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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 18, 2012 on GH
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Todd's day got off to a busy start. As he barked orders into the phone, someone knocked on his suite's door. Todd peered through the peephole. When he recognized Carly, he terminated the phone call, sucked in his stomach and opened the door sans shirt. Carly waved a copy of the newspaper that Todd had purchased and turned into the Sun, literally overnight. Carly was impressed and wondered how Todd had been able to move so quickly.

Todd said that he was putting down roots so that he could be near his daughter, Starr. Todd told Carly that he also owned the majority share of Crimson, which he had bought from Kate when she had needed a cash infusion a few years before. Carly said that she thought that putting down roots was buying a house. Todd joked that maybe he would buy the hotel. When Carly did not find him amusing, Todd said that all he was really good at was publishing, which he got from his father, along with pots of money.

Todd said that he might be a despicable person, but all his kids had trust funds. Todd asked Carly what she thought of his paper, but she said that she had not had time to read it. Todd flirted, and Carly told him to put on a shirt. Todd told Carly that he did value her opinion, and he wanted her to be brutally truthful when she gave her opinion. After Todd showered and dressed, he returned and found Carly in tears. Carly had been reading an article about Sam and the death of her baby. Todd offered to fire the writer, but Carly insisted that the article was fine.

Carly said that she knew Sam and that the loss of Sam's child was very, very sad. Carly said that Sam was married to her best friend, and life had been very unfair to Sam. Todd said that no one should have to lose a child. Carly assumed that Todd was reminded of the loss of his grandchild, but Todd said that he was very sorry for Sam's suffering. Carly said that she would relay Todd's condolences. Carly patted Todd on the shoulder and left the suite.

At Kelly's, Steve and Heather stood in line for pastries while Olivia sat at a table and talked with Spinelli, who was in a rural area investigating Heather's movements on the night she had disappeared with Olivia's car. Steve and Heather arrived at the table just in time to hear Olivia tell Spinelli that she could hardly wait to be rid of the "nut job," who was plaguing her. Olivia quickly hung up, and when Heather asked questions, Olivia said that the nut job was a difficult customer at the hotel. Steve was satisfied, but Heather remained suspicious.

Heather asked Olivia if she found her job fulfilling. When Olivia answered in the affirmative, Heather said that she wanted to find a job because she wanted structure as well as the opportunity to rebuild her life and her relationship. Heather's mind went immediately to Luke, and she thought about him; however, when Steve questioned her about a specific relationship, Heather made her desire sound less specific and more generic. Steve encouraged Heather to start by finding a job and suggested that the Metro Court might have an opening. Olivia almost choked when she said that she would check. She also suggested that the Haunted Star might have openings. Heather was intrigued when she thought that Luke owned the boat.

However, when Heather learned that Johnny and Lulu ran the boat, Heather told a relieved Olivia that she was not interested in the Metro Court because hospitality was not her thing. Heather also said that she did not want to sling drinks but that it would do for Olivia if Olivia lost her job at the Metro Court. Heather said that she was more interested in delivering the news. Olivia thought that Heather meant on a bicycle, but Heather quickly corrected her.

Heather said that she wanted to report the news. Olivia said that jobs in journalism were not easily obtained, but Heather said that she could be very persuasive. Heather assured Steve that everything was under control. Heather thought back to Todd and their shared secret that Sam's baby was alive and living with Téa.

Spinelli looked for clues along the road and speculated to himself. A state trooper approached and asked if Spinelli needed help. Spinelli said that he was a private eye looking for clues. The trooper, who had been on duty the night of the storm, recognized a picture of Heather. The trooper told Spinelli that Heather had been with her husband that night. The trooper gave a description of Anthony.

Jason went to the Quartermaine mansion to sign papers. Tracy showed Jason where to sign, asked Jason to wait for Michael, who also needed to sign, and then left to seek out Luke. Michael arrived dressed for the Sam's baby's funeral and wondered why Jason was not with Sam. Jason told Michael everything, including the part he had played. Michael told Jason that what had happened to Sam's baby was not Jason's fault.

Jason said that the reason that he was not going was because Sam did not want him there. Michael replied that just because Sam did not want Jason at the funeral did not mean that Sam did not need Jason. Jason said that Michael sounded just like his mother, Carly. Jason still felt guilt because he had feared that the baby would be a constant reminder of Franco and what Franco had done to Sam.

Jason told Michael that Jason had realized that he could love the baby, but by the time he had figured that out and had gone to tell Sam, she had already been wandering the woods. Jason said that he remembered Michael as a baby and that Sam would never have the time with her son that Jason had had with Michael. Michael said that maybe Sam just needed some time to process, and Jason would not know whether or not Sam could forgive him until Jason tried to talk to Sam.

Sam, Alexis, Kristina, and Molly gathered at the cemetery to bury Sam's baby. Molly, Alexis, and Kristina tried to give Sam support, but Sam was inconsolable. Kristina tried to talk about Jason, but Sam did not want to talk, so Kristina respected Sam's wishes. Sam said that she felt like she was falling apart. Sam told her family that when she lost her first child, she had never seen her daughter's face. Sam said that with her son, she could see his face and eyes and could remember everything about him. She said that she did not know how she would get through.

Sam told Alexis, Molly, and Kristina that she could not stop thinking about her baby and how she had left him alone. Alexis told her to remember the baby the way he had been when he was born. They all hugged. Spinelli arrived and told Sam that he had no appropriate sentiment and did not know how to make things right for Sam. Spinelli told Sam that he loved her, and he was sorry for all that she had lost. Michael also arrived at the funeral. Kristina urged Michael to leave with her so that Sam was not reminded of Jason, but Sam noticed Michael and called to him.

Michael told Sam that she would have been a great mom. Carly also appeared and was sincere when she hugged Sam and told her how sorry she was for Sam's loss. Carly noticed that Todd was also at the service. As the mourners left, Sam told her immediate family that she wanted to spend some time alone. Alexis, Kristina, and Molly followed Sam's wishes and left. Sam pulled out a photo of the infant. Jason entered the gate and observed her. Sam looked up and saw Jason.

Anna awoke after an evening spent making love to Luke and found him waiting to talk to her. Both were feeling awkward after their evening together. Both agreed that they had enjoyed the evening, but Anna was worried that Tracy would be hurt if they continued. Anna tried to get Luke to admit his feelings for Tracy, but he changed the subject to breakfast. Luke dressed and went to check out the continental breakfast without giving Anna an answer to her question about Luke's true feelings for Tracy.

