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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 11, 2012 on GH
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Monday, June 11, 2012

At General Hospital, Heather sat down and gloated over the stolen lab results that proved Jason, not Franco, was the father of Sam's baby. Steve caught her gloating and wanted to know why Heather was smiling. Heather told him that she was looking at a brochure about some classes that she was thinking of taking. Steve accepted her answer and then asked why Heather was at the hospital. Heather tried to blame Olivia, but Steve intervened.

Steve told Heather that Olivia had every right to be mad because Heather had taken Olivia's car without permission and also because Heather had left the apartment unchaperoned. Heather changed the subject and asked about Steve's day. Steve told her that he had sad news; Sam had lost her baby. Heather asked why it was sad news. Steve said that a child was dead. Heather said that she was not sure that Sam felt the same way because Heather had read in the newspaper that the father of Sam's child was Franco. Steve replied sharply that Sam was devastated by the loss of her baby and the father did not matter.

Heather acted appropriately chastened then offered to go home and let Steve work. Steve told Heather to stay and wait until he could take her home because she was not supposed to go anywhere unchaperoned. Steve agreed to take Heather to Kelly's on his lunch break. He told her to stay put and not wander off or cause trouble. Heather agreed, but as soon as Steve left her alone, Heather took out the lab test and chuckled to herself about the trouble she had already caused for Sam and Jason.

Heather flashed back and saw herself passing the lab as a technician stood outside the lab and called Kelly to tell her that the results of Sam's paternity tests were ready and waiting in an envelope for her inside the lab. When the technician left, Heather had entered the lab, found the results showing Jason as the father, altered the results in the computer, reprinted them, and put them in the envelope for Kelly to find and give to Sam.

Heather rationalized what she had done by blaming Sam for not delivering a letter to Steve as Sam had promised Heather she would do. Heather further convinced herself that she was doing the right thing because a mother would do anything to protect her child, and Heather believed that she was protecting Steve from Sam so that Sam could not tell Steve that Heather had sold Jason's twin, Franco, just as Heather had sold Steve. Heather told herself that Sam had gotten what she deserved because she had tried to wreck Heather's shot at happiness with her son, Steve.

In another room on the same floor, Jason told Sam that he had gone looking for her because he had wanted to tell her that he could accept the baby, love it, and be its father. Sam thought Jason's answer was pretty convenient under the circumstances. Jason assured Sam that he had gone to the motel to try to save their marriage. Sam accused Jason of beating McBain or of having him beaten. Jason acknowledged that he had sent the men after McBain. Jason said that he had tried to call off the attack, but he had been too late. Sam responded that it had been too late for John and too late for her baby.

Sam told Jason that her baby had died of respiratory failure. Sam said that if John had returned and taken her baby to the hospital, then the baby would be alive and in her arms. Sam said that at first she had thought it was John's fault that the baby had died; however, she said it was not John's fault, but Jason's fault that her baby was dead.

Jason said that he had not had any idea that Sam was in labor when he sent his men to beat up John McBain. Jason said that he was sorry for everything that Sam had been through. Sam said that she did not think that Jason was really sorry. Sam said that she was the one who had been raped, and in the end, she did not care how her baby had been conceived. All she had cared about was that she would be a mother. Sam accused Jason of wanting her to give the baby away. Sam told Jason that her baby was dead, and he had gotten exactly what he had wanted -- the baby was gone.

Jason tried to take Sam's hand, but she would not let him. Jason told Sam that he had been there when she had lost her daughter and he would never wish that on her again. Jason said that he had grown to want the baby, too, but Sam did not believe him. Sam told Jason that what they had was broken. Jason repeated that he was sorry. Sam said that "sorry" would not fix anything. Sam said that her baby was dead, and nothing could bring him back.

Heather lurked outside and overheard their conversation and thought to herself that people looked for something to hold onto. She said that it was too bad that Jason and Sam would never know that their baby was alive and well and living in Llanview, Pennsylvania. Back in Sam's room, Jason tried to take her hand, but Sam refused to let him and told Jason to get out. Jason put the dragon figurine on the tray by Sam's bed and left.

Elsewhere, Patrick gave Ewen the green light and said that Ewen was ready to be released. Liz was ecstatic for Ewen. Patrick thanked Liz and gave credit to Epiphany for helping him overcome his depression following Robin's death.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Matt met with Alexis in the interrogation room. Alexis gave Matt his phone and told him to get his affairs in order. Alexis said that she could not keep Matt out of jail and that he had made no friends in the D.A.'s office when he had married Maxie to keep her from testifying against him. Alexis left to see the D.A., and Matt called Patrick, who excused himself from Ewen's room to take the call in the hall.

Ewen tried to stand, but Liz had to help him when he had a dizzy spell. Ewen confessed to being weaker than he thought. As Liz supported him, they drew closer and kissed. Steve walked in on them and teased Liz. Ewen was embarrassed. Liz sent Steve away and told Ewen that Steve liked to tease her. Ewen told Liz that he had thought that they were having a moment. Liz agreed that they were. Liz helped Ewen pack and then left the room so Ewen could get dressed.

Outside the room, Liz ran into Jason, who told her that Sam had lost the baby and he had lost Sam. Heather found Steve and said that she wished that there were something she could do for Sam. Steve took Heather to Sam's room and said that Heather wanted to offer condolences. Heather looked at Sam and said that she was sorry for Sam's loss. Heather said that she hoped that Sam would be comforted by the knowledge that Sam's baby was in a better place.

Spinelli met Olivia at the Metro Court to tell her that he had made some progress in determining Heather's whereabouts on the night she had taken Olivia's car and gone to Kelly's and the Floating Rib. Spinelli found that Heather had used Olivia's toll pass at a booth near the Rendezvous Motel. They pondered over what that meant and what Heather was doing there. Spinelli said that he would dig deeper. After Spinelli left, Olivia looked at a picture of Steve on her phone and said to the picture that she hoped Spinelli found out what Heather was up to before Heather hurt Steve any more than he had already been hurt.

Patrick rushed down to the police station, where Matt said that he had confessed to killing Lisa Niles. Patrick was surprised and said that he thought Matt had married Maxie to avoid going to jail. Matt said that was before he remembered the killing, and since he remembered, he felt guilty. Matt said that all he could remember was the oath he had taken to "do no harm." Patrick said that Lisa had taken the same oath, but that had not stopped her from harming Robin and others. Matt said that it was what he had done that counted. Alexis entered and said that she had spoken to the D.A.

