General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 8, 2012 on GH

Spinelli kissed Ellie. Duke revealed himself to Anna. Jason told Sam that her son was alive but that Heather had kidnapped the baby. John confronted Todd about Todd's role in the baby switch. Todd denied that he'd had anything to do with the baby switch, but John revealed that they had DNA proof that the baby that Téa had taken home from the hospital was really Sam's son. Jason and Sam were horrified when Heather jumped off of the rooftop with the baby in her arms.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 8, 2012 on GH
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Monday, October 8, 2012

At the Swiss clinic where Anna had spent several days searching unsuccessfully for Robin, Duke Lavery sat beside a bed where Robin lay comatose. Duke held Robin's hand and recalled that she had been a bright, perceptive child. Duke blamed Heather Webber for hurting Anna because Heather had revealed seeing Robin at Ferncliff, and that had started Anna's fruitless search for Robin.

Duke apologized for hurting Anna and promised to reunite mother and daughter. Duke swore to Robin that he had never intended any malice. Dr. Obrecht, who was standing by, called the Ferncliff doctors "incompetent," including the psychiatrist who had administered too high a dosage of electroshock treatment to Robin. Dr. Obrecht checked Robin's vital signs and told Duke that there had been no change. She added that the damage to Robin's brain could be irreversible. Duke continued his one-sided conversation with Robin.

Duke said that he understood how much mother and daughter missed each other but he was unable to get them together. Duke looked at a picture of Anna and said that he had a different kind of reunion in mind. As he looked at the photo, Duke murmured that circumstances had kept them apart, but circumstances had changed, and he could go back to Anna. Duke gazed at the photo and promised to mend Anna's broken heart. He added that everyone would soon know that Robin was alive, but the secret needed to be kept for a while longer.

Outside the room, Dr. Obrecht handed Duke a plane ticket and told him that a car was waiting. Duke told the doctor to take care of Robin. Dr. Obrecht said that she would do her best. When the doctor voiced concerns about Luke's feelings for Anna, Duke brushed them aside and said that he knew Anna's heart and was certain that Duke was the man she loved.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Anna was in her office, directing the search for Joe Scully Jr., when John McBain dropped in to tell her that Heather had surfaced and kidnapped Téa's child in Llanview. John suggested that Heather might have returned to Port Charles and suggested that Anna put out an alert. Anna said that she had a personal vendetta against Heather because Heather had insisted that Robin was still alive. Anna said that she wished she still had her old job, where she could terminate with prejudice.

Anna was curious about the connection between Todd and Heather. John blurted out that Téa's son was really Sam's son. He quickly filled Anna in about how circumstances had led Heather and Todd to conspire to switch Sam's live baby for Téa's dead one on the same night that Heather had buried Anthony's body near the shack. Anna wondered what Heather wanted with the child. John said that he had not told Téa that the baby she loved was not hers. Anna felt Téa's pain as Téa would initially worry about the missing child and then if the child were found alive would have to suffer its loss all over again when the child's true parentage was revealed.

Anna asked John to tell the Llanview police that they had her full cooperation. John encouraged Anna to send a car to check the shack, since Heather was running out of resources. Anna said that she also wanted to question Steve, who might know more that he thought he did. Anna got up from her desk and almost fainted. When John questioned her, both realized that Anna had not eaten or slept in more than a day.

John told Anna to go home and get some food and rest. John said that even though Anna was gunning for Heather, Heather was also gunning for Anna, so Anna needed to stay sharp. Anna agreed and headed home. When she arrived, she found the door open. When Anna drew her gun and entered the room, she was astounded to find Duke Lavery waiting for her.

Jason knocked on Steve's door and demanded to know if Heather had tried to contact Steve. Steve said that Jason was free to search. Steve said that he was appalled by Heather's actions and would cooperate fully with Jason and the police. Jason apologized for being so demanding. Steve wanted to know what had happened. At first Jason was reluctant to tell Steve all the facts, but Steve was insistent, so Jason told him about the baby swap, the kidnapping, and Heather's role in both.

Steve asked if Jason had told Sam the facts, but Jason said that he was waiting until the baby was found so that he could give Sam some god news. Steve pointed out that there was no guarantee that the baby would survive Heather's machinations. Steve said that Sam needed to know the truth. Before Jason left Steve's apartment, Steve added that Sam deserved to know that her son had survived and had had several good and happy months.

Spinelli met Sam at the lake house. Sam immediately pounced on Spinelli and accused him of knowing something and not sharing it with her. Spinelli denied knowing anything. Sam told Spinelli about her puzzling visit from Liz and an equally puzzling visit from Jason, who had said that he had something important to tell her -- before Kristina and Trey interrupted and had told them that Trey's dad had kidnapped and attempted to murder Kristina.

Spinelli was evasive when Sam begged him to help her figure out what Jason had been trying to tell her. Sam got very demanding, grabbed Spinelli, and threatened him with physical violence. Spinelli said that he did not know anything, and if he appeared distracted, it was because of his new friend, Ellie, and the enjoyable time they had had at the observatory the previous evening. Sam did not believe Spinelli and said that he looked guilty.

Sam asked if what Jason had to tell her had to do with the baby case Spinelli had been working. Spinelli quickly said that the case was confidential. Spinelli added that his theory about the case had been disproved and that what he had originally thought had turned out to be a mistake. Spinelli told Sam to ask Jason for answers.

Sam said that she had a right to know because whatever was going on concerned her. Spinelli agreed that Sam had a valid point. Sam was surprised by Spinelli's admission and relaxed her grip on him. Spinelli spun out of her grasp and escaped out the door.

Sam put in a call to Jason, who answered as Sam answered a knock and found Jason at the door. Sam wanted to know what important thing Jason had been about to tell her when they were interrupted. Jason said that was why he was there. He asked Sam to sit down and then told her it was about her son, who was still alive.

At General Hospital, Maxie told herself that she was not stalking, just being a good friend to Spinelli, as she pretended to bump into Ellie by accident. Maxie was horrified to learn that Ellie had enjoyed the bizarre wedding and considered it the "best date ever." When Ellie said that she had spent the night with Damien, Maxie jumped to the conclusion that Ellie had slept with Spinelli. Ellie quickly corrected that impression and told Maxie that they had spent the night at the observatory.

Ellie noted that it seemed odd for Maxie to be concerned about Spinelli's sex life because Maxie was a married woman in love with her husband, even though he was a jailed murderer. Maxie said that she did not want Spinelli to be hurt. Ellie assured Maxie that she really liked Spinelli and hoped that what they had grew into a real relationship. Maxie was not comforted by that thought.

Maxie was not pleased to learn that Spinelli had told Ellie everything about his relationship with Maxie. Ellie said that she liked Spinelli's honesty and that if she and Spinelli should enter into a relationship, it would be a win-win for all of them because Spinelli would stop pining for Maxie, and then Maxie and Spinelli could go back to being friends, while Maxie waited for husband, Matt, to get out of jail.