Tracy burst into Luke's suite and found Anna in Luke's bed. She was satisfied with Anna's explanation that she and Luke had exchanged rooms. Anna tried to get Tracy to leave by telling Tracy that Luke was elsewhere, but Tracy said it was the perfect time to get some things off her chest. Tracy told Anna that Tracy and Luke were getting back together as soon as the unpleasantness with Anthony Zacchara was cleared up. Tracy cautioned Anna about being the police commissioner and keeping her reputation clean. Tracy urged Anna to move out of Luke's suite immediately.

Tracy was in a good mood when she left the room and suite, and did not notice that Luke had been eavesdropping on her conversation with Anna. Luke was downcast when Anna asked him how much he had heard. Luke said he had heard enough to get the gist. Anna said that one thing was clear to her. She said that what had happened between them the previous evening could never happen again. Back at the Quartermaines', a giddy Tracy called for Alice to share a drink on the terrace, but on reflection thought that Alice's time might be better spent preparing Luke's room for his return.

Carly saw Todd at the Metro Court and said that they could have carpooled to the cemetery. Todd tried to deny that he had been there, but Carly told Todd that he had a bigger heart than people thought. Todd entered his suite and sat down, only to find Heather waiting for him. Heather pointed out the story about Sam and reminded Todd that only the two of them knew the real truth about Sam's baby, which would make front-page headlines, if found out by anyone else.

Spinelli met Olivia at Kelly's and told her that they had much to discuss about Heather and Heather's "husband."

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Todd's suite, Heather threatened to expose Todd's secret. Todd explained that he didn't have a propensity for violence, but he was good at it. Heather insisted that there was no need for hostility. "This is just business," she added. Todd ordered Heather to leave, but she threatened to tell Sam about what he had done. Todd called her bluff, and then warned her that he wouldn't hesitate to reveal what Heather had done to Anthony.

Heather quickly clarified that she hadn't killed Anthony; she had only buried Anthony's body for a friend, so Todd had more to lose than she did. Todd accused Heather of taking advantage of how upset and traumatized he had been after Téa's baby had died. He insisted that Heather had manipulated him into switching babies by claiming that Sam had intended to abandon the newborn, because Sam's husband didn't want the infant. Heather refused to take responsibility for Todd's "moral lapse," but she conceded that she had told him that Jason hadn't been interested in a baby that wasn't Jason's. Todd was curious what the difference was. Heather flashed back to changing the results of the paternity test that had confirmed that Jason was the father; she agreed that there wasn't a difference.

However, Heather was determined to move forward. She revealed that she had a special man in her life, prompting Todd to piece together why Heather had buried Anthony. Heather pointed out that Todd was in no position to judge anyone, given that he had killed Victor and switched babies. Todd was frustrated, because every time he tried to be nice to someone, it always backfired. He insisted that it wasn't his fault that Téa's baby had died, and that Téa had bonded with the baby on the porch, but he was willing to give Heather a job if she promised to stop talking about it.

Heather readily agreed, so Todd hired her. Heather wondered what her job would be, so Todd suggested that she could write obituaries or for the garden section of the newspaper. Heather was not amused, so Todd agreed to let her decide what would suit her best. Satisfied, Heather asked for an advance on her salary. Todd handed her a wad of cash to get rid of her. After Heather left, Todd sat down, looked at the article about Sam, and then crumpled it up.

In Luke and Anna's suite, Anna reminded Luke that Tracy expected to reconcile with Luke. Luke admitted that he would always have feelings for Tracy, but he had never told her that they were getting back together, especially after what had happened between Luke and Anna. Anna didn't think that she and Luke should read more into their night of lovemaking than there had been, but Luke insisted that he and Anna had shared something special. Anna assured Luke that he was a great guy, but he had spent most of his life on the wrong side of the law. Luke reminded Anna that she had once been a jewel thief. Anna didn't deny it, but she wondered if he had considered how his best friend, Robert, might feel about Luke getting involved with Robert's ex-wife, Anna.

Luke thought that Robert and Anna were over. Anna reminded Luke that she had shared a child with Robert, even though Robert hadn't stuck around for Robin's funeral. Luke insisted that Robert had been in a bad place, but he wondered if Anna was still in love with Robert. Anna assured him that she wasn't, but she was afraid that things could get complicated between her and Luke. Luke assured Anna that he could handle rejection, if she wasn't interested in him. Anna explained that just because a person wanted something, it didn't mean that they should have it.

Luke was certain that he and Anna could have something special, but he insisted that it was Anna's call to make. He acknowledged that he had a habit of disappearing for months at a time, so he couldn't promise her that it wouldn't happen again. Anna appreciated his honesty, and all that he had done for her. Anna admitted that she wouldn't have been able to get through the nightmare of losing Robin without Luke's help. Part of Anna wasn't ready for a relationship, but another part of her urged her to go for it. Luke was curious what Anna intended to do.

Anna insisted that Luke would have to be honest with Tracy if Anna and Luke were to pursue a relationship. Luke agreed. "Good luck with that," Anna replied. However, she wanted Luke to know that she could accept it if Luke changed his mind. Luke made plans for a romantic dinner with Anna later that evening, and then walked to the door. He assured her that he had a good feeling about them, and then kissed her. They were unaware that Heather had rounded the corner and saw them.

At the Haunted Star, Starr practiced her song, while Johnny listened. Starr was not pleased with how she had ended the song, so she wanted to sing it again. Johnny insisted that the song had been perfect, so he was confident that she would sell out shows. Starr hoped that her father would get on board with her decision to sign with Johnny, but she didn't hold out much hope, because Todd didn't like Johnny. Johnny wondered if he should be worried. Starr explained that Todd only went after people who hurt Starr, like when Todd had thought that Sonny had killed Hope and Cole.

Johnny hid his discomfort, as he admitted that he couldn't blame Todd for wanting revenge. Starr revealed that Todd was fanatical about it, and impulsive, so she had to look out for her father. Johnny realized that it was a role reversal between Starr and Todd. Starr agreed. She explained that her father didn't have a sense of right from wrong, in regards to his family, so Todd tended to act in what he perceived to be the best interest of his family. Starr then revealed that her father wanted to put roots down in Port Charles, so he had asked Starr to move in with him, but Starr wasn't interested in living with her father.