Maxie met Mac and Felicia at the Floating Rib. Maxie was crying when she told them that Matt had turned himself in. Mac said that Matt had done the right thing. Maxie did not feel the same way and asked Mac to use his influence to make the charges against Matt go away. Mac said that he could not do that. Maxie, Mac, and Felicia were surprised when Matt and Patrick walked in a few seconds later. Maxie exclaimed that Matt was free, but Matt said, "Not exactly," and went on to explain that he had signed a confession.

Matt said that his sentence was five years and that he had been given time to say his goodbyes before reporting to Pentonville. Maxie took Patrick aside and begged him to use his influence with Matt to get Matt to recant his confession. Patrick said that Matt was following his conscience. Patrick added that if Maxie loved Matt, she would support him.

Spinelli arrived while Matt was apologizing to Mac for causing problems. Mac thanked Matt for doing the right thing and taking responsibility. Matt turned to Maxie and told her that Alexis would be handling the annulment. Maxie was stunned. Matt kissed Maxie on the forehead and left with Patrick. Maxie turned to Spinelli, Mac, and Felicia and said that there would be no annulment. Maxie said that she was Mrs. Matt Hunter, and that was whom she would stay.

At the Lake house, Kristina was annoyed with the cameraman who was following her every move. She wanted to know why he continued to film her when nothing was happening. He replied that if they waited long enough, something would happen. Shortly thereafter someone knocked on the door. It was Trey, the grad student/producer of Kristina's Mafia Princess reality show.

Kristina told Trey that she wanted out of the show. She said that she did not like the cameras on her all the time. Trey told Kristina to give it a day or two, and she would forget that the cameras were there. Kristina said that Trey did not understand. Kristina said that her sister had just lost a baby. Trey said it made good family drama, and besides, her sister was married to a mob enforcer, and the mob was the focus of the show.

Kristina said that outing her sister's tragedy was not what she wanted. Trey reminded Kristina of how pissed off she had been at her parents when she had found out that Sonny had threatened the dean to get her admitted to Yale and Kristina's mother had gone along with him. Trey pushed Kristina's buttons and reminded her that she had been seeking payback on her parents who were ashamed of her because she had not been smart enough to get into Yale without their help.

Alexis was spitting fire when she arrived home and ordered the camera and crew out of her house. Kristina introduced Trey, who Alexis ordered off her property. Trey gave Alexis a document, signed by Kristina, giving him access to the family. Alexis said that Kristina did not own the property and did not have the right to grant access. Alexis said the document was not worth the paper it was printed on. Trey responded that Alexis thought Kristina was too stupid to know what she was signing. Alexis replied that she had not said that.

Trey turned to Kristina and asked if she could see what Alexis was doing and if Kristina was going to allow Alexis to push her around. Alexis told Kristina to be smart and think about what she was doing to her family. Kristina thought a moment and then turned to Trey and told him to keep the cameras rolling.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Michael was jogging along the waterfront when he spotted Starr sitting on the edge of a pier, crying. Michael stopped to find out what was wrong, so Starr told him that her aunt had had a baby. Starr assured Michael that she was happy for her aunt, but seeing the newborn had made Starr miss Hope. Michael looked at the picture of Téa's baby, as Starr wondered if she would ever be able to be around a baby without thinking about Hope. Michael was confident that, one day, Starr wouldn't break out in tears when she saw a baby, and then suggested that perhaps she might even smile.

Michael confided that he wanted things to work out for Starr, so she revealed that she knew who had shot out Anthony's tires. Michael was stunned when Starr explained that it had been Kate and that Kate had dissociative identity disorder. Starr added that DID was a coping mechanism, which prompted Michael to wonder why Starr knew so much about the mental illness. Starr admitted that her aunt, Viki, and cousin, Jessica, had struggled with DID. She then shifted gears by confessing that she had visited Kate at Shadybrook.

Starr revealed that she hadn't been able to hate Kate the way that Starr had hated Sonny, because Kate was not a bad person. Starr admitted that Kate was shattered by what Connie had done. Starr regretted that she hadn't listened to Michael when he had tried to reason with her about Sonny, so she realized that she owed Michael and Sonny a huge apology. Michael assured Starr that she was forgiven. Starr wondered if they could put the past behind them and try to be friends. She was grateful when Michael agreed to give her a second chance.

At the Floating Rib, Luke called Lulu to find out what Anna's mood was like. Lulu didn't know, because Lulu had taken the day off from work to avoid lying to Dante. However, Lulu imagined that Anna wasn't happy about Anthony's disappearance. Luke insisted that what Dante didn't know wouldn't hurt Dante, Luke, or Tracy. Lulu changed the subject by revealing that someone might be interested in buying the Haunted Star. Luke offered to join Lulu when she met with the buyer, but Lulu assured her father she had everything well in hand.

Luke wrapped up the call when he saw Tracy enter the bar. Meanwhile, Johnny dropped by the Haunted Star. Lulu warned Johnny that the casino wasn't open for business. Johnny was hurt that Lulu didn't have time for an old friend. "Not if he's looking for trouble," Lulu warned him. Johnny explained that he simply wanted his grandfather's body to be found, so that Johnny could give Anthony a proper burial. Lulu was surprised that Johnny expected the worst.

Johnny explained that Anthony had accused Luke and Tracy of plotting to kill Anthony. Lulu insisted that her father was not a murderer. Johnny appreciated that Lulu wanted to believe the best about Luke, but Johnny knew better. Lulu assured Johnny that Luke hadn't killed Anthony, prompting Johnny to wonder what Lulu knew. Lulu refused to tell Johnny about Luke's admission that Anthony was dead, so she suggested that Johnny let the police handle things.

Lulu was shocked when Johnny revealed that he was there to buy the Haunted Star. He reminded her that he had once been a part owner in the casino, but Lulu argued that he had used the casino to launder money. Johnny clarified that Anthony had been behind the money laundering, not Johnny. Lulu didn't understand why Johnny was interested in the casino when he had Vaughn's. Johnny revealed that he was out of the business of "objectifying women," so he had sold Vaughn's. Lulu was curious what had prompted Johnny to turn over a new leaf.

"Carly," Johnny replied. Johnny admitted that Carly had given him a second chance, so he intended to make better choices. Lulu sensed that there was a change in Johnny, which she attributed to Anthony no longer influencing Johnny's life. Johnny confided that he wanted to turn the casino into a nightclub. Lulu revealed that she had considered the same thing at one time, so Johnny suggested that they go into business together.

