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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 25, 2012 on GH
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Monday, June 25, 2012

At Carly's house, Johnny looked at one of Josslyn's picture books and remembered shooting out Anthony's tires and the subsequent deaths of Hope's daughter and boyfriend. After putting Josslyn to bed, Carly entered the room and was very complimentary of Johnny's earlier interactions with Josslyn. Johnny smiled, and they started kissing. As their passion built, the doorbell rang, and they cooled off quickly.

Michael was at the door. He apologized for interrupting, but Johnny said he had things to do, and he would leave Michael and Carly to have a talk. Carly said that she hoped Michael would understand that she had forgiven Johnny for cheating on her, and they were back together. Michael said that since he knew that someone else, not Johnny, had shot out Anthony's tires, he was okay with how things were.

When Carly wanted to know who had done the shooting, Michael explained how Starr had figured out that Kate was the culprit. Michael said that Starr no longer wanted revenge. Michael said that Kate was mentally ill with DID -- dissociative identity disorder -- the same mental illness that Starr had see manifested in her aunt and cousin. Michael said that he had also forgiven Starr for trying to shoot Sonny. Michael said that Starr was a very talented singer, and Johnny was giving her a huge break.

As Carly walked Michael to the door, she said that there was a lot of good in Johnny that people did not see. Michael apologized for interrupting her date, but Carly laughed it off. When Michael added that Johnny didn't purposely hurt people, Carly was adamant when she said that Johnny would not hurt her. Michael chuckled when he said that Johnny better not hurt Carly, or Johnny would answer to Michael.

At Shadybrook, Sonny held Kate as she struggled with restless dreams. When his phone rang, Sonny answered and found Dante on the other end. Dante asked Sonny to meet him at the Port Charles Police Station to answer some questions. Sonny reluctantly agreed. Sonny stopped a nurse in the hall outside Kate's room and asked her to let Kate know that he had been there and to ask Kate to call him when she was awake again.

A few minutes after Sonny left, Kate woke up, found her phone, and called Johnny, who had just left Carly's place. Kate told Johnny that she was at Shadybrook and needed to see him because she had remembered something.

At the police station, Lulu and Dante shared Chinese takeout and discussed their common interests. Lulu told Dante about Luke's tangled relationships with Tracy and Anna. Lulu said that she had advised Luke to talk to Tracy and admit his involvement with Anthony's corpse before starting up with Anna. For his part, Dante said that he was going to try to get the truth about Kate out of Sonny. Lulu said that she loved Dante's integrity, and they kissed.

At the Metro Court, Tracy lashed out at Anna. Anna tried to remain civil as she advised Tracy to go home and wait for Luke, who would explain everything. But as Tracy persisted in the belief that Luke was planning to reconcile with her and continued to insult Anna, Anna began to waver. Anna finally admitted that Luke had been on his way to let Tracy down easy. At first Tracy did not believe Anna, but then Tracy recalled finding Anna in Luke's bed earlier that day. Anna admitted that she and Luke had slept together.

Tracy was stunned, hurt, and humiliated. Anna told her that Luke also cared for Tracy and that Anna's relationship with Luke had started out as friendship. Anna said that Luke valued Tracy as a friend. Tracy said more likely Luke saw Tracy as backup in case things did not work out with Anna. Tracy was not appeased by anything that Anna said to her. As she left, Tracy told Anna that she did not think the evening would end the way Luke and Anna had planned.

Lulu arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and found Alice keeping vigil over a romantic candlelit meal. Alice said that Luke had apparently stood Tracy up and that Tracy had gone to the hotel, looking for him. Lulu called Luke and left a message for him. Alice wondered if she should clear the table, but Lulu said that Tracy should make the decision about when to give up.

Lulu was waiting when Tracy got home. Tracy said that Luke was not at the hotel and that Anna had said that Luke had intended to let Tracy down easy. Tracy could see from the look on Lulu's face that Lulu already knew what Luke was going to do. Lulu assured Tracy that the only reason Lulu had kept silent was because Luke had promised to tell Tracy first. Lulu assured Tracy that there would be other, better guys. Lulu offered to stay with Tracy, but Tracy said she would rather be alone.

As Lulu left, Tracy muttered that she had a feeling that she was not the only one being stood up that night. Alone, Tracy snuffed a candle, and yelled, "You bastard!" At the Metro Court, Anna also extinguished a candle. She called Luke's phone and left a message explaining about the visit from Tracy. After hanging up, Anna peered plaintively through the window.

Luke was unconscious while Heather chattered at him and wheeled him to an abandoned potting shed in the woods. Luke awoke inside and found himself tied to a chair. Heather hugged him and welcomed him to his new home. Luke got angry and tried to get Heather to release him, but Heather told Luke that he was a guest, not a hostage. Luke said being tied up was no way to treat a guest. Heather told Luke that he did not appreciate her. Heather said that she had tried to help Luke where others had tried to hurt him.

Heather said that Luke had forced her to improvise when he had tried to call the police. Heather said that if anyone knew that she had moved Anthony's body, Heather would be sent back to Ferncliff, where she definitely did not belong. Luke tried to reason with Heather and told her that she could not hold him indefinitely because Luke would be missed. Luke told Heather that he was supposed to have dinner with Anna. Heather said that Anna could wait because Luke was having dinner with Heather instead.

As she prepared the table and lit candles, Heather told Luke that men rarely knew what was good for them. Coyly, Heather revealed two takeout cartons from Kelly's and said, "Just you and me and a BLT." When Heather stated that the meal was a way for Luke to remember how much they meant to each other, Luke said that he was not hungry.

With a sexy purr, Heather said that they could skip right to desert. Luke said that he sensed they were not talking about a hot fudge sundae. Heather said she could promise it would be hot. Heather told Luke that once he made love to her, he would be unable to think about another woman. Heather started kissing Luke. Luke pretended to respond and when Heather challenged him to admit that he wanted her, Luke said, "Not like this." He urged Heather to be a good girl and untie him. Just as Heather was about to do so, Luke's phone rang.

Heather's ardor cooled quickly when she saw that the call was from Anna. Luke claimed that it was police business, but Heather claimed that it was funny business. Heather told Luke that she could tell that he still wanted Anna, but that his desire was going to alter. When Luke asked how exactly, Heather said that even though she wanted Luke more than he wanted her, that was going to change. When Luke demanded to know how long Heather intended to keep him locked up, she said until Luke gave up on other women and other women gave up on Luke.