Maxie said that the last thing that she wanted was to be friends with Spinelli. Ellie said that she was sorry to hear that because she knew how much Maxie meant to Spinelli and how much he counted on a friendship with Maxie. As Maxie grasped for something to say, Spinelli arrived to take Ellie out for a picnic lunch. Ellie told Maxie that she had enjoyed the girl talk and suggested perhaps they could do it again soon. An astonished Maxie agreed as a jubilant Ellie and Spinelli boarded the elevator.

As Carly rested fitfully on the sofa, Todd called his henchmen, demanding to know why they had not located Heather Webber. He hung up when Carly stirred. Carly looked around and at first though that she'd had a strange dream, but the reality of Johnny's betrayal flooded her. Todd pampered Carly by ordering breakfast. When Carly protested and tried to get home to Josslyn, Todd said that he had arranged everything with Carly's nanny and that Josslyn was in capable hands.

v Carly tried to turn the conversation to Johnny and the secret she was sure that he was hiding, but Todd would not let her. He said that Johnny was a worm who did not deserve Carly. Todd told Carly that Johnny and Connie were perfect for each other. Todd said that Carly could do better than Johnny. Carly said that she had done better with Jax but that she had signed away her marriage for Johnny. Carly added that Jason had also warned her to stay away from Johnny, but Jason would not say, "I told you so."

Todd told Carly not to be mad at herself, Todd, or anyone else except Johnny, who deserved her anger. Carly agreed and said that she had to get back to work and try to hold her emotions at bay. Todd encouraged her to take the day off, eat popcorn, and watch movies. Carly agreed. Todd found a mindless movie, and as they settled in to watch, he told Carly that everything would be okay.

Todd and Carly were laughing after the movie was over. Carly said that she was beginning to feel better and wanted to go spend time with her daughter. Todd replied that after a while, Carly would not think about the jerk at all. Carly sniffed that unfortunately she still loved the jerk. After Carly left his suite, Todd remarked that Carly's heart was not broken, only momentarily humiliated.

John McBain knocked on the door. When Todd answered it, John told Todd that he knew what Todd had done.

Steve was leaving a message for Olivia, warning her about Heather, when he heard a knock on his door. When Steve opened it, Heather was standing on the threshold with a bundle in her arms.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

At the loft, Lulu set the scene for "Project Pregnancy" by lighting candles and turning on romantic music. She smiled and shed her robe when she heard the front door open, but it was Luke, not Dante, who greeted her. Lulu was embarrassed, even though she was wearing a New York Yankees jersey, so Luke offered to start over. He stepped into the hallway and knocked, while Lulu pulled on her robe. Moments later, Lulu warmly greeted her father, as he re-entered the loft.

Luke was curious if he had missed anything, apart from "Jumpin Jerry Jacks" rearing his ugly head again. Lulu was confident that they had seen the last of Jerry, but Luke warned her never to count a sociopath out. They briefly talked about the crisis, and then Heather's escape from Ferncliff. She wanted Luke to be careful, but Luke was certain that Heather had moved on. Their conversation then turned to Luke's trip.

Luke told Lulu about Anna's quest to find Robin, which had led Anna to a clinic in Switzerland. Lulu wondered if Heather might have simply made an honest mistake, but Luke doubted it. He was certain that Heather had seized an opportunity to torture Anna, which had given Anna false hope, and then had plunged Anna back into another round of grief when it was revealed that the patient hadn't been Robin. Afterwards, Luke and Anna had gotten close, but then Luke had decided to follow Lulu's advice by confessing that he had lied to Robert about Ethan's paternity. Luke admitted that Anna had been furious, so she had demanded that Luke find Robert to tell Robert the truth.

Luke revealed that he had told his best friend that Ethan was not Robert's son and that, not surprisingly, Robert hadn't taken the news well. Luke credited Holly's intervention with keeping things from escalating to "full-out warfare." Lulu was curious if Luke had seen Ethan. Luke smiled, as he confessed that her brother was in Budapest and living off of the funds in Luke's bank account. Lulu missed Ethan, so she wanted him to return to Port Charles. Luke did, too, but Ethan was having a good time in Europe.

Olivia went to the police station to get an update on Heather. Dante explained that he was trying to find Joe Jr. because Joe had tried to kill Kristina. Olivia was aghast, so Dante assured his mother that Kristina was fine. However, Joe had left a trail of blood to follow, while Heather remained in the wind. Olivia confessed that she had seen Heather. Dante wanted to hear all about it, so Olivia quickly clarified that it had been a vision, which had led Olivia to believe that Heather was in town.

Dante appreciated his mother's attempt to help, but he needed tangible leads. Olivia believed that she had psychic abilities because all of her visions had turned out to be premonitions. Dante wondered if Olivia had seen Heather with a baby. Olivia was confused about why Heather would have a baby, so Dante revealed that Heather had kidnapped a little boy. Olivia was horrified that Heather might harm a child, so Dante assured Olivia that they were doing everything possible to find Heather. Olivia tried to tap into her psychic abilities to find Heather, but all she saw was a vision of Dante and Lulu with a baby.

Dante smiled as Olivia babbled happily about her future grandchild, but she was disappointed that she couldn't help Dante find Heather. Dante assured his mother that it was okay, so Olivia asked to be kept in the loop and then left.

Later, Dante arrived home, so Lulu asked if there had been any progress on the search for Heather. Dante told Lulu about Olivia's new psychic ability. Lulu reminded Dante that Olivia's premonition about Lulu's pregnancy had been correct, so Dante revealed that Olivia had had a vision of Dante and Lulu's child. Dante admitted that he had just returned home to refuel, so Lulu reminded him that they'd had plans. Dante grinned as he invited Lulu to refresh his memory, so Lulu dropped her robe and kissed him.

In Anna's hotel suite, Anna was shocked when the intruder was revealed to be her husband, Duke Lavery, whom she believed had died twenty years earlier. Anna insisted that it wasn't possible, but Duke assured her that it was he. "Aren't you pleased to see me?" he asked. Anna kept her gun aimed at his chest as she demanded to know who he was. Duke acknowledged that he had changed a bit in appearance over the years, whereas Anna hadn't. Anna insisted that the real Duke had died in her arms two decades earlier.

Duke argued that Jonathan Paget had died in Anna's arms, not Duke. Duke reminded Anna that Paget hadn't had Duke's face or voice, but he had managed to steal Duke's life, which Duke intended to reclaim. Duke conceded that Paget had been clever, because Paget had covered his tracks well. Anna wanted an explanation, so Duke revealed that he hadn't left the witness protection program willingly twenty years earlier.

