured her that it didn't matter, because Starr had given up her quest for vengeance. Kate pointed out that Todd would not let the matter drop, so Sonny explained that Todd knew about Connie. Kate was horrified, because she knew that Todd owned the Sun. She feared that Todd would use the newspaper to smear her reputation. Sonny promised Kate that Todd would keep quiet, because Sonny had agreed to drop the charges against Starr.

Kate pointed out that Todd could easily go back on his word, because Starr was free. Sonny confided that Todd understood what dissociative identity disorder was like, because a couple of Todd's relatives had struggled with DID. Kate was stunned by what Sonny had done for her. Sonny appreciated that Connie, not Kate, had betrayed him. He wanted Kate to get help, but Kate insisted that she couldn't undo what she had done to Starr. Sonny insisted that the crash had been an accident.

Moments later, the nurse arrived to announce that it was time for Sonny to leave. Sonny hugged Kate, kissed her, and then left. Afterwards, Kate picked up the mirror. Connie smiled back at Kate. "Well, you didn't think you were going to get rid of me that easily did you, Kate?" Connie asked.

At Metro Court, Starr bumped into Michael in the lobby. Michael was there to talk to his mother, so Starr admitted that she had been looking for her father. Michael was curious if Starr intended to ask who had really killed Hope and Cole. Starr was startled by the question, so Michael wondered what she knew about the charges being dropped. Starr confessed that she had figured out that Todd had used some leverage to pressure Sonny, but she had no idea what it had been. Michael explained that Todd knew who had caused the accident, and that Sonny had agreed to Todd's terms, because Sonny was trying to protect the person.

Starr insisted that it didn't make sense that her father would keep quiet about the shooter's identity. Michael realized that Starr had been through a lot, but he assured her that he and Sonny had never wanted to send Starr to jail. Starr promised Michael that she no longer meant Sonny harm. She acknowledged that Michael had been right about Starr needing to live her life in a way that honored Hope and Cole. Michael was relieved, so Starr shifted gears by asking who Sonny might be protecting.

Téa and the baby arrived in the emergency room via ambulance. Téa clutched the baby close, as she thanked Todd for saving her son's life. Téa admitted that she didn't know what she would have done if her son had died. Téa and the baby were whisked into an examination bay, as Todd followed. Téa asked Steve to check over the baby, because her son hadn't cried after the delivery. Téa explained that her baby had barely been breathing, so Todd had gone for help.

Steve turned to Todd for answers, but Todd was vague, so Téa revealed that Todd had found a woman who had helped them. Téa confessed that she'd had a terrible feeling that her baby had been gone, until she had found Todd. Téa stared adoringly at the baby in her arms, as she confessed that she was afraid to take her eyes off of the infant. Steve assured Téa that it was natural to have separation anxiety, but he promised to have the baby back to her quickly. Steve advised Téa to rest, because she would need her strength to take care of the baby. Todd recalled Heather's claim that Sam had intended to abandon the baby.

Todd waited until he and Téa were alone, and then confessed that he had something to tell Téa. Todd appreciated what he had taken from Téa when he had killed Victor, so he promised Téa that he would do anything to make it up to her. Téa explained that he couldn't change the past, but he had changed the future by saving her son. Todd was on the verge of telling her about the baby switch when his phone rang. Todd realized that it was Starr, so he decided to take it, because he knew that Starr would be concerned about Téa.

Todd stepped into the hallway to take his daughter's phone call. Starr was curious if he had found Téa. Todd assured Starr that Téa was fine, but he was reluctant to elaborate. He explained that he would catch up with Starr after he had finished up at the hospital. Starr demanded to know why Todd was at the hospital, so Todd was forced to admit that Téa had given birth. Starr was excited, so she promised to be there shortly.

Todd returned to the examination bay, as Téa wrapped up a phone call with their daughter, Dani. Téa told Todd that Dani was grateful for what Todd had done. Todd smiled uncomfortably, and then revealed that Starr was happy to hear that Téa had had the baby. Téa tried to find out what Todd had wanted to tell her, but then Steve returned with the baby. Steve announced that the baby was healthy, despite having been born early. Téa tried to explain that her son hadn't been early, but Todd quickly cut her off by thanking Steve.

A short time later, Starr arrived. Téa told Starr about the unconventional delivery, and Todd's efforts to save the baby. Starr was proud of her father, because it had been proof that he could be counted on. Téa confided that Todd had something to tell Téa, so she invited Todd to speak his mind. Todd quietly confessed that he was happy for Téa, and then suggested that he and Starr leave, so that Téa could spend some time alone with the baby. In the hallway, Todd sensed that Starr was uneasy.