At the police station, Dante told Sonny that Johnny claimed that Kate had shot out Anthony's tires. Sonny said that Johnny was a liar and would say anything to hurt Sonny or those close to him. Dante said that was why he was talking to Sonny. Dante wanted a straight answer and believed he could get it from Sonny. Sonny tried to evade Dante's questions by saying that Kate was seriously ill, did not own a gun, and could not shoot. Dante still wanted the truth, and Sonny asked for the consequences.

Dante said that even though Kate was seriously ill, the final outcome would depend on the D.A. Sonny begged Dante to leave the case alone, but Dante said he could not because he was under pressure from the new police commissioner. Sonny said that he did not want Kate to go to prison. Dante again asked for the truth. Sonny said that he had to talk to his lawyer. Dante said that Sonny was not the focus of the investigation. Sonny again insisted that Johnny had committed the crime and planted the gun in Kate's office. Dante insisted that Johnny had a solid alibi.

Dante pushed Sonny, who finally admitted that Kate believed that she had committed the crime but could not actually remember buying the gun or taking the fatal shot. Dante thanked Sonny and told him to contact his lawyer and make arrangements because Dante would be telling Anna what he knew the next morning.

Johnny responded to Kate's call, and when he arrived at Shadybrook, he told her how much he wanted to help. Kate said that she'd had a nightmare, and Johnny had been in it. She said that she'd had a breakthrough and was beginning to recover Connie's memories. Johnny said that he was sorry for the things he had done and that he should never have gone along with Connie. Kate said that she did not blame Johnny because she remembered how ruthless Connie had been in getting her own way.

As Kate told Johnny that she did not remember the actual shooting, Johnny flashed back to a meeting with Connie where he had convinced her that if she took the blame for the shooting that he had actually done, Connie would finally achieve her goal of getting Sonny to break up with Kate. Johnny focused on Kate when he heard her say that she wanted to tell the police about the shooting and take responsibility. Kate said that Sonny thought that talking to the police was a bad idea.

Johnny agreed. Kate said that if she did not confess, the police would keep hounding Johnny. Johnny said that he did not care and that he could take the heat. Johnny said that Kate had been through enough and that he agreed with Sonny that Kate should keep quiet and not take responsibility for Connie's sin. Johnny said that he would never try to hurt Sonny at Kate's expense. Johnny said that things were going well for him since he had reconciled with Carly. Johnny said that he loved Carly and wanted to care for her the same way that Sonny cared for Kate.

Johnny prepared to leave after convincing Kate to keep silent. Kate said that she would contact him if she remembered anything else. Johnny asked what she meant. Kate said it was still possible that she would remember all the events of that night. Johnny cautioned her and said that for all concerned, it might be better if Kate never remembered that night.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

At the Drake residence, Maxie was asleep on the sofa when Patrick entered the living room, demanding that she take off his robe. Maxie groggily sat up, and then apologized, as she shrugged out of the robe. She explained that she had left her clothes in the car. Patrick immediately calmed down and apologized for overreacting. He revealed that Robin would wear the robe all of the time, even though his wife had given him the robe for Christmas.

Maxie appreciated that Patrick had opened his home to her. Patrick regretted that he had let Matt's apartment go without talking to Maxie. Maxie hated that she had never taken the time to consider how her actions might affect others, like when she had impulsively moved out of the apartment. She feared that her presence in Patrick's home might be a constant reminder of what had happened to Robin, so she offered to move out. Emma ran into the living room before Patrick could respond.

Maxie immediately offered to make breakfast, so Patrick and Emma decided to find the fire extinguisher. A short time later, Maxie, Patrick, and Emma were munching on cereal at the breakfast table. Maxie conceded that she was a terrible cook. Patrick smiled, and then suggested that Emma finish up with breakfast, so that Emma could get ready for day camp. Maxie insisted on helping Emma, because Maxie was familiar with fashion. After Maxie and Emma left the kitchen, Patrick fetched a bottle of pills from the pocket of his robe.

Later, Patrick returned to the living room to slide a few tablets into his pants pocket, and then stashed the bottle of pills in the robe's pocket. Moments later, Emma and Maxie returned to the living room. Patrick complimented Emma's outfit. Maxie decided to head to Crimson to make certain that things were running smoothly, while Kate was "out of commission." Emma wondered if Maxie intended to return at the end of the day, so Patrick tactfully sent Emma to the kitchen to fetch Emma's lunch pail. After Emma left, Maxie assured Patrick that she would find somewhere else to live, but Patrick wanted Maxie to stay, because it was clear that Emma enjoyed having Maxie around.

After Patrick and Emma left, Maxie took a shower. Maxie realized that she had forgotten her clothes in the car, so Maxie shrugged into Patrick's robe to avoid dashing to her car in the towel. Maxie dropped her keys into the pocket, but stopped short when she felt the bottle of pills.

Jason caught up to Sonny at Shadybrook, as Sonny was about to enter Kate's room. Sonny explained that he had called Jason to tell Jason that Kate had remembered something significant, which had led to her dissociative identity disorder. Jason was stunned when Sonny revealed that Joe Scully Jr. had raped Kate. Sonny added that Joe Jr. had gone underground after Joe Jr. had murdered a dancer in an Atlantic City nightclub. Jason realized that the dancer had been John McBain's sister. Sonny admitted that he had told John the truth about Theresa's murder, but Sonny doubted that John had believed him.

Jason suspected that John was checking out the story, because Sam had told Jason that John had left town. Sonny was surprised that Jason had talked to Sam. Jason confided that nothing had changed, because Sam couldn't get past what Jason had done. Sonny insisted that Jason hadn't known that Sam had been in labor when Jason had sent the thugs after John, but Jason argued that it didn't matter, because Jason couldn't give Sam her baby back. Sonny reminded Jason that Sam's baby had been born with a condition, so there weren't any guarantees that the baby would have survived.

