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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 9, 2012 on GH
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Monday, July 9, 2012

As fireworks erupted over Port Charles, fireworks also erupted between several Port Charles residents.

On the docks, Sam and John McBain kissed as Jason watched and then walked away. John and Sam broke the kiss, looked around and then kissed again. After it was over, Sam excused the kiss as being the result of both she and John having too much to drink and not eating any food. Sam said she'd foolishly thought that a kiss would dull the pain. Sam added that stuff like that happened and that they should not make a big deal out of it.

McBain said that it was a big deal. He said that they had crossed a line and could not ignore it. John admitted that he and Sam had a strange connection, one that seemed to draw them together frequently. Sam said that she and Jason had had problems before she met John. McBain said that he did not regret knowing Sam, and he would miss the connection to Sam if it were not there, but at the same time, he had been down the same path before. McBain told Sam that one wrong move might mean doing something that could not be taken back.

When Sam asked what McBain meant, he said that he loved Natalie and his son and would not betray them. Sam said that the same went for her. Sam said that she would not betray Jason or her marriage. John suggested that with all Sam's pain and loss that she might be putting too much of it on Jason as punishment. John asked her what would be left when her grieving was over. Sam said that she did not know, but she did know that she did not want John to betray his family.

John said that he was leaving for Llanview the next day to prepare for Natalie's return from London. Sam asked if things would go back to the way they had been or if John would tell Natalie about their kiss. John admitted that he had been angry with Natalie when she had kept something from him to spare him pain. Sam said there was no reason for John to risk his family because of a pointless drunken kiss. John agreed that if they had not been drinking, the kiss never would have happened. Sam said that they should make it official and declare that the kiss never happened.

John smiled and agreed. Sam repeated that there was no need to hurt Natalie. John told Sam that he was going to go sober up. Sam said that she would do the same. They each said that they would miss the other. They shared one last longing look before John walked away.

Somewhere nearby, a digital camera was attached to a laptop computer. On the screen was a photo of John and Sam sharing a kiss.

Outside the Quartermaine boathouse, as fireworks dazzled overhead, Starr and Michael shared a tender kiss. Michael apologized immediately for overstepping his bounds and added that he could not help himself. With a smile, Starr replied that she could not help herself either. Starr told Michael that she was not sorry that she had kissed him. Michael asked if Starr was ready to figure out what was going on between them. Starr said that being around Michael felt right to her and that perhaps they should give their romance a shot.

Michael was overjoyed. He told Starr that they could take it slowly and start out by going on a date. Starr smiled when Michael said that they could keep it casual and no pressure, just in case they went on a date and found out they did not like each other. Starr laughed as Michael took her hand, and they walked away from the boathouse.

Johnny and Carly were kissing in Johnny's office on the Haunted Star when Todd burst in and announced that he was there about Starr. Carly tried to get rid of Todd by saying that it was a holiday, but Todd said that he had important business with Johnny. Todd told Johnny that he was there to buy out Starr's recording contract and in the process make Johnny very rich. Johnny said that he was building a recording label around Starr.

Todd said that all Johnny was doing was taking Starr down. Carly tried to defend Johnny, but Todd told Carly that she was blind where Johnny was concerned. Todd said that ultimately Johnny would hurt both Carly and Starr. Todd told Johnny to sign the contract and there would be no need to escalate the situation. Johnny told Todd that he was not intimidated. Todd said that he had killed his mother and twin brother in cold blood and that had only been in the past year. Todd said that he was as bad as a person could get.

Johnny said that as Starr's father, Todd had every right to be concerned. Johnny assured Todd that he had only Starr's best interests at heart. Todd said that he recognized a kindred spirit in Johnny and wanted to know Johnny's ulterior motive. Johnny assured Todd that Starr was a great singer, and Johnny wanted to help her get started. When Todd remained unconvinced, Johnny admitted that he did have an ulterior motive.

Todd was gleeful as he announced to Carly that he had been correct in his assumptions about Johnny's motives. Johnny told Todd that helping Starr was his shot at redemption. Carly supported Johnny's motives. Todd said that he and Johnny were alike, and the one thing he knew for sure was that people like them always hurt the ones that they loved. Todd told Carly that Johnny had a secret that he was keeping from her.

Johnny said that if he had a secret then Todd had one too. Johnny said playfully to Todd that Johnny would tell his secret if Todd told his. Todd said that he did not have a secret. Johnny said that made two things they had in common. Todd asked what the other one was. Johnny said that it was Starr and that her contract was not for sale. Todd did not like being stymied. For his exit line, Todd told Johnny that if Johnny hurt Todd's friend Carly, or Todd's daughter Starr, things would not end well for Johnny.

After Todd left, Johnny asked if Carly considered Todd a friend. Carly said that in a limited way she did. Carly asked if Johnny was jealous. Johnny said that Carly attracted sociopaths. Carly asked if that included Johnny. Johnny said that he was in recovery.

Carly asked if she should be worried that Johnny's contract with Starr was a scam. Johnny was vehement in his denial. Carly kissed Johnny on the forehead and cheek and said that was good because the last thing Johnny needed was a war with Todd. After Carly left the Haunted Star Johnny was pensive.

Maxie and Lulu staged an intervention with Patrick. They confronted him about his drug use. Patrick denied that he was on drugs. Lulu said that Maxie had been worried about him. When Lulu asked again about the pill that Maxie had found, Patrick said that it was a form of aspirin.

Lulu told Patrick that he was lying. Lulu said that they had looked the drug code up online and knew that it was an amphetamine. Patrick said it was none of their business. Lulu wanted to know why he had lied. Patrick said that he had ADHD, and if anyone knew, it could ruin his career.

Lulu asked to see his doctor's prescription. Patrick finally admitted that he was self-medicating. Patrick said that he was still grieving and that it was impossible to get through the day without the drugs. He said that he was constantly being reminded of Robin and all that he had lost. Lulu said that grief was still not a reason to self-medicate.

Lulu asked about Emma and what would happen if she got into the medication. Patrick said that would not happen. Lulu asked about the other damage. She wondered if using the pills prevented them from being close, like what had happened to Lulu and Luke because of Luke's alcoholism.

Lulu told Patrick that she spoke from experience when she said that some damage could never be repaired, no matter how hard a person tried to make things right. Maxie pointed out that Patrick could look at his own father and see the damage that substance abuse had caused between Patrick and Noah. Patrick said that Lulu and Maxie were not playing fair. Lulu said Patrick had a choice. She said he could give up the pills and it would be all over, or keep taking the pills and it would get much worse. When Patrick asked what the next steps should be, Lulu said that he should get rid of the pills and call a doctor.

Patrick emptied his pocket of pills and retrieved the bottle from his robe and gave it to Maxie. When Maxie said that he should call a doctor, Patrick said that he was tired and would call Ewen the following morning after he got some sleep. Maxie was ebullient and believed that she and Lulu had intervened in time. Lulu was quiet as she toyed with the pill bottle and did not seem as convinced as Maxie was that Patrick was ready to give up his addiction and seek medical help.

Jason went to the bridge to think, after witnessing Sam kiss John McBain. He had tears in his eyes and was remembering the kiss when Liz arrived to retrieve a toy that Cam had left there earlier when the family had been there to observe the fireworks. When Liz asked what was wrong, Jason tried to be a tough guy, but Liz eventually got him to tell her about the kiss he had witnessed. Jason said that Sam had proved to him that their marriage was over. Liz tried to defend Sam, but Jason barked at her and then immediately apologized for getting upset with her.