Starr admitted that seeing the baby had reminded her of Hope. Todd confessed that he missed Hope too. Starr told Todd about her conversation with Michael, and then asked what Todd had been holding over Sonny's head. Todd insisted that it wouldn't change anything, so Starr threatened to go to Sonny for answers. Todd reluctantly revealed that Kate had caused the accident that had claimed Hope and Cole's lives, but he insisted that Kate hadn't been in her right mind. Meanwhile, Téa stared at her son, trying to figure out who he looked like.

Jason stood on the side of the road, while he called for backup to help look for Sam. He noticed a light in the distance, so he ended the call, and then went to check it out.

In the cabin, Heather gloated that fate had drawn Sam and Heather together. Sam remained unconscious on the floor of the cabin, as Heather vowed that Sam would only remember bits and pieces of the night that Sam had "lost" her child. Heather decided that everyone was better off, especially Sam's baby, who had been blessed with a new mother. Moments later, Heather heard Jason in the distance, calling out for Sam.

Olivia emerged from Steve's bedroom, because Heather had left the television on. Olivia turned off the television, and then realized that Heather wasn't there. Olivia quickly changed clothes. She was about to search for Heather when Heather walked in. Olivia demanded to know where Heather had been, so Heather claimed that she had taken Olivia's car to fetch a BLT at Kelly's. Olivia didn't believe Heather, because Kelly's was closed.

Heather resented being called a liar. Heather informed Olivia that she had decided to stop off at the Floating Rib for a drink after Heather had discovered that Kelly's hadn't been open. Olivia questioned Heather's story, but Heather prattled on about how Jason's biological mother, Susan had worked at the original Floating Rib. Olivia recalled reading the newspaper article about Jason's twin brother, Franco. Olivia imagined that it had been horrible for Sam to learn that the "sick freak," Franco, had fathered Sam's child.

Infuriated, Heather grabbed Olivia's arms, and then roughly shook Olivia. Heather warned Olivia never to say something like that about Franco again. Olivia shoved Heather away, and then demanded to know what was wrong with Heather. Heather insisted that only an idiot couldn't appreciate the caliber of Franco's genius. Heather had no idea what Steve saw in Olivia. Olivia accused Heather of being crazy, which sent Heather on a rant about Maggie and Sam.

According to Heather, Sam had been punished for trying to sabotage Heather's relationship with Steve. Olivia wondered what Heather meant by that, so Heather covered her tracks by claiming that she had been referring to the article about Sam. According to Heather, everyone knew that Jason had left Sam, because of Sam's "tropical tryst" with Franco. Disgusted, Olivia reminded Heather that Franco had raped Sam. Heather argued that they only had "that slut's word" for that, since Franco was dead.

Heather warned Olivia that fate had a way of punishing those who crossed Heather. Heather continued to issue veiled threats, until Steve walked in. He explained that he had received Olivia's message. Heather sweetly suggested that Olivia had overreacted, and then asked how Steve's day had been. Steve revealed that it had been a typical day, until a woman had arrived in the emergency room with a newborn, which she had given birth to at a bus stop. Steve added that the baby had survived because of a good Samaritan.

Heather insisted that angels were always there for those in need. "At least the good people," Heather added.

In the cabin, Sam slowly regained consciousness, as she heard Jason call out her name. Moments later, Jason burst through the door. He quickly gathered Sam into his arms, as she told him about her attempt to find help for her baby. Jason wondered where the baby was, so Sam told him that she had left the baby on the porch in a box that had looked like a cradle. Jason raced outside to check on the baby, but stopped short when he noticed how still the baby was. "Please, God," Jason begged, as he slowly checked the infant.

Jason's eyes filled with unshed tears when he realized that the baby was dead. He gently picked up the baby, and then rocked him in his arms. "I'm sorry," Jason told the baby. He admitted that everyone had been right; holding the baby had made him realize that he could have loved the infant. Jason kissed the baby's head, and then tensed when Sam called out. Jason had no idea how to break the news to Sam.

Jason insisted that it wasn't fair for Sam to lose another child. Sam stepped onto the porch, and then demanded to see her son. Jason put the infant back into the box, and then guided Sam to the bench. Sam became increasingly agitated, because Jason refused to give her the baby. She explained that her son needed to stay warm, so Jason gently explained that it was too late. Sam refused to believe that her baby was gone, so she demanded to see him.

Jason quickly picked up the baby, and then handed him to Sam. Sam tearfully pulled back the blanket to look at her son. "Jason, this isn't my baby," Sam said when she saw the baby's face.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Matt carried Maxie into Metro Court's honeymoon suite, and then set her down on the bed. Maxie smiled, but her mood was subdued. Matt insisted that she deserved the best, because he would have been in jail if it hadn't been for her. He was curious how long she had studied the law books to find a way out of testifying against him. Maxie admitted that it had taken her quite awhile, but it had been worth it. Matt couldn't believe that she had gone to jail for him.