According to Duke, Duke's enemies had found Duke, kidnapped him, and then had thrown him into a Turkish prison. Duke had been kept in isolation for a period of time until another prisoner had joined him. Anna realized that Jonathan Paget had been the prisoner. Duke nodded and continued with his tale. Duke explained that Paget had been a plant, who had worked for mobster Julian Jerome. Duke revealed that Paget had been instructed to learn everything about Duke, so that Paget could pass himself off as Duke.

Anna couldn't understand what Julian had hoped to gain. Duke admitted that Julian had known that the knowledge that Anna was in the arms of an imposter was worse than death for Duke. "And he was right," Duke confessed. Anna desperately wanted the man before her to be Duke, but she couldn't trust him. Duke invited her to kiss him, because he was certain that a kiss would erase all doubts, but Anna refused.

Duke confessed that thoughts of Anna had given him the will to live, so he had been desperate to reunite with Anna and Robin. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she told Duke that Robin had been killed in an explosion similar to the blast that had supposedly killed Duke. Anna lowered the gun as she told Duke about her trip to Switzerland to find Robin. Duke insisted that he had loved Robin like a daughter, but Anna's temper flared. She ordered Duke to turn around because she intended to arrest him.

Anna handcuffed Duke as Duke confessed that she had owned him from the first moment that they had met because he had lost his heart to her that night; he doubted that there was much chance that he would ever get it back. "And a love like that is pretty rare," Duke finished. Anna was stunned, because she recalled Duke saying those exact words to her two decade earlier. She realized that only Duke could have known that. Anna's eyes filled with tears of disbelief as Duke assured her that he remembered everything.

Duke revealed that his and Anna's special moments together had sustained him. He had fought his way back to her because he had missed her and their life together. Anna reached out to touch Duke, in an effort to assure herself that he was real. Meanwhile, Duke kept talking about their past. Anna suddenly threw herself into Duke's arms as she cried with joy. Moments later, Luke entered her suite. "Slim?" Luke called out when he saw Anna in another man's arms. Luke's confusion turned to shock when Duke turned to face Luke.

Heather turned up on her son's doorstep, holding what appeared to be a bundled-up baby. "Mother," Steve said in shock as Heather entered his apartment. Heather was relieved, because she hadn't thought that she would hear him say that again. Heather didn't want to dwell on the past, because she wanted Steve to meet his new brother. Steve insisted that he was Heather's only child. "Not anymore," Heather replied.

Steve explained that the baby's mother was worried sick, so he decided to call the police. Heather warned Steve that someone would get hurt if Steve didn't put the phone down. Steve immediately complied, but he realized Heather's bundle had been nothing more than wadded-up blankets made to resemble a baby. "Where's the baby, Mother?" Steve demanded.

Heather assured Steve that the baby was fine, but she warned Steve that no one would ever see the baby again if anything happened to her. Heather implied that she had adopted the baby, but Steve didn't believe her. She then tried to suggest that the baby's mother had given the baby to her, but Steve knew better. He revealed that the baby's mother was Sam Morgan. Heather insisted that Sam didn't deserve the baby, but Steve urged his mother to return the baby to Sam. "Never," Heather argued.

Heather feared that Steve had been brainwashed against her, so Steve decided to switch tactics by assuring his mother that he didn't want her to disappear out of his life. Steve claimed that he liked the idea of being a family with Heather and the baby. He pointed out that Sam had already buried her child and moved on, so the baby would be a second chance for Steve and Heather to be a family. Heather was overjoyed until Steve asked her to take him to the baby. Heather decided to play along, so she announced that she needed to freshen up and went to the bathroom, while Steve tried to sneak a phone to call Dante.

A short time later, Olivia was horrified when she entered Steve's apartment and saw him unconscious on the floor. Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, Heather assured the baby that she would never leave him again. She was disappointed in Steven Lars, so she vowed to take the baby on an adventure where no one would ever find them.

In Todd's hotel suite, John revealed that he knew what Todd had done to Sam. Todd insisted that Sam had deserved it, because she had been snooping around in his things and had broken into his safe. John advised Todd to choose his next words carefully, but Todd argued that he'd had every right to fire Sam. John clarified that his visit had nothing to do with Sam's job, so Todd wondered why John was there. "Her baby," John answered. Todd tried to pretend that he had no idea what John was talking about, but John explained that he knew about the baby switch.

Todd wondered if John had been smoking marijuana, because it was illegal. John ignored the remark as he revealed that he knew that Todd had switched Sam's baby with Téa's son. Todd admitted that he had encountered Heather on the night of Téa's son's birth and that Heather had helped, but Todd denied any knowledge of the baby switch. John revealed that he had DNA proof that Téa had Sam's baby. Todd sobered as he insisted that he needed to be the one to tell Téa, before they ripped the baby out of her arms.

John admitted that it wouldn't happen, because the baby was already gone. Todd assumed that Sam had reclaimed her son, but John clarified that Todd's "partner in crime" had kidnapped the little boy.

At the lake house, Jason asked Sam to sit, because he had something to tell her. Sam braced herself for bad news, but Jason revealed that Sam's baby was alive. Sam was hurt that Jason would say something so cruel to her, but Jason assured Sam that he wouldn't have said it unless it was true. Sam immediately went into denial, but Jason insisted that Sam had been right the entire time. Sam refused to believe him until Jason explained that Heather had been responsible for the baby switch.

Jason decided to start at the beginning, so he told Sam that Heather had been in the woods, burying Anthony Zacchara, on the night that Sam had given birth. Jason revealed that Téa had given birth at a bus stop, which had been close to the cabin, but there had been complications with the baby, so Todd, who had delivered Téa's baby, had gone for help. Sam couldn't believe how cruel Heather had been to make Sam suffer the loss of a child. Jason vowed that he would make Heather pay.

Sam's eyes filled with tears of joy, as she realized that her son was truly alive. She wondered how Jason had uncovered the truth. Jason explained that after their talk about what life might have been like if Sam's baby had lived, he had been determined to find out what exactly had happened to Sam's baby. Jason had wanted to put Sam's son back in her arms if there had been a chance that the baby was alive. He revealed that he had found some discrepancies with the baby's blood type and other things, so he had turned to John for help. Sam wondered why Jason hadn't said anything, so Jason explained that he and John hadn't wanted to get Sam's hopes up until they had proof.

Jason credited John with going to Llanview to get a sample of the baby's DNA. Jason handed the test results to Sam. Sam was overjoyed that her son was alive, so she decided to head to Llanview. Jason was forced to break the news that the baby wasn't with Téa because Heather had abducted the baby.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Olivia was stunned when she saw Steve on the floor in his apartment, unconscious. She immediately went to check on him. Steve slowly opened his eyes, so Olivia asked him who had attacked him. "My mother," Steve told her.