Jason changed the subject by suggesting that Sonny check on Kate, while Jason searched for Joe Jr. Sonny wanted Joe Jr. delivered to him, so that Sonny could take care of Joe Jr. the same way that Jason had taken care of Franco. Jason agreed to do as instructed, so Sonny told Jason that Joe Sr. had sent some money to Fleur De Lis in New Orleans following Joe Jr.'s disappearance. After Jason left, Sonny entered Kate's room. He became concerned when he spotted a letter on Kate's pillow. The letter revealed that Kate had gone to the police station.

At the police station, Dante eavesdropped as Anna left Luke a voicemail message asking Luke to call because she was concerned. Afterwards, Dante approached Anna to tell her that Johnny had accused someone of shooting out Anthony's tires. As if on cue, Kate and Ewen entered the squad room. Ewen explained that Kate had made a breakthrough, so Kate announced that she was ready to take responsibility for what she had done. Anna assumed that Kate wanted to confess to attacking Ewen, but Ewen quickly made it clear that Kate had not been responsible for what had happened to him, so he refused to press charges. Frustrated, Anna demanded to know why Kate and Ewen where there.

Dante led Kate to the interrogation room, where he urged her to call her attorney. Kate realized that Dante didn't seem surprised by her desire to confess, so Dante admitted that he had talked to Sonny the previous evening. Kate questioned if Dante were trying to be helpful because of Sonny. Dante assured Kate that he was concerned for her because she was family and close to his mother. Kate softened as she explained that two innocent people were dead because of her, so she felt compelled to take responsibility for what she had done. Dante wondered if Sonny knew that Kate was there.

Kate was confident that Sonny would know soon enough. A short time later, Sonny arrived at the police station. Sonny insisted on calling an attorney for Kate, so Anna reminded Sonny that she could charge him with obstruction of justice for not reporting Kate. Sonny pointed out that Anna didn't have any proof of that, as he continued to dial Alexis' phone number. Kate explained that she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she didn't do the right thing. Sonny finally backed down and quietly watched as Kate signed the confession admitting to shooting out Anthony's tires.

Anna agreed to let Sonny go with Kate to booking, so Kate hugged Sonny and then followed Dante to be processed. Anna checked her phone, but there weren't any messages from Luke.

At the nurses' station, Heather showed off her new outfit for her first day of work. Steve complimented his mother, but he admitted that he was surprised that she had been able to procure a job in a weak job market. Heather bragged that she was persuasive, and then advised her son to always go for what he wanted. Heather had never let anyone, or anything, get in her way, which had allowed her to have a fresh start with her son, a new job, and a promising relationship. Steve suggested that Heather focus on her job. Heather smiled sweetly, and then assured Steve that her love for him would never change.

After Steve walked away, Luke's cell phone rang. Heather smiled wickedly when she noted that Anna had called.

Later, Steve caught up with Liz at the nurses' station. Steve wanted to know what was going on between Liz and Ewen. Liz downplayed the kiss that she had shared with Ewen, so Steve admitted that he just wanted his sister to be with someone who treated her right. Liz confided that she'd had a nice dinner with Ewen the previous night. Steve sensed that she was about to say "but." Liz admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about Jason.

Steve mentioned that she had heard rumors, so Liz conceded that Jason had been upset to learn the paternity of Sam's baby. Liz insisted that Jason loved Sam and wanted to support her; however, Sam kept pushing Jason away, because Sam blamed Jason for the baby's death. Steve questioned why Jason kept turning to Liz, so Liz explained that Jason had needed a friend. "You sure that's all it is"? Steve asked. Liz promised that she and Jason were just friends, but Steve had his doubts, because Liz and Jason had shared a child, whom they had later lost.

Steve feared that a part of Liz hoped that she and Jason could make things work. Liz looked past Steve's shoulder as Ewen walked up. Steve noticed her sudden distraction, so he turned to see what she had been looking at. Ewen smiled at Liz, prompting Steve to excuse himself. Ewen invited Liz to join him for dinner at his place later that evening, but Liz doubted that she could get a babysitter on such short notice. "Another time," Ewen suggested, disappointed.

In an examination room, Patrick assured Jason that everything seemed fine. Jason wondered if it was his last follow-up appointment, so Patrick explained that he would have to see Jason in six months for one final checkup. Jason thanked Patrick, because Patrick and Robin had saved Jason's life. After Jason left, Patrick popped a couple of pills. Moments later, Ewen entered the room.

At the nurses' station, Steve confessed to Liz that he had overheard Liz's excuse for not having dinner with Ewen. Steve offered to babysit, but Liz declined, because Steve would have to ask Olivia to watch Heather, while Steve watched the boys at Liz's house. Steve suspected that it was just an excuse, but Liz insisted that she and Jason were just friends. Liz turned to walk away, but stopped when she bumped into Jason.

In Kate's former office at Crimson, Todd packed up Kate's belongings as a woman knocked on the door. The woman introduced herself as Cheryl Burns, Mr. Floyd's assistant at Port Charles Press. Cheryl explained that the human resources department had sent her. Todd pointed out that the Port Charles Press no longer existed, but he was grateful for her help. Todd wanted everything cleared out of the office, the passwords on the computers changed, and a list of the staff. Cheryl quickly fetched the list.

Todd wanted Cheryl's help to decide who should stay and who should go. Cheryl revealed that Diane Miller wrote a popular gossip column for the paper. Heather perked up when she entered Todd's office in time to hear Cheryl and Todd agree the gossip column was the most important job. "Then that's the job I want," Heather announced. Cheryl was stunned that Todd might consider replacing Diane, but Heather resorted to unspoken threats to force Todd's hand. Todd promptly fired Diane -- and Cheryl when Cheryl objected to the decision.

Heather smiled with satisfaction as she watched Cheryl storm out. Heather gloated that she could have blown Todd out of the water by revealing his secret. Todd made it clear that he intended to help Sam in any way that he could. Heather warned Todd to be careful, because secrets had a way of getting out. Todd grew weary of Heather's threats, so he reminded her that she had her own secrets to hide. Heather complained that it had been unnecessary for her to bury Anthony, because her friend hadn't killed Anthony.

Todd laughed, because Heather had gone through all of that trouble to protect an innocent person. Heather admitted that her man wasn't quite that innocent, because he had been seeing another woman. However, Heather insisted that the other woman wasn't her man's type. Heather decided to take some lunch to her man, but Todd objected.