Lulu reminded Johnny that she had a job with the police department, but Johnny argued that the Lulu that he had known had wanted more out of life. Johnny was startled when Lulu suddenly acquiesced. They quickly signed some paperwork and shook hands, and then Lulu handed Johnny a set of keys to the Haunted Star. After Lulu left, Johnny called Starr. A short time later, Starr entered the casino. She was curious why Johnny had called her, so he revealed that he intended for Starr to record and perform in the casino after it was transformed into a nightclub.

Starr was curious what the name of the nightclub was. "The Haunted Star," Johnny replied. "That's kind of fitting," he added when Starr smiled.

At the Floating Rib, Tracy wondered if there had been any progress made in locating Anthony's body or the killer. Luke confessed that he hadn't heard anything. Tracy was relieved that at least they had been eliminated as suspects. Luke reminded her that only Anna had cleared them; Johnny still believed that Luke and Tracy had killed Anthony. Tracy was confident that Johnny would realize that Luke and Tracy had had nothing to do with Anthony's death. Luke warned Tracy that their nightmare had just begun, because someone had tried to frame them.

Tracy waved away Luke's concern, because she wanted to celebrate. Luke suggested that it might not be a wise move, given the circumstances of Anthony's disappearance. Tracy was undeterred, so Luke wondered what she had in mind. Tracy suggested that they indulge in a rack of ribs. Luke pointed out that it was still morning, but Tracy offered to pay.

Later, Luke chuckled, because Tracy was a messy eater. Tracy didn't care, because she intended to make the most of her newfound freedom and liberation from Anthony by doing what she wanted. Tracy spotted some sauce on the corner of Luke's mouth, so she ordered him to lean forward. Luke did as instructed, but instead of wiping the sauce away, Tracy kissed him. After the heated kiss ended, Luke confessed that it had been unexpected, so he was curious what had prompted it. Tracy smiled with satisfaction, as she explained that she had enjoyed their kiss in the boathouse, so she had wanted to do it again.

Tracy confessed that she cared about Luke and wanted him back. Luke was surprised by the declaration and admitted that he cared about her too. He acknowledged that he hadn't been happy when Tracy had "shacked up" with Anthony, but he warned her that it wouldn't look good if they were suddenly to get back together. Tracy suggested that they be discreet, but Luke reminded her that he was living with the police commissioner. Tracy argued that Luke could move out, but Luke enjoyed living rent-free.

Tracy offered to pay Luke's rent. Luke insisted that he didn't want Tracy's money. Tracy bristled, because she suspected that Luke wasn't interested in her. Luke quickly clarified that he hadn't said that, but he didn't want to jump the gun. Tracy was curious when Luke had become so cautious. "Better to be cautious than convicted," Luke replied.

Luke wanted some time to "ruminate." "Ruminate this," Tracy told him, and then kissed him. Lulu stopped short when she entered the bar and saw Luke and Tracy kissing. Moments later, Tracy waved to Lulu as Tracy left. Lulu grinned. "What was that?" Lulu asked her father. "Totally unexpected," Luke answered.

Kate was surprised to see Ewen at Shadybrook. She immediately apologized for hurting him, as he entered her room. Ewen insisted that Connie, not Kate, had attacked him, so there was nothing to forgive. Ewen explained that, with treatment, they would be able to figure out what had manifested Connie. Kate warned Ewen that Connie had done far worse than attack Ewen. Ewen glanced at the newspaper article about Hope and Cole's deaths, as Kate revealed that Connie had been responsible for shooting out Anthony's tires.

Kate explained that she had no memory of the incident, but Connie had confessed to Sonny. Ewen questioned Connie's confession, because it didn't make sense him. Ewen pointed out that Connie's violence hadn't been premeditated; Connie had attacked when she had felt threatened. Kate argued that Connie had shot out the tires in an effort to frame Sonny for murder, which would result in Sonny being sent to jail. Ewen insisted that it wouldn't explain why Connie would then plot to sleep with Johnny.

Kate suggested that perhaps the infidelity had been a backup plan. According to Ewen, people didn't resort to a Plan B, unless Plan A had failed. Ewen explained that Connie was extremely shrewd, so he couldn't understand why she would confess to a failed attempt to kill Anthony. "Why would she lie?" Kate asked. Ewen admitted that they had a lot of work ahead of them.

Kate pointed out that her calendar was wide open, and then confessed that she didn't even know what day it was. "June twelfth," Ewen replied. Kate gasped. "Oh, my God, if it's June twelfth then I'm late. I think I might be pregnant," Kate said, horrified.

At the penthouse, Jason entered the living room. His eyes landed on the phoenix figurine perched on the fireplace mantel. Moments later, Carly knocked. Jason opened the door. Carly was upset because he hadn't returned any of her calls, so Jason admitted that he hadn't been in the mood to talk. Carly was surprised when he revealed that Sam had had the baby.

"We're over," Jason added, and then revealed that Sam's son had died. Carly was shocked, as Jason revealed the details of Sam's effort to get help for the newborn baby and the baby's death from respiratory failure. Carly was certain that Jason had been as devastated as Sam by the loss. She insisted that Jason and Sam needed each other, but Jason explained that Sam didn't want to see him, because Sam blamed him for the baby's death.

Jason confessed that he had arranged for two men to rough up John, which had kept John from returning to the motel room. Carly argued that Jason couldn't have known what would happen. Jason admitted that Carly had been right when she had assured him that he would be able love the baby once he had held it. Carly insisted that the baby's death had been a terrible tragedy, but it hadn't been Jason's fault. Jason revealed that Sam had accused him of setting everything into motion by sending the men after John. Carly suggested that Sam had been the one to set things into motion by moving out, and then leaving the motel with a newborn.

According to Carly, everyone had made mistakes, but Jason was not responsible for the baby's death. Jason doubted that Sam would ever forgive him, but Carly disagreed. She conceded that Sam would never forget, but Sam would eventually be able to forgive Jason. Carly was certain that Jason and Sam could work things out, but Jason explained that Sam had accused him of saying that he loved the baby only because the baby had died. Carly urged Jason to keep fighting for Sam until Sam believed him. She then told him how she had forgiven Johnny.

Jason warned Carly that Johnny had better treat Carly right. Carly assured Jason that Johnny had been put on notice. Moments later, Carly received a text message from work. Jason urged her to go, because he needed time to think. Carly insisted that Sam needed him, whether Sam admitted it or not, so he should go to Sam.