At the loft, Lulu and Dante snuggled in bed. Lulu was certain that the timing had been perfect for them to make a baby, because she was really happy. She also reminded Dante of Olivia's vision of them with a child. Dante recalled that Olivia had also had a vision of Heather, which made him wonder if perhaps Heather was truly in Port Charles, as Olivia suspected. Dante decided to get back to work, but Lulu wanted him to stay in bed with her. Moments later, Maxie pounded on the front door, demanding to see Lulu about an emergency.

Lulu wanted to ignore Maxie, but Dante's cell phone rang. It was Olivia. Olivia was frantic because Heather had attacked Steve. Dante was curious if Heather had had the baby with her, so Olivia asked Steve. "No," Steve replied, but he did reveal that it was Sam's baby. Olivia decided that Steve had been hurt worse than she had realized, so she asked Dante to meet her and Steve at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Lulu answered the door to find out what Maxie's emergency was. Maxie explained that Spinelli had found his perfect match, and it wasn't Maxie. Dante rushed past Lulu, explaining that he had caught a break in the Heather Webber case. Lulu kissed her husband goodbye and invited Maxie inside. Maxie insisted that Ellie had a lot of things in common with Spinelli, so Maxie feared that she might have lost Spinelli. Lulu advised Maxie to calm down, because Ellie wasn't Ellie Spinelli yet.

Lulu giggled, because Ellie Spinelli sounded like an eighties band, similar to Milli Vanilli. Maxie was not amused at the idea of Spinelli getting married. Lulu pointed out that Maxie didn't have any room to talk, since Maxie had married Matt. Maxie argued that Spinelli understood that she had married Matt to keep Matt out of jail. Lulu thought that Maxie should understand why Spinelli had decided to move on. Maxie lamented Spinelli's newfound relationship with Ellie, so Lulu decided to lie on her back and put her feet up in the air, while Maxie paced the living room.

Maxie suddenly stopped rambling when she noticed what Lulu was doing. Lulu explained that she had read that it was a great way to help with conception. Maxie squealed with delight, but then sobered when she recalled that Lulu had claimed that she and Dante weren't ready for parenthood. Lulu explained that the pregnancy scare had made her and Dante realize that they wanted a baby. Maxie was happy for her friend, because she believed that Lulu and Dante would be wonderful parents.

Maxie was curious how Lulu had managed to stop sabotaging her relationships. Lulu realized that Maxie hadn't opened up to Spinelli yet, so Maxie revealed that she had intended talk to him at the wedding -- until Spinelli had arrived with Ellie. Maxie feared that it was too late, but Lulu argued that people who were meant to be together always found their way back to each other. Maxie decided to go to Spinelli and lay everything on the table, but Lulu cautioned Maxie that Spinelli might think that Maxie was only telling him what he wanted to hear out of jealousy because he was dating Ellie.

Maxie felt discouraged, so Lulu suggested that Maxie go to Spinelli with a proof. Maxie was curious what Lulu had in mind, so Lulu pointedly looked at Maxie's wedding ring. Maxie realized that Lulu was right; Maxie couldn't expect Spinelli to take her seriously if she was still married to Matt. Maxie decided to talk to Matt before she went to see to Spinelli.

At the hotel suite, Anna realized that Duke was who he said he was. She hugged him, just as Luke entered the suite. Luke was shocked when he recognized Duke. Duke was surprised that Luke knew who he was, since they had never met. Luke conceded that he had never met "the late Duke Lavery" because Duke had been killed. Anna admitted that she had thought so, too, but clearly she had been wrong.

Luke warned Anna not to be too hasty because she didn't have any proof that the man was actually Duke. Anna revealed that Duke had told her things that only the real Duke could have known. Luke argued that Duke had been dead for years, but Duke disagreed, since Duke was standing in the room "alive and well." Duke tried to dismiss Luke, because Duke and Anna had a lot of catching up to do, but Luke refused to leave. Duke explained that he had fought his way back to Anna, so anything that Luke had to say to Anna could wait.

Duke was surprised when Luke revealed that he lived in the suite with Anna. Anna explained that Luke had invited her to stay with him so that she could be closer to her granddaughter. "So you're roommates," Duke concluded. Luke insisted that he and Anna were more than that, but Anna made it clear that it was in the past. Luke was hurt, so he asked to speak to Anna alone. Anna refused to ask Duke to leave.

Luke explained that he had honored Anna's request to track Robert down to tell Robert the truth. Anna was curious how Robert had taken the news. Luke admitted that there had been some trouble, but Holly had intervened. Duke was pleased to hear that Robert and Holly had found their way back to each other, because it gave him hope that the same could be true for Duke and Anna. Luke glared at Duke and then turned his focus back to Anna. Luke insisted that he and Anna had something special that he didn't want to lose; he suspected that Anna felt the same way.

Duke informed Luke that there was one problem with that; Anna was still married to Duke. Luke argued that Anna had been widowed twice by Duke, because Duke had died twice. Luke informed Duke that Anna had gone on to marry Robert and then a man in Pine Valley named David Hayward. Duke pointed out that he hadn't died, so those marriages had been "null and void." Luke suggested that Duke consult some attorneys and take it up with City Hall. Luke made another attempt to toss Duke out, but Duke refused to budge until he'd had a private conversation with Anna.

Anna settled the argument by announcing that she was leaving. Anna intended to head to the police station because she had two fugitives to catch: Joe and Heather. After Anna left, Duke suggested that Luke bow out gracefully, but Luke informed Duke that it wasn't his style. Duke warned Luke that whatever Luke and Anna had shared was over, because Duke had returned.

Meanwhile, Anna bumped into John. She asked him if there had been any progress on the search for Heather. John shook his head and asked if Anna was okay. Anna explained that something had happened in her personal life that she couldn't wrap her head around. John offered to help, so Anna asked him to keep her focused on work. John suggested that they start with Todd, because John was confident that Todd would eventually lead them to Heather.

At the Nite Lite Motel, Heather assured the baby that he would be fine. She explained that she had big plans for him and promised that they would be away from Port Charles soon. Heather was disappointed that Steve couldn't be with them, but she had done what she had to, because she couldn't risk Steve calling the police. Heather insisted that the baby was the son that she was meant to have. She realized that Steve couldn't help them, but she knew someone who could, so she called Todd. After the call, Heather gave the baby his medicine, but it was the last dose.

In Todd's hotel suite, John revealed that Heather had taken off with Sam's baby. "Thanks to you," John added. Todd was curious why John was bothering Todd instead of looking for Heather. John demanded to know when Todd had last seen Heather, so Todd claimed that he hadn't seen her since he had fired her. John knew that Todd was lying, because he had video footage of Todd visiting Heather at Ferncliff. Todd explained that he had merely been dropping off Heather's last paycheck, but John didn't believe him.

John was certain that Heather had been blackmailing Todd. Todd insisted that he needed to get to Téa, so he advised John to focus on finding Heather. John accused Todd of wanting to see Téa so that Todd could get his story straight. John warned Todd that no amount of spinning would get Todd out of hot water because Téa would learn the truth about the baby switch when the baby was returned to Sam, not Téa. John insisted that Téa would suffer the loss of the baby that she had been taking care of for months, because of Todd's lies. Todd ordered John to leave, so John reminded Todd that Todd had invited John to search the suite.