At McCall and Jackal Private Investigations, Spinelli arrived with some tea. Sam accepted the cup that he handed to her, but Spinelli noticed that she seemed distracted. Sam explained that she had a lot of questions about her son's death, but she insisted that she needed to focus on moving forward. Spinelli wished that he could give her some answers, so Sam suggested that he start by telling her why Todd had had an article about her son's death. Spinelli thought that perhaps Heather had dropped the clipping while Heather had been in Todd's suite. Sam conceded that it was possible, given how Heather had seemed to take delight in Sam's misery.

Sam wondered why Todd would hire someone like Heather, unless Heather had blackmailed Todd. Spinelli agreed that it was a possibility, but they couldn't figure out what kind of information Heather might have on Todd. A short time later, Diane called to tell Spinelli about Todd's decision to fire Diane so that Heather could take over the gossip column. Sam and Spinelli agreed that they needed to dig further, so they went to Crimson. Spinelli and Sam crept to Todd's office door and eavesdropped as Todd made it clear that he expected Heather to work. Heather warned Todd not to upset her. "We both know what could happen if I get upset," Heather added in a threatening tone.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tracy strolled into the police station to talk to Anna. Anna assumed that Tracy wanted to rehash Luke's decision to explore a relationship with Anna, but Tracy clarified that she wanted to discuss Luke's latest crime. Anna led Tracy to the interrogation room, where Tracy accused Luke of murdering Anthony. Anna wondered why Luke would kill Anthony, so Tracy explained that Luke had wanted to find a way for Tracy to be free of Anthony. Anna was curious why Tracy hadn't simply divorced Anthony. Tracy admitted that there had been some personal reasons, which Tracy didn't want to talk about.

Tracy revealed that the original plan had been to put Anthony on a slow boat to Uruguay, but, for reasons that Tracy didn't understand, Luke had decided to shoot Anthony, and leave the bullet-riddled body in the boathouse. Tracy conceded that she had helped Luke carry the body to the veranda when Delores had approached the boathouse. However, Tracy made it clear that she'd had nothing to do with the body's disappearance. Tracy suspected that Luke's minions had stashed the body.

Anna continued to question Tracy's version of events, so Tracy assured Anna that it had nothing to do with Tracy feeling scorned, because Luke had picked Anna over Tracy. Tracy claimed that she was too good for a man like Luke, who hadn't had the decency to tell Tracy to her face that it was over.

Anna grew concerned when she realized that Luke had never shown up at the Quartermaine mansion the previous day, as he had promised, nor had he returned to the suite. Tracy accused Luke of being a mercenary, so she suggested that Luke had decided that it wasn't worth breaking financial ties with "Spanky," so that he could be with "Slim." Tracy thought that Luke's decision not to talk to Anna meant that he didn't care enough about Anna to bother. Anna decided to let Tracy leave, but she warned Tracy not to skip town. Tracy wanted a front row seat when Luke was arrested, so Tracy planned to stick around. Tracy thought that she and Anna had dodged a bullet with Luke, unlike Anthony.

At the Port Charles Sun, Heather bristled when Todd objected to her leaving work. Todd explained that he had hired her to write a column, so he expected her to do her job. Heather warned him that she wouldn't hesitate to tell people what she knew, and then claimed that she needed a certain amount of anonymity in the workplace to be effective at her job. Todd accused Heather of being a blackmailer and gold-digger, but Heather simply issued more veiled threats until a frustrated Todd finally ordered her to leave. Smiling with satisfaction, Heather thanked Todd, and then left, unaware that Sam and Spinelli had been lurking outside the door, eavesdropping. Sam and Spinelli quickly ducked out of sight before they were spotted.

Sam quietly suggested that Spinelli follow Heather, while Sam worked on Todd. After Spinelli left, Sam knocked on Todd's door. Todd was in his office, filled with regret over having switched Sam's healthy baby with Téa's dead son. He was startled when Sam entered his office. Sam introduced herself, which prompted Todd to reveal that his best friend was named Sam, and that Sam had been named after Todd's attorney. Todd admitted that Sam was actually his nephew, but the little boy would have been his son, if Todd's mother hadn't held him captive for several years.

Todd explained that his nephew thought of Todd as a superhero, and that the little boy had been the only person who had stuck by Todd after Todd had been arrested for Victor's murder. Sam seemed confused about why Todd had told her all of that, so Todd enlightened her. He revealed that he had a rich history with people named Sam, so he was predisposed to like her. However, Todd questioned Sam's choice of friends, especially John McBain. Todd blamed John for ruining Todd's chances with Blair. He then shifted gears by guessing that Sam was there for a job.

Sam was surprised when Todd revealed that he knew that Sam was a private investigator. Todd explained that it was his job to know about the people in town, so he wondered if perhaps Sam wanted to job, because she was investigating Todd. Sam quickly assured him that she wanted a change in careers, because her current business partner was best friends with her husband. Sam claimed that she didn't want to risk running into Jason, so she was eager for a fresh start. Todd was curious if she intended to change her last name after her divorce from Jason. He revealed that both of his wives hadn't taken his last name, so that hadn't been an issue when they had divorced.

Sam confessed that she hadn't thought that far ahead, but she didn't want to be connected to Jason's life. Todd had concerns about Sam's ability to handle the difficult world of news reporting, since she had just lost a child. Sam insisted that her baby had been taken from her, and suggested that he should know that. Todd was taken aback by her outburst, so Sam quickly clarified that her baby would have lived, if it hadn't been for her husband. Sam thought that Todd had understood that, because of the article that he had printed about her child's death. Todd quickly explained that one of his reporters had written the story.

Sam wanted a fresh start, so she implored Todd to give her a chance. Todd reluctantly agreed, but he warned her that he wouldn't take it easy on her. He revealed that he expected his employees to work long hours and admitted that he was "emotionally unhealthy." Sam smiled with satisfaction, and then quickly settled in at the desk in the outer office. A short time later, Todd handed Sam a stack of files and instructions.

Todd decided to give Sam a list of people whose calls he would take, which included his nephew, Sam; his children; and his ex-wives. Todd then made it clear that he would not take any calls from Dorian Lord, David Vickers, Bo and Nora Buchanan, or Tomas Delgado. Todd even invited Sam to kill Tomas, if Tomas should call. "Got it," Sam replied with a smile. Todd hoped that Sam could keep up.