Liz said that she understood that Jason was in pain, and she wanted to help him. Jason turned to her, and they kissed. Jason broke the kiss, apologized, and said that he did not ever want to hurt Liz. Liz said that no apology was necessary, but if it made Jason feel better, she forgave him. Liz said that Sam's behavior might only be a reaction to her grief and that all Sam might need was time. Liz said that Jason and Sam had too much invested in each other to let their love go easily.

Jason agreed and said that was the reason that he had not interrupted Sam and McBain but had opted for the bridge instead. Liz apologized for intruding, but Jason said that he was glad that she was there. Liz told Jason that when things fell apart, it was rarely one-sided. Liz said that when she looked back on all the mistakes that she had made in relationships, the one thing that she wished was that she had given herself more time to think instead of overreacting. Liz said that was her wish for Jason -- that he had time to process and time to heal before taking action.

Jason said that he did not know what outcome to hope for. Liz said she understood and was sorry. Gently, Liz took Jason's hand, squeezed it, looked him in the eyes, and then walked away.

Anna and her police team searched the woods near the shack where Heather had stashed Luke, who was bound to a chair and gagged. Luke tried to draw attention to himself, but the gag prevented him from making enough noise to attract the searchers. Just as Anna was about to enter the shack, she was called to a shallow grave where a body had been found. The driver's license identified the remains as Anthony Zacchara. Anna called her squad together and told them to keep quiet about the discovery of the body so that the element of surprise remained on their side.

The squad agreed. Anna said that she had a suspect in mind. Luke continued making noise, but no one heard him or searched the shack once Anthony's body was discovered.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

At the police station, Delores handed Anna a folder. It was Anthony Zacchara's autopsy report. Anna was not surprised that Anthony had been killed by the gun that Delores and Dante had recovered from Luke and Tracy. Delores was curious if Anna believed that Luke or Tracy had pulled the trigger. Anna shared her theory about Heather moving the body, but Delores pointed out that it didn't clear Luke of murdering Anthony.

Anna revealed that there were several suspects, including Johnny Zacchara. Anna explained that Johnny had been the first person to report that Anthony was missing, Johnny had told Delores about the threats against Anthony, and Anthony's phone, with Tracy's text message asking to meet Anthony at the boathouse, was recovered from Johnny's apartment. Anna insisted that it was too convenient, so Anna decided that it was time to rattle Johnny's cage, with Delores' help.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny ushered Starr into his office. He pointed out that her rehearsal had been all over the place. Starr apologized and promised to be more professional. Johnny was curious who the lucky guy was. Starr confessed that it was Michael, prompting Johnny to admit that it was "weird" that they were dating mother and son.

Starr clarified that she was not dating Michael. She explained that she and Michael had agreed to be friends. However, that had changed on the Fourth of July when Starr and Michael had kissed. Johnny thought that Starr and Michael would be good for each other, but Starr worried that it was too soon. Johnny assured her that she wasn't betraying Cole, but Starr clarified that she was afraid of having another person ripped out of her life. Johnny insisted that Starr and Michael deserved to be happy, so he urged Starr to give Michael a chance.

Starr reminded Johnny that Sonny's girlfriend had killed Hope and Cole, and that Starr had tried to kill Sonny. Johnny agreed that Sunday dinners might be a bit awkward for a while. Starr added that Todd might also pose a problem. Johnny admitted that Todd didn't seem like the type who wanted Starr to hang out with anyone. Starr realized that something had happened, so she demanded to know what Todd had done. Johnny tried to evade the question, but Starr wanted an answer.

Johnny reluctantly admitted that Todd had tried to buy out Starr's recording contract. Starr was livid, so she decided to track down her father. Johnny delayed her departure by suggesting that Michael could make Starr happy. Starr smiled, because Michael and Johnny had given Starr a new lease on life. She assured Johnny that she was grateful for everything that Johnny had done for her.

After Starr left, Anna called Johnny to ask him to meet her at the police station, because she had news about Anthony. A short time later, Johnny entered the squad room. Anna led him to the interrogation room to tell him that they had recovered Anthony's body from a grave in the woods. Anna noticed that Johnny didn't seem surprised, so Johnny explained that he had been prepared for the worst, because Anthony had been missing for a long time. However, he was curious if Luke was in custody, since Luke had been the one to shoot Anthony in cold blood. Anna pointed out that she hadn't mentioned how Anthony had died.

Johnny covered his slip by claiming that he had assumed that his grandfather had been shot, because a gun had been found on Luke when Luke had been arrested. Anna pretended to buy the excuse, so she explained that Tracy had denied any involvement with Anthony's murder. She added that Luke was missing, so Johnny accused Luke of slipping out of town. Johnny was stunned when Anna revealed that Heather was suspected of burying Anthony's body; however, Anna couldn't elaborate, because it was an ongoing investigation.

Delores was waiting when Johnny left the interrogation room. She offered her condolences, and then promised to find his grandfather's killer. Johnny suggested that she start at Luke's place. Delores confided that she probably shouldn't say anything, but she had overheard Anna tell the District Attorney that evidence had tied another man to Anthony's murder. Meanwhile, Anna issued an APB on Luke.

At Manning Enterprises, Heather handed Todd an envelope. She promised him that it was a big scoop. Todd pulled out a picture of John and Sam kissing. He chuckled as he commented that John wasn't as honorable as John would have people believe. However, Todd's good humor fled when he realized that Heather might have been following Sam. Heather quickly denied it, claiming that she had merely taken advantage of an opportunity of Sam making a "spectacle" of herself.

Todd refused to publish the picture, but Heather insisted that it was worthy of the front page, because Jason was a Quartermaine. Todd reminded Heather that Sam was grieving for a child that was not dead, because he had given the baby to Téa in a "moment of confusion and weakness." Heather thought that the picture would ease Todd's conscience, because it exposed the real Sam. She wondered if Todd thought that the baby should be raised by a woman like Sam.

"Oh, no. He deserves someone much better. He deserves someone like you, Heather," Todd sarcastically replied. "Ideally, of course. But, well, Téa is a close second," Heather responded. Todd shook his head, and then reiterated that he refused to run the story. He admitted that he would love to stick it to John, because the woman that John was cheating on was Todd's niece. Todd clarified that Natalie wasn't his favorite relative, but she was family.

However, Todd intended to find another way to punish John, because Todd insisted that Sam could not suffer more than she already had. "That's where you're wrong," Heather argued. Todd was curious what part of "no" Heather hadn't understood. Heather assured Todd that he would learn to live with what he had done, just as she had learned to live with her secrets. Todd made it clear that Sam was off-limits, so he ordered Heather to find someone else to dig up dirt on. Heather wondered if he had anyone in mind.

Todd suggested that Heather focus on Johnny Zacchara. He quickly filled her in on Johnny's effort to launch Starr's singing career. It had been Todd's experience that people who claimed to have been redeemed hid the biggest secrets. Todd resented Johnny trying to play savior to Starr, so he wanted to get Johnny out of Starr's life, as well as someone else's life. Heather agreed to do what she could.

Shortly after Heather left, Starr marched into her father's office. She was furious that he had tried to buy out her recording contract. Todd defended his decision, but Starr made it clear that it was her life. She threatened to cut him out of it, if Todd didn't respect her boundaries. Todd immediately backed down, because he had already lost eight years with her. Starr calmed down and mentioned that she would be performing when the Haunted Star reopened.

Todd offered to promote her show. Starr agreed, but she cautioned him not to do anything too extravagant. Meanwhile, Heather slipped into Johnny's vacant office. A short time later, Heather smiled with satisfaction. "My job here is done," she said, and then left. Heather made a beeline to Todd's office, where she promptly went to his computer.