Sam was looking at the dragon figurine when Liz knocked on Sam's hospital room door. Liz carried in a bouquet of flowers, which she set on the nightstand next to Sam's bed. Sam read the card that Alexis had sent with the flowers. Liz expressed her condolences. Liz knew that losing a child was the worst feeling imaginable, so she wondered if there was anything that she could do for Sam. "Can you bring me my baby back? Can you keep him breathing, keep him alive?" Sam coldly asked.

Liz didn't reply, so Sam added, "No, I didn't think so." Liz recalled how it had felt when people had asked her the same thing after Jake had died, so she apologized. Liz conceded that there wasn't anything that anyone could do to take the pain away, but Liz assured Sam that, if it had been in Liz's power, she would give Sam the baby back. "Yeah, you and everyone else. Bottom line, you can't," Sam groused. Liz confided that she had seen Jason, and that he had been "destroyed" by the baby's death. Sam was unmoved.

Liz suggested that Jason and Sam talk, because she was certain that it would help Jason and Sam. Liz insisted that Sam shouldn't have to go through the loss alone. Liz realized that it wasn't her place, but before she could finish the thought, Sam cut Liz off. "You know, you're right, it's not your place," Sam snapped. Liz assured Sam that Jason had seemed genuinely upset about the baby's death, but that only infuriated Sam.

Liz realized that she was not helping Sam, but Sam disagreed. Sam needed to express how she was feeling. Sam explained that she and the baby had needed Jason's love from the start, not after the baby had "conveniently died." Liz flinched at the harsh choice of words. "What? Am I making you uncomfortable right now?" Sam asked. "God forbid if I make anyone uncomfortable, especially Jason," Sam shouted.

Sam resented that she had to tiptoe around Jason's feelings, instead of telling him how scared and hurt she had felt. Sam insisted that it had been a knife through her heart when Jason had told her that the baby would be a reminder of Franco. Liz admitted that Jason had felt that way in the beginning; however, he no longer felt that way. Liz believed Jason was sincere, but Sam didn't. Sam wondered if Jason had told Liz about the men that Jason had sent after John, and how John had been prevented from returning to the motel room to help Sam and the baby. Sam insisted that her baby might have been saved if they had been able to get the baby to the hospital, but Liz reminded Sam that they had no way of knowing that for certain.

Sam was furious that Liz was defending Jason, but Liz explained that Jason was a mess. Sam invited Liz to comfort Jason, because Sam wanted nothing to do with Jason. "He's all yours," Sam told Liz. Liz insisted that she and Jason were just friends and that Jason loved Sam. Liz agreed that Jason wasn't perfect, and she acknowledged that he had made a lot of mistakes with Sam. Sam didn't care, because she was through with Jason. Liz wondered, if that were true, why Sam was still holding the dragon figurine.

Later, Jason entered Sam's hospital room. He saw Liz, but not Sam. Liz revealed that Sam had checked herself out and left.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

At Metro Court, Carly was surprised when Todd walked up to the front desk. Todd explained that he had taken Téa and the baby back to Llanview, but hadn't stayed because he was "allergic" to balloons and confetti. Carly imagined that it had been difficult for Todd to celebrate, knowing that Todd was the reason that the baby would grow up without a father. Todd recalled making a pact with Heather to switch Sam's healthy baby for Téa's dead baby at the cabin. He brushed the unsettling memory away, as Carly reminded him that he had saved Téa's baby, which had spared Téa from experiencing the tragic loss of a child.

Todd was curious if Carly spoke from personal experience. Carly revealed that her best friend's wife, Sam, had just lost a baby. Todd wondered how Sam was doing. Carly was surprised, because she hadn't realized that Todd knew Sam. Todd quickly covered his tracks by claiming that it was clear to him that Carly cared about Sam. Carly didn't question Todd's excuse, so she confided that it hadn't been the first time that Sam had lost a child.

Carly explained that Jason had intended to raise the baby with Sam, even though the baby hadn't been Jason's biological son, so Sam and Jason were devastated. Carly was oblivious to Todd's discomfort, as she changed the subject by asking why he was in Port Charles. Todd revealed that the only person in Llanview who liked him was a young boy who thought that Todd was Spiderman, so Todd had decided to return to Port Charles to be close to Starr. Carly was curious how Starr felt about that. Todd was certain that his daughter would tell him to leave, because she was a "chick." According to Todd, that meant that Starr thought that she was tough, when in reality, deep down inside, she was vulnerable.

Todd admitted that he was protective of his daughter. Carly warned Todd that there was a fine line between protecting someone and controlling them. She was certain that Todd would cross that line. Todd insisted that he needed to watch over Starr, because she had a recording contract with Carly's ex-boyfriend, Johnny. Carly began to squirm, prompting Todd to wonder if Carly had taken Johnny back. Carly tried to avoid the subject, which confirmed Todd's suspicion that Carly had forgiven Johnny.

Carly explained that Johnny had promised not to keep any more secrets from her. Todd admitted that every time that he had made a similar promise, he had been keeping secrets. Carly insisted that she believed Johnny, so she refused to waste her time second-guessing him. Todd shrugged, because it was Carly's heart to do with as she pleased. However, he intended to keep a close eye on his daughter. Carly assured Todd that Johnny would never put Starr in a position where Starr could get hurt.

Todd wasn't convinced, and thought that Carly could do better than a guy like Johnny. Carly continued to defend Johnny, and explained that Johnny was going through a difficult time, because his grandfather, Anthony, had disappeared. Todd noticed the headline of the Port Charles Press, which featured an article about Luke and Tracy's arrest and release from jail, thanks to the new police commissioner, Anna Devane. Todd was surprised when Carly revealed that Luke Spencer was her uncle, but he was not impressed with the newspaper's unimaginative headline. Carly wondered if he could do better. Todd smiled, and then suggested, "To err is Spencer, to forgive Devane."

At the Haunted Star, Johnny suggested that Starr record an album on the boat, because it had a great sound system. Johnny added that Starr could use a fresh start. Starr agreed, especially since she had learned the identity of the person who had been responsible for Hope and Cole's deaths. Johnny's smile faded, as he carefully tried to find out what Starr knew. Starr explained that she couldn't tell Johnny the identity of the person who had shot out Anthony's tires, but she assured him that it hadn't been Sonny. Johnny pretended to be surprised, and then expressed his regret that he had pushed Starr to believe that Sonny had been responsible.

Starr admitted that she didn't hate the person who had caused the accident, because the person wasn't like Sonny. Starr confessed that she would have felt differently if her family had died because of a mob vendetta; it would have been impossible for her to be in the same room with the person who had caused the crash without wanting them to suffer. Johnny decided to change the subject by taking her on a tour of the Haunted Star. Afterwards, Starr conceded that she liked the place. She revealed that she wanted to get a job, so Johnny offered to hire her. Starr was grateful, and admitted that she felt lucky to have met Johnny, because he had been the answer to all of her problems.