Outside of Kelly's, Kristina and Michael sat down at one of the tables to talk about the funeral for Sam's baby. Trey, who had been relaxing on a nearby bench and reading a newspaper, overheard Kristina, so he wondered if she had had her camera crew with her. Michael took an instant disliking to Trey, as Kristina explained that she had sent the camera crew to shoot the "B-roll." She then introduced her brother to Trey. Michael made it clear that he wasn't interested in being a part of the reality show. Trey insisted that Michael was perfect for Mob Princess, because Michael was the heir to the "mob-throne" and had bludgeoned Michael's stepmother to death.

Kristina warned Trey to back off, but Trey urged Michael to sign the release form. Michael refused, so Trey handed the form to Kristina with instructions to persuade her brother to change his mind. After Trey left, Michael accused Kristina of allowing Trey to profit off of the death of Sam's baby. Kristina claimed that Trey was ambitious, but she insisted that the show wouldn't exploit Sam's loss. She promised him that it would be "fun" to be on the show, so she urged him to sign the release form. Michael was curious how many times Kristina intended to do something stupid, crazy, and self-destructive to get back at Sonny.

Kristina explained that she simply wanted to expose Sonny and Alexis for the hypocrites that she believed them to be. Kristina complained about Sonny's decision to pay off the school officials to get her into Yale, because it had humiliated her. Michael defended their father by reminding Kristina that Sonny had wanted to give her the opportunity that Sonny had never had. Michael accused Kristina of trying to punish Sonny, but she argued that she was trying to take control of her life, get her side of the story out there, and perhaps create her own brand. Michael suspected that she was parroting what Trey had told her. Kristina insisted that Trey was a visionary, who listened to her, unlike Sonny and Alexis, who treated Kristina as if she couldn't think for herself.

Michael clarified that Sonny and Alexis were concerned, because Kristina was impulsive; Kristina's choices proved that they were right. Kristina was frustrated, because she didn't think that Michael was listening to her, unlike Trey, who cared about what she said. Michael realized that Kristina liked Trey, in part because Sonny didn't. Kristina admitted that she was attracted to Trey, but Trey had insisted on keeping things professional between them. Kristina respected Trey's decision, so she suggested that Michael could support her vision by signing the release form. Kristina then changed the subject by confiding that Molly had told her about Starr.

Michael explained that Starr had been in a bad place, because Starr's boyfriend and daughter had been killed in a car accident. He assured his sister that Starr knew that Sonny hadn't caused the accident and regretted going after their father with a gun. Kristina realized that Michael liked Starr. Michael insisted that he and Starr were just friends. Moments later, Trey called Kristina to tell her that he had found an apartment.

At Maxie's apartment, Lulu watched, as Maxie cleaned up the living room. Maxie explained that she had put an ad in the paper for a new roommate, so Lulu suggested that Maxie invite Spinelli to move back in. Maxie informed Lulu that Spinelli was the reason that Maxie was in the predicament that she was in. Maxie wouldn't need a roommate if Spinelli hadn't revealed that Matt had killed Lisa Niles. Lulu was curious if Maxie intended to stay married to Matt as a way to punish Spinelli. Maxie insisted that remaining married to Matt had nothing to do with Spinelli, but Lulu didn't believe her.

Lulu defended Spinelli by arguing that Spinelli had been trying to keep Maxie from throwing her life away. Maxie snorted, because Lulu was a Spencer, so Maxie was certain that Lulu would readily lie to protect Lulu's family. Lulu agreed, but pointed out that Spinelli had told the truth to protect the one that he loved. Lulu was certain that Maxie loved Spinelli too, but Maxie suggested that Lulu focus on her own marriage. Lulu assured Maxie that everything was fine with Dante, but Maxie doubted that Dante was okay with his wife spending her evenings with Johnny. Lulu denied that anything romantic was going on with Johnny, but Maxie warned Lulu that attraction and proximity could lead to things that Lulu might not have anticipated.

Lulu waved away Maxie's concerns and announced that she had to leave. Lulu opened the door, but stopped short when she saw Trey standing in the doorway. Trey was there to look at the apartment, so Lulu invited him in to talk to Maxie, and then left. Maxie quickly filled Trey in on her situation. Trey loved the apartment; however, before he was able to finalize the deal with Maxie, Starr appeared in the doorway. Starr introduced herself and looked around the apartment. Trey snidely asked if Starr was a stage name.

Starr ignored Trey, as she expressed an interest in renting the spare room. Trey bristled, because he had first dibs on the apartment. Starr and Trey bickered, as Maxie flashed back to when she and Spinelli had playfully argued about the laundry that Spinelli had scattered around the apartment. Starr and Trey were stunned when Maxie suddenly announced that they could have the apartment, because she couldn't continue to live there. Shortly after Maxie walked out, Kristina and Michael arrived. Michael was startled when Trey introduced Starr as his roommate.

Lulu entered the Haunted Star while Johnny was listening to Starr's song. Lulu liked Starr's music. Johnny revealed that he wanted Starr to perform on opening night, so he hoped that Lulu could be there. Lulu conceded that Dante had had a few concerns, but she had assured her husband that the club was a legitimate business venture. Lulu insisted that her relationship with Johnny was purely professional, regardless what Maxie thought. Lulu told Johnny about Maxie's fears, so Johnny suggested that perhaps Maxie was projecting. Lulu agreed, because Maxie was married to one man, but in love with another.

At Kelly's, Olivia was curious what Spinelli had found out about Heather. Spinelli told Olivia that Heather had been pulled over by a state trooper. The trooper had told Spinelli that Heather had introduced her passenger as her husband. Olivia couldn't imagine who the man could be. She revealed that Heather had a thing for Luke, but Olivia was certain that the man with Heather hadn't been Luke.

Spinelli suggested that they talk to Luke anyway. After Olivia left, Spinelli called Maxie. He ended the call when he looked up and saw Maxie standing in the doorway.

In the church courtyard, Jason told Sam that he had wanted to be there for her son's funeral. He admitted that he was deeply sorry that the baby had died, so Sam revealed that her son had been buried next to her daughter. Jason wondered where Alexis and Sam's sisters were. Sam confessed that she had told them to leave, because she had thought that she had wanted to be alone. "Do you?" Jason asked.

Sam didn't have an answer for Jason, so he admitted that he regretted that he hadn't realized sooner that he could open his heart to her son. He was haunted by thoughts of how things might have turned out differently if he had. Sam confided that she too wondered how things might have been if she hadn't searched for answers about the video that Franco had left for them. Jason knew that words couldn't fix things, but he assured Sam that he had meant what he had told her. Jason insisted that he was sorry.