Maxie confessed that she hadn't realized how horrible it would be; however, all that mattered to her was that she and Matt were free, Patrick and Emma wouldn't lose another family member, and Matt would be able to continue practicing medicine. Moments later, room service knocked. Matt went to answer the door, while Maxie thought about Spinelli's speech about how she deserved to have a real wedding, happiness, and a husband who loved her and would be true to her. After Matt closed the door, he noticed that Maxie seemed distracted, so he wondered if she were okay. Maxie smiled when she noticed the champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries.

Matt confessed that the champagne and strawberries had been a part of the honeymoon package. He suddenly had a flashback of stumbling around on the yacht, looking for Liz. Matt tied to shake off the unsettling memory by offering to open the champagne. However, he accidentally knocked the ice tongs off of the table when he reached for the bottle. Matt bent down to pick them up, but froze when he recalled striking Lisa over the head with the wrench. Maxie noticed Matt's sudden tension, so she asked him what was wrong.

Matt revealed that he had remembered killing Lisa. Maxie urged him not to think about it, but Matt explained that it kept replaying in his mind in slow motion. He recalled Lisa's surprised expression as he struck her. Matt was horrified to realize that he hadn't killed Lisa in self-defense. He demanded to know why Maxie hadn't told him, but Maxie insisted that it was over, so they needed to move forward. She wanted him to focus on their honeymoon, but Matt decided to take a shower, because he felt dirty.

Later, Matt returned to the bedroom, and then climbed into bed with Maxie. Maxie was exhausted, because it had been a long day. Matt seemed reluctant to consummate their marriage, so Maxie assured him that they had the rest of their lives. They shared a chaste kiss goodnight, and then nestled under the covers. Maxie turned her back on Matt, as her eyes filled with tears.

At the Floating Rib, Mac and Felicia sat down for a drink, while they discussed Maxie's release from jail. Mac was thrilled that their daughter was out of jail, but he wasn't happy that she had married Matt. Felicia confided that she felt terrible for Spinelli, because Spinelli believed that Maxie was Spinelli's soul mate. Mac appreciated that Felicia believed in soul mates because of Frisco. Felicia quickly clarified that she and Frisco were not together.

Mac perked up, and then asked how long Felicia intended to stay in town. Felicia admitted that she wasn't in a rush to leave, because she had reason to want to stay. Mac assured Felicia that Maxie needed her mother, so he was confident that, in time, Felicia and Maxie could repair their relationship. Felicia couldn't believe that Mac was still single. Mac revealed that he'd gone out with a couple of women, but things hadn't worked out. Felicia was curious why, so Mac confessed that they hadn't been Felicia.

Felicia admitted that being married to Mac and raising the girls with him had been the best years of her life. Mac suggested that they didn't have to be behind them. Seconds later, Spinelli drunkenly stumbled into the bar, and then ordered a whiskey. Mac and Felicia watched with concern, as Spinelli toasted to the happy newlyweds, "and the fool who brought them together." Felicia and Mac decided to get Spinelli to stop drinking and take him home. Felicia promised that Spinelli would feel better in the morning, but Spinelli doubted it, since Maxie would still be married to "the despicable and unworthy Matt Hunter."

Spinelli insisted that the ache in his chest wouldn't go away, because he kept seeing Maxie and Matt on their honeymoon, every time he closed his eyes. Felicia and Mac reminded Spinelli that Maxie was out of jail. Spinelli was happy for Maxie, but he questioned if she had paid too high of a price, because Matt wouldn't make her happy the way that Spinelli could. Felicia conceded that Maxie and Spinelli had a special bond, but Spinelli argued that it was over. Mac reminded Spinelli that Spinelli's relationship with Maxie was the kind that would last for a lifetime. Mac was certain that Spinelli and Maxie would get past the rough patch, but Spinelli feared that he and Maxie had missed their chance.

At the hospital, Starr was stunned when Todd revealed that Kate had dissociative identity disorder, so Kate's alter had shot out Anthony's tires. Todd admitted that he had threatened to publish an article in the Sun about Kate's DID if Sonny refused to drop the charges against Starr. Starr confided that Sonny hadn't told Michael about Kate's illness, so Michael hadn't known the details about Todd and Sonny's agreement. Todd wanted Starr to stay away from Michael, but Starr argued that Michael wasn't a threat to her. Starr pointed out that Sonny might not appreciate that Todd had told her about Kate's role in Cole and Hope's deaths.

Todd wasn't worried about Sonny, because he didn't have room in his life for another secret. Starr wondered what other secret Todd was keeping, but Todd ignored the question. He told her that when someone cared about a person, they told them the truth, even when it was unpleasant, because it gave them the opportunity to heal. Starr decided to leave, so Todd insisted on going with her, because he feared that she wanted revenge against Kate. He suggested that they not be the kind of people who did things that they regretted. Starr refused to make any promises.