Johnny smiled uncomfortably, so he changed the subject by suggesting that they test the acoustics. Starr decided to sing a song that she had written awhile back. Johnny was impressed with the haunting ballad, so he decided that they should get to work recording an album as soon as possible. Starr couldn't thank Johnny enough for everything that he had done for her, but Johnny explained that he was the one who was grateful to Starr. He insisted that she had given him the opportunity to redeem himself, because he had done things that he hadn't been proud of. Starr reminded him that her last producer had been in the pornography industry, so she doubted that Johnny had done worse than that.

Shortly after Starr left, Carly arrived. She was curious why Johnny had asked her to meet him on the Haunted Star. Johnny announced that he was the new part owner of the boat. Carly was curious what had happened to Vaughn's. Johnny explained that he didn't own it anymore, so the Haunted Star was a beginning of a new life for Johnny. Carly was surprised when he revealed that he intended to convert the casino to a nightclub that would offer live music.

"Starr Manning," Carly realized. Carly was happy for Johnny, but she warned him that Todd had returned to town. Johnny regretted that he had let his hatred for Sonny poison everything, including Starr, who had stolen Johnny's gun to go after Sonny. Johnny vowed not to be that guy anymore. Carly smiled, because she had said something similar about Johnny to Todd.

Johnny confessed that he was inspired to be the man that Carly deserved. Meanwhile, Starr was surprised to see her father sitting in the lobby at Metro Court, reading a newspaper. Todd explained that he had been worried about Starr, because she had had a lot to process after he had told her about Kate. Starr admitted that she had visited Kate, and that she had felt sorry for Kate, because it was clear that Kate was sick. Starr hoped that Kate was cured, as Viki and Jessica had been. Todd was impressed by how quickly Starr had turned things around.

Starr regretted that she had told Todd that she hadn't needed him, when in fact she had. She admitted that she was glad that he was there, but she was curious what Todd intended to do in Port Charles. Todd joked that he had decided to pursue his childhood dream of being a rock star. Starr chuckled. Todd was pleased to see her smile, because it had been a long time. Starr credited Johnny for giving her a purpose, but she wanted to know what Todd's plans were.

Todd doodled on the newspaper he had been reading, and then showed it to Starr. He had changed the newspaper's name to the Port Charles Sun, and then explained that he had a few ideas.

At Shadybrook, Kate became distraught at the thought that she might be pregnant. She explained to Ewen that she and Sonny had always used condoms, but she had no idea if Connie and Johnny had used protection when they had had sex. Ewen pointed out that there could be several reasons for Kate's missed period, including stress and medications. Kate feared Sonny's reaction if she were to be pregnant with Johnny's child, so Ewen suggested that Kate take a pregnancy test. After Ewen fetched a pregnancy test, Kate went to the bathroom to take it. Several minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom.

Ewen was curious what the results were, so Kate looked at the stick. Her eyes filled with tears when she saw that it was positive. Kate despaired that the child was Johnny's. Ewen picked up the stick to look at the results, as Kate wept inconsolably. He was confused, because it was negative, so he didn't understand why Kate insisted that she was pregnant when she wasn't.

Ewen held the stick out to Kate, but she continued to see a positive result. Ewen gently explained to her that whatever she was seeing wasn't real, but Kate didn't seem to hear him. "How can I have a baby, doctor? I'm only seventeen years old." Kate wailed. Ewen realized that Kate had regressed, so he tried to calm her down. Kate was confused why he had referred to her as Kate, because her name was Connie Falconeri. She had no idea how to tell Sonny about the baby.

At Greystone Manor, Michael entered the parlor and revealed that he knew that Sonny had made a deal with Todd, because Kate had shot out Anthony's tires. Sonny was curious how Michael had found out, so Michael admitted that Starr had told him. Sonny was furious that Todd had gone back on his word, but Michael insisted that it had been the right thing to do, because it had given Starr peace of mind. Michael assured Sonny that Starr wasn't angry at Kate, and that Starr regretted going after Sonny. Michael had forgiven Starr, because he knew that she had been out of his mind with grief. Sonny admitted that he felt the same way about Kate.

Sonny hoped that, with luck, the worst was over for Kate. Michael decided that he owed Johnny an apology for accusing Johnny of shooting out Anthony's tires. Sonny was outraged at the suggestion, because Johnny had taken advantage of Kate's illness. Michael agreed, but he insisted that Johnny hadn't been guilty of causing the crash that had killed Hope and Cole. Michael realized that he would have to tell his mother, but Sonny didn't think that it was necessary, since Carly had likely forgiven Johnny already. Michael shifted gears by assuring Sonny that Starr realized that Kate was sick.

Sonny blamed himself for Kate's dissociative identity disorder, because he suspected that the alternate personality had manifested after Kate had been shot on their wedding day. Michael was curious if Kate's doctor had agreed, so Sonny explained that most doctors felt that DID was a result of a childhood trauma. However, Sonny had grown up with Kate, so he would have known if something had happened to her during those early years. Michael reminded Sonny that Sonny and Kate had broken up. Sonny admitted that they had gone their separate ways when Connie had been seventeen, and that they hadn't reconnected until years later, when Connie had been transformed into Kate Howard.

Michael decided to leave, so Sonny walked him to the door. Sonny reminded Michael not to tell anyone about Kate's role in Hope and Cole's deaths. Michael appreciated that Sonny loved Kate, so he promised to keep the secret.

At the Rendezvous Motel, Sam pulled her room key out of her pocket, along with the dragon figurine. She was staring at the figurine when John suddenly called out to her. John was surprised that Sam had been released from the hospital, so Sam told him that there hadn't been a reason for her to stay, since she didn't have a baby waiting for her. Sam suddenly began to sway on her feet, so John lunged forward to catch her before she fell. John quickly helped her into her motel room. After Sam sat down, she asked how John's cracked ribs were doing.

John tried to play down his injury, but Sam refused to let him. She informed him that she would never forgive Jason for what Jason had done. John reminded Sam that Jason couldn't have known what would happen, but Sam didn't want John to excuse Jason's behavior. She insisted that Jason should have supported her and the baby from the beginning, not when it was too late. Sam changed the subject by thanking John for all that he had done for her during her labor and delivery. She confessed that she couldn't stop thinking about how perfect it had felt to hold her son.