In the woods, Heather carried a lunch basket, as she talked to herself. She was hopeful that Luke would realize that she was the only one for him. Moments later, Spinelli appeared on the path that Heather had taken. Spinelli spoke into a digital recorder, expressing his concern about what Heather was doing in the woods where she had been on the night of the storm. Spinelli was certain that she was hiding something. He was determined to find out the identity of the man whom she had claimed was her husband, once he located where Heather had disappeared to. "Actually, she's right here," Heather replied.

Spinelli whipped around to look at Heather. Heather demanded to know what Spinelli was doing in the woods. Spinelli claimed that he had been bird watching, but Heather had never heard of a bird called Heather. Spinelli babbled about how a Heather-bird had been referenced in Sylvia Platt's writing, but Heather didn't buy it. Heather snatched Spinelli's recorder out of his hand to listen to what he had recorded. Spinelli was filled with dread, as Heather hit play.

Heather was not pleased to learn that Spinelli had been following her. She suspected that Olivia had hired Spinelli to investigate her, so she was determined to make certain that Olivia didn't spend another dime of Steve's money trying to dig up dirt on Heather. Heather threw the recorder to the ground and warned Spinelli to back off. After Heather stormed off, Spinelli picked up the recorder.

At the Drake residence, Maxie looked at a bottle of pills that she had found stashed in the pocket of Patrick's robe. She recalled how upset Patrick had been when he had seen her wearing the robe earlier that morning. Later, Lulu stopped by to find out why Maxie had let go of their old apartment. Maxie explained that she had thought that the apartment would be better for Starr and Trey. Lulu recalled that Maxie had loved the apartment, so Lulu was curious if Maxie's decision to move had something to do with Spinelli. Maxie admitted that she had quarreled with Spinelli, and that he had washed his hands of her.

Lulu felt bad for Maxie, but she was curious why Maxie hadn't gone to live with Mac. Maxie explained that Mac and Felicia were on the verge of reconciliation, so Maxie had been reluctant to get in the middle of it. Lulu feared that living with Patrick might not be good for Maxie, because it was a constant reminder of Robin's loss. Maxie insisted that Patrick needed her, because Patrick had spent three weeks holed up in the house while everyone had been focused on Maxie. Lulu suggested that, at some point, Patrick had to be responsible for how he handled his grief. Maxie wanted Patrick to get help from Maxie, rather than from a bottle of pills.

Maxie showed Lulu the pills that Maxie had found in Patrick's robe. Lulu pointed out that Maxie didn't have any proof that the pills were narcotics. Lulu suggested that they might be antidepressants. Maxie conceded that Lulu could be right, but Maxie didn't want to take any chances, because Maxie had once enabled Lucky when Lucky had battled addiction. Lulu argued that Lucky's problem had been different. However, Lulu appreciated that Maxie was concerned, so she advised Maxie to talk to Patrick about the pills.

Patrick popped a couple of pills, as Ewen entered the examination room for a check-up with Patrick. Ewen sensed that Patrick seemed on edge, so Patrick claimed that he had taken a couple of aspirin for a headache. Ewen's eyes narrowed, but he didn't push further. Patrick quickly shifted gears, by examining Ewen's head injury and asking how Ewen was doing. Ewen admitted that he had low-grade anxiety, because of Liz. Patrick's smile faded when Ewen asked what the deal was between Liz and Jason.

Ewen explained that he had gone to Liz's house for dinner the previous evening, but Jason had been there. Ewen had thought that it was an innocent encounter until he had overheard Liz and Steve talking about Jason. Patrick admitted that Ewen had a right to be concerned about Liz and Jason, because Jason had a way of sucking in women who wanted to heal Jason. Ewen realized that Patrick had been referring to Robin, not just Liz, so he offered to help Patrick if Patrick needed someone to talk to about Robin's death. Patrick insisted that he was fine, and that working had helped more than any session with a therapist. After Ewen left, Patrick took a few more pills.

Later, Patrick arrived home. He was surprised that Maxie was there, since she had told him that she had intended to go to work. Maxie explained that she had changed her mind, and then admitted that she needed to talk to Patrick about something.

At the hospital, Liz was surprised when she bumped into Jason. Jason explained that he had seen Patrick for a checkup. Jason revealed that he had been given a clean bill of health for the next six months. Liz was happy for Jason and admitted that he looked better than the last time that she had seen him. Jason thanked Liz for listening to him when he had needed to talk to someone. Liz assured him that was what friends were for.

Jason hoped that he hadn't ruined Liz's evening with Ewen. Liz admitted that it had been a low-key evening, and that she and Ewen had talked. However, her brother, Steve, had given her a hard time about it, because Steve feared that Liz was holding back with Ewen. Jason was curious why Steve would think that, so Liz explained that Steve was worried that Liz was setting herself up to be hurt again by Jason. Jason insisted that it was crazy. "Isn't it?" he asked her.

"Maybe not," Liz replied. Liz quickly clarified that Jason wasn't the destructive force in her life -- she was, because she had a way of ruining all of her relationships. Jason didn't want to cause problems for Liz, but Liz insisted that she was perfectly capable of exploring a relationship with Ewen, and being a friend to Jason. However, her brother had watched her fall apart when things hadn't worked out with Lucky, so Steve was concerned. Jason argued that Liz was a stronger person than she had been. Liz agreed, because she had realized that no matter how much she had loved Lucky, they couldn't be together.

Liz had learned from her mistakes with Lucky and was ready to move on. Jason thought perhaps he should do the same with Sam. Liz insisted that things were different for Jason and Sam, because Jason and Sam were married and had a solid foundation to build on. Liz was confident that Jason and Sam would eventually work things out, but Jason didn't hold out much hope, because he couldn't give Sam's baby back to Sam. Jason admitted that there had been a moment when Jason had handed Sam her dead son that Sam had insisted that someone had switched babies. Jason wished that had been true, because then he would have been able to find Sam's baby and put their family back together again. Moments later, Bernie called Jason with a lead on Joe Scully Jr.