In the examination bay, Téa studied the baby's features, trying to decide who he looked like. She had hoped that her baby would look like Victor's side of the family, but she realized that the baby didn't resemble her or Victor. She decided that the baby looked like himself, which made him an original. Moments later, Todd entered the examination bay with purpose. He wondered what Téa was doing, so she asked him who he thought the baby looked like. Todd glanced at the baby, and then announced that he was the spitting image of Victor.

Téa disagreed, so Todd wondered why it mattered. Téa was curious why Todd seemed so upset, so Todd explained that he wished, for her sake, that the baby had looked like Victor, because it would have been better for everyone. "That's all," Todd added. "You sure about that?" Téa asked. She realized that something was bothering him, so she wanted to know what it was.

Todd was on the verge of confessing to Téa when Epiphany entered the examination bay to announce that it was time for the baby to go to the nursery. Téa was reluctant to hand over the baby, so Epiphany suggested that Todd carry the infant to the nursery. Téa relaxed, and then handed the baby over to Todd.

At Shadybrook, Kate glared at Connie in the mirror, as she demanded to know what Connie was doing there. Connie was more interested in knowing why Sonny was still hanging around. Kate explained that Sonny believed in Kate and wanted Kate to get better. Connie laughed at Sonny's stupidity, but Kate argued that the power of love made anything possible, even forgiveness. Connie was livid that Sonny hadn't walked away from Kate after Connie's confession, so Connie regretted letting Johnny talk her into "it."

Kate wanted to know what Connie was talking about, but Connie refused to tell Kate. Moments later, Starr, dressed as an orderly, entered Kate's room. Kate was surprised to see Starr, so Starr revealed that she knew about Kate's role in Cole and Hope's deaths. Starr explained that Todd had overheard Kate's confession to Alexis and had used the information to force Sonny to drop the charges against Starr. Starr insisted that she needed to hear Kate say it, so Kate confirmed Todd's story.

Starr accused Kate of manipulating her while they had been in lockup. Kate explained that she had no memory of the shooting or the accident, because she blacked out when her alter, Connie, took over. Kate didn't expect Starr to understand, but Starr admitted that she knew what dissociative identity disorder was like.

Starr revealed that her aunt, Viki, and cousin, Jessica, had DID. Kate admitted that she had read the book about Viki's and Jessica's struggles with DID, but she hadn't realized that they had been related to Starr. Starr admitted that Viki and Jessica had suffered because of the terrible things that their alters had done. Kate agreed that it was a nightmare to have an alter personality, but ultimately, Kate was responsible for the damage that Connie had done.

Starr confessed that it had been easier to hate Sonny, because he had a history of criminal behavior. Starr wanted to hate Kate, but she couldn't. Kate realized that it didn't help, but she was glad that Starr knew the truth. Starr conceded that she had wanted answers to give her closure, but having them didn't make moving forward any easier. Kate expressed how sorry she was and admitted that she deserved to be in jail. Starr warned Kate that one day Kate would remember what Connie had done, so Kate's punishment would be living with those memories.

At the cabin, Jason handed the infant to Sam. Sam pulled back the blanket to look at the baby's face, and then looked up at Jason with tear-filled eyes. "Jason, this isn't my baby," Sam said. Jason gently reminded Sam that the baby was gone, and then told her how sorry he was. Sam insisted that her baby had not been dead. She explained that her son had looked just like Jason, so she was certain that someone had taken her son, and then had replaced him with the infant in her arms.

Jason didn't believe Sam, even though Sam assured him that her son had been healthy and alive. Jason tried to get Sam to accept that her son had died, but Sam refused to believe him, so Jason suggested that he get her and the baby to the hospital.

At the hospital, Todd followed Epiphany to the nursery, but stopped short when he spotted Jason and Sam. Sam, seated in a wheelchair, cradled the dead infant in her arms, as Jason called out to Epiphany. Todd quickly turned his back to Jason and Sam, so that Sam wouldn't see the baby in his arms. Meanwhile, Jason filled Epiphany in on what had happened. Sam quietly wept over the baby, as Epiphany went to fetch Dr. Rashid.

Todd listened, as Jason told Dr. Rashid that Sam had given birth in a motel room. According to Jason, the baby had stopped crying, so Sam had gone for help when Sam hadn't been able to wake the infant up. Dr. Rashid wanted to examine Sam, so Epiphany gently asked Sam to hand the baby to her. Sam refused to let go of the infant, because Sam insisted that her son wanted to be with his mother. Epiphany explained that the baby was with the angels, and then reached for the infant boy.

Sam was inconsolable as Epiphany walked away with the baby. After Sam was taken to an examination bay, Epiphany returned to fetch Todd. She was curious why Todd was hiding by the nurses' station, so he explained that he hadn't wanted to get in the way. He wondered if Sam was going to be okay. Epiphany assured him that, in time, she would be.