John was surprised when Sam revealed that she was there to pick up her things, because she intended to move in with her mother. John realized that it was goodbye. Sam pointed out that she wasn't leaving town, so he didn't have to be so melodramatic. John revealed that he was headed home to Natalie and Liam. Sam was curious what John had been in Port Charles, so John told her about his sister, Theresa, and Theresa's involvement with Sonny, which had led to his sister's death. Sam felt terrible for John.

John vowed to make Sonny answer for Theresa's death. Sam appreciated that John wanted justice for his sister, but John explained that it would have to wait, because his investigative warrant had expired. Sam realized that it really was goodbye. She reminded him that they had never figured out why they had seemed so familiar to each other. "Maybe some day," John suggested.

"Yea, maybe in a random place, at some random time. That's how these things happen, right? A coincidence that doesn't really feel like a coincidence," Sam replied. John hoped that Sam found what she was looking for, because she deserved to be happy. Sam walked John to the door, and then hugged him. After John left, Sam packed her things, looked at the dragon figurine one last time, set it on the table, and then left.

Sonny was startled when John entered the parlor. John assured Sonny that it wasn't necessary to call Max. Sonny demanded to know what John wanted. John explained that he wanted to talk about Theresa.

At the Floating Rib bar, Jason handed Liz a beer, as he confessed that he was still trying to get used to the bar's new name. Liz explained that Luke didn't think that a bar bearing Jake's name was the best way to honor Jake. Liz confessed that she hadn't realized how difficult it had been to see Jake's name every day on her way to work until the sign had been changed. Jason was happy that Luke had eased some of Liz's pain. Jason wished that he could help Sam. Liz admitted that sometimes a person couldn't be comforted.

Jason explained that Sam blamed him for the baby's death, because Jason had sent some men after John. Liz pointed out that Jason couldn't have known what would happen. She explained that there were no guarantees with respiratory failure, so the baby might not have survived, even if Sam had gotten the infant to the hospital. Jason wasn't comforted, because he still felt responsible for what had happened. Liz insisted that people didn't always think straight when they feared that the one that they loved was slipping away. She reminded him that Sam had once been so desperate to hold onto Jason that Sam had stood by while Jake had been kidnapped.

Jason assured Liz that Sam would always regret that. "And you will always regret this," Liz replied. Liz explained that Sam was not in her right mind. She started to tell Jason about what Sam had told her, but then stopped. Jason wanted to know what Liz had been about to say, but Liz insisted that it didn't matter. Jason pushed until she revealed that Sam had told Liz that Liz could have Jason, because Sam was through with him.

Liz assured Jason that Sam hadn't meant it, but Jason had his doubts. He revealed that Sam had thrown Jason's friendship with Liz in his face when Sam had found out that Liz had bailed Jason out of jail. Liz wondered if Jason had explained to Sam that he had been trying to spare Sam unnecessary stress. Jason insisted that it didn't matter. He stood up, because he didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Jason and Liz decided to play a game of pool. Jason asked about Ewen, so Liz told him that she had a date with Ewen the following evening. Liz confessed that she liked Ewen, because Ewen was thoughtful, kind, and treated her right. Jason made it clear that if Ewen didn't treat her right then Ewen would have to answer to Jason. Liz smiled, and continued to play pool. Later, Liz was frustrated that she had lost.

Jason apologized, but Liz insisted that it wasn't necessary, because it would mean more to her when she finally won a game. Jason invited her to play another game, but Liz announced that she had to leave. Jason was disappointed, but he told her that he hoped that Ewen was what she was looking for, because she deserved to be happy. Jason hugged Liz, and then watched her leave. Afterwards, he pulled some money out of his pocket to pay the tab.

Jason realized that he had pulled out the phoenix figurine along with the money, so he looked at the figurine for a long moment, dropped some cash on the table, and then set the figurine on the pool table. Afterwards, he left.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lulu was sipping on a drink and fanning herself when Dante arrived home. Dante was curious why it was so hot in the loft, so Lulu explained that the air conditioner kept blowing a fuse. Dante wanted to hear about Lulu's day, but first he decided to grab a quick shower. After the shower, Lulu told Dante that she had received an offer for the Haunted Star. Dante wondered who the buyer was, so Lulu revealed that it was Johnny Zacchara. Dante scoffed, and then asked if Johnny planned to start selling black-market organs dockside. Lulu assured Dante that Johnny intended to open a legitimate business, so Dante begged Lulu not to tell him that she had sold the casino to Johnny.

Lulu reminded Dante that they needed the money, so she had sold Johnny fifty percent of the Haunted Star. Dante was stunned when she added that she planned to convert the casino into a nightclub with Johnny. Dante accused Johnny of trying to scam Lulu, but Lulu suspected that Dante was jealous, because Johnny was her ex-boyfriend. Dante argued that Johnny had changed, since Lulu and Johnny had dated. Lulu insisted that Johnny wanted a fresh start, so she assured Dante that everything would work out. Dante continued to have reservations about Lulu and Johnny's partnership, so he wondered how she planned to juggle working at the police station and at the nightclub.

Lulu explained that she would work both jobs until the nightclub became a success. She enjoyed working with Dante, but the actual work at the police station was boring, so she intended for the nightclub to become a full-time career. Dante was not pleased that Lulu would be spending her evenings with Johnny. He was also frustrated that she had made the decision without discussing it with him. Lulu reminded Dante that it was her boat, so he pointed out that she had made that abundantly clear. Lulu conceded that she should have talked to her husband about her decision, but she hadn't realized that she had wanted to be a part of the nightclub until Johnny had suggested it.

Lulu wanted to love her job as much as Dante loved his job, so it was about her, not them. "Who cares about us," Dante complained, and then stormed out.

At the Haunted Star, Carly was curious if Johnny was nervous about opening the nightclub. "Should I be?" he asked. Carly shook her head, and then admitted that she was surprised that Lulu had sold the boat to Johnny. Johnny clarified that Lulu had only sold him fifty percent, so Johnny and Lulu were partners in the nightclub. Carly's smile immediately disappeared. She confessed that Johnny and Lulu's partnership made her uneasy, because Johnny and Lulu had shared a past.

However, Carly didn't want to shatter Johnny's dreams, so she was willing to trust him. Johnny assured Carly that she had nothing to worry about, because he loved her. He appreciated how lucky he was that she had taken him back after he had betrayed her. Johnny suddenly tensed when he heard Anthony's voice in his head, warning Johnny that Carly didn't know what Johnny was really hiding from her. Carly noticed that Johnny seemed to "disappear" for a moment, but Johnny brushed it off as the effects of a long day.