Sam confessed that she had had doubts about attending the funeral. She decided to read a portion of the poem that Molly had given to her. "When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of circled birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die," Sam read.

Sam wept, as she sat down on a nearby bench. Jason confessed that he wanted to help her. "Will you let me?" he asked. Sam couldn't answer, so Jason gently suggested that she not return to the motel. Sam assured him that John had left town, but Jason promised her that he had simply meant that she shouldn't be alone. Sam revealed that she intended to stay with her mother and sisters at the lake house.

Jason reminded Sam that they were still married, so he wanted her to go home with him, because he loved her. Sam promised him that she would always love him, so Jason assured her that they could move forward. He asked her to try to give them a chance, but Sam insisted that too much had happened. "I'm sorry, I can't," Sam confessed. Jason watched helplessly as Sam walked away.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Patrick and Emma were enjoying a tea party picnic in the park when Emma spotted Mac. Emma ran up to Mac, who warmly hugged her. Patrick invited Mac to join them, so Emma resumed playing with her stuffed bear, while Mac asked Patrick how Mac's son-in-law, Matt, was doing in jail. Patrick assured Mac that Matt was fine. Mac was happy to hear it and noted that Patrick looked well.

Patrick admitted that returning to work had helped, but he immediately regretted his insensitive remark, because Mac had recently lost his job. Mac waved away Patrick's concern, because Mac finally had an opportunity to spend time with Maxie, Emma, and Felicia. Patrick was surprised when Mac confided that Mac had romantic feelings for Felicia. However, Mac was frustrated, because someone always interrupted Mac and Felicia whenever they were about to kiss. Mac wondered if the universe was trying to tell them something.

Emma asked to play on the swings, so Patrick gave his daughter permission. Mac and Patrick watched Emma, as they continued their conversation. Patrick reminded Mac that Robin had given Patrick a second chance, which Patrick had been grateful for, so Patrick suggested that Mac not waste too much pondering about what the universe was trying to say. Mac worried that his heart might not be as big as Robin's had been.

At Kelly's, Maxie breezed past Spinelli, as she made her way to the counter. Spinelli confessed that he had been looking at her picture on his contact list, so Maxie suggested that he delete her information from his cell phone. Spinelli had hoped that Maxie's anger had abated, because he wanted to talk to her about something. Maxie was curious what Spinelli had to say, so he broached the subject of her marriage to Matt. Maxie revealed that she intended to move into Matt's apartment and remain with her husband. Spinelli argued that she wasn't in love with Matt.

Maxie warned Spinelli that he was out of line. Maxie and Spinelli rehashed their grievances about Spinelli's decision to save Maxie and Maxie's impromptu marriage to Matt. Maxie made it clear that she would stay with Matt for as long as it took. Spinelli was stunned. Exasperated, Maxie wondered what Spinelli wanted from her. Spinelli confessed that he expected her to be grateful for everything that he had done for her.

Maxie couldn't believe that Spinelli was serious, so Spinelli reminded her of all of the times that he had rescued her over the years. Maxie refused to discuss it, so she walked out. Spinelli followed her. Outside, Spinelli assured Maxie that he had tried to honor her wishes to keep quiet about Matt's role in Lisa's murder, but he hadn't been able to stand by while Maxie remained locked up in Pentonville. Spinelli's desperation turned to anger, as he informed her that he refused to wait for her any longer.

Maxie couldn't understand why Spinelli was so upset when she had been honest about her feelings; Spinelli was a just a friend, but Matt was more. She reminded Spinelli that he had been the one to dig up the security tapes, even though she hadn't asked for his help. Spinelli resented that she had turned to Anthony for help after Lisa's murder. Maxie assured him that she hadn't known that Anthony would kill Briggs in an effort to frame the first mate for Lisa's murder. Spinelli insisted that Maxie never thought things through. He was furious that she couldn't appreciate that her actions often hurt people and left a path of destruction.

Spinelli admitted that he had once thought that it was his duty to clean up after Maxie, but he was done wasting his time. Maxie was hurt that he thought that being her friend was a waste of his time. Spinelli refused to apologize, because he was tired of the way that she treated him.

Later, Mac entered Kelly's. Spinelli lowered the newspaper when Mac sat down at the counter. Spinelli was curious if Maxie was outside, so Mac admitted that he hadn't seen her. Spinelli relaxed, so Mac wondered what was going on. Spinelli revealed that he and Maxie had quarreled. Mac advised Spinelli to be patient, because Mac was confident that the storm would blow over soon.

Spinelli admitted that he was through with Maxie, but Mac was skeptical. Spinelli explained that it was for the best. Mac thought that perhaps Spinelli should try to accept Maxie, faults and all. Spinelli asked how many times a person should let another person treat them badly before it was enough. Mac explained that it wouldn't hurt so much if Spinelli didn't love Maxie. Spinelli insisted that he couldn't return to that level of pain again.

Patrick was startled when he saw Maxie walking through the park in tears. He called out to Maxie, as Emma ran up to greet her. Patrick invited Maxie to join them, so Maxie wiped away her tears and explained that she and Spinelli had argued. Patrick gently suggested that she didn't have to wait for Matt, but Maxie insisted that she loved Matt. She then confided that she had even given up her apartment so that she could move into Matt's place. Patrick told her that Matt no longer had an apartment.

Maxie was surprised, but quickly recovered. She realized that she would have to temporarily stay with Mac, but she was reluctant, because it appeared that Mac and Felicia were trying to work things out. Maxie didn't want to get in the way. Patrick suggested that she move in with him and Emma. Maxie declined, but Patrick enlisted Emma's help to change Maxie's mind.

At Metro Court, Heather ducked out of sight when she saw Luke and Anna standing in the doorway of their suite. Luke kissed Anna, and then promised to return for dinner. Heather decided to follow Luke to the Haunted Star. She lurked out of sight, eavesdropping, while Luke greeted Lulu. Lulu showed Luke the plans for the renovations. He wondered if they were better or worse than her partnership with Johnny.

Lulu conceded that her decision to go into business with Johnny had been impulsive, but Luke wasn't in a position to criticize. She then changed the subject by asking how things had gone with Anna. Luke confessed that he and Anna had agreed not to get involved, but then they had slept together. Lulu was shocked. Luke explained that what he felt for Anna went beyond physical attraction, so he and Anna had decided to pursue a relationship.