Moments later, Heather showed Todd a live feed of Johnny's office. Heather assured Todd that only she and Todd had access to it. Todd conceded that Heather had outdone herself. He sat down to watch the feed, just as Johnny entered the office. However, Todd quickly became bored when nothing interesting happened. Heather urged Todd to be patient, and then left.

Heather was standing in the reception area when Anna, flanked by two police officers, entered. Anna explained that she wanted Heather to accompany Anna to the police station, because Anna had some questions about Anthony's murder. Heather denied that she had done anything wrong, but the police officers escorted Heather to the elevator, before Heather could grab her purse, which had the results of Sam's baby's paternity test sticking out.

At the lake house, Sam slid off her wedding band, as Kristina walked into the living room. Kristina immediately noticed Sam holding the ring, so Kristina was curious if it meant what Kristina suspected that it meant. Sam explained that she wasn't sure that she should be wearing the wedding band. Kristina argued that "not sure" implied that there was still hope that Sam and Jason could work things out. Sam was tired of feeling angry and upset, so Kristina wondered if Sam missed Jason at all. Sam admitted that she did, but it was always followed by thoughts of her son.

Kristina assured Sam that Jason could help Sam through the grief, but Sam argued that it wasn't that easy, because Sam had kissed another man. Kristina was stunned when Sam told her sister about what had transpired on the docks with John. Sam admitted that she and John had been drinking, but she made it clear that John hadn't done anything that Sam hadn't wanted him to. Kristina was curious if Sam wanted to be with John. Sam explained that the kiss had been inevitable, something that she and John had needed to get out of their systems, but John had returned to his girlfriend and son in Llanview. Kristina wondered if that meant that Sam would get back together with Jason.

Sam clarified that John hadn't been the problem, so Kristina reminded Sam of how much Sam had loved Jason. Kristina was confident that Sam and Jason could get back to that place, if they tried. She urged Sam to put the ring back on, but Sam explained that it wouldn't change anything. Sam couldn't imagine getting back together with Jason, but neither could she imagine Jason not being in her life. However, Sam wasn't ready to end her marriage, so she put the wedding ring back on.

At Kelly's, Liz left Jason a voicemail message to tell him that she was around, if he wanted to talk, and to assure him that she completely understood about the kiss, so he shouldn't worry about it. "Must have been quite a kiss," Steve remarked, as Liz ended the call. Liz was startled to realize that her brother had been standing behind her. Steve sat down at her table, as he clarified that he hadn't been eavesdropping. However, he wanted to know what had happened between Liz and Jason.

Liz admitted that Jason had kissed her, but she insisted that it hadn't been a romantic kiss. "It was like..." Liz started to explain. "Wrong," Steve finished for her. Liz agreed, because Jason was a married man. "No, because he's Jason Morgan," Steve corrected her. Liz insisted that the kiss hadn't meant anything, because Jason had been going through a difficult situation, so Jason hadn't been thinking clearly.

Steve appeared skeptical, but he was more interested in how his sister felt about Jason. Liz argued that Steve didn't know what he was talking about, so Steve explained that he didn't want to see her hurt. Liz asked him to drop it, so Steve agreed. Liz quickly changed the subject by asking how Steve had spent the holiday. Steve revealed that he and Olivia had had an argument regarding Heather. Liz pointed out that Heather wasn't the easiest person to get along with.

Steve acknowledged that his mother was "quirky," but Heather had a job, so she was trying to get her life back on track. Liz didn't blame Olivia for having concerns, given Heather's sordid history. Steve revealed that Olivia was upset because Heather had taken Olivia's car without permission to meet a man at a motel. Steve couldn't believe that Heather had taken such a risk because the man could have harmed Heather. Liz assured Steve that Heather could take care of herself.

On the docks, Michael decided to rest after a run by lying down on a bench to listen to Starr's music. Nearby, Jason walked to the edge of the pier, slid off his wedding band, and then stared at it. Michael spotted Jason, so he called out to him. After they greeted each other, Michael confided that he had taken Starr to the Quartermaine barbeque on the Fourth of July. Michael admitted that he and Starr had ended up as more than friends by the end of the evening, so it had been a big night for fireworks. "Yeah, for a lot of people," Jason cryptically replied.

Jason suggested that Michael could save himself a lot of pain by not getting too involved with Starr. Michael realized that Jason was thinking about Sam, so Jason admitted that he had seen Sam and John kissing the night before. Michael was shocked, but Jason explained that Sam no longer trusted Jason. Jason suspected that it had started in Hawaii, after Franco had raped Sam, because she had refused to let Jason take her to the hospital. Sam had wanted them to handle things on their own, but instead of turning to Jason, Sam had turned to John. Michael wondered if John might be working Sam.

Jason admitted that he had thought so at first, but no longer. Jason had held out hope that he and Sam could work things out until he saw the kiss. Jason explained that Sam hadn't pulled away from the kiss. "We're done," Jason concluded. Michael reminded Jason that Sam was going through a lot, but Jason and Sam still loved each other. Jason agreed that he loved Sam, but he wasn't certain about Sam's feelings.

Michael was certain that there was still hope for Jason and Sam, or else Jason wouldn't have been sitting there torturing himself. Michael decided to take Jason to Kelly's for breakfast. However, Michael's cell phone rang, before they could enter the diner. It was Starr. Jason realized, from listening to Michael's end of the conversation, that Starr wanted to see Michael. He urged Michael to go. Michael agreed to meet Starr at the Elm Street pier, and then left.

Later, Michael arrived at the pier. Starr greeted him with a kiss, but Michael sensed that she was upset. Starr told him about Todd's attempt to buy out her recording contract. Michael suggested that Todd merely wanted to protect her, but Starr explained that Todd didn't trust anyone, because Todd was untrustworthy. According to Starr, Todd would lie to anyone about anything, and that was why Todd was so suspicious about everyone.

At Kelly's, Jason pulled the wedding band out of his pocket and looked at it. He then entered the diner, as Steve and Liz were about to leave. Steve spotted Jason, so Steve told Jason that they needed to talk. Liz realized what Steve was about to do, so she urged her brother to leave it alone. Steve ignored her, as he told Jason that Jason had no business kissing Liz. Sam stood in the doorway, stunned.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

At the hospital, Patrick thanked Maxie for helping Emma to get ready earlier that morning. He wasn't eager for Emma to grow up, in part because Robin wouldn't get to see it. However, he was grateful for Maxie's help. Maxie assured Patrick that she was there for him and Emma, so she wanted to make sure that Patrick was through with the pills. Patrick asked Maxie to keep her voice down, because he was afraid that someone might overhear her. Maxie refused to apologize, because she was worried about Patrick.

Patrick confessed that he had never felt the kind of pain that he had when Robin had died, so he had taken the pills to take the edge off. However, he assured her that he was not addicted to the pills. Maxie wanted Patrick to promise her that he would make an appointment with Ewen to talk about what had happened. Patrick explained that he had a busy day, but he would call to schedule an appointment. Maxie insisted that Patrick do it for Emma's sake, and then left.

Later, a nurse noticed that Patrick didn't look well. Patrick assured the nurse that he was fine, as Maxie walked up to the nurses' station. Patrick was concerned that something had happened to Emma, so Maxie explained that Emma had asked Maxie to find out if Patrick could take Emma to the zoo later that day. Patrick insisted that he was swamped with work, so it would have to wait for the weekend. Maxie reminded Patrick to make an appointment with Ewen, and then left.