Carly excused herself to make a phone call, so Johnny poured himself a drink. Anthony's voice continued to torment Johnny by pointing out that Johnny had too many loose ends, including Anthony's missing body. Anthony was certain that everything would blow up in Johnny's face. Johnny screamed at Anthony to shut up, just as Carly returned to the bar. Carly was curious who Johnny had been talking to, so Johnny admitted that it had been Anthony. He explained that he had heard his grandfather's voice in his head.

Johnny confided that he was certain that Anthony was dead. Anthony chuckled. "You should know," Anthony's voice teased. Carly was curious what Anthony had said, so Johnny claimed that Anthony had been warning Johnny that Johnny was a fool for thinking that the Haunted Star would be a success, or that things would work out with Carly. Carly insisted that Anthony had been a bully and a liar who had caused Johnny tremendous pain. Johnny vowed to prove that Carly had been right to give him a second chance, but she assured him that he already had.

Luke was reading the Port Charles Press about his arrest and release from jail when Anna entered the hotel suite. Anna plopped down on the sofa, exhausted after a long day at work. Luke invited her to tell him about her day, but Anna decided to change into yoga clothes, so she disappeared into the bedroom. Shortly afterwards, Anna returned to the sitting area with a yoga mat tucked under her arm. Luke tried not to notice Anna's tight-fitting clothes, as she rummaged for pita chips and chatted about her day.

According to Anna, the police department was a wreck, but she blamed an inadequate budget, not Mac, for the mess. Luke suggested that perhaps Anna wasn't used to working a regular job, but Anna disagreed. Luke decided to distract Anna by offering her a drink. Anna readily accepted the cocktail, as she joined him on the sofa. Anna groaned when she noticed the newspaper. She argued that she'd had to release Luke from custody, because of his constitutional rights.

Luke suggested that Anna sounded defensive, so she confessed that she'd had a run-in with the mayor, who had been upset to learn that Anna and Luke were living together. Anna didn't know why the mayor was surprised, since the mayor had tracked Anna down to the hotel to offer Anna the job. Anna explained that the mayor had questioned if Anna had released Luke from custody because Luke and Anna were lovers. Anna had tried to explain to the mayor that Luke was just a friend, but she suspected that the mayor hadn't believed her. Luke told Anna that the mayor should have been at the Floating Rib when Tracy had kissed Luke. Anna was surprised, because she had thought that Tracy had hated Luke.

Luke explained that that was how Tracy showed affection. Anna moved from the sofa to the chair, as Luke revealed that Tracy had confessed that Tracy wanted Luke back. Anna wondered what Luke wanted. Luke didn't want to answer the question, so he was relieved when room service knocked on the door. Moments later, Luke presented Anna with dinner. The tension eased as they enjoyed the meal and laughed.

After dinner, Luke decided to give Anna a calorie-free treat by massaging her shoulders. Anna sighed, as Luke worked his magic. "Whatever decision you make about Tracy, she could do worse," Anna told him. Afterwards, Anna thanked him. Luke insisted that he was the one who was grateful, because Anna had released him from jail. Anna and Luke stared deep into each other's eyes, and then kissed.

Alice served Tracy dinner on the veranda. Alice noticed the newspaper that Tracy had been reading, so she asked if Tracy had read anything interesting. Tracy insisted that the newspaper was rubbish, but Alice confessed that she had heard that Anna had let Luke go, because of a "personal connection." Tracy assured Alice that the only personal connection that Luke had was with Tracy. Alice was surprised when Tracy confided that Tracy and Luke had settled their differences. Alice followed Tracy to the parlor, because Alice was curious what had changed Tracy's mind.

Tracy told Alice about the kiss between Tracy and Luke at the Floating Rib. Alice was excited, because she assumed that Luke would move back to the mansion. Tracy quickly clarified that Luke and Tracy had to be discreet for a while, because of Anthony's disappearance. Alice poured them each a cocktail, and then joined Tracy on the sofa. Tracy realized that she might be opening herself up to Luke's scams and periodic raids on her bank accounts, but Luke had a way of knowing what Tracy needed. Tracy conceded that Luke had a wicked sense of humor and knew how to make a woman feel good at the end of a lousy day.

Alice was certain that it was only a matter of time before Tracy and Luke were back together. Tracy and Alice clinked glasses. "I think you're right," Tracy replied.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny offered to tell John what had happened to John's sister, Theresa, because Sonny knew what it was like to lose a loved one. John agreed to hear Sonny out, so Sonny explained that Sonny had still been a kid when Theresa had died. John bristled, because he didn't want to hear Sonny's excuses. Sonny made it clear that John was free to leave. John held his tongue, so Sonny continued with his story.

Sonny revealed that Sonny had been in high school when Sonny had started to work for mob boss Joe Scully. Sonny quickly clarified that he hadn't been fully committed to working for Joe, because Sonny and Kate had had plans to run away together. However, Kate had stood Sonny up on the day that they were to have left Brooklyn. Sonny had waited all day and into the night, until Joe Scully had happened upon Sonny. Joe had quickly figured out what was going on, so Joe had offered Sonny a job. Sonny had accepted, because Sonny felt as if he hadn't had anything to lose.

"That's all very touching. How about we fast-forward to the part where you killed my sister?" John suggested. Sonny explained that certain moments changed a person's life; that had been one of Sonny's life-changing moments. John wondered what it had to do with Theresa, so Sonny revealed that his job had been to clean up after Joe's son, Joe Jr. Eventually, Joe's son's messes had interfered with mob business, so Joe Sr. had been forced to send Joe Jr. out of town. Sonny revealed that Joe Jr. had been put in charge of a club called the Sea Breeze.

John recognized the name of the club, because Theresa had worked there. Sonny explained that Joe Jr. had been too focused on the girls in the club and the high-rollers, so the club had lost a lot of money. Joe Sr. had sent Sonny to Atlantic City to put things in order, which was how Sonny had met Theresa. John was curious if Sonny had known that Theresa had been underage. Sonny made it clear that Joe Jr. had been in charge of hiring, not Sonny. John glared at Sonny, but Sonny insisted that he hadn't been the club's guidance counselor.

John revealed that the last time that he had talked to his sister, Theresa had confessed that she had been afraid of her boss, who had threatened to kill her if she left. Sonny conceded that Theresa had been in way over her head. "Whose fault was that?" John asked in an accusing tone. "You're her brother," Sonny shot back. John admitted that he had screwed up, but he hadn't known about Theresa until he had been ten years old.