Lulu urged Luke to talk to Tracy, because Tracy deserved to know what was going on. Luke admitted that he had promised Anna that he would. Satisfied, Lulu encouraged Luke to be honest with Anna about what had happened to Anthony and how Luke had lied about Ethan's paternity in an effort to give Robert the will to live. Luke feared that Anna would never forgive him for sending Robert after Ethan on the eve of Robin's funeral. Lulu insisted that it was a chance that Luke had to take. After Lulu left, Luke called Tracy to arrange to meet her.

Luke ended the call, and then offered himself a few words of encouragement. "Okay, Spencer, you can do this. You've had a whole lot worse staring you in the face," Luke muttered, as he turned around. Luke's eyes rounded when he saw Heather standing in the casino.

Felicia stopped by Anna's suite to talk to her friend. Felicia revealed that things had gotten complicated with Mac. "Welcome to the club," Anna groaned, as she joined her friend on the sofa. Felicia told Anna about the two times that Felicia and Mac had nearly kissed. Felicia wondered if she and Mac were better off remaining friends, given their history. Anna admitted that she was the wrong person to ask, because she had slept with Luke.

Felicia was stunned when Anna revealed that Anna and Luke had decided to explore a romantic relationship. Felicia thought that it was exciting, but Anna was terrified, because all kinds of alarm bells were going off in her head. Felicia suspected that, despite those reservations, Anna wanted to see where things might lead with Luke. Felicia confessed that she felt the same way about Mac, even though Felicia had let Mac down in the past. Anna didn't want to make the same kind of mistakes that Felicia had made with Mac.

Anna admitted that it was the worst time for her to get involved with someone, especially Luke, because he was so unpredictable. Felicia suspected that it was part of the attraction. Anna agreed, but added that Luke also cared about Anna. Anna admitted that she wanted to pursue a relationship with Luke. "Me too," Felicia confessed, referring to her relationship with Mac. After Felicia left, Anna made arrangements for a romantic dinner.

At Kelly's, Felicia approached Mac's table to say hello, before proceeding to the counter. Spinelli smiled knowingly, so he excused himself and left. Mac walked up the counter to tell Felicia that he had been thinking about whether or not starting something up with her would be good or bad. Felicia confessed that she had been thinking about the same thing, so she was curious what he had decided. Mac kissed her, and then asked her what she had decided. Felicia answered him with another kiss.

At Starr and Trey's apartment, Starr was curious what Michael was doing there. Michael wondered the same thing about Starr, so Starr and Trey told Michael and Kristina that Maxie had advertised for a roommate, but then had decided to move out, so Maxie had given the apartment to Starr and Trey. Michael introduced Starr to Kristina and explained that he was there for his sister. Kristina realized that Starr was the person who had tried to kill Sonny. Starr immediately apologized to Kristina, but Kristina wasn't moved, because Starr had used Michael. Michael warned his sister to back off, but Kristina refused.

Kristina explained that a lot of people wanted to get back at Sonny for the things that Sonny had done, but whoever was next in line would have to wait, because it was Kristina's turn. Starr realized that Kristina and Sonny weren't getting along, so Kristina clarified that it was an understatement. However, Kristina intended to use a camera instead of a gun. Trey smiled with satisfaction. Starr sensed that she was missing something, so Trey told Starr about Mob Princess.

Starr was surprised that Sonny had agreed to do the reality show, so Kristina bragged that Kristina had forced Sonny to participate. Trey suggested that they shelve their discussion until the camera crew arrived. Michael accused Trey of setting them up, but Kristina had no idea what her brother was talking about. Michael doubted that it was a coincidence that Trey had been looking for an apartment at the same time that Starr had been. Kristina argued that Trey had needed a place to live. Michael insisted that there had been plenty of other places that Trey could have looked for an apartment where Trey wouldn't have run into the person who had tried to kill Sonny.

Kristina wondered if Michael were suggesting that Trey wanted Starr to be a part of the show. Michael was certain of it, so Kristina asked Trey if it was true. Starr revealed that Trey had answered the ad before Starr had, so Trey hadn't followed Starr to the apartment. Michael insisted that Trey knew exactly who Starr was, so Trey had been waiting for an opportunity to incorporate Starr into the reality show. Trey explained that the beauty of reality shows was that they wrote themselves. Michael wanted Trey to admit that Trey had been playing Kristina, but Trey claimed that he had no idea what Michael was talking about. Michael accused Trey of exploiting Kristina's hurt and pain, so that Trey could manipulate her to do the reality show.

Kristina decided to talk to Trey privately in the hallway. Once they were alone, Kristina warned Trey that it was a mistake to involve Starr, because Starr was unstable. Trey defended Starr by reminding Kristina that grief could make people do things that they normally wouldn't. Trey believed Starr's apology and reminded Kristina that he was a big boy who could handle himself. Meanwhile, in the apartment, Michael accused Trey of being a "tool" who intended to use the Corinthos family to make a name for himself. Michael was afraid that Trey would find out that Kate had shot out Anthony's tires, but Starr clarified that Connie had been responsible for the crash. Michael and Starr were startled when they realized that Trey was standing in the doorway.

Ewen called Sonny to report that Kate had had a breakthrough, so Sonny went to Shadybrook to visit Kate. Kate and Sonny hugged, and then Kate revealed that she had something to tell him. She explained that she had remembered something about her past that he needed to know. Kate waited until Ewen joined them, before she tearfully told Sonny about the rape and pregnancy. Sonny was shocked, and demanded to know who had violated Kate. Kate admitted that it had been Joe Scully Jr.

Sonny blamed himself, because Joe had always been envious of Sonny's close relationship with Joe Sr. Sonny wondered why Kate hadn't told him, so Kate explained that she had been afraid that Sonny would go after Joe Jr., and land in jail, or worse. Kate then admitted that she had more to tell him. She revealed that she hadn't terminated the pregnancy, because Father O'Brian had practically forced her to have the baby. Sonny was curious how her parents had reacted, so Kate revealed that she had told her parents that she had to attend college early, when in reality Kate had gone to a boarding house to have the baby.

Kate confessed that she had given birth to a boy, but she had been filled with bitterness and resentment. All she could see was Joe's bastard child, so she had left the infant in a dresser drawer at the boarding house and walked away. Sonny realized that she had become Kate Howard at that moment. Kate explained that her past had simply melted away, but Sonny pointed out that not all of it had, because she had remembered him and where she had grown up. Sonny was curious what had happened to the baby. Kate doubted that the infant had survived.