Liz walked Jason to the elevator, where they said goodbye and hugged. Ewen watched them through an office window.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

At the Drake residence, Maxie held up the bottle of pills that she had found in the pocket of Patrick's robe. She wanted to know what the pills were. Patrick was livid that Maxie had been snooping through his things. Maxie explained that she had stumbled onto the pills when she had put his robe on, after her shower, so that she could dash to the car to fetch her clothes. She reminded him that he had been furious when he had seen her in the robe earlier that morning, so she wondered if perhaps it was because he was afraid that she had found the pills. Patrick explained that he had been upset because Robin had always worn the robe.

Maxie admitted that she didn't want to repeat the same mistake that she had made with Lucky by enabling Patrick. Patrick claimed that the pills were acetaminophen, and that they were in a prescription bottle because he had asked a nurse to grab them when he'd had a headache at the hospital. The tension eased out of Maxie as she apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Patrick took the pills back and announced that he had to pick Emma up. After Patrick went to his bedroom to change clothes, Maxie picked up the pill that she had dropped earlier.

At the Port Charles Sun, Heather demanded to know what Sam was doing outside of Todd's office. Sam revealed that she was Todd's new assistant. Heather didn't believe Sam until Todd stepped out of his office to confirm that he had hired Sam. Heather insisted on having a private word with Todd, so she marched into his office. Todd closed the door behind Heather, and then reminded her that he was the boss. He decided that it was time to set some ground rules.

Heather wanted to know why Todd had hired Sam. Todd explained that he had needed an assistant, because he had needed to fire his first assistant earlier that morning in an effort to cover up firing the most popular columnist on staff so that Heather could have the job. "You need an assistant? Go to HR; don't hire Sam. Do I have to remind you what we did to that woman?" Heather asked.

Meanwhile, Sam crept to the door to eavesdrop on Todd and Heather. However, Spinelli chose that moment to check in with Sam. Sam explained that Todd had hired her, and then quickly ended the call, so that she could continue to spy on Todd and Heather. In the office, Heather wondered if Todd was prepared to spend eight hours, every day, with Sam. Todd reminded Heather that Sam had been hired to answer the phones and check the mail, not to live with him. Heather insisted that giving Sam a job made Todd look guilty.

Todd made it clear that he intended to help Sam in any way that he could, because he had taken Sam's son from Sam. "Oh, well, that's a fair trade. You take her baby and offer her an entry-level position at the Sun," Heather sarcastically replied. Todd informed her that he owned the newspaper, so his assistant was not an entry-level job. Heather argued that Sam was a private investigator, so Sam was there to spy on Todd. "You're an idiot, " Heather shouted.

Todd made it clear that his employee didn't have the right to call him an idiot. Heather missed Ferncliff, where people didn't have to sugarcoat the truth. Todd dared Heather to tell Sam the truth, so Heather reminded him that Téa would be the one left grieving when Sam was reunited with her son. Heather ordered Todd to fire Sam, but Todd stood his ground, because he understood why Sam wanted a fresh start. Todd had left Llanview for similar reasons. Heather was certain that Sam was there to help Spinelli spy on Heather for Olivia.

Todd laughed, but Heather was not amused. Todd suggested that it could work to their advantage, if he were able to keep an eye on Sam. Heather warned Todd that he would just open himself up to Sam discovering that he had switched babies. Heather marched to the door, prepared to leave, but stopped short when she found Sam standing on the other side of the door. Heather demanded to know what Sam had been doing. Sam claimed that he had been about to knock.

Todd announced that Sam could leave for the day, so he escorted Sam to the elevator and told her that he would see her in the morning. Heather smiled smugly, as Todd returned to his office. Todd pointed out that all they knew for certain was that Spinelli was investigating Heather. Heather insisted that Sam could find out about the baby. Todd didn't see how, since they hadn't given Téa a receipt for the baby.

Todd was confident that their secret was safe, since it was unlikely that Sam would try to obtain DNA samples of every child born on the night of the storm. Heather didn't think that Todd should risk it. She warned him that he was playing with fire.

Olivia was waiting for Spinelli when he arrived at McCall and Jackal Private Investigations. She was eager to find out what Spinelli had uncovered about Heather. Spinelli told Olivia about his encounter with Heather in the woods. Olivia was certain that Spinelli's digital recorder had contained valuable information, because Heather had smashed the recorder. Spinelli suggested that it had simply been the act of an unstable person; however, he regretted that he had unwittingly sicced Heather on Olivia.

Olivia wanted to know exactly what Heather had said, so Spinelli revealed that Heather had accused Olivia of trying to send Heather back to Ferncliff. Olivia admitted that it was true. Spinelli added that Heather seemed upset, because Olivia wanted Steve all to herself. Olivia didn't understand Heather's possessiveness with Steve, since Heather had sold Steve, when Steve had been an infant, on the black market. Spinelli assured Olivia that not all was lost, because they had an ace in the hole. Spinelli called Sam to check in with his partner.

After the call, Spinelli announced that Sam had been hired to work at the Sun. Olivia and Spinelli were hopeful that Sam would uncover what Heather had used to blackmail Todd into giving Heather a job. After Olivia left, Sam walked in. She revealed that she had overheard Heather accuse Sam and Spinelli of spying, before Todd had sent Sam home. Spinelli pointed out that Todd expected Sam to report for work the following day, so he was curious why Todd would want Sam around when Sam was a suspected spy.

At the courthouse, Alexis was hopeful that the judge would be lenient on Kate, because Alexis had documented proof of Kate's mental illness. Sonny continued to question Kate's decision to plead guilty to shooting out Anthony's tires when Kate had no memory of it. Alexis explained that it was important to get Kate out from under the charges, and to prove that Kate wasn't a threat to anyone. Sonny was furious when Kristina, followed by Trey and the camera crew, suddenly appeared. Kristina assumed that Sonny, Alexis, and Kate were at court because Sonny was in trouble, so Kristina snidely asked her mother what the going rate was for representing a mobster.

Kate tried to explain that Kristina had the wrong idea, but Kristina continued to berate Alexis. Sonny was furious, so he insisted that Kristina address her mother with respect. Kristina demanded to know how two smart women, like Alexis and Kate, could defend a man who had caused them so much pain. "How do you qualify yourself to make that judgment when you have no idea what is going on?" Kate asked Kristina. Kristina accused Sonny of hurting everyone he professed to care about, especially his children. Trey stepped forward to remind Sonny and Alexis that they had agreed to allow the cameras full access to their lives.