Patrick's hand shook, as he pulled a pill out of his pocket. However, he picked up the phone to schedule an appointment with Ewen. The receptionist briefly put Patrick on hold, which gave Patrick enough time to change his mind. He told the receptionist that he would call back, ended the call, and then took the pill.

At the Haunted Star, Johnny picked up a bottle of booze and a glass, and then made his way to his desk. He took a long drink, as thoughts of his meeting with Anna raced through his head. "Couldn't you just stay buried, old man?" Johnny angrily mumbled. In a burst of anger, Johnny swept everything off of his desk. Lulu entered the office and immediately asked Johnny what was wrong. Johnny was surprised that she hadn't heard that Anthony's body had been recovered.

Johnny revealed that Anthony had been buried in a shallow grave, like Claudia. Lulu wondered if the police knew who had killed Anthony. Johnny became evasive, prompting Lulu to push for an answer. Johnny carefully explained that an APB had been issued for Luke. Lulu assured Johnny that her father hadn't killed Anthony. Johnny was curious how she could be certain of Luke's innocence, so Lulu admitted that Luke had told her that Luke and Tracy had found Anthony's body in the boathouse.

Lulu appreciated that it looked bad for Luke and Tracy, but she promised Johnny that Luke hadn't killed Anthony. She apologized for not telling Johnny sooner. Lulu begged for his forgiveness, because Johnny had had a right to know the truth about Anthony. Johnny insisted that he didn't deserve anything. Lulu wondered why he would say that. "You don't know what I've done," Johnny replied.

Lulu was certain that Johnny had loved Anthony, and that Johnny was a good person who hadn't wanted the life that Anthony had offered. Lulu suspected that was the reason why Johnny played the piano. Johnny clarified that he played the piano as way to hold on to Claudia. Lulu hugged Johnny, in an effort to comfort him. Afterwards, Johnny confided that Anthony had overheard Luke and Tracy plot to murder Anthony.

Lulu continued to defend her father, so Johnny revealed that some theorized that Johnny had killed Anthony. Lulu refused to believe that Johnny was capable of killing his grandfather, so she insisted that they drop the subject. She invited him to grab a bite to eat, but Johnny declined.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd watched the live feed of Johnny's office. He was frustrated that he couldn't make out what Johnny had mumbled to himself, because Heather had placed the microphone too far away from Johnny's desk. Todd perked up when Johnny swept the desk clear in a fit of anger. However, Todd became distracted when Carly suddenly barged into Todd's office to order Todd to stay away from Johnny. Todd pointed out that he was working, so Carly asked what he was working on. He explained that it was an investigative report.

Carly hoped that Todd would be too busy to bother Johnny. Todd didn't understand why Carly trusted a guy who had cheated on her, prompting Carly to defend Johnny. Todd accused Johnny of using Starr as a means to an end, so Todd was determined to find out what Johnny was hiding. Carly claimed that Johnny was trying to be an honest person. Todd was curious if she had seen Johnny's rap sheet.

"Do you want to be judged by yours?" Carly shot back. Todd assured her that he knew who he was and what he had done, so he wasn't trying to hide anything. Todd was certain that Johnny had a secret. Carly wanted proof of Todd's claims, so he suggested that she let him get back to work. Moments later, the phone rang. Todd grumbled in frustration, as he picked up the phone on Sam's desk, and then immediately disconnected the call.

Carly told Todd that it served him right for hiring Sam, who had a terrible work ethic and poor taste. Carly pointedly looked at the purse on the desk, which Todd recognized as belonging to Heather. He realized that Heather had likely left in a hurry, if she had forgotten her purse. Carly lost interest in the purse, as she resumed defending Johnny. She invited Todd to dig into Johnny's past, because she was confident that Johnny was a good man. Todd disagreed, so Carly explained that she knew what it was like to need forgiveness.

Todd insisted that Carly was a beautiful, smart, and funny woman, so he couldn't understand what a nice lady like her was doing with a "two-bit badass" like Johnny. "When I can be with a guy like you?" Carly asked. Todd invited her to tease him all she liked but insisted she could do worse. Carly assured him that she had done worse with husband number one and three. Carly had been married to a wonderful man, but he had left. According to Carly, Johnny was a great "middle-ground."

Todd glanced at his computer screen as he sat down at his desk. He watched as Lulu hugged Johnny, so he offered to show Carly proof of Johnny's true character, but then changed his mind when Carly continued to defend Johnny. Carly warned Todd to leave Johnny alone, or Todd would have to deal with her.

Later, Carly entered Johnny's office. She greeted him with a kiss, and then tried to persuade him to go home with her so that they could spend time with Josslyn. Johnny was awed that she was raising a child alone. Carly told him that she did the best that she could. Johnny made a few veiled remarks about Anthony's style of parenting, so Carly wondered what was going on. Johnny told her about the police finding Anthony's body, and then confessed that he was waiting to feel some closure. Carly explained that it would take some time.

Johnny revealed that an APB had been issued for Luke, because Luke's disappearance had raised some red flags. Carly was confident that her uncle was hiding in plain sight, in an effort to flush out the real killer. Carly insisted that the person who had tried to frame Luke and Tracy for Anthony's murder had checked their conscience at the door a long time before.

Heather was escorted into the squad room, while she loudly proclaimed that she had rights. Dante was curious what was going on, so Anna told him that Anthony's body had been found buried in a shallow grave. Anna was certain that Heather could provide them with some answers, but Heather insisted that she was a professional journalist who would never associate with the likes of Anthony Zacchara, let alone bury him. Anna instructed a police officer to take Heather to the interrogation room. After Heather was led away, Anna filled Dante in on what had led to the discovery of Anthony's body.

Anna clarified that she didn't think that Heather had killed Anthony, but she was certain that Heather had buried the body. Anna decided to call Steve to let him know about his mother's arrest. Dante wondered if Anna had seen Lulu. Anna admitted that she hadn't, and then walked away.

At Kelly's, Steve suggested that Jason not involve Liz in Jason's marital woes. Steve insisted that Jason had no business kissing Liz. "You kissed Liz?" Sam asked, as she walked up behind Jason. Steve, Liz, and Jason turned to look at Sam, who stared accusingly at Jason. Liz tried to explain that Steve had jumped to the wrong conclusion, after overhearing a conversation, but Sam wanted a straight answer. Jason confirmed that Steve was right about the kiss.

Sam snidely gave Jason credit for admitting the truth about what had happened. "I was honest, can you say the same?" Jason shot back. Liz tried to defuse the tension by assuring Sam that the kiss wasn't what Sam thought. "No one asked you," Sam snapped at Liz. Steve suggested that Sam focus her anger on her husband, not Liz, because Jason had seduced Liz. Liz warned Steve to stay out of it, but Steve reminded Liz that Liz had ended up pregnant the last time that Jason and Sam had gotten into a fight.

Steve's phone rang, so Liz told her brother to answer it. Steve stepped away to take the call. It was Anna, calling to inform Steve that Heather was at the police station. Meanwhile, Sam conceded that Liz had managed to say all of the right things about how Jason had loved Sam, even though Liz hadn't wasted any time "coming on to" Jason. Jason made it clear that he had kissed Liz, not the other way around. Sam was stunned, but recovered quickly. Sam was furious, so Liz suggested that they take it outside.

Sam barked at Liz, but Steve cut Sam off by announcing that he had to leave. Steve wondered if Liz would be okay, so Sam assured him that Liz had Jason to protect her. Liz urged Steve to go, because it didn't concern him. Sam informed Liz that Sam's marriage didn't concern Liz. Sam looked betrayed, as she told Jason that she couldn't believe that he had kissed Liz.