Kate was filled with regret, because it hadn't been the baby's fault. Sonny vowed to stand by Kate, because he loved her. Ewen decided to give Sonny and Kate some privacy to talk, but Sonny wanted to know if Kate's breakthrough meant that Connie was gone. "Not quite," Ewen admitted. Ewen explained that Kate would start remembering the things that Connie had done as the two personalities were integrated. Kate admitted that she was starting to remember some things, so Sonny was curious if she recalled shooting out Anthony's tires.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

At Carly's house, Johnny presented Carly with a bouquet of flowers. Carly smiled brightly, as she told him that dinner was almost ready. Johnny confessed that he hadn't eaten all day, because he had been busy at the Haunted Star. Carly was curious how things were going with Lulu. Johnny accepted that he had given Carly reason to doubt him, but he promised that he would never betray Carly again. Carly explained that she had trouble lowering her guard, but she assured him that she was trying.

Carly appreciated that Johnny had been completely honest with her, so she decided to return the favor. She explained that she had wanted to make their night special, but she hadn't actually slaved over the stove, preparing their meal; she had picked it up at Metro Court. Johnny grinned, as he confessed that she always made him feel special, so he was fine with pizza. They kissed, but broke apart when Josslyn entered the living room with a book in hand. Johnny was delighted to have another opportunity to read to Josslyn.

Carly dashed to the kitchen, because the smoke alarm went off, so Johnny was left alone with Josslyn. Johnny was about to read the story when he heard a little girl suggest that he tell the story about how he had killed her and her father. Johnny was visibly shaken when he looked up and saw a little blonde girl, a few years older than Josslyn, perched on the end of the sofa. The girl wore a necklace that read, "Hope." Hope told Johnny that she would never live to be as old as she appeared to be at that moment, because of what Johnny had done.

Johnny's eyes filled with tears of remorse, as he apologized and explained that he had never intended to kill Hope and Cole. He insisted that it had been an accident. Johnny assured Hope that he would do everything in his power to make her mother happy again. "Johnny?" Carly asked, as she stood in the doorway. Johnny looked at Carly, and then turned back to where Hope had been sitting. Josslyn blinked at Johnny with confusion, while Carly admitted that she had heard what Johnny had said.

"You'll do everything in your power to make Josslyn's mommy happy," Carly clarified with a smile. Johnny relaxed. Carly decided to put Josslyn to bed, so she collected her daughter, and then went upstairs. After Carly returned to the living room, she revealed that their dinner had been ruined, so she offered to make frozen pizza. Johnny assured her that it was fine, so Carly hugged him. Johnny tensed when he saw Hope staring at him from the doorway.

Anna asked for everyone's attention when she entered the squad room. Everyone stopped what they were doing as Anna explained that she wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone for welcoming her and making her transition easy. She then announced that she wanted to make three cases a top priority. According to Anna, in an interesting twist, each case involved the Zaccharas. The first case dealt with a possible corruption. Anna confided that Mac had had reason to believe that they had a dirty cop in their midst, who had been leaking important information to the Zacchara organization.

Delores swallowed nervously, as she recalled talking to Johnny about the case against Sonny when Sonny had been charged with shooting out Anthony's tires. Meanwhile, Anna informed everyone that she wanted to find out who had been responsible for Hope and Cole Thornhart's deaths. Dante recalled Johnny's accusation that Kate had fired the gun that had led to the tragic crash. Finally, Anna intended to investigate the disappearance of Anthony Zacchara. Lulu flashed back to Luke's confession that Anthony had been murdered. After the meeting ended, Delores approached Anna.

Delores admitted that she had fed Johnny information about the accident that had killed Hope and Cole Thornhart. Delores explained that she had agreed to give Johnny the information in exchange for Johnny's help to solve her sister's murder. Delores handed her badge to Anna, but Anna decided to give Delores an opportunity to redeem herself. Anna wanted Delores to continue to pretend to be Johnny's mole. Anna thought that it would be best to keep it between Anna and Delores, in case Johnny had managed to get to another cop.

Meanwhile, Dante pulled Lulu aside to tell her that Johnny had accused Sonny of covering up the truth about the accident that had killed Hope and Cole. Lulu was stunned when Dante revealed that Johnny had claimed that Kate had shot out Anthony's tires, and that Kate was in Shadybrook, undergoing treatment for dissociative identity disorder. Lulu admitted that she had been keeping her own secret about Luke. Lulu explained that Luke had confessed to finding Anthony's body in the boathouse. Dante warned Lulu that they would have to tell Anna, but first he wanted to talk to Sonny to find out exactly what was going on with Kate. Lulu assured Dante that Luke had promised to tell Anna everything later that evening over dinner.

At the Haunted Star, Luke demanded to know what Heather was doing at the casino, but his phone rang before she could reply. Luke started to answer the call, but Heather warned him that her business couldn't wait. Luke let the call go to voicemail, as he explained that he had an important matter to attend to, so he couldn't stand around chatting with Heather. Heather knew that he intended to "dump" Tracy, because she had eavesdropped on his conversation with Lulu. "Forget about Tracy's broken heart; what about my broken heart?" Heather demanded.

Heather insisted that Luke should be grateful, because she had taken care of Anthony. Luke assumed that Heather had killed Anthony, but Heather accused Luke of doing the deed. Luke clarified that he and Tracy had merely found Anthony's body in the boathouse. Luke realized that Heather had taken Anthony's body away, so he wanted to know what she had done with it. Heather refused to tell him, but she invited him to celebrate with her. Luke explained that he had plans. Heather warned Luke that he would not be meeting Anna for dinner, because Luke and Heather belonged together.

Luke assured Heather that that would never happen. Heather insisted that Anna could never make him happy. Luke once again asked Heather what she had done with Anthony's body, so Heather confessed that she had hidden it where no one could find it. Luke explained that the body might have evidence on it, like fibers and hairs, that could exonerate him and Tracy, so he wanted the police to recover the body. Heather scoffed, because the police had never helped people like her and Luke, but Luke continued to push for an answer. Heather relented and agreed to take him to Anthony's body.

Luke decided to call Anna to let her know, but Heather had other plans. She grabbed a bottle of wine, and then hit Luke over the head with it. Luke crumpled to the ground, unconscious. Heather apologized and informed Luke that his plans for the evening had changed.

At Shadybrook, Sonny held Kate's hand, as Ewen instructed Kate to take a deep breath and relax. Afterwards, Ewen gently asked Kate to tell them about the night of the shooting. Kate recounted Sonny's shooting and her argument with Sonny at the hospital when she had walked out on Sonny. Ewen wondered what had happened next, so Kate revealed that had gone to her closet, where she had kept the blood-stained wedding dress. Ewen was encouraged, because it was actually Connie's memory.