Kate focused on Kristina, as she explained that they were there because Kate had shot out Anthony's tires. Alexis quickly clarified that Kate intended to plead not guilty. Trey reminded everyone that the cameras had recorded Kate's confession. Alexis accused Trey of being a "sleaze monger," while Sonny pointed out that Kate had never signed a release form. Trey quickly produced a release form, which he handed to Kate. Meanwhile, Kristina realized that Kate had been responsible for the deaths of Hope and Cole.

Kate explained that she suffered from dissociative identity disorder, and that her alter had shot out Anthony's tires. "God, this keeps getting better and better," Trey said, as the cameras continued to roll. Sonny glared at Trey, while Kate tearfully explained that her alter, Connie, wanted to hurt Sonny. Kate realized that it was difficult to understand, but Alexis suggested that Kristina probably understood the desire to hurt Sonny better than most. Moments later, Alexis led Kate and Sonny into the courtroom. Trey was frustrated when Sonny blocked Trey from following.

Kristina asked Trey to leave it alone. Trey insisted that he intended to spin Kate's story in a positive light, but he was curious why Kristina seemed to constantly sabotage things. He thought that she had shared his vision. Kristina claimed that she had no idea what Trey was talking about, so Trey reminded her that she had objected to the cameras accompanying her to the hospital to visit Sam, and Kristina had barred the cameras from the funeral. Kristina argued that Sam had been in pain. Trey insisted that they had agreed to full access.

Trey pointed out that Kate was considered a celebrity, so he had a right to document Kate's legal troubles. Kristina argued that Kate was also family, so she wanted Trey to respect Kate's privacy. Trey was curious if Kristina had considered how Starr's family might feel.

In the courtroom, Sonny grumbled about the camera crew. Alexis reminded him that their daughter would walk out of their lives if they didn't agree to Kristina's terms. Sonny doubted that Kristina would last long on her own, but Alexis didn't want to risk it. Sonny demanded that Alexis deal with Kristina, because Sonny couldn't stand Trey. Alexis despised Trey too. Sonny then turned his attention to Kate. He wanted Kate to tell him if Trey gave Kate any trouble.

Kate pointed out that she would have to get used to dealing with the press, because she had taken the lives of two innocent people. Sonny insisted that Kate was not responsible for what had happened, so she shouldn't blame herself. Kate admitted that she was relieved that the investigation would finally be over, because it meant that no one else would be falsely accused. Sonny assured Kate that Alexis would take care of everything, but Kate argued that she was guilty, so there would be consequences. Kate regretted that Sonny had nearly gone to jail because of her, and that Johnny had been the prime suspect after Sonny had been acquitted.

Sonny wondered why they were talking about Johnny. Kate insisted that Johnny had been innocent, but Sonny disagreed, because Johnny had taken advantage of Kate when she had been vulnerable. Kate suddenly had a flashback of Johnny confronting Connie in the interrogation room. "Kate, what is it?" Sonny asked, concerned.

At the Haunted Star, Michael smiled, as Starr recorded a romantic song, which she appeared to sing to him. Johnny stood nearby, watching. After the song ended, Michael and Johnny clapped. Starr thanked them, and then consulted with the soundman, while Johnny approached Michael. Johnny was certain that soon everyone would know what a talented singer Starr was. Michael seized the opportunity to apologize to Johnny for accusing Johnny of shooting out Anthony's tires, which had led to the deaths of Hope and Cole.

Johnny assured Michael that he understood. Michael appreciated that, but he warned Johnny not to hurt Carly. Johnny promised that he wouldn't. Starr noticed their exchange, so she asked Michael and Johnny what they were talking about. Michael explained that he had apologized to Johnny. Starr and Michael were surprised when Johnny revealed that he knew about Kate's role in the accident.

Starr wondered why Johnny hadn't used the information to clear his name. Johnny admitted that he had put Kate through enough, so he didn't want to add to her troubles. Starr was pleased, because it reaffirmed to her that she had been right to put her faith in Johnny. After Johnny walked away, Starr confessed that she felt like she was getting her life back on track, but she regretted moving in with Trey, because he was messy and she couldn't stand him. Michael confided that Kristina suspected that Trey liked to aggravate Starr, because it was Trey's way of flirting with Starr. Starr realized that Kristina was interested in Trey.

Michael quickly clarified that Kristina wanted to keep things professional with Trey, but Michael feared that Trey would take advantage of Kristina's feelings when Kristina realized that her reality show was hurting her family. Starr hoped, for Kristina's sake, that Kristina didn't have strong feelings for Trey, because Trey was a jerk. Michael seemed pleased with Starr's assessment of Trey, because Michael was afraid that Trey would try to exploit Starr's tragedy. Starr assured Michael that she wasn't interested in being on a reality show. Michael insisted that Starr deserved to be with someone who treated her with respect and genuinely cared about her. He confessed that he had loved watching her sing, because she had looked beautiful, especially when she had smiled.

Nearby, the soundman told Johnny that Starr had a wonderful voice. However, the soundman felt bad for Starr, because she had lost her family in a horrific accident. Johnny smiled uncomfortably when the soundman admitted that the person responsible for the crash should hang.

Moments later, Kristina, Trey, and the camera crew arrived. Michael immediately ordered them to leave, but Kristina explained that she had just been at the courthouse. Trey insisted that Michael needed to hear what Kate had been saying. Johnny overheard Trey's remark, so Johnny demanded to know what was going on.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sam went to the Floating Rib by herself and thought about her declaration to Todd that her baby hadn't died -- he'd been taken from her. She called John, just as he'd finished a call with Natalie. He was aboard a plane that was sitting on the tarmac in New York. Sam needed to talk to a friend.

John lamented not having been able to get her and her son to the hospital before the boy died. They had to end their call, because the plane was about to take off. Sam thanked John for listening. The passenger assigned the seat next to John arrived. It was Jason.

Jason asked to be seated elsewhere, but the plane was full. He reluctantly sat next to John. "Was that my wife you were talking to?" Jason asked. "This is gonna be a long flight," John worried. He added that Sam had just needed to talk, but that she'd be fine, as she was a strong person. Jason was perturbed that John was in contact with Sam.