Todd asked for a warrant, so John promised to return with a warrant for Todd's arrest. After John left, Todd debated calling Téa, but his phone rang. It was Heather. Todd demanded to know where Heather was, and then vowed to hunt her down personally if she harmed the baby. Heather explained that she intended to raise the baby as her own, so she needed money.

Todd argued that the baby wasn't Heather's, but Heather believed that she would be a wonderful mother. Todd refused to help her kidnap the baby, so Heather threatened to tell anyone who would listen how Todd had switched the babies. Todd relented and asked where to deliver the money. Heather revealed that she was at the Nite Lite Motel in room 203. Todd jotted the information down, grabbed a briefcase, and then opened the door to leave. He froze when he encountered a distraught Téa on his doorstep.

At the hospital, Ellie thanked Spinelli for the picnic lunch and said she had enjoyed seeing the falcon. They chatted about the scenic view, but Ellie noticed that Spinelli seemed distracted. She assumed that his thoughts were on Maxie, because Maxie had been the last person that they had spoken to before they had left for lunch. Ellie confided that Maxie had been concerned that Ellie and Spinelli had been intimate. Spinelli was surprised, but he admitted that he had been thinking about his friend, Sam, whom he was worried about. Spinelli explained that he'd had a distressful encounter with his business partner because Sam had sensed that Spinelli knew what Jason had been hiding.

Spinelli had hated keeping the secret from Sam, but he had been reluctant to get Sam's hopes up. Spinelli felt indebted to Jason and Sam because they had helped him to feel less like a social outcast. Ellie empathized, but she was somewhat surprised by Maxie's reluctance to be friends with Spinelli. Spinelli wondered what Ellie was talking about, so Ellie admitted that Maxie had told her that the last thing that Maxie wanted was to be friends with Spinelli.

Ellie started to expound on that statement, but Spinelli's attention was captured by Steve, Olivia, and Dante when he overheard Steve reveal to Dante that Heather had snatched Sam's son, not Téa's. Spinelli was shocked that Sam's baby was alive, so he immediately questioned Steve about it. Steve revealed that Heather had known all along that the baby with Téa was Sam's son. Dr. Rashi appeared to examine Steve's injury, so Olivia followed Steve and Dr. Rashi to an examination room, while Dante decided to check in with the search teams.

At the lake house, Sam was dismayed when Jason revealed that Heather had kidnapped the baby. Sam was desperate to find her son, but Jason stopped her from running blindly out the door. He assured her that the authorities were doing everything possible to find the baby. Sam couldn't understand how Heather had been able to kidnap the baby, so Jason explained that Heather had lied to Téa and ingratiated herself long enough to steal the baby. Sam began to cry as she asked if Téa knew the truth about the baby. Jason explained that John hadn't had an opportunity to tell Téa because of the kidnapping.

Sam felt terrible for Téa because Sam knew what it was like to lose a child. However, Sam couldn't lose her son again. Jason held Sam in an effort to comfort her. After several minutes, Sam decided that she had to do something, so she headed for the door. Jason pointed out that she had no idea where to start the search. "Maybe I do," Sam revealed.

Sam was certain that Heather had been blackmailing Todd, so he was the logical person for Heather to turn to. Jason agreed because Todd would do anything to keep the secret buried. Moments later, John arrived. John seemed reluctant to talk about Sam's baby, so Jason assured John that Sam knew everything. Jason and Sam shared their theory about Todd, so John revealed that Todd was still being a weasel by remaining tightlipped.

Jason's phone rang. It was Spinelli reporting what had transpired at the hospital. Jason revealed that he had told Sam about the baby. Meanwhile, John assured Sam that they would keep grilling Todd for information. Sam confessed that she had always suspected that Todd had been hiding something, but she'd had no idea that it had been information about her baby. John was curious how Sam was handling the news, so Sam admitted that she was both thrilled and worried. John assured her that everything would work out.

Sam realized that John had seen her son, so she asked him how the baby was doing. John smiled as he assured her that the baby was big and beautiful.

In the exam room, Dante told Olivia and Steve that they had set up roadblocks around town. Olivia suggested that they take her visions more seriously because her last vision had been accurate: Heather had been in town.

Later, Jason and Sam arrived at the hospital, so Spinelli led them to Steve's hospital room. Steve revealed that Heather hadn't kidnapped the baby for money. Everyone was stunned when Steve explained that Heather saw the baby as a second chance to raise a child and to prove that she was a good mother. Jason reminded Sam that it was a good sign, because it meant that Heather wouldn't harm the baby, but Sam couldn't find any comfort in that. Steve warned them that they needed to find the baby quickly because the baby was being treated for a blood disorder that required medication.

Later, Ellie and Spinelli talked about Maxie. Ellie explained that Maxie had protested a bit too much, which had led Ellie to suspect that Maxie cared about Spinelli and missed him. Spinelli insisted Maxie had made it clear that she didn't have romantic feelings for him, but as painful as that had been, Spinelli was grateful, because it had allowed him to open himself up to life's possibilities. Ellie smiled, so Spinelli kissed her.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

In the hotel suite, Luke was not pleased when he saw Duke sitting on the sofa. Duke explained that they still had unfinished business, since Luke hadn't agreed to give up Anna. Luke made it clear that he didn't intend to. Duke was equally determined not to walk away from what he and Anna had shared. "Then you and I have a problem," Luke replied.

Duke confessed that he was a bit surprised by Anna's relationship with Luke. Luke was curious if Duke thought that it was more surprising than Duke's "return from the grave." Duke reminded Luke that Anna had chosen Duke over Robert, even though Anna and Robert shared a child, so he wasn't concerned about Luke, especially since Anna hadn't seemed happy to see Luke. Luke was confident that he and Anna would work things out, but Duke argued that Anna was still married to Duke.

Luke was curious where Duke had been for the previous twenty years, so Duke told Luke about the kidnapping from the witness protection program and Duke's imprisonment in a Turkish prison. Luke found the timing of Duke's return a little too convenient, given Anna's grief and vulnerability over losing Robin. Duke was certain that he could help Anna, because he, Anna, and Robin would have been a family if Duke hadn't been kidnapped. Luke disagreed, so Duke accused Luke of being a fool, because it was clear that Anna still cared deeply about Duke.

Luke suggested that the only reason for Duke to perpetrate such an elaborate hoax was that there was more to be gained with a lie rather than with the truth. Duke assured Luke that he could account for every day of every year that he had been gone. Luke was skeptical, because he was familiar with Turkish prisons. Luke warned Duke that it took a con to recognize a con, but Duke argued that Anna knew the truth, because Duke and Anna were soul mates. "That means you're destined to be together for eternity until someone drives a stake through your heart," Luke snidely replied.