Later, Jason asked Dr. Rashid why the baby had died. Dr. Rashid explained that they would have to wait for an autopsy report, so Jason decided to check on Sam. Sam had been sedated, so she was groggy. She couldn't understand why her son had died. Sam was certain that her baby could have been saved, if John had returned. Jason insisted that it wasn't John's fault.

"Then whose fault is it, Jason?" Sam demanded. Sam explained that John had promised to take her to the hospital. Jason started to tell Sam what had happened, but a nurse entered to announce that it was time for Jason to leave, because Sam needed her rest. Sam reached for Jason's hand, and then tearfully confessed that she had picked a name for her son. "Jason, after his father," Sam revealed.

In Téa's examination bay, Todd suggested that Téa allow him to make arrangements for her and the baby to be transported to the hospital in Llanview the following day. Before Téa could respond, Epiphany entered the examination bay. Epiphany had overheard Todd, so she informed him that the doctor would have to approve of the transfer. Epiphany then asked Téa for some information for the birth certificate, including the baby's name. "Victor, after his father," Téa answered.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Metro Court's honeymoon suite, Matt placed an envelope on the nightstand as Maxie slept. He took a deep breath, put his wedding ring on the pillow next to Maxie and quietly left. Later, Maxie became alarmed when she noticed Matt's ring on the pillow. Maxie glanced around the room, and then spotted Matt's letter. She quickly ripped it open and read it.

At the police station, Heather demanded to see Luke. She claimed that it was a matter of life or death, but Dante wasn't swayed. He insisted that Luke couldn't have any visitors, so Heather wondered how Luke could have been arrested for murder without a body. Dante calmly explained that there had been sufficient evidence to implicate Luke and Tracy. Heather defended Luke by pointing the finger of guilt at Tracy. Moments later, Matt entered the squad room and asked to speak to Dante.

Heather informed Matt that Dante was busy, but Matt insisted that what he had to say couldn't wait. Exasperated, Heather wondered how long it would take. Dante insisted that it didn't matter, because Heather wouldn't get to see Luke. Heather suggested that Dante should release Luke if Dante truly cared about justice. After Heather stormed out, Matt bluntly confessed that he had killed Lisa Niles.

Dante was confused, because he knew that Matt had married Maxie to avoid facing charges for killing Lisa. Maxie entered the squad room in time to hear Dante's remark. She too wondered what Matt was doing. Dante decided to give Matt and Maxie some time to talk. Matt warned Maxie that he had made up his mind. Maxie pulled Matt to a private corner in the hallway, and then asked him why he had decided to confess.

Matt explained that Lisa's violent death kept replaying in his head. He couldn't get the sound of the wrench striking Lisa's skull out his mind. Maxie suggested that it would just take some time to make peace with what had happened, but Matt insisted that taking a life went against everything that he believed in. Matt claimed that he was a murderer, but Maxie disagreed, because it hadn't been premeditated. She pleaded with Matt to put his wedding ring back on, and then leave with her, but Matt refused. He didn't want her to have to keep pretending, because they both knew that she had married him to keep him from going to jail.

Maxie tearfully assured Matt that she had married him because she had wanted to spend her life with him. She reminded him about his research, Patrick, and Emma, but Matt remained determined to take responsibility for Lisa's death, because he couldn't live a lie. Matt returned to the squad room, as Maxie begged Matt to reconsider. Matt ignored her as he informed Dante that he was ready to turn himself in.

At the Floating Rib, Olivia approached the bartender to ask if he had worked the previous evening. He nodded, so Olivia showed him a picture of Heather, and then asked if he recognized Heather. The bartender shook his head, so Olivia asked if anyone else might have seen Heather. The bartender pointed to a patron who was passed out in a booth. According to the bartender, the man hadn't made it home.

Olivia was surprised when she realized that the patron was Spinelli. She slid into the seat across from Spinelli and asked him what he was doing there. Spinelli revealed that he had been marinating his broken heart in alcohol. Olivia showed Spinelli the picture of Heather and asked if he had seen Heather the previous night. Spinelli didn't recall, but he conceded that he had been very drunk. He suggested that she ask Mac and Felicia, because they had been in the bar too.

Spinelli was curious why Olivia wanted to know about Heather, so Olivia told him about Heather's disappearance and her claim that she had stopped by the Floating Rib for a drink. Olivia admitted that she suspected that Heather was hiding something. Spinelli wondered what it was, so Olivia invited him to find out, since he was a private investigator. Spinelli was surprised that Olivia wanted him to spy on Steve's mother. Olivia explained that Heather had mentioned that people like Sam and Maggie got what they deserved when they crossed Heather. Spinelli recalled that Maggie had cleared Steve by confessing to murder, and had then committed suicide.