John confessed that he had assured Theresa that he could protect her. "You were wrong," Sonny replied. John revealed that he would never forget finding Sonny, with a gun in Sonny's hand, kneeling over Theresa's dead body. Sonny insisted that John had jumped to the wrong conclusion. "I didn't kill your sister. I was trying to help her," Sonny clarified.

Sonny explained that Joe Jr. had been a pig, who had gone through all of the women in the club. Sonny revealed that Joe Jr. had wanted Theresa, but she hadn't been interested. Theresa had gone to Sonny for help, but one night Joe Jr. had managed to drag Theresa into a room. Sonny had heard her screaming, so Sonny had tried to intervene. In a fit of jealous rage, Joe Jr. had picked up a gun and shot Theresa. Afterwards, Joe Jr. had fled the scene.

Sonny swore on his children's lives that was how Theresa had died. John demanded to know why Sonny hadn't told the police, so Sonny reminded John that Joe Jr. had been the boss's son. Sonny had been disgusted with everything that had happened, so he had decided to break ties with Joe Sr. Joe Sr. had been grateful enough to Sonny for covering for Joe Jr. that he had let Sonny go. John demanded to know where Joe Jr. was. Sonny confessed that he didn't know, because Joe Sr. had made certain that Joe Jr. couldn't be found.

However, Sonny recalled that Joe Sr. had been talking to someone in New Orleans around the time that Joe Jr. had disappeared, and that some money had been transferred to the Fleur de Lis. John intended to check it out. Sonny nodded, and then confessed that he was sorry about what had happened to Theresa. Sonny wished that things had gone differently, because Theresa had been a nice girl.

A Shadybrook, Ewen realized that Kate had regressed to a traumatic event that had occurred when she had been seventeen years old. Kate tearfully implored Ewen not to tell Sonny about her pregnancy, so Ewen tried to get her to open up about why she was so upset. Kate explained that she and Sonny planned to start a new life together, so Sonny couldn't know about the pregnancy, because the baby wasn't Sonny's. Ewen quickly figured out that Kate had left Sonny on the day that she had discovered that she was pregnant. Kate was filled with regret, because she had been the reason that Sonny had embraced the life of crime.

Ewen decided to hypnotize Kate to get her to open up about who the baby's father was. Under hypnosis, Kate relived the traumatic moment when Joe Scully Jr. had pushed his way into her apartment, and then had violently raped her. Kate crumbled to the floor in tears, as she confessed that she had been a virgin. Kate had been afraid to tell Sonny about the rape, because she feared that Sonny would kill Joe Jr., which would have put Sonny's life in jeopardy. Exhausted, Kate decided that she couldn't talk about it anymore, but Ewen wanted to know what had happened to the baby.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Johnny gave Lulu a call to ask where he'd find the spare key for the back room of the Haunted Star. She directed him to its location and mentioned that Dante had walked out on her. Johnny offered to buy Lulu out of the business. Lulu declined, saying that Dante's disapproval was Dante's problem. "Looks like it's my problem now," Johnny said, as Dante walked into the parlor.

Johnny tried to persuade Dante that the Haunted Star would be a legitimate business. Johnny suggested to Dante that he stop trying to control Lulu. Dante made it clear he still considered Johnny responsible for Anthony's murder, though there was still no proof the man was dead.

Johnny pointed Dante toward Tracy and repeated that he hadn't caused the accident that had killed Cole and Hope; Kate had. Dante left. Alone at the bar, Johnny hoped that Connie would keep Johnny's secret from Kate.

Dante returned home and told Lulu that, as much as he didn't trust Johnny, he knew Lulu had good judgment. He said he was sorry he'd walked out on her. Lulu apologized for not having consulted with him before making a deal with Johnny.

Anna and Luke found themselves in a passionate embrace. They stopped themselves from going any further. After they parted, John arrived for a visit with Anna. He was there to say goodbye. Anna apologized for having been unable to secure him an extension on the investigative warrant. John said that he'd gotten answers, just not the ones he'd been looking for.

John wasn't sure what made him angrier: the possibility that Sonny had actually killed Theresa and lied to him or that Sonny had taken a murder wrap to protect Joe Jr. John complimented Anna for always being the voice of reason, and she balked.

Anna let John know she'd kissed Luke. Anna maintained that her friendship with Luke was nothing more than platonic. John and Anna both shared their fear of Tracy. Anna made up a list of all the reasons she and Luke shouldn't hook up.

Luke went to see Lulu, who was surprised that he wanted to talk. She told Luke that Dante was upset that Johnny had become her business partner. Luke understood why Dante would be angry. Luke then admitted that he and Anna had kissed. Lulu thought it wasn't astonishing that they'd grown close.

Luke replied that the kiss had complicated a perfectly good friendship. Lulu asked Luke point-blank who Luke wanted to be with -- Anna or Tracy. Lulu cautioned Luke that his lies would destroy any relationship with Anna, should the truth be discovered.

Later, as John left Luke's suite, Luke returned. Luke and Anna both agreed that it wouldn't be wise to get involved with each other. "Just friends," they both vowed, moments before Anna jumped into Luke's arms. They kissed passionately.

Sonny reiterated to John that he'd had nothing to do with Theresa's death. Kristina walked in with her camera crew and announced that Sonny's word meant nothing. John left. Sonny balked at the cameramen's presence, but Kristina held her ground.

Trey introduced himself to Sonny, who took Trey into the living room and threatened him. Trey remained arrogant and retaliated with a threat of his own: Kristina would cut ties with Sonny altogether if Sonny didn't allow the crew to keep filming.

Trey justified his actions by saying that Kristina had been ostracized at Yale, because Sonny had used the threat of violence to get her admitted. Later, Sonny made nice and played along. Trey asked, on camera, about Kate's mental state, and Sonny ended the interview.

Ewen asked Connie what had happened to her baby. She replied she hadn't been able to tell Sonny -- or anyone, for that matter -- about the child. She explained that Father O'Brian had told her that the baby was a child of God, regardless of the circumstances of its conception, and that she'd go to hell if she aborted her pregnancy.

Connie explained that she had lied to her parents about going to college early to get a jump-start on her school work, when in reality she had gone to a boarding house, where she had stayed until she gave birth to a baby boy. Connie revealed that she had abandoned the newborn infant in a dresser drawer, and then left and never looked back. It was at that moment that Connie Falconeri became Kate Howard. Ewen told her that the breakthrough in her memory would allow her to move forward as Kate; Connie was gone.

Kate wondered what had become of her son.

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