Jason coldly pointed out that Sam wasn't in any position to judge him after what had happened between Sam and John McBain. Sam was hurt that Jason would have the nerve to throw that in her face when all she had done was confide in John. "I saw you kissing him last night on the pier," Jason clarified. Sam was momentarily speechless, and then quickly explained that it hadn't meant anything. Liz pointed out that Jason and Liz's kiss hadn't meant anything either. Liz assured Sam that Jason loved Sam, but Sam didn't believe her, because Jason wasn't wearing his wedding ring.

Jason admitted that he had taken off the ring after he had seen Sam and John kiss. Sam realized that Jason had believed her when she had told him that she didn't think that they could work things out. Sam assured Jason that he was free to do what he liked with the ring and with Liz. Jason watched as Sam walked out. Liz urged him to go after his wife, but Jason refused.

Outside, Liz apologized to Jason for Steve's behavior. Jason was equally sorry for how rough Sam had been on Liz. Liz made excuses for Sam's reaction, but Jason insisted that he finally knew where he and Sam stood. Liz wondered what it would take for Jason and Sam to work things out. She reminded him that Sam was his wife and that his marriage was worth fighting for. Jason pulled the ring out of his pocket.

Liz insisted that it had just been a kiss. "Theirs, ours, it didn't mean anything." Liz added. Jason explained that his marriage had died when Sam's baby had died.

At the police station, Anna and Dante explained to Steve why Heather had been detained for questioning. Steve suspected that Olivia had told Dante about Heather taking Olivia's car, but Dante had no idea what Steve was talking about. Steve decided to have a word with Heather, so he went to the interrogation room. Heather denied that she had done anything wrong, but Steve insisted that he needed to know the truth, because she could be charged with murder. Heather promised Steve that she hadn't killed Anthony. Steve assured Heather that he would retain an attorney for her, and then left.

Anna entered the interrogation room to question Heather. Heather was rattled when Anna revealed that they intended to sweep Olivia's car for DNA. Heather demanded that she be allowed to make a phone call. Anna explained that Steve intended to get Heather an attorney. Heather insisted that she was entitled to a phone call, so she would sue the police department if she were denied her right. Anna ordered a police officer to fetch Heather's cell phone.

Todd watched the live feed of Carly and Johnny kissing in Johnny's office. He looked up when Sam knocked on the door, extended a cup of coffee, and apologized for being three hours late. Todd realized that something was troubling Sam, so she admitted that her marriage had crumbled. Todd wished that he could help Sam, but matters of the heart were not his forte. Moments later, "Crazy calling. Crazy calling. Crazy calling," filled the air, as Todd's cell phone went off.

Todd went to answer his phone. It was Heather. Heather explained that she was at the police station. Heather threatened to tell Sam about the baby if Todd didn't help Heather. Todd asked Sam to take care of some files on her desk, and then waited for Sam to leave his office. Todd asked Heather what she expected him to do, so Heather revealed that she had a plan.

Meanwhile, Spinelli called Sam to update her about Heather. Sam spotted Heather's purse on the desk, with the results of Sam's baby's paternity test sticking out. Sam realized that it was Heather's purse, so she decided to check it, hoping for some answers.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

At the nurses' station, Patrick decided to take an amphetamine, rather than schedule an appointment with Ewen. He was startled when Epiphany walked up to announce that they had a problem. Epiphany explained that a pharmaceutical representative had dropped off Dynexin samples, which had disappeared out of the drug lockup. She was confident that she knew who had taken the missing amphetamines. Patrick fidgeted nervously, as Epiphany confided that she suspected an orderly, named Ramon Santiago, had taken the pills, because several nurses had seen Ramon near the drug lockup. Patrick was curious if there had been anything else to suggest that Ramon was guilty.

Epiphany revealed that Ramon had been written up several times for minor infractions, which suggested a pattern. Patrick wondered why Epiphany was telling him about the theft. Epiphany thought that Patrick would want to know, because Robin had wanted to be kept apprised of serious situations on their floor. Patrick acknowledged that it sounded like his wife. Moments later, Ramon walked up. Ramon realized that Epiphany had told Patrick that Ramon had taken the Dynexin from the drug lockup.

Epiphany suggested that Human Resources handle the situation, but Patrick quickly interceded. Patrick defended Ramon, claiming that he had worked with the orderly before, and that it didn't make sense for Ramon to take the Dynexin. Patrick insisted that Ramon would try to be on his best behavior, because Ramon had been written up. Epiphany agreed to keep quiet about Ramon, but she assured Ramon that she would get to the bottom of things. Later, Ramon approached Patrick to thank Patrick. Ramon knew that Patrick had taken the Dynexin, so Ramon promised that Patrick's secret was safe.

At Steve's apartment, Steve spoke to Alexis on the phone. He wanted Alexis to represent his mother, but Alexis explained that it would be a conflict of interest, because Alexis had obtained a restraining order against Heather on behalf of the Quartermaines. Steve wondered if Alexis could find a way around that, but Alexis admitted that she didn't want to represent Heather, because Heather appeared to have an issue with Sam. Frustrated, Steve ended the call, and then reached out to several other attorneys. A short time later, Olivia arrived. Steve told her about Heather's situation, and then explained that he couldn't find anyone to represent his mother.

Olivia felt bad for Steve, but she was relieved that they finally had some answers about the night that Heather had taken Olivia's car. "No, we don't. We don't know anything," Steve argued. Steve defended his mother, explaining that the man with Heather had been the man that Heather had arranged to meet at the Rendezvous Motel, not Anthony Zacchara. Olivia questioned the coincidence that Heather's date had fit Anthony's description. She reminded him that they were talking about Heather, but Steve was adamant that his mother had not buried Anthony in the woods.

Steve suggested that Olivia had finally gotten what she had wanted, but Olivia denied that she was happy about Heather's legal troubles. However, she conceded that she was relieved that Heather would finally get the help that Heather needed. Olivia explained that she had been concerned, because Steve had taken responsibility for Heather. Steve refused to abandon his mother, so he was determined to get Heather an attorney. Steve was surprised when Olivia assured him that she would support whatever he decided. Steve and Olivia hugged, but Olivia looked troubled.

At the lake house, Molly was on the phone with T.J. when Alexis walked in. Molly immediately ended the call, but Alexis knew that Molly had been talking to T.J. Alexis was disappointed, because she had thought that Molly had understood that Molly wasn't permitted to have contact with T.J. Molly insisted that nothing had happened in her bedroom; T.J. had merely changed into his swim trunks. Molly couldn't understand why Alexis didn't believe her, so Alexis reminded Molly that Molly had been lying and sneaking around for months.

Molly tried to turn things around, by suggesting that what Alexis had done to get Kristina into Yale had been worse, but Alexis refused to let Molly shift the focus off of Molly. Molly grumbled that Alexis had closed herself off from relationships, so Alexis wanted to do the same to Molly. Alexis grabbed Molly's hand, and then dragged her daughter out of the house. A short time later, Alexis and Molly arrived at Kelly's.

Alexis suspected that T.J. hadn't told Shawn about what had happened on the Fourth of July. Shawn confirmed her suspicions by explaining that T.J. had been at José's house. Molly and T.J. looked away sheepishly, as Alexis filled Shawn in on what had transpired at the lake house, when Alexis had walked in on T.J. in his underwear. Shawn was stunned, so T.J. admitted that he and Molly had been seeing each other. Molly added that T.J. had been changing into his swim trunks, because they had intended to go swimming. T.J. confessed that he and Molly had kissed, but that was all.