Spinelli was curious if Olivia suspected that Heather might have had something to do with Maggie's death. Olivia confided that it wouldn't surprise her, so she intended to be ready, in case Heather showed up in Olivia's bedroom with an axe. "Did I hear someone say axe?" Heather asked. Olivia and Spinelli recovered from their surprise, as Heather slid into the booth next to Spinelli. Olivia and Spinelli claimed that they had been talking about a horror movie, so Heather wanted to know the name of the movie. Olivia deftly changed the subject by asking what Heather was doing at the bar.

Heather explained that she was there for the hair of the dog that had bitten her. Heather bragged that the bartender had taken a liking to her, so Olivia revealed that the bartender hadn't recognized the picture of Heather when Olivia had shown it to him. Heather resented being called a liar, so Olivia quickly assured Heather that perhaps the bartender had simply forgotten that he had seen Heather. Heather checked her watch, and announced that she had to meet Steve, so she couldn't stay. After Heather left, Olivia confided to Spinelli that she was certain that Heather was hiding something. Spinelli agreed that Heather had seemed defensive.

At Rendezvous Motel, John called the hospital for an update on Sam and the baby. He spoke to several people before someone told him that Sam's baby had died. A short time later, Anna knocked on the door. John wasn't in the mood to talk to her, but Anna pushed her way in. She immediately grew concerned when she noticed that John was injured. John assured her that he was in better shape than Sam, who had lost her son.

Anna was stunned as John told her about Sam's unexpected labor and delivery. John had no idea how Sam would get through the loss of her child. Anna warned John not to blame himself, because he couldn't have known that something had been wrong with the baby. John confessed that the baby had seemed healthy when John had left to get the car. However, he had been delayed in returning, because two men had jumped him. Anna quickly figured out that Jason had sent the goons, so she was curious if John had confronted Jason about it.

John suggested that things might have turned out differently for Sam if John hadn't befriended Sam. Anna pointed out that he had no way of knowing if the baby would have survived under different circumstances. She then changed the subject by insisting on taking John to the hospital to be checked out.

At the lake house, Alexis was horrified when she woke up to discover cameramen in her home. She tried to throw them out, but Kristina reminded Alexis that Alexis had agreed to allow the film crew to document their lives, in exchange for Kristina not turning her back on the family. Alexis appreciated that Kristina was upset, but Alexis wondered if Kristina were truly prepared to air her grievances in public. Kristina and Alexis began to argue, until Molly stepped between them. Molly revealed that she had received a text from Jason asking for Alexis to call him on an urgent matter. According to Molly, Jason had made several attempts to reach Alexis directly, to no avail.

Alexis decided to call Jason, so Kristina ordered the camera crew to follow Alexis. Kristina promised that it would be good. On the porch, the cameraman recorded Alexis, as she called Jason. Molly hovered in the doorway, listening to Alexis' end of the conversation. Molly realized that something was wrong, so she waited until Alexis ended the call to ask what had happened.

Inside, Kristina snidely asked whom Jason had killed. Alexis confirmed that someone had died, and then added, "Your sister's baby." Kristina's smile immediately disappeared. Alexis, Molly, and Kristina sat down on the sofa, as they tried to make sense of what had happened. Kristina noticed that the camera crew was still taping, so she demanded to know what they were doing. One of the cameramen explained that their instructions had been to film, regardless what happened.

The cameraman was certain that the footage would be a ratings grabber, so he was curious if Kristina had a picture of Sam that they could use. Disgusted, Kristina ordered the film crew to stop taping.

At the hospital, Todd had a vivid dream about telling Téa that her baby had died. Téa angrily accused Todd of taking her husband and son from her, and then screamed, "I hate you." Todd woke up with a start. Téa, who gently rocked the baby in her arms, saw Todd jerk awake. "You okay?" she asked.

Todd brushed it off, and then asked how the baby was doing. Téa confided that she felt happier than she could have imagined. Moments later, Steve entered the hospital room. Steve assured Téa that she and the baby could be discharged, but he wanted to discuss Victor's test results. Téa grew concerned when Steve revealed that Victor's hemoglobin was low because of a possible genetic disorder called beta thalassemia. Steve explained that the disorder was commonly known as Mediterranean anemia, because it was prevalent in people of Italian or Greek ancestry.

Téa explained that she was one hundred percent Puerto Rican. Steve conceded that the disorder was rarer in other nationalities, but not unheard of. Téa was curious if there was a test that might confirm if Victor had the disorder. Steve assured her that there was, but she would have to remain in the hospital for an additional day. Todd immediately objected. Todd explained that he had a plane ready to take Téa and Victor back to Llanview, so that Téa could recuperate at home with Dani.

Steve explained that she could wait until she was in Llanview to have the test, and then handed her a pamphlet about the disorder, so that she would recognize the symptoms.