Duke recalled that Luke had once had a great love named Laura. Duke suggested that Luke be a gentleman and leave Duke and Anna alone, but Luke argued that he wasn't a gentleman. Annoyed, Duke wondered why Luke couldn't chase after Laura. Luke ordered Duke to leave, so Duke warned Luke that it wasn't over. "May the best man win," Luke replied. Duke insisted that Luke had already lost but hadn't realized it yet.

Todd was stunned when he opened the door of his hotel suite and saw Téa standing on his doorstep. Téa's eyes filled with tears as she sobbed that Heather had her son. She threw herself into Todd's arms, so Todd tried to comfort her. Téa apologized for her hysteria because she hadn't slept much since the kidnapping. Todd was curious why Téa was in Port Charles, so Téa revealed that the police had told her that Heather had attacked her own son, Steve. Téa had decided to drive to Port Charles in the hopes that Heather would be found and the baby returned to Téa.

Todd was stunned that Téa had driven in such an emotional state, so Téa assured him that she had been relatively calm until she had seen him. Téa confessed that seeing Todd had reminded her of how he had helped her on the night of Victor's birth. Téa hoped that Todd could help get her baby back, because Téa didn't know what she would do if she didn't get her son back. Téa wept as she asked Todd to hold her. She was too distraught because her arms ached for her son. Todd confessed that he had something to tell her.

Téa assumed that Todd knew something about her baby, but Todd explained that it was about Heather. He confessed that he'd had an "unfortunate" association with Heather. Téa knew that Todd had hired Heather to work for his newspaper, so she assured him that she understood because she had also given Heather a job out of gratitude for saving Victor's life. Téa began to sob again because she had invited Heather into her life, which had allowed Heather to kidnap the baby. Todd insisted that Téa needed to pull herself together and calm down.

Téa agreed, so she went to the bathroom to freshen up. Todd realized that he had to tell Téa the truth about the baby, but he didn't know how. He briefly entertained the idea of killing Heather, returning the baby to Téa, and then sending Téa out of town, but he realized that he would only be postponing the inevitable. Moments later, Téa returned to the living room, so Todd picked up the phone and pretended to be talking to one of his private investigators. Afterwards, Todd announced that his private investigator had discovered that Heather was hiding out in a motel on the outskirts of town. Téa offered to call the police, but Todd insisted that they couldn't risk Heather panicking and hurting the baby.

Todd announced that he would go to the motel and rescue the baby, but Téa insisted on accompanying him, despite Todd's objections.

At the Nite Lite Motel, Heather assured the baby that she was a good mother. "Or maybe good at being bad," Heather conceded. Heather promised the baby that they would leave Port Charles once "Uncle Todd" showed up with the money. She bragged that Todd didn't have a choice in the matter, so she had Todd right where she wanted him. Later, Heather began to fear that Todd might have grown a conscience because he hadn't arrived with the money. However, she quickly dismissed the possibility because she knew that Todd wouldn't want his secret exposed.

In Anna's office, Anna and John agreed that Heather had been blackmailing Todd, so Heather would likely turn to Todd for help. John wanted to be a part of the investigation, but Anna pointed out that John wasn't on her payroll. John suggested that Anna "fandangle" some paperwork and pay him a dollar. Anna smiled and then made some phone calls, including a request for records on all of the phones that Todd had access to, in case Heather had called Todd. Afterwards, John asked Anna what was troubling her. Anna was reluctant to talk about it, but John suggested that it might help.

Anna revealed that she'd had a visit from her "supposedly dead husband," who was waiting for her in her suite. Anna told John about Duke's history and Jonathan Paget's claims. Anna explained that her beloved husband had died in her arms, but it had turned out to be a lie. John was curious where Duke had been for two decades, so Anna repeated the story that Duke had told her. John warned Anna that Duke's story had a lot of holes. Anna agreed, but she was certain that Duke was who he claimed to be, because he knew things that only Duke would know and had certain mannerisms unique only to Duke.

Anna confided that she might still be legally married to Duke. John was confident that Anna would get to the bottom of things. Moments later, Anna received a call notifying her that someone from the Nite Lite Motel had called Todd earlier. Anna and John raced to the motel. However, Heather and the baby were gone when they burst into room 203. John decided to question the other motel guests, while Anna stayed behind to call Dante with an update.

A short time later, John returned to reveal that the motel manager had confirmed that Heather had checked in with a baby. Anna pointed out that Heather had left everything behind, including the baby's clothes, so it appeared that Heather intended to return. John suggested that it might be a diversion. Anna and John were startled when Todd and Téa suddenly entered the room. Anna demanded to know what they were doing there, so Téa explained that Todd's private investigators had tracked Heather to the motel. Téa was anxious to know where the baby was, so Anna assured Téa that they were close to capturing Heather.

Meanwhile, John cryptically questioned Todd. Téa sensed that Todd, John, and Anna were keeping something from her, so she asked them what was going on. "Are you going to tell her or should I?" John asked Todd.

In an examination room, Olivia was on edge as she waited for word about Steve. She was furious that Steve might have died because of Heather, so she urged Dante to find Heather. Dante promised Olivia that Steve would be fine, so he asked her to relax, because she had been through enough. Shortly after Dante left, Olivia heard someone enter the room. Olivia was shocked when she saw Heather standing in the doorway.

Olivia ordered Heather to get out and called Steve's mother a "freaking psycho." The vision dissipated, as Epiphany took offense to Olivia's reaction. Olivia quickly apologized when she realized that Epiphany had entered the room, not Heather. Olivia explained that she'd been having visions, which had turned out to be accurate, so Olivia suspected that she was psychic. Epiphany didn't know what to make of Olivia's claims, so she explained that she had just wanted to let Olivia know that there had been a delay in radiology, so Steve would be awhile.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Sam was frantic to find her son because he needed his medication. Jason assured Sam that they would get the baby back before that became an issue. Sam hated feeling hopeless, so Jason reminded her that her son was healthy, strong, and looked like her. "Remember?" he asked, hoping to get her mind off of her worries. "No," Sam cried.

Sam explained that she had only held her son for a few minutes, so she had forgotten what he had looked like. Jason held Sam until he spotted Dante. He excused himself to talk to Dante. A few minutes later, Jason returned and showed Sam his cell phone as he explained that Téa had given the police pictures of the baby for identification purposes, so Jason had asked Dante to forward the pictures to Jason's phone. Sam stared at the pictures of her son in awe. She conceded that she didn't know much about babies, but her son looked big.

Sam wished that she could hold her baby, so Jason assured her that she would be able to very soon. Sam didn't know why John thought that her son looked like her, because the baby had big blue eyes, like Jason. Jason reminded her that the baby was his nephew. Sam felt terrible for Téa because Téa was going to have to deal with the loss her son and the baby that she had been taking care of for months. Sam also worried that her son might not accept her because Téa had been the only mother that he had known. Jason was confident that everything would work out.