John changed the subject. Sonny had sent Jason to confront Joe Jr., John accused, because Joe would contradict Sonny's claim that Joe had killed John's sister. Jason denied his trip had anything to do with Joe or Theresa. John asked Jason about the murder of his sister Emily.

Jason argued that it didn't matter how justice was obtained. John disagreed and said that murder was not justice. John made it clear, "Joe Scully Jr. is mine." After a period of silence, Jason softened and asked how Sam was doing. John let him know that she was having a hard time. He added that the phone call he'd finished just before Jason walked onto the plane was the first conversation John had had with Sam since he had left Port Charles.

After the plane landed, Jason urged John to get to Joe Jr. before Jason did. "I'm counting on it," John promised. Just then, two uniformed officers boarded the plane. One told Jason, "We have a problem."

Liz stopped by the Floating Rib to pick up an order of barbecue she'd phoned in. Sam noted that Liz had overheard her conversation with John and implied that Liz would run to Jason with the news. Liz replied that, even if she wanted to, Jason was not in town.

Liz tried to be supportive and suggested Sam's anger was the result of grief. Liz alluded to Jason's visit to Liz's house. That set Sam off. "I just didn't expect you to make your move so fast," Sam snarkily said. She accused Liz of not having gone after Jason earlier because she was pining for Lucky but, since Lucky was gone, Liz was going for Jason.

"You've never stopped loving Jason, have you?" asked Sam. "What about you?" replied Liz. "Have you stopped loving him?" she posed. Liz warned Sam that, if she kept pushing Jason away, he'd leave, and Sam would have no one to blame but herself.

Todd sat in his office as Carly arrived to have him sign the lease. She wondered if Todd was feeling guilty for having killed his brother. He explained that Victor had meant nothing to him. However, his family cared for the man, which was why the birth of Victor Jr. was so important, especially to Téa.

Todd had made a lot of mistakes, he said, but he was trying to move forward and be a better man. Carly was surprised when Todd mentioned that Sam was his new assistant. Todd asserted that he understood that Sam was trying to make a fresh start after losing her baby. Carly retorted that Johnny was trying to provide similar support for Starr.

Todd was incensed that Carly would compare him to Johnny. He was still upset that Johnny had given Starr a gun. Carly defended Johnny and reminded Todd that Starr had taken the gun without Johnny's knowledge or consent. Todd asked why Johnny was so intent to help Starr. Carly threw the question back at Todd - she asked why he was so supportive of Sam.

Carly answered her own question. "You're helping Sam out of the goodness of your heart, and Johnny's doing the same thing." She wondered why Todd was suspicious of Johnny. Todd went into a tirade. "People don't change like that, Carly!" he spat. "We're not talking about Johnny anymore," stated Carly. "We're talking about you," she added.

At the Haunted Star, Michael told Starr she was beautiful when she sang. Kristina, Trey, and his crew arrived with news of Kate's testimony on the stand. Johnny walked in and asked for details. Trey explained that Kate had said she knew who was responsible for the deaths of Cole and Hope.

Johnny replied that Kate shouldn't be taken at her word, since she was not of sound mind. While the cameras rolled, Kristina revealed that Kate had confessed to the deed. Actually, Kristina clarified, Connie had shot out Anthony's tires.

Starr and Michael defended Kate to Trey. She was mentally ill and not responsible for her actions the night Cole and Hope had been killed, they reasoned. Trey tried to get a rise from Michael by asking if that was the same excuse Michael had used to get released from prison early.

Trey wondered why Starr didn't want justice for the deaths of her daughter and boyfriend. Starr responded that sending a mentally ill woman to prison was not just. Starr and Michael left for the courthouse.

Johnny became uneasy as Trey badgered Starr and Michael. Kristina took note and told Johnny, "You look like you just dodged a bullet." He admitted he was relieved because, once Sonny had been acquitted, Johnny had become the prime suspect. He asked Kristina how she liked the renovations, and she replied she liked the new look. She could get him some publicity by featuring the club on her series.

Johnny implied that maybe Kristina appreciated Trey for more than his production skills. Johnny posited that Trey was sensationally exploiting her anger toward Sonny. Kristina defended her involvement in the television project. Johnny said it was unfair to Alexis, but Kristina accused her mother of hypocrisy.

Trey put a camera in their faces and urged them to continue their conversation. Trey suggested that Kate might have had something to do with Anthony's disappearance. Johnny agreed to make an on-camera statement. He admitted that he'd been born into the mob but that he'd rejected that life. He was managing Starr's singing career and that the love of another woman was helping him to move on.

Trey interjected that Johnny was painting a picture that was rosier than his reality. Starr and Michael returned and reported that Starr had made a plea for leniency for Kate. Michael thought Cole and Hope would have been proud of Starr.

Kate kept having flashbacks of Connie and Johnny conspiring. She struggled to remember details, but the memory faded. Alexis entered the courtroom and had an exchange with Daniel, the A.D.A. who was trying the case. He made it clear that, because they'd bungled the case against Sonny for the deaths of Cole and Hope, they'd make sure Kate was found guilty.

Judge Sawyer presided. Daniel presented the people's case, based on Kate's testimony that her alter Connie had committed the crime. The judge cautioned Daniel to be better prepared for this trial than he was for the one against Sonny. Alexis argued that the person who was responsible for the crash no longer existed.

Alexis questioned Ewen on the stand. He explained that Kate had not been responsible for the crash -- Connie had. Alexis pointed to the case of Pennsylvania v. Buchanan, which set a precedent. The Commonwealth had dropped charges against Victoria Buchanan, because her alter Niki Smith had committed the crime.

Alexis asked the judge to follow suit and drop the charges against Kate. The judge denied the request. Starr walked in and asked to be heard. Judge Sawyer allowed her testimony. She explained that her cousin, as well as her aunt, both suffered from DID. She argued that Connie had committed the crime and that Cole would not have wanted Kate to pay for it.

The judge called for a recess. After Starr left, Daniel offered to make a deal. Alexis declined. Sonny told Ewen that Kate had remembered a conversation Connie had carried on with Johnny. Kate added that she couldn't remember the details. She also let Ewen know that the conversation had taken place after the night of the crash.

After the recess, the judge returned and ruled that all charges would be dismissed, provided Kate agreed to outpatient therapy.

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