In Sam's hospital room, Sam had a dream about holding her son. She confided to her baby that he had given her a scare, but she had known, deep down inside, that he had been alive. Moments later, Sam woke up to the reality that her son was gone. Jason immediately rushed to her side to assure Sam that she would be okay. Sam disagreed, because her child was dead. Sam told Jason about her dream.

Sam couldn't understand why John hadn't returned to the hotel room as he had promised. Jason recalled his conversation with John in the motel room, when Jason had learned that Sam had given birth to a baby boy. Jason started to confess that he had been the reason that John hadn't returned, but his phone rang. It was Alexis. After Jason ended the call with Alexis, Jason tried to talk to Sam about his realization that he could love her child.

Sam cut Jason off, because she didn't think that it mattered anymore. Jason remained determined to tell her, but Sam's temper flared when he mentioned that he had talked to Carly about it. Sam resented that Jason had been able to talk to Carly, but not his wife. Jason tried to clear things up, but Alexis, Molly, and Kristina arrived. Jason quietly excused himself, as Sam's mother and sisters gathered around her. Jason hovered near the doorway, as Sam told her family about the delivery and John's disappearance.

Todd passed Sam's room, as a nurse approached the room with a tray of food. Jason explained that Sam was busy, so the nurse decided to leave the tray with Jason. She extended her condolences, and then left. Moments later, Jason walked away. Todd crept to the door to eavesdrop on Sam and her family. Sam told her mother and sisters that she had gone to the front desk, but no one had been there, and the phones had been dead.

Sam had decided to go to the road, in the hopes of flagging down a passing car. Sam had noticed a light in the distance, so she had set out in the direction of the light, which had led her to a cabin. Sam recalled putting her son down, entering the cabin, and then passing out. Sam's next memory had been of waking up in Jason's arms. Sam had been certain that someone had switched her son with the baby that Jason had found on the porch. Sam tearfully confessed that she couldn't understand why her baby had died.

Alexis decided to find Kelly Lee to get some answers. Todd quickly darted away from the door, but bumped into the cart of food that the nurse had left behind. Alexis recognized Todd, so she demanded to know what he had been doing outside of Sam's room. Todd claimed that he had bumped into the cart, as he had passed by. He explained that he was at the hospital, because his friend had given birth. Alexis told him that her daughter had also had a baby, but her grandson had died.

In Sam's hospital room, Molly wished that she could do something for Sam. Sam assured her youngest sister that she loved her. After Molly left, Sam thanked Kristina for stopping by. Kristina insisted that she loved Sam, and then offered to fetch a magazine for Sam in the gift shop while Sam rested.

Jason spotted Alexis near the nurses' station, so he approached her. Jason confessed that he was sorry that Sam had lost her son. "Her son, not yours," Alexis replied. Alexis suggested that if Jason had shown a tad bit of compassion and generosity then Sam might have been with Jason, instead of in a motel room, when Sam had gone into labor. "Perhaps I would have my grandson," Alexis added, and then left to find Dr. Lee.

Moments later, John bumped into Jason at the nurses' station.

Todd returned to Téa's room to tell her that the car was ready to take her to the airport. He realized that she wasn't in the room, so he turned to leave, but stopped short when Heather suddenly loomed in the doorway. "Well, if it isn't Todd Manning," Heather purred, and then suggested that they chat.

Téa cradled the baby in her arms, as a nurse wheeled Téa to the elevator across from Sam's room. Téa realized that she had forgotten the pamphlet that Steve had given to her, so the nurse agreed to fetch it. Meanwhile, Sam decided to leave her room, but froze in the doorway when she saw Téa and the baby.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mac asked Anna to take over for him as police commissioner. He said the mayor was about to appoint an incompetent politico, which could destroy the police department. Anna resisted but eventually caved in.

Later, Anna introduced herself to the police squad and lectured them about ethics. After her speech, an officer handed her a case file. The two suspects in the interrogation room were charged with obstruction of justice and illegal disposal of a firearm, and might possibly be guilty of murder.

In the interrogation room, Tracy railed against the conditions in the jail. Luke suggested she calm down and pointed out that the police had a good case against them. Luke and Tracy had to figure out who had really killed Anthony. Tracy suggested they call in the ELQ lawyers, but Luke had already called Alexis. Luke strongly advised Tracy not to say another word to the authorities. "The cops are not our friends," he said, as Anna walked into the room.

Anna let Luke and Tracy know that she was the new commissioner and that she would not be able to offer them preferential treatment. Anna didn't believe Luke had killed Anthony. He wouldn't have done such a sloppy job covering his tracks, she knew. Roslyn Quan, Alexis' associate, arrived to represent Luke and Tracy, despite Tracy's rude objections, so Anna left.

Alexis saw Luke and Tracy later and told them that, unless Anthony's body turned up, the police didn't have a good case. Tracy left in a huff. Later, Luke ran into Anna in the hallway. She let him know she could not do him any favors, and he replied that he'd expect nothing less from her.