Alexis defended her decision to forbid Molly from seeing T.J. by reminding everyone that T.J. had stolen a car. Molly argued that T.J. had merely gone joyriding. Alexis ignored her daughter, as she continued to list T.J.'s transgressions, including throwing a "kegger" at Alexis' house, posting it on the Internet, and getting Molly drunk. Molly denied that T.J. was the reason that she had gotten drunk. Molly pointed out that she had been seeing T.J. for months, but hadn't been convicted of a felony, so T.J. wasn't a bad influence.

Shawn admitted that T.J. had been on the straight and narrow since the party, but Alexis suggested that perhaps T.J. had gotten better at hiding things. Shawn explained that he had kept a close eye on T.J. Alexis argued that the point was that Molly had disobeyed Alexis' wishes. T.J. suggested that Alexis didn't approve, because T.J. was black. Alexis calmly explained that the color of T.J.'s skin had no bearing on her concerns. She reminded T.J. that she had walked in on him, in his underwear, standing in Molly's bedroom, when he wasn't supposed to be there. Alexis clarified that her disapproval was about T.J. and Molly sneaking around, not T.J.'s race.

Alexis reminded T.J. that, like it or not, T.J. lived under Shawn's roof, and Molly lived under Alexis' roof, so Shawn and Alexis established the rules. Shawn agreed with Alexis. Shawn insisted that they needed to be able to trust T.J. and Molly, but Shawn conceded that T.J. had been behaving, other than sneaking around with Molly, so Shawn could tell that Molly was a good influence on T.J. Shawn admitted that he wouldn't object to T.J. and Molly dating, if they agreed not to drink, do drugs, or have sex. Alexis relented, but she made it clear that there would have to be rules, and that T.J. and Molly would have to stop seeing each other if any of the rules were broken.

T.J. and Molly smiled with joy, held hands, and gazed adoringly into each other's eyes, as Alexis explained that she expected the teens to avoid alcohol, drugs, and late nights out on weekdays. Alexis also wanted the teens to give her and Shawn full access to their MyFace accounts. Alexis made it clear that parties were off-limits, unless Shawn and Alexis gave them permission. Alexis intended to draw up contracts for T.J. and Molly to sign, which Alexis would get notarized. T.J. and Molly readily agreed to Alexis' terms.

Lulu was delighted when she entered the squad room and spotted Dante. Dante was curious where she had been. Lulu explained that she had lost track of time, because she had been at the Haunted Star with Johnny, who had been reeling after learning about Anthony's death. Dante was annoyed that Lulu had ditched her job to hold Johnny's hand when Johnny had hated Anthony. Lulu defended Johnny, claiming that Johnny had a similar relationship with Anthony to the one that Dante had with Sonny. Dante disagreed, because Anthony had lied to Johnny most of Johnny's life, which gave Johnny motive to kill Anthony. Lulu sensed that something else was troubling Dante.

Dante admitted that he had thought that Lulu's relationship with Johnny was strictly professional, but it sounded personal to Dante. Lulu insisted that she couldn't ignore Johnny's grief. Dante reminded her of her responsibilities at the police station, but Lulu brushed her job off as menial and unimportant, so she didn't think that it was a big deal to be late. Dante pointed out that it was unprofessional to blow off work to help someone like Johnny. Lulu accused Dante of being jealous, but he clarified that he simply didn't trust Johnny, in part, because of Anthony's murder.

Dante revealed that they suspected that Heather had moved Anthony's body, but she hadn't killed the elder Zacchara. Johnny, on the other hand, had had motive to kill Anthony. Lulu reminded Dante that he had issued an APB for Luke, but Dante explained that it had been Anna's idea. However, Dante warned Lulu that it didn't look good that her father had dropped out of sight. Dante feared that Lulu might have a conflict of interest, because she was related to Luke and worked with Johnny. Lulu suggested that perhaps she should quit her job with the police department.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd spoke to Heather on the phone. Heather explained that the police believed that she had buried Anthony in the woods. Todd pointed out that she had. Heather didn't appreciate Todd's attitude, so she demanded that he find someone who looked like Anthony, so that the man could pretend to have been her date on the night that Heather had been pulled over near the Rendezvous Motel. Todd was curious how she expected him to find someone like that on short notice, so Heather revealed that she happened to know someone who fit the bill. Heather explained that the man's name and phone number were in her purse, which was in the reception area.

Maxie called Lulu to let Lulu know that Patrick had agreed to talk to Ewen. After Maxie ended the call, she entered the reception area of what used to be Crimson. Maxie was stunned by the changes and surprised to see Sam working at Maxie's old desk. Sam revealed that Manning Enterprises had bought Crimson, along with some other companies. Maxie wondered what had happened to Kate's job, so Sam explained that the future of Crimson was undecided. Maxie felt overwhelmed by everything that had changed in her life.

Maxie revealed that she had moved in with Patrick to help out with Emma. Sam imagined that Patrick was having a rough time. Sam knew what that was like. Maxie offered Sam her condolences and apologized for not visiting with Sam sooner. Sam appreciated the flowers that Maxie had sent and assured her friend that she understood. Maxie changed the subject by asking what Sam was doing at Manning Enterprises. Sam explained that she worked for Todd.

Maxie wondered if Spinelli had dumped Sam, like he had Maxie. Sam walked over to Heather's purse, as she explained that she would discuss it later with Maxie. Maxie gasped in horror when she spotted Heather's purse. Maxie picked it up to take a closer look at the hideous accessory. Moments later, Todd stepped out of his office and snatched Heather's purse out of Maxie's hand. Sam watched in frustration as Todd promptly returned to his office.

Maxie was curious what was so special about the ugly purse, so Sam admitted that it was part of an investigation. Maxie smiled with satisfaction, because she realized that Sam was working undercover. Sam asked Maxie to keep her voice down.

In the office, Todd picked up his phone. Heather told him to look for a piece of paper in her purse with the man's name and phone number. Todd was curious what he should tell the man to get the man to cooperate. "I'm ready to pull the trigger," Heather replied. "Oh, okay. Then I'll send up the secret signal and then we'll signal the other Avengers," Todd sarcastically responded.

Heather was not amused. She threatened to expose Todd's secret about the baby switch if he didn't take her seriously. Todd disconnected the call as he dumped the contents of the purse on his desk. He was stunned when he found the results of Sam's baby's paternity test. Memories of Heather's lies about Sam not wanting the baby, because a rapist had fathered her son, raced through his mind, as he stared at the proof that Jason Morgan was the baby's father.

In the reception area, Sam and Maxie were startled when Todd stepped out of his office. Sam asked if she could help Todd with anything, but he just stared at her for a long moment and then headed to the elevator. Maxie trailed behind Todd, in an effort to introduce herself and to ask him to consider her for a job. Todd ignored Maxie as he got on the elevator. After the elevator doors closed, Maxie complained that Todd was the most self-absorbed, entitled, and rude person that she had ever met. Sam explained that Todd was a bit antisocial, and then confessed that there were times when it seemed like Todd wanted to bare his soul to Sam.

Maxie was curious why Todd would hire someone like Heather, so Sam suggested that something shady was going on. Sam entered Todd's office to look around, so Maxie followed her. They were surprised to see the contents of Heather's purse scattered on Todd's desk. Sam suspected that Todd had taken whatever Heather had been hiding in the purse. Maxie wondered if Sam intended to call Spinelli and if he had mentioned how much he hated Maxie. Sam assured Maxie that Spinelli didn't hate Maxie, but Maxie explained that Spinelli had cut Maxie out of his life, even though he had been the one to betray Maxie.