Moments later, Dante approached Jason and Sam to let them know that Anna had a lead on Heather. Sam was eager to go with Dante, but Dante wanted Sam to wait at the hospital. Jason agreed because Sam's presence might set Heather off. Dante promised to call with an update and then left.

Nearby, Heather was dressed as a nurse. She had placed the baby in a crib to pass him off as a patient. Heather was dismayed when she spotted Jason, Sam, and Dante, so she ducked into an elevator with the crib before she was seen. Heather couldn't understand why Jason and Sam were at the hospital, but she was determined to get the baby some medicine.

Olivia entered the stairwell and called out to a nurse because the elevator appeared to be out of order. She was stunned when Heather turned to greet her. Heather wondered if Olivia was still "groovin' to Lucy in the sky." Olivia realized that Heather was real, not another vision. Heather explained that she was there to get some medicine for her son. Olivia's eyes landed on the crib, so she ran up the steps to save the baby, but Heather blocked her path. A brief struggle ensued that ended when Heather pushed Olivia down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Jason and Sam were surprised when Dante approached them. Dante explained that he had been in the garage when Anna had called to let him know that Heather had left the motel. Moments later, Epiphany asked to speak privately to Dante about Olivia. Epiphany admitted that she was concerned about Olivia, because Olivia had claimed to have had a vision about Heather. Dante and Epiphany went to check on Olivia, but Olivia was not in the exam room where Epiphany had left her.

Jason and Sam were shocked when they found Olivia in the stairwell, unconscious. Olivia slowly opened her eyes and revealed that Heather had been there. Sam spotted the crib on the landing, so she ran up the stairs. Moments later, Dante entered the stairwell, so Jason followed Sam, while Dante attended to his mother.

Jason and Sam arrived on the hospital's rooftop, but stopped short when they saw Heather holding the baby. "Give me my son," Sam tearfully ordered Heather.

Friday, October 12, 2012

"I told you to get the hell out," Luke shouted when someone knocked on the door. Luke quickly apologized when he saw that it was Tracy. Tracy wondered if there was trouble in paradise, so Luke revealed that Duke Lavery had returned from the dead. Tracy was skeptical, so Luke assured her that he hadn't been drinking. Tracy was curious what Duke wanted, so Luke told her about Duke's desire to rekindle things with Anna. However, Luke wasn't certain that the man claiming to be Duke was really Duke Lavery.

Luke explained that Duke expected Luke to step aside, because Duke and Anna were still married. Tracy reminded Luke that Anna was free to choose which man she wanted to be with, so she was curious if Luke was worried about whom Anna might pick. Luke revealed that he had confessed to Anna about the lie that he had told Robert, so Anna had demanded that Luke clear things up with Robert. Tracy realized that it had to have been difficult for Luke to pretend that Ethan wasn't his son, because Luke loved Ethan dearly. Luke confessed that it had been very hard.

Tracy wondered what had happened in Switzerland. Luke told her about the lengths that Anna had gone to in order to prove that Robin was alive, only to be disappointed when the mystery patient at the sanitarium had turned out to be a woman who simply bore a strong resemblance to Anna's deceased daughter. Luke revealed that Anna had been devastated, so her grief had gotten mixed up with the anger that she had felt towards Luke for lying to Robert. Tracy wondered if Anna would choose the man who had sent Robert away, leaving Anna to mourn the loss of their daughter alone, or the gangster with a heart of gold, whose death had left Anna brokenhearted and inconsolable.

Luke insisted that Anna and Duke's relationship had been decades earlier, so Tracy was curious if Anna had given any indication of whom she might choose. Luke explained that Anna had needed to leave because there were two criminals on the loose. Tracy realized that one of those criminals was Joe Scully Jr. Luke noticed that Tracy seemed familiar with Joe, so Tracy admitted that Joe had been the man that she had told Luke about. Tracy confided that Joe had been incredible in bed, among other things. "Say what?" Luke asked.

Tracy explained that she had thought that Joe had been the whole package, but she had been wrong. She told Luke about Sonny's accusations against Joe, prompting Luke to remark that Tracy had a knack for picking the wrong men. Tracy admitted that she had believed Joe's claims of innocence at first, but then Joe had turned up on her doorstep with a bullet wound, which Joe had blamed on Sonny. Luke was stunned when Tracy confessed that she had dug the bullet out. Tracy shrugged because she didn't think that it had been a big deal.

Tracy told Luke that Joe's son, not Sonny, had shot Joe, so Tracy had decided to turn Joe in, but Joe had fled. "Oh man, we are a pair," Luke observed, as he draped his arm across her shoulder and kissed the top of her head. Tracy realized that she should have known that Joe was too good to be true. However, she wanted Joe to be arrested so that she could be assured that he was okay. Luke suggested that Tracy relax, because he was certain that Joe would be back. "In this town," Luke started, "nobody dies," they finished in unison.

Dr. Obrecht, the doctor from the clinic in Switzerland, was waiting when Duke entered his suite. Duke was happy to see her making herself at home. Dr. Obrecht smiled, so he asked her how Robin was doing. Dr. Obrecht had checked in with the clinic, so she was happy to report that Robin was well and had eaten. Duke admitted that it was a pleasant surprise. Dr. Obrecht was curious if his visit with Anna had been the same.

Duke revealed that it had been a lot for Anna to take in, so she had been wary at first. He had managed to convince Anna that he was who he claimed he was, but then Luke had arrived. Duke complained that Luke had impeccable timing. Dr. Obrecht wasn't surprised that Luke had rocked the boat. Duke admitted that he had been glad when Anna had left, because it had given Duke the opportunity to ask Luke to bow out gracefully.

However, Luke had refused, so Duke realized that he was going to have a fight on his hands. Duke was confident that whatever Anna felt for Luke didn't compare to what Duke and Anna had once shared. Dr. Obrecht reminded Duke that a lot of time had passed and that people changed, so Duke should be prepared for the possibility that Anna would choose Luke over Duke. Duke confessed that Anna was more beautiful than ever because the suffering and grief that she had experienced over the years had given her a depth of character that she hadn't had in the past. Duke claimed that his heart had melted when he had looked into her brown eyes. Dr. Obrecht wondered what Duke would do if Anna chose Luke.

Duke thought that Dr. Obrecht, of all people, should appreciate what he was capable of. "Look at Robin," Duke added. Duke then changed the subject to find out how their newest patient was doing. Dr. Obrecht grumbled that whoever had worked on the patient should have their medical license revoked. "But he's alive?" Duke asked. "That's right," Joe answered from the doorway. "And fit as a fiddle," Joe added with a smile.