Outside the interrogation room, the cops delivered Jason to Anna. "I have nothing to say without my attorney," Jason protested. Anna told him he only had to listen to what she had to say. She shared with him that Robin had loved him very much. Anna was grateful for everything Jason had done for Robin before she died.

Having said that, Anna told Jason she could not disregard his criminal activities. "I know what you did to McBain last night," she revealed. Because there wasn't any evidence tying Jason to the assault, and because John wouldn't press charges, she couldn't do anything about it. But she would not hesitate to go after him in the future.

At the Floating Rib, Mac met up with Felicia, who boasted about all the petition signatures she'd gathered to have him reinstated as police commissioner. Mac delivered the news that Anna had taken over his job. He told Felicia that losing his job had opened a world of possibilities for him. He wanted to change who he was. He'd built a comfortable world for himself in Port Charles, but he yearned for something more.

Mac thought it felt as if he and Felicia would have kissed the night before, had Spinelli not disturbed them. "I thought the same thing," Felicia replied. She followed up by saying it was probably a good thing they hadn't. "We've been there, we've done that, we've done it badly," she pointed out. Mac said he had wonderful memories of their marriage. He wondered if they should explore their possibilities again.

John asked Jason how Sam was doing, and Jason replied that Sam hadn't yet accepted her baby's death. He explained that Sam had wandered into a shed in the woods off the road after the storm had let up and collapsed. When she had regained consciousness, she told Jason that the baby he'd found in the planter box was not hers.

John and Jason both assumed Sam's emotional state had clouded her judgment. Jason let John know that Sam had finally accepted that her son had died. John blamed himself for not having taken Sam to the hospital right away, instead of helping her deliver the boy at their motel. Jason thanked John for having helped Sam. "But I'll take it from here," Jason finished. At that moment, two uniformed officers arrived and said that the new commissioner wanted to question him.

Sam ran into Téa in the hallway outside Sam's room. Téa asked about Sam's baby, and Sam explained that he'd died just after he was born. Téa told her how sorry she was. Sam began to ask if she could hold Téa's son but thought better of it. Téa was not put off by Sam's gesture, but Alexis and Dr. Lee showed up before Sam had a chance to get close to the infant.

Alexis and Dr. Lee ushered Sam back to her bed and the doctor explained that Sam's baby had died of respiratory failure. But something didn't add up, Dr. Lee said. The newborn had not tested positive for beta thalassemia, of which Sam was a carrier. The child, however, did have hemophilia.

Dr. Lee asked if there was a history of hemophilia in the Cassadine family, but Alexis didn't believe there was. Sam wondered if she'd been right the night before, that there had been a mistake, and that the baby who died was not her son. Dr. Lee said that it was possible the tests done during pregnancy hadn't caught the hemophilia.

Sam asked whether her son would have survived had he been taken to the hospital earlier. Dr. Lee couldn't say for sure, only that he'd have had a chance. Dr. Lee left as John arrived to check on Sam. Sam asked Alexis to leave so that she could speak with John alone. Alexis exited.

Sam asked John why he'd never returned after he'd left to get the car. He said he'd run into some trouble that night. A nurse arrived with food, and John left. The nurse let it slip that John had been beaten the night before.

Later, Jason went back to see Sam. She said she wanted to ask him a question, but Jason wanted to tell her something first. Sam had been right; it hadn't mattered that Sam's baby had not been his biological son -- Jason would have loved the boy and raised him as his son.

Heather introduced herself to Todd. She held the baby switch over Todd's head. Todd defended his actions, though he expressed regret for having taken Heather's advice to keep the truth quiet from Téa before she'd bonded with Sam's son. Heather made thinly veiled threats to tell someone what had happened, but Todd threatened to make sure the authorities knew that she'd buried Anthony's body the night of the baby switch.

Todd left to take Téa home. He was anxious to whisk her back to Llanview. Téa talked about how lucky she was that her son hadn't been born with hemophilia, of which she knew she was a carrier. She could deal with his beta thalassemia, as all that was required was monitoring so he wouldn't become anemic.

Heather emerged from the elevator, and Téa thanked her for having saved little Victor's life. Heather made it seem as if she was going to tell Téa that her son had died. Just as Todd really began to sweat, Heather let him off the hook, pretending that she was concerned about her privacy. "I don't like people knowing my business -- good or bad," Heather said. She wanted to ensure her name stayed out of the Sun.

Téa assured Heather that Todd would not publicly thank her. After Téa and Todd left, Heather produced a General Hospital Lab envelope from her purse. She dropped it, but John picked it up and handed it to her as he walked by. After he left, Heather chuckled to herself about how easy it was for her to get away with all of her schemes. She looked at the contents of the envelope -- a DNA report that showed Jason as the father of Sam's baby.

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