Sam insisted that Spinelli had been desperate to keep Maxie from wasting away in jail. Maxie complained that it was Spinelli's fault that Maxie had married Matt, but Sam pointed out that Matt had turned himself in, so Maxie could divorce Matt. Maxie explained that she was loyal to Matt and that it didn't feel right to divorce Matt while he was in jail. Sam pointed that Spinelli had moved on, because Maxie had made her choice. Sam knew what that was like. "You and Jason?" Maxie asked.

Sam admitted that things had gone from bad to worse with Jason, because Sam had kissed another man. Sam claimed that she and the man had been upset and drunk, so they had agreed that it would never happen again. Maxie warned Sam that temptation was hard to fight, so Sam explained that the man had left town. Maxie was relieved, because it meant that Sam wouldn't have to tell Jason. Sam revealed that Jason knew about the kiss, so he had kissed someone else and taken off his wedding ring. Maxie was certain that Sam and Jason could work things out, because they loved each other deeply, but Sam feared that it was too late.

At the police station, Todd threatened to print an article about Dante and Lulu "trysting" in the squad room, because Dante refused to let Todd see Heather. Dante agreed to let Todd see Heather. After Todd walked away, Dante told Lulu that he didn't want to argue with Lulu. Lulu insisted that she had work to do, so she gathered some files and left the squad room.

In the interrogation room, Heather was surprised that Todd had shown up without her alibi. Todd confronted Heather with the paternity test that he had found in her purse. Heather demanded to know who had given him permission to go through her things. "You did," Todd reminded her. He couldn't believe that she had allowed everyone to think that Franco had fathered Sam's baby. "Delicious, isn't it?" Heather asked.

Heather insisted that Sam had tried to keep Heather from Steve, so Heather thought that it was only fitting that Sam not have her happy ending. Todd was stunned. He reminded Heather that Sam thought that her baby was dead. Todd regretted that he had allowed Heather to convince him that the baby switch had been for the best. Heather was unrepentant, because she considered Jason to be a thug. According to Heather, everyone was better off with the baby in Téa's arms.

Todd realized that there was a reason a person shouldn't trust a stranger that they met in the woods, pushing a dead person in a wheelbarrow. "You think?" Heather asked. Todd admitted that for weeks he had been feeling a strange new sensation that people called guilt, which had been made worse with the realization that what he had done had been far worse than he had thought. Heather insisted that the fact remained that Todd couldn't do anything about it. Todd glared at Heather.

Friday, July 13, 2012

In Atlantic City, John paid Joe a visit. Joe grumbled about being in jail, so John pointed out that it could have been worse; John could have left Joe with Sonny. John hoped that Joe spent the rest of his life in prison, but Joe insisted that Theresa's death had been John's fault, because John had waved his badge around. John clarified that he hadn't had a badge back then, and that only Theresa had known that John had been an FBI agent. John doubted that Theresa had told Joe. Joe stuck to his story, accusing John of painting a target on Theresa's back.

According to Joe, all Sonny had needed to do was pull the trigger. John ignored the attempt to shift the blame onto Sonny, so Joe continued to needle John by suggesting that Theresa had been headed for a trailer park and a stint in rehab, so her death hadn't been a great loss. Joe looked forward to seeing John's face when the charges against Joe were dismissed for lack of evidence. John insisted that everyone had to pay for their sins eventually, so Joe could run, but Joe couldn't hide, despite being sent away, because Joe Jr. had been an embarrassment to Joe Sr.

Joe's temper flared. Joe claimed that he'd had a good life in New Orleans with a successful business that he was determined to return to. Joe threatened to sue John and Sonny when the charges were dropped, because Joe had been mistreated during the transfer from Port Charles to Atlantic City, and a special medal that Joe had worn for twenty years had been lost. John reminded Joe that a witness had seen Joe shoot Theresa, but Joe laughed, because Sonny was far from a model citizen.

Joe doubted that Sonny had changed much from the days of pushing drugs and pimping girls, while Joe had helped to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. John laughed, because he recalled the two thugs who had worked at Joe's antique store. Joe claimed that he had merely given two men, with sketchy pasts, a second chance. Joe was ready to put his record up against Sonny's, but John made it clear that the only way that Joe could ever get out of jail was accepting the District Attorney's plea bargain. Joe wondered why John cared so much about a woman that John had hardly known, so John explained that he had promised Thomas McBain that he would take care of Theresa when John's father had been dying.

John doubted that Joe knew anything about that. Joe watched John leave. Afterwards, Joe mumbled, "Yes, I would."

At the lake house, Kristina greeted Michael. Michael held up two neckties, as he asked her which one he should wear on his date. Kristina warned her brother that it wasn't a romantic night to go out on a date, because it was Friday the thirteenth. Michael didn't seem concerned, so she asked him who his date was. Michael told his sister that he and Starr had tried to be friends, but it hadn't worked out, because they had both wanted more. Kristina growled with frustration as she slammed the door in Michael's face.

Michael let himself into the house and demanded to know what Kristina's problem was. Kristina accused Michael of rubbing his good fortune in her face. Michael realized that Kristina was jealous, because she wanted more from Trey. Kristina explained that Trey didn't want to get involved until after the show wrapped, in part because Trey didn't want to disappoint his father by tanking the show. However, she was worried that it was just an excuse. Michael conceded that it sounded like Trey was trying to be responsible, but Michael admitted that he didn't trust Trey, so Kristina might have dodged a bullet.

Kristina resented Michael's attitude. She wanted his support, so he agreed, provided that she supported his relationship with Starr. Kristina didn't have a problem with that, because it meant that Starr wouldn't always be around Trey. Kristina wondered what Michael had planned for the evening, so Michael confided that he had arranged for a picnic. "Under the stars with Starr?" Kristina asked. Michael feared that it was too cheesy, but Kristina assured him it was fine. However, she advised him to wear something more casual than the suit he had on.

At the apartment, Trey left a voicemail message for his father. Trey was worried, because he hadn't heard from Joe, so he asked Joe to return his call. Moments later, Starr arrived home. Trey immediately tried to push her buttons, but Starr wasn't in the mood to deal with him, because she had to get ready for her date. Trey apologized and explained that he was concerned because his father was missing. Starr was shocked, so Trey quickly explained that his father usually checked in each day, but he hadn't heard from his father for a couple of days. Starr offered to call a family friend, who was a police officer, and her father, who had connections.

Trey was surprised, because he knew that Starr and her father didn't get along. She explained that they did, and that they didn't. Starr confided that Todd had a tendency to always be in her business. Trey realized that she could probably do with fewer phone calls from her father, while he could use more from his. Starr chuckled, so Trey showed her his St. Columbanus pendant that he wore on a chain around his neck. Trey revealed that he had been wearing it since he had been a child.

Trey explained that St. Columbanus had been in exile, like Trey's father. Starr wondered what had happened, so Trey revealed that his father had had a falling out with his grandfather, so Trey's father had walked away and had never looked back. Trey added that his father wore a matching pendant. Starr realized that Trey looked up to his father. Trey clarified that he idolized him.

Later, Trey pulled on a shirt and announced that he had to meet Kristina because they were scheduled to go to Sonny's warehouse. Trey was certain that his father would want him to focus on the show. Shortly after Trey left, Michael arrived at Starr's front door. Before he knocked on the door, Michael took several minutes to practice different ways of greeting Starr and giving her the flowers that he had bought for her. Meanwhile, Starr was on the phone with her best friend, Langston. Starr admitted that she was nervous about her date with Michael because she was afraid that she would somehow mess things up.