Kate confessed that she had put on the wedding dress, and then made her way to the pier, where she had encountered Ewen. Kate acknowledged that Ewen had tried to help her, but she had been confused and frightened, so she had fled. Sonny explained that that was when Connie had claimed to have gone after Anthony. However, Kate's next memory was of standing in her office at Crimson moments before Olivia had walked in. Kate couldn't recall where she had gotten the gun or the shooting. Sonny thought that it was odd that Kate wouldn't remember anything about the shooting, so Ewen was curious what Connie had told Sonny about the gun.

Sonny admitted that Connie had not told him anything about the gun. Kate didn't understand why the memory would be blocked when everything else, including what had triggered her dissociative identity disorder, had returned. Sonny suggested that perhaps Connie had been lying about the shooting, but Ewen thought that it was more likely that Connie was still trying to protect Kate. Kate had her doubts, because Kate already knew what had happened, so it didn't make sense that Connie would try to block the memory to protect Kate. Ewen assured Kate that they would get to the bottom of things in their next few sessions. Kate was frustrated, because she wanted to remember everything.

After Ewen left, Sonny hugged Kate. Kate was relieved to know that Connie had tried to protect her. Sonny was sorry for everything that Kate had endured. Kate insisted that he had nothing to apologize for. It meant a lot to her that Sonny had stood by her after she had shared all of her darkest secrets.

Sonny told Kate to get used to it, because he wasn't going anywhere. Sonny insisted that he loved Kate, so nothing and no one would ever pull them apart again. Sonny promised to return the following day, but Kate assured him that he didn't have to if he didn't want to. Sonny suggested that she get some rest, but Kate doubted that she would be able to until she confessed to the police about her role in Hope and Cole's deaths. Sonny didn't want Kate to think about it, but Kate didn't want another innocent person going to jail for what she had done.

Liz was tidying up her living room when someone knocked on the door. Liz dashed to the dinning room table to light two candles, and then dumped an armful of toys into a pile near the door. She was surprised when she saw Jason standing on her doorstep. Jason explained that he needed to talk to her, so Liz invited him in. Jason revealed that he had gone to the cemetery to pay his respects to Sam's son and had unexpectedly bumped into Sam.

Jason confided that he had thought, for an instant, that Sam would let him help her, but she simply couldn't get past what he had done. Liz reminded Jason that Jason and Sam loved each other. Jason assured Liz that he loved Sam, but Sam couldn't forgive him. Liz suggested that perhaps Sam blamed Jason for what had happened, because Sam couldn't blame herself. Jason insisted that Sam hadn't done anything wrong.

Liz reminded Jason of her reaction when Jason had asked Liz to donate Jake's kidney to Josslyn. Liz had attacked Jason. Jason pointed out that she had been grieving. "Just like Sam is," Liz replied. Liz recalled that she had accused Jason of not wanting or loving Jake, because it had been easier to lash out at Jason than to face what she had done. Liz explained that if Sam could stay mad at Jason, and blame him for everything, then Sam wouldn't have to ask herself why she had insisted on staying at the motel, taken her newborn out in bad weather, wandered into the woods, and left the infant in a planting box.

Jason explained that Sam had been in shock, so Sam hadn't known what she had been doing. Liz pointed out that Jason understood that, but Sam didn't, because Sam was hiding from a pain that was too terrible to face. Liz added that a mother could never forgive herself for failing her child. Jason insisted that he had been the one who had failed the baby. Liz agreed that Jason and Sam had both made mistakes, but even if they had done everything right, there hadn't been any guarantee that the baby would have survived. Jason realized that there wasn't any way to know that for certain.

"Exactly," Liz replied. Jason had been frustrated when he saw Sam weeping at the cemetery, because he couldn't fix things for his wife. He recalled that everything had seemed perfect on his wedding day to Sam. Liz put her arm around Jason, as they sat in silence. Moments later, Ewen arrived. Ewen apologized for being late, but then stopped short when he saw Jason.

Ewen offered to take a rain check on dinner, but Jason announced that he was about to leave. Ewen went to the table to open the bottle of wine, while Liz said goodbye to Jason. Jason thanked Liz for listening, so Liz assured him that she would always be there for him if he needed her. "That's what friends are for," she added. Jason thanked her, and then left. Ewen held out a glass of wine to Liz, which Liz accepted with a smile.

Liz was curious how Ewen's first day back at work went. "Did you unlock the mysteries of the mind?" she asked. "Some, but there are still mysteries to be uncovered," he replied.

Spinelli left Luke a voicemail message requesting that Luke return his call. Afterwards, he entered McCall and Jackal Private Investigations. Spinelli was surprised when he saw Sam seated at her desk, so she explained that she had needed a distraction, because she couldn't stop thinking about her baby and Jason. She revealed that Jason had shown up after the baby's funeral and had asked if they could start over. "Can you?" Spinelli wondered. Sam confessed that she couldn't get past what Jason had done.

Spinelli suggested that sometimes love wasn't enough. Sam sensed that Spinelli had been referring to Maxie. Spinelli admitted that Maxie intended to remain married to Matt, so Spinelli had decided to give up on Maxie. However, he assured Sam that it didn't mean that Jason and Sam couldn't work things out. Sam insisted that too much had happened. She regretted looking for answers about the DVD that Franco had sent and turning to Heather for help.

Spinelli perked up at the mention of Heather's name. He revealed that Heather was the subject of his latest case. Sam was intrigued, so she asked him to tell her about his case. Spinelli showed her his notes and told her that Heather had taken Olivia's car on the night that Sam's baby had been born. Spinelli revealed that a state trooper had pulled Heather over, and that Heather had introduced her passenger as her husband. Spinelli explained that Heather had been obsessed with Luke, so Spinelli had left a message for Luke to find what Luke might know.

Sam was eager to get some answers, because she was certain that Heather wasn't nearly as recovered as Heather would have people believe. Sam told Spinelli about the cruel things that Heather had said to Sam regarding Franco and the baby, so Sam wanted to be the one to send Heather back to Ferncliff. Spinelli fetched some Chinese takeout, and then brainstormed with Sam. Sam admitted that it felt a little like old times.