At the Nite Lite Motel, Téa demanded to know what was going on. John invited Todd to tell Téa, but Todd accused John of being dramatic. John revealed that a private investigator hadn't told Todd where to find Heather. Téa had no idea what John was talking about, so John and Anna asked Téa when Todd had spoken to the private investigator. Téa admitted that it had been about twenty minutes prior to their arrival at the motel, so John told Téa that they had proof that Heather had called Todd within the past hour.

Todd was outraged that his rights had been violated with an illegal tap on his phones. He tried to explain everything away, but John and Anna easily punched holes in his story, including the fact that Todd's "private investigator" hadn't mentioned that Heather had left the motel room. John was curious if the plan had been to snatch the baby from Heather and then let Téa leave with the baby. "What do you mean, 'let Téa leave with him'?" Téa asked. Todd tried to distract Téa from the question, but Téa ordered him to shut up.

Téa wanted to know why Heather would call Todd, but then changed her mind, because she doubted that Todd would have conspired with Heather to kidnap her son. Téa explained that, like her, Todd had hired Heather because he had been grateful to Heather for saving Victor's life. John insisted that there was more to it, but Anna didn't think that it was the right time for John to get into that. Todd agreed with Anna, but John was determined to tell Téa about the baby switch. Téa made it clear that she didn't want to hear what John had to say, since it had nothing to do with her son. John revealed that it did and then glared at Todd.

Téa begged John to tell her what was going on, but Todd did his best to stop John from telling Téa about the baby switch. At the same time, Anna's phone rang, so she stepped aside to answer it. Téa became frantic because she realized that John had something important to tell her. John started to break the news to her, but Anna announced that they had to leave because Heather had been found. Téa was relieved until Anna revealed that it had turned into a hostage situation.

In the stairwell, Olivia urged Dante to follow Jason and Sam, but Dante refused to leave his injured mother in the stairwell. He poked his head into the hallway to yell for help. Moments later, Epiphany arrived. Dante ran to the rooftop while Olivia told Epiphany about what Heather had done. Epiphany was stunned that Olivia's vision had been a premonition.

Later, Steve was shocked when he saw an injured Olivia in a wheelchair as Epiphany took Olivia to an examination room. Olivia quickly filled Steve in on what had transpired in the stairwell and then revealed that Heather had gone to the rooftop with the baby. Epiphany and Steve settled Olivia into a bed as Olivia confessed that Heather had looked exactly like she had in Olivia's vision.

On the hospital's rooftop, Sam tearfully begged Heather to return Sam's baby to her, but Heather claimed that Sam's baby was no longer with them. Sam cried as she looked at her son, while Jason warned Heather that it was over. Jason revealed that they knew about the baby switch. Sam insisted that she had spent nights grieving for her son, so she wanted him back. Heather refused to hand over the baby, so Sam promised to give Heather whatever Heather wanted. Heather explained that she wanted quite a few things, so she didn't know where to begin.

Heather inched her way to the edge of the rooftop as she vowed that she would never give the baby up. Sam argued that the baby belonged with his mother, so Heather replied that it was a good thing that he was in his mother's arms. Jason and Sam made it clear that they wouldn't let Heather leave with the baby. Moments later, Dante appeared on the rooftop with his gun drawn. "What's the problem here, Heather? Dante asked.

Dante ordered Heather to hand the baby to Sam, but Heather refused. Heather wanted Dante to leave before he forced her to do something that she didn't want to do. Sam was curious what Heather meant, so Heather offered to show Sam if Dante didn't go. Jason and Sam implored Dante to let them handle things because they wouldn't allow Heather leave with the baby. Dante reluctantly agreed, so he left the rooftop and then went to check on his mother.

Dante assured Olivia and Steve that the baby was fine, but Heather was on the rooftop. Steve feared that Jason and Sam wouldn't be able to talk Heather down, so he decided to go to the rooftop to help. Dante and Olivia strongly objected, because Heather had already attacked Steve. Steve realized that they had a point, so he backed down. Dante decided to call Anna with an update, so he left the room. Meanwhile, Epiphany wondered if she had heard correctly about the baby being Sam's son.

Steve and Olivia confirmed that it was true. Epiphany was shocked because she recalled the night that Téa had been admitted with her newborn and Sam's devastation over losing the baby. Olivia and Epiphany's eyes filled with tears as Epiphany recounted how Sam had refused to let go of her baby because it would have meant that he was really gone.

Outside, Anna and John arrived. Dante led them to a monitor that showed live footage from a surveillance camera on the rooftop. Moments later, Todd and Téa arrived. Téa was desperate to get to the rooftop, but John made it clear that Téa had to stay where she was because Heather was unpredictable. John asked Todd to keep an eye on Téa. Téa was confused when she learned that Jason and Sam were on the rooftop with Heather, because she had no idea who Jason and Sam were.

On the rooftop, Jason insisted that the baby was his and Sam's son, but Heather wondered who he was trying to kid. Heather reminded Jason that he hadn't wanted the baby because the baby was Franco's son. Heather realized that Jason had considered Franco to be crazy, but Heather insisted that Franco had been a genius. Jason and Sam didn't want to hear it, but Heather ignored them as she sang Franco's praises. According to Heather, Franco had inherited talent and brains. "And he got your wife," Heather added.

Jason's temper flared. "That's enough," Jason warned Heather. Heather assured Jason and Sam that she had not been fooled by their united front, because their marriage was a sham, which she blamed on Jason's pride. Heather insisted that the baby deserved more than a broken home and Jason for a father. "I want my son," Jason argued. Sam looked at Jason with tears in her eyes, but Heather refused to believe that Jason could ever love the baby.

Sam begged Heather not to keep the baby from her. Heather wasn't moved, because Sam had kept Steve from Heather. Sam couldn't believe that Heather had been motivated by revenge, so Heather clarified that she wanted the baby because Sam didn't love the child. Heather accused Sam of endangering the baby from the beginning by giving birth in a seedy motel room and then abandoning him shortly after birth in a storm. Sam explained that it had all been beyond her control, but Heather didn't believe Sam.

Sam realized that Heather wanted the baby because Heather was devastated over losing Steve. Sam promised to talk to Steve on Heather's behalf, if Heather returned the baby to Sam. Heather appeared to weaken as her eyes filled with tears. Sam admitted that it had been her fault that Steve had turned away from Heather, so Sam would do everything in her power to help reunite Heather with Steve. However, seconds later, Anna used a bullhorn to inform Heather that the hospital was surrounded and that Heather had no other option but to hand the baby over to Jason and Sam.

Sam assured Heather that she would speak to Anna to ask Anna to go easy on Heather, but Heather realized that Anna was right about Heather's options. Jason agreed that Heather's only choice was to hand the baby over. Heather decided that if she couldn't have the baby, then no one else could either. Jason and Sam were horrified as Heather suddenly jumped off of the roof with the baby in her arms.

On the ground, Téa screamed as she watched Heather and the baby fall from the rooftop.

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