Starr jumped when Michael knocked on the door. She promised to call Langston the following day to tell Langston about the date. After Starr ended the call, she ran to answer the door. Michael nervously greeted Starr, complimented her, and then handed her the flowers. Starr thanked Michael and invited him in, so that she could put the flowers in some water before their date. Michael confessed that he was nervous, so Starr admitted that she was too. The tension immediately eased.

At the warehouse, Sonny thought about his confrontation with Joe, when he had aimed a gun at Joe while Joe had been tied to a chair. He was startled out of his dark thoughts when Kate arrived. Kate noted that Sonny looked like he had seen a ghost. Sonny reminded her that it was Friday the thirteenth, so there were ghosts everywhere. Kate smiled at his joke, so Sonny asked how her therapy session had been. Kate confessed that it had been good, but difficult, so she wanted to talk about anything -- except the past.

Sonny assured Kate that she was a brave woman. Kate revealed that Ewen had advised her to be open and honest about the past. Sonny squirmed when Kate sat down in the chair that Joe had been strapped to. "What's wrong?" Kate asked when she noticed the change in Sonny. Sonny confessed that he had to tell her something. Kate was shaken when Sonny revealed that he'd had Jason track down Joe Scully Jr.

Kate wanted to know where Joe was, so Sonny explained that Joe had been taken to Atlantic City to face murder charges. Sonny was stunned when Kate told him that she wanted to see Joe. Sonny didn't think that it would be a good idea, but Kate assured him that she could handle it. Sonny warned her that Joe was a smug, disgusting animal. Kate was livid when Sonny revealed that Joe had denied raping Kate and accused her of throwing herself at Joe, because he had deeper pockets than Sonny.

Kate insisted that Joe had lied. Kate revealed that Joe had continually made lascivious comments, which he had tried to play off as jokes. Sonny assured Kate that he believed her, but he warned her that Joe knew about the baby. Kate didn't know how Joe could have known, because no one, even her parents, had known about the pregnancy. She realized that Joe had to have followed her, but Sonny explained that it didn't matter, because it was over. Moments later, Kristina called out to her father as she arrived with the film crew.

Sonny started to introduce Trey, but Kate admitted that she had met the young man at Kelly's when Trey had reminded her that she had killed Starr's family. Sonny angrily demanded to know what was wrong with Trey. Kristina tried to defuse the tension by assuring Sonny that she had set Trey straight about Kate. Trey conceded that it had been less than tactful to mention Kate's legal troubles. Sonny wanted the cameras gone, but Kate pulled Sonny aside to assure him that she was fine. Kate didn't want to make things difficult between Sonny and Kristina, but Sonny feared that he would end up breaking Trey's face one day.

Kate warned Sonny that the harder he was on Trey, the more appealing Trey would be to Kristina. Sonny was disappointed when Kate decided to leave so that she could have some time alone to think. Meanwhile, Kristina wanted to know what had transpired between Trey and Kate at Kelly's. Trey filled her in and then remarked that he resented a "child killer" judging him. Kristina was taken aback, so she urged him to take it easy on Kate, because Kate had been through enough. Moments later, Sonny walked up.

Sonny made it clear that he was tolerating Trey and the project for Kristina's sake, but he warned Trey not to disrespect anyone that Sonny cared for, including Kate, or Sonny would be done with the show. Trey explained that he was only there to record the family dynamics, but Sonny clarified that Trey was there because Kate was more gracious than Sonny. Kristina decided to pull her father aside, while Trey and the camera crew set up. Kristina wanted to know how Kate was doing, so Sonny wondered why Kristina couldn't see Trey for who Trey really was. Kristina likened Trey to Sonny, but Sonny vehemently disagreed that they were anything alike. Kristina lashed out by praising Trey as an honest man and accusing Sonny of being nothing more than a "front."

Nearby, Trey made a startling discovery when he spotted his father's St. Columbanus medal and chain on the ground.

At the police station, Anna reviewed Heather's file when Tracy walked in. Anna explained that they had found Tracy's husband, so Tracy asked which one. Anna revealed that Anthony's body had been recovered from a shallow grave and that they had a suspect in custody. Tracy assumed that it was Luke, but Anna clarified that it was Heather. Anna was certain that Heather had buried Anthony, but the identity of the murderer remained a mystery. However, all of the evidence pointed to Luke and Tracy, because their fingerprints had been on the gun that had killed Anthony.

Tracy denied that she had killed Anthony. Anna believed Tracy, so Tracy pointed out that it left only one person: Luke. Anna explained that they needed to find Luke before they could determine if he had killed Anthony.

In the interrogation room, Todd told Heather that it had been nice knowing her. "By nice, I mean a living hell," Todd added. Todd suggested that she take her DNA test and baby switch and have fun in the "clinker." Heather offered to reserve a cell for Todd, because he would be joining her when she told everyone what he had done. She then offered him an alternative by doing her a favor in addition to securing her an alibi. Todd reluctantly agreed, on the stipulation that they would finally be even.

Heather reminded Todd that he faced kidnapping charges for the baby switch, but she agreed to leave him alone if he went to the cabin in the woods to feed Luke. Todd was stunned that Heather had stashed Luke in a cabin, where anyone could find Luke, instead of in a secret room or mine shaft, like most kidnappers. Todd pointed out that Luke would be able to identify him, but Heather insisted that it was Todd's problem, not hers. She needed Todd to take care of Luke, or there would be another dead body. Moments later, Anna entered, so Todd excused himself and left. In the hallway, Todd was struck by inspiration when he noted that it was Friday the thirteenth.

Heather demanded to know where her attorney was. Anna wondered if it had occurred to Heather that Steve might have had a problem finding someone who would be willing to represent Heather. Heather scoffed, so Anna gave Heather the opportunity to make an official statement by turning on the digital recorder and noting the date. Heather revealed that Friday the thirteenth had always been her lucky day.

In the cabin, Luke's health was declining from lack of food and water. He had no idea how long it had been since Heather had been there, but he was determined to stay strong until Anna found him. Moments later, the door flew open, and Lulu walked in. Lulu pulled the gag off of Luke, so he asked her for some water. Lulu produced a water bottle from her purse, and then gave her father a drink. Luke explained his predicament, so he asked Lulu to untie him.

Luke was stunned when Lulu confessed that she wanted the opportunity to have her father's undivided attention. She reminded him of his promise to talk to Tracy about Anna, so Luke explained that he had been kidnapped before he'd had a chance to talk to Tracy. He promised that he would straighten everything out with Tracy and Anna, but Lulu explained that he needed to convince "them." Luke looked to where Lulu was pointing. He was shocked when he saw Tracy and Anna standing in the room. Tracy and Anna blasted Luke for breaking his promise to them.

Luke apologized and assured Tracy that he loved her, and always would, but he had fallen for Anna. He explained that he had been on his way to tell Tracy that when Heather had kidnapped him. Luke turned to Anna to assure her that they could still have their romantic dinner, but he first needed one of them to untie him, or he would die in the cabin. The ladies refused, so after some parting biting remarks, Tracy and Lulu walked out. Luke invited Anna to get her licks in. Anna assured him that she would, but in person.

Anna shouted that she didn't have the first clue where Luke was, or how to find him, so she needed him to send her one. Luke's eyes snapped open. He realized that it had all been a dream. A short time later, Luke's eyes rounded in horror as the door slammed open and a man, wearing a white hockey mask, dressed in coveralls, and holding a deadly machete, loomed in the doorway.

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