Friday, June 22, 2012

At the Haunted Star, Heather confronted Luke about his relationship with Anna. Luke lied and said he and Anna were merely roommates. He begged Heather to let the police handle the search for Anthony's body. As Luke made a phone call to Anna, Heather clobbered him with a wine bottle. She apologized to the unconscious man but stated that they had to keep their secret between the two of them.

As Heather dragged Luke's body away, Michael and Kristina showed up. Heather managed to get Luke behind the bar. She peered out at the kids and noticed Luke's cell phone lying on the floor. Michael and Kristina talked about Johnny's plan to have Starr perform at the club, once reopened. Kristina complained that Starr was late, but Michael retorted that Kristina was jealous because Starr was living with Trey.

Kristina justified her concerns, saying that she was just looking out for her big brother. Michael and Kristina continued to argue about the Mob Princess reality show. Michael warned that Trey would do whatever it took to get big ratings, whether or not it ruined Kristina's life. Michael called Starr but got her voicemail.

Kristina decided to have a drink. "Let's see what Lulu and Johnny have behind the bar," she suggested. Michael ushered her away from the bar and said Alexis and Sonny would both be angry to learn he'd let Kristina raid the bar. They decided to go to Starr and Trey's apartment. As they left, Luke's phone began to vibrate. They didn't notice and continued out the door.

After they left, Heather prepared to leave with Luke. She began to speak to him as he lay behind the bar. Lulu walked in. Lulu was suspicious of Heather, who explained that she was there to share her good news with Luke. She boasted that Todd had hired her to work for the Port Charles Sun.

Lulu noticed the phone on the floor, but Heather claimed it as her own. Lulu asked Heather to leave, and she did. Lulu then called Luke's number and left a message, as she turned out the lights and left. Later, Heather used Luke's keys to get back in, and she dragged away his body.

Todd visited Starr at her new home. As he and Starr argued over the state of the apartment, Trey emerged from the bathroom, wearing only a towel. A nervous Starr introduced the men to each other. Trey rubbed Todd the wrong way. "You managed to say three things in one sentence that make me not like you," Todd uttered.

Trey left to take a shower. Starr argued that she needed to go first, because she had to meet Michael. Todd worried about Starr seeing Michael. Starr got a text message from Téa, who sent a photo of Victor Jr. Starr showed the image to Todd, but he abruptly walked away. Starr asked if Todd felt guilty for having killed the child's father. She told Todd that Téa had likely forgiven him, since he'd gotten her and her newborn to safety the night of the big storm.

Trey returned from the shower, raving about how good it had been. "I know the French word for shower, and your roommate is it," Todd said as he parted. Starr agreed. Starr asked Trey to answer her phone if Michael called. She wanted him to let Michael know she was in the shower. As soon as Starr turned the water on, Trey began listening to loud music and didn't hear the phone ring.

Michael and Kristina arrived at Starr and Trey's apartment. Trey greeted them, still wearing no more than a towel. Starr burst into the living room, complaining that Trey had used all of the hot water. Kristina made rude comments, and Starr railed against Trey. Michael asked Starr out to eat, but Trey suggested they all order in a pizza.

Later, they all shared a pizza and continued to snipe at one another. Michael asked Starr out, but she declined, stating that she had an early day ahead. Kristina decided to stay behind, but Trey suggested she leave. They too had a big day ahead. Michael and Kristina left, unnoticed, as Starr and Trey continued to quarrel.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Tracy prepared a table in advance of a romantic dinner with Luke. Alice happened by and asked if there was any chance Luke might stand Tracy up. Tracy argued that Luke was most definitely on his way and that the dinner was a token of her sincerity.

Alice asked what had become of Anthony. Tracy replied that she didn't know and didn't care. Later, Alice checked in with Tracy. She tried to console Tracy, who was defiant. She called Luke to prove he'd just been delayed. The call went to voicemail, so Tracy decided to track Luke down.

Anna approached Lulu, while she filed reports at the police station. Anna wanted to discuss her relationship with Luke. They went to the interrogation room to talk. Lulu thought about the advice she'd given her father: to tell Anna that he and Tracy had found Anthony's body but that it had disappeared. Lulu was relieved when Anna began to explain that she wanted Lulu's blessing to see Luke.

Lulu explained that Luke had visited her for advice. She told Anna that Luke likely went to see Tracy right afterward. Lulu pointed out that Luke had a habit of avoiding telling people things he thought they wouldn't want to hear. Anna wondered if he might have fled town, but Lulu assured her he hadn't.

Lulu reminded Anna that Luke sometimes did the wrong things for the right reasons. Anna wondered if Lulu was talking about more than Luke's love life. Lulu remembered Luke telling her he hadn't killed Anthony but that Anthony was most definitely dead.

Later, at the suite, Anna finished dressing up. Woodrow arrived with a romantic dinner. She tipped him, and ushered him out the door, just as Tracy was about to knock. Tracy explained that Luke had missed a date with her and that they were getting back together. Anna suggested that Tracy return home.

Tracy noticed that Anna was all gussied up and apologized for having intruded. Tracy laughed that she'd had Cook prepare all of Luke's favorites, as she perused the dishes on Anna's table. "Is this meal for Luke?" asked Tracy. Anna admitted it was.

Sam and Spinelli shared Chinese food at the McCall & Jackal offices, awaiting a call from Luke. Woodrow, one of Spinelli's associates at the Metro Court Hotel, called. He reported that he'd seen Heather go to Todd's room. Sam was perplexed as to what connection those two could have.

Spinelli conducted an Internet search on Todd and discovered that he'd been convicted of rape and charged with the murder of his twin brother Victor. Todd had escaped punishment on the latter charge, because he'd been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder. "Which means Todd could be as crazy as Heather," Sam mused. Spinelli suggested they go to Todd's room to find out what Heather and Todd had in common.

Spinelli and Sam met Woodrow at the Metro Court. Woodrow gave them a key card and left. Sam entered the room, while Spinelli kept watch in the hallway. Inside, Sam found Heather's résumé and snapped a photo. Sam also noticed the crumpled newspaper clipping of the article about her baby's death.

Outside, Todd walked up to Spinelli and asked what was up. Spinelli nervously covered, saying he was a private investigator and that he wanted to enlist Todd's aid. Todd pushed past Spinelli and entered his room. Spinelli barged in and distracted him long enough for Sam to escape.

Upon returning to the office, Sam wondered why Todd had a clipping about her baby's death. She and Spinelli also wondered why Heather was trying to get a job as a reporter.

At Todd's, he noticed the clipping on the coffee table, which was not where he'd